How the Kabbalist Jews took over the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order

A Crypto-Jewish conspiracy that started, appropriately, in a crypt beneath the church of Saint Denis in 1534 reached its culmination in 2013…
…Let’s have a look at what happened.

Several months ago, I came across this rather intriguing narrative…
…From the Israel Elect of Zion website

Upon reading it, my inner guidance gave me a thumbs up. But since it was on a website run by religious weirdos, I decided it would be best if I verified its major points for myself. So over the course of the next few days, I’ll show you what I found. Then we’ll arrive at a rational, commonsense conclusion based on the available evidence.

Before we begin, it is necessary to know who the Marranos (also referred to as the “conversos”) were…

Marrano, in Spanish history, a Jew who converted to the Christian faith to escape persecution but who continued to practice Judaism secretly. It was a term of abuse and also applies to any descendants of Marranos. The origin of the word marrano is uncertain.

In the late 14th century, Spanish Jewry was threatened with extinction at the hands of mobs of fanatical Christians. Thousands of Jews accepted death, but tens of thousands found safety by ostensibly converting to Christianity. The number of converts is moderately estimated at more than 100,000. By the mid-15th century the persons who had been baptized but continued to practice Judaism in secret—Marranos—formed a compact society. The Marranos began to grow rich and to rise to high positions in the state, the royal court, and the church hierarchy. They intermarried with the noblest families of the land. The hatred directed against them by the old Christians, ostensibly because they were suspected of being untrue to their converted faith, was in fact directed indiscriminately against all conversos, or Jewish converts.” – From The Encyclopaedia Brittanica

So the Jews, after already having been massacred and spread to the wind by the political Roman Empire (see The Origin of Jewish Antipathy to the Roman Empire, the Jewish-Roman wars), were yet again under assault by monarchs crowned by the surviving religious element of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church…

Alonso de Hojeda, a Dominican friar from Seville, convinced Queen Isabella of the existence of Crypto-Judaism among Andalusian conversos during her stay in Seville between 1477 and 1478. A report, produced by Pedro González de Mendoza, Archbishop of Seville, and by the Segovian Dominican Tomás de Torquemada, corroborated this assertion. In 1480 a plot to overthrow the government of Seville under armed insurrection lead by Don Diego de Susona, a wealthy merchant converso was discovered and suppressed.

Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella requested a papal bull establishing an inquisition in Spain in 1478 in response to the conversos returning to the practice of Judaism.” – From Wikipedia

This Spanish Inquisition lasted from 1478 to 1834, and it was during this period that Ignatius of Loyola conceived the Jesuit Order in a crypt beneath a church. So the first obvious question is…

Was Ignatius really a Crypto-Jew / Marrano / converso?

Given the inherent bias of all historical narratives, to which narrative should we look to find the answer to this question? I decided that the surest way to confirm Ignatius’ converso background was to look for admissions of it from the Jesuits themselves. And lookie what I found…
…from If you look to the “S.J.” in the names of the authors, it refers to the Society of Jesus; both the listed authors are Jesuits (I’ll cover other points from this book description later).

Here is an informative section from a review of the book…
…From (a PDF link)

And it’s worth noting that the book was published by Fordham University, a Jesuit institution…
…From Wikipedia

So as you can see, the Jesuits do not dispute that Ignatius came from a converso family, although they do gloss over the obvious implication that Ignatius himself was a Crypto-Jew. They also attempt to spin away the pervasive Crypto-Jewish nature of their Order (while simultaneously heaping praise upon the Jews). Again, I’ll get back to that later.

It is here where we must take our first common sense break. The Jesuits would retort that the Marranos (Crypto-Jews) are somehow a subset of the conversos (“real” Jewish converts to Christianity), so the terms shouldn’t be conflated. As the Establishment’s Encyclopaedia Brittanica said in one of the previous quotations…

“The hatred directed against them [the Marranos] by the old Christians, ostensibly because they were suspected of being untrue to their converted faith, was in fact directed indiscriminately against all conversos, or Jewish converts.”

Let’s bring a little common sense into the mix…

Under threat of torture and death by the followers of Jesus (who were the descendants of the Romans who slaughtered and scattered the Jewish people in Judea), how many conversos sincerely converted to Christianity and suddenly held a love for Jesus in their hearts?

The answer to this question is “few to none.” You can call the Jews many things, but “pushovers” isn’t one of them. When their opportunity to convert or die arrived, the strident Jews were tortured and killed, the practical Jews fled, and the stubborn, strong Jews stood their ground and said, “Yeah. Sure. We’re Christians now.” But as that last group, the conversos, professed Christ with their tongues, their hearts professed something else: their Jewish identity and a desire for revenge.

That being said, “converso” DOES equal “Marrano / Crypto-Jew,” because virtually no Jews would ever embrace a bastardized / Romanized version of their religion forced upon them by the enemies of their people. Almost all conversions were done for practical purposes, not out of a real realignment of faith.

So it is here where you face your first moment of decision. You need to pick the truer narrative…

A. The Jesuit version – Ignatius did have a Jewish family background, but his family was among the “good” conversos. When they were told to “convert or die” during one of the many pogroms that occurred before and during the Inquisition, his family realized the err of their Jewish ways and repented of them. They cast aside their Jewish identity and embraced a true love of their savior, Jesus Christ. It was with this pure-hearted love of Christ that Ignatius begat the Jesuit Order.

B. This blog’s version – When Ignatius’ family faced their “convert or die” or “convert for acceptance and gain” moment, they told the Christians what they wanted to hear. But secretly, they maintained their Jewish identities and practices like virtually all Jews did. So when Ignatius put together the Jesuit Order, he had on his mind what all Jews had on their minds: seeking shelter from the persecutors and seeking change to put an end to the persecution.

Which narrative do you find more realistic? If your answer is “the Jesuit version,” stop reading this entry now and go find something else to read. The rest will be of no benefit to you. But if your answer is “this blog’s version,” let’s keep going.

Now that we’ve established that the Jesuit Order was started by a Crypto-Jew, and given that at least one of the other co-founders, Diego (James) Laynez, was also a Crypto-Jew (who went on to lead the Order after Ignatius)…

Did any other Crypto-Jews / Marranos / conversos join the Jesuit Order?

To answer this question, let’s look to this Jesuit-affiliated “scholar”

…who is an Associate Director of the Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at a Jesuit university…
…From Wikipedia

In an interview with The Boston Globe, Professor Maryks provided the answer to this Q & A…

The answer to our question, then, is “yes.” The Jesuit Order was founded by at least two Crypto-Jews (not just one like the Professor suggests), and they flung open the doors for more to follow them in. As the Professor said in the understatement of the year, “The Society of Jesus was substantially influenced by Christians of Jewish ancestry.”

So did this new order of Crypto-Jews escape the attention of other members of the Catholic hierarchy? No, they did not.

Let’s have a quick look at page 86 from Professor Maryks’ book A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola

…From Google Books

From this passage, we see that the “Old Christians” (traditional non-converso Christians) within the Church “suspected Loyola of Crypto-Judaism” so much that at least one investigation was mounted against him. Maryks also mentions “Ignatius’ alleged Basque pride in his blood purity.” I’ll get back to that a little later. And by the way, the “Alumbrados” of “Jewish origins” with whom Ignatius had “numerous contacts” translates to “Illuminated.” Now isn’t that a little foreshadowing of things to come. wink

Now let’s have a look at page 41 of another of Professor Maryks’ books, The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews
…From Google Books

This passage offers three important points…

1) It speaks of the Jewish infiltration of civil and ecclesiastical institutions that gave rise to a protective backlash against the conversos. From the perspective of the Old Christians, they saw an insidious takeover of their society taking place, and it had to be stopped (we Americans know exactly how that feels). They were right of course. But from the perspective of the “New Christians” (the conversos), they perceived the Old Christians as engaging in persecution against them, and they too were right. Looking at it rationally, the Old Christians had no reason to complain; they forced the Jews into their religion, so they fully deserved what was coming to them. They brought “the Crypto-Jewish virus” in by their own hand.

2) It confirms that conversos did see the clerical ranks of the Church as a haven from persecution, although Maryks fails to mention the other obvious motivation the conversos had in becoming clergy: ending the persecution of their people by changing or even taking over the Church once they were on the inside.

3) It points out that Crypto-Jews penetrated other orders of the Church. It is standard Jewish operating procedure to infiltrate all factions within an institution for the purpose of monitoring their activities and taking control if possible. They didn’t need to take over the Jesuit Order, though. It was theirs from the very beginning. It was their hand within the Church.

It is here where we’ll take another common sense break and put ourselves in the shoes of the Crypto-Jews of the early Jesuit Order. Upon doing so, we find that we’re facing a worsening environment in which our Order is suspected of being a synagogue of Jews, and blood purity laws are popping up to stop conversos from taking positions in civil society and the clergy. What do we do?

Do we give up, go home, and cry in our Manischewitz? Or do we make adjustments to allay suspicion and get around the blood purity laws? Being Jews, the choice is obvious: we adjust and move on – we never give up.

After thinking about it, these are the specific things we’d do to keep going….

1) We would double-down on leading the charge against converso influence in the both the Order and the wider Church, like our co-founder Francis Xavier did in encouraging the Inquisition of Goa
…By leading the effort against ourselves, we can control where the investigations go, and we can shield our core operatives while staging controlled sacrifices (such as in a faraway place like Goa, India) to make it look like we’re making progress.

2) We would double-down on our efforts to pose as the most rabidly loyal order in the whole Church. This would place us above any suspicion of being subversives. If we want to sneak around as Jews and change the Church, we must stop acting like Jew-lovers and start acting like the complete opposite. People will find it incomprehensible that we are Jewish influencers if we outwardly act like we are against Jewish influence.

Stepping back out of our Jewish shoes, we find this is exactly what the Jesuits did. Here is another excerpt from Professor Maryks’ Boston Globe interview…

“The archbishop of Toledo issued a purity-of-blood law in 1547. So the foundation of the Jesuits coincided with the increase of purity-of-blood laws. In 1593, the society issued a law which said that no candidate of Jewish ancestry could enter the society, and those conversos already in the society who had not finished their vows had to leave. This was much harsher than the first because it did not limit the genealogical inquiry. In 1608, an inquiry was set at five generations.”

So the Jesuits not only made their own blood purity law, they made one that was “much harsher” than that of the archbishop of Toledo. This helped put them above suspicion. But take note that they did not kick out the conversos who had already finished their vows, which left conversos in the Order to do the background checks. By having their own people doing the background checks, they could falsify clean certificates for the conversos they wanted, and reject conversos who weren’t “connected.”

As for any background checks that weren’t conducted by insiders, getting around them was a simple matter: they just bribed the inspectors and/or presented falsified documents. As Wikipedia’s entry on limpieza de sangre (blood purity) states…

“The religious and military orders, guilds and other organizations incorporated in their by-laws clauses demanding proof of cleanliness of blood. Upwardly mobile New Christian families had to either contend with their plight, or bribe and falsify documents attesting generations of good Christian ancestry.”

In the time of these blood purity laws, falsified documents and bribes were commonplace. And within the context of the Jesuit Order, this gave rise to the “closet-converso” – a deep-cover Crypto-Jew who had a “clean Christian background.” Even Professor Maryks recognizes the existence of such persons…
…From page 84 of A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola on Google Books

So in the year 1593, the Society of Jesus went from being a synagogue of conversos to being a synagogue of closet-conversos, and it is here where you face another moment of decision. You must choose the truer narrative…

A. The Jesuit version – The Society of Jesus enacted a very strict purity of blood law in 1593, and it was faithfully observed. This resulted in the end of the Order’s liberal period, and the converso presence within the Society waned. The Order then went on to centuries of strict adherence to Catholic doctrine and faithful service to the Church.

B. This blog’s version – The Society of Jesus responded to its increasingly hostile environment by putting on a show of casting out conversos and blocking them from entry. But in reality, they had ways of dodging blood purity laws, and they kept bringing in Jews under deep cover. With the financial assistance of the “Court Jew” money-men outside the Church, the Order then spent centuries spreading its tentacles both within the Church and around the world, eventually taking over the Church entirely.

Which narrative do you find more realistic?

Before you answer this question, you might want to have a look at this inconspicuous sentence from the Jesuits’ Wikipedia entry

The Society participated in the Counter-Reformation and, later, in the implementation of the Second Vatican Council.”

By the late 1950’s, the Crypto-Jews had amassed enough power within the Church to be able to remake it in their image, making it more worldly and cosmopolitan. And they officially began the process on 11 October 1962 by convening the Second Vatican Council.

Have a look at what this Huffington Post article
…written on the 50th anniversary of the Council, says about it [with my comments added in brackets]…

>>> With Vatican II, the Catholic Church sent out the message that it was part of the modern world, said Thomas Ryan, director of the Loyola Institute for Ministry. “Not against, not above, not apart, but in the modern world,” he said. “The church sought to engage, not condemn.” [Note who is saying this about the Church’s new worldliness: one of the directors of a Jesuit institution] <<<

The article also talks about the most notable change of all…

>>> Perhaps the biggest of these changes came in the church’s approach to Judaism. Before Vatican II, Jews were stigmatized as the people who killed Jesus Christ. That changed with the council, when the Catholic Church acknowledged its Jewish roots and Jews’ covenant with God, Ryan said.

“It had the effect that the sun has when it comes up and interrupts the night,” said Rabbi Edward Cohn of New Orleans’ Temple Sinai, whose best friend as a child had to get permission from the archbishop to attend Cohn’s bar mitzvah. “It was no less dramatic than that. It provided an entirely new day. It changed everything.” [So in this passage we have the Jesuit-affiliated Ryan and a Jewish rabbi telling us how great Vatican II was; telling, no?] <<<

And can you guess who led the effort in the Council to change the Church’s stance on Jews?

It was this Jesuit Cardinal, Augustin Bea (seated, next to his rabbi co-conspirator, Abraham Joshua Heschel)…
…Here is what Wikipedia says about Bea and his role in Vatican II…

>>> Augustin Bea, S.J. (28 May 1881 – 16 November 1968), was a German Jesuit priest and scholar at the Pontifical Gregorian University specialising in biblical studies and biblical archeology. He also served as the personal confessor of Pope Pius XII.

In 1959, Pope John XXIII made him a cardinal of the Catholic Church. He served as the first president of the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity from 1960 until his death. Bea was a leading biblical scholar and ecumenist, who greatly influenced Christian-Jewish relations during the Second Vatican Council in Nostra aetate…

Bea was highly influential at the Vatican II Council in the 1960s as a decisive force in the drafting of Nostra aetate, which repudiated anti-Semitism. In 1963, he held secret talks with Abraham Joshua Heschel, promoting Catholic-Jewish dialogue. John Borelli, a Vatican II historian, has observed that, “It took the will of John XXIII and the perseverance of Cardinal Bea to impose the declaration on the Council”. <<<

And for more information about Bea’s co-conspirator, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, have a look at what this article from America magazine (which is published by the Jesuits)…
…says about him…

>>> The two key figures that inspired the preparation of “Nostra Aetate” were Cardinal Augustin Bea, the Jesuit who was head of the Secretariat for Christian Unity, and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, theological consultant of the American Jewish Committee. Between them a sincere friendship began, which helped to work out the declaration, though not without difficulties. From the very beginning, Rabbi Heschel worked hard to remove from the teaching of the Catholic Church any anti-Semitic words and any reference to a mission of the church for the conversion of the Jews. In May 1962 he presented a memorandum in which he asked the council fathers to eliminate once and for all any accusation of deicide on the part of the Jewish people, to acknowledge the integrity and the perpetuity of the election of Jews in the history of salvation and, lastly, to give up proselytizing Jews. The American Jewish Committee presented three memoranda; in the last of these his influence was essential. He wanted the council fathers to know that a Jew has a dignity as a Jew and not as a possible convert to Christianity. He repeated quite often: “If I were asked either to convert or to die in Auschwitz, I’d rather go to Auschwitz.” <<<

As for getting the Church “to give up proselytizing Jews,” that would have to wait until the Crypto-Jewish takeover of the Church was fully completed with the installation of the first Jesuit pope, Pope Francis…
…From National Public Radio

So it is now the official stance of the Roman Catholic Church that the death of chickens Jews sacrifice to expiate their sins…
…is fully equivalent to the death of Jesus Christ to expiate sins…
…(It’s no wonder the Catholic communion wafers taste like chicken)

I’m sure you can imagine how traditional Christians feel about this change in Vatican policy.

So with Jesuit activities during Vatican II and Pope Francis’ reign set before us, let’s return to the question…

Which narrative do you find more realistic?

A. The Jesuit narrative that the Order was never Crypto-Jewish, and that conversos stopped joining them in 1593, or

B. This blog’s narrative that the Jesuit Order was created as an instrument of Jewish infiltration and subversion of the Roman Catholic Church, and it has succeeded in taking over.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the past, it’s time to look at what the Jesuit Crypto-Jews are doing now.

If we check in on Thomas Michel, the Jesuit whose book told us about Ignatius’ converso background earlier in this entry, we see he has been involved in the Vatican effort to “unify the People of the Book” under “Chrislam” (a.k.a. the “One World Religion” or the “Spiritual UN”)…
…From (a PDF link)

Chrislam is intended to be the companion religion to the BRICS-fronted, UN-centered New World Order, but both Chrislam and the NWO are merely intermediate steps to the globalists’ ultimate objective: doing away with democratic government and installing a Kabbalized god-king named “Jesus Christ” as world ruler. With this ultimate goal in mind, beware of narratives that spin the converso takeover of the Church as the action of “Satanic” forces…

By blaming the takeover on “Satanic” forces, which play the “bad guys” in the Christian spiritual dialectic, they are establishing the traditionalist Christians as the “good guys.” But in reality, there are no good guys to be found in the whole drama. The Roman Catholic Church was created by the Roman imperial elite as an instrument of spiritual control over their subjects. It is a man-made religion and an abomination, and it always has been. All that happened with the Jesuit takeover is that Jewish elite monsters took over from Roman elite monsters.

The reason the globalists are casting this battle as one between “Christian forces of good” and “Satanic/Jewish (‘Synagogue of Satan’) forces of evil” is so their god-king figure can sweep in, defeat the “Satanic” forces, and look like the good guy. So do not be confused by their disinformation; both sides of the spiritual dialectic are manned by the same bad guys, and the final “Jesus Christ” who shows up will be nothing more than a front man for the Crypto-Jews.

In a P.S. I’ll post later, we’ll have a look at the possible connection between the Second Vatican Council and the assassination of JFK. I’ll also post a P.S. that gets back to those things I said I’d get back to later.

Much love…