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The 2019 Archive

Here is the list of entries I’ve written this year on what might happen / has happened in 2019. The entries themselves are posted beneath the list…

  • The September Preview & August Updates
  • Are we about to see “The Big Info Dump”? – (Apparently not yet)
  • Coverage of the Tokyo Assassination Setup
  • False Flag Warning: Middle East, including Trump’s potential reassignment to play the Western Antichrist next year
  • May Mischief Approaches
  • Why They’ll Delay the Brexit Tomorrow
  • The Globalists Set Up Macron for a Fall and Farage & Salvini for a Rise [Notre Dame]
  • The Trump-Xi Assassination Setup for Tokyo
  • The Sexual Blackmail of Trump
  • Indicators to Watch in the Weeks Ahead
  • Did Putin and Friends just win the global conflict over the weekend?
  • The Pending Geopolitical Shift Takes Shape
  • The Setup for March Future “Iranian/Hezbollah” Terror Attacks and a Trump Assassination
  • The CIA’s sabotage of the Trump-Kim Summit
  • The Alert from 29 March 2019
  • Notes from the Week of March 18 – 24
  • Note from the Week of March 11 – 17
  • Notes from the Week of March 4 – 10
  • The Trump-Xi Summit and the “Great Tribulation”
  • Notes from the Week of February 25 – March 3
  • Notes from the Week of February 18 – 24, including Erdogan’s Path to War Next Week, The February 21-24 Vatican Conclave: The Gateway to the Great Tribulation, False Flag Alert: USS Kearsarge, and Weekend Watch (Feb 22-24) & Trump’s Sexual Blackmail
  • Details of the planned false-flag attack in Los Angeles
  • The Propaganda Lead-In to Israel’s False Flag Attacks
  • Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned Missile Attack on Europe
  • The Super Bowl State of the Union & Things to Watch in February
  • The Globalist Plot to Destroy Rome This Month
  • Netanyahu may be substituted for Trump as the precursor Jewish messiah (the “Moshiach ben Yosef”)
  • Turkish War Warning
  • False Flag Alert: Al-Tanf, Syria
  • The Government Reopening & The Soros vs. China Deception
  • Is Juan Guaido’s assumption of the Venezuelan presidency setting a precedent for Pelosi’s assumption of the US presidency?
  • Will the globalists script an Israeli / Chabad-Lubavitch assassination of Trump and Putin?
  • The Super Bowl Missile Launch Scenario Resurfaces: Will we see a fake EMP or a fake alien intervention?
  • “Dark Overlord” and the globalist game cards of 9/11 Truth and UFO Truth
  • Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March
  • Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win

The September Preview & August Updates

A Preview of September Shenanigans

(1 August 2019) – Sometime over the next few days, I’ll post a preview for what is shaping up to be a dramatic September. The topics covered will include:

  • the setup for the EU migrant invasion and the War with Turkey,
  • the setup for the Hong Kong & Taiwan invasions and the War with China, and
  • the globalists’ fallback plans for 2020, including the possible election of a “dark horse” presidential candidate (Democrat Michelle Obama or Independent Tulsi Gabbard).

~ MORE ~

Just in case the Chinese act sooner than I can write my preview, here is the China-US provocation spiral that is scripted to take down the global financial system in September…

  1. China invades Hong Kong “to restore order.”
  2. With a military response out of the question, Trump responds with “shock and awe” tariffs and financial sanctions intended to make the Chinese back off.
  3. The Chinese defiantly continue the Hong Kong operation and double-down by mobilizing invasion forces across from Taiwan. Meanwhile, their economy and banking system start a hard crash.
  4. To divert public anger away from the crashing economy and the Communist Party, Xi whips up a patriotic frenzy and launches a Taiwan invasion.
  5. Treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, Trump intervenes with either conventional military forces or the Secret Space Program, depending on the scripting.
  6. At some point during Steps 2-5, the global financial system collapses.

~ MORE – 4 August 2019 ~

So this weekend’s two mass shootings come after Friday’s news that a majority of House Democrats are now calling for an official impeachment inquiry and Republican and Independent support for impeachment has surged. And some in Congress are now calling for August’s recess to be cancelled to address gun control. Reconvening Congress this month will open the door for impeachment to get off the ground and climax in September. Convenient timing for a double massacre, isn’t it?

On another front, we need to keep an eye out for the threatened American naval blockade of Venezuela. The globalist script will have China seize the opportunity to begin a blockade of Taiwan in response. I’ll write more on this later.

~ MORE – 6 August 2019 ~

It is notable that in this year’s preparatory propaganda for a Taiwan invasion, an air blockade (no-fly zone) component has been mentioned…

In an interview with Stars and Stripes on Jan. 28, [retired Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Lt. Gen. Kunio Orita] said that China will first declare a no-fly zone around Taiwan and threaten to shoot down any aircraft that approaches the island country. He said that the PLA would then pick a fight with Taiwan’s navy and air force, both over land and in the Taiwan Strait.

After subduing Taiwan’s substantially smaller navy and air force, Orita says China would then set up a naval blockade around Taiwan proper. He says that the blockade would remain in force until Taiwan’s leader’s capitulate and agree to install a puppet government that follows Beijing’s marching orders. – from Taiwan News

The air blockade component is notable because a US naval blockade of Venezuela will likely include an aerial blockade as well. They will say it is necessary in order to…

Of course, to enforce a no-fly zone over Venezuela would require an aircraft carrier off its coast, which is where the USS Truman comes in…

…from the Navy Times. Here is an excerpt…

The COMPTUEX will be an “intensive, month-long exercise designed to fully integrate units,” said Truman Carrier Strike Group spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Jason S. Fisher, in a prepared statement released as the flattop left port.

“Ships, squadrons and staffs will be tested across every core warfare area within their mission sets through a variety of simulated and live events, including air warfare, strait transits, and responses to surface and subsurface contacts and electronic attacks,” he added.

As with previous COMPTUEX drills, Fisher said that the strike group will face training scenarios designed to “further build competencies to face whatever a carrier strike group could see on its next deployment.”

So the month-long drill started about a month ago off the US east coast. This means the Truman could soon be on its way to Venezuela (if it isn’t already en route). In light of this, let’s look at something Trump said about the possible blockade of Venezuela…

On Thursday, when asked by a reporter whether he was considering such a measure given involvement by China and Iran in Venezuela, Trump said: “Yes, I am.” He gave no details.

On Friday, a senior U.S. official said Trump’s word on the issue should be taken “very seriously” but that the administration did not want to give away “the element of surprise.” – from Reuters

The “element of surprise” the Reuters article mentions is a sudden air, land and sea blockade that completely seals off Venezuela, with neighboring Colombia, Brazil and Guyana providing the land blockade component. The rationale behind the action will be that Maduro’s government will collapse if isolated from the aid he receives from Cuba, Iran, China and Russia. And this is where last month’s $2.2 billion arms deal with Taiwan comes in. China will use the same rationale America uses for Venezuela in launching their blockade of Taiwan: “We must stop America’s arming and support of hostile governments in our sphere of influence.”

Another element to consider is that Russia and China will almost certainly test the blockade with aircraft and ships. Should the US Navy fire on them, it could be used as the pretext for the “Communist Red Dawn” attacks on the US.

Speaking of aerial blockades, it should also be noted that Venezuela (through allies like Hezbollah) supposedly has the ability to create a de facto no-fly zone over the United States (for commercial aircraft at least)…

Although a lack of transparency makes precise accounting nearly impossible, in recent years Venezuela’s government has purchased Russia’s state-of-the-art S-300 anti-aircraft missiles; imported hundreds of thousands of Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition; and acquired 5,000 Igla-S MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems)

The security of these weapons is increasingly in doubt. With Maduro’s control still unsteady, it is easy to see a future in which corrupt narcogenerals seek to sell off significant portions of their armories for a quick profit before fleeing a collapsing government… The Venezuelan military is highly corrupt, has long-standing ties to regional guerrilla and criminal groups that prop up Maduro, and already plays an active role in trafficking drugs and weapons through Venezuelan territory…

the proliferation of MANPADS poses a considerable threat to civil aviation (and even military aircraft and unmanned drones). In addition to being portable, concealable, and easily pilfered, they are difficult to detect. From a position atop a building, an Igla-S MANPADS, the particular model Venezuela’s military possesses, could take down a civilian airliner flying below 20,000 feet and up to four miles away. – from Foreign Policy

So if the US declares a no-fly zone over Venezuela, we could see civilian airliners shot down here in the US, thus leading to a full ground stop of commercial aviation. The narrative will say that the MANPADS were smuggled into the US for Hezbollah by a Sinaloa Cartel eager to exact their vengeance for El Chapo’s life imprisonment last month.

Also, let’s not forget the suggestion in the press that Russian nuclear missiles may already be stationed in Venezuela. The establishment of the mere possibility of this opens the door for a “Deep State” false-flag nuclear attack on the US, which could be scripted to take Trump off the board and/or begin a domestic lockdown.

Switching back to the impeachment push for a bit, we need to watch for an Article 25 play against Trump citing “his disastrous and erratic decisions,” such as the launching of the new China tariffs that has set in motion the unfolding crises. I’ll write more on this soon.

~ MORE – 7 August 2019 ~

Let’s have a look at some CNN preparatory propaganda from last year (an excerpt is below the graphic)…

The 25th Amendment is back in the news so this bears repeating. Again. The type of event in which you could imagine President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and his vice president engaging in a political mutiny against him and removing him from power using the 25th Amendment would require something like a presidential coma or a disagreement of such epic proportions as to threaten the fabric of the country or its very existence

In order to remove Trump using the 25th Amendment, a majority of the Cabinet he personally selected, working with his own vice president, would have to agree he was no longer able to be President and publicly make that declaration, in writing, and send it up to Congress. That’s the first thing…

The Cabinet’s Brutus knife in his back is not all it would take! Trump would then have the ability to publicly disagree, in writing. Wouldn’t that be something. And if his Cabinet reasserted, within four days, “their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” Congress would have to assemble within two days and two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to vote to remove the President within 21 days… Republican lawmakers would have to turn on their own President.

With all the escalating crises that could come to a head by the end of this month, it would be easy to script Congress blaming Trump and his “erratic and irrational decision making” for “bringing America to the brink of civil war, World War 3 and economic collapse.” The prevailing situation would constitute — as the CNN article puts it — a political apocalypse… of such epic proportions as to threaten the fabric of the country [and] its very existence.”

It’s no wonder, then, that we’re seeing news like this…

…from CNBC

If the domestic and world situation seemingly starts to fall apart by the end of August, the 25th Amendment coup could be launched and completed within a month (by the end of September), just in time for Jewish New Year.

In case we’re able to back them off, though, I thought I’d better go ahead and give you a preview of their strategy for putting Tulsi Gabbard into the presidency next year…

  • They’re promoting the Anti-Establishment antics of presidential candidate John McAfee in the controlled alt-media in order to divert “alt-right” support away from Trump.
  • They’re having Trump go against his mainstream and “alt-right” base by agreeing to new gun control measures.
  • They’re having the mainstream media and the Democratic Party Establishment sabotage Gabbard so she can leave the Party and run as an Independent.
  • They’ll put up a weak, vulnerable Democratic nominee who will appeal only to the Leftists.
  • All this will leave Tulsi Gabbard as the only acceptable candidate for the Democratic, Republican and Independent mainstream voters, and she’ll win a plurality or majority of the vote in enough states to take the presidency.

I’ll write about it in more detail later.

ALERT – The Tisha B’Av Gaza Invasion

(8 August 2019) – A reader has pointed out that 8/11 is also Tisha B’Av this year. Tisha B’Av is considered the “saddest day in the Jewish calendar” and commemorates various catastrophes in Jewish history. So the fact that it falls on the 11th of this risky month means that there’s an enhanced probability of a big, negative event this Saturday/Sunday. It will most likely be something that the globalist narrative will trace back to the radical Zionists — something that will help start an international backlash (and eventual military attack) against Israel.

I’ll start pondering all the event possibilities over the next 48 hours, but one stands out right away: an invasion of Gaza…

…from Google News

Netanyahu faces an election next month, and the globalist scriptwriters have made arrangements to ensure that he will need the support of a Chabad-connected Israeli politician, Naftali Bennett, to form a governing coalition…

…from The Jerusalem Post

According to the most recent version of the globalist script, Netanyahu has been restraining the “evil Chabadniks” from starting their End-Times War…

…from Mondoweiss

But the necessity of earning Bennett’s support paired with a Palestinian provocation could mean that Netanyahu might be “forced to do a Gaza invasion — thinking that if he manages it carefully, he can keep it from spinning out of control.” Of course, the script will ensure that it does spin out of control.

If they intend to do this Gaza invasion for Tisha B’Av, look for a Palestinian provocation (or a Mossad false-flag to that effect) over the next 72 hours. It should also be noted that Tisha B’Av coincides with the Muslim Eid al-Adha (“Festival of the Sacrifice”) this year, so there could be something about this co-occurrence that makes its way into the provocation/invasion narrative — something like Palestinian fathers sacrificing their sons to attack Israel because they couldn’t afford sheep.” Eid al-Adha honours the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. But, before Abraham could sacrifice his son, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. In commemoration of this intervention, an animal is sacrificed… (if an animal is available, that is).

(9 August 2019) – The war-starting provocation/false-flag may already be in motion. The Israelis are mirroring the events that led to the 2014 Gaza War…

…from The Washington Post (top) and The Times of Israel (bottom)

I actually read about the stabbing yesterday, but I didn’t realize its significance until I ran across the WaPo article this morning. As for the victim of the stabbing, the LA Times is reporting this

The body of the soldier was found in the same region as the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian militants in the summer of 2014, an incident that helped precipitate a war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

What a coincidence, eh? I hope I caught this one in time.

~ MORE ~

Should the globalists decide to follow through despite being exposed, the next shoe to drop will be the killing of one or more Palestinian teens at the hands of Israeli civilians or the IDF. Hamas will then loose rockets from the Gaza Strip and the IDF will invade.

It’s also worth noting that the Israeli stabbing victim was 18 years-old, and the name of the HBO docudrama about the previous Gaza Strip lead-up is “Our Boys.” So the theme of fathers and sons — the tie-in to Eid al-Adha — is already part of the narrative.

Beyond the stabbing, there is a potential conflict brewing on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem…

…from The Times of Israel

The globalists intend to raze Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the Third Temple. Should they opt to move quickly on this, a Palestinian/Jew confrontation on the Temple Mount during Eid al-Adha/Tisha B’Av could set in motion the chain of events that leads to Al-Aqsa’s imminent destruction.

While we’re on the subject of the Third Temple, it should be noted that the prophecy propagandists are claiming the Sandhedin is currently working to create an Organization of 70 Nations based in Jerusalem to replace the United Nations.” So they may have changed their approach on how they’ll start the NWO.

(10 August 2019) – The globalist scriptwriters are definitely having the Israelis provoke both the Palestinians and Iranians into committing violence so Israel’s war plans can be triggered. And I’ve seen indications that the Shin Bet are being set up to take the fall for something. Whether it’s the stabbing or the actions that follow it, I don’t know yet. They may be doing this setup so Netanyahu can publicly uncover the plot and stop it. More details on this later…

~ MORE ~

As expected, the IDF have killed 4 “angry youths” in Gaza…

…from DW

Will this be enough to unleash Hamas rockets this weekend, or will it require more killings and an incursion into Al Aqsa by Israeli settlers?

~ MORE ~

It looks like we’ll have to wait till Sunday morning (Jerusalem time) to find out if the Holy War is starting this weekend…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

Jerusalem police will decide on whether to allow Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount on Tisha Be’av Sunday after assessing the security situation in the morning…

The Temple Mount is usually closed to non-Muslim visitors during Muslim holidays, and according to Israeli media sources, it is also scheduled to be closed on Sunday.

However, some Jewish organizations have been appealing to the Israeli authorities to allow Jewish visitors on the site during Tisha Be’ Av. One of them, the Students for the Temple Mount, sent a letter to Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

Earlier this year, when the Israeli police decided that Jews would be allowed to enter the Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day, in spite of the holiday falling in the last days of Ramadan, violent riots broke out.

It’s important to note that the Temple Mount-invading Jewish group named in the article is one of those focused on building the Third Temple…

…from Breaking Israel News

That being said, it’s not hard to imagine their scripted purpose in barging onto the Temple Mount tomorrow: they want to pick a fight. And they want that fight to escalate into a conflagration that will bring the destruction of Al Aqsa, the building of the Third Temple, and the arrival of the Moshiach. So if the “police” opt to let them in, we will likely see a shocking confrontation erupt — one that will bring deaths and/or acts of desecration against Al Aqsa Mosque.

So how will tomorrow’s Tisha B’Av turn into another historic Jewish tragedy (by triggering a later multinational invasion of Israel)?…

  1. Will Jews on the Temple Mount in the morning lead to Hamas rockets midday and an Israeli Gaza invasion by evening?
  2. Will Temple Mount riots somehow lead to the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque tomorrow?
  3. Or will the Jewish Temple Mount invasion and its outrages be the start of a chain of events that climaxes next month?

Let’s hope the answer is “none of the above” because the “police” say no in the morning.

(Note to readers – 10 August 2019) – Yes, I’m aware of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, but that isn’t the thing to watch this weekend. I’ll cover it once the Gaza invasion opportunity has passed uneventfully.

Also, if the Israelis allow Third Temple-obsessed Jews on the Temple Mount on Sunday, be on the lookout for a possible bomb explosion there. The Shin Bet may try to claim that it was smuggled in by “Gaza-directed terror cells,” but it will eventually be attributed to the Shin Bet themselves. If they go ahead and pull the trigger tomorrow, I’ll do an in-depth article on why I say this. Till then, you can get an idea by having a look at this article and the following excerpt from this article (both are from Haaretz)…

A few hours after the report on the scandal in Isawiyah, a joint press release was issued by the Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet security service about the discovery of other weapons – this time, it is to be hoped, more authentically. Hamas members from the Gaza Strip instructed terror cells of the organization in Hebron to trigger an explosive device in Jerusalem. Two members of the cell were arrested with a three-kilo operational explosive device in their possession. The investigation also found what was described as a terror lab with additional materials for preparing devices. This is the kind of story that flies right past the ear of the average Israeli media consumer, especially at a time when there is so much political twisting and turning, but under different circumstances it might have completely changed the way this summer plays out and made a far greater impression than even yesterday’s murder in Gush Etzion.

(11 August 2019) – At the start of Sunday morning on the Temple Mount, the police barred the Jews from entering and Netanyahu was blamed for it. But hours later, to appease the right-wingers, they did allow the Jews in, although it should be noted that the visits today consisted of entering the holy compound and immediately being ushered by police officers towards another gate to exit it.”

A bit of violence erupted in the morning and there were some standard condemnations of the Israelis by Muslim leaders, but nothing too serious happened, and it looks like this Tisha B’Av will pass relatively uneventfully. Sweet. In about 5 or 6 hours (when the 11th ends in Israel), I’ll move the alert down the page.

Now we return our attention to Hong Kong and Turkey.

By the way, another indication that they had big plans for today was this little bit of prophetic BS they circulated in the week before Tisha B’Av…

…from RT

In another bit of “coincidental timing,” the premiere of the HBO docudrama about the 2014 Gaza invasion, “Our Boys,” was/is scheduled for tomorrow…

…from HBO

It was also quite notable that the Shin Bet found and arrested the stabbing suspects right as we entered the weekend. That was rather quick (and convenient for the plot). It’s almost like they already knew where the suspects were;-)

As you can see, they had quite an extensive setup for today. Too fu*king bad. I’ll keep an eye out just in case they try to take the broken pieces of this op and make something out of it later.

(12 August 2019) – While I was focused on the prospect of a Tisha B’Av invasion of Gaza, Jeffrey Epstein “died” and Turkey reached a deal with the US that de-escalated the situation in northeast Syria. This signals the globalists pushing the delay button on their plans for those operations — possibly for just a month and possibly for much longer.

After they press the resume button, we can look forward to a release of the jailhouse video of what really happened to Epstein and some occurrence that provides Erdogan with the excuse to unleash on the Kurds.

Meanwhile, it looks like Hong Kong will pop soon (between 8/13 and 8/22 would be my guesstimate). Should they press the delay button on that, the demonstrations will die down due to either more aggressive policing or the resignation of Carrie Lam. A de-escalation in Hong Kong would likely mean that the economic collapse will be pushed back as well.

(18 August 2019) – As I’ve explained in past entries, the most likely scripting for the NWO transition will portray Trump, Xi, and Putin as “the misunderstood good guys who were running with the bad guys only so they could infiltrate their Cabal, rise to power, and defeat them at a key moment.” In light of this, I encourage you to read the following articles [top, bottom] from The Epoch Times

Take note of how they depict a long-running battle between Xi Jinping and the “Chinese deep state” and how they portray Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong as playing the role of the Chinese Clintons to Xi’s Chinese Trump (it’s the exact same script in both places). In my next entry, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the articles, and we’ll have a look at The Epoch Times to see how their propaganda fits into the deception narrative. We’ll also have a look at some of the New Age and alt-media disinfo sites and see why some of them are bashing Trump while others are still dispensing the pro-Trump Kool-Aid.

By the way, the wording of the title of the second article suggests that Xi will deliver the Chinese people from Communist Party bondage during the NWO transition. It wouldn’t be hard to get them to worship him after that, would it? Look for Kim to do the same in North Korea too. The transition into the NWO will leave communism in ashes.

Putin’s world rule may start as soon as next month

(20 August 2019) – On a hunch, I decided to check which nation will have the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) next month. What I found came as no surprise…


Currently, Putin isn’t scheduled to show up at the big 74th UN General Assembly event next month, but it’s not hard to imagine that certain international developments might arise between now and then that will compel his attendance. And if he does indeed show up, look for him to sit as President of the UNSC (with the other UNSC national leaders, such as Trump and Xi, sitting in as well) and to give a seminal speech during the General Debate (the theme of which this year is “galvanizing multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality education, climate action and inclusion”). Don’t be surprised if Putin’s speech falls on this day…


Why would he speak on that particular day, you ask? Because it falls on Jewish New Year, which goes from the evening of September 29 to the nightfall of October 1. And Putin’s “enthronement” as President of the UNSC would begin his 7-year tenure as world leader. Should this occur, he will take his formal throne as world leader (and “Antichrist”) at the Third Temple in Jerusalem during March of 2023 (probably on the 11th, 15th or 22nd), and the globalist-selected “real Jesus Christ” will dethrone him in September of 2026 (probably on the 11th, since Jewish New Year of 2026 starts that evening).

I’ll cover the alternative “Trump as Antichrist” scripting later.

Since I’m so overwhelmed by the volume of information I need to convey (and by common housework — my dishwasher isn’t working), I’ll have to resort to doing micro-updates to get it all out. Check back frequently each day this week, starting Wednesday. Next, I’ll show you how Trump and the “Space Force” may set the stage for Putin, and then I’ll talk about Xi and the fall of the Chinese Communist Party as promised.

~ MORE – 21 August 2019 ~

To go from where we are now to Vladimir Putin kicking off the NWO reform of the United Nations in just 5 short weeks would require the eruption of a “perfect storm” global crisis and the launch of an “unprecedented international effort” to address it. So I find it to be no coincidence, then, that all the elements necessary for such a crisis and response are already in motion for a September culmination.

Here are the elements of the “perfect storm” (war and economic collapse) global crisis…

And here are the elements of the “unprecedented international effort” to address it…

  • The US Congress is slated to approve America’s Space Force next month. This would provide the framework for Trump bringing the Secret Space Program out of the dark and into the normal military command structure. And that, in turn, would allow Trump to utilize the Space Force to stop the wars and offer groundbreaking new technologies to begin the next phase of global economic development.
  • Russia is slated for the Presidency of the UN Security Council next month. This will allow Putin to use the UNSC as a platform to bring in the BRICS-fronted NWO financial system (led by and backed by the Chinese and their gold) and to begin the reform process of the UN.

So if the globalists pull the trigger on this, we’ll see the world situation go to sh*t by mid-September (watch Friday the 13th). And about two weeks later, we’ll see…

  • Trump step up to provide global security and a new technological revolution,
  • Xi step up to provide the foundation for a new global financial system, and
  • Putin step up to lead the 3.5 year process of reforming the current New York-based UN into the Jerusalem-based New UN / NWO.

All this being said, let’s take a second look at a bit of prophecy propaganda we came across earlier this month…

…from Breaking Israel News. Here is a notable section…

Building of the Third Temple will be initiated by the 70 Nations

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the spokesman for the Sanhedrin, noted that Trump’s role in building the Third Temple was essential to so many of the issues that concern people around the world.

Trump can lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple, the source of peace,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “This will offset the disgraceful United Nations resolutions that are the root cause of increasing evil in the world.”

The Sanhedrin is currently working to create an Organization of 70 Nations based in Jerusalem to replace the United Nations.

“The Jews will do the actual building of the Third Temple but in order for the Third Temple to be a House of Prayer for all nations, the nations must have a part in its creation,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “The troubles that are facing the world today are issues that can only be addressed by a higher level of international discourse and cooperation. The effort to erase national identities and national borders is diametrically opposed to this and it is this ‘new world order’ that Trump is really fighting. The solution is the Third Temple as a House of Prayer for all nations and the Organization of 70 Nations, both of which require nations to express their unique identities.”

Rabbi Weiss emphasized that the concept of international cooperation is based in the universal covenant that God made with Noah which established the 70 nations and requires the participation of all the nations.

This section raises an obvious question…

Under what circumstances could the widely ridiculed and much maligned President Donald Trump “lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple”?

It would pretty much require Trump to play the Space Force card, wouldn’t it? Only if the world erupted in war and Trump suddenly stopped it using the overwhelming power of the Secret Space Program would all the nations of the world suddenly respect him. And only if he were offering new technologies that could lift all the nations out of economic ruin would they do exactly what he wants, like reforming and relocating the UN.


(23 August 2019) – Be on the lookout for the killing or massacre of one or more Yellow Vesters we’ve been expecting to take place during the G7 Summit in France. With rumors of a post-Brexit UK snap election swirling about, the Yellow Vest incident can be used to trigger the fall of Macron and a snap election in France, thus setting the stage for all 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council to be pro-Putin people.

~ MORE 1 ~

Since we are so near to entering the active transition period to the New World Order, the standard risk of a false-flag assassination of the G7 leaders also applies. Should they go that route, we’ll see the attempted rise of the “evil Western-version NWO” before the scripted “heroes” reappear to “save” us and lead us into the real NWO.

~ MORE 2 ~

In case you are a new reader, here is what I wrote about the planned Yellow Vest massacre back in March (excerpted from The 2019 Archive)…

The Pending Geopolitical Shift Takes Shape

(25 March 2019) – There has been a massive idea-planting operation taking place on NWO propaganda sites over the last few days. Here are a couple of articles narrating an imminent — and possibly disorderly — regime change in the UK…

…from Zero Hedge (top, bottom)

And here are some others hinting at a planned provocation for an imminent regime change in France…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and the Investment Watch Blog (bottom)

As you can see, they are pretty clearly signaling an imminent massacre of Yellow Vests by the French military, which would result in a massive shock to the French public. And it is significant that the Investment Watch Blog article resurrects the ghost of the Algerian War given that it brought about the fall of the French Fourth Republic…

>>> The trigger for the collapse of the Fourth Republic was the Algiers crisis of 1958…the Algerian War became not just a separatist movement but had elements of a civil war…

Further complications came when a section of the French Army rebelled and openly backed the Algerie Francaise movement to defeat separation. Revolts and riots broke out in 1958 against the French government in Algiers, but there were no adequate and competent political initiatives by the French government in support of military efforts to end the rebellion owing to party politics

This prompted General Jacques Massu to create a French settlers’ committee to demand the formation of a new national government under General Charles de Gaulle, who was a national hero and had advocated a strong military policy, nationalism and the retention of French control over Algeria. – from Wikipedia <<<

So will the inadequacies of France’s Fifth Republic bring about a failure to resolve the Yellow Vest rebellion and result in a shocking massacre of “innocent” French citizens (perhaps in conjunction with infuriatingly unchecked Islamist violence)? Will such developments prompt the French “patriot Deep State” to topple Macron and the Fifth Republic and demand a new government under a France-First nationalist leader — a leader like Marine Le Pen perhaps?

Remember that the ultimate globalist goal in orchestrating these government transitions in France and the UK is to install Putin-friendly leaders. So if non-Putin-friendly transitional leaders are the first to be put in place, it means they’re opting for a “Great Tribulation” before the Putin-friendly leaders are put in. You can scroll down to “Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win” for a more detailed explanation of all this.

(23 August 2019) – It should be noted that a reader contacted me a while back and mentioned a prediction of a tsunami striking Biarritz, France (here is a link the reader shared: The Saturn Cube of Biarritz represents a “tsunami project of Kabbalah”). Given that the G7 venue, the Hotel Du Palais, is right on the waterfront and the globalist propaganda corps have narrated that Russia possesses a “nuclear tsunami apocalypse torpedo,” I think it a prudent precaution to mention it now. Under the globalist script, the “Deep State” would use such an event as a pretext to go to war with Russia, and it would eventually be narrated that it was the “Deep State” and/or Israel that actually set off the nuke.

~ MORE ~

As if I didn’t already have enough stuff to track, the Israelis are setting the stage to run their “cruise missiles out of Yemen” operation to get the Iran war started…

…from RT. It will go something like this…

  1. The IDF strike the Houthis.
  2. The Houthis fire back at Israel with Iranian-made Soumar cruise missiles OR Saudi and US special forces in Yemen fire Israeli-modified Kh-55 cruise missiles at Israel as a false-flag “Houthi attack.”
  3. The Israelis claim that the Iranians were behind the cruise missile attacks and were using the Houthis as proxies to attack the Israeli homeland.
  4. The Israelis “retaliate” by striking the Iranian homeland, thus kicking off the war.

Read The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack section in The Compendium for more information on this long-planned operation.

(25 August 2019) – Macron is trying to help the Iranians get a waiver to sell their oil on the same weekend that Israel is striking Iranian-linked targets in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The timing is perfect for an Israeli false-flag to stop Macron’s initiative.

(26 August 2019) – Now that elements of the Iraqi government are demanding the US leave their country (on account of the Israeli airstrikes there), it’s time to remind ourselves of the “ballistic missiles out of Iraq” false-flag option and what would follow it. The following is excerpted from The 2019 Archive

(10 May 2019) – Be advised that any upcoming Middle East false-flag scenario may involve theater-wide attacks, which could include…

> Ballistic and cruise missiles fired out of Yemen, supposedly by the Iran-linked Houthis, but actually by US and Saudi special forces. Expect the American B-52 bombers and Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base to be targeted from Yemen. This will be done to create an excuse to blame Iran even though no missiles will be fired from their territory. You can read more about this in “The false-flag ‘Houthi’ cruise missile attack” section [of the Compendium].

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Iraq, supposedly by the Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Forces, but actually by US special forces (there are 5,200 US troops in Iraq, including special forces). This will be done to create an excuse for US and Saudi Coalition ground forces to move into Iraq to supposedly hunt-down missiles (but to actually mass on the borders of Syria and Iran).

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Lebanon, supposedly by Iran-linked Hezbollah, but actually by Israeli special forces (the IDF have used tunnels to smuggle missiles into firing positions in Lebanon). This will be done to create an excuse for massive Israeli airstrikes and ground incursions into Lebanon and Syria. You can read more about the IDF tunnels in the “Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned Missile Attack on Europe” section [of The 2019 Archive].

The Israeli Election, Chabad-Lubavitch
and the Gaza Invasion

(27 August 2019) – Another way the globalist scriptwriters can paint the ongoing Israeli airstrikes (in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and perhaps soon Yemen) is that they are Netanyahu’s pre-election attempt to look tough and proactive against Israel’s enemies without having to launch an invasion of Gaza. So with the Israeli election just three weeks away, we should take note of some recent developments:

Early this month, Netanyahu’s rival Benny Gantz vowed an invasion of Gaza…

…from Haaretz. Here is a brief excerpt…

Benny Gantz, leader of the Kahol Lavan party, vowed on Tuesday that if he becomes prime minister he would move to “pound Gaza,” send ground troops into the enclave, and kill Hamas’ leadership in the event of another round of fighting.

According to the current globalist scripting, this is exactly what the “End Times War”-obsessed Chabad-Lubavitch cult and their lapdog Avigdor Lieberman have been seeking. It’s no wonder, then, that Lieberman cut a deal with Gantz two weeks later…

…from Asharq Al-Awsat. Here is an excerpt…

“Lapid and Gantz signed with Lieberman, it is in fact a new thing,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page, mocking the situation.

Likud slammed the two parties for the deal they struck. “Lieberman signed a surplus vote agreement with Lapid and Gantz after declaring openly that he would support them should they gain the premiership,” a statement by the party said.

“Whoever wants Netanyahu to head the next government should vote only for the Likud,” the statement added.

Lieberman described the agreement as a mere technical measure, not an alliance or coalition between the two political groups.

However, Israeli media said the agreement was ultimately aimed at recommending Gantz as prime minister, after Lieberman demanded that Netanyahu form a government that would include his party, Likud and Blue and White.

So the globalists are scripting that Chabad/Mossad will deliver the election to whomever will give them their war. And this opens up the following scripting options…

> They can go for the immediate war under Netanyahu by staging a serious false-flag attack on the Israeli homeland — an attack supposedly conducted by Iran in response to Netanyahu’s airstrikes.

> They can go for a delayed war under Netanyahu by forcing him to form a coalition with Lieberman that will keep Chabad at his throat demanding action.

> They can go for an immediate war under Gantz by staging a Palestinian provocation right after he takes office.

> They can go for a delayed war under Gantz by having him renege on his invasion promises and take a leftist approach to security policy that will weaken Israel’s position and ultimately invite an invasion by their enemies.

~ MORE ~

Beyond these options for starting the war are the options for the war itself: the “Shake ‘n Bake” option (SBO) and the “Great Tribulation” option (GTO). Under the SBO, the war would escalate to the brink of a nuclear exchange in just a couple of weeks and a fake “divine intervention” would be staged; under the GTO, things will grind out over the next 3.5 years till March of 2023. Of these two options, the best for all of us is Option 3, the “nothing much happens in September” option. Let’s all do whatever we can to exercise that option.

(28 August 2019) – Over the next few days, I’ll be gearing up to do overwatch on September. But the very first thing we’ll need to watch is this weekend. Should the Chicoms opt to invade Hong Kong, the smart play would be to do it on a weekend when the markets are closed, and doing it this weekend (August 31/September 1) would be a helluva way for the globalists to start the month. Invasions, Lehman Moments, and political falls [Netanyahu (election) & Trump (25th Amendment)] will be September’s doorways into hell. Let’s guard the doors.

(29 August 2019) – In advance of posting the September overwatch kickoff, I’ve placed this month’s updates in chronological order. They will go in The 2019 Archive once the new entry is ready. On another note, the globalists are backing off of a number of their setups; I’ll cover it in the kickoff.

~ MORE ~

Looking ahead given current conditions, I see two opportunities for the globalists to trigger the Next Lehman Moment, and they both relate to Brexit…

Opportunity 1: Use a September Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong as an excuse to trigger it. Once it happens, both the EU and UK could agree to delay the Brexit “so as to not create any more disruption and uncertainty while we’re dealing with this crisis.”

Opportunity 2: Use the October 31 No Deal Brexit as the excuse to trigger it. They could time it to precede the snap election and coincide with November 11 (11/11), and they could call it “Mondaygeddon.” Since the Next Lehman Moment would put the Chinese Communist Party in a vulnerable position vis-a-vis their population, the Chicoms could use it to start the Hong Kong crackdown and the Taiwan invasion buildup in order to distract the Chinese people with war.

(30 August 2019) – Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1949, so this October 1 will mark the Communist Government’s 70th anniversary (as Zero Hedge have been so keen to point out in their Hong Kong coverage). How appropriate is it, then, that the Communist Party’s rule over China may begin to fall apart by October 1 over their attempted takedown of Hong Kong’s “Second Tiananmen” Protests. The globalists have a real penchant for historical poetry.

If the globalists pull the trigger on a violent communist crackdown in Hong Kong during the next month, it is important to note that the NWO narrative will most likely say that Xi Jinping did not order it. It will be said that it was actually ordered by the “Chinese Deep State” — the Shanghai Faction of the Communist Party — in their attempt to create a political and economic crisis to force out Xi. And Xi will instead “use the crisis as an opportunity to take down the ‘Chinese Deep State’ and end Communist Party rule.”

The globalists have been grooming Xi to be a messianic figure, just like they’ve done with Trump and Putin. And when the time comes that you start seeing “UFOs” in the sky, it will be claimed that Xi is actually the Buddhist Lord Maitreya who came to Earth with the other incarnations of the godhead (Putin, Modi, et al) to save humanity from a nuclear war planned by the Dark/Satanic forces. I doubt the globalists have given up on this absurdist scripting.

So when the American “Deep State-controlled” mainstream media start to pillory Xi for being a brutal dictator, visit The Epoch Times to get the NWO slant on things. The mainstream media have attacked The Epoch Times since my August 18 update in order to build them up as a credible alternative news source. Here is a copy of the August 18 update (so you don’t have to scroll down to read it)…

(from 18 August 2019) – As I’ve explained in past entries, the most likely scripting for the NWO transition will portray Trump, Xi, and Putin as “the misunderstood good guys who were running with the bad guys only so they could infiltrate their Cabal, rise to power, and defeat them at a key moment.” In light of this, I encourage you to read the following articles [top, bottom] from The Epoch Times

Take note of how they depict a long-running battle between Xi Jinping and the “Chinese deep state” and how they portray Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong as playing the role of the Chinese Clintons to Xi’s Chinese Trump (it’s the exact same script in both places). In my next entry, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the articles, and we’ll have a look at The Epoch Times to see how their propaganda fits into the deception narrative. We’ll also have a look at some of the New Age and alt-media disinfo sites and see why some of them are bashing Trump while others are still dispensing the pro-Trump Kool-Aid.

By the way, the wording of the title of the second article suggests that Xi will deliver the Chinese people from Communist Party bondage during the NWO transition. It wouldn’t be hard to get them to worship him after that, would it? Look for Kim to do the same in North Korea too. The transition into the NWO will leave communism in ashes.

~ MORE ~

Given the way their September setups are shaping up, the globalists appear to be scripting an attempt by the combined “Deep States” to take down “the messiahs”: Netanyahu via election, Trump via the 25th Amendment, and Xi via blowback from the Hong Kong crackdown. Don’t be surprised, then, if there are also attempts at political takedowns or assassinations of Putin, Modi, and Soleimani or Erdogan in the coming month.

It also appears that the scripting will have some or all of “the messiahs” survive and begin a “mass arrests”-style takedown of their respective “Deep States.” And on September 30, Putin could give a UN speech that says, “It’s time to move beyond the failed liberal world order into a new multilateral world order that respects national sovereignty.” Xi might also give a Tiananmen speech on October 1 that says, “It’s time for China to move beyond failed communism and embrace multiparty democracy.”

Let’s see if a little preemptive exposure can stop all that (and turn the globalists’ balls an even darker shade of blue). 😉

(31 August 2019) – So…

  • the Chicoms moved armored vehicles and troops into Hong Kong in the wee hours of Thursday morning, then
  • they arrested the protest leaders Friday morning to ensure the protesters would be enraged and violent on Saturday, so
  • will they now deploy the armored vehicles and troops in the wee hours of Sunday morning?

In case they don’t do it this weekend (which is the 13th weekend of protests) or even this month, it turns out that the 22nd weekend of protests will fall on November 2, just two days after Brexit and nine days before 11/11. That will be the likely fallback timing if September is a no-go.

Are we about to see “The Big Info Dump”?
(Apparently not yet)

(24 July 2019) – In the past year, we’ve noted a number of avenues for the globalists to do “The Big Info Dump” that starts the final Trump vs. The Establishment Battle Royale in Washington. These avenues have included Julian Assange & his insurance files, the “Dark Overlord” NSA front group & their 9/11 files, and Jeffrey Epstein & his blackmail records. But it looks like “the Gringo,” John McAfee, and his insurance files will get the honors of kicking things off…

…from Infowars

You might remember that last month he threatened to “bury” the D.C. Establishment with an information release, and now he has supposedly gone missing. So all we’re waiting for is for him to miss his check-in and set off his dead-man’s trigger.

~ MORE ~

Well that didn’t take long…

…from cnet

Just like the Turkish war situation, we’ll be seeing this again at a future date. Now let’s see what happens with the pending mass unsealing of Epstein court documents. If a globalist agenda delay has been called, we might see the release pushed back “to allow all parties calling for redactions time to pursue their requests” or a release with such heavy redactions that the documents will offer up only small or sacrificial fish (for now).

(26 July 2019) – Is this whole John McAfee thing just a publicity stunt? Is the CIA helping him establish his bona fides with libertarians in order to strip away support from Trump in 2020? All these shenanigans will likely make him popular with the Qanon lemmings. More later…

Coverage of the Tokyo Assassination Setup

(28 May 2019) – Another opportunity for mischief has quietly passed, but we won’t have to wait long for the next one. The G20 Summit in Osaka next month takes place right by the water (making it an easy target for a sub-borne attack), and an assassination attack there — whether it is scripted as being successful or foiled — would move us quite forcefully into the next stage of the transition. I’ll cover it fully as the date approaches.


(24 May 2019) – The globalists have an opportunity to make a big leap forward in their NWO transition agenda by staging a Trump assassination show in Tokyo this weekend through Tuesday. This entry is aimed at exposing the real objectives and details of the operation in order to deter them from going through with it.

During Trump’s Tokyo visit, there are three obvious strike points to watch in order of ascending probability of an attack: 1) Trump’s meeting with the new Japanese Emperor (least likely, on the 27th), 2) Trump’s attendance of a sumo match by the Sumida River (more likely, on the 26th), and 3) Trump’s visit to Japan’s naval headquarters at Yokosuka (the most likely, on the 28th). Here are more details of the operation in the order I wrote them…

(23 May 2019) – The propaganda setup for a potential Trump assassination show in Japan in the next five days has taken shape quite nicely. It looks like the narrative would be that “trade-war-enraged” Chinese hardliners used North Korean hardliners as proxies to nuke-attack the Headquarters of the Japanese Naval Self Defense Force at Yokosuka while Trump was taking a tour of a Japanese aircraft carrier there. This “Japanese Pearl Harbor” would reduce the ability of Japan and the US to respond to a following Chinese attack on Taiwan. And since the USS Abraham Lincoln and the USS Kearsarge are in position near Iran, an accompanying false-flag there would open an instant two-front conflict with war-hawk Mike Pence in charge.

It should be noted that just like the first Pearl Harbor attack, the US has sailed its aircraft carrier out of harm’s way. The USS Ronald Reagan left Yokosuka yesterday (on the 22nd). I’ll fill in all the details of the setup tomorrow.

~ MORE ~

By the way, here’s the “Deep State’s” supposed motive for killing Trump in Japan: No Wonder Obama Intel Chiefs Panicking – Trump To Declassify “Bucket 5” Russiagate Docs

…Note the last sentence: it provides additional motivation for a Yokosuka assassination from the British Establishment. Just imagine Trump rolling into London with such political dynamite to throw around. Cute scripting.

So the mainstream narrative would pin the Yokosuka attack on the Chinese and North Koreans and the aircraft carrier attack on Iran. And the controlled alt-media would pin both on the “Deep State” and Israel, with Israel providing any nukes used in the attacks. This would get the whole world in the mood to invade Israel, thus triggering the “revelation of the Moshiach” and the launch of the “multilateral / multipolar” NWO.

~ MORE – 24 May 2019 ~

Here’s more from the mainstream news establishing “the Deep State’s desperate motivation” to kill Trump before he returns from Tokyo…

…from Fox News / YouTube. Here’s how the video starts…

The walls are caving in around the Deep State. And tonight we can absolutely, positively report a pivotal document release is only days away.”

So what happens if Trump is “killed” before this pivotal document release? “Deep Stater” Mike Pence would immediately take over the presidency and he’d shelve the document release and the Justice Department investigations “to preserve national unity in the face of this unprecedented crisis.” According to the globalist script, then, Trump’s death in Tokyo is the only way for the “Deep State” to keep the genie in the bottle. And should the “Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State” catch the “Zionist-Nazi-Neocon-Neolib Deep State” in the act of attempting the assassination, mass arrests would follow.

If you are a new reader, read Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con to understand why the globalist propaganda guys invented the “Deep State” concept.

~ MORE – 25 May 2019 ~

Now let’s look at how the media are setting up Xi to take the blame for a Tokyo false-flag. Here are some articles that help establish the post-attack narrative:

This first article portrays Xi as a man under pressure…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

>>> This is no longer a trade spat – this is morphing into full economic war. The US is willing to take a short-term hit in the form of higher consumer prices, and welcome inflation, from Chinese imports until global supply chains re-adjust and new domestic and international lines open, knowing the long-term damage is limited. Meanwhile, the hit to China is long-term and directly on production, thus right across the economy right at the most difficult phase of economic transition. Chinese economists are talking about a 1-2% hit to GDP. I suspect much more plus increased domestic social and political tension. Xi is in more trouble than we think. <<<

This second article makes the argument that Xi Jinping withdrew his previously-offered trade concessions — which set off the current confrontation — because he is simply too weak to impose them on entrenched economic interests in China…

…from The National Interest. Here is an excerpt…

>>> If Xi Jinping is indeed weak, as the bulk of the evidence suggests, there is no one for Trump to negotiate with. In Beijing, at the moment, only the most nationalistic responses are politically acceptable—and no one is in a position to sign on the dotted line. Perhaps that is why Chinese media at the end of last week signaled the country is not particularly interested in continuing trade talks.

China is obviously in trouble as the “people’s war” narrative indicates. That means the rest of us will be in trouble as well. <<<

This third article points out the added pressure Xi will be under this summer and fall as he faces Communist Party officials amidst a worsening economy and continued tariff volleys from Trump, and it brings nationalist hardliners and the military into the mix…

…from AP News. Here is an excerpt…

>>> He [Xi] also has led a major expansion of China’s military while adopting a more confrontational approach to relations with the U.S., Taiwan and countries with rival claims to territory in the South China Sea. That’s raised expectations among a highly nationalistic public and party and military hardliners that Xi will stand up to the U.S. in the tariff conflict and others likely to follow

Xi faces time pressures from the party’s inner dynamics. He is expected to call a meeting of the powerful Central Committee by October at the latest, and needs to show he has the trade dispute well in hand. Informal summer meetings among officials at the Beidaihe seaside resort could also test of Xi’s leadership on the matter… <<<

This fourth article talks about how trade wars tend to segue into military wars…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is a graphic that was added to the article…

…Note what it says in the “hot war” section: “Like currency wars, first-mover advantage goes to those who unexpectedly strike first.”

This fifth article is notable for the words put in parentheses in its title…

…from Zero Hedge. If that’s not a bit of foreshadowing, I don’t know what is.

This sixth article adds Japan to the trade war mix by showing their participation in its most high-profile engagement: the Battle of Huawei…

…from Zero Hedge

Are you beginning to see how Xi is being portrayed as a man under siege who is facing a hopeless trade war — a man whose only way out is to neutralize Trump and Japan with a sneak attack and launch a “short, sharp war” to seize Taiwan and the Senkaku Islands? Such moves would supposedly cement him as a strong leader and redirect the attention of the Chinese population towards external enemies — it would be a real crowd-pleaser. And if a war between China and the US is as inevitable as many say, why not do it now before the situation in China deteriorates further?

Since Xi is an NWO “Avatar,” though, he would never order such attacks. The NWO narrative would portray the responsible parties as the West-aligned Chinese “Deep State” working in conjunction with the American, Israeli, and North Korean “Deep States” — all of them scheming behind the backs of Xi, Trump, Netanyahu, and Kim. “Since the imminent fall of the American Deep State would have created a domino effect amongst its allied Deep States, they all worked together in this last-ditch effort to save themselves and their agenda,” the NWO historians will say.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s look at how the globalists have been laying the groundwork for a communist invasion of Taiwan:

This first article from the end of last year talks about what could happen in 2019…

…from the South China Morning Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The risk of confrontation between mainland China and the United States over Taiwan is likely to grow next year as the self-ruled island leans ever closer to Washington in a bid to counter Beijing’s rise, observers said…

“There is a possibility that the United States will use tactics regarding Taiwan to counter China that it has never used since the establishment of China-US relations,” said Wu Xinbo, director of the Centre for American Studies at Fudan University.

“China has to think whether to take pre-emptive action to stop the US, or take measures after the US action.” <<<

This second article from the same newspaper brings us forward to a tension-increasing development from earlier this month…

…from the South China Morning Post

And this just happened yesterday…


This third article mentions what happened in the Taiwan Strait just 3 days ago on the 22nd…

…from Reuters

And this fourth article offers a little hint to those who have eyes to see…

…from Taiwan News. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The military mobilized 22 ships and 22 aircraft to hold its largest seabound live-fire drills in five years off Taiwan’s east coast Wednesday morning (May 22). <<<

So the exercise took place on the 22nd and involved 22 aircraft and 22 ships. There’s nothing suspiciously Masonic about that, right?…

Given all this buildup, one can see how the days after a “North Korean” nuke takes out Japan’s naval headquarters, Prime Minister Abe, and President Trump would be a good time for China to take premptive action to stop the US by invading Taiwan.

And from the second front of this potential “shock and awe sneak attack by America’s enemies,” we hear this today…

…from Zero Hedge

Neither the Iranians nor the article suggest what the secret weapons are, but they’re likely rocket torpedoes, stealth air drones, or drone speedboats armed with nuclear warheads — or so the mainstream narrative will say after the false-flag sinking. Iran’s leaders deliberately offer such threats to provide opportunity and cover for their fellow globalists in Israel to conduct false-flags. If you don’t believe me, go ask the guys in the Iranian Parliament building — you know, the pyramid-themed building that has 33 windows…

False-Flag Warning: Middle East

(7 May 2019) – Well the globalists are flourishing the “carrier down” and “cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag cards yet again, and they’re being quite obvious about it…

…from the Drudge Report

If you look at the headlines on the upper left, you’ll see Netanyahu being portrayed as the “reasonable statesman trying to hold back the dogs of war” and being criticized by the Israeli hardliners for it. This is to support the narrative of his supposed rebellion against “the evil Chabadniks and their plot to start the End Times War,” and it is part of the preparation for the eventual announcement that he’s the “Moshiach ben Yosef.”

Also on the upper left in red, you’ll note the headline about Israel feeding the US intel. Here is what the linked Axios article says about it…

>>> Israel passed information on an alleged Iranian plot to attack U.S. interests in the Gulf to the U.S. before national security adviser John Bolton threatened Iran with “unrelenting force” last night, senior Israeli officials told me…

Information about possible Iranian plots against the U.S. or its allies in the Gulf were raised two weeks ago in talks held at the White House between an Israeli delegation headed by national security adviser Meir Ben Shabbat and a U.S. team led by Bolton, the Israeli officials told me. <<<

So who is this Meir Ben Shabbat who fed Bolton the intel, you ask?

>>> Meir Ben-Shabbat, 52, is Israel’s new national security advisor, filling a post that has been officially vacant since 2015, when Yoram Cohen left to lead the Mossad…

He attended a dati leumi yeshivah…and lives on a religious settlement in the “central region” (per the Shin Bet parlance) where he is reportedly the baal korei and delivers a weekly shiur on Shabbos. – from <<<

[Note: shiur means “Talmudic study session”; baal korei means “one who reads from the Torah scroll during the synagogue prayer service”; and dati leumi means “National Religious,” which is an ideology that combines Zionism and Orthodox Judaism.]

In other words, the guy is a religious wingnut and a Zionist, and the Zionists are the scripted fall guys in the NWO script. I also found this reference to him on a prominent NWO propaganda site…

>>> All signs indicate that Washington is serious about regime change in Tehran, either via sponsorship of internal unrest that would topple the current government, or by military action a la Iraq 2003…

In July 2018 it was reported that a few months earlier the US and Israel formed a joint working group focused on internal efforts to encourage protests within Iran and to undermine the country’s government. The point men are Bolton and his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben-Shabbat. – from the Strategic Culture Foundation <<<

So the globalist scriptwriters are painting Meir Ben-Shabbat as an Israeli Zionist who is in cahoots with the neocon John Bolton. And this sets up the following false-flag dynamic…

1) Zionist Ben-Shabbat passes phony, “there are WMDs in Iraq”-type intelligence on Iran to his co-conspirator Bolton, who then presents it to Trump as “hard intel.”

2) “Deep Stater” Bolton uses the phony intel to convince Trump to deploy an aircraft carrier and strategic bombers near Iran.

3) “Unbeknownst to Netanyahu,” the hardcore Zionists in the Israeli defense and intelligence establishment set in motion a false-flag against American forces to get the shooting started.

Setting it up in this way allows the scriptwriters to preserve the reputations of Netanyahu’s “Moshiach ben Yosef” character and Trump’s “Cyrus the Great” character. If the false-flag happens during Netanyahu’s watch, “it was only because he wasn’t aware of it.” And if Trump gives the order to fire on the Iranians, “he did so only because he was fed false intelligence by the evil Zionists and neocons.”

In a War Path scenario, the false-flag will go forward; in a Peace Path scenario, Netanyahu will catch wind of the false-flag plot and warn Trump. It’s four days till May 11.

(8 May 2019) – Keep an eye on the USS Abraham Lincoln after it crosses the Suez Canal into the Red Sea. Once it enters the southern Red Sea, it will be in an ideal spot to be false-flagged using “Iranian/Houthi” ballistic and cruise missiles fired out of Yemen by “Deep State-controlled” US and Saudi special forces.

~ MORE ~

Upon doing a search for preparatory propaganda for an attack off Yemen, I found some that was posted this morning on a Greek news page (

It foreshadows an attack by Iran and their Houthi proxies using Iranian Khalij Fars (“Persian Gulf”) missiles. Since Iran is one of the NWO “hero nations,” though, the NWO script will want to blame the American, Saudi and Israeli “Deep States” for any war-starting attack. That’s why the narrative will be that the attack — should it go forward — was a false-flag carried out by “Deep State” special forces that have been in Yemen for quite a while.

(9 May 2019) – The press are reporting that the Abraham Lincoln has passed through the Suez Canal. According to my initial calculations, it should be off the Houthi-controlled coast of Yemen on the 11th, exactly as expected. I’ll fill in the details in an update later this morning.

We’ll also take a look at the second gauntlet that awaits the Lincoln: the Israeli submarine lying in wait in the Northern Arabian Sea / Gulf of Oman / Persian Gulf. It is designated to sink either the Lincoln or the Kearsarge using an SLCM or torpedo. If there are any non-globalist naval commanders (of any nation) in that area, they should find and sink that submarine without delay. The Israelis won’t say a word about it.

~ MORE ~

According to press reports, the Lincoln exited the Suez Canal on Thursday morning (US time). And from the exit point, the vessel will need to travel about 1,079 miles to reach the northwestern coast of Yemen (the area controlled by the Houthis)…

…from Google Maps

Assuming a cruising speed of 20 knots (23 mph), it will take the Lincoln 47 hours to get there, which would put their arrival on Saturday morning, May 11 (US time). And don’t the globalists love the 11th.

~ MORE 2 ~

As the Lincoln approaches the first and second gauntlets (the waters off Yemen and the waters off Iran), here is some information from past updates and current media reports we’d best review…

> Iran held a large-scale naval exercise in the Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, and northern Indian Ocean back in February (for a little foreshadowing, note the object being attacked in the article’s picture: a mock-up of a US carrier)…

…from France 24

Prominently featured in the exercise was a new submarine named the “Fateh” (“conqueror”), which is reportedly capable of firing cruise missiles from a submerged position. Iran’s introduction of this submarine into the strategic equation has opened the door for Israel to conduct naval false-flags using submarine-launched cruise missiles, and the Israeli press have noted that the IDF keep a nuclear-armed sub on station near Iran at all times…

…from Israel National News

So once the Abraham Lincoln arrives in the waters where Iran held its naval exercise, the Israelis can attack it and point to the exercise as proof that the Iranians trained for the attack and then carried it out.

~ MORE 3 ~

> The mainstream media are reporting this today…

…from NBC News

If you’ve been monitoring the controlled alt-media, you’ll know that they’ve narrated the CIA as “Black Hats” who are out to get Trump and start World War 3. So Bolton holding an “unusual” meeting there before convincing Trump to send an aircraft carrier and B-52 bombers to the Middle East will later be presented as proof that the “evil Zionist-Nazi-neocon-neolib Deep State” conspired to present Trump with fake intel to start the war.

The NBC article also mentions this…

>>> The CIA has a seasoned intelligence officer, Mike D’Andrea, running its Iran operations. D’Andrea oversaw U.S. drone strikes that targeted al Qaeda militants and the effort to hunt down bin Laden. <<<

Since Al-Qaeda and bin Laden are/were CIA assets, the effort to hunt them down was a total farce. So the CIA has an experienced farce artist (fartist) producing its Iran intel. If you add his BS to the pile Ben-Shabbat left with Bolton, you have all the crap you need to fool “Cyrus the Great” into a massive mistake (if that were possible).

~ MORE 3 – 10 May 2019 ~

> The controlled alt-media are reporting this today…

…from Zero Hedge

For a carrier strike group to be sunk by one missile would require a nuclear warhead, of course, so this report opens the door for the false-flaggers to use a nuke and blame both Iran and North Korea (which would be named as the origin of the warhead). The article also includes this…

>>>Vice Admiral Jim Malloy, commander of the US Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet, made the statements to Reuters on Friday.

He oversees all US naval forces in the Middle East, and at the very moment the USS Abraham Lincoln Nimitz-class carrier makes its way into the area, the commander said, “If I need to bring it inside the strait, I will do so.” He added, “I’m not restricted in any way, I’m not challenged in any way, to operate her anywhere in the Middle East.”

He didn’t specifically name the USS Abraham Lincoln during the telephone interview, but certainly the remarks were intentionally timed as a part of the White House’s ongoing “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran. <<<

You may remember Vice Admiral Malloy from my 14 February update titled The Propaganda Lead-In to Israel’s False Flag Attacks. In case you are a new reader, though, here is a key section from that entry…

I’ve run across some interesting things about the commander of the US naval forces in the Middle East, Vice Admiral James Malloy…

1) He took command after the rumored suiciding of his predecessor, who was supposedly opposed to the Pentagon’s false-flag plans (according to the controlled alt-media)…

…from The Millennium Report

This particular report was sourced/attributed to Robert David Steele, a self-described “former” CIA operative who acts as an “insider source” for all the sold-out elements of the alternative media. He helps support the Evil West / Benevolent East paradigm the globalists are selling in advance of the NWO rollout, so his exposure of this information indicates that the globalists want the public to see the “Zionist hand” behind the coming naval false-flag.

2) Malloy took command on December 7, 2018, the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. And since Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack that started America’s involvement in the Second World War, the symbolism of his command date suggests that a sneak attack under his watch will start America’s involvement in the Third World War.

3) He got his Master’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from a Jewish university, which hints at his future role in managing a disaster and points to possible Jewish and/or Catholic ties. Such ties are prevalent among the senior globalist conspirators.

4) He was featured in a photo with supposed “Deep State” plant Mike Pompeo in this article about the ongoing “war on Iran conference” in Warsaw

…Just look at those sh*t-eating grins! Does it look like they know a secret?

5) He was the admiral featured in the CNN article earlier in this entry — the one that subtly hinted at an Iranian naval attack. And he specifically mentioned Iran’s “growing capability in unmanned surface systems,” which mirrors the “Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vessel” concept mentioned in Steele’s article.

So what are we seeing here, you ask? – We’re seeing the mainstream media doing preparatory propaganda for an “Iranian attack” on a US Navy ship and the controlled alternative media doing preparatory propaganda to point out that the “Iranian attack” is actually an Israeli false-flag.

As I’ve said many times before, the globalists want Israel to be blamed for the attack (at the right time) because it will be used to trigger Chabad’s Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. And that invasion will allow the globalists to roll out the global saviors, whose names are featured on Robert David Steele’s personal ego-service page

What we wait to see now is whether the globalists script Netanyahu as helping these plots, saving us from them, or dying from them himself. His role will be an indicator of how bad it will get.

Getting back to what’s happening now, we see that according to the alt-media narrative, we have a false-flag-friendly pal of Pompeo in charge of telling the Lincoln and Kearsarge where to sail. Ain’t that convenient.

You can find more information about the attack options the false-flaggers may use against the Lincoln and/or Kearsarge further down this page in the section titled The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf. The globalists were hoping to use the USS Stennis as the carrier that gets destroyed, but their failure to follow through with the attack in the January through March timeframe led to them having to send it home due to the length of its time at sea.

(10 May 2019) – Be advised that any upcoming Middle East false-flag scenario may involve theater-wide attacks, which could include…

> Ballistic and cruise missiles fired out of Yemen, supposedly by the Iran-linked Houthis, but actually by US and Saudi special forces. Expect the American B-52 bombers and Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base to be targeted from Yemen. This will be done to create an excuse to blame Iran even though no missiles will be fired from their territory. You can read more about this in The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack section further down this page.

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Iraq, supposedly by the Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Forces, but actually by US special forces (there are 5,200 US troops in Iraq, including special forces). This will be done to create an excuse for US and Saudi Coalition ground forces to move into Iraq to supposedly hunt-down missiles (but to actually mass on the borders of Syria and Iran).

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Lebanon, supposedly by Iran-linked Hezbollah, but actually by Israeli special forces (the IDF have used tunnels to smuggle missiles into firing positions in Lebanon). This will be done to create an excuse for massive Israeli airstrikes and ground incursions into Lebanon and Syria. You can read more about the IDF tunnels in the Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned Missile Attack on Europe section further down this page.

Will the “Moshiach ben Yosef” (Netanyahu) save us from this dastardly plan, or will he be “assassinated”?

~ MORE ~

Upon posting this new section and doing a read-through, I realized that the current false-flag window would be the perfect time for the globalists to play the “Netanyahu assassination” card, so I went back to add “or will he be assassinated” to the final sentence. But in attempting to post these five little words, I met with a great deal of resistance in the form of 502 and 503 errors. It took me at least 15 minutes to finally push it through, and I was left wondering if I was receiving flak because I was directly over the target. Is Netanyahu’s assassination the “X-factor” the globalists planned for this false-flag?

If Netanyahu were to end up dead all of a sudden, it would shock the whole world, would it not? And it would leave many convinced that the attack really did come from the Iranians. As far as most people know, Netanyahu is one of the Zionist baddies, and they’d think, “There is no way the Zionists would kill their own leader.” Little do they know that the globalists have scripted him to play “the Moshiach who played along with the bad guys until he was in a position to stop them and their war.”

So in the case of a Netanyahu assassination show, the NWO narrative will say that the hardcore Zionists and Chabad-Lubavitchers (the “bad guys”) killed him so they could move forward with starting their End Times war. They’ll say that the bad guys assassinated “the real Moshiach ben Yosef” (Netanyahu) so they could present Jared Kushner as the Moshiach after the war.

All that being said, will this little revelation be the one that stops the show?

I sure hope so…

~ MORE – 11 May 2019 ~

In case you’re wondering where the preceding bit about Jared Kushner comes from, I’ve noticed some globalist disinformation sites floating the idea recently. Here is an example from The Millennium Report, a site that markets globalist prophecy propaganda and the NWO narrative to New Agey types…

>>> Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of “sober import” has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfillment of “Jewish prophecy” within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the “Messiah” or Jewish “Moshiach” who cannot attain his “throne” until Iran is wiped out. <<<

Now that the NWO propaganda corps have decided to portray the Chabad-Lubavitchers as “bad guys” along with the Zionists, Nazis, neoconservatives and neoliberals, they want people to think that Chabad’s strategy was to present Kushner as the Moshiach. That way, they can narrate Trump, Netanyahu and Putin as “the real Moshiachs who came to Earth to infiltrate and then stop the evil Chabadniks.” So Kushner is now serving as the decoy Moshiach — the bad guys’ Moshiach — so Trump, Netanyahu and Putin can be portrayed as the good guys.

(12 May 2019) – Priming the False-Flag Pump

There are reports that four commercial ships in UAE waters have been sabotaged. This may be a mini-false-flag meant to unlock the big one. Here’s how the strategy works…

1) The US-Israel-Saudi Cabal blow up a few merchant ships.

2) They then do a limited “retaliation” strike “against the Iranian units suspected of doing the sabotage.” To conduct this strike, they can bypass Trump by having the UAE carry it out. The UAE are close military allies of the Saudis.

3) Finally, they do the big false-flag, claiming it was the Iranians striking back against the retaliation strike.

(18 May 2019) – Some notes from this week

I’ve been away from writing for a few days due to mundane life requirements, but I noticed a few things worth noting during that time…

FIRST – On Thursday, a Saudi media group with ties to the House of Saud did some preparatory propaganda for Step 2 of the sequence I mentioned in my 12 May update [1. blow up some ships and pretend Iran did it (DONE), 2. do a limited retaliation against Iran, 3. do the big false-flag and pretend it was an Iranian retaliation to the Saudi/UAE retaliation]

…from Arab News. Here are some key excerpts…

>>> The attacks on Tuesday by armed drones on Saudi oil-pumping stations, and two days beforehand on oil tankers off the coast of Fujairah in the UAE, represent a serious escalation on the part of Iran and its proxies…

Tehran should not get away with any more intimidation, or be allowed to threaten global stability…

We are in 2019 and Iran continues to wreak havoc in the region, both directly and through its well armed proxies. Crown Prince Mohammed was therefore clearly correct when he argued that appeasement does not work with the Iranian regime, just as it did not work with Hitler. The next logical step — in this newspaper’s view — should be surgical strikes.

As the two recent attacks indicate, the Iranians insist on disrupting the flow of energy around the world, putting the lives of babies in incubators at risk, threatening hospitals and airports, attacking civilian ships and putting innocent lives in danger… investigations indicate that they were behind the attack on our brothers in the UAE while their Houthi militias targeted the Saudi pipelines

Our point of view is that they must be hit hard. They need to be shown that the circumstances are now different. We call for a decisive, punitive reaction to what happened so that Iran knows that every single move they make will have consequences.

We respect the wise and calm approach of politicians and diplomats calling for investigations to be completed and all other options to be exhausted before heading to war. In the considered view of this newspaper, there has to be deterrent and punitive action in order for Iran to know that no sinister act will go unpunished; that action, in our opinion, should be a calculated surgical strike. <<<

When I read the part about the babies in the incubators, I had to laugh out loud. It is a retread of propaganda from the First Gulf War, and it was put in the article to deliberately highlight the insincerity of its argument for strikes. Articles like this are setups to be used by the controlled alt-media in their faux-truthing efforts: “The Zionists were using tired, old propaganda memes in pursuing their unjustified aggression against Iran,” the faux-truthers will exclaim.

In this year’s version of the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, both Trump and Saudi leader MBS are playing NWO hero roles, so it’s doubtful they’d give the orders for such a retaliation strike. That’s why I think the UAE will be tasked with doing it.

SECOND – Should the globalists be pushed out of 2019, next year’s version of the prophecy fulfillment script could recast Trump as the Phase 1 Antichrist. Alternatively, a Biden-Obama presidential ticket could return Barack to that role. More on that soon.

~ MORE ~

After running across this hit piece on Trump on a “Christian” site this morning, I decided to look into a few things to see if they might be recasting him as the Western Antichrist next year. As my longtime readers know (and as you can read here), the globalists started Barack Obama’s 7-year Antichrist timeline by having him sit as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2009. And 3.5 years later on March 22 (3/22), 2013, they had him “stand in the Holy Place” (Christ’s birthplace), which identified him as the Antichrist.

Upon looking into Trump’s history at the UN, I found that he sat as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2018. So if they decide to rescript him as the Antichrist next year…

  • he’ll be reelected,
  • he’ll help rebuild the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and
  • he’ll “stand in the Holy Place (of the Third Temple)” in March of 2022 (3/22), 3.5 years after his UNSC presidency.

Can you guess which subject both Obama and Trump addressed when they sat as UNSC President? Nuclear non-proliferation (Obama, Trump). So having Trump cancel the nuclear treaties with Iran and Russia could be the globalists positioning him to bring us to the brink of all-out nuclear war, from which Putin & Friends will save us. Putin’s victory over Trump would then happen as late as September of 2025.

I can’t believe that I might have to endure all this sh*t for another 7 years. Yeesh.

~ MORE – 19 May 2019 ~

In the NWO Schedule of Implementation section further down this page, I point out the three steps / phases of the globalist transition to the (BRICS-fronted, “multilateral / multipolar”) New World Order…

Phase 1 – The Initial Conflict Phase in which the world situation inexorably builds towards crisis. We’ve been in this Phase for a while now.

Phase 2 – The “Darkness Before the Dawn” Phase in which the world is gripped in a harrowing economic and war crisis. They’re currently trying to move us into this Phase, which will vary in length and intensity according to the globalists’ scripting choices.

Phase 3 – The Final Conflict / “Dawn of a New Day” Phase in which the heroes save us from total catastrophe and launch the NWO “to prevent such a crisis from ever happening again.” The target date for the launch of the NWO will vary according to their scripting choices, but will likely fall in a September or a March.

With this information in mind, let’s brainstorm the globalists’ various options for taking us from Phase 1 into Phase 2 and relate them to Trump’s scripted role as “Cyrus the Great, Israel’s Gentile Messiah”:

In “Trump as a Triumphant Messiah” mode…

> They can have him mass-arrest the “Deep State” upon catching them in the act of doing something crazy and unmistakably treasonous (like trying to kill thousands of American servicemen in a Middle-East false-flag attack or attempting to assassinate the G20 leaders in Japan next month).

> They can have him reelected, then have him join with the other elected populist/nationalist leaders of Europe — including those to come in the UK and France — in defeating the “Satanist” Western elite and embracing the (BRICS-fronted, “multilateral / multipolar”) NWO.

Both of these moves would bring in a relatively short and peaceful Phase 2 as the “Deep State” and “Western Elite” lash out whilst in their death throes.

In “Trump as a Brave but Fallen Messiah” mode…

> They can stage an assassination show in which he is “killed.” This would put Mike Pence into the presidency, and he would take us into Phase 2 very quickly. Next month’s G20 Summit offers a great opportunity for the assassination card to be played.

> They can stage his suicide, suiciding, removal or resignation. Again we’d get Pence and a swift move into Phase 2. And what would cause a self-adoring guy like Trump to resign or kill himself? Impending removal from office and criminal prosecution paired with the public revelation of a supposed (or actual) incestuous sexual relationship with Ivanka. Now that Xi is supposedly angry with Trump over the collapsed trade deal and new tariffs, the “Sexual Blackmail of Trump” card can be played. You can read about the details of it further down this page.

> They can have him stand down from reelection (for a variety of reasons, such as those listed in the previous option). This would bring us a Pence-Haley or Biden-Obama presidency, either of which would take us to Phase 2.

> They could have him lose next year’s election. In that case, the controlled alt-media narrative will be that the loss was a result of Orwellian “Deep State” interference, Big Tech censorship of conservatives, and good ol’ fashioned election fraud (including widespread non-citizen voting). The likelihood of seeing such an outcome is increased if we see an unexpectedly poor showing for the euroskeptic nationalists-populists in the EU parliamentary elections later this week, which the controlled alt-media would blame on the same reasons. A resulting Biden-Obama (either Barack or Michelle) presidency would then initiate Phase 2.

And in “Trump as a False Messiah” mode…

> They can have him win reelection and be revealed as the Western Antichrist in March of 2022. He would then initiate Phase 2.

(13 May 2019) – As my longtime readers know, the NWO narrative portrays the “evil Deep State” and Western elite as desperately trying to prevent an alliance between Trump and Putin. And now that Trump has supposedly been cleared of criminal collusion with Russia (and therefore has a freer hand to cozy up to Putin), we get news of this…

…from RT

This planned meeting provides an excellent opportunity for the globalists to script a G20 mass assassination. With one big show, they could take down Trump and replace him with Pence, take down Putin and replace him with Medvedev, take down Xi and replace him with Li (Keqiang), and take down May & Macron to trigger the elections they want in the UK and France. According to the script, this would leave the “Western Satanists” free to push for the final completion of their evil communist NWO.

I will do thorough coverage on the G20 Summit as the date approaches. Till then, you can read more about the G20 assassination setup in the May 3rd update of the May Mischief Approaches entry further down this page. And you can read about the motive behind the UK and French elections in the Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win entry which is also further down this page.

May Mischief Approaches

(22 April 2019) – It looks like the first week of May is the next window for globalist drama…

> On May 1 (May Day), Juan Guaido of Venezuela will attempt to stage the biggest demonstration in the country’s history as part of his effort to push out Maduro. Will Maduro attempt to arrest him on or before that day? How would the US react to that? (Not well, methinks.)

> On May 2, the US will end the waivers it granted to certain countries to import Iran’s oil. This is part of the American attempt to drive Iranian oil exports to zero, and Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation. It should also be noted that US F-35s have just deployed to the Middle East, and they could be tasked with striking Iran after the Strait is closed. They could also strike Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, who have been designated as terrorists by the US government. This means Soleimani might be assassinated.

The US has two aircraft carriers approaching Israel: the USS Stennis is approaching from the Red Sea (where it will be vulnerable to a missile attack out of Yemen) and the USS Lincoln is approaching from the Mediterranean Sea. And the Marine aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge is in the Persian Gulf serving as a target for a potential false-flag. See the entry at the bottom of this page for more information about the “carrier down” false-flag the globalists have planned.

> On or about May 8, 23 days after the Notre Dame attack and two weeks before the EU parliamentary elections, some interesting revelations about the Notre Dame fire might hit the net.

So will we see some shooting soon? Will the savior Putin defuse the situation? Will the globalists withdraw once more? Here we go again…

(23 April 2019) – Let me show you why May 8 is the leading candidate date for the revelation of Islamist and Establishment involvement in the Notre Dame fire…

> May 8 is a Wednesday, so the next round of Yellow Vest demonstrations following a May 8 disclosure would fall on Saturday, May 11, and those demonstrations would likely be quite “energetic.” They would provide the perfect opportunity for the globalists to play the “Yellow Vest / populist massacre at the hands of the French Establishment” card they have in their hand.

> The combination of the May 8 revelations and the May 11 massacre would then have two weeks to ripple through the EU electorate, thus paving the way for a populist wave to hit the voting booths on May 23-26.

> The final day before the elections is May 22, and it would be the perfect day for another Islamist attack in Europe. The voters would be galvanized the day before the elections begin. I call this last pre-election attack “the cherry on top.”

Timing the pre-election “October Surprise” in this manner fits perfectly with the globalists’ childish obsession with numerology. The numbers 11 and 22 are “master numbers” which serve as preferred dates for mischief. And the number 23, which featured prominently in media reports about the Notre Dame fire, carries some interesting connotations (from Wikipedia, with my comments added in brackets)…

  • Principia Discordia, the sacred text of Discordianism, holds that 23 (along with the discordian prime 5) is one of the sacred numbers of Eris, goddess of discord. [Promoting discord between Christians in Muslims is the supposed reason behind “the Satanists using the Islamists to burn down Notre Dame.”]
  • Psalm 23, also known as the Shepherd Psalm, is possibly the most quoted and best known Psalm [in the Bible]. [Psalm 23 is the perfect Psalm for Christians who are supposedly under siege by “murderous Muslims.” Here is part of it: Even when I walk in the valley of darkness, I will fear no evil for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff – they comfort me. You set a table before me in the presence of my adversaries; You anointed my head with oil; my cup overflows.]

You may recall that there were two fire alarms that went off on the day of the fire. The first alarm did not lead to the discovery of the fire, but a second alarm 23 minutes later led to its discovery when it was too late to prevent a conflagration. In a similar manner, we saw a fleeting verification from the April 15 Jesuit tweet that the fire was deliberate, but it hasn’t yet led to the discovery of that fact. Perhaps the discovery will come 23 days after that first alarm, and it too will be followed by a conflagration.

(23 April 2019) – Jared Kushner has announced today that Trump’s Middle East peace plan will be unveiled after Ramadan, which ends on June 4. Since the plan reportedly contains elements that are completely unacceptable to Israeli hardliners, preventing its release is another scripted reason for the Zionists to kill Trump during his trip to Tokyo in late May. So Israel now has a month to get one of their Dolphin 2 submarines to the waters off Tokyo (if it isn’t already en route); alternatively, they could use a North Korean sub supposedly provided by Kim Yong Chol and his hardliner cabal. A “successful” assassination would trend us towards the War Path; a “foiled” assassination would trend us towards the start of the mass arrests of the “Deep State.”

~ MORE ~

Speaking of fake assassinations, a Kim-Putin Summit has been announced for this Thursday on Russky Island. Both leaders are supposed enemies of the “Deep State,” and the summit venue is very close to the water and only about 150 km from North Korea by sea, so the standard threat of an assassination show applies.

(24 April 2019) – Since the globalists are continuing to work the Muslim versus Christian Holy War angle pretty hard, keep an eye out for a move of the UN Headquarters to Jerusalem after the Big Conflict has ended. I came across a propaganda piece that lays out the rationale for the move from a writer who seems to be trying out for a spot on the NWO public relations team. Good luck, Paco!

P.S. – Here’s some professional propaganda to back up Paco’s dream…

…from Gulf News. Here is an excerpt…

>>> So what is the solution for this city of peace? How can it become a haven of peace? Jerusalem belongs to the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. So let it be a symbol of peace not controlled by any one religion as Israel is trying to do.

Is there a possibility that Jerusalem, our beloved city, will not belong to any of these three religions? Let Jerusalem belong to all humanity. Let Jerusalem be an international city, open to people of all faiths. The United Nations should form a committee that must govern and administer Jerusalem.

Let Jerusalem become a symbol of peace. Let her history, from now on, be bathed in peace. We cannot erase the blood. But we can bring peace. As John Lennon said: Imagine … <<<

(3 May 2019) – I’ve observed a couple of signs pointing to a possible one-month delay for the Trump-Xi assassination show…

The first sign is an article on Zero Hedge titled Beijing Warns Trade Talks Will Collapse If White House Doesn’t Compromise. It suggests that a trade deal is not as imminent as Trump says it is. So it follows, then, that if a compromise can’t be reached before Trump’s visit to Tokyo this month, the trade deal signing summit may be rescheduled for the G20 Summit in Osaka on June 28-29.

The second sign is the four-week delay in Julian Assange’s extradition hearing. According to RT, it was supposed to happen yesterday on May 2, but was rescheduled for May 30. This pushes back Assange’s possible release of his “insurance files” by four weeks as well, and that release is one of the scripted triggers for driving the “Deep State” to the desperation move of an assassination attempt.

With these two signs set before us, we see that another G20 mass assassination may be in play (just like last November). A failed “Western elite / Deep State” assassination attempt on all the G20 leaders would be an excellent trigger for mass arrests, would it not?

It’s odd that they’re holding another G20 Summit just 7 months after the last one, don’t you think? And it’s interesting that the Summit venue is right next to the waters of Osaka Bay (where any mischievous party can sail up to it with a nuke).

(4 May 2019) – Ramadan starts tomorrow, so these are some things to watch for in the days/weeks ahead…

1) Watch for more (globalist intelligence agency orchestrated) “Islamist” attacks. They had their agent Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi release a video on Monday calling for Ramadan attacks and more attacks in France. And since Ramadan starts on a Sunday (church day for Christians), the fireworks could begin with church attacks tomorrow.

2) Watch for the internet release of cell phone or surveillance video of Muslim men setting the Notre Dame Cathedral fire, possibly and supposedly “leaked” by “an anonymous government whistleblower” or “hacktivist group.” This will provide “irrefutable proof” that “the fire was an Islamist terror attack” and “the French government covered it up.” It will also provide a great opportunity for the “evil” Western governments to “go full Orwell” by cracking down on those who host, distribute and watch the video online.

The globalists will most likely play these cards in the leadup to the EU parliamentary elections as I’ve previously outlined. Failing that, we’ll see them right before they take down the French government.

Why They’ll Delay the Brexit Tomorrow

(9 April 2019) – So far this year, the globalists have backed-off of all their setups, so it will be no surprise if they do the same for the Brexit. And the strategy behind their doing so is becoming quite clear; it’s a standard PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION scenario.

Both Theresa May and the UK Parliament have made it clear that there will be either a Brexit deal or no Brexit at all. So when the April 12 extended deadline for Brexit comes and goes with the UK still stuck in the EU, a political firestorm will erupt over the government’s “undemocratic and deliberate denial of the people’s will as expressed in the Brexit referendum,” with snap UK and EU parliamentary elections to follow.

With the PROBLEM posed by Establishment disrespect for the democratically expressed will of the people and the REACTION of public rage that results from it, the SOLUTION will come when the people channel their rage into support for the globalists’ controlled opposition figures. These are the men who will ride the wave to power…

  • Jeremy Corbyn, who will rise to the Prime Minister post after the Tories are wiped out by their “mishandling” of the Brexit process. As I’ve previously mentioned, the socialist / communist Corbyn has no place in the Austrian-economics-based New World Order, so his tenure will be short and a means to an end. See the Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win section further down this page for more details.
  • Nigel Farage, for whom the globalists created a Brexit Party to capitalize on the public rage and send a wave of Euroskeptics into the EU Parliament.
  • Matteo Salvini, who has forged a grand alliance of EU “conservative populist” factions to transform the EU from within…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

>>> With EU elections just around the corner, Europe’s conservative populist parties announced a new alliance Monday with the goal of becoming the strongest faction in the European Parliament, while seeking to radically influence EU policies on security, migration, family values and the environment, according to Euro News.

“The news is that we are broadening the community, the family. We are working for a new European dream today. For many Europeans, the EU (European Union) is a nightmare,” Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini told reporters following a meeting of Europe’s far-right party leaders met in Milan on Monday. Salvini is spearheading the alliance, called “Towards a Europe of Common Sense,” which he says he hopes will “win and change Europe.” <<<

Since Salvini’s alliance will benefit from the influx of UK Euroskeptic members to the EU Parliament, he has an incentive to vote “yes” to the UK’s deadline extension.

Given the elegance of this whole setup, I suspect the Brexit deadline extension will be granted at the EU summit tomorrow. The Brexit will therefore be delayed for as short as a few months and as long as 3.5 years. If the globalists cut us a break, we’ll see a dramatic change in September of this year; otherwise, there’s a long and ugly slog ahead.

By the way, here is the logo of Farage’s Brexit Party…

…from Wikipedia

As you can see, the arrow is pointed to the right, as if to move people in that direction. Keep this in mind as you read A Three-Paragraph Crash Course Before We Get Started (right below this entry).

~ MORE ~

It should also be noted that Salvini’s alliance proposes to cancel Turkey’s invitation to join the EU, thus setting up Erdogan to potentially withdraw from the Turkey-EU refugee agreement and flood the EU with a vast onslaught of migrants. So keep this in mind: the globalists plan to present Putin as the Christian and Jewish Messiah, and that means…

  • Putin will find a way to save “Western Christian civilization” — if he hasn’t already — regardless of whichever leaders rule the Western European nations and EU, and
  • Putin will find a way to save Israel — if he hasn’t already — regardless of whichever leader rules it.

That’s why I’m not telling you to watch the Israeli election today. The globalists can get to their desired end result regardless of whether Netanyahu or Gantz wins. There are a multitude of paths to the globalists’ desired destination, so keep your eyes on the prize to understand why they’re moving like they do.

~ MORE 2 ~

Come to think of it, there is one scenario to watch for vis-a-vis the Israeli election: a Netanyahu loss today could lead to a Brexit delay denial tomorrow on April 10 and an Israeli false-flag on the USS Stennis (to be blamed on Iran) on April 11. The rationale behind the false-flag would be to maintain Netanyahu’s grip on power, and a crisis in the Persian Gulf would go nicely with a no deal Brexit on Friday, April 12. We’d go from zero to sh*tstorm in just a few days.

You can find more information on the Stennis false flag in the entry at the bottom of this page.

(11 April 2019) – Well the EU Summiteers did as expected by granting the delay, so the rest of their plan will unfold in a predictable fashion…

1) The UK Parliament will continue to be deadlocked, and May will eventually call a snap election for the stated purpose of “breaking the logjam.”

2) Due to the deadlock, the UK will hold their EU parliamentary elections next month. They’ll say, “Since we might remain in the EU till October 31 or even longer, it won’t do to have no representation in the EU Parliament.” Farage and his Brexit Party will do quite well in the elections.

3) Farage’s Euroskeptics (along with all the other Euroskeptics elected in other EU nations) will take office in the EU Parliament on July 2nd…


The globalists scheduled the new deadline for October 31 for two reasons: 1) it will give the Euroskeptics in the new EU Parliament a few months to do something to piss off Erdogan, and 2) it will draw out the drama through September (so the climax can occur near Jewish New Year, which is September 29 – October 1 this year). May’s farce of calling for a June 30 deadline was done to make it appear that the date of the extended deadline was the result of negotiations at the Summit, not a deliberate setup to draw the UK into the parliamentary elections.

(12 April 2019) – Going forward from here, the globalists have three endgame options: 1) the War Path and 2) the Peace Path — both of which would climax in September — and 3) the Delay (of up to 3.5 years). Since proper coverage of these options would require a full entry, let me just give you a peek at the War Path as it relates to the subject matter of this entry…

The War Path would start manifesting when Erdogan dramatically violates EU member Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone and/or invades the Kurdish zone in northeastern Syria (which will result in the deaths of some EU military personnel). This can be used as a trigger for the EU militaries to confront Erdogan and the EU Parliament to cancel Turkey’s membership bid. And this confrontation/cancellation can be used as an excuse for Erdogan to throw away the migrant agreement and “release the hounds” on Europe. It is at this point that the “Savior of Christian Civilization” Putin would join forces with Greece to war against the Turks.

This scenario would kick off some time after the new EU Parliament is installed on July 2 and climax before the NWO takes shape in late September. Keep in mind, though, that the Peace Path and Delay options look more likely at the moment.

(12 April 2019) – Yesterday’s arrest of Julian Assange puts his “insurance files” into play. And the release of these secrets in the coming weeks/months will play a role in the takedown of the “evil Deep State”; that’s why Assange was holding a book about the “national security state” as he was dragged out of the embassy.

As my longtime readers know, Assange is a frontman for the globalist intelligence agencies tasked with doing limited hangouts in support of the NWO transition narrative. So the timing and theatrics of his arrest are quite deliberate. Future NWO history books may say that “Trump went along with the arrest of Assange for the specific purpose of unlocking the insurance files, which enabled the arrest of key Deep State figures.”

The Globalists Set Up Macron for a Fall
and Farage & Salvini for a Rise

(15 April 2019) – Well lookie lookie here…

…from the Drudge Report

A historic Christian landmark in Paris is in flames, and so far, the fire is being attributed to a renovation accident. This has me asking myself a few questions…

Will news come out that a Muslim migrant deliberately set the fire?

Will the French government be publicly perceived as covering it up?

Will the Yellow Vests respond with “energetic” demonstrations this Saturday?

Will one or more Yellow Vests be killed by the French police or military during those demonstrations?

Will “the coverup of the Islamist attack on Notre Dame” and “the ongoing destruction of French culture” be the issues that bring down the current French government?

Stay tuned…

…from The Daily Beast

~ MORE ~

Seeing this article from a Zionist-run think tank come out a day before Notre Dame burns is quite a coincidence, is it not?…

…from the Gatestone Institute

I suspect this event is also part of the setup for propelling Farage and Salvini’s Euroskeptics into the European Parliament during next months elections. Geert Wilders is one of Gatestone’s contributing writers.

The next article (down below the horizontal line) will tell you more about that.

(16 April 2019) – Over at Zero Hedge this morning, they showed this tweet from Christopher J. Hale, a Catholic writer who has Jesuit ties [1, 2]…

So this is the first big hint that the fire was deliberate and that the Western Establishment, including the Jesuits, are covering it up. It will be said that the Jesuits revealed the deliberate nature of the fire to Hale in confidence, then he tweeted it out before realizing he should keep it secret. Rest assured, though, that this revelation was intentionally done for the specific purpose of fanning the flames of public distrust of the official narrative.

The Zero Hedge article also offers a video of a supposed Yellow Vest — who may actually be just a construction worker wearing a safety vest — at the Cathedral during the fire. If the French government claim over the mainstream media that the fire was an accident while unleashing their internet troll brigade to blame the Yellow Vests, there will be even more outrage among the Yellow Vests over the “government coverup.”

The fateful Yellow Vest demonstration that will bring a real or simulated massacre at the hands of the French police or military could happen at any time between now and May 23 (when the EU parliamentary elections begin). The shooting could possibly be sparked by one or more government agents among the crowd who try to start fires, thus repeating what happened a month ago on the Champs-Elysees.

One thing is certain, though: by the time of the elections, the globalists will use their massive controlled alt-media network to make sure it is crystal clear to the public that an Islamist migrant started the fire and the French government covered it up. That being the case, watch for Zero Hedge — an NWO propaganda outlet devoted to making the West look bad and the East, especially Putin, look good — to lead the way in exposing the migrant and coverup angles. They’ll also tout the globalists’ controlled opposition figures in advance of the elections.

(17 April 2019) – Here are some things that came to mind today…

> The number 23 is figuring large in media coverage of the blaze; it is the number of minutes that elapsed between the faulty first fire alarm and the second. And as it turns out, 23 has a few symbolic meanings that relate to the blaze.

> The “glitch in the computerized fire control system” that “sent church staffers to the wrong part of the cathedral to investigate after the first alarm” may eventually lead to the discovery that the system was hacked by a technically proficient person. And this discovery may eventually lead the investigation to the door of French intelligence. The involvement of the DGSE/DGSI in the blaze would certainly bring down the government (per the globalist script), wouldn’t it?

> The blaze may in fact have been a controlled demolition of elements of Notre Dame (the wooden spire and roof) that were in need of rebuilding with modern materials. By burning down those parts of the Cathedral, the Jesuits killed two birds with one stone: 1) they got a free rebuild of Notre Dame at taxpayer and billionaire expense and 2) they supported the globalist script of “a clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam that is orchestrated by the ‘Satanic’ Western elite and their Islamist minions.”

The Trump-Xi Assassination Setup for Tokyo

(17 April 2019) – It looks like they’re moving the Trump-Xi assassination show to Japan in the days immediately following the EU parliamentary elections of May 23-26. This brings some very interesting scripting into play. I’ll cover it in the morning before returning to the Notre Dame setup.

(18 April 2019) – Yesterday, I noticed increasing chatter that Trump and Xi will have their trade deal summit in Tokyo during Trump’s preplanned visit there next month…

…from CNBC

The interesting thing about the Japan visit is that it begins on May 26, the last day of the EU parliamentary elections, and goes on for two more days. So Trump will be in Tokyo in the immediate aftermath of the Euroskeptic rise in the EU. And as I mentioned yesterday, that gives the globalist scriptwriters some excellent material to work with.

According to the globalists’ NWO narrative (the historical story the NWO will present to explain the events of the years preceding its founding), the “Satanic” Western elite and their “evil Neocon-Neolib-Zionist-Nazi Deep State” have taken some serious losses since Putin took over from Yeltsin in Russia…

  • Putin has supposedly rebelled against Yeltsin’s Western masters and has led Russia out of their control,
  • Xi has supposedly rebelled against the Western NWO effort and led China out of their control,
  • Trump’s election has supposedly jeopardized their control over the US,
  • so the EU is their final stronghold.

According to the script, then, when Farage and Salvini’s Euroskeptics become the strongest faction in the EU parliament following the May 23-26 elections, the “Western elite” and their “Deep States” will be horrified and at risk of losing it all. And there would be only one move left that could reverse their imminent defeat: assassinating Trump and Xi during their summit, thus bringing China back under their control through Li Keqiang and the US back under their control through Mike Pence. With this move they could supposedly restore a solid power base, remove China’s support for Putin’s rebellion, and bring the EU back under control through the US.

With this clear motivation for an assassination in play, here are some particularly notable things about the Tokyo trip…

1) Tokyo sits right by the ocean, and has some large rivers running through it.

2) News came out yesterday that North Korea is starting to return to their hostile ways…

…from the Drudge Report

3) The announcement of Trump’s trip to Tokyo was accompanied by this description of its details…

>>> The U.S. and Japanese leaders are likely to reaffirm their cooperation in dealing with North Korea’s denuclearization and the abduction of Japanese nationals by North Korean agents in the 1970s and 1980s. – from The Japan Times <<<

So President Trump and Prime Minister Abe will be discussing the removal of North Korea’s nuclear deterrent AND North Korea’s abduction of Japanese nationals that was done by infiltrations of the Japanese coast using boats and submarines.

Look for Trump and Xi’s summit venue to be within one kilometer of Tokyo Bay or a river. That would put it within the kill range of a “North Korean” nuke that is sailed up to the waterline aboard a “North Korean” submarine or swimmer delivery vehicle (as part of a “Deep State” / North Korean hardliner false-flag).

I’ll write in more detail on this as we approach May 26.

The Sexual Blackmail of Trump

(4 April 2019) – It looks like the globalists have added another incident to the “sexual blackmail of Trump” narrative that will be revealed at some point in the future. The mystery Chinese woman who was arrested at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday had a thumb drive in her possession that supposedly contained “malware.” But is that “malware” actually compromising information on Trump’s ties to the local brothels? If it is, it is now in the possession of the FBI, so the “Deep State” supposedly has Trump by the short hairs. Is that why he backed off on closing the Mexican border today?

(5 April 2019) – The propagandists couldn’t have been more obvious in indirectly tying the Mar-a-Lago developments to Trump’s reversal on closing the border: Drudge stacked the one set of headlines on top of the other…

…from the Drudge Report

So let me explain what this is all about…

According to the globalists’ good guy vs. bad guy script, the “good guy” Trump — now freed from the shadow of the Mueller investigation — was preparing to make some dynamic moves against the “bad guy Deep Staters,” such as closing the US-Mexican border to their human trafficking and drug operations.

To prevent this from happening, it appears that the “Deep State” sent one of their female Chinese agents into Mar-a-Lago with incriminating information about Trump’s sexual history. By sending her in and having her arrested, the “Deep Staters” were able to place their blackmail information into the public record (it was captured by the Secret Service and presumably turned over to the FBI). So now that the supposedly Trump-hostile FBI has the goods on Trump, he is under more pressure than ever to give in to the “Deep State’s” demands. This is the scripted reason for yesterday’s one-year delay of the border shutdown and his acceptance of a now-toothless trade deal with China — one that pushes meaningful measures out to 2025 (so the measures can be left unenforced after he leaves office).

As I’ve previously covered, the globalist scripting for the “evil Western globalist bad guys” is that they drew China into their “liberal New World Order” by building up their economy and promising them economic leadership in the new system. But Xi Jinping supposedly hijacked China from their control and is now vying — with his partner Putin — to seize full global leadership from them. So with these scripted motivations, this is what the “evil Western globalists” supposedly want…

  • to prevent Trump from wrecking the global trade system they worked so hard to set up, and
  • to get rid of Xi by coup or assassination so their puppet Li Keqiang can lead China back into the fold.

So if they can blackmail Trump to agree to a toothless deal that looks like a victory to Xi, they can preserve the status quo trading arrangement AND lure Xi to a signing summit for a possible assassination alongside Trump.

On a related note, let’s see if the “Dark Overlord” NSA front unlocks another layer (or two) of its 9/11 files. It would supposedly be a case of the “patriot-constitutionalist good guys” fighting back against the “Deep State’s” blackmail of Trump.

(6 April 2019) – To see how the Democrats are scripted to use the Mar-a-Lago incident against Trump, let’s look at the propaganda setup as relayed by the Washington Post (which is controlled by the supposedly Trump-hating Jeff Bezos and CIA)…

>>> According to court documents, Yujing Zhang went to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, at first claiming to be there to use the swimming pool, but later stating she was there for a meeting of the United Nations Chinese American Association — an event that did not exist. Due to language barriers and confusion on the part of security officials, who thought she was the relative of a club member, Zhang was able to enter the resort and get past security barriers into an area near Trump’s private residence.

Upon questioning, Zhang referred to a person named “Charles” as the contact who had invited her to the club. It is unclear if that was a reference to Charles Lee, an event promoter who sometimes sold tickets to Mar-a-Lago events. But Lee occasionally acquired tickets to banquet events from Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of a south Florida massage parlor linked to a sex trafficking and prostitution ring, whose visits to Mar-a-Lago caught the attention of congressional Democrats last month. Yang sold that business years before authorities in Florida targeted its current owners.

In a March 15 letter to Wray, the top Democrats on the House and Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees asked the FBI to investigate whether Yang had used her connections to Trump and his club to facilitate business opportunities for Chinese executives. Her activities “could permit adversary governments or their agents access to these same politicians to acquire potential material for blackmail or other even more nefarious purposes,” they wrote to Wray, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles…

Separately, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday asked Wray, Coats and Alles for a briefing about Zhang, whether authorities could connect her presence at Mar-a-Lago to Yang and how China could be trying to target Trump’s properties or businesses for leverage with the president. <<<

So the propaganda piece ties together Trump, Mar-a-Lago, a possible Chinese spy, and a sex trafficking / prostitution ring with the idea of “blackmail” and “leverage with the president.”

Now let’s look at a few more details of the incident offered by CBS News

>>> According to the Secret Service, Zhang had no swimming apparel in her possession. But she was in possession, according to the court filing, of four cellphones, one laptop, one external hard drive and one thumb drive containing “malicious” malware.

The criminal complaint says Zhang claimed to federal authorities a Chinese friend “Charles” told her to travel from Shanghai to Florida to attempt to attend the non-existent event and speak with a member of the Trump family about U.S.-China relations. Zhang claimed she spoke with “Charles” on “WeChat,” a messaging platform common in China. <<<

Seeing all this, let’s ask ourselves a few of questions…

Would a professional Chinese spy be stupid-enough to change her story as she attempted to penetrate security? (Nope. It’s almost like she wanted to get caught, right?)

Would a professional Chinese spy attempt to penetrate security using a non-existent event as her cover? (Absolutely not. The Chinese are known for doing their homework. It’s almost like she wanted to get caught, right? Either that or her handler set her up to get caught.)

Would a professional Chinese spy carry a treasure-trove of digital information into a presidential-level security zone in the form of “four cellphones, one laptop, one external hard drive and one thumb drive containing ‘malicious’ malware? (Nope. The four cellphones would spark suspicion right off the bat, and that would ensure a digital search of the phones, laptop, hard drive, and thumb drive. It’s almost like she wanted to arouse suspicion and be digitally searched, right?)

If the woman was carrying compromising information about the president, would the Secret Service announce it to the public? (Probably not, right? Not until a thorough investigation takes place. Instead, they would merely note that the thumb drive contained something “malicious.”)

The article also notes that her handler instructed her to “speak with a member of the Trump family about U.S.-China relations” — presumably to hand over the “malicious” thumb drive. And what is the biggest issue in US-China relations at the moment? That would be the trade talks, right?

So the whole thing is set up so that the Democrats can claim the following…

“A Chinese spy, presumably dispatched by Xi Jinping, attempted to hand over the digital equivalent of an extortion note to a member of the Trump family in order to force Donald to relent to China in the trade talks.”

With this card now in the hands of the Democrats, all they have to do is wait for Trump to sign a toothless trade agreement with Xi to give them proof that Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail has caused him to “compromise both his duties as president and the core national interests of the United States.” That would give them the ammunition they need for an impeachment or a 25th Amendment removal.

So this is what the “Deep State” is supposedly holding over Trump’s head…

  • removal from office using the rationale I just described,
  • the historic disgrace of a divorce while in office when Melania is publicly humiliated by his use of cheap prostitutes during their marriage, and
  • loss of his reelection chances due to female voters being alienated by his abuse of sex-trafficked women.

(7 April 2019) – Just in case the globalists try to flip the script, I thought I’d get ahead of them and anticipate how they might do it. So here is the alternative narrative they can spin for the Mar-a-Lago incident…

“The Democrats were blackmailing Trump with the threat of a massive media offensive tying him to the Orchids of Asia prostitution / sex trafficking scandal, but they didn’t have any solid information on a connection. They had only the appearance of a connection due to Trump’s association with the spa’s former owner and Robert Kraft. So Trump and the patriot-constitutionalist Deep State (PCDS) decided to use the Democrats’ eagerness to find more dirt on the scandal against them.

The PCDS sent one of their female Chinese agents into Mar-a-Lago with a false dossier tying Trump to the scandal. Knowing that she’d be caught and the false information would fall into the hands of the hostile FBI, the military/NSA waited for the Democrats to pass around the information, scheme together on how to use it, and rub it in Trump’s face to blackmail him into policy reversals. They recorded them every step of the way. So now the PCDS have the proof they need to arrest everyone involved in the blackmail.”

Needless to say, a narrative like this would be part of a Trump Triumphant / Mass Arrests scenario.

Now here are my previous writings on the Sexual Blackmail of Trump Narrative in chronological order…

(22 February 2019) – Food for thought: You may have heard today that Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution at a Chinese-run “massage parlor” just 22 miles by car from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Could interrogation of the madame who runs the parlor reveal another billionaire customer who used to use her services? Could this news have anything to do with Trump’s sudden decision to keep 200 troops in Syria? Could Chinese intelligence have a connection with this human trafficking ring that has connections in China and New York? Could the Chinese be sending a message to Trump to cave to their trade demands when Xi visits him in Mar-a-Lago next month?

Interesting questions, no?

Oh, and have a look at this…

…from Business Insider

Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail over his sexual past could be a winning argument in declaring him “unfit for office” under the 25th Amendment, couldn’t it?

~ MORE ~

On the same day Trump “gives the neocons what they want in Syria,” we hear news that the Mueller report won’t come out next week, AND the “bigger name than Robert Kraft” that was snared in the Florida prostitution case has remained unrevealed. This all tracks with the globalists scripting a blackmailing of Trump.

Also, the number of US troops to remain in Syria has now grown to 400, with the other 200 apparently staying in al-Tanf. So according to the script, Trump pissed off both the Turks and Iranians with his reversal.

On the positive side of this, it is no longer necessary for the globalists to script-in “a Deep State false-flag to force Trump to keep troops in Syria.” The blackmail scripting has already done the deed.

(23 February 2019) – …And getting back to the possible sexual blackmail of Trump, details of the Florida sex spa bust made the press on Wednesday. Trump then reportedly made his Syria troop decision the following evening on Thursday. And on Friday, some of the names of the johns hit the press, while other names were withheld. Was there a price for withholding Trump’s name, or was there a threat that his name will come up later in the testimonies of the sex trafficking ring’s members?

~ MORE ~

Here’s a possibly-related twist: Dark Overlord, the NSA hacker front that is supposedly a Trump-allied “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” group releasing 9/11 Truth, published the encryption key to Level 3 (of 5) of its information on the 21st. This was the day after the sex spa bust details came out in the media. Will the NWO narrative say that Level 3’s release was retaliation for the “evil Deep State’s” sexual blackmail of Trump? Is it the reason the “evil Deep State” backed off on releasing the Mueller report next week? Will Level 4 be released if the “evil Deep State” tries to tie Trump to the sex spa scandal?

(24 February 2019) – Just a few days after the Chinese sex spa bust near Mar-a-Lago, Trump has caved to China in the trade negotiations. It’s more evidence for the Trump sexual blackmail narrative.

It will be interesting to see what Trump does in Vietnam. If he takes a hard line with Kim Jong Un and fails to reach an agreement, it may be attributed to the blackmail. But if he reaches a deal, it may be attributed to his “Dark Overlord” hacker backers. If any news of a prominent “Deep Stater” involved in 9/11-related improprieties emerges in the next few days, we may see the latter.

(24 February 2019) – Watch the Trump-Kim Summit: …As for the outcome of the Summit, a Trump hard line and no deal would be in keeping with the sexual blackmail narrative I’ve talked about in recent entries. And a successful deal may later be attributed to cover provided for Trump by “Dark Overlord” 9/11 information releases.

(8 March 2019) – Getting back to “the sexual blackmail of Trump” narrative, check this out…

…from Yahoo

Here are links to two of the featured articles: Founder of Florida day spa tied to Robert Kraft’s prostitution case attended Trump’s Super Bowl party, report says and Trump Pictured With Founder Of Spa At Center Of Kraft Sting.

The founder of the spa reportedly sold it before the current scandal took place, so there is not yet a direct connection between the sex scandal and Trump. But this news brings the narrative one step closer to it.

Indicators to Watch in the Weeks Ahead

(28 March 2019) – To know which fork in the script the globalists have chosen, keep an eye on the following things:

The 1st Thing to Watch> The Turkish economic collapse…

…from Zero Hedge

The propaganda corps are narrating that it’s imminent, and it could lead to…

> the Turkish release upon Europe of a massive invasion wave of migrants under the “Great Tribulation” path, or

> the Turkish military’s public takedown of Erdogan under “The Dawn of a New Day” path. Since Erdogan appointed his son-in-law as Turkey’s Minister of Finance and Treasury, Erdogan will own the collapse, thus providing the supposedly pro-Putin Turkish military with the perfect excuse to finally get rid of him.

The 2nd Thing to Watch> The imminent fall of the current UK and French governments, which will lead to the replacement of May and Macron by…

> anti-Putin temporary leaders under the “Great Tribulation” path, or

> pro-Putin leaders under “The Dawn of a New Day” path.

It may turn out that the combination of the fall of these leaders, a hard Brexit, and Turkey’s economic collapse will set off a chain of events that finally crashes the current global financial system. Under a “Great Tribulation” path, the crash will stretch out over months or years. But under “The Dawn of a New Day” path, it will happen shockingly fast, with the implementation of the new NWO financial system also happening shockingly fast. Russia and China will step forward to say, “We knew this day was coming, and we’ve been preparing for it,” and the new pro-Putin leaders in the UK and France will enable rapid change to move forward (since all the permanent members of the UN Security Council will be on the same page).

And while we’re on the subject of the fall of the French government, here is a preparatory propaganda piece for the Yellow Vest Massacre scenario I’ve previously outlined…

…from Zero Hedge

Given the new Brexit timing on April 12, I’d expect the massacre on one of the three coming Saturdays (March 30, April 6, or April 13). They seem to be trying to schedule the French and UK government transitions at roughly the same time.

Switching gears to the Smollett hate crime hoax drama that’s currently dominating US press coverage, it is intended to outrage the public and lead to the revelation that Obama was trying to start a race war. They have been moving step-by-step in that direction all along. It’s all part of the “Trump Triumphant” scripting.

~ MORE – 29 March 2019 ~

Here are a couple more developments to watch, and they’re related:

The 3rd Thing to Watch> The Trump-Xi trade deal…

…from Zero Hedge

In the current “trade war” between China and the US, we see a classic case of contrived public drama staged in pursuit of long-term globalist goals. The globalists long ago expressed their intention of transitioning the Chinese economy from an export-driven model to a more balanced model driven by domestic consumption…

…from PIIE

So what we’re seeing in the current trade negotiations is the globalists restructuring the China-US export dynamic in pursuit of this longstanding goal. That said, we can expect Trump and Xi to make their deal soon, possibly rescheduling their Mar-a-Lago Summit for mid-to-late April to tie a delayed assassination attempt on them to Easter.

Should an April Mar-a-Lago Summit materialize, here are three ways it could go…

> The deal is signed and there is no assassination drama, which is indicative of “The Dawn of a New Day” path,

> The deal is signed despite a foiled assassination attempt, which is indicative of “The Dawn of a New Day” path with mass arrests scripted-in,

> The (fake) assassination is successful, which is indicative of the “Great Tribulation” path.

In a related development, we saw these two articles make the controlled alt-media on the 26th…

…from Zero Hedge (top, bottom)

So watch for a fake EMP attack in April as well. If they combine a Turkish economic collapse with a hard Brexit and a US EMP event, the global financial system will go into an immediate tailspin.

The 4th Thing to Watch> Trump’s closure of the US-Mexican border…

…from Zero Hedge

Should Trump deploy the US military along the Mexican border in April, it will jeopardize the business of the drug cartels (and their CIA and other Washington partners). So if you add a border closure to continued US pressure on Venezuela and Iran, you have a good scripted motivation for a false-flag attack on Mar-a-Lago blamed on Venezuela, Hezbollah, and the cartels. Watch for Trump to go to Mar-a-Lago during the long Congressional recess of April 13-28 — especially around Western or Orthodox Easter — either with Xi or without him…

…from Roll Call

We may also see the revelation of Obama’s hand in the Smollett incident by then…

…This would supposedly expose the jugular of Obama and the “Deep State” to Trump, thus giving them a “desperate” motivation to take him out with a false-flag at Mar-a-Lago.

The Regime Change Tsunami Expands to Ukraine and Turkey

(1 April 2019) – Back on 24 March, I brought up the “regime change tsunami” that is looming for Israel, France and the UK. It looks like we can add Ukraine and Turkey to the list as well…

UKRAINE: The West-aligned current President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, appears to be headed for a presidential election loss against Volodymyr Zelensky, who may soften Ukraine’s hostile stance towards Russia. The second and decisive round of the election will occur on April 21. So according to the script, the “Evil West” / “Deep State” have only three weeks to do something to save their puppet regime in Ukraine, which is key to their supposed assault on Russia.

TURKEY: Erdogan’s party suffered losses in Turkey’s biggest cities, pointing to a weakening political position that may become untenable when/if the Turkish economy crashes. It’s also notable that Binali Yildirim, who had some prophecy scripting support as a possible replacement for Erdogan in either the Dajjal or Mahdi role, resigned his national political position in February to focus on his failed bid to become the mayor of Istanbul. This increases the likelihood that Erdogan will be scripted as the “defeated Dajjal.”

According to the globalist scripting introduced by a recent Ahval article, the “Eurasianist” (pro-Putin) Turkish military has seized control of Turkey and is using Erdogan for their own purposes…

“These [Eurasianist] deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course [away from Western integration and towards Eurasian integration]…”

So if Erdogan’s position becomes untenable and he is no longer of use to them, they’ll assassinate him or order him to resign. This will lead to a new Turkish presidential election 45 days later, and these are the two possible outcomes of that:

  1. The candidate of Erdogan’s party (the AKP) will win and the military will use him as a puppet to control the Islamists just like they did with Erdogan.
  2. An opposition candidate will win, thus signaling the downfall of Islamist extremism in Turkey.

The control and defeat of the “radical Islamists” without a huge Muslim-Christian war is key to the globalists’ “Peace Path” to the New World Order. Under the “War Path,” though, Erdogan will stay in power to provide Islamist support to the Eurasianist military in making war against the West.

(2 April 2019) – More preparatory propaganda for the Ukraine regime change came out yesterday…

…from RT. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Most of Poroshenko’s income – around $40.4 million – reportedly comes from return on investment in Zurich-based Rothschild Trust Schweiz, a trust subsidiary of Rothschild Bank AG. <<<

Bribery via return-on-investment is a relatively simple scam. From their perch atop the market manipulation food chain, the Rothschilds know which investments will increase and decrease in value. So they have a bribee open a trust, then have the trust’s managers invest in things that will make large gains (while also investing in other things that will bring small losses to make things look less suspicious). The net result is that they use the markets to funnel as much payoff money as they wish to the bribee.

By publicly tying Poroshenko to the Rothschild family — who are the poster family for the “Satanic Western Elite” — they are setting up another victory for the “Christian Champion” Putin. So under the Peace Path, Poroshenko will fall on April 21; under the War Path, the “Satanists” will so something dramatic to save his position, and their most obvious War Path move would be to provoke a fight with Russia before April 21 (or before Zelensky is inaugurated in May if they do another two-week delay).

As you may recall, the current “Western puppet government” of Ukraine took power as a result of the Euromaidan color revolution in 2014, so it’s interesting that the propagandists are tying the Maidan concept to what’s about to happen in Venezuela…

…from Zero Hedge

With the closure of the US-Mexican border and the Venezuelan color revolution both set to begin this week, the Trump assassination motivations will be in full effect. Under the Peace Path, he’ll survive; under the War Path, he’ll “die.”

(3 April 2019) – Back on 21 March, I wrote about Erdogan being set up to play the defeated “Dajjal” in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment stage play. But I also wrote…

“…there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the ‘Mahdi’; I’ll write about it later.”

Now that it’s later, I thought I’d cover the subject quickly so it doesn’t come as a surprise if they attempt it.

In order to explain-away Trump and Putin’s connections to organized crime, the NWO propagandists are going to say that the two had to play along with the corrupted powers-that-be in order to get into a strong enough position to start counteracting them. And in Erdogan’s case, they can do the same. They can say that he played along with the Western Satanist leaders and their ISIS plans until he got into a strong enough position to join forces with the Eurasianists in the Turkish military and purge Western influences from his country.

So if the globalists go with this rescripting of Erdogan, they will point to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the “Dajjal” and to Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“al-Baghdaid was a Satanic figure who attempted to build a demonic Caliphate and present himself as the Mahdi, but his forces were defeated in Dabiq by the forces of Erdogan, the True Mahdi.”

But if they stick with the original 2016 scripting for Erdogan, they will point to al-Baghdadi as the “decoy Dajjal,” to Erdogan as the “real Dajjal,” and to Soleimani as the “real Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“Erdogan recruited al-Baghdadi to play the role of the decoy Dajjal so he could defeat him at Dabiq and present himself as the Mahdi. But the True Mahdi (Soleimani) teamed up with Isa (Putin) to defeat his plans.”

Let’s see which way they go with it.

Did Putin and Friends just win the global conflict
over the weekend?

(26 March 2019) – While I sat this morning pondering what flashy event might happen to mark the “Great Tribulation” transition on or about March 27, I began to wonder if it already happened over the weekend, starting on March 22 with the release of the Mueller report and culminating in the events of March 24/25.

With Trump being cleared of any criminal conduct and Russia moving a military contingent into Venezuela, did we just turn a corner that took us from “rising Leftist and Deep State chaos” to “the rout of the Left and the Deep State at the hands of Putin and his Western allies”…

…from Yahoo News

Will Trump now begin to crush the Democrats and the “Deep State”?

Will Putin’s military move into Venezuela halt the West’s defeat of Maduro in the same way Putin halted the West’s defeat of Assad 3.5 years ago?

Will Netanyahu’s hasty return to Israel throttle the Israeli hardliners’ (Chabad’s) attempt to start an “End Times” war while he was away in Washington?

Will Brexit and the Yellow Vests soon bring down Putin’s Western enemies, May and Macron?

Have we just witnessed the beginning of the end of the (first) “Great Tribulation”?

It’s too soon to say with certainty, but it may end up being the case.

The Pending Geopolitical Shift Takes Shape

(25 March 2019) – There has been a massive idea-planting operation taking place on NWO propaganda sites over the last few days. Here are a couple of articles narrating an imminent — and possibly disorderly — regime change in the UK…

…from Zero Hedge (top, bottom)

And here are some others hinting at a planned provocation for an imminent regime change in France…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and the Investment Watch Blog (bottom)

As you can see, they are pretty clearly signaling an imminent massacre of Yellow Vests by the French military, which would result in a massive shock to the French public. And it is significant that the Investment Watch Blog article resurrects the ghost of the Algerian War given that it brought about the fall of the French Fourth Republic…

>>> The trigger for the collapse of the Fourth Republic was the Algiers crisis of 1958…the Algerian War became not just a separatist movement but had elements of a civil war…

Further complications came when a section of the French Army rebelled and openly backed the Algerie Francaise movement to defeat separation. Revolts and riots broke out in 1958 against the French government in Algiers, but there were no adequate and competent political initiatives by the French government in support of military efforts to end the rebellion owing to party politics

This prompted General Jacques Massu to create a French settlers’ committee to demand the formation of a new national government under General Charles de Gaulle, who was a national hero and had advocated a strong military policy, nationalism and the retention of French control over Algeria. – from Wikipedia <<<

So will the inadequacies of France’s Fifth Republic bring about a failure to resolve the Yellow Vest rebellion and result in a shocking massacre of “innocent” French citizens (perhaps in conjunction with infuriatingly unchecked Islamist violence)? Will such developments prompt the French “patriot Deep State” to topple Macron and the Fifth Republic and demand a new government under a France-First nationalist leader — a leader like Marine Le Pen perhaps?

Remember that the ultimate globalist goal in orchestrating these government transitions in France and the UK is to install Putin-friendly leaders. So if non-Putin-friendly transitional leaders are the first to be put in place, it means they’re opting for a “Great Tribulation” before the Putin-friendly leaders are put in. You can scroll down to Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win for a more detailed explanation of all this.

Of course, there are also looming regime changes in the US and Israel this week if they proceed with the assassination show on Tuesday. And failing that, there is an election in Israel on April 9th that may bring down Netanyahu. If Trump and Netanyahu are (fake) assassinated and mass arrests by the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” don’t soon follow, we’ll be going into the “Great Tribulation” under Pence and Netanyahu’s replacement. And given such a situation, we can expect to see the Israeli hardliners push a Chabad agent into power and go immediately to war. The war’s climax will likely be pushed-out till September using the standard globalist method: arranging intermittent ceasefires and “peace talks” to slow its unfoldment.

If Trump and Netanyahu live and they hold the Israeli election, these are the permutations…

> Netanyahu will win and war will continue to be forestalled until the UK and France install Putin-friendly leaders.

> Gantz will win and his weak policies towards Israel’s foes will bring war by September. (In this scenario, Netanyahu will likely be scripted as the “Moshiach ben Yosef who was unseated by dark forces that prosecuted him on bogus charges.”)

> Gantz will win and help Trump and Putin bring peace to the Middle East. (In this scenario, Netanyahu will likely retain his original scripting as a corrupt Crypto-Satanist who had to fall before peace could happen. This is how he’s portrayed in the Qanon propaganda videos.)

So now we wait and see which particular flavor of stupid the globalists opt for. They have been offered a path out of their predicament, but I have a flea’s hope they’ll take it. AF -6 days.

Getting back to the French situation, the propaganda setup for it offers a beautiful example of the fake conflict between the decoy “Communist New World Order” and the real Austrian-economics-based New World Order.

A little further down this page in A Three-Paragraph Crash Course Before We Get Started, you’ll find this passage…

In past entries, I’ve talked about the globalist effort to shift people to the “political right” in preparation for the launch of the real “right-wing NWO” — the much publicized and feared “left-wing NWO” being just a decoy used to scare us to the right. This effort to move the herd rightward is the reason the media are using leftist dimwits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [AOC] to scare the American public into thinking “the heroic Trump” is the only thing standing between them and a leftist catastrophe of open borders, political violence, silenced speech, grabbed guns, and a Venezuela-like socialist/communist economy.

With this in mind, have a look at this little propaganda piece…

…from Zero Hedge

The piece was originally posted on the website of the American Institute for Economic Research, which is headed by a member of the Mises Mafia (the globalist minions, including Ron Paul, who are pushing Austrian economics as the solution to the problem posed by communism / socialism / leftism)…

…from the Mises Institute

Dr. Stringham is an Austrian School economist who has attended “Mises University” and got his bachelor’s degree from the Jesuit College of the Holy Cross. He is also the “Davis Professor of Economic Innovation” at Trinity College…

…from Wikipedia. Note the Catholic symbolism.

So after the Mises Mafia scared us with the French-style “socialist future we should dread” last week, look at what they were talking about yesterday…

…from Zero Hedge

In light of the Yellow Vest Massacre and the Fall of the Fifth Republic the globalists are hinting at, might the Sixth Republic be a decentralized, Austrian-economics-based libertarian paradise under a strong, nationalistic, Putin-friendly leader like Le Pen? You bet your as* it will be…

To learn more about the Austrian Economics con, read…

The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers


Like it or not, here is more on the Rockefeller connection to Austrian economics

The Setup for March Future “Iranian/Hezbollah” Terror Attacks and a Trump Assassination

(8 March 2019) – It looks like there’s been a change of plan. The Mar-a-Lago Summit has been postponed and a new food and electricity crisis in Venezuela has been rolled out in its stead…

…from the Drudge Report

Maduro is blaming the power outage on US sabotage, which opens the way for the following scripting from the globalist playwrights…

“America turned off the lights in Venezuela. And in doing so, they invited their enemies to turn off the lights in America.”

And since the food in Venezuela will supposedly start running out next week, the crisis should peak by that weekend, thus setting the stage for something I warned about at the end of last year…

> March 16-24: The week in March that Congress will be out of D.C. – Watch for a big event like a fake EMP attack or “fire sale” cyberattack to happen during this time, especially on March 22. This would make it difficult to reconvene Congress to pass a spending bill or debt limit raise, thereby allowing the President (presumably Pence) to take on dictatorial emergency powers.

If the globalists turn off the lights in America that week, they’ll still have the ability to take things in either a Peace Path or War Path direction. Under the Peace Path, the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” will trace the attack back to the CIA, and they’ll make their “mass arrests” move against the “neocon-neolib-Nazi-Zionist Deep State.” Under the War Path, the attack will be blamed on the usual suspects: Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc.

(8 March 2019) – Getting back to “the sexual blackmail of Trump” narrative, check this out…

…from Yahoo

Here are links to two of the featured articles: Founder of Florida day spa tied to Robert Kraft’s prostitution case attended Trump’s Super Bowl party, report says and Trump Pictured With Founder Of Spa At Center Of Kraft Sting.

The founder of the spa reportedly sold it before the current scandal took place, so there is not yet a direct connection between the sex scandal and Trump. But this news brings the narrative one step closer to it.

(8 March 2019) – Switching back again to the potential for a fake EMP attack during the week of March 16 – 24, the press are now reporting that North Korea’s satellite launch site has been restored to operational capability…

…from USA Today

So we need to watch for the launch of a new North Korean satellite during the next week or two, which could then be blamed for the fake EMP attack the “Deep State” is planning. We also need to watch if Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago when Congress leaves town that week. The globalists could stage an assassination of Trump at Mar-a-Lago (supposedly done by Iran) and a concurrent EMP attack on America (supposedly done by North Korea). It would be a one-two punch that would turn out the lights in America and start the “Great Tribulation.”

(9 March 2019) – Yet another piece of the propaganda setup for the Mar-a-Lago assassination was laid down yesterday…

…from Google

Tareck El Aissami is a figure the globalists can use to tie the threads of the assassination narrative together into one big bow when they present it to the public.

~ MORE 1 – 10 March 2019 ~

Aissami was Venezuela’s Vice President between January 2017 and June 2018, and he’s currently the Minister of Industries and National Production in Maduro’s cabinet. But it is his unofficial activities that make him a person of note in the globalist script, so let’s take a look at his background as related by press reports and globalist think tanks…

Here are some excerpts from a 2017 Business Insider article titled A suspected terrorist and drug trafficker just became Venezuela’s vice president

>>> El Aissami is a known entity in the world of US intelligence. He is allegedly a part of Venezuela’s state drug-trafficking network and has ties to Iran, Syria, and Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah

A little-discussed feature, at least here in the US, of Chavez’s socialist regime was its ties to hardline Islamists. For example, from 2007 to at least 2010, there was a flight from Caracas, Venezuela, to Tehran, Iran, that made a stop in Damascus, Syria.

Chavez and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly called it “Aeroterror.” Only government officials with a special clearance were permitted to fly on it, and there were often very few passengers. The flights mostly carried drugs, weapons, cash and terrorists, according to US government testimony and a report by Brazilian paper Veja.

This is where El Aissami comes in. Veja reported that when he was interior minister under Chavez, El Aissami participated in a clandestine program to provide Venezuelan passports to terrorists in Damascus, according to former Chavez loyalists…

“Over the years, El Aissami developed a sophisticated, multi-layered financial network that functions as a criminal-terrorist pipeline bringing militant Islamists into Venezuela and surrounding countries, and sending illicit funds and drugs from Latin America to the Middle East.<<<

~ MORE 2 ~

Here are some excerpts from a 2017 Forbes article titled Venezuelan VP Tareck El Aissami Is Bad News

>>> Just who is Tareck El-Aissami?

The newly appointed vice president of Lebanese-Syrian origins has been a controversial figure for years. Linked to a major cocaine-trafficking outlet and to the Jihadi Shia terror organization, Hezbollah, he has been under the careful eye of the DEA, FBI and other intelligence agencies, which were just waiting for him to slip up. President Nicolas Maduro should have known he was playing with fire when he promoted the key player in Iran and Hezbollah’s Venezuelan activities, just as Donald Trump was putting Iran “on notice”…

Clearly though, for the young El Aissami, terrorism wasn’t enough. The young protege developed close ties to Cartel de los Soles (a cocaine-trafficking outfit alleged to be run by Venezuelan military officials). He is linked to the notorious Walid Makled, who was detained in Colombia and extradited to Venezuela (over the U.S.). Makled was infamously charged by a Manhattan prosecutor for drug trafficking to the U.S. and investigated for shipping 5 tons of cocaine in a plane that departed Caracas but was stopped in Mexico in 2006. Makled later confessed that he had paid El Aissami to facilitate the shipments through Venezuela…

As head of Venezuela’s passport agency, El Aissami took his corruption to a truly transnational scale. CNN reported in February that he issued Venezuelan passports and identity documents between 2008-2012 to hundreds of Islamist extremists (mainly Iranian revolutionary guards and Hezbollah operatives). One such individual who received documentation was Suleiman Ghani Abdul Waked, known as a close associate of Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah. This is a clear national security threat to the U.S., as these terrorists, with their shiny new South American passports, could easily be traveling in and out of the country

So just who is Tareck El Aissami? Drug trafficker. Terrorist. Money launderer. And in general, very bad news. So while al Qaeda and ISIS are—on the whole—all the way over in the Middle East, we have Hezbollah and Iran pushing jihad and drugs right here in the Americas. <<<

~ MORE 3 ~

Here are some excerpts from a 2018 London Center for Policy Research article titled Iran In Latin America: Identifying The Problem and How We Need To Confront It.

>>> Hezbollah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have also established a presence in the region, training “soldiers of the revolution” in Venezuelan camps, and even helping to design and build the ALBA school, a military training camp in Bolivia. The school’s main purpose is to ideologically indoctrinate soldiers and strengthen the bonds between the armed forces and the new Latin American revolutions. The revolution promoted a civic-military alliance, a situation that has enabled the regime to survive. Venezuela’s own Vice President, Tarek Al Aissami, has been a key liaison between Venezuela and Iran…

These actions can place the U.S. at the mercy of terrorist attacks not just by Hezbollah, but by any other terrorist group that establishes an alliance with Iran, including the Islamic State or al Qaeda. There has been evidence of a relationship between Iran and al Qaeda over the past several years; therefore, similar cooperation should not be ruled out in Latin America. Indeed, in August 2016 the U.S. Southern Command reported the infiltration of 30,000 Sunni individuals from the Middle East, which is the equivalent of 10 percent of the total illegal smuggling coming from the southern border.

In 2016, an officer who worked in the Venezuelan embassy in Baghdad charged that the embassy sold passports to whomever would pay. The officer witnessed embassy officials selling Venezuelan passports to individuals from the Middle East, including criminals and terrorists from Iraq and Syria. Given reports of ISIS activity in these countries, it would not be surprising if some of these passports were sold to affiliated individuals

For Iran, their involvement in drug trafficking served as a source of revenue and as a means to deepen its logistical penetration in the region. Other actions indicate that there is indeed a link. There were reports that indicated that the assassination attempt against the Saudi Ambassador mentioned above was carried out with the help of Mexico’s Los Zetas, a notoriously violent drug cartel. Furthermore, there have been reports that members of the Mexican Sinaloa Cartel received weapons and explosive training in Iran. <<<

(10 March 2019) – The research on the terror attacks entry keeps ballooning on me, so I’ll continue writing about it tomorrow morning (3/11). Although I think they’ll wait for the March 16-24 time window to initiate any attacks in the US, tomorrow is the 11th, so anything is possible.

~ MORE 4 – 11 March 2019 ~

Here are some excerpts from a recent InSight Crime article titled Key Criminal Revelations From Former Venezuela Intelligence Chief

>>> The former head of Venezuela’s military intelligence service has revealed some key details that confirm longstanding links between several officials in the regime of President Nicolas Maduro with organized crime and terrorist groups.

Speaking to The New York Times in a February 21 interview shortly after he endorsed Juan Guaido as interim president of Venezuela, General Hugo Carvajal Barrios, alias “El Pollo,” provided the most important revelations by a former Maduro official to date…

Carvajal also accused former Venezuela Vice President Tareck El Aissami of having significant links to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. He said that he accompanied El Aissami on a 2009 trip to Iran, which included a stop in Syria to invite Hezbollah militants to come and work with FARC fighters in Venezuela. <<<

~ MORE 5 ~

To establish the final link in this neocon-narrated “web of narco-terror,” the link between Venezuela and Cuba, here are some excerpts from an Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council article titled From Teheran to Caracas

>>> Perhaps no two men symbolised the anti-American axis more than Fidel Castro and Ayatollah Khomeini. It should therefore come as no surprise that in early February, embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reportedly wrote a letter to Hassan Nasrallah, the Secretary-General of Hezbollah — the Lebanese branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF) — thanking him for his resolute support. Nasrallah had earlier pledged all assistance, including military and security specialists, to Maduro, writing that it was only a “small part that [Hezbollah] can offer to President Maduro and to the memory of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, in return for the support they gave Hezbollah and Iran, In terms of providing funds for the activity of [Hezbollah].”

In the words of Wall Street Journal editor and columnist Mary Anastasia O’Grady, “Venezuela is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cuba’s 59-year-old military dictatorship.” Basically, the Chavista regime is to Cuba what Hezbollah is to Iran, and Iran’s two-decade relationship with Venezuela is functionally an outgrowth of its long-standing alliance with Cuba.

With Venezuela’s “Bolivarian socialist” regime now facing its worst crisis since it was established in 1998, one obvious question is how this will affect the efforts of Iran and Hezbollah to use Venezuela as a base for their extensive operations in Central and South America

After winning the 1998 election, Chavez moved quickly to put Cuban intelligence in charge of all his security services, and indeed essentially in charge of every ministry of Venezuela. They are present at all ports, in charge of public records, and even form a special praetorian guard around the President. It also coup-proofed the regime by establishing loyal paramilitaries, or collectivos, which have been terrorising anti-Maduro protestors. Having colonised the country, the Castro regime began extracting its most valuable resource: oil. Tens of thousands of barrels of oil per day were sent back to Cuba, helping keep the dysfunctional, isolated regime afloat and the electricity on…

More important than the oil, however, are the drugs. As reported by Christopher Dickey in The Daily Beast, the Castro regime and its intelligence services helped facilitate massive cocaine shipments from the drug lords of Latin America to the United States, partly to help destabilise American society. It already had relationships with the revolutionary terrorist groups in Latin America, most notably the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) and the National Liberation Army (ELN) – which to this day are sheltered by Havana. With the takeover of Venezuela, the Cubans could now massively expand their operations and provide safe havens and support for these groups near the border of Colombia. The Chavez regime became Cuba’s “mafia state,” and was informally dubbed “Cartel of the Suns,” the overlord of staggering narcotics trafficking by FARC and other cartels. <<<

Although FARC was officially disbanded in 2016, the globalist narrative holds that FARC dissidents continue to operate in Venezuela and the drug trade. This is a notable assertion in light of the following scenario offered by a Geopolitical Monitor article titled The Criminal and Terrorist Threat of Narco Submarine Technology

>>> A terrorist group such as FARC could feasibly collaborate with Al Qaeda or Hezbollah and equip narco submarines with added technical features that would enable terrorist organizations to launch destructive attacks on U.S. targets throughout the Americas. Given their capacity to travel long distances, narco submarines could also be deployed to European coasts and coastal cities. In addition to carrying biological and chemical weapons, narco submarines could also transport terrorist operatives to target locations. <<<

~ MORE 6 – 11-12 March 2019 ~

In the March 5 update, I wrote this about the Mar-a-Lago assassination setup…

The mainstream narrative of a narco-sub nuke attack on Mar-a-Lago would link together a vengeful drug cartel, an embattled Maduro, Yankee-hating Cubans, fed-up Iranians, and martyrdom-seeking Hezbollah terrorists.

And as you can see from the articles we’ve explored, the globalists have already linked all those elements together, with Tareck El Aissami — “the key player in Iran and Hezbollah’s Venezuelan activities” — serving as the lynchpin. Aissami has been connected to…

> the Iranian regime and their IRGC Quds Force (Qassem Soleimani’s people),

> Hezbollah,

> the Syrian regime,

> the Venezuelan regime and their “Cartel of the Suns,” through which he’s also connected to FARC and the Sinaloa Cartel…

…from Wikipedia

> and the Cuban regime…


All the narrated connections come together in Aissami, and that’s why the globalists trotted him out before the public a few days ago. After the false-flag(s) take place, they’ll point to him and his connections in assigning the blame. And as you may have noticed, the ones to be blamed are all regimes the “Deep State” supposedly wants to topple: the Cuban regime, the Venezuelan regime, the Syrian regime, and the Iranian regime.

In the March 5 update, I also wrote this about the Mar-a-Lago assassination setup…

The controlled alt-media / NWO narrative would have it orchestrated by the Sinaloa-allied CIA and enabled by “Deep State” operatives in the Mar-a-Lago security team.

Here’s what I mean by “the Sinaloa-allied CIA”…

>>> For over a decade, under multiple administrations, the U.S. government had a secret agreement with the ruthless Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel that allowed it to operate with impunity, an in-depth investigation by a leading Mexican newspaper confirmed this week. In exchange for information and assistance in quashing competing criminal syndicates, the Bush and Obama administrations let the Sinaloa cartel import tons of drugs into the United States while wiping out Sinaloa competitors and ensuring that its leaders would not be prosecuted for their long list of major crimes. Other revelations also point strongly to massive but clandestine U.S. government involvement in drug trafficking.

Relying on over 100 interviews with current and former government functionaries on both sides of the border, as well as official documents from the U.S. and Mexican governments, Mexico’s El Universal concluded that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the U.S. Justice Department had secretly worked with Mexican drug lords…

The newspaper’s investigation also confirmed long-held suspicions that U.S. authorities were signing secret agreements with Mexican drug cartels — especially Sinaloa, which CIA operatives have said was a favorite for use in achieving geo-political objectives. – from The New American <<<

Now here’s something interesting: the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, “El Chapo” Guzman, was brought to the US on the night before Trump was inaugurated. Why did the US government do that?

The first reason would be an attempt to dispel the publicly-held notion that the US government was in a partnership with Guzman. The second reason would be to convict Guzman at the right time to narrate a vengeful cartel helping Venezuela and Hezbollah attack the US next week. And the third reason could be to claim that the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” was responsible for bringing in Guzman for interrogation, with the information they gleaned being the reason they’re able to foil the coming terror attacks.

So here is how the globalists currently plan to script it…

When the Venezuela situation starts boiling over by the end of this week, the “evil Deep State” will use their Al Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries to conduct one or more false-flag attacks. According to the NWO narrative, the attackers will have been brought in from Syria by US Army Generals Joseph Votel and Raymond (Tony) Thomas III, the CIA, and their Sinaloa Cartel partners. But the “evil Deep State” will blame the attacks on “Quds Force operatives” and “Hezbollah, ISIS, and Al Qaeda terrorists” brought in by the Venezuelan alliance using 10,000 Venezuelan passports, Sinaloa/Hezbollah border tunnels, and Sinaloa/FARC/Hezbollah narco-subs.

The Los Zetas Cartel has also been connected to the Cartel of the Suns and Hezbollah — and almost certainly operate with CIA collusion — so they may factor into things as well.

If Trump is killed in the attack(s), Pence will take over and take us to war. But if Trump survives, we could see mass arrests of the “Deep State” on or about March 27 due to their “traitorous attack against the American people.”

The fact that the press are currently narrating the fall of the final ISIS pocket in Syria suggests that the “victory of the messiahs” may be close at hand…

…from the Drudge Report back in November of 2016

(12 March 2019) – Well, they’re right on time with this…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is Pompeo’s statement as related by the article…

>>> “Like the January 24 decision to withdraw all dependents and reduce embassy staff to a minimum, this decision reflects the deteriorating situation in Venezuela as well as the conclusion that the presence of U.S. diplomatic staff at the embassy has become a constraint on U.S. policy.” <<<

That last little section is code for “we’re about to go medieval on their as*es, so we gotta pull out our staff so they don’t get taken hostage.”

If you put together the cyberattack against Venezuela’s electric grid and this obvious foreshadowing of more aggressive actions, a motive is now in place for the Venezuelans and their allies to prepare a counterstrike. The false-flaggers will beat them to the punch.

(13 March 2019) – Will the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, show up for the terror attacks in the US next week thanks to a CIA-provided passport?…

…from Yeni Safak (open the article in Chrome, then click on “translate”). More on that later.

And it looks like they have indeed switched Al-Baghdadi to the “Dajjal” role — either that or they’ll narrate Putin and Soleimani’s “peaceful defeat of Erdogan.” So will Erdogan get the “Mahdi” role or will Soleimani keep it? More on that too.

(21 March 2019) – In the last update to this entry, I showed you a March 11 Turkish article that claims the CIA has given 140 ISIS members new identities and passports and has moved them out of the region via Iraq. Although the news site that featured the article, Yeni Safak, can sometimes be fanciful in their claims, they are close to the Erdogan administration and their article bore a striking resemblance to what I wrote about the L.A. terror strike setup back on 16 February…

As for how they’ll do it, the narrative will likely say, “The CIA and the corrupted elements of JSOC moved the ISIS terror squad from Syria to Iraq and then flew them to Central America. From there, the CIA’s drug cartel partners helped smuggle them across the border into California.”

So I suspect this particular Yeni Safak report will later be narrated as true. And what first alerted me to it was a Zero Hedge article titled CIA Is Conspiring With ISIS, Turning Syrian Refugee Camps Into ISIS Hotbeds, which contained a passage that caught my eye…

>>> An interesting observation is that the media of the country [Turkey], which in the previous years of war, used to conspire with ISIS allowing its foreign recruits to enter Syria and buying smuggled oil from the terrorists, has now become one of the most active exposers of the alleged US ties with ISIS elements. <<<

This change in Turkey’s portrayal of ISIS happened after Erdogan did his big U-turn towards Russia, and I’ve previously noted that the change in policy meant that Erdogan will be scripted as either being cornered and defeated by Putin and Soleimani or being switched to a different character in the End Times drama. So seeing the passage in the Zero Hedge article got me looking around for more narrative support propaganda. This is what I found…

…from Ahval. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkish politics demonstrates the immense influence of Eurasianist deep-state elements which control the Turkish military while temporarily tolerating and supporting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

These deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course…

Erdogan and his inner circle had to “abandon the successful negotiation process with Kurdish separatists for a political solution to the problem and give up their pro-Western foreign policy orientation, including its democratisation side effects,”…

This lead to a criminalising of all former allies of Erdogan, including liberals, Kurds and Gulenists.

“The anti-Western faction in the Turkish military maximized its power and dismissed large numbers of military personnel of all ranks – almost 50 percent of all generals and admirals of Turkish forces and about 18,000 high, middle and low-ranking officers – after the 2016 coup attempt. Currently, the reactivated deep-state military personnel are in key positions in the Turkish armed forces,”

Erdogan and his inner circle do not reflect the real power constellation in Turkey.

In looking for answers to questions such as “can Erdogan alone control the powerful Turkish military? Why did Erdogan terminate the “Solution Process” with the Kurds? It was his greatest project and the biggest risk of his entire political career. Why did he change course in Syria and in Turkey’s general foreign policy orientation? Why did he decide to develop a strategic partnership with Russia? Why did he purge so many soldiers in the Turkish military and bureaucracy?’’ one is forced to consider Erdogan’s new deep-state partners… <<<

So as you can see, the Ahval article suggests that Erdogan was politically outmaneuvered and is essentially a captive president to the now pro-Russian Turkish military. In other words, the article hints at how the “Dajjal” (Erdogan) was defeated by the “Moshiach” (Putin) and “Mahdi” (Soleimani). The NWO narrative of how it all went down will probably sound something like this…

As the defeat of Damascus grew close, the Mahdi reached out to the Moshiach to intervene with the power of the air. The Moshiach did this. And while he was stopping and reversing the Satanist victory in Syria, he was also reaching out to friendly elements in the Turkish military in order to topple the Dajjal’s kingdom from within.

On June 27, 2016, the Dajjal was defeated by a secret military coup, choosing to surrender and cooperate rather than be toppled. The Turkish military then simulated a public coup 20 days later, after which the Dajjal followed the orders he was given to arrest the Satanic West-leaning elements of the Turkish government and military, thus helping facilitate the victory of the Moshiach and Mahdi.

This, then, is the globalist story of how the “Dajjal” was peacefully defeated. But there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” I’ll write about it later.

The CIA’s sabotage of the Trump-Kim Summit

(13 March 2019) – You may have seen this in the news today…

…from Zero Hedge

Apparently, 5 days before the Trump-Kim Summit, the CIA broke into the North Korean embassy in Madrid seeking information on a relative unknown Kim Jong Un had added to the peace talks, Kim Hyok Chol. Will the NWO narrative claim the new addition was bait that Trump and Kim dangled in order to lure the CIA into a trap?

And as you may have noticed on February 28, the talks fell apart when the “CIA saboteur” Mike Pompeo and the “North Korean Intelligence saboteur” Kim Yong Chol asserted themselves into the process. Here are the two of them sitting next to their respective leaders on the day the Summit collapsed…

The Korean War is the first of America’s “Forever Wars,” and an attempt by an American intelligence agency to treasonously sabotage a sitting US president’s effort to bring peace and end a nuclear threat is a grievous offense, wouldn’t you say? This news may be part of the setup for the mass arrests scenario.

It should also be noted that the Chinese are offering to help the Venezuelans turn their power back on, just like I predicted they’ll do after America’s power gets turned off. And ISIS’s fall in Syria could happen any day now. So a week of partially foiled “Deep State” terror attacks next week followed by a week of mass arrests still looks to be the course we’re on. Here come the saviors. My eyes will be watching to see which path they’ll choose.

(20 March 2019) – Back on the Ides of March, North Korea effectively confirmed the summit narrative I’ve been writing about…

>>> Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui, addressing a meeting of diplomats and foreign media, including The Associated Press, in Pyongyang said the North was deeply disappointed by the failure of the two sides to reach any agreements at the Hanoi summit between Kim and President Donald Trump…

Choe, who attended the Feb. 27-28 talks in Hanoi, said Kim was puzzled by what she called the “eccentric” negotiation position of the U.S. She suggested that while Trump was more willing to talk, an atmosphere of hostility and mistrust was created by the uncompromising demands of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and national security adviser John Bolton. She said statements by senior Trump advisers since the summit have further worsened the climate. – from AP News <<<

So by blaming the failure of the talks on…

…the North Koreans have contributed direct support to the NWO narrative of events.

In that narrative, the globalists are portraying a “War of the Deep States,” and they have assigned the CIA to wear the “Black Hats” in opposition to the military/NSA “White Hats.” In keeping with their role of playing the evil villains who lose, the CIA continue to be set up for the fall. And it looks like their Washington Post disinformation organ has been designated to fall with them.

Days after the Spanish media broke news of the CIA’s connection to the pre-summit raid of the North Korean embassy in Madrid, the Washington Post published a ridiculously (and intentionally) schizophrenic article in an attempt to redirect blame…

Here the article blames the embassy attack on what is obviously a shady intelligence agency front group while suggesting that no governments were involved…

>>> The group behind the late February operation is known as Cheollima Civil Defense, a secretive dissident organization committed to overthrowing the Kim dynasty, people familiar with the planning and execution of the mission told The Washington Post…

People familiar with the incident say the group did not act in coordination with any governments. U.S. intelligence agencies would have been especially reluctant to be involved, given the sensitive timing and brazen nature of the mission. <<<

After suggesting there was no government involvement, the article then reverses course to point out the obvious reasons “foreign governments,” especially ours, would have being involved in the attack…

>>> Experts say the computers and phones seized in the raid contain a treasure trove of information that foreign intelligence agencies are likely to seek out from the group.

“It could have contacts and documents related to North Korea’s efforts to bypass sanctions and import luxury goods from Europe, which was one of the key assignments for Kim Hyok Chol, the former North Korean ambassador to Spain,” Lee said.

Recently, Kim Hyok Chol was reassigned as North Korea’s point man for the nuclear negotiations with the United States, making any information about his previous activities especially coveted by foreign governments looking to gain an edge in the negotiations. <<<

Finally, the article suggests that the CIA wasn’t involved for precisely the reason they did get involved (according to the script)…

>>> Any hint of U.S. involvement in an assault on a diplomatic compound could have derailed the talks, a prospect of which the CIA would likely be mindful. “Infiltrating a North Korean embassy days before the nuclear summit would throw that all into jeopardy,” said Sue Mi Terry, a former Korea analyst at the CIA. “This is not something the CIA would undertake.”

The agency declined to comment. <<<

So when the big day comes, look for Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post’s staff to be arrested along with half of the CIA…

…from huffpost

The Alert from 29 March 2019


See today’s (3/29) update for the scripted reasons for an attack, and scroll down to The Setup for March “Iranian/Hezbollah” Terror Attacks and a Trump Assassination for details on how it might be carried out.

~ MORE ~

Watch Saturday, March 30th

One prophecy cycle (3.5 years) ago, a “Tribulation period” supposedly started on September 27, 2015 with the final “Blood Moon” of the “Blood Moon Tetrad.” Three days later on September 30, 2015, Putin began airstrikes in Syria.

Tomorrow, March 30, 2019, marks the 3.5 year anniversary of the start of the airstrikes. So if we’re going into a “Great Tribulation” period, tomorrow would be a good day to start it. And tomorrow…

Let’s see how it goes.

Notes from the Week of March 18 – 24

> There is possibly nothing to watch for, depending on the globalists’ purpose in staging the New Zealand mosque shooting on Friday. It occurred on the Ides of March, right as we were entering the March 16-24 time period for “Venezuela/Hezbollah” terror attacks in the US. And as you may have noticed, the rather spectacular event broke all the tension that had been building around the Venezuela situation — knocking it right off the front page and out of people’s minds. So if their purpose was to change the narrative and push the delay button, we might see a relatively uneventful week.

If, on the other hand, their purpose was to provide “a provocation to the Islamic terrorists,” we might see terror attacks targeting Christian churches next Sunday (the 24th). The mosque that was struck was in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand, so “there was a mass shooting in Christ’s Church.” This establishes a motive, method, and target for revenge.

As for the political spin of the mosque shooting, it has been used to make immigrant Muslims look like victims and people opposed to Muslim immigration look like murderous, hateful lunatics. And the “lone gunman” — who sacrificed 50 people in “Christ’s Church” — was shown in court flashing a 666 hand sign…

…so the globalists have been sure to leave “Satanist” fingerprints all over this.

When the Truth Tsunami comes along to tell the public about the “evil Western Satanist Elite” who tried to destroy Christian civilization with massive Islamist immigration, they will point to this event as a classic Satanist operation to quash dissent against the “invasion” and grab the guns of those who would resist.

Also watch for a possible assassination attempt against Trump next weekend. An FAA flight advisory — issued on the Ides of March — suggests that Trump will indeed be in Mar-a-Lago this week from the 22nd through the 24th, so the obvious danger dates are the 22nd and the morning of Sunday the 24th. If the globalists pull the trigger on Sunday, we might see a simultaneous WMD attack against Trump and mass shootings in Christian churches. Details on the Trump scenario are a little further down this page in “The Setup for March ‘Iranian / Hezbollah’ Terror Attacks and a Trump Assassination.”

So next weekend we might find out if we’re at the end of the “Great Tribulation” or its beginning. And if they press the delay button again, another big prophecy setup goes down the drain.

(19 March 2019) – Speaking of the Christchurch mosque shooting as “a provocation to the Islamic terrorists,” have a look at this…

…from Yeni Safak. Here is an excerpt…

>>> In his so-called manifesto, Australian terrorist Brenson Tarrant threatens to kill all Turks living in European lands of Turkey and elsewhere west of the Bosporus. He also expresses his desire to demolish the famed Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and its minarets.

“We are coming for Constantinople and we will destroy every mosque and minaret in the city. The Hagia Sophia will be free of minarets and Constantinople will be rightfully Christian [sic] owned once more,” it says. <<<

If this talk of Hagia Sophia and Constantinople sounds a bit familiar, it’s because of the Greek “prophecies” of Elder Paisios I’ve previously shown you. Scroll down to the 31 January section of the “Turkish War Warning” entry to read what the “prophecies” say.

Also, Erdogan has been showing video of the Christchurch shootings at his political rallies, so the massacre does seem to be part of “the Satanist effort to spark a war between Christians and Muslims that will leave Christian civilization in ashes” (that’s why the massacre was live-streamed). Of course, should the war start, Putin will ride in to save the day just like Elder Paisios “prophesied.”

It should also be noted that if the globalists script attempts at church shootings and a Trump assassination on Sunday the 24th, the 3.5 year mark since the “Blood Moons” will fall 3 days later on the 27th. So they may attempt to script-in a “resurrection on the third day” theme as part of the show. Will a “Christian” Trump who is almost killed with other Christians on Sunday rise up against the “Deep State’s” blackmail three days later to finally order the “mass arrests” of the “Satanists”? Or will Sunday and the third day bring something more dramatic (murdered and resurrected Avatars)?

Popcorn at the ready…

(21 March 2019) – The Trump assassination trigger was added today: Trump has signaled that he’ll officially recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights when he meets with Netanyahu on Monday. According to the script, then, the only way for the Iranian alliance to stop this move is to hit Trump at Mar-a-Lago this weekend or at the AIPAC Conference in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

~ MORE ~

Trump is slated to appear at Mar-a-Lago for this tomorrow…


Here is a news report about the Lincoln Day Dinner, which is an annual Republican fundraising event named after the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln. This is quite interesting symbolism given that…

> Lincoln was a sitting president who was famously assassinated over a civil war, and
> Kennedy, another sitting president who was assassinated, was killed on a 22nd (22 is a occultic “master number,” and the digits of the year of Kennedy’s assassination, 1963, add up to 19, as in 2019. Also, March 22, 322, is a signature number of Yale’s Skull and Bones Society.)

So will Trump be hit during the dinner, or is it a symbolic foretaste of what’s to come on Sunday morning or Monday evening?

(22 March 2019) – We need to add March 26 to the watch list for a nuclear assassination attack on Washington, DC…

…from WAAY

The 26th is next Tuesday, and it will be the day after Trump announces US recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. It can therefore be sold as a revenge killing of Trump and the AIPAC attendees (the AIPAC meeting will be in its last day on Tuesday) by the Iranian alliance. It is also the day before March 27, when the big geopolitical change is scheduled to come.

The possibility of March 26 being an assassination day is enhanced by the fact that Pence and much of the cabinet will be away from Washington at the National Space Council meeting in Huntsville, Alabama that day…

>>> Space Council members include: The Secretary of State; The Secretary of Defense; The Secretary of Commerce; The Secretary of Transportation; The Secretary of Homeland Security; The Director of National Intelligence; The Director of the Office of Management and Budget; The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; The Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; The Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy; The Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; and The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The members or a designee will attend the meeting. – from the WAAY article <<<

So a nuclear strike on Washington that day would kill Trump and the Congress, leaving the “Deep State neocons” attending the Space Council meeting in total control of the country. A successful attack would therefore take us into the “Great Tribulation,” and a foiled attack and mass arrests of the plotters would end it.

~ MORE ~

As it turns out, Netanyahu will be hanging around the White House on Monday and Tuesday next week. So if the globalists have chosen him to play the Moshiach ben Yosef and Trump to play Cyrus the Great, both messianic figures can be taken out (or saved) at the same time. Chabad-Lubavitch’s preferred End Times scripting calls for the Moshiach ben Yosef to die in the course of his duties.

~ MORE ~

In another staged pre-assassination conflict between the “Deep State” and Trump, Skull and Bonesman Steven Mnuchin announced new sanctions on North Korea on 3/22. Trump then rescinded the sanctions a few hours later. The controlled alt-media will point out that this was another effort by the “Deep State”/CIA to sabotage the Trump-Kim peace initiative. And Trump’s cancellation of the sanctions will cast doubt on any “Deep State” attempt to stage a fake EMP attack and blame North Korea for it.

~ MORE ~

Gee whiz, who would have guessed the Mueller report would be delivered today, 3/22, on assassination weekend?…

…from the Drudge Report

~ MORE ~

Here’s another 3/22 piece of news…

…from Google News

So Trump and Putin are now victorious over ISIS in Syria and Mueller has submitted his Russian collusion report with no indictments planned. It’s a good day for the Messiah Pack. Now the script will call for the “Deep State” to move against Trump before he can give another order to withdraw from Syria.



> News has come out today about a supposed US-Guaido assassination plot against Maduro, as well as the arrival of Russian troops in Venezuela.

> Presumably, the Russian troops are there to protect Maduro from US counteraction after he arrests Guaido.

> The supposed assassination plot also establishes a scripted motive for a Maduro assassination of Trump: “Trump tried to kill me, so I’m gonna kill him.” Maduro’s allies (Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah) will also have a motive to assassinate Trump (and Netanyahu) based on Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights tomorrow.

> According to the script, then, the “Deep State” can attempt to kill Trump and Netanyahu on Tuesday and blame Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and possibly North Korea (if a nuke is used).

> The presence of the Russian military in Caracas when the Trump assassination is attempted can then be used as evidence of “Russian collusion in carrying it out” by Pence.

> Russia’s Venezuela “Red Line” warning to the US can also be used in narrating “Russian collusion,” and US SOCOM may attempt some sort of military op in Venezuela to help establish Russia’s assassination motive. The mainstream media would support such a narrative by pointing out all the foes supposedly murdered by Putin over the years.

> Since Bank of America funds were supposedly used in funding the assassination plot against Maduro, and since JPMorgan was supposedly involved in attacking the Turkish lira on Friday, cyberattacks against US banks (and possibly the US power grid) may be planned for Tuesday as well.

> The Mueller Report’s clearing of Trump today clears his record in advance of the assassination attempt. This is important for the NWO narrative, since Trump is one of its pantheon of heroes.

I may expand and enhance this alert in the morning. I’m also preparing an entry on the “regime change” tsunami that’s being prepared for Israel, France, and the UK.

(25 March 2019) – Did last night’s detailed last-minute exposure force the globalists to call an audible?…

…from Zero Hedge. So is the assassination show now postponed?

Note from the Week of March 11 – 17

> Watch for an escalating crisis in Venezuela that leads to the “Deep State” false-flagging one or more terror attacks next week (March 16-24), possibly including LA and Mar-a-Lago. We could also see them target the US power grid with cyberattacks and sabotage (or a fake EMP), just like what the Venezuelans are experiencing right now. These false-flags would be used to justify US military action against our supposed attackers, which in turn will lead to real terror attacks by Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Hezbollah, etc. So this is the week the clouds gather for next week’s sh*tstorm.

May our cockblocking powers be strong.

Notes from the Week of March 4 – 10

> Watch for a potential false-flag terror attack in Turkey carried out by Erdogan but blamed on ISIS (Daesh) and/or the Kurds (YPG/PKK)…

…from the Anadolu Agency

This would give Erdogan an excuse to order his invasion of northeast Syria during the Turks’ ongoing “Blue Homeland” military drill. An outrageous act against Venezuela’s Maduro by the US this week could also be cited as a provocation that “angers Erdogan into ordering the invasion.”

Meanwhile, a large gas find in the Cyprus EEZ was announced a few days ago. It will provide something for the EU and Turkey to fight over, and that fight could start getting physical after the “neocon troublemaker” Mike Pompeo meets with Turkey’s regional adversaries (Cyprus, Greece, and Israel) in Israel on the 20th. According to the script, getting the EU leadership to face off against Turkey would be difficult, but it would be relatively easy to drag the EU into a fight if EU members Cyprus and Greece rub Erdogan the wrong way.

The Trump-Xi Summit and the “Great Tribulation”

(4 March 2019) – Do you remember back on December 30th when I wrote this as a thing to watch?…

> March 27: The 3.5 year mark since the final Super Blood Moon of the “Blood Moon Tetrad” – Watch for a momentous event on or a few days after that date — one that will change the geopolitical trajectory of the world.

Well get a load of this section of a Reuters article on the US-China trade negotiations

>>> U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping could seal a formal trade deal at a summit around March 27 given progress in talks between the two countries, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. <<<

So it looks like the Trump-Xi Summit is slated to be the “momentous event that will change the geopolitical trajectory of the world.” Will a signed agreement there between Trump and Xi be the first step on the road to peace? Or will they both be assassinated by a false-flag “Iranian missile or drone fired from Venezuela or Cuba?”

They’re already trotting out Cuba’s motivation to assist in the launch…

…from Sputnik

The location of the Summit, Mar-a-Lago, is well within range of both launch points and has no defenses against such attacks.

You can read more about the “Great Tribulation” angle by scrolling down to the Globalist Agenda Watch 2019 article or clicking here.

The Narco-Submarine Threat to the Trump-Xi Summit

(5 March 2019) – As I wracked my brain yesterday thinking of how the globalists could narrate a North Korean or Iranian minisub sailing close to the Mar-a-Lago Club and popping off a nuke, I remembered that minisubs already sail throughout the Caribbean on a routine basis — to deliver large quantities of drugs. And one of the drug cartels that operate such subs is the Sinaloa Cartel.

What an interesting timing coincidence it is, then, that the former head of the Sinaloa Cartel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was convicted in a US federal court less than a month ago. His conviction and imprisonment provides a timely motivation for his cartel to retaliate against the US. And his cartel’s experience with narco-submarines and connection to Venezuela provides the links necessary for a compelling false-flag narrative.

The mainstream narrative of a narco-sub nuke attack on Mar-a-Lago would link together a vengeful drug cartel, an embattled Maduro, Yankee-hating Cubans, fed-up Iranians, and martyrdom-seeking Hezbollah terrorists. And the controlled alt-media / NWO narrative would have it orchestrated by the Sinaloa-allied CIA and enabled by “Deep State” operatives in the Mar-a-Lago security team.

The narrative of the attack itself would pin the assassination on “a North Korean nuclear warhead provided to Iran” that was sailed close to Mar-a-Lago inside a narco-sub or narco-torpedo (the latter being an underwater carrier that is towed behind a boat and then untethered at the proper spot).

And the “Deep State’s” scripted objectives in the attack would be…

  • to assassinate the “Deep State enemy” Trump so their boy Pence can take over in the US,
  • to assassinate the “traitor to the NWO” Xi so the West-friendly Li Keqiang can take over in China,
  • to alienate China from Iran and North Korea, and
  • to create a reason to go to war with Iran and North Korea.

The neocons outline their reasons for assassinating Trump and Xi

(7 March 2019) – To understand the narrative context in which the globalists would stage fake assassinations of Trump and Xi (and later Putin), let me take you on a guided tour of this article put out by the Hudson Institute, a Jewish neocon think tank

The article begins with the idea that “Russia isn’t interested in European integration,” but that is not how the NWO propagandists narrate it. They have been promoting the idea that Russia’s leadership is divided into two ideological camps…

>>> I have already explained many times in the past that the candidature of Putin to succeed [Y]Eltsin was a compromise reached between the Russian security services and Russian “big money” who pushed Medvedev as a counter-weight to Putin. I usually refer to the forces backing Putin as “Eurasian Sovereignists” and the forces backing Medvedev as “Atlantic Integrationists”. The goal of the former is to fully sovereignize Russia and make her a key element in a multi-polar but unified Eurasian continent while the goal of the latter is to be accepted by the AngloZionist Empire as an equal partner and to integrate Russia into the western power structures. – from “The Saker,” an NWO disinformation front <<<

According to this manufactured narrative, it is Putin who is leading Russia away from the Western-led (decoy) NWO and towards a Eurasian-led (real) NWO. So if Putin were to somehow die, Medvedev would take over the presidency and move Russia back towards integration with the West.

Here are some more excerpts from the Hudson Institute article…

>>> In the halls of the Kremlin these days, it’s all about China — and whether or not Moscow can convince Beijing to form an alliance against the West.

Russia’s obsession with a potential alliance with China was already obvious at the Valdai Discussion Club, an annual gathering of Russia’s biggest foreign policy minds, in 2017.

At their next meeting, late last year, the idea seemed to move from the speculative to something Russia wants to realize. And soon. <<<

So the neocons are narrating that a formal Russia-China alliance could happen soon, and this would bring together two supposed “traitors to the NWO,” Putin and Xi, in a combination that would end Western global leadership. Here is an excerpt from a previous writing on this subject…

A few years ago, though, globalist mouthpieces like Alex Jones began narrating a (fake) split between the Chinese and the “Western globalists”…

…from Infowars

In doing this, the alt-media disinformation agents attempted to establish the perception that “Xi Jinping is a traitor to the NWO,” just like they did for Putin…

…from Google

By establishing Xi as a supposed opponent of the “Western globalists,” the propagandists have essentially put him on the “globalist assassination list,” right alongside Putin and Trump. – from “Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars” (located in the Compendium).

Getting back to the Hudson article…

>>> Russia’s view of China has shifted significantly over the past five years. Moscow has abandoned any hope that the Chinese economy is an example it might emulate. Instead, foreign policy experts now talk of how Russia can use China to further its geopolitical goals.

There was no doubt at Valdai that China knows how to do economic growth, and that Russia does not. Russia’s elite — always so ready to resist any sign of Western hegemony — have no problem admitting China’s economic superiority. Their acceptance reminded me of the way Britain gave way to the United States as the world’s dominant economic power. <<<

This section of propaganda further verifies what I wrote back in 2016 about what would follow the climax of the Big Crisis…

…Putin would step up to restore global political order while his partner Xi steps up to restore global economic order.

And here is a final excerpt from the Hudson article…

>>> The thing to remember is that both countries are obsessed with overturning the American-led global order. They may have a long history of geopolitical rivalry — one that is sure to return once their goal is achieved and new poles emerge, pitting them against each other.

But they’ll cross that bridge when they get there, maybe in another 20 years or so. For now, Russia and China are essentially on the same side.

This alliance, if it becomes concrete, would overturn how we do global politics. Imagine an international crisis in which Russia and China suddenly emerge as a single bloc. The impact would be considerable, and to some extent unpredictable: Psychologically, in the mind of the West, it would combine the fear associated with Russia with the apparent invulnerability of China. Washington would feel under attack; Europe, intimidated and unsettled. <<<

So in this section, the neocons lay out the consequences of such a Russia-China alliance taking shape: Russia and China would together rule the world instead of the West. And since this alliance could supposedly happen soon, the “evil Western globalists” have to move quickly and decisively to stop it. That’s where this month’s planned Mar-a-Lago Summit comes in.

According to the script, if the “evil Western Establishment” were to assassinate both Xi and Trump, they could stop Xi from forming the alliance with Russia and stop Trump from bringing America into the new alliance. And with a separate assassination of Putin, they could finally put an end to meaningful resistance against the “Satanic Western Establishment.” The leaders left standing after those assassinations, Li Keqiang, Dmitry Medvedev, and Mike Pence, are all agents of the West who would help complete the evil Western-version NWO.

With the scripted motivations of all the players in this contrived drama now set before us, we can anticipate three possible outcomes to the Mar-a-Lago Summit…

Summit Outcome 1 – Trump and Xi strike a trade deal, and this agreement between them becomes the first in a series of agreements that allow Trump, Xi, and Putin to peacefully take down the “evil Western elite and their global network of minions.” If the globalist scriptwriters also add in a foiled assassination attempt at the Summit, Trump and Xi can immediately move on their enemies with mass arrests. Catching the “Deep State” in an attempt to murder the presidents of the US and China with a nuke would give Trump and Xi the public cover they need to completely vanquish their foes. Such an outcome would mark the end of the (first) “Great Tribulation.”

Summit Outcome 2 – Trump and Xi are assassinated, and Putin is assassinated a bit later. This would start the (first) Great Tribulation, during which the West would make their final push to establish their evil NWO. Trump, Xi, and Putin would later be “resurrected by the Godhead” to stop them.

Summit Outcome 3 – The globalists push the delay button once again and there is either no summit or no deal.

Notes from the Week of 25 February – March 3

> Watch for war in Syria or the fall of Erdogan (late this week or next week) – It looks like the war kickoff has been scheduled for the first week of March. That’s when a US shipment of arms for the Venezuelan opposition is scheduled to arrive in South America. Erdogan, who has complained about the US and EU’s arming of the Kurds, may be scripted to see the US arming of Maduro’s opponents as a provocation that demands retaliation in the form of the northeast Syria invasion. And when Erdogan makes that move, we can expect Syria and Russia to attack Idlib. This timing of the war tracks with Erdogan’s “Blue Homeland” military mobilization that is scheduled for February 27 – March 8.

In a Peace Path scripting, the Turkish military will balk at Erdogan’s order to make war against Syria, Russia, the EU, the US, the Kurds, and the Iranians. They will instead depose or “assassinate” Erdogan to save Turkey from destruction.

The globalists would be wise to pick the Peace Path scripting.

> Watch the Trump-Kim Summit – Given that Xi will not be in Vietnam during the Summit as previously planned, there is a reduced likelihood of an assassination show, but they may still stage an “attempted assassination.” News of the attempt could come out at the time of the Summit or in later “revelations.” They’ve already done this once before.

As for the outcome of the Summit, a Trump hard line and no deal would be in keeping with the sexual blackmail narrative I’ve talked about in recent entries. And a successful deal may later be attributed to cover provided for Trump by “Dark Overlord” 9/11 information releases.

(26 February 2019) – In the February 7 update, I wrote this…

Watch for the Mueller Report to Drop at the Middle or End of February

…Look for the report to be released either on the 15th or a few days before or on Monday the 25th. If it’s released in the February 11-15 timeframe, it will be narrated as “a Deep State effort to back Trump off of declaring a national emergency and building the wall”; if it’s released in the February 25-27 timeframe, it will be narrated as “a Deep State effort to distract Trump from the peace talks with Kim Jong Un and sabotage any deal.” The argument for collusion it’ll present will be quite a stretch, but it will be used to start the impeachment proceedings nonetheless. An assassination, suiciding, or successful impeachment and removal in late February or in March would be the prelude to the War Path.

As we later observed, they did indeed schedule the Report to be released this week, but then called it off on Friday. And in its stead, they have substituted this…

…from The Hill. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Michael Cohen is kicking off three straight days of Capitol Hill testimony on Tuesday, including a high-profile public appearance before a House committee that promises plenty of explosive moments as Democrats dig into investigations of his former boss, President Trump…

Cohen’s Capitol Hill tour is shaping up to be a significant distraction from Trump’s overseas trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, where he will seek to advance denuclearization discussions with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. <<<

So the globalists have scripted-in the expected “Deep State effort to distract Trump from the peace talks with Kim Jong Un and sabotage any deal.” And since Cohen is a witness of questionable credibility who will be testifying on Trump’s “criminal conduct while in office,” it will be as I expected: “The argument for collusion it’ll present will be quite a stretch, but it will be used to start the impeachment proceedings nonetheless.”

~ MORE ~

Looking at the collusion narrative from another level, there is a clear case to be made for collusion among Trump, Kushner, Chabad-Lubavitch, the Kabbalist oligarchs, the Russian government, and Putin. So by having all those links explored by “politically motivated” investigations and exposed by “non-credible witnesses,” the globalists are deftly discrediting the narrative in the eyes of the general public. This will help them defuse Trump and Putin’s pasts so they can be lifted up as “world saviors.” Later on when it’s time to paint them as Antichrists, the public will find out that the collusion narrative was right all along.

Here We Go Into March

(28 February 2019) – As we enter the potentially fateful month of March, we find the Pantheon of NWO Heroes (the Avatars) facing the prospect of imminent defeat or victory. It all depends on the scripting choices that are made…

> Trump, who is playing the role of either the Moshiach ben Josef or King Cyrus, was sabotaged in his peace effort at the Vietnam Summit, and he faces the prospect of impeachment over the testimony of Michael Cohen or assassination at his coming summit with Xi.

> Netanyahu, who may be the alternative Moshiach ben Josef, is now facing criminal charges and the potential loss of the Israeli election in April.

> Modi, who is playing the role of the Lord Kalki, is now in conflict with Pakistan and faces either assassination at the hands of “radical Islamists” or loss of the Indian election that starts in April (if India meets with embarrassment in the conflict).

> Xi, who is playing the role of the Lord Maitreya, faces embarrassment in the US trade negotiations and a potential assassination at Mar-a-Lago.

> Putin, who is playing the roles of the Moshiach ben David and Jesus, faces an assassination by “ISIS” that is aided and abetted by Erdogan and Medvedev.

And in the Peace Path alternative to all this, the script will have the Avatars move swiftly and forcefully on their enemies as those “evildoers” try to start the March wars.

Notes from the Week of February 18 – 24

What to watch for this week are FALSE-FLAG ATTACKS, with Monday in Los Angeles and Thursday-Sunday in Vatican City / Rome being the most likely ones. The Los Angeles one could happen any day this week or in the coming weeks, but the Vatican one is definitely planned for the February 21-24 Conclave. If we can deter the Vatican attack and get away with just a Papal resignation, it will be a great victory.

(17 February 2019) – It should also be noted that this Presidents Day weekend we’re in has some creepy parallels to MLK weekend last month…

…Back on that weekend, they had arranged for Trump to make a big border announcement on Saturday the 19th, and had he done the emergency declaration then, it was scripted to lead to riots on MLK day (Monday the 21st). Also, Congress was scheduled to be in recess for the week starting Monday the 21st; likewise, they are in recess for this week starting Monday the 18th. Here is what I wrote back then…

(15 January 2019) – Well it looks like we’ll have to add the week of January 20-26 to the list of times to watch for mischief (such as a Trump assassination, mass arrests, a convulsion of domestic unrest, a fake EMP, or something along those lines)…

> January 21 – MLK Day – Keep an eye out for an event or announcement that would enrage the celebrants out on the streets that day [a January 19 border emergency announcement would have done this]. All the government need do is plant a few agents in the crowds to get the mischief going, then let opportunists among the crowds join in to create full-blown riots.

So in addition to the L.A. false-flag, we have to watch for a high probability of riots and a relatively low probability of a Trump assassination, mass arrests, and/or a fake EMP attack this week.

“ISIS” and “Iranian” false-flags are also in play for Europe this week…

…from the Wall Street Journal. Here is a key excerpt…

>>> European officials brushed off U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s calls during a
diplomatic trip to the continent this week to ratchet up pressure on Iran, saying they will
continue defending the 2015 nuclear deal and stay engaged with Iran’s government

German Chancellor Angela Merkel set out a starkly different vision from the vice president,
urging greater European and multilateral cooperation and raising questions about recent U.S. decisions like the planned drawdown of troops from Syria. <<<

Looking at this from the perspective of the globalist script…

The first paragraph outlines the motivation for the “Zionists” to conduct their ballistic missile false-flag against Europe, which is meant to turn Europe against Iran. And just like the US JSOC conducted exercises last week to prepare for the L.A. false-flag, the Israel Defense Forces conducted exercises last week for the invasion of Lebanon (which would happen after “Iran” fires ballistic missiles from there).

The second paragraph outlines the motivation for the EU’s “Satanist” leaders to carry out ISIS false-flags in Europe, which they’ll use to pressure Trump to stay in Syria: “Do you see now, Donald?! They still have the strength to strike us all!” It should be noted that globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn has previously mentioned a prophecy in which the Pope is killed by ISIS soldiers. The prophecy comes from the “Third Secret of Fatima.” So in addition to the ballistic missile and engineered volcanic eruption threats to the Vatican Conclave on the 21-24, there is an ISIS threat too. The globalists intend for Pope Francis to be “killed” or to resign this week.

This week may go down in history as “The Week of the False-Flags.” Will exposure be enough to prevent them, or did the border emergency declaration signal their commitment to follow through no matter what?

Erdogan’s Path to War Next Week

(19 February 2019) – As I did my morning infoscan, I came across rhetoric from Erdogan that suggests he’s right on schedule to start his war next week, so it’s possible the globalists could use the L.A. false-flag as a trigger to set it off. Under such a scenario…

the L.A. “ISIS” attack
…would lead to…
everyone pressuring Trump to cancel or suspend the US troop withdrawal from Syria
…which could lead to…
Trump announcing he’ll temporarily pause the withdrawal
…which would lead to…
Erdogan ordering the commencement of the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

According to the script, Erdogan has been holding back his invasion to give Trump time to withdraw US troops. So if Trump announces another delay, Erdogan will supposedly be infuriated and green-light the operation. And as I’ve previously warned, that will likely take place on or after February 27 (next Wednesday).

Have a look at what came out in the Turkish press today…

…from the Daily Sabah. Here is an excerpt…

>>> President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made it clear Monday that Turkey will completely root out the People’s Protection Units (YPG) – the PKK terrorist group’s Syrian affiliate – east of the Euphrates River. Emphasizing that this is a matter of survival for the country during a local election rally in southwestern Burdur province, Erdogan said, “We will inflict a heavy blow to this terrorist organization tomorrow, if not today.” He underlined that a military operation to clear its southern border region of terrorists will take place soon. Criticizing the U.S. for its stance against Turkish military operations in the region, Erdogan added that as a neighboring country to Syria, Turkey has every right to intervene in the region to maintain its border security. <<<

So Erdogan is threatening an imminent Turkish invasion just as this is approaching…

…from Ahval. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkey’s navy is preparing to hold its biggest ever exercises in a show of military muscle-flexing amid increasing territorial tensions with neighbouring Greece and the divided island of Cyprus, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

Dubbed the “Blue Homeland,” the drills will see frigates and destroyers deployed to the Black Sea, the Aegean and the Mediterranean, where they will be joined by warplanes and army units between Feb. 27 and March 8, Anadolu said.

The drills arrive as Ankara is planning to dispatch a second drilling ship to areas around Cyprus later in February. <<<

From the looks of it, “Blue Homeland” is cover for a full mobilization of the Turkish armed forces. The Turkish Navy will be deployed in all the waters surrounding Turkey, and their positioning in the Mediterranean off Cyprus can block UK air support missions from flying out of their base there.

So February 27 – March 8 is the Turkish War window. Erdogan will either start a war with everyone in the region or the mobilized Turkish military will topple Erdogan. You can read more about this in The Super Bowl State of the Union & Things to Watch in February entry further down this page. The stuff about Erdogan is in the “Things to Watch” section.

The February 21-24 Vatican Conclave: The Gateway to the Great Tribulation

(20 February 2019) – It never ceases to amaze me how the right information comes to me at the right time. Sometimes, I already know certain information is out there, and I just have to do a search or two to find it; other times, I find myself blindly clicking through links until I stumble upon something important. What I found this morning was a combination of the two methods: it’s some preparatory propaganda that was laid out by Tom Horn in preparation for the aborted 2016 prophecy fulfillment show. In this passage, he’s talking about the “End Times” beliefs of ISIS (with my comments interspersed with his quotes)…

>>> So, now, the Caliphate [ISIS] sweeps around the world, but then the Dajjal — their version of the Antichrist — shows up on the world. And he starts making war against the righteous army of the Islamic State and he’s successful. <<<

In ISIS’ belief system, their End Times battle was supposed to take place in Dabiq, Syria. And can you guess who made war on them there and defeated them? – Yep, it was Erdogan, whom I’ve long identified as playing the Dajjal in the prophecy fulfillment show…

…from CBS News

So this part of the narrative has already been fulfilled. And the next part is currently scheduled to be fulfilled next month (March)…

>>> And finally he [the Dajjal/Erdogan] kills enough of them that they get all the way down to 5,000 of them are left. They’re cornered in Jerusalem, right,… <<<

As I’ve previously warned, the globalists have slated Al-Aqsa Mosque for destruction so the Third Temple can be built in its place, and this prophecy narrative tells us how it might be accomplished: by urban combat on the Temple Mount between the IDF and a 5,000-man ISIS army.

But how could ISIS infiltrate 5,000 men into Jerusalem? – Under Turkish cover and with Chabad / Mossad complicity, that’s how…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkish Islamic associations have lately been sponsoring activities and trips for thousands of people in East Jerusalem, the paper reported, and had a strong presence in protests around the Temple Mount.

Diplomats told Haaretz that Jordan began expressing its concern to Jerusalem over a year ago and accused the government of “being asleep at the wheel.” The Jordanians claimed that after Israel signed a reconciliation deal with Turkey in 2016 it was afraid of confrontation with Erdogan. <<<

So thousands of people have been streaming into Jerusalem under cover of Turkish passports, and it isn’t that the Israeli government has been “asleep at the wheel,” it’s that Chabad and the Mossad want ISIS in Jerusalem to do the demolition on the Temple Mount.

And that brings us to the endgame. In this portion of the passage, I’ll add the names of the actors playing the characters in brackets…

>>> …and that’s when Isa – Jesus – [Putin] returns, he spears the Dajjal [Erdogan], and then he becomes the assistant or whatever, maybe the false prophet. In our eschatology, we might say he’s the false prophet because he’s the assistant to the Mahdi [Soleimani], who is their version of their Messiah, and we might call — guys like Joel Richardson would say this is the Islamic Antichrist. <<<

Horn is being slightly misleading in this part, because he know that Putin will not be the assistant to Soleimani, but his peer. And Putin will be considered “the first among equals” of the globalist religious Avatars / Antichrists.

So now that we’ve seen this information pointing to a War Path transition into the NWO, let me show you some things that point to a potential Peace Path.

It all began with a supposed dustup between Netanyahu and Chabad over the invasion of the Gaza Strip last November. Here are some sections from my 18 & 20 November updates that talk about it…

(18 November 2018) – It looks like the globalists have scripted the fall of Netanyahu at the hands of the Chabad-Lubavitch messianic cult. The cult is basically threatening to take down his government if he doesn’t give them back the defense ministry and let them start the End Times war to bring in their “Jewish Messiah.” So it looks like the globalists are scripting Netanyahu as a “good guy” / “voice of reason” whose political fall leads to Israel’s disastrous descent into war. And If he gets taken down before the G20, they might proceed with more takedowns there.

Here are the basics of the situation…

Israel’s Chabad-connected defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, resigned his position because Netanyahu supposedly blocked his invasion of Gaza. And when he resigned, his political party pulled out of Netanyahu’s governing coalition, leaving it within one seat of failing. Now another political party in the coalition is threatening to leave if Netanyahu doesn’t name one of its members, Naftali Bennett, as the new defense minister…

…from Israel National News

There’s just one problem: Bennett is also a Chabadnik…

…from Israel National News

So far, Netanyahu has refused their demands, so they are threatening to take down his government tomorrow and trigger a snap election. This could potentially lead to a more aggressive government that will start Chabad’s desired End Times war.

(20 November 2018) – According to the future official narrative of the multilateral NWO, the reported killing of Khashoggi was arranged by the US Deep State, the Saudi Deep State, and Turkey’s Erdogan. They will say, “Like Trump, MBS was a reformer who found himself surrounded by Deep State agents, even in his own protective detail. So the Saudi Deep State had some of their agents in his protective detail participate in the killing in order to frame MBS for ordering it.”

With that in mind, it appears that MBS will be one of the multilateral NWO’s future heroes. This is confirmed by the fact that future hero Trump supports him and future hero Putin supports him too. And as of the beginning of this month, Netanyahu is also supporting him…

>>> Israel is concerned that the international pressure on Saudi Arabia over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents will destabilize the Sunni kingdom and the Middle East as whole, Senior Israeli officials tell me.

Why it matters: Until today [November 1], Israel refrained from commenting about the crisis publicly. This statement by the senior Israeli officials is very rare and shows Israel is nervous over the reaction of Western countries, including the U.S. The reason is that in the last few years, Saudi Arabia, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has become a staunch secret ally of the government in Jerusalem against Iran. — from Axios <<<

Given Netanyahu’s support of MBS and the particular scripting of the recent Chabad coup, Netanyahu is apparently being added to the pantheon of NWO heroes, and this means I’ll have to start looking for evidence that they might be substituting him for Trump as the “Moshiach ben Yosef,” while switching Trump to the “Cyrus the Great” role.

Since that time, this has also happened…

…from the Daily Sabah. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Jerusalem, where sacred Muslim sites like Al-Aqsa and the Haram al-Sharif are located, has long been popular among Turkish visitors and a call by Ankara encouraging more Turks to visit Jerusalem after the controversial U.S. decision to relocate its embassy to the city, led to a surge in the number of Turks going there. Yet, this display of solidarity with Palestinians, who claim east Jerusalem is occupied by Israel angered Tel Aviv, Turkish activists say, leading to travel restrictions. Turkey’s firm stance in support of the Palestinian cause led to a rapid deterioration in relations between the two countries which had briefly improved in recent years. <<<

If the globalists decide to script Netanyahu as the Moshiach ben Yosef who saves us from the “evil plans of the Lubavitchers,” it will be said that this restriction of Turkish visitors was his effort to derail the planned ISIS attack on the Temple Mount.

And another thing that has started to make the rounds just recently is the idea that the Trump Middle East peace plan will give Saudi Arabia stewardship of the Temple Mount in exchange for a peaceful sharing of it among the Abrahamic religions.

So the ingredients are there for a Peace Path fulfillment if the globalists opt for it.

On a couple of related notes, if the globalists go ahead with the destruction of Vatican City, we might see the first operational use of their sequestered volumetric projection technology. They may use it to project the image of an angel with a flaming sword and the Mother Mary to make the event look truly religious. You can read more about volumetric projection in The UFO/ET Con.

Also, if they include the ISIS angle in the Rome attack, it could be used to trigger Trump’s Syria withdrawal pause and Erdogan’s invasion. Any high-profile ISIS attack, be it in Los Angeles, Rome or some other place, will do fine for triggering the war.

(20 February 2019) – Here’s something we knew was coming: Justice Department preparing for Mueller report as early as next week. Watch for someone to leak the report to the press before Trump leaves for Vietnam.

Have a look at this: I ran across a large trove of information about the connections among Trump, Putin, the Lubavitchers, and Russian organized crime in the following article: DONALD TRUMP, CHABAD-LUBAVITCH AND THE OLIGARCHS. In offering this link, I’m not endorsing the site, its narrative, or even the article; I am, however, recommending that you evaluate the individual elements of information and the many supporting links it contains.

False Flag Alert (21 February 2019) – The USS Stennis false-flag may now be planned for the USS Kearsarge instead. Iran will hold a large, 3-day naval exercise starting tomorrow, February 22

…from France24. Take note of the picture: it shows Iranian boats firing missiles at a mockup of a US aircraft carrier. Not very subtle, is it?

According to the latest information I can find, the Stennis has left the Persian Gulf and is currently in the South China Sea (presumably to take a position near Vietnam to cover Trump’s visit there next week). But another type of aircraft carrier, the USS Kearsarge, docked in Manama, Bahrain on the 19th (and it is carrying the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit). So keep an eye on the Kearsarge starting tomorrow. The Israelis could false-flag it while it’s underway or in port (like the USS Cole).

Just four days ago, Iran unveiled a new sub capable of launching cruise missiles from a submerged position, so the attack could come from an Israeli sub and cruise missile.

Weekend Watch (Feb 22-24) & Trump’s Sexual Blackmail

(22 February 2019) – Here are some developments worth noting:

> In keeping with the false-flag scenario I outlined yesterday, the press are narrating that Iran will be testing their new submarine-launched cruise missile capability during their naval exercise…

…from Reuters

I’ve been unable to locate any information on where the USS Kearsarge is right now. It pulled into Manama on Tuesday, so will it be leaving today or during the weekend? The ship carries close to 3,000 people (Marines + crew), so its sinking would be a 9/11-scale mass casualty event.

> Guaido and Maduro are heading for a showdown tomorrow over an aid convoy. If there is bloodshed, will the Vatican dispatch Pietro Parolin for an emergency visit? It isn’t necessary that they move Parolin out of Rome before any attempted attack; they can always claim he was in a part of the Vatican that afforded him protection from whatever might happen. But having him go to Venezuela for an emergency would give the appearance of “divine intervention” in keeping him safe.

> The Trump administration just announced that they’ll be leaving 200 US troops in Syria to stand between the Turks and the Kurds…

…from Kurdistan 24

Trump reportedly did this after talking to Erdogan, but it is doubtful that Erdogan is pleased. This sets the stage for Erdogan to say “fu*k it” and order the invasion, and for the US to be pulled into the conflict. That being the case, it also opens the way for Erdogan to seize the American side of Incirlik Air Base in Turkey…

…from Yeni Safak

Holding American servicemen and nukes hostage would give Erdogan a bargaining chip in preventing a US military response to the invasion.

This weekend, the 23rd and 24th, will be one to watch (so we will). Let’s hope it’s uneventful.

~ MORE ~

Erdogan has been very vocal in support of Maduro. So if there is bloodshed or an American military intervention in Venezuela, will that be what triggers Erdogan to act?

(22 February 2019) – Food for thought: You may have heard today that Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution at a Chinese-run “massage parlor” just 22 miles by car from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Could interrogation of the madame who runs the parlor reveal another billionaire customer who used to use her services? Could this news have anything to do with Trump’s sudden decision to keep 200 troops in Syria? Could Chinese intelligence have a connection with this human trafficking ring that has connections in China and New York? Could the Chinese be sending a message to Trump to cave to their trade demands when Xi visits him in Mar-a-Lago next month?

Interesting questions, no?

Oh, and have a look at this…

…from Business Insider

Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail over his sexual past could be a winning argument in declaring him “unfit for office” under the 25th Amendment, couldn’t it?

~ MORE ~

On the same day Trump “gives the neocons what they want in Syria,” we hear news that the Mueller report won’t come out next week, AND the “bigger name than Robert Kraft” that was snared in the Florida prostitution case has remained unrevealed. This all tracks with the globalists scripting a blackmailing of Trump.

Also, the number of US troops to remain in Syria has now grown to 400, with the other 200 apparently staying in al-Tanf. So according to the script, Trump pissed off both the Turks and Iranians with his reversal.

On the positive side of this, it is no longer necessary for the globalists to script-in “a Deep State false-flag to force Trump to keep troops in Syria.” The blackmail scripting has already done the deed.

(23 February 2019) – Well we can add another looming false-flag to the list: an “Iranian” cyberattack…

…from Yahoo News / AFP. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Key parts of the internet infrastructure face large-scale attacks that threaten the global system of web traffic, the internet’s address keeper warned Friday…

ICANN specialists and others say these attacks have a potential to snoop on data along the way, sneakily send the traffic elsewhere or enable the attackers to impersonate or “spoof” critical websites…

“There is evidence that it is coming out of Iran and being done in support of Iran.” <<<

And getting back to the possible sexual blackmail of Trump, details of the Florida sex spa bust made the press on Wednesday. Trump then reportedly made his Syria troop decision the following evening on Thursday. And on Friday, some of the names of the johns hit the press, while other names were withheld. Was there a price for withholding Trump’s name, or was there a threat that his name will come up later in the testimonies of the sex trafficking ring’s members?

~ MORE ~

Here’s a possibly-related twist: Dark Overlord, the NSA hacker front that is supposedly a Trump-allied “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” group releasing 9/11 Truth, published the encryption key to Level 3 (of 5) of its information on the 21st. This was the day after the sex spa bust details came out in the media. Will the NWO narrative say that Level 3’s release was retaliation for the “evil Deep State’s” sexual blackmail of Trump? Is it the reason the “evil Deep State” backed off on releasing the Mueller report next week? Will Level 4 be released if the “evil Deep State” tries to tie Trump to the sex spa scandal?

(24 February 2019) – The globalists have concluded the Vatican Conclave without destroying Rome. This was a prudent move on their part.

They have also scripted the continued presence of US troops in Syria without the bloodshed of a false-flag. That too was a prudent move on their part.

Now this is the decision they face in the coming week: to script Erdogan’s invasion of northeast Syria OR his fall in a bloodless military coup or faked assassination.

It would be prudent for them to script his fall.

(24 February 2019) – Just a few days after the Chinese sex spa bust near Mar-a-Lago, Trump has caved to China in the trade negotiations. It’s more evidence for the Trump sexual blackmail narrative.

It will be interesting to see what Trump does in Vietnam. If he takes a hard line with Kim Jong Un and fails to reach an agreement, it may be attributed to the blackmail. But if he reaches a deal, it may be attributed to his “Dark Overlord” hacker backers. If any news of a prominent “Deep Stater” involved in 9/11-related improprieties emerges in the next few days, we may see the latter.

Details of the planned false-flag attack in Los Angeles


Speaking of false-flags, did you catch this on Drudge today…

This “ISIS” threat is coming on the heels of the border emergency declaration and this news from last week: Military exercises rattling nerves around LA. So very conspicuous military exercises were held in advance of this potential false-flag.

It looks like the globalists might have the “evil Deep State” false-flag Los Angeles and blame it on ISIS, with the apparent motive of forcing Trump to stay in Syria. There might even be an “ISIS crossed the unwalled border” angle to it. And they’re being very obvious on the setup for this one so the public will catch on quickly that this was in fact a false-flag.

I’ll lay out all the angles as soon as I think them all through, but this incident is most likely intended to make the “Deep State” versus Trump conflict look real and make the Democrats look like they really are jeopardizing national security in trying to stop the border wall. There’s also the potential that they’re scripting a “Deep State” framing of Trump, saying that he ordered the false-flag to justify his border emergency declaration, thus setting the stage for impeachment and removal.

ALERT (16 February 2019) – It was the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) that held the exercises in Los Angeles last week, and after sorting through all the preparatory propaganda reports in the media, I’ve figured out what they’re doing…

The globalists’ controlled alt-media narrative will state that Generals Joseph Votel and Raymond (Tony) Thomas III were responsible for the Pentagon’s part in arranging the “ISIS” false-flag in Los Angeles. General Votel is the former commander of JSOC and the current commander of CENTCOM (America’s military forces in the Middle East). His US Military Academy classmate, General Thomas, is the current commander of JSOC and has CIA ties…

>>> After commanding all US and NATO SOF units in Afghanistan Thomas was promoted to lieutenant general and was reassigned the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia where he served as the Associate Director of the Central Intelligence Agency for Military Affairs. In August 2014, Thomas replaced Joseph Votel as the commander of Joint Special Operations Command.” – from Wikipedia <<<

General Votel has come out in opposition to Trump’s withdrawal from Syria, as has General Thomas. So the narrative will state that the CIA and these two generals orchestrated the ISIS attack in order to stop Trump from pulling out.

As for how they’ll do it, the narrative will likely say, “The CIA and the corrupted elements of JSOC moved the ISIS terror squad from Syria to Iraq and then flew them to Central America. From there, the CIA’s drug cartel partners helped smuggle them across the border into California.” So the JSOC will both bring in the terrorists and fight them; that’s why they were practicing to fight them last week. Narrating it this way gives the globalists the added benefit of making the Democrats/Leftists look like idiots for opposing Trump on the border wall.

~ MORE ~

Speaking of idiots, these are some of the people and institutions that will be eating crow after the false-flag (if the globalists include the “ISIS crossed the unwalled border” element in the narrative)…

> Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the “Green New Deal” leftist firebrand who is spearheading the effort to stop the border wall…

…from Google

> Beto O’Rourke, the wall-opposing Democrat empty suit who famously said “walls don’t save lives” and “precisely zero terrorists or terrorist organizations have ever used the border to attack a single American.”

> California Governor Gavin Newsom, who did this on February 11th…

…from CNBC

If the post-attack “investigation” tracks the ISIS cell’s movements back to the Mexico-California border, don’t be surprised if it finds that they crossed in the area from which Governor Newsom withdrew troops. That’s probably why his globalist handlers ordered him to do it.

> The Mainstream Media, who have pilloried Trump for claiming that the open border is a security threat. Just look at all these negative stories…

…from Google News

(17 February 2019) – My sense is that the L.A. false-flag is planned for Monday, Presidents Day, and may target the people who are out on the streets protesting the border wall…

…from the Drudge Report

That the protesters (or crisis actors) will “die” protesting the wall that would have saved them is proof the globalist plotters are not without an ironic sense of humor.

Here is a preparatory propaganda piece from the Daily Mail that foreshadows what they have planned…

…So let’s break it down and see what it has to show us…

The article begins by talking about the particulars of the threat “ISIS” posted, and it mentions the name and location of the building featured in the threat graphic…

>>> The explosion takes place on top of the Aon Center, the 62-story tower at 707 Wilshire Boulevard in the city’s financial district. <<<

I found it peculiar that both the articles I’d seen on the subject featured this very specific information, and the four things I bolded really caught my attention: financial, aon, 62, and 707. Another thing that caught my attention was the date the article was posted: it’s the same day the Dow rose by 444 points. Since it’s doubtful that “ISIS” would strike the specific building featured in their graphic (anti-terror forces would be waiting for them there), the idea struck me that globalist symbolism and numerology were being featured.

Upon searching for words corresponding to the numbers 62, 707, and 444 in Kabbalah-related Jewish gematria, I found an overlap: 62 can mean “flame,” 707 can mean “phoenix rising,” and 444 can mean “rise up.” So the burning building in the “ISIS” graphic may symbolize “a financial aeon in flame” / “the end of a financial age” which starts the “phoenix rising” (the phoenix being the NWO financial system). If the globalists follow through with everything they have planned for the rest of February and March, we’ll certainly see the end of the current financial system, and the L.A. false-flag could be the start of the conflagration.

So is this what they were signaling last Friday? Who the hell knows… it’s all gypsy bullsh*t anyway. But I thought it worthy of mention.

The Daily Mail article goes on to foreshadow an attack where high numbers of people have gathered…

>>> Authorities there claimed that they need to focus more on lesser-known gathering places where a few terrorists could carry out a devastating attack.

‘Iconic and symbolic targets are not as high on terrorists’ priority list as killing high numbers of people,’ said Michael Downing, the LAPD’s anti-terrorism deputy chief previously told the Los Angeles Times. <<<

A high number of people will be gathered for the anti-wall protests tomorrow, won’t they? Many of them will be paid “activists” / actors from Soros-funded groups. And in L.A., there is no shortage of hungry actors and special effects people (many of whom are Satanists or secret society members who can keep a secret) to put on a good terror attack show. If they use crisis actors — and they probably will — they’ll set them up in either their own protest zone or in specific section of a larger protest. They’ll then have the “ISIS” actors attack that zone or section, sending everyone who isn’t in on the plot running in all directions.

The article then closes by tying the pending attack to Trump’s withdrawal from Syria…

>>> The top U.S. general in the Middle East said this week that he would have counseled President Trump against pulling forces out of Syria had the president consulted him in advance – and that the terror group is not yet defeated.

Gen. Joseph Votel, an Army four-star who heads U.S. Central Command, made comments that were at odds with Trump’s December assertion that the U.S. and its allies had ‘defeated ISIS’ in Syria.

‘When I say, “we have defeated them,” I want to ensure that means they do not have the capability to plot or direct attacks against the U.S. or our allies,’ Votel told CNN. <<<

So the script has General Votel helping carry out the false-flag to demonstrate that ISIS supposedly retains “the capability to plot or direct attacks against the U.S.”, thus establishing the need to remain in Syria.

The Propaganda Lead-In to Israel’s False Flag Attacks

(14 February 2019) – Look at what showed up on Drudge this morning…

…It’s a whole section setting up the Israeli false-flag attack on the USS Stennis.

Following the green link led me to this Reuters article

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed the United States and its regional allies on Thursday for a suicide bombing in southeastern Iran that killed 27 members of the country’s elite Revolutionary Guards, Iranian state TV reported…

“There is a link between this crime … and some regional and international spying and intelligence agencies,” TV quoted Iran’s top authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as saying.

Khamenei ordered immediate action against those responsible for the attack. <<<

Since Iran is blaming the US for the attack and Khamenei has ordered “immediate action against those responsible,” the Israelis now have cover to strike the US and blame it on “Iran’s retaliation” and Khamenei’s boy, Qasem Soleimani.

Following the red link led me to this CNN article

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> Iran is in possession of improved and dangerous weapons systems that give Tehran the ability to threaten some of the world’s most important waterways, according to the top American admiral in the Middle East.

“They have a growing capability in cruise missiles, they have a growing capability in ballistic missiles, they have a growing capability in unmanned surface systems, all these things that we watch that are offensive, and destabilizing in nature,” Vice Adm. James Malloy, the commander of US Naval Forces Central Command, told a small group of reporters in Bahrain on Wednesday…

The US assesses that Iran is in the early stages of deploying the S-300 system. <<<

So here is a US admiral subtly foreshadowing an Iranian naval attack using the same methods I’ve warned about (thus setting the stage for Israel to do it and blame Iran), but the sentence about the deployment of the S-300 system is the real stick of dynamite in the article.

A limited number of Russian-made S-300 launchers were already deployed in Iran last year, so the article is actually referring to the supposedly ongoing wide deployment of Iran’s upgraded clone of the S-300 system, the Bavar-373. Here is an Iranian article giving the date that the system will supposedly become operational…

…from the Mehr News Agency

According to the script, then, Iran’s skies will become much harder to penetrate by March 20, so “Israel and the US will need to strike before that system is fully operational.” As I’ve always said, though, Iran’s leaders work for the globalists just like Israel’s do. And the globalists keep recycling the same basic script every year in hopes of slipping it past us. Here are the Iranians setting up the same action deadline for last year’s run at things…

…from PressTV

Same story, different years. It just goes to show what a farce this all is. But since it’s a farce that will kill a lot of people, it’s necessary to expose it. To fulfill my tiny part in all this, I worked my tail off in early 2018 to expose that year’s January-March setup, and they punted. Let’s hope for the same outcome this year. And let’s see how many years they’ll chase their own tails before finally realizing their plan is dead as a doornail.

Bernie’s getting stiffer and smellier by the minute…

…Give it up, dillholes.

~ MORE ~

I’ve run across some interesting things about the commander of the US naval forces in the Middle East, Vice Admiral James Malloy…

1) He took command after the rumored suiciding of his predecessor, who was supposedly opposed to the Pentagon’s false-flag plans (according to the controlled alt-media)…

…from The Millennium Report

This particular report was sourced/attributed to Robert David Steele, a self-described “former” CIA operative who acts as an “insider source” for all the sold-out elements of the alternative media. He helps support the Evil West / Benevolent East paradigm the globalists are selling in advance of the NWO rollout, so his exposure of this information indicates that the globalists want the public to see the “Zionist hand” behind the coming naval false-flag.

2) He took command on December 7, 2018, the 77th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. And since Pearl Harbor was a sneak attack that started America’s involvement in the Second World War, the symbolism of his command date suggests that a sneak attack under his watch will start America’s involvement in the Third World War.

3) He got his Master’s Degree in Emergency and Disaster Management from a Jewish university, which hints at his future role in managing a disaster and points to possible Jewish and/or Catholic ties. Such ties are prevalent among the senior globalist conspirators.

4) He was featured in a photo with supposed “Deep State” plant Mike Pompeo in this article about the ongoing “war on Iran conference” in Warsaw

…Just look at those sh*t-eating grins! Does it look like they know a secret?

5) He was the admiral featured in the CNN article earlier in this entry — the one that subtly hinted at an Iranian naval attack. And he specifically mentioned Iran’s “growing capability in unmanned surface systems,” which mirrors the “Israeli Navy simulating an Iranian patrol boat missile attack on a US naval vessel” concept mentioned in Steele’s article.

So what are we seeing here, you ask? – We’re seeing the mainstream media doing preparatory propaganda for an “Iranian attack” on a US Navy ship and the controlled alternative media doing preparatory propaganda to point out that the “Iranian attack” is actually an Israeli false-flag.

As I’ve said many times before, the globalists want Israel to be blamed for the attack (at the right time) because it will be used to trigger Chabad’s Gog-Magog invasion of Israel. And that invasion will allow the globalists to roll out the global saviors, whose names are featured on Robert David Steele’s personal ego-service page

What we wait to see now is whether the globalists script Netanyahu as helping these plots, saving us from them, or dying from them himself. His role will be an indicator of how bad it will get.

Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned
Missile Attack on Europe

(13 February 2019) – The more I think about Israel’s recently-concluded Operation Northern Shield, the more I see it as a ploy to seal the tunnels the Israel Defense Forces dug into Lebanon. After tunneling into Lebanon and hollowing-out underground missile launch silos (and then claiming Hezbollah has such facilities in Lebanon), the Israelis have taken care to cover up the evidence in advance of their planned false-flag strike on Europe (to be blamed on Hezbollah and Iran’s Qasem Soleimani). So keep an eye out for anything in the media that narrates tension between Soleimani / Hezbollah and Italy / Rome / the Vatican / the Pope. Such news would set the scripted motivation for Soleimani’s supposed strike. Any warheads falling on Rome would come from either this source or Erdogan’s Turkey.

Back on December 10, I issued an alert for an imminent Mossad false-flag in Europe based on the fact that the EU was trying to launch an alternative payment system / Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for Iran by the end of 2018. Well look at what happened a week ago…

…from Modern Diplomacy

So according to the script, doing a false-flag against Rome in a week or so would serve four Israeli purposes…

  1. it would outrage Europe against Iran, thereby stopping the new SPV before it fully kicks-in,
  2. it would punish Pope Francis for promoting the Western nuclear deal with Iran,
  3. it would serve as sweet revenge for Rome’s crimes against the ancient Jews, and
  4. it would fulfill a major “End Times” prophecy the Kabbalists have been promoting.

By the way, here is a historical reason for Soleimani to want to conquer the Vatican in the heart of the Christian World

In his speech Soleimani made the case that the crusades between Islam and the West continues and Iran is leading the crusade to liberate the Islamic nation:

“Since the fall of Andalusia in 1492, the Islamic world continued to decline. During this period of decline, the Ottoman Empire, as a vast Islamic empire that included much of the Islamic world collapsed, and Britain and France fragmented it and divided among themselves

This decline of the Islamic world reached the point zero with the fall of Jerusalem in 1967. The Jews conquered the Quds in the heart of the Islamic world.

But with the victory of the Islamic Revolution under the leadership of Imam Khomein in 1979 the decline of the Islamic world stopped, and since then, the trend has turned upward and the rise of the Islamic world has begun. Since our revolution, we have witnessed new developments that confirms this upward trend, like the Hezbollah war against Israel in 2006 and the war in Gaza in 2009.” – from the Iranian American Forum

Given the cordial relations between Pope Francis and Iranian President Rouhani and the Western media-narrated power struggle between Rouhani’s “moderates” and Soleimani’s “extremists,” the false-flaggers may claim that “Soleimani’s attack on Rome was an effort to end the Iranian government’s flirtation with the Crusaders and bring on the inevitable final conflict to free the Islamic nation.” Should Rouhani be killed in Sochi tomorrow, it would only add credence to such a narrative.

Here is a previous writing on the Israeli tunnels into Lebanon…

(11 December 2018) – As for the other option of firing ground-launched ballistic missiles from Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon or Iran, that would be more problematic, but doable. A short-range ballistic missile could be smuggled into those nations in a cargo container (the Israelis have developed and currently sell such container-borne missiles). And a medium-range missile could conceivably be brought across Yemen and/or Iraq’s border with Saudi Arabia by the Saudi and US militaries. To get a medium-ranger into Iran, though, would be risky without inside help, and to get one into Lebanon would likely involve digging a tunnel from Israel into Lebanon and moving a Jericho II missile through it to an underground silo.

On the matter of Israeli tunnel-digging into Lebanon, have a look at what this article from The Times of Israel says…

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> As far back as 2014, residents of northern towns raised the alarm regarding the possibility of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group tunneling below the border to carry out attacks…

Manelis told Army Radio that the tunnels identified by the IDF were not necessarily located in areas where residents had complained of noise.

“Hezbollah tunnels are not an immediate threat, and we have ruled out the existence of tunnels in places where residents reported digging noise — the location of the tunnels does not necessarily coincide with the complaints of the civilians,” he said.

The attack tunnels were long rumored to have been dug from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory by the Iran-backed terror group, but Israeli defense officials repeatedly either denied their existence or refused to discuss the matter.

MK Itzik Shmuli of the opposition Zionist Union faction tweeted Tuesday that “it is amazing that those who mocked the residents’ reports of excavation noise are now telling us with a straight face that it is a serious and concrete threat.”

In 2014, residents of the town of Zarit were so concerned by the noise and what they perceived to be inaction from the IDF after they submitted complaints that they announced their intention to start an independent digging operation, saying they would coordinate any finds with the IDF. <<<

As you can see, northern Israelis heard tunneling noises under their homes as far back as 2014, but the IDF “denied their existence,” “refused to discuss the matter,” and “mocked the residents’ report of excavation noise.” So why would the IDF respond in such a manner?…


To maintain the coverup, the IDF are now putting on a show (Operation Northern Shield) of looking for Hezbollah tunnels in an area away from where people were hearing the excavation noises. They wouldn’t want to dig up their own tunnels, now, would they?

Here’s another article that unintentionally sheds light on the subject…

…from Israel Today

>>> The operation against Hezbollah was launched hours after Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benyamin Netanyahu met US Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo in Brussels, Belgium where he discussed “a list of developments in the region” with the Secretary.

One of these developments is Iran’s increasing belligerent activity in Lebanon where it has built underground missile facilities which manufacture guided ballistic missiles…

The Americans are training and equipping 30.000 men of the Syrian Democratic Forces who will confront the Quds Force and Iranian-backed Shiite militias in northern and eastern Syria while the U.S. uses local Iraqi Sunni militias against the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi umbrella organization of predominantly Shiite militias in northern Iraq. <<<

So by saying that Iran and Hezbollah have built underground missile facilities in Lebanon, the media are preparing people to believe that any ballistic missiles fired from hidden underground silos there are Iran and Hezbollah’s. And an American / SDF attack on the Quds Force may be the trigger for the sinking of the Stennis. After all, the Quds Force is an official armed force of Iran, so the Americans using a proxy force to kill Iranian soldiers may supposedly anger the Iranians enough to kill American sailors with one of their own proxy forces.

Of course, building the tunnels and silos to make it look like Iran and Hezbollah were firing the missiles would be a more effective setup if people in Lebanon witnessed the launch. For this reason, the Israelis will position Arab sellouts in the right places to get cellphone videos of the missiles rising from the ground. They’ll be shouting “Allahu Akbar!” to cement the idea that it’s a Muslim launch. Afterwards, the Israelis will collapse the tunnels and hit the silos with “retaliatory” airstrikes to cover up the evidence.

Of course, I now suspect the collapsing of the tunnels has already been accomplished by Operation Northern Shield.

To read about which Iranian missiles would be blamed — and which Israeli missiles would be used — in a ballistic missile strike on Rome, read The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf  in the Compendium further down this page (or here).

The Super Bowl State of the Union
& Things to Watch in February

(3 February 2019) – Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and it comes just two days before a State of the Union speech that might be Trump’s Super Bowl. Have a look at how they’re setting up the speech…

> Trump hints at border wall action around State of the Union, from CNN

>>> President Donald Trump appeared to suggest Friday that he will announce some kind of border wall action during next week’s State of the Union.

Asked if he expects to declare a national emergency on the wall funding issue, Trump told reporters: “I don’t want to say it, but you’ll hear the State of the Union, and then you’ll see what happens right after the State of the Union.” <<<

> Trump to discuss ending America’s wars overseas in State of the Union address, from the Military Times

>>> President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address next week will include a call to end America’s ongoing wars overseas, building on his recent comments suggesting troop drawdowns in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The speech, set for Tuesday evening, will include a significant section on national security, according to a senior administration official involved in planning for the event. Specifics are still being discussed, but the speech is expected to touch on troop drawdowns and diplomatic shifts. <<<

> Trump to offer ‘aspirational,’ ‘visionary’ path in State of the Union address, from The Washington Post.

It’s also possible that Trump will announce the date of his summit with Kim Jong Un, as well as a concurrent or following summit with China’s Xi. (Might Putin be invited to Vietnam too?)

So the speech is shaping up to be a blockbuster, and there are two ways the globalists can play it…

  1. do something shocking during the Super Bowl that portrays the “Deep State” as trying to postpone the speech or ruin the public mood for it, or
  2. let the speech happen, have the Democrats act like idiots during it, and let it serve as either “the speech that got Trump killed” in a later assassination (perhaps in Vietnam this month) or “the speech that finally turned the tables on the Deep State” under a Trump Triumphant scripting.

Should they opt for the “Super Bowl Shocker,” we could see the missile launch / EMP scenario I talk about further down the page or they might do a terror attack with drones, possibly involving a WMD.

So will the seasoned “patriots” from the Right Coast win the Super Bowl, or will they be defeated by the young “rams” from the Left Coast? The outcome of the game may provide an occult hint of what’s coming.

Things to Watch in February

(6 February 2019) – It looks like the end of this month will be the tipping point. In his State of the Union speech last night, Trump announced his summit with Kim Jong-Un will be in Vietnam on February 27-28. These are the same two days he will reportedly meet with Xi, so it appears they’re using the US-China trade dispute as cover for involving Xi in the peace negotiations.

Also on the 27th, Turkey will be conducting a large naval exercise in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone.

So the end of this month will kick off what happens in March. Whether we see assassination and war or mass arrests and the “punishment of the wicked” is purely up to the globalist decision makers.

~ MORE ~

There is a fair chance the globalists will remove Erdogan from the board this month. Watch for a February 14 Erdogan / Rouhani / Putin assassination show in Sochi or an end-of-month Turkish military coup (with the latter being more likely). I’ll explain the hows and whys in an upcoming addition.

~ MORE ~

I’ve been looking into the Sochi assassination angle and there’s more narrative support for it than I expected. It would be conducted as a joint Chabad-Mossad-FSB operation with possible Chechen, Ukrainian, and/or Georgian involvement (either as participants or patsies). The scripted motivation for the assassinations would be to stop a peace deal in Syria that would formally recognize Iran’s right to a presence in the country, and FSB support for the operation would come from Dmitry Medvedev and Alexander Bortnikov. Since it would take the “peacemaker” Putin off the board, it would be the prelude to the War Path.

Once the globalists leak Israel’s role in the assassinations, both Turkey and Iran will join forces to invade Israel. This would bring on Chabad’s desired Gog-Magog “End Times” War on Israel, thus allowing them to roll out a “resurrected” Putin as the Jewish and Christian Messiah.

~ MORE – 7 February 2019 ~

Further down this page in an entry titled Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March, I explain that the globalists are aiming to make next month either the beginning or end of the Bible-prophesied “Great Tribulation” [the “Great Tribulation” (GT) is the more severe second half of the 7 year Tribulation period]. If they script March as the BEGINNING of the GT, we’ll see war and other terrible things breaking out. But if they script it as the END of the GT, we’ll see peace and other hopeful things breaking out. So in the following sections, I’ll cover what will happen under both the War Path and Peace Path…

Watch the Erdogan Situation

In addition to the Turkish naval exercise in Cyprus’ EEZ on the 27th, Erdogan has hinted that he might invade the Kurdish areas of northern Syria around the end of February…

…from Sputnik. Here is a quote from Erdogan offered in the article…

>>> “If the terrorists [the Kurds] do not leave Manbij in a few weeks, then our patience will end. The United States must keep Turkey’s data on Syria’s promises, otherwise Ankara itself will take steps to eliminate the threats to national security,” he said. <<<

So with his military forces poised to invade the EEZ of an EU nation and northern Syria, the most straightforward thing for the globalists to script would be an Erdogan invasion, a US/EU response, and a post-response releasing of the hounds by Erdogan (triggering the European intifada and releasing 3 million more refugees into Europe as “the Islamist deathblow to Christian civilization”).

But what if the globalists want the peace path? They’d pretty much have to take the aggressive Erdogan off the board, wouldn’t they? Pondering these questions, I looked for any recent preparatory propaganda for a coup against Erdogan, and I found some from a week ago…

…from the Washington Examiner (top) and the Daily Sabah (bottom)

Here is a notable snippet from the Daily Sabah article…

>>> Rubin also regularly sends provocative tweets threatening the president, as well as his family and promoted the “No” campaign for the constitutional reform referendum, which resulted in a decisive “Yes” vote.

He is also a staunch supporter of Egyptian coup leader Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, who replaced the country’s first democratically elected president through a military takeover. <<<

It found it interesting that they subtly incorporated the concept of a military coup into the article, because that would be the best scripting option for an Erdogan takedown…

Faced with the prospect of being ordered to invade foreign territories and risk a war against EVERYONE (Syria, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the Kurds, the US, and the EU), Turkey’s generals decided to take down Erdogan to save Turkey from a catastrophe.

Adding further to the idea of a military coup is what’s happening in Venezuela. Erdogan has come out in support of Maduro in the face of a CIA-sponsored coup against him by the Speaker of the Venezuelan legislature. Interestingly, if the Speaker of the Turkish legislature, Benali Yildirim, supports the military’s move against Erdogan, he would become the Acting President of Turkey.

So a military coup against Erdogan at the end of this month is definitely in play if the globalists choose the Peace Path. But there is also another option on the table that would remove Erdogan and trigger the War Path. It would be an assassination of Erdogan, Rouhani, and Putin at the next Astana Talks meeting in Sochi, Russia on February 14.

A faked assassination and later “resurrection” of Putin has been in the cards for a long time, and the upcoming summit in Sochi offers the globalists a fourfer…

  1. they could do Putin’s assassination and resurrection to raise him up as a religious icon,
  2. they could clear out Rouhani and open the path for Soleimani’s rise to leadership in Iran,
  3. they could remove Erdogan from the board and substitute-in Yildirim for the “Dajjal” role, and
  4. they could pin the assassinations on Israel to trigger the Gog-Magog invasion.

According to the script…

  • Israel wants Putin dead because “he betrayed the Lubavitchers who brought him to power by blocking Israel in Syria,”
  • Israel wants Rouhani dead because they fear and loathe Iran, and
  • Israel wants Erdogan dead because he’s trying to organize the entire Islamic world against them.

So after initially blaming ISIS, Georgia, Ukraine, and/or the Chechens for the assassinations, the globalists will redirect the blame to Israel and Medvedev to get the War Path party started.

Watch for the Mueller Report to Drop at the Middle or End of February

On the 5th, the Daily Mail reported that the Mueller report should drop “within a month”…

Look for the report to be released either on the 15th or a few days before or on Monday the 25th. If it’s released in the February 11-15 timeframe, it will be narrated as “a Deep State effort to back Trump off of declaring a national emergency and building the wall”; if it’s released in the February 25-27 timeframe, it will be narrated as “a Deep State effort to distract Trump from the peace talks with Kim Jong Un and sabotage any deal.”

The argument for collusion it’ll present will be quite a stretch, but it will be used to start the impeachment proceedings nonetheless. An assassination, suiciding, or successful impeachment and removal in late February or in March would be the prelude to the War Path.

Under the Peace Path, look for substantive bombshells to drop about the Clintons, Bushes, and other “Deep State” figures when Mueller’s report is released. The releases will be portrayed as the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” fighting fire with fire and preparing the way for mass arrests. The mass arrests will likely be scripted to start after the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” stops a “neocon-neolib-Zionist Deep State” assassination attempt on Trump. Alternatively, they can be scripted to start after the Senate votes to remove an impeached Trump. Either way, such “high treason” will be what the military uses to justify their move against the bad guys.

Watch Kushner and al-Tanf

(8 February 2019) – You may have heard yesterday that Trump has set a hard deadline for the removal of US troops from Syria. According to the original Wall Street Journal report, “the military plans to pull a significant portion of its forces out by mid-March, with a full withdrawal coming by the end of April.” And according to Sputnik, Syria’s al-Tanf region will be the last place in the country that US troops leave as they implement a planned withdrawal.”

As I’ve previously mentioned, a US withdrawal from al-Tanf has been narrated as a red line for the Israelis, so Trump’s action sets in motion the “missile attack on al-Tanf” false-flag and/or his Chabad-directed assassination. And looking at the US withdrawal schedule, an assassination at the end of this month in Vietnam would forestall the March 15 main withdrawal, and an assassination in March would prevent the end-of-April al-Tanf withdrawal.

In an interesting “coincidence,” it was also announced yesterday that Trump’s Chabad handler Jared Kushner will be heading to the Middle East…

…from Politico. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Kushner’s weeklong trip — which begins the last week of February — will include stops in Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Joining him will be Jason Greenblatt, the president’s Middle East envoy, the State Department’s Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, and Deputy Assistant to the President Avi Berkowitz

The administration is working to add two additional stops to the trip, but the itinerary will not include Israel or the Palestinian territories, officials said. <<<

So Kushner’s trip will come in the lead-up to the big date of February 27 (the day of Trump’s Kim summit and Erdogan’s naval exercise) and he will not be visiting either Israel or Palestine; he’ll be visiting Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) military allies. Also notable are the members of his entourage:

Avi Berkowitz is Kushner’s long-time personal assistant. Here is Avi (on the far right) with Trump and a group of Chabad rabbis…

…from Twitter

Jason Greenblatt also has Chabad connections. Here is what I previously wrote about him…

Jason Greenblatt is another Orthodox Jew with Lubavitch connections. Have a look at this article from the Lubavitch website…


And like David Friedman, Greenblatt hangs out with the Lubavitchers during holidays…


He is also on the record as meeting with Vladimir Putin’s Lubavitch handler, Berel Lazar…

…from Google News / The New York Times

Since Trump has been tapped to play the role of the precursor Jewish messiah, the Moshiach ben Yosef, it’s only natural that one of his Chabad guys met with Putin’s Chabad rabbi. Putin’s role is that of the main messiah, the Moshiach ben David.

Brian Hook is “a devout Catholic” who got his bachelor’s degree from the Catholic-run University of St. Thomas and his master’s degree from Jesuit-run Boston College.

So Kushner’s “peace tour” is a joint Chabad-Jesuit operation, and it’s not about peace. Chabad is dedicated to bringing about the God-Magog War, and peace is antithetical to their intention of creating a crisis that will bring in the Jewish Messiah. So let’s wait and see if the al-Tanf false-flag or an outbreak of war happens during or a little after his visit.

Also mentioned in the Politico article on Kushner’s Middle East trip is this…

>>> Kushner is also set to travel to a U.S.-hosted security conference in Warsaw, Poland, next week, where he is scheduled to sit down with World Economic Forum President Borge Brand<<<

This is the Pompeo-organized conference to which the article refers…

…from The first News. (Note the dates of the conference: Kushner will be in Poland the day before Putin may be assassinated in Sochi, and Poland was on the receiving end of a Russian assassination not too long ago.)

So it appears that Kushner will coordinate with the Davos crowd before heading to the Middle East to stir-up trouble. And since the conference’s focus will be on Iran, it would fit right in with a setup of the al-Tanf false flag (which is to be blamed on Iran, and which will trigger a ground incursion into Iraq by Saudi Arabia and its GCC allies — the very people Kushner will be meeting during his “peace” trip).

This trail of breadcrumbs the globalists are leaving also fits in with their intention to sacrifice Chabad along with the Zionists (and Nazis and neocons and neolibs and Satanists) after the climax of the current crisis. The coming scapegoating of Chabad was further confirmed when I ran across this tweet from David Duke on a known disinformation site…

It sounds an awful lot like an assassination/removal warning, doesn’t it?

And speaking of Trump’s planned assassination, I stumbled across the background narrative for it as I poked about today. They’ll say that after Trump announced the Syria withdrawal on December 19th, Netanyahu purposely (and just five days later) caused an early election to be called in Israel…

…from the Wall Street Journal

This was done, they’ll say, to keep Trump from announcing his peace plan in January and to keep him from following through on the Syria troop withdrawal — or at least the al-Tanf portion of it — until after the election. They’ll also say the election was scheduled for April because they intended for Trump to be dead by then.

So a War Path scenario will have Trump dead or removed by the end of March, and a Peace Path scenario will have Trump surviving February and March thanks to the “White Hats” (the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State”) foiling of the assassination and removal plots of the “Black Hats” (the “neocon-neolib-Zionist-Nazi-Chabad Deep State”).

Watch for Pietro Parolin to go to Venezuela before February 21

(11 February 2019) – An eagle-eyed reader alerted me to this last week…

…from Reuters. Here is the first sentence of the piece…

>>> Pope Francis said on Tuesday that the Vatican would be willing to mediate in Venezuela if both sides asked, but preliminary steps to try to bring them closer together should be taken first. <<<

Maduro has already asked the Vatican to mediate, and the Pope’s suggestion that preliminary steps should take place first will delay the Vatican’s engagement until right before the sex abuse conclave of February 21-24. This, in turn, will give Pietro Parolin an excuse to be away from the Vatican for the beginning of the conclave.

Parolin is the Vatican’s obvious choice to be the mediator because…

According to the current scripting, Guaido won’t ask for Vatican involvement until Maduro’s departure is on the table. So watch for something to happen in the next week that weakens Maduro’s position, thereby opening the door to his departure, Guaido’s request for Vatican mediation, and Parolin’s departure for Venezuela.

If Parolin misses the start of the conclave, look for missile warheads or volcanic rocks to fall on Rome. With the recent outbreak of news about Catholic priests and bishops sexually abusing nuns — including charges of sexual slavery and forced abortions — the globalists are setting the stage for a fire and brimstone “divine judgment” on Vatican City…

Scroll down this page to The Globalist Plot to Destroy Rome This Month and the January 30 update for more details on what is planned.

(12 February 2019) – I’ve monitored two possible retreats in the last two days…

1) They’ve decoupled the Trump-Xi trade talks from the Trump-Kim peace summit. The press were narrating that both meetings would take place in Vietnam at the end of the month, but now they’re talking about Trump meeting Xi at Mar-a-Lago on the Ides of March. This development lowers the probability of an assassination at the peace summit and adds a new potential assassination date next month. Mar-a-Lago is a soft target that sits on a barrier island exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, so it’s the perfect place for a seaborne strike…

…from Google Maps

On a hunch, I decided to check if the Iranian navy is going to be in the Atlantic in March; lo and behold…

…from The Defense Post

According to the script, the “Deep State” wants both Trump and Xi dead, and they want a war with Iran. So with Iran’s “Task Force Oswald” in the Atlantic, the “Deep State” can get a threefer on the Ides of March. All they have to do is fire a submarine-launched missile from an Israeli sub beneath the Iranian ships and BOOM: Trump and Xi will be gone, America will be locked down, and war can commence — unless our “heroes” in the “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” can stop them of course.

2) Congress’ stalled budget negotiations suddenly unstuck themselves yesterday evening…

…from Politico. Whenever you see a sudden reversal like this, a rescripting is taking place. Here is a key excerpt from the article…

>>> The tentative deal includes $1.375 billion for physical barriers — a type of fencing that resembles the “steel slats” that Trump has specifically called for, according to a congressional aide briefed on the talks. It includes a total of 55 miles, which is just 9 miles shy of Trump’s last budget request.

In exchange, Democrats agreed to drop their demand to restrict the number of people who can be detained by Immigration and Custom Enforcement at a time. <<<

If this deal passes Congress with 55 of the 64 miles of fencing Trump supposedly wanted, we might not see an emergency declaration. And that would be a de-escalation and momentary globalist retreat…

Run, rabbits, run!

The Globalist Plot to Destroy Rome This Month

(1 February 2019) – I’ve detected a threat to the upcoming Vatican Conclave that involves an induced eruption of the Colli Albani volcano complex near Rome. It would involve a series of pre-drilled nuclear demolition charges that shatters the rock between the pressurized magma chamber and the surface, thus opening a channel for the explosive release of pressure. The charges would likely be drilled in a pattern that directs the pressure release towards Rome. And since the blowing of the charges would sound and feel quite similar to an earthquake, it would be said that the eruption was “an act of god” caused by an earthquake. I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow.

~ MORE – 2 February 2019 ~

It is the Kabbalists and their Jesuit arm of the Roman Catholic Church who are orchestrating the ongoing “End Times” show, so have a look at the following Zohar prophecy as related by prophecy disinfodork Tom Horn on his old website,

>>> …the time of Jacob’s trouble (the Great Tribulation, which some Catholic scholars say begins with the election of Petrus Romanus) will commence according to this ancient text in the year 2012 when the “kings of the earth” gather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky. <<<

Now compare this to the “Catholic prediction” he offers in the next paragraph…

>>> The final pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign ends in the destruction of Rome, will assume authority during a time of great tribulation, and then “the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible and fearsome Judge will judge his people.” <<<

So the Catholic prophecy says that Petrus Romanus will be killed when Rome is destroyed, and the Zohar prophecy says that Petrus Romanus will be crowned after Rome is destroyed. These conflicting prophecies are why you’ve seen Tom Horn point to TWO men as “Petrus Romanus”: first he pointed to Pope Francis, who has reigned during the first 3.5 years of the 7 year Tribulation period and whose reign will end when Rome is destroyed; now he’s pointing to Pietro Parolin, whose reign is to begin after Rome is destroyed, thus beginning the second 3.5 year period of the Tribulation (which in prophecy circles is referred to as the “Great Tribulation”). So Francis is serving as the decoy False Prophet to Parolin’s “real” False Prophet in the same way that Obama was set up to play the decoy Antichrist to Putin’s “real” Antichrist.

But it was the specific wording of another statement of this prophecy that got me thinking yesterday…

>>> “In the year seventy-three [2012/2013] the kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed, with the exception of those who will not yet have arrived there.” <<<

I thought to myself, “This sounds kinda like a volcanic eruption,” so I started looking around for any preparatory propaganda about any active volcanoes in the vicinity of Rome. Lo and behold, I found some…

…from Scientific American. Here is an important excerpt…

>>> Marra’s team collected samples of ash and lava from six past eruptions over the last 365,000 years and shipped them to Brian Jicha, a geochronologist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who dated the samples in his lab using the rate of decay of radioactive isotopes in the material as a kind of atomic clock. Jicha’s dates suggest that the eruptions happen at fairly regular intervals, and the most recent series occurred about every 31,000 years during the last 100,000 years. But the last one was 36,000 years ago. “The quiescent time has overrun the recurrence time of 31,000 years, a fact that indicates that the volcanic system is ready for a new eruption,” Marra says.

The system appears overdue. But that alone does not suggest that the volcano is entering a new eruptive phase. Marra’s team points to a number of other indicators. In particular, new satellite data and geologic evidence revealed ongoing inflation – the hills have swelled by 50 meters over the last 200,000 years – which is likely caused by magma slowly seeping toward the surface<<<

So the article suggests that the magma chamber under Colli Albani has built up sufficient pressure for an eruption, so all that’s needed for it to blow is a weakened pathway through the rock to the surface.

~ MORE ~

The basic engineering knowledge necessary for inducing a volcanic eruption was developed back in the 1960’s during Operation Plowshare, a program that aimed to find peaceful uses for nuclear explosions. Part of Operation Plowshare was Project Gasbuggy…

>>> Its purpose was to determine if nuclear explosions could be useful in fracturing rock formations for natural gas extraction…

A 29 kilotons of TNT (120 TJ) device was placed at a depth of 4,227 feet (1,288 m) underground, then the well was backfilled before the device was detonated…

The detonation produced a rubble chimney that was 80 feet (24 m) wide and 335 feet (102 m) high above the blast center. – from Wikipedia <<<

Here is the graphic included in the Wikipedia article…

And here is a modified version of that graphic showing a series of overlapping rubble chimneys created by multiple, simultaneous nuclear explosions…

…The explosions would create a weakened pathway through the rock formations through which the pressure would release itself. And when it does, all that fracked rock would come shooting out of the hole like car-sized shotgun pellets. “Fire and hail and meteoric stones” indeed.

To simulate the result, take a juice box and squeeze it as you insert the straw. Now imagine the juice that just squirted all over your floor is rocks and lava, and your floor is Rome.

Netanyahu may be substituted for Trump as the
precursor Jewish messiah (the “Moshiach ben Yosef”)

(8 February 2019) – Do you remember back in November when I said they might be setting up Netanyahu to be part of the NWO pantheon of heroes? Here is what I wrote about it at the time…

Given Netanyahu’s support of MBS and the particular scripting of the recent Chabad coup, Netanyahu is apparently being added to the pantheon of NWO heroes, and this means I’ll have to start looking for evidence that they might be substituting him for Trump as the “Moshiach ben Yosef,” while switching Trump to the “Cyrus the Great” role…

>>> Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered. This became a very successful model for centralized administration and establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of its subjects. In fact, the administration of the empire through satraps and the vital principle of forming a government at Pasargadae were the works of Cyrus. What is sometimes referred to as the Edict of Restoration (actually two edicts) described in the Bible as being made by Cyrus the Great left a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion, where, because of his policies in Babylonia, he is referred to by the Jewish Bible as messiah (lit. “His anointed one”) (Isaiah 45:1), and is the only non-Jew figure in the Bible to be called so. – from Wikipedia <<<

If Netanyahu is to be in the pantheon, that means he is an assassination target too.

Well it looks like it might be Netanyahu, rather than Trump, playing the role of Moshiach ben Yosef after all. If this is so, look for Netanyahu to protect Trump from Chabad in the upcoming events (or be “assassinated” with him).

~ MORE – 10 February 2019 ~

If Netanyahu is rolled out as the incarnated Moshiach ben Yosef, the narrative will be that he played along with Chabad in order to rise to power so he could sabotage their agenda at the right time, which is the same narrative they’ll use for Trump (the incarnated “Cyrus the Great”) and Putin (the incarnated “Moshiach ben David”). Remember, this is the globalists’ NWO narrative for the Avatars of the Pantheon (Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Xi, Soleimani, Modi and perhaps one more) as covered in the Compendium

“When the Dark Forces developed and used the first nuclear weapons in 1945, it became clear that they would use them to slaughter most of humanity and irretrievably subjugate the survivors before the End of the Age. So the Avatars incarnated into human form in order to discreetly intervene. They infiltrated the Dark’s power structure and rose to leadership within the major nuclear nations to prevent a nuclear holocaust.”

And should the globalists opt for the War Path, this is how the NWO narrative will cover it…

“Sensing the imminent defeat of their plans, the Dark Forces struck back by assassinating the Avatars and starting World War 3. And as they pushed the world to the very brink of nuclear destruction, the godhead had to intervene more dramatically by resurrecting the Avatars and sending in cosmic reinforcements before the scheduled End of the Age.”

Once the NWO has been going for a few years and it’s time to flip the script, this will be the globalists’ Millennial Kingdom (post-NWO) narrative…

“The NWO Antichrists (Avatars) were actually working with Chabad, the neocons, the neolibs, the Zionists, the Nazis, and the Satanists all along. They only pretended to defeat those dark groups so they could substitute themselves for Christ on the global throne. It was Satan’s Great Deception.”

Turkish War Warning

Flashpoints: the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and Northern Syria (Manbij and areas east)
Threat Duration: Now through March, with February 11-24 being a high-risk timeframe

(27 January 2019) – It looks like the “Turkish naval invasion of the Cyprus EEZ” scenario has been put in motion…

…from the Hurriyet Daily News. This is something I warned about in “What to watch for between now and the end of March” further down this page. If memory serves, they tried this twice last year, so I’ll pull forward my previous writings on it tomorrow.

(29 January 2019) – RT is reporting that Erdogan has finished preparations for invading Manbij, Syria and areas east of the Euphrates. Should the Turks proceed with the attack, they will be waging war in an area that contains the Syrian military, Russian military police, the Kurds, and special forces from the UK, France, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. I would expect Erdogan to launch the attack once his drilling ships and navy have entered Cyprus’ EEZ (per the globalist script).

The globalists attempted to carry out the same scenario in March and June of last year, but were prevented by exposure of their plans. Let’s hope the same happens this year. Here is what I wrote last June about the 2018 attempts

Erdogan’s war on the EU will begin in Cyprus

(June 2018) – If you are a longtime reader, you may remember that we tracked a developing scenario back in March that involved a Turkish drill ship violating Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to start a confrontation with the EU (Cyprus is an EU member state). Here are some key excerpts from back then…


>>> On 15 July 1974, the Greek military junta under Dimitrios Ioannides carried out a coup d’etat in Cyprus, to unite the island with Greece. The coup ousted president Makarios III and replaced him with pro-enosis nationalist Nikos Sampson. In response to the coup, five days later, on 20 July 1974, the Turkish army invaded the island, citing a right to intervene to restore the constitutional order from the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee. This justification has been rejected by the United Nations and the international community. – from Wikipedia <<<

This Turkish invasion led to the partitioning of the island, and the Turks subsequently established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is “a partially recognised state that comprises the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey, Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey’s claim on resources in the Cyprus EEZ is based on this Northern Cyprus puppet regime, which is not recognized by the UN or the “international community.” So when Cyprus requests assistance in keeping the Turks out of their EEZ, the US and EU will respond under the pretext of “upholding international law.” And their successful expulsion of the Turkish drill ship and navy will lead to Erdogan’s “embarrassment and outrage,” thus spurring his cancellation of the migrant deal.

Here is how the confrontation spiral may develop:

1) Turkey will send the drill ship into Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
2) The Cyprus Navy will send their patrol boats to confront it.
3) Turkey will then send some of their large warships to intimidate the patrol boats.
4) Cyprus will reach out to the US and EU navies for assistance, which will be provided.
5) An “outraged” Erdogan will “release the hounds.”


Of course, when the big events they had planned for that timeframe got cancelled, the whole drill ship confrontation scenario got put on the back burner… until this month…

>>> The Turkish drillship Fatih, formerly DeepSea Metro II, is close to Antalya in Turkey on with the intention of heading at some point soon for the Eastern Mediterranean to begin deep-sea drilling, possibly close to or inside Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Observers expect the drillship to remain in Antalya until after the Turkish elections on June 24. According to Politis, its sources said any drilling actions by Turkey in the region could trigger tensions, not only around Cyprus but also in Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

It said, the arrival of the Fatih, (‘Conqueror’ in Turkish)… – from a June 5 Cyprus-Mail article <<<

So this is the trigger scenario the globalists now plan to use to get the Erdogan-EU war started after the Turkish election. Following the naval confrontation, Erdogan will cancel the migrant deal and flood the EU with a new wave of migrants. Later, he’ll kick off the European Intifada when he hits the Trump-Putin summit and/or the Vatican.

~ MORE ~

Looking ahead at when the Turkish War may kick off (or greatly intensify), the most likely timeframe looks like February 11 – 24. Timing it then will allow the globalists to…

  • script the “bad guys” as forestalling Trump’s closure of the southern border and his North Korean peace summit, and
  • script the “prophecy-fulfilling” destruction of Rome (by one or more “Turkish” missiles) during the Vatican Conclave of February 21-24.

The presence (and subsequent killing) of Russian military police near Manbij will also allow the globalists to trigger the artificial fulfillment of another prophecy: Greek Elder Paisios’ prophecy on the Russia-Turkey Conflict. This prophecy does not end well for the Turks.

I’ll cover the details of all this in tomorrow’s update.

~ MORE – 30 January 2019 ~

Whilst pondering the timing of the Turkish War yesterday, I noticed that the estimated arrival of the Turkish drilling ship near Cyprus was in the same month (February) as the Vatican child sex party / summit in Rome (or as I call it, “Caligulafest 2019”). And remembering the globalist-promoted prophecy of the destruction of Rome, I thought, “What better time to destroy Rome than when the cardinals have gathered over the Church’s systemic sexual abuse of children, and what better person to destroy Rome than the “Muslim Antichrist” Erdogan?

Here is what I wrote on December 7 on the prophecy…

>>> …the “kings of the earthgather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky – from <<<

MIRVed warheads look like fiery stones falling from the sky, don’t they? And can you guess what’s happening early next year?…

>>> …a February conclave of world Catholic leaders meets in Rome [on the Church’s sexual abuse problem]…” – from <<<

So the Catholic “kings of the earth” will gather in a conclave in Rome from February 21-24, and their destruction by “Iranian” MIRVs would be a great lead-in to March, which is the next potential globalist climax point.

At the time, I was expecting the Israelis to use their Sparrow air-launched ballistic missiles to destroy Rome in a false-flag blamed on the Iranians. But given Erdogan’s globalist-scripted mission of “destroying Christian civilization,” he would be a great candidate for the “Destroyer of the Vatican” too. Does he have the capacity to hit Rome with ballistic missiles, though? – Almost certainly…

>>> In 2011, the Turkish government announced plans to develop a missile with a maximum range of 2,500 kilometers, not revealing whether it would be ballistic or cruise. Although little information about the program has been released, a Turkish Cabinet minister claimed in January 2013 that Turkey possessed capabilities to produce a missile with a range of 800 kilometers. That claim has never been confirmed.

Also in 2013, Tubitak Sage, an affiliate of the Turkish scientific research institute Tubitak, was awarded the development contract and indicated that it intended to test a prototype “within the next two years.” Turkey has never officially revealed if that prototype ever materialized and/or tested

A senior Turkish government official refused to disclose the country’s new target range but said it’s imperative for Turkey, facing multiple conventional and asymmetrical threats, to develop programs, including missile technology to add to its firepower and deterrence. – from Defense News <<<

The westernmost areas of Turkey are only 1200 km from Rome, and it is quite reasonable to assume that the Turks have developed a missile with that range in the eight years since their medium-range ballistic missile program began. It’s also possible that they’ve discreetly built a satellite launching capability, which would enable them to strike the US. Erdogan committed to doing that back in 2013, but likely took the program dark after facing resistance to the idea from NATO.

So we could be looking at a scenario in which there is a confrontation between Turkey and the West by the midpoint of February. And under the pretense of forcing the West to back off and let him have his way, Erdogan could launch a strike on Rome using Turkey’s “secret” medium-range ballistic missile, possibly topped with a Pakistani or North Korean nuke. Turkey revealing itself as a surprise nuclear power with ballistic missiles that can rain down on Europe would, according to the script, make Europe and the US stop and recalculate the strategic situation (especially if Erdogan is also holding American servicemen and nukes hostage at Incirlik Air Base). A simultaneous release of the migrant hordes across the Turkish border with Europe and an Erdogan-ordered European Islamist intifada would also keep the West occupied.

It’s also possible that Pope Francis may resign at the February summit. Globalist disinfodork Tom Horn and globalist disinfo greaseball Leo Lyin’ Zagami have been laying down preparatory propaganda for such a move. In fact, Zagami says the February summit will transition into a Papal Conclave due to the resignation. This would make it fit the prophecy perfectly. And Tom Horn’s effort to transfer the title of “Petrus Romanus, the Final Pope” from Pope Francis to his replacement is to prepare the way for Putin’s later revelation as the “Real Antichrist.”

Here’s a tip if you live in Rome: if Pietro Parolin is out of town when the February summit starts, it might be prudent for you to be out of town too. Tom Horn has identified him as Pope Francis’ likely replacement, and the prophecy says…

“The kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed, with the exception of those who will not yet have arrived there.”

February 22 is the most likely date for the strike, because it’s a “master number,” it’s near the beginning so Parolin may “not yet have arrived there,” and it would allow Pope Francis time to announce his resignation.

~ MORE ~

I think I’ve stumbled upon the scripted excuse for Pietro Parolin to miss the beginning of the February Conclave: the situation in Venezuela. Here’s a section of his Wikipedia bio that caught my eye…

>>> In 2014 Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro invited Cardinal Parolin to mediate talks between his government and opposition in hopes of stemming violence that has killed dozens in the nation’s worst unrest in a decade. He asked that Parolin, a former nuncio to Venezuela be named a “good faith witness” to a dialogue the parties had agreed upon after two months of protests. <<<

Watch for Maduro to call in Parolin to reprise his “good faith witness” role in dealing with the Guaido situation, and watch for the talks to delay his return to Rome for the Conclave.

In the next section, we’ll look at the Elder Paisios prophecies about the Russia-Turkey Conflict (which could be set off by the Turkish invasion of Manbij).

~ MORE – 31 January 2019 ~

When it comes to Elder Paisios’ prophecies, I already wrote a good section on that subject last February. So here is that section along with some new material on the historical context and implications of Putin’s coming victory…

As I’ve explained before, what we are watching is a carefully choreographed dance between two seemingly opposing forces that both work for the globalists…

Playing the “bad guys” are the globalist minions who have been assigned to wear the black hats of the “Neocon-Neolib-Zionist Deep State” and the “Western elite.” They are supposedly a bunch of Satanists who created the “radical Islamist” movement to help them destroy Christian civilization. According to the script, Erdogan is one of those Islamists, and he is a Crypto-Satanist, not a Muslim. Since he is one of them, they want to “protect their boy.”

Playing the “good guys” are the globalist minions who have been assigned to wear the white hats of the “Progressive-Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State” and the “BRICS elite.” They are supposedly a bunch of non-Satanist freedom fighters who are out to protect the world from the “bad guys.” According to the script, they want to stop the bad guys from taking down Syria so the falling dominos of the Middle East stop there instead of reaching Iran.

And that particular development is interesting in light of one of the prophecies the globalists are trying to fulfill…

…from the Greek Reporter

The recent conflict between Turkey and Greece you may have seen in the news is part of the foreshadowing and foreplay for what’s coming…

…from Google

Here is what the Greek Reporter article says about the prophecy…

>>> Specifically, Paisios wrote: “Events will start that will culminate with us taking back Constantinople. Constantinople will be given to us. There will be war between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning, but this will lead to their destruction. The Russians, eventually, will win and take over Constantinople. After that it will be ours. They will be forced to give it to us.”

The text reads further, “(The Turks) will be destroyed. They will be eradicated because they are a nation that was built without God’s blessing. One third of the Turks will go back to where they came from, the depths of Turkey. One third will be saved because they will become Christians, and the other third will be killed in this war.” <<<

Now if you look at the part of the prophecy that says the Turks will think they’re winning in the beginning, it’s hard to believe they’d feel that way if they’re facing off against the US, NATO, Russian and Iran all at once. This is why…

  • Trump might be assassinated by the “Deep State” and Incirlik Air Base & its American nukes might be seized by Erdogan right at the beginning of the war. The captive US servicemen and nukes would give the “Crypto-Satanist” Pence an excuse to negotiate instead of attack, thus putting the US on the sidelines.
  • Erdogan might release 3 million refugees on Europe. That would leave NATO occupied and on the sidelines.
  • Russia’s Medvedev and his “Atlantic Integrationists” might assassinate Putin. This would happen a few weeks into the war in an attempt to stop Russia from achieving victory.
  • Netanyahu might assassinate Soleimani. This would take Iran’s best general off the board and draw the bulk of Iran’s missiles towards Israel and away from Turkey.

Remember that according to the globalists’ alt-media script, the “Satanic” Western leaders are colluding with the “Satanic” Erdogan “to bring about an Islamic onslaught that will destroy Christendom.” This will provide an opportunity for the “Christian” Putin to step up and save the day. So this publicized war of words between the EU and Erdogan is just theater put on for the masses. They’re all butt-buddies behind the scenes, and they’re all following their globalist-scripted character motivations: “the annihilation of Christian civilization.”

As for the net result of the Conflict, this is what the prophecy says…

>>> “Turkey will be dissected. This will be to our benefit as a nation. This way our villages will be liberated, our enslaved homelands. Constantinople [Istanbul] will be liberated, will become Greek again. Hagia Sophia will open again,” the text reads.

“Turkey will be dissected in 3 or 4 parts. The countdown has begun. We will take the lands that belong to us, the Armenians will take theirs and the Kurds their own.” – from the Greek Reporter <<<

The most notable result of the Russia-Turkey Conflict will be the return of Constantinople to Greece. Constantinople, which is present-day Istanbul, was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (a.k.a. the Byzantine Empire) and is the primary seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church. When it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, it marked the end of both the Eastern Roman Empire and Christian control of the city.

So when Putin defeats Turkey — which Erdogan has cast as the revived Ottoman Empire — he will not only save Christian civilization from the Islamist onslaught and avenge the destruction of Rome, but he’ll also return Constantinople to Christendom. The ancient Roman empire will thus be reunited, and the new Global Roman Empire (the “reformed” and strengthened United Nations) will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the Conflict…

It’s an elegant bit of scripting on the globalists’ part, don’t you think? Who knew a bunch of corrupted hacks could be so poetic?

False Flag Alert: Al-Tanf, Syria

(27 January 2019) – Back in September of last year, I issued an alert over a possible false-flag attack on US forces in Al-Tanf, Syria. This Al-Tanf False Flag card is back in play again…

…from Bloomberg/Yahoo. The article is about Israel’s insistence that Trump keep US forces in Al-Tanf to supposedly block Iran’s land access to Lebanon through Iraq and Syria.

We’ve already seen a couple of “ISIS” suicide bombings on US forces that were supposedly aimed at stopping the withdrawal, so…

Be on the lookout for the “Israel-US-Saudi Cabal” to launch a missile attack on Al-Tanf to be blamed on Iran and their Shiite proxies in Iraq. The missiles will be fired from inside Iraq and could possibly be tipped with a chemical or biological agent that will later be identified as North Korean in origin.

According to the globalist script, the Cabal strategy behind this attack will be to halt the American withdrawal, to justify massive Israeli and US Coalition airstrikes in Syria, and to justify a Saudi Coalition ground force incursion into Iraq. The Saudi incursion would allow the Cabal to position forces for future attacks into Syria and Iran (both of which border Iraq).

The Government Reopening
& The Soros vs. China Deception

(26 January 2019) – At the rate things were going, I was wondering how the globalists would be able to stretch out the drama till the February Trump-Kim Summit and the various March events. With yesterday’s deal to temporarily reopen the government, I now know. The new February 15 deadline will hit right before Trump’s trip to Vietnam and right before we hit the debt ceiling at the beginning of March.

I also noticed George Soros’ remarks at Davos in which he “warned” of the danger posed by China. This was done in support of the “Xi Jinping is a traitor to the New World Order” meme being circulated in controlled alt-media sites like Infowars. The problem with this ridiculous meme is that one of the globalists’ own disinfo sites archived a UPI article back in 2002 titled China Wants Its Own ‘New World Order’ To Oppose US Version; here is an excerpt…

>>> MUNICH, Germany (UPI) – There was a cloud no larger than the size of a man’s hand in the sky of U.S. global leadership at the annual NATO Security Conference, or Wehrkunde, in Munich, Germany, this weekend. But it will get bigger. It was the quiet emergence of China as the leader of a potentially global block dedicated to oppose the United States

He concluded his speech by making clear China did not believe the current world order could produce lasting peace and prosperity, and that it was ready to establish far-reaching ties with other nations to create a “fair and equitable new world order” that would.

“China is ready to strengthen its coordination and cooperation with all other countries in the conduct of international affairs, security included, and work vigorously toward a world that enjoys lasting peace and universal prosperity with a fair and equitable new international order,” he said. <<<

So if the Chinese announced their opposition to the “Western NWO” back in 2002, how can Xi possibly be a traitor to it? He didn’t rise to power till 10 years later.

This is what happens when you try to adjust your narrative too many times; you get tangled in your own past exposition. I may write more on this.

~ MORE ~

Let’s take another look at the 2002 UPI article in light of the 1961 book Prospect for America, which was a Rockefeller product. In page 26 of the book, this is how the New World Order is described…

With this in mind, let’s have a look at what the UPI article says about a certain regional institution

>>> When Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Wang Yi addressed the prestigious annual forum of NATO defense ministers in this historic Bavarian city, he heralded the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, founded only last June, as the crucial “new security concept” necessary to guarantee peace and stability in Central Asia, and to lead the fight there against terrorism

Whether by fortuitous accident or deliberate design, the organization was set up the very same day President George W. Bush, speaking in the Polish capital, Warsaw, pledged to extend the NATO alliance to include all the nations of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Russian and Chinese leaders in Shanghai left no doubt that the SCO, also referred to as the Shanghai Pact, was a military cooperation organization devoted to preserve what they called “multi-polarity” in the world. “Multi-polarity” is a Russian and Chinese diplomatic word for opposing U.S. global domination which, by contrast, Moscow and Beijing both see as “uni-polar.” <<<

Let’s also have a look at these Google News search results about the SCO and the UN…

With all this set before us, we see exactly what the globalists planned back in the 1950’s playing out in the present day…

  • We see that the SCO is one of the “regional institutions” Prospect for America predicted.
  • We see that the “international body of growing authority” is the UN, which the Rockefellers were instrumental in founding.
  • We see that “international terrorism,” which is ginned up by the globalist intelligence services, is the one of the leading examples of “those problems that increasingly the separate nations will not be able to solve alone.”

It has been 9/11 and the “global war on terror” that has brought us here to the transition point into the New World Order. It is “a global(ist induced) problem that requires a global(ist) solution.”

Also take note of the words “multi-polarity” and “uni-polar” used in the UPI article. You’ll know the significance of those words if you’ve read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

There is no West versus East; there is only the globalist Left Hand and the globalist Right Hand ushering us into the NWO. Soros is the poster boy for the “evil” Left Hand, and his newly emphasized opposition to Xi sets up the Chinese leader as the future poster boy of the “good” Right Hand. Once we’ve passed the climax point of the current geopolitical drama, it will be said that Xi’s “censorship” was actually aimed at preventing Western pirates like Soros from starting a color revolution in China. And “by protecting China from the likes of Soros, Xi protected the entire world from the imposition of the dastardly Western New World Order.”

~ MORE 2 ~

With Trump implicitly threatening to declare a national emergency to close the border after February 15th and a successful peace summit with Kim Jong Un in the offing shortly after that, the script will likely call for the Democrats to play the Mueller card between now and February 15, with the scripted reason being that “the Democrats wanted to put the President on the defensive and disrupt the border shutdown and the Korean peace deal.” Watch for whatever Mueller releases to not only make Trump look bad, but also call into question the legitimacy of the 2016 presidential election.

Is Juan Guaido’s assumption of the Venezuelan presidency setting a precedent for Pelosi’s assumption of the US presidency?

(24 January 2019) – Look at the parallels…

> Juan Guaido is the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, which means he’s the speaker of Venezuela’s unicameral legislature. Pelosi, as Speaker of the House of Representatives, is his American equivalent.

> As President of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Guaido is second in the line of succession to the Venezuelan presidency, with Venezuela’s Maduro-appointed Vice President being first in line. Pelosi is also second in line in America after Trump’s elected Vice President.

> Juan Guaido has declared Maduro’s election last year illegitimate. And if Maduro is an illegitimate president, then the Vice President he appointed is also illegitimate, which makes Guaido the president. So if Pelosi does the same and declares Trump’s 2016 election illegitimate, both Trump and Pence would be illegitimate, making Pelosi the president.

This being said, Trump’s support of Juan Guaido’s power grab will, according to the script, legitimize Pelosi’s coming power grab. He will be setting a precedent that will work against him when they roll out Mueller’s report and declare the 2016 election void due to Russian interference (or some other reason). That would do nicely for a civil war and/or mass arrests trigger, wouldn’t it?

~ MORE ~

Look for controlled alt-media figures like Ron Paul to say that Pompeo is the one who suckered Trump into supporting the Venezuelan coup. According to the script, Pompeo is helping the “evil Deep State” set up both the removal and assassination options for getting rid of Trump.

If you are a new reader who still buys the “Deep State” BS, I encourage you to read this: Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con.

~ MORE 2 ~

Whilst poking around the net, I ran across this Friday tweet from Donna Brazile

…from Twitter

This was tweeted the day before Trump’s “major announcement” and references MLK weekend as being “underway” (as if it were a plot that was “underway”). So were the globalists planning to do what I warned about: have Trump declare a national emergency on Saturday and have the Democrats respond on MLK Day? Or was MLK weekend the transition point beyond which they’d stage the Venezuela coup and the Pelosi coup to come? Maybe Venezuela was their fallback plan or an on-the-fly script adjustment after aborting their weekend plans.

~ MORE 3 ~

I ran across this on Alex Jones’ new site…

…from News Wars. Here is an excerpt…

>>> “As a friend of the Venezuelan people, we stand by to help them even more, to help them begin the process of rebuilding their country and their economy from the destruction wrought by the criminally incompetent and illegitimate Maduro regime,” said Pompeo. <<<

According to the script, this “criminally incompetent” angle will also be used against Trump as the economic impacts of the shutdown grow, especially after the food stamp monies dry up and people take to the streets (with hired “leftist” goons placed among them to stir up violence).

At the proper time, you may also see the “Deep State plants” in Trump’s administration resigning en masse and complaining about Trump’s “criminal incompetence.” It will aid Pelosi’s takeover attempt. The scripting is that the only way for Maduro and Trump to survive these coups is with military support.

As for when the food stamp monies will run out, recipients in some places have received their February funds early, and they’ve been told that it has to last till March. Needless to say, many of those on food stamps are not known for their budgeting discipline, so as they blow through their funds at different rates and run out early at different times in February, the hunger will start spreading. And it is unknown if any funds will be available for March. This means the countdown timer to increasing domestic unrest is already ticking.

Will the globalists script an Israeli / Chabad-Lubavitch assassination of Trump and Putin?

(15 January 2019) – I don’t know why, but I found myself looking at the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin over the weekend. Rabin was killed for promoting peace with the Palestinians, and just 7 months after his death, Netanyahu rose to power with Chabad support. There are reports that the patsy in the assassination, Yigal Amir, fired only blanks and that the true assassin was waiting for Rabin inside his limousine.

This has me thinking…

What if they’re working on a new narrative in which Trump is assassinated by Chabad for promoting peace with the Palestinians through a two-state solution and a divided Jerusalem? Will Trump’s true assassin — perhaps Jared Kushner — be waiting inside his limousine one day soon? Such an assassination would leave Mike Pence as President, and can you guess how Pence personally feels about peace with the Palestinians?…

…from Haaretz

Here’s another indicator of Pence’s stance (click on “see more” in the “praise” section)…

“Before committing the United States and Israel to yet another generation of futile Middle East peacemaking, everyone interested in bringing genuine and lasting peace to that troubled region owes it to themselves to read and consider Caroline Glick’s passionate, well written and well researched case for The Israeli [One State] Solution.” –Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana

Maybe there’s a reason I wound up looking at this.

~ MORE ~

By the way, the scripted motive for an imminent Trump assassination would be this…

…from the National Review

According to the script, Trump’s troop withdrawal will weaken Israel’s hand in Syria and make it almost impossible to push the Iranians out. For this reason, the Israelis / Lubavitchers will attempt to strike quickly before the process is too far along. The earlier in the withdrawal process Trump is neutralized, the easier it will be for Pence to reverse the decision. And killing Trump sooner rather than later will prevent his two state solution peace plan from ever seeing the light of day.

So will such an assassination attempt succeed or will it trigger the mass arrests?

Here’s another thing: doing parallel assassinations of Trump and Putin would open the way for Turkey to invade Syria from the north (ostensibly to attack the Kurds) and Israel to invade from the south (ostensibly to create a buffer zone against Iranian forces in Syria). And Israel pushing north would provide a good excuse for Turkey, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and the Turk-funded Syrian rebels to join forces against a common enemy, the “Zionist Entity” (Israel).

This would start the “End Times” battle the Chabaniks want — the battle that will trigger “the redemption” of Israel (the arrival of the Jewish messiah to save Israel from destruction).

~ MORE ~

(18 January 2019) – Before the last US presidential election, I wrote about Trump and Putin’s connection to the Chabad-Lubavitch End Times cult, and I explained why Trump would be announced as the winner of the election. After that, I listened to other mainstream and alt-media outlets and heard crickets. Relatively few bloggers had the temerity to talk about Chabad at the time, and it felt like I was the only person who was covering their crucial and easily established connections. That changed around April of 2017…

…(from Google) All of a sudden, news about the connections broke in both the mainstream and alternative news. And I observed known disinformation sites start talking about Chabad and throwing them under the bus.

This got me thinking: it was inevitable that Chabad would be revealed as baddies once we hit the point that Trump and Putin are revealed as antichrists, but why did the globalists decide to out Chabad early?

– I suspect they realized that they would lose control of the narrative surrounding Chabad if they didn’t do something, and this early revelation necessitated an adjustment to the overall script.

The obvious adjustment would be to narrate that Chabad was part of the Dark power structure Putin, Trump, and the other Avatars infiltrated in order to rise to power and save the world. And “after Trump and Putin played along with Chabad to reach the top and consolidate their positions, they began to move against their self-imagined masters.” Trump did this by pushing for a two-state solution and a division of Jerusalem to solve the Israel-Palestine conflict; Putin did this by giving Assad the S-300 system and refusing to push the Iranians out of Syria. According to the script, this means both leaders are now prime assassination targets for the “jilted” cult; only by killing both of them can Chabad remove the obstacles to the End Times war in Syria and Israel they’ve been aiming for.

So again, the question is whether the globalists will opt to stage the assassinations or stage a living victory for Trump and Putin through mass arrests of the baddies. And today we entered the first time window of the year for finding out.

The Globalist Narrative for Chabad’s “Deep State” / Communist
Assassination of Trump and Kim

(20 January 2019) – The key to uncovering the globalist setup for a fake assassination of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un is to look at the two men who are arranging their upcoming meeting, Mike Pompeo and Kim Yong Chul

…from the BBC

Both men are former spymasters, and both are being portrayed as obstacles to Trump and Kim Jong Un’s agendas.

IN POMPEO’S CASE, have a look at this Ron Paul article Infowars posted earlier this month

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> I’m starting to wonder whether President Trump has any power over US foreign policy at all. Many people believe that the US president is just a figurehead, with actual foreign policy firmly in the hands of the deep state. Trump’s latest dramatic U-turn on pulling troops from Syria certainly feeds such theories.

When President Trump announced just a couple of weeks ago that the US was removing its troops from Syria and possibly reducing troops from Afghanistan, the neocons, the media, the military-industrial complex, and the left-wing “never-Trump” people were livid

No sooner did President Trump announce our departure than his neocon advisors began walking his words back. First he had to endure a lunch with Sen. Lindsey Graham reading him the riot act, where, according to the Senator, Trump agreed to no timetables for departure. Then his National Security Advisor, John Bolton, and his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, began to tell the world that President Trump’s statements on troop pullout were just empty words, not US policy. <<<

So the man designated by the globalists to be the godfather of the controlled opposition, Ron Paul, is painting Pompeo as a Trump cockblocker. And Paul’s narrative ties Pompeo’s sabotage of Trump to the Syria troop pullout, which is the scripted reason for Israel / Chabad-Lubavitch to assassinate Trump soon (scroll down to the next big article to learn more about it).

AS FOR KIM YONG CHOL, have a look at what this 38 North article says about him

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> Kim Yong Chol has arrived in Washington to meet with Secretary of State Pompeo and President Trump. Ever since North Korea’s shift to diplomatic rapprochement with South Korea and the United States in 2018, Kim Yong Chol has been one of the primary officials to represent Pyongyang. He is to proffer Kim Jong Un’s official invitation to Trump for a second summit…

While tolerated at first, there is a growing consensus in the United States that Kim Yong Chol’s continued role in US-DPRK relations is counterproductive. His US trip resulted in getting the first summit back on after a brief cancellation, but his handling of US-DPRK relations has been inconsistent. His July meeting with Pompeo did not go well — Pompeo was on the ground in North Korea for approximately 30 hours and his talks with Kim Yong Chol were reported to be uncomfortable and tense. Pompeo was not given an audience with Kim Jong Un and after leaving Pyongyang, North Korea chastised the US for making “gangster-like demands.” The US side was thrown off by this reception so soon after the positive experience of the Singapore Summit. Pompeo’s October trip was salvaged because he was able to meet with Kim Jong Un directly. During that round of meetings, Kim Yong Chol only attended the introductions and the post-meeting dinner. Instead, Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, acted as Kim Jong Un’s deputy for the substantive meeting with Pompeo

In foreign relations, Kim Yong Chol is a clear embodiment of North Korea’s hardline; his presence and his demeanor are stark reminders of the not-so-distant unpleasant state of relations with North Korea and of the actions the country can take to disrupt regional and international security. <<<

I’ll continue from here in the next installment, but let me give you a quick preview of what’s ahead:

The globalist narrative will be that the US “Deep State” (through Pompeo) plotted with North Korea’s old school communist hardliners (through Kim Yong Chol) to assassinate Trump and Kim Jong Un. They may attempt this at the upcoming Summit, which is rumored to be planned for Vietnam.

What’s significant about Vietnam is that a new Vietnamese communist hardliner now leads the country, and Vietnam’s old school communist hardliners have strong personal relationships with North Korea’s old school communist hardliners due to North Korea’s participation in the Vietnam War on North Vietnam’s side. So if the North Korean hardliners want Trump and Kim dead, the Vietnamese hardliners will happily make it happen in repayment of their great debt to their North Korean comrades.

Should the assassination not occur at the Summit, though, look for Pompeo and Kim Yong Chul to be sidelined in favor of trusted family envoys, namely Kim Yo Jong (Kim Jong Un’s sister), Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner. Kushner’s participation as a go-between will bring the Israeli / Chabad angle into a March assassination.

~ MORE ~

(21 January 2019) – Get a load of this Wall Street Journal article: U.S. and North Korean Spies Have Held Secret Talks for a Decade. It is a propaganda piece which establishes the backstory for the coming assassination attempt. Did I nail it or what? Here are the key propaganda points it lays out…

  • That the CIA has been covertly interacting with North Korean hardliners for a decade.
  • That the interaction was started by the Obama administration and went “dormant” late in the Obama presidency.
  • That Mike Pompeo “re-energized” the interaction while he was CIA director.
  • That a “key interlocutor” of the interaction has been Kim Yong Chol.

And the Wall Street Journal is printing this article in their January 22 print edition.

We’ll take a closer look at this when I resume the assassination article tomorrow…

(22 January 2019) – I found something interesting when I overlaid the Wall Street Journal article with the slick disinformation video (“The Plan To Save The World”) that was put out by the globalists’ Qanon front. The following is from the 10:36 mark of the video…

“I can say it appears the good guys are winning. The Cabal had complete control over North Korea. They hijacked the Kim dynasty, took them hostage, and worked to build up a nuclear arsenal to threaten the world. Kim Jong Un suddenly embracing peace was simply because the Deep State were beaten and driven out.”

Watch the video during that part of the narration and take note of the images that are shown…

“The Cabal had complete control over North Korea”…

“They hijacked the Kim dynasty, took them hostage”…

The second picture is of the hostage, and the first picture is of Bill Clinton hijacking the Kim dynasty during his visit with Kim Jong-Il. This 4 August 2009 Clinton trip to North Korea was arranged by Joseph DeTrani…

>>> The role of the intelligence officer, Joseph R. DeTrani, in arranging the visit, has not previously been reported. Mr. DeTrani is the government’s senior officer responsible for collecting and analyzing intelligence on North Korea. His efforts to pave the way for Mr. Clinton’s visit offer a glimpse into how the administration has been forced to use unorthodox methods to overcome the lack of formal communications. – from The New York Times <<<

DeTrani is a Council on Foreign Relations member who spent over 20 years with the CIA, and he’s also the man the Wall Street Journal article credits with starting the CIA’s covert interaction with North Korean hardliners under the Obama administration. And who was the head of North Korean intelligence back in 2009? You guessed it, hardliner Kim Yong Chol.

So it appears that this is the background narrative the globalists are setting up…

“Back in 2009, the ‘evil, Satanic, Communist’ Obama administration worked with the CIA to hatch a plot with North Korea’s hardliners to hijack the North Korean government. Two years later, the plotters killed Kim Jong Il with an induced heart attack and installed Kim Jong Un as a leader with a gun pointed to his head. Since then, they’ve held him hostage while they used North Korea to pursue their dark agenda.

Recently, the turncoat Mike Pompeo used this same covert connection to North Korea’s hardliners to hatch a new plot to permanently end the Kim dynasty and get rid of Trump at the same time. They planned an “assassination summit” in another country controlled by friendly Communist hardliners, Vietnam. And in case that plot were to fail, they planned a backup assassination at a follow-up peace treaty signing in Panmunjom, Korea.”

So the globalists appear to be using the “populist reformer versus evil Deep State” template in North Korea as well, with Kim Jong Un playing the Trump role to the communist hardliners’ Deep State role. This is how they’ll overhaul the Kim family image; they’ll come out of all this smelling like a rose.

~ MORE ~

(23 January 2018) – In my 19 January note, I said that this year’s summit assassination setup “is remarkably similar to the last time they tried it.” Let me show you what I mean with this section I wrote before last year’s summit…

Now here are the three elements of the assassination backstory…

ELEMENT 1 – Take careful note of the man who brought the summit offer to Trump…

…from The Guardian

He is the same man who attended SECRET MEETINGS back in January with supposed “Deep Stater” H.R. McMaster…

…from Business Insider

The collaboration between the US and South Korean national security advisors didn’t just end with the secret meetings, though. Get a load of this…

…from the Google cache of a Reuters article that has since been changed

So immediately after the meeting with the North Koreans in which the summit was arranged, the South Korean National Security Advisor talked to McMaster on the phone. And when he and the South Korean “CIA” chief traveled to Washington to bring the invitation, McMaster was the first person they met. This raises an obvious question…

Why is McMaster, a national security advisor, handling all this instead of Secretary of State Tillerson?

The answer is obvious too: to set the stage for an assassination that will ultimately be blamed on the scripted bad guys, the “Deep State.” That’s why the South Korean “Deep State” (their National Security Advisor and intelligence chief) and the American “Deep State” (McMaster) arranged the summit/ambush.

So the first summit was set up by a bunch of “Deep State” national security advisors and spooks — all of whom were supposedly hostile to a nuclear disarmament/peace deal. The same applies this time…

> The American lead on the summit setup is former CIA chief Pompeo, the “Trump-sabotaging deep stater” who famously claimed that there is no deep state at the CIA (which is technically correct but marks him as a “bad guy” in the NWO narrative). This time, though, they moved him into the Secretary of State position to avoid the obvious question I asked last time (above in blue).

> The North Korean lead on the summit setup is former spy chief Kim Yong Chol, the communist hardliner who has been portrayed as sabotaging Trump and Kim Jong Un’s peace overtures.

> The arrangement of the summit was set in motion through the covert CIA back-channel to North Korea’s hardliners. And both the CIA and the hardliners supposedly hate Trump and are trying to sabotage him. The Qanon video portrays the CIA as a rogue intelligence agency run by Cabal criminals (showing a photo of George H.W. Bush in the process).

So the obvious question the public are meant to ask is…

Why are those who are hostile to a US-North Korean peace deal the ones who are arranging the peace summits?

The answer, of course, is “they’re not; they’re arranging assassination summits.”

Getting back to a key element of the setup, it was reported on Sunday that the next summit will indeed take place in Vietnam, so all the pieces are in place.

(Expanded Note – 19 January 2019) – It looks like the globalists are pressing the replay button on the Trump-Kim Summit assassination scenario. The setup is remarkably similar to the last time they tried it, and I’ll cover it over the weekend. Let’s see if his border announcement today provides another strong motivation for the “Deep State” to carry it out. We’ll also see if the border announcement provides a reason for Soros to deploy his goons on MLK Day.

~ MORE ~

Meanwhile, in Austin, Alex Jones and Roger Stone are pushing a narrative in which the Democrats force out both Trump and Pence, leading to Pelosi becoming President

…(Headline from Breitbart) They claim Pelosi will then appoint Hillary Clinton as her Vice President and resign, leaving Hillary as President.

Since either Pelosi or Hillary would do nicely as a decoy antichrist, it’s plausible I suppose. And it would certainly trigger a civil war. I’ll add it to the list of things I’m watching.

~ MORE ~

For a second time, Trump’s “big announcement” turned out to be a nothingburger. It’s possible, though, that the two recent announcements on the border issue are laying down the foundation for aggressive action in the near future. With his first address, he established the border situation as a humanitarian disaster, which is a good pretext for a national emergency declaration. And in his second address, he reiterated that point and made a clear offer of compromise to the Democrats, so they can’t say he didn’t make a good faith effort to resolve the situation before declaring the emergency. Now we wait for the other shoe to drop and the “leftist” violence that is scripted to follow.

~ MORE – 20 January 2019 ~

Another sensationalistic disinformation purveyor named Dave Hodges joined in on the “Pelosi presidency” meme yesterday. In an article titled Does the President Have Eleven Days Left?, he lays out four reasons for Trump’s imminent takedown by the “Deep State”:

  1. to stop him from appointing a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who is rumored to be dead or near death,
  2. to stop him from unsealing documents that could result in the arrest of key “Deep State” figures,
  3. to stop him from declaring a national emergency and closing the southern border, and
  4. to stop him from moving against the effort to trigger civil war starting in California.

So what scenario are these disinfo guys (Alex Jones, Roger Stone, Dave Hodges, and Mike Adams) setting up?

I suspect it’s something like this…

1) Trump will announce the national emergency and border closure either on MLK Day or at the State of the Union Address (the latter being the more likely choice). This will trigger a total snowflake meltdown and the Antifa-types will take to the streets.

2) Pelosi will launch the impeachment effort in response.

3) An attempt will be made on Trump’s life either at the Trump-Kim Summit or in March. If it’s in March, the Summit will bring progress that will result in a deal that is announced in March. The signing ceremony for the deal will then be the strike point. It would allow them to fake assassinate not only Trump, but Xi and perhaps Putin also.

I’ll start writing the expose on the assassination setup today.

(20 January 2019) – In a little over an hour, the “Wolf Super Blood Moon” will commence…

The first phase of the eclipse, known as the penumbral phase, will begin at 9:36 p.m. EST. However, the moon may not become noticeably darker until the partial phase of the eclipse begins at 10:34 p.m. EST.” – from Accuweather

If the globalists choose to continue their “Charge of the Light Brigade” into March, you’ll see them dial up the crazy to a whole new level after the eclipse. Something nuts will likely happen this week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens tomorrow on MLK Day. So tonight might be the night we transition from the Initial Conflict Phase to the Darkness Before the Dawn phase, which you can read about further down this page.

As things stand today, the globalists’ plans for March are now thoroughly compromised. So tonight is a time for them to take measure of their own desperation. Desperation is a poor starting state for a successful endeavor, don’t you think?

(18 January 2019) – Predictably, the prophecy rabbis are croaking of doom as they point to Sunday’s “Wolf Super Blood Moon”…

…from Sputnik (top) and Breaking Israel News (bottom). Here is an excerpt from the second article…

>>> But a lunar eclipse bears a potent message according to Jewish tradition… If the face of the moon is like blood, the Talmud reads, then this is a sign of the “increasing of swords”…

“…the lunar eclipse over North America bears a message for the U.S. and the Jews,” Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel News. “It clearly is telling the Jews that they need to come to Israel”

According to the prophets, the end of days will signal the end of the kingdom of Edom,” Rabbi Fish said, referring to the nation descended from Biblical Jacob’s twin brother, Esau. Edom eventually evolved into the Roman Empire.

“This is the period we are entering now,” Rabbi Fish stated baldly, emphasizing that the Western nations are about to enter an extremely challenging era. “There will be great tragedies that will bring down governments and great human suffering. Only by doing God’s will can tragedies be avoided or lessened.” <<<

If we look at this propaganda alongside all the things we’ve been tracking, it looks like they’ll use the eclipse as the point at which they put the pedal to the metal on the End Times show. And as I’ve warned, the Kabbalists will be doing everything possible to fan the flames of “anti-Semitism” to drive all the ordinary Jews to Israel for the 7th year slaughter. Evidently, Rabbi Fish is in on the scam.

If you’re a Jew, avoid Israel, take off the religious garb, and go crypto until all this passes over. Everything Chabad tells you to do and wear will mark you as a target. Use your intuition and wits (which God gave you to save yourself) to navigate the obstacle course ahead. The same goes for all of us. And don’t fret; it’s all bullsh*t, so just enjoy the show and do what your inner guidance tells you.

The Super Bowl Missile Launch Scenario Resurfaces:
Will we see a fake EMP or a fake alien intervention?

(13 January 2019) – When I started my infoscan this morning, I saw these links posted above the headline on Drudge

…and the “space launch” link led to this article…

…from The Free Beacon

I’ve been observing such news for a few weeks now, and what they’re doing with it is setting up a fake EMP attack and/or a fake alien intervention as part of the Big Show…

…from The Daily Mail

Essentially, they are pressing the replay button of the Super Bowl 50 missile launch scenario, but they’re substituting Iran in place of North Korea this time. If you are a new reader, I covered their first attempt at this in The CIA, the X-Files, and the North Korean H-bomb: A coordinated campaign?, and here is what I wrote about it in the Compendium…


A preliminary “alien intervention” in a ballistic missile launch

[This section warns about a specific date in the past (December 31, 2017). But since that date was the second time the globalists attempted this, I post it here to forewarn you in case they try it again.]

Yesterday morning I saw this article on an imminent North Korean “satellite launch,” and it occurred to me that the globalists are repeating their steps from the last North Korean satellite launch back at the 2016 Super Bowl. To show you what they might be up to, let me repost my 13 August update…

(P.S. – 13 August 2017 – North Korea’s supposed “EMP satellites”

If you are a relatively new reader, you’re probably unfamiliar with the warning I issued before Super Bowl 50 last year. In the leadup to the game, I observed that…

1) The globalists were propagandizing the supposed development of a North Korean hydrogen bomb and hyping an upcoming missile launch…

2) Hollywood had released a brand new X-Files season that told of “alien interventionists” coming to Earth after the development of the first hydrogen bomb…

“No sooner had we defeated Germany than a new threat started appearing in skies over America, drawn to Earth by the latest threat to extinction: the H-bomb. Explosions acting as transducers, drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electro-gravitic propulsion. Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting us, concerned for mankind and the threat of our self-destruction, forestalling our annihilation through their own self-sacrifice. The crashes at Roswell. More importantly, places like Aztec.” – from the new X-Files program

3) And the government released the CIA’s files on UFOs in conjunction with the premiere of the show…


At the time, I warned that the globalists might stage a scenario in which North Korea would launch a nuclear missile at the Super Bowl and “unknown parties” would intervene to stop it. It would have gotten people wondering about alien intervention in advance of the prophecy fulfillment show they had planned for last September.

As it turned out, they did indeed launch their missile at the Super Bowl, but they may have altered the trajectory of its flight and the timing of its launch so it would pass over the game site an hour after the game was over…

…from CBS News/AP

So was my warning correct and did it cause them to alter their plans, or were they actually planning to launch a satellite into orbit all along?

Now if we fast-forward to today, we see them repeating those same three steps…

  1. They are again hyping North Korea’s hydrogen bomb and an upcoming missile launch.
  2. Steven Greer recently released a new UFO documentary: Unacknowledged.
  3. The Pentagon just released some of their “X-Files” along with a claim that the existence of non-terrestrial UFOs is “proven beyond reasonable doubt.”

This means the globalists might be trying to stage a preliminary “alien intervention” in the coming days – most likely on New Year’s Eve right after sunset in Korea. It would help prepare people for the big Putin/UFO show they’re planning for the war climax. In fact, the recent “UFO freakout” in LA may have been part of the preparation for the “real” UFO show to come…

…from the New York Post

Right after sunset on New Year’s Eve, when the ground is in shadow but the sky is still receiving sunlight, a North Korean missile launch would look very much like what they saw in LA. It would be quite the spectacle. And since it would be New Year’s Eve, a hundred million people all across Asia would be looking at the sky for the beginning of the fireworks shows. Can you imagine what they’d think if they saw that spectacle in the sky, then saw another bright object approach the missile at ridiculous speed, abruptly change direction to fly next to it, then destroy it and fly away at ridiculous speed? Social media all over the world would be abuzz. And it would get people primed to see the big UFO show in the coming weeks.

I wonder if I just ruined the best fireworks show in years? Sorry, Asia… 


What follows are my previous entries, sections, and snippets on the Fake EMP scenario…

PART ONE – A section from a 2016 Globalist Agenda Watch entry

BEGIN 2016 EXCERPT>>> If you’ve spent any time surveying the alternative media, you’ll know that a great many globalist-controlled outlets and personalities have been claiming that the “Western elite” (or Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, etc.) will be using a nuclear EMP attack to kill 90% of the population…
…From Here is an excerpt…

“The problem is, now we are finding that the terrorists are getting smarter, and Americans are growing more complacent. This could be a deadly combination. People who want to destroy America have figured out that they don’t have to wipe out the whole population, they only need to take away our basic needs, and we will kill each other.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy that will completely fry any and all electronics. It can be brought about by exploding a nuclear device at a high altitude, or even just by a solar flare.”

Although the lofty claims of total destruction brought about by one high-altitude nuclear explosion are exceedingly unrealistic (see this EMP effects report prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratory for details), let’s look to other, non-technical reasons why a civilization-ending blackout event won’t be happening…

REASON 1 – Such a long-term power outage doesn’t actually fit the globalist script.

Scary predictions of this sort are part of the general “fear to relief” strategy being used to bring in the multilateral / multipolar NWO:

  1. Spread FEAR in the population of all the terrible things the evil Western decoy NWO will do to them.
  2. Generate a climax point where all signs suggest they are carrying out their dastardly plans.
  3. Have the “benevolent” BRICS NWO ride in to save the day, thus triggering great RELIEF in the population and generating appreciative support for the New World Order.

Since the globalist-assigned role of the BRICS-fronted multilateral / multipolar NWO is to “save us from total destruction at the hands of the Satanic Western elite,” a civilization-ending EMP event, whether real or faked, simply isn’t in the cards.

REASON 2 – No power means no surveillance grid.

The globalists have spent decades of time and trillions of dollars developing the ubiquitous surveillance grid which now surrounds us: the nascent “Internet of Everything”…

In order to function, this surveillance grid needs power, including power to consumer-owned electrical devices and appliances. Without electricity, their vast investment becomes useless. So a long-term power outage that lasts months or years is totally out of the question. The longer any power outage goes on, the longer people will go untracked, the more social order will break down, and the more surveillance infrastructure will be destroyed.

REASON 3 – No power means no mass media, which means they lose control of the narrative of events.

The last thing the globalists want as we transition to the New World Order is to lose control of how people are perceiving events. And the longer the power is out, the more people will talk to each other and form their own ideas about what’s really going on. In order to maintain control of the narrative of what’s transpiring, they’ll want to keep the TVs, radios, and printing presses going. This too means a long-term power outage is out of the question.

So having ruled out a long-term power outage, what about a short-term outage lasting days to weeks? What about rolling blackouts? Do the globalists have any intention of implementing such things? There are reasons to suspect they do…

REASON 1 – “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” The globalists are big into symbolism, so the idea of plunging the population into darkness right before hitting them with “the brilliant dawn of the (false) light” may be irresistible to them.

REASON 2 – It will generate additional misery and fear in the population, making them all the more grateful when the NWO turns the lights back on.

REASON 3 – Their alt-media propaganda agents are suggesting there will be such a short-term outage. For an example of this, let’s look to the writings of New Age disinfo doofus David Wilcock – who, rather than being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I suspect is the real-world incarnation of George McFly…

This is what he says about a possible blackout in his latest missive…


At some point we lose power and internet access, at least throughout America and possibly Europe, for up to 2-3 weeks. Most people are in a blackout…

When the lights come back on, everything will have changed. The controlled media will be telling a completely different story.” – From

When he says “the controlled media will be telling a completely different story,” he is referring to the limited-hangout Truth Tsunami the globalists have been preparing for us. To understand how and why they will do it, read the “DON’T GET SWEPT AWAY BY THE COMING TRUTH TSUNAMI” section at the bottom of Understanding the NWO Strategy. Here is a preview…

“Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order.”

Now that we’ve looked at the globalists’ objectives and concerns vis-a-vis a blackout scenario, here is what we can expect if they opt to go through with it…

> During the Summer from Hell, we may see sporadic outages in various areas that last for hours or days. These would be attributed to cyberattacks and physical infrastructure attacks by extremist groups such as ISIS, and they would be done to acclimatize the people to what’s coming.

> During the two-week Gog/Magog War in September, we could see nationwide rolling blackouts culminating in a near-total national blackout. This would likely be done in a progressive manner, with power…

going out for hours, then coming on for an hour;
going out for days, then on for a day;
then going out completely.

The reason they might do it in a progressive manner is so people will retain the hope that the power will come back on at some point. If the power went out and people thought it might never come on again, the resulting disorder could spin out of the globalists’ control, and people might start tearing down key elements of the surveillance infrastructure (tossing their cell phones, smashing the smart meters, pulling down cell towers, shooting CCTV cameras, and so on).

An additional benefit of this approach is that people will eagerly gather around their TVs, radios, and computer screens for news each time the power returns. With a war going on and power going out, people will hang on every word uttered by the newscasters, thus maintaining globalist control of the narrative. Also, people would communicate with each other using electronic means during the up times, thus allowing the surveillance apparatus to monitor how the public is responding to everything.

As for the real cause of the blackouts, it will be selective manipulation of power grid controls and smart meters by the globalist security services, but the outages will be publicly blamed on some combination of the following…

1) Nation-state-level cyberattacks conducted by China and Russia due to the ongoing Gog/Magog War (WWIII).

2) Physical sabotage of the power grids by Chinese and Russian special forces.

3) Nuclear and/or conventional EMP attacks that create damage and instability in the power grids.

So when will the power come back on, you ask? You can bet it will be on the Third Day of the “Fake Battle of Armageddon” which will directly follow the Gog/Magog War

Gog/Magog War (roughly two weeks) + Fake Battle of Armageddon (three days) = 2-3 weeks (like McFly suggested)

Since the globalists will want everyone to see the nuclear missiles rise into the sky on the Third Day, as well as watch the big magic show they will be staging in Jerusalem, that’s when the power will come back on. And how will it be restored so quickly, you ask? Some very capable “people” will see to it. If I told you who they were, you’d think I’m crazy, but I will give you a hint: after they turn the power back on, they might want to “phone home” – or so the globalists would have you believe. <<<END 2016 EXCERPT

PART TWO – A section from a Compendium article titled
“The Fake EMP Threat, Bitcoin, and the Great Encryption Lie”

BEGIN COMPENDIUM EXCERPT>>> Wanna know how the globalists will use microprocessor kill codes to simulate a catastrophic “North Korean” EMP attack on the US? Start by reading this Wikipedia entry on the Intel Management Engine (ME). ME is one recent version of the chip-within-a-chip “globalist backdoors” that will be used to brick cars, computers, cellphones and other electrical devices after they set off the fireworks in Earth orbit. Here is an excerpt from the entry…

The Intel Management Engine (ME), also known as the Manageability Engine, is an autonomous subsystem that has been incorporated in virtually all of Intel’s processor chipsets since 2008. The subsystem primarily consists of proprietary firmware running on a separate microprocessor that performs tasks during boot-up, while the computer is running, and while it is asleep. It continues to run when the system is turned off. Intel claims the ME is required to provide full performance. Its exact workings are largely undocumented and its code is obfuscated using confidential huffman tables stored directly in hardware, so the firmware does not contain the information necessary to decode its contents. Intel’s main competitor AMD has incorporated the equivalent technology Platform Security Processor (PSP) in virtually all of its post-2013 CPUs

Critics like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and security expert Damien Zammit accuse the ME of being a backdoor and a privacy concern.”

Additional information on the ME can be found at this link provided to me by a reader…

>>> Matthew Garrett, the well-known Linux and security developer who works for Google, explained recently that, “Intel chipsets for some years have included a Management Engine [ME], a small microprocessor that runs independently of the main CPU and operating system. Various pieces of software run on the ME, ranging from code to handle media DRM to an implementation of a TPM. AMT [Active Management Technology] is another piece of software running on the ME.” […] At a presentation at Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Ronald Minnich, a Google software engineer reported that systems using Intel chips that have AMT, are running MINIX. So, what’s it doing in Intel chips? A lot. These processors are running a closed-source variation of the open-source MINIX 3. We don’t know exactly what version or how it’s been modified since we don’t have the source code. In addition, thanks to Minnich and his fellow researchers’ work, MINIX is running on three separate x86 cores on modern chips. There, it’s running: TCP/IP networking stacks (4 and 6), file systems, drivers (disk, net, USB, mouse), web servers. MINIX also has access to your passwords. It can also reimage your computer’s firmware even if it’s powered off. Let me repeat that. If your computer is “off” but still plugged in, MINIX can still potentially change your computer’s fundamental settings. And, for even more fun, it “can implement self-modifying code that can persist across power cycles.” So, if an exploit happens here, even if you unplug your server in one last desperate attempt to save it, the attack will still be there waiting for you when you plug it back in. How? MINIX can do all this because it runs at a fundamentally lower level. […] According to Minnich, “there are big giant holes that people can drive exploits through.” He continued, “Are you scared yet? If you’re not scared yet, maybe I didn’t explain it very well, because I sure am scared.” <<<

As the Wikipedia article says, Intel has been putting the ME into its chipsets since 2008. But it seems highly unlikely that 2008 was the first year they installed hardware/firmware backdoors into their chips. We can be fairly certain that the ME is simply the latest and greatest version of such technology, and chips made in 2007 or before also have embedded control/kill functions.

So with the mechanism for faking enhanced EMP effects set before us, how would they transmit the kill codes?

The approach that makes the most sense is to transmit the codes from an electronic warfare aircraft flying over the target region. The transmission would be timed to closely coincide with the detonation of the orbital EMP device, and the altitude of the aircraft and broadcast power of the signal would be modulated to limit the simulated EMP effect to a specific radius around the aircraft. I’m anticipating a regional attack rather than a national attack because a nationwide attack would unleash an unmanageable level of chaos… <<<END COMPENDIUM EXCERPT

PART THREE – A snippet from a Compendium article titled
“A provocation scenario for a North Korean satellite launch”

Here is an excerpt from an outside article that reveals Iran’s supposed method of delivering an EMP or nuclear strike on the US. The article was written about North Korea, but take note of the country that supposedly passed the technology to them…

“The North has been given technology assistance by Russia, via Iran, concerning what the former Soviet Union developed in the 1960s, the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS).

FOBS could launch a weapon from North Korea into a satellite orbit passing over the south polar region, suddenly descending into the U.S. on a track outside the cone of coverage of our current land-based missile defense radars. Our radars were deployed to deflect an ICBM attack passing over the north polar region.” – from the London Center for Policy Research

PART FOUR – A snippet from a 2017 entry on an EMP attack

Have a look at this notice from the American Radio Relay League website…

…from This exercise was actually done to prepare for a fake EMP event that was scheduled at the time. Take note of all the impacts such an attack will have.

(14 January 2019) – With the basics of a grid takedown attack set before us, how will the globalists implement it for the March 2019 Big Show?

– It will begin with either a false-flag fake EMP or a “fire sale” cyberattack. The attack will initially be blamed on the usual suspects (Russia, China, Iran and/or North Korea) by the “Deep State-controlled” mainstream media. But in the controlled alt-media and the NWO historical account, it will be blamed on the “Deep State” and its allies around the world.

To initiate the attack, the globalists will likely use their “management engine” hardware backdoors to sneak a highly sophisticated malware suite onto the necessary systems. This malware will be something akin to Flame or Duqu, and it will operate at the operating system and software levels. That’s where the “Chinese hardware hack” comes in.

The media have narrated that the Chinese have snuck hardware backdoors onto pretty much every circuit board that’s been manufactured in mainland China …

…from Bloomberg (top, bottom)

Like the globalists’ management engine backdoors, the Chinese hardware backdoors operate at a fundamentally lower level than any malware, so they can get in beneath the “Deep State” malware and defeat it. They can also supposedly burrow in to the “Deep State’s” own cyberattack systems and disable them. But why would the Chinese do that?

– Because Xi is one of the NWO Avatars, just like Putin and Trump. And after they have jointly defeated the “Satanic evildoers” of the “Western elite” and their “Deep States” around the world, the Truth Tsunami will narrate that the Avatars were working hand-in-hand all along.

Previously, I thought the globalists would script the ETs as the ones to either forestall the grid-down attack or turn the power back on, and that’s still in play. But with the introduction of the “Chinese hack” narrative last year, it makes more sense to let the power go out and have the Chinese fix it. That way, both China and Xi can rehabilitate their image in the West. Stopping a grid-down Armageddon in America and the West would earn them tremendous good will and make Xi look like a real savior.

That being said, these are the grid-down options the globalists could employ…

1) Stage a dramatic EMP missile launch or satellite explosion that is neutralized by “unknown parties” (fake ETs). Such a scenario would put the idea of benevolent aliens in people’s minds ahead of the staged “alien arrival.”

2) Allow such an attack to succeed and have the fake ETs turn the power back on a few days or few weeks later. This would ensure that people see the arriving “ETs” as benevolent.

3) Allow such an attack to succeed and have the Chinese turn the power back on. This would change the Western peoples’ attitude towards China almost overnight.

As for when they’ll try one of these scenarios, there are three time periods that stick out (because half or all of the US Congress will be out of Washington, DC during said periods, thus opening the way to a US debt default if Congress is unable to reconvene due to the chaos)…

> February 3 (Super Bowl Sunday)
> February 17-23 (with February 22 being the most dangerous date)
> March 17-23 (with March 22 being the most dangerous date)

(15 January 2019) – Well it looks like we’ll have to add the week of January 20-26 to the list of times to watch for mischief (such as a Trump assassination, mass arrests, a convulsion of domestic unrest, a fake EMP, or something along those lines). Here’s why…

1) There will be “a sign in the heavens” to kick off the week…

…from Accuweather. Here is an excerpt…

The lunar eclipse will be visible across all of North America and South America and partially visible in Europe and Africa on the night of Jan. 20 into the early hours of Jan. 21.

This will be the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the U.S. since Dec. 21, 2010.”

So “the Moon will become dark and turn to blood, and it will come like a wolf in the night.” Sounds pretty Biblical, doesn’t it? And the fact that it will be visible all across the US means it can be sold as “a bad omen for America.”

2) Congress will be out of Washington, D.C. that whole week…

…from Roll Call

And if nationwide chaos prevents the Congress from reconvening, the President will take on enormous emergency powers. It would be a great opportunity to start a Pence dictatorship or a Trump mass arrests campaign.

3) Rand Paul, America’s NWO Republican leader, will be out of the country that week to “get hernia surgery” in Canada. So he’ll be safe in the relative peace of Canada or in a government bunker (if his surgery is just a cover story).

4) Tulsi Gabbard, America’s NWO Democratic leader, will likely fly home to Hawaii that week, so she’ll be safely outside of CONUS (or in a government bunker).

Here are some specific dates and things to watch for…

> January 20 – Keep an eye on the end of the Patriots versus Chiefs playoff game. The eclipse will begin just as the game is ending, so it would be a great time and place for the EMP show. Kansas City is in the middle of the US, so it would be a good location for a strike that affects the whole nation. And its football stadium has no roof, so all the TV cameras would see the bright dot in the sky (the warhead/satellite) and its explosion…

…Then everything would go dark just as the Moon begins to go dark.

> January 21 – MLK Day – Keep an eye out for an event or announcement that would enrage the celebrants out on the streets that day. All the government need do is plant a few agents in the crowds to get the mischief going, then let opportunists among the crowds join in to create full-blown riots.

> January 22 – Watch for mischief that day simply because it’s the 22nd.

(7 January 2019) – On Tuesday, Congress partially cancelled next week’s recess…

House Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the chamber will be in session at least a few days next week.

“If the government is not open, we will not have a recess,” Hoyer told reporters. “That does not mean we will be here every day, but it does mean that we would be here and that members will be on 24 hour notice that they may be recalled at any point in time we effect the opening of government.” – from The Washington Examiner

So once they gavel-out today, they won’t be back till Tuesday. Friday the 18th thru Tuesday the 22nd is therefore the mischief window…


“Dark Overlord” and the globalist game cards of
9/11 Truth and UFO Truth

(3 January 2019) – A reader sent me a link to a notable article yesterday…

…from Newsweek

This “Dark Overlord” hacker group is merely another front and tool of the globalist intelligence agencies for doing limited hangouts to the public in support of the NWO transition plan. It is the newest addition to the ranks of other such fronts (Wikileaks, Snowden, Anonymous, etc.). You can tell this is so by…

> the clumsy, hacky exposition of the group’s exploits and supposed motives: “We’re not motivated by political thoughts. We’re not hacktivists. We’re motivated only by our pursuit of internet money.” Their pursuit of internet money??? Who wrote this sh*t, somebody’s grandma?? Was it Barbara Bush? I’m surprised they didn’t write, “We’re motivated only by our pursuit of electronical cash from the Information Superhighway.” Their communications sound like they simply copy-and-pasted the talking points directly from their agency-issued directive. Talk about phoning it in.

> the subjects the group addresses and their perfect timing in relation to what’s planned for March. 9/11 Truth was always meant to be the leading edge of the “Truth Tsunami,” and we could see the fake ETs show up in as little as two months from now.

> the fact that the group made the mainstream news, isn’t paid, and isn’t dead. If “real hackers” somehow compromised the globalists’ big secrets, do you think they’d allow it to be trumpeted in their controlled media outlets like Newsweek? The people behind 9/11 have access to virtually unlimited funds, so why wouldn’t they just pay them off? The people behind 9/11 also have hardware (and operating system and software) backdoors into everyone’s computers and smart devices, so why haven’t the members of “Dark Overlord” been located and killed? If these guys were real hackers who posed a real problem, they would have been dead within hours of revealing their exploits.

The bottom line of bringing the “Dark Overlord” front into the mix is that the 9/11 Truth and UFO “Truth” cards are about to be played, beginning with 9/11. And the 9/11 Truth card can be played against either the “Deep State” or Trump, depending on which path the globalists choose going forward. In a Peace Path scenario, we’ll see it played against the “Deep State”; in a War Path scenario, it will be played against Trump.

To show you how they’d accomplish the latter, let’s go back to something I wrote last October…

(17-18 October 2018) – Will the globalists use the Khashoggi killing and its (alt-media) suggested link to “9/11 Truth” to topple Trump and install Pence?

If 9/11 Truth comes out, the Bushes will take a beating. And Trump just put a Bush loyalist (Kavanaugh) into the Supreme Court and is reportedly hesitant to confront the Saudis on Khashoggi. Meanwhile, both Establishment Republicans and Establishment Democrats are savaging Saudi Arabia in the media.

Could it be that the globalists are scripting a Bipartisan Establishment takedown of Saudi Arabia, the Bushes, and Trump along with them? It would be quite a plot twist, but it would get Pence into the presidency to play his “Grey Champion” role like they want.

It’s an angle to watch, and I’ll write more on it over the coming 24 hours.

~ MORE ~

Holy crap, I hit a gusher on this one. Have a look at this…

…from The Chicago Tribune. Here is an excerpt…

>>> For all the lingering tensions between President Donald Trump and former President George W. Bush, Trump’s White House shares one thing in common with his Republican predecessor’s: People.

Trump has installed more than three dozen veterans of the Bush administration, putting them in charge of running agencies, implementing foreign policy and overseeing his schedule. While hiring from the last administration controlled by the same party is common, Trump’s staffing moves are notable given his pledges to change politics-as-usual and the frosty relations between the current and former Republican standard-bearers.

The Bush influence has only grown stronger recently, as Trump nominated Alex Azar to lead the Health and Human Services Department, where he served under the Bush administration, and tapped Jerome “Jay” Powell to be chairman of the Federal Reserve. Powell served in the Treasury Department under President George H.W. Bush. <<<

~ MORE – 18 October 2018 ~

It looks like I’ve hit a nerve with this alert. After I posted the second part of it yesterday, I was on the receiving end of an unusual number of messages that tried to lead me off in different directions. It’s a standard tactic of the globalists’ sidle-up shills to attempt to distract and sap the energy of someone who stumbles onto something important. It’s so obvious what they’re doing that one wonders why they even try.

That being said, let me get straight to the heart of the matter…

Should the globalists pull the trigger on this Bush-Trump 9/11 collusion operation, we’ll see 9/11 Truth begin to come out in the mainstream media coverage of the Khashoggi disappearance / murder. As for the mechanism they’ll use to introduce it, it could be an information release tied to a dead-man’s trigger set up by Khashoggi or something similar. And once the truth is out and the Saudis and Bushes are in the spotlight, the mainstream media will lump Trump in with them with a narrative that goes something like this…

“Upon taking office, Trump found himself surrounded by hostile officials on both sides of the political divide, and it began to dawn on him that his lack of allies in Washington would mean his agenda had little chance of getting passed by Congress. So after trying and failing to overturn Obamacare, he looked ahead and saw three and a half more years of frustration that would end in a failed presidency. This caused him to take action and do what he’s known for doing, making a deal.

He reached out to the core of the Republican Establishment, the Bush family, and asked for their help in passing legislation that could be spun as fulfilling his campaign promises. In return, the Bushes demanded control of key positions in his administration as well as his silence on 9/11 Truth. The deal was made, and with his handshake, Trump became an accessory after the fact to the Bushes’ horrible crimes against the American people.

After Trump made his first big installment on the deal, nominating the Bushes’ man Jerome Powell as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, the Bushes made their first big installment by passing Trump’s tax cuts. Trump has toed the Bush line since then, including placing their man Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court.

Now the Saudis, Bushes and Trumps must be brought to justice.”

~ MORE – 18 October 2018 ~

As for the controlled alt-media, they have been teasing Trump’s release of 9/11 Truth as his ultimate trump card in dealing with the “Deep State”…

…from Infowars. Here is an excerpt…

>>> President Trump is prepared to go beyond exposing Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s 9/11-Saudi cover-up by releasing new information on how the Bushes and Clintons were also involved, according to high-level government sources.

In short, Mueller’s role in covering up Saudi Arabia’s ties to 9/11 is just the tip of the iceberg; Trump is set to expose even more collusion by the deep state, according to officials who spoke to Infowars. <<<

So when Trump gets hit with the Bush collusion rap, the alt-media will portray it as a case of the “Deep State” weaponizing 9/11 Truth and preemptively using it against him.

Now that the protector and sharpest member of the family, George H.W., has been laid to rest, the globalists can proceed with the takedown of the Bush family. That he won’t have to see his family name dragged through the mud is perhaps the last gift his globalist cohorts awarded him.

~ MORE ~

As I continued to think through today’s subject, I realized how the globalists might narrate the planned “Dark Overlord” releases if they’re aimed at the “Deep State.” It relates to these two things…

1) The headline of the Infowars article shown above: Trump Threatens to Release 9/11 Docs Implicating Clintons, Bushes. And what is “Dark Overlord” threatening to do? Release 9/11 Docs.

2) Trump’s publicized anger over Fed Chairman Powell’s continued raising of interest rates…

…from CNN

And here’s how the narrative will go…

“In his good-faith attempt to establish trust and peaceful cooperation with the Republican Establishment, President Trump allowed the Bushes to place some of their people in his administration in return for their assistance in passing his agenda. But in an effort to backstab him, one of their placements, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, was recklessly raising interest rates to bring about an economic downturn to be blamed on Trump.

In response to this betrayal, Trump’s ‘White Hat’ allies in the national security agencies set up the ‘Dark Overlord’ front to release the truth about what the Clintons and Bushes have been up to. By releasing the information through a proxy front, they were insulating the President against being attacked by his enemies for ‘releasing classified information for political gain.’ And since the ‘Zionist/Neocon/Neolib Deep State’ had doggedly blocked Trump’s previous efforts to declassify damning information, this was the only way the President could get the truth out to the public. None of the released information really compromised national security; it was classified only to cover up Clinton-Bush wrongdoings.”

The fact that the specific documents “Dark Overlord” is threatening to release are legal documents and not classified government documents further insulates Trump under this narrative.

With this in mind, keep an eye on the FOMC meeting scheduled for January 29-30. A raising of interest rates or a “poorly worded,” market-damaging statement could be the trigger for a big “Dark Overlord” release, as could a Mueller indictment or a House passage of articles of impeachment.

~ MORE – 4 January 2019 ~

The UFO “Truth” / Fake ET card

If the globalists do something significant in March, there’s a good chance we could see the fake ETs show up as early as the end of that month. The latest they’ll appear is about 3.5 years into Putin’s tenure as world leader. So they’re coming soon. And as of last month, the globalists have positioned us just one step away from discovering their supposed planet…

…from The Daily Star and Fox News. Note that the Daily Star link includes the word “nibiru.”

Since the supposed discovery of “Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru” is drawing nigh, I thought I might repost what I consider the most likely scenario for how the Planet 9 narrative arose. The following excerpt is from The Truth about “Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru” and its Supposed “Aliens”

>>> With all this set before us, it turns out (much to my surprise) that Possibility 2 is quite plausible. So to summarize it…

Planet 9 was discovered in the 1960s during the first infrared survey of the sky, and was subsequently kept secret by the government and the globalists. And since the New World Order implementation plan was already in place by then, they decided to use the secret planet as a tool for gaining public acceptance of the new order.

By introducing the world to “space aliens from Planet 9″…
…during the unveiling of the global government, the globalists would shatter people’s sense of reality and make them open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The aliens would also serve as an impetus to rally humanity together “so we don’t look like a bunch of primitive, disorganized cavemen” in front of our new guests. And to top it off, the fascination people would feel towards the aliens would distract them from looking into the details of how the world government really came to be, how it really operates, and who really controls it.

What better way is there to shatter humanity’s existing paradigm and create a “New Paradigm” for a New World Order?…
…From the Paradigm Research Group website. They are one of the leading globalist propaganda groups for “disclosure of the alien presence.” Click here to see their own page on the Rockefeller connection to Disclosure (the Rockefellers funded the creation of both the NWO implementation plan and the Disclosure Movement), and read Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement? for more information on the subject.

In case you’re wondering why I’m convinced the aliens will almost certainly be fakes, it all boils down to TIMING. Real aliens could have introduced themselves to us at any time, so…

Why did they wait until the globalists had the aerospace technology to create convincing fake UFOs before showing up?

Why did they wait until the globalists had the gene splicing and cloning technology to create convincing fake aliens before showing up?

The fact that they didn’t show themselves before the globalists had the capacity to manufacture them suggests that they are, in fact, manufactured. But in the very unlikely event I’m wrong about this, let’s do a little Q & A…

Q: What if the aliens are real? How will we know if they are good or bad?

A: By the company they keep and the things they do, just like anybody else.

On “the company they keep” score, take note of the people involved in promoting the coming ETs as “benevolent” and “spiritually advanced”…

> the creators of the UN and the NWO implementation plan, the Rockefeller family,

> the Jesuit Order and the Vatican, and

> known charlatans and disinformation agents within the woo woo part of the alternative media, such as Steven Greer (shown here with Laurance Rockefeller)…
…From the Paradigm Research Group website

Q: If Establishment figures like Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton…

…and bullsh*t artists like Steven Greer and David Wilcock
…are trying to sell us on the idea that the ETs are good guys, what does that tell us?

A: It tells us that the exact opposite is true. It tells us that the ETs either serve the globalist agenda or are the authors of that agenda.

Q: What actions can we expect from the ETs that will reveal their true nature?

A: Watch for them to step in and stop a (staged) nuclear war, help defeat the evil Western decoy New World Order, and help give rise to the Rockefeller-planned, BRICS-fronted, multilateral / multipolar, real New World Order. If you are unfamiliar with the globalists’ 2 NWOs and how they are playing them against each other in a dialectic stage play, it is imperative that you read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

The fact that the ETs will show up at just the right time to help the Rockefellers (and their fellow elite families) establish the NWO world government tells us all we need to know about them. <<<

For full coverage of the globalists’ UFO fraud, read The UFO/ET Con.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March

Are the globalists trying to script a March 2019 beginning (or end) for the “Great Tribulation”?

(20 December 2018) – I’ve been looking all over to get an idea of the timetable for the US troop withdrawal from Syria, and RT is reporting “60 to 100 days.” So if you count forward 100 days from yesterday, you arrive at March 29 — yet another end of March timing. Interestingly, Jewish New Year falls exactly six months later on September 29-October 1. This got me thinking…

Do you remember back in 2015, when the prophecy propagandists were making a big deal out of the “Blood Moon Tetrad”?…

>>> The blood moon prophecy was a series of apocalyptic beliefs promoted by Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which state that a tetrad… which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the beginning of the end times as described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015. — from Wikipedia <<<

Well let’s count forward one prophecy cycle (42 months/3.5 years) from the final eclipse of the tetrad: September 2015 + 6 months = March 2016 + 3 years = March 2019. So all these March 2019 indicators we’re seeing could be related to a globalist effort to script the beginning of the “Great Tribulation” for late March of next year. The full 7-year “end times” cycle would then end another 3.5 years later on Jewish New Year of 2022 (which falls on September 27, 2022, exactly 7 years after the final “Super Blood Moon” of September 27, 2015.

If this is so, we might have 3.5 years of misery ahead of us. It would start with the fall of Trump early next year and end with Putin’s victory over “the West’s evil New World Order” in 2022.

I’ll do what I can to blow it up.

~ MORE ~

Before you discount the Blood Moon Prophecy predictions of John Hagee, remember this section from an earlier entry…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> According to popular American evangelical pastor John Hagee, the blood moons are historically linked with a time period “that begins with a tragedy and ends with a triumph” for the Jewish people…

In May, Hagee delivered the closing benediction at the ceremony marking the US embassy’s historic move to the Israeli capital. <<<

Isn’t it interesting that the US and Israeli governments had a Blood Moon apocalyptic preacher close the embassy ceremony a few months ago? And he was introduced by the Chabad-connected US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman…

…from YouTube

Things like this show you why this stuff must be taken seriously.

Hagee is very much a part of the official prophecy propaganda corps, so like the excerpt says, “this stuff must be taken seriously.”

Scroll (or search) halfway down this page to the section titled “Trump’s Chabad delegation to the embassy ceremony” for more information on the people Trump sent to Jerusalem.

~ MORE 2 ~

Here’s another angle…

Let’s count BACK one prophecy cycle from the final Blood Moon: September 2015 – 3 years = September 2012 – 6 months = March 2012. And do you know what happened in March of 2012? This…

…from Wikipedia

So if they narrate the start of the full 7-year cycle as Putin’s election in 2012, the “Blood Moon Tetrad” signaled the beginning of the “Great Tribulation,” which would END 3.5 years later in March of 2019. That’s when Putin would take on the mantle of “world leader.”

~ MORE 3 ~

Here’s more contextual support for a March 2012 to March 2019 prophecy cycle…

Within Christian prophecy lore, there is a general expectation that the “Antichrist” will be unmasked halfway through the 7-year prophecy cycle. And at the midpoint of the 2012-2019 cycle, in September of 2015, Pope Francis (the decoy “false prophet”) came to the US and met with Obama (the decoy “Antichrist”). This famous photo was taken when Obama met Francis at Andrews Air Force Base on September 22 (note Obama’s devil horns)…

Also, much ado was made about Obama and Francis’ September 23 meeting…

…from Z3 News

“Coincidentally,” the Pope’s arrival in the US and meeting with Obama occurred on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement…

…from Google

Needless to say, America didn’t atone for its sins that day. How could it when the “false prophet” and “antichrist” were running around its capital? So a few days later, on September 27, the Super Blood Moon came. And a few days after that, on September 30, America met with a change of fortune in Syria…

…from NPR

The Russian airstrikes began when Assad was near defeat, and as we approach (in March) the 3.5 year mark of Putin and Soleimani’s intervention on Assad’s behalf, their victory over America is at hand. “Christ” and “Imam Mahdi” have triumphed over the plans of the “Antichrist.” So the story goes…

(21 December 2018) – Well it looks like we’ll get the partial government shutdown after all, and it will start on the 22nd. This decision along with the decision to withdraw forces from Syria will create the scripted reason for some Senate Republicans to turn against Trump and side with the Democrats on his impeachment conviction in the Senate. Back when they impeached and tried Clinton, it took 3 months. A similar process would put Trump’s removal in… you guessed it… March.

Now we wait and see when they narrate the food stamps program as running out of money. My bet would be that no food stamps will be issued for April. That would coincide with the race war scheduled for South Africa on March 31 (the day they’ll start seizing land from the white farmers). From the globalist perspective, having that news come out of South Africa the day before the food stamps are a no-show will put the “right idea” into the minds of the “right demographic.” It’ll get ugly quick.

Oh, and we hit the debt ceiling again in early March. When we’ve hit it in the past, the Treasury has used “extraordinary measures” to buy us some extra months before the government defaults on its debts. What if, for some reason, they don’t or can’t use such measures this time?

(22 December 2018) – A reader sent me a very intriguing puzzle piece this morning…

…from Israel Hayom

And the Israel Hayom article was based on this note in the New York Post

Neither article mentions exactly when Kissinger reportedly said this, but if we assume word spread quickly, it must have been that same month. So counting forward ten years from September of 2012 brings us to September 2022. And if the report is accurate, it would mean that the globalists have scheduled the First Battle of Armageddon for that month. In turn, that would mean this coming March is indeed the scheduled beginning of the “Great Tribulation” (see the 20 December update a little further down for more on that).

From the way things are shaping up, March is also looking like the month that the “American Empire” will begin its fall. Interestingly, the Soviet Union began its fall in a March too, and on a “master number” date no less…

…from Google

As for the fate of Israel in September of 2022, it will be saved from the brink of total destruction by Putin and the globalists’ fake ETs — only to be destroyed by the same seven years later in 2029.

Of course, I won’t let this one report narrow my vision, so I’ll prepare forecasts based on all three timeline variations they could use: 1) the 2012-2019 prophecy cycle suggested by Putin’s election, 2) the 2015-2022 prophecy cycle suggested by the “Blood Moons” and Kissinger’s comment, and 3) the globalists’ standard “March trouble leads to a September climax” template (in which America’s fall in March leads to the birth of the NWO in September).

~ MORE ~

Let’s not forget that Trump has “vowed” to release his Middle East peace plan by the end of January, and it will include a “two-state” solution that divides Jerusalem into three parts. Among the Christian prophecy propagandists, this plan will be touted as the thing that brings “god’s judgment” on Trump and the United States, because “god will divide those who divide Israel.” So the peace plan’s release will be the indicator of Trump’s imminent fall by removal, assassination, or suicide (like Vindex). Look for the release by the end of March at the latest.

(27 December 2018) – During a quick internet sweep, I ran across an odd article on Zero Hedge

I found it funny that they posted an article about Rasputin’s assassination at this time, since I’m about to write an article that tells people to watch out for a fake Putin assassination between now and the end of March.

According to the Wikipedia article on Rasputin, his actual assassination date is December 30 (according to the currently-used calendar), so watch out for a New Year’s surprise vis-a-vis Putin. Should Putin be attacked, it will first be blamed on Ukraine and later on Medvedev & his “Atlantic Integrationist” cohorts. And Putin will either survive the attack or be “resurrected” some time later (perhaps 3 months later at the end of March or in September).

For more on Putin’s odd connection to Rasputin, read Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections.

(28 December 2018) – In yesterday’s update, I noted the subtle setup for a possible Putin assassination in as little as two days. But upon searching further, I found that all 5 “Avatars” are being set up for near-term assassination or removal. Since we’ve already covered the setups for Trump and Putin, here are the rest…

> Xi Jinping is set to be taken down by the Chinese “Deep State” (who are allied with the West) in retaliation for his anti-corruption drive and his failure to reach a trade deal with Trump. Here is an example of the press narrating the motive…

…from Yahoo News/AFP. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Analysts however say the president’s authority has been contested over the last few months due to an economic slowdown triggered by an ongoing trade war with the US…

Lam said Xi was being challenged for underestimating US President Donald Trump’s determination and failing to see the tariff increases that particularly penalise the export regions in the south and east and the country’s high-tech industries.

Xi “is under tremendous pressure to come to a compromise with Trump” before the deadline in early March, he said.

The date coincides with the annual plenary session of the Chinese parliament, during which Xi risks criticism from the representatives of the regions and sectors most affected by the trade tensions. <<<

> Narendra Modi is set to be taken down by “Muslim terrorists.” Here is an example of the press laying down the Muslim motivation for his murder…

…from The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> …Indian Muslims continue to live their worst nightmare as they wake up each morning to humiliating and threatening discourse by legislators and members of the ruling party.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are not just encouraged but also rewarded by those in power. According to a report on hate crimes released by Fact Checker, 76 percent of victims of hate crimes in India over the past 10 years have been Muslims. Ninety percent of these attacks have occurred since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was voted into power in 2014. <<<

> Qasem Soleimani is set to be assassinated after the planned Israeli false-flags against the USS Stennis and/or Rome. Details are in updates further down this page.

And the other two potential “Avatars” (in case the globalists decide to narrate 7 Avatars) are set to be taken down by “Muslim terrorists”…

> Here is the signaling for the Dalai Lama

…from The News Minute. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The National Investigation Agency has charged two men it had arrested from Karnataka in August this year for allegedly hatching a plot to kill the Dalai Lama. The NIA filed a chargesheet against the two men suspected to be members of a Bangladesh-based terror outfit.

One of the accused, Adil Sheikh (29) was arrested from Cantonment Railway Station on August 6 and is believed to be a senior member of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen (JMB), Bangladesh. The second suspect Mohammed Jahidul Islam alias Munir Sheikh (38) who was arrested from Ramanagaram on August 7, is a native of Jamalpur, Bangladesh…

The NIA filed a charge sheet before the Special Court in Patna on Thursday and said that the explosion was to have been carried out when the Dalai Lama and the governor of Bihar were at the Bodh Gaya temple. <<<

> And Pope Francis is scripted to die in either the Israeli false-flag against Rome in February (during the Sex Abuse Conclave) or in an Islamist attack against Vatican City. Details can be found in updates further down the page.

If you are a new reader, scroll down the page or use the FIND feature of your browser to locate the section titled Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars. It will tell you what I mean when I talk about the “Avatars.”

Out of all these assassinations/removals, Trump and Putin’s are the ones to watch. Their fate will tell us which way the globalists will script 2019 and beyond…

If both Trump and Putin survive till the end of March, we’ll likely see a Peace Path victory on their part. They’ll prevent the world war the “Zionists/Neocons/Neolibs” are trying to start, and we’ll see a “mass arrests” scenario take down the US “Deep State.” This will lead to similar “Deep State” takedowns in Western Europe. And once all the P5 nations are under “right wing populist/nationalist” control, they’ll reform the UN into the NWO by the end of September.

Under this scenario, March will mark the end of the first 7-year prophecy cycle (March 2012 – March 2019), and September will mark the beginning of the second 7-year prophecy cycle (September 2019 – September 2026). To understand why there are two 7-year prophecy cycles, read the top section of “End Times” Programming.

~ MORE – 29 December 2018 ~

If Trump falls by April but Putin survives, we’ll see America descend into violence and martial law, and President Pence will confront Putin to give Americans an external enemy to focus their rage upon…

…Eventually, the confrontation will lead to either Putin’s assassination or nuclear war.

Under this scenario, March will mark the beginning of the “Great Tribulation”: the middle point of the first 7-year prophecy cycle (September 2015 – September 2022). Although the Great Tribulation (GT) is supposed to last for 3.5 years, they may cut it short and end it in September of 2019. This would be the narrative for an abbreviated GT…

“The Antichrist Pence and his Western Satanic cohorts were taking us into an early nuclear war to destroy humanity before Christ’s scheduled return. So God had to intervene to stop this by sending in his legions and elevating Christ [Putin] before the appointed time.”

Such an abbreviated GT would not only speed up the globalists’ advance towards their goals, it would also serve as “evidence” that Putin isn’t the real Christ “because Biblical prophecy was not properly fulfilled; it was a Satanic deception.” In the second, “real” prophecy cycle, the globalists will not deviate from the full 7-year formula.

As for how the nuclear launches will start, there are three ways…

  1. If Putin is alive, Pence will launch a first strike on Russia and the fake ETs will intervene to stop it.
  2. If Putin is dead, the “Atlantic Integrationist / Western ally” Medvedev may maintain the confrontation till mutual launches start in keeping with “the Satanist plan for a 95% depopulation through nuclear war.” The fake ETs + the “resurrected” Putin will intervene to stop it.
  3. If Putin is dead, the “Atlantic Integrationist / Western ally” Medvedev may end the confrontation and join with the West to form the “evil-version” NWO. But when a “resurrected” Putin shows up at the founding meeting, they’ll know the jig is up and order missile launches to destroy the world. Putin’s fake ET pals will then intervene to save us.

If both Trump and Putin are dead/deposed by April, we’ll see one of the two Medvedev options I listed above. And the globalists would schedule the “divine intervention” by the fake ETs + the “resurrected” Avatars for March 2019, September 2019, or September 2022. It all depends on how soon the Avatars are removed and how much the globalists want us to suffer.

Having laid all this out, I would opt for the Peace Path if I were the globalists. It would be less insane and therefore more believable, and it would allow me to keep my magic powder dry for the end of the second prophecy cycle. Doing one magic show without being exposed as a fraud is easier than doing two.

If the globalists were rational, though, they wouldn’t be trying any of this crap in the first place, so there’s no telling what they’ll choose. Maybe they’ll just punt again.

To put everything in perspective, here is an overview of the two candidate time periods that could be narrated as the 1st 7-year prophecy cycle…

The First Candidate Period for Prophecy Cycle 1: MARCH 2012 – MARCH 2019

ITS BEGINNING WAS MARKED BY: The March 2012 election of Putin as President of Russia.

ITS MIDDLE POINT WAS MARKED BY: The September 2015 revelation of the “Antichrist” and “False Prophet” (Obama and Pope Francis), the final Super Blood Moon of the Four Blood Moons, and Putin’s intervention against “Satanic” forces in Syria.

ITS END WOULD BE MARKED BY: The March 2019 peaceful victory over the Western Satanic forces by the Living Putin or the March 2019 arrival of the Dead & Resurrected Putin with a “Heavenly Host” (the fake ETs).

The Second Candidate Period for Prophecy Cycle 1: SEPTEMBER 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2022

ITS BEGINNING WAS MARKED BY: The September 2015 final Super Blood Moon of the Four Blood Moons and Putin’s intervention against “Satanic” forces in Syria.

ITS MIDDLE POINT WOULD BE MARKED BY: The March 2019 “Satanic” victory over the incarnate Avatars and the plunging of the world into darkness.

ITS END WOULD BE MARKED BY: The September 2019 or September 2022 return of the resurrected Avatars with a Heavenly Host.

(30 December 2018) – I thought it might be a good idea to put together all the things that are trending towards March so you’ll see why I’m so concerned about it; here are the dates and events to watch for (if the globalists pull the trigger)…

> February 21-24: The Vatican Sexual Abuse Conclave – Watch for the potential destruction of the Vatican and the assassination of the Pope by means of an Israeli missile false-flag blamed on Iran and/or an Islamist terrorist attack instigated by Erdogan.

> March 1: The US-China deadline to reach a trade deal – Watch for the trade war to resume after that date and for Xi to come under threat of removal. The Chinese might also ratchet up their actions against the US Navy, US military aircraft and Taiwan after that date, leading to the brink of war.

> March 2: The US debt ceiling resets – Watch for something expensive to happen after this date in order to trigger a US debt default. The sparking event could be a 9/11-magnitude terror event, a faked EMP attack, a “fire sale” cyberattack, or the outbreak of a war. And since the US government will not be legally able to borrow money, a national emergency will be declared so they can seize whatever they want from the public.

> March 16-24: The week in March that Congress will be out of D.C. – Watch for a big event like a fake EMP attack or “fire sale” cyberattack to happen during this time, especially on March 22. This would make it difficult to reconvene Congress to pass a spending bill or debt limit raise, thereby allowing the President (presumably Pence) to take on dictatorial emergency powers.

> March 27: The 3.5 year mark since the final Super Blood Moon of the “Blood Moon Tetrad” – Watch for a momentous event on or a few days after that date — one that will change the geopolitical trajectory of the world.

> March 29: The UK will exit the EU without a deal – Watch for this to start the dominoes falling on an EU financial crisis. Also watch for Brussels to become openly tyrannical towards the EU member states.

> March 31: The date land confiscation from white farmers and race war begin in South Africa – Watch for this to coincide with a food stamps cutoff in the US to spark a race war here also.

> March 31: The Ukrainian presidential election – Watch for embattled Ukrainian President Poroshenko to start an armed conflict with Russia as we approach this date. Such a move would allow him to stay in power under “national emergency” pretenses, and he could start it at any time between now and then.

Speaking of “at any time between now and then,” here are some other events to watch for between now and April 1…

  • a Trump-Putin Summit and assassination show – Just today, Putin expressed his openness to having a Summit, and it would present an excellent opportunity for a dual assassination, especially if it happens in March.
  • a cutoff of food stamps in the US – According to press reports, this could happen as soon as February 1, but I’d wager on April 1.
  • the sinking of the USS Stennis in the Persian Gulf – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the “cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the “ballistic missiles out of Iraq/Lebanon” false-flag – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the withdrawal/non-withdrawal of US troops from Syria – If Trump falls during the first three months of the year, the American withdrawal under Trump will turn into a non-withdrawal under Pence.
  • the launch of the Turkish war against the Kurds – This will occur by the end of March unless the “peacemaker” Putin prevents it with his “masterful diplomacy” (as part of the Peace Path). Should the attack go forward, conflict between the Turkish military and the French and UK militaries is inevitable, which will lead to big trouble for the EU.
  • an armed Turkish incursion into EU-member Cyprus’ offshore Exclusive Economic Zone – This is a fallback mechanism to start a military confrontation between Turkey and the EU & US.
  • a violent Islamist intifada in Europe – If counter-provoked in Syria or in the Cyprus EEZ, Erdogan will call out the Islamist goons he’s stationed all over Europe (with the help of the Western royals and governments).
  • a 3-million migrant invasion of Europe out of Turkey – Erdogan has already threatened to release the 3-4 million refugees in Turkey into Europe, so he’s just waiting for the script to provide the justification to do so (in Syria, off Cyprus, or with a Turkish financial collapse).
  • the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem – This will occur regardless of whether we’re on the Peace Path or the War Path, and it will happen even if the globalists delay everything till later. The Peace Path doesn’t mean there’ll be no armed conflict (we’ve already seen it in Syria and Ukraine); it just means there’ll be no World War 3.

Should the globalists opt to punt, you’ll see many of these things get delayed / pushed back (like the Brexit and the US debt limit), and others will simply fizzle. Then we’ll have to fight the battle for the rest of 2019.

On another note, the globalists may have structured this whole thing so they can keep a half trillion dollars in tax refund money. During the shutdown, no refunds will be issued. And if we go into an expensive crisis for some reason while it’s still in effect, the Treasury will use that money to fund the crisis response. This is how they might keep food stamps going till April, and this is how they’ll screw us one last time before the debt default.

They tried this back in 2014, and I wrote about it then.

(8 January 2019) – There was a new development yesterday…

…from RT

As I’ve previously written, Trump’s scheduled announcement this month of a peace plan that splits Jerusalem would have led to his downfall. So by delaying the announcement for “several months,” the globalists are doing one of two things…

1) They are delaying a takedown of Trump till September, OR

2) They are clearing the way for Trump to remain in office through March to enable a Peace Path climax that month.

If the latter is what they’re going for, their narrative will say that…

  • the Gog/Magog War was a cold war battle between the Global North (the “Kings of the North”) and Global South (the “Kings of the South”) that climaxed in a hot war in Syria,
  • Putin’s 42-month effort between September 2015 and March 2019 in Syria is what won the war,
  • the Battle of Armageddon in Israel was largely forestalled by the destruction of the Hezbollah “blitzkrieg” tunnels on the Lebanon-Israel border, and
  • the Trump peace plan was a just a front for a furious diplomatic effort to forestall the “Deep State’s” planned Great Middle East War, and that Trump “never really intended to split Jerusalem.”

That will leave just two loose ends for the globalists to tie up…

1) the removal of the “Dajjal” medallion from Erdogan and Yildirim’s neck and its placement around the neck of ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, and

2) the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque so they can start building the Third Temple.

So watch for these precursors to a Peace Path climax…

1) The killing or capture of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi between now and the end of March.

2) The destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque between now and the end of March.

The most likely scripting for Al-Aqsa will be that Israeli hardliners destroy it in a final, desperate effort to instigate the Great Middle East War. This act may result in a Hezbollah/Hamas uprising against Israel, but it will be quickly resolved when Netanyahu initiates “mass arrests” against the “war hawks” that destroyed the Mosque and staged the coup against his government. These Israeli “mass arrests” will fit in nicely with the ones that will also take place in the US and Western Europe.

Once the mass arrests begin, also watch for the “evil Deep State” to possibly exercise the “Omega Option.” This would involve them firing off all the nukes they have under their direct control as both revenge and a last-ditch effort to initiate a wider nuclear exchange. And it would be a great way to script in an early “alien intervention.” Scroll down to the Compendium section titled A preliminary “alien intervention” in a ballistic missile launch for some background information.

Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win

(22 December 2018) – Have you noticed how the political script is showing both Macron and May in deep trouble going into 2019? This is part of the setup for a Peace Path option next year. Should the globalists opt for the Peace Path, Trump and Putin will survive through March, and they’ll be joined by Le Pen and Corbyn. This will turn the P5 board all green…

And once all the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are pro-Putin, they’ll allow the UN to be “reformed” to be stronger and “more representative” — to become the New World Order

So if the globalists opt for the Peace Path, March troubles will lead to “earth-shattering revelations” and mass arrests in the US and Western Europe. And the dire situation will lead to the rapid reform of the UN by September (just in time for the Jewish New Year).

I know I’m throwing a lot of scenarios at you, so I’ll do a systematic breakdown of the globalists’ scripting options before New Year’s Day. It will be very easy to follow.

~ MORE ~

Let’s have a look at Macron’s situation in France…

The globalists have scripted Macron’s weakening by means of deliberately unpopular policy initiatives and a color revolution (the “Yellow Vests”) that seeks his resignation, and all it will take is one more giant demonstration or one more outrageous policy mistake to seal his fate. What will it be? A December 31 Yellow Vest or “terrorist” event when Christmas is over and everyone is out on the street for New Year’s? The slaughter of French soldiers or French Muslim rioting when French forces and Turkish forces clash in northeast Syria?…

…from CNBC/Reuters

Whatever event forces Macron’s resignation, removal or death, the French rules of Presidential succession will be triggered…

>>> Upon the death, removal, or resignation of the President, the President of the Senate takes over as acting president…

The first round of a new presidential election must be organized no sooner than twenty days and no later than thirty-five days following the vacancy of the presidency. Because fifteen days can separate the first and second rounds of a presidential election, this means that the President of the Senate can only act as President of the Republic for a maximum period of fifty days. – from Wikipedia <<<

And the outrage generated by the Macron-dooming event will make Marine Le Pen the obvious choice going forward…

>>>The choice in the 2019 European election will be between Macron’s EU, working towards federalism and mass immigration, and a Europe of free nations, of identities and protections, the one we represent,” Marine Le Pen has said. – from The Guardian <<<

Now let’s have a look at May’s situation in the UK…

The globalists have scripted May’s weakening by having her sabotage the Brexit, which is perceived by the public as her bumbling mismanagement of the affair. But the Brexit is completely out of her hands. The globalists want the Brexit; that’s why the referendum succeeded. And they furthermore want the Brexit to be of the no-deal variety, because they are in the process of taking down the EU so Farage and Le Pen’s vision of an NWO European confederation can rise from its ashes. A no-deal Brexit is going to happen regardless of what silly dramas take place on the public stage, and May will be scapegoated for it. There will be a snap election.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has set himself up to please both the pro and anti Brexiteers…

…from The Guardian

His commitment to proceed with the Brexit is designed to please pro-Brexit voters, and the prospect that his party might slow it down or call another referendum will appeal to anti-Brexit voters. And as I’ve written before, Corbyn will offer Scotland independence in return for the Scottish National Party’s support. Since an independent Scotland could supposedly remain in the EU, they’ll take the deal, but it’s all academic. The EU will soon be dead anyway.

~ MORE – 24 December 2018 ~

Here is a section I wrote on January 7 of this year in Globalist Agenda Watch 2018

>>> The UN reforms will proceed either due to the fear created by the intercepted nuclear launches or by simple agreement once the US, France and the UK are under NWO leaders. In the US, that leader will be Rand Paul; in France, it will be Marine Le Pen; and in the UK, it will be Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, or a Farage-like leader in the UKIP-like, reorganized (post-scandal) Conservative Party. Once the globalists unleash their limited-hangout Truth Tsunami, Farage and his ilk may enjoy greater-than-ever popularity due to revelations of “the massive Establishment campaign against his life and credibility.” <<<

Since the globalists have been unable to engineer the proper conditions to elect Farage in the next snap election, they are resorting to Jeremy Corbyn in the near term. And they are already starting to play “the massive Establishment campaign against his life and credibility” card in relation to the substitute…

…from RT

They are setting up Corbyn to ride the wave of Brexit outrage into office, but he won’t be there long. After the “Truth Tsunami” starts rolling over the public, Corbyn will be on his way out too (a communist/socialist leader has no place in the Austrian-economics-based NWO). And they are already having Farage move to build “the UKIP-like, reorganized (post-scandal) Conservative Party” that will carry him into power…

…from The Telegraph

Back in the 2016 US presidential election, the globalists faced the same Farage-like problem in generating popularity for Rand Paul. This is why they elected Donald Trump as his substitute. And if Trump survives 2019, it will be he instead of Paul who brings us into the NWO. Otherwise, they’ll bring Paul (or Tulsi Gabbards) into office one way or another, perhaps after a Corbyn-like short stay in office for Pence.

~ MORE 2 ~

Come to think of it, if Corbyn is elected and the EU “goes Medieval” on the UK over the Brexit, it would be a great way of outraging the British public into Farage’s arms. This argues for a “Great Tribulation” period following March. That period could last a few months till September of 2019 or a few years until September of 2022.

~ MORE 3 ~

Thinking things through further, I am reminded of the fact that both the UK and France have decided to leave their forces beside the Kurds in Syria, so they’ll soon be facing off against Erdogan’s invasion of Kurdish territory. What do you think the script calls for Erdogan to do when EU troops start taking Turkish lives in Syria? He will unleash his long-threatened 3-million migrant invasion and instruct his terror cells in the EU to go hog wild; that’s what he’ll do. And what will the EU Establishment then do? They’ll respond weakly and actively hamper the EU nations’ ability to respond to the chaos.

So the combination of EU economic blackmail and migrant chaos will push the EU peoples right into the arms of Le Pen, Farage, and all the other “right wing nationalist/populist” leaders. It will be a pure fight for survival.

As I’ve written previously, the NWO historical record of this period will say that Erdogan and the “Satanic” Western Establishment worked hand-in-hand in the Islamist invasion of Europe. They will say that the Satanists and Islamists were attempting to destroy all of Christian civilization, and only the “Christian Champion” Putin and his populist allies in the West were able to stop the onslaught.

Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception (Draft 6)

Draft 6 – Published 15 August 2019

These are my gathered writings on the ongoing globalist effort to artificially fulfill the End Times prophecies of various religions and spiritual traditions. Since the writings were done at different times over the past few years, some sections may contain outdated information. But if you read through them all, you’ll be left with a pretty clear picture of what’s going on. In future drafts, I’ll be adding more writings, updating obsolete sections, and pulling them together into a one coherent essay.

This 6th draft includes the following sections. The first two have been brought up-to-date and the new section at the bottom talks about Jared Kushner’s role in the deception…

  • A Quick Introduction to the Core Deception
  • The Globalists’ Religious Goals
  • Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars
  • Qasem Soleimani, the Globalist-Chosen Imam Mahdi
  • Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?
  • Trump, Putin and Netanyahu: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch
  • Recent Writings on the Prophecy Deception
  • Will the globalists substitute Trump for Putin in the main Antichrist role?
  • Jared Kushner’s Role as the Decoy Antichrist

A Quick Introduction to the Core Deception

As we watch the inexorable and seemingly inexplicable march towards high-intensity war in Korea and the Middle East, and as we observe the controlled elements of the alt-media promoting Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as our nascent saviors from the “Satanic globalists” and their dastardly plans, it’s important to realize that we’re being set up. The setup goes beyond the mere launch of the New World Order, though; it is a setup that ultimately aims to artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy and simulate a Second Coming of Christ.

This prophecy fulfillment scheme is a project of the Kabbalist “Jewish” central bankers and their royal family partners in crime, and it is being orchestrated by the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist “Jewish” cult. Chabad is a religious front of the Mossad, and it is focused on producing the globalist End Times show. It also has intimate connections to both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. In fact, both Trump and Putin have large roles within their End Times script. For Act 1, Trump has been cast to play “Cyrus the Great” (a precursor non-Jewish messiah), and Putin has been cast to play the “Moshiach ben David” (the main Jewish messiah). And in Act 2, Putin’s character will transition into the role of “Final Antichrist” to the globalists’ fake Jesus, the “Kabbalah-Christ” (as I call him).

In order to deceive the world into accepting their Kabbalah-Christ as the “real Jesus,” the globalists are planning to artificially fulfill the Biblical prophecies TWICE. The first fulfillment will provide the “Satanic deception” that Christians are expecting, and the second will provide the “real Second Coming” they’re also expecting. Both fulfillments will feature a Christ and Antichrist. Both will include a 7-headed, 10-horned Beast out of the Sea and a Beast out of the Earth to help the Beast out of the Sea. And both will feature Gog-Magog Wars and Battles of Armageddon. But both are false fulfillments. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both, and I’ve documented their deceptions in this blog.

IN THE FIRST FULFILLMENT, the globalists will pit “the American Antichrist and his evil unilateral / unipolar NWO” against “the Russian Christ and his benevolent multilateral / multipolar NWO.”

The Russian Christ will of course be played by Vladimir Putin, and that’s why you’ve heard so much in the controlled alternative media about Putin being “a good Christian who has stood up against the Western Satanists and their NWO.” And the Western Antichrist is currently slated to be played by Jared Kushner, Trump’s point man for Middle East peace.

During the upcoming Third World War conflict in Korea, the Middle East, and Ukraine, Putin will defeat the West and overhaul the “Western-dominated” UN into the multilateral / multipolar NWO. And to convince people that they’re going through something supernatural, the globalists will be putting on a grand show involving fake assassinations, fake resurrections, and fake extraterrestrials – all made possible by Hollywood magic, sequestered technology, and a near limitless budget.

At the end of this first fulfillment, most will be convinced that Putin is the Jewish and Christian Messiah, and that the “new, reformed” UN / NWO is his democratic kingdom.

IN THE SECOND FULFILLMENT, Putin’s NWO will turn quite ugly about 3.5 years after it’s launched, and it will become clear to everyone that they’ve been “deceived by Satan” into accepting the Final Antichrist in Christ’s place. After 3.5 more years of “great tribulation,” Putin will lead his UN army and ET pals against a second group of arriving beings, the “real Jesus” and his angels.

At the end of this second fulfillment, the globalists are expecting everyone to buy in and accept the “real Jesus” they presented. And it is through this phony figurehead Jesus that they hope to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel.

The Globalists’ Religious Goals


Their prophecy fulfillment plan has three steps and two distinct phases.

The three steps are…

1) Propagandize the public to see the Western “elite” as Satanists and Western leaders like Barack Obama as antichrists.

2) Propagandize the public to see Vladimir Putin as a savior – the Jewish/Christian Messiah – then later propagandize them to see him as the “one true Antichrist.”

3) Propagandize the public to see the Kabbalist pod person who shows up to defeat Putin and the New World Order as the “one true Christ.”

As for the two distinct phases, they are…

1) Phase 1 (The Antichrist Phase) – In this phase, the “one true Antichrist” Putin attempts to take “Christ’s throne” through deception. To accomplish this, he has the West and its leaders play the roles of Satanists and antichrists so he can defeat them and appear to be the savior. And through his victory, he defeats the “evil” Western-version New World Order and erects the “good” BRICS-version New World Order. His NWO will appear to be the answer to all our problems until we get to Phase 2.

2) Phase 2 (The Christ Phase) – In this phase, Putin fulfills some Biblical prophecies that show him to be the “one, true, final Antichrist” and the NWO turns ugly. At this point, globalist alt-media figures like Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and Tom Horn will propagandize the public to see Putin as the Antichrist and his NWO as the “Beast system.”

Once people see Putin as the Antichrist and they’re terrified, a new globalist figure (the Kabbalah Christ) will sweep in and defeat him and his New World Order. It is at this point that the globalists will achieve their ultimate goal: total ownership and control of the entire planet and its people in a post-democratic world governed by a figurehead god-king. They want to rule over us like gods.

Turning our attention to the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment script for the Muslims, an excellent overview is offered in this video from Sheikh Imran Hosein

…Here is how it starts out…

“Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

The Strategic Culture Foundation is a globalist disinformation front specializing in Step 2 propaganda, so they present news and commentary to make the West look evil and Putin look like a world-saving genius. And if we look at Hosein’s video, it’s not hard to identify which globalist actors are playing the eschatological characters he outlines…

     > Vladimir Putin, the son of Mary (Maria Shelomova), is cast as the “true messiah.”

     > Qasem Soleimani, the “Savior of Syria,” is cast as the “Imam al-Mahdi.” That’s why Hosein says the Mahdi “will already be there” in Damascus (Soleimani managed the war from there). To read more about him, see Updates 9 and 10 of Globalist Agenda Watch 2018.

     > Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attacked the Mahdi in Syria, is cast as the “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.” He was stopped when the “true messiah” (Putin) stepped in to aid the “Mahdi” (Soleimani).

It is important to note that since there are two phases to the “End Times” show, the Antichrist Phase (Phase 1, in which “Satan attempts to steal Christ’s throne”) and the Christ Phase (Phase 2, in which “the real Jesus shows up to stop Satan”), the globalists will artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy TWICE. And this means there are two actors cast for every role:

The role of the “Antichrist” is played by…
Jared Kushner in Phase 1, and by Vladimir Putin in Phase 2.

The role of the Muslim Antichrist character, the “Dajjal,” is played by…
Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Phase 1, and by Qasem Soleimani in Phase 2.

The role of the Christian/Muslim “Christ” is played by…
Vladimir Putin in Phase 1, and by “Testy Tubey” (an unknown GMO human) in Phase 2.

The role of the seven-headed, ten-horned “Beast out of the Sea” (the Revived Roman Empire) from Revelation is played by…
the G7 in Phase 1, and by the “reformed” UN/NWO in Phase 2.

The role of the “Beast out of the Earth” that aids the Beast out of the Sea from Revelation is played by…
the EU in Phase 1, and by one of Russia’s Eurasian treaty organizations in Phase 2 (I haven’t yet set my attention to positively identifying which particular one, but the CSTO and SCO are candidates, and I’m leaning towards the SCO).

The globalists are artificially fulfilling the prophecies twice so it will appear that the first fulfillment was a trick and the second is “real,” but both of them are fake. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both. There is absolutely nothing “supernatural” or “spiritual” about what’s coming; it’s all Hollywood magic combined with sequestered technology to give the appearance of something supernatural and spiritual.

Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars

In the very first update of Globalist Agenda Watch 2017, I wrote about a globalist effort to script the removal of their boy Xi Jinping in China. In that entry, I tried to make sense of why they were doing it based on what I knew about their agenda at the time. In the year since then, though, I finally stumbled upon the real reason Xi is scripted to fall. But let’s start at the beginning…

In the late 1950’s, the globalists decided to offer Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders the opportunity to displace America as the world’s leading power in exchange for their cooperation in building the New World Order. And starting with Henry Kissinger’s secret trip to China in 1971, the “Illuminati” / CCP partnership began to remake China in the image of the NWO.

A few years ago, though, globalist mouthpieces like Alex Jones began narrating a (fake) split between the Chinese and the “Western globalists”…

…from Infowars

In doing this, the alt-media disinformation agents attempted to establish the perception that “Xi Jinping is a traitor to the NWO,” just like they did for Putin…

…from Google

By establishing Xi as a supposed opponent of the “Western globalists,” the propagandists have essentially put him on the “globalist assassination list,” right alongside Putin and Trump. And something happened just recently that will be offered as “the reason the Western globalists took him out”

…from the Christian disinformation site

So the NWO historians will say that Xi Jinping was assassinated (or deposed) for “trying to break the petrodollar monopoly.” But that’s not the real reason, so let me explain what is.

A few months ago, a reader pointed out an area I’d neglected to cover, and this is that person’s comment and my response to it…

The Comment: Ken, you made your case that we are witnessing a show that is directed by the globalists to artificially fulfill elements common to Christian/Muslim/Jewish end-times prophecies in order to establish a global, post-democratic theocracy with a figurehead “Messiah” ruler.

This may or may not ultimately work to rule the part of the worldwide population that
practices these three aforementioned religions. But what about the populations of China and India?

Excluding the minority of Indian Muslims, there is a combined total of about 2.5 billion people
(1/3 of the world’s population) that does not share Christian/Muslim/Jewish beliefs. They would certainly not follow some “Messiah” branded as the “reincarnated Jesus Christ”, etc.
Wouldn’t that be a huge problem for the globalists?

I think this makes your theory (on where the globalists are ultimately heading) somewhat moot, doesn’t it?

My response: Actually, this is what I wrote about the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment goals in the NWO Schedule of Implementation page for this year…


Since my personal background is in the Abrahamic religions, I’ve focused my attention there and have neglected to write about what the globalists have planned for the Hindus and the Chinese. So I extend my thanks to the commenter for bringing this oversight to my attention.

After my second awakening back in 2008-2009, I started immersing myself in the “rabbit hole”: the fringe zone of the alt-media that deals with “ascension,” cycles, prophecies, extraterrestrials, channelings, and the like. Over time, I began to realize that the globalists were using rabbit hole folk as guinea pigs on whom to beta-test various narratives as they searched for the optimal story to tell the general public at the time of the NWO transition. And one of the narratives I observed them testing was “the End of the Kali Yuga”…

…from The Millennium Report

If you look through the Wikipedia entry on Hindu eschatology, you’ll see that the Kali Yuga is supposedly the fourth and final time period of the current Age of Mankind. It is said to be ruled over by the demon Kali and is “characterized by impiety, violence, and decay.” At its end, the final incarnation of Vishnu known as Kalki will appear on a white horse. He will amass an army of those few pious souls remaining. These, together with all the incarnations of the Godhead (avatars) which have appeared throughout human history, will destroy all demons and sins in the world.”

This narrative of Kalki “riding in on a white horse with all the other avatars to save the world” fits right in with what the globalists have planned, as is evidenced by the conclusions drawn in the Millennium Report propaganda piece

The piece points to at least five eschatological figures who will make the scene at the NWO transition point, and we already know the actors who will play three of them…

> Vladimir Putin is scripted to play two roles: the “Moshiach ben David” (the Messiah of Judaism) and the Second Coming of Jesus.

> Qasem Soleimani is scripted to play the Imam Mahdi (the Muslim savior figure).

So who will play the two remaining roles?

If we look at the two actors we already know, Putin and Soleimani, we see that they’ve fought “side-by-side” in Syria against the proxy forces of the “Satanic West.” And this suggests that the other two actors might have also stood side-by-side with Putin in seeming opposition to the West, with the leaders of the BRICS alliance being the obvious contenders.

So among the BRICS leaders, who is the leading contender to play the role of the Hindu “Lord Kalki”? It would have to be Narendra Modi, right? He is the Prime Minister of India and a Hindu nationalist, and he has stood beside Putin in the BRICS alliance’s phony opposition to “Western domination.”

This leaves the role of the Buddhist Maitreya to be filled, and the only BRICS leader who could possibly play it is Xi Jinping of China. But does Xi have any connection to Buddhism? Lo and behold, he does…

…from The New York Times. Note the wording of the link:

Here is an excerpt…

“In 1982, two men arrived in this dusty provincial town. One was Shi Youming, a Buddhist monk who was taking up a post in the ruins of one of Zhengding’s legendary temples. The other was Xi Jinping, the 29-year-old son of a top Communist Party official putting in a mandatory stint in the provinces as a bureaucrat in the government he would eventually lead.

The two forged an unusual alliance that resonates today. With Mr. Xi’s backing, Youming, who like most Buddhist monks preferred to go by one name, rebuilt the city’s Linji Temple, the birthplace of one of the best-known schools of Buddhism. Even after Mr. Xi was transferred, he regularly visited Youming in Zhengding and sent officials there to study the partnership between the party and religion.”

All I could think when I stumbled upon this was “WOW!” I finally understood the real reason the globalists were planning to remove Xi and replace him with Li Keqiang: it was to portray the “Lord Maitreya” being betrayed by the “evil West’s ally Li” in the same way they’ve scripted Putin to be betrayed by the “evil West’s ally Medvedev.” So Xi has been cast as the “Lord Maitreya,” and Li Keqiang has been cast as the “Chinese Judas.”

So now we know the cast and characters of Act 1 of the globalist prophecy fulfillment show. These are the supposed Avatars…

  • Donald Trump is playing the “Moshiach ben Yosef” (the precursor Jewish Messiah who will aid Putin in taking his throne and serve as his viceroy)
  • Vladimir Putin is playing the “Moshiach ben David” and “Jesus”
  • Qasem Soleimani is playing the “Imam Mahdi”
  • Narendra Modi is (probably) playing the “Lord Kalki”
  • Xi Jinping is (likely) playing the “Lord Maitreya”

Now if you look at these five avatars, you may notice that there is something they all have in common: they’re all known for being nationalists.

Donald Trump is well publicized as an “America Firster” nationalist…

…from Politico

Xi Jinping is also presented as a Chinese nationalist…

…from CNBC

Narendra Modi belongs to a Hindu nationalist political party…

…from the Independent

Qasem Soleimani’s “ascent to stardom coincides with a growing nationalist trend in Iran”

…from The Christian Science Monitor

And Vladimir Putin is well known as a Russian nationalist…

…from The Atlantic (I’ll come back to the notable symbolism of this cover a little later)

So why have the globalists scripted their Avatar characters to be nationalists, you ask? They’re doing it so when the Avatars’ New World Order turns ugly and leads to disaster, people will see nationalism as one of the causes for it going so wrong. This will leave the sheeple with a deep distaste for nationalism (and a great receptivity to globalism).

Putting it another way, the NWO will be presented as a “national sovereignty-respecting democratic institution established by nationalistic leaders,” and it will look great at first but become a nightmare later on. And once the nightmare is over, the globalists want people saying…

“We’re tired of the sovereignty of fallible men; we want the sovereignty of our infallible God.”

“We’re too foolish and wicked to rule ourselves through democracy; we want to live under a wise and benevolent leader.”

“We’re tired of being divided into different nations that war against each other; we want to be united.”

And with those sentiments planted into the shell-shocked minds of the human race, the globalists will unite them under “the wise and benevolent leadership of the savior who defeated the New World Order, Jesus Christ” — a globalist-created, genetically-engineered leader who will be the front man for the Kabbalists’ behind-the-scenes rule.

Getting back to the Avatars, another thing we can see about them is that they’re mere men, and all of them have damaged reputations on account of their past activities. So the globalists are going to have to do something really big to refresh their public image and raise them from the status of mere humans to religious icons. That’s where sequestered technology and Hollywood magic come into play.

We can expect the globalists to do one or two of the following things for each Avatar…

  • stage an assassination attempt in which he appears to be gravely wounded, then portray a “miraculous healing ”
  • stage an assassination in which he appears to be killed, then portray him being “resurrected from the dead”
  • stage the spectacular arrival of (fake) aliens who will bamboozle the public with bullsh*t and proclaim / “prove” that each Avatar is the real deal

In looking at that final “fake ET arrival” element of the plan, we see why one of the men who helped develop the NWO implementation plan, Laurance Rockefeller, was also the man who funded the start of the UFO disclosure movement. He was laying the groundwork for the mind-blowing arrival of fake aliens at the time of the transition to the NWO.

All this being said, by the time the coming war crisis builds to the point that a full-on nuclear war is imminent, you may see faked woundings/assassinations and healings/resurrections of one or all of the “Avatars.” Then you may also see our “space brothers” appear in the sky to stop the nuclear holocaust and point to the Avatars as incarnations of the godhead. Their narrative will go something like this…

“When the Dark Forces developed and used the first nuclear weapons in 1945, it became clear that they would use them to slaughter most of humanity and irretrievably subjugate the survivors before the End of the Age. So the Avatars incarnated into human form in order to discreetly intervene. They infiltrated the Dark’s power structure and rose to leadership within the major nuclear nations to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Sensing the imminent defeat of their plans, the Dark Forces struck back by assassinating the Avatars and starting World War 3. And as they pushed the world to the very brink of nuclear destruction, the godhead had to intervene more dramatically by resurrecting the Avatars and sending in cosmic reinforcements before the scheduled End of the Age.”

After the Dark Forces and their “unipolar” New World Order are defeated and the Avatars are revealed, the Avatars will erect the “multipolar” NWO and begin uniting the world’s religions in a “Religious UN” based in Jerusalem…

…from Israel National News

Here is something I wrote about it back in January of 2016…

So they want to set up a “Religious UN” in Jerusalem, eh? Seeing this spurred all kinds of questions and ideas…

> Since it is likely that the Al-Aqsa Mosque (which sits on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) will be destroyed during the Gog/Magog War, will the temple they build in its place be a “Religious UN” / multi-faith temple?

> Will the UN Temple itself be the “abomination of desolation” that stands in the “holy place” (the Temple Mount)? If they open it 3.5 years after Putin takes over the UN, the answer is a definite “yes.”

If the globalists proceed with their plans for Trump and Jerusalem next month, the Al-Aqsa Mosque may be destroyed during the resulting battle. This will clear the way for construction of the Third Temple / UN Temple to begin (probably in September of this year).

Once the Avatars, led by Vladimir Putin, take charge, Act 1 of the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment show will be complete. It is then that they’ll begin Act 2. They’ll start releasing information to the public to make it clear that they’ve been fooled. The first to digest the released information and realize the deception will be those who cling to traditional interpretations of their religions, and the globalist script calls for them to be “persecuted by the UN as the Dark Forces attempt to keep the rest of the public from realizing it too.” So the final 3.5 years of the New World Order will be quite ugly.

When “Jesus Christ” arrives at the NWO’s 7 year mark to defeat the UN and the Avatars, the narrative offered will be something like this…

“As we approached the time of Jesus Christ’s return, Satan devised a diabolical plan. He had his minions bring the world to the seeming precipice of total nuclear war, then had his antichrists [the Avatars] and fallen angels [the “ETs”] step in to stop it and pose as holy saviors. His strategy was to have his antichrists lead humanity into joining his fallen angels in warring against Jesus and his angels at the time of Christ’s return. But in trying to prevent the Bible prophecies from coming to pass, Satan ended up fulfilled them. The true Jesus Christ has now returned to begin His 1,000 year kingdom.”

When Act 2 of the globalist prophecy fulfillment show is complete, there will be only one religion and one savior: (Kabbalized) Christianity and “Jesus Christ” (the Kabbalah-Christ). And Act 1 will have actually aided in moving the religious people of the world into accepting both. When the Avatars show up in Act 1, they will all point to Putin (“fake Jesus”) as the main savior, and they’ll work on bringing the religions together under him. So when the “real Jesus” shows up to end the nightmare and crush the bad guys, people will be residually pre-programmed to see him as the “true son of god.”

Speaking of Putin being the “main savior” of Act 1, let’s look again at the graphic from the Atlantic article on Putin…

Here are some things to note about it…

> It depicts a solar system of 7 heavenly bodies in which Putin is at the center. And as I’ve said, Putin will be the central figure both among the Avatars and within the global government. That’s why the article is titled “It’s Putin’s World.”

> Putin is depicted the Sun (son of God) around whom 6 other heavenly bodies orbit. These six other bodies may represent other Avatars, so we might be seeing 7 Avatars instead of 5. This number of Avatars would fit well with Bible prophecy because the “Beast of Revelation,” which will be played by the UN / NWO in Act 2, is supposed to have “7 heads.” That’s why the graphic shows Putin’s head.

So if there will be 7 Avatars and we’ve accounted for only 5 of them (1. Putin, 2. Trump, 3. Xi, 4. Modi, 5. Soleimani), who will be the other 2? Pope Francis and the Dalai Lama would be at the top of my list of candidates. Have a look at the following article to see 10 of the contenders: The 10 Most Influential Spiritual Leaders Around The World.

The 7-headed Beast of Revelation is also known for having 10 horns with crowns. So one of the ways this 10 number can be fulfilled is by saying each Avatar is a king with a crown, with Putin wearing 4 crowns (1. King of the Jews, 2. King of the Christians, 3. King of the World, 4. King of Khazaria – see the Compendium for information on that last one). Another way it can be fulfilled is by having Putin appoint a leader for each of the ten UN development regions to oversee the postwar economic recovery.

Now before we call this writing complete, let’s get back to China and Xi Jinping for a moment…

After nearly seven decades of Communist rule, the Chinese people have no strong religious tradition to utilize in bringing them into the “religious UN.” This seems to be the reason why the Illuminati have been building a Mao-like cult of personality around Xi Jinping…

…from Meet Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Illuminati handler of China’s leaders

Once the Chinese people see Xi defeat the West and be proclaimed a reincarnated Buddha, they’ll buy into his cult of personality to a much greater degree. And Xi will use his exalted position to lead the Chinese people into belief in the One World Religion, the central figure of which will be Vladimir Putin (the “fake Jesus”). This will put them in position to believe in the “real Jesus” when he or she shows up seven years later.

Speaking of “he or she,” another narrative I’ve observed the globalists beta-testing in the rabbit hole is “the return of the divine feminine,” so don’t be thrown if the Kabbalah-Christ turns out to be a woman or a hermaphrodite.

Qasem Soleimani, the Globalist-Chosen Imam Mahdi

There are times when I get the urge to turn on my PC and start searching, and I don’t even know what I’m looking for… until I find it. February 20, 2018 was one of those times, and as it turned out, I was searching for this…

…from the Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt…

“U.S. officials consider the commander of an elite Iranian military unit a terrorist supporter and the man ultimately responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and their Middle East allies.

But many Iranians view Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the face of Tehran’s growing regional clout, as their best defense against foreign aggression.

Gen. Soleimani’s public profile is soaring just as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s popularity sags…

Gen. Soleimani, who is 60 years old, is the public face of Iran’s efforts to arm Shiite militias in Iraq and salvage the regime in Syria, and one of Iran’s biggest celebrities, trailed by photographers when he visits the front lines. With a white beard and a head of hair to match, he poses for selfies with Iraqi and Syrian militiamen and is the subject of tribute videos on YouTube.

Once I saw this article, I immediately recognized it as preparatory propaganda for what is about to transpire in the Middle East. I saw Soleimani as an excellent candidate for both the Imam Mahdi role in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment play and the martyr role whose assassination by Israel would start Iran’s missiles flying.

Back when I did my original search for the actor who would play the Mahdi, I kept in mind the criteria set out in the prophecy propaganda from Sheikh Imran Hosein

Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

Knowing the Mahdi had to be in Damascus, I looked for candidates among the Syrian government and the militia leaders, eventually settling on Assad as the best candidate. I never thought to look at the Iranian generals because I didn’t think any of them would be residing in Damascus. But lookie here…

In the later half of 2012, Soleimani assumed personal control of the Iranian intervention in the Syrian civil war, when Iranians became deeply concerned about the Assad government’s lack of ability to fight the opposition, and the fallout to the Islamic Republic if the Syrian government fell. He is reported to have coordinated the war from a base in Damascus at which a Lebanese Hezbollah commander and an Iraqi Shiite militia coordinator have been mobilized, in addition to Syrian and Iranian officers.” – from Wikipedia

Once I saw that Soleimani was in Damascus before the Dajjal character (Erdogan) entered Syria in August of 2016 (a month before the 2016 prophecy fulfillment show was scheduled to take place), I started looking even more deeply at him. And as I did so, I saw that the media had done an excellent job of setting him up to play the Mahdi role for the globalists.

Have a look at this BBC article

…Here is a critical excerpt…

“In neighbouring Syria he is widely credited with delivering the strategy that has helped President Bashar al-Assad turn the tide against rebel forces and recapture key cities and towns.”

Here is another article setting him up as the “Savior of Syria”…

…from Reuters

This Reuters article is particularly important because it establishes that the Mahdi went to the “Son of Mary” (Putin) to seek help for saving Syria. The globalist prophecy fulfillment script calls for the Jewish/Christian Messiah, Putin, to work with the Mahdi in defeating the “Satanic forces of the West,” with Putin playing the senior role.

The media have also portrayed Soleimani as a hero…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

After the pilot was downed by Turkey on Tuesday, ‘credible information was obtained that a number of special Turkish units had been sent to the scene to take the Russian pilot captive to blackmail Russia later,’ the semi-official Fars News Agency reported, basing the claim on a report in the Persian-language version of the Russian Sputnik news agency.”

So in the case of the Russian pilot shot down by Turkey, the Mahdi saved him from the grasp of the Dajjal (Erdogan).

Of course, a candidate for the Imam Mahdi role would need a pious religious image to complete his resume. And wouldn’t you know it, Soleimani has exactly that…

…from ABNA

With all this set before you, perhaps you can see why I’m taking Bashar Assad off the Avatar board and replacing him with Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani is almost certainly the globalists’ choice for the Imam Mahdi.

That being said, here are a couple of warnings…

WARNING 1 – The globalists’ plan is to fake either the death or grave wounding of Qasem Soleimani at the hands of the Israelis. This would result in instant outrage in Iran and lead to the firing of over 100,000 rockets and missiles at Israel. It would be instant high-intensity war.

At a later date, the globalists will fake Soleimani’s resurrection (if he’s “dead”) or miraculous healing (if he’s “gravely wounded”) to help raise him to the status of a religious icon in the eyes of the public.

WARNING 2 – If the globalists stage the wounding or killing of Soleimani, there will also be other high-profile fake woundings and killings either before or after Soleimani’s. Those affected may include Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi (or another high-profile Hindu), and Xi Jinping (or another high-profile Buddhist).


Dear Muslims, the Kabbalist “Jews” will use the Imam Mahdi to destroy you

Behold two Jews pretending to be Christians who are talking about the Muslim Messiah, the “Imam Mahdi”…

…from YouTube

According to the script the Kabbalist “Jews” have written, Qasem Soleimani will be unveiled as the Imam Mahdi at roughly the same time Putin is declared the Jewish/Christian Mashiach/Christ (around the climax point of World War 3). And by joining hands with Putin, the “Mahdi” will help the globalists unite the Muslims with the Christians and Jews under a hybrid religion (the “Religious UN,” which will be based in Jerusalem).

Since it is the Kabbalists and their Muslim agents who promote and control Soleimani, Jewish End Times propagandists like Joel Richardson and Sid Roth are telling us exactly what they have planned for him: he will unite the Muslims and lead them to destruction in the Battle of Armageddon. If the Kabbalists are able to pull this off, Islam – and a great many Muslims – will be dead in roughly 7 years.

Getting back to the video, Joel Richardson speaks of the Antichrist as someone who hasn’t yet made the scene, so what does that make Richardson? If you’ve read Update 1, you’ll know that it means he’s a Step 3 propagandist. The Step 3 Propaganda Team are “tasked with blowing the whistle on the Great Deception (Steps 1 & 2) and preparing the way for the third leader the globalists will introduce.” And Richardson is doing exactly that: he is blowing the whistle on the “Antichrist” in order to promote the “real Christ” figure the globalists will present around 2025.

So let’s have a look at how he equates the Mahdi with the Antichrist (starting at the 4:46 mark of the video)…

“In a nutshell, the Antichrist, according to the Bible, he revives an empire. From the Islamic side, they believe the Mahdi revives an Islamic Empire – that he will unify the Islamic world.”

The creation of an Islamic empire will make Muslims feel powerful, and that is first part of the trap. The desire for power is a demonic lure, and a godly person must resist it. The price the Muslims will pay for embracing this illusion of power is their total destruction.

When the Mahdi breaks his peace treaty and turns against Israel, he will appeal to the Muslim peoples’ desire for revenge against the Jews, which is another demonic lure a godly person must resist. He will call for them to completely destroy Israel and all its inhabitants, and if the Muslims accept his call and act on it, they will be marking themselves for the complete destruction of the Islamic Empire and all its inhabitants.

Those who attack Israel will be attacked, and those who act to annihilate Israel will themselves be annihilated. For it is by acting demonically towards Israel that the Muslims will invite demonic attack upon themselves. And that is the nature of the whole trick: the Kabbalists will use the Mahdi to fool the Muslims into trying to wipe out the Jews, thereby giving the Kabbalists spiritual justification (according to their occult belief system) to wipe out the Muslims.

Just take a moment to think about it…

Why does the Mossad recruit Palestinian terrorists and provide them with rockets they can fire into Israel? By fooling gullible Palestinians into conducting clumsy rocket attacks on Israel, the Israelis get justification to conduct precise airstrikes in Palestine. The Jews live by the motto of “an eye for an eye,” so when they want to poke someone’s eye, they lure that person into poking at their eye first. And when they want to tear out a people’s heart (like they do with the children of Ishmael), they will trick them into grabbing for Israel’s heart first.

If/when the destruction of the Muslims comes, it will not come by “God” or any supernatural means; it will be done by “humans” using human technology. With their vast wealth, the Kabbalists have developed a powerful array of secret weapons, and the effect of these will be indistinguishable from “supernatural” destruction. In fact, the Kabbalists have the capacity to slaughter the entire human race – all they lack is the motivation and justification to do so. Their motivation for destroying any people is that those people are in the way of what they want, but they must also have the justification, and they receive that by luring their foes into improper action. Your improper action towards them is their permission to act improperly towards you.

Let’s continue on with Richardson’s Antichrist/Mahdi comparison…

“The Antichrist leads this coalition in the invasion of Israel; the Mahdi also leads the Islamic world in invasion of Israel.”

According to the current globalist script, there will actually be two “coalition” attacks against Israel over the next 7 years or so…

The first attack is imminent, and it will be the First Battle of Armageddon. It will be conducted by the coalition of Muslim groups Soleimani has put together and could also include the US and/or Russia if the globalists opt for the fake assassinations of Trump and/or Putin. Once this battle reaches the point that the Israel Defense Forces are near total collapse, Putin will make a dramatic appearance and put a stop to the fighting, removing Netanyahu and his “Zionist-Neocon warmongers” from power in the process.

The second attack against Israel will occur around 2025, and it will be Second Battle of Armageddon. It will involve the Mahdi’s Muslim army fighting alongside Putin’s UN army to stop an incoming power. This climactic battle is scripted to lead to the destruction of both Islam and Putin’s New World Order, and it will end with the arrival of the Kabbalist-controlled “real Christ,” who will unite the world under the religion of Kabbalized Christianity in a dictatorial 1,000 year kingdom.

This whole scenario sounds too crazy to be true, right? Yet one of Richardson’s books verifies that this is the plan…

Again, the Muslims must turn away from the Kabbalist-controlled Mahdi and his two invasions of Israel in order to survive. If the Muslims insist on invading something, the only appropriate target would be the Mahdi’s palace, not Israel. By acting to lead the Muslims to destruction, Soleimani invites destruction upon himself.

Now let’s continue on with Richardson’s Antichrist/Mahdi comparison…

“The Antichrist rules for 7 years; Mahdi rules for seven years.”

It is important to stop for a moment and remind ourselves that we are looking at the imminent unveiling and 7-year rule of TWO Antichrists (not to mention the fake Buddhist and Hindu messiahs the globalists will be throwing in as well). As Richardson said earlier, “In a nutshell, the Antichrist, according to the Bible, he revives an empire. From the Islamic side, they believe the Mahdi revives an Islamic Empire – that he will unify the Islamic world.”

So on the Islamic side,

the Imam Mahdi, Qasem Soleimani, will revive a Muslim Caliphate.

And on the Jewish/Christian side,

the Jewish Messiah / Christian Anti-Christ, Vladimir Putin. will revive the Roman Empire (in the form of the “new and improved” UN/NWO).

It is no surprise, then, that the globalists’ leading prophecy propagandist, Tom Horn, is preparing his followers for two Anti-Christs. In this interview on the Jim Bakker Show, Horn says this about what the “Israeli rabbis” are expecting…

“So they too believe that we are in the End Times. They too believe that the Messiah is about to appear. We would say the Second Coming is about to happen, but their messiah is going to be a false messiah. He’s going to be the Antichrist, right?”

So out of his mouth, Horn is speaking about the arrival of a Jewish Antichrist, and out of his hand, he’s writing about the arrival of an Islamic Antichrist

This seemingly contradictory message is resolved when you understand that Putin will be the “Final Roman Emperor” and Soleimani will be the “Islamic Antichrist.”

Like the “fake Antichrist” (Barack Obama) who came before them, each of these “real Antichrists” has a specific role, a specific reign, and a specific purpose. So let’s have a look at the roles, reigns, and purposes of all three…

1) Barack Obama…

> His role was to play the fake/decoy Antichrist.

> His 7-year reign began when he symbolically took the helm of the global government in September of 2009 (see Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016), and was to end with his defeat at the hands of the Mahdi and Isa (Jesus/Putin) in September of 2016.

> His purpose was to serve as the evil globalist villain that the “heroic” Mahdi and Isa would jointly defeat in order to “save the world.”

He has now been replaced by Mike Pence.

2) Vladimir Putin…

> His role is to play the Jewish/Christian Savior (Jesus/Isa) who later turns out to be the “real” Antichrist.

> His 7-year reign will begin when he brings in a “reformed, stronger” United Nations and acts as its de facto or de jure leader, and it will end with his defeat at the hands of the “real Christ” in 2025.

> His purpose will be to take the helm of the “democratic” global government and spectacularly crash it 7 years later. During the first 3.5 years of his reign, everything will look great, but it will start getting ugly in the second 3.5 years. And by the time the 7 years have ended, people will be convinced that we human beings are too fallible to govern ourselves. We will be sold the idea that the only way to enduring peace and happy living is to be ruled by “God.”

3) Qasem Soleimani…

> His role is to play the Muslim Mahdi who later turns out to be the “real” Co-Antichrist.

> His 7-year reign will begin when he unites the Muslim nations in a grand coalition and acts as its de facto or de jure leader, and it will end with his defeat at the hands of the “real Christ” in 2025.

> His purpose will be to lead Islam to destruction, thus clearing the way for Kabbalized Christianity to be the only world religion.

So as you can see, the globalists have two objectives in the final phase of their prophecy deception…

1) Crash human government and convince people that only “God” can competently rule humanity.

2) Destroy Islam and cull all Muslims who won’t convert to Kabbalized Christianity.

By completing these two objectives, the way will be clear for them to roll out their “real Christ” figure and rule the world. “When a Jew Rules the World” is when: 1) people are convinced they can’t rule themselves, and 2) Islam isn’t around to get in the way.

Richardson confirms the Kabbalists’ plan for annihilating Islam at the 22:07 mark of the video…

“Sid, Biblically, throughout history, whenever the Lord uses a people to chastise or judge the Earth, or his people, Israel, that’s exactly what he’s gonna do with the Islamic world. He is using the Islamic world as his rod of chastisement against an unrepentant world. But whenever the Lord uses a rod of chastisement, when he’s done, he breaks that rod over his knee. And he will judge the Islamic world after he has used them. But before he judges a people, he calls out a remnant. Sid, right now the Lord is calling a remnant of sincere, passionate believers out of the Islamic world. He’s calling them to himself, and he’s making them willing martyrs for Jesus.”

Now if you substitute the word “Kabbalists” for “the Lord” in this passage, you’ll get an accurate read of what’s really going on. This is their strategy for defeating Islam…

1) They are having their agents in the globalist intelligence services, Al Qaeda, ISIS and other (“Crypto-Satanic”) “Islamist groups” engage in a worldwide reign of terror to create widespread hatred of Islam. This is being done so no one will care if the Muslims are slaughtered later in the script.

At the same time, they’re having those agents create chaos in the Middle East so the Muslims will hate those groups too.

2) They are having their agents Khamenei and Soleimani lead the fight against these “barbaric defamers of Islam,” thus establishing them as the “heroes of the region.” Since the Kabbalists control both sides in the scripted conflict, they have carefully arranged Suleimani’s “victories” to make him look like a military genius. It’s easy to beat ISIS when their controllers tell them to retreat on cue.

3) They will proclaim the hero Soleimani as the Imam Mahdi, and have him lead the Muslims into a disastrous war 7 years later that will leave Islam and most Muslims dead. In the end, the Kabbalists will have the UN and Muslim forces attacking the incoming Kabbalah-Christ turn their weapons on each other, and few will survive. They will say it was “God’s judgment” against Islam, but it will be the Kabbalists’ judgment, not “God’s.”

Once the globalists have carried out this strategy, Islam will cease to exist. The only Muslims who will be allowed to survive are the “remnant” who convert to Christianity. The same goes for all the non-elite, non-Kabbalist Jews. The Kabbalists will use the “Anti-Semitism” that arises after the Truth Tsunami to drive them all to Israel to be slaughtered in the Second Battle of Armageddon. Only those who convert to Christianity will be allowed to live.

The Achilles heel of this prophecy fulfillment strategy is the fact that it is a play that relies on two key actors: Vladimir Putin and Qasem Soleimani. If those two men were to fall before the globalists fake their deaths and bring them back as religious icons, the play would be stopped in its tracks, and billions of lives would be saved. Food for thought…

Finally, let’s move on to the last component of Richardson’s Antichrist/Mahdi comparison…

“The Antichrist engages in a peace treaty with Israel; Mahdi also engages in a so-called ‘peace treaty’ with Israel.”

The first “Antichrist” peace covenant with Israel was made by the fake Antichrist, Barack Obama. He visited Israel as a Presidential candidate in July of 2008 and pledged to protect Israel and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons…
…From The New York Times

Exactly 7 years later (to the month) in July of 2015, Obama broke that covenant by making a deal with Iran that will allow them a “sure path to nuclear weapons,” according to Netanyahu…
…From The New York Times

The second “Antichrist” peace covenant with Israel will be an actual peace treaty between Israel and all the nations and groups that attack her in the upcoming war. The Co-Antichrists Putin and Soleimani will be parties to the agreement. And just like the first Antichrist peace covenant, the treaty will be broken exactly 7 years later when Putin’s UN forces and the Mahdi’s Islamic forces jointly attack Israel in 2025. But this raises an obvious question…

Why would the “Jewish Messiah” Vladimir Putin turn on Israel and invade her?

The answer is provided by the Richardson video. During an ad that promotes his 4-DVD set of prophecy propaganda, this is shown…

As I’ve mentioned throughout the Globalist Prophecy Watch series, the globalists are aiming to unite the People of the Book (Jews, Christians and Muslims) under one hybrid religion, and it is commonly called “Chrislam.” And in a previous update, we also looked at the likelihood that the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem will be destroyed during the Gog/Magog War and replaced with a Chrislamic / UN Religion multi-faith temple. So Richardson’s ad offers us a preview of how traditionalist Jews and Christians will respond to this: they’ll view it as a “heresy” and resist it.

While the new temple is being publicly designed and constructed, traditionalist opposition amongst the Christians and Jews will build and build. And when the time comes for the opening ceremony 3.5 years into the reign of the Antichrists, we can expect dramatic civil disobedience in protest of the “Temple of Abomination.” That’s when things will start going south between Israel and Putin, and “persecution” of traditionalist Jews and Christians will begin. 3.5 years later, the Antichrists will attack to wipe out all opposition. That’s when the “real Savior” will come onto the scene to save the day.

Since we’re on the subject of propaganda memes contained in Richardson’s DVD ad, here is another worth noting…

The implementation of a Chrislamic form of Sharia Law may be one of the things that make life so miserable during the Great Tribulation. According to Christian eschatological propaganda, this is how the 7-year Tribulation period will do down…

This 7-year period also corresponds to the full lifespan of the New World Order. As I previously covered in The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first, during the first 3.5 years of the NWO/Tribulation period, people will think that…

Here is what I wrote about it…

>>> The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam.

This means that when we reach the end result of this transition process, the NWO will look like the SOLUTION to all our problems, not another PROBLEM (such as a dark, scary fascist regime) we need to overcome. It will appear as though the corrupt have been defeated, World War 3 has been stopped, all regional conflicts have been resolved, biowarfare against the population has been halted, poverty has been alleviated, debt money has been abolished, secrets have been revealed, and so on and so forth. And the masses, after having been force-fed negativity and conditioned to expect a scary NWO for so long, are expected to be so overcome with joy that they’ll willingly embrace the New Order. <<<

So the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation will be the honeymoon period. The globalists will make it very pleasant so people will welcome the new political and monetary systems. And once everyone is dependent on the New Order, they will start tightening the screws again during the second 3.5 years, the Great Tribulation period. Implementing global Chrislamic Sharia Law at the 3.5 year mark would be a great way for them to accomplish the screw tightening.

Can you imagine how strict, worldwide religious law + ubiquitous surveillance technologies + a strengthened UN with vast police and military powers could add up to a reign of terror?


More on the Coming Martyrdom of the “Imam Mahdi”

Behold the Mahdi pondering his scripted (and fake) martyrdom…

…from (What a consummate actor / sneaky little bi*ch he is!)

Earlier in this entry, back when I though Assad was playing the role of the Imam Mahdi, I wrote this…

In the coming days, keep an eye out for an outrageous provocation from the Israelis – perhaps an airstrike against Assad himself – that will “push the Iranians over the edge.” This could lead to a massive missile attack against Israel.

So on February 20 when I realized that Soleimani is the globalists’ actual choice for the Mahdi role, I speculated that he would be the one to be assassinated to start the war, and it didn’t take long to find out I was right. Upon googling “Soleimani” and clicking on the news results, the page laid out exactly what the globalists had planned. Have a look at these three result clusters…

…from Google News

The top cluster talks about Soleimani’s recent threat to wipe out the State of Israel. Given that the Israelis are an eye-for-an-eye type of people, he is effectively inviting them to wipe him out preemptively.

The middle cluster talks about Russia publicly condemning Soleimani’s call to destroy Israel. Putin is obligated to do this since he is scripted to be revealed as the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach ben David). And at the climax point of the war, PUTIN WILL INDEED SAVE ISRAEL, BUT HE WILL NOT SAVE THE CURRENT ISRAELI LEADERSHIP. The globalists plan to scapegoat Netanyahu and his “Zionist / Neocon” cohorts and install new leadership in Israel after the war. That’s why they’re “dirtying him up” with corruption charges before the war starts. They want the Israeli people to accept his replacement.

The bottom cluster talks about Soleimani within the context of the 10th anniversary of the death of another martyr at the hands of the Mossad and CIA. This is a rather large hint as to what they plan to do with him. And the pro-Iran media in the Middle East have done a great job of setting him up to be both a savior and the ultimate martyr…

…from MEMRI. Here are some excerpts…

>>> On October 30, 2014, the daily Kayhan, which is close to Khamenei and is a mouthpiece of the ideological stream, explained that the Qods Force’s activity in Iraq enhances Tehran’s regional popularity and influence, and establishes commander Soleimani as a savior in the eyes of the Shi’ite and Iranian public, and in the eyes of the world: “Qassem Soleimani had a prominent role in operations to liberate [the Iraqi cities of] Jurf Al-Sakhar and Amirli. The presence of an Iranian strategist and believer in friendly neighboring countries, and his rescue of people of other faiths – Yazidis, Christians, Shi’ites, Sunnis, etc. – not only enhances his popularity in Iran and among the peoples of the world, but also enhances the Islamic Republic’s popularity and influence in the region.”…

Qassem Soleimani’s 2007 Speech

Martyrdom Is A Great Blessing For Which I Pray

In light of the prestige earned by the martyrs, I pray to God for my own end to be martyrdom as well, and that He will not deny me this mighty blessing granted to outstanding individuals. On the frontlines [of the Iran-Iraq War], on the eves of operations and under the most difficult conditions… I felt the divine backing and guiding me, and I entered the war’s most difficult arenas with reliance on God. <<<

The article also notes that Soleimani is “close to Khamenei and is considered his protege,” so Iran’s Supreme Leader has been grooming Soleimani to be the Imam Mahdi in the same way the now-deceased Lubavitcher Rebbe and his personal envoy to Russia, Berel Lazar, have been grooming Putin to be the Moshiach ben David. It’s important to understand that all these religious leaders are working together in this prophecy fulfillment effort, and Khamenei is just another tool of the globalists. He has been assigned to play the role of controlled opposition to the West in the same way Putin has. Virtually all the world’s governments are rotten at the top, and Iran is no exception.

IT IS BECAUSE KHAMENEI IS GROOMING THE MAHDI that he has been spreading Mahdi propaganda and proclaiming his imminent revelation with such certainty…


In these remarks, Khamenei talks about the darkness of the current era (which he and his globalist buddies are deliberately creating) and about life in the “Era of the Mahdi” (the New World Order)…

“Immense oppression that prevails throughout the world, the unjust domination, the hounding of nations around the globe; excessive bloodshed, the disregard of the most noble and the most beloved of human values, this is the treachery that the global supercilious front presents to mankind day after day. Immense immorality, exploitation and oppression naturally strikes at one – who does not have a spring of hope to cling onto – with hopelessness…

However, the nation that is optimistic about the future knows that these times will come to an end. An era will emerge when the mighty power of justice will eradicate all summits of corruption and oppression. A new era that will enlighten humankind’s outlook with the light of justice; this is what the awaiting era of Imam Mahdi our Savior signifies

You should work hard to prepare the ground for a new era; the era wherein there is no form of injustice and oppression. Prepare for an era wherein the deliberation and wisdom of mankind become more active, more creative and more innovative than any other time. Prepare for the era wherein nations do not launch wars on each other, because the warmongers of the world- those who staged regional and global wars in the past and present-will no longer have the ability to stage wars. Absolute peace and security will prevail around the globe.”

The globalists are doing everything possible to plunge us into “Darkness” so we’ll yearn for the “Light.” And as soon as the war is over, they’ll provide us with the “Dawn of a New Day” – a New World Order that will be a short-lived fool’s paradise.

Getting back to Israel’s targeting of Soleimani, have a look at this piece of propaganda from Israel National News

So even the Israeli press are building up his legend of invincibility and talking of his uniting of the Muslims, both of which are very Mahdi-like qualities. But this raises a very obvious question…

If Soleimani has been so effective in defeating the Israeli-Saudi-Western agenda in the Middle East and in encircling Israel, why was he not killed years ago during his many journeys to the front lines with photographers in tow?

The answer is rather obvious: all the combatants in this conflict are working from the same “Armageddon” script, and that script requires that Israel be surrounded and assaulted by its enemies. So all combatants (including the US and Israel) aided Soleimani in achieving his “victories,” and all sides protected him until the final battle. In other words, he was kept alive so he could be built up and sacrificed at the right time.

All this being said, if we consider that…

Netanyahu has threatened to strike the Iranian “empire” directly,
Soleimani is the man most responsible for building that empire and is its public “face,” and
Soleimani is the man tasked by that empire to prepare for war against Israel,

Israel’s strike target is very clear, isn’t it?


A lesson in false martyrs and true martyrs

Both Soleimani and Erdogan serve the elite Kabbalists, so as the globalist Mahdi prepares his martyrs, the globalist Dajjal prepares his too…

…from the Daily Mail

Let it be known that all the martyrs on both sides of the coming war are lining up to die for a lie. Not only that, THEY WILL BE DYING FOR A LIE THAT WILL DESTROY ALL OF ISLAM. Seven years into the New World Order, Soleimani is scripted to lead the entire Muslim world into the Second Battle of Armageddon, and all but a handful of Muslims will be exterminated, along with all the Jews who are not among the Kabbalist elite.

BOTH ERDOGAN AND SOLEIMANI ARE THE TRUE ENEMIES OF ALL MUSLIMS. If you would martyr yourself for Islam, know your true enemies. It is better that two true enemies should fall than a million false enemies. It is better that two impostors should fall than all the Muslims of the world. It is just that those who call others to false martyrdom should themselves be consumed by true martyrs.

And so it is.


The Foreshadowing of Soleimani’s Assassination

Let me show you something I chanced across earlier this year…

…from the Daily Sabah, a Turkish newspaper

This article establishes two things:

1) that the war-starting assassination of Soleimani I’ve been warning about is indeed in play, and
2) that the Turks spell Soleimani’s name “Suleimani.”

Why is the second point significant? Because of this…

“The Ottoman Empire became a world power beginning with the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in the early modern period.” – from Wikipedia

As I’ve already shown you in other writings, Turkey’s Erdogan has been scripted to play the “Dajjal,” the “Satanic false Mahdi,” who is trying to restore the Ottoman Empire. But the man scripted to play the “real Mahdi,” Qassem Suleimani, has a name that is remarkably similar to that of the historical figure who brought the Ottoman Empire to greatness. It is by no means a coincidence that this is so.

So when they get decimated in the upcoming war, the Turks will turn to the new, true ruler of the restored Ottoman Empire, “Suleimani the Magnificent,” to restore their pride.

Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?

Good news for the Jews: The Israelis already love their Messiah…
…From Sputnik

Also, have a second look at Globalist Prophecy Watch Update 2, then have a look at this…

“At no time in history has the persecution of Christians been as intense and widespread as it is now.

Christians in the Middle East are in dire need of a champion, which, in today’s world can only be a great power, and it is Russia that has taken on that responsibility…

Vladimir Putin knows that modernity’s separation of politics from religion inspires many across the globe to return to their religious roots. In February 2012, he made a solemn vow to the Russian Orthodox Church to protect persecuted Christians all over the world

Notwithstanding the electrifying presence of Pope Francis, in future we could see the Eastern Church replace Rome as the center of Christianity.”

So this Russia Insider article effectively presents Putin as a SAVIOR to “Christians all over the world.” Interesting, no?

There are some articles that I write, and there are others that I give birth to, and this one has been one of the latter. I was “in labor” between December 23 and January 8 to squeeze this puppy out, and amidst the labor pains I had a realization….

The more I look upon the forcible Jewish takeover of the Russian Orthodox Church (through the Communist Revolution), and the guileful Jewish takeover of the Roman Catholic Church (through the Jesuits), the more our current world situation looks like the Jews’ settling of old scores with the Roman Empire. Rome survived its political fall in the form of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, and now the Jews have taken over both. They have exacted their revenge for Masada and the Inquisition, and they are currently setting about the task of taking a spoil of all of Rome’s sheep (the Christians) by delivering them two messiahs.

The Jews also have a score to settle with the Muslims, and it supposedly goes back to the days of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Just like they are doing with Rome’s sheep, they will soon take a spoil of all of Ishmael’s children by delivering them an Imam Mahdi who will join hands with the first Jewish/Christian Messiah (probably Putin) to unite all the People of the Book under occulted Jewish control.

Beyond the scores they wish to settle, the Jews also have a long-term goal they wish to accomplish: to take over the world for themselves and their god concept. To achieve this goal, they have instigated wars and played money and debt scams in order to bring the world’s royals under their influence and into their fold. They have thus injected the Davidic Bloodline into royal families the world over. And soon, they will attempt to bring all of us into a New World Order, which is the next stop on a road that leads to a global theocratic dictatorship run by them.

All this being said, should we hate the Jews and seek to destroy them? Of course not. They are Source Consciousness indwelling form just like we are, and you must treat them with the same restraint and mercy with which you’d want to be treated if you were acting out bad programming like they are. When you get down to the brass tacks, the Jews aren’t really doing anything to us anyway; they are fooling us into doing all this to ourselves. So the task before us is one of education, not violence. The end of this nightmare will come only when we become wise to their schemes and decline to participate in them any longer.

Now here’s the Putin entry…

In previous installments of the globalist prophecy series, I pointed out that the globalists are running a 3-step religious deception that involves 3 leaders. Step 1 is the introduction of a fake Antichrist, Barack Obama. Step 2 is the introduction of a “fake Christ / real Antichrist” I’ve named “Facra.” And Step 3 is the introduction of a “real Christ” I’ll name “Rech” (pronounced “wretch”). I also pointed out that each step has a designated propaganda team to promote awareness of the 3 figures in the public consciousness.

Well a few days ago, I came across a couple of prophecy videos that are good examples of how the propaganda teams operate, so I began to write an entry about them. In the process of doing so, though, I came across this article on

The “Saker” article to which he refers is just a reapplication of the East/West dialectic that makes excuses for Putin. Such articles are designed to give those who are starting to question Putin a plausible narrative that explains-away the discrepancies they’re seeing between his pro-NWO actions and his manufactured anti-NWO cult of personality.

Propagandists know that people want to hold on to their comforting illusions (such as the illusion that Putin is a really nice guy who is going to save us from the evil globalists), so if you give them any halfway-plausible excuse to cling to the illusion (with a make-believe narrative like the “Saker’s”), most will do so. Note how Makow models this dynamic with his first paragraph: he poses as a person who is starting to question Putin, but is reassured by the “Saker’s” article.

The article did, however, contain one idea that got my attention, which I’ll paraphrase here…

“Putin is a very good man in charge of a very bad system, and he is playing along with the globalists until he can arrange the right opportunity to strike.”

Upon seeing this and connecting it to the two prophecy videos I was writing about, I realized Putin was being groomed to be the Jewish Messiah / Christian Antichrist figure who’ll be unveiled next September. To show you all the reasons I strongly suspect this, let me take you through a series of points that establish the qualifications for the Jewish Messiah, then we’ll look at how Putin measures up to these expectations.


Before we begin, it’s important to set aside any pet theories you might have about how the End Times will unfold. All Biblical arguments over how to properly interpret the prophecies don’t amount to a hill of beans in this. Since the globalists are the ones running this show, the only interpretations that matter are the ones the they are promoting to the public, for those are the ones they intend to fulfill in the three leaders they present to us. That being said, let’s have a look at…

Point 1 – Recent Israeli prophetic propaganda establishes some notable expectations for the Mashiach. The first “prophetic” video I want to show you is actually an interrelated pair of videos, and they were brought to my attention by a reader a few days ago. The first video of the pair shows the testimony of an Israeli boy, Natan, who supposedly died for 15 minutes and was shown how the “End Times” would unfold for Israel. Natan tells us two notable things about the Mashiach. Here is the first thing he says (at the 35:18 mark of the video)…

Natan: And what I saw was simply that…the Mashiach is first of all someone who can’t sin. Someone who repented. Who didn’t commit any transgressions.

Rabbi: He repented?

Natan: He repented. Yes. He didn’t commit any transgressions. He didn’t commit any transgressions. Since he repented, he didn’t commit even one transgression. It can’t be that the Mashiach is someone who committed transgressions.

So with this statement, Natan establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 1: He is a repentant sinner who has committed no sin since he repented.

Here is the second thing Natan says about the Mashiach…

“Now, it can be someone who we actually know very well, who we know very well. Lots and lots of people know him, according to what I understood. But, everyone will be very, very surprised, that he is of all people the Mashiach.

Also, now, this Mashiach, I mean the Mashiach – he will fight against Obama. And not only that – he will kill him and bury him in the Land of Israel.”

So with this statement, Natan establishes two more qualifications…

Mashiach Qualification 2: He is a man everyone will recognize, and everyone will be surprised that he, of all people, is the Mashiach.


Mashiach Qualification 3: He is a man who will fight Obama in the final conflict.

It is also Natan’s testimony that Obama is the man who starts the Gog/Magog (West/East) War, and that he will lead the following war against Israel. So Obama is playing the “Antichrist” role to the Mashiach. As the Jew who produces the Torah Codes has stated…

Setting aside whether or not I find Natan’s testimony credible (I don’t), the reason this video is important is that the End Times script it offers is being promoted by Messianic Jewish propaganda figures like the man in the second video of the pair, Steven Ben-Nun

Let’s have a look at how Ben-Nun supports and spins Natan’s testimony about the Mashiach in his video commentary: at the 41:34 mark of the video, he begins to talk about the qualifications established by Natan and goes on to say this about the “no transgressions” part…

“You know, friends, the only one that I know of that didn’t commit transgressions in this earth is Yeshua.”

He then goes on to say this about the “everyone will recognize him” part…

“And who is the only one that can fit that particular category? It’s Yeshua! Because many, many people know him, and the Jews know him as well…”

So Ben-Nun uses Natan’s testimony to suggest that the Mashiach will be the second coming of Jesus, and that should come as no surprise to anyone who has been observing the Synagogue of Satan vs. Jesus Christ dialectic. The Occulted Powers’ script has called for the Jews to infiltrate and subvert the “true Christian church,” and that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. In fact, I covered a specific instance of this in a previous entry: Meet Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Illuminati handler of China’s leaders (Update 1 – More on Kuhn and the Worldwide Church of God). And according to the globalist playbook, the ultimate goal of the Synagogue of Satan is to get the Christians to serve Satan and accept the Antichrist, which is why Ben-Nun equates the Mashiach with Jesus.

Now if we take a moment to think about this, we realize that if the globalists present the Mashiach as BOTH the Jewish AND the Christian messiah, he would have to be BOTH a Jew AND a Christian. If he were only a Jew, the Christians would feel alienated from him, and if he were only a Christian, the Jews would feel the same. The only way to unite both religions behind the one messiah (like the globalists want to do) is to present him as being of both religions. And this establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 4: He is both a Jew and a Christian.

With these first four qualifications established, let’s move on to…

Point 2 – Recent Christian prophetic propaganda establishes a key expectation for the Mashiach. Right after I encountered the Natan and Ben-Nun videos, I stumbled upon an interview of Tom Horn, one of the leading Christian End Times propagandists….

Starting at the 8:02 mark of the video, Horn talks about how dozens of Christian seers over the past 200 years have said that the Antichrist would appear on the Earth in the year 2016. He also talks about how the Jews are expecting the imminent arrival of their messiah, and since the orthodox Jews are the ones who rejected Jesus Christ, Horn says, their messiah would be the Antichrist. In the midst of all this, he mentions a specific Jewish prophecy from the Zohar…

“…in a section in the Zohar called the ‘Vaera’ section, there’s a subsection called ‘Signs Heralding Mashiac or the Coming of the Messiah.’ And in this 700 year-old Jewish document, it says when the Messiah would appear first privately to the rabbis in Israel. Guess when it said that would happen. 700 years ago it said it would happen in the Jewish calendar year 5773, which in our Gregorian calendar started in the middle of 2012 into 2013.”

Upon looking up a calendar for 5773, I found that it actually started in September of 2012, not the “middle of 2012″ as Horn states, so what are we to make of this discrepancy? Given that Horn is working for the globalists, he is fudging the numbers so the Zohar prophecy will fit the man they intend to put forward as the Mashiach. So this establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 5: He is a man who was in Israel at some point from the middle of 2012 into 2013.

After offering this qualification, Horn goes on to say what would happen after the Mashiach reveals himself privately to the rabbis…

“And then it said shortly thereafter, he will start making himself known to the nations of the world.”

Since this supposedly occurred back in 2012-2013, it stands to reason that the Mashiach is already internationally known by now. And given that the Mashiach will fight Obama in the final conflict, it also stands to reason that he is someone who is already working in opposition to Obama’s actions on the world stage. This establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 6: He is an internationally known opponent of Obama.

So we’ve already identified six qualifications for the Mashiach by observing globalist preparatory propaganda. Now let’s look for more clues in other places…

Point 3 – Since the Mashiach is being put forward by the Occulted Powers in order to further their agenda, we can uncover more qualifications by reviewing what we know about their agenda and applying a little logic and common sense.

> First, let’s consider the globalists’ intention to unite the Jews and Christians under the Mashiach figure. Given that…

1) The globalists are selling the arrival of the Mashiach as the second coming of Christ,
2) Christ is the world’s ultimate cult of personality, and
3) the Mashiach is already internationally known,

…it stands to reason that the globalists would develop a positive, savior-like cult of personality around him so he could “fill Jesus’ shoes.” It further stands to reason that they would develop a negative, devil-like cult of personality around his dialectic opponent, Barack Obama. This establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 7: He is a man who’s had a very positive cult of personality built around him – he is the opposite of Obama.

> Next, let’s consider the globalists’ effort to stage a dialectic struggle between an evil Western NWO and a “benevolent” Eastern NWO. Given that…

1) Obama is portrayed as the leader of an attempt to complete a scary unipolar NWO, and
2) the BRICS are portrayed as leading an attempt to build a welcoming multipolar NWO,

…it stands to reason that the Mashiach is involved in the BRICS effort to bring in the mulitpolar NWO. This establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 8: He is a man who is playing a leading role in the BRICS effort to build a New World Order.

> Finally, let’s consider the globalists’ effort to convince the public that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth, and their intention to use a simulated alien arrival to provide the “WOW” factor in the Mashiach’s unveiling. Given that…

1) the rabbit hole alternative media have promoted the idea that evil lizards from outer space have allied with the United States, and
2) they’ve also promoted the idea that “positive human extraterrestrials” are working to stop the American/Space Lizard evil agenda,

…it stands to reason that the Mashiach is in cahoots with the “positive aliens.” This establishes…

Mashiach Qualification 9: He is a man who has been portrayed as being connected with “positive extraterrestrial” forces.

Now that we’ve reached the magic number 9, I think we have enough qualifications to get a good idea of who the Mashiach might be. So let’s turn our attention to how Vladimir Putin measures up to these standards…


Mashiach Qualification 1: He is a repentant sinner who has committed no sin since he repented.

This qualification opens the door for Putin (and any backup candidates the globalists may have groomed) to step forward as the Mashiach. Since Putin has an impure history, it will be said that he repented at some point and was washed clean of his sins, so it is as if they never happened. They will say he had to do impure things in order to work within an impure system, but once he ascended within the system to a point that he could afford to be his authentic self, he left his mask of sin behind and acted in accordance with who he truly is.

It is ironic that since he will be promoted as the second coming of Jesus, he’ll be washed clean of his sins by his own blood. That seems kinda freaky, but I suppose it’s more hygienic than being washed in someone else’s blood. You wouldn’t want to shed your sins only to end up getting spiritual hepatitis.

Mashiach Qualification 2: He is a man everyone will recognize, and everyone will be surprised that he, of all people, is the Mashiach.

If Putin were to emerge from a (holographically projected) dimensional gate on the Mount of Olives as Natan and Ben-Nun suggest, everyone would indeed recognize him, wouldn’t they? And everyone would be quite surprised that he was the Mashiach all along. Although Ben-Nun has suggested that Jesus will emerge from the gate, no one really knows what Jesus looked like, so he would be a stranger to everyone’s eyes. But if Putin emerges with the implication that he is both the Mashiach and the recurrence of Christ, everyone will recognize him and be satisfied.

Mashiach Qualifications 3 & 6: He is an internationally known opponent of Obama who will fight Obama in the final conflict (of 2016).

Who is Obama’s main opponent on the global stage? If you were to ask this question to any person on the street, the answer you would get is “Vladimir Putin.”

Who is the leader who will fight Obama in World War 3? If you were to ask this question also, you would get the same answer, “Vladimir Putin.”

The mainstream and alternative media are chock-full of stories about Putin’s opposition to Obama’s global moves, as well as stories that warn about conventional and nuclear war between America and Russia. This huge media effort leaves no doubt about who Obama’s nemesis is…

Mashiach Qualification 4: He is both a Jew and a Christian.

The more I research this qualification, the more I see and the more I need to write. It appears that the Cabalist Jews effectively rebooted Russia with the Communist Revolution. They all but shut down the Russian Orthodox Church, then later reopened it with clergy that was hand-picked by the KGB. One would imagine that they tweaked the Church doctrine as well, to make it Cabalist-compliant. So if the Church is now under Jewish control, it is no wonder the Jewish Putin would have no problem being both a Jew and a Russian Orthodox “Christian.”

The Cabalists may have also killed-off unruly elements of the Tsarist bloodlines and intermarried with those who remain, effectively rebooting the Russian royals too. Once the mysterious genealogy of Vladimir Putin is revealed, we may find out that he is both a descendant of the Tsars and of King David, the latter of which qualifies him to be the Mashiach.

That being said, let’s start exploring Putin’s dual Jew/Christian status, and we’ll begin with the newly updated entry I first wrote on the subject…


Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections

A reader recently brought to my attention the possible link between Vladimir Putin’s surname and that of Grigori Rasputin, the famed Russian occultist and advisor to the Romanovs (Russia’s “royal” family)…
…The fact that the Romanovs associated so closely with a man so obviously demon-possessed tells you alot about them.

Hearing the conjecture that Putin’s name might be an occultic nod to Rasputin, I recalled something I read about Putin in his Wikipedia bio

“The ancestry of Vladimir Putin has been described as a mystery with no records surviving of any ancestors of any people with the surname ‘Putin’ beyond his grandfather Spiridon Ivanovich.”

And there is something interesting about his grandfather Spiridon…

“Vladimir Putin’s paternal grandfather, Spiridon Ivanovich Putin (1879–1965), was a chef who at one time or another cooked for Vladimir Lenin, Lenin’s wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, and on several occasions for Joseph Stalin.”

So Putin’s grandfather had personal connections with both Lenin…
…and Stalin…
…and he was trusted enough by them to be allowed to cook their meals. This relationship between the Putin family and top communist leaders brings to mind another thing to which the communists are connected: occult Judaism. Looking into this connection, a particular passage from this Henry Makow article caught my eye…

“The Illuminati bankers created Communism to harness the working class to their program of a comprehensive world dictatorship (now known as “globalization.”) The Illuminati and Communists are Masonic secret societies that celebrate the same anniversary, May 1, 1776 and share the same satanic symbols.”

Speaking of symbols, let’s have a look at another piece of the Putin puzzle: his reintroduction of Tsarist symbols to Russia, This is the first flag of the Russian Tsar…
…Note the double-headed eagle with the crest on its chest and three crowns above its heads…

…which is now Russia’s Coat of Arms…

And the first flag of the Russian Tsar is now “the Flag of the Commander-in-Chief of Russia”…



And speaking of the three crowns above the eagle’s heads, here is Putin bowing before three crowns worn by clergymen of the Russian Orthodox Church…
…Clearly, there is something going on with Putin that the general public is not fully grasping.

While we’re on the subject of crowns, have a look at what a 2002 article from Pravda says about The Mysterious Genealogy of Russian President Putin

“…Is Putin an offspring of the Tver prince? This hypothesis was getting more and more real. The name Putin is not mentioned amid the Russian names. This means that the name is of the artificial origin.

This name has appeared recently, somewhere in the middle of the 19th century. All Putins originally came from the clan of Putins from the Tver region. Illegitimate offsprings of noble families were often given cut names. For example, Russian writer Pnin was an illegitimate son of Field Marshal Repnin. There were lots of other occasions like that – Betskoy instead of Trubetskoy, Gribov instead of Griboyedov. The new names of unofficial clan branches were formed by means of deduction: a syllable was simply taken out of it.

The family book of the Tver region mentions the name of Putyanin – a clan of Russian princes. This clan gave a lot of outstanding military leaders to Russia, as well as artists, politicians and priests. This is one of the oldest clans in the Russian history. If President Putin is a descendant of the Putyatins clan, this means that Vladimir Putin has a relation to all royal families of Europe.”

Since the US Presidents have been shown to be related to European royals, the article’s hypothesis wouldn’t surprise me if true.

With these puzzle pieces set before us, what insights can we draw from them? Given this and previous information I’ve encountered, these are my provisional conclusions:

Conclusion 1 — It’s looking increasingly likely that Putin is a Stealth Jew.

I brought up the subject of Stealth Jews in an update on my second blog after reading another of Henry Makow’s posts. Here is a portion of what I wrote…

>>> Upon reading the post, I was disappointed to see Henry still clutching to the idea that Putin is somehow working against the “Satanist Jews and Freemasons (the Illuminati) [who] control the government and the media in the West” (there is no fence that has kept them confined to the West, Henry; they didn’t even start out in the West). It’s surprising he still sees Putin this way given that his own site contains an entry that explores the probable hidden Jewish roots of Vladimir Epstein… err… Putin. <<<

My current personal take on Vladimir Putin is that he is probably a Khazarian Jew whose family dropped their Jewish-sounding name sometime around the Communist Revolution.

Conclusion 2 — With the Putin family’s communist connections in one hand, and Putin’s reintroduction of the Tsars’ royal symbols in the other, one is led to suspect that the Communist Revolution in Russia served two purposes:

1) It allowed the Jews to take down the Russian royals and the Russian Orthodox Church and Judaize both before relaunching them, and

2) It allowed royal rule to be hidden behind a facade like it was in the West.

As Makow and others suggest, communism in the East — just like the fake democracy of the West — was used to move the people in the direction of a global government under the guidance of a Hidden Hand. The whole time “the workers” (in the East) and “the people” (in the West) were being told they were governing their own direction, they were actually being herded into the NWO. And now that we’re approaching the culmination of the globalist plan, the Hidden Hand is beginning to show itself for all to see. If the Jews (who are the driving force among the Hidden Hand Occulted Powers) get their way, all of the world will be ruled by a god-king controlled by them, and he will be called “Jesus Christ.”


There is much more to write on Putin’s Jewish connections, but I will save that for an upcoming entry. So let’s proceed with…

Mashiach Qualification 5: He is a man who was in Israel at some point from the middle of 2012 into 2013.

Exactly 7 weeks elapsed between 7 May 2012 and 25 June 2012 (the “middle of 2012″), and that’s exactly how long it took Vladimir Putin to go from being inaugurated to his third Presidential term to being received in Israel for a two-day state visit…

…From the Jewish World Review

While there, Putin made a point of meeting with both Jewish religious leaders…

…and Christian leaders…
…including Patriarch Theophilos III of Jerusalem, whose territory includes “Holy Zion”…
…From Wikipedia

This is what Putin did while with the Christians…

During the night of June 26, 2012, while on a working visit to Israel, President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Lord’s Sepulchre…

Entering the church, Vladimir Putting kneeled at the Stone of the Anointing. It was at this place that Righteous Joseph and Nicodim laid the lifeless body of Jesus after taking Him down from the Cross and anointed Him with incense and wrapped Him in the Shroud.

After that the president was taken to the Kuviklia, the chapel erected at the place of the three days-long burial of the Saviour.

Then Mr. Putin ascended Golgotha, the place where the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was crucified and after that descended to the cave in which St. Helen Equal-to-the-Apostles found Christ’s Life-Giving Cross…

In the morning of June 26, Mr. Putin came to the Church of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem, a Byzantine basilica with the 5th century mosaics built over the cave in which Jesus Christ was born

Then Mr. Putin was presented with a token, a copy of the Star of Bethlehem executed by Palestinian masters.

The president lighted a candle at the place where Christ was born.” – From

Take a moment to think about this ritual Putin went through. It started at NIGHT at the places associated with Christ’s death at his First Coming, then that NIGHT ended in the MORNING when Vladimir Putin received the Star of Bethlehem and lighted a candle at Christ’s birthspot. That’s a helluva symbolic ritual, was it not? Putin returned Christ’s light to the world after a long night.

When Putin’s status as both Mashiach and Christ is promoted to the public, the spiritual propagandists will say that he revealed himself to the Israeli rabbis in private during this trip, thereby fulfilling the Zohar prophecy. They’ll also say that he revealed himself to the Orthodox Christians too.

As for the Mashiach expectation that he will make himself known to the nations of the world after he reveals himself in private, Putin has certainly done that. While he was vaguely known by the world public as the President and Prime Minister of Russia before 2012, the public got to know him very well after 2012….

“Vladimir Putin entered the international scene – in a big way – in early 2014 by defending the East Ukrainian and Crimean people against repeated attacks from a Western-backed regime in Kiev. He then consolidated his status as an exceptional leader on September 30th 2015, when he ordered the Russian air force to intervene in Syria against what had previously been teed up as “the number 1 global threat: ISIS,” a group defined (not coincidentally) by their purveyance to Western – and, indeed, global – audiences of the fear of death.

In people’s eyes, this courageous and efficient intervention gave him, de facto, the role of world peacekeeper, the leader who protects us. Through the Syrian intervention, Putin became, willingly or not, a world hero.“ – from

This passage doesn’t even mention the Obama versus Putin standoff over American plans to bomb Syria in 2013. The globalists arranged for Obama to retreat, thus making Putin look like a hero.

Moving on, let’s look at…

Mashiach Qualification 7: He is a man who’s had a very positive cult of personality built around him – he is the opposite of Obama.

You’d have to be deaf and blind to have not noticed the overwhelming hero-worship heaped upon Putin – and the overwhelming ridicule heaped upon his dialectic opponent Obama – in the controlled alternative media…
…From All News Pipeline, Veterans Today, and David Icke.

Also note that Putin was born to a “pious Mother Mary” (Maria Shelomova) and Obama was born to a “tawdry whore with a man’s name” (Stanley Dunham)…

So if Obama is the pantywaisted fake Antichrist…
…who is the butch fake Christ?…

Given that the world has seen cults of personality built around so many false messiahs in the past (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung, etc.), seeing this new cult being built around Putin should trigger warnings in the minds of every observer. Yet those warnings are not being heeded. Why? Do you really think “it’s different this time”? Will we ever learn?

On we go to…

Mashiach Qualification 8: He is a man who is playing a leading role in the BRICS effort to build a New World Order.

Through the tone and sheer volume of their coverage of Putin, the media have established him as the de facto leader of the BRICS Alliance, and the Russian press leave no doubts as to what he’s up to: he is leading the effort to establish a “multipolar new world order”…
…From Pravda and Russia Beyond the Headlines

Most awakening people are aware of the “elite” practice of using dialectics (the staged conflict between two controlled and seemingly opposing forces to achieve a desired outcome), yet many still fail to wrap their minds around the biggest and most obvious dialectic in all of human history…

the evil Western unipolar NWO vs. the “benevolent” Eastern multipolar NWO

The multipolar NWO is what the globalists have been working towards all along, and the Obama vs. Putin stage play is their tool for launching it in a way that people will welcome rather than resist. I explain their strategy in this in Understanding the NWO Strategy.

That being said, Putin clearly fulfills this Mashiach qualification.

Finally, let’s have a look at…

Mashiach Qualification 9: He is a man who has been portrayed as being connected with “positive extraterrestrial” forces.

If you are going to try to elevate a regular guy to messianic status in the eyes of the public, you have to do something that will really blow their minds, because only by shattering their worldview and normalcy bias can you make them malleable-enough to embrace such a ridiculous idea. It just so happens that the Rockefeller and Jesuit Crypto-Jews, in association with Jew-controlled Hollywood, have spent decades indoctrinating the public in a concept that will serve quite nicely for this purpose: extraterrestrial contact…
…From Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg, a Jew.

In addition to the alien-themed TV show and movie barrage, they have been beta-testing a variety of alien narratives on the unsuspecting people of the New Age community. This testing has led to the development of a dialectic narrative that pits evil reptilian extraterrestrials aligned with the evil Western New World Order against “benevolent” human extraterrestrials aligned with the “benevolent” BRICS New World Order. It is the intention of the globalists to paint these supposedly extraterrestrial forces as the beings who are described in the Bible, with the reptilians being the demons and the human ETs being the angels.

At the same time they have been developing the script for their End Times play, they have also been developing the actors and props for it. In their hyper-funded ultra-black laboratories, they have been using suppressed biological technologies to genetically engineer hybrid creatures that will look alien to us. They’ve also been using suppressed aerospace technologies to create flying craft that will look and operate in ways that seem alien as well.

When they finally unveil this alien stage play to the unsuspecting public, they’re expecting people to be so blown away that they’ll accept any hopeful narrative offered to them, including the assertion that Putin has all along been the undercover Mashiach/Christ. So let’s now look at how this alien narrative has been tied to Vladimir Putin.

The New Age community has already been programmed to believe that Putin is allied with positive ET forces…
…From Veterans Today. Here is a key excerpt…

“A powerful new treaty has apparently been established between one group of Alien ETs (the Tall White Nordics) and Putin’s New Russia. This new treaty President Putin has supposedly negotiated with this particular Alien ET group is purported to be like the ones American leaders negotiated with in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. However this particular Alien Group group is purported to be substantially anti-WZ and anti-IZCS.”

And the mainstream media have also planted the seed in the minds of the sleepers with articles like this…

So Putin has indeed been tied to positive ET forces, and should the globalists proceed with this fake ET folly, it will be said that he was playing along with the bad aliens until he could arrange the opportunity to strike, just like the “Saker” article suggested.

Now that we’ve looked at the evidence pointing to Putin as being the Step 2 leader (the fake Christ / real Antichrist), check out this little blurb from Skywatch TV
…Since Putin’s secret is now out, the Step 3 propagandists (the guys whose job is to sell the post-Putin leader as the real Christ) have gone ahead and started to name Putin in their disinformation pieces. And given the fact that we’ve already explored Obama’s qualifications as the Step 1 leader (the fake Antichrist), the showdown the Cabalist Jews have scripted for Step 2 is becoming quite clear…

In the Dark Corner, you have the “Antichrist”…
Barack Obama, the effeminate sodomite son of perdition born to a porn whore mother,
who is warring to put humanity under the yoke of a dictatorial, unipolar New World Order.

And in the Light Corner, you have the “Mashiach and Second Coming of Christ”…
Vladimir Putin, the manly, heroic, peacemaking son of pious Madre Maria,
who is fighting to free the world of American hegemony and establish a “fair, free” multipolar New World Order.

That’s one helluva script, is it not? And it’s only the second act of this three-act play. If there’s one thing you can’t accuse the Jews of being, it’s bad showmen…

For the full rundown on the 3-step prophecy deception, read “End Times” Programming. More information on Putin’s Jewish connections and the Jewish takeover of the Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christian Churches will be covered in upcoming entries.

[Addendum A – 19 January 2016]

More on Vladimir Putin, the “Savior of all Christians worldwide”

You know you need to take the Putin as Mashiach/Christ meme seriously when you see stories like this in the mainstream media…
…From The Washington Times

And while we’re speaking on the “only defender of Christian civilization,” have a look at this…
…From Russia Insider. Here is a telling excerpt…

>>> A key element of Putin’s world view is not just his commitment to the Russian Orthodox Church as an institution, but also his admiration for three 19th and 20th century Russian Christian philosophers—Nikolai Berdyaev, Vladimir Solovyov and Ivan Ilyin, all of whom he often quotes in his speeches…

The key message of these philosophers is of Russia’s messianic role in world history and of its need to preserve itself through Orthodoxy and restoration of its historic borders…

For their part Solovyov and Berdyaev argued that the historic mission of Russia is to lead the way to human unification. Russia would transcend secularism and atheism and create a unified spiritual kingdom. “The Russian messianic conception,” said Berdyaev, “always exalted Russia as a country that would help to solve the problems of humanity.” <<<

If you’re not taking this Messiah stuff seriously, you should consider doing so. But what of Russia Insider – should it be taken seriously? Is it a propaganda site full of ridiculous bullsh*t, like Veterans Today, or is a propaganda site that should be taken fairly seriously, like RT? It is more the latter than the former, for reasons I will explain in an upcoming entry.

Trump, Putin and Netanyahu: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch

The following is a section I wrote on November 7, 2016; it was part of an update titled Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election. I’m reposting it on this page because it contains information that is vital to your understanding of what’s really going in the world right now. AND NEW MATERIAL ON NETANYAHU’S POSSIBLE ROLE HAS BEEN ADDED AT THE BOTTOM. So here goes…

One of the more overlooked aspects of the 2016 presidential puppet show is the fact that both candidates have offered up their daughters to the Money Power Jews to gain their approval…
…From the New Jersey Jewish News

Don’t you find it interesting that among all the people who ran for the Presidency on both the Republican and Democrat sides, the two who had intermarried with the elite New York Jews ended up winning?

Chelsea Clinton’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky
…is a Goldman Sachs alum who runs his own hedge fund in New York. The fund is reported to have lost nearly 90% of its investors’ money, and his father, Edward Mezvinsky, “embezzled more than $10 million dollars from people via both a Ponzi scheme and the Nigerian e-mail scams and was found guilty of fraud in 2001.”

And Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner
…runs a megadollar real estate holding and development company in New York. “Kushner was thrust into his role at Kushner Companies when his father Charles was arrested on charges of tax evasion, illegal campaign donations and witness tampering in 2004.”

Of these two family mergers with the elite Jews, there is one that is qualitatively superior to the other, and it is that of the Trumps. Chelsea Clinton married a non-orthodox Jew in a non-traditional ceremony which was co-officiated by a Jewish rabbi and a Christian priest, and she has not converted to Judaism. That being the case, some traditionalist Jews have taken exception to the marriage…
…From Telegraphic Agency (JTA)

Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, kissed all the right asses in all the right ways by converting to Judaism before her Orthodox wedding to an Orthodox Jew who has intimate ties to the Chabad-Lubavitch cult. Here is a little something about the wedding…

>>> Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner were married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony by the prominent New York Rabbi Haskal Lowenstein. According to The Jewish Journal, Ivanka commented on her decision to convert to Judaism by saying “it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me …One of the jokes I first started making when Jared and I first started dating is, I’m a New Yorker, I’m in real estate. I’m as close to Jewish, with an ‘i-s-h’ naturally as anyone can start off.” – From <<<

…and here is a little something about Jared’s relationship with Chabad…

>>> Have we mentioned that Ivanka Trump is converting to Judaism, presumably so she will be a better marriage match for Jared Kushner, the equally young owner of the New York Observer? We have. Ivanka is only 27, but she recently auctioned off an internship with her for Chabad, the Hasidic organization her boyfriend supports. This donation and the visibility that comes with sounds like a good way to get in with Kushner’s family, because we hear that they don’t like the idea of Jared marrying outside the tribe…

The Kushners have long been good friends with Chabad groups. Jared was the head of the Chabad House at Harvard. And dad Charles got a rabbi from Chabad’s Living Legacy organization to write a letter on his behalf when he got into all that prostitute-blackmail trouble. Donating to a Chabad effort, a favored charity of the Kushner family, was the kind of smart move she might want to mention in her upcoming “motivational” book. – From <<<

It’s no surprise, then, that Ivanka and Jared prayed at the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe just a few days before the big election…
…From Breitbart

To better understand the significance of the Chabad connection, have a look at an excerpt from Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script

BEGIN EXCERPT>>> If you are unfamiliar with Chabad, here is a brief description…

“Chabad, also known as Lubavitch, Habad and Chabad-Lubavitch, is an Orthodox Jewish, Hasidic movement. Chabad is today one of the world’s best known Hasidic movements and is well known for its outreach. It is the largest Hasidic group and Jewish religious organization in the world…

In 1951, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the seventh Rebbe of Chabad-Lubavitch, and he transformed it from a small chasidic movement into the largest and most widespread Jewish movement in the world today. He established a network of more than 3,600 institutions that provide religious, social and humanitarian needs in over 1,000 cities, spanning 80 countries and 49 of the 50 American states. Chabad institutions provide outreach to unaffiliated Jews and humanitarian aid, as well as religious, cultural and educational activities at Chabad-run community centers, synagogues, schools, camps, and soup kitchens.” – From Wikipedia

To establish a network of over 3,600 institutions in 80 countries requires a lot of money, and Chabad gets it from the elite Cabalist Jews. It is through Chabad that the Cabalists are attempting to define Judaism for ordinary Jews and End Times prophecies for the rest of us. And with Cabalist money in one hand and the Cabalist agenda in the other, the late Rabbi Schneerson fostered the Jewish messianic obsession…

“Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 OS – June 12, 1994), known to many as the Rebbe, was a Russian Empire-born American Orthodox Jewish rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century…

Schneerson was criticized for his passion and desire to raise awareness of the coming of the Messiah. Detractors criticized a children’s song with the words ‘We want moshiach (the messiah) now / We don’t want to wait,’ that Schneerson commended.” [1]

“Chabad messianism, or Lubavitch messianism, generally refers to the passion among adherents of the Chabad movement regarding the coming of the Messiah and their goal to raise awareness that his arrival is imminent.” [2]

And it is at this point that Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia and the close associate of Vladimir Putin, comes in. I found this juicy little tidbit in his Wikipedia bio

“A native of Milan, Italy, Rabbi Lazar was born in 1964 to parents who were among the first emissaries of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.”

So Lazar’s family was close to Schneerson, and that led to this…
…From The Internet Archive

So Berel Lazar…

> was personally assigned to Russia by the Russian-born, Messianically-obsessed Rabbi Schneerson,

> came to Russia in the same year, 1990, that Putin returned to Russia and began his lightning-fast ascent to power, and

> was funded by the same Jewish oligarchs that helped Putin rise to the Russian Presidency…

“In 1992 Lazar became acquainted with Israeli diamantaire Lev Leviev, who introduced him to Russian businessmen Boris Berezovsky and Roman Abramovich. The latter became the major benefactor of the synagogue in Maryina Roshcha.” – From Wikipedia


Speaking of Lev Leviev, a notable business deal turned up as I was researching for this entry…
…From Chabad Info. Here is a key point…

The buyer is Jared Kushner (Donald Trump’s son-in-law), and he has transferred a deposit to Africa Israel pending completion of the deal.”

So why is a Kushner-Leviev deal worth noting? Because of Lev Leviev’s ties…
…From Wikipedia. Here are some interesting passages from his bio…

>>> Beginning in the 1990s, Leviev avoided being directly involved with the Yeltsin family, and nurtured ties with Vladimir Putin

He received the blessings for success in business and personal support of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson for his philanthropic activities, which include “an army of some 10,000 Jewish functionaries from Ukraine to Azerbaijan, including 300 rabbis. Most of the 300 rabbis are Chabadniks” – adherents of the Brooklyn-based Chabad Hasidic group…

Leviev is a major supporter of Jewish philanthropic causes and president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC), an umbrella body representing Jewish communities across the former Soviet Union. <<<

And what is the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS?…

>>> Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS (FJC) is a Jewish organisation dedicated to restoring Jewish life, culture and religion in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the former Soviet Union. The FJC was founded on August 1, 1997.

Current heads of the organization are:

Lev Leviev, President of FJC of the CIS
Rabbi Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, head of Union of Rabbis of CIS

Its headquarters is in Moscow, Russia, and it has an office in New York City in the United States. <<<

So Lev Leviev runs the FJC along with Putin’s personal Chabad handler, Berel Lazar…

And how did the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS come into being? I wrote about it in Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script


It’s also important to note that when Putin came to power, he brought Chabad-Lubavitch into power with him. Together with the Cabalist oligarchs, they pushed aside the existing Jewish community so Chabad could reign supreme in Russia. Here is an account of how that happened from The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform Goes Awry, by Marshall L. Goldman…

Fortunately, the curious relationship between Putin and Lazar has not escaped the attention of ordinary Jews…
…From The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Lazar’s work, his Russia boosterism and his ties to the Kremlin — he is sometimes called “Putin’s rabbi” — has helped Chabad’s Russian branch eclipse all the Jewish groups vying to reshape the country’s community of 250,000 Jews. Now Lazar heads a vast network that comprises dozens of employees and plentiful volunteers working in hundreds of Jewish institutions: schools, synagogues, community centers and kosher shops…

Today, Lazar said, Russia has in Vladimir Putin its “most pro-Jewish leader,” whom he credits with “fighting anti-Semitism more vigorously than any Russian leader before him.”…

Lazar was Chabad’s chief envoy to Russia before staking claim to the title of chief rabbi in 2000. That’s when he quit the Russian Jewish Congress, an umbrella group, after the organization’s founder, Vladimir Gusinsky, and Russia’s other chief rabbi, Adolf Shayevich, criticized Russia’s war in Chechnya and its alleged human rights abuses — including the alleged targeting, by anti-corruption authorities, of political dissidents.

“Challenging the government is not the Jewish way, and [Gusinsky] put the Jewish community in harm’s way,” said Lazar, noting that the chief rabbi should be apolitical, not a government critic. “I wanted to have nothing to do with this.” <<<


With all this set before us, we see why it is interesting that Jared Kushner was forking over cash to Lev Leviev. It helps us begin to see the real connection between Trump and Putin: Donald Trump connects to Chabad operative Jared Kushner, who connects to Chabad operative Lev Leviev, who connects to Vladimir Putin…

So the same Jewish group that brought Putin to power in Russia is now bringing Trump to power in the United States.

While we’re on the subject of Trump’s Jewish connection, it is important to note the profound degree of control his kosher entourage exerts over his political effort. Here is something I wrote about it in a previous entry


More on Trump’s Jewish elite handlers

It will be Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka who gives the last speech before Trump’s own big speech tonight. So in case you are wondering why she was chosen, AP offers an answer…

“And while all of his grown children have had a visible presence on the campaign trail, all seem to agree that none is closer than Ivanka, 34, and husband Jared Kushner, who is now involved with nearly all facets of the campaign.”

Kushner is, of course, an Orthodox Jew from a Money Power family, and here is another passage about his role in the Trump campaign from The New York Times

“A 35-year-old real estate developer, investor and newspaper publisher, Mr. Kushner derives his authority in the campaign not from a traditional resume but from a marital vow. He is Mr. Trump’s son-in-law.

Yet in a gradual but unmistakable fashion, Mr. Kushner has become involved in virtually every facet of the Trump presidential operation, so much so that many inside and out of it increasingly see him as a de facto campaign manager. Mr. Kushner, who is married to Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka, helped recruit a sorely needed director of communications, oversaw the creation of an online fund-raising system and has had a hand in drafting Mr. Trump’s few policy speeches. And now that Mr. Trump has secured the Republican nomination, Mr. Kushner is counseling his father-in-law on the selection of a running mate.”

That very much sounds like what a handler would do, doesn’t it? As does this passage from another New York Times article

“Donald J. Trump has asked his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to begin quietly working to put together a blueprint for a transition team should he win the White House in November.

Mr. Kushner, the husband of Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will work with Corey Lewandowski, the Trump campaign manager, and Paul Manafort, a senior adviser, to set up a prospective team and determine who its most important members should be.”

But there is more Jewish involvement in Trump’s campaign than just the Kushner couple…
…From the Tablet. Here is a notable section from their coverage…

It should come as no surprise that Trump is in partnership with the Jewish financial elite given his career background. Although naive sleepers seem to think he’s independent of the Money Power “since he has his own money,” they fail to understand how he got it. He didn’t do the real estate megadeals he’s know for by using money from his own bank account; he borrowed the money from the big banks and finance houses. There is simply no way he could be a big mover and shaker in real estate, especially in a Jew-controlled city like New York, without being in the good graces of the Money Power. He’s their boy. But once they get him into office, they’ll flip the script and use him to scare the common Jews to the killing fields of Israel.


Chabad operative Kushner’s control over Trump’s campaign is also noted in his Wikipedia bio

>>> From the outset of the presidential campaign of his father-in-law Donald Trump, Kushner was the architect of Trump’s digital, online and social media campaigns, enlisting talent from Silicon Valley to run a 100 person social-media team dubbed ‘Project Alamo’. Kushner has also helped as a speechwriter and was tasked with working to establish a plan for Trump’s White House transition team should he be elected. He was for a time seen as the de facto campaign manager, succeeding Corey Lewandowski, who was fired in part on Kushner’s recommendation in June 2016. He has been intimately involved with campaign strategy, coordinating Trump’s visit in late August to Mexico. Kushner’s “sprawling digital fundraising database and social media campaign” has been described as “the locus of his father-in-law’s presidential bid”. <<<

Of course, there’s more to see in Trump’s Jewish connections than just Jared Kushner. If you are familiar with the unsavory nature of Jew-controlled Hollywood, Goldman Sachs, and Yale’s Skull and Bones society, you should have a closer look at the Trump campaign’s finance chair, Steven Mnuchin…
…From Bloomberg. Check out the first paragraph…

>>> Until one Tuesday in April, Steven Mnuchin’s life had been ordered meticulously. The son of a Goldman Sachs partner, he was publisher of the Yale Daily News, was tapped into Skull and Bones, made partner at Goldman, ran a hedge fund, and invested in Hollywood blockbusters. One thing followed another. Then, on April 19, the day of the New York primary, Mnuchin’s life veered. <<<

And if we look at Mnuchin’s Wikipedia bio, we also see connections to George Soros and Eddie Lampert (the Skull and Bones member and Chabad operative who has strip-mined Sears and Kmart to oblivion).

All this being said, guess who Trump is floating as the next Treasury Secretary…
…From a Google News search of Trump Treasury Secretary

If you think Donald Trump isn’t a globalist, you are still asleep.

[Addendum – 6 November 2017] – Back on September 8, I finally figured out the roles assigned to Trump and Putin. Here is what I wrote about it at the time…

Chabad-Lubavitch’s two redeemers, Trump and Putin

When the idea that Trump might be converted into an antichrist character came to mind yesterday, I started doing some research and stumbled across this article from the Right Wing Watch propaganda site…

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> Televangelist Jim Bakker hosted several fellow End Times preachers on his television program today to discuss the prophetic implications of the presidential election.

One of Bakker’s guests, Tom Horn, a prolific author of Last Days-themed books, spent an entire segment of the program explaining that “rabbis” have revealed that Trump may be the messiah, or a harbinger to the arrival of the messiah akin to John the Baptist.

“They’re looking at Donald Trump” as the messiah, Horn said of “the rabbis,” saying that Trump’s name “actually means ‘messiah.’”

Among the clues that Trump may be the messiah, he said, is that the president-elect is a kingly and warrior-like leader committed to protecting Israel and, according to Horn, rebuilding the Temple of Jerusalem.

Horn said that if Trump is not the messiah, then he is likely “the forerunner” to the messiah who “will start the message in the wilderness and the messiah is going to come in on his heels.”

If Trump turns out to only be a John the Baptist-like figure, Horn explained, then his inauguration will signal the beginning of the “countdown to the appearance of the messiah.” <<<

The “End Times pastor” to whom the article refers, Tom Horn, is the premier prophecy mouthpiece for the Freemasons and Jesuits. He is their standard bearer in the not-so-great work of laying down the preparatory propaganda for the globalist prophecy fulfillment effort, so the scenarios of which he speaks must be taken seriously. Here is the video of Horn speaking about Trump…

…from YouTube

Seeing him speak of Trump in this manner brought to mind the “End Times” script of the Chabad-Lubavitch “Jewish” (Kabbalist) Cult, in which the “Moshiach ben Yossef” is the forerunner of the “Moshiach ben David.” Here are some key parts of it straight from their website (as you read it, think “Trump” whenever you see “Mashiach ben Yossef” and “Putin” whenever you see “Mashiach ben David”…

>>> Jewish tradition speaks of two redeemers, each one called Mashiach. Both are involved in ushering in the Messianic era. They are Mashiach ben David and Mashiach ben Yossef.

The term Mashiach unqualified always refers to Mashiach ben David (Mashiach the descendant of David) of the tribe of Judah. He is the actual (final) redeemer who shall rule in the Messianic age. All that was said in our text relates to him.

Mashiach ben Yossef (Mashiach the descendant of Joseph) of the tribe of Ephraim (son of Joseph), is also referred to as Mashiach ben Ephrayim, Mashiach the descendant of Ephraim. He will come first, before the final redeemer, and later will serve as his viceroy.

The essential task of Mashiach ben Yossef is to act as precursor to Mashiach ben David: he will prepare the world for the coming of the final redeemer. Different sources attribute to him different functions, some even charging him with tasks traditionally associated with Mashiach ben David (such as the ingathering of the exiles, the rebuilding of the Bet Hamikdash, and so forth).

The principal and final function ascribed to Mashiach ben Yossef is of political and military nature. He shall wage war against the forces of evil that oppress Israel…

The immediate results of this war will be disastrous: Mashiach ben Yossef will be killed. This is described in the prophecy of Zechariah, who says of this tragedy that “they shall mourn him as one mourns for an only child.” (Zechariah 12:10). His death will be followed by a period of great calamities. These new tribulations shall be the final test for Israel, and shortly thereafter Mashiach ben David shall come, avenge his death, resurrect him, and inaugurate the Messianic era of everlasting peace and bliss. – from <<<

Do you see how well the description of Moshiach be Yossef matches what Horn described about Trump?…

Getting back to the American Moshiach, Donald Trump, his primary role is to prepare the way for the Russian Moshiach, Vladimir Putin. So how has Trump done that for Putin? For starters, the “Jewish Christian” Trump beat the “Satanist” Clinton in the presidential election, thus “breaking the hold of the Crypto-Satanists on the highest office in America.” And as Commander-in-Chief, “Trump was able to block the military-industrial complex’s effort to start a war with Russia over Ukraine and Syria.”

According to the dictates of the script, Trump has given ground to the “deep state” on issue after issue – even verbally criticizing Russia at times – but he has also “forced the military to respect the Syria truce he made with Putin” and “cut off US support of regime change forces in Syria.” This has allowed Putin and Assad to advance to near-victory in the “end times battle for Syria.” In fact, just yesterday the US military stopped harassing an ISIS convoy that was retreating under a truce with Assad. And why did they stop? Because Russia simply requested it. Would the Pentagon have accepted Russia’s request if Hillary Clinton were in office?

As for how the two Moshiachs fit in with the overall prophecy fulfillment program, let’s recall the 3 major Judeo-Christian “End Times” characters and actors of the 2016 script

1) THE DECOY ANTICHRIST (who plays “the Satanist bad guy” so the 2nd character can pretend to be “the Christian good guy”), played by Barack Obama.

2) THE FAKE CHRIST / REAL ANTICHRIST (who defeats the Decoy Antichrist, thus appearing to be the Real Jesus, but he actually turns out to be the Real Antichrist who was trying to take Jesus’ place), played by Vladimir Putin

3) THE REAL (KABBALAH) CHRIST (who defeats the “Real Antichrist,” thus appearing to be the true child of God who has returned to save us from Satan and “benevolently” rule over the Earth), to be played by a genetically engineered, cloned human(oid). Since the globalists intend to use this person as a figurehead ruler for 1,000 years, they will need a steady supply of clones to make him / her / it appear supernaturally immune from aging and death.

In the 2017 version of the script, we still have the three basic character types, but the cast has expanded from 3 people to 6 people…

1) THE DECOY ANTICHRISTS, played by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Mike Pence (if/when he becomes President)

2) THE FAKE CHRISTS / REAL ANTICHRISTS, played by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

3) THE REAL (KABBALAH) CHRIST, played by the GMO clone(s).

To accommodate potential changes like this expansion of the cast, the globalists left room in their script for multiple antichrists to precede the arrival of the Final Antichrist (Putin). Have a look at what Alex Jones says in a propaganda video I covered in a previous entry



The video begins with Alex speaking of the online buzz that surrounded the Devil character on the History Channel’s TV miniseries The Bible. He then goes on to explain Obama’s status as a globalist figurehead and qualifications as an Antichrist. This is from the 5:22 mark

“My point is… is that Obama… Obama is the closest to the Devil of any President we’ve ever had. If you look at the characteristics of the Devil… if you look at the characteristics of the Biblical Devil, or the devil in even other cultures — Hindu, you name it – it is very, very similar and very, very close to what Obama is doing.”

At the 6:30 mark, Alex goes on to read a couple of Bible verses starting with John 2:18, which speaks of “many antichrists.” He then comes to the point at the 8:45 mark: “So yes, Barack Obama is AN Antichrist.”

Once he hits the 11:28 mark, he begins to mix in some Step 3 propaganda by launching into a full-on Christian sermon. After working himself into a frenzy, he says this at the 14:04 mark

“Yes, Obama is the Antichrist – he is A Antichrist. He is the spirit of the world. He is the spirit of Beelzebub, Baphomet, Leviathan, the Devil! He is the Devil! Barack Obama IS the Devil!”

And at the 15:18 mark, he hints at the “Great Evil” that is to come…

“Obama is a Antichrist. Obama is as wicked as the day is long, but he is only a pathetic puppet. He is only a pathetic agent of the Great Evil that is to manifest on this planet. He is only a precursor. He is only in the Satanic evolution… part of the system building towards what is to come.”


In that last quote, Alex is hinting at the arrival of the Final Antichrist (Putin) and his reign over the Earth as the true leader of the “reformed” United Nations / New World Order.

Of course, the Jews and the Christians aren’t the only ones who will soon be seeing devils and messiahs. There are characters and actors for the Muslims too…

1) THE DAJJAL (the Muslim version of an antichrist figure), played by Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey

2) THE PRECURSOR OF THE MAHDI (the one who will help the Mahdi defeat the Dajjal and then trumpet the Mahdi before the Muslim world), played by Ali Khamenei of Iran

3) THE MAHDI (the Muslim version of a messiah figure), played by Qasem Soleimani of Iran.

The Mahdi is already partnered with the Real Antichrist Putin in Syria, and he will unite the Muslim world to help Putin fight the Kabbalah Christ when he shows up (just like Putin helped him). All who join with Putin and Assad in this Final War will be slaughtered, and Islam will cease to exist (if the globalists get their way).

Getting back to Tom Horn and the other Phase 3 prophecy propagandists who work in conjunction with him (Jim Bakker, Steve Quayle, Alex Jones, etc.), their job is to blow the whistle (at the scripted time) on the Antichrist and his Great Deception (his using of others to play the Antichrist so he could pretend to be the Christ). They will also build everyone’s expectation and acceptance of the Real (Kabbalah) Christ in advance of “his” arrival.

Even though they already know Putin is scripted to play the Real Antichrist, they are keeping it secret until the Jews point to him as the Moshiach. That’s the point in the script when they’ll start bashing Putin and selling the Kabbalah Christ who is coming to defeat him. As for the Muslim Mahdi, Bashar Assad, they will refer to him as “the Islamic Antichrist.”

Meanwhile, in Israel…

As of two days ago, the Israeli Defense Forces were preparing for the First Battle of Armageddon…


This globalist-orchestrated First (fake) Battle of Armageddon is not to be confused with the globalist-orchestrated Second (fake) Battle of Armageddon in 3.5 or 7 years, which will be MUCH bloodier.

Once we’re past the climax of this current Big Crisis, the limited-hangout Truth Tsunami will expose the “Zionist Jews’” role in all sorts of evils all over the world. This will inevitably lead to extreme global “Anti-Semitism,” and the Jewish Messiah will gather the ordinary Jews in Israel for their “safety and security” until “the world’s outrage dissipates.”

Once this “ingathering of the exiles” occurs, the Kabbalists intend to stage the Second Battle of Armageddon, during which all their “lesser (non-Kabbalist, non-elite) brethren” will be utterly slaughtered (along with the Muslims). They want the world to believe that “Jewish Power” (which is actually Kabbalist Power) has been broken forever. And now that they have 2.2 billion Christians to hide amongst, they no longer need 14 million Jews as cover.

Make no mistake, the State of Israel is a Kabbalist-built compact atomic oven for all the world’s Jews. STAY THE FU*K AWAY if you want to live.

That concludes my remarks from September.

Netanyahu may be substituted for Trump as the
precursor Jewish messiah (the “Moshiach ben Yosef”)

(8 February 2019) – In November of 2018, I said they might be setting up Netanyahu to be part of the NWO pantheon of heroes. Here is what I wrote about it at the time…

Given Netanyahu’s support of MBS and the particular scripting of the recent Chabad coup, Netanyahu is apparently being added to the pantheon of NWO heroes, and this means I’ll have to start looking for evidence that they might be substituting him for Trump as the “Moshiach ben Yosef,” while switching Trump to the “Cyrus the Great” role…

>>> Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered. This became a very successful model for centralized administration and establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of its subjects. In fact, the administration of the empire through satraps and the vital principle of forming a government at Pasargadae were the works of Cyrus. What is sometimes referred to as the Edict of Restoration (actually two edicts) described in the Bible as being made by Cyrus the Great left a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion, where, because of his policies in Babylonia, he is referred to by the Jewish Bible as messiah (lit. “His anointed one”) (Isaiah 45:1), and is the only non-Jew figure in the Bible to be called so. – from Wikipedia <<<

If Netanyahu is to be in the pantheon, that means he is an assassination target too.

Well it looks like it might be Netanyahu, rather than Trump, playing the role of Moshiach ben Yosef after all. If this is so, look for Netanyahu to protect Trump from Chabad in the upcoming events (or be “assassinated” with him).

~ MORE – 10 February 2019 ~

If Netanyahu is rolled out as the incarnated Moshiach ben Yosef, the narrative will be that he played along with Chabad in order to rise to power so he could sabotage their agenda at the right time, which is the same narrative they’ll use for Trump (the incarnated “Cyrus the Great”) and Putin (the incarnated “Moshiach ben David”). Remember, this is the globalists’ NWO narrative for the Avatars of the Pantheon (Putin, Trump, Netanyahu, Xi, Soleimani, Modi and perhaps one more) as covered in the Compendium

“When the Dark Forces developed and used the first nuclear weapons in 1945, it became clear that they would use them to slaughter most of humanity and irretrievably subjugate the survivors before the End of the Age. So the Avatars incarnated into human form in order to discreetly intervene. They infiltrated the Dark’s power structure and rose to leadership within the major nuclear nations to prevent a nuclear holocaust.”

And should the globalists opt for the War Path, this is how the NWO narrative will cover it…

“Sensing the imminent defeat of their plans, the Dark Forces struck back by assassinating the Avatars and starting World War 3. And as they pushed the world to the very brink of nuclear destruction, the godhead had to intervene more dramatically by resurrecting the Avatars and sending in cosmic reinforcements before the scheduled End of the Age.”

Once the NWO has been going for a few years and it’s time to flip the script, this will be the globalists’ Millennial Kingdom (post-NWO) narrative…

“The NWO Antichrists (Avatars) were actually working with Chabad, the neocons, the neolibs, the Zionists, the Nazis, and the Satanists all along. They only pretended to defeat those dark groups so they could substitute themselves for Christ on the global throne. It was Satan’s Great Deception.”

Recent Writings on the Prophecy Deception

An Update on the Globalist Saviors / Avatars

(27 April 2019) – Here is an updated list of the Savior/Avatar roles and the men selected to play them…

> The Christian Jesus / Jewish Moshiach ben David (their main messiah): the leading candidate to play this role remains Vladimir Putin.

> The Jewish Moshiach ben Yosef (their precursor messiah): the leading candidate to play this role is now Benjamin Netanyahu, with Donald Trump being another candidate.

> Cyrus the Great (the gentile Jewish messiah): the leading candidate to play this role is Donald Trump. The Cyrus the Great character will not be utilized in the script if Trump is selected to play the Moshiach ben Yosef.

> The Imam Mahdi (the Muslim messiah): the leading candidate to play this role remains Qasem Soleimani, with Recep Tayyip Erdogan playing the supporting role of Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (the Muslim false messiah). Under a variation of the script, the globalists may switch Erdogan to the Mahdi role and Abu Bakr Al-Bahdadi to the Dajjal role.

> Maitreya Buddha (the Buddhist messiah): the leading candidate to play this role remains Xi Jinping.

> Lord Kalki (the Hindu messiah): the leading candidate to play this role remains Narendra Modi.

> There may be a 7th messiah figure who will join this pantheon, possibly from the Roman Catholic Church (Pietro Parolin, perhaps).

Now that you know the Avatar roles and likely actors, here is a list of the evil figures/forces they will defeat in order to pose as saviors in Phase 1 of the globalist prophecy deception

In Phase 2 of the deception, the globalists will flip the script. All the men you see in the Avatar column will be outed as “the real Antichrists.” And all those in the Defeated Evil Foes column will turn out to be decoys. It will be said that the real Antichrists set up the decoys so they could defeat them and pose as saviors. “They wanted to take Christ’s Throne for themselves,” the prophecy propagandists will say. And after the Avatars/Antichrists have ruled the world through the NWO for seven years, the globalists will bring in “the real Jesus Christ” to defeat them. He’ll be just another actor.

If you are a person who believes in the “End Times” prophecies of your religion or spiritual tradition, I can tell you with absolute certainty — and with tons of proof outlined in this blog — that what you will see over the next several years is a very fake, man-made fulfillment of your expectations. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the real deal.

Israel’s Rabbi Kaduri and “Moshiach” Vladimir Putin (a.k.a. “Yeshua”)

(29 April 2019) – Have a look at what the prophecy propagandists are selling these days…

…from Amazon. Here is a snippet from the promotional blurb…

>>> The ordeal reads like a mystery novel. But, this is not fiction.

In early 2005, Israel’s most venerated Orthodox Rabbi, Yitzhak Kaduri, claimed he had met the true, soon-coming Messiah. He also made a public announcement that he had written Messiah’s name in a note. He said he would turn that note over to his ministry officials to be kept secret and locked away until one year after his death. Then, after that time, the note was to be posted on his website at

Just a few months later, Kaduri was dead. Little did the world know what revelation awaited them.

Finally, the note was posted. JESUS is Messiah. That’s when the global spiritual and political firestorm erupted. Several of the key players in this story are immersed in vicious abandon, attempting to bring the stunning revelation to a grinding halt. And they have already proven that they will stop at almost nothing. <<<

If you look into Rabbi Kaduri’s background, you’ll find he was a Kabbalist, so it makes sense that he left a note saying the name of the Moshiach ben David is “Jesus”; the Kabbalists and Chabad-Lubavitch are orchestrating the effort to paint Putin as the messiah of both the Jews and the Christians. But here’s something interesting I ran across this morning…

…from Israel National News

So Kaduri supposedly met the Moshiach on November 4, 2003 either in person or in a “vision” according to conflicting reports. Can you guess who Putin was meeting on that day?…

…from The Moscow Times. Here is an excerpt…

>>>President Putin is a true friend of Israel,” he said at the start of talks. “We highly appreciate Putin’s attitude, and his repeated personal safety guarantees for the state of Israel.”

Sharon said Israel was ready to compromise for the sake of peace.

In addition to Putin, Sharon was to meet Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov, Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov and Russian Jewish leaders before returning to Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening. <<<

So there are two ways Kaduri could have met Putin that day: 1) face-to-face (if he was among Sharon’s entourage), or 2) via television (if there was a teleconference between Israel’s Kabbalist rabbis and “Russian Jewish leaders” — Berel Lazar’s Chabadniks — during Sharon’s meeting with them in Moscow).

Of course, there are more insights to glean from these reports, and I’ll cover them later.

Will the globalists substitute Trump for Putin in the main Antichrist role?

(11 June 2019) – While I was preparing dinner tonight, I started to think about what the globalist script would look like if they decided to replace Putin with Trump as the main Antichrist character. In such a rescripting, America would prevail in the coming conflict due to the advanced technology of the U.S. Space Force (America’s rumored “Secret Space Program” that comes out of the shadows to save the day).

Under the flipped script…

  • Trump would be the one who saves Israel and is proclaimed the Jewish Messiah (Moshiach ben David).
  • Trump would be the one who reforms the UN and launches the “sovereignty-respecting, Austrian-economics-based” NWO.
  • The “ETs” supposedly associated with the Secret Space Program would be the ones who come out as “our benevolent space brothers.”
  • Trump would be the one who sits on the throne of the Third Temple and is recognized as the “real Antichrist.”
  • Trump would be the one defeated by the “real Christ.”

I’ll write more about this “Globalist Plan B” soon.

~ MORE – 20 June 2019 ~

In recent entries, I’ve explored the possibility that the globalists will substitute Trump for Putin as the “World Savior Who Turns Out To Be The Antichrist” character in the prophecy fulfillment play. After looking deeper into it, I’ve found narrative support for this substitution, so they can go with either Putin or Trump depending on what they think will work best.

After surveying the propaganda that sets up Trump as an option, I’ve refined my expectations for the sequence of events that will lead to his rise and fall, so I’ll write about that tomorrow. It involves…

  • America’s Secret Space Program (SSP) coming out of the shadows to save us from either World War III or a global economic collapse,
  • a Trump-led reformed, multilateral UN that nations must join to gain access to the beneficial technologies the SSP will release,
  • “disclosure” of “peaceful ETs” that come from “a multilateral interstellar alliance that a united and peaceful Earth can now join,”
  • Trump taking on the mantle of “Christ” (which the religious will reject), and
  • the “Second Coming of the Real Jesus Christ” to take down Trump, his NWO, and “the fake ETs who are actually the lab-created offspring of the fallen angels.”

We’ll also look at how this sequence will differ if Putin is retained for the Antichrist role.

~ MORE – 22 June 2019 ~

If the globalists opt to substitute Trump for Putin as the “World Savior Who Turns Out To Be The Antichrist,” it means that Putin will be scripted as the decoy antichrist Trump defeats in order to pose as Christ (just like Obama posed as the decoy antichrist for Putin in 2016’s aborted attempt at the End Times Drama).

With that in mind, it should be noted that June 26 will mark 7 years since Putin went to Israel and did the ritual where he took on the mantle of Christ. Here’s what’s written about it in Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception

This is what Putin did while with the Christians…

>>> During the night of June 26, 2012, while on a working visit to Israel, President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Lord’s Sepulchre…

Entering the church, Vladimir Putting kneeled at the Stone of the Anointing. It was at this place that Righteous Joseph and Nicodim laid the lifeless body of Jesus after taking Him down from the Cross and anointed Him with incense and wrapped Him in the Shroud.

After that the president was taken to the Kuviklia, the chapel erected at the place of the three days-long burial of the Saviour.

Then Mr. Putin ascended Golgotha, the place where the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was crucified and after that descended to the cave in which St. Helen Equal-to-the-Apostles found Christ’s Life-Giving Cross…

In the morning of June 26, Mr. Putin came to the Church of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem, a Byzantine basilica with the 5th century mosaics built over the cave in which Jesus Christ was born

Then Mr. Putin was presented with a token, a copy of the Star of Bethlehem executed by Palestinian masters.

The president lighted a candle at the place where Christ was born. – From <<<

Take a moment to think about this ritual Putin went through. It started at NIGHT at the places associated with Christ’s death at his First Coming, then that NIGHT ended in the MORNING when Vladimir Putin received the Star of Bethlehem and lighted a candle at Christ’s birthspot. That’s a helluva symbolic ritual, was it not? Putin returned Christ’s light to the world after a long night.

When Putin’s status as both Mashiach and Christ is promoted to the public, the spiritual propagandists will say that he revealed himself to the Israeli rabbis in private during this trip, thereby fulfilling the Zohar prophecy. They’ll also say that he revealed himself to the Orthodox Christians too.

Since the Antichrist is supposed to have a 7-year tenure, the decoy antichrist will too. And that means the Big Drama we’re expecting could be Trump’s defeat of “Putin’s evil plot against America and Israel” next week. Perhaps that’s why they scheduled things for this particular timeframe, including the G20 Summit on the 28th and 29th. It’s been only 7 months since the last G20 Summit, which is supposed to be an annual thing.

~ MORE – 23 June 2019 ~

In The Globalists’ Current NWO Deception Strategy entry on the home page, I cover a propaganda piece from a disinformation agent named Leo Zagami, whose articles and interviews are featured on a number of controlled alt-media sites (including Alex Jones’ Infowars). The analysis I did on the piece was based on the “Putin as Antichrist” script that has been in effect for the past several years. So today, I thought I’d show you an alternative interpretation based on a “Trump as Antichrist” scripting. Here are some key excerpts…

…between Russia and the Vatican there is an old ultra-secret alliance that make deals with extra-dimensional entities…

…a new dangerous supranational non-governmental structure directly controlled by Vladimir Putin and the Vatican who are in favor of a Communist Jesuit New World Order. Illuminati Piergiorgio Bassi, a close friend of John Podesta, who is also involved in the organization with Hillary Clinton is the Italian spokesman of this powerful international organization…

The Pope will receive Russian President Vladimir Putin in an audience in the Vatican on July 4 2019, Independence Day, to send a cryptic message to the United States and Donald J. Trump who refuse to join the demonic New World Order. It will be the third meeting between the two leaders. The Vatican Illuminati elite is working with the extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion summoned by Russia. This will enable them to fully surround us with a reality of lies and illusions and unveil the identity of the Antichrist upon mankind.

If Trump gets the nod to play the World Savior/Antichrist, we can take this narrative at face value. Let me phrase it in more detail:

“There is a worldwide, Satanic ‘Alliance of Evil’ that includes…

  • KGB man Vladimir Putin of Russia,
  • the Jesuit (and communist) Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • the communist Xi Jinping of China,
  • the communist Kim Jong Un of North Korea,
  • the communist Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela,
  • the communist Miguel Diaz-Canel of Cuba,
  • KGB recruit Ali Khamenei of Iran, and
  • closet communist Hillary Clinton and her closet communist Democratic Party.

Had Hillary Clinton won the American presidency in the 2016 election, Israel would now be utterly surrounded and isolated by this vast Satanic network.



Unable to realize their final victory while America stands, unable to control America by consent, and unable to remove Trump by chicanery, the Alliance of Evil is now left with just one choice: destroy America by force.

So on the Fourth of July this year, the Pope and Putin will meet to send America and Trump a final message.”

Quite a narrative, isn’t it? But if Zagami were the only one promoting it, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. There’s also this, though…

LTC Maginnis — who also portrays America as being surrounded on all sides by a communist onslaught — is an associate of Tom Horn, who is one of the “Sith Lords” of Christian prophecy propaganda. So we’re seeing the same narrative out of known disinformation agents from both the Alex Jones and Tom Horn orbits, and we’re seeing the current mischief window occurring during Putin’s 7-year mark as the “secretly returned Christ.” What’s more, Trump’s two-week delay of the mass arrests would put their start on or about July 7, right after the Pope-Putin meeting.

It’s important to remember that Zagami’s article connects the Pope-Putin meeting to the idea of UFO Disclosure…

…and it portrays the ETs as the “extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion.”

So if Trump saves America from the communist onslaught by bringing the Secret Space Program out of the shadows, he’ll go on to unite the world against the threat posed by Putin’s “ET” pals. This effort to unite the world against “an alien threat” will later be scripted to turn into the Battle of Armageddon, when the forces of Antichrist Trump’s NWO space fleet battle against “the returning real Christ and his angels.”

~ MORE – 25 June 2019 ~

The time may be drawing nigh…

…from Infowars

In my June 20 update, I talked about the narrative support I found for the “Trump as Antichrist” scenario I’ve been outlining. Let me show you some of what I came across, starting with a found copy of a deleted Alex Jones video on YouTube

…Here are some key passages…

The truth is there’s been a [US] Space Force since the 60’s. NASA is just a cutout for the US military operations in space…

…here’s the deal: All this innovation we have came from space program and military programs. And if you’ve got a good president and a good government that deploys it back to the people, we’re already decades ahead of China, Russia, you name it, but not if we hold on to it. So he [Trump] wants it deployed to the people

…absolutely taking our secret space program and boomeranging 50 years ahead of the Chicoms if we do it now…

…he’s [Trump has] been briefed on all this, he’s been brought in, there are people that want a human future…

China is moving into space, others are moving in, let’s just be honest that we have space superiority so they can be crushed, just like Reagan did with Star Wars — so superior — obviously they were offensive weapons — the Russians knew they had to give up…

…it’s about a human future, it’s about a military budget that actually develops the new high-tech systems that are the civilian future…

Here is some similar information from another disinformation figure named Dave Hodges…

On the surface, President Trump is going to bring the secret space program (militarized) out of the shadows of secrecy. He also plans to eliminate its black budget funding and make the program a line item with Presidential and congressional oversight…

It is clear to me that Trump is transferring the control of the secret space program from Deep State to elected government. However, he is doing so under the ruse that the program is one under development instead of the truth that this a direct transfer of oversight. Make no mistake about it, this is a direct stab at the Deep State who has controlled this program for its own purposes and profit. Personally, I am surprised that Trump has gotten this far with this bold move without JFK type of consequences…

There will be those that believe that this program is about defense, not just of America, but of the planet from outside forces. That was not the opinion of my father, he saw the secret space program of being one that pitted America against the Soviets and any and all future players. However, this view does reflect what Jim Marrs, Vance Davis and Bill Pawelec believed. One has to wonder about Trump’s timing. If there are ET’s (eg fallen angels, or otherwise), is this a prelude to disclosure? – from Trump Brings the Secret Space Program Out Into the Open- Is Disclosure Next? on The Common Sense Show website

And here are some other pieces of the puzzle:

Rockefeller UFO disinfo front man Steven Greer talking about the Secret Space Program (a 9m16s YouTube video)

Steven Greer talking about the need to form “multilateral” relationships with different “ET civilizations” (a 3m20s YouTube video)

Trump and the United Nations: Reform or Die? – from The National Interest

So I’ve laid out the pieces of the puzzle for you. Tomorrow — time permitting — I’ll show you how they fit together (from my perspective).

By the way, Congress is on the verge of approving the Space Force. And once it’s legally established, the slot will be open for bringing the Secret Space Program out of the dark.

~ MORE – 26 June 2019 ~

In the past, the thing that kept me from considering Trump as a main Antichrist candidate was this: after all the bad press and ridicule he’s received, how can the rest of the world possibly take him seriously enough to follow him into a New World Order? As it turns out, the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its technologies provide the answer.

Once he unveils the SSP, the conventional militaries of the world, including Russia’s and China’s, will be rendered utterly impotent. Trump will stand astride the world like a colossus, and resistance against him will be futile. And since the unveiling will likely happen amidst a global economic meltdown, access to the SSP technologies will hold the key for moving the nations out of desperate poverty into almost instant abundance.

Faced with the choice of rooting around in the mud like starving monkeys or joining a high-tech global paradise, the nations of the world will sign-on to any national and international reforms Trump requires of them. Their acceptance of his reforms will be further aided by the fact that they’ll be popular, commonsense measures — the very ones the BRICS themselves have been seeking to implement.

As for the world’s acceptance of Trump as a leader, it will be helped by the extensive propaganda of the post-Crisis Truth Tsunami and by the new populist, Trump-friendly leaders who will sweep into power around the globe (like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen).

So when you look at the narrative setup done by Alex Jones, it shows a path for Trump’s ascension to World Savior / World Leader status. And if you look at the bolded sections of the Dave Hodges narrative setup, you’ll see the enemy against whom Trump will rally the world: the “demonic ETs / fallen angels / Nephilim (the mixed offspring of fallen angels and humans, produced sexually and/or through genetic engineering).” Of course, the narrative will later claim that the SSP developed its technology in alliance with the demonic ETs, so the incoming “ETs” against whom Antichrist Trump will rally us are actually, according to the narrative, Jesus Christ and his angels.

~ MORE – 28 June 2019 ~

Here are some more points to ponder on the “Trump as Antichrist” option:

POINT 1 – In the Dave Hodges and Alex Jones disinfo pieces I showed you in the June 25 update, Hodges expresses his surprise that Trump is still alive despite his effort to unveil the Secret Space Program (SSP)…

…this is a direct stab at the Deep State who has controlled this program for its own purposes and profit. Personally, I am surprised that Trump has gotten this far with this bold move without JFK type of consequences.

But the explanation for Trump’s survival is offered by Jones…

…he’s [Trump has] been briefed on all this, he’s been brought in, there are people that want a human future…

According to the general gist of the controlled alt-media/NWO narrative, there is a division within the “Deep State” between…

  • the “evil” Zionist-Nazi-Neocon-Neolib Deep State (the “Black Hats”) who are doing Satan’s bidding by working towards a dystopian “post-human” future, and
  • the “good” Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State (the “White Hats”) who abhor the actions of the Black Hats and wish to build a bright future for humanity.

Trump was supposedly recruited by the White Hats to run for the presidency and is under their protection, so that is the scripted reason for his survival till now. By having Trump maneuver in the public sphere while they maneuver in the secret sphere, the White Hats have supposedly turned the tables on the Black Hats and stand ready for the final takedown.

POINT 2 – There are two possible outcome for the Avatars (Putin, Xi, Modi, et al.) under the “Trump as Antichrist” option…

  1. They can be used as “decoy Antichrists” whom Trump defeats in order to pose as the World Savior / Christ.
  2. They can be retained as Avatars under the explanation that “they were just playing along with their respective Deep States until Trump made his move.” In that case, you will see mass arrests in Russia, China, and India that mirror those in the US and Europe. And Putin, Xi, and Modi will keep their leadership posts. Trump will then be considered “the first among equals” instead of Putin.

Basically, whoever controls the UFOs that “save the day” during the Big Crisis will be the main Antichrist: if the Secret Space Program UFOs save the day, Trump will be the leader; if “ET” UFOs save the day, Putin will be the leader.

POINT 3 – As I wrote to a reader yesterday, the globalists have assigned the Kool-Aid Brigade (the New Agers) to be part of the “Satanic Deception.” This is why Rockefeller lackey and Kool-Aid dispenser Steven Greer claims…

  • there are no bad ETs,
  • the Secret Space Program utilizes human-developed technology that originated with the Nazis and was enhanced by reverse engineering of crashed ET craft (so ETs weren’t involved in it), and
  • the SSP have been the ones doing the “alien abductions,” not the ETs.

Once the coming World Savior — be it Trump or Putin — is identified as the Final Antichrist, the Millennial narrative will claim that…

  • the “ETs” are the fallen angels and their demon spawn (the Nephilim),
  • the SSP developed its technology with their help, and
  • both the SSP and the fallen angels were doing the abductions to breed the Nephilim.

Of course, the “ETs” are neither fallen angels nor Nephilim. They’re merely highly brainwashed, tightly controlled, lab-created GMO human hybrids who were bred to play a role in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment play. You can read about how they came to be in The UFO/ET Con.

POINT 4 – It is notable that Steven Greer uses the NWO programming word “multilateral” in describing the type of relationship we should form with the “ET civilizations.” Under a “Putin as Antichrist” scenario, which will feature the “ET” UFOs arriving to stop nuclear Armageddon, we will have a multilateral NWO and ISO (Interstellar Order). And after the “ETs” have ingratiated themselves with us, we’ll be told about an “evil ET force headed for Earth” that the ISO came to help us fight. This “evil ET force” will actually be Jesus Christ and his angels, according to the script.

The “multilateral” Greer video dates back to 2015 or earlier, when Barack Obama was playing the decoy antichrist role to Putin’s World Savior / “real” Antichrist role.

POINT 5 – The path was prepared for Trump’s reform of the UN into the NWO back when he held a meeting on UN reform at the 72nd UN General Assembly. Here’s how the State Department website phrased Trump’s intentions…

The President underscored the United States’ support for this vision of United Nations reform. As he concluded his remarks, President Trump affirmed, “We pledge to be partners in your work, and I am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the United Nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just, and greater force for peace and harmony in the world.”

A “reformed,” stronger UN / NWO with a refashioned Security Council will occur under either Trump or Putin’s leadership. In Trump’s case, the political roadblocks to the NWO will disappear due to the powerlessness of the other nations and their desperate desire to access SSP technology to recover their collapsed economies. Under Putin, the obstacles will disappear due to the urgent desire of the nations to recover their economies (via access to BRICS gold), prevent another close call with nuclear Armageddon, and get humanity’s sh*t together in the face of the “ET” arrival.

Jared Kushner’s Role as the Decoy Antichrist

The following 3 sections were written as part of an entry covering the globalists’ activities in September 2019…


In the religious part of the globalists’ NWO transition script, Trump and Netanyahu are playing the roles of the “precursor” Jewish messiahs, “Cyrus the Great” and “Moshiach ben Yosef.” These precursors are scripted to prepare the way for the main Jewish messiah, “Moshiach ben David” (played by Vladimir Putin), to save the world from war and establish peace under a “new and just world order.”

To help Putin accomplish this, Trump and Netanyahu are playing “bad cops” to Putin’s “good cop.” They will announce a peace plan that is absurdly weighted in Israel’s favor, fully knowing that the Palestinians will never accept it. This will accomplish two things:

  1. It will get the Palestinians fighting mad, and the globalists will use that anger to orchestrate a conflict that will result in the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque, thus opening the way for the construction of the Third Temple.
  2. It will provide an opening for Putin to ride in on a white horse and save both Israel and the Palestinians from mutual destruction. In doing this, he will present a “balanced” peace plan that will establish a viable Palestinian state, place Jerusalem’s holy sites under the supervision of the reformed United Nations, and split the rest of Jerusalem into a Palestinian capital and an Israeli capital.


The globalist scriptwriters are attempting to portray a conflict between…

the hardcore Zionists & the evil Chabad-Lubavitchers on one side


the “true” precursor messiahs, Trump & Netanyahu, on the other side.

According to the script, the Zionists and Chabadniks are attempting to start a catastrophic Middle East war so they can present a false Moshiach ben David to the world. And in one of the globalists’ most ridiculous casting choices yet, they have identified Jared Kushner as the false messiah Chabad is attempting to install. I mean, just look at the little dork…

…He has the same “commanding presence” as the average Thai ladyboy.

Anyway, the “true” messiahs are supposedly attempting to foil the evil war plans of Chabad/Mossad, the Zionists, and the “Moshiach ben Pantywaist,” which is why the “bad guys” are attempting to either cow or take down Netanyahu.

Given that Chabad/Mossad have been instrumental in putting Putin, Netanyahu, and Trump into power and have been grooming the three to play their messiah roles, you may be wondering why the globalists are trying to portray a conflict. Here’s the reason…

Back bef