Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – May Updates

(30 May 2022) – The IDF deployed forces to Cyprus yesterday for the war against Hezbollah and Iran…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

Hundreds of Israel Defense Forces soldiers, including special forces, headed to Cyprus on Sunday to participate in the final week of a major month-long exercise, simulating war against the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group.

According to the IDF, the drills — taking place jointly with the Cypriot military — are aimed at “improving the readiness of troops and their competence in operational missions deep in enemy territory,” referring to Lebanon.

The military said both conscript and reserve troops from the 98th Paratroopers Division, along with air force units and other special forces — such as the elite Shayetet 13 navy unit — were to participate in the drills in Cyprus…

Also during the final week of the major exercise — dubbed “Chariots of Fire” — the Air Force will simulate airstrikes on Iranian nuclear facilities, over the Mediterranean Sea.

The Chariots of Fire drill — scheduled to last through June 3 — is the military’s largest exercise in decades.

It has focused on sudden events erupting in multiple theaters at the same time, while focusing on fighting the Iran-backed Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Remember that the Turkish military has also mobilized to attack Syria and Hezbollah from the north. You can read about the Israeli-Turkish-Azerbaijani battle plan in the 13 March warning further down this page.

The plan for war this week may have already been abandoned, which would mean they are just following through with the exercise now. But I will keep my eyes on them until Shavuot is in the rearview mirror.

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In case the globalists still intend to get the war started this week, let’s take note of a few things:

They may end up calling it the Platinum Jubilee War


The Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend runs from June 2-5, so recall that…

  • June 3 is specifically identified as the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday (see yesterday’s update),
  • June 3 is the two-year anniversary of Bloody Charles’s Great Reset initiative,
  • June 3 is the scheduled final day of Israel’s “Chariots of Fire” military mobilization, and
  • June 5 — the final day of the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend — is also Christian Pentecost and Jewish Shavuot.

That being said, the four-day weekend of Thursday through Sunday is an exceptionally hazardous span of time. And any war that starts between now and June 3 could go one of two ways…

  1. It could terminate with the arrival of the “Chariots of Fire in the sky” on Sunday, or
  2. it could drag on until the Battle of Actium redux on September 2.

Option 1 would bring us the arrival of the Space Force and the “Nazionist Antichrist” (friends of the Royals), with the arrival of the fake ETs (friends of Putin) coming later on September 2.

Option 2 would bring us a conventional war that segues into the Battle of Armageddon by September, with the fake ETs intervening on September 2.

As for me, I’ve decided to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend with four days of Beans on Toast — Ranch Style Beans with salsa on Texas Toast, that is.

~ MORE – 31 May 2022 ~

My brilliant partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out that June 3 is also the 33rd anniversary of the death of Ayatollah Khomeini (so watch for an Israeli/MEK hit on Khamenei or Raisi to goad the Iranians into attacking Israel so “Chariots of Fire” can go live). And June 4 is the 33rd anniversary of the Chinese military crackdown on the Tiananmen Square protests. The images of the “Tank Man” incident, which is featured in I, Pet Goat II,…

…leaked the following day on June 5 (which is the final day of the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend and Pentecost/Shavuot). So watch for a revolution in China over the weekend as well.

Since it’s possible that the war has already been called off, Onnabugeisha says she is continuing her research “as an exercise.” 🙂

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Here’s another note from Onnabugeisha’s research…

June 3 is also Xi Jinping’s 69th birthday (on the Chinese lunar calendar). His Gregorian birthdate was June 15, 1953, which was Fifth Month 5 on the Chinese calendar…

…from Google

…and Fifth Month 5 this year is June 3

…from Google

So watch for a June 3 attempt to assassinate / take down Xi or for a decision / announcement by Xi that will set off the Chinese revolution this weekend. If the globalists intend to bring in the Nazionist Antichrist and his Space Force on Sunday, Xi will fall. But if they send in Putin and his fake ETs, Xi might survive [but not if they want the second member of the Trump/Xi/Putin Triumvirate to fall, leaving Putin (Octavian) as the last man standing].

~ MORE – 1 June 2022 ~

Tomorrow, June 2, we enter the Platinum Jubilee event horizon. And to be sure we cover all our bases, Onnabugeisha points out that Sunday, June 5 is the 55th anniversary of the start of the Six-Day War.

The war was a “preemptive attack” by Israel on its neighbors, and by the end of it, Israel had taken control of the Golan Heights, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). And the ongoing “Chariots of Fire” military mobilization is the perfect platform from which to launch another such “preemptive attack” to extend those territorial gains into Lebanon and Syria.

Chariots of Fire is scheduled to run “through June 3,” so we need to watch the day the Israeli airborne division in Cyprus loads up to “go home” (which could actually be when they load up to deploy to their wartime objective). Will they “go home” on Friday the 3rd or Sunday the 5th?

Should the globalists bail on starting the war during the Platinum Jubilee Central Weekend, their next target will be the end of June when Biden travels to Israel (and “angers God”) before attending the G7 and NATO summits from June 26-30. A decapitation strike might kick things off on June 28, which is 77 days before the 77th UNGA.

(30 May 2022) – One particular Memorial Day scenario we face is the assassination of Biden and Harris, who will both be at the Arlington National Cemetery today at noon (Washington DC time). This would give us a Pelosi-Clinton or Pelosi-Obama administration by the weekend.

Also, the block against my computer has been abandoned, so they may have already canceled their mischief.

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Given Prince Charles’s connection with the Great Reset, the House of Windsor’s German connection, and the UK’s rabid support of the current Kyiv regime, it appears that the UK’s Royals have been scripted to fall along with the Ukrainian Nazis and the commies…

…from Wikipedia (top) and The Guardian (bottom)

If the globalists go forward with their plans for a Battle of Actium redux on September 2, the Windsors will go down, likely leading to the rise of King Harry.

(29 May 2022) – My partner Onnabugeisha has found some occult indicators that point to potential trouble tomorrow (which is Memorial Day here in the US). From sunset today through sunset tomorrow (Monday, May 30) is the 44th day of the Omer count (44 is Obama’s president number). And both Secretary of State Blinken and Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen are flashing 666s: they both entered office on January 26, 2021, exactly 69 weeks, 6 days ago on Monday.

She also points out that there’s a 4-day bank holiday in the UK starting on Thursday…

…from Google

And Friday, June 3 — the day of the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday — will be the two-year anniversary of the launch of the Great Reset, which is a joint venture of Prince Charles and the World Economic Forum…

…from Vanity Fair. Here is an excerpt…

Long known as a passionate environmentalist, Prince Charles has been spending the weeks since he recovered from a mild case of COVID-19 connecting the pandemic back to some of his regular concerns… Now he has shifted his attention to the world stage, announcing a project he’s calling “Great Reset,” which will call on world leaders to fix global problems made urgent by the pandemic.

Along with the World Economic Forum, the organization behind the event that gathers some of the world’s richest people for a symposium in Davos, Switzerland, Charles will kick off the project at a virtual event on June 3.

So Prince Charles and June 3 connect the Great Reset to the Platinum Jubilee and its bank holiday. And the Platinum Jubilee connects to Prince Charles ascending to the throne…

…from The Guardian

So will what happens today or tomorrow bring on a financial system collapse this week, clearing the way for the full implementation of the Great Reset and the rise of Squidgy’s Tampon (“Charles the Bloody”) to King of the United Kingdom and the World?

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> There are indicators for China tomorrow as well. They point to a potential uprising in Shanghai.

> Also, today’s Drudge Report is headlining “Christian Nationalism on Rise” (on the day before Memorial Day). Together, the indicators point to the possibility of the “Communist Onslaught” beginning tomorrow, with Operation Blackjack / Day X possible in the NATO nations.

> Additionally, a reader has pointed out that the globalists have the option of scripting a “natural disaster” / “act of god” by simulating the impact of comet fragments using orbital bombardment platforms (tungsten “rods from God” launchers). See the press reports on Monday’s meteor shower.

NOTE (29 May 2022): So here’s how Jerusalem Day is playing out…

The Israelis sent a hardliner jackas$ to the Temple Mount to enflame tensions before they do an in-your-face Israeli flag march through a Palestinian neighborhood. At the very least, we can expect Israeli police brutality towards the Arab residents. Also, Bennett gave a speech today in which he vowed, “Jerusalem will never be divided again.” Since the Palestinians intend to make part of Jerusalem the capital of their state, they will not like any of this.

So if the war doesn’t start today, we may at least see the fall of the Bennett government. Part of his governing coalition is the Arab parties, and we can expect them to abandon him quite soon. After that, we’ll see either a war starting while Israel has no government or Netanyahu returning to power. The latter would actually be a good sign, because it could mean the globalists are taking the Peace Path to the NWO. More on that later…

(28 May 2022) – And now for a short journey into the delightfully bizarre…

…from NBC Sports

There is an old wartime maxim that says, “Loose lips sink ships.” Indeed they do! And there is always the intriguing possibility that the person with the loose lips intended to sink the ship. That said, have a look at a piece of information I came across this morning…

…from Israel365News. Here is an excerpt…

A re-established and self declared Israeli Sanhedrin is calling US President Barack Obama to trial for what it says are “criminal offenses” against the Jewish people following the passage of the Iran nuclear deal.

The modern day Jewish high court, made up of 71 Judaic scholars and rabbis, plan to bring the American president to trial on Mount Zion on September 9, 2015, four days before Rosh Hashana, the beginning of heavenly judgement days for the Jewish nation.

According to a letter obtained exclusively by Breaking Israel News that was sent to the president, the Sanhedrin calls out Obama for “deliberately promoting genocide for the Jewish people.” The judges of the Sanhedrin call on the president to “immediately announce that you are repealing and suspending the agreement.”

On a hunch, I counted forward a full 7-year Tribulation period (1260 + 1335 = 2595 days) from the trial date, 9 September 2015. Guess where it landed…

On October 17, 2022, which is Shemini Atzeret this year! And according to the Kabbalists, Shemini Atzeret is the day God delivers his heavenly final judgment upon individuals and the world (so God would confirm and carry out the judgment of the Sanhedrin on that day)…

Hoshanah Rabbah, the last day of the festival of Sukkot, is considered a day of judgment. According to the Zohar, although one is judged on the Day of Atonement, that verdict is not delivered until the last day of Sukkot, and until then a person may still repent (Zohar, Va-Yehi 120a; Terumah 142a). However, according to the Zohar the day on which the verdict is delivered is actually Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the festival, and not Hoshanah Rabbah (the day before). Hesed le-Avraham explains away the contradiction as follows — the last chance to change one’s judgment is actually Hoshanah Rabbah; whoever has not yet repented by then has his verdict handed down on Shemini Atzeret. – from Bar-Ilan University

After seeing where this Tribulation ended, I decided to look at its midpoint, which is Day 1260 (February 20, 2019), when the Antichrist is supposed to desecrate the holy place. But since Obama already did that during his first Tribulation timeline, they scheduled an alternative event — one that’s right out of a Hollywood movie.

Imagine that in the movie Omen III: The Final Conflict, Antichrist Damien Thorn attends a basketball game in a courtside seat. Upon seeing a player named Zion — a word he hates — he casts his Antichrist gaze upon him. The player’s shoe then disintegrates during play, causing him to collapse to the floor injured and in pain. Well that’s exactly what happened on Day 1260…

While attending Wednesday night’s North Carolina vs. Duke game, Obama had a front-row seat to Zion Williamson’s wild shoe-breaking move

Just 36 seconds [36 > 3 6s > 666] into one of the greatest rivalries in college basketball, Williamson was making a move towards the basket when his left foot slipped. Trying to find enough balance to counter his collapsing leg, the 6-foot-7, 285 pound player took to his right leg causing his sneaker to completely tear apart. Zion, who is a big enough superstar that he can be recognized just by his first name, then left the game and did not return with what Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski described as a “mild right knee sprain.” – from NBC Sports

So Obama was judged by the Sanhedrin on Mount Zion, and exactly 1260 days later he caused Zion Williamson to fall — I told you this one is bizarre.

Counting forward from “Obama’s injury of Zion” for 1290 days brings us to September 2, 2022, which is 11 days before the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly commences (when Obama’s evil communist NWO is scheduled to be born). So under this timeline, Day 1290 is likely the day the “final battle between the good guys and the bad guys” will commence. And given that God’s final judgment will fall upon Obama on Shemini Atzeret, it looks like the good guys are scripted to be victorious.

This “Obama II-Sanhedrin Timeline,” which terminates during the fall Jewish holidays, was likely set up as a fallback in case they couldn’t complete the Pence Timeline during the spring holidays. But I have a sinking feeling about this one…

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As it turns out, September 2Day 1290 in the “Obama II-Sanhedron Timeline” I covered today — has great significance in Roman history (see the first three events listed here). September 2 was the day in 31 BC that Octavian broke the back of his adversaries in the Battle of Actium, clearing his way to later become the first Roman emperor, Augustus.

After Actium, Octavian had the final pharaoh of Egypt, Ptolemy XV Caesar (Caesarion), killed. Caesarion took power on September 2, 44 BC (Obama’s president number). So Obama is Caesarion, Putin is Octavian, and the United Nations is Rome.

Under this timeline, then, the battle that starts on September 2 will lead to the death of Obama and to Putin’s gradual rise as emperor of the reformed UN/NWO.

There is no doubt whatsoever that this is an “official” globalist Tribulation timeline.

Expanded WARNING (26 May 2022): On Saturday night / Sunday morning (depending on your time zone), a close conjunction of Jupiter (“Satan“) and Mars (the Roman god of war) will appear in the sky, with Jupiter in the superior position…

This conjunction will allow the astrology-compliant globalists to script the onset of the war/battle planned for this weekend. Here is the precise time of the Jupiter-Mars conjunction

…from Time and Date

Note that the time in Jerusalem, 3:03 AM, can be numerologically reduced to 33, the favorite “master number” of the Freemasons. So it’s possible that the first strike of the war could come as early as the time of the conjunction (which would be Saturday night in the eastern US). Remember that Israel is fully mobilized for war under the guise of their “Chariots of Fire” military exercise, and Turkey’s Erdogan publicly stated on Monday that he’s mobilizing for an imminent invasion of Syria.

Over the past few days we’ve looked at three globalist Tribulation timetables, and which timetable they’re following will determine whether we’ll see a Israel+Turkey+Azerbaijan versus Iran+Hezbollah+Hamas regional war or a weeklong, planetwide Battle of Armageddon. We may be looking at the latter given the current war-ready positioning of the US Navy’s carrier strike groups…

…from Stratfor

~ MORE – 27 May 2022 ~

Here is a calendar I prepared (corrected)…

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The following is based on the Pence Timeline…

In the currently-ongoing Act 1 of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, Putin, Trump and Xi are scripted as “good guys” who are trying to save the world from “the evil, Satanic Global Deep State.” And according to the storyline, the “Deep State” are attempting to turn the tables on them by having the press portray them as “evil” so a “Deep State Messiah” can sweep in to take them out, thus appearing to save the world from “the dastardly plans of the evil autocrats Trump, Putin and Xi.”

For reasons I’ve outlined in previous updates, it appears that Mike Pence will be that “Deep State Messiah / Antichrist.” Note his expression when looking at Trump, Putin and Xi…

…He has most definitely perfected his “Antichrist gaze,” hasn’t he?

Pence will come in to save the world as the “duly-elected Commander in Chief of the US Space Force.” But the big question is this…

When the Space Force make their entrance, will the fake ETs show up to stop them?

A “Project Blue Beam” battle between the Space Force and the Fake ETs on Shavuot (June 5) would tie “The Event” back to Passover (April 16). This is because Shavuot is the culmination of the Counting of the Omer that starts the day after Passover. And if you count forward 2550 days (the duration of the Second Tribulation) from April 16, 2022, you arrive at April 9, 2029 — the day after Divine Mercy Sunday and four days before the Apophis asteroid flyby/impact.

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Now if we look into the finer points of counting days, we see that the Jewish day of 15 Nissan (Passover Day 1) began after sunset on April 15, and Day 1 of the Omer was counted after sunset on April 16. So we also have the option of marking Friday, April 15 as the start of the Second Tribulation. And counting 2550 days from there we arrive directly on Divine Mercy Sunday, 2029

Divine Mercy Sunday (also known as the Feast of the Divine Mercy) is celebrated on the Second Sunday of Easter, which concludes the Octave of Easter. – from Wikipedia

According to the Bible, Jesus returned to his followers (after his death) on the First Sunday of Easter. So will the globalists script him returning to his followers (after his ascension) on the Second Sunday of Easter 2029? Upon his arrival, he would defeat the Final Antichrist and his NWO military, then save the world from the Apophis asteroid impact. Those would certainly qualify as “acts of divine mercy,” wouldn’t they?

So if we see “The Arrival” on June 5, the Second Tribulation would continue on to the formation of a “benevolent” New World Order this fall. And in the following years, these events would occur…

  • On Day 1260 (September 26, 2025), Vladimir Putin — who plays the “Final Antichrist” character in Act 2 — would desecrate the Third Temple and declare himself the “Son of God” and ruler of the NWO (with the fake ETs fully supporting him).
  • 1290 days after that, the globalist Kabbalah Christ would arrive on Divine Mercy Sunday to save the world from annihilation.
  • And 45 days after that, on Day 1335 (May 23, 2029), the Kabbalah Christ would begin his “Millennial Kingdom.”

“Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days [for he shall be a slave to the Kabbalists forever and ever].” – Daniel 12:12, Zoharified

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My partner Onnabugeisha has turned up something quite interesting…


Basically, what it says is that for their daily reading on the first day of Shavuot (which is sunset of June 4 to sunset of June 5 this year) the Kabbalists read about “God’s Chariot(s) (of Fire)” that accompanied him when he descended on Mount Sinai to give the Torah to Moses. And according to the prophecy propagandists, the “Messiah” will arrive the same way: Just as Moses received the Torah on Shavuot, the world received the Moshiach on Shavuot,” they’d say.

But you know what I say? “I say that big talk’s worth doodly-squat”…

(26 May 2022) – I’m seeing indications that we may not be over with the Pence Timeline just yet. Behold our savior, proclaimed on Ascension Day…

…from USA Today. Note that the article was posted at 4 AM.

Instead of taking action on May 23 (Day 1335), the globalists set two marker events that day…

And today on May 26, Ascension Day, Pence is proclaimed in USA Today as our savior for twice protecting us against “Trump’s anti-democratic schemes.” So the “Messiah” is being identified on the day after the press foreshadowed a coming crucifixion against him by embittered Trump supporters…

…from CNN

This potentially means that the war that starts this weekend will escalate to a nuclear climax very quickly, leading to an intervention by Mike Pence’s Space Force on Pentecost Sunday, June 5. Don’t be surprised if the “Trumpers” make an attempt on Pence’s life on Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th.

(25 May 2022) – When I do household chores, I like to listen to prophecy propaganda MP3s to monitor for any changes in the narrative. And a couple of days ago, I heard the goons over at SkywatchTV talk about a 150-day period in relation to “Saturn’s reign over the Earth.” Upon searching for a written version of the information, I found this

The supernatural entities known to the world thousands of years ago as Titans, Watchers, Anunnaki, and apkallu are the things that swarm out of the abyss in Revelation 9. That’s where they are now, confined until the Judgment. They get a short time to torment humanity, taking revenge on God’s prized creation for the punishment of watching their own children, the Nephilim/Rephaim, destroyed in the Flood of Noah.

How do we know? The Watchers from the abyss be allowed to torment those without the seal of God on their foreheads for five months. Now, note the length of time the ark of Noah was on the water before it came to rest:

>>> The fountains of the deep and the windows of the heavens were closed, the rain from the heavens was restrained, and the waters receded from the earth continually. At the end of 150 days the waters had abated, and in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. (Genesis 8:2–4, emphasis added) <<<

Measured in the thirty-day months of a lunar calendar, the standard in ancient Mesopotamia, 150 days is exactly five months. That’s how long Shemihazah, Asael, and their colleagues watched helplessly while their children were destroyed with the rest of all flesh on the earth. In the end, they’ll get 150 days to torment unrepentant humanity before Saturn’s reign is ended. The parallel is not coincidental, and it identifies the creatures from the abyss as the sinful angels mentioned in the epistles of Peter and Jude—the “sons of God” from Genesis 6, who were led by the entity who’s at the heart of this study, Shemihazah/Saturn.

So while I was double-checking all the dates for the “Peres Timeline,” I counted backwards 150 days from the scheduled arrival of the “Messiah” next year (on September 22) to see if it would hit anything notable. It did — it hit the Gregorian date that overlaps Israeli Memorial Day and Israeli Independence Day

…from Time and Date and Hebcal

With this in mind, we must look to the predictive programming put out by New York Times bestselling author, Crypto-Jew prophecy propagandist, and Kabbalist dildo-licker Joel Richardson. Richardson has been telegraphing that Israel will be punished by God and many Israelites will be taken into captivity until they are freed by the “Triumphal Procession” of the returning “Messiah.” So if you combine this idea with the start of the “150 Days of Torment” on Israel’s Memorial Day / Independence Day, it hints at the Final Battle of Gog-Magog / Battle of Armageddon starting next April.

Here is what I wrote about Richardson’s propaganda in an update from last year…

(from 25 April 2021) – Now let’s turn our attention back to Joel Richardson’s preparatory propaganda for “Jesus Christ’s royal procession from Sinai to Zion”

In the first podcast, Richardson offers the route of the procession…

At the 14:27 mark: “[Bible passages] portray God Almighty, Jesus, Yahweh God Almighty in the flesh, when He comes back, and there’s going to be this royal procession through the desert of the Exodus that actually goes through Sinai — Mount Sinai in the south — up through the desert, up through Edom, through Basira, until He’s finally enthroned as king in Jerusalem…”

In the second podcast, Richardson goes on to make the following points…

At the 4:22 mark: “[the Old Testament of the Bible] speaks of this procession, and it describes God setting the prisoners free… (5:07) It’s literal. He is going to set the prisoners of the Antichrist free. It says in Luke 21, “the inhabitants of Jerusalem will fall by the sword.” They will be led captive to many of the surrounding, adversarial nations. And some of them have fled; they’ve been given a place of refuge. But He is literally marching… (5:58) …plague goes before Him; pestilence falls in His steps… they’re singing, they’re setting the prisoners free, they’re marching… He is described as crushing His enemies like grapes…”

At the 7:56 mark: “…when Armageddon ultimately concludes, He is slaying the armies of the [Muslim] Antichrist… but then they get to Jerusalem and that’s the culmination — that’s where Jesus himself will slay the Antichrist…”

Starting at the 24:29 mark of the second podcast, Richardson talks of “Jacob’s trouble” and the “final chastisement of Israel”…

At the 24:59 mark: “…eventually you’ll be invaded, you’ll be conquered — most of you will be killed, and you’ll be led captive to the nations… well, scripture says it’s going to happen one last time… the ultimate, final time of chastisement, Antichrist will invade Israel, many will be slain, many will be led away as captives, because they are described as returning IN BELIEF… this chastisement will bring about the final salvation of Israel.”

Richardson has also laid down preparatory propaganda for the Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan versus Iran-Hezbollah-Hamas war that may start this weekend. In a now-deleted SkywatchTV video (note the Masonic handshake)…

…Richardson suggested that there will be a massive regional war between Turkey and Iran before the Gog-Magog War. He further said there is a possibility that Erdogan will be killed during this war, and a Turkish antichrist will rise out of the ashes to lead Gog-Magog against Israel. So the war that begins this weekend [1,2] could result in the leadership change that will cause Turkey to turn its forces in Syria against Israel next April.

(Enhanced and Expanded Note – 24 May 2022) – As I continue to review globalist Tribulation timelines, I stumbled upon one I mentioned back in 2020 — in February before the coronavirus lockdowns began. Looking at it again from the perspective of today, it’s a very compelling one…

> On September 28, 2016 former Israeli PM & President Shimon Peres died. His personal end represented the symbolic end of Israel’s Oslo peace process and the symbolic beginning of Mossad/Chabad’s Gog and Magog War process. Apparently, it also served as the starting point for the First Tribulation…

…from Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site Israel365News (formerly Breaking Israel News). Here is an excerpt…

In a rare gathering, a multitude of world leaders will be arriving in Jerusalem on Friday for the funeral of Israeli statesman, Shimon Peres. The number and prominence of world leaders in attendance is staggering, but even more startling is how this conforms precisely to Biblical prophecies

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, told Breaking Israel News that not only is the gathering significant, but the timing, he said, is, “the opening to Gog and Magog, and the final stages before Messiah.

> Exactly 1260 days later came March 11, 2020, the day the WHO declared COVID a pandemic and Trump suffered a shadow coup (you can read about it in the next section of this update).

> Exactly 1290 days after “Pandemic Shadow Coup Day” will come September 22, 2023, which is Shabbat Shuva (the Sabbath of “Return!” when the “Messiah” would come).

According to this timeline, we entered the “Great Tribulation” — the second half of the 7-year Tribulation when things get really rough — on March 11, 2020. So COVID and all the things that came with it are what make the Great Tribulation so miserable for the human race. And it will continue on for another 486 days, which means we may see the Commie-version NWO rise at the UN General Assembly in September or the G20 summit in November.

Based on prophecy propaganda I’ve encountered just recently, even greater human suffering may take place for the 150 days from April 25, 2023 until the “arrival/return of the Messiah.” Since April 25 of next year is Israeli Memorial Day AND Israeli Independence Day, the Kabbalists may schedule Israel’s fall to the Muslims on that day.

~ MORE ~

Here is what I wrote about the “Shadow Coup” against Trump back in March of 2020…


(from 30 March 2020) – More On The “Shadow Coup” Narrative

Should the globalists opt to use the Shadow Coup narrative, they will say that it began on March 11, the day Trump “changed his tune” on the Coronavirus outbreak…

…from The Guardian/YouTube

As you watch the snippets of Trump’s Coronavirus statements in the video, you’ll notice something very interesting starting at the 1:21 mark: Trump goes from looking like himself and saying, “It will go away, just stay calm,” on March 10 to looking like a whipped dog and announcing the suspension of travel from Europe on March 11 (note how he rigidly reads from the teleprompter as though a gun were pointed at his head).

Then on the next day, March 12, there was a big market plunge, followed by the national emergency declaration and a market rally on Friday the 13th. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time…

My, what a difference a day makes! Trump issues a national emergency declaration over COVID-19, and Wall Street rewards him with a market rally. This looks a lot like “Trump as a Good Guy / Hero / Avatar” scripting, and this is how the NWO narrative will describe what happened from the 11th through the 13th…

“The Deep State pressured Trump to declare a Coronavirus lockdown on March 11, but Trump refused, offering only a European travel ban instead. To punish him for this move, Wall Street delivered a crushing stock market decline on Thursday, and they threatened to crash the market limit-down on Friday. Still unwilling to betray the American people by locking them down over a hoax, the master negotiator Trump offered the Deep State a deal: ‘If you’ll spare the markets and the economy, I’ll give you a national emergency declaration.’ The Deep State accepted his offer.”

On top of this, there was another notable development on Friday the 13th: Ivanka Trump stayed home from work at the White House citing a Coronavirus exposure as the reason, and both she and the President were given Coronavirus tests. And after Trump made the emergency declaration that day, he also declared the Ides of March (the day Caesar was killed) a “national day of prayer”…

…from Twitter. This can be sold as a cryptic “cry for help” from a President undergoing a coup.

With these ingredients, the globalists can cook up the following NWO narrative stew…

“On Friday the 13th, the Deep State threatened Trump and his family with death by a biological agent unless he relented in his resistance to a national lockdown. The deaths would be blamed on COVID-19. In response, Trump told Ivanka to stay home and then negotiated over the weekend, finally agreeing on Sunday to issue the CDC recommendations on Monday the 16th in lieu of a federal lockdown. Since the Deep State could use the recommendations to lock down the country at the state and local levels, they agreed, and Trump’s COVID-19 test result was announced as being negative.”


~ MORE ~

An Israel at peace with its neighbors is not an Israel that can be driven into an apocalyptic war with the Muslim nations in order to bring in Mossad/Chabad’s chosen Moshiach (the “Jewish Messiah”). Did you know that Shimon Peres was killed-off on the 21st anniversary of his signing of the Oslo II Accords in Washington, DC? And did you know that he stopped Chabad minion Benjamin Netanyahu from attacking Iran back in 2009-2011?

Peres wasn’t the only Oslo participant who was killed by Mossad/Chabad in their drive to purposefully bring Israel to a catastrophe. More on all this later…

(23 May 2022) – The globalists have set up a new 7-year Tribulation for Obama

It looks like they did indeed bail on May 23 last week, so I’ve spent the morning doing some research on the numbers in order to reacquire the target. In the course of doing so, I found a new 7-year Tribulation timeline that starts from the day Obama returned to the White House (and “jokingly” called Biden his “Vice President,” thereby publicly signalling his return to power)

…from The Guardian

It happened on April 5 of this year. And if you count forward 2550 days from that day — 1260 days for the first half of the Trib plus 1290 days for the second half — you arrive on March 29, 2029, which is the day before Passover 2029 begins and 15 days before the Apophis asteroid arrives. Counting forward another 45 days to arrive at Day 1335, you land on May 13, 2029, which is Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day) 2029.

So the basics of this timeline have the NWO being defeated on the day before Passover 2029, allowing the “Messiah” to appear the next day on Passover evening. Apophis would later arrive possibly with a companion, “New Jerusalem.” And New Jerusalem would descend “from the heavens to the Earth” on Jerusalem Day 2029.

I’ll get into the details of the timeline a little later.

~ MORE ~

Our next brush with war trouble looks to be scheduled for Jerusalem Day this weekend. The Israelis are looking to create provocations in Jerusalem and on the Temple Mount, and Erdogan will launch an offensive in Syria supposedly aimed at securing a 30 km “safe zone.” There are two scenarios for such a Jerusalem Day conflict…

  1. An outbreak of the “Final Intifada” and a Turkish invasion of Israel through the “Land of Aram,” resulting in “Chariots of Fire” appearing on June 5 (Shavuot/Pentecost).
  2. A joint Israeli-Turkish-Azerbaijani attack on Iran and their proxies in Syria and Lebanon, resulting in victory and a sharing of the spoils.

If the globalists intend to go with the new Obama timeline, Scenario 2 would fit best. They could then pursue Scenario 1 in 2025.

(22 May 2022) – I experienced a disrupted day today, so I have time to leave only this short note before we enter the potential Event horizon…

Biden meets with Japanese PM Kishida at 9:30 PM Texas time (11:30 AM, 5/23 Japan time). That’s the earliest I would expect to see the “North Korean” missile launch. And Tokyo reaches sunset at 4:45 AM Texas time (6:45 PM Japan time — on the eve of the Quad Summit); that’s about the time when I would launch the missile (if I were a sold-out globalist lowlife). That way, much of Asia would see this moving towards Tokyo…

…And the sunlight would just as spectacularly reflect off of any objects in the sky / “Chariots of Fire” that might show up to stop the missile.

Watch also for a “tactical nuclear explosion” or a “nuke plant meltdown” in Ukraine. You can be sure that “the Ukrainians/NATO installed remote-kill malware in the control systems of the nuclear plants that were seized by Russia.”

Just remember that this whole show is about selling you 2-3 messiahs. The final one — the one who shows up to defeat Putin and his NWO several years from now — they’ll call “Jesus Christ.” I can assure you that he is not the real one.

The other recent updates are below the following calendar…

(16 May 2022) – I’ve prepared a calendar showing you the key dates underlying the globalists’ war (and peace) plans. The two three most likely scenarios are as follows…

  • War begins on May 18/19, the “lights in the sky” intervention happens on May 22/23, and the “False Messiah”/”Antichrist” appears in Jerusalem on June 5.
  • War begins on May 22/23, the “lights in the sky” intervention happens on June 5, and the “False Messiah”/”Antichrist” appears in Jerusalem at a later date (following his “Triumphal Procession” to victory).
  • [Added 5/19] “Lights in the sky” stop a nuclear missile attack on May 22/23, and mass arrests of the “Global Communist Deep State” unfold until the victorious arrival of the “False Messiah”/”Antichrist” on June 5.

The calendar shows you the building blocks that can be used to construct these scenarios and others.

Take special care to not be deceived by any “supernatural” light show that may be staged during the upcoming events. Beyond any volumetrically projected objects you might see in the sky (alongside real objects), they may also do lighting effects involving the Sun and/or the Earth’s atmosphere to simulate “the arrival of a wave of light from the Galactic Central Sun.” These effects would be generated by suppressed Tesla technology.

(21 May 2022) – “Look up, for your fake deliverance draws nigh”

In my 13 May note, I wrote this…

I’ve discovered the reason Israel named their “training drill” (war mobilization) “Chariots of Fire,” and it hints at an invasion of Israel from the land of Syria (Aram) which is stopped by hidden guardians (unseen “Chariots of Fire”). You can read about it in 2 Kings 6, from verse 8 onwards (verse 17 tells of the Chariots of Fire). I’ll explain everything a little later.

It is now “a little later,” so let me start explaining everything…

Given that the ongoing “End Times” stageplay is based upon biblical prophecy, I decided to search the Bible for references to “Chariots of Fire,” and I found two passages that talk about them: 2 Kings chapters 2 and 6. The Book of Kings is a book in the Hebrew Bible, found as two books (1–2 Kings) in the Christian Old Testament.”

2 Kings 6 tells the story of an invasion of Israel by a king from the north (present-day Syria), the King of Aram. In the story, the schizophrenic (“prophet”) Elisha receives warnings from his desert demon (“God”) about the movements of the Aramean army, which he passes along to the King of Israel. And after seeing the Israelis counter his moves, the King of Aram finds out about Elisha and dispatches “horses, chariots, and a great army” to surround the city of Dothan and capture him there.

Upon seeing the forces surrounding the city, Elisha’s servant fearfully reported it to his master…

16 “Do not be afraid,” Elisha answered, “for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

17 Then Elisha prayed, “O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see.”

And the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw that the hills were full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

The war was then supernaturally brought to an end without further bloodshed.

So unseen (stealth) “Chariots of Fire” in the hills (high places) were protecting Elisha and Israel from any real risk of defeat in the war, just like the Nazionist Space Force is doing today.

Moving on to 2 Kings 2, it tells the story of the “prophets” Elijah and Elisha at the time Elijah was “taken up to heaven”…

11 As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire with horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up into heaven in a whirlwind.

If you look at how the Kabbalist-funded “Christian” websites explain what happened with Elijah and the “Chariot of Fire,” you’ll get this…

The story of Elijah, the great prophet of Israel, being taken to heaven is found in 2 Kings 2:1–18. The chapter begins, “When the Lord was about to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind . . .” (verse 1). The Bible doesn’t actually say that Elijah rode to heaven in a chariot of fire, but that is the assumption, since there was a flaming chariot and horses of fire at the scene, along with the whirlwind. It would make sense that Elijah boarded the vehicle that pulled up in front of him. – from Got Questions

They make it sound like Elijah boarded a UFO that took him up into the sky, don’t they? And a Chariot of Fire with Horses of Fire (pulling it and leaving a whirlwind behind) is what a primitive people might call a thruster-propelled aerospace vehicle if they saw one.

So now we see why Israel chose to name their war mobilization “Chariots of Fire” — they were hinting at what’s to come (the “lights in the sky” intervention) in typically cryptic globalist fashion.

If you have never read The UFO/ET Con, now is a good time to do so. The biggest mindfuc# in the history of the world is coming our way (with dazzling aerospace vehicles, fake GMO aliens, Tesla-tech driven solar and atmospheric effects, vast volumetric projections in the sky, and voice-and-picture-in-your-head & mood-effecting electromagnetic broadcasts); be ready.

~ MORE ~

So far, two readers have contacted me about the possible significance of the May 17 death of Vangelis, the musician whose music was featured in the movie Chariots of Fire. Given the veneer of weirdness with which the globalists surround themselves and their operations — which discourages people from exposing their activities out of fear of looking crazy — it very well could be connected to what is/was planned.

Recall that on May 15 my ability to update this blog was blocked, and the blog was completely taken down on the 16th. And after getting the Home Page back up and sneaking the event calendar onto it, I woke up on the morning of the 17th to find that their blocking efforts had been abandoned.

So did something happen on the 16th that caused them to abandon “Operation Chariots of Fire”? Was Vangelis’s death on the 17th their occult signal that the plan was dead? Or was it a human sacrifice to ensure it would proceed?

If it was the death signal, let’s hope they name their next attempt “Operation MacGruber” so they’ll take out Michael Bolton next…

…I’ll do a word search for “MacGruber” in the Hebrew Bible and the Torah Code. Maybe we’ll get lucky.

(20 May 2022) – In the updates on this Home Page, you will find all the elements of the globalists’ current two-Tribulation timetable except one: what was scheduled to happen at the 1,290-day mark. Today I’ll remedy that.

Barack Obama’s 7-year “Communist Antichrist” Tribulation began its second half when he stood in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem on March 22, 2013

…from The Palestine Chronicle

According to Christian doctrine, “Jesus’s dying for our sins” negated the need for a daily sacrifice, and “Antichrist Obama’s standing in the Holy Place of Jesus’s birth” was an abomination that brought desolation. So from that day, the second half of Obama’s Tribulation began, and it was set to end 1290 days later with the arrival of the “Jewish Messiah” / “Jesus Christ” on October 2, 2016 (the day Rosh Hashanah 2016 began at sunset)…

Daniel 12:11 – And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days.

According to the globalist prophecy propagandists, “God intervened” in the second half of Obama’s Tribulation in the form of blocking actions by Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Donald Trump, leaving Obama incapable of carrying out the Battle of Armageddon in 2016. Trump then took the US presidency, “granting the human race a pause before their destruction and an opportunity to repent.”

In the time that followed the 2016 presidential election, “Obama and his Global Communist Deep State plotted his return to power.” And in September of 2018, Obama returned to politics [1,2], later giving an address to the world in Oslo, Norway on September 26, 2018 — an address that directly competed with Donald Trump’s address to the world on the very same day. So September 26, 2018 was the day the second half of Obama’s Tribulation was rebooted. And counting forward 1290 days from that date lands us on April 8, 2022.

After looking into what happened on that day, I uncovered “a message from God about the end of the Tribulation” that was planted by the globalists. In the days leading up to April 8, the mainstream media were “inexplicably” circulating this story…

…from MSN/Newsweek. Here is a key excerpt…

“The election, I believe, was stolen but we know that. Space Force has it all, Trump has all the information, it is going to be overturned,” the woman said.

Then on the day of April 8, this story broke…

…from CNN (archived). Here is an excerpt…

Two days after the 2020 presidential election, as votes were still being tallied, Donald Trump’s eldest son texted then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows that “we have operational control” to ensure his father would get a second term, with Republican majorities in the US Senate and swing state legislatures, CNN has learned.

In the text, which has not been previously reported, Donald Trump Jr. lays out ideas for keeping his father in power by subverting the Electoral College process, according to the message reviewed by CNN. The text is among records obtained by the House select committee investigating January 6, 2021.

“It’s very simple,” Trump Jr. texted to Meadows on November 5, adding later in the same missive: “We have multiple paths We control them all.”

According to the globalist narrative, one of the things the former Trump administration controls is the US Space Force. The Trump administration created the Space Force as a vehicle for bringing the Nazionist Secret Space Program into public view. And can you guess who was tasked with shepherding it into existence? – Mike Pence, of course, the (decoy) “Grey Champion” who will “save the world” and become US president if Trump “dies” during the coming theatrics…

…from The Atlantic. Note Pence’s right-hand-path VVV/vav-vav-vav/666 hand sign.

Also on April 8, the mainstream media uncharacteristically turned on Obama, with even Communist News Network getting a stab in…

…from CNN (archived). Note the surprised and dispeased look on Obama’s face in the photo, and that he is surrounded by lights (from the sky). This was the photo originally attached to the article, and they later changed it — I guess they thought it gave away too much.

So Day 1290, 8 April 2022, brought “a message from God” that “things will turn against Antichrist Obama when the Space Force comes in to tell the truth about Obama/Biden’s theft of the presidential election.” And we’ll reach Day 1335 — the day the message will begin to be fulfilled — three days from now on Monday, May 23 (the event may occur on May 22 in certain time zones).

~ MORE ~

The Title 42 judge has ruled in favor of the states and kept the immigration restrictions in place. This is a de-escalatory step from the globalists. But I will continue my coverage of May 23 until the day has passed uneventfully. Tomorrow we’ll look at Israel’s “Chariots of Fire.” And Sunday we’ll take a closer look at Mossad/Chabad’s ties to their World War 3 puppet show marionettes: Russia’s Putin, Ukraine’s Zelensky, and Israel’s Bennett. We’ll also marvel at the overall absurdity of the “End Times” script.

~ MORE ~

Here’s a suspiciously timely bit of news…

…from The Jerusalem Post

Now we wait to hear if Russia claims NATO personnel were among the final group to surrender. If they do, the war (or the miraculous deliverance from it) is on. Otherwise, we might dodge a bullet on Sunday and Monday.

(19 May 2022) – Just in time for the fall of the last domino at Azovstal — the discovery of NATO personnel among the diehard contingent who have not surrendered — the US government has prepared a juicy target for a false-flag airstrike to be blamed on “Russian retaliation for NATO’s direct involvement in the Ukraine War”

…from Politico. Here is a foreshadowing excerpt…

The decision to send a small contingent of U.S. diplomats back to Kyiv as part of a soft reopening of the embassy is intended to signal that the United States stands with Ukraine against Russia. It is a move U.S. lawmakers from both parties, as well as Ukrainians, have been hoping to see for weeks. But Biden administration officials had hesitated, in large part due to ongoing security concerns, even as other countries reopened their missions…

Wednesday’s reopening ceremony was delayed for about an hour due to an air raid warning in Kyiv, underscoring the threat that persists more than a month after Russian ground forces retreated from the area around the Ukrainian capital…

Diplomatic security has been a hot-button issue in the United States for years, largely due to the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya, which killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

The “Benghazi II” destruction of the Kyiv embassy by an airstrike would provide a pretext for the implementation of a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine and the start of direct conflict between the US and Russia. This would, in turn, trigger Chinese action around Taiwan as they open a second front against the US “to support their Russian allies.”

On a related note, the press are telegraphing a “North Korean” nuclear missile launch next Monday directed at Tokyo or the waters off Japan (possibly within eyeshot of Tokyo)…

…from The Guardian

Biden will be in Tokyo from the 22nd through the 24th, and he is scheduled to meet with Japanese PM Kishida on May 23. Look at what they’ve planned…

The Japanese and U.S. governments have begun coordinating on the wording of a joint statement to be released during their summit meeting on Monday in Tokyo, Nikkei has learned. The statement will clearly state a policy of cooperation to “deter and respond to” China’s activities in the Indo-Pacific region

The statement will also again call for the complete denuclearization of North Korea. – from

So the nuclear strike would be cast as “Pyongyang’s ‘actions not words’ response,” and the ballistic missile launch would likely be attributed to a “North Korean submarine” (it will actually be fired by a specially-equipped Israeli submarine).

~ MORE ~

Speaking of North Korea, it is important to note that like China, they have gone into a lockdown, supposedly due to to a COVID outbreak. But as the world will soon be told, COVID is merely the excuse to lock down the country for what is actually a “Final Purge”: a staged battle between the Nazionist hero Kim Jong Un and the communist hardliners in the North Korean government led by Kim Yong Chol

…from the Daily Beast

Within the globalists script, “Kim Yong Chol’s hardliner faction” serves as the “evil Deep State” enemy of the “hero Kim Jong Un” in the same way…

  • Obama’s Communist Deep State” is the enemy of the “hero Donald Trump,”
  • Medvedev’s Atlantic Integrationist Deep State” is the enemy of the “hero Vladimir Putin,”
  • Bennett’s Mossad/Chabad Deep State” is the enemy of the “hero Benjamin Netanyahu,” and
  • the “Shanghai Gang / Jiang Faction Deep State” is the enemy of the “hero Xi Jinping” (that’s why the press concentrate their coverage on the lockdown in the Faction’s supposed stronghold, Shanghai, even though it’s taking place in cities all over China).

When the “lights in the sky” intervention occurs, the forces led by the heroes are scripted to prevail, even if some of the heroes “die” during the worldwide “Battle of Armageddon.” That’s when the globalists will launch the “Truth Tsunami” psyop, which you can read about near the very bottom of this page (here).

~ MORE ~

What to Watch for Tomorrow, Friday the 20th

As part of my 12 May warning, I wrote this…

Do you remember the temporary restraining order that is currently blocking the Biden administration from rolling back Title 42 and unleashing a tsunami of refugees across the southern US border on May 23rd? It may be lifted after a hearing tomorrow (on Friday the 13th). This would add another dimension to the “unprecedented crisis” on the 22nd/23rd.

If the order is rescinded, watch for other problems like “Dieselgeddon” and “Europe’s Gas Crisis” to come to a head by the 22nd also.

Well the judge balked on making a decision that day, instead opting to leave the temporary restraining order in effect and announcing that a ruling would be made before the 23rd. Watch for that ruling tomorrow. If the judge decides in favor of the federal government and allows the border flood to start on the 23rd, it would indicate that the war will likely commence on Monday. A ruling in favor of the states would suggest another globalist delay, or something else…

Let’s also remember “The Event” / “mass arrests” scenario from the 14 May update…

So the “lights in the sky” intervention on the 23rd may be followed by a two-week takedown of the “Satanic Global Communist Deep State” that will culminate with the appearance of the victorious Jesus/Moshiach in Jerusalem (or at Mount Sinai) on the day of Pentecost/Shavuot, June 5.

The expected nuclear missile launch in the direction of Tokyo on Monday would provide a nice opportunity for the “lights in the sky” to make their first intervention…

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

And the ongoing “Final Purges of the Communist Deep State” in China and North Korea would segue nicely into a global mass arrests scenario.

“The Event” scenario could go forward regardless of what the Title 42 judge decides.

(17 May 2022) – While I was in the midst of editing the second 15 May update, I suddenly got blocked from uploading pictures and doing any edits to the body of posts and pages — similar to what happened to me right before they launched the Ukraine War (I was unable to recover in time). The next day, when I found a way to leave a message on the sidebar in the title of an empty post, the site got nuked.

Whatever was done to take down the site left it FUBAR, so tech support had to rebuild it from a restore point from their side. But even after the restore, I was still unable to do edits. So I tried something I haven’t done before: I did an update from someone else’s computer, and it worked. Whatever was blocking me appeared to target my PC’s IP or MAC address. And when I woke up this morning, the block had been abandoned. Let’s hope the globalists’ immediate war plans were abandoned with it.

~ MORE ~

The May 16 nuking of this site has killed the links to other pages and posts on this blog. Until I can find a solution to this, I’ve placed my email address and links to key articles at the bottom of the sidebar.

~ MORE ~

On Wednesday we enter the first timing window, May 18/19, for either the outbreak of World War 3 or a preliminary event that will lead to the outbreak at the second timing window of May 22/23. Events permitting, I’ll show you tomorrow what happened on Day 1290, and we’ll look deeper into the IDF’s “Chariots of Fire” mobilization. They are both related to the war-stopping “lights in the sky” intervention the globalists have planned…

…from CNN

(15 May 2022) – “I see a reaper fast approaching”

Since we’re only a few hours from the (scripted to be) fateful Blood Moon, let me show you a few things about it…

It will be only a partial lunar eclipse over Israel and Jerusalem

And it will be a full lunar eclipse over Antarctica, South America, and the eastern third of North America…

This means that it will be fully visible over the two centers of Jewish control over America: Washington, DC (the political center), and New York, NY (the financial center)…

As I mentioned in a previous entry, lunar eclipses are considered bad omens for Israel…

There are special blessings that we make whenever we witness particularly wondrous natural phenomena. Eclipses, however, are not listed among the wonders for which we make a blessing.

The Talmud tells us that a solar eclipse is a bad omen for the entire world, which runs according to the solar calendar, and a lunar eclipse is considered a bad sign for the Jewish nation, who calculate the duration of months according to the cycles of the moon. Thus the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory, points out that eclipses should be opportunities to increase in prayer and introspection – as opposed to prompting joyous blessings. In fact, there are those who have the custom to fast after seeing a lunar eclipse, because it is a sign that we really could and should be doing better. – from

And given that the Blood Moon will be visible over Israel’s earthly protectors, providers and saviors, the United States government and the Wall Street financial complex, “God’s judgment against Israel (signalled by the eclipse)” will likely begin with a judgment against the cities of Washington and New York. This would leave “God and the Moshiach (the Jewish Messiah) as the only ones to whom Israel can turn for protection, provision and redemption.”

So the Blood Moon may be scripted to signal the impending destruction of Washington and New York, either on their own or as part of Operation Blackjack. The strikes on these cities will first be blamed on the combination of “Russian suitcase nukes” and “right-wing domestic violent extremists,” which has been foreshadowed with an attack this weekend…

…from today’s Drudge Report

If the globalists intend to go with the “lights in the sky” intervention on the 23rd, the attacks on the cities will happen at some point from the time of the eclipse to the 22nd. But if they’re going to start the final conflict on the 23rd, the Blood Moon will serve as a “7-day warning” of the coming judgment.

NOTE: Today’s (5/15) update is right below yesterday’s in blue. An enhancement has been added to it in green.

(Twice-Expanded Note – 14 May 2022) – To run their full script for “The Event” / “Battle of Armageddon,” the globalists need a two-week stretch of time. And upon looking into the timespan from May 23 through Pentecost/Shavuot, I found that there are 14 days (if you count May 23 as Day 1 of “The Event” and June 5 as Day 14).

So the “lights in the sky” intervention on the 23rd may be followed by a two-week takedown of the “Satanic Global Communist Deep State” that will culminate with the appearance of the victorious Jesus/Moshiach in Jerusalem (or at Mount Sinai) on the day of Pentecost/Shavuot, June 5.

More info to come, including why the “Blood Moon” Jewish disaster may unfold on the US east coast in Washington and New York [“Israel would be left without an earthly savior (the US), forcing them to rely on God and the Moshiach for their deliverance”].

~ MORE ~

As my longtime readers may be realizing, the globalists attempted a similar scenario last year. So I’m going to repost a key section from my 2021 coverage. As you read it, keep the following things in mind…


(from 5 May 2021) – In Christian belief…

  • Jesus was resurrected from the dead on Easter, and
  • he ascended into heaven 40 days after Easter (Ascension Day), and
  • the Holy Spirit descended on his followers 50 days after Easter (Pentecost).

In Messianic Jewish belief…

  • Easter occurred on Passover, so
  • Jesus ascended into heaven on the 40th day of the Omer count (Mem B’Omer), and
  • the Holy Spirit descended from heaven on Shavuot

Here is a write-up from a Messianic website…

…from Hebrew for Christians

If you are unfamiliar with Messianic Judaism — not to be confused with Jewish Messianism — it is a sect of “Jesus-believing Jews” that emerged in recent decades likely due to Kabbalist religious engineering. They merge Jewish and Christian concepts, which makes their belief system ideal for use by the Kabbalists in presenting Vladimir Putin as both the Jewish and Christian messiah.

As Onnabugeisha pointed out, following the Messianic Jewish version of the Easter-through-Pentecost timeframe would allow the Kabbalists to sync both the Jewish and Christian events to end on Shavuot. This means they could script Putin ascending into heaven on Mem B’Omer, then descending from heaven with his Revelation 19 army on Pentecost/Shavuot. They could then stage his Triumphal Procession from Mount Sinai to Mount Zion in accordance with the prophecy propaganda put out by globalist Joel Richardson


~ MORE – 15 May 2022 ~

Let’s start out today by looking at a key Bible passage the globalists are trying to artificially fulfill: Daniel 12:11-12…

11 And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days. 12 Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.

The passage lays out two time periods that globalist prophecy doctrine attaches to the second half of the 7-year Tribulation. And as you can see, the verses don’t specify what will happen at the end of their respective time periods, but verse 12 implies that something good will happen on Day 1335. The vagueness of these verses affords the globalists broad flexibility in scripting their fulfillment.

In the globalists’ current Tribulation timetable, we’ll reach Day 1335 on May 23. And based on the two scenarios I covered yesterday, the positive event that day could bring is either…

  1. the “lights in the sky” intervention in a war that has already started to break out in the preceding hours/days, followed by “the arrival of the victorious Messiah” on June 5, or
  2. the breakout of the final battle that will bring the simultaneous “lights in the sky” intervention and “arrival of the sword-wielding Messiah” on June 5, followed by “the Messiah’s Triumphal Procession to Victory” over the following days.

Speaking of the May 23 or June 5 “lights in the sky” intervention, a reader has pointed out that the US Congress will be drawing public attention to the UFO/UAP phenomenon this week (as if on cue)…

…from The New York Times. Here is an excerpt…

A House subcommittee is scheduled to hold next week the first open congressional hearing on unidentified aerial vehicles in more than half a century, with testimony from two top defense intelligence officials.

The hearing comes after the release last June of a report requested by Congress on “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The nine-page “Preliminary Assessment” from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence focused on 144 incidents dating back to 2004 and was able to explain only one…

Congress has not held any open hearings on U.F.O.s since the Air Force closed a public investigation known as Project Blue Book in early 1970.

~ later ~

The more I think about it, the more it looks like May 23 will bring “the breakout of the final battle,” with Muslim armies (or insurgents) taking over Jerusalem (and/or the Temple Mount) on Jerusalem Day (sunset of May 28 through sunset of May 29).

More to come on this…

NOTE (13 May 2022): I’ve discovered the reason Israel named their “training drill” (war mobilization) “Chariots of Fire,” and it hints at an invasion of Israel from the land of Syria (Aram) which is stopped by hidden guardians (unseen “Chariots of Fire”). You can read about it in 2 Kings 6, from verse 8 onwards (verse 17 tells of the Chariots of Fire). I’ll explain everything a little later.

On another note, I’ve done a fresh edit on the section that proves Putin is Jewish. To read it, scroll down to the second part of the 10 May note or click here to open a parallel page to the proper spot.

Expanded WARNING (12 May 2022): Operation Perfect Storm – The globalists are building towards “a moment of unprecedented world crisis” on May 22/23…

…from Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site Israel365News

The globalists are building towards a huge crisis moment — a “perfect storm” — as we approach the drop-dead date of May 23 on their prophecy fulfillment schedule…

So we may see nuclear missiles fly on the 22nd/23rd (depending on the time zone you’re in), leading to the appearance of the “saviors in the sky.”

In an upcoming entry, we’ll look at the fallback crisis point they’re building in late June [1,2] in case they can’t hit the 23rd.

~ MORE ~

Do you remember the temporary restraining order that is currently blocking the Biden administration from rolling back Title 42 and unleashing a tsunami of refugees across the southern US border on May 23rd? It may be lifted after a hearing tomorrow (on Friday the 13th). This would add another dimension to the “unprecedented crisis” on the 22nd/23rd.

If the order is rescinded, watch for other problems like “Dieselgeddon” and “Europe’s Gas Crisis” to come to a head by the 22nd also.

(12 May 2022) – Now here’s an interesting bit of news…

…from The Washington Times

As I’ve written in past updates (further down this page), there are three basic ways the current engineered “world crisis” will be scripted to end…

In Scenario One, “The Victory of the Communist Antichrist,” Obama’s communists would defeat Putin, Xi, and the Western “patriots & constitutionalists” (the Nazionists), then take us into an “evil”, totalitarian New World Order. Putin would then reemerge with “special backup” in 3.5 years, take the commies down, and launch a “benevolent” NWO.

In Scenario Two, “The Victory of the Avatar(s),” Trump, Putin, and Xi would defeat Obamy’s Commies and join with the Western “patriots & constitutionalists” (the Nazionists) to reform the United Nations into a “benevolent” New World Order. Putin would then rise to the leadership of this NWO 3.5 years later.

[And in the “Octavian Variation” of this scenario, Putin would be the only Avatar to survive the war with the commies (Trump and Xi — the other two members of the Triumvirate — wouldn’t make it).]

In Scenario Three, “The Victory of the Nazionist Antichrist,” Putin and Xi would join Trump on the sidelines (or in the grave) while Mike Pence and Jared Kushner build a (secretly) Nazi New World Order. Putin would then seize control of this NWO 3.5 years later “with a little help from his friends.”

The Washington Times article hints at the possibility of the globalists following Scenario One, the Octavian Variation of Scenario Two, or Scenario Three. Here is some of what it says…

Rumors circulating in China and among overseas Chinese social media are claiming Chinese President Xi Jinping, under fire for draconian COVID-19 lockdowns in Shanghai and elsewhere, will step down from power.

The rumors followed a meeting last week of the Party Politburo Standing Committee, the collective leadership group that rules China…

The blogger, citing what he said was a senior Chinese Communist Party (CCP) security source, said a “coup” was launched against Mr. Xi at the meeting of senior party leaders in Beijing. According to blog, Mr. Xi was forced to step aside but will stay in place until a major party meeting later this year.

In his place, current Premier Li Keqiang will take over daily management of the party and government.

So far, I’ve covered the lockdowns in Shanghai and other cities from the Scenario 2 perspective…

“Xi is locking down certain cities to round up and purge all the members of the Jiang Faction / Shanghai Gang in the areas where they still hold sway, like Shanghai.”

But if we look at it from the perspective of one of the other Scenarios…

“The Jiang Faction / Shanghai gang have implemented brutal lockdowns in the areas where they still hold sway, like Shanghai, to build popular discontent with Xi Jinping so they can take him down.”

So which scenario will it be? – We can’t know that by looking at Xi; we’ll know only when we see what happens with Putin. He is the key to this whole thing. Be sure to read the last two parts of yesterday’s warning to see what may be in play for today or tomorrow.

WARNING (11 May 2022): The night of May 11 approaches in Ukraine, which brings with it the possibility of a dramatic false-flag strike on Azovstal. Upon pondering the strategy I would use to attack it, I settled on a MOAB (“Mother of All Bombs”) strike with drone-supported ground troops moving in before the dust even settles. The MOAB would kill all of the above-ground defenders and collapse much of the underground tunnel system. All the ground troops would have to do is capture or kill any dazed defenders found digging their way out from the tunnels.

This brings us to Russia’s supposed FOAB (“Father Of All Bombs”), which is similar to the US MOAB and is supposedly carried by the Tu-160 strategic bomber. Will NATO/Ukraine use one of their secretly-held, customized Tu-160s to drop a MOAB on Azovstal? In their recent communications from Azovstal, the Azov battalion state the following…

“Over the past day, 38 aircraft flew to the territory of the Azovstal plant, which is defended by the defenders of Mariupol, including 4 sorties of strategic bombers.” – from Yahoo News

So the stage has been set for such an attack, and that brings us to a notable characteristic of a MOAB strike: they produce a very fiery mushroom cloud…

…from YouTube

The appearance of this cloud would enable the Western media to claim that “Putin used a nuke!”

…from The Guardian

And this claim would be the excuse NATO needs to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine “to protect both Ukraine and NATO nations from further Russian bomber strikes,” thus triggering the broader war.

On a related note, the Chinese did a dress rehearsal of the encirclement of Taiwan over the weekend (1,2)”…

…from today’s Drudge Report

So they too are ready for World War 3.

Again, the stage has been set.

~ MORE ~

Yesterday I noticed that South Korea swore in their new hardliner president, and then North Korea promptly initiated a nationwide lockdown (which appears to still be in effect). So we need to watch for war trouble there too. And while I pull together the information to complete yesterday’s (5/10) note, I’ve reposted the proof that Vladimir Putin is Jewish right below it.

~ MORE ~

I was blocked from making updates for a couple of hours today, and the globalists’ online mischief team has tripped my early warning system again: upon doing an inspection of the saves of my site on the Internet Archive, I discovered that the May 9 save had disappeared…

May 9 was the day I issued the World War 3 warning, so it would appear that I’m directly over the target and they’re definitely hoping to go forward with the war. Be sure to save an offline copy of this page (preferably on removable physical media). See the top of the page for details.

~ MORE ~

We’ve cleared the first hurdle — Ukraine has left May 11 behind and is now in May 12. This is most unfortunate for the globalist script because May 11 was the 8th anniversary of the referendums that made the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic independent of Ukraine. Had the Russians finished off the defenders of Azovstal on that day, they could have counted Mariupol as being “returned” to Donetsk on Independence Day…

In 2014, Mariupol was threatened by separatists during the War in Donbas, but was secured by Ukrainian troops. It was appointed the provisional administrative centre of the Donetsk Oblast after the city of Donetsk became the capital of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic. Separatists attacked the city several times after that.

Since February 2022, the city has been besieged and severely damaged as part of the Russian invasion, in which it received the title of Hero City of Ukraine. On April 11, 2022, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated that Mariupol had been “completely destroyed”. On April 21, 2022, after nearly two months of fighting, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Mariupol was under Russian control despite the sprawling Azovstal Steel Plant remaining under the control of Ukrainian forces. – from Wikipedia

The next obvious day to schedule the fall of Azovstal would be on Friday the 13th. But according to my partner Onnabugeisha’s research on the occult side, Thursday the 12th carries its own risks:

> On May 12, the Moon is Waxing Gibbous and 11 days young, and it is the 11th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar

Riots in Wasilkow and Konotop (1881)

Anti Jewish riots (pogroms) continue to escalate in Russia and break out on the 11th of Iyar in Waslikow [Poland] and Konotop [Ukraine]. The Jews were blamed for the assassination of Czar Alexander II, who was assassinated by revolutionaries. The riots continued for three years across the entire Russia. – from

> On May 12, it will be the 14th (7+7) anniversary of Alexander Bortnikov’s installation as Director of the FSB. Reputed to be “Medvedev’s man,” Bortnikov would be a key figure in any staged move against Vladimir Putin.

Looking at these two scripting cues, the globalist scriptwriters could run with the assassination angle by staging an attempt on Putin (or perhaps Zelensky or the Polish leader). Or they could run with the pogrom angle and stage the death of lots of people (perhaps the NATO arms shippers in Rzeszow, Poland or the defenders of Azovstal in Ukraine).

By the way, they’ve restored the May 9 save of my site on the Internet Archive. This may signal a surrender, but I won’t be relaxing until this weekend and May 23 uneventfully pass.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha informs me that although the people in Donetsk and Luhansk voted for independence on the 11th, the formal Declarations of Independence by the leaders happened on the following day, May 12

…from Al Jazeera

So this creates a scripted motivation for the Russians to take down Azovstal on Thursday (so they can “return” it to Donetsk on Independence Day).

She also added these important scripting cues…

> On May 12, it will be exactly 77 days (11 weeks) since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Both 77 and 11 are important to the Kabbalists, with 77 being particularly important this year because Victory Day marked 77 years since the end of World War II (2022 – 1945 = 77), and the UN General Assembly ceremony in September — at which the globalists hope to launch the NWO — will be the 77th such event.

> On May 12, it will be exactly 9 years, 6 months, 6 days since Sergei Shoigu was installed as Russia’s defense minister on November 6, 2012. And since the numerologists allow themselves to flip sixes and nines to make their silly voodoo work, this 966 is a 666 (the Number of the Beast). Remember that Shoigu was featured in the recent video that showed Putin squirming in his chair while Shoigu seemed to lord over him, creating the impression that a shadow coup had taken place in the Kremlin.

So will the shadow coup morph into a visible coup tomorrow? Will Thursday bring a false-flagged “Russian WMD” attack on Azovstal, which the supposed “West-leaning Atlantic Integrationists” will use as an opportunity to publicly remove Putin?

I’d say it’s popcorn time from here on out.

Expanded NOTE (10 May 2022): If you are wondering why Israel knew to mobilize the IDF at the beginning of the week that’s scheduled to bring World War 3, have a look at the following three pictures. They feature Volodymyr Zelensky, Vladimir Putin, and Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (all three Kabbalist Jews) meeting with packs of sinister men clothed in darkness…

In an upcoming addition, I’ll show you why those men in the demonic undertaker suits (the Chabad-Lubavitchers) are the executive producers of both the Ukraine War and World War 3. And I’ll show you the connections they have with Zelensky, Putin, Bennett, Ukraine, and the Mossad (and with Netanyahu and Trump as well).

~ MORE – 11 May 2022 ~

While I gather information from my previous updates to show you all the Chabad connections, I’ll give you something important to read in the meantime…

Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew

A reader put me on to this 2014 meeting between Putin and leading rabbis…

…and here is a very notable Israeli news article that covered the meeting…

…from Arutz Sheva. Here is the key excerpt…

Rabbi Yosef began by saying “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d, King of the world, and therefore we bless you: Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.

To understand the great significance of this greeting by Rabbi Yosef, let’s look to this article (archived from another site)…

…which was written by this man…
…From Wikipedia

Here are two key excerpts…

So according to Jewish tradition, the specific blessing one gives to a Jewish king — which is worded differently than the specific blessing for a gentile king — is “Blessed be He … who gave some of His glory to flesh and blood.” And the rabbis greeted Putin with “Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.” If Putin were actually a gentile, they would have instead greeted him with “Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to His creatures.”

This is the first confirmation that the rabbis know Putin to be a Jew. Here’s the second…

According to Jewish thought (and Rabbi Apple’s article), a Jewish king is appointed by God, and the rabbis greeted Putin with “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d.”

So are we to believe that the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel mistakenly attributed Putin’s kingship to God AND accidentally used the wrong greeting? Certainly not. With his greeting, Rabbi Yosef publicly signalled that Putin is not just a Jew, but a Jewish king. But it was a proclamation intended for Jewish insiders — those with no understanding of Jewish customs, such as gentile “creatures” and secular Jews, wouldn’t understand the significance of what was said.

To see Putin’s connections to the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist cult, read Chabad-Lubavitch, Vladimir Putin and the globalist End Times script (I’ll be updating that entry and posting it here soon). And to look deeper into how Putin has been groomed to play the role of the “Moschiach ben David,” read Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?

WARNING (9 May 2022): Israel has mobilized for the planned global war…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

As tensions boil in the West Bank and with deadly attacks taking place in Israel, the IDF has launched the largest exercise in its history on Sunday, expected to last the entire month of May.

Thousands of soldiers and reservists will take part in the drill dubbed “Chariots of Fire,” which will see all commands including the Air Force and Navy and regular and reserve forces take part.

The four-week-long drill will simulate a multi-front and multi-dimensional war against Israel’s enemies- in the air, at sea, on land and in the cybersphere.

“There won’t be a unit that doesn’t take part in this drill,” said IDF Spokesperson Brig.-Gen. Ran Kohav.

Beside the full mobilization of the IDF, other May 9 press reports [1,2] have revealed the global war trigger: the pending discovery of NATO command officers and special forces in the Azovstal steel factory, which is being stormed by Russia right now. Once Russian soldiers drag them out of the rubble, either dead or alive, NATO’s direct participation in the Ukraine War will be fully and publicly proven, after which all hell is scripted to break loose.

The fact that the report from the pro-Putin NWO Zero Hedge disinformation mill doesn’t mention the potential discovery of the NATO officers and troops — only the possibility that “Western mercenaries” may be found — tells me that they’re helping to keep the war trigger a secret until it gets pulled.

After lunch, we’ll explore Zelensky’s desperate effort to secure the release of “the Ukrainian military personnel” in Azovstal. We’ll also look into the possibility that NATO might tactically nuke Azovstal to cover up evidence of their direct involvement in the war and to blame Russia for going nuclear.

~ MORE ~

Well it looks like my instincts were right about a NATO false-flag strike on Azovstal, but I settled on the wrong WMD. A reader has passed along this NATO propaganda article from a Greek news site, Pentapostagma

So it looks like NATO will do a “Syria Special” — a false-flag chemical attack that will be blamed on Russia. Remember that NATO and Ukraine have a secret stash of old Soviet strategic bombers of the types that Russia still uses, so they may be employed in the attack. Alternatively, sub-launched cruise missiles may be used (no one would know whose sub fired them). It’s also possible that the chemical weapons are already on site and awaiting the order to be released. In the resulting “fog of (chemical) war,” the NATO people in Azovstal may attempt to sneak off wearing Russian protective gear.

The presence of NATO personnel in Azovstal is further hinted-at by Zelensky’s extraordinary efforts to secure the safe release of “the Ukrainian military personnel” there…

Zelensky said more than 40 civilians, including women and children, were evacuated from Azovstal on May 6.

The Ukrainian president also said that Ukraine was working on diplomatic options to save the soldiers who still remain at Azovstal.

“Influential mediators are involved. Influential states,” he said. – from Yahoo

In the highly unlikely event that these “influential mediators” are successful, the NATO guys would presumably don Ukrainian uniforms and sneak out amongst the Ukrainian soldiers. It’s hard to imagine Putin letting that happen (unless the globalists push the delay button on the whole thing).

On another note, the reader also passed along a link to an article that establishes the scenario that may be used to bring down Macron and set up Le Pen for an easy victory in the resulting election…


NOTE: Today’s (5/8) update is a little further down in blue. It covers tomorrow’s events (the Victory Day speech in Moscow and Turkey’s exclusion from the Tiger Meet exercise). Below that, in red, is today’s warning about a large-scale “terror” attack planned for next Saturday, the 14th.

(Expanded Note – 7 May 2022) – Watch for the Grey Wolves at the time of the Blood Moon…

I didn’t write all I planned yesterday for the simple reasons that I was tired and I saw the post-exposure chance of the globalists following through with their Saturday plans as remote. So over this weekend I’ll be preparing an assessment for the rest of the month.

Here’s a preview of the first scripting cue cluster, which screams “Big Trouble in Little Israel” next weekend…

Pesach Sheni is “Second Passover,” and the “Synagogue of Satan” (Rabbinic Jews) celebrate it on May 14-15 this year. So it provides an opportunity to script “God NOT passing them over this time, but instead heaping judgment upon them.”

“War in Europe” cues follow the Blood Moon over the days of May 17-19.

~ MORE ~

Here is a calendar that shows the globalist scripting cues for war and peace from Monday through the end of the month. Included are dates identified by a reader for a war within NATO between Turkey and Greece…

In the next installment, I’ll cover the details of the cues and how they might be employed.

~ MORE – 8 May 2022 ~

Now let’s look at May’s scriptable events starting with the ones directly ahead of us…

On May 9 — exactly two weeks before Day 1335 (May 23), the day the globalists must hit to save their current “End Times” timetable — Vladimir Putin is slated to give a speech at the Victory Day parade in Moscow.

Victory Day celebrates the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the allied forces, which took place in two steps: 1) the signing of the First Instrument of Surrender in Reims, France in the early morning of May 7 and 2) the signing of the Second Instrument of Surrender in Berlin, Germany in the early morning of May 9. The First Instrument was one of the reasons we faced the May 7 scenario yesterday. And the Second Instrument, which was signed in accordance with Soviet demands, is the reason Putin is supposed to give a speech tomorrow.

If the globalists still intend to go forward with their planned shenanigans this month, there are three things that could happen at the Victory Day speech…

  1. Putin could double down on the Ukraine War, which would lead to the start of the global war immediately or in the days that follow.
  2. A visibly pained Putin — or his replacement Patrushev — could announce “mission accomplished” for Russia’s “special military operation” in Ukraine, effectively surrendering to the Nazis in a reversal of the outcome of World War II. But the global war could still break out despite the surrender due to the false-flag activities of Turkey’s Erdogan, who wishes to see “Eastern and Western Christian Civilization” annihilate each other.
  3. Putin could give a cryptic speech about “Phase 2 of the special operation,” which would be followed by “The Event”: a worldwide “mass arrests of the Deep State” psyop, culminating in victory on the 23rd and a global peace agreement on Jerusalem Day. The New Age division of the “End Times” propaganda corps has long prepared the New Agers for The Event to last about two weeks.

May 9 is also the day the NATO-related Tiger Meet air force exercise commences in Greece [1,2]. And due to the recent eruption of sudden, scripted tensions between Greece and Turkey, the Greeks disinvited the Turks…

…from VOA News. Here is an excerpt…

It was billed as a promising breakthrough — Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meeting last month and agreeing to try to resolve their countries’ age-old differences, keeping, at least, a lid on tensions as the conflict in Ukraine rages.

But on Thursday, as armed Turkish jets streamed into Greek airspace, conducting more than 125 unauthorized flights within 24 hours, Athens retaliated.

Greece revoked Turkey’s planned participation in a May 9, Greece-hosted NATO air drill known as “Tiger Meet,” saying Turkey was “neither an ally, nor a friend.” Greece also suspended confidence-building negotiations due to begin between Greek and Turkish diplomats next month.

The snub came as the Greek Foreign Ministry summoned Ankara’s top envoy late Wednesday to protest the record number of violations over the Aegean Sea. He was called in again on Thursday as Turkish warplanes buzzed over a rash of popular holiday islands, including Rhodes and Samos, staging dangerous aerial dogfights.

Greece and Turkey, both members of NATO, have long been at odds over air and sea rights in the oil- and minerals-rich Aegean.

The disagreement has resulted in near-daily air force patrols and interception missions, mostly in disputed airspace around Greek islands that Turkey has repeatedly claimed as its own, denying any sort of violation…

Ankara is now seeking to purchase combat F-16 aircraft from the United States — a bid that Democratic U.S. Representative Frank Pallone and more than 50 other lawmakers have urged the Biden administration to reject, citing what they say is Erdogan’s lack of commitment to NATO and his “vast human rights abuses.”

Whether the purchase will go through remains unclear.

The last two sections of the excerpt bring us to Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis’s upcoming visit to the White House and Congress on May 16-17…

The latest Turkish barrage of overflights in Greek airspace testifies to Ankara’s outrage over the forthcoming visit of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Washington — where he will meet with US President Joe Biden and talk to him about NATO “Tiger Meet” exercise to be held in areas where Turkey questions the extent of Greek sovereignty in the air and on islands that they consider should be demilitarised.

The Greek Prime Minister’s speech to the Congress on May 17, at the invitation of the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, is what bothers Turkey as it believes that it will create obstacles in the attempt to get the coveted “OK” from the US legislature for the approval of the supply of F-16 fighter jets.

Turkey considers possible the role of the Greek, Armenian and Jewish lobbies, which work well together in US Congress circles and in the past have made important decisions to the detriment of Turkish interests, such as its expulsion from the F-35 production program and imposing sanctions.

Of course, it does not go unnoticed in Ankara that President Erdogan is still waiting for an invitation from his American counterpart for a high-level meeting at the White House. – from the Greek City Times

A May 18 announcement by the US that the F-16 sale to Turkey will not go forward is scripted to be the “final straw” that triggers Erdogan into repeating Turkish history by launching a new Turkish War of Independence from the West on May 19.

Many thanks to the reader who has kept me apprised of the Turkey-Greece situation.

~ MORE ~

WARNING: Operation Blackjack has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14

Let’s take a moment to remember some recent warnings from Vladimir Putin…

Putin warns of tough Russian action if West crosses ‘red line’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West not to cross a “red line” with Russia, saying such a move would trigger an “asymmetrical, rapid and harsh” response.

The warning came in his annual state of the nation address, amid heightened tension with the West over Ukraine and jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny. – from the BBC

Putin Vows Swift Response If Anyone Intervenes in Ukraine, Posing a Strategic Threat to Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned foreign countries against trying to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine and posing strategic threats for Russia, vowing that Moscow will swiftly respond otherwise.

“We have all the tools for this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now. And we won’t brag. We will just use them if needed”, Putin said…

The Russian president stated that the recent events, such as the expansion of bio-laboratories in Ukraine, Kiev’s attempts to secure the right to possess nuclear weapons and constant shipments of weapons to Ukraine were all part of foreign powers “cynical plans”. He added that the Ukrainian people were all expendable in this plan. – from Sputnik News [Note that Putin is speaking of WMD threats to Russia, which “justify a WMD response.”]

Well something has happened this past week to trigger the implementation of these threats…

…from The New York Times

And this has led to Russia’s equivalent to Nancy Pelosi making the determination that is necessary for Putin to follow through…

…from The Hill. Here is an excerpt…

Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin claimed on Saturday that the United States directly participates in hostilities against Russia amid its war with Ukraine.

“This is not only about the supply of weapons and equipment,” Volodin wrote on Telegram, saying the Ukrainian government was given “the aid of American intelligence forces.”

“After the coup d’etat, foreign advisers and instructors are working in Ukraine. But today, Washington essentially coordinates and develops military operations, thereby directly participating in the hostilities against our country,” he added.

So now that the scripted motivation for Russia to conduct Operation Blackjack is in place, I started to look for any nationwide protests this week that would serve as cover for the attacks. This is what I found…

…from the Washingtonian. Here’s an excerpt…

Ruth Sent Us have announced plans to protest outside the homes of Justices Kavanaugh, Roberts, Amy Coney Barrett, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, and Neil Gorsuch on Wednesday, May 11.

Women’s March is partnering with Planned Parenthood, UltraViolet, and MoveOn to plan a “massive” Nationwide Day of Action for Abortion Rights on May 14th. Details are still being hashed out, but the day will most likely begin with a rally, followed by a march. More information on locations and speakers will be released in the coming days.

So for “Master Number Day (11),” the globalists have scheduled the “communist” intimidation of the Supreme Court justices at their homes. Watch for the abortionists to set one or more of those homes on fire, “thus choosing the form of the judgment against them.” And a “Nationwide Day of Action for Abortion Rights” has been scheduled for this Saturn’s Day (Saturday the 14th), which will provide an opportunity for “God to judge America for the millions of babies killed in their wombs by burning the abortionists in a nuclear fire.”

Pesach Sheni (Second Passover) provides the perfect opportunity for the scripting of “God’s judgment,” and it starts at 7:28 PM Saturday in Jerusalem, which is 12:28 PM in Washington, DC. So watch for the attacks in the afternoon.

It is important to note that the nukes used in Operation Blackjack will likely be of the 1-kiloton “suitcase/backpack nuke” variety, so the attacks will not be of the “civilization ending” type. Such nukes cannot destroy a city, only a portion of it. And even if a “Satan’s dozen” [72 = (6 + 6) x 6] of such nukes are set off in different cities, the total nuclear fallout will be no larger than that of one above-ground test of a relatively small 72-kiloton nuclear bomb. So the actual damage done by the attacks will be relatively insignificant, but the psychological impact will be huge.

NOTE (6 May 2022): Biden is traveling to Hebron, Kentucky todaya place named after the biblical city of Hebron — and there is much significance to this in terms of both biblical history and Mike Pence. It is a potential assassination site for Biden. I’ll expand on this later…

~ MORE ~

When my beloved partner Onnabugeisha passed along her excellent research on May 7 (which I’ll cover later today), she made a point of drawing my attention to one specific indicator for today, May 6: it is the anniversary of the 1527 Sack of Rome. Upon seeing this, my mind immediately went to the possibility of a precursor event in the US before the big day on Saturday.

Within the globalist script, the current “American Empire” is the Third Roman Empire — the first two being the original Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. And the script calls for the American Third Roman Empire to experience a fiery fall into ashes so the Fourth and Final Global Roman Empire (the “reformed” UN/NWO) can rise like a phoenix from its ashes.

So what may be the first thing to mark the final collapse of the Third Empire? – The assassination of its Julius Caesar (Joe Biden) of course. This would make way for Octavian (Vladimir Putin) to consolidate power over the UN while appearing to “respect its Republican / Democratic traditions” until he openly controls it as the new Emperor Augustus.

That brings us to Hebron and the story of Ish-Bosheth…

Hebron became the capital of Judah, and from there David reigned for seven-and-a-half years. During David’s reign in Hebron, Abner, the former commander of Saul’s army, took Saul’s son Ish-Bosheth across the Jordan River and set him up as king of Israel…

After Ish-Bosheth was assassinated, David meted out justice against the assassins in Hebron; in this way, David’s integrity became known throughout all Israel (2 Samuel 4). David was eventually declared Israel’s rightful king, and he moved his capital from Hebron to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:1–5). – from

Within the current-day parallel of this story, Biden is Ish-Bosheth. On the night of the 2020 presidential election, his handlers snuck him into a stolen presidency that would have been Mike Pence’s. And after his assassination, “duly elected” Pence will become the President of the United States (after Donald Trump is killed, presumably during the coming war). It was “Nazionist Antichrist” Pence who desecrated the holy place in Hebron on Wednesday, March 9, exactly 1260 days after Donald Trump sat as “King of the World” on September 26, 2018 (marking the beginning of the Second Tribulation)…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is a key excerpt…

Pence took a tour of the city on Wednesday, visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the second-holiest place in Judaism after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

More to come in the afternoon/evening…

(5 May 2022) – Hon hon hon, il est presque temps…


Mischief is afoot for Saturday, May 7, and it surrounds “Sun King” Macron and “Good Guy” Putin on the day of Macron’s inauguration and the 4th anniversary of Putin’s. It might also be much broader than that. Details to follow…

~ MORE ~

Ever since the second round of the French presidential election, I’ve been awaiting the announcement of Macron’s presidential inauguration, and yesterday I finally stumbled across it: it will occur on Saturday, May 7 at 11:00 AM. And upon looking deeper into things, I uncovered some interesting elements of the script the globalists are writing for that day…

> The mainstream press have been promoting Macron as the new de facto leader of Europe who is taking the EU towards a more centralized power model and a more aggressive, warlike foreign policy.

> Macron is 44 years of age, which is Obama’s president number.

> The date and time of his inauguration was announced on May 3, the 44th anniversary of “Sun Day,” which was proclaimed by President Jimmy Carter back in 1978 (my partner Onnabugeisha brought Sun Day to my attention in one of her recent notes).

> The globalist press have made a point of calling Macron the “Sun King,” a reference to King Louis XIV of France

…Macron referred to the French as “my people” — through not everyone welcomed his language. Some, like French newspaper Le Monde, thought this language had a somewhat grandiose quality to it, reminding it of French monarch Louis XIV, the so-called Sun King who sought absolute power during his 72-year reign. Thus, the paper’s description of Macron as a “republican monarch.” – from

> May 7, the day of Macron’s inauguration, is also the 4-year anniversary of Vladimir Putin’s 4th inauguration as President of Russia (44). It’s also the day I consider most likely for a pre-Victory Day move against Putin’s presidency. So the fate of Europe could be decided by who falls and who stands, Macron or Putin, at the end of Saturday (Saturn’s Day).

> In the 22 April update I said, There’s going to be a Trump-style problem with the French presidential election.” And as some readers have pointed out to me, that did indeed happen, and in a way that’s a carbon copy of what Americans observed over the night following the 2020 presidential election…

…from Euronews (top) and Reuters (bottom). Note that on the screengrab of the televised, ongoing vote count, Le Pen had already accumulated 13.9 million votes, but she ended up with only 13.3 million.

It should also be noted that the Leftists have rioted against Macron’s victory since the election, and they’ll likely turn up to “demonstrate” again on the day of his inauguration. This means you’ll see two warring sides facing each other near the “French White House,” the Elysee Palace, on Saturday: the violent left and the “far-right Le Pen supporters who believe Macron stole the election.” And if a bomb goes off that kills Macron, which side do you think the mainstream media will blame it on? – The Le Pen supporters of course.

> Should Macron be killed in a false-flag “extremiste violent domestique” attack on Saturday, presidential power transfers to the President of the French Senate, who becomes the acting president. And the current Senate president is Gerard Larcher, a member of the French political party Les Republicains.

The attitude of Les Republicains towards Putin and Russia is characterized by their presidential candidate in the last election, Valerie Pecresse…

Valerie Pecresse, the presidential candidate for conservative party Les Republicains, condemned Putin’s actions Tuesday [February 22] but quickly put the blame on Macron’s “arrogant and solitary diplomacy,” saying his recent trip to Moscow was too little, too late.

Last month, she pitched a “European conference on security” that would involve European leaders and Russia, calling in an op-ed published by Le Monde on “our Russian friends” to engage with European partners to solve the Ukraine crisis. – from Politico

So once Gerard Larcher becomes Acting President of France, we can expect an immediate move towards a more conciliatory approach with Russia. And in the course of making preparations for the next French presidential election — which must take place between 20-35 days after Macron’s death — don’t be surprised if Larcher uncovers evidence of voter fraud in the recent election. This would set up Le Pen for an easy victory roughly a month from now.

Expanded WARNING (3 May 2022): Starting at sunset today in Israel (7:21 PM local time/11:21 AM Texas time) we enter an exceptionally hazardous stretch of time that runs through the 5th. There’s almost too much information to cover, but I’ll do what I can to get it all out over the course of the day.

As for yesterday’s note on the pending replacement of Putin, I kept an eye on the Drudge Report and noticed that the Putin health story went from the main headline to halfway down the page after I posted, then completely dropped off the page later in the day. Does that mean they’re backing off? If it doesn’t, my partner Onnabugeisha thinks they’ll elevate Patrushev on the 6th, while I favor the 7th. Either way, I suspect that they intend/intended to have Patrushev oversee the Victory Day parade in Moscow on the 9th, and it will represent “the victory of the Nazis” over Russia.

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I’ve decided that the best way to cover the next two days is to boil things down to their most basic elements according to the scripting cues Onnabugeisha and I have identified. So here goes…

> Wednesday, May 4 is a day that lends itself to the scripting of violent conflict between pro-communist and anti-communist forces…

  • in the United States because it is the anniversary of the Haymarket Affair in Chicago, and because of this…

    …from today’s Drudge Report,
  • in China because it is the anniversary of the May Fourth Movement, an “anti-imperialist, cultural, and political movement which grew out of student protests [against the Chinese government] in Beijing on May 4, 1919”

    …from Tiananmen Square on May 4, 1919,
  • and due to a cluster of numerological indicators that point to Chicago and “Commie Antichrist” Obama’s presidential number (44).

> Thursday, May 5 is a day that lends itself to the scripting of the start of the Final Intifada on Israel’s Independence Day…

…from The Wall Street Journal (top) and The Guardian (bottom). Note that the articles present a binary hint at a “Palestinian” MANPADS attack during the Independence Day Airshow.

May 5 is also Essene Second Passover, which provides an opportunity to script “God’s harsh judgment on a sinful Israel, a sinful United States, and a sinful Earth.”

On a hopeful note, the United States could have forced a Russian default on its sovereign debt tomorrow, which would have been an “economic Pearl Harbor against Russia” that could have led to another American Pearl Harbor on May 5. But it was averted at the last minute after a sudden change…

Timothy Ash, senior EM sovereign strategist at BlueBay Asset Management, on Tuesday expressed surprise that the OFAC had seemingly waved through the payments after its prior tough messaging. – from CNBC

Did they retreat from the Russian default scenario after they retreated from the Putin removal scenario? And will these retreats have a domino effect on the other things that are/were planned for the coming days? Signs point to….

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Yesterday afternoon, 44 showed up: the Obamas stepped forward to get the violence started by calling for protests over the Supreme Court’s (supposedly) planned overturn of Roe v. Wade…

…from Mediaite. Note the hand signs they’re making in the photo: Barack is flashing a subtle 666 and Mike is flashing a subtle vav-vav-vav (another form of 666).

And last night, the Los Angeles protest — at which a red (“communist”) flag was being waved — turned violent…

…from Zero Hedge

It should also be noted that the Democrats are targeting federal buildings and courthouses, and the press are narrating that anti-abortion counterprotesters are showing up too

Protests were held in U.S. cities coast to coast, including Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles and Seattle, as the national Women’s March organization urged supporters to bring families and signs to “courthouses and federal buildings everywhere” promoting the social media hashtag #BansOffOurBodies…

Several dozen anti-abortion activists dominated the protests early in the day, beating on drums and chanting through megaphones: “Pro-choice is a lie, babies never choose to die,” and “Abortion is violence, abortion is oppression.”

Some knelt in prayer.

One man wearing a pink sweatshirt in support of Roe v. Wade tried in vain to tamp down the chants of an anti-Roe protester by holding his hand over her megaphone. – from Reuters

In the final sentence, we are being shown another example of “the leftists attempting to silence the free speech of those who are opposed to their views,” which is meant to poison the public against “the Left” in advance of the coming swing to “the Right.” And in the previous sentences a situation is being portrayed in which the warring sides are gathering next to federal buildings. So when the bombs start going off, which side do you think the mainstream media will blame? – The “anti-abortion right wingers,” of course, “who have a beef with both the federal government and the leftists.”

This setup could lead to Operation Blackjack.

On a related note, a reader sent me a link to a CNN article that points hard at Victory Day (May 9) being a day that “Putin will do something big,” thus setting up a scripted motivation for Putin’s supposed opponents to either replace him before then or force him to end the war that day (under a “shadow coup” scenario in which “Putin is being held hostage” like Trump was in March of 2020). In case they choose the replacement option, I’ll show you why it might happen on the 6th or 7th. More later…

NOTE (2 May 2022): Here are two occult scripting cues my partner Onnabugeisha has identified for tomorrow…

So be on the lookout for mischief surrounding the presidency tomorrow or during the day or two that follow. Biden could drop dead of a ruptured brain aneurysm, be diagnosed with COVID, or be blown up “by the Russians and their right-wing domestic violent extremist allies” when he visits the Lockheed Martin facility that manufactures Javelin missiles at 1:10 PM Alabama time tomorrow…

…from the Alabama Political Reporter

With the West saying it’s okay to strike inside Russia to stop logistical support for Russian forces in Ukraine, will the false-flaggers act-out a retaliatory attack / “proportional response” from Russia in Alabama — a state full of Trumpers who would be happy to mount Biden’s head on their wall (and then go muddin’)?

Expanded WARNING (2 May 2022): It appears that the globalists are acting-out a quiet coup against Vladimir Putin (under the cover of him receiving surgery for his supposed health problems), with a simultaneous quiet coup developing against Xi Jinping. This coup plot involves Nikolai Patrushev in Russia and Yang Jiechi in China and is being orchestrated by Biden’s National Security Advisor (and former Obama Deputy Assistant) Jake Sullivan. Details to come today…

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Putin’s health is headlining the Drudge Report again today…

And they’re continuing to talk about him getting surgery and being “temporarily” replaced by Nikolai Patrushev, so I decided to look into Patrushev and see where he fits in to the script.

Patrushev is the former head of the FSB and the current secretary of the Russian security council. And according to BRICS-NWO propagandist Pepe Escobar, he works very closely with Yang Jiechi, a Chinese Politburo member who handles foreign affairs…

It’s the Nikolai Patrushev-Yang Jiechi show all over again. These are the two players running an up-and-coming geopolitical entente on behalf of their bosses Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.

Last week, Yang Jiechi, the director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, visited Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev in Moscow. That was part of the 16th round of China-Russia strategic security consultations…

As Sino-Russo-Iranophobia dissolves in a fog of sanctions and hysteria, mapmakers like Yang Jiechi and Nikolai Patrushev relentlessly carve the post-unilateral order. – from the Asia Times

So Yang and Patrushev are supposedly carving the shape of the “post-unilateral” NWO, but on behalf of which side, the West or Putin & Xi? That question brings us to the 13 March update, which I’ll repost here…


(from 13 March 2022) – In order to reinforce the propaganda talking point that Putin and Xi are “traitors to the (Western-version) New World Order,” notorious “Deep Stater” George Soros came out two days ago to call for their removal from power…

…from Project Syndicate

Back in the 8-9 March update, I identified the man who may be scripted to attempt the takedown of Putin, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu. And this morning, I may have stumbled across the Chinaman who will betray Xi…

…from the White House website

On a hunch, I decided to check what had been written about Yang Jiechi on Steve Bannon and Miles Guo’s GNews disinformation mill, and I found this

Yang Jiechi’s wife, Ai-Mei Le, has been living in Washington, D.C., since 2001, at 2301 S ST NW, Washington DC, with an appraised value of $8,128,520. According to the investigation, the owner of the property is the Chinese Communist government…

Yang Jiale, the daughter of Yang Jiechi, has been living in 60 Riverside Blvd, Apt 1912, New York since September 2010. According to the New York government’s website, the owner of the apartment is Yan Jingbo. The purchase price was $1,777,862. Yan Jingbo is the husband of Yang Jiale…

Yang Jiechi’s wife and daughter are living comfortably in the United States

Yang Jiechi has been present at every major crisis in U.S.-China relations. Yang Jiechi and his family, who have repeatedly succeeded in renewing the life of the CCP, have perfectly illustrated the “sincerity” of senior Communist officials who voted with their feet.

Another GNews article says this about him…

Yang is now a loser of the political infighting in the CCP’s system who will be discarded at any moment.

So Yang Jiechi…

Will the meeting in Rome be where Yang gets his final instructions and finalizes his compensation package? Or will he be leaving Rome under the protection of the US because the move against Xi will be made tomorrow?


As it turns out, just two days after Obama acolyte Jake Sullivan had a face-to-face meeting with Yang Jiechi in Rome, he held the highest-level U.S. talks with Russia since the Ukraine invasion with Nikolai Patrushev. So Sully talked to Yang on the day before the Ides of March — the historic day Julius Caesar was overthrown in a deadly coup — and to Patrushev on the day after…


All this being said, if Patrushev takes the leadership role in Russia in the coming days, the only surgery that will be happening is a Putinectomy. And we can expect a similar procedure to be attempted on Xi at roughly the same time. Putin will return, though, either on May 23 or in 2025.

(1 May 2022) – In the calendar of scripting cues I posted in the 26 April update, it is noted that Ramadan ends at sunset today [which comes at 7:19 PM in Jerusalem, local time (11:19 AM Texas time)]. There are also scriptable cues pointing to the deaths of Israeli soldiers in combat and civilians in terror attacks from sunset of May 3 to sunset of May 5. So watch for the potential start of “the Final Intifada” from today through the 5th: “The Muslims waited until after Ramadan ended to retaliate for the desecration of Al Aqsa.”

As I prepared to write about the specific setup for this latest attempt to start the Final Intifada, I found that the Jewish press had already done it for me. So let’s start by looking at an article from Haaretz

…Here is an excerpt…

Micro-tactics have become strategy. If only Israel can manage to cautiously navigate the situation on the Temple Mount until Ramadan ends, and if Memorial Day and Independence Day pass peacefully next week, there’s a reasonable chance that the escalation which began more than a month ago, with the terrorist attack in Be’er Sheva, will gradually fade. The political decision-makers, the security hierarchy and the police brass are all investing immense resources to stabilize things.

Nevertheless, the Temple Mount continues to harness a volatile potential which could trigger a wider explosion. The images of Israeli police forces bursting into Al-Aqsa mosque last week were enough to generate a wave of condemnations by Arab states, exacerbate the diplomatic tension with Jordan and give Palestinian organizations an excuse to fire rockets, from the Gaza Strip and from southern Lebanon. Another violent incident in the days ahead — today is the last Friday of Ramadan and also “Jerusalem Day” in Iran — could tip the scales into violence.

The ever stronger impression within the defense establishment is that the main part of what we’ve seen in the past month is the result of a Hamas initiative. Saleh Arouri, the deputy head of the organization’s political bureau, is steering much of the activity — from encouraging violence in the mosques on the Temple Mount, where Molotov cocktails, boards and stones are collected for clashes with the police, to initiatives aimed at generating terrorist attacks in the West Bank and rocket fire into the Galilee.

And let’s also look at a notable article from the Jewish Press

…Here’s an excerpt…

The head of Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization, Yahya Sinwar, has threatened to attack synagogues around the world if Israel “violates” the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Speaking on Saturday night in a speech that lasted more than an hour, Sinwar said, “Our people must prepare for a great battle if the occupation does not cease its aggression against the Al Aqsa Mosque. Violating Al Aqsa and Jerusalem means a regional, religious war,” he said.

So the plan is to use the Israeli police incursion into Al Aqsa Mosque as a rallying cry to start the “regional, religious war” / intifada that will result in the destruction of the Mosque, thus clearing the way for the Jewish Temple to be rebuilt after the Jewish Messiah arrives on May 23rd.