The UFO/ET Con

[Mod 1.0 – Completed on 11 January 2019]

The ugly facts you need to know about our soon-to-arrive “space brothers”

To understand the true nature of the “ETs” that will soon “arrive” on Earth, you need to know the identities and backgrounds of the two people circled in this photograph…

By the time you finish reading this whole page, you’ll know that the person on the right is Laurance Rockefeller. Back in the 1950s, Laurance helped develop the implementation plan for the New World Order, and he later went on to fund the start of the UFO/Alien “Disclosure Movement.” Could there be a connection between those two Rockefeller initiatives?

You’ll also come to know that the person on the left is Steven Greer, who became the Rockefellers’ lead disinformation minion in promoting to the public the “reality” of UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors.

Finally, you’ll come to see the reason behind their collaboration as well as the globalists’ goal and strategy in engineering a fake alien arrival:

THE GOAL is to convincingly and successfully reboot the social control mechanism of religion in the modern scientific age.

THE STRATEGY has been to sequester key technological advances and expedite their development in secret in order to…

  • utilize advanced genetic and cloning technologies to engineer human/animal/synthetic chimeras that can be passed off as “extraterrestrial beings,”
  • utilize advanced energy and propulsion technologies to engineer aerospace vehicles that can be passed off as “alien spacecraft,”
  • utilize advanced atmospheric projection technologies to fake things they cannot engineer, like miles-long “alien motherships” and “spiritual beings” in the sky, and
  • utilize advanced radio/microwave frequency technology to induce “voices in people’s heads” and mood changes to enhance acceptance of what people will be seeing.

And THE REASON behind the globalist-UFOlogist collaboration is to facilitate public acceptance of the “reality” of the fake ETs through preparatory propaganda. If the public were to realize that the “visitors” are merely manmade, brainwashed lab rats flying manmade aerospace craft, the necessary effect on the public consciousness would not be achieved. (And that’s exactly what will happen.)

That being said, let’s have a deeper look at how the globalists will fake the ET arrival (the following section is excerpted from “End Times” Programming)…


Having explored the whys of conducting these deceptions, let’s now turn our attention to the hows. How can they make this appear in the sky…

…followed, seven years later, by this…

Let’s begin answering this question by remembering Clarke’s Third Law…

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

…and by asking ourselves a couple of other questions…

How much technological advancement could you achieve with trillions of dollars in resources, decades of time, the best minds money can buy (and agents can abduct), and the complete removal of all social and ethical restraints?

If we could see the capabilities of today’s “deep black” aerospace, holographic, biogenetic, and electromagnetic frequency technologies, would they be indistinguishable from magic (or “alien technology” or “supernatural phenomena”)?

If the suggestion that trillions of dollars has been funneled into developing black technologies seems like an overstatement to you, just take a moment to consider the vast wealth the Occulted Powers extract from us through both public and private scams…

> Public Scams: First, they have the difference between the taxes and fees collected by federal, state and local governments and the amount they publicly state was collected (all globalist organizations keep two sets of books: one fictional set for public consumption and one factual set for their purposes). Beyond that, they have the on-the-books black budgets of the world’s militaries (in the US alone, this is estimated at over $50 billion per year). They also have the monies that disappear from the overall defense budgets of the world (in the US alone, roughly 25% of the total military budget simply goes missing each year – with a total of $2.3 trillion missing as of 2001 – there are your trillions right there). On top of that, there are the research budgets of the worldwide network of globalist intelligence agencies (such as the CIA and NSA). Then you add in vanishing monies from other areas of federal, state, and local budgets around the world.

> Private Scams: First, they have the research budgets and the unreported profits of the multinational corporations. Then there are the proceeds from their worldwide vice operations: gambling, prostitution/human trafficking, drug production and distribution, etc. They also have the interest payments received on loans and money creation and the money stolen through financial market scams. And then there is the vast amount of purchasing power harvested by intentional inflation of the money supply (this alone accounts for trillions in income each year).

So as you can see, their resources are vast, and they don’t just dig a hole and hoard-away all that money; they put it to good use in advancing their global agenda. Much of it has been used to buy-up the world’s real assets, and much has also been used to develop secret technologies that are indistinguishable from magic.

Given the nearly limitless funds, man-hours, and brainpower the Occulted Powers have at their disposal, is it so hard to believe…

> that they have developed breeds of genetically modified humans that could be passed off as “aliens” or “angels”? (Scientists working in the public domain with vastly less funding have already cloned complex animals such as sheep and have created genetically modified animals such as goats who produce spider silk in their milk. Isn’t it reasonable to assume that smarter scientists in the hyper-funded black labs have gone much, much further?)

> that they have developed aerospace craft so exotic that they could be passed off as alien craft?

> that they have developed holographic and radio frequency technologies capable of producing dazzling visual and auditory hallucinations, as well as both depressive and elevating mood effects?

> that they could put all these components together to produce a helluva Second Coming show for the unsuspecting public?

While we’re on the subject of technologies that can be used to deceive the public, special attention must be paid to electromagnetic frequency technology. Here is something I wrote about it in my old blog…

A few days ago, I stumbled across an article on Zen Gardner’s site that featured an old CNN Special Report on electromagnetic weapons from 1985. The information it offered was quite interesting; not only did it discuss microwave weapons used to disrupt electronics and radio frequency (RF) weapons used to disorient personnel, but it also brought up scalar weapons which can be used to create massive non-nuclear explosions. This particular video cuts out before it gets to the segment that discusses the use of RF technology to influence the human mind, though, so I looked around and found the missing segment here (archived).

According to this mainstream media report and a vast number of alternative media reports, RF technology, which utilizes certain frequencies and signal patterns to establish brainwave entrainment, can create:

1) Visual Hallucinations – You can be made to see things without having the pattern pass through the mechanism of your eyes.

2) Auditory Hallucinations – You can be made to hear things without having the pattern pass through the mechanism of your ears.

3) Mood Changes – The brainwave patterns that represent the moods of depression, helplessness, agitation, foreboding, anguish, fear, and all other emotional states can be remotely induced in your mind.

With this in mind, if you look around, you’ll see that you are surrounded by a ubiquitous array of RF transmitters in the forms of cellphones, cellphone towers, smart meters, Wi-Fi gateways, broadcast towers, satellites, et cetera, and you can be certain that all of these transceivers have been weaponized to induce mental effects. What many fail to consider, though, is this:

The same RF technology they have been using to torment us can, at the flip of a switch, be used to induce the feelings of well-being and peace and joy in us.

This leads one to wonder the following: after steeping the population in increasing levels of discordant RF vibrations for decades, how would it feel if they turned off those signals and turned on signals of euphoria in their place? It would feel like you’d entered a whole other “dimension,” wouldn’t it?

And therein lies the globalists’ secret weapon in the Great Second Coming Deception: their ability to generate a massive collective mood swing from anxiety to euphoria. Once “Jesus” shows up and they signal the emitters to broadcast “good vibrations,” many people will be fooled into thinking that something truly spiritual has occurred. They will say, “Something has really changed. You can feel it in the air.” The Judeo-Christians will believe it’s due to the presence of their god, and the New Agers will think the Ascension has finally occurred. But it will be nothing more than the RF equivalent of a hydrocodone pill.

With the technological toolbox of deception now laid before us, let’s take a moment to mull over how these tools might be used in a 3-step WAR PATH deception scenario…

Step 1) Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton is set up as the decoy Antichrist (depending on which year they go for it and how they script Trump’s takedown): This step is ready to go and could happen at any time. Once the decoy takes office, we might see one or more “lying signs and wonders,” and we can expect the globalists to amp-up the fear and anxiety transmissions as we approach the climax point of the confrontation with Russia. The transmissions will max-out when the missiles fly.

Step 2) The “real Antichrist” (Putin) defeats the decoy Antichrist and poses as Christ: I would expect to see a vast fleet of “UFOs” appear in the sky once the missile contrails have made their dramatic rise. This fleet would be a combination of holographically-generated, miles-long “motherships” out of which would pour real “scout ships” that are actually black budget aerospace craft piloted by black budget hybrids. As they make a show of destroying the missiles, I’d expect the Controllers to switch their RF/microwave (RFM) mood transmissions from maxed-out negative to neutral. The fear and irritation would suddenly disappear, and people would feel much better (until the second half of the Antichrist’s rule when they turn up the “bad vibrations” again).

Step 3) The “true Christ” shows up to crush the “true Antichrist”: I’d expect an even more grand and vivid sky show put on with holographics and RFM-induced visions and voices. While it’s possible this arrival might include UFOs that look different than the Antichrist’s, I think it more likely that no kind of craft will be evident. That way, the arrival would look “truly supernatural.” It is at this point that the RFM mood transmissions would be instantaneously switched from maxed-out negative to maxed-out positive, which would knock people’s socks off.

In a PEACE PATH deception scenario…

Peaceful “Disclosure” will likely occur at some point between the founding months of the New World Order (the period when the UN is being “reformed”) and its 3.5 year mark. And when they come on the scene, the fake ETs will start making friends by healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and sharing their “alien technologies” (the sequestered technologies the globalists have been holding back). Once they’ve won the trust and goodwill of most people, the “ETs” will start telling us about an incoming group of “hostile aliens / supernatural beings.”

As we enter the second 3.5 year period of the NWO, things will start turning ugly as the global government and the “space brothers” prepare for war against the incoming “hostiles.” And once those hostiles (the “real Jesus and his angels”) arrive, they will defeat the NWO and their “fallen angels.” In the course of this final “Battle of Armageddon,” we can expect the globalists to slaughter at least a third of the global population. They’ll narrate it something like this…

“As the fallen angels and their world government began fighting against Jesus and his angels, they quickly realized that they couldn’t win. So they turned their weapons against humanity to deny Jesus his future kingdom. Although Jesus had the power to save everyone, he couldn’t override the free will of those who decided to fight against him or deny them the consequences of their choice. God gave us the capacity of free choice, so Jesus could not take it away from those who chose to live and die by the sword.”

Since “Christ’s” 1,000-Year Reich will allow humans no political voice, we can expect an “angelic administration” carried out by a different type of black budget hybrid. These hybrids would likely be tall and strikingly attractive, and may be implanted with their own RFM transceivers to speak directly into our minds and induce positive feelings in those who meet them. Additionally, they’ll likely have brain implants that are tied-in to the surveillance and intelligence grid, so they will know exactly who you are and what you’ve been up to. Thus equipped, their fake “holy presence,” “telepathy,” and “omniscience” will be a convincing combination for the unsuspecting. Not to mention the fact that “the angels are just so damned good lookin’!”

It is important to remember that the Bible does set a precedent for flesh-and-blood angels who walk among men. Just have a look at Genesis 19

1 Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening as Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground. 2 And he said, “Now behold, my lords, please turn aside into your servant’s house, and spend the night, and wash your feet; then you may rise early and go on your way.” They said however, “No, but we shall spend the night in the square.” 3 Yet he urged them strongly, so they turned aside to him and entered his house; and he prepared a feast for them, and baked unleavened bread, and they ate. 4 Before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, both young and old, all the people from every quarter:”

So these “angels” walked along the ground like everyone else, and they also needed food and rest. This would apply to our smiling hybrid overlords as well.

New Notes on the Globalist ET Fraud

Rockefeller Minion Admits Fake ETs Exist

(7 January 2019) – Whilst poking about the net yesterday, I ran across some videos of Rockefeller disinfodouche Steven Greer doing a limited hangout on fake ETs…

…from YouTube

In it, Greer blames the “alien abduction” phenomenon on the US military, the international Nazis, and their fake ETs / “programmed life forms.” Whether the alien abduction phenomenon is real (a product of globalist scientists abducting people with desired genetic profiles for their chimera project) or imagined (a product of imagination and guided hypnosis), it poses a threat to the positive reputation of the globalists’ fake ETs. This is why Greer is scapegoating the military and the two types of globalist hybrids people have grown to fear (he blames the “grey and reptilian programmed life forms” in another video).

In Understanding the NWO Strategy, I say this about the “evil Western (decoy) NWO”…

Another function of the Western decoy is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were erecting the real NWO. By blaming the Western NWO for all the evils we’ve seen for the past 100+ years — and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the real NWO will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

You can say the same thing about the “evil secret space program” and its “grey and reptilian programmed life forms”…

Another function of the decoy “Secret Space Program” (SSP) is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were developing their technologies and hybrids for the fake ET arrival. By blaming the SSP for all the alien-related evils we’ve seen over the past decades — and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the other fake ETs will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

~ more – 8 January 2019 ~

Yesterday, I mentioned that disinfodouche Steven Greer was scapegoating the grey and reptilian chimeras to get rid of any potential threat to the positive image of the other chimeras. Well here is the video…

…from YouTube. And here is what he says at the 4:09 mark

“And of course, you know, in the pop culture, everyone thinks of the big, bug-eyed greys or the reptilians which of course, ironically, are the ones that are manmade, programmed life forms that are genetically created creatures…”

Let me go into a little bit of depth as to why he’s doing this…

(9 January 2019) – Following my second awakening back in 2009, I decided to open my mind to outside information and explore the New Age rabbit hole. At first, I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were all kinds of fascinating new ideas from a plethora of sources, and I began sipping the Kool Aid along with the other awakening people.

After a time, though, I began to notice unsettling inconsistencies and patterns that got me thinking. And that thinking led me to the conclusion that we were being offered a broad menu of spiritual and extraterrestrial concepts so social psychologists could monitor our responses on chat boards, in comment sections, and at speeches and conferences. They wanted to see which ideas we would swallow and which we’d spit out. And they took the ones we swallowed to fashion the new paradigm they’ll be rolling out to the general public after Putin’s victory over the West.

One of Steven Greer’s “Disclosure” / disinformation cohorts is Stephen Bassett (he’s to the right of Greer in this photo)…

And if you look at the name of Bassett’s Disclosure group…

Paradigm Research Group

…it pretty much describes what the globalists have been doing with the New Agers and UFO enthusiasts: conducting interactive research to formulate the New World Order’s spiritual and extraterrestrial paradigm. Just have a look at the gang sign he flashes on his own website

Does the hand sign look familiar?…

One thing they evidently learned from testing the component concepts of their paradigm was that if they narrate “extraterrestrial races” as having a mix of orientations (from aggressive and malevolent to peaceful and benevolent), people would look at all “ETs” with suspicion. They’d always be wondering, “Are these particular ETs good or evil? How can I be sure these aren’t evil ones posing as good ones?”

Since the globalists very much want the public to accept the fake ETs and the information they offer, they decided that they must narrate all freely-traveling ETs as being good. This is why Greer paints a picture of an interstellar order of benevolent ET races that quarantines warlike races (like ours) on their home planets…

…meaning that only peaceful and benevolent races can visit Earth. It is only after the fake ETs have ingratiated themselves with the public that they’ll say, “Oh, by the way, there IS a bad ET race rampaging across the universe, and they’re heading towards Earth.”

After the final battle of the “good ETs” + the NWO versus the “bad ETs,” the globalists will flip the narrative and say that the “bad, rampaging ETs” are really “Jesus Christ and his angels,” and the “benevolent ETs” who ingratiated themselves are actually the “Nephilim” (the children of “Lucifer and the fallen angels” who were formed by Luciferian genetic manipulation of god’s created forms). This will be the final step in erecting said “Jesus Christ” as a figurehead god-king they’ll use to reign over us like gods.

As for the different types of ETs Greer talks about in the last video I showed you, you must remember that the globalists’ chimera project is a multi-trillion dollar endeavor that has operated for decades on a vast industrial scale without any form of legal or ethical constraint. And you can be certain that they’ve experimented with every mix of genetic code you can imagine: human + animal + reptile + fish + cetacean + plant + insect + synthetic + so on and so forth. You can also be certain that the vast majority of their experiments — especially early on — resulted in sad, contorted, non-viable life forms. A small percentage of their products were undoubtedly viable, though, and that means they likely have dozens if not hundreds of species they can use to simulate “an interstellar community of races.”

In the various “Star Trek” television series, artists and set designers collaborated to give each alien race its own design aesthetic in their spacecraft and clothing, and that’s all that’s really needed to sell a globalist chimera as a new “alien race.” If they show up in their own globalist-provided style of spacecraft and attire with their own background narrative, how will a regular joe know they’re fake?

Another obvious consequence of their genetic engineering and cloning projects is that they’ve undoubtedly developed some hyper-intelligent GMO humans that are now doing the heavy lifting in their ultra-black research projects. This engineered scientific force might be as large as the entire human scientific community. But don’t let this intimidate you. I suspect Spirit and inspiration will flow to where it’s needed – and away from where it better not go – to ensure the best outcome for everyone. That’s one factor that is well beyond the reach of the globalists.

Children pissing into the wind. That’s what they are.

(10 January 2019) – While we’re on the subject of New Agers and UFO enthusiasts, I decided to pay a visit to a prominent disinformation site I ran across during my time in the rabbit hole. It’s called “Golden Age of Gaia”…

I encourage you to visit the site and scroll down the right sidebar till you see this buffet of Kool Aid they offer…

Once you find it, click on the Q Anon video. You’ll be treated to a very slickly produced 13 minute video that lays out the Peace Path narrative. It is just a small foretaste of what you’ll be seeing when the globalists roll out the Truth Tsunami.

And speaking of the “Golden Age” that will come when the “evil West” is defeated and the multilateral / multipolar New World Order is launched, what follows is a little background on what the term “Golden Age” really means to the occultists who are running this show. This section is one of my articles from 2014, back when I believed the “ETs” might possibly be real. Take note of its reference to the Nephilim in light of what I wrote in yesterday’s update…

The New “Multipolar” World and the “Golden Age”:
They’re not what you think they are

My recent article on the farcical East/West conflict was kindly posted by Jean Haines on her blog, and she asked her readers for their opinions on it. Having looked at the various comments, I realize I’ll have to write several entries to adequately answer them, so I will. But to start off, I thought I’d address the two ideas that most grabbed my attention:

1) That “a multi-polar world is going to be a far different picture” than what I’m forecasting.

2) That “we’re heading into the Golden Age.”

So to begin with the first point…

The multipolar / multilateral New World Order is the NWO the Globalist Banking Cabal have been planning all along.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Take theirs:

Here is an article straight from the IMF website
…So a global crisis that the globalist banksters engineered requires supranational solutions? Quelle surprise! Note that the globalist buzzwords, multipolar and multilateral, are also prominently featured.

And here is an excerpt from the foreword of a World Bank report titled Global Development Horizons 2011 – Multipolarity: The New Global Economy
…What, multipolar shows up again? How can this be? 🙂

And here is a small portion of the results you get when you search for the word “multipolar” on the BIS website
…This is just part of the first page of results, and there are three other pages of such articles and speeches. Take your pick.

If you comb through the archives of these bankster-run organizations, you will find no plans related to an Anglo-American, “Nazionist” NWO. You will find plans only for the globalized, multipolar NWO that is currently being birthed. They have been actively implementing these plans since the IMF created the SDR back in 1969. There never was going to be an evil Anglo-American New World Order because the globalists are globalists. They want a world empire, and the only way to persuade people to live in such an empire is if you convince them that all nations within it are on equal footing. The multipolar/multilateral model does that.

The evil Nazi/Zionist NWO was never anything more than a public relations golem they conjured up for the dialectic manipulation of the population. As I wrote in an old entry titled David Wilcock and the Real NWO

“It is really very simple: the Illuminati built a rabbit trap (in the BRICS alliance) that looks like a nice, safe hole to hide from danger. Now they are beating the bushes (with the Western powers) to drive the rabbits toward the trap.”

(If you haven’t read the full article, I recommend you do. This Internet Archive copy still has the pictures I included.)

In another old entry, I laid out what I expect them to do once they determine it’s time to implement the switchover…

“So this is how it will go down (if they are able to pull it off)…

> They will collapse the old system.

> They will launch the new system by handing out lots of money so people will gleefully accept it. (At this initial stage, they’ll probably block financial access to very few people, such as those trying to buy weapons.)

> Once everyone is dependent on the new system, they will start blocking money from more and more people for more and more reasons until all who remain are locked into a very small box of “elite”-approved behavior.

How will they lock out dissidents, you ask? By using RFID readers at cash registers, intersections, roadblocks, cell towers, etc., as well as in smart meters, cell phones, wireless portals, etc., they will track the movement and destination of all currency and goods. And if you are designated a persona non grata, your digital and physical cash, as well as your consumer products, will be seized for whatever reason they choose to invent. You will be unable to buy, sell, or barter in the mainstream economy.

Make no mistake: the new financial system being sold to the undiscerning elements of the awake and aware community is not of the True Light. It is just the new, improved version of Cabal control covered with a candy coating.

So what should one do? When the old system collapses, I sense the need to GO LOCAL, because any global system being offered will be a trap. Back in the early days of the American colonies, they produced their own scrip (cash), and they did just fine. Going back to community self-sufficiency seems the key to freedom. If the System comes after those who do so, we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get there (with God’s help). Resistance might look futile, but it is a requirement.”

All this being said, let’s move on to the second point…

A Golden Age for whom?

There has been a lot of talk in New Age circles about humanity entering a new Golden Age, but very few people have bothered to look into what a “Golden Age” really means to the occultists who established and promoted the New Age mind control system. If you look into the historical accounts of the Dragon Family (also known as the Illuminati, the Order, etc.), you find some surprising information.

Here is an excerpt from a pro-Dragon website that collects and posts Dragon lore…

>>> Their race was known by various names. In Assyria, the Annodoti. In Sumeria, the Annunaki. In Druidic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan. In Judeo-Christian scriptures, they are called the Nephilim, “the Sons of God”, or the Watchers. They are described as having attachments such as wings, horns, and even fish scales, but from the depictions it is clear that these are costumes worn for their symbolic value, for these symbols indicated divine power and royal blood. The gods themselves had their own monarchy, with laws of succession similar to our own, and they built a global empire upon the Earth, with great cities, temples, monuments, and mighty nations established on several continents. Man was separate from the gods, like a domesticated animal, and there was a great cultural taboo amongst the gods against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics. These gods ruled directly over Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, and their rule is recorded in the histories of all three civilizations.

This global monarchy was the crowning glory of the ages, and the period of their rule came to be called “the Golden Age”, or as the Egyptians called it, “the First Time”, when the gods watched over man directly, like a shepherd does his flock. In fact, they were often called “the Shepherd Kings.” One of the symbols of this world monarchy was an eye hovering over a throne, and this eye now adorns our American dollar bill, presented as the missing capstone of the Great Pyramid of Giza, underneath which are written the words “New World Order.” Clearly this New World Order is the global monarchy that or Founding Fathers (not a Democrat among them) intended for this nation to participate in all along, symbolized by a pyramid as a representation of the ideal and perfectly ordered authoritarian empire. <<<

Here is a passage from another pro-Dragon site, and it is attributed to Michael Baigent, a notable Freemason writer…

“Furthermore, the world empire of the Atlantean kings who spawned the Merovingians is more complete now than it has ever been since the gods left the earth during the Deluge. The United Nations, a feeble example, will surely give way at some point to a united world government strong enough and glorious enough to be called an empire. The fallen kingdom of the gods is clearly returning, and the new Golden Age is upon us. If this author’s hunch is correct, this is, indeed, a glorious time to be alive.”

Speaking of the Merovingians, one of their symbols, the fleur-de-lis, is prominently featured on the second Dragon webpage. And in this particular section, it is shown along with the Anunnaki flying disc symbol and the “goddess” Isis
Can you think of another place you’ve seen the fleur-de-lis recently?

Make no mistake, the Anunnaki (if they actually exist), the Dragons/Illuminati, the Kabbalist Jews, the Freemasons, etc. are attempting to bring us into a multipolar New World Order and a new “Golden Age.” And through their New Age paradigm and dialectic tactics, they are attempting to program you to believe these are good things. I’d be careful about drinking that Kool Aid.

(11 January 2019) – For this, the final section of January’s entry on the Fake ET Show, I thought it might be a good idea to get back to the globalists’ purpose in putting it on. Let’s begin with something I wrote on the subject in a previous entry…

WHY would they fake it?

Summing up the answer in a concise phrase, it is “to blow people’s minds.” Can you imagine how the public would react to an announcement – made by “credible mainstream scientists” – that another populated planet exists right here in our own solar system? People’s existing work-a-day reality would be shattered, and their minds would be opened up to new possibilities. And open, malleable minds is what the globalists want as we transition into the New World Order and the Thousand Year Reich of “Jesus” that will follow.

If we get to the underlying objective in the globalists’ promotion of ETs and the Anunnaki myth, it is to revive belief in a “Christ”-based universal religion. The new Kabbalized Christian Catholicism will be based on a story that people can follow (the Anunnaki narrative), and people will be able to see “real proof” (in the form of “ET” visitors and “ET” spacecraft) that what the religion talks about is valid. There will be no more worshipping an invisible, imaginary sky god; you’ll be able to see “god” for yourself. And it all begins with showing the public counterfeit images of Nibiru taken through an infrared telescope.

This is what I wrote about it two years ago in the Vatican/Anunnaki entry…

>>> So it seems that the ET rollout, should it actually occur, will begin with us supposedly discovering them through a telescope, then the Vatican will make its statement. Once the public has digested the idea, ET/EDs might actually show themselves, claiming, “We were waiting for you guys to discover our existence on your own; we didn’t want to show up out of the blue and shock you.” <<<

Now if we take these basic ideas and apply them to the situation in which we find ourselves today, there are two ways for them to bring in the lab rats…

> Script the “good” guys’ victory over the “bad” guys without a big magic show, then have the victors disclose the “ET presence” to the public as part of the post-climax Truth Tsunami.

> Script in a big magic show in which the ETs intervene to stop a planet-destroying world war / nuclear exchange. The outbreak of the war could be triggered by the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque by Israeli hardliners. This would allow the globalists to center the ET arrival show in Jerusalem like they want. The Palestinians and Israelis warring on the ground would look up at the sky and simply drop their weapons. This is a scene I’ve observed the globalists foreshadowing a number of times in their preparatory propaganda.

Once the fake ETs have landed, a key element of their message will be the promotion of the Avatars, especially Putin, as incarnations of the godhead who came to save humanity from “the Satanic Plan to kill 95% of us and enslave the rest.” And their role in promoting Putin as the Jewish Moshiach / Christian Messiah is why you see RT helping Steven Greer spread his bullsh*t…

He appeared on Jesse Ventura’s show on RT twice last year (the first appearance was scheduled ahead of the things they had planned for early last year, and last month’s appearance was scheduled ahead of the things they have planned for early this year).

How disappointing to see Jesse Ventura shilling for the globalists! Who would have thought that a former WWE wrestler would take money to put on a fake show for the public?

It’s unheard of… 

On one further note, when I say the globalists will use holograms to project miles-long motherships and spiritual beings in the sky, that is technically incorrect. The technology used will actually be an advanced version of volumetric projection…

…from Nature

The technology has finally appeared in a public lab, and if you look at the public version and imagine what it would look like after 50 years of development with unlimited funding, you’ll have an idea of the version the globalists have right now. But as the linked article notes, there is one catch to making it work: it requires particles in the air to reflect the laser light…

>>> A final problem is that because the forces used to control the particles are so tiny, the system is easily destabilized. That could hamper military applications, such as simulating a 3D battle scene to train soldiers, because any strong winds would knock the particles off their trajectories. To get around that, Smalley says, the system could be made to scatter light off mists of particles that appear only temporarily. “You’re never going to do it in a hurricane,” he says. “But it’s not beyond the realm of imagination that it could happen outside.” <<<

Hmmm… now how will the globalists be able get a sufficiently dense mist of particles in the air to allow volumetric projection?…

…Oh yeah, that’s how. The mist is constantly maintained now; that’s why the deep blue sky has turned milky blue.

And on a final final note, allow me to slip on my Globalist Operations Efficiency Consultant hat and offer our wannabe gods a little piece of advice…

“When you instruct your chimeras to land, you might as well direct them to join you at the landfill nearest their orbital coordinates. Both they and your Millennial Kingdom are gonna wind up there anyway, so why delay the inevitable? Time is money, bi*ches.”


What follows are my accumulated writings on the ET subject. These are the included articles (so far)…

  • The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us
  • Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?
  • How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth
  • Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru continues to go mainstream
  • The Truth about “Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru” and its Supposed “Aliens”
  • A Brief Word on the Globalists’ Fake ETs
  • British Royal and RT Support for the Fake ET Narrative + The Alien Arrival under the Peace Path
  • more to come…

The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us

The Jesuit Pope says, “Come meet your new space brothers!”…

With the globalists turning up the heat on all the mundane aspects of their buildup to the NWO, the woo woo aspects are moving forward as well. Yesterday, I encountered a Before Its News link that led to a post titled Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life. Given the often questionable nature of such posts, I decided to look into it and see if everything checked out. It did. The Vatican is indeed preparing to “take us to their leader.”

The post, in turn, pointed to an article on
…Upon looking into Voxxi, I found out it’s a news site for English-speaking Hispanics that was started by the former Director of News at Agencia EFE, the world’s fourth largest wire service, so it is a mainstream site. Here are some relevant excerpts from the article…

>>>Many scientists affirm we’re not far from establishing the “First Contact,” given the advances made is astronomy. Because of this, the Vatican wishes to be ready with a statement. It might not be a easy task for the church to interpret holy scripture—if not analyzed properly—if life is found on other planets and man is not the only creature made in the image of God…

In 2009 Jose Gabriel Funes, the director of the Vatican Observatory, gave an interview to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, where he stated the existence of alien life posed no problems for Catholic theology.

Conspiracy theories aside, are we really that close to discovering extraterrestrial life? And if so, what will the Catholic Church say about it? Details of the statement the Vatican is working on have not been revealed publicly.<<<

So it seems that the ET rollout, should it actually occur, will begin with us supposedly discovering them through a telescope, then the Vatican will make its statement. Once the public has digested the idea, ET/EDs might actually show themselves, claiming, “We were waiting for you guys to discover our existence on your own; we didn’t want to show up out of the blue and shock you.”

Another notable thing about the Voxxi article was their inclusion of this link after the first paragraph…
…It struck me as odd that they would think to connect the idea of alien intervention in Flight 370 to an article about a Vatican ET announcement. Although the linked article ridiculed the ET angle on Flight 370’s disappearance, I was left wondering if any ETs who show up might play that card. Will they arrive with the missing passengers and crew to show what sweet spaceguys they are?

As I kept investigating, I found another mainstream media mention of the Vatican and ETs in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. In a post titled Progress, American-style, sort of, the author ties an upcoming astrobiology symposium to the idea of suppressed UFO information…

>>>…what makes this symposium particularly mind-bending are the contortions in play to avoid contact with the UFO elephant in the room, especially given how so much of its content is devoted to hypothetical scenarios. Garnished heavily (not surprisingly) with SETI radioastronomers, its topics come with provocative titles like “The Moral Status of Non-Human Organisms,” “Would You Baptize an Extraterrestrial?,” “Equating Culture, Civilization, and Moral Development in Imagining ETI: Anthropocentric Assumptions?” and “Communicating With the Other.” But here’s the one that really grabs De Void by the eyeballs — “Alien Minds,” by Susan Schneider.<<<

The symposium to which the author refers is this one
…And a notable attendee is the one to whom all the articles refer either directly or indirectly, Guy Consolmagno.

Guy Consolmagno is a Jesuit astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, which is headed by another Jesuit named Jose Gabriel Funes. Both portray aliens as good guys, with Consolmagno stating that he would baptize an alien and Funes stating “the extraterrestrial is my brother.” This raises the question: if the Jesuits (of all people) are pointing to the ETs and saying they’re good, is that how it really is? As I’ve written before, if aliens are real and they show up, it makes sense that the first ones we’ll see are the ones who have been here all along.

Interestingly, the “Vatican Preparing Statement on Extraterrestrial Life” post shares the Jesuit view…

>>>Not all will welcome a statement from Pope Francis advocating extraterrestrials as brothers and worthy of being baptized into the Christian faith. According to Chris Putnam and Tom Horn, authors of Exovaticana, Pope Francis I is preparing to lead the Catholic Church to embrace aliens as “brothers in Christ” – reflective of the 1950s and 1960s contactee reports of benevolent “space brothers.” Putnam’s and Horn’s Exovaticana portends a future religious war between those accepting extraterrestrials as “brothers in Christ” and those believing them to be returning demons about to enslave us. Despite the extensive scholarship found in Exovaticana, it unfortunately skews data towards an overly negative assessment of the motivations of extraterrestrial visitors. Thankfully, the Vatican’s evolving public position, as reflected by statements from its leading astronomers, shows a far more enlightened stance on how to consider the discovery of alien life from a theological perspective. A statement or “Urbi et Orbi” speech from Pope Francis expounding on various themes associated with the view that extraterrestrials are potential “brothers in Christ’ is a welcome position to take on a controversial issue with major world significance.<<<

As it turns out, the post appears to have been written by Michael Salla, the founder of, and it’s good that he brings up Tom Horn.

Tom Horn is the Establishment’s “David Wilcock figure” in the Christian community. Like his New Age compatriot, he wrote a big, “scholarly” book…
…that hyped all the various prophecies leading into December 21, 2012. When that date passed with a whimper, he withdrew the book, reworked it to point to 2016, and gave it a new title: Zenith 2016. Although he removed the ad for the original book from his site, I was able to find it in the Internet Archive. Here are the bullet points he presented…


> Unrecognized by the vast majority of peoples around the world is the greatest conspiracy of all time, sitting right out in the open in Washington DC and at the Vatican. It is an ancient, magical, talismanic diagram—the Lost Symbol—which waits its final use by the hidden, occult hand guiding the Secret Destiny of America toward the year 2012.

> To make sure they are prepared, the ritual for what is coming has been rehearsed in the Heredom by the Supreme Council over Washington DC with every passing US president starting with George Washington in anticipation of the deity’s return in 2012.

> Many US Founding fathers were aware of these prophecies and designed the Capitol City to serve as the home of these pagan gods on their return.

> This secret is also openly hidden in the most spectacular way in the US Capitol Dome, directly tying the US and Vatican to the Mesoamerican 2012 date.

> Catholic priests who tried to warn about what was coming died under mysterious circumstances.

> 200 Year Old cipher encoded on the Great Seal of the United States points to the same prophecy concerning the return of the gods in the year 2012.

> early 500 years ago the Maya prophesied about the Colonial date 1776 as the beginning of the last 13 katuns leading to apocalypse in 2012. When academic Richard N. Luxton interpreted The Book of Chumayel: The Counsel Book of the Yucatec Maya 1539–1638, he was astonished to find it was connected to the “Christian Last Judgment” and the date 2012.

>  couple modern “Mayan elders” – who have been getting themselves in the news lately by claiming the year 2012 will not lead to the end of the world – are covering up how their prophecies diametrically contradict the prophecies of their forefathers including the Maya, Aztec, and numerous other ancient peoples who foresaw this time as portending destruction and “judgment from the gods.”

> 200 Years ago Cherokee Indians prophesied likewise and set their calendar, like the Maya and Aztec, to end in the year 2012.

> In more than one place in the New Testament, scripture reveals by the same name that the deity encoded in the Masonic prophecy on the Great Seal and elsewhere throughout Washington DC will be the dreaded Antichrist.

> Over 700 years ago Orthodox Jewish priests prophesied in the Zohar that their Messiah would arrive in the year 2012.

> The first degree Masonic Tracing Board contains the same prophecy toward the year 2012.

> Jesus Himself in Matthew 24 may have set the date for the apocalypse around the year 2012.

> This is a short sample of the HUNDREDS of new revelations in Apollyon Rising 2012.<<<

Very Wilcockian, wasn’t it? 😉 And wouldn’t you know it, David Wilcock has also started talking about 2016. Here is a passage from one of the comments he left on Benjamin Fulford’s blog

>>>Then, since The Synchronicity Key talks about how cycles are always at play in the cases of reincarnation, I said “could there be an American Revolution / BRICS revolution cycle playing out?”

I already saw a Rome / US overlap predicting key events in 2014, but we can’t be sure that it will “all” happen in one year. This is all taking longer than I thought, though there is definite progress along the way.

That led to a quick calculation. The main cycles I identified were the Zodiac cycle of 2,160 years (such as between Rome and the US) and the Zodiac quarter-cycle of 539 years (such as the precise time-lock between the Battle of Swiecino and 9/11, down to a few days.)

Another harmonic cycle is 120 years — though the ‘century’ of 100 years is also cyclical. 120 years divides into the “Great Year” of 25,920 years exactly 216 times, making it perfectly harmonic.

The first 120 years after the American Revolution brings us to 1896, which was the precise year that all the problems began with America turning into a war-making state. This was when McKinley got elected and America immediately started moving into the international arena as an imperial power, starting a chain of events that led to the Federal Reserve being founded.

I already have this in the book, but only equated 1896 to a cross-over with Rome in the Zodiac cycle. I never caught that 1896 is also 120 years after the American Revolution.

So if this first cycle is where the problem got a lot worse, 120 years later it may finally resolve. At the speed things are now going, the cycle equivalent of two 120-year cycles lands on July 4, 2016 — 240 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence.<<<

Looking at everything Horn and Wilcock have written, I am compelled to forge a new scientific axiom: prophecy + astrology + numerology = BS spiritual propaganda

2016 is an interesting year in one respect, though: how it might fit in with Christian “End Times” prophecy. There are many different interpretations of Biblical prophecy, but the “Christian Watchman” Propaganda Corps with whom Tom Horn frequently interacts have been trumpeting a version that boils down to something like this…

There will be seven years of tribulation that feature wars and rumors of wars, famine, disease, earthquakes in diverse places, etc. To save us from these disasters, the “Antichrist” will come on the scene posing as the “real Christ.” He/she/it will bring a temporary peace and rule for a short time, then will be swept aside when the “real Christ” stages his Second Coming.

Looking at this script, I am left wondering if the 2007-2009 financial crisis might count as the beginning of the Tribulation Period. If so, the seven years would expire sometime from 2014 through 2016. And if the globalists are trying to act out a scenario somewhat like this, how will they play it? Will the coming “BRICS-founded” Multipolar/Multilateral NWO bring in the Antichrist character? Or will the decoy “Nazionist” dark NWO and Obama be painted as the Antichrist side who are vanquished by the BRICS NWO and the “real Christ” character?

However they play it, it is important to remember that both the “Antichrist” and the “real Christ” are scripted characters in a Blood Cult play. They are the dialectic thesis and antithesis of the False God / Yahweh / Demiurge spiritual paradigm, and neither one is on humanity’s side.

It is also important to note that Christianity is a religion centered on Anunnaki (a.k.a. Elohim) worship. Under the Biblical paradigm, the beings who supposedly created modern man are called the Elohim; under the Sumerian paradigm, those same beings are called the Anunnaki. And whether the Anunnaki/Elohim are mythological or real, they are bad news for Planet Earth.

All this being said, if any ET/EDs show up in the next several years, who will we really be meeting? Will they be the real-deal Anunnaki flying in on spaceships, or will they be the genetically-engineered spawn of underground labs flying in on black budget aerospace craft? It all depends on whether the beings worshipped by the “elite” are genuine ET/EDs or just myths they finally have the technology to bring to life.

[Update 1 – 13 September 2014]

This article was reposted on, and an interesting comment was left by one of the readers. I thought I’d share the comment and my response…

Commenter “Lozion”: Ken, just curious is this Apollyon (Abaddon) Horn refers to is another epithet for Antichrist? If yes, then I would theorize this being is the head of the Annunaki (sons of An), Enlil (otherwise known as YHWE and to the Gnostics, the Demiurge) trying to sell himself as the Messiah of our times. Hey, maybe we’ll finally get to meet the Big Enlilada! 😉

My Response: I included Yahweh in the False God/ Yahweh/ Demiurge sandwich for the sake of the Christians, who are programmed to see him as the Big Kahuna. From the various versions of the Sumerian Anunnaki narrative I’ve encountered, though, he is below the actual Anunnaki godking and is aligned with the loyalist faction that believes the human slaves are to be kept barefoot and ignorant, and are not to [be] bred with. The rebels, on the other hand, gave us some degree of knowledge (perhaps in hope of winning us to their side), and fancy “monkey love.” This might explain why I’ve heard certain self-proclaimed “Satanists” complaining, “We tried to give you freedom, but you love being slaves. So we’re going to give you exactly what you want.”

Of the two supposed factions, I am sympathetic to the rebels because I despise the concept of “royalty” in any form, and also because they are simply more fun. But I would choose neither side. Humanity must find a middle path, and we must walk it ourselves.

To answer your question, though, Tom Horn does seem to label “Apollyon” as the “Antichrist.”

On an unrelated note, I’ve come across some mainstream globalist propaganda from 1988 and 2014 that confirms the West versus East conflict is a sham. Look for a big article about it on Monday.

[Update 2 – 14 September 2014]

Commenter “Lozion”: According to Annunaki ‘canon’, the rebels were headed by An’s older son and Enlil’s half-brother Enki, who genetically engineered us (a triplicity of genes from their DNA, native Neanderthal and from IGIGI, who were slaves from a foreign conquered planet) with the help of Ninhursag. They were the ones who thought humans should be allowed to evolve on their own and tried to protect us to a degree against Enlil’s wrath. The God/King you refer to would be An who left their sons to their schemes while busy with affairs far away

My Response: Yes, that’s one version I’ve heard. The herebedragons site has a page that shows what you’re talking about:

Here is the family diagram:

Commenter “Lozion”: I’ve started a thread on the Conscious Hugs forum on this subject if anyone cares to contribute. See here:

Yes, I’ve seen that diagram before. Add Nergal under Enlil.

My Response: I would hasten to add a word of caution on this matter: be wary of any historical or mythical narrative that would sway you to take sides in an alien civil war. If you choose a side, you choose the war, and if you choose the war, you invite attack upon yourself.

If a “red gang” member came to your door and told you, “You should join our war against the ‘blue gang.’ They want to kill everyone in the ‘hood, so if we lose, you die,” would you believe him? While such a claim could possibly be true, it is more likely a ruse to scare you into cooperation. It’s more likely that the other gang will want to profit off you than kill you. You can’t sell drugs to a dead man, nor can you enslave him.

If there is any reality to the Enki versus Enlil narrative, there are three ways to look at it:

1) It is a real civil war within the Anunnaki kingdom. If this is the case, we should leave them to settle their conflicts themselves while we deal with our own challenges ourselves. To join one side against the other is to expose ourselves to potential ruin.

2) It is a contrived situation Anu put in play to ensure that one of his sons couldn’t set up his own kingdom here. By keeping the two feuding, neither brother can get firm control of the planet. All Anu has to do is sit back and maintain a balance of forces by providing support to one or the other when he grows weak. If this is the case, it has nothing to do with us and we should maintain our focus on the self-liberation of our species.

3) It is a dialectic play put on for human consumption. By recruiting some humans to Enki and others to Enlil, they keep us fighting amongst ourselves. Some may point to supposed evidence (most notably in the Indian ancient texts) of an antediluvian nuclear war as proof that there are two alien factions fighting, but I would point such people to World War 2. It was a massive conflict that involved nuclear explosions, but it was fought by two alliances of human states that were pitted against each other by a transnational “elite.” The antediluvian war, if it actually happened, might have been the same sort of deal: humans pitted against each other by a hidden hand.

It seems prudent to stay out of any wars, either human or alien. I think it better to free myself, then help free my community. And once my community is free, we can network with other such communities until the whole world is free.

Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?

“Invite us in…
…The Rockefellers, the Jesuits, and the channelers can vouch for us. We’re your benevolent space brothers.”

The Rockefellers: Founders of the Disclosure Movement

Last week, I came across a video titled Stephen Bassett E.T. Disclosure Conference 2014, and I couldn’t help but notice the reaction counters below it. If they are correct, the information in the video was uncritically accepted by the site’s visitors, and I found that quite troubling. No one paused to think of who might be behind the information being presented or of how it might fit in with the globalists’ transition plan. This being the case, I decided to do a little investigating so I could show everyone what’s really going on with Disclosure.

To begin, let’s look at what Bassett says at the 3:54 mark of the video…

“The Truth Embargo, which I casually refer to, was a massive program in which billions upon billions of dollars were spent not only to keep the research secret, to keep the finances secret, and to keep the media under control, and the philanthropists out of the picture, and the universities pretty much out of the picture…”

To the casual viewer, his mention of “the philanthropists” might sail by unnoticed, but if you’ve researched how the disclosure movement got started, you know he is actually referring to one specific “philanthropist”: the true father of the Disclosure Movement, Laurance Rockefeller…
…This is a portion of an article on the Open Minds: UFO News and Investigations website which was written by Antonio Huneeus. Huneeus has a long history in the Disclosure Movement, has worked with Rockefeller, and testified to Rockefeller’s involvement in the Movement at the Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure
…The video is only 9 min 40 sec long, and if you can suffer through Huneeus’ dry delivery, it is quite informative.

The Rockefeller role in getting the Disclosure ball rolling is something of an open secret among the Disclosure people (the Disclosuristas, as I call them). On Stephen Bassett’s own Paradigm Research Group website, a specific Rockefeller effort referred to as the “Rockefeller Initiative” is openly touted  The same effort is also touted on Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project website as “Project Starlight“…

“This letter from The Project Starlight Coalition was the result of the historic Asilomar, California meeting that Dr. Greer organized and Laurance Rockefeller paid for in June of 1995, just before Clinton’s meeting with Rockefeller in August 1995.”

As I continued to examine the Rockefeller family connection to the Disclosure Movement, I came across this MUST SEE video which puts together a number of video clips on the subject. At the 1:54 mark, Steven Greer (the putative head of the Disclosure Movement) speaks of Laurance Rockefeller…

In his remarks on Laurance, Greer refers to him as “the philosopher of the (Rockefeller) family,” which is typical of how the Disclosuristas attempt to explain-away Rockefeller family involvement in their movement. They try to paint Laurance as a family maverick who was unlike all the other globalists in the Rockefeller clan. Greer also speaks of a supposed conflict between brothers David and Laurance Rockefeller over whether the UFO secrets should be exposed, and this theme of a supposed rift or divergence of interests among the Rockefellers is also parroted by Grant Cameron in his testimony at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (page 90)

“Basically what the FOIA documents show is that billionaire businessman Laurance Rockefeller had approached the White House to get the government to disclose the truth behind the UFO mystery. There are different Rockefellers; there is Nelson Rockefeller who was the political guy who ran for government; there was David who was the money guy and Laurance Rockefeller was the humanitarian. He had a philosophy degree from Princeton University and was very interested in this phenomenon.”

Unfortunately for the Disclosuristas, this attempt to paint Laurance as a renegade “good Rockefeller” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

According to Laurance Rockefeller’s bio

“In 1937, he inherited his grandfather’s seat on the New York Stock Exchange. He served as founding trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for forty-two years, from its inception in 1940 to 1982; during this time he also served as president (1958–1968) and later its chairman (1968–1980) for twenty-two years, longer than any other leader in the Fund’s history. He was also a founding trustee of the Rockefeller Family Fund from 1967 to 1977.”

So not only was Laurance deeply involved in the financial industry, but he was also among the founders of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Rockefeller Family Fund. These Funds are notorious for advancing globalist aims under the pretense of “philanthropy.” Laurance also served on the Rockefeller Brothers Fund’s Special Studies Project

From 1956 to 1960 the Fund financed an ambitious study conceived by its then president, Nelson Rockefeller, to ‘define the major problems and opportunities facing the U.S. and clarify national purposes and objectives, and to develop principles which could serve as the basis of future national policy’.

Nelson recruited Henry Kissinger, who was then on the faculty of Harvard University, as director of the project; he had first met Kissinger in 1955. He also brought on board such luminaries as Edward Teller, Charles Percy, Dean Rusk, John Gardner (president of the Carnegie Corporation) and Henry Luce, along with his brothers Laurance and John D. III. Seven panels were constituted that looked at sweeping issues ranging from military/security strategy to foreign policy, to international economic strategy and defense department and governmental reorganization.”

Of the Special Studies Project’s seven sub-panels, Laurance is specifically mentioned as having served on…

“Panel II – International Security Objectives and Strategy; directed by Henry Kissinger. Panellists included Frank Altschul, Gordon Dean, James B. Fisk, Roswell Gilpatric, Townsend Hoopes, Henry Luce, Laurance Rockefeller, Edward Teller, Carroll L. Wilson, and economist Arthur Smithies.”

The Special Studies Project’s Wikipedia page also had another paragraph that caught my eye…

“The project was finally published in its entirety in 1961 as Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports. The archival study papers are stored in the Rockefeller Archive Center at the family estate; portions of the papers are still restricted, over four decades after the report was published.”

Upon reading this, I ordered a copy of Prospect for America, and it is exactly what I expected: a blueprint for using the United States as a tool to help build the New World Order. Here is a little snippet from page 35…

So as you can see, Laurance was deeply involved in pursuing the Rockefeller family’s globalist objectives. There was no rift or divergence of interests within the family (as is evidenced by the cooperation of the three brothers in the Special Studies Project); there was only a division of labor as they collectively worked to build the multilateral/multipolar New World Order.

Being an Illuminati family, the Rockefellers were/are involved in all three aspects of the UFO phenomenon: the black budget part, the government coverup part, and the public disclosure part. In pitting disclosure-demanding citizens against secrecy-maintaining governments, the “elite” are creating a conflict that will find resolution when the New World Order and Disclosure are publicly unveiled. At that time, the US government, the Paperclip Nazis, the Zionists, and the West will be blamed for the secrecy while the BRICS and the East will be credited with revealing the truth. UFO Disclosure is just another aspect of the West is Bad / East is Good propaganda effort being used to usher in the NWO.

Don’t Forget the Vatican

Of course, the globalist-directed Disclosure Movement isn’t run solely by the Rockefellers; the Vatican is involved too. In an entry titled The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us, I showed how the Jesuits are working to prepare the public for the announcement of extraterrestrial life, and their preparations extend beyond merely revealing the existence of microbes on Mars. Have a look at what non-Jesuit Monsignor Corrado Balducci told the Italian public about UFOs and ETs
…And here is another video where he talks about human-like extraterrestrials.

According to his bio

“Monsignor Corrado Balducci (born May 11, 1923, in Italy; died September 20, 2008 in Italy) was a Roman Catholic theologian of the Vatican Curia, a close friend of the pope, a long-time exorcist for the Archdiocese of Rome, and a Prelate of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples and the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. He has written several books about the subliminal messages in rock and metal music, diabolic possessions, and extraterrestrials. Monsignor Balducci often appeared on Italian TV to talk about satanism, religion, and extraterrestrials.”

Assuming this bio is genuine (I’m looking into it, and it has checked out so far), we see that belief in the reality of extraterrestrial spacecraft and beings has existed at the top level of the Vatican for a long time. Of course, since the Vatican is aligned with the traditionalist faction of the Anunnaki and is oriented towards worship of the Anunnaki god-king, it makes perfect sense that they believe in ETs, doesn’t it? 😉

The Alien Card: How will the globalists play it?

It is clear that the globalist “elite” are inculcating the belief in benevolent extraterrestrials in the public mind. But why? From my current perspective, there are three ways they can play the alien card:

1) They are already playing it, and they are using UFOs and ETs to distract inquisitive people. If the globalists can get people to look up at the skies, no one will notice what is happening on the ground as the NWO unfolds. This is the most conventional way of looking at the UFO question.

2) They are preparing the public to accept a fake alien arrival. Instead of seeing real ETs arrive in real ET spacecraft, we’ll see genetically modified humans arriving in black budget aerospace craft. Given that scientists have been publicly cloning complex animals like sheep and genetically modifying goats to produce spider silk in their milk, is it so hard to believe that black budget science has produced a cloned, genetically modified human? If the globalists unleash upon the public a race of mind-controlled, mystery religion-indoctrinated hybrids flying antigravity craft, they can really play with people’s minds.

3) They are trying to generate public consent for an intrusion by real extraterrestrial / extradimensional beings. By getting people to believe that all our problems will be solved when the ET/EDs show up, they are building freewill permission for the ET/EDs to step in and run things. The globalists have built the multipolar NWO pyramid…
…so now the capstone (the Anunnaki) can float down and control the world.

I can’t yet say with certainty which of these three scenarios is in motion. We’ll just have to wait and see how weird things get.

How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth

It’s easy to fake the “arrival” of a mythical planet…
…if you define its size, orbit and type in such a way that it can be detected only by large, specialized telescopes controlled by the globalists. Those who control the telescopes can also control what you see through them.

A reader asked for my opinion on the Planet X / Nibiru narrative yesterday, and I decided to provide an answer because of what I recently saw on the site of a prominent Christian prophecy propagandist…

“Following the release of their first three international bestsellers Petrus Romanus, Exo-Vaticana, and On the Path of the Immortals Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam were swamped with interview requests from radio, television, and print media outlets around the world. When they accurately predicted the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI one full year in advance, even naming the very month and year he would step down, global shock waves raised compelling questions regarding why the Vatican has an advanced telescope perched atop Mt. Graham in Arizona (USA) where the Jesuits admit they are monitoring something approaching Earth.

Authors Horn and Putnam visited the mountain and spoke with the astronomers. After their second report was published in Exo-Vaticana, the popes top astronomer took to the airwaves (and on the Vatican Observatory website) in an attempt to explain the role that he and other church astronomers are playing in regard to the LUCIFER device on Mt. Graham, as well as their developing doctrines concerning extraterrestrial life and the impact it may soon have on planet Earth s religions (Christianity in particular).” – From SkywatchTV

The fact that Tom Horn is hinting at the arrival of Nibiru tells us that it might be in play as part of the globalists’ fake alien arrival scenario. And before you dismiss a potential fake alien arrival out of hand, I remind you that it was none other than Laurance Rockefeller – one of the architects of the New World Order implementation plan – who got the modern UFO Disclosure movement started. His association with, and funding of, the Disclosuristas suggests that UFO Disclosure has a part to play in the NWO rollout.

It’s also worth noting that as I prepared to write this entry, I came across a brand new jug of New Age Kool Aid that was written on the subject just yesterday…

Over the course of this week, we’ll have a look at this and other related propaganda, then I’ll tell you how the globalists will fake Nibiru’s arrival (if they are stupid enough to go through with the magic show this year and/or in 2023).

If you read through SkywatchTV and in5d’s material, you’ll see that both sites claim the incoming “aliens” are real. As I’ve written before, the globalists must convince you of their reality so you’ll also see the fake Christ figure who will show up 7 years later as being real. But the sites differ in their characterizations of the “aliens” according to their assigned roles in the “End Times” disinformation effort…

> in5d is assigned to “Team Satan,” so they promote “the channeled doctrines of devils” (New Age material) and portray the “aliens” as being “benevolent space brothers.” Should the globalists opt to follow through with the alien magic show, these space brothers (who are actually nothing more than lab-grown GMO humanoids) will team up with Putin’s “reformed” UN to fight the fake Christ figure when he shows up in 2023.

> SkywatchTV is assigned to “Team God,” so they promote Judaized Christianity and portray the “aliens” as being the “fallen angels” of Biblical myth. Their role is to point out Team Satan’s deception and convince people that the fake Christ figure who shows up to defeat the space brothers is the real “son of god.”

As I outlined in “End Times” Programming, an analysis of globalist prophecy propaganda suggests that 2023 is the year “the real Jesus” will show up to defeat “Satan” and establish his 1,000-year Holy Reich. I therefore found this part of the in5d article particularly interesting…

>>> Pluto in Capricorn will crush money, government and religion

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will remain there until 2023. Pluto is known as the “Destroyer” and will destroy everything that is not in humanity’s best interests, including money, government and religion.

The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1700’s during the French and American Revolutions. If you look around the world, you will see revolutions in many different countries.

When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we saw the collapse of 100’s of banks, with the exception of the “too big to fail” banks, but even those banks will collapse in the near future. These collapses happened right on schedule! <<<

So both the New Age and Judeo-Christian elements of the globalist “End Times” propaganda effort agree that 2023 is the big year. Since they work for the same people, this should come as no surprise.

Now if we go on to examine some other propaganda reports about Nibiru, we begin to get an idea of how they’ll fake its existence…

> Here is a report that suggests Nibiru is “too distant to be easily spotted by the usual telescopes,” but was sighted by the South Pole Telescope: “The South Pole Telescope (SPT) is a 10 meter (394 in) diameter telescope located at the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica. The telescope is designed for observations in the microwave, millimeter-wave, and submillimeter-wave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum…”

> Here is a report that suggests Nibiru has been tracked by the WISE and IRAS telescopes. WISE stands for Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer and IRAS stands for Infrared Astronomical Satellite. Both are NASA space telescopes.

> And we’ve already seen Tom Horn’s suggestions that astronomers are using the Large Binocular Telescope and its LUCIFER (now called “LUCI”) near-infrared camera to watch Nibiru’s approach. In fact, here is an article of his that describes how the Jesuits kindly took him on a tour of the Mount Graham complex (which is something you do for someone who is spreading your propaganda for you).

So as you can see, the propaganda suggest that Nibiru is too distant and too faint to be seen through visible light telescopes. It must instead be viewed by very large telescopes that can see in the infrared and microwave spectra and that are placed in ideal observation locations like the top of an isolated mountain, on Antarctica, or in space. How many people do you think can afford to site, build and operate such telescopes?

The Large Binocular Telescope alone cost over $120 million to build
…Image from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics. And telescopes near the South Pole and in space don’t come cheap either. Building and operating such instruments can be afforded only by globalist-run governments, globalist-financed Big Science constortia, and oligarchs. So the globalists control all the eyes through which we’ll supposedly see Nibiru, and independent astronomers using inferior instruments will have no way of challenging their claims.

Defining Nibiru in such a way that only globalist-controlled infrared telescopes can see it goes beyond merely shutting out debunkers, though. It also enables a critical aspect of the deception…

In the case of a regular telescope, visible light shines down from the sky and is passed through mirrors and lenses directly into your eye. It would therefore be very hard to project a fake object through such an instrument. But in the case of an infrared telescope, infrared light shines down from the sky and is passed through mirrors and lenses directly into an infrared sensor. The data from that sensor is then converted to a visible image through digital image processing. And it is this digital intermediary (DI) between the object and observer that creates the potential for some very convincing fakery.

To create a phantom planet like Nibiru, all you’d have to do is…

1) mathematically define an orbit for it, and

2) create a dynamic 3D image of the object using vector graphics. This would allow the image to be scaled to the native resolution of each telescope involved in the deception.

3) Combine the orbit and image into a custom software package for each telescope, then install it.

With this software in place, each time one of the telescopes is aimed at the right spot, the digital intermediary would generate an image of the phantom planet. And an astronomer using the telescope would have no way of telling the difference between a real object processed through the DI and a phantom object generated by the DI. Conducting the deception in this manner would eliminate the need for the astronomers to be in on the con, and it would allow independent observers to travel to the telescope and “see it for themselves.”

This is the way I’d conduct the deception if I were in their shoes. And if I, a regular jagoff, can think of it, you can be certain that they thought about it and implemented it a long time ago.

Now that we’ve covered HOW they’ll fake Nibiru, the next obvious question is…

WHY would they fake it?

Summing up the answer in a concise phrase, it is “to blow people’s minds.” Can you imagine how the public would react to an announcement – made by “credible mainstream scientists” – that another populated planet exists right here in our own solar system? People’s existing work-a-day reality would be shattered, and their minds would be opened up to new possibilities. And open, malleable minds is what the globalists want as we transition into the New World Order and the Thousand Year Reich of “Jesus” that will follow.

If we get to the underlying objective in the globalists’ promotion of ETs and the Anunnaki myth, it is to revive belief in a “Christ”-based universal religion. The new Kabbalized Christian Catholicism will be based on a story that people can follow (the Anunnaki narrative), and people will be able to see “real proof” (in the form of “ET” visitors and “ET” spacecraft) that what the religion talks about is valid. There will be no more worshipping an invisible, imaginary god; you’ll be able to see “god” for yourself. And it all begins with showing the public counterfeit images of Nibiru taken through an infrared telescope.

This is what I wrote about it two years ago in the Vatican/Anunnaki entry…

>>> So it seems that the ET rollout, should it actually occur, will begin with us supposedly discovering them through a telescope, then the Vatican will make its statement. Once the public has digested the idea, ET/EDs might actually show themselves, claiming, “We were waiting for you guys to discover our existence on your own; we didn’t want to show up out of the blue and shock you.” <<<

For more information on Laurance Rockefeller’s involvement in the NWO and the Disclosure movement, read Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?

For more information on the Anunnaki narrative offered by the in5d article, read The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us.

And for more information on how the globalists will fake an alien arrival, read the bottom portions of Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016.

With love…

P.S. – Although I highlighted the EIE logo in the Large Binocular Telescope graphic…
…I forgot to point out its remarkable – yet plausibly deniable – similarity to “Nibiru”…
…but I suppose that’s just an insignificant coincidence, right?

Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru continues to go mainstream

Have a look at what, a component of the mainstream media, is saying about “Planet 9″
…It’s interesting to see a “credible” science site and “credible” mainstream scientists (from Caltech and the University of Bern) talking so matter-of-factly about “Planet 9.”

And while we’re on the subject of outer space, a reader put me on to this article from The Huffington Post

When I first started reading it, I thought it was one of those satirical articles that sometimes get mistakenly passed around as real news. But it’s the real deal. It even offers a video that shows Hillary talking about UFOs, and it contains a link to a newspaper article in which Hillary suggests that we may have been visited by aliens already.

So in keeping with the Rockefeller/Jesuit fake ET agenda, the public consciousness continues to be inculcated in the idea of Nibiru and space aliens…
…Hillary conspiring with Laurance Rockefeller on UFOs in 1995 (Laurance was one of the architects of the New World Order, and he funded the startup of the UFO disclosure movement).

The Truth about “Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru” and its Supposed “Aliens”

As expected, the article I talked about in the last entry made its rounds in the mainstream media…
…but Forbes added something new to the mix

This Forbes article discusses the challenges of finding Planet 9, and it points to the telescope most likely to get it done. Here are some key passages…

“This distance from the Sun means that the hypothetical Planet Nine is much fainter than it would be if it were at its closest approach to the Sun. That faintness, in turn, means that your best chance for spotting it lies with the biggest telescopes we can turn towards the sky. However, these massive telescopes are in high demand, with scientists all over the world competing for the use of them for a few nights…”

In this passage, we get back to something I pointed out in this earlier entry: that the propagandists are defining Planet 9 in such a way that it can be spotted only by the largest, most perfectly-sited, globalist-controlled telescopes. And since the globalists control those telescopes, they can control what people can see through them, and no independent astronomers using inferior instruments can refute their claims.

“If you go to the telescope and say ‘I need to use a lot of the telescope time to survey a huge area of the sky, to find a single object that I hope is there’, you are not going to get that telescope time…”

Here the author is implying that to find Planet 9, a survey of a huge area of sky is needed. Keep this in mind; we’ll come back to it a little later.

“For Planet Nine purposes, NASA’s space telescopes are not the ideal facilities to do a major planetary hunt. That honor goes instead to the Subaru telescope on Mauna Kea, which is operated by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan.”

It’s interesting that the author points to a Japanese telescope as the most likely to find Planet 9. Having the Japanese do it removes the appearance of Western elite / Jesuit involvement in the whole thing.

So given all this preparatory propaganda being fed now through mainstream sources, it appears that we are close to having the Establishment announce “the phantom planet” and the “aliens” who supposedly live on/in it or on/in one or more of its moons. And that being the case, I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t cover all three possibilities surrounding this announcement. Those three possibilities are…

1) Planet 9 is a myth that the globalists will bring to life through instrument tampering on their telescopes.

2) Planet 9 is real, but the “aliens” that supposedly live there are a fiction they will bring to life through technological means (atmospheric projection, black budget aerospace craft, and lab-grown human chimeras).

3) Planet 9 is real, and so are the aliens.

I’ve already written about the hows and whys of the first possibility in How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth. So if you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so now. While you do, we’ll take a brief intermission…
…And now we’re back…

Moving on to Possibility 2, is it conceivable that Planet 9 has already been discovered, perhaps decades ago? If so, why did the government decide to keep it secret? And did the New World Order crowd later opt to spin an ET narrative around it?

Here are the answers I found for these questions…

Since Planet 9 is supposedly a very dark, very faint object best observed by large, well-sited telescopes that can see into the infrared spectrum, we must look to the history of infrared astronomy to find the time it would have most likely been found. Here is an excerpt from some information I found at Caltech

“Infrared detectors attached to ground based telescopes can detect the near-infrared wavelengths which make it through our atmosphere. The best location for ground based infrared observatories is on a high, dry mountain, above much of the water vapor which absorbs infrared…

In the mid-1960’s, the first infrared survey of the sky was made at the Mount Wilson Observatory using liquid nitrogen cooled PbS detectors which were most sensitive at 2.2 microns. The survey covered approximately 75 percent of the sky and found about 20,000 infrared sources. Many of these sources were stars which had never been seen before in visible light

A partial infrared survey of the southern sky was also made in 1968 at the Mount John Observatory in New Zealand.

Do you remember how the Forbes article mentioned the need “to survey a huge area of the sky” to find Planet 9? Well, as you can see, just such a survey was conducted back in the mid-to-late 1960s. This is what the National Air and Space Museum said about it…

“In the 1960s, California Institute of Technology scientists R. Leighton and G. Neugebauer designed a novel telescope to map the infrared sky visible from the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Funded partially by NASA, the telescope was built at Caltech by staff and students. It was designed as a mapping instrument to detect infrared radiation in the 2.2 micron region, where it was known that an atmospheric window exists that is not blocked by atmospheric water vapor. The results astonished astronomers. They were expecting only a few hundred infrared emitting objects in the sky, but tens of thousands were found.

So was Planet 9 among the tens of thousands of objects found? Another passage from the Caltech page opens the possibility that it may be so…

“New observatories, specializing in infrared astronomy, became possible in the 1960’s due to advances in infrared detectors. The largest group of infrared telescopes can be found on top of Mauna Kea (a dormant volcano) on the island of Hawaii. At an elevation of 13,796 ft., the Mauna Kea Observatories , which were founded in 1967, are well above much of the infrared absorbing water vapor.”

So was the Mauna Kea installation built to track Planet 9 (as well as study the other infrared objects found)? Quite possibly. And if you recall, the Forbes article also mentioned that the Japanese telescope was built atop Mauna Kea as well, right next to the existing installation of infrared scopes…
…From Wikipedia. So was the Subaru telescope purpose-built to “discover” Planet 9 publicly?

All this raises another question: why would the government have kept the discovery secret? The answer to this is not hard to imagine. After getting their first glimpse of Planet 9 from the infrared survey, they needed to track it for a while in order to pin down its orbit and see if it posed any gravitational threat to Earth. So they would have initially kept it secret to avoid alarming the public before they had all the answers. And once they did have all the answers, they found they had a “phantom planet” to do with as they wished, so they decided to use it to their advantage. This is where the space alien BS comes into play.

The concept of Nibiru and its Anunnaki inhabitants seems to have originated with a Crypto-Masonic author named Zecharia Sitchin and his book, The 12th Planet

“Zecharia Sitchin… was a Russian-born American author of books proposing an explanation for human origins involving ancient astronauts. Sitchin attributed the creation of the ancient Sumerian culture to the Anunnaki, which he stated was a race of extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru. He believed this hypothetical planet of Nibiru to be in an elongated, elliptical orbit in the Earth’s own Solar System, asserting that Sumerian mythology reflects this. Sitchin’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide and have been translated into more than 25 languages…

According to Sitchin’s interpretation of Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism, outlined in his 1976 book The 12th Planet and its sequels, there is an undiscovered planet beyond Neptune that follows a long, elliptical orbit, reaching the inner solar system roughly every 3,600 years.” – From Wikipedia

So roughly ten years after Planet 9 may have been first discovered, a space alien narrative was being spun around it. And that narrative and its symbols, such as the “winged disk symbol of the Anunnaki”…
…have been pushed by the controlled (and hoodwinked) alt-media and Hollywood ever since…
…(an “Anunnaki” winged disk symbol from the movie Alien – it shows up in the scene where Ripley is talking to the doctor about his failure to follow proper quarantine procedure)

With all this set before us, it turns out (much to my surprise) that Possibility 2 is quite plausible. So to summarize it…

Planet 9 was discovered in the 1960s during the first infrared survey of the sky, and was subsequently kept secret by the government and the globalists. And since the New World Order implementation plan was already in place by then, they decided to use the secret planet as a tool for gaining public acceptance of the new order.

By introducing the world to “space aliens from Planet 9″…
…during the unveiling of the global government, the globalists would shatter people’s sense of reality and make them open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. The aliens would also serve as an impetus to rally humanity together “so we don’t look like a bunch of primitive, disorganized cavemen” in front of our new guests. And to top it off, the fascination people would feel towards the aliens would distract them from looking into the details of how the world government really came to be, how it really operates, and who really controls it.

What better way is there to shatter humanity’s existing paradigm and create a “New Paradigm” for a New World Order?…
…From the Paradigm Research Group website. They are one of the leading globalist propaganda groups for “disclosure of the alien presence.” Click here to see their own page on the Rockefeller connection to Disclosure (the Rockefellers funded the creation of both the NWO implementation plan and the Disclosure Movement), and read Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement? for more information on the subject.

In case you’re wondering why I’m convinced the aliens will almost certainly be fakes, it all boils down to TIMING. Real aliens could have introduced themselves to us at any time, so…

Why did they wait until the globalists had the aerospace technology to create convincing fake UFOs before showing up?

Why did they wait until the globalists had the gene splicing and cloning technology to create convincing fake aliens before showing up?

The fact that they haven’t shown themselves before the globalists had the capacity to manufacture them suggests that they are, in fact, manufactured. But in the very unlikely event I’m wrong about this, let’s do a little Q & A…

Q: What if the aliens are real? How will we know if they are good or bad?

A: By the company they keep and the things they do, just like anybody else.

On “the company they keep” score, take note of the people involved in promoting the coming ETs as “benevolent” and “spiritually advanced”…

> the creators of the UN and the NWO implementation plan, the Rockefeller family,

> the Jesuit Order and the Vatican, and

> known charlatans and disinformation agents within the woo woo part of the alternative media, such as Steven Greer (shown here with Laurance Rockefeller)…
…From the Paradigm Research Group website

Q: If Establishment figures like Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton…

…and bullsh*t artists like Steven Greer and David Wilcock
…are trying to sell us on the idea that the ETs are good guys, what does that tell us?

A: It tells us that the exact opposite is true. It tells us that the ETs either serve the globalist agenda or are the authors of that agenda.

Q: What actions can we expect from the ETs that will reveal their true nature?

A: Watch for them to step in and stop a (staged) nuclear war, help defeat the evil Western decoy New World Order, and help give rise to the Rockefeller-planned, BRICS-fronted, multilateral / multipolar, real New World Order. If you are unfamiliar with the globalists’ 2 NWOs and how they are playing them against each other in a dialectic stage play, it is imperative that you read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

The fact that the ETs will show up at just the right time to help the Rockefellers (and their fellow elite families) establish the NWO world government tells us all we need to know about them.

A Brief Word on the Globalists’ Fake ETs

(Note: The following section is excerpted from a Globalist Agenda Watch entry. In it, I speculate on the alien groups we may see based on the “channeled messages” the globalists have been planting in the woo woo community.)

“Nippleman of the Yahyel, are you aware that you and your supposedly extraterrestrial civilization are the product of the globalist conman Harcourt Fenton Mudd-Rothschild?”

“And are you also aware that we don’t allow smoking inside buildings here on Earth?”

Since we may see fake aliens show up as soon as this year, I suddenly got the urge to cover what to expect of them. Although I tend to speak dismissively of them – calling them “globalist pod people” and such – they are living beings too. And they were brought up in a false paradigm just like we were, except their environment was TOTALLY controlled by their “elite” creators. They might not even know that their whole “civilization” is a lie. If I ever get to interact with one, it will be interesting to see if I can penetrate his/her programming. Knowing the globalists, network overrides and perhaps even a split personality may have been engineered into them to protect their programmed paradigm.

What to Expect from the Globalists’ Fake ETs

Based on what I observed during my exploration of the alt-media rabbit hole and what I’ve learned about the globalist “End Times” agenda in the time since, I anticipate that the globalists will introduce us to three main types of lab-grown GMO humans / fake ETs over the next seven years or so. The most likely time for the “first arrival” is at the climactic nuclear confrontation point of “World War 3″:

> The first group to arrive will look like a cross between humans and “grey aliens”…

…and they may call their race “the Yahyel.” They will be the ones who step in and save the world from nuclear war, and they’ll be quite friendly and helpful. They will present themselves as our children, and their charm offensive will eventually lead to their introduction to us of a second group of fake ETs.

> The second group to arrive will look like giant humans, perhaps resembling the beings portrayed in the recent Alien movies…

…and they will likely call their race “the Anunnaki.” They will present themselves as the benevolent creators of the human race, and they will bring warning of an imminent invasion of Earth by another group of giant humans who aren’t so nice. Expect the Anunnaki to make the scene approximately 3.5 years after the climax point of WW3, and expect Putin to rally the world to join them in warring against the incoming “bad” giants.

> The third group to arrive will look like the second group, except perhaps less pale, and they will defeat the allied forces of the second group + Putin’s UN military. Upon their arrival, the magic show will be so massive and breathtaking that it will be apparent to everyone that “Jesus Christ and his angels” have returned, and people will later learn that the second group of aliens were the “fallen angels” from the Bible. I don’t know if the third group will portray themselves as ETs or “spiritual beings” (it’ll probably be the latter), but they will attempt to rule the Earth for the next 1,000 years as frontmen for their creators, the globalists.

The narrative that “Jesus” will offer after the third arrival will sound something like this…

“After being cast down to Earth, the fallen angels sowed division and discord in humanity. People of God were divided into different religions and pitted against each other, and the false, lifeless religious doctrines they were taught led to a falling away from God.

As my return to Earth grew close, the fallen angels devised a plan to foster belief in extraterrestrial life. They did this so they could pose as benevolent aliens and lead humanity into war against me. To facilitate their plan, they created hybrid humans to precede their ‘arrival’ and teach humanity to accept them as the heavenly host and accept their Antichrist as me.”

Here are some other points worth noting…

POINT 1 – The Yahyel and the Anunnaki are “Hare Krishnas and Moonies from Outer Space”…

An important thing to realize about both the Yahyel and Anunnaki is that they’ve been raised from birth inside a realm that is completely engineered and controlled by the globalists. So they are essentially two cults.

When brainwashing a convert, it is common cult practice to isolate the person from outside support and information that could inhibit his programming, and with a lab-grown species, the isolation and control goes far beyond what is possible in real-world conditions. Everything the globalists and their predecessors have learned from ruling societies, running confidence scams, running religious cults, and studying mind control over the millennia has been applied in brainwashing the fake ETs to be “true believers” in what they’re selling. That’s one of the reasons they’ll be so convincing. They may be completely unaware that their civilizations are scams, especially in the case of the Yahyel.

POINT 2 – The globalists have godlike control over their g-moes (a g-moe, derived from GMOH, is a genetically modified human, particularly one who is designed for maximum controllability).

Given the exceptional abilities that are likely engineered into the g-moes, they could easily overpower their masters should they ever turn against them. To prevent that from occurring, the globalists likely employ a multi-layered system of control over them. This system is designed to do two things: 1) prevent the formation of the idea of resistance, and 2) physically block resistance.

To prevent the formation of the idea of resistance, the first line of defense is the g-moe’s cult programming. Such programming makes it difficult and unsettling to even consider an idea that doesn’t conform to the cult paradigm.

But if a g-moe does consider a discordant idea, the second line of defense is cybernetic implants. Such implants could be used to sense the physiologic response to a troubling idea and then apply corrective measures, such as scrambling the g-moe’s sensory stimuli (so he can’t see or hear the challenging person with any clarity), scrambling the g-moe’s thought process, or putting the g-moe’s personality into “sleep mode” and substituting a locally or remotely stored “guard personality,” robotic program, or human handler in its place. And to block challenging ideas from spreading throughout the collective, the globalists can utilize sniffers, filters, and kill switches embedded into the g-moes’ technological “telepathy” network.

To physically block resistance, the g-moes’ implants are almost certainly fitted with kill switches, so any specified individual or group among them can be put on “sleep mode” or even terminated on command. And all their technological systems are definitely fitted with permissive action technology that defines when and how they can be used and can disable them on command.

So as impressive as the g-moes and their toys may appear, they are prisoners in a gilded cage, and the globalists hold all the keys.

Thinking through all this raises some interesting questions:

Are the g-moes’ implants inorganic hardware or organic wetware? If they are wetware, are they physically implanted or are they self-assembling? Self-assembling wetware would be encoded into the g-moes’ genetic material and would grow within a fetal g-moe in the same way organs like the brain, heart and liver do.

If g-moe implants are self-assembling wetware or if g-moes are designed to be non-viable without surgical or nanobot-assembled implants, it is very troubling indeed. It would mean that the children conceived by mating between humans and g-moes would be born with implants or the need for them. So the children would be just as controllable as the g-moes.

Now you know why g-moes are designed to be so attractive. A world of human/g-moe hybrids would be a world over which the globalists can exert godlike control. We free humans would breed ourselves out of existence.

P.S. – A reader pointed out something that had crossed my mind too: that the globalist effort to break up the family unit and turn men and women against each other through feminism and other such psyops has led to there being a lot of lonely people out there, both male and female. And when the g-moes swoop in, those lonely hearts will find them very attractive, very adorable, very warm and inviting, and very eager to form close relationships.

Earlier in this entry, I myself joked about the g-moes being “hyper-intelligent sex dolls from outer space.” And you can bet that there will be a lot of love and a lot of sex breaking out during our species’ “joyous reunion.” A post-apocalyptic cultural wasteland littered with broken-hearted, undersexed people is fertile ground for the planting of the g-moe seed.

The globalists are masters at using even our own love against us.

P.P.S. – Here’s another question to be answered: What will happen to the Yahyel when the “Antichrist and fallen angels” make war against “Jesus and his angels”? The short answer is that they’ll survive it and continue on with us, and the reason why is quite fascinating. As I researched the answer, I found clues in even the mainstream media. I’ll try to write about it in the morning.

The Post-Armageddon Fate of the Yahyel

Let me start out by saying that when I talk about humans mating with g-moes, I’m referring to the Yahyel, not the Anunnaki. And the globalists will want the interbreeding to continue after Act 2 of the prophecy show is complete. So the obvious question becomes, “How will the globalists script the Yahyel to survive the final Battle of Armageddon and Jesus’ judgment?”

First off, the script will reflect that the Yahyel were created by the Anunnaki and accepted what their “parents” taught them about the world and their place in it. They accepted the reality with which they were presented, just like we all do. So after the final battle, “Jesus” will note that they were innocent pawns in the fallen angels’ deception. But there will need to be more than that.

According to the Christian prophecy backstory, the last time the fallen angels tampered with human DNA, they created the Anunnaki. And “god” sent a flood to wipe them from the Earth and restore the “seed of Adam” to dominance. So the script will need to provide a reason for “Jesus” to not destroy the Yahyel for being “impure abominations.” That’s where their role in the Battle of Armageddon will come in.

During the final battle, I would expect some or all of the Yahyel to sit out the direct fighting, preferring to deploy their fleet in positions where they can protect the civilian population. And according to the script, a point will be reached during the battle when the fallen angels realize they’re going to lose. It is then that the Antichrist and fallen angels will direct a portion of their forces to annihilate the human race. They’ll do it out of spite to deny Jesus his kingdom – you can’t have a 1,000 year kingdom if all your prospective subjects are dead.

When the forces of their Anunnaki creators and world messiah start slaughtering the human race, the Yahyel will be gobsmacked and horrified. And to save their beloved fellow humans from annihilation, they’ll turn on the Anunnaki and UN forces and attack. Their intervention will limit the human losses to about a third of the world population. And in doing this, they will preserve Christ’s future kingdom. This “heroic act of love” is how they’ll earn clemency from “Jesus.” It will also earn them unbounded love from the surviving humans, and the interbreeding will continue at an even greater pace.

This is how the globalists plan to finally defeat free humanity: by engineering a great outpouring of love so we’ll breed our progeny into bodies they can completely control. The Yahyel are a honey trap, and they don’t even know it.

British Royal and RT Support for the Fake ET Narrative
+ The Alien Arrival under the Peace Path

(Note: The following section is excerpted from a Globalist Agenda Watch entry.)

(Special Note – 14 February 2018) – British royal involvement in the globalists’ fake ET operation

You may have noticed that former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer made the news this week by proclaiming that the Illuminati are real. And if you’ve followed UFO propaganda over the years, you’ll know that he has also been making the rounds proclaiming that aliens are real, and that “Tall Whites” have been involved with the US government for decades…

…from the Daily Mail (UK)

What I’ve never before heard mentioned, though, is that Hellyer is the longest-serving current member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada, which is the public mechanism the British royals use to discreetly control the Canadian government. And do you know who is the second-longest-serving current member? None other than Prince Philip himself (Queen Elizabeth’s husband). So with such a close and longstanding connection to the British royals, do you think Hellyer would be going around talking about space aliens without their consent? Do you think they would have let him remain on the Privy Council if he’d gone mad or was doing something they didn’t want? He’s been harping on aliens since 2005.

So as I’ve been saying, the coming lab-grown “ETs” are the “children” of the Occulted Powers (the world’s royal families in league with the world’s Kabbalist “Jewish” central bankers). And Hellyer is one of the royal-assigned point men for bringing the globalist UFO narrative into the mainstream.

Previously in this entry, I said that the first “ETs” to show up will be “Putin’s Pals.” It’s no surprise, then, that the Russian disinformation outlet RT did a long interview of Hellyer in 2014 to help spread the “aliens are real” narrative…

…from YouTube

Let me show you the notable sections of the interview…

At about the 2:23 mark, Hellyer starts speaking about the ETs’ deep concerns that we’ll use nuclear weapons again. This is to prepare people’s expectations for the scripted “alien intervention” at the climax point of World War 3. In the most likely arrival scenario, an “alien” UFO fleet will appear in the sky shortly after the nuclear ICBMs start rising from their silos, and they’ll put a stop to the nuclear exchange.

At about the 8:10 mark, he ties UFOs in with the Christian paradigm…

This is to prepare people’s expectations for the “End Times” show that will, in Act 1, present Putin as the returned Christ. Hellyer’s suggestion that the Star of Bethlehem was a flying saucer is in keeping with a Jesuit narrative presented by Tom Horn…

“They’re talking about an alien intelligence from another world, and that the, the birth of Jesus Christ, the Virgin birth was in fact comparable to an abduction scenario, in which these aliens used the virgin Mary to create Jesus, and this is one of the ways in which they’re combining the, the, the idea that we are soon to be visited by an alien savior from another world.” – From a Tom Horn interview on “It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth”

At about the 8:49 mark, Hellyer mentions Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell as another person who has attested to the numerous alien races that are supposedly engaged with Earth. Before he died, Mitchell was also doing the rounds to promote the alien narrative, and just like Hellyer, he found RT a willing platform for his propaganda…

…from RT

Mitchell’s claim that aliens have already stopped one US-Russian nuclear war leaves the hanging implication that they’ll do it again if the need arises. Again, this prepares the public for the scripted World War 3 intervention.

The Alien Arrival under the Peace Path

I’ve long written about the two paths the globalists can take to the New World Order…

The first is the War Path, which I’ve also called “Vindex Falls.” It would involve the staged assassination of Trump which would later lead to a full-on nuclear confrontation between Pence and Putin. In that scenario, the fake aliens would make their appearance when the nuclear missiles rise from their silos.

The second path is the Peace Path, which I’ve also called “Trump’s Triumph” / “Trump Triumphant.” It would involve Trump “surviving the machinations of the Deep State” and leading a military countercoup involving mass arrests of the “Satanic neocons, neolibs, and Zionists.” Similar events in the rest of the G7 nations would lead to new populist leaders who will join with the East in “reforming” the World Order. But how would the fake aliens fit in?

If continued exposure of their war-starting plans forces them to take the Peace Path, the “alien arrival” will be staged after a telescope supposedly discovers “Planet X / Nibiru” or another planet with clear signs of advanced life. Once we supposedly see for ourselves that advanced alien life exists, the fake aliens will come in and say, “We were waiting for you to do public disclosure before we publicly introduced ourselves. We didn’t want to barge in and scare people.”

After their arrival, they’ll provide a very fascinating and very believable history lesson. It will be fascinating and believable because it has already been beta-tested on people in the alt-media rabbit hole. And towards the end of this lesson, we’ll learn about Putin’s “divine status.” Expect their Peace Path arrival and proclamation of Putin as Christ sometime between the founding of the NWO and its 3.5 year mark.

More to come…