The 2020 Archive 2

Here is a list of other entries written this year, with the entries themselves placed below the list…

  • A Globalist Fairy Tale: the NWO narrative
  • Globalist Scripting Possibilities for March of 2020
  • The Partial Globalist Retreat of January 29 & The globalist narratives for Trump’s betrayal of Israel
  • The Globalists’ Stillborn Plan to Make Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee
  • The Real Story on the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani
  • Globalist Prophecy Timetables and March of 2020
  • What To Watch For This Week: Mike Pence’s World Tour
  • What To Watch For This Week: Trump’s Middle East Provocation and a Potential Shock Veto of the Brexit Deal (+ notes on a possible globalist retreat on January 29)
  • Globalist Scripting Options for Turkey’s Erdogan
  • The Globalist Gameplan for Early 2020 & A Note on Erdogan, Putin, and the Libyan Situation
  • Watch for the Destruction of Rome and the Fall of the Catholic Church
  • Why the Globalists Might Recast Trump as the Western (decoy) Antichrist
  • Chabad Rabbi Greets Trump as a Jewish King (+ a repost of “Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew” & How the Kabbalists Will Use Trump/Kushner’s “Legacy” to Drive All Jews to Israel)
  • The Trump-Kushner Relationship under the “Trump as Antichrist” Option

A Globalist Fairy Tale: the NWO narrative

(22-23 February 2020) – Allow me to tell you a little good versus evil fairy tale. Among the various fairy tales the globalists might tell you after the events of March, it is the one you’ll most likely hear. Remember that this is their story — their NWO narrative — not mine… and it’s all bullsh*t…

As the time approached for the end of the current Age of Evil on our world, the Forces of Darkness conspired to prevent the return of the Forces of Light. They hatched a plot whereby they would annihilate most of the human race, especially those of faith, and firmly subjugate and brainwash the shellshocked remnant under a One World Government run by them. This would be done so that when the Forces of Light made their scheduled return, they would find the entire planet united in opposition to them. But God, fully knowing their plot, made a plan of His own.

To stop the Dark Plot, God sent His Avatars to Earth early and disguised in human form. Their mission was to infiltrate the Dark power structures and work their way to the top so they could sabotage the Plot before it reached fruition. Among these Avatars were…

Moshiach ben David (Jesus Christ), the true Savior of the Jews and the Christians, who incarnated as Vladimir Putin to rise to leadership in the nation that had the most nuclear weapons, Russia, and stand directly and immovably in the path of the Dark Plot.

Moshiach ben Yosef, the Jewish Messiah and assistant to Moshiach ben David, who incarnated as Benjamin Netanyahu to rise to leadership in Israel in order to protect it from the Dark Forces that recreated it for the purpose of taking it to war and making a blood sacrifice of its Jews.

Cyrus the Great, the mighty Persian emperor and Jewish Messiah, who incarnated as Donald Trump to rise to leadership in the belly of the Beast, the United States, and aid Putin and Netanyahu in preventing the blood sacrifice of Israel and the world.

Imam Mahdi, the Muslim Messiah, who incarnated as Qasem Soleimani to stop the Forces of Darkness from subjugating the Islamic world.

Lord Kalki, the Hindu Messiah, who incarnated as Narendra Modi to rise to leadership in the world’s second most populous nation, India, and prevent the annihilation of the Hindus in a nuclear exchange with Pakistan triggered by its own National Security Deep State.

Maitreya Buddha, who incarnated as Xi Jinping to rise to leadership in China and end the stranglehold the Dark Forces held over humanity through the power of mammon.

In the year of 2009 AD, with Dark agents Barack Obama, Dmitry Medvedev, and Hu Jintao leading the US, Russia, and China, the Dark Forces launched their G20 New World Order. They thereafter started toppling governments in the Middle East with color revolutions and military interventions so they could move the nations towards a climactic world war that would devastate the global population and bring in their One World Government. But then something happened, and it began in 2012.

In May of 2012, Vladimir Putin regained the Presidency of Russia and reversed the policies of Medvedev that had allowed the Dark Forces to run wild in the Middle East. And in March of 2013, Xi Jinping displaced Hu Jintao as President of China and began China’s resistance to the Dark Agenda. Xi went on to contest control over the Dark’s NWO in September of 2016, which was also the month Donald Trump rose in resistance to the Dark’s plot by making a covenant with Israel to protect it from destruction.

After spending years trying to remove and assassinate these new Avatar leaders of Russia, China, and America, the Dark Forces grew so desperate that they unleashed a pandemic upon the world, hoping it would stop China’s takeover of the NWO and dislodge Xi from leadership. But…

That’s where the story meets the now. And should they decide to start writing the ending next month, it will go according to one of the scenarios I’ve laid out for you. Otherwise, they’ll slow burn the pandemic through September and try again then OR China and Russia will announce that they’ve developed a COVID-19 vaccine and the outbreak will be ended so they can try again another year.

Globalist Scripting Possibilities for March of 2020

(15 February 2020) – To lock down all the foreseeable scenarios the globalists could throw at us next month, let’s take another look at the events that occurred 3.5 and 7 years before March 2020. In the process of doing so, we’ll examine the possibilities that flow from each individual event.

In March of 2013 — 7 years ago come next month — the following happened…

> Obama revealed himself as the Western antichrist by standing in Christ’s birthplace Since this event happened a full Tribulation period (7 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • the Western antichrists (Obama, Clinton, the “Deep State,” et al.) may fall to the “good guys” (the future heroes of the NWO) in March. Their fall would come because of the prophecy expectation that “the Antichrist will reign for 7 years.”

> The first Jesuit head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, took his throne and assumed the role of the “False Prophet” Since this event happened a full Tribulation period (7 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • the Pope / False Prophet may fall along with the other Western antichrists in March.

> Xi Jinping rose to the presidency of China and later began a crackdown on religious groups, including Christians and Kaifeng Jews Since this event happened a full Tribulation period (7 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • Xi could be recast as a First Tribulation antichrist who falls along with the other antichrists in March.

As I previously noted, Obama, Pope Francis, and Xi Jinping are considered leftists / socialists / communists, so their fall in March would likely come as the result of a “communist attack” on America and/or Trump. Should the communist attack take the form of a war, Xi could declare that America and Israel were responsible for the Coronavirus outbreak and launch a multidimensional attack (along with their allies) on both nations (watch for Al Aqsa Mosque to be destroyed in the crossfire). And should the communist attack take the form of a political coup, Trump and Netanyahu could face an “Ides of March” scenario that targets them both for political or physical death.

The communist attack could begin at any time, but it would climax with an American victory in March. This victory may result from the unveiling of the American Secret Space Program / US Space Force, and it will be accompanied by mass arrests of the “Deep State.” A New World Order (either “good” or “evil”) would rise from this event — possibly by September.

~ MORE – 16 February 2020 ~

In September of 2016 — 3.5 years ago come next month — the following happened…

 > Xi Jinping offered the world his economic leadership and transformed Obama’s G20 world order into the G20 Belt and Road world order at the 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China. – Since this event happened half a Tribulation period (3.5 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • the Hangzhou Summit can be narrated as the beginning of Xi’s 7-year tenure as Antichrist (instead of March 2013). It was during just such a summit in September of 2009 that Obama sat as the leader of the G20 and transformed it into a “new world order” / “new financial order,” thus beginning his 7-year Antichrist timeline. His time ended when he arrived “all back of the bus” at Xi’s G20 Summit…

    …from the Guardian

In this case, March 2020 would mark the point when Xi takes the publicly visible lead on the world stage by checkmating the West. If he does this hand-in-hand with Putin, the multilateral / multipolar “good” NWO could launch by September. If he does it without Putin, we may be in for an “evil” China-centric unipolar NWO that could last until September of 2023.

~ MORE – 20 February 2020 ~

Getting back to what happened in September of 2016…

> Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his handler Jared Kushner met with Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss “issues relating to Israel’s security and its efforts to achieve stability and peace in the Middle East” Since this event happened half of a Tribulation period (3.5 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • the meeting can be narrated as the point at which the Antichrist, Trump or Kushner, made a 7-year peace covenant with Israel. And since prophecy expectations hold that the Antichrist will break the peace covenant 3.5 years after making it, March could be the point at which Trump or Kushner go back on their promises to Israel.

Should Trump be the one who abandons or alters the deal, it could happen as part of his supposed effort to take down the “evil Zionists”; if Kushner is the one to do the deed, it could be attributed to his desire to sabotage Netanyahu’s chances of forming a government after the Israeli election. The globalists have been staging a phony conflict between Netanyahu and Chabad (of which Kushner is an agent) since late 2018.

> Trump debuted on the global political stage in his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton Since this event happened half of a Tribulation period (3.5 years) ago, it creates the possibilities that…

  • Trump can be narrated as “a populist frontman foisted on the Republicans by the Deep State / Democrats in order to either lose to the election to Hillary or serve as their proxy president,” in which case he’ll be discarded in favor of Pence or Kushner in March.
  • Trump can be narrated as “a populist frontman recruited by the White Hats in the intelligence agencies and Pentagon in order to win the presidency and restore the republic,” in which case they’ll roll out the Secret Space Program / US Space Force to back him up and take down the “Deep State” in March.
  • Trump can be narrated as “a leader appointed by God to assist in defeating the Dark Forces ravaging the Earth,” in which case March will bring “his victory over the Dark Forces” or “his fall to the Dark Forces before returning later with divine reinforcements.”
  • Trump can be narrated as “a leader appointed by Satan to continue the work of the antichrists and plunge the world into a Satanic Dark Kingdom,” in which case he’ll use the Space Force to crush resistance to a unipolar world order in March.

When Trump confronted Hillary Clinton on the political stage in September of 2016, he confronted the heir apparent to Obama’s Western antichrist crown. But the heir apparent is not always the heir actual. So Trump will be cast as either “the wolf in sheep’s clothing to whom the antichrist baton was handed” or “the man God sent to interrupt the handover of the baton.”

> Israel’s Shimon Peres was afflicted with a stroke (on the 13th) and died (on the 28th), after having warned the world about Trump. The prophecy propaganda rabbis claimed that his death was “the opening to Gog and Magog, and the final stages before Messiah” Since this event happened half of a Tribulation period (3.5 years) ago, it creates the possibility that…

  • Peres’s death can be narrated as marking either the beginning of the 7-year Tribulation period or the beginning of the 3.5-year Great Tribulation.

In the first case, the Great Tribulation could begin in March; in the second, the Great Tribulation could end in March (and the NWO will rise from the ashes).

~ MORE – 21 February 2020 ~

Now that we’ve looked at the various possibilities that flow from the events of 3.5 and 7 years ago, we can fit them together in various configurations to see what forms the globalist script might take. But since there are so many permutations to consider, I think it will be less confusing to simply focus on the possible outcomes.

Should the globalists opt to make next month the gateway to the NWO, we’ll see the final fall of the Bretton Woods Interim World Order in March and the rise of a New World Order in March through September (it’ll probably take them till September to do all the paperwork necessary to reform the UN into the NWO). As for the shape the NWO outcome will take, there are four possibilities (which I’ll present in order from most likely to least likely)…

Outcome 1: We’ll see the Eastern multilateral “good, nationalist” NWO that initially emerged at the Hangzhou Summit rise to dominance in global affairs. It would most likely be headed by “Avatar Putin,” “Avatar Xi,” “Avatar Trump,” and others, but Trump or Xi could be scripted-out as “an undercover antichrist who tried to sabotage the good NWO from within.”

Outcome 2: We’ll see a Western multilateral “evil, liberal” NWO rise to dominance in global affairs. It would most likely be headed by “Antichrist Pence” and/or “Antichrist Kushner,” but “Antichrist Trump” and/or “Antichrist Xi” could also be scripted-in as leaders (it would be said that Trump and/or Xi were Western controlled-opposition leaders who were assigned to befriend and then betray Putin).

Outcome 3: We’ll see an American/Israeli unipolar world order rise to dominance in global affairs. It would most likely be headed by “Antichrist Trump,” but “Antichrist Pence” and/or “Antichrist Kushner” could be alternatively scripted-in as its leader(s).

Outcome 4: We’ll see a Chinese unipolar world order rise to dominance in global affairs. It would be headed by “Antichrist Xi,” but in an hour we’d be hungry for another world order.

With these four potential outcomes set before us, let’s take a closer look at the most likely one, Outcome 1…

Under the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment template, there will be two New World Orders: 1) the decoy antichrist’s NWO, which will be defeated by the “real” Antichrist so he can pose as “Christ”, and 2) the real Antichrist’s NWO, which will be defeated by the “real Christ” so he can launch the globalists’ Millennial Kingdom. Since the general prophecy expectation is that “the antichrist will reign for 7 years,” both antichrists and both NWOs have only a 7-year shelf life.

That being said, what we might see starting next month under Outcome 1 would greatly depend on the date the globalists choose as the beginning of the NWO. I wrote something about this on 16 February…

As I’ve been looking through press reports from the 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou and noticing how they narrated a shift in power from West to East at the time, something I wrote in the 31 December 2019 update came to mind…

>>> Seeing that the Netanyahu/Trump/Kushner meeting took place at the exact end point of Obama’s 7-year tenure as the prospective decoy Antichrist (September 2016), I was forced to ask myself some uncomfortable questions…

In outlining and tracking the 2009-2016 Obama timetable, were my dates right but my expectations wrong?

Did I falsely assume that they delayed the First Tribulation because it didn’t end the way I was expecting it to?

From the globalists’ perspective, was what happened in September 2016 a successful completion of the 2009-2016 First Tribulation, which would mean we’re now about to hit the midpoint of the 2016-2023 Second Tribulation? <<<

If the globalists narrate that the East’s multilateral / multipolar NWO was launched at the Hangzhou Summit, we’re already in the Second Tribulation period and are about to enter the Great Tribulation in March. That would mean we have 3 years and 7 months of bad times and lots of death ahead, and we’ll see the fake Second Coming of Christ on or about September 15, 2023 (Rosh Hashanah of that year).

So the globalists could narrate September 2016 as the beginning of the “good” Eastern NWO, in which case March would be the beginning of 3.5 years of hard times. Or they could narrate March or September of this year as the beginning of the NWO, in which case we’ll go through a 3.5-year honeymoon period before we hit the hard times.

From the globalist perspective, it would be much better to narrate the NWO as launching this year. It would give time for Putin (and probably Xi and probably Trump) to bask in global acclaim, having “saved the world from the evil plans of the Western Satanists.” But if the globalists are growing uncomfortable with the growing awareness of their plans, they can narrate the 2016 launch and race to the finish in half the time.

So the question Fate is asking the globalists is this…

Let’s hope they answer “yes,” because that would give us another 3.5 years to increase our collective awareness and enjoy a bit more pizza before we come to the hard part. By the end of that time my last pair of chewing molars will be gone, so I’ll be ready for the hard part (and the diet of gruel that comes with it).

Next, we’ll have a look at any other potential outcomes for March that don’t involve the imminent transition to the NWO. It might take me till Monday to write about it; I need the weekend to think things through.

The Partial Globalist Retreat of January 29 &
The globalist narratives for Trump’s betrayal of Israel

(7 February 2020) – When I noticed the first signs of a possible globalist retreat back on 29 January, I wrote this…

We should know whether or not a retreat is on by Saturday. If we end the week with the impeachment trial closed-out, the Brexit achieved with a ratified deal, and hopeful headlines about the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak “beginning to level out,” that’s a very good sign.

Well all this has now happened…

1) The impeachment trial was closed out on Wednesday the 5th of February,

2) the Brexit was achieved with a ratified deal on Friday the 31st of January, and

3) the official numbers showed the first sign of the Coronavirus outbreak starting to level off on or about Tuesday the 4th of February…

…from Forbes

Of course, we don’t know how closely the “official numbers” reflect reality, but we do know this: that 2019-nCoV, even if it’s a weaponized virus, is not immune to the natural laws and mechanisms that keep disease outbreaks in check. There is simply no such thing as a magic bullet that destroys the whole world (no matter what they show you in the movies), and the only way for the Coronavirus to become an out-of-control global scourge is for the globalists to continue its mass distribution all over the planet. It appears that they’ve at least temporarily backed out of their plan to do so, starting from the 29th.

The decision to back off is why we saw them curtail Chinese air travel over the weekend (and over the WHO’s objections), downgrade Coronavirus news coverage at the beginning of this week’s news cycle, and spread the “draconian” quarantine over a larger part of China — those actions are the exact opposite of what they would have done if they were aiming to keep the virus and its hype rolling on.

Given the previous example of the SARS outbreak (which ran 8 months from November 2002 to July 2003), we can expect the Coronavirus outbreak (which kicked off last December) to taper off as we approach August, but they may attempt to stage a second outbreak near the mischief month of September. We’ll have to be sure to leave them no room in the narrative to do so. Chopping Hillary off at the knees is the first step towards that goal, and exposing the scripting options surrounding Xi is the second step.

~ MORE – 8 February 2020 ~

As I started looking at the scripting options for Xi that stem from the Coronavirus outbreak, I ran across some rather interesting things. But let’s first start with the basics:

There are only two ways to characterize the virus (it originated in either the wild or in a lab),
there are only two ways to explain its spread (it was either natural/accidental or deliberate), and
there are only two ways it can impact Xi (he comes out a hero or a goat).

Given what the globalists have planned for this year, characterizing the virus and its spread as a deliberate release of a lab virus is what should concern us most, so I’ll focus there.

There are two directions the globalists can take when narrating a deliberate release of a lab virus in China: either Xi Jinping did it or his enemies did (in reality, of course, the central bankers/globalists did it; Xi and his enemies are mere minions and actors in their employ, just like the Democrats and Republicans here in the US). And here is how the Globalist Establishment present the face-off between Xi and his enemies…

…elites from across the political spectrum in China oppose Xi’s concentration of power; Xi’s scrapping of his term limit is a watershed that galvanized opposition. Second, there is a pervasive sense that Xi has deviated from China’s overall path of political and economic developments after the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution…

Some argue that the era of factional politics has ended in the PRC as Xi concentrates power. But this is not the case. Chinese factions are often centered around top national leaders, such as former party secretaries Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin. Their influence has been weakened by Xi’s anti-corruption campaign, which eliminated many of their proteges. Nonetheless, Xi could not eliminate Hu and Jiang for at least two reasons. First, both Jiang and Hu built extensive patronage networks when they were in power. Their proteges therefore consist of entire cohorts of provincial governors, generals, and technocrats. Xi needs them to run the country before he could fill up the positions with his own people.

…the Xi administration’s performance since 2012 has been attacked by a wide range of groups that constitute China’s governing elites; Xi can do little to eliminate rival factions who are waiting for the opportune moment to strike back. – from Brookings

The Epoch Times outlines another obstacle faced by Xi

Inaction in the Middle

China has the world’s biggest body of government officials. Most of them are in the middle-tier who interpret, execute, and pass on top leadership’s policies.

This middle-tier has been a key obstacle against reform and problem-solving, said Xu Zhong, chief of the Chinese Central Bank Research Bureau, in February during a top economic forum. Most of the policy documents are drafted by the middle-tier officials from various functions, he said.

These officials hardly ever reached agreement due to understanding gaps and conflicting interests. This results in removal of controversial policies. “These controversial contents are the reforms that we truly need to solve important and challenging issues,” said Xu. Thus, Beijing’s policy changes are often stuck at the middle level due to the officials’ protection of their own interests, but done in the name of seeking cross-functional consensus. And problems, of course, remain unsolved.

So under the “Xi did it” narrative, Xi released the Coronavirus to provide an excuse to lock down areas of country that are strongholds of the West-allied Hu and Jiang factions that oppose him. And he is using the lockdown to kill and discredit/remove regional and local proteges of those factions. He is also using the crisis as an opportunity to demonize and dismantle the mid-level bureaucracies that diminish his control over the country. “Their inaction prevented a more effective response to the outbreak and cost countless lives,” he’ll say.

On top of that, there’s this…

…from Infowars. Here is an excerpt…

Shenzhen, in Southern China, is very close to Hong Kong. This explains why Shenzhen residents are fleeing to Hong Kong, no doubt bringing more infections with them. Many residents will attempt to take flights out of Hong Kong in order to escape the draconian quarantine, which means of course that some of these people will be inadvertently spreading the coronavirus pandemic to yet more countries, including the United States, which still accepts flights from Hong Kong and China.

According to the Liberty Times Net story, observers in Taiwan are now saying, “Hong Kong is finished” and are demanding that flights from Hong Kong be cut off in order to protect Taiwan and other Asian countries from the exploding pandemic. Some of the quotes in the story include, “The people of Hong Kong are dead, Taiwan will soon be cut off…” and “next week becomes the crazy influx of Hong Kong people into Taiwan.”

So under the “Xi did it” narrative, Xi is also using the Coronavirus as shock troops for locking down Hong Kong and ending the long-running protests there, and he’ll later use it to grab Taiwan. It is a “virus first / security and medical forces second” invasion. And a potential “humanitarian invasion” of Taiwan this year will provide an excellent opportunity to script an outbreak of armed conflict between the US and China.

Pondering this “Xi did it” narrative, I also realized this…

In mid-January, it was narrated that Putin purged the West-allied elements of his goverment, and now Xi may be purging the West-allied factions of China’s government under cover of the Coronavirus. So was the Super Bowl attack meant to provide Trump with cover to do the same thing in America? And given that the world’s three main economic centers are China, the US, and the EU, and the Wuhan Coronavirus set off a bomb in one of those economic centers, were the planned Super Bowl attack and last-second Brexit veto meant to set off bombs in the other two economic centers? If so, how will the globalists script-in new bombs for the US and EU to put their plan back on track?

~ MORE – 9 February 2020 ~

Now that we’ve looked at the narrative that paints Xi as a villain, let’s look at the alternative, which paints Xi’s enemies as villains: “Xi Jinping’s enemies released the Coronavirus.” And we’ll start by remembering these sections from the Brookings article, with my comment added in [brackets]…

elites from across the political spectrum in China oppose Xi’s concentration of power; Xi’s scrapping of his term limit is a watershed that galvanized opposition. Second, there is a pervasive sense that Xi has deviated from China’s overall path of political and economic developments after the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution [which was headed towards merger with the current world order]…

…the Xi administration’s performance since 2012 has been attacked by a wide range of groups that constitute China’s governing elites; Xi can do little to eliminate rival factions who are waiting for the opportune moment to strike back.

So the “Xi’s enemies did it” narrative would go something like this…

“In order to bring down Xi Jinping, the Chinese elite conspired with the Western elite to release the Coronavirus in Wuhan. Xi’s opponents then instructed their regional and local proteges to obstruct and misdirect elements of Xi’s response to the outbreak to make it look like it was bungled. This was done to make Xi look like a bumbling tyrant so they could harness public rage to take him down.”

And under this narrative, there are two possible endings: 1) Xi falls or 2) Xi recognizes the trap and outmaneuvers his enemies, taking them down in the process.

~ MORE – 10 February 2020 ~

With both the “Xi did it” and “Xi’s enemies did it” narratives now set before us, it should be noted that there are only two possible outcomes for Xi: he’ll fall or he’ll rise. And there are only two possible ways for him to publicly appear as he does so: he’ll look like a “good guy” / “Avatar” or a “bad guy” / “Antichrist.” This means there are a total of 4 possible Xi outcomes if the globalists pull the trigger this year…

  1. “Xi the Avatar Falls,” in which “good guy” Xi will suffer a political or physical death at the hands of the West-allied factions, then return 3.5 years later to defeat them with “special reinforcements” (Xi’s fall would likely be accompanied by the rise of an American antichrist).
  2. “Xi the Avatar Rises,” in which the “evil Western globalists” are defeated and the Western populists/libertarians and the “reformed” UN/NWO rise.
  3. “Xi the Antichrist Falls,” in which the “evil tyrant” Xi is brought down “by the outraged and freedom-hungry people of China.”
  4. “Xi the Antichrist Rises,” in which the evil tyrant Xi defeats the US by means of multiple “asymmetrical measures” and ascends to open (and scary) leadership of the world.

As for the timing of his rise or fall as a “good guy” or “bad guy” this year, it will happen in either…

  • March, which is one 3.5 year prophecy cycle from the September 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit at which Xi offered the world his economic leadership and transformed Obama’s G20 world order into the G20 Belt and Road world order, or
  • September, which is two prophecy cycles / one 7-year Tribulation period from Xi’s unveiling of his Belt and Road Initiative in September of 2013.

[You can read more about what Xi did 3.5 and 7 years ago (come this March and September) in the January 24-25 updates further down this page.]

If I had to place a bet on the current direction the globalists are taking us, it would be “Xi the Avatar Rises” in September, and the September rise would be accompanied by the “Xi’s enemies did it” Coronavirus narrative.

Since Xi launched his Belt and Road Initiative seven years ago come September, the alt-media have portrayed the US/Western globalists as doing everything possible to stop it. And the Coronavirus epidemic will be portrayed as their final effort to end Xi and bring a humbled China back into the existing world order. Although the Chinese epidemic will lead to a global economic and financial collapse by September, Xi will outmaneuver his foes and save both China and the world with the economic and political preparations he’s made with his partner Putin and the other BRICS nations. So the New World Order will launch in September, and as I’ve previously written, it will seem like heaven… at first — with a victorious Xi giving the Chinese people more leash (new freedoms and new hope) for a few years.

~ MORE – 11 February 2020 ~

He he he. I was a half-step ahead of the globalist propaganda on this one. After I released yesterday’s update, New Agey disinfo site The Millennium Report released this

Here is an excerpt…

Deliberate Sabotage of China’s Economy

China has been earnestly pursuing economic development and commercial outreach throughout the world community of nations for many years. Those various business-development pursuits have been intensifying over the past decade. The Belt and Road Initiative is just one example of how serious China has been to forge a whole new Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) free from the incessant economic sabotage and financial terrorism perpetrated by the United States (and more covertly by the United Kingdom).

This new and swiftly emerging Global Economic & Financial System is being built without the domination of the many Western powers that constitute the Anglo-American Axis (AAA). The British and American establishments are especially being excluded. That means that the once Almighty Dollar will have no place in this immense Chinese-Russian-Indian project to remake the global economic and financial order.

This also means that the Almighty Dollar will be dethroned as the world’s reserve currency. Which is a very BIG thing for the Western powers. In point of fact, it doesn’t get any bigger than this. Unless, the West agrees to a level playing field not dominated by London and New York City, they will go the hapless way of the greenback. By the way, in the grand scheme of things, that’s called karma.

Given the carefully controlled demolition of the US petrodollar by the Eastern powers which has been undertaken since 9/11 out of sheer self preservation, the US, UK, Israel and other AAA-aligned nations have grown desperate — VERY DESPERATE!

As I’ve previously written, this September will mark the 7-year anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative. So within the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, it can be said that the 7 years the “evil Western globalists have been trying to sabotage this emerging new world order” was the Tribulation period, which means the saviors will rise to stop the “Satanist AAA” by the end of September.

On a related note, a reader sent me a link to another disinformation article from Forbidden Knowledge TV that offers the following passage…

“The newest information available suggests that this was a Zionist attack on China in two parts: in part one, a Jewish-American professor at Harvard appears to have been dangled to the Chinese, committed treason against the USA, and assisted the Chinese in establishing a level 4 bio-war center in Wuhan. In part two — and the professor could be unwitting of this part — the Zionists released the virus in both the marketplace and in the hospitals — 41% of the infections occurred in the hospitals not in the streets. It should not be assumed that the virus escaped from a Chinese facility, or by accident.”

By framing this as a Zionist attack, a strong motive is established for China to attack Israel, and if the virus spreads worldwide over the next few months, the entire world will want to get in on it. Back when they first tried all this in 2016, they were going to use an Israeli-planned “ISIS” attack on the Rio Olympics to piss off the whole world; this year, they’ll use the “Zionist-caused” global Coronavirus pandemic. And an attack on Israel by essentially the whole world is a key part of the End Times script. It will provide the opportunity for Vladimir Putin to save Israel (but not the “evil religious Zionists” in its government).

Meanwhile, in Syria, Turkey is squaring off against the Syrian Army in what may be the first step of Erdogan’s march through Syria towards Israel…

…from Zero Hedge

~ MORE – 12 February 2020 ~

In my January 13-16 updates (which are further down this page; enter 13 January in your browser’s FIND function to go there), I reviewed the globalists’ two “Antichrist Obama” timelines:

  1. the 7-year main antichrist timeline of September 2009 to September 2016, in the middle of which Obama was revealed as an antichrist, and
  2. the 7-year “peace covenant with Israel” timeline of July 2008 to July 2015, in the middle of which Obama began to break the covenant by drifting away from Israel and towards Iran.

As was noted in the updates, Obama made his peace covenant with Israel in July of 2008 while he was only a candidate for President

…from The New York Times

And when Trump/Kushner picked up the Antichrist torch, the globalists had them do the very same thing in September of 2016

…from Facebook

That was one 3.5 year prophecy cycle ago (come next month). So look for Trump and/or Kushner to alter the peace deal in March, possibly during a trip to Israel and the Temple Mount. And look for March to be period of Antichrist intrigue in which the leadership of Israel and America will come into contest between the “forces of good” and the “forces of evil.” The globalists might want the Western Antichrist to dramatically take the stage before he is defeated in September; it would help escalate the West vs. East conflict to the brink of nuclear war. And remember that since Chabad declared Trump a Jewish King, Trump is eligible to be revealed as the Antichrist (the “False Messiah”), and the Antichrist “wants to destroy Israel.”

After a reader sent me a link to some of Robert David Steele’s propaganda yesterday, I did a quick survey of what he’s been up to. Get a load of this…

…from the Tehran Times. Here is an excerpt…

President Donald Trump is a genius. The “new” Palestine Peace Plan is a promising first step toward the restoration of Palestine in President Trump’s second term, when he can fulfil his most important promise to all Americans, one subtly made by Q Anon: “Zionists last”…

It is a huge mistake to react to the President’s notional peace plan as if it were real, or in isolation from the looming demise of Zionism. 9/11 and pedophilia disclosures are going to make every Jew in America immediately denounce Zionism and call for the eradication of every organization representing Zionism. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) – like the social media services they control – are going to face massive public condemnation, and massive legal actions to include loss of non-profit status and formal designation as agents of a foreign power (pending the demise of Israel) and anti-trust, Title 7, and tortious interference civil lawsuits from all those censored, defamed, and deplatformed — digitally assassinated — by what we in the USA call #GoogleGestapo…

President Trump knows this is a stupid plan. He knows his son-in-law is in everyone else’s pocket.

If you are unfamiliar with Robert David Steele’s true nature, he is a CIA agent who has been tasked with playing the whistleblower. He pretends to be a conscientious objector to the “evil Zionist agenda” so he can spread disinformation that supports elements of the globalist transition script. And in this Tehran Times article, he is narrating that Trump plans on ending Israel (which is a very Antichrist thing to do according to the transition script). Should the globalists stick with this flavor of narrative, it may be Jared Kushner who goes to Israel next month to preempt Trump’s plan by sabotaging the peace deal before Trump can spring his trap. Or they might narrate that Trump is accelerating his double-cross of Israel due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

~ MORE – 13 February 2020 ~

Speaking of Trump possibly playing the Western Antichrist next month, let’s look at some more peanuts and corn I plucked from Robert David Steele’s bullsh*t…

My frustration with the President is that he persists in surrounding himself with people who are loyal to the Deep State and to countries other than the USA. He refuses to go outside the “Establishment” for talent… – from a Q&A given by Steele in a Tehran Times article

President Trump is probably pursuing a Grand Entente with General Secretary Xi and President Putin that is not understood by anyone, least of by his Cabinet Secretaries and all other putative leaders and senior bureaucrats in the West. I do believe those in charge of the Deep State – the Chabad Supremacist cult, the Vatican, and the Rothchilds – understand that this triumvirate, if it can sustain itself, is invincible. They will try very hard in the next year to break the triumvirate, starting with efforts to destroy President Trump in the 2018 elections intended to lead to his impeachment and his replacement by a Deep State favorite, Vice President Mike Pence. – from a March 26, 2018 Steele article titled “Xi, Putin, & Trump For Life – A Few Thoughts” on the Russian International Affairs Council website

These passages are notable for the following reason: under a “Trump as the First Tribulation Western Antichrist” scenario, the NWO Narrative will reveal that Trump was actually a front man the “Deep State” put into office for at least four reasons:

  1. to capture and redirect the populist rebellion against the “Satanist Establishment,”
  2. to continue advancing their agenda while publicly pretending to fight it,
  3. to sidle up to Putin and Xi as “a fellow opponent of the Western Establishment” and sabotage their effort to build a “fair and just” world order, and
  4. to destroy Israel.

So at this level of the narrative, it will be said that the “Satanic Western globalists” and their allies among the Chinese elite released the Coronavirus in China to stop the Belt and Road Initiative and blame the Zionists for the outbreak so Israel could be destroyed.

Now if we go one level higher in the globalist script to the Millennium Narrative, the story will be that Trump, Putin, and Xi were working together all along. Here is how they’ll frame it…

Head Antichrist Putin and associate antichrists Xi and Trump hatched a plot to usurp Christ’s throne as King of Israel so Putin could sit upon it. To achieve this, they had Trump give the Israelis everything they wanted so he would be seen as absolutely and unquestionably loyal to the Jewish state. They then had Xi release the Coronavirus on his own people in China for two reasons: 1) to allow him to crush his domestic opposition under the guise of fighting the outbreak, and 2) to create a worldwide pandemic and economic collapse that could be blamed on Israel.

To establish Israel’s culpability in the Coronavirus release, they had Trump launch an American investigation of the virus’s makeup and origin…

…from ABC News

And when the investigation found that it was an engineered bioweapon released by Israel and her Western Zionist agents, no one questioned the validity of the results. It was unthinkable that an investigation conducted by a Israel-friendly country like America and an Israel-loving president like Trump would blame Israel if it wasn’t absolutely true.

As a result of the investigation, Putin had Trump withdraw his peace plan and defensive support from Israel in March of 2020, thus leaving the Jewish state open for invasion from a furious world. This in turn allowed Putin to step in and save the Jewish state while prosecuting the Zionist scapegoats.

If you are a new reader, I should point out the difference between the NWO Narrative and the Millennium Narrative…

The NWO Narrative is the story the globalists will use to explain what happened during the First Tribulation period. It will present Putin and his allies as the good guys who defeated the Western bad guys. Putin will be cast as the savior who stopped the Western antichrist.

The Millennium Narrative is the story the globalists will use to explain what happened during the Second Tribulation period. It will claim that Putin staged the First Tribulation as a Satanic deception, and that he had an ally pose as the Western antichrist so he could pretend to defeat him and pose as the savior. Putin will be cast as the “real Final Antichrist” who was stopped by the “Second Coming of Jesus Christ” [who will thereafter launch his (globalist controlled) Millennial Kingdom].

~ MORE – 13 February 2020 ~

Starting tomorrow and continuing over the course of the weekend and beyond, we’ll be looking at…

  • the potential for a scripted “Ides of March”-type conflict between the (supposed) forces of “good” and “evil” in Washington and Tel Aviv next month,
  • the possibility of an “evil” Trump, Pence, or Kushner launching a short-lived “evil” NWO in March,
  • the possibility of a “good” Trump destroying resistance to a “good” NWO in March,
  • how the potential unveiling of the American Secret Space Program / US Space Force in March could end the Coronavirus outbreak and kickstart a stalling global economy (under either a “good” or “evil” NWO scenario),
  • how fake aliens could be used to help end any “evil” NWO that might start in March, and
  • all the 3.5 and 7-year globalist prophecy fulfillment timetables that intersect with March.

The mission at hand is to push the globalists out of March, and the target is in sight. All I have to do now is let ‘er rip

The Globalists’ Stillborn Plan to Make Hillary Clinton the Democratic Nominee

(4 February 2020) – Hillary Clinton is making noises like she wants to run against Trump in the presidential election this year

…and she is scheduled to launch her stealth presidential campaign in March…

But with the path to her party’s nomination now closed to her, what does she have in mind?

Allow me to show you and, in the process of doing so, destroy what we’re looking at…

After I posted yesterday’s What To Watch For This Week update, I starting looking ahead to what the globalists’ fallback plan might be if they have to back off on rolling out Trump, Pence, or Kushner as the Great Tribulation American Antichrist in March. Who could take their place as the Antichrist in the White House, I wondered. The answer that immediately came to mind was “Hillary Clinton.” And based on that, I started to look into the feasibility of her launching a presidential bid in March.

As it turns out, the filing deadlines for most of the Democratic primaries have passed, so it isn’t feasible for her to join the primary race at this point. And though the filing deadlines for running as an independent candidate have yet to pass, she wouldn’t go that route, as it would split the Democratic vote and ensure a Trump victory. Exotic scenarios of skullduggery at the Democratic National Convention that might win her the nomination are also infeasible, since they would turn both rank-and-file Democrats and the general public against her.

All that being so, how can Hillary Clinton possibly become the Democratic Party candidate for President in the November election?

The only way that came to mind was a scenario in which the Party’s nominee died after the Convention but before the general election. So I looked into what would happen in such a circumstance, and I found the answer in an article from back in 2008…

…from Slate. Here is the relevant excerpt, with my comment added in [brackets]…

If Barack Obama were to die before the election, the Democratic Party’s charter and bylaws state that responsibility for filling that vacancy would fall to the Democratic National Committee, but the rules do not specify how exactly the DNC would go about doing that [so whoever controls the DNC would make the rules].

When I saw this, I knew I’d stumbled onto the plan, because the Clinton machine controls the Democratic National Committee…

…from Politico

In fact, it was widely suspected that Hillary Clinton used her control of the DNC to sabotage Bernie Sanders’s bid to become the Democratic candidate in 2016. And Hillary’s control continues to this day…

…from National File

So the plan is this (with Bernie Sanders inserted as the presumptive nominee, but the plan will work with anyone who is chosen)…

Hillary Clinton will make a show of supporting the nominee this time, presumably Bernie Sanders. And after Bernie spends a month or two campaigning as the nominee, the Democratic Party’s left wing will see their candidate’s disastrous poll numbers and start freaking-out and bawling in public over the realization that they’re facing another four years of Trump. It is at that point that Bernie will have another heart attack, dying this time.

Once Bernie is “dead,” the whole Party will wonder what to do, and the choice will become clear: the DNC will appoint Hilllary Clinton as the Party’s new candidate, since she is “the only one with any prospect of beating Trump.” And the Party’s left wing will breathe a sigh of relief and back her wholeheartedly. “Anyone but Trump,” they’ll say in NPC unison.

As for when Bernie’s death is scheduled, September is the best candidate month. It would give him enough time after the Party’s July 13-16 convention to campaign for 6-8 weeks and register dismal poll numbers, and it would leave enough time before the November election for the states to reprint the ballots with Hillary’s name on them.

In keeping with the whole Antichrist motif of the exercise, disinfo agents assigned to Republican-side propaganda would go on rants about the “Clinton Body Count” and the CIA’s heart attack drugs, and Clinton would go on to win the election amidst clear signs of voter fraud and election tampering. All this would keep us on track for another 3 years of the Great Tribulation before she falls.

THAT WAS THE PLAN… and just like that, it’s gone…

~ MORE – 6 February 2020 ~

On the same day I posted this entry, the globalist prophecy propaganda corps brought forward an alternative scenario (first offered in an earlier article on The Hill) for “Antichrist Hillary” to rise to the presidency through the vice presidency…

…from Skywatch TV

Just like they previously cooked up the role of the “Grey Champion” for Mike Pence to rise to the presidency as an antichrist, they’ve also invented the role of “The Hilarion” for Hillary to do so. Here is a glimpse of what they have in mind for Hillary in her “Hilarion” role…

…Nevertheless all these questions came to my mind when reading the Wikileaks e-mail revelations and remembering how Hillary hinted “alien disclosure” would be made if she was elected president and how Abramovic, the Podestas and other close Hillary affiliates were manifest believers in the same UFOs and “contiguous aliens” that Parsons and Hubbard sought (the Church of Scientology Hubbard started is based on an alien called “Xenu”), as well as being practitioners of the same Crowley occultism that Parsons and Hubbard were devotees of, and it immediately seemed to me beyond probability of coincidence. Rather, I straightway thought in the days leading up to the presidential election that these modern Thelemists actually believe Hillary is — or could be — the incarnation of the archetype divine feminine, the Whore of Babylon, the “Hilarion” that is set to take the throne of the most powerful nation on earth to assist Antichrist in his bid to rule the entire world. – from Skywatch TV

And here is a related blurb from the sales page of one of Tom Horn’s propaganda videos

Delivered by Dr. Thomas Horn at Strategic Perspectives Conference in Coeur d’Alene, ID, October, 2013. In this standing ovation presentation, Dr. Thomas Horn walked the spellbound audience through events leading up to and beyond the investigations that ultimately resulted in the best selling books “Petrus Romanus” and “Exovaticana.” Listen as Tom explains the preternatural events, which brought him and co-author Cris Putnam together, and learn the moments when they almost backed down over unspoken threats, the trip to Mt. Graham in Arizona to meet the Vatican’s astronomers, the LUCIFER device and what it is being used for today, and finally the extraordinary discovery about the mountain itself and the strange events going on there. This over one-hour live presentation was recorded before a packed crowd that cheered the final conclusions spelling out the deepest secret between the Vatican and an Alien Antichrist connection.

So basically, the “Satanists’ evil plan” is to have Hillary take over as US President, do “alien disclosure,” then help the leader of the “aliens” (who supposedly is the “final Antichrist”) take leadership over the Earth. But the globalists will script “good guy” Vladimir Putin as defeating her plan and launching a “new, fair, and just” world order instead — before finally being revealed as the “actual final Antichrist” himself.

I’ll go into the fine scripting of all this before the Democratic National Convention. For now, all you need to know is that the only difference between the scenario I outlined and this alternative scenario is the timing of the Democratic presidential candidate’s death. Under the “Hillary as the last-minute presidential candidate” scenario, the first presidential candidate’s death will occur after the convention but before the election; under the “Hillary as the vice presidential candidate” scenario, the president-elect’s death will occur after Congress has certified the presidential electors’ vote but before the inauguration. To play her antichrist role, Hillary must be in the big seat.

(The first note on this subject – 3 February 2020) – Tomorrow, I’ll show you THE REASON the Democratic Party’s nominee for President is currently slated to die after the party convention but before the election…

And to the globalist scriptwriters who are lining this thing up, I say go ahead and shelve it now, fellas; I’m gonna be all over this sh*t. Ain’t happenin’.

Oh, and sorry, Hillary. Perhaps Huma can comfort you with her tongue.

The Real Story on the Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

(2 January 2020) – The globalist-chosen Imam Mahdi (Qasem Soleimani) has supposedly been assassinated (as expected). Apparently, they identified his body by the ring he wore, which means he is alive and sitting in a bunker somewhere until the globalists cue his “resurrection and return.” Here’s what I wrote about it back in 21 February 2018…


Qasem Soleimani, the Globalist-Chosen Imam Mahdi

There are times when I get the urge to turn on my PC and start searching, and I don’t even know what I’m looking for… until I find it. February 20, 2018 was one of those times, and as it turned out, I was searching for this…

…from the Wall Street Journal. Here is an excerpt…

“U.S. officials consider the commander of an elite Iranian military unit a terrorist supporter and the man ultimately responsible for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and their Middle East allies.

But many Iranians view Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the face of Tehran’s growing regional clout, as their best defense against foreign aggression.

Gen. Soleimani’s public profile is soaring just as Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s popularity sags…

Gen. Soleimani, who is 60 years old, is the public face of Iran’s efforts to arm Shiite militias in Iraq and salvage the regime in Syria, and one of Iran’s biggest celebrities, trailed by photographers when he visits the front lines. With a white beard and a head of hair to match, he poses for selfies with Iraqi and Syrian militiamen and is the subject of tribute videos on YouTube.

Once I saw this article, I immediately recognized it as preparatory propaganda for what is about to transpire in the Middle East. I saw Soleimani as an excellent candidate for both the Imam Mahdi role in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment play and the martyr role whose assassination by Israel would start Iran’s missiles flying.

Back when I did my original search for the actor who would play the Mahdi, I kept in mind the criteria set out in the prophecy propaganda from Sheikh Imran Hosein

Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

Knowing the Mahdi had to be in Damascus, I looked for candidates among the Syrian government and the militia leaders, eventually settling on Assad as the best candidate. I never thought to look at the Iranian generals because I didn’t think any of them would be residing in Damascus. But lookie here…

In the later half of 2012, Soleimani assumed personal control of the Iranian intervention in the Syrian civil war, when Iranians became deeply concerned about the Assad government’s lack of ability to fight the opposition, and the fallout to the Islamic Republic if the Syrian government fell. He is reported to have coordinated the war from a base in Damascus at which a Lebanese Hezbollah commander and an Iraqi Shiite militia coordinator have been mobilized, in addition to Syrian and Iranian officers.” – from Wikipedia

Once I saw that Soleimani was in Damascus before the Dajjal character (Erdogan) entered Syria in August of 2016 (a month before the 2016 prophecy fulfillment show was scheduled to take place), I started looking even more deeply at him. And as I did so, I saw that the media had done an excellent job of setting him up to play the Mahdi role for the globalists.

Have a look at this BBC article

…Here is a critical excerpt…

“In neighbouring Syria he is widely credited with delivering the strategy that has helped President Bashar al-Assad turn the tide against rebel forces and recapture key cities and towns.”

Here is another article setting him up as the “Savior of Syria”…

…from Reuters

This Reuters article is particularly important because it establishes that the Mahdi went to the “Son of Mary” (Putin) to seek help for saving Syria. The globalist prophecy fulfillment script calls for the Jewish/Christian Messiah, Putin, to work with the Mahdi in defeating the “Satanic forces of the West,” with Putin playing the senior role.

The media have also portrayed Soleimani as a hero…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

After the pilot was downed by Turkey on Tuesday, ‘credible information was obtained that a number of special Turkish units had been sent to the scene to take the Russian pilot captive to blackmail Russia later,’ the semi-official Fars News Agency reported, basing the claim on a report in the Persian-language version of the Russian Sputnik news agency.”

So in the case of the Russian pilot shot down by Turkey, the Mahdi saved him from the grasp of the Dajjal (Erdogan).

Of course, a candidate for the Imam Mahdi role would need a pious religious image to complete his resume. And wouldn’t you know it, Soleimani has exactly that…

…from ABNA

With all this set before you, perhaps you can see why I’m taking Bashar Assad off the Avatar board and replacing him with Qasem Soleimani. Soleimani is almost certainly the globalists’ choice for the Imam Mahdi.

That being said, here are a couple of warnings…

WARNING 1 – The globalists’ plan is to fake either the death or grave wounding of Qasem Soleimani at the hands of the Israelis. This would result in instant outrage in Iran and lead to the firing of over 100,000 rockets and missiles at Israel. It would be instant high-intensity war.

At a later date, the globalists will fake Soleimani’s resurrection (if he’s “dead”) or miraculous healing (if he’s “gravely wounded”) to help raise him to the status of a religious icon in the eyes of the public.

WARNING 2 – If the globalists stage the wounding or killing of Soleimani, there will also be other high-profile fake woundings and killings either before or after Soleimani’s. Those affected may include Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi (or another high-profile Hindu), and Xi Jinping (or another high-profile Buddhist).


~ MORE ~

Now is the perfect time for the Israelis to stage a false-flag to be blamed on Iran. To see two ways it might manifest, read the following sections (which are further down this page)…

  • The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf
  • The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack

An assassination at Mar-a-Lago isn’t out of the question either.

~ MORE – 3 January 2020 ~

Here’s another relevant update on Soleimani I wrote back in February of 2018…


[Update 10 – 25 February 2018] – More on the Coming Martyrdom of the “Imam Mahdi”

Behold the Mahdi pondering his scripted (and fake) martyrdom…

…from (What a consummate actor / sneaky little bi*ch he is!)

Earlier in this entry, back when I though Assad was playing the role of the Imam Mahdi, I wrote this…

In the coming days, keep an eye out for an outrageous provocation from the Israelis – perhaps an airstrike against Assad himself – that will “push the Iranians over the edge.” This could lead to a massive missile attack against Israel.

So on February 20 when I realized that Soleimani is the globalists’ actual choice for the Mahdi role, I speculated that he would be the one to be assassinated to start the war, and it didn’t take long to find out I was right. Upon googling “Soleimani” and clicking on the news results, the page laid out exactly what the globalists had planned. Have a look at these three result clusters…

…from Google News

The top cluster talks about Soleimani’s recent threat to wipe out the State of Israel. Given that the Israelis are an eye-for-an-eye type of people, he is effectively inviting them to wipe him out preemptively.

The middle cluster talks about Russia publicly condemning Soleimani’s call to destroy Israel. Putin is obligated to do this since he is scripted to be revealed as the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach ben David). And at the climax point of the war, PUTIN WILL INDEED SAVE ISRAEL, BUT HE WILL NOT SAVE THE CURRENT ISRAELI LEADERSHIP. The globalists plan to scapegoat Netanyahu and his “Zionist / Neocon” cohorts and install new leadership in Israel after the war. That’s why they’re “dirtying him up” with corruption charges before the war starts. They want the Israeli people to accept his replacement.

The bottom cluster talks about Soleimani within the context of the 10th anniversary of the death of another martyr at the hands of the Mossad and CIA. This is a rather large hint as to what they plan to do with him. And the pro-Iran media in the Middle East have done a great job of setting him up to be both a savior and the ultimate martyr…

…from MEMRI. Here are some excerpts…

>>> On October 30, 2014, the daily Kayhan, which is close to Khamenei and is a mouthpiece of the ideological stream, explained that the Qods Force’s activity in Iraq enhances Tehran’s regional popularity and influence, and establishes commander Soleimani as a savior in the eyes of the Shi’ite and Iranian public, and in the eyes of the world: “Qassem Soleimani had a prominent role in operations to liberate [the Iraqi cities of] Jurf Al-Sakhar and Amirli. The presence of an Iranian strategist and believer in friendly neighboring countries, and his rescue of people of other faiths – Yazidis, Christians, Shi’ites, Sunnis, etc. – not only enhances his popularity in Iran and among the peoples of the world, but also enhances the Islamic Republic’s popularity and influence in the region.”…

Qassem Soleimani’s 2007 Speech

Martyrdom Is A Great Blessing For Which I Pray

In light of the prestige earned by the martyrs, I pray to God for my own end to be martyrdom as well, and that He will not deny me this mighty blessing granted to outstanding individuals. On the frontlines [of the Iran-Iraq War], on the eves of operations and under the most difficult conditions… I felt the divine backing and guiding me, and I entered the war’s most difficult arenas with reliance on God. <<<

The article also notes that Soleimani is “close to Khamenei and is considered his protege,” so Iran’s Supreme Leader has been grooming Soleimani to be the Imam Mahdi in the same way the now-deceased Lubavitcher Rebbe and his personal envoy to Russia, Berel Lazar, have been grooming Putin to be the Moshiach ben David. It’s important to understand that all these religious leaders are working together in this prophecy fulfillment effort, and Khamenei is just another tool of the globalists. He has been assigned to play the role of controlled opposition to the West in the same way Putin has. Virtually all the world’s governments are rotten at the top, and Iran is no exception.

IT IS BECAUSE KHAMENEI IS GROOMING THE MAHDI that he has been spreading Mahdi propaganda and proclaiming his imminent revelation with such certainty…


In these remarks, Khamenei talks about the darkness of the current era (which he and his globalist buddies are deliberately creating) and about life in the “Era of the Mahdi” (the New World Order)…

“Immense oppression that prevails throughout the world, the unjust domination, the hounding of nations around the globe; excessive bloodshed, the disregard of the most noble and the most beloved of human values, this is the treachery that the global supercilious front presents to mankind day after day. Immense immorality, exploitation and oppression naturally strikes at one – who does not have a spring of hope to cling onto – with hopelessness…

However, the nation that is optimistic about the future knows that these times will come to an end. An era will emerge when the mighty power of justice will eradicate all summits of corruption and oppression. A new era that will enlighten humankind’s outlook with the light of justice; this is what the awaiting era of Imam Mahdi our Savior signifies

You should work hard to prepare the ground for a new era; the era wherein there is no form of injustice and oppression. Prepare for an era wherein the deliberation and wisdom of mankind become more active, more creative and more innovative than any other time. Prepare for the era wherein nations do not launch wars on each other, because the warmongers of the world- those who staged regional and global wars in the past and present-will no longer have the ability to stage wars. Absolute peace and security will prevail around the globe.”

The globalists are doing everything possible to plunge us into “Darkness” so we’ll yearn for the “Light.” And as soon as the war is over, they’ll provide us with the “Dawn of a New Day” – a New World Order that will be a short-lived fool’s paradise.

Getting back to Israel’s targeting of Soleimani, have a look at this piece of propaganda from Israel National News

So even the Israeli press are building up his legend of invincibility and talking of his uniting of the Muslims, both of which are very Mahdi-like qualities. But this raises a very obvious question…

If Soleimani has been so effective in defeating the Israeli-Saudi-Western agenda in the Middle East and in encircling Israel, why was he not killed years ago during his many journeys to the front lines with photographers in tow?

The answer is rather obvious: all the combatants in this conflict are working from the same “Armageddon” script, and that script requires that Israel be surrounded and assaulted by its enemies. So all combatants (including the US and Israel) aided Soleimani in achieving his “victories,” and all sides protected him until the final battle. In other words, he was kept alive so he could be built up and sacrificed at the right time.

All this being said, if we consider that…

Netanyahu has threatened to strike the Iranian “empire” directly,
Soleimani is the man most responsible for building that empire and is its public “face,” and
Soleimani is the man tasked by that empire to prepare for war against Israel,

Israel’s strike target is very clear, isn’t it?


~ MORE ~

The Scripting Implications of Soleimani’s Assassination

The excerpted writings from 2018 reflect the globalist scripting that was active at that time, and that scripting may still be valid. But as I’ve done my New Year’s review of globalist operations, I’ve identified more than 5 different scripts that may be in play this year. While I’ve not yet had time to write on all of them, I can tell you that some of them cast Trump as an NWO hero / Avatar, and others cast him (and/or his son-in-law Jared Kushner) as antichrist(s). The scripts also cast either Qasem Soleimani or Recep Tayyip Erdogan as the “Imam Mahdi,” who is an NWO hero / Avatar character in the play. Given these factoids, one of three conclusions can be drawn from Trump’s supposed assassination of Qasem Soleimani…

  1. Trump specifically ordered the murder of Soleimani because Trump is going to be presented as an antichrist (and an antichrist would want to kill the Mahdi),
  2. Trump specifically ordered the murder of Soleimani because Soleimani is not going to be presented as the Mahdi (and an NWO hero /Avatar would want to kill Soleimani because he was an adversary of Mahdi Erdogan), or
  3. Trump didn’t specifically order the killing of Soleimani because Avatar Trump would never want to kill Avatar Soleimani (and it was instead the “Deep State” that did the deed).

Concerning the third option, the assassination could be narrated as a “Deep State” plot to remove Trump from office under impeachment or the 25th Amendment due to his “rash and impulsive decision to order the death of Soleimani, thus putting the nation at great risk of unnecessary war.” In fact, preparatory propaganda for this has already appeared…

…from Newsweek

The narrative would be that “Deep State” elements struck Soleimani under a standing order Trump issued to allow the military to rapidly respond to emerging threats. So under the pretext that Soleimani’s arrival in Baghdad posed an immediate and urgent threat to US troops, they killed him without a specific authorization from Trump. And now they’ll unleash a PR campaign to justify the removal of the “dangerously erratic Orange Man.”

As for the first and second options, you can read more about them in the blue-titled entries below the line.

~ MORE ~

The Mainstream Media Account of Trump’s Strike Authorization

This afternoon, Politico released a story which details how the decision to strike Soleimani was supposedly made

…Here is an excerpt…

As rocket attacks against U.S. bases in Iraq intensified over the last two months, the president had granted the Pentagon extraordinary latitude: The U.S. military had his permission to kill Soleimani the next time it had an opportunity to do so, according to a senior defense official who was not authorized to speak on the record.

“We had authority before the strike to take that action,” said the official, who wouldn’t say how recently Trump gave the Pentagon that authorization—whether it was hours, weeks or even months earlier. As recently as New Year’s Eve, the president was telling reporters that he didn’t want war with Iran

“He arrived at the airport and we had a target of opportunity, and based on the president’s direction, we took it,” the senior defense official said.

So as I suspected, the story is that the military struck under a preexisting authorization given by the President, and the “senior defense official” implied that Trump specifically okayed the killing of Soleimani, but did he? Did Trump specifically say, “Yes, you can kill Qasem Soleimani,” or did he merely grant a general authorization to strike Iranian agents operating against US forces in Iraq — an authorization that was then exploited to do something disastrous and blame it on Trump?

I’m waiting to see what Trump says about it. Only then can we draw the right conclusion on what the strike means.

~ MORE – 4 January 2020 ~

Keep an eye out for “terror attacks” (conducted by the same people who arrange the mass shootings) here in the US, because they’ll be used to cement the case against him: “Because Trump reacted to Khamenei’s taunts like an immature schoolchild, Americans are now dead and we’re at the brink of World War 3. We simply can’t afford to allow him another year as President.”

Also, I’ve detected language in press reports that point to Soleimani’s replacement, Esmail Ghaani, being a new candidate for the Mahdi role. The reports talk about him “emerging from the shadow(s),” which is intended as a tie-in to “Hidden Imam” lore. I’ll go into detail on this tomorrow.

The globalist scriptwriters may be intending to use Trump’s killing of Soleimani as “the event that leads to the Mahdi (Ghaani) and the Antichrist (Kushner) coming out of the shadows for their final showdown.” Under such scripting, Soleimani’s death led to Ghaani emerging from his shadow, and Trump’s political fall will lead to Kushner emerging from his shadow. The story may be that Kushner convinced Trump to strike Soleimani in order to trigger his fall. But before Trump is removed, Kushner has to push out Pence and take his place. Keep an eye out for that.

~ MORE – 5 January 2020 ~

Now that a couple of days have passed, the exact narrative of “Jared Kushner and the Deep State set up Trump (and Pence) for a fall” is taking shape.


The press are narrating that Trump specifically okayed the killing of Soleimani, and that his decision “shocked” the Pentagon. Here is an account of the decision-making process from a New York Times article featured in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel

In the chaotic days leading to the death of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s most powerful commander, top American military officials put the option of killing him — which they viewed as the most extreme response to recent Iranian-led violence in Iraq — on the menu they presented to President Donald Trump.

They didn’t think he would take it. In the wars waged since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, Pentagon officials have often offered improbable options to presidents to make other possibilities appear more palatable.

After initially rejecting the Soleimani option on Dec. 28 and authorizing airstrikes on an Iranian-backed Shiite militia group instead, a few days later Trump watched, fuming, as television reports showed Iranian-backed attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, according to Defense Department and administration officials.

By late Thursday, the president had gone for the extreme option. Top Pentagon officials were stunned

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence were two of the most hawkish voices arguing for a response to Iranian aggression, according to administration officials. Pence’s office helped run herd on meetings and conference calls held by officials in the run-up to the strike.

So the report puts the time of Trump’s fateful decision at late Thursday. It also suggests that Trump was emotional before making the decision. And quite importantly, it hints that Pence pushed for the hit on Soleimani.

Pence’s involvement with the decision raises two scripting possibilities…

Possibility 1 – The globalists have set up Pence as the obvious scapegoat if the decision turns out to be disastrous (and if the globalists proceed with their plan, it will). Pence’s “catastrophically bad advice” and Trump’s suspicion that Pence “set him up so he could take the presidency” will result in Trump pushing Pence out and replacing him with a new Vice President. And in the midst of impeachment and “Soleimanigate,” he will turn to “the only person he can trust, Jared Kushner” as the new VP. This will place “the Antichrist Kushner” just one step away from the presidency while Trump has an $80,000,000 bounty on his head.

Possibility 2 – The globalists intend to place Pence into the presidency under the old “Grey Champion” script I wrote about in 2017

…from The Atlantic

It will later be narrated that tricking Trump into the Soleimani strike was “Antichrist Pence’s way of removing Trump and taking over the Presidency.”


The press prominently featured Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei’s taunting of Trump before and after the assassination of Soleimani.

On Thursday morning, presumably before making the “late Thursday” decision to hit Soleimani, these were the Drudge headlines to which Trump awakened…

…from the Internet Archive / Drudge Report

And after the Soleimani hit, this is what Breitbart had to say about the taunts

The globalist propaganda corps worked the taunts into the narrative in order to establish a plausible reason for Trump’s quick removal from the presidency…

“Trump’s rash and erratic nature has finally resulted in a catastrophic foreign policy decision that could lead the entire world into war. He responded to the Iranian leaders’ taunts like an impetuous kindergartener, thereby placing America at great risk of an unnecessary war. His continued presence in the Office of the President poses a clear and present danger to the people of the United States and the World.”

Under this rationale, the propaganda corps have established grounds for a 25th Amendment or impeachment removal. And if Trump perceives any 25th Amendment threat, the first person he’ll want to get rid of is the man who pushed the Soleimani option and stands to inherit his presidency, Mike Pence. Kushner will see to that.


Trump appeared “pained” when he made the first public announcement of the strike, even seeming broken-up and mournful when he made his first reference to Soleimani…

…from YouTube

Under normal circumstances when Trump is proud of an accomplishment, we’d expect him to channel President Camacho in claiming credit:

“Hell yeah, dat Iranian muthafugga got REHABILITATED!”…

But in his statement, Trump used his reality TV acting “skills” to come across like a man whose cat has just been run over. Why?

Was he an “antichrist” trying to act human — like he understood the gravity of the situation and regretted the necessity of taking human life?

Was he dejected because he realized that he’d been suckered into making the wrong move and he knows his end is nigh?

Was he sad because he’s an NWO hero / Avatar who gave the “Deep State” too much leash, resulting in the death of a brother Avatar? Did he really OK Soleimani as a target, or did he grudgingly take credit for a rogue operation conducted under a standing order in order to avoid appearing weak and not in control?

This video will be grist for narrative propaganda to come.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll continue by covering the “Hidden Imam” angle to all this.

Now that the red flag of the “Final Jihad” has been raised, has the “Hidden Imam” emerged from the shadows?…

…from this morning’s Drudge Report

Or has the real Imam Mahdi slipped from Satan grasp and gone into occultation until the final, decisive battle?…

(This kinda reminds me of the end of Flash Gordon.)

~ MORE – 6 January 2020 ~

When I first encountered press reports on Soleimani’s replacement, Esmail Ghaani, I was struck by the specific language that was used…

…from AP. Here is an excerpt…

A new Iranian general has stepped out of the shadows to lead the country’s expeditionary Quds Force, becoming responsible for Tehran’s proxies across the Mideast as the Islamic Republic threatens the U.S. with “harsh revenge” for killing its previous head, Qassem Suleimani…

While much still remains unknown about Ghaani, 62, Western sanctions suggest he’s long been in a position of power in the organization. And likely one of his first duties will be to oversee whatever revenge Iran intends to seek for the U.S. airstrike early Friday that killed his longtime friend Suleimani…

Suleimani long has been the face of the Quds Force. His fame surged after American officials began blaming him for deadly roadside bombs targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. Images of him, long a feature of hard-line Instagram accounts and mobile phone lockscreens, now plaster billboards calling for Iran to avenge his death.

But while Suleimani’s exploits in Iraq and Syria launched a thousand analyses, Ghaani has remained much more in the shadows of the organization. He has only occasionally come up in the Western or even Iranian media. But his personal story broadly mirrors that of Suleimani.

Since this is an AP story that was picked up by a large number of news sites, the language of Ghaani “stepping out of the shadows” appeared everywhere. I even found the language in an article written by a different author…

The new face of Iran’s deadly Quds Force is a military veteran with close ties to his assassinated predecessor Qassem Soleimani.

Esmail Ghaani, 62, emerged from the shadows of Iran’s paramilitary forces to take over from Soleimani, his longtime friend and fellow veteran of the eight-year Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. One of his likely first duties: Coordinating Iran’s plan of revenge against the United States for the Friday morning airstrike targeting Soleimani. – from the NY Daily News

The idea of “stepping out of the shadow(s)” is quite notable due to its tie-in to the Mahdi-related concept of “occultation”…

Twelver Shias believe that the Imam did not suffer death, but that, for various reasons, has been concealed by Allah from mankind. This event is known as “The Occultation”

The Quran states, that there are two kinds of saints of God among people: apparent and hidden. The hidden saints live among the people and are aware of them, but the people do not know them. Sura Kahf 18:65–66 implies that even though people do not know the hidden saints, they benefit from them like the sun hidden behind the clouds.

Shias generally believe that in every age, there is an Imam, either apparent or hidden. But in times that there are dangers threatening the life of the Imam, he is concealed by God’s order, hence the Occultation of the twelfth Imam.

Sharif al-Murtaza, a classical Shia scholar has argued that the reason for the Imam’s Occultation was to protect his life after establishing the just state had been rendered impossible by his enemies. – from Wikipedia

The definition of “occult” is to “cut off from view by interposing something,” so was Soleimani an “apparent saint” who occulted the world’s view of the “hidden saint” Ghaani? If you’re wondering why the Imam Mahdi would be occulted in our current age, just look at the sections I highlighted in red and then look at this…

…from RFE/RL. Here is an excerpt…

Iran’s former hard-line President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has reportedly said that the United States is working to arrest the Hidden Imam, who according to Shi’ite belief went into hiding in the 10th century and will reappear to bring justice to Earth…

Ahmadinejad is quoted as saying that the West has been building a case against the Hidden Imam to prevent his reappearance… “They’ve done so much research about the Hidden Imam in the human science universities of the United States that I am not exaggerating by saying that it is a thousand times more than all the work done in the seminaries of Qom, Najaf, and Mashhad,” he reportedly said, referring to three Shi’ite holy cities.

Ahmadinejad, who is known for his controversial statements and his devotion to the Hidden Imam, added that U.S. universities have debriefed numerous individuals who have been in touch with the disappeared spiritual leader.

“To quote a friend, they’ve completed a case against the Hidden Imam, and closed it also for his arrest,” he was quoted as saying. “The only [evidence] they lack is his picture.”

Ahmadinejad suggested that the West — and particularly the United States — sees the return of the Hidden Imam as a threat to its “empire,” adding that the U.S. administration is “evil.”

“It is really a government established by Satan to prevent reaching God and the Hidden Imam,” Ahmadinejad was quoted as saying. ” … This evil government knows that its end will come if the Hidden Imam reappears.”

~ MORE – 7 January 2020 ~

Is Putin in Damascus Today to Meet with Soleimani?

Guess who just made a surprise visit to Damascus…

…from the Independent

Given the Soleimani assassination’s intimate connection to the Imam Mahdi narrative, there are three ways the globalist scriptwriters will eventually frame what happened…

  1. “Soleimani was actually killed, and the Hidden Imam (Ghaani) emerged from Occultation when the Red Flag of the Final Jihad was lifted over Jamkaran Mosque.”
  2. “Soleimani was actually killed, and was then supernaturally resurrected by God for his return as the Imam Mahdi.”
  3. “Soleimani wasn’t actually killed, because he was warned of what awaited him in Baghdad. So he deplaned in Damascus and went into Occultation while a body double wearing a similar ring was sent on to Baghdad.”

Well surprise, surprise! After learning of Putin’s trip, I poked around a bit and found propaganda support for the third narrative…

…from the Middle East Eye. Here is an excerpt…

Arrival in Baghdad

Soleimani took no longer in Beirut than he needed to, and returned to Damascus that evening using the same procedures.

At Damascus airport, Soleimani boarded a Cham Wings flight to Baghdad alongside other passengers. The scheduled flight departure time was set at 20:20, but for unknown reasons it was delayed to 22:28, the public data of the company shows.

At around the same time, Muhandis received news that suggested his friend would shortly be touching down in Iraq. The Hashd al-Shaabi’s top leader was given a very short note, detailing only the airline and arrival time.

So was the flight delay due to Soleimani receiving a warning, then deplaning and recruiting a willing martyr to take his place? If Soleimani is still alive due to a last-minute tipoff, who warned him? Was it Trump playing the role of the fellow NWO hero / Avatar? Or was it Kushner playing the role of the Antichrist conspiring with America’s enemies before the big attack on the US? If it’s the former, we can expect restraint in the days ahead; if it’s the latter, we’ll see Iranian counterstrikes shortly.

~ MORE – 11 January 2020 ~

If we look back at what transpired on the 7th and 8th, we see that the Iranians conducted a very restrained, one-off retaliatory strike right after Putin’s meeting in Syria (just after midnight of the day of his visit). And Assad’s meeting with Putin on the 7th took place at a Russian military base in Damascus, which is exactly where Soleimani would be hiding if he is alive — a Russian base being a safe haven from US and Israeli assassination attacks. So the “Soleimani Lives” scripting option remains very much open.

In my January 6 update, I showed you how the globalists have used the language of their propaganda reports to establish the “Hidden Imam” credentials of Soleimani’s replacement, Esmail Ghaani. Well they’ve done the same with Soleimani using his former military post and a related title they’ve given him: the “Shadow Commander” / “Shadow Warrior”…

…from (top to bottom) The New Yorker, the BBC, the Washington Examiner, IFMAT, and Sky News

And here’s a snippet from Soleimani’s obituary in The New York Times

On Friday, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, the powerful and shadowy 62-year-old spymaster at the head of Iran’s security machinery, was killed by an American drone strike near the Baghdad airport.

By assigning him to the shadowy world of spies and covert military action, they’ve made him an occulted figure even though he’s publicly known, thus passably establishing his credentials as the “Hidden Imam.”

(11 January 2020) – News has come out that Pelosi will finally send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate next week, so the impeachment trial may begin soon. After it starts, keep watch for two things…

  1. “Deep State” false-flag terror attacks in the US blamed on Iran, and/or
  2. the outbreak of a Florida-related, Epstein-related, and/or Ivanka-related Trump sex scandal.

Such developments could be use to narrate a shift in the Senate in favor of Trump’s conviction and removal.

In response to a reader’s comment, I’ve also added another section titled A Note on “the Antichrist” to the bottom of this entry.

To view Soleimani’s assassination within the broader context of the globalist effort to fulfill religious prophecies, read Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception. The 2018 writings excerpted in this entry originally appeared in Globalist Agenda Watch 2018.

A Note on “the Antichrist”

(11 January 2020) – A reader left a comment a few days ago that I attempted to answer, but the email address he provided wasn’t valid. So I’ll go ahead and post my response here in case other readers have the same perception…

Q: So Obama wasn’t the anti-christ and now Kushner is? That’s not much of a track record, or am I missing something?

A: What you’re missing is this: The “antichrist” isn’t a person; it’s a role. And the longer Obama is out of the presidency, the less useful he becomes in that role, so they might script-in a new guy. We won’t know for sure who will be the antichrist of the current period until the globalists make their final scripting and casting decisions and raise the curtain on their play, which might happen as soon as March.

Amongst the various scripts that are being prepared and evaluated for use prior to the play’s debut, there is at least one version in which Obama will retain the role of “antichrist” (of the current period). The narrative of that version would be that “after he left office, Obama maintained his influence over the government through holdovers from his administration that were not purged by Trump.” In order to lay a foundation for this script’s use, they’re putting out narrative support propaganda like this…

…from the World Tribune

As for Trump and Kushner, they are destined to be revealed as antichrists — it’s just a matter of WHEN. In the more likely versions of the script, they will be revealed in the Second Act; in others, they’ll be revealed in the First Act, and as soon as March.

Globalist Prophecy Timetables and March of 2020

(12 January 2019) – Instead of hitting you with a half-dozen or more prophecy fulfillment timetables all at once, I’ve decided to focus exclusively on March for now. So here goes…

If the globalists pull the trigger and make this March a significant month, there are only three things it could mean:

  1. it is the beginning of a Tribulation period (the start of a 7-year clock),
  2. it is the beginning of a Great Tribulation period (the start of the 2nd half of a 7-year clock), or
  3. it is the end of a Tribulation/Great Tribulation (the end of a 7-year clock).

That being so, here’s what to look for to know which of the three you’re in…

IF MARCH IS THE BEGINNING OF A TRIBULATION PERIOD, you’ll see the global emergence of a savior figure or a group of savior figures who have a leader (a “first among equals”), and that savior/leader will bring in a New World Order. If that World Order is still run by central bankers or looks ominous and “unipolar,” you’ll know it’s the beginning of the First Tribulation. If it looks like something totally new, hopeful, and “multipolar,” you’ll know it’s the beginning of the Second Tribulation.

IF MARCH IS THE BEGINNING OF A GREAT TRIBULATION PERIOD, an existing world leader will start to look dangerous, and there will be a notable increase in geopolitical turbulence from that point forward.

IF MARCH IS THE END OF A TRIBULATION/GREAT TRIBULATION, there will be a big world crisis that brings down the existing world leadership / world order to make way for new leadership and a new order. The new leaders/order will appear to be the answer to all the problems that arose during the 7-year period.

Of course, the globalists have already run this program with Obama, except they didn’t follow through with the last step. (Or did they?) So over the next 24 hours (or so), I’ll show you what they did with Obama to adhere to this template. After that, I’ll show you the past events they’ll use in establishing the significance of this March.

~ MORE – 13 January 2020 ~

To see the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment template at work, one need only look at how they positioned Obama to play the Western Antichrist from September of 2009 to September of 2016. What they did with him literally defined the template.

If you recall, Obama was elected amidst the 2008 global financial crisis, less than two months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers…

…from The Wall Street Journal

Being an incoming savior figure, he was presented as the candidate who offered “hope” and “change we could believe in”

But his election and inauguration as President of the United States was not the beginning of his tenure as “the Antichrist.” That came several months later…


Obama’s global reign as the decoy Antichrist symbolically began on September 24, 2009, when he became the first US President to sit as President of the UN Security Council (thus becoming the most powerful man in the most powerful body of the global government). Note how the UN presented the event as “historic”…

…from YouTube

And on the very next day, 25 September 2009, the newly-minted Antichrist was in Pittsburgh to officially launch his New World Order…

…from The Guardian. It was at this Summit that the G20 officially replaced the G7 as the leading economic body of the world…

…from CNN

Of course, the groundwork for Obama’s NWO had already been laid at an earlier 2009 G20 Summit in Rothschildland (a.k.a. “England”). Note the terms Gordon Brown used to describe the result of the meeting…

…from The Telegraph

And just a few months after “accomplishing” all this, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize…


This helped cement him as the Antichrist by fulfilling the widespread Christian prophecy expectation that “the Antichrist will arrive appearing to be a man of peace, but he’ll bring war.”

So after a global economic crisis created space for a new savior figure to arrive on the global stage, establish a new world order, and pose as “a great man of peace,” 3.5 years passed until…

~ MORE – 14 January 2020 ~


If you count forward one 42-month (3.5-year) prophecy cycle from Obama’s debut as the Antichrist in September of 2009, you get this: September 2009 + 3 years = September 2012 + 6 months = March 2013. And it is at this midpoint in the 7-year Tribulation that the Antichrist is supposed to be revealed and increasing turmoil in the world is supposed to begin. So the globalists were right on schedule when they had Obama travel to Israel on March 20, 2013 and stand in Christ’s supposed birthplace on the 22nd

Since the Third Temple wasn’t yet available for desecration, Obama standing here passably fulfilled the “abomination of desolation standing in the holy place” prophecy. The act also signaled that the Great Tribulation had begun and trumpeted his Antichrist status to observant prophecy watchers. To be sure the everyone got the message, though, the globalists had their alt-media disinformation minions drive the point home…

> On March 9, 2013, just 13 days before Obama fulfilled the abomination prophecy, Christian prophecy propagandist Carl Gallups released this article and the original version of his famous video…

> On March 23, 2013, the day after Obama fulfilled the prophecy, disinformation mega-minion Alex Jones released his own “Obama is an Antichrist” video…

> On March 17, 2013, just three days before Obama flew to Israel and walked around the “Holy Land,” The History Channel showed the Devil (who looks just like Obama) walking around the “Holy Land” in their miniseries The Bible

And just two days after The History Channel showed us the face of the Devil, the Khan al-Assal chemical attack occurred in Syria…

…from Reuters

This was the first of a number of supposed chemical attacks that America and the West used to increasingly and more directly intervene in the Syrian “civil war” / regime change operation.

Besides Obama being “revealed as the Antichrist” and the subsequent ramp-up of the war in Syria, two other significant, Antichristy things happened in March of 2013: 1) the “False Prophet,” Pope Francis, took his throne, and 2) the man who has had Christian crosses removed, burned, and replaced with his picture, Xi Jinping, assumed the presidency of China…

…from ABC News (top) and the BBC (bottom)

So “the forces of Antichrist burst upon the world scene” in March of 2013, thus beginning the Great Tribulation phase of the 2009-2016 Tribulation period. And this started the 3.5 year clock to…

~ MORE – 15 January 2020 ~


If you count forward one 42-month (3.5-year) prophecy cycle from the month Obama was publicly revealed as the Antichrist, you get this: March 2013 + 3 years = March 2016 + 6 months = September 2016. And it is at this endpoint of the 7-year Tribulation that the decoy Antichrist was supposed to be defeated by the “real” Antichrist, Putin, so Putin could pose as the “real” messiah. But it didn’t happen. Why?

After March of 2013, the escalation in Syria went to plan, with the US beginning airstrikes there in 2014 under the pretense of attacking ISIS. And with the increasing support they were receiving, the Syrian “rebels” inexorably closed-in on Assad. But in August of 2015, a month before the “Prince of the Power of the Air” (Putin) intervened in Syria with his air force, I stumbled, flabbergasted, across their timetable. It was at that time that I posted Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016, in which I wrote this…

By helping to raise awareness of this scenario through this entry, I’m hoping that the Occulted Powers will be forced to back off until they can set up another 7 year period, and that would impose a major delay on the full NWO rollout.

Wouldn’t that be sweet…

That they might bail on a timetable into which they invested so much seemed like a faint hope at the time, but to my shock, my “Newman!” strategy seemed to work.

Their plan was to stage a massive “ISIS” terror attack at the Rio Olympics in 2016, which would have included their destruction of Rio’s most famous landmark…

This attack would have gotten the entire world to focus their military attention on ISIS and Syria, which would have led to two unfriendly armies, those of the US-led “Global North” and the Russia-led “Global South,” coming into contact in Dabiq, Syria to where ISIS was to retreat. In the region-wide conflagration that was to follow, the globalists would have had their “End Times” War between “the Kings of the North and the Kings of the South.” But the terror attack was aborted, and when the unreinforced armies approached each other in September, there was no energy to drive a conflict…

…from The Guardian

So what really happened to the end of the 2009-2016 Tribulation period?…

Did some things not come together like the globalists expected, leading to a third-trimester prophecy abortion? – Possibly.

Did my efforts to expose the timetable and Rio attack bear fruit? – Hell if I know, but in the one in a million chance they did, I’ve continued my exposure efforts to this day.

Did they actually complete the timetable, just not in the way I was expecting? – Doubtful. If they had considered it complete, they wouldn’t have attempted to carry out the “Blood Moons” timetable last year (see the 20 December 2018 update in this entry for details on that).

~ MORE – 15 January 2020 ~

What an interesting day! On the same day President Trump signs a China trade deal that Kushner helped arrange, I find myself looking at Kushner’s China connections and a scenario for March that would include both him and Xi. I’ll cover it after I finish laying the groundwork with the Timetables article. And in Russia, a shocking and sudden new political development has Putin preparing to stay in power after his current presidential term expires in 2024. Could it be that the globalists are anticipating another delay of Putin’s ascension to world leader?

~ MORE – 16 January 2020 ~

Of course, my coverage of Obama’s time as the decoy Antichrist wouldn’t be complete without covering the other 7-year period associated with his tenure: the Seven-Year Peace Covenant with Israel timeline. Among Christians, a prophetic expectation has been developed that the Antichrist will reach a seven-year peace agreement with Israel (and “the many”), which he’ll start breaking in the middle. Here’s how this expectation was fulfilled in Obama’s case:

THE BEGINNING OF THE SEVEN YEARS: On July 23, 2008, Obama made a covenant with Israel and the many (“leaders on both sides of the Middle East conflict”) “to protect Israel and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons”
…from The New York Times

THE MIDDLE OF THE SEVEN YEARS: To see if Obama started breaking the covenant 3.5 years later, let’s count forward six months from July 2008: 1) August 2008, 2) September 2008, 3) October 2008, 4) November 2008, 5) December 2008, 6) January 2009. And if we add 3 years to January 2009, we arrive at January 2012. So did anything related to the covenant happen in January 2012? Have a look at this article from the time

So in January 2012, Obama backed away from Israel and moved towards Iran. But what about the end of the covenant? Wouldn’t you know it, it happened right on schedule:

THE END OF THE SEVEN YEARS: On July 14, 2015, Obama made a deal with Iran over their nuclear program which the Israelis viewed as a violation of the covenant

…from The New York Times

So Obama made a deal with Israel in July of 2008, started moving in the other direction 3.5 years later in January of 2012, and struck a deal with Iran 3.5 years after that in July of 2015. In orchestrating these moves, the globalists passably fulfilled the 7-Year Peace Covenant expectation with Obama, and they did it in a way that offset the two 7-year periods: the peace covenant period was started over a year earlier than the main Antichrist period, thus camouflaging the (decoy) Antichrist’s approach. The next time they attempt to engineer fulfillment of these prophecy expectations, we might see the two timelines merged together.

Now that we’ve seen the prophecy fulfillment attempt that literally defined the globalist template, let’s review what happened 3.5 and 7 years ago (from the perspective of March 2020):

March 2020 – 7 years = March 2013: On that month…

  • Obama revealed himself as a/the antichrist by standing in Christ’s birthplace,
  • the first Jesuit head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis, took his throne and assumed the role of the “False Prophet”, and
  • another antichrist, Xi Jinping, rose to the presidency of China and later began a crackdown on religious groups, including Christians and Kaifeng Jews.

So this was the month “the forces of antichrist burst upon the world scene and took their thrones.” It should also be noted that Obama, Pope Francis, and Xi Jinping are considered leftists / socialists / communists.

March 2020 – 3 years = March 2017 – 6 months = September 2016: On that month…

So the globalists can say that “September of 2016 was the month the false messiah Trump ascended the world political stage offering to save America and the world from Hillary Clinton and the war-mongering Deep State.” They can also say that “on the month of Trump’s ascension, the ‘real messiah’ Putin was almost assassinated and Israel’s last reasonable statesman was killed.” Have a look at what the prophecy propagandists said about Peres’s death…

…from Breaking Israel News. Here is an excerpt…

In a rare gathering, a multitude of world leaders will be arriving in Jerusalem on Friday for the funeral of Israeli statesman, Shimon Peres. The number and prominence of world leaders in attendance is staggering, but even more startling is how this conforms precisely to Biblical prophecies

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, told Breaking Israel News that not only is the gathering significant, but the timing, he said, is, “the opening to Gog and Magog, and the final stages before Messiah”.

So March of 2013 and September of 2016 are prophecy building blocks that can be combined with March of 2020 to construct a prophecy-fulfilling Tribulation period. But will all three blocks be used? Will future blocks like September of 2023 and March of 2027 be snapped into the structure? Or will they cast aside these blocks and use blocks from a different time sequence to build their Tribulations? These are questions I’ll systematically address in the next section as we continue to explore the globalists’ Prophecy Fulfillment Legoland.

“Heya, kids! Let’s talk about the Kabbalah!”…

~ MORE – 17 January 2020 ~

Let’s take a moment to review what I said at the beginning of this entry…

If the globalists pull the trigger and make this March a significant month, there are only three things it could mean:

  1. it is the beginning of a Tribulation period (the start of a 7-year clock),
  2. it is the beginning of a Great Tribulation period (the start of the 2nd half of a 7-year clock), or
  3. it is the end of a Tribulation/Great Tribulation (the end of a 7-year clock).

Let’s also take a moment to remember that the globalist plan calls for two Tribulation periods: the First Tribulation, which will feature the rise and seven-year global rule of a decoy Antichrist, and the Second Tribulation, which will feature the rise and seven-year global rule of the “real” Antichrist. The end state that is to be achieved after these two Tribulations is the triumph and post-democratic global rule of a globalist-chosen figurehead they’ll call “Jesus Christ.”

So if March is to serve as the beginning of a Tribulation period, it could be the beginning of either the First Tribulation or the Second; if it is to serve as the beginning of a Great Tribulation period, it could be the beginning of the First or Second; and if it is to serve as the end of a Tribulation / Great Tribulation period, it could be the end of the First or Second. This means there are six configurations that are possible for March. That being said, the globalists’ affinity for scheduling big events in conjunction with Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) — which typically starts in September — means that September is the more likely month for the beginning and end of a seven-year Tribulation period, and March is the more likely month for the start of a Great Tribulation.

Now let’s start fitting the Legos together in each of the six potential configurations, starting with…


IF MARCH IS THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST TRIBULATION, none of the previous prophecy prophecy blocks matter; they’ll serve merely as backstory that feeds into the Tribulation’s narrative. And the globalist minions most likely to play the decoy Antichrist include Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, and Xi Jinping, with Kushner being the main candidate.

Kushner’s potential rise to the throne has already begun with the start of Trump’s impeachment trial yesterday. Off the top of my head, I can think of three scenarios that would put him in the presidency by the end of March…

1) Trump is removed from office and Pence takes over as President. Under pressure from Israel and their Washington lobby, he’ll appoint Kushner as his Vice President. Pence will then be assassinated at the beginning of the “lightning war” that is planned, leaving Kushner as President and Commander-in-Chief of the war-ending US Secret Space Program / Space Force. He’ll then build a “unilateral” New World Order using the carrot of sequestered Secret Space Program technology and the stick of Space Force battlecraft.

2) Trump perceives his imminent removal from office and makes a deal with Pence in which he’ll resign the presidency in exchange for Pence granting him a pardon and taking on Kushner as VP. The assassination of Pence and the rest will then go forward in the same manner as the first scenario.

3) Pence resigns, is removed due to new criminal evidence uncovered during the impeachment trial, or dies and Trump appoints Kushner as VP. Trump will then be removed or assassinated and the rest will go forward in the same manner as the first scenario.

~ MORE – 18 January 2020 ~

IF MARCH IS THE BEGINNING OF THE SECOND TRIBULATION, we’ll see Vladimir Putin take the stage as the world’s savior/leader, and he’ll launch the “multilateral / multipolar” New World Order. As for how this would impact America, the globalists have prepared two scripting options…

  1. The Good America Option, in which the US President (Trump) will “defeat the evil Deep State” and join Putin & Friends as a partner, and
  2. The Bad America Option, in which the sitting US President (Trump, Pence or Kushner) will be cast as Putin’s evil enemy who is defeated.

I’ve been observing preparatory propaganda that supports both options…

To support the Good America Option, we’ve been seeing reports that suggest Trump and Putin are putting the finishing touches on the defeat of their “Satanist Deep State” enemies, with Trump purging Obama’s holdovers and Putin purging the “Atlantic Integrationists”…

…from the World Tribune and Zero Hedge

Under this option, February or March could bring a short war which would be characterized as the “Deep State Global Network’s final desperate attempt to save their agenda.” This war would be checkmated by the US Space Force and followed by mass arrests of “Deep State” personnel worldwide. The multilateral NWO would then be launched with Trump providing the military force to stop all wars, Xi providing the gold to relaunch the global financial system, and Putin providing political leadership to a world wary of both American and Chinese control. Kushner would most likely be arrested as part of the American “Deep State” purge.

To support the Bad America Option, we’ve been seeing reports that Trump/Kushner have been mercilessly bullying both friend and foe nations alike with monetary demands, tariffs, economic sanctions, treaty withdrawals, and military actions & movements…

…from The American Conservative. Here are some more articles on Trump’s bullying…

So by March, we’d see a fed-up world finally band together and strike back with a massive, multidimensional attack upon America that would result in its fall. The “multilateral / multipolar” NWO would then rise from the ashes of the “American Empire.”

In the Good America and Bad America options, you can see why my first update of the year talked of 2020 being the year of “Schrodinger’s minions.” It’s because we won’t know who is cast to be a “good guy” or “bad guy” until we observe the result of the globalists’ choices. Will Trump finally be observed as a savior figure who was working undercover until he could make his final move to defeat the “bad guys,” or will he be observed as a false messiah who pretended to be a “good guy” in order to help (decoy) Antichrist Kushner rise to world leadership? Either way, Trump’s “bullying” is helping to force the nations away from a “unipolar” / “America-centric world order” into the “multipolar” / “reformed UN-centric world order” the globalists wish to implement.

Getting back to the matter at hand, if March of 2020 is to be proclaimed as the beginning of the Second Tribulation, the narrative would have to reflect that the First Tribulation has ended. I’ll cover that aspect of it when I get to the fifth of these updates.

~ MORE – 19 January 2020 ~

Speaking of the “Antichristy” things I talk about in the Timetable article (below this alert entry), I suddenly find myself noticing that Pope Francis gave the “vav vav vav” / “666” hand sign when he made his first appearance as Pope…

…He did it in a subtle way (by offsetting his thumb), but with the two fingers held together like they were, it’s clear that the hand sign was intentional. Try making the sign with your own hand; it just isn’t natural or comfortable.

(22 January 2020) – Over the course of the next 24 hours, I’ll be covering the scripting that will be used if the globalists present March as the beginning of a “Great Tribulation” period. In the event they script it as the beginning of the First Great Tribulation, there are four clear candidates for the scary figure who will rise to world leadership: 1) Donald Trump, 2) Jared Kushner, 3) Mike Pence, and 4) Xi Jinping. As part of this coverage, I’ll show you how they have been positioning Pence as “Mr. Space” (in preparation for the potential unveiling of the “Secret Space Program”). I’ll also show you how they have positioned Xi Jinping as the new leader of the G20 bankster NWO launched by Obama, which Xi reshaped into the new “Belt and Road G-20.”

~ MORE – 23 January 2020 ~

Here is Part 3/6 of the new updates to the Timetables article, in which I explore the possibility that…


IF MARCH IS THE BEGINNING OF THE FIRST GREAT TRIBULATION, it would mean that a savior figure emerged on the global stage 3.5 years earlier in September of 2016 and thereafter established a new world order. It would also mean that the 2016 savior will, in March, take on a more publicly visible role in world leadership, do things that will establish himself as “the Antichrist” to prophecy watchers, and begin a scary global crackdown in which he essentially T-bags the entire world for the next 3.5 years.

There are four obvious candidates to play the role of this 2016 (false) savior / 2020 antichrist…

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Jared Kushner
  3. Mike Pence, and
  4. Xi Jinping

The three American candidates came onto the scene together, with Trump emerging as the frontman for the (controlled) opposition to Hillary Clinton, Kushner emerging as Trump’s behind-the-scenes handler, and Pence emerging as Trump’s envoy to the Washington Establishment…

…from The Washington Post

So their claim to being saviors on the global scene flows from their supposed opposition to the “Satanic NWO plans of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Deep State Globalists.” And their emergence was trumpeted by the following September of 2016 events…

Once Trump / Kushner / Pence (“the Trio”) took office, they began to establish the unilateral “America First World Order” (AFWO), in which the US nakedly dictates its demands to the world’s nations under threats of tariffs, financial and economic sanctions, engineered revolutions, airstrikes and covert military operations, treaty withdrawals, and menacing positioning of US conventional and nuclear forces. Given its nature, it’s not hard to see how the AFWO could be narrated as a Satanic world order and how the Trio could be narrated as “false messiahs” who actually completed the Satanic world order they were supposedly opposing.

The Trio’s mechanism for taking the AFWO to the next level and beginning the Great Tribulation in March would be to…

  1. make America look overextended, weakened, and vulnerable,
  2. provoke their enemies (through outrageous actions like the supposed killing of Soleimani) into attacking the US,
  3. then checkmate their attackers by bringing the Secret Space Program / Space Force out of the shadows.

This strategy would, at once, nullify all opposition and establish a world-dominating military and technological supremacy that would supercharge the AFWO. 3.5 years of scary misery would ensue (much like what happened after I got married).

~ MORE – 24 January 2020 ~

As for the Chinese candidate for the 2020 Antichrist role, Xi Jinping, his emergence as a global leader also took place in September of 2016. It happened on the 4th and 5th at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China…


And just like Barack Obama, whose Antichrist tenure began on the first day of the 2009 Pittsburgh G20 Summit (24 September 2009, the same day he sat as President of the UNSC) and featured him turning the already-existing G20 into a “new financial order” / “new world order,” Xi’s possible Antichrist tenure began on the first day of the 2016 Summit and featured him turning the already-existing “G20 world order” into the new “Belt and Road G20 world order”…

…from Al Wihda. Here is an excerpt…

China’s “Belt and Road” initiative has become a major buzzword at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. Experts have stated that as a proposal aimed at boosting economic development, the initiative and the G20, as a mechanism specializing in economic governance, should be able to complement each other given their broad coverage

Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G20 summit, is located at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. In ancient times, it was thanks to these two routes’ counterparts that the city stayed connected to the outside world.

So it was at the Hangzhou Summit that Xi’s economic leadership was offered to the world…

…from the BBC

…and it was in Davos a few months later that Xi continued to press his ambition…

…from Reuters

Did all this, then, constitute the launch of a “new world order”? Evidently so…

…from Quartz. Here is an excerpt…

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security, one of the latest moves putting him in stark contrast to Donald Trump and the US president’s “America First” policy.

Xi had on numerous occasions called for China to play an important part in building the new world order. But during a Feb. 17 national security seminar in Beijing, he indicated China should “guide” the international community in the effort. A Feb. 20 commentary by the Chinese Communist Party’s central party school, which trains officials, noted the distinction. It has since been widely shared by state-controlled media…

“The overall trend of world multi-polarization, economic globalization, and democratization of international relations remains unchanged. We should guide the international community to jointly build a more just and reasonable new world order,” Xi was paraphrased by Xinhua (link in Chinese) as saying during last week’s seminar…

Xi’s new proposal has “profound meaning,” as his speech coincided with the annual Munich Security Conference and the G20 finance ministerial meeting, noted the commentary. It added that the Western-dominated world order is near its end as Western countries are showing less willingness and ability to interfere in global affairs — as evidenced by Trump’s isolationist foreign policy

Since Trump’s election China has emerged as the world’s strongest proponent of globalization. In the past few months, Xi has been busy sending the world messages that are the exact opposite of Trump’s.

~ MORE – 25 January 2020 ~

So if Xi ends up being cast as the First Tribulation’s Antichrist and his “Belt and Road G-20 World Order” is the First Tribulation’s evil-version NWO, the narrative will reflect that he is actually in cahoots with the “evil Western Satanic globalists.” And that would have some interesting implications for the script…

Implication A – It would mean that Xi’s supposed “betrayal of the New World Order” was actually a strategic deception that allowed him to cozy up with Putin, who is supposedly a “real” betrayer of the NWO. “By having Xi pose as an opponent of the West,” the narrative will say, “the Satanists were able to draw Putin into Xi’s NWO, which was actually the West’s planned NWO with different window dressing. Putin believed that Xi was building a multi-polar NWO, but it actually turned out to be a unipolar Chinese NWO built with the guidance and assistance of the Western Satanists/globalists.” Under such scripting, then, we can expect Xi to betray Putin between now and the end of March. Putin may also be betrayed by Erdogan, since they could also script that Turkey’s sudden U-turn towards Russia was another deception aimed at coming at Putin sideways — and at getting a Turkish foothold in Syria from which they can later attack Israel.

Implication B – Xi’s elevation to a more public role in global leadership would likely be preceded by a precipitous fall of American global power — the fall of the so-called “American Empire.” This fall would likely take the form of a financial system collapse which hobbles the US and allows China and its gold to step up and save the day for everyone who signs on to their NWO (which America won’t). And a severely diminished America will become a less appealing security partner for Israel, especially if Gantz wins the Israeli election at the beginning of March.

Implication C – It would also mean that Xi will be the one who “stands in the holy place” in Israel this March. And the pending free trade agreement between China and Israel will be the mechanism that brings him there. Faced with a suddenly-changed global landscape in which American power has fallen and Chinese power is skyrocketing, and given the perception that a Chinese-run NWO will be different from the current world order in which Israel is a vilified outcast at the UN, signing on to China’s NWO will seem like a wise move for the Israelis. But since Xi is actually a pawn of the Western Satanists who want to destroy Israel, it will be a fatal mistake. Isolated from American support by their siding with China, Israel will fall victim to a massive attack against it 3.5 years after they sign on to what will be a 7-year agreement with China.

~ MORE – 25 January 2020 ~

On a hunch, I decided to check on what Xi was doing in September of 2013 (which is 7 years ago come this September). As it turns out, that’s the month he first announced the Belt and Road Initiative. He did it on September 7, the day after he left his first G20 Summit, in the bizarre globalist city of Astana, Kazakhstan. This means that a 7-year “Antichrist Xi” timeline can also be narrated as starting in September 2013 and ending in September 2020, so March isn’t the only month we need to watch this year. I’ll cover the September timetable later of course; we need to get through March first.

What To Watch For This Week: Mike Pence’s World Tour

(22 January 2020) – In keeping with the scripting options I’ve been covering, WATCH MIKE PENCE THIS WEEK. Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd, he will be in Israel for a gathering of world leaders that will include Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. After that, he is scheduled to travel on to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. These two trips offer the following two scripting possibilities…

  1. The trip to Israel could result in an assassination of Pence (and possibly Putin & Macron too) in an Israeli false-flag attack blamed on Iran. According to the script, Pence’s killing would benefit the “Deep State” bad guys in three ways: 1) it would create a casus belli for their long-sought Iran War, 2) it would create a vacancy in the vice presidency that can be filled by Kushner, and 3) it would remove Putin as an obstacle to Israeli territorial expansion into Syria. (On another level, it would also move Macron out of the way for a French election right before March.)
  2. The trips will allow Pence to do the required “kissing of the collective Jewish a*s” at the Western Wall and the required “kissing of the ring” at the Vatican prior to taking on the presidency following a Trump conviction in the Senate. So if Pence survives the trip, look for the impeachment trial to take a noticeable turn for the worse for Trump.

~ MORE – 23 January 2020 ~

Well it looks like they’ve chosen scripting option 2, since there were no assassinations and Netanyahu took Pence for a visit to the Western Wall.

“Sign here for receipt of your presidency”…

~ MORE – 25 January 2020 ~

Getting back to the subject of watching Mike Pence this week, look at how the Jesuit-run America Magazine covered yesterday’s meeting between Pence and the Pope

…Here is an excerpt…

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met Pope Francis in the Vatican at noon on Jan. 24, and the two spoke together in private for an hour, a surprisingly long time for an audience with someone who is not a head of state. It was their first meeting.

Pope Francis welcomed the vice president, who was raised Catholic, and then led him into the private library where he receives heads of state and distinguished guests and where he received President Trump on May 24, 2017…

Before the two leaders met, one Vatican official told America the meeting was a “courtesy” visit, as Mr. Pence was also visiting Italy and was scheduled to meet with the country’s president, Sergio Mattarella, who also attended the Holocaust Forum, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But given the length of the meeting it could have been much more. The Vatican did not issue a press statement, since the vice president is not a head of state…

Mr. Pence’s audience with Pope Francis took place as the U.S. Senate is holding the impeachment trial of President Trump.

So now that Pence has kissed the asses of Israel and the Vatican this week, let’s see if some new impeachment-impacting bombshell about Trump explodes at the beginning of the weekly news cycle on Monday. Pence’s nose is now brown-enough to be President.

~ MORE – 26 January 2020 ~

A reader has pointed out that the “impeachment-impacting bombshell about Trump” I wrote about yesterday may have already fallen…

…from Fox News

So this video was released on January 25, the day after Pence completed his “Kiss the As$ / Kiss the Ring” World Tour with the Vatican visit on January 24.

On another note, don’t let the Coronavirus hype scare you. The virus is merely an excuse to lock down the population prior to the financial system collapse. People won’t want to attend mass demonstrations if they think they’ll get a deadly virus from doing so. The virus is also a mechanism that can be used to bring down Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party under versions of the script that require it.

~ MORE – 27 January 2020 ~

As it turns out, the “impeachment-impacting bombshell about Trump” I wrote about on Saturday fell exactly when and how I expected…

…from Google News

This “bombshell” and the Parnas video that was released over the weekend are meant to provide the Senators with reasons to bring witnesses into the impeachment trial, which will extend the proceedings. It’s all downhill for Trump from this point forward.

You may have also noticed that the other headline that shared the top of the news pages was the death of Kobe Bryant…

…from MSNBC

His death just a week away from the Super Bowl will actually serve as indirect backstory for the false-flag that’s planned. I’ll explain why later.

What To Watch For This Week: Trump’s Middle East Provocation and a Potential Shock Veto of the Brexit Deal (+ notes on a possible globalist retreat on January 29)

(27 January 2020) – While Vice President Mike Pence was on the “kiss the as$” portion of his “Kiss the As$ / “Kiss the Ring” World Tour, he was photographed sitting with Netanyahu under a painting of the Third Temple…

…from Breitbart

With this photograph, the “evil Zionists and their Washington lackeys” effectively placed their collective nutsack on the collective face of the world’s Muslims, with Netanyahu representing “the Israelite testicle” and Pence representing “the Edomite testicle.” They are basically signalling to the Muslims their intention to raze Al Aqsa Mosque and build the Third Temple in its place.

And if that’s not bad enough, here is an excerpt from Breitbart’s account of the meeting…

The meeting came amid reports that President Donald Trump’s long-awaited “Deal of the Century” would be unveiled next week as Pence invited Netanyahu and his political rival, Blue and White leader Benny Gantz, to fly to Washington on Tuesday

The Trump administration’s peace proposal set to roll out next week will be the most generous American peace plan ever for Israel, a Channel 12 report said citing an unnamed source. It would reportedly allow for Israeli sovereignty over all West Bank settlements and the Jordan Valley alongside a recognition of demilitarized Palestinian state…

The Palestinians would receive statehood so long as they adhered to the following four conditions: 1) Recognize Israel as a Jewish state; 2) demilitarize Gaza; 3) disarm the Hamas terror group; 4) recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. If the Palestinians object, the report said, the White House may then turn to Israel and effectively greenlight the annexation of West Bank settlements immediately.

So the Trump Peace Plan is effectively a declaration of war against the Muslims. It says to the Palestinians, “We’ll give you statehood only if you get on your knees, bend over, and give the Israelis everything they want. And if you don’t give us what we want, we’ll take it anyway.”

Of course, this comes as no surprise to longtime readers of this blog. Here’s what I wrote about the role of the Trump Peace Plan back in 11-12 September of last year (from The 2019 Archive 2)…

Trump and Netanyahu are playing “bad cops” to Putin’s “good cop.” They will announce a peace plan that is absurdly weighted in Israel’s favor, fully knowing that the Palestinians will never accept it. This will accomplish two things:

1) It will get the Palestinians fighting mad, and the globalists will use that anger to orchestrate a conflict that will result in the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque, thus opening the way for the construction of the Third Temple.

2) It will provide an opening for Putin to ride in on a white horse and save both Israel and the Palestinians from mutual destruction. In doing this, he will present a “balanced” peace plan that will establish a viable Palestinian state, place Jerusalem’s holy sites under the supervision of the reformed United Nations, and split the rest of Jerusalem into a Palestinian capital and an Israeli capital.

Speaking of getting the Palestinians fighting mad, how do you think the Iraqis will respond to the “Peace Plan”? They’re already firing rockets at the US Embassy and having mass demonstrations over the US presence in their country. And any expression of outrage and opposition by the Iranians can be used as a convenient cover for the war-starting false-flags the Americans, Saudis, and Israelis have planned.

On top of all this, how will another Middle East-inflaming “policy blunder” impact the ongoing impeachment trial? It can’t be a plus for Trump, can it?

Moving on to the Brexit Deal, it passed Parliament, received royal assent, and was signed by the EU’s big cheeses, so most people think it’s a done deal. Not quite…

The presidents of the European Commission and the European Council have signed off on Britain’s EU divorce agreement.

With Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel’s formal endorsement, the text will now go to the European Parliament on 29 January for ratification.

Then, on Thursday next week, diplomats from the EU member states will approve the deal in writing, ensuring Britain’s orderly departure at midnight on 31 January. – from RTE

As you can see, the timing of the final step for EU ratification of the deal is scheduled just 24 hours in advance of the departure deadline. And if even one of the member state diplomats refuses to sign the deal, it would be dead, and there would be insufficient time to arrange another extension. The resulting No Deal Brexit would be a shock to both the political structure and financial system of the EU (and thus to the US as well). So this Thursday affords a timely opportunity for any person who might want to sabotage the EU and refocus the West on internal matters rather than troublemaking in the Middle East. But does such a person exist?

Funny you should ask…

…from THEfirstNEWS

To trigger a No Deal Brexit and set off the demolition charge that takes down the West’s house of cards, all Putin would have to do is get one of his pals in the West to veto the deal, citing the need to protect the British people from a punishing transition agreement. Hungary’s Orban and the UK’s Johnson top the list of candidates. In fact, a secret deal between the Russians and Johnson would go a long way towards explaining why Farage stood-down his Brexit Party in Tory districts during the last election: “Farage had Russian assurances that Johnson was going to scuttle the ‘bad deal’ at the last minute and go No Deal, so he stepped aside.”

Other options for vetoing the agreement include having Ireland push for an extension to sort out the customs agreement and having Spain retaliate against the UK for not agreeing to return Gibraltar.

One of the reasons the Brexit veto scenario has my attention is what happened in Russia less than two weeks ago…

…from the BBC

The globalist disinfo agents/sites that are assigned to pro-Putin narrative propaganda spun this event as a purge of the mythical West-friendly “Atlantic Integrationists” in the Russian government…

…from Tom Luongo, Russia Insider, and the Faker… err… Saker. Here is an excerpt from the Faker’s article…

I would say that the Eurasian Sovereignists have finally secured their full control over the Russian state and that the demise of the Atlantic Integrationists is now a new fact of life. Since in this new government the only clearly identifiable group besides the Eurasian Sovereignists are the technocrats, this give Russia a much better chance to stand strong and united in the face of an AngloZionist Empire which has now clearly become unpredictable and therefore very dangerous (the murder of Soleimani is the best example of the actions of an Empire which has totally lost any sense of reality).

By narrating a purge of Western agents from Putin’s government, they’ve opened the way for a narrative that says, “Before he brilliantly checkmated the EU Satanists with the Brexit veto, Putin rid his government of the West’s fifth column to minimize blowback from the move within Russia. He also offered his vision of a New World Order to highlight what he hoped to build after the dust settled.” (I’ll get to that NWO part in an upcoming update.) And that last little Sakery nugget about the “Anglo-Zionist Empire” offers Putin’s motivation for targeting the Brexit this week: “He had to move quickly to trip-up the West before events in the Middle East got out of control.”

~ MORE – 29 January 2020 ~

Did the globalists just trumpet a retreat from the planned “March Madness”?…

…from Zero Hedge (top/bottom). Just this morning, I woke to headlines that the Democrats had the votes to bring in witnesses.

We should know whether or not a retreat is on by Saturday. If we end the week with the impeachment trial closed-out, the Brexit achieved with a ratified deal, and hopeful headlines about the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak “beginning to level out,” that’s a very good sign.

~ MORE – 30 January 2020 ~

In another sign of a potential globalist retreat from March, Israel has delayed its annexation of West Bank territory, which was meant to move the Palestinians and other Muslims to violence on Super Bowl Sunday. Here’s how the planned provocation was set in motion…

…from The Hill. Here is an excerpt…

Israel’s government will vote this weekend on annexing 30 percent of the West Bank, a move that comes just after President Trump rolled out his Middle East peace plan.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would move forward on Sunday and ask his Cabinet to approve plans to annex West Bank territory, according to The Associated Press…

Despite Palestinians’ opposition to the deal, which Arab neighbors later echoed, the Trump administration said Israel did not need to delay annexation until negotiations are held over the plan.

“Israel does not have to wait at all,” U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman said on a conference call with reporters. “The waiting period would be the time it takes to obtain internal approvals and create the documentation.”

That was Tuesday after the Trump Peace Plan was announced. At some point yesterday, though, the provocation was shelved…

…from AP News. Here is an excerpt…

Israel has postponed a move to annex large parts of the West Bank, a government minister said Wednesday, a day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to quickly act on the Trump administration’s Mideast plan despite fierce Palestinian opposition.

Netanyahu had said the Cabinet would vote Sunday on extending Israeli sovereignty to dozens of Jewish settlements as well as the Jordan Valley, a move that risks provoking a harsh backlash from the Palestinians and the international community.

After some confusion over the change of plan, Washington’s friendly neighborhood “Antichrist,” Jared Kushner, thumped his flaccid pencil on the table to confirm that the annexation is off the table for “several months,” which would carry us to the globalists’ fallback month of September…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is an excerpt…

US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman suggested earlier Wednesday that it may take time before Israel can move forward with annexation plans for the Jordan Valley and any West Bank settlements, stressing that an Israeli-American committee to discuss the exact parameters of the ostensible annexation must be established first before Jerusalem can go ahead with its plans. On Tuesday, by contrast, Friedman had said that Israel was free to start annexing West Bank settlements right away.

If you are a longtime reader, this isn’t the first time you’ve seen the Israelis do a sudden U-turn on their plans, is it? And if the globalists are indeed pushing the delay button again, the US Coronavirus distribution will likely be delayed as well. So maybe people will get to watch this Sunday’s Super Bowl without a side of Coronavirus to go with their chicken wings.

Globalist Scripting Options for Turkey’s Erdogan
(from The 2019 Archive 2)

(14 October 2019) – For the past several years, Syria has been the main stage on which the characters of the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment show have played out their roles. And on the Islamic side of the prophecy fulfillment program, there are two main characters: the evil Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (the Muslim false messiah) and the Mahdi (the Muslim messiah). These characters are not featured in the Koran, only in the hadith (teachings that are ascribed to Muhammad by other men), so they are not legitimate aspects of Islam; they’re the false teachings of men who had their own agendas.

In the 2016 attempt at the prophecy fulfillment climax, it looked like the globalists had tapped Erdogan to play the Dajjal. Turkey invaded Syria in late August of 2016 in the area near Dabiq, where ISIS had planned its apocalyptic battle. The script was to have Erdogan’s forces enter Dabiq in September and defeat the decoy Dajjal, ISIS’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, so he could pretend to be the real Mahdi, but the globalists retreated from their plans and Dabiq’s later fall became a footnote.

Even today, Erdogan remains the most likely candidate to play the Dajjal, but the globalists have also opened up the possibility that he could play the Mahdi, with the ISIS leader taking over the role of the Dajjal. To help you see this clearly, I’ve laid out the two scripting options in this table…

If Erdogan remains cast as the still-active Dajjal, he will attack the Mahdi (Qasem Soleimani) and Isa/Jesus (Vladimir Putin) and be defeated. This is what would bring a full-on Turkish War.

And if Erdogan gets slightly recast as the already-defeated Dajjal, he will help Isa/Jesus (Putin) defeat the “Satanic” West and then be cast aside by the Turkish military when he’s no longer needed. I’m sure they’ll leave a twenty on his dresser; it’s common courtesy.

But if Erdogan gets recast as the Mahdi, he will help Isa/Jesus (Putin) defeat the “Satanic” West, and he’ll also defeat the Dajjal (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi). In this case, all the talk of impending war between Turkey and Syria/Russia/Iran will be attributed to “strategic deception” that Putin, Erdogan, Khamenei and Trump used to achieve their shocking victory. After all, if Erdogan wasn’t playing the “bad cop” to the Kurds, they wouldn’t have run to the “good cop” (Putin) for protection.

So now that we’ve done this refresher on the background information, we’ll look more closely at the three options for Erdogan I mentioned last night, and we’ll see how each choice would affect the script.

~ MORE ~

The globalists’ first option for Erdogan is to cast him as the still-active Muslim Dajjal who has been playing East and West against each other as he pursued his own goals. Under this scripting, Erdogan’s 2016 pivot towards Russia will be explained as a shrewd adjustment he made after Russia intervened in the Syrian War with its air power in late 2015. “Realizing that Russia now posed a major threat to his plans for expansion into Syria and towards Israel,” the NWO historians would say, “Erdogan set about making trade and arms deals with Russia so they’d be hesitant to confront and expel the Turkish presence in northern Syria.”

Now that Trump is finally withdrawing American troops from Syria, which have been the main impediment to Erdogan’s expansion plans, “Erdogan the (still-active) Dajjal” has a free hand to betray his commitments to both Trump and Putin, knowing that Trump will respond with only economic sanctions and Putin has far too few forces in Syria to stop the full weight of the Turkish military (and Turkey can inhibit reinforcement and resupply of Russian forces in Syria by closing Turkish airspace and the Turkish Straits).

To read more about Erdogan’s casting as the Dajjal, scroll down this page to The NWO Schedule of Implementation 2019, and read the section on the globalists’ religious goals. And to see what shape the Turkish War would take, read the Turkish War Warning sections in The 2019 Archive.

~ MORE ~

The globalists’ second option for Erdogan is to cast him as the already-defeated Muslim Dajjal who was outmaneuvered by Putin and now serves as a sock puppet for the Eurasian Integrationist Turkish military. Under this scripting, Putin’s late-2015 airpower intervention in Syria was just Phase 1 of his plan to defeat the “Satanic” West in Syria. Phase 2 was a joint operation with the Iranians to reach out to Eastern-friendly officers in the Turkish military and help them take control of both the armed forces and Erdogan. This reversed Turkey’s geopolitical orientation in 2016 and stripped vital support from the anti-Assad effort.

Here is something I wrote about this second Erdogan option back on 21 March (from The 2019 Archive)…

…what first alerted me to it was a Zero Hedge article titled CIA Is Conspiring With ISIS, Turning Syrian Refugee Camps Into ISIS Hotbeds, which contained a passage that caught my eye…

>>> An interesting observation is that the media of the country [Turkey], which in the previous years of war, used to conspire with ISIS allowing its foreign recruits to enter Syria and buying smuggled oil from the terrorists, has now become one of the most active exposers of the alleged US ties with ISIS elements. <<<

This change in Turkey’s portrayal of ISIS happened after Erdogan did his big U-turn towards Russia, and I’ve previously noted that the change in policy meant that Erdogan will be scripted as either being cornered and defeated by Putin and Soleimani or being switched to a different character in the End Times drama. So seeing the passage in the Zero Hedge article got me looking around for more narrative support propaganda. This is what I found…

…from Ahval. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkish politics demonstrates the immense influence of Eurasianist deep-state elements which control the Turkish military while temporarily tolerating and supporting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

These deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course…

Erdogan and his inner circle had to “abandon the successful negotiation process with Kurdish separatists for a political solution to the problem and give up their pro-Western foreign policy orientation, including its democratisation side effects,”…

This lead to a criminalising of all former allies of Erdogan, including liberals, Kurds and Gulenists.

“The anti-Western faction in the Turkish military maximized its power and dismissed large numbers of military personnel of all ranks – almost 50 percent of all generals and admirals of Turkish forces and about 18,000 high, middle and low-ranking officers – after the 2016 coup attempt. Currently, the reactivated deep-state military personnel are in key positions in the Turkish armed forces,”

Erdogan and his inner circle do not reflect the real power constellation in Turkey.

In looking for answers to questions such as “can Erdogan alone control the powerful Turkish military? Why did Erdogan terminate the “Solution Process” with the Kurds? It was his greatest project and the biggest risk of his entire political career. Why did he change course in Syria and in Turkey’s general foreign policy orientation? Why did he decide to develop a strategic partnership with Russia? Why did he purge so many soldiers in the Turkish military and bureaucracy?’’ one is forced to consider Erdogan’s new deep-state partners… <<<

So as you can see, the Ahval article suggests that Erdogan was politically outmaneuvered and is essentially a captive president to the now pro-Russian Turkish military. In other words, the article hints at how the “Dajjal” (Erdogan) was defeated by the “Moshiach” (Putin) and “Mahdi” (Soleimani). The NWO narrative of how it all went down will probably sound something like this…

“As the defeat of Damascus grew close, the Mahdi reached out to the Moshiach to intervene with the power of the air. The Moshiach did this. And while he was stopping and reversing the Satanist victory in Syria, he was also reaching out to friendly elements in the Turkish military in order to topple the Dajjal’s kingdom from within.

On June 27, 2016, the Dajjal was defeated by a secret military coup, choosing to surrender and cooperate rather than be toppled. The Turkish military then simulated a public coup 20 days later, after which the Dajjal followed the orders he was given to arrest the Satanic West-leaning elements of the Turkish government and military, thus helping facilitate the victory of the Moshiach and Mahdi.”

This, then, is the globalist story of how the “Dajjal” was peacefully defeated. But there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” I’ll write about it later.

~ MORE ~

The globalists’ third option for Erdogan is to cast him as the Mahdi, who infiltrated and then defeated the Gulenist Deep State in order to join forces with Putin. Under this scripting, Erdogan was not the target of a Eurasian Integrationist uprising; he was the instigator of it. And like all the other globalist messiahs (Trump, Netanyahu, Putin, Xi, Modi), he went along with the plans of his evil “Deep State” until he was able to amass enough power to turn against them and defeat them.

Here is what I wrote about this option back on 3 April (from The 2019 Archive)…

Back on 21 March, I wrote about Erdogan being set up to play the defeated “Dajjal” in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment stage play. But I also wrote…

“…there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the ‘Mahdi’; I’ll write about it later.”

Now that it’s later, I thought I’d cover the subject quickly so it doesn’t come as a surprise if they attempt it.

In order to explain-away Trump and Putin’s connections to organized crime, the NWO propagandists are going to say that the two had to play along with the corrupted powers-that-be in order to get into a strong enough position to start counteracting them. And in Erdogan’s case, they can do the same. They can say that he played along with the Western Satanist leaders and their ISIS plans until he got into a strong enough position to join forces with the Eurasianists in the Turkish military and purge Western influences from his country.

So if the globalists go with this rescripting of Erdogan, they will point to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the “Dajjal” and to Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“al-Baghdaid was a Satanic figure who attempted to build a demonic Caliphate and present himself as the Mahdi, but his forces were defeated in Dabiq by the forces of Erdogan, the True Mahdi.”

But if they stick with the original 2016 scripting for Erdogan, they will point to al-Baghdadi as the “decoy Dajjal,” to Erdogan as the “real Dajjal,” and to Soleimani as the “real Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“Erdogan recruited al-Baghdadi to play the role of the decoy Dajjal so he could defeat him at Dabiq and present himself as the Mahdi. But the True Mahdi (Soleimani) teamed up with Isa (Putin) to defeat his plans.”

Let’s see which way they go with it.

~ MORE – 15 October 2019 ~

In my forecast from last December, I wrote about two Turkish moves that haven’t yet materialized…

  • a violent Islamist intifada in Europe – If counter-provoked in Syria or in the Cyprus EEZ, Erdogan will call out the Islamist goons he’s stationed all over Europe (with the help of the Western royals and governments).
  • a 3-million migrant invasion of Europe out of Turkey – Erdogan has already threatened to release the 3-4 million refugees in Turkey into Europe, so he’s just waiting for the script to provide the justification to do so (in Syria, off Cyprus, or with a Turkish financial collapse).

These moves will remain in play if the globalists are casting Erdogan as the still-active Dajjal and we’re on the War Path, but will both moves disappear if we’re on the Peace Path? Perhaps not. Even under the Peace Path, the globalists may have Erdogan stage the migrant invasion for two reasons…

Reason 1) It is the only thing that can motivate complacent Europeans to join the populist uprising and topple the “Satanist” governments of Western Europe (who will force the new migrants down their peoples’ throats). So the migrant invasion would go forward under the rationale that “it’s necessary in order to topple the current Western European Establishment, and it’s far less damaging than a military invasion.”

Reason 2) A second Muslim invasion that further overwhelms “Christian civilization” is something an antichrist would do, and in Phase 2 of the globalist prophecy fulfillment program, the globalist messiahs (including Putin and “Mahdi Erdogan”) will be portrayed as antichrists. See Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception for more information on that.

The Globalist Gameplan for Early 2020
& A Note on Erdogan, Putin, and the Libyan Situation

(16 December 2019) – Given what I know about the globalists’ objectives and how they are currently positioning their chess pieces, it’s not difficult to divine their preferred scenario for 2020. It is to script the “Great Tribulation” to a close in March and launch the reformed UN/NWO by the end of either March or September. Here is my first rough draft of what will happen between now and then (unless their plan is abandoned due to exposure)…

> There will be a New Lehman Shock to the global economy between now and March. This will demolish the existing global financial system so Xi Jinping can step forward to save the day in March (by offering some of China’s vast and underreported gold holdings to back a new global currency, the SDR/”Phoenix”). The price of Xi’s intervention will be increased representation for China and the BRICS in the IMF and UN.

> There will be a lengthy impeachment trial in the US Senate that will become a political apocalypse (“apocalypse” = “a Greek word meaning ‘revelation,’ an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.”). The globalists will do this so the public will know why the “bad guys” deserve to be arrested.

> There will be mass arrests of the “Deep States” around the world that may or may not be preceded by a momentary fall of some or all of the NWO hero figures (Trump, Netanyahu, Modi, Xi, Putin, et al.). Such a fall would immediately precede the outbreak of a lightning-fast armed conflict that would include the invasion of Israel and a US-Russia nuclear confrontation. The conflict would be abruptly stopped by the appearance of UFOs from the US Secret Space Program / Space Command in skies around the world.

The reason the globalists may script a short “Deep State” victory and war is to show the public — rather than just tell the public — “how evil the bad guys really are” (and why they deserve to be arrested). The deposed NWO heroes would then return to their offices under the protection of the Space Force and mass arrest the bad guys. An additional benefit offered by this scenario is that it will help cushion the blow of the (fake) “ET Disclosure” to come by showing the public that humans possess UFO technology too (meaning we have some ability to defend ourselves, so “we’re not helpless in the face of the ETs”).

If the globalists script a “clean” victory for the NWO heroes (with no new war breaking out), the NWO historians will point to the past several years of worldwide conflict between the West and East as being the “Gog/Magog War.” They’ll say that the War was prevented from getting out of hand by cooperation among the NWO heroes orchestrated by Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of Putin, you may have heard that he’s backing the Haftar forces in Libya while Erdogan is backing the current Libyan government, with Erdogan threatening to militarily intervene in the battle. On the surface, this has the appearance of Erdogan going against Putin in Libya, and if Erdogan is ultimately cast as the still-active Dajjal, it will be scripted that way. It seems more likely, though, that Erdogan (cast as the Mahdi or the defeated-and-captive Dajjal) is propping up one side while Putin props up the other in order to set the stage for “the hero” Putin to broker a peaceful compromise between the two, just like it was done in Syria.

All hail Putin, the Bratva Prince of Peace and Future Emperor of the World! 😛

Watch for the Destruction of Rome and the Fall of the Catholic Church

(18 December 2019) – Something notable happened at the Vatican yesterday…

…from the Independent

Seeing this reminded me of when Soviet leader Gorbachev instituted “glasnost” (openness) in the USSR. It was one of the policies, along with “perestroika” (restructuring), that facilitated the dissolution of the Soviet Empire. So given the fact that prophecy propagandists like Tom Horn have identified Pope Francis as “Petrus Romanus” (the final Pope) and have fostered expectations regarding the fulfillment of a Kabbalist prophecy that Rome will be destroyed during a Vatican conclave, the Pope’s new glasnost policy may have just set in motion the final dissolution of the Roman Catholic Church.

Should the globalists stay on course for a March climax, we can expect the Vatican to soon call a conclave that gathers all the Catholic cardinals together in Rome (to be slaughtered). As for the stated reason for gathering “all the (Catholic) Kings of the Earth” together in January, February, or March, here are three candidates I can think of off the top of my head…

  1. to announce a restructuring of the Church (perestroika) aimed at “protecting children” and improving other aspects of Church operations,
  2. to allow Pope Francis to tender his resignation before all the world’s cardinals, or
  3. to hold an emergency interfaith (Chrislamic) meeting with Muslim leaders to address a growing Christian vs. Muslim crisis that will develop early next year.

Whatever the reason used for the gathering, the globalist (Kabbalist) objective will be to fulfill the “Destruction of Rome” prophecy and complete their revenge for the Spanish Inquisition. To better understand the Kabbalists’ beef against the Church, read How the Kabbalist Jews took over the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order.

~ MORE – 20 December 2019 ~

As for how Rome will be destroyed, the prophecy calls for “fiery stones” to do the deed, and there are at least three methods the globalists could use to achieve the desired result…

Method 1 – Use warheads from a false-flag missile attack out of Lebanon (fired by Israel and blamed on Iran). For details on how this would work, go to The 2019 Archive and use your browser’s find feature to skip to Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned Missile Attack on Europe.

Method 2 – Use rocks thrown by a deliberate, directional release of volcanic pressure from the Colli Albani volcano complex. For details on this, go to The 2019 Archive and find The Globalist Plot to Destroy Rome This Month.

(Methods 1&2 were in play during the Vatican conclave on child sex abuse this past February, which was scheduled under the “Blood Moons” prophecy timetable that was in effect going into this past March. If you want to know about the Blood Moons timetable, go to The 2019 Archive and find Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March. We’re on a different timetable now of course.)

Method 3 – Use meteors (space rocks or tungsten rods) that are nudged/launched by advanced aerospace vehicles. Assuming the globalists do indeed have “UFOs” based on revolutionary sequestered technologies, it is a simple matter for them to fly out to an asteroid and nudge it onto a certain course or lift tungsten rods into space and release them at high speed along a path to a target. Since natural space rocks are irregular in shape, the rods would more likely be used (to ensure accuracy).

On a related note, my most annoying reader has struck again. Yesterday, he sent me a link to this…

…from the Express

So Tom Horn’s prophecy propaganda is being spread in the mainstream now, and it appears that a 2020 Papal resignation is indeed in the cards (for the time being). But there’s also something else in the cards (which is also from Tom Horn’s prophecy propaganda operation)…

A world ruled through artificial intelligence isn’t a futuristic dream. It’s an imminent event. According to Ray Kurzweil, a computer will pass the Turing Test in 2029 – right when Dr. Thomas Horn says asteroid Apophis will fulfill the WORMWOOD prophecy of Revelation chapter 8 and impact Earth. Is it just a coincidence that the technology that could give life to the Image of the Beast arrives parallel to this mid-Tribulation event? – from Skywatch TV

After seeing this reference to the mid-Tribulation being in 2029, I did some checking. And I found that such a timing matches perfectly with the “Trump as Western Antichrist” option I wrote about earlier this year. So the globalists might be throwing us a curveball in March. I’m currently working on an update that will explain everything. I hope to have it finished by Monday.

Why the Globalists Might Recast Trump as the Western (decoy) Antichrist

(21 December 2019) – Whilst doing some research after my Wednesday entry on Rome and the Catholic Church, I ran across this article on Skywatch TV

Lately, I’ve been noticing prophecy disinfo agents Tom Horn and Steve Quayle giving a heavy focus to the Wormwood prophecy, but I hadn’t paid it any mind until I saw this blurb below the headline…

A world ruled through artificial intelligence isn’t a futuristic dream. It’s an imminent event. According to Ray Kurzweil, a computer will pass the Turing Test in 2029 – right when Dr. Thomas Horn says asteroid Apophis will fulfill the WORMWOOD prophecy of Revelation chapter 8 and impact Earth. Is it just a coincidence that the technology that could give life to the Image of the Beast arrives parallel to this mid-Tribulation event?

Seeing Horn refer to 2029 as the “mid-Tribulation” point got me thinking. And after doing a little math, I found that a 2029 timing for the middle point of the Tribulation period would fit perfectly with the “Trump as Western Antichrist” scenario I covered earlier this year…

(from 18 May 2019) – After running across this hit piece on Trump on a “Christian” site this morning, I decided to look into a few things to see if they might be recasting him as the Western Antichrist next year. As my longtime readers know (and as you can read here), the globalists started Barack Obama’s 7-year Antichrist timeline by having him sit as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2009. And 3.5 years later on March 22 (3/22), 2013, they had him “stand in the Holy Place” (Christ’s birthplace), which identified him as the Antichrist.

Upon looking into Trump’s history at the UN, I found that he sat as the President of the UN Security Council in September of 2018. So if they decide to rescript him as the Antichrist next year…

  • he’ll be reelected,
  • he’ll help rebuild the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and
  • he’ll “stand in the Holy Place (of the Third Temple)” in March of 2022 (3/22), 3.5 years after his UNSC presidency.

Can you guess which subject both Obama and Trump addressed when they sat as UNSC President? Nuclear non-proliferation (Obama, Trump). So having Trump cancel the nuclear treaties with Iran and Russia could be the globalists positioning him to bring us to the brink of all-out nuclear war, from which Putin & Friends will save us. Putin’s victory over Trump would then happen as late as September of 2025.

So if you look at the timing of “Trump as the Western (decoy) Antichrist” scenario…

September of 2018 was the symbolic beginning of his 7-year global reign.

And if we count forward one 42-month (3.5 year) prophecy cycle,
September 2018 + 3 years = September 2021 + 6 months = March 2022, so

March of 2022 will be the month he’ll stand in the “holy place” of the Third Temple in Jerusalem and be recognized as the (decoy) antichrist.

And if we count forward another 3.5 year prophecy cycle,
March 2022 + 3 years = March 2025 + 6 months = September 2025, so

September of 2025 will be the month he’ll be defeated by the “fake messiah / real Antichrist,” ending his 7-year reign as the decoy antichrist and beginning the 7-year reign of the “real Antichrist.” So the first 7-year Tribulation will end and the second will begin. and the “real Antichrist” of the second Tribulation might still be played by Putin (with fake “ET” backing) or by an “alien messiah.”

And if we count forward another 3.5 year prophecy cycle,
September 2025 + 3 years = September 2028 + 6 months = March 2029, so

March of 2029, which is right before the asteroid Apophis is scripted to hit the Earth on 13 April 2029, will mark the beginning of the AI Beast System to which the Skywatch TV article refers. And why would humanity hand over control of the world to an AI? – In order to optimally manage the preparations for the asteroid strike and the relief efforts after it hits. But I’ll write about that later.

And if we count forward one more 3.5 year prophecy cycle,
March 2029 + 3 years = March 2032 + 6 months = September 2032, so

September of 2032 will be the month the globalists roll out their Kabbalah Christ / “real Jesus” to defeat the Antichrist.

~ MORE – 22 December 2019 ~

The “Trump as Antichrist” timetable I showed you yesterday was based on 2029 being a “mid-Tribulation” year like the Skywatch TV article’s blurb suggests. Today, I’ll show you a “Trump as Antichrist” timetable based on Apophis’s arrival occurring in the MIDDLE OF “THE GREAT TRIBULATION” like the article’s title suggests. So first, let me explain the difference between “the Tribulation” and “the Great Tribulation” according to globalist prophecy dogma…

“The Tribulation” is a 7-year period of difficulty consisting of two 42-month prophecy cycles. At the beginning of the first prophecy cycle (year 0), a messiah enters the world stage to save humanity from a horrible situation (which was deliberately engineered by the messiah’s globalist masters).

“The Great Tribulation” is the second 42-month prophecy cycle of “the Tribulation,” and it is a time of great difficulty. At its beginning (year 3.5), that messiah does something to show he’s a false-messiah, and he takes the gloves off and things get rough. He is later defeated by the “real” messiah at the end of the prophecy cycle (year 7).

So the unqualified term “Tribulation” refers to the full 7-year period, and the term “Great Tribulation” refers to the second half of that 7 years.

In order to fulfill the prophecy expectations they’ve drilled into Christians through their control of Christian media and eschatological doctrine, the globalists will be taking us through TWO Tribulation periods. The First Tribulation will provide Christians with the “Satanic Deception” they’ve been trained to expect [by having a false messiah (Putin) defeat a decoy antichrist (Trump) in order to pose as the “real messiah”]. And the Second Tribulation will provide the “real Second Coming of Christ” that Christians have also been trained to expect [by having a globalist-chosen “real messiah” (probably a GMO human we haven’t yet seen) defeat the false messiah (Putin)]. The whole globalist prophecy fulfillment program will therefore take 14 years (if done strictly by the book).

That being said, I’ve noticed plenty of narrative support for another 14-year timetable which would have…

  • September of 2016 be the start of the First Tribulation,
  • March of 2020 be the start of the First Great Tribulation,
  • September of 2023 be the end of the First Tribulation and the beginning of the Second,
  • March of 2027 be the start of the Second Great Tribulation, and
  • September 2030 be the end of the Second Tribulation.

Under this timetable, then, the Second Great Tribulation would begin in March 2027 and end 42 months later in September 2030. The 13 April 2019 arrival of Apophis would therefore fall on the 25th month of the prophecy cycle, a little past the MIDDLE OF “THE GREAT TRIBULATION” like the Skywatch TV headline suggests.

Should the globalists attempt to implement this timetable, these are the events they’ll use to mark the important months:

September of 2016, the start of the (First) Tribulation, was marked by…

So the globalists can say that “September of 2016 was the month the false messiah Trump ascended the world political stage offering to save America and the world from Hillary Clinton and the war-mongering Deep State.” They can also say that “on the month of his ascension, the ‘real messiah’ Putin was almost assassinated and Israel’s last reasonable statesman was killed.” Have a look at what the prophecy propagandists said about Peres’s death…

…from Breaking Israel News. Here is an excerpt…

In a rare gathering, a multitude of world leaders will be arriving in Jerusalem on Friday for the funeral of Israeli statesman, Shimon Peres. The number and prominence of world leaders in attendance is staggering, but even more startling is how this conforms precisely to Biblical prophecies…

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, told Breaking Israel News that not only is the gathering significant, but the timing, he said, is, “the opening to Gog and Magog, and the final stages before Messiah”.

So there are sufficient grounds for the globalists to narrate the start of (First) Tribulation as occurring that month.

March of 2020, the start of the (First) Great Tribulation, will be marked by

  • Trump and the Deep State provoking America’s supposed “enemies” (Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, et al.) into launching a massive attack against the US, and
  • Trump and/or Kushner traveling to Israel to “stand in the holy place” and thereby be revealed as the (decoy) antichrist.

Once America is attacked by the “communist forces of the world” in early 2020, Trump and the Deep State will pull out their trump card in March: US Secret Space Program / Space Force UFOs will suddenly appear all over the world and put a dead stop to the attack. The most advanced weapons possessed by the “communist attackers” will be absolutely useless against the Space Force craft, and the offending nations will be utterly defenseless against an American counterattack, which won’t come. What will come instead is what I wrote about in an update from earlier this year, which I’ve edited today to reflect my increased understanding of what the globalists have planned…

(from 26 June 2019, edited 22 December 2019) – In the past, the thing that kept me from considering Trump as an antichrist candidate was this: after all the bad press and ridicule he’s received, how can the rest of the world possibly take him seriously enough to follow him into a New World Order? As it turns out, the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its technologies provide the answer.

Once he unveils the SSP, the conventional militaries of the world, including Russia’s and China’s, will be rendered utterly impotent. Trump will stand astride the world like a colossus, and resistance against him will be futile. And since the unveiling will likely happen amidst a global economic meltdown, access to the SSP technologies will hold the key for moving the nations out of desperate poverty into almost instant abundance.

Faced with the choice of rooting around in the mud like starving monkeys or joining a high-tech global paradise, the nations of the world will sign-on to any national and international reforms Trump requires of them.

Of course, Trump’s assignment to play the decoy antichrist of the First Tribulation means that the NWO into which he’ll lead the world is the “evil” Western unilateral/unipolar NWO, which will stand till the end of the First Tribulation. The “benevolent” multilateral/multipolar NWO has always been scripted to appear in the Second Tribulation when the “real antichrist” defeats the decoy and poses as Christ.

Once the US Space Force takes control of the world’s skies, Trump and/or Kushner will take a victory lap by traveling to Israel. And while there, Trump and/or Kushner will stand in one of three “holy places” to be identified as the (decoy) antichrist…

  1. in the spot where Jesus was supposedly born, the Church of the Nativity, which is where Obama stood when he fulfilled the requirement,
  2. in a spot on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem that will later be identified as the spot where the holy place of the First and Second Temples stood, or
  3. in a Jewish tabernacle (a temporary tent temple) on the Temple Mount.

Here is an interesting bit of preparatory propaganda about the third option…

This raises the question as to precisely when the temple will be rebuilt. The Bible does not reveal the answer to this question. All it says for certain is that the temple will be in existence when the Antichrist reveals himself (2 Thessalonians 2:3-4), and that will be in the middle of the Tribulation (Daniel 9:27). Since this will be only three and a half years into the Tribulation, many have concluded that the temple will likely be rebuilt before the Tribulation begins, because how could such a magnificent building be constructed in such a short period of time?

But this conclusion overlooks the fact that the temple can be literally resurrected overnight! That’s because the Jews plan to erect a tent temple like the Tabernacle of Moses, and they are ready to do so at any moment. Everything has been prepared. Once this temporary temple is put up, they will resume the sacrifices and then start building a more permanent structure around and above the temporary one. – from

Interestingly, I recently heard on a prophecy propaganda show that archaeologists are about to open a chamber where they believe Moses’ original tabernacle was stored. So if you hear of such a discovery between now and March, it would be an early sign that we’re on this timetable.

Of course, the First Tribulation & First Great Tribulation would end 3.5 years after next March, in September of 2023. That’s when either Putin or a substitute “alien” savior would arrive with an “ET” fleet to defeat the US Space Force, end Trump’s unilateral/unipolar NWO, and bring in the multilateral/multipolar NWO to start the Second Tribulation. But I’ll write about that and later parts of the timetable in my next addition.

There is much, much more to come. And if you are a new reader, the coming writings will bring you up to speed with all this, so don’t fret if you currently don’t understand everything I’m saying.

Chabad Rabbi Greets Trump as a Jewish King
(+ a repost of “Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew” &
How the Kabbalists Will Use Trump/Kushner’s “Legacy” to Drive All Jews to Israel)

(23 December 2019) – According to Jewish law, there are two ways a Jew can greet a king or head of state, and the way you choose is based on whether the king is a Jew or not:

When a Jew greets a king who is a Jew, he says…
Barukh.shenathan mik’vodo levasar vedam, “Blessed be He … who gave some of His glory to flesh and blood.”

And when greeting a king who isn’t a Jew, he says…
Barukh…… shenathan mik’vdo liv’ru’av, “who gave some of His glory to His creatures.”

That being said, Trump attended a meeting of Orthodox Jews while he was in New York last month, and he was greeted by a Chabad rabbi who addressed him as a Jewish king (in a way that only a Jew “in the know” would detect). If you listen to the last two words of the greeting, you’ll clearly hear “levasar vedam,” not “mik’vdo liv’ru’av.”

Whether Trump is actually Jewish or not is irrelevant, but what is relevant is that Chabad are now presenting him as a Jew, which means he’s eligible to pose as the Jewish Messiah / Christian Antichrist this March. The Jewish Messiah, who is known as the “Moshiach ben David,” has to be a Jew who can trace his lineage back to King David, and you can be certain that Chabad has cooked up just such a pedigree for Trump. So under the globalist script’s “Trump as Antichrist” option, he will pose as the Moshiach ben David with Chabad’s help. And he’ll then be defeated 3.5 years later by the “real” Moshiach ben David, Vladimir Putin.

Speaking of Putin, here is a related entry I wrote in March of 2016…

Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew

A reader put me on to this meeting between Putin and leading rabbis…

…and here is an Israeli headline from that time…
…The accompanying article offers a most remarkable passage…

>>> Rabbi Yosef began by saying “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d, King of the world, and therefore we bless you: Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.” – From Arutz Sheva <<<

To understand the significance of this greeting by Rabbi Yosef, let’s look to this article

…which was written by this man…
…From Wikipedia

Here are two key excerpts…

So according to Jewish tradition, the specific blessing one gives to a Jewish king — which is worded differently than the specific blessing for a gentile king — is “Blessed be He … who gave some of His glory to flesh and blood.” And the rabbis greeted Putin with “Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to flesh and blood.” If Putin were actually a gentile, they would have instead greeted him with “Blessed is the One who gave of His glory to His creatures.”

This is the first confirmation that the rabbis know Putin to be a Jew. Here’s the second confirmation…

According to Jewish thought (and Rabbi Apple’s article), a Jewish king is appointed by God, and the rabbis greeted Putin with “according to the Jewish tradition, your leadership is decided by the kingdom of G-d.”

Assuming the Arutz Sheva article is accurate, Rabbi Yosef has provided us with official confirmation that Putin is not just a Jew, but a Jewish king.

How the Kabbalists Will Use Trump/Kushner’s “Legacy” to Drive All Jews to Israel

(24 December 2019) – It is important to realize that the globalists have been using their social engineering apparatus, including the engineered “Truth Movement,” to deliberately foster worldwide hatred of Jews. This engineered Jew-hate (commonly called “anti-Semitism”) is being used to motivate the diaspora to return to Israel in order to fulfill prophecy expectations and concentrate them for final disposal.

At the end of the 14-year prophecy fulfillment program, the globalist intend to have the world united under the religion of (Neo) Christianity, so anyone who might oppose this Kabbalized reboot of the Christian religion will be targeted for culling during the prophecy fulfillment process (especially during the latter part of the Second Great Tribulation). The culled will include all Muslims, all non-Kabbalist and non-Elite Jews, and all Christian “fundamentalists” (Christians who cling to the old form of Christianity). The Jews will be the final group to be slaughtered, since their deaths are slated for the very end of the process during the (Second) Battle of Armageddon.

As for how the Kabbalists will drive the Jews to Israel under the “Trump as Antichrist” option, it’s not hard to figure out. Trump and Kushner’s “Unilateral New World Order” and the “Great Tribulation” it brings will piss off the entire world, and the whole world will see it as a “Jewish operation.” Although Putin — who is slated to defeat the Unilateral NWO and play the “real Jewish messiah” — will seemingly go to great pains to explain that not all Jews are to blame for what happened, the angry mobs will not be in the mood to sort “good Jews” from “bad Jews.” All Jews will be on the receiving end of the anger and hatred, and their savior Putin will point to Israel as the place where they’ll find “safety and security” until the rage passes over.

When the First Tribulation ends and the Second begins, a seven year countdown to the Final Pogrom will begin. Don’t be in Israel when the clock ticks to zero.

The Trump-Kushner Relationship under the “Trump as Antichrist” Option

(27 December 2019) – Whilst I pondered what’s ahead a few days ago, an interesting question came to mind: Should the globalists proceed with the “Trump as Antichrist” option in March, how will Putin explain what happened vis-a-vis Trump and Kushner after he defeats them in 2023?

I suspect the story will be that Chabad used Trump to play the ostensibly-Christian goy frontman for Jared Kushner’s Chabad presidency — that Trump was the public face of the “false Jewish Messiah” / “Antichrist” Kushner. This, they’ll say, allowed Kushner to make all his antichrist moves behind the scenes while Trump and the Democrats drew all the public’s attention with their over-the-top antics. This narrative will be supported by the already widespread perception that Trump is a slavish errand boy for the Religious Zionists.

If you haven’t yet encountered all the preparatory propaganda that promotes Kushner as Chabad’s “false Jewish Messiah” / “Antichrist,” I strongly recommend that you watch the following 14-minute video in its entirety…

…from YouTube

The video is a piece of prophecy propaganda fashioned to create the impression that Kushner might be the “Antichrist.” It starts off unimpressively, but grows more compelling as it goes along. It shows you the lengths to which the globalists have gone to seed the “Kushner as the Real President / Jewish Messiah / Antichrist” idea throughout the media.

~ MORE – 29 December 2019 ~

Seeing all this raises more interesting questions: If Kushner has been cast to play the First Tribulation Antichrist and Trump has been cast as his frontman and ass-puppet, which one will “stand in the holy place” in Israel this March? Will that be the point when Kushner emerges from Trump’s shadow and stands before the world? And if so, how can he stand as the world-commanding Antichrist if he has no real power of his own?

Should we reach March under this scenario, the most powerful man in the world will be the Commander-In-Chief of the US Space Force, the President of the United States. So if the globalists intend for Kushner to have his “I’m a big boy now” moment in the “holy place” this March, he’ll need to be the President of the United States. And the only way that can happen is if he is appointed as the replacement Vice President for a departed Pence, then something happens to Trump.

Given Kushner’s imminent emergence as the First Tribulation Antichrist and the need to move him into the vice presidency, you’ll find the following two propaganda pieces quite interesting…

…from Vanity Fair (top, bottom).

Take note of the wording of the weblink to the bottom article: <> According to it, “Kushner is exerting influence over virtually every significant White House decision, from negotiating trade deals to 2020 campaign strategy to overseeing Trump’s impeachment defense. ‘Jared is running everything,’ a former West Wing official told me.” So if you look at the suggestions that Kushner has consolidated power over the White House and is looking to replace Pence, Pence begins to look like he’s the next big target in Kushner’s march to power.

That being said, keep an eye out for a Pence resignation or assassination in the coming weeks. Trump would then appoint “the only person he can really trust, Jared” to the post. And Nancy Pelosi, who is known for being subservient to Jewish interests, will ensure the House approves the appointment. The Senate approval will also sail through. All that will then be left in Jared’s path to controlling the Space Force is Trump’s resignation, removal, or assassination. It’s easy to imagine the globalists scripting Trump’s assassination or removal as the starting point of the “communist/leftist” attack against America. This would leave Jared to play the hero who saves the day.

~ MORE – 31 December 2019 ~

In the course of my research on the “Trump/Kushner as Antichrist” option, I ran across another event that supports a September 2016 start for the currently ongoing Tribulation period…

…from Facebook

Within Christian prophecy circles, there is a general expectation that the Antichrist will make a 7-year peace covenant with Israel and then start breaking it at the 3.5-year mark. So did Trump and Kushner make a covenant with Israel during this September 2016 meeting — a covenant that they’d eschew a two-state solution in any Middle East peace deal? And when Kushner implements his peace deal at the point of a Space Command particle beam gun in March, will he break that covenant by dividing Israel and Jerusalem into Jewish and Palestinian zones (as the Antichrist is expected to do)?

Of course, there are two other options surrounding a Kushner peace deal in March: 1) He could implement a one-state solution that heavily favors Israel, then trigger the Great Tribulation-ending Battle of Armageddon by breaking it in 3.5 years, or 2) the March deal could be used to restart the First Tribulation and serve as the beginning point of his 7-year reign as Antichrist.

Learning of the September 2016 meeting between Netanyahu and Trump/Kushner reminded me of how the globalists had Obama fulfill the same prophecy when he was tasked with the decoy Antichrist role…

Prophecy Point 1 > The Antichrist will make a seven-year covenant with Israel (and “the many”), which he’ll start breaking in the middle.

> July 23, 2008 – The Antichrist makes a covenant with Israel and the many (“leaders on both sides of the Middle East conflict”) “to protect Israel and prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons”…
…(from The New York Times)

To see if he started breaking this covenant in the middle (3 years and 6 months later), let’s count forward six months from July 2008: 1) August 2008, 2) September 2008, 3) October 2008, 4) November 2008, 5) December 2008, 6) January 2009. And if we add 3 years to January 2009, we arrive at January 2012. So did anything related to the covenant happen in January 2012? Have a look at an article from the time

So in January 2012, Obama backed away from Israel and moved towards Iran. But what about the end of the covenant? Wouldn’t you know it, that happened right on schedule…

> July 14, 2015 – The Antichrist makes a deal with Iran over their nuclear program which the Israelis view as a violation of the covenant.

So was it just a coincidence that Obama made a deal with Iran exactly 7 years (from July 2008 to July 2015) after his first visit to Israel? Was it merely another coincidence that he pivoted away from Israel and towards Iran in the middle of the 7 years? The “coincidences” are piling up fast, aren’t they? – from Obama the “Antichrist” and “Divine Intervention” in September 2016

Seeing that the Netanyahu/Trump/Kushner meeting took place at the exact end point of Obama’s 7-year tenure as the prospective decoy Antichrist (September 2016), I was forced to ask myself some uncomfortable questions…

In outlining and tracking the 2009-2016 Obama timetable, were my dates right but my expectations wrong?

Did I falsely assume that they delayed the First Tribulation because it didn’t end the way I was expecting it to?

From the globalists’ perspective, was what happened in September 2016 a successful completion of the 2009-2016 First Tribulation, which would mean we’re now about to hit the midpoint of the 2016-2023 Second Tribulation?

Is the defeat of Kushner by Putin in 2023 and the subsequent establishment of the multilateral/multipolar NWO the actual end state of the 14-year prophecy fulfillment plan?

Given these questions, I’ll continue to think them through and get back to you.