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(26 February 2020) – Look for a Potential Assassination of Netanyahu Next Week

[I’ve edited this entry to reflect that “Putin has opted to sidestep Erdogan’s trap in Istanbul.”]

On March 2, exactly a week after the joint US-Israel mapping committee began the process of defining the West Bank territories that Israel will annex once Netanyahu forms a government, the Israelis will have their legislative election. This opens the possibility of the globalists staging a fake Mossad/Chabad assassination of Netanyahu to be initially blamed on the Palestinians and “their desperation to stop Netanyahu and the annexations.” The likely method of assassination would be a strike on a polling place or public gathering where Netanyahu is present using a precision-guided “Iranian” drone or missile — a scenario that has been previously foreshadowed…

…from JNS (top) and The Times of Israel (bottom)

According to the scripting, such an assassination would allow Mossad/Chabad…

  • to remove “Avatar” Netanyahu (who has supposedly been restraining them from starting their “End Times War to bring in a false Jewish Messiah”),
  • to provide a pretext for pushing Trump into attacking the Iranians (“who provided the missile used to kill Netanyahu”), and
  • to create a casus belli for an immediate outbreak of hostilities in the West Bank and Gaza (and possibly in Lebanon and Syria also) under Israel’s Chabad-aligned Defense Minister Naftali Bennett…

    …from CBN

Of course, Al Aqsa Mosque would be destroyed in the crossfire between the Israelis and Palestinians, thus allowing the Israelis to construct the Third Temple in the aftermath of the conflict.

(27 February 2020) – Putin versus Erdogan & The Destruction of the Vatican

It looks like there may be either an imminent conflict or an imminent emergency summit between the “Dajjal” (Erdogan) and “Moshiach” (Putin)…

…from Zero Hedge

I’ve been waiting for the “still-active Dajjal’s” scripted betrayal of Putin for a long time now, but we should also watch for a potential takedown of Erdogan by the Turkish military or an assassin in accordance with the “defeated Dajjal” scenario I covered in my 21 March 2019 update (from The 2019 Archive)…

…This change in Turkey’s portrayal of ISIS happened after Erdogan did his big U-turn towards Russia, and I’ve previously noted that the change in policy meant that Erdogan will be scripted as either being cornered and defeated by Putin and Soleimani or being switched to a different character in the End Times drama. So seeing the passage in the Zero Hedge article got me looking around for more narrative support propaganda. This is what I found…

…from Ahval. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkish politics demonstrates the immense influence of Eurasianist deep-state elements which control the Turkish military while temporarily tolerating and supporting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

These deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course…

Erdogan and his inner circle had to “abandon the successful negotiation process with Kurdish separatists for a political solution to the problem and give up their pro-Western foreign policy orientation, including its democratisation side effects,”…

This lead to a criminalising of all former allies of Erdogan, including liberals, Kurds and Gulenists.

“The anti-Western faction in the Turkish military maximized its power and dismissed large numbers of military personnel of all ranks – almost 50 percent of all generals and admirals of Turkish forces and about 18,000 high, middle and low-ranking officers – after the 2016 coup attempt. Currently, the reactivated deep-state military personnel are in key positions in the Turkish armed forces,”

Erdogan and his inner circle do not reflect the real power constellation in Turkey.

In looking for answers to questions such as “can Erdogan alone control the powerful Turkish military? Why did Erdogan terminate the “Solution Process” with the Kurds? It was his greatest project and the biggest risk of his entire political career. Why did he change course in Syria and in Turkey’s general foreign policy orientation? Why did he decide to develop a strategic partnership with Russia? Why did he purge so many soldiers in the Turkish military and bureaucracy?’’ one is forced to consider Erdogan’s new deep-state partners… <<<

So as you can see, the Ahval article suggests that Erdogan was politically outmaneuvered and is essentially a captive president to the now pro-Russian Turkish military. In other words, the article hints at how the “Dajjal” (Erdogan) was defeated by the “Moshiach” (Putin) and “Mahdi” (Soleimani). The NWO narrative of how it all went down will probably sound something like this…

>>> As the defeat of Damascus grew close, the Mahdi reached out to the Moshiach to intervene with the power of the air. The Moshiach did this. And while he was stopping and reversing the Satanist victory in Syria, he was also reaching out to friendly elements in the Turkish military in order to topple the Dajjal’s kingdom from within.

On June 27, 2016, the Dajjal was defeated by a secret military coup, choosing to surrender and cooperate rather than be toppled. The Turkish military then simulated a public coup 20 days later, after which the Dajjal followed the orders he was given to arrest the Satanic West-leaning elements of the Turkish government and military, thus helping facilitate the victory of the Moshiach and Mahdi. <<<

This, then, is the globalist story of how the “Dajjal” was peacefully defeated.

And I was wondering why the narrative took the Coronavirus to Italy of all places, but now I see…

…from Zero Hedge

Last year, they were planning to destroy the Vatican during its late-February sex abuse conclave; this year, it might happen during a conclave to replace a deceased Pope Francis…

>>>the “kings of the earthgather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky. <<<

~ MORE ~

Let’s see how Trump responds to Turkey’s calls for aid (Patriot missile batteries and US air patrols or a no-fly zone over Idlib). If he denies US support and instead calls for Turkish forces to “withdraw to the safety of Turkish territory,” it’ll indicate that he’s on the “good Trump” trajectory.

~ later ~

ALERT – Turkey has reportedly launched the long-expected migrant invasion of Europe and appears to be attacking areas where Russian troops are present. It looks like it’s on. Watch for a potential cabinet coup against Trump if he doesn’t back Erdogan. Also watch for a potential assassination play on Putin.

9:44 PM (Texas Time) – Let’s also not forget the US nukes supposedly based at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. Should Trump refuse assistance to Turkey, Erdogan may seize the US part of the base, its military personnel, and its nukes.

(29 February 2020) – I spent yesterday laying-in supplies for what looks to be a turbulent March. Previously, I’d made elaborate plans to prepare for the transition period, but my strategy proved to have one fatal flaw: I made elaborate plans.

Whenever faced with a daunting task, I’ve always liked to break it down into achievable steps — “baby steps” if you will. But usually by the time I’m done listing out all the steps, I find myself daunted by their sheer number, so I end up doing nothing.

I achieve little if I don’t plan, and when I do plan, I achieve nothing…

So how did I resolve this conundrum? I made a goal that was itself a single baby step: “Go to Costco and buy some canned sh*t.”

Now I have some canned sh*t. So when the end comes, I’ll be eating Wolf Brand Chili.

(1 March 2020) – March Begins: Who will rise and who will fall?

Given the current trajectory of the Coronavirus narrative and Turkey’s launch of the migrant invasion of Europe last week, there is a strong chance that the globalists will finally pull the trigger this month. So starting today and continuing through the Ides of March, we may witness a number of coup removals and/or assassinations of major world leaders as armed conflicts erupt around the world. The key leader to watch, though, is Vladimir Putin.

If you see Putin making “masterful geopolitical moves” in dealing with conflicts in Syria, Israel, and other places, it means we’re on track to see the end of the “Great Tribulation” this month. But if Putin is assassinated, removed, or isolated on the world stage, the “Great Tribulation” is just getting started.

Here are some other things worth noting…

  • The Next Lehman Moment is imminent, and it will bring the global economic system to a standstill, but economic activity will be restarted relatively quickly.
  • Don’t stress over the Coronavirus (unless you are elderly or have a weakened immune system); it’s only moderately worse than the common flu. But DO stress over any Western or Israeli vaccines for it.
  • Watch the skies; the “mysterious triangular objects” that are being seen in space near the International Space Station and orbiting Earth may appear in the air and in numbers by the end of this month. Their arrival would signal the end of the armed conflicts, the Coronavirus “pandemic,” and the global economic collapse.

More points and a comprehensive entry on the Coronavirus Psyop are coming…

(2 March 2020) – The COVID-19 Hype Train: The Catalyst for the NWO Transition

You don’t have to be a medical expert to realize that the hype surrounding COVID-19 (the Wuhan Coronavirus) is ridiculously overblown; you need only look at the numbers, do a little basic math, and apply common sense.

Here are the numbers you start with…

…from the CDC

As you can see, a severe flu season can cause around 61,000 deaths in a single year here in the US. So just imagine if the globalists gave such a year’s dominant flu strain an exotic name like “FLUVID -19” and had the press start breathlessly covering every single infection and death like the plague was upon us. You would see headlines like this…

Well you don’t have to just imagine such shenanigans, because it’s happening right now with COVID-19. To see that this is true, let’s crunch a few numbers…

China has roughly four times the population of the US, and it’s safe to assume that their yearly flu death rates are roughly comparable to ours, so China can have around 244,000 flu deaths in a bad year (61,000 x 4 = 244,000). And those deaths occur during the typical 13-week flu season which stretches from January through early April (remember that COVID-19 infections in China began appearing in numbers in January, right in sync with flu season). So now that we’re 2/3 of the way through flu season, let’s look at how many Chinese have died of COVID-19 so far…

So as you can see, the lethality of COVID-19 is somewhere in the same ballpark as that of the common flu.

Now when is the last time you remember governments locking down their cities for flu season? Never, right? So why are they doing it this time?

Clearly, the progressing lockdown of the world has nothing to do with the actual threat posed by COVID-19. It’s about something else, and I’ve already written about it (in the 26 January update)…

On another note, don’t let the Coronavirus hype scare you. The virus is merely an excuse to lock down the population prior to the financial system collapse. People won’t want to attend mass demonstrations if they think they’ll get a deadly virus from doing so.

(3 March 2020) – From the looks of the COVID-19 propaganda coming out today on 3/3, we may see a nationwide/worldwide lockdown of the major cities as early as next week…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and Infowars (bottom)

This lockdown is the final sign that will precede the controlled demolition of the current financial system. Their rationale in using fear of COVID-19 to compel people to “shelter in place” is “we don’t want the terrified monkeys running wild and burning down the zoo when we take the banana dispensing system down for a reboot.”

Under previous versions of the script, they were going to use a cutoff of food stamps and a widespread domestic terror campaign as an excuse to lock down the cities under martial law. But this pandemic approach is much more clever and effective: in people’s minds, they’re unleashing trillions of unseen viral terrorists to threaten a bronchial invasion and pulmonary jihad against anyone who ventures out of their homes during the lockdown. Fear of this invisible enemy will be very effective in motivating people to stay in their homes, and the mega-hyped COVID-19 outbreak will make the government lockdown look justifiable.

(4 March 2020) – Beyond the most obvious reasons for the COVID-19 Psyop…

  • to serve as the excuse to lock down the population prior to the economic collapse, and
  • to serve as the black swan event that supposedly triggers the collapse,

…there is another key reason…

Specifically, there are two prophecy passages in the Bible that the COVID-19 sham aims to fulfill:

Luke 21:10-11 Then He continued by saying to them, “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

COVID-19 helps fulfill the “plagues in various places” part, and we’ll explore the other aspects of this passage later in this entry.

Revelation 13:16-17 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name.

This infamous “Mark of the Beast” passage may be fulfilled by the COVID-19 vaccination program.

The Western version of the vaccine may require that an identification chip be injected into the hand at the time of the shot. This chip would be used to determine if someone has been vaccinated or not, and under the quarantine rules, those who have not been vaccinated may be banned from public places like stores (just like school children who have not had childhood vaccinations have been banned from schools). If the entry scanner at a public place does not detect a vaccination chip in someone, that person would be turned away or carted-off to a “quarantine center.”

If March turns out to be the gateway to the Great Tribulation, you will see this Mark of the Beast system implemented. But if March is the end of the Great Tribulation, Putin and Pals will be narrated as having “saved the world from this terrible fate.” The globalists may do this by having the Russians and Chinese provide a “clean” vaccine or by having Trump provide sequestered healing technology held by the Secret Space Program / US Space Force.

The Trump option has been previously hinted-at by CIA disinfo stooge Robert David Steele…

“As a side note, I am certain that ‘free’ energy, anti-gravity propulsion, and other technologies including healing and anti-aging technologies that have been secret and held back from the public are on the verge of release, perhaps during President Donald Trump’s second term. This will have massive positive political, socio-economic, and techno-demographic implications…” – from the Russian International Affairs Council

On a related note, a couple of readers have contacted me about something I too have noticed: the bifurcation of the COVID-19 narrative in the controlled alt-media — with most sites hyping COVID-19 as a serious pandemic, but other sites blasting the hype or presenting both pro-hype and anti-hype messages. This is actually a fairly common practice in the controlled alt-media, and there is a very practical strategy behind it.

If all of the controlled alt-media (CAM) were to present the same exact message, the percentage of the population that would reject the message would be alienated from the entire CAM and might go off and start thinking for themselves. The globalists can’t have that. So what they do is have the MAJORITY of the CAM present the message they wish to promote at the moment, and have a MINORITY of the CAM act as controlled opposition to that message. That way, those who reject the message will be drawn to the controlled opposition and remain under the sway of the CAM.

At the current moment, the globalists want the public to see COVID-19 as a serious threat, so the majority of the CAM are hyping it up. At the same time, they’re having the controlled opposition minority of the CAM reject the hype and promote Trump, who is also taking a public stance against the COVID-19 hysteria. A prime example of a controlled opposition message can be found in a disinfo piece sent to me by reader Glen-Glenda…

…from Veterans Today. Here are some key parts of the article…

The Americans cannot be trusted — the President has the right idea but the CIA and CDC are fearmongering, the first from ignorance the second from a malicious interest in budget building and Deep State undermining of President Trump’s re-election prospects

President Trump CAN be trusted

…the prospects of an untested vaccine possibly including digital ID and in the worst case sterilization elements to advance the depopulation agenda…

As you can see, disinfo stooge Steele is acting as controlled opposition to capture the attention of those who are rejecting the COVID-19 hype. And what is he selling those people? The NWO narrative of course…

  • “The evil Deep State is behind the fake pandemic, and they want to chip you and sterilize you.”
  • “President Trump is a good guy who is fighting against the dastardly villains, and they are trying to remove him from office.”

With articles like the Veterans Today piece, the controlled opposition CAM are providing the narrative for the potential end of the Great Tribulation.

(6 March 2020) – Getting back to the reasons for the COVID-19 bioweapon release — and moving beyond the global reasons of locking down the population, triggering the financial system collapse, and artificially fulfilling Biblical prophecy — there are specific reasons that China was chosen as the release point.

Reason 1 – To help ameliorate the graying of the Chinese population. Due to the former one-child policy of the Chinese Communist Party, China’s population has become unbalanced, with too many old people and too few young. By killing off the elderly and leaving children untouched, Wuhan Coronavirus aids in the rebalancing.

Reason 2 – To help reorient the Chinese economy away from an export-driven model and towards a domestic consumption-driven model. By stopping the very heart of the China-centered global supply chain network with the COVID-19 outbreak, the globalists are providing a reason for companies all over the world to diversify and localize their supply chains.

Reason 3 – To provide narrative support for the Chinese part of the prophecy fulfillment program:

Under a “Xi as a First Tribulation Avatar / Second Tribulation Antichrist” scripting, the bioweapon release…

  • provides a First Tribulation “Zionist/Western race-based bioweapon attack” narrative to aid in Xi’s rise to Avatar (hero) status, and
  • provides a Second Tribulation “Xi actually ordered the bioweapon attack to provide cover for killing-off his opponents” narrative to aid in Xi’s revelation as an antichrist.

Under a “Xi as a First Tribulation Antichrist” scripting, the bioweapon release…

  • provides cause for Xi’s fall this year.

You can read more about Reason 3 in the 8 February update further down this page. And you can read more about the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment program in Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception, as well as in various updates further down this page.

Here are some other things worth noting today…

Note 1 – A reader has reminded me that March 11 is Qasem Soleimani’s birthday, so it would be the perfect day for a false-flag attack to be pinned on the “vengeful Iranians.” And since the globalists are eager to stage a short war between the Palestinians and Israelis so they can knock down Al Aqsa Mosque in the crossfire, an attack that would trigger that war tops the list of false-flag possibilities.

As was noted in the 26 February update (a little further down this page), an assassination attempt on Benjamin Netanyahu using a precision-guided “Iranian” missile or drone “fired by Hamas” would do nicely to start the war. And since the Mossad will know better than anyone the exact location of Netanyahu at the time of the attack, they will be the ones who actually launch the missile/drone.

The globalists will most likely narrate the attack either killing or injuring Netanyahu. That way, the door will be opened for Israel’s Chabad-connected Defense Minister Naftali Bennett to take the initiative in starting the war. And once Al Aqsa Mosque has been taken out, the war will be stopped by a resurrected/recovered Netanyahu with the help of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin — that’s the most likely form of the script at least.

Note 2 – In the leadup to yesterday’s emergency summit between Putin and Erdogan, some interesting headlines surfaced in the controlled alt-media…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and Infowhores (bottom)

These articles hint at an imminent fall for “Erdogan the Dajjal” (the Muslim Antichrist figure of the First Tribulation). Here are some excerpts from the articles along with my comments:

Let’s start with snippets from the Zero Hedge article on top…

It looks like Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is headed for the political gallows a lot quicker than I ever thought.

His offensive in Idlib has bogged down. And a day before he’s scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow Erdogan Turkish parliament degrades quickly as opposition speaks out against his Syria campaign…

It’s clear Erdogan’s support at home is deteriorating quickly. And his push into Syria is a grave miscalculation as I’ve noted in other posts…

Remember, Russia holds a lot of sway over the Turkish economy and, as such, controls a fair amount of Erdogan’s political capital hostage. No matter how he tries to spin this, he’s the aggressor here and Putin knows he’s an unreliable partner.

The Russian Ministry of Defense isn’t playing games. In the same way that they systematically revealed the real narrative of U.S. support of the Syrian Civil War during the early stages of their military intervention it is now doing the same thing to Erdogan’s betrayal of the 2018 Sochi agreement.

So the narrative is that Erdogan may fall because he has alienated all of Turkey’s old friends (the US and EU) and new friends (the Russians), and he has put Turkey on course for a war against most all of their neighbors and other regional powers — a multi-front war that cannot possibly end well for the Turkish nation.

Now let’s continue on with snippets from the Zero Hedge article in the middle…

Starting Tuesday Turkey’s parliament began a closed session on the situation in Idlib province, where Erdogan’s military adventurism to protect al-Qaeda linked factions coming under Russian-Syrian air power is resulting in mounting Turkish troop casualties and the potential for escalation with the Russians, not to mention a new ‘state of war’ footing with Damascus.

Near daily new dead and wounded have been reported after 34 Turkish soldiers were killed on Feb. 27 in an airstrike blamed by Ankara on Syria — but widely believed to have been carried out by Russia.

Underscoring the mounting domestic anger and divide over Erdogan’s getting the Turkish Army more deeply bogged down in northwest Syria — after he days ago declared a large military offensive against pro-Assad forces — a large brawl erupted in parliament Wednesday after an MP lashed out at President Erdogan over his reckless Syria policy…

“Are you looking for Satan? You are the Satan cutting deals with the U.S. (for Idlib) You sent our soldiers to die for this,” the opposition MP said.

It’s notable that the Turkish MP called Erdogan “the Satan” since Erdogan is tasked with playing a Satanic figure in the globalist prophecy fulfillment program. What’s also notable was the section on the “airstrike blamed by Ankara on Syria — but widely believed to have been carried out by Russia.” The Russians have actually denied that they carried out the strike, instead pointing the finger at Syrian forces, but I’ve come across no admissions by the Syrians that they did it. This raises an obvious question…

Was the airstrike that put Erdogan and Putin at each other’s throats actually carried out by an Israeli F-35? If it was, it will be narrated that Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett secretly arranged the strike, and he may arrange another to break the ceasefire agreement Erdogan and Putin made at the March 5 summit in Moscow. Might that second strike come on the 11th?

Finally, here are snippets from the Infowars article on bottom…

Rather than submit to this latest mass invasion, Greeks rose up against their own government and fought off their own police to stop new refugee centers from being built on their once pristine islands…

The Greek government quickly caved and threw their support behind their own people demanding an end to the invasion.

Seeing Erdogan’s transparent ploy for what it was, the EU for once decided to do the right thing and stand with Greece against weaponized migration.

So the narrative is that a populist uprising in Greece is responsible for the Greek government attempting to block the migrant invasion, and the NWO narrative will say that it was the “Satanic” Western leaders’ fear of an EU-wide popular uprising that forced them to come to Greece’s aid. Since the NWO narrative holds that the “Satanic” Western leaders have been working together all along with the “radical Islamist” Erdogan to invade and destroy “Christian civilization,” the Western Satanists are effectively leaving their Islamist partner hanging in the wind.

Since Erdogan’s fall would be indicative of the ending of the First Tribulation, seeing it happen this month would be good news for all of us… at least for a time.

(7 March 2020) – It looks like the Ides of March removal attempt on Trump will be related to the Coronavirus. Should he be scripted as resisting recommendations to lock down the country “to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” his attempted removal will come as a cabinet coup “initiated in response to his disastrous handling of an imminent threat to millions of American lives”

…from The Guardian and Banned.Video

Take note of the fact that Alex Jones profits from the COVID-19 hysteria through sales of storable food and health supplements. And the man he’s interviewing, Mike Adams, is also making a killing selling various health potions and snake oils to scared people. Other controlled alt-media sites profit from the hysteria through sales of survival supplies and precious metals, and through advertising revenues, memberships, and donations generated by their clickbait fear porn. So not only do they get paid by the globalists to lie to us, but they also set up additional ways of profiting from the propaganda they push.

Getting back to Trump, the globalists could also script him as becoming incapacitated or dying from COVID-19 “that he contracted during a domestic trip.” The NWO narrative would later claim that he was deliberately infected during his visit to the VRC or CDC. Here he is standing right next to a researcher who works with COVID-19 at the VRC…

Should the nationwide lockdown be initiated next week, it will look different than that of China. It is doubtful that they’ll try to force people to remain in their homes (propaganda-generated fear will take care of that), but they WILL lock down domestic travel and food distribution points. It’s no wonder that the Walmart down the street installed gates at the doors just recently.

If you’re a dissident type, you might not want to be caught traveling or visiting a big store after the lockdown. In China, security forces disguised in medical garb have been going door-to-door with rigged thermometers to carry off dissidents and regime opponents; in the West, the guys with the rigged thermometers will wait for you to get stir-crazy or hungry and come to them. Have a friend go instead.

All that being said, if the globalists are going to make their big move this month, they’ll have to get started next week. And given their predisposition towards numerological and historical tie-ins, there are some key dates to watch in the weeks ahead:

  • the 11th, which is a favored date for false-flag operations
  • Friday the 13th, which is tied-in to the concept of disastrous bad luck
  • the 15th, the Ides of March, which is tied-in to the betrayal and death of Julius Caesar
  • the 19th, which is the Spring Equinox, when “light returns to equality with darkness and begins to push it back”
  • the 22nd, which is a favored date for big revelations and earth-changing events
  • the 23rd, which is a holy number in Kabbalism

With these dates and their meanings set before us, we begin to see a shape to how the globalists might schedule events this month…

A false-flag attack next Wednesday the 11th could get a war crisis started, which would be followed by an attempted leadership shuffle from Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th. Resolution would be reached between the 19th and 23rd. So on the 22nd, we might see the Avatars left standing or the Antichrists. Watch for the one who shows up in Jerusalem to stand in the holy place.

(8 March 2020) – I’m off today, but a reader reminded me that the USS Harry Truman (an aircraft carrier) is near Iran in the Arabian Sea. Upon doing a quick check on things, I discovered that the captain of the Truman is an Iranian (and thus a prime target for “Iranian revenge”), and I remembered that the Iranians are attributing their COVID-19 outbreak to an American bioweapon (WMD) attack. This creates a scripted motivation for the Iranians to launch a WMD attack of their own, which will serve nicely as cover for an Israeli false-flag. I also remembered the fact that if the globalists opt to end the Great Tribulation this month, we’re due for a nuclear war scare before the heroes show up to save the day. So watch for the Truman to get nuked — supposedly by Iran, but actually by Israel — this week.

For more general information about the possible attack, read the entry titled The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf, which is further down this page.

ALERT (9 March 2020) – The announcement of Pope Francis’s death by Coronavirus is imminent, and it will most likely occur between March 11-15, with Friday the 13th being the most likely day (it is the exact 7-year mark of his “Antichrist” papacy)…

…from Wikipedia


Considering the possibility that Rome could face a Coronavirus lockdown prior to the announcement, if I were in Rome now, I’d be packing my bags and going to stay with friends or family in the countryside by tomorrow at the latest.

~ MORE ~

It didn’t take them long to react — a little over 2 and a half hours after I posted this Alert, they locked down all of Italy. IF I WERE IN ROME, I WOULD LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, EVEN IF I HAD TO WALK BY FOOT THROUGH THE COUNTRYSIDE. More details have been added to the Alert below.

~ MORE ~

On Tuesday, March 3rd, a report was widely circulated in the media that claimed the Pope had been tested for COVID-19 and the test came back negative. As it turns out, that report may have been misleading. I discovered this a couple of days ago when I ran across the following report from a Catholic news site…

…from Crux. Here is an excerpt…

A mini-panic broke out in Rome Tuesday following an article in the Roman newspaper Il Messaggero by veteran Vatican reporter Franca Giansoldati, who reported that Pope Francis has undergone a test for the coronavirus and the results were negative…

What drove Vatican-watchers batty is not so much the idea that Francis’s medical team would have carried out a test for the coronavirus – which, since he’s sick and the disease has a large footprint in Italy, seems an entirely reasonable precaution. In fact, given the circumstances, the real story probably would have been why the pope hadn’t been tested for the disease.

Instead, the thing driving some people crazy is that the Vatican didn’t provide any comment on Giansoldati’s story, so that journalists have been left to traffic in second-hand reports and conjecture rather than officially confirmed information

There’s a grand history of such refusals. On August 19, 1914, for example, L’Osservatore Romano, the official Vatican newspaper, published a stinging editorial denouncing unnamed commentators who had suggested the previous day that Pope Pius X had a cold.

Less than twenty-four hours later, Pius X was dead.

When I saw this report — and its blatant foreshadowing — a couple of days ago, I knew the “Pope’s death by Coronavirus” side story was still in play, so I’ve been watching the news for more signs. This morning, a sign came…

…from Yahoo News / AFP. Here is an excerpt…

The Argentine-born pope has been out with a cold for more than a week, cancelling many of his public appearances.

Although he had a part of a lung removed when he was young, the pope has enjoyed a life of good health and follows a rigorous schedule.

His unusual absence during the coronavirus scare prompted immediate speculation that he had contacted COVID-19.

A newspaper reported last week that the pope had been tested for the virus and came out clean, although the Vatican never confirmed it.

When I saw that the mainstream media were mentioning the Vatican’s failure to confirm the Pope’s Coronavirus-free status, alarm bells started going off. They were preparing people for something. It was then that I decided to remind myself of the Pope’s exact inauguration date and saw that its 7th anniversary fell on Friday the 13th.

Now here’s the thing: it’s likely that the Pope isn’t sick at all, but that won’t stop the Vatican from announcing his death by Coronavirus this week. He’ll just go into seclusion in a special bunker in the Vatican catacombs while his globalist pals play out the planned drama above ground — and the drama that’s planned for Rome is a doozy.

There is a Kabbalist prophecy that calls for Rome’s destruction by fiery stones or missiles from the sky during a Vatican conclave. And since the Kabbalists are the ones running the show, you can be certain that they’ve gone to great pains to assure that all their prophecies are fulfilled.

Many of the Kabbalists come from families that were impacted by the Spanish Inquisition, so they’ve been looking forward to the day they can destroy Rome for a very long time. First, they infiltrated it, then they corrupted it, now they control it, and soon they’ll destroy it. After that, I guess they’ll celebrate it…

In yesterday’s update, I mentioned that if the globalists intend this month to be the end of the Great Tribulation, we’ll see a nuclear war scare come upon us. This nuclear scare may begin by one or more nukes popping off, since that would make the threat of a full nuclear exchange between the US and Russia all the more real and all the more terrifying. Rome could be one of the nuke targets, as could the USS Truman. Another option is that they’ll have a “desperate” Erdogan seize the US nukes supposedly at Incirlik Air Base and hold them hostage. We’ll just have to wait and see which nuclear scare option(s) they’ll choose.

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Get a load of this…

…from the Drudge Report at 7:07 PM Texas Time

Is it just a coincidence that the Dow closed down by 2,013 points today? And is it just a coincidence that the Drudge headline left out the comma so the points read like a year? If we are seeing the end of the First Tribulation, then its beginning was 7 years ago in March of 2013. So the globalists could be signalling that today’s stock market crash was the beginning of the end of the First Tribulation. You can read about what happened in March of 2013 further down this page in the 15 February update, which is in an article titled Globalist Scripting Possibilities for March of 2020.

(10 March 2020) – Back in the 7 March update, I wrote this…

Getting back to Trump, the globalists could also script him as becoming incapacitated or dying from COVID-19 “that he contracted during a domestic trip.” The NWO narrative would later claim that he was deliberately infected during his visit to the VRC or CDC.

Well have a look at what showed up on Drudge this morning…

…Note the picture of Trump and Pence at the top.

Also take a gander at one of headlines on Infowars this morning…

…Here is an excerpt…

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) announced Monday he will become the third GOP lawmaker to “self-quarantine” themselves after coming into contact with an individual during CPAC who later tested positive for Wuhan Coronavirus.

In addition to this revelation, a picture on AP Images shows President Trump shaking hands with Collins at Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Ga. on Friday, March 6

Ironically, President Trump met Collins in Georgia to attend a tour and briefing of CDC Atlanta focusing on how to best respond to coronavirus.

So if you put the two headlines together, Trump was potentially exposed to COVID-19 on the 6th, and he might start showing symptoms 5 days later on the 11th. If he does, watch for his supposed infection to take him out of commission by the 15th, which brings us to the guy with whom he’s pictured above the Drudge headlines, Mike Pence.

Back in August of 2017, I wrote an article titled Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 8 – Apocalyptic propaganda and the “Grey Champion.” The article spoke of the potential that the Pope would give rise to an antichrist figure the prophecy propagandists called “the Grey Champion”…

…from SkyWatch TV

Here is an excerpt from my article

Upon reading through the World Net Daily article to which the SkyWatch article pointed, I took away three things…

1) It describes the “Grey Champion” in a way that allows Vladimir Putin to fulfill the role.

2) It lays the foundation for a “decoy Grey Champion” who will come first — a role to be fulfilled by either Mike Pence or “Zombie Trump” (a Trump that cuts a deal with the “deep state” for border wall funding or for killing NAFTA and lets them have their way on Russia).

3) It suggests that Vladimir Putin’s initial leadership role in the New World Order / “reformed” UN will be that of an “eminence grise: a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates “behind the scenes” or in a non-public or unofficial capacity. The Secretary-General will not make a move unless Putin okays it first.

So with this “Grey Champion” bullsh*t in mind, let’s look at how it may have been fulfilled earlier this year (the following excerpt is from one of the 25 January updates, which is further down this page)…

Getting back to the subject of watching Mike Pence this week, look at how the Jesuit-run America Magazine covered yesterday’s meeting between Pence and the Pope

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met Pope Francis in the Vatican at noon on Jan. 24, and the two spoke together in private for an hour, a surprisingly long time for an audience with someone who is not a head of state. It was their first meeting.

Pope Francis welcomed the vice president, who was raised Catholic, and then led him into the private library where he receives heads of state and distinguished guests and where he received President Trump on May 24, 2017…

Before the two leaders met, one Vatican official told America the meeting was a “courtesy” visit, as Mr. Pence was also visiting Italy and was scheduled to meet with the country’s president, Sergio Mattarella, who also attended the Holocaust Forum, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But given the length of the meeting it could have been much more. The Vatican did not issue a press statement, since the vice president is not a head of state…

Mr. Pence’s audience with Pope Francis took place as the U.S. Senate is holding the impeachment trial of President Trump. <<<

So now that Pence has kissed the asses of Israel and the Vatican this week, let’s see if some new impeachment-impacting bombshell about Trump explodes at the beginning of the weekly news cycle on Monday. Pence’s nose is now brown-enough to be President.

Of course, the globalists backed off from transitioning to Pence via impeachment, but this week will provide another opportunity to bring him in via Trump’s incapacitation, death, or 25th Amendment removal.

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Did the globalists get cold feet overnight? Some unexpected things happened today…

  1. Xi Jinping visited Wuhan to take a victory lap, which could be an indication that the COVID-19 hype in China is about to be wound down.
  2. The Russian Duma made their opening move towards allowing Vladimir Putin to extend his presidency, which could be an indication that the globalists are anticipating a delay in implementing the NWO (so they need to extend his term to keep him in position to play the savior in another prophecy fulfillment timetable).
  3. The stock market slide was halted.

It’s too early to know if they’re bailing on their March plans or not, but if we get to the 16th without a serious event, it will be a very good sign. In case they’re not bailing, though, the fireworks could begin as soon as tomorrow the 11th.

(11 March 2020) – While we wait to see if the March agenda will go ahead or not, I thought I’d share something I saw when I visited Mike Adams’s Coronavirus-hyping disinfo site on Monday…

…from Natural News

He calls the clear-headed people who don’t buy the Coronavirus hype “pandemic DENIERS“! I laughed my as* off when I saw that. What a fu*king tool.

So after spending decades doing faux-truthing about the need to stop a martial law lockdown in America, why is it that the controlled alt-media are the ones hysterically overhyping the wimpy Coronavirus and demanding that Trump lock down the country? – Here are a couple of reasons:

  • To aid the globalists in their all-hands (both mainstream media and controlled alt-media) effort to scare the public with the virus, lock down the world, then implode the current financial system, and
  • To provide “right wing” political cover for Trump to do the lockdown and pretend he’s not aiding the globalists, but somehow stopping them: “To stop the Deep State from killing millions of Americans, Trump must act now to halt the spread of the virus!!!” Then later, when it turns out that few actually died from COVID-19, they’ll say the lockdown was what saved us.

Of course, all this is moot if the globalists have bailed on their March agenda. If that turns out to be the case, the COVID-19 hype in the West will continue through this month without a total lockdown, then wind down in April when they claim “the warmer weather has halted the spread of the virus.” The central banks would then put the global economy back on zombie life support until another September or March comes along.

On another note, it has occurred to me that we’ve got the Kabbalists by the balls when it comes to the Kabbalist prophecies they’re obligated to fulfill. If, for instance, they go ahead and narrate the Pope’s death and destroy Rome in accordance with the Zohar prophecy, they’ll draw a great deal of attention to this blog’s narrative of their activities. So by the time they get to their resolution phase over March 19-23, their own narrative would be in serious jeopardy. And if they try to go ahead without destroying Rome, they’d be letting down all their ancestors and showing the Zohar for the useless fraud that it is.

Basically, they’re caught between a rock and a hard place. And we’re going to keep them there. So if you run across any more prophecies that are supposedly derived from the primary texts of the Kabbalah, send me the info and I’ll take care of the rest.

Later, we’ll look at the truth about the make-believe COVID-19 mortality statistics.

(11 March 2020) – A partial (or total) US lockdown may be announced later today. You can see the propaganda they’re using to set it up in this CNBC article

Here is an excerpt…

A top U.S. health official said the worst is yet to come with a new coronavirus outbreak that has already infected more than 1,000 people across the nation, prompting state officials from New York to Washington to close schools and even mobilize troops outside of Manhattan.

“I can say we will see more cases and things will get worse than they are right now,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told the House Oversight and Reform Committee at a hearing on the nation’s preparedness for the outbreak Wednesday.

How much worse depends on two things, he said: containing the influx of infected people coming from other countries and containing local outbreaks within the U.S.

Fauci said the total number of U.S. infections and deaths will be “totally dependent upon how we respond to it.”

“I can’t give you a number,” he said. “I can’t give you a realistic number until we put into the factor of how we respond. If we’re complacent and don’t do really aggressive containment and mitigation, the number could go way up and be involved in many many millions“…

President Donald Trump summoned the panel of witnesses to an emergency meeting at the White House later Wednesday, cutting the hearing short, Committee Chairwoman Rep. Carolyn Maloney said at the top of the hearing.

“This morning we were informed that President Trump and Vice President Pence have called our witnesses to an emergency meeting at the White House. We don’t know the details, just that it’s extremely urgent,” Maloney, D-NY, said.

So here is a (Catholic) government doctor calling for “aggressive containment” just like the controlled alt-media. And given the “emergency meeting at the White House” and the fact that this is the 11th, look for the possible lockdown of cities that have reported COVID-19 cases (if not a total US lockdown). If it’s the latter, the Next Lehman Moment is coming quite soon.

Looking again at the CNBC article, there is one critical matter that needs to be pointed out: it states that 1,000 people in the US have been infected with COVID-19 and 31 have died. And very dishonest doctors and disinformation agents are doing the math and stating that this represents a 3.1% fatality rate. This is laughable bullsh*t, and I’ll tell you why…

It is easy to count those who have died from COVID-19, so the 31 number is probably accurate.


So if there are actually…


IN OTHER WORDS, THEY ARE DELIBERATELY INFLATING THE MORTALITY RATE BY DELIBERATELY UNDERCOUNTING THE NUMBER OF INFECTIONS. Haven’t you seen the news reports on the lack of testing kits and the denial of tests to those who have requested them?

There is, however, one place where infections and deaths have been accurately counted: in the cruise ship that was stranded off Japan…

…from the Daily Mail

(Expansion 1) – The fact that all of the cruise passenger deaths were in those over 70 years of age is of particular note, because the numbers DO suggest that COVID-19 hits the elderly much harder than anyone else — perhaps as much as 10 times harder. Here is another mainstream article that covers how it impacts different age groups…

…from Stat. Here is a key section…

The death toll skews old even more strongly. Overall, China CDC found, 2.3% of confirmed cases died. But the fatality rate was 14.8% in people 80 or older, likely reflecting the presence of other diseases, a weaker immune system, or simply worse overall health. By contrast, the fatality rate was 1.3% in 50-somethings, 0.4% in 40-somethings, and 0.2% in people 10 to 39.

Mind you, the actual mortality rates offered in the article are overstated for the same reason ours are: the Chinese government had a vested interest in undercounting the infections and inflating the mortality rate to justify their lockdown. But the proportions of the death rates are likely accurate since it’s easy to account for the ages of those who actually died. And the proportions show that COVID-19 is an engineered tool of social Darwinism: it kills off the elderly and the weak. The actual death rates in other age groups aren’t sufficiently different from the common flu that special precautions are necessary. This means there is no need to lock down the general population; we need only protect the elderly. So just like in China, the US lockdown will be done to serve certain purposes of the government, not to “protect the citizens” (it will do quite the opposite in fact).

(Note – Upon going back to the CNBC article for excerpts, I found they’d changed it. We might look at what changed and why later on.)

(Expansion 2) – So here’s how things are likely to go after today’s lockdown decision…

If Trump refuses to issue a lockdown or authorizes only a partial lockdown, the media will come after him for failing to take adequate action to prevent the deaths of millions of Americans. And this will give the person in charge of the government’s Coronavirus response, Vice President Mike Pence, political cover to stage a cabinet coup against Trump in the March 13-15 timeframe (either that or Trump will come become incapacitated with a COVID-19 infection).

What happens after that will be determined by whether the globalists intend this month to be the start of the “Great Tribulation” or its end…

IF MARCH IS THE START OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION, one of the following will happen…

  • Trump will fall and Mike Pence will become President, likely selecting Jared Kushner as his VP, or
  • Trump will survive and replace Mike Pence with Jared Kushner — he’ll do this “because he is under siege and needs a VP he can totally trust and because Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t dare block the confirmation of such a powerful Jew.” Trump might then “die” on or about March 22.

IF IT IS THE END OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION, Trump will survive and appoint either Tulsi Gabbard or Rand Paul as his VP. Since Tulsi’s nomination would be such a political masterstroke, she’s the odds-on favorite. Gabbard and Paul are the globalists’ choice to lead the post-Crisis Democratic Party and Republican Party (respectively).

(11 March 2020) – I’ve been trying to pin down the details of the supposed emergency meeting at the White House, and it turns out that it might be “fake news”: White House Says There Is No Emergency Meeting on Coronavirus. But then again, there’s this: “In the United States, where there are now more than 1,000 cases, the White House is considering moving all of Europe to a Level 3 travel advisory, discouraging all nonessential travel to those regions. President Trump said he will address the nation at 9 p.m. – from The Washington Post

So if Trump does address the nation and issues no lockdown, the scenarios mentioned in the second alert expansion below could be triggered.

Note: Just in time for the 11th and a possible US lockdown

…from Zero Hedge

(12 March 2020) – I’ve noticed all the controlled alt-media sites trying desperately to prop up the Coronavirus scare by talking of mortality rates as high as 6%, so tomorrow morning, we’ll take an even harder look at the ongoing mortality rate fraud. And we’ll see why even Dr. Fauci’s 1% figure is a major overstatement. It’s time for a reality check.

~ MORE ~

Tomorrow will be Friday the 13th, so be on alert for three events that could happen that day…

  1. President Trump could fall ill to COVID-19,
  2. the Vatican could announce the death of Pope Francis by COVID-19, and/or
  3. the stock market could plunge by 20% and be closed for the day.

One or more of these events could “light a fire under Vice President Pence to lead a 25th Amendment removal of President Trump due to his ‘incapacity’ to properly handle the COVID-19 Crisis”…

…from NBC News (top) and Business Insider (bottom)

ALERT (12 March 2020) – The seeds for a potential Friday the 13th stock market panic have already been sown. New York City has declared a state of emergency over COVID-19, and then there’s this…

…from Business Insider. Here is one of the article’s bullet points…

The NYSE’s contingency plan would replace its human/electronic-broker hybrid with a backup system that hasn’t yet been used during a real-world trading session, The Wall Street Journal reported.

So Friday the 13th could be the last trading day before they lock down the New York Stock Exchange and go to their under-tested backup system on Monday. And if the backup system breaks down on Monday — which it almost certainly will under the current chaotic trading conditions — people would be unable to sell their stocks while all the COVID-19 chaos unfolds around them. This creates a strong motivation for investors to liquidate their positions on Friday, so there is a strong possibility we’ll see a 20% drop followed by a closure for the day.

There’s also this: a breakdown of the computerized backup system on Monday could easily be blamed on foreign hackers — perhaps Iran? This would provide an excuse to start a war.

~ MORE ~

I’ve run across a couple of articles that offer some foreshadowing:

The first is from The Wall Street Journal

And the second is from the International Business Times

…Here is an excerpt…

Wall Street Journal reported that floor traders handle critical processes, especially during the 4 p.m. closing auctions which determine end-of-day prices for thousands of stocks. These closing prices are used as benchmarks by innumerable index funds and exchange-traded funds as well as futures and options contracts.

“The closing auction is arguably the most important moment of the trading day,” said Greg Tusar, a former global head of electronic trading at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS). “Anything that happens to it that hasn’t been tested is a risk that is material in nature.”

Cunningham added: “There are more stocks that we actually want to apply that human judgment to because they open with less volatility and investors get better prices.”

(13 March 2020) – In the 11 March Alert (a little further down this page), I mentioned that they changed the CNBC article I referenced, and I said that we might have a look at what changed later on. Well, now is later…

…And as you can see, what changed is that they highlighted the 1% death rate claimed by Dr. Fauci — a figure that was then plastered across all the mainstream media.

As was also noted in the 11 March Alert, two things are needed to calculate an ACCURATE American death rate for COVID-19:

1) An ACCURATE count of the Americans who have died from COVID-19, which we probably have — the figure was a measly 38 as of yesterday, and

2) An ACCURATE count of the number of Americans who are infected with COVID-19, WHICH WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR TO HAVING. Even the mainstream media have admitted as much…

Nearly two weeks after the new coronavirus was first found to be spreading among Americans, the United States remains dangerously limited in its capacity to test people for the illness, an ongoing investigation from The Atlantic has found.

After surveying local data from across the country, we can only verify that 4,384 people have been tested for the coronavirus nationwide, as of Monday at 4 p.m. eastern time. These data are as comprehensive a compilation of official statistics as currently possible.

The lack of testing means that it is almost impossible to know how many Americans are infected with the coronavirus and suffering from COVID-19, the disease it causes. While our analysis has tracked state and local announcements that more than 570 people in 36 states are infected, experts say that number is almost certainly too small to reflect the full extent of the disease’s spread in the U.S. Not enough Americans have been tested for officials to know how many people are ill, they say. – from The Atlantic

And the dearth of testing spoken of in the Atlantic article continues to this day (and quite on purpose, since undercounting the infected inflates the calculated death rate)…

…from Yahoo News. Here is an excerpt…

Despite insistent promises from the Trump administration, coronavirus testing in the United States appears to be proceeding with a marked lack of urgency. An examination of state and federal records by Yahoo News finds that American states are, on average, testing fewer than 100 people per day — while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had tested fewer than 100 people total in the first two days of this week.

Since there is so little data from which to draw an even halfway accurate conclusion — or even an honest estimate — on the American COVID-19 death rate figure, any figure offered from the US data is a mere guesstimate that reflects the bias of the guesstimator. And where did Dr. Fauci get the “number of infected” figure he plugged into the equation to come out with a 1% death rate? I can tell you exactly where he got it: he pulled it straight out of his as*. And given that he’s a Catholic, I’m guessing that his priest was the one who stuck it up there. Basically, he chose a 1% death rate because the narrative of a higher death rate isn’t flying with the awakening elements of the public, and they wanted to scare people with a nice, round number: “COVID-19’s 1% mortality rate is 10 times higher than that of the common flu!”

In the next section, we’ll look at the death rate in a relatively honest country that is good with math and has done MUCH more testing of their population than has the US: South Korea. We’ll also take a second look at the Diamond Princess death rate. Then we’ll go on to look at the bullsh*t 6% figure that is coming from the Vatican-allied mafia greaseballs in the Italian government.

Check back every few hours or so over the course of the day and the weekend. I’m just getting started with these motherfu*kers.

“Dr. Fauci, Health Ranger, Kabbalists, Italian mafia goombahs… we come for you! We come for you!”

thus spaketh the Human Collective Consciousness.

(13 March 2020) – In the afternoon, I’ll jump ahead and show you the cheap counting trick they’re using to justify statements like this: The number of new infections in Europe has been doubling, on average, every 72 hours.”

~ MORE ~

My, what a difference a day makes! Trump issues a national emergency declaration over COVID-19, and Wall Street rewards him with a market rally…

…from Barrons

This looks a lot like “Trump as a Good Guy / Hero / Avatar” scripting, and this is how the NWO narrative will describe what happened from the 11th through the 13th…

“The Deep State pressured Trump to declare a Coronavirus lockdown on March 11, but Trump refused, offering only a European travel ban instead. To punish him for this move, Wall Street delivered a crushing stock market decline on Thursday, and they threatened to crash the market limit-down on Friday. Still unwilling to betray the American people by locking them down over a hoax, the master negotiator Trump offered the Deep State a deal: ‘If you’ll spare the markets and the economy, I’ll give you a national emergency declaration.’ The Deep State accepted his offer.”

It looks like the globalists have backed off from making any huge moves over the weekend, but we must remain vigilant till the Ides of March have passed. We’ll see them make another attempt at huge moves in the March 19-23 time window.

Getting back to the cheap counting tricks the globalists are using to feed the Coronavirus hysteria, I spent hours figuring out a way of explaining them that everyone should be able to understand; I’ll do the write-up in the morning when my mind is fresh.

~ MORE 2 ~

For the readers who have been contacting me over the “Messiah Trump mass arrests the Deep State” scenario, I assure you that coverage of that angle is in the pipeline. Here is a little preview…

According to globalists’ “Trump as Avatar” scripting, when Trump finally gives the Deep State what they’re seeking — a lockdown of the American people over the Coronavirus hoax — he will actually turn the tables on them by ordering their mass arrest (with a little help “from above”). He’ll allow the hoax to persist until the arrests are over so people will stay safely in their homes and not be hurt in the crossfire. This is the same thing “Avatar Xi” has done in China in his roundup of the “Deep State-allied” Shanghai (Jiang) Faction. And once all the American “black hats” are locked-up in FEMA camps, the “white hats” will explode the Coronavirus hoax (and many other hoaxes and false-flags) by telling the public everything that has been going on behind the scenes.

I’m actually quite heartened to see readers thinking ahead on their own and anticipating the globalists’ moves. It is one of the things I’ve been working towards. I can’t do this forever you know.

(13 March 2020) – Here is something I wrote in the 3 March update…

From the looks of the COVID-19 propaganda coming out today on 3/3, we may see a nationwide/worldwide lockdown of the major cities as early as next week. This lockdown is the final sign that will precede the controlled demolition of the current financial system. Their rationale in using fear of COVID-19 to compel people to “shelter in place” is “we don’t want the terrified monkeys running wild and burning down the zoo when we take the banana dispensing system down for a reboot.”

Well, “next week” is this week, and the lockdown is clearly underway, albeit in an incremental fashion…

…from Politico (top) and AFP (bottom)

They’ll wait till the last moment to issue the “self-quarantine at home” order and shut down domestic travel, then POP goes the “Everything Bubble.” This will almost certainly happen within the next ten days.

We’ve now reached the time in the battle when the guy who was out on ambush crashes into your hole and tells you, “They ain’t stopping for sh*t!” So when the big moment comes, sit tight in your hole and enjoy the show. Our false saviors will put on quite a good one.

(14 March 2020) – Here is an overlooked fact that a reader pointed out this morning…

…from Wikipedia

Won’t it be funny when the “White Hats” reveal to everyone that the massive “Deep State” Coronavirus scare campaign was based on the common cold? So all the “IT’S NOT THE FLU!” screaming the hysterical mainstream and controlled alt-media have been doing is correct. It’s not the flu; it’s the common cold.

Remember that the “Truth Tsunami” that will be unleashed after Trump mass arrests the “Deep State” is going to be a limited hangout campaign. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy if you haven’t already. It contains a section that explains the purpose behind the coming “revelations.”

(14 March 2020) – The Counting Tricks the Governments Use to Support the COVID-19 Fear Campaign

Here is the core of the article I promised yesterday. I’ll be adding more to it over the coming hours. The numbers I use in this hypothetical exercise are, of course, hypothetical. It’s not about the numbers; it’s about showing how the tricks work.

Imagine for a moment that you are God and can look down at the USA and count the exact number of people who have COVID-19 infections…

  • on Day 0, you count a total of 2,000, and
  • on Day 3, you count a total of 2,000 again, seeing that some who contracted it well before Day 0 have healed from it and others have newly contracted it, with the net number of infected remaining the same.

During that same time period, the US government also conducted a count — a profoundly less thorough one…

  1. on Day 0, they did 33 tests and counted 11 infections,
  2. on Day 1, they did 44 tests and counted 14 infections,
  3. on Day 2, they did 55 tests and counted 19 infections, and
  4. on Day 3, they did 66 tests and counted 22 infections.

So between Day 0 and Day 3, they counted a grand total of 66 infections. They also counted 2 deaths from COVID-19 during that timeframe.

With these pitifully inadequate numbers in hand, they do the math and hand three COVID-19 talking points to the media:

Headline 1: Because they counted 11 new infections on Day 0 and 22 new infections on Day 3, they release this headline…


This misleads the public into thinking that the number of people getting infected has doubled in only 72 hours, which is very alarming. But from your God’s-eye view, you know this isn’t so. The only thing that doubled was the number of tests the government administered.

Headline 2: Because the grand total of counted infections was 11 on Day 0 and 66 on Day 3, they release this headline…


From your God’s-eye view, you know this isn’t so — total infections in the population haven’t changed over that period. The only thing that has increased six-fold is the government’s running count of infections.

Headline 3: Because there were a total of 2 dead and 66 infected on Day 3, they release this headline…


But from your God’s-eye view, you know that there were actually 2 dead and 2,000 infected on Day 3, which yields a mortality rate of 0.1% — exactly the same as the flu.

Now imagine that the government gives 1,000 tests on Day 4. Can you imagine the headline they could make from that? – COVID-19 INFECTIONS GO EXPONENTIAL! With the opening of the new drive-thru testing stations, that’s about to happen. And an “exponential explosion” of COVID-19 infections would provide an excellent excuse for a total national lockdown, would it not?

(14 March 2020) – Tomorrow is the Ides of March, so watch for potential drama surrounding the Pope, Trump, Putin, Xi, and Erdogan. And if we are on track for the globalists to script the end of the First Great Tribulation between the 19th and 23rd — and it appears that we probably are — watch for us to come to the brink of nuclear war (or a little past the brink) in the Middle East by that time. Two aircraft carriers are now in position there. Tomorrow, I’ll start coverage on What To Watch For This Week.

~ MORE ~

Today, Putin signed the constitutional amendments that will allow him to stay on indefinitely as President of Russia, and a reader commented that by this action “Putin is asking for a revolution.” Not quite. He’s asking for an assassination. So watch for a possible attempt on Putin’s life by the “Western Deep States” and their “Russian Deep State” allies. The attempt may come tomorrow on the Ides of March, or it may come on the 19th. His “death” on the 19th would set up the potential for his “Christ-like resurrection on the 3rd day,” Sunday the 22nd.

And is it just me, or does Pope Francis look a little weak? His “death by Coronavirus” is still in play tomorrow and through the end of the Month, as is Trump’s by the looks of it…

…from Infowars

Also, if we’re on track for the end of the First Tribulation, Erdogan will be gone by the 23rd, by either coup or assassination. And Xi’s death/removal is also in play, but I haven’t yet identified any specific scenario pointing to it.

~ MORE 2 ~

A reader reminded me that I’ve already written about a scenario that would lead to Xi’s imminent assassination or removal: Xi’s rescripting as a First Tribulation “Antichrist” along with the “Xi did it” narrative of the Coronavirus release. Like Pope Francis, this month marks Xi’s 7th year in power.

Here’s another scenario: the “Deep State-allied” Shanghai (Jiang) Faction joining with other Xi-wary factions to blame “Avatar Xi” for the Coronavirus release so they can attempt to take him out.

(15 March 2020) – Well, well, well, who would have expected this?…

…from The Washington Times

So COVID-19 supposedly spread person-to-person out of China as early as December 2019 and has killed this many Americans as of today…

…from Zero Hedge

During the same timeframe, the common flu spread person-to-person out of China and has now killed this many Americans as of March 7…

…from the CDC. And 2,000 of those deaths came in a single week (from February 29 to March 7). How many people did COVID-19 kill in that week? 10 maybe?

This raises an obvious question…

If COVID-19 spreads so much quicker than the flu,
and it is “ten times deadlier,”
why has it killed only 0.26% of the number the flu has killed?

Putting it another way, this is the question that needs to be asked to Dr. Fauci, Mike Adams, and all the other COVID-19 doomsayers…

Where’s the beef, bitch?

Here’s the thing, though: They know they’re lying, but their job is to prop up the COVID-19 hoax just long enough for the globalists to lock down all the countries they want to lock down before they implode the financial system. After that, the whole COVID-19 illusion will start crashing down (assuming we’re on “the Avatars win” scripting).

My reason in hitting the hoax so hard is to do what I can to deny them “the Antichrists win” scripting, which would require the hoax to continue over a much longer term, and to help people avoid unnecessary worry over the pandemic part of the Big Show.

It’s just a show, folks, so I hope you picked up some popcorn along with your toilet paper.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s add one more counting trick the globalists will use to increase the number of COVID-19 deaths on cue: use Coronavirus tests that are rigged to generate false positives on people who are dying of other conditions…

…from the Drudge Report

(15 March 2020) – The first thing to watch for is a two-week shutdown of the United States, which could be announced as soon as Monday the 16th and as late as next weekend. It will probably happen sooner rather than later, but if it doesn’t happen by the 23rd, it probably won’t happen at all.

This shutdown will afford the globalists two paths. One leads to the New World Order, and the other leads to further delay. If we’re headed into the NWO, the Fed and the government will launch a package of financial interventions that are designed to fail, but will make it appear that they tried to stop the collapse. But if we’re headed for further delay, they’ll launch a package that will hold off a collapse until they can narrate a stalling of the Coronavirus outbreak due to the April heat. I wrote this about the path to further delay back in the 1 January update…

If the globalists set off their grenades early this year, we might see some rather earthshaking events by the end of March. But if I and others do our jobs correctly, we may see the grenades go back in their holsters for a while. Such a delay would take the form of massive QE from the central banks (to hold off the climax till September or next March) or a G20 agreement on across-the-board debt reduction (to hold off for a couple of years).

And look at what’s happened in the last few days…

…from Zero Hedge and The Guardian

Now that the globalists are within arm’s reach of the NWO, it’s hard to imagine them not going forward with their plans. But one should never underestimate the innate compulsion that drives cockroaches to scatter when enough light is cast upon them. If the lighting is sufficient, the G20 meeting will make arrangements to kick the can further down the road, but if the roaches are really hungry, it will be the first step towards reforming the UN into the NWO by this September.


Pope Francis got out and took a walk yesterday to show that he has recovered from his “cold”…

…from the AP

This doesn’t mean his imminent “death by Coronavirus” is off the table, though, because the COVID-19 fear campaign has already established that people who recover can become reinfected and suddenly drop dead from heart failure. But seeing “the Bishop in White” outside taking a stroll reminded me of a second papal prophecy the globalists are obligated to fulfill: the “Third Secret of Fatima.” Here is what the infamous globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn has said about the prophecy…

“Well now you’ve got the Pope saying that it could be that now Fatima, the Third Secret of Fatima, is gonna be fulfilled. What’s the third secret of Fatima? It describes the Pope, the bishop in white, walking in a great city — most people believe this to be the Vatican, right? And something has happened. Dead people are everywhere, and the Pope is walking along – there’s dead Christians, dead bishops, dead people all over the city — and as he’s making his way towards a cross, these ISIS-like people run into the city and shoot him and kill him.” – from an interview with Jim Bakker (Horn starts talking about the Pope at the 13:15 mark and goes on to say this at the 15:13 mark).

The part that talks about the Pope “making his way towards a cross” really stands out in light of something the AP article mentioned…

After that, the 83-year-old pope left the basilica, near Rome’s central train station, and headed toward central Piazza Venezia, strolling along a brief stretch of Via del Corso, a noted shopping street for Romans. He then ducked into a church that most tourists pass by, St. Marcel on the Corso.

The church keeps a “miraculous crucifix that in 1522 was carried in procession through the neighborhoods of the city so that the Great Plague of Rome ended,″ Bruni said.

Will this be the cross the Pope will approach when he is gunned down by “jihadists” in a staged scene? And if so, which Pope will be killed, Benedict or Francis?

Let’s also remember the Kabbalist Zohar prophecy the globalists must fulfill. Here is how Horn describes it…

the “kings of the earth” gather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky.

The prophecy in the Zohar, given by Jews hundreds of years separate from the divination of “the last pope,” is amazing when compared with the Catholic prediction. The final pope, “Peter the Roman,” whose reign ends in the destruction of Rome, will assume authority during a time of great tribulation, and then “the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible and fearsome Judge will judge his people.” – from

So with the “Third Secret of Fatima” and the “Destruction of Rome” prophecies, we have two prophecies of papal death. And quite conveniently, we have two living Popes. That being the case, here is how the globalists might script the fulfillment of both prophecies…

  1. Pope Francis drops dead of a Coronavirus reinfection and sudden heart failure. “In shock,” the Church moves the “miraculous crucifix” onto the Vatican grounds.
  2. His death causes the “Kings of the Earth” (the Roman cardinals and perhaps world leaders and royals) to gather in Rome for his funeral and a papal conclave.
  3. Rome is destroyed by “fiery stones.”
  4. Pope Emeritus Benedict, having survived the stones, wanders out among the dead, approaches the “miraculous crucifix,” and is gunned down.

I may expand and enhance this section over the course of the day.

(16 March 2020) – Once they announce the final elements of the lockdown (the travel ban and the self-quarantine-at-home order), the following days will feel like this…

But you won’t have to wait long to know how the rest of the year is gonna go. By next Monday the 23rd, it will be quite clear that we’ve either just started the Great Tribulation or just ended it. And ironically, the events might be even scarier if it’s ending.

If Trump, Putin, and Xi are seen to come out on top, things will start looking up for a while. But if the “Deep State” is seen to triumph over one or more of them, the road ahead will look quite dark — at least until September of this year, and at most until September of 2023.

On another note, have a look at this…

…from Reuters

The article says that Moscow is undertaking the same lockdown measures that major US cities are implementing, and the measures are even more ridiculous there given this passage from the article: “The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Russia rose to 93 on Monday, up from 63 the previous day, but no deaths have yet been reported.”

So in a nation of 144 million people spread out over a vast landmass, 93 have caught a COVID-cold and no one has died. What an unimaginable threat to Russian national security!!! 🙂 There are probably more people hospitalized in Russia for tripping and falling than for Coronavirus. They’d better lock down the country and cordon-off all the steps and wet floors too.

It’s never been about the virus, though. It’s about the transition to the New World Order financial system. And Russia is a key party to that.

(17 March 2020) – “Cyrus the Great” to the Rescue!…

Tomorrow is “Devil’s Day,” the 18th (6+6+6 = 18). It’s also the day before the March 19 Spring Equinox, when “light regains equality with darkness and begins to overcome it.” So if the globalists opt to go through with this absurd stage play, Wednesday is a high probability day for the announcement of the quarantine order and travel ban, after which all hell will break loose. And “all hell breaking loose” would including some or all of the following events…

  • the collapse or shutdown of the current financial system,
  • the papal death scenarios featured in the Two Popes for Two Prophecies update (below),
  • the fall of Turkey’s Erdogan,
  • a short, sharp battle in the Middle East that will leave Al Aqsa Mosque in ruins, and
  • a nuclear war scare. (The short, sharp battle and nuclear war scare may be scripted as being prevented by Putin & Pals).

Since we seem to be trending towards “the end of the Great Tribulation and the victory of the Avatars,” the globalists will likely script “good guy” Trump’s mass arrest of the “evil Deep State” this weekend (Netanyahu would do a similar mass arrest in Israel). It would then take the following six months to do the “Truth Tsunami,” conduct the military tribunal show trials of the arrestees, and complete the paperwork to “reform” the UN into the multilateral / multipolar New World Order. The NWO would launch on Jewish New Year, give or take a few days.

Of course, this is just the most likely and straightforward version of how thing might be scripted. I’ve covered many potential variations in other entries on this page. It is recommended that you take the time to read this entire page if you haven’t already. You’ll need something to do during the lockdown, right?

~ MORE ~

The globalists have a lot to do this week and they’re running out of time to do it. So if they want to finish the lockdown in the next day or two, they’ll need a precipitating event to justify it. Here are two candidates: 1) the announcement of “an exponential rise in new Coronavirus cases and deaths” (faked by the means outlined in the updates below), or 2) the death of Pope Francis by a Coronavirus reinfection. When the latter happens, watch for Trump to send Jared and Ivanka to the funeral in his place. Their presence would provide “God’s reason for destroying the Vatican.”

(17 March 2020) – I was talking to my Korean roommate / former wife about the Coronavirus situation and an interesting thought came to mind: The name of the church that served as ground zero for the South Korean outbreak, Shincheonji, translates to “New World.” And it is presumed that they spread it in Korea after contracting it during meetings they held in Wuhan. But given the fact that the church is “apocalyptic and messianic in character, and has been described as a doomsday cult,” one has to ask…

Will it turn out that the Shincheonji cult were the ones who released COVID-19 in both Wuhan and Korea on behalf of the “Satanic Western New World Order” guys and their allies in the Chinese “Deep State” (the anti-Xi factions)? (A WMD release by an Asian cult is not without precedent: do you remember what happened with the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult and the nerve gas in Japan? And get this: Aum Shinrikyo now call themselves “Aleph,” which is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet.)

And are the “Deep State” elements of the Chinese government working with their counterparts in America to start a war between America and China based on the “false rumor” that the US Army were the ones who spread it?

I’ve got a hunch that the (multilateral/multipolar) NWO narrative might be heading there, so I’ll ponder this further.

~ MORE – 18 March 2020 ~

This Shincheonji origin story for the COVID-19 outbreak would go nicely with the false narrative Alex Jones and Mike Adams have been spreading (you can go to the 7:24 mark of this video to hear it).This is the gist of it…

President Trump was set up by the Chinese and the Deep State. The Chinese lied to him by telling him the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak was no big deal, and the Deep State CDC sabotaged testing in the US to hide the outbreak in America until it had grown into a major national threat. This was done to make it look like Trump didn’t take the threat seriously and was negligently slow in responding, thus causing grave danger to American life and great damage to the national economy when a total national lockdown became necessary. The Chinese/Deep State aim in doing this was to politically weaken Trump for an early removal or a loss in the presidential election.”

Later on, this same narrative will be extended to Xi…

“Since the region in and around Wuhan was controlled by the Shanghai (Jiang) Faction and other anti-Xi communist factions, the regional officials withheld information and downplayed the Coronavirus outbreak to President Xi. This caused Xi to tell Trump that the outbreak was not a big problem. It was only when the outbreak became a major threat that Xi found out the truth and was compelled to do a hard lockdown to stop it. The rival factions did all this to make Xi look both negligent and brutally dictatorial so he would be politically weakened and vulnerable to a coup.”

~ MORE 2 – 18 March 2020 ~

The false narrative being spun by Jones and Adams is the (multilateral/multipolar) NWO narrative, which will ultimately depict Trump and Xi (and especially Putin) as “good guys / heroes / Avatars who were under unrelenting attack by the Satanic Deep States.” And indirect narrative support for this started showing up yesterday in mainstream propaganda reports from Democrat-allied media outlets. Here is an excerpt from such a report by The Washington Post

Every time Vice President Pence appears for a coronavirus briefing, it is a reminder what the votes of just 20 Republican senators for impeachment might have accomplished for the republic…

The vice president is a sycophant but not an incompetent. He possesses the type of qualities one might find in an effective governor facing a hurricane…

Never has the phrase “President Pence” had a better ring to it. Never have Republican votes against impeachment seemed more shortsighted and damaging to the country…

Trump just doesn’t have a very good mind — or at least one capable of absorbing and repeating essential facts. He can’t come to grips with a problem that has large dimensions — as displayed by his habitual lateness and indecision

The point here is not simply to condemn Trump, which has limited usefulness in the midst of a national crisis. At this point it is perhaps better to ignore him, which is precisely what governors and mayors across the country are doing to good effect. But Americans do need to recall this moment the next time they enter a voting booth.

So these are the takeaways from the article…

  • It suggests that Republicans will face defeat in the November election if they don’t remove Trump and replace him with someone “competent” and “effective,” Pence. This provides cover for a coup attempt, which if successful, would split the Republican Party and ensure a November defeat (the Trump loyalists would stay home on election day).
  • It points out that state and local officials, especially Democratic ones, are locking down their fiefdoms without waiting for a national lockdown order. The officials’ scripted motivation in doing this is to pressure Trump into announcing a national lockdown and force his hand on providing a bailout to Wall Street and all the people and businesses the state and local officials are bankrupting with their actions. Once he does this, he will be positioned as “the incompetent fascist” to be blamed for the entire mess, since “his lockdown was too severe and too late and his bailout was too little, too late.”
  • It brings up Trump’s “habitual lateness and indecision,” which are the talking points the “Deep State” is supposed to use in attacking Trump after having set him up.

Here is an excerpt from a similar article from NPR

With the number of cases continuing to climb, Americans appear to be losing confidence in the federal government’s handling of the crisis. An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll released on Tuesday found that only 46% of Americans feel the government is doing enough to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, down from 61% in February.

And at a time when confidence in public officials is considered critical to coordinating a response to the outbreak, the poll found majorities of Americans lacking trust in President Trump. Sixty percent of Americans said they had not very much or no trust at all in what they are hearing from the president. Only 37% said they had a good amount or a great deal of trust.

That mistrust has been driven, at least in part, by comments by the president seeming to downplay the severity of the coronavirus. He has compared the virus to the flu, even though the administration’s own experts have called it “10 times more lethal than regular seasonal flu”; he said in February “One day — it’s like a miracle — it will disappear”; and as recently as March 7 said he was “not concerned at all” when asked about the virus spreading closer to Washington and the White House.

The president’s tone has since shifted. On Monday, he described the coronavirus as “an invisible enemy” and conceded that it’s “not under control for any place in the world.”

So this article indirectly supports the “Trump was set up” narrative by pointing out that Trump first downplayed COVID-19, then changed his tune after it was hyped into a huge national problem.

(19 March 2020) – Tonight at 10:49 PM Texas Time — the exact time of the Spring Equinox, which will bring the US its earliest spring in 124 years — we will enter the March 19-23 event window. So we’ll soon see if the globalist have decided to sh*t or get off the pot. But as we wait for the precipitating event/news that would lead to the total lockdown, take note of the following:

In the 14 March update, The Counting Tricks the Governments Use to Support the COVID-19 Fear Campaign, I wrote this [with a clarifying addition in parentheses]…

Now imagine that the government gives 1,000 tests on Day 4 [after giving far fewer tests in the preceding days]. Can you imagine the headline they could make from that? – COVID-19 INFECTIONS GO EXPONENTIAL! With the opening of the new drive-thru testing stations, that’s about to happen. And an “exponential explosion” of COVID-19 infections would provide an excellent excuse for a total national lockdown, would it not?

Well have a gander at this…

…from Tech Crunch

This “dramatic ramp” in testing will lead to a dramatic ramp in the government’s count of new cases and total cases, which has absolutely nothing to do with the actual number of new cases and total cases in the general population. But the mainstream and controlled alt-media will dutifully plaster scary, misleading graphs all over their sites showing an exponential curve shooting straight to the Moon. These graphs will make it look like COVID-19 infections are exploding in the general population, but the only thing that’s exploding is the number of tests being done each day.

To understand the difference between exploding infections and exploding testing, read the 14 March update if you haven’t already. Just scroll down the page or enter 14 March in your browser’s FIND feature.

Also remember that the governments have produced COVID-19 tests that are rigged to give a false positive. They are using these at hospitals now to fake an increase in Coronavirus deaths, just in time to justify a lockdown.

~ MORE ~

Here’s the deal on Coronavirus testing: the only way to be sure of exactly how many Americans have COVID-19 and whether the number of infected is waxing or waning is to test and question the entire population every week. Since this is impractical, the next best thing is to design a properly weighted statistical sampling of the population — being sure to include those who are showing no symptoms of illness and those who aren’t inclined to go to a doctor unless they feel like they’re about to die. If you do such a scientific study with accurate tests, you’ll get a reasonably good estimate of the number of infected. And the more tests you do in such a study, the more accurate your estimate will become.

The problem is no one is doing this. And they’re not doing it on purpose because they want to game the numbers to produce the talking points they need to hype the phony pandemic. So instead of doing a proper statistical study, they’re taking a very unscientific sampling of “anyone who shows up” in drive-thrus and hospital emergency rooms, and they’re giving them tests that are rigged. The Coronavirus Testing Chaos Across America is quite deliberate.

As if to put a crown on this absurdity, you even have the idiotic mafia goombahs running New York admitting that it’s the testing that has made NY Cases Double Overnight.” Here is an excerpt from the linked article…

New York has more than 5,000 confirmed coronavirus cases statewide, more than double the number from yesterday, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo said was driven by a dramatic increase in testing. New York has cumulatively tested 22,000 people, including more than 7,500 in the past day.

Why are you seeing the numbers go up?” Cuomo asked at a news conference Thursday morning. “Because you are taking more tests.

The governor said 8,000 tests for the virus were performed in New York overnight and he expects the number of confirmed cases to go up exponentially.

Cuomo is such a moron that he let the cat out of the bag on the Coronavirus counting scam. You’d think a mafioso would know when to keep his mouth shut about “t’ings he don’t know too good.” You globalists had better stick a cannoli in his mouth.

(19 March 2020) – When I came across an article this morning titled Coronavirus Outbreak Could Have Been Reduced By 95% If China Acted Sooner, I began to realize that a Washington, DC battle royale may be imminent. It would take the form of a 25th Amendment cabinet coup to remove Trump so Pence can issue a national COVID-19 lockdown order.

Since Trump’s replacement would be done under the pretext of a national emergency and would take immediate effect, it would bypass required procedures and therefore be illegal. So once the lockdown is in effect, we can expect supposed “patriot/constitutionalist” elements of the military and intelligence agencies, possibly including the hidden assets of the US Space Force, to quash the coup and begin arresting all the conspirators (possibly on Sunday the 22nd).

The coup attempt could take place as soon as tonight and as late as Saturday night, and would likely be preceded by the news that “America’s Coronavirus curve is turning exponential,” which is the next shoe to drop after the one that dropped today…

…from USA Today

The “If China Acted Sooner” article also provides indirect support for the “Xi and Trump were set up” narrative.

I’ll try to fill in the details of all this before we hit the equinox.

(20 March 2020) – The NWO Narrative of COVID-19, the Coup, and the Mass Arrests

I’m short on time this morning, so I’ll go ahead and post the CliffsNotes version of the NWO narrative that will describe what happened with COVID-19, the coup against Trump, and the mass arrests of the “evil Deep State” that will follow. Remember that this is not my narrative, nor is it true; it’s just the story “our saviors” will tell us after they vanquish the designated fall guys (the communists, socialists, leftists, Nazis, Zionists, et al.) and start building the “multilateral / multipolar” New World Order…

“After plotting with the their Western globalist partners, the anti-Xi factions in China arranged the release of COVID-19 in Wuhan. It was a virus engineered to be new and unique (novel), but to have no increased lethality over that of the common cold from which it was derived. And as the virus spread within the Wuhan region, local and regional officials purposefully downplayed its significance to Xi, who in turn downplayed its significance to Trump.

Once the virus reached an epidemic spread, the plotters sounded the alarm and presented Xi with a vastly overstated death rate. Xi decisively responded by locking down the region and sending his own people down to investigate. And after surveying the Wuhan situation with their own eyes, they relayed to Xi that it was a hoax, who then relayed the news to Trump.

So when the Deep State elements of the government, the Democratic Party, and their media lackeys rolled out the hoax here in the US, Trump called it what it was. But with the overwhelming public hysteria the hoax was generating, going it alone against the hype exposed him to 25th Amendment removal by the cabinet, so he changed his tune and gave the hoaxers certain concessions — always stopping short of a national shutdown — to bide time for his patriot / constitutionalist allies to arrange a counterattack.

When the hoaxers felt they had built up an adequate level of hysteria and a good case to justify Trump’s removal, they made their move by staging a cabinet coup. And after allowing the hoaxers to carry out their treason and shut down the country, the patriots / constitutionalists had all the evidence they needed to bring down the hammer on them. They counterattacked in force, put down the coup, and began systematically arresting all the treasonous plotters.”

~ MORE ~

Of course, there are many possible variations that could be employed in the narrative above, but what I’ve written conveys the general gist of it.

On a related subject, you may have noticed that two of America’s biggest states, California and New York, have been locked down. And you may have also noticed that they weren’t locked down by “the fascist” Trump, but by their own Democratic governors. With this in mind, let’s have a look at something I wrote in a section further down this page…

In past entries, I’ve talked about the globalist effort to shift people to the “political right” in preparation for the launch of the real “right-wing NWO” — the much publicized and feared “left-wing NWO” being just a decoy used to scare us to the right. This effort to move the herd rightward is the reason the media are using leftist dimwits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to scare the American public into thinking “the heroic Trump” is the only thing standing between them and a leftist catastrophe of open borders, political violence, silenced speech, grabbed guns, and a Venezuela-like socialist/communist economy.

California and New York are key strongholds of the Democratic Party, and every day the people there remain locked down, a backlash will exponentially grow over the loss of income, the loss of local businesses, and the loss of the basic freedoms of living life. And when the people of those states find out their Democratic leaders knowingly did this to them as part of a hoax, their fury will be unbounded. How’s that for generating a shift to the “political right”?

It should also be noted that the controlled alt-media sites are scaring their readers with claims that the worldwide lockdowns are the prelude to “18 months of disruptions” and “the Deep State’s launch of the evil NWO / Antichrist’s Kingdom”

…from Natural News and SkyWatchTV (Note how they’re also peddling “premium” coffee, organic foods, and health potions to the people they terrify.)

So when we get Trump’s arrest of the “Deep State” and a rapid recovery instead, they’ll proclaim that the Antichrist’s Kingdom was stopped thanks to “divine intervention.” But 3.5 years after the “multilateral / multipolar” NWO is established, we’ll be told that it is the “real Antichrist Kingdom.” Then these same guys will be pointing to Trump, Xi, and Putin as antichrists — all the while selling delicious coffee and health foods!

That being said, let it be clear: according to the globalist script, the “Deep State” are NOT the ones bringing in the NWO/Antichrist system; TRUMP, XI, AND PUTIN are. The “Deep State” is nothing more than a bunch of globalist minions who have been told to wear “black hats” so they can “lose” to their fellow minions in “white hats.” And the scripted “real Antichrist” will not ascend to global leadership looking like an evil man; Vladimir Putin will instead rise to power by appearing to defeat evil men so he can take Christ’s throne.

To understand how the globalists’ two-stage prophecy fulfillment plan works, read through the rest of this home page and also read Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception.

(21 March 2020) – A message to the globalists:

Tick-tock tick-tock, muthafuggaz…

Don’t mind us watching you… go ahead…

And a message to readers: the globalists have a number of boxes to check on their BIG EVENT to-do list, and it will take more than a weekend to get through them all. So watch for the peak drama and resolution to continue into next week and possibly through April Fools Day (which would be an apropos day to reveal the COVID-19 hoax). It is only if we can get past March with no BIG EVENT and no prophecy marker events that we’ll have a victory on our hands.

(21 March 2020) – After the coup and mass arrests, watch for the rise of President Rand Paul and Vice President Tulsi Gabbard. I’ve written about this scenario before, but I just now remembered it and it fits the current situation very well. I’ll write more about it this afternoon.

~ MORE ~

Any upcoming crippling of the government will not come from Coronavirus, but from mass arrests of the entire cabinet, almost all of Congress, and almost all senior non-elected officials. With that in mind, have a look at this…

…from Newsweek. This is what they wrote in the concluding paragraph…

The plans state that the government continues essential functions under all circumstances, even if that is with the devolved second string or under temporary military command. One of the “national essential functions”, according to Federal Continuity Directive 1 is that the government “provid[e] leadership visible to the Nation and the world … [while] maintaining the trust and confidence of the American people” The question is whether a faceless elite could ever provide that confidence, preserving government command but also adding to public panic. That could be a virus too.

So whom could the military put forward as visible leadership that would maintain the trust and confidence of ALL the American people, both Republican and Democrat? Well these two faces would do quite nicely, wouldn’t they?…

…from Activist Post

~ MORE ~

Rome-related prophecies and Roman history & symbolism play a prominent role in the globalists’ scripting of the NWO transition. And back in early 2017, I noted that in the scripted political relationship between Donald Trump and Rand Paul, the globalists might be mirroring that of Rome’s Gaius Julius Vindex and Servius Sulpicius Galba. To make a long story short, Vindex led a rebellion against the evil Emperor Nero, but failed militarily and committed suicide. Later, the man he supported to take Nero’s place, Galba, became emperor due to military support. Emperor Galba then honored the fallen Vindex for making it all possible.

So with that bit of history in mind, here are some snippets I wrote over the years about what might be planned for Trump, Paul, and Gabbard…

Snippet 1: The Christian protagonists are… Donald Trump and Rand Paul playing the roles of Vindex and Galba, respectively. Once Paul ascends to the presidency, he will mend the rift with Putin and lead America into its diminished world role and its place at the new multilateral / multipolar UN round table.

Snippet 2: And according to the true narrative, Trump will be replaced because that’s what the globalists’ Vindex script calls for: Vindex strives and fails. The Empire takes the world to the brink of total destruction. The last holdout (Putin) saves the day. And Galba (Rand Paul) leads America to “freedom,” singing the praises of the fallen Vindex.

Snippet 3: As for which way the globalists will take it from there, there’s no way of knowing. We could see the “Trump Triumphant” scenario in which the white hats save Trump and prevent the war OR the “Vindex Falls” scenario in which Trump is “killed” and the white hats step in to stop a full-on nuclear exchange. We’ll just have to wait and see how hard and fast the globalists want to push. Time is not on their side.

Snippet 4: Faced with the prospect of a media-instigated-and-hyped civil war if he remains as president, will the script call for him to “do the best thing for the country by resigning” (as was recently suggested by a former colleague)? I wrote about Trump’s role as Vindex back in February, and Vindex’s attempted revolution against Nero ended with Vindex’s suicide. So the “political suicide” of Trump’s resignation would symbolically fulfill the script.

Snippet 5: On the matter of sanctions and US-Russian relations, hearing the Russians complain of Trump’s weakness goes back to what I talked about in Update 5…

Under the new “Vindex Falls” scenario in which Trump is deposed, the white hats will not step up to rescue him because they view him as too weak to stand up to the black hats.

So when the “neolib-neocon deep state” comes for Trump, who will save him? Nobody, that’s who. He is scripted to fall, and the “progressive deep state” counter-coup will not come until we are pushed to the brink of nuclear war.

Snippet 6: At some point the military will step in to stop the madness, and the people will cheer. “Mass Arrests” will clear Washington of pretty much everyone except the globalist-chosen new leaders (like Rand Paul, Tulsi Gabbard, etc.).

Snippet 7: As for the military coup / mass arrests in the US, it would save Trump if he’s still alive, or it would install the highest ranking official who isn’t arrested, either Rand Paul or some other conservative caretaker. After the coup, Rand Paul or Tulsi Gabbard would be elected as the first NWO President of the US (I would include Elizabeth Warren in that list, but I think “Pocahontas” has lost too much credibility and is too closely tied to the leftists).

Snippet 8: But there is a double edge to this sword: a scripted Trump triumph over the plot would lead to Vice President Rand Paul. This would put Paul into position to take over the presidency when Trump steps down after the Big Crisis. Paul would then offer the vice presidency to Democrat Tulsi Gabbard as a gesture to promote “national unity and healing.”

Later on, I’ll write about how the Paul/Gabbard scenario would unfold in the current situation. In the meantime, you might want to read this 2017 entry: Rand Paul and the Phony Holy War.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s project our minds forward to the start of the Big Event…

  • It begins with a cabinet coup against Trump that could include his “incapacitation” or “death.”
  • The Pence regime then locks down the country and brings us to the brink of nuclear war, forcing the military to take action to save the country by putting down the coup and arresting everyone involved, including almost all the Republican and Democratic officials in Washington.
  • All these events cause a freakout among 98% of the American people (with the other 2%, including me, drinking wine and eating popcorn and laughing our asses off at the crazy monkey show).

So how does the military then calm people down? How do they convince the American people that they’re not aiming for a military junta? – It’s simple: by restoring civilian leadership in the form of the President, who is Commander-In-Chief of the military. And with almost everyone in Washington, D.C. under arrest for various high crimes, they would select the most senior elected official who wasn’t arrested, which would be US Senator Rand Paul. He would serve as interim President until the November election.

And how would they gain the trust and confidence of rank-and-file Democrats fearful of a Republican-military junta? – By having President Paul select one of the few elected Democratic officials who wasn’t arrested, Tulsi Gabbard, for Vice President. I suspect this is why Gabbard dropped out of the presidential race two days ago and endorsed Joe Biden. Before accepting the vice presidency from a Republican president, she wanted to burnish her credentials as a “good Democrat” and “team player” so the Democrats would follow her.

If you take time to think about it, this scenario would work much better than trying to bring back Trump. Even if Trump is seen to be totally vindicated by what happens in the coming weeks, half of the country will still hate him because of the deep emotional programming they’ve absorbed from the mass media. A Paul/Gabbard administration would be free of all that, and could herald a “new age” of reasonable bipartisanship in the US government. That’s how the globalists designed it to work.

(22 March 2020) – I saved a snapshot of this page on the Internet Archive yesterday…

And when I went back today, I saw that they replaced it with a snapshot that omits the 21 March updates. This means I was right over the target in a very sensitive area for them. So be sure to spread the 21 March updates with screenshots or copying and pasting. Of course, when I go back to the Archive, I’ll probably find my snapshot restored. That’s how they usually play it.

(22 March 2020) – Tomorrow, the 23rd, is the final day in the 19th to 23rd mischief window, so we’ll need to watch…

  • the economic stimulus bill (for its possible failure to pass the Senate),
  • the markets (for a resulting limit-down crash), and
  • the news (for widespread language that “COVID-19 infections have gone exponential”).

We’ll have to watch every day for the rest of March, of course, but the only day past the 23rd that might have any numerological significance to the globalists would be Saturday the 28th. It is the 88th day of the year, symbolizing “fortune and good luck” in Chinese culture.

And here’s an interesting development: 5 Republican Senators are now “in quarantine,” which means the Republican majority in the Senate is down to 48-47. One of the quarantined Senators, Mike Lee, is an ally of Rand Paul, and another of them is Mitt Romney. It smells fishy.

Heads Up: The Coronavirus Task Force will hold a briefing today at 3:30 PM Texas Time (4:30 Eastern). Here are two things that could happen:

  1. Vice President Pence will announce that Trump has been removed under the 25th Amendment, and that a national “Coronavirus” lockdown will begin immediately.
  2. “Trump will give the Deep State what they want by announcing a national lockdown,” then turn around and start mass arresting them when Congress gathers to pass the Coronavirus relief bill on Monday.

~ later ~

The briefing started nearly an hour and a half late, and Trump walked in. So it looks like the roaches have scattered for the moment. 9 more days to go.

Warning: This news may indicate that the coup is imminent…

…from Twitter

If the globalists proceed with their plans, the NWO narrative will say this about Rand Paul’s quarantine: “The White Hats, sensing that a coup against Trump was imminent, moved Rand Paul to a secure location under the cover story of a COVID-19 quarantine.”


It appears that we’ve won the Battle of 322 Weekend. The globalists sounded the retreat this morning by having the Federal Reserve announce limitless asset purchases to “support” the markets. This will provide cover for stabilizing the markets for a few days and allowing Congress to drag out the battle over the stimulus bill till next weekend (if they still intend to use its failure as a mechanism for the next market crash).

Of course, winning the Battle of 322 Weekend doesn’t mean the War of March 2020 is over quite yet. In fact, they have rescheduled their 322 shenanigans for the time period of March 28 through April 1. Here is how they’re doing it…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

President Trump is weighing whether or not to ease restrictions on self-quarantine in order to avoid economic chaos — tweeting on Sunday about reassessing the nation’s course on a lockdown to halt the spread of coronavirus.

According to Bloomberg, Trump began talking privately late last week about reopening the nation after a 15-day waiting period, as coronavirus cases continue to rise — going against the advice of health professionals such as Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, who says we need to continue the lockdown for a ‘few more weeks.’

Can you see how this sets the stage for an end-of-month “titanic battle between the lockdown-demanding Deep State and the hoax-aware Trump,” resulting in a cabinet coup?

~ MORE – 24 March 2020 ~

Globalist Scripting for the Cabinet Coup and Its Aftermath

If the globalists are aiming to launch the multilateral/multipolar NWO in September, there are some things they are obligated to accomplish before the current situation reaches its climax. Among these are…

  • the destruction or shutdown of the current financial system, so the NWO financial system can be brought online,
  • the defeat of the supposed “communist / socialist / leftist / Nazi / Zionist / Islamist / Western globalist attack upon America,” so the “right-wing” libertarian / Austrian economist NWO can rise to power,
  • the death of the Pope(s) and the destruction of Rome in accordance with the Third Secret of Fatima prophecy and/or the Zohar prophecy, so the Eastern Orthodox Church can take the global helm of Christianity,
  • the launch of the short, sharp Middle East war that will level Al Aqsa Mosque, so the Third Temple can be built, and
  • the staging of the big nuclear war scare, so the world will welcome a “reformed, stronger, more representative” UN “so this will never happen again.”

To accomplish all these goals, the globalists can go for one sudden “Perfect Storm” over the course of 4 days, or they can stretch it out over the next few months. Here’s what a 4-day “Perfect Storm” would look like…

On Saturday, March 28, they would do the cabinet coup — this would allow them to tie it to the anti-Xi Chicoms (since it would be done on the 88th day of the year to ensure “good fortune” for the endeavor — remember that “the 2008 Beijing Olympics opened on 8/8/08 at 8 p.m.“). The coup would take down Trump, perhaps “incapacitating” him or “killing” him in the process, thus allowing Pence to take over the presidency and order an immediate national “coronavirus” lockdown.

Very soon after the coup and lockdown, the globalists would stage a big false-flag attack to be blamed on Iran. “The Iranians tried to kick us when we were down,” President Pence would say, “attacking us at a moment they perceive us to be weak, but we will show them that our strength is undiminished.” He would then order strikes on Iran, which would kick off the war.

During the short, sharp war, Al Aqsa Mosque would be destroyed in the crossfire between the Palestinians and Israelis, and Rome would be attacked “in retribution” (but actually by Israeli missiles posing as Iranian missiles fired from Lebanon). And with shocking speed, the conflict would elevate to a nuclear showdown between the US and Russia+China as Pence tries to use the Middle East war as cover to move on “the final enemies of the Western NWO, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.”

Then, when the situation looks darkest, brilliant objects will suddenly appear in the sky. The mere sight of them will bring an immediate halt to the fighting. These objects will be the “UFOs” of the Secret Space Program / US Space Force. And in concert with their appearance, the “White Hats / patriots / constitutionalists in the military and intelligence agencies” will move to take down President Pence and start mass-arresting the “Deep State.” This would most likely happen on or before March 31 to ensure a “clean” prophecy fulfillment for the “End of the Great Tribulation.”

(24 March 2020) – Be on the lookout for Trump to appear “out of it” and “confused” in public before the weekend. This may be done to bolster the case for his “incapacitation,” and will later be attributed to Trump “being drugged by the Deep State to facilitate their coup.” I’ve seen preparatory propaganda for this (Deep State Drugging Trump Ahead of Coup, Sources Say; ‘A little sedated’: Pelosi speculates Trump was drugged during SOTU).

~ MORE –  25 March 2020 ~

Additional Notes and Scenarios

Today, I’ll be covering some additional details related to the 4-Day Perfect Storm scenario, then I’ll move on to three other scenarios we might see.

Here are some notes on the Perfect Storm…

  • Regarding the reason for a 4-day scenario: By having Trump “crucified” on Day 1, the saviors can burst onto the scene on the third day after the takedown, Day 4. This would parallel the “death and resurrection of Christ” story, which would be a cute touch on the globalists’ part.
  • Regarding the destruction or shutdown of the current financial system: The final demolition charges to take down the old financial system would be the failure of the stimulus bill paired with the takedown of Trump and the national lockdown order. Faced with no stimulus and a total lockdown with no end in sight, investors who were heartened by news of Trump ending the lockdowns and Congress passing a stimulus would stampede for the exits.
  • Regarding the takedown of Trump on the 88th day of the year: A reader has reminded me that the number 88 also holds significance for the Neo-Nazis. “H” is the 8th letter in the alphabet, so the number 88 represents “HH” (“Heil Hitler”). The Nazis are, of course, one of the globalist ideological groups that have been assigned the “black hat” role.

Besides the 4-Day Perfect Storm Scenario, which would provide a clean end to the 7-year First Tribulation period, here are some alternative scenarios we might see…

ALTERNATIVE 1: The Overnight Defeat Scenario, in which a cabinet coup is attempted on the 28th or 31st (the last day before Trump starts reopening the country), but defeated overnight. This too would provide a clean end to the First Tribulation and would leave Trump free to reveal the COVID-19 hoax on April Fools’ Day. They would then narrate that “Deep State attempts to start a war in the Middle East, destroy Rome, and initiate a nuclear war were prevented by the joint efforts of Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu, Xi Jinping, Narendra Modi, Qasem Soleimani, et al.”

ALTERNATIVE 2: The Days Cut Short Scenario, in which a successful coup this month would be narrated as the start of the Great Tribulation. The plotters would then be defeated by the “White Hat” counterattack by either Easter (April 12) or mid-September. And to explain why the Great Tribulation didn’t last its full 3.5 years, the prophecy propagandists would lean on a Bible verse, Matthew 24:22

“If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.”

ALTERNATIVE 3: The Great Tribulation Scenario, in which a successful coup this month would be narrated as the start of the Great Tribulation (which is the second half of the 7-year First Tribulation period). The Great Tribulation would then span its full 3.5 years to September of 2023, at which point the Second Tribulation would start and extend as far as September of 2030. This would allow the globalists to include the Apophis asteroid strike scenario the prophecy propagandists have been squawking about.

I may enhance and extend this section over the course of the day.

(25 March 2020) – Watch the G20 Emergency Virtual Summit and the US House of Representatives

What we see this weekend will be telegraphed by what comes out of the G20 emergency virtual summit tomorrow and the House of Representatives tomorrow or Friday. If the G20 fail to reach agreement on a coordinated response to the COVID-19 (manufactured) crisis and the House of Representatives fail to pass the Senate’s stimulus package, the weekend festivities will be in play. But if both the G20 and House come through, it may signal the globalists are pressing the delay button.

~ MORE ~

Well lookie-lookie here…

…from the Drudge Report

Could it be that the COVID-19 Psyop will be used to narrate the deaths of the Queen and Prince Charles, opening the way for Prince William to take the throne? We’ll have to keep an eye on him for an antichrist role either in the First Tribulation or the Second.

(26 March 2020) – A new reader has expressed to me that she’s “terrified,” and I’m guessing she’s not the only one. So here’s what I’d like to say about that…

WHAT YOU SEE HAPPENING IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW IS JUST A SHOW. The globalists are doing everything they can to foster fear and despair in you in order to create “THE DARKNESS BEFORE THE DAWN,” and things will look even darker if they go ahead with the coup this month. But don’t despair, because not too long after that they’ll show us the “DAWN OF A NEW DAY” by rolling out their benevolent-looking NWO.

Putting it another way: the globalists are attempting to overwhelm us with fear and problems so we’ll happily accept the solution they’re going to offer: the NWO. They’re not really out to kill you or enslave you in a totalitarian nightmare system — at least not now (that part will come a few years later) — so take a chill pill.

Here’s another thing: what people fear most is the unknown, especially if it’s dark out. And the best way to stop that fear is to make the unknown known — to look ahead with a flashlight at what’s coming your way and become familiar with it so it will be absorbed into your comfort zone. That’s why it is critically important that all readers take the time to read the first three parts of An Introduction to What’s Really Going On, which is the bottom part of this page. It is a flashlight you can use to make the unknown known.

What follows is an example of what you’ll find there. It is something I wrote back in 2013 about the moment we are currently experiencing, and the only part of the script that has changed since then is who will intervene to stop the war…

Let’s begin with the Cliff’s Notes version of the basic three-step process I see them trying to implement:

Create a PROBLEM – Through social engineering and the power of mass media, they have created dissatisfaction and dissociation with our old social forms and norms, including the traditional religions, in order to make us amenable to a new order of things. They’ve also sicced their dark dogs on us, who’ve been enthusiastically preparing a vast global police state grid, an economic and military conflagration, and a mass culling of the population.

Generate a REACTION – Through the engineered truth movement, they have advertised the actions of their dark minions in order to create fear in the population as well as a strong desire for some escape from what they have planned [here is a prime example]. They’ve also been disseminating vastly more accurate spiritual information through false-light channelings and New Age gurus for those weary of the old religions, but have blended in some misleading ideas that will be useful to them later.

Offer a SOLUTION – They’ll allow their minions to go to the brink (or a bit past the brink) of unleashing their planned horrors upon the world so people will desperately grasp for any solution. The solution will then be offered by the BRICS nations in the form of a new precious metals-backed financial system and by a BRICS-allied “alien” power who will come onto the scene to stop the wars and address urgent needs. With a timely arrival to save the day, they are expecting the relieved public to warmly embrace their version of a “love and light” New World Order of (apparent) freedom, as well as the “aliens” and their “god,” who will pose as Prime Creator/Source (but he/she/it IS NOT).

With the overview in place, let’s now delve into some of the juicy details of offering the solution

The dark minions and Homeland Security types who have been preparing the Great Culling and the global police state genuinely believe they’ll get to slaughter lots of people, and they are orgasmically licking their chops in anticipation. They kinda remind me of the character “Psycho” from the movie Stripes…

…“All I know is I finally get to kill somebody”…

Naturally, it is essential to the overall plan that actors on the lower levels of the power/awareness pyramid sincerely believe their roles and make concrete preparations for the Culling. The threat they pose would be unconvincing otherwise. Unfortunately for the planners, though, the general population is so distracted and drugged-out from other Cabal activities that they’re having a hard time generating the desired awareness and fear. Unintended consequences are a bi*ch, aren’t they? Nonetheless, when the economy suddenly grinds to a halt, war actions have begun, and thugs in armored cars can be seen on the streets, that should provide enough of a wake-up slap to get the attention of the public.

Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order.

Earlier versions of the globalist script for this time called for an “alien” intervention, but we’ll more likely see an intervention from the “Secret Space Program” / US Space Force in the current script. The fake ETs will be rolled out later.

(27 March 2020) – Back in the 15 March update, I said this…

This shutdown will afford the globalists two paths. One leads to the New World Order, and the other leads to further delay. If we’re headed into the NWO, the Fed and the government will launch a package of financial interventions that are designed to fail, but will make it appear that they tried to stop the collapse. But if we’re headed for further delay, they’ll launch a package that will hold off a collapse until they can narrate a stalling of the Coronavirus outbreak due to the April heat.

Well, on Monday the 23rd — after they bailed on staging the coup on the 22nd — the Fed announced that they’d do unlimited asset purchases, blowing past the $700 billion designed-to-fail limit to which they’d previously committed. And today, Trump signed a whopping $2.2 trillion stimulus bill into law.

A delay may be in the works.

(28 March 2020) – ALERT: Watch for a shocking event on Monday or Tuesday

Yesterday, Trump authorized the military to call up 1 million members of the Reserves and Ready Reserve to active duty. The Ready Reserve are people who have completed their military service but remain under obligation to return to duty in case of war or national emergency. This is coming at the same time we’re hearing that National Guard troops will be initiating door-to-door harassment of the people of Dallas.

On a related note, a known disinformation site floated a new narrative two days ago that there has been a silent coup against Trump and he is essentially a captive president now. If the globalists opt to go with this story, who is calling up the Reserves? “Captive Trump,” who is doing the bidding of the “Deep State,” or “Hero Trump,” who will turn these forces against the “Deep State”?

~ MORE ~

It looks like the delay I wrote about last night will last only a few days.

On Monday, Russia will seal its borders and place its workers on a week-long paid holiday. They’re also “considering” a halt of domestic trains and flights. Such a national lockdown is what you do right before something big, and it’s happening as the globalist script has Trump approaching his end-of-month showdown with the “Deep State” over whether to lock down America or not.

So what we might be facing next week is one of the three alternative scenarios I talked about in the 25 March update. Scroll down a little to the second blue section to read about them.

~ MORE 2 – 29 March 2020 ~

After today, there will be only two days left in March. So if the globalists want to make this month the beginning or end of a prophecy cycle, they have to make a big move on Monday or Tuesday. Specifically, they must initiate the mass arrests of the “Deep State” or start a continuing action that will lead to a period-marking event by either Western or Orthodox Easter (April 12 or 19).

If they start a continuing action, keep an eye on the Temple Mount and the Church of the Nativity, both of which are closed to Jews and Christians right now. If a major world leader stands in one of those places on or before Easter, it will mark our entry into the “Great Tribulation” period and that leader will be the “antichrist” of that period. If no one stands in those places, we’ll see the end of the First Tribulation or another globalist delay by April 19.

I aim to post small updates over the course of the day.

~ MORE 3 ~

If mass arrests of the “Deep State” are initiated in the next two days, it will happen under one of two scenarios…

  1. The Overnight Defeat Scenario I’ve previously covered, in which the “Deep State” attempt a visible coup against Trump that is promptly defeated by “patriot / constitutionalist” forces, or
  2. The Shadow Coup Counterattack Scenario, in which the “patriot / constitutionalist” forces go straight to the mass arrests. The NWO narrative will say that the mass arrests were done to free Trump from a “Shadow Coup” that occurred during the March 11-16 timeframe. (I’ll go into further detail on the Shadow Coup later.)

If a big event other than mass arrests — like a visible, successful coup — is initiated in the next two days, we’ll be looking at a Continuing Action Scenario. I’ll cover that in the next section.

~ MORE 4 ~

A Continuing Action Scenario would involve a March 30-31 event that would trigger a titanic final battle between the (supposed) forces of good (the ‘White Hats’) and evil (the ‘Black Hats’) that would last until Easter. Such a scenario would allow the globalists to point to March as “when things started,” thus keeping to the prophecy fulfillment schedule, and would also afford them time to complete their to-do list of required events (which is covered in the 24 March update further down this page). The March 30-31 event that initiates the Continuing Action Scenario would most likely be carried out by the “White Hats” if the globalists are aiming to end the Great Tribulation, or by the “Black Hats” if they are aiming to start the Great Tribulation.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the details of the “Shadow Coup” narrative.

Two days to go.

(29 March 2020) – Watch for Trump to “unilaterally and arbitrarily” (according to the rest of the Coronavirus Task Force) announce an April easing of Coronavirus restrictions at one of the Task Force press conferences between today and Tuesday. It would be the spark that ignites the coup. I suspect the drama over the quarantining of New York was staged to make Trump look incompetent in advance of them making their move. I’ll write more on this in today’s updates.

~ later ~

It looks like they’ve abandoned any scenario that calls for a visible March coup over the lockdown: White House Extends Coronavirus Guidelines Until April 30. So if they make a move on Monday or Tuesday, it will have to be based on the “Shadow Coup” scripting covered in today’s update.

ALERT: 29 March 2020 – Moscow has been put on lockdown. Be advised that if mass arrests of the “Deep State” are initiated, it will happen all over the world at once. And any preemptive attacks or counterattacks by the combined “Deep States” will be aimed at all the scripted heroes, including Trump, Putin, Xi, Modi, Netanyahu, MBS, Bolsonaro, et al. Don’t be surprised if some or all of them fall.

(30 March 2020) – Today I’ll be covering the “Shadow Coup” narrative and getting to some readers’ questions, but let me start with this…

I’ve been getting lots of questions from readers about 5G, so in lieu of a detailed entry on the subject (which I don’t have time to do right now unfortunately), let me say this:

The same controlled alt-media sites and personalities that have been spoon-feeding you the NWO narrative and the COVID-19 hysteria are also feeding you the 5G hysteria. That alone should give you pause. COVID-19 and 5G as weapons of mass depopulation is propaganda fear porn being employed as part of the globalists’ “scare ’em with the Left Hand, then save ’em with the Right Hand” strategy.

That being said…

Is 5G a weaponized technology? – Yes, of course it is. Everything that possibly can be weaponized against the public IS weaponized against the public. It’s standard policy. But don’t expect them to use it for mass murder; its phased array technology is designed to target individuals with steerable beams. And once someone is targeted, it may include a feature that allows them to amp-up the beam power to do some damage.

Why are they rolling it out so quickly? – Besides the obvious applications you can read about in any controlled alt-media fear porn article, what stands out to me is 5G’s ability to target individuals for mood manipulation and customized visual and auditory (“voice in your head”) hallucinations. With 5G, they can take your Big Data psych profile, feed it into an AI algorithm, and hit you with customized “messages.” This will allow for an even more convincing magic show when the time comes to roll out the fake ETs and, later, the Kabbalah Christ. So they are racing to build-out the 5G ground stations and satellite networks before it’s time to cue the magic.

You can read more about the magic show in The UFO/ET Con.

So should you fear 5G? – No, don’t be afraid of anything. That’s no way to live. From the moment you came out of the womb, you began a journey that brings great pain and ends in death. Accept the pain, accept your death, and walk your path in fear of no one and nothing. Fu*k these as*holes and their games.

(30 March 2020) – More On The “Shadow Coup” Narrative

Should the globalists opt to use the Shadow Coup narrative, they will say that it began on March 11, the day Trump “changed his tune” on the Coronavirus outbreak…

…from The Guardian/YouTube

As you watch the snippets of Trump’s Coronavirus statements in the video, you’ll notice something very interesting starting at the 1:21 mark: Trump goes from looking like himself and saying, “It will go away, just stay calm,” on March 10 to looking like a whipped dog and announcing the suspension of travel from Europe on March 11 (note how he rigidly reads from the teleprompter as though a gun were pointed at his head).

Then on the next day, March 12, there was a big market plunge, followed by the national emergency declaration and a market rally on Friday the 13th. Here’s what I wrote about it at the time…

My, what a difference a day makes! Trump issues a national emergency declaration over COVID-19, and Wall Street rewards him with a market rally. This looks a lot like “Trump as a Good Guy / Hero / Avatar” scripting, and this is how the NWO narrative will describe what happened from the 11th through the 13th…

“The Deep State pressured Trump to declare a Coronavirus lockdown on March 11, but Trump refused, offering only a European travel ban instead. To punish him for this move, Wall Street delivered a crushing stock market decline on Thursday, and they threatened to crash the market limit-down on Friday. Still unwilling to betray the American people by locking them down over a hoax, the master negotiator Trump offered the Deep State a deal: ‘If you’ll spare the markets and the economy, I’ll give you a national emergency declaration.’ The Deep State accepted his offer.”

On top of this, there was another notable development on Friday the 13th: Ivanka Trump stayed home from work at the White House citing a Coronavirus exposure as the reason, and both she and the President were given Coronavirus tests. And after Trump made the emergency declaration that day, he also declared the Ides of March (the day Caesar was killed) a “national day of prayer”…

…from Twitter. This can be sold as a cryptic “cry for help” from a President undergoing a coup.

With these ingredients, the globalists can cook up the following NWO narrative stew…

“On Friday the 13th, the Deep State threatened Trump and his family with death by a biological agent unless he relented in his resistance to a national lockdown. The deaths would be blamed on COVID-19. In response, Trump told Ivanka to stay home and then negotiated over the weekend, finally agreeing on Sunday to issue the CDC recommendations on Monday the 16th in lieu of a federal lockdown. Since the Deep State could use the recommendations to lock down the country at the state and local levels, they agreed, and Trump’s COVID-19 test result was announced as being negative.”

And speaking of state and local lockdowns, you may have noticed today that the tyrannical Democratic Governor of Virginia has locked down his state UNTIL JUNE 10. And the Republican governor of Florida has locked down south Florida THROUGH MID-MAY under pressure from the state’s Democrats…

“Ten Democratic members of the state’s congressional delegation sent a letter to DeSantis last week, calling on him to issue a statewide shelter-in-place order.”

Both Maryland and the District of Columbia have also issued such orders, so the whole National Capital Region is on lockdown (just like Moscow). And all these state and local lockdown orders are so incredibly damaging that they beg for “a White Hat response in defense of the Constitution and to save the country from economic devastation.”

(30 March 2020) – It should be noted that there is one place in the world where the Coronavirus hoax is ending: Xi’s China…

…from Forbes

Will “Avatar Xi’s defeat of the COVID-19 plot in China” be the March prophecy marker that signals the beginning of the end of the First Tribulation? We’ll explore that question tomorrow.

(31 March 2020) – The globalists may be moving the mass arrests to coincide with Passover (April 8-16). I’ll explain why later today.

So watch for Putin to extend Russia’s one-week “paid holiday” to Orthodox Easter (April 19).

On another note, look at the email the city sent me this morning…

They are effectively banning all speech and free assembly that does not occur over the electronic means they monitor and control. Our Texas ancestors are rolling in their graves.

America: the land of the free house-arrested and the home of the brave beta cucks.

So to the reader in Australia who is so disappointed in his countrymen, I point out that it’s happening everywhere. And yes, the sleepers are hypnotized. We’re all wrapped up in an interactive Hollywood movie — a globalist Rocky Horror Picture Show — and the audience is standing when they’re supposed to stand, singing when they’re supposed to sing, dancing when they’re supposed to dance, and cowering when they’re supposed to cower. And at the end of this movie when the “heroes” show up to save the lemmings, they’ll applaud when they’re supposed to applaud.

But do not be swayed by current appearances; they are the bitter fruits of the seeds the globalists have been planting for hundreds of years. The seeds we have planted will bear fruit in due time. Keep your hand on the plow.

(1 April 2020) – Is it about to get Biblical up in here?…

As people the world over huddle in their homes waiting for the (fake) Coronavirus plague to pass over them, does it remind you of a certain Bible story?

I remember back when I was a kid and would watch The Ten Commandments on TV every Easter. In the part of the movie that showed Passover night, the Hebrew slaves spread lamb’s blood around their doors and sheltered-in-place as they heard the screams of the Egyptians being killed by a misty green plague sent by their god. So with this in mind, have a look at what showed up on a key prophecy propaganda site yesterday…

…from Breaking Israel News (get a load of the part in red). Here is an excerpt…

Due to Health Ministry restrictions relating to the coronavirus pandemic, the Sanhedrin was forced to cancel the korban Pesach (Passover offering) reenactment for the first time in nine years. As a result, the Sanhedrin is preparing for an actual sacrifice fully consistent with Biblical requirements, brought on the Temple Mount, as a means of ending the pandemic. The Sanhedrin has issued a formal request from the leaders of Israel and the U.S. to allow this to happen…

“We are preparing for the possibility that the actual Korban Pesach will take place on the Temple Mount on the eve of Pesach,” Rabbi Weiss said. “If the government decides to allow it, we must be ready to go up and begin the service.”…

The project is of the utmost importance for all of mankind,” Rabbi Weiss said. He noted that the original Passover sacrifice offered in Egypt on the night before the Exodus was intended to stop the final plague which was described as a נֶגֶף (negef: disease). In addition, King David purchased the Temple Mount, built an altar, and offered a sacrifice to stop a plague.

So if the globalists proceed with this little show on the Temple Mount on April 8, what are the odds that the plague will actually stop? I’d say they’re pretty good, because there is no way they would put on such a show if they didn’t intend to end the hoax afterwards; it would make a mockery of Judaism and jeopardize their effort to rebuild the Third Temple.

And speaking of that effort, will the Jewish attempt to stage this sacrifice on the closed-to-the-public Temple Mount touch off a battle with the Muslims? Will that battle lead to the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque in the crossfire, opening the door for construction of the Third Temple? Will the reincarnation of King David, the Moshiach ben David, end the battle and attend the ritual?

Also, given that Passover — which is April 8-16 this year — is associated with “god moving decisively against the enemies of his people held in bondage,” will the mass arrests be scheduled for that time period? I’d say the odds are pretty good given that April 12, which is Easter here in the West, is also the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War. Didn’t Trump say we were in for a rough couple of weeks yesterday? Didn’t he also say that the Coronavirus plague would suddenly end one day, and didn’t he set expectations for an “Easter miracle“?

With elements of the mainstream media now narrating Xi Jinping’s victory over the Coronavirus in March, we now have a March prophecy marker event that establishes the beginning of a continuing action to “defeat the Coronavirus hoax and the Deep State Satanists behind it,” possibly by Eastern Orthodox Easter (April 19).

(2 April 2020) – When a world leader “goes into self-isolation” due to a supposed Coronavirus exposure or positive test, what it really means is that he or she is going into a bunker (or remaining very near one) in advance of a planned event. And Netanyahu has now gone into “self-isolation” for the second time this week.

The first time, he went to the bunker for Monday and Tuesday of this week — supposedly because an aide tested positive for the virus — then came out on Wednesday. Coincidentally, I warned that something big was planned for Monday or Tuesday — something that was evidently aborted.

The second time, he went to the bunker today — supposedly because the Israeli Health Minister tested positive — and he will remain there for seven days. This means he’ll still be in the bunker when Passover begins, which is another time I’ve warned of something big being planned. And the fact that he’s gone into the bunker a week in advance suggests that there could be significant events leading into Passover.

Stay frosty.

~ MORE ~

With Netanyahu going into the bunker today, I am reminded of this Trump tweet from yesterday…

…from Twitter

A false-flag to justify bombing Iran (and triggering the short, sharp war) appears to be in the offing, and this raises a question regarding the globalist scripting for Trump’s warning: Did the “evil Deep State” force “captive Trump” to send the tweet to help set up the false-flag, or did “captive but resistant Trump” send the tweet to give the Iranians and Russians a heads-up?

More to come on how the narratives surrounding Xi, Putin, and Bolsonaro are mimicking the narrative surrounding Trump…


Here is a list of other entries written this year, with the entries themselves placed below the list…

  • ALERT (19 February 2020): The Ides of March May Come Early as the “Presidents Day Weekend Coup” Against Trump
  • What To Watch For This Week (2/3-9): A Trump sex scandal, a Miami outbreak, and a ladder for Jared Kushner
  • ALERT (19 January 2020): Keep an eye on the Virginia Gun Rally and the UK House of Lords
  • The Globalist Entrapment Team
  • FALSE-FLAG ALERT (29 January 2020): Engineered Viral Pandemic / Super Bowl Attack
  • Globalist Agenda Watch 2020: What to watch for between now and the end of March
  • Trump’s Fate Will Mirror Netanyahu’s
  • A Note on North Korea’s “Christmas gift” to Trump

ALERT (19 February 2020): The Ides of March May Come Early as the “Presidents Day Weekend Coup” Against Trump

The current propaganda trend surrounding President Trump and Attorney General Barr suggests that the Roger Stone sentencing and pardon may be used as a trigger event for either a 25th Amendment cabinet coup organized by Barr, who is a member of the cabinet, or a release of sexual blackmail information on Trump.

Here is what the schedule of events looks to be…

  1. On Thursday, Stone will be sentenced to jail time.
  2. On Friday, Trump will pardon him.
  3. On Saturday the 22nd, which is George Washington’s birthday and the start of Presidents Day Weekend, a cabinet coup or sex scandal release will be set in motion (both the number 22 and George Washington hold significance to the Freemasons). The coup, if it occurs, might not hit the news until Presidents Day on Monday.

As for the reason for an early coup, it is to put Pence and/or Kushner in position to play the Western Antichrist next month. And the sex scandal alternative would be a nice lead-in to the launch of Hillary Clinton’s stealth presidential campaign on March 8.

~ later ~

Come to think of it, we may see BOTH the sex scandal and the coup over the long weekend. A sex scandal release on Saturday would serve nicely as “the final straw” that sparks a cabinet coup on Monday. Pence could speak about how Trump has “fallen short of the example set by George Washington” and how he’ll work to restore respectability to the office.

And given what I’ve written about the possibility of the American Secret Space Program / US Space Force being revealed to the public next month, it’s interesting that Pence made the news today with a visit to NASA’s Langley Research Center. As I mentioned in my 22 January update, the globalists have been positioning Pence as “Mr. Space” by having him chair the National Space Council and swear-in the commander of the Space Force…


So will “Mr. Space” be the President who rolls out the American UFOs this year?

~ MORE – 20 February 2020 ~

It should be noted that as the controlled alt-media narrate a surge in Coronavirus cases outside of China, Las Vegas is a city that receives over 200,000 Chinese visitors per year

…from Nevada Current

And Trump has arrived in Vegas for a political rally tomorrow. So watch for the possibility of a “Vegas outbreak” making the news over the weekend, possibly with a tie-in to Trump’s death. Since Vegas is a place that people from all over America visit (and then go home with whatever social diseases they contract there), a Vegas outbreak would be a good substitute for the canceled Super Bowl attack.

~ MORE – 21 February 2020 ~

Trump has decided to hold off on the Stone pardon for the moment, so the “Ides of March” may now be delayed until we’re in the right month.

What To Watch For This Week (2/3-9): A Trump sex scandal, a Miami outbreak, and a ladder for Jared Kushner

(2-3 February 2020) – Here are the possible big moves for the week of February 3-9…

 > Watch for a potential Trump sex scandal to rock the news as soon as Monday, February 3. It would involve his personal use of sex-trafficked and (possibly) underaged women.

The globalist scriptwriters have been flourishing the Trump Sex Scandal card since Trump’s buddy Robert Kraft got busted for his use of a woman at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa not far from Mar-a-Lago. And you can read a detailed breakdown on the subject in The 2019 Archive (just enter sexual blackmail into your browser’s FIND feature to read the relevant sections).

With the last 3 days of the impeachment trial starting today, now would be a great time to play the Sex Scandal card. The unfolding of the scandal would fill the mainstream news all the way up to the election (increasingly alienating female voters all the while), leaving Republican Senators little choice but to cut their losses now by voting for Trump’s removal.

The only question is do the globalists wish to elevate Pence and/or Kushner before March or did they push the delay button on February 29.

> Watch for a potential Coronavirus outbreak in Miami as soon as Tuesday, February 4. It would be the first indication that the Super Bowl attack has occurred. You can find more information on this subject in the entry below this one.

> Watch for a development that will open the way for Jared Kushner to become the Vice President. The development could take 4 forms…

  1. Trump is convicted by the Senate on Wednesday, Pence becomes President, and Kushner is named as his Vice President. Pence would choose Kushner under pressure from the Israel lobby (“to ensure continuity in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan”). He has always been their enthusiastic lap dog.
  2. Trump resigns in the face of the sex scandal, cutting a deal with Pence to hand over power in exchange for Kushner’s Vice Presidency.
  3. Trump contracts a Coronavirus infection during his Mar-a-Lago visit on Super Bowl weekend and later dies. Pence then takes over and names Kushner as his VP.
  4. Pence resigns after Trump’s Senate acquittal and Trump chooses Kushner as his VP.

When it comes to number 4, the media have offered preparatory propaganda for just such a scenario. First, they suggested that Jared and Ivanka have been trying to push Pence out…

…from Raw Story. Here is an excerpt…

President Donald Trump is purposefully humiliating his vice president with a series of loyalty tests as his daughter and son-in-law scheme to find a replacement as his 2020 running mate, according to a new biography…“For some of them they feel it is incredibly demeaning of him, and it goes to this point of him playing the long game. He has to survive, you know, the talk … about Jared (Kushner) and Ivanka (Trump), ways to get rid of him. Politically, you need to bring back suburban voters and women.”That White House intrigue has been rumored for weeks, and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley even issued a denial that she was being considered as a replacement, but LoBianco insisted those claims were accurate.

And second, they gave reasons why Pence may resign, and even suggested a time…

…from The Hill. Here is an excerpt…

Since his selection as Donald Trump’s running mate, many people believe that Mike Pence has been mired in the throes of PTSD — in this case, an acronym for “President Trump Stress Disorder”…The cliche tells us that “nice guys finish last.” Mike Pence is indeed a nice guy, yet one who knows how to survive the often brutal political arena. With the Senate trial — and more cracks appearing and then being patched in the foundation of solidarity beneath Trump — Pence knows that more whispered conversations are taking place.Some are wondering whether all of this will cause Pence to decline to serve as vice president in a second Trump term. They believe Pence has no chance to be elected president on his own and that, sometime after the Senate trial, he will opt for a private sector life of normalcy, family and faith. Should that be the case, who could fault him?

…from RedState. Here is an excerpt…

Even if the possibility of Mike Pence just being burned out and wanting to step down from the ticket were true, he would not breathe a word of that until after this Senate trial is complete. The Veep would not want to make it look like he was bailing on the boss BEFORE the results were in. Remember, Pence is incredibly loyal.

Of course, an attempt to step down from the ticket would be seen by Trump as both weakness and disloyalty, so he would insist that Pence resign the Vice Presidency. And the media have been suggesting that Trump would pick Nikki Haley as his replacement in order to increase his election prospects with women voters — the rationale being that he needs a female VP in order to compete with a female Democrat presidential candidate. But with Elizabeth Warren falling in the polls and Bernie Sanders rising, the need for a female VP is declining while the need for a Jewish VP is rising — the rationale being that Trump would need a Jewish VP to compete with Sanders for Jewish support. And whom else would he choose but his “unwaveringly strong and loyal son-in-law”?

ALERT (19 January 2020): Keep an eye on the Virginia Gun Rally and the UK House of Lords

[Alert Rescinded – 22 January 2020 – If the globalists had any plans for mischief at the gun rally and in the House of Lords, they were clearly shelved. The rally took place without a hitch and the Lords offered only token pushback on the Brexit Bill. The Bill is now awaiting royal ascent. Now we turn the unblinking eye towards Mike Pence, Israel, and the Vatican.]

Are they locking down the guns in advance of an end-of-month financial crisis?…

…from Zero Hedge. Here’s a snippet from the article…

“The rally is expected to draw tens of thousands, and fears about Charlottesville-style violence are prompting police to scour the web for any signs of a violent plot.”

When the day comes that the banksters trigger the planned financial system implosion, the last thing they want is citizens organizing armed retaliation against them, and what happens at the Virginia gun rally tomorrow may be aimed at preventing it. By staging a made-for-TV “armed insurrection” in Richmond, the government will have an excuse to crack down on people carrying guns in public; they’ll also have an excuse to go out and arrest anyone who attempts to organize armed resistance on the internet. The net result would be that people will be intimidated into keeping their guns at home and self-censoring their internet speech.

It’s interesting that this gun lockdown setup is happening on the same week that the UK House of Lords could set a financial crisis-triggering No Deal Brexit in motion for the end of this month. Have a look at this article from the Express

…Here is an excerpt…

The House of Lords does not possess the same power as Commons, as it is unable to prevent bills from becoming law.

While the bill is in the upper chamber, Lords members may make amendments, but it must go back to the House of Commons for changes to take effect.

The Lords cannot stop the bill altogether but may be able to keep it in a state of ‘ping pong’ as it swings between the two Parliamentary chambers, prolonging the legislation and preventing a January 31 exit date.

Most people may assume the chances of the bill stalling in Lords is low, given Boris Johnson’s election success, however, this is not the case…

Currently, the House of Lords is controlled by the opposition via a combination of Labour and Liberal Democrat peers.

Upon seeing this, I went to the UK Parliament website to check into a few things. Here is what it says about the ping pong process…


And here is what it says about the day the process could begin for the Brexit Bill…


So it’s scheduled to start on the 22nd. Quelle surprise!

If the opposition keep the Brexit Bill bouncing around in limbo through the end of the month, all Boris Johnson has to do is follow through on his Brexit-or-Bust threats to trigger an unexpected, market-busting No Deal departure on January 31. We’d then see the financial house of cards start to fall on February 1st, finally reaching the Next Lehman Moment (the total seize-up of the global financial system) in late February to mid March.

The Globalist Entrapment Team

(25 January 2020) – Yesterday, the globalist entrapment team tried something that made me laugh — and that also made me realize I must be directly over the target. So bombs away! I’ve added the bare-bones outline of Xi’s Antichrist narrative to this page.

Also, if there’s something you want me to look at, don’t send active links (unless they’re to well-known websites); only excerpts, descriptions, and inactive links (like whatever_com). The entrapment team are trying to get me to click on links that lead to illegal pornography (and may trigger drive-by downloads). I don’t keep any forms of pornography in my home or on my PC.

In fact, I do not possess any form of pornography in any medium or in any place. Neither have I traded, purchased, rented, produced, or distributed any form of pornography for many years. I’m sure the globalists have copies of my cybersex with my Philippine girlfriend back in the oughts, though. Enjoy it fellas. 😉 Can I pick ’em or what?

FALSE-FLAG ALERT (29 January 2020): Engineered Viral Pandemic / Super Bowl Attack

Nature of Attack: Nationwide / global distribution of Coronavirus-bearing particles via aircraft and ground gear. The infectious cloud will appear to be a normal fog.

Target of Attack (US): The Super Bowl first, followed by nationwide distribution.

Perpetrators of Attack (US): The US government, but a biological terror attack on the Super Bowl by foreign enemies will be blamed.

Date of Attack: 02/02/2020 or a preceding day (the Miami distribution may have already occurred), with further distributions occurring in the days that follow.

Purpose of Attack: To provide a pretext for locking-down the nation prior to an engineered financial system collapse.

Special Notes:

1) The viral outbreaks will be heavily hyped by the mainstream and controlled alt-media, and crisis actors will be employed to make the virus appear more dangerous than it really is. Actual deaths from the outbreaks should be similar to those of a very bad flu season, but fatality figures may be inflated in press reports. Real mass death would lead to an uncontrollable population, and that is the exact opposite of what the perpetrators wish to achieve.

2) The outbreak will be blamed on a foreign bioterror attack on the Super Bowl, but the attack will not likely be “detected” and publicized until after the game has ended and all the spectators have returned to their homes in cities and towns across the nation. Those cities and towns will then be targeted by aircraft and ground gear, with the local outbreaks blamed on the returned Super Bowl attendees.

3) Watch for aerosol gear to be found in Miami following the Super Bowl. This gear may be seized during a drug bust or other routine law enforcement activity. It will then be passed on to the Department of Homeland Security who will “uncover” the supposed terror attack.

4) Eventually, the Wuhan and Miami “bioterror attacks” will be blamed on the “evil Western globalists” / “Satanists” / “the Deep State” (which is why some controlled alt-media sites are already pointing to the Davos crowd and Bill Gates). To understand why the narrative will turn in that direction, read Understanding the NWO Strategy if you haven’t already.

5) Avoid taking any vaccines that are offered. Given that Bill Gates, the Patron Demon of “Useless Eater” Sterilization, is involved, sterility is likely one of the engineered side effects. There may be life-shortening side effects as well.

6) In the event the globalists proceed with the Miami distribution, it will most likely be done with chemtrail aircraft (which Homeland Security completely ignores in its security preparations). The virus-bearing particles would be added to the daily chemtrail mix, released at altitude, and spread down to the surface collecting water as they go (thus appearing to be a normal clouds and fog). So any aerosol-spraying drones or ground gear discovered after the attack would serve merely as props to be used in spinning the public narrative of a terror attack.

7) There are two ways to infect the 150,000 visitors who will be in Miami for Super Bowl weekend: 1) directly expose the visitors to an infectious cloud, or 2) infect the locals with an infectious cloud prior to the visitors’ arrival, then let the locals transfer the infection to the visitors. Option 2 means that the infectious cloud may have already been released, perhaps in Tuesday’s fog over Miami.

8) As I mentioned in my 23 January update (which is further down this page), one of the potential globalist scripts for early 2020 has the US provoking its enemies — through outrageous actions like the killing of Iran’s Soleimani and the release of a bioweapon in China — into a counter-attack against the US. The Super Bowl attack could be narrated as that counter-attack.

9) In the case of the Wuhan strain of Coronavirus, the mean incubation period (the time from initial contact with the virus to becoming ill) is said to be 7 days. But the infectious period (the time an infected person can start passing it on to others) begins in perhaps 4 days. So if the “dense fog” in Miami on the morning of Tuesday, January 28, constituted an attack with a Coronavirus strain exhibiting similar characteristics to that of the Wuhan strain, it would mean that Miami locals started becoming contagious today, just in time to spread it to the Super Bowl visitors who are in Miami over the weekend. And the Miami locals would start showing symptoms around Tuesday, February 4, after the visitors have flown home on Monday. As it turns out, Tuesday was the perfect day for an infectious fog.

So we might not know till at least Tuesday if a Super Bowl attack has actually occurred.

Other Writings on This Attack (in chronological order):

(27 January 2020) – Tomorrow, I’ll turn my attention to a potential bioweapon release at the Super Bowl using fog as the dispersal mediumsomething the military has already tested right here in the US

The government would seed the pathogen in a morning fog on one of the days leading up to the Super Bowl (or on Super Bowl day itself), but the attack and its patsies would not be “discovered” until the game is over and everyone has gone home to cities and towns all over the nation.

As for the strength of the pathogen, it would be roughly equivalent to a bad flu, so some people will die (just like they do every flu season). But the population will be terrorized by breathless hype in the mainstream and controlled alt-media. The hype will also be fed by images of crisis actors falling down in the streets and being surrounded by people in biohazard suits. (It’s a good time to rent the movie Wag the Dog if you haven’t seen it already.)

The purpose of the attack is to lock down the nation in advance of the engineered financial system collapse. Mass death is not their goal (this time), so don’t have a cow (but do have popcorn). More details to come…

(28 January 2020) – The alert I’m writing on the fog-borne bioweapon distribution here in the US won’t be done till Wednesday morning. But you can get the gist of it in yesterday’s note. Meanwhile, have a look at this…

…from Google Search (top) and the Miami Herald (bottom)

~ MORE ~

From the looks of it, the globalists intend to expose their own false-flag and blame it on the “evil Western globalist elite”

…from Activist Post (top) and the Center for Health Security (bottom)

(Note – 31 January 2020) – I’ve added another update to the bottom of the alert: Occult Signalling connecting Kobe Bryant to “Death,” “Fog,” “Corona C,” “Viral Outbreak,” and the Super Bowl.

It should also be noted that Coronavirus Lineage C is associated with MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome), so using that variant in the Super Bowl attack will allow them to tie the attack to Iran.

And on the subject of occult signalling, the leadup to the Super Bowl attack is getting ridiculous…

Have a look at this: Kobe & Kanye West Appeared in Nike Commercial Featuring a Helicopter Crash in 2011 (Video) (The commercial shows Kanye’s death due to a ball Kobe sets in motion.)

And this: Kanye West is bringing his Sunday Service Experience to Miami the morning of the Super Bowl

(31 January 2020) – Occult Signalling connecting Kobe Bryant to “Death,” “Fog,” “Corona C,” “Viral Outbreak,” and the Super Bowl

My son enjoys watching YouTube videos of gamers doing playthroughs of his favorite video games, and during lunch yesterday he watched a playthrough of Resident Evil in which the gamers were commiserating over the death of Kobe Bryant. They also talked of the connection they felt to Kobe as Resident Evil gamers due to his poster being in one of the games. That really caught my attention. So after doing a little searching, I tracked down the poster…

…It was in Resident Evil 2.

If you look closely, you can barely make out Kobe’s name in all caps below his shorts, with KOBE in smaller letters on top and BRYANT in larger letters on the bottom. You can make out the T in BRYANT by looking at his shoe (click on the image to enlarge it)…

What’s significant about this is that Resident Evil is a game about a viral outbreak in a place called Raccoon City. I’ve always wondered why they would choose such an odd name for the town, but I may have finally found the answer when I ran across a post that showed the word “Raccoon” is an anagram of “Corona C” (Lineage C of the Coronavirus is linked to bats).


It’s also worth noting that Kobe’s death in a helicopter crash was foreshadowed years earlier in a cartoon

…and the crash was caused by fog.

So “Kobe Bryant” connects to “death” and “fog” (through the helicopter crash) and “viral outbreak” and “Corona C” (through his presence in Resident Evil 2). And can you guess who is being honored at the Super Bowl?

It’s important to note that Lineage C Coronaviruses are associated with MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)…

…from the American Society for Microbiology website

And MERS has been present in Iran since May of 2014…

…from CIDRAP

This will allow the US government to claim that Iran has had over 5 years to weaponize the Lineage C MERS coronavirus and transport it to their allies in the Americas: Venezuela, Cuba, and the Sinaloa Cartel (among others). And these allies have been smuggling drugs, people, weapons, and other things into Miami for decades. This is how the government will pin the attack on the Iranians (and the Venezuelans and the Cubans and so on and so forth).

(SECONDARY ALERT – 31 January 2020) – Trump is traveling to Mar-a-Lago today. Will he make a surprise appearance at the Super Bowl this Sunday? Will Mar-a-Lago see fog too? This would be a way of faking an “assassination through infection.” Also, he had a meeting at the White House today on human trafficking, and that subject is tied-in to the Chinese massage parlor sex scandal and Mar-a-Lago. With the Senate considering delaying the vote on witnesses till next week, will the Trump sex scandal card finally be played?

(2 February 2020) – I’ve done what I can to deter the Super Bowl attack (if it hasn’t taken place already), so let’s look ahead at What To Watch For This Week

> Watch for a potential Trump sex scandal to rock the news as soon as Monday, February 3. It would involve his personal use of sex-trafficked and (possibly) underaged women.

> Watch for a potential Coronavirus outbreak in Miami as soon as Tuesday, February 4. It would be the first indication that the Super Bowl attack has occurred.

> Watch for a development that will open the way for Jared Kushner to become the Vice President. The development could take 3 forms…

  • Trump is convicted by the Senate on Wednesday, Pence becomes President, and Kushner is named as his Vice President.
  • Trump contracts a Coronavirus infection during his Mar-a-Lago visit this weekend and later dies. Pence then takes over and names Kushner as his VP.
  • Pence resigns after Trump’s Senate acquittal and Trump chooses Kushner as his VP.

I’ll go into more details on all this by Monday morning.

In the meantime, I may close out a few notes on the Super Bowl if I find some time. Here’s one thing that I noticed this morning…

…from The Journal Gazette

This is another indication that Miami is/was targeted for a false-flag attack this weekend to be blamed on Iran and Venezuela (among others): an attack would have potentially infected and killed Maduro’s enemy, which allows the false-flaggers to portray a strong motivation for Venezuela’s supposed participation.

~ MORE ~

Given the Coronavirus’s connection to bats and the occult signalling surrounding Kobe Bryant’s death, which is reminiscent of the Dark Knight movies’ occult signalling of the Sandy Hook and Aurora mass casualty events

…it should be pointed out that Dark Knight movies depicted both a fog attack and a football game attack

…I’ll write more about this if there’s an outbreak in Miami this week.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2020: What to watch for between now and the end of March

2019 hands the pin-pulled grenade to 2020

(1 January 2020) – As we enter the new year, a conflict between Iran-friendly Iraqi militias and the US military is being stirred up to provide a reason to move large formations of US and Saudi Coalition ground forces into Iraq. On one level, this is being done to cut off the “land bridge” between Iran and Syria/Lebanon. On another level, the forces are being positioned to attack Iran or Turkey, depending on how the “End Times” War is scripted to unfold.

Besides this, a number of other grenades have been handed over to 2020, including…

  1. a Brexit that could trigger a financial crisis at the end of this month if it goes hard…

    …from Zero Hedge,
  2. an impeachment (which started in September) that could remove Trump from office and replace him with Mike Pence or Jared Kushner, and
  3. a breakdown in the repo market (which started in September) that can trigger the Next Lehman Moment on any day the globalists choose.

The good news is that the globalists put the pins back in those three grenades (for the moment) in December with BoJo’s election victory, a Democratic threat to withhold the Articles of Impeachment, and a massive Fed bailout of the year-end repo market. They also disposed of the US government shutdown grenade (which was scheduled to go off early this year) when they passed a budget that keeps the government funded through September. So the globalists may already be backing off from a March climax, but we’ll have to watch their fingers carefully.

Zooming out to the big picture level, 2020 will be a year of juggling timetables and Schrodinger’s minions. As the globalists make scripting choices and events unfold…

Which of at least four different prophecy fulfillment timetables will we find ourselves in?

Will Boris Johnson turn out to be the Betrayer of the Brexit, the British Vindex to Farage’s Galba, or Farage’s more palatable replacement as the globalists’ controlled opposition leader in the UK?…

Will Donald Trump turn out to be the Destroyer of the “Deep State,” the Antichrist of this Tribulation, or worm food?…

Will Jared Kushner turn out to be the Antichrist of this Tribulation, or will the class he took in “The Devil’s Advocate Style of Photo Posing” turn out to have been for naught?…

Similar questions can be asked about Xi, Erdogan, and others.

If the globalists set off their grenades early this year, we might see some rather earthshaking events by the end of March. But if I and others do our jobs correctly, we may see the grenades go back in their holsters for a while. Such a delay would take the form of massive QE from the central banks (to hold off the climax till September or next March) or a G20 agreement on across-the-board debt reduction (to hold off for a couple of years).

A year’s worth of details to follow…

Trump’s Fate Will Mirror Netanyahu’s

(15 December 2019) – Netanyahu’s political party, Likud, is scheduled to hold a leadership primary on December 26. In it, the party will decide whether to continue on with Netanyahu as their leader or replace him with Gideon Sa’ar, who has been tapped by the globalists to play the role of an Israeli “Deep State” agent and a Judas to Netanyahu.

Under current conditions, Netanyahu can be expected to win the primary, so we need to watch for a development between now and the 26th that will change that — a development that will convince Likud to set aside their traditional loyalty to their leader in order to avoid losing the March 2 election. Here are a few forms the development could take:

  • a pre-primary public debate between Netanyahu and Sa’ar in which Sa’ar comes out looking like the clear winner,
  • a deal or the hint of a deal between the Religious Zionist factions and the Lieberman faction that they will form an independent bloc that might bypass Netanyahu after the March 2 election, and/or
  • the eruption of a new Netanyahu scandal, such as new criminal charges or a black swan event (like a false-flag) that makes it look like Netanyahu was trying to rally the party and the nation behind him.

If Netanyahu loses the primary, his time as Prime Minister will supposedly end once a new government is formed after the March 2 election. And since the globalist scriptwriters have intertwined Netanyahu and Trump’s fates, Netanyahu’s primary loss will also signal a pending loss for Trump in the Senate impeachment trial. I suspect the globalists are scripting a climax point in early March at which Trump and Netanyahu will either mass-arrest their “Deep States” or be deposed by them.

To ensure that Trump’s Senate impeachment trial will end about the same time as Israel’s March 2 election, look for both Trump and the Senate Democrats to call witnesses that will keep it dragging on for two months. The trial will be a grand public spectacle in which the Democrats will present a case against Trump that looks very weak in the public eye, while Trump’s case against the Democrats will look clear, convincing, and compelling. And once the public has seen all this, the trial will end with either the mass arrests or Trump’s fall. According to the script, mass arrests would mean “the end of the Great Tribulation period” and Trump & Netanyahu’s fall would mean “we’re still in the midst of the Great Tribulation.”

A Note on North Korea’s “Christmas gift” to Trump

(25 December 2019) – There has been a lot of press buildup around the possibility of North Korea testing a long-range missile between today and January 1. Should it occur, and especially if it involves detonating a nuke over the ocean, it could be used as an excuse for the Trump administration to ratchet up sanctions on North Korea to “total blockade” level over the coming weeks. This would involve the US Navy intercepting North Korea-bound North Korean, Russian, and Chinese ships, and would likely involve punitive sanctions on Russia and China too. This, along with increasingly provocative positioning of US forces near those nations, would be how “Antichrist” Trump and the “Deep State” would provoke America’s enemies into an attack against us. And that in turn would allow Trump to spring the US Space Force trap in March.