Notes from November and December of 2018

What to watch for between now and the end of March

(30 December 2018) – I thought it might be a good idea to put together all the things that are trending towards March so you’ll see why I’m so concerned about it; here are the dates and events to watch for (if the globalists pull the trigger)…

> February 21-24: The Vatican Sexual Abuse Conclave – Watch for the potential destruction of the Vatican and the assassination of the Pope by means of an Israeli missile false-flag blamed on Iran and/or an Islamist terrorist attack instigated by Erdogan.

> March 1: The US-China deadline to reach a trade deal – Watch for the trade war to resume after that date and for Xi to come under threat of removal. The Chinese might also ratchet up their actions against the US Navy, US military aircraft and Taiwan after that date, leading to the brink of war.

> March 2: The US debt ceiling resets – Watch for something expensive to happen after this date in order to trigger a US debt default. The sparking event could be a 9/11-magnitude terror event, a faked EMP attack, a “fire sale” cyberattack, or the outbreak of a war. And since the US government will not be legally able to borrow money, a national emergency will be declared so they can seize whatever they want from the public.

> March 16-24: The week in March that Congress will be out of D.C. – Watch for a big event like a fake EMP attack or “fire sale” cyberattack to happen during this time, especially on March 22. This would make it difficult to reconvene Congress to pass a spending bill or debt limit raise, thereby allowing the President (presumably Pence) to take on dictatorial emergency powers.

> March 27: The 3.5 year mark since the final Super Blood Moon of the “Blood Moon Tetrad” – Watch for a momentous event on or a few days after that date — one that will change the geopolitical trajectory of the world.

> March 29: The UK will exit the EU without a deal – Watch for this to start the dominoes falling on an EU financial crisis. Also watch for Brussels to become openly tyrannical towards the EU member states.

> March 31: The date land confiscation from white farmers and race war begin in South Africa – Watch for this to coincide with a food stamps cutoff in the US to spark a race war here also.

> March 31: The Ukrainian presidential election – Watch for embattled Ukrainian President Poroshenko to start an armed conflict with Russia as we approach this date. Such a move would allow him to stay in power under “national emergency” pretenses, and he could start it at any time between now and then.

Speaking of “at any time between now and then,” here are some other events to watch for between now and April 1…

  • a Trump-Putin Summit and assassination show – Just today, Putin expressed his openness to having a Summit, and it would present an excellent opportunity for a dual assassination, especially if it happens in March.
  • a cutoff of food stamps in the US – According to press reports, this could happen as soon as February 1, but I’d wager on April 1.
  • the sinking of the USS Stennis in the Persian Gulf – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the “cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the “ballistic missiles out of Iraq/Lebanon” false-flag – Details of this are further down this page.
  • the withdrawal/non-withdrawal of US troops from Syria – If Trump falls during the first three months of the year, the American withdrawal under Trump will turn into a non-withdrawal under Pence.
  • the launch of the Turkish war against the Kurds – This will occur by the end of March unless the “peacemaker” Putin prevents it with his “masterful diplomacy” (as part of the Peace Path). Should the attack go forward, conflict between the Turkish military and the French and UK militaries is inevitable, which will lead to big trouble for the EU.
  • an armed Turkish incursion into EU-member Cyprus’ offshore Exclusive Economic Zone – This is a fallback mechanism to start a military confrontation between Turkey and the EU & US.
  • a violent Islamist intifada in Europe – If counter-provoked in Syria or in the Cyprus EEZ, Erdogan will call out the Islamist goons he’s stationed all over Europe (with the help of the Western royals and governments).
  • a 3-million migrant invasion of Europe out of Turkey – Erdogan has already threatened to release the 3-4 million refugees in Turkey into Europe, so he’s just waiting for the script to provide the justification to do so (in Syria, off Cyprus, or with a Turkish financial collapse).
  • the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem – This will occur regardless of whether we’re on the Peace Path or the War Path, and it will happen even if the globalists delay everything till later. The Peace Path doesn’t mean there’ll be no armed conflict (we’ve already seen it in Syria and Ukraine); it just means there’ll be no World War 3.

Should the globalists opt to punt, you’ll see many of these things get delayed / pushed back (like the Brexit and the US debt limit), and others will simply fizzle. Then we’ll have to fight the battle for the rest of 2019.

On another note, the globalists may have structured this whole thing so they can keep a half trillion dollars in tax refund money. During the shutdown, no refunds will be issued. And if we go into an expensive crisis for some reason while it’s still in effect, the Treasury will use that money to fund the crisis response. This is how they might keep food stamps going till April, and this is how they’ll screw us one last time before the debt default.

They tried this back in 2014, and I wrote about it then.

(28 December 2018) – In yesterday’s update, I noted the subtle setup for a possible Putin assassination in as little as two days. But upon searching further, I found that all 5 “Avatars” are being set up for near-term assassination or removal. Since we’ve already covered the setups for Trump and Putin, here are the rest…

> Xi Jinping is set to be taken down by the Chinese “Deep State” (who are allied with the West) in retaliation for his anti-corruption drive and his failure to reach a trade deal with Trump. Here is an example of the press narrating the motive…

…from Yahoo News/AFP. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Analysts however say the president’s authority has been contested over the last few months due to an economic slowdown triggered by an ongoing trade war with the US…

Lam said Xi was being challenged for underestimating US President Donald Trump’s determination and failing to see the tariff increases that particularly penalise the export regions in the south and east and the country’s high-tech industries.

Xi “is under tremendous pressure to come to a compromise with Trump” before the deadline in early March, he said.

The date coincides with the annual plenary session of the Chinese parliament, during which Xi risks criticism from the representatives of the regions and sectors most affected by the trade tensions. <<<

> Narendra Modi is set to be taken down by “Muslim terrorists.” Here is an example of the press laying down the Muslim motivation for his murder…

…from The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> …Indian Muslims continue to live their worst nightmare as they wake up each morning to humiliating and threatening discourse by legislators and members of the ruling party.

Anti-Muslim hate crimes are not just encouraged but also rewarded by those in power. According to a report on hate crimes released by Fact Checker, 76 percent of victims of hate crimes in India over the past 10 years have been Muslims. Ninety percent of these attacks have occurred since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was voted into power in 2014. <<<

> Qasem Soleimani is set to be assassinated after the planned Israeli false-flags against the USS Stennis and/or Rome. Details are in updates further down this page.

And the other two potential “Avatars” (in case the globalists decide to narrate 7 Avatars) are set to be taken down by “Muslim terrorists”…

> Here is the signaling for the Dalai Lama

…from The News Minute. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The National Investigation Agency has charged two men it had arrested from Karnataka in August this year for allegedly hatching a plot to kill the Dalai Lama. The NIA filed a chargesheet against the two men suspected to be members of a Bangladesh-based terror outfit.

One of the accused, Adil Sheikh (29) was arrested from Cantonment Railway Station on August 6 and is believed to be a senior member of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen (JMB), Bangladesh. The second suspect Mohammed Jahidul Islam alias Munir Sheikh (38) who was arrested from Ramanagaram on August 7, is a native of Jamalpur, Bangladesh…

The NIA filed a charge sheet before the Special Court in Patna on Thursday and said that the explosion was to have been carried out when the Dalai Lama and the governor of Bihar were at the Bodh Gaya temple. <<<

> And Pope Francis is scripted to die in either the Israeli false-flag against Rome in February (during the Sex Abuse Conclave) or in an Islamist attack against Vatican City. Details can be found in updates further down the page.

If you are a new reader, scroll down the page or use the FIND feature of your browser to locate the section titled Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars. It will tell you what I mean when I talk about the “Avatars.”

Out of all these assassinations/removals, Trump and Putin’s are the ones to watch. Their fate will tell us which way the globalists will script 2019 and beyond…

If both Trump and Putin survive till the end of March, we’ll likely see a Peace Path victory on their part. They’ll prevent the world war the “Zionists/Neocons/Neolibs” are trying to start, and we’ll see a “mass arrests” scenario take down the US “Deep State.” This will lead to similar “Deep State” takedowns in Western Europe. And once all the P5 nations are under “right wing populist/nationalist” control, they’ll reform the UN into the NWO by the end of September.

Under this scenario, March will mark the end of the first 7-year prophecy cycle (March 2012 – March 2019), and September will mark the beginning of the second 7-year prophecy cycle (September 2019 – September 2026). To understand why there are two 7-year prophecy cycles, read the top section of “End Times” Programming.

~ MORE – 29 December 2018 ~

If Trump falls by April but Putin survives, we’ll see America descend into violence and martial law, and President Pence will confront Putin to give Americans an external enemy to focus their rage upon…

…Eventually, the confrontation will lead to either Putin’s assassination or nuclear war.

Under this scenario, March will mark the beginning of the “Great Tribulation”: the middle point of the first 7-year prophecy cycle (September 2015 – September 2022). Although the Great Tribulation (GT) is supposed to last for 3.5 years, they may cut it short and end it in September of 2019. This would be the narrative for an abbreviated GT…

“The Antichrist Pence and his Western Satanic cohorts were taking us into an early nuclear war to destroy humanity before Christ’s scheduled return. So God had to intervene to stop this by sending in his legions and elevating Christ [Putin] before the appointed time.”

Such an abbreviated GT would not only speed up the globalists’ advance towards their goals, it would also serve as “evidence” that Putin isn’t the real Christ “because Biblical prophecy was not properly fulfilled; it was a Satanic deception.” In the second, “real” prophecy cycle, the globalists will not deviate from the full 7-year formula.

As for how the nuclear launches will start, there are three ways…

  1. If Putin is alive, Pence will launch a first strike on Russia and the fake ETs will intervene to stop it.
  2. If Putin is dead, the “Atlantic Integrationist / Western ally” Medvedev may maintain the confrontation till mutual launches start in keeping with “the Satanist plan for a 95% depopulation through nuclear war.” The fake ETs + the “resurrected” Putin will intervene to stop it.
  3. If Putin is dead, the “Atlantic Integrationist / Western ally” Medvedev may end the confrontation and join with the West to form the “evil-version” NWO. But when a “resurrected” Putin shows up at the founding meeting, they’ll know the jig is up and order missile launches to destroy the world. Putin’s fake ET pals will then intervene to save us.

If both Trump and Putin are dead/deposed by April, we’ll see one of the two Medvedev options I listed above. And the globalists would schedule the “divine intervention” by the fake ETs + the “resurrected” Avatars for March 2019, September 2019, or September 2022. It all depends on how soon the Avatars are removed and how much the globalists want us to suffer.

Having laid all this out, I would opt for the Peace Path if I were the globalists. It would be less insane and therefore more believable, and it would allow me to keep my magic powder dry for the end of the second prophecy cycle. Doing one magic show without being exposed as a fraud is easier than doing two.

If the globalists were rational, though, they wouldn’t be trying any of this crap in the first place, so there’s no telling what they’ll choose. Maybe they’ll just punt again.

To put everything in perspective, here is an overview of the two candidate time periods that could be narrated as the 1st 7-year prophecy cycle…

The First Candidate Period for Prophecy Cycle 1: MARCH 2012 – MARCH 2019

ITS BEGINNING WAS MARKED BY: The March 2012 election of Putin as President of Russia.

ITS MIDDLE POINT WAS MARKED BY: The September 2015 revelation of the “Antichrist” and “False Prophet” (Obama and Pope Francis), the final Super Blood Moon of the Four Blood Moons, and Putin’s intervention against “Satanic” forces in Syria.

ITS END WOULD BE MARKED BY: The March 2019 peaceful victory over the Western Satanic forces by the Living Putin or the March 2019 arrival of the Dead & Resurrected Putin with a “Heavenly Host” (the fake ETs).

The Second Candidate Period for Prophecy Cycle 1: SEPTEMBER 2015 – SEPTEMBER 2022

ITS BEGINNING WAS MARKED BY: The September 2015 final Super Blood Moon of the Four Blood Moons and Putin’s intervention against “Satanic” forces in Syria.

ITS MIDDLE POINT WOULD BE MARKED BY: The March 2019 “Satanic” victory over the incarnate Avatars and the plunging of the world into darkness.

ITS END WOULD BE MARKED BY: The September 2019 or September 2022 return of the resurrected Avatars with a Heavenly Host.

(27 December 2018) – During a quick internet sweep, I ran across an odd article on Zero Hedge

I found it funny that they posted an article about Rasputin’s assassination at this time, since I’m about to write an article that tells people to watch out for a fake Putin assassination between now and the end of March.

According to the Wikipedia article on Rasputin, his actual assassination date is December 30 (according to the currently-used calendar), so watch out for a New Year’s surprise vis-a-vis Putin. Should Putin be attacked, it will first be blamed on Ukraine and later on Medvedev & his “Atlantic Integrationist” cohorts. And Putin will either survive the attack or be “resurrected” some time later (perhaps 3 months later at the end of March or in September).

For more on Putin’s odd connection to Rasputin, read Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections.

Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year:
Le Pen and Corbyn will win

(22 December 2018) – Have you noticed how the political script is showing both Macron and May in deep trouble going into 2019? This is part of the setup for a Peace Path option next year. Should the globalists opt for the Peace Path, Trump and Putin will survive through March, and they’ll be joined by Le Pen and Corbyn. This will turn the P5 board all green…

And once all the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council are pro-Putin, they’ll allow the UN to be “reformed” to be stronger and “more representative” — to become the New World Order

So if the globalists opt for the Peace Path, March troubles will lead to “earth-shattering revelations” and mass arrests in the US and Western Europe. And the dire situation will lead to the rapid reform of the UN by September (just in time for the Jewish New Year).

I know I’m throwing a lot of scenarios at you, so I’ll do a systematic breakdown of the globalists’ scripting options before New Year’s Day. It will be very easy to follow.

~ MORE ~

Let’s have a look at Macron’s situation in France…

The globalists have scripted Macron’s weakening by means of deliberately unpopular policy initiatives and a color revolution (the “Yellow Vests”) that seeks his resignation, and all it will take is one more giant demonstration or one more outrageous policy mistake to seal his fate. What will it be? A December 31 Yellow Vest or “terrorist” event when Christmas is over and everyone is out on the street for New Year’s? The slaughter of French soldiers or French Muslim rioting when French forces and Turkish forces clash in northeast Syria?…

…from CNBC/Reuters

Whatever event forces Macron’s resignation, removal or death, the French rules of Presidential succession will be triggered…

>>> Upon the death, removal, or resignation of the President, the President of the Senate takes over as acting president…

The first round of a new presidential election must be organized no sooner than twenty days and no later than thirty-five days following the vacancy of the presidency. Because fifteen days can separate the first and second rounds of a presidential election, this means that the President of the Senate can only act as President of the Republic for a maximum period of fifty days. – from Wikipedia <<<

And the outrage generated by the Macron-dooming event will make Marine Le Pen the obvious choice going forward…

>>>The choice in the 2019 European election will be between Macron’s EU, working towards federalism and mass immigration, and a Europe of free nations, of identities and protections, the one we represent,” Marine Le Pen has said. – from The Guardian <<<

Now let’s have a look at May’s situation in the UK…

The globalists have scripted May’s weakening by having her sabotage the Brexit, which is perceived by the public as her bumbling mismanagement of the affair. But the Brexit is completely out of her hands. The globalists want the Brexit; that’s why the referendum succeeded. And they furthermore want the Brexit to be of the no-deal variety, because they are in the process of taking down the EU so Farage and Le Pen’s vision of an NWO European confederation can rise from its ashes. A no-deal Brexit is going to happen regardless of what silly dramas take place on the public stage, and May will be scapegoated for it. There will be a snap election.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn has set himself up to please both the pro and anti Brexiteers…

…from The Guardian

His commitment to proceed with the Brexit is designed to please pro-Brexit voters, and the prospect that his party might slow it down or call another referendum will appeal to anti-Brexit voters. And as I’ve written before, Corbyn will offer Scotland independence in return for the Scottish National Party’s support. Since an independent Scotland could supposedly remain in the EU, they’ll take the deal, but it’s all academic. The EU will soon be dead anyway.

~ MORE – 24 December 2018 ~

Here is a section I wrote on January 7 of this year in Globalist Agenda Watch 2018

>>> The UN reforms will proceed either due to the fear created by the intercepted nuclear launches or by simple agreement once the US, France and the UK are under NWO leaders. In the US, that leader will be Rand Paul; in France, it will be Marine Le Pen; and in the UK, it will be Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, or a Farage-like leader in the UKIP-like, reorganized (post-scandal) Conservative Party. Once the globalists unleash their limited-hangout Truth Tsunami, Farage and his ilk may enjoy greater-than-ever popularity due to revelations of “the massive Establishment campaign against his life and credibility.” <<<

Since the globalists have been unable to engineer the proper conditions to elect Farage in the next snap election, they are resorting to Jeremy Corbyn in the near term. And they are already starting to play “the massive Establishment campaign against his life and credibility” card in relation to the substitute…

…from RT

They are setting up Corbyn to ride the wave of Brexit outrage into office, but he won’t be there long. After the “Truth Tsunami” starts rolling over the public, Corbyn will be on his way out too (a communist/socialist leader has no place in the Austrian-economics-based NWO). And they are already having Farage move to build “the UKIP-like, reorganized (post-scandal) Conservative Party” that will carry him into power…

…from The Telegraph

Back in the 2016 US presidential election, the globalists faced the same Farage-like problem in generating popularity for Rand Paul. This is why they elected Donald Trump as his substitute. And if Trump survives 2019, it will be he instead of Paul who brings us into the NWO. Otherwise, they’ll bring Paul (or Tulsi Gabbards) into office one way or another, perhaps after a Corbyn-like short stay in office for Pence.

~ MORE 2 ~

Come to think of it, if Corbyn is elected and the EU “goes Medieval” on the UK over the Brexit, it would be a great way of outraging the British public into Farage’s arms. This argues for a “Great Tribulation” period following March. That period could last a few months till September of 2019 or a few years until September of 2022.

~ MORE 3 ~

Thinking things through further, I am reminded of the fact that both the UK and France have decided to leave their forces beside the Kurds in Syria, so they’ll soon be facing off against Erdogan’s invasion of Kurdish territory. What do you think the script calls for Erdogan to do when EU troops start taking Turkish lives in Syria? He will unleash his long-threatened 3-million migrant invasion and instruct his terror cells in the EU to go hog wild; that’s what he’ll do. And what will the EU Establishment then do? They’ll respond weakly and actively hamper the EU nations’ ability to respond to the chaos.

So the combination of EU economic blackmail and migrant chaos will push the EU peoples right into the arms of Le Pen, Farage, and all the other “right wing nationalist/populist” leaders. It will be a pure fight for survival.

As I’ve written previously, the NWO historical record of this period will say that Erdogan and the “Satanic” Western Establishment worked hand-in-hand in the Islamist invasion of Europe. They will say that the Satanists and Islamists were attempting to destroy all of Christian civilization, and only the “Christian Champion” Putin and his populist allies in the West were able to stop the onslaught.

(Expanded Note – 22 December 2018) – A reader sent me a very intriguing puzzle piece this morning…

…from Israel Hayom

And the Israel Hayom article was based on this note in the New York Post

Neither article mentions exactly when Kissinger reportedly said this, but if we assume word spread quickly, it must have been that same month. So counting forward ten years from September of 2012 brings us to September 2022. And if the report is accurate, it would mean that the globalists have scheduled the First Battle of Armageddon for that month. In turn, that would mean this coming March is indeed the scheduled beginning of the “Great Tribulation” (see the 20 December update a little further down for more on that).

From the way things are shaping up, March is also looking like the month that the “American Empire” will begin its fall. Interestingly, the Soviet Union began its fall in a March too, and on a “master number” date no less…

…from Google

As for the fate of Israel in September of 2022, it will be saved from the brink of total destruction by Putin and the globalists’ fake ETs — only to be destroyed by the same seven years later in 2029.

Of course, I won’t let this one report narrow my vision, so I’ll prepare forecasts based on all three timeline variations they could use: 1) the 2012-2019 prophecy cycle suggested by Putin’s election, 2) the 2015-2022 prophecy cycle suggested by the “Blood Moons” and Kissinger’s comment, and 3) the globalists’ standard “March trouble leads to a September climax” template (in which America’s fall in March leads to the birth of the NWO in September).

~ MORE ~

Let’s not forget that Trump has “vowed” to release his Middle East peace plan by the end of January, and it will include a “two-state” solution that divides Jerusalem into three parts. Among the Christian prophecy propagandists, this plan will be touted as the thing that brings “god’s judgment” on Trump and the United States, because “god will divide those who divide Israel.” So the peace plan’s release will be the indicator of Trump’s imminent fall by removal, assassination, or suicide (like Vindex). Look for the release by the end of March at the latest.

(21 December 2018) – Well it looks like we’ll get the partial government shutdown after all, and it will start on the 22nd. This decision along with the decision to withdraw forces from Syria will create the scripted reason for some Senate Republicans to turn against Trump and side with the Democrats on his impeachment conviction in the Senate. Back when they impeached and tried Clinton, it took 3 months. A similar process would put Trump’s removal in… you guessed it… March.

Now we wait and see when they narrate the food stamps program as running out of money. My bet would be that no food stamps will be issued for April. That would coincide with the race war scheduled for South Africa on March 31 (the day they’ll start seizing land from the white farmers). From the globalist perspective, having that news come out of South Africa the day before the food stamps are a no-show will put the “right idea” into the minds of the “right demographic.” It’ll get ugly quick.

Oh, and we hit the debt ceiling again in early March. When we’ve hit it in the past, the Treasury has used “extraordinary measures” to buy us some extra months before the government defaults on its debts. What if, for some reason, they don’t or can’t use such measures this time?

Are the globalists trying to script a March 2019 beginning
for the “Great Tribulation”?
(Or will March be its end? – more 3)

(20 December 2018) – I’ve been looking all over to get an idea of the timetable for the US troop withdrawal from Syria, and RT is reporting “60 to 100 days.” So if you count forward 100 days from yesterday, you arrive at March 29 — yet another end of March timing. Interestingly, Jewish New Year falls exactly six months later on September 29-October 1. This got me thinking…

Do you remember back in 2015, when the prophecy propagandists were making a big deal out of the “Blood Moon Tetrad”?…

>>> The blood moon prophecy was a series of apocalyptic beliefs promoted by Christian ministers John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which state that a tetrad… which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is a sign of the beginning of the end times as described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015. — from Wikipedia <<<

Well let’s count forward one prophecy cycle (42 months/3.5 years) from the final eclipse of the tetrad: September 2015 + 6 months = March 2016 + 3 years = March 2019. So all these March 2019 indicators we’re seeing could be related to a globalist effort to script the beginning of the “Great Tribulation” for late March of next year. The full 7-year “end times” cycle would then end another 3.5 years later on Jewish New Year of 2022 (which falls on September 27, 2022, exactly 7 years after the final “Super Blood Moon” of September 27, 2015.

If this is so, we might have 3.5 years of misery ahead of us. It would start with the fall of Trump early next year and end with Putin’s victory over “the West’s evil New World Order” in 2022.

I’ll do what I can to blow it up.

~ MORE ~

Before you discount the Blood Moon Prophecy predictions of John Hagee, remember this section from an earlier entry…

…from The Times of Israel. Here is a notable excerpt…

>>> According to popular American evangelical pastor John Hagee, the blood moons are historically linked with a time period “that begins with a tragedy and ends with a triumph” for the Jewish people…

In May, Hagee delivered the closing benediction at the ceremony marking the US embassy’s historic move to the Israeli capital. <<<

Isn’t it interesting that the US and Israeli governments had a Blood Moon apocalyptic preacher close the embassy ceremony a few months ago? And he was introduced by the Chabad-connected US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman…

…from YouTube

Things like this show you why this stuff must be taken seriously.

Hagee is very much a part of the official prophecy propaganda corps, so like the excerpt says, “this stuff must be taken seriously.”

Scroll (or search) halfway down this page to the section titled “Trump’s Chabad delegation to the embassy ceremony” for more information on the people Trump sent to Jerusalem.

~ MORE 2 ~

Here’s another angle…

Let’s count BACK one prophecy cycle from the final Blood Moon: September 2015 – 3 years = September 2012 – 6 months = March 2012. And do you know what happened in March of 2012? This…

…from Wikipedia

So if they narrate the start of the full 7-year cycle as Putin’s election in 2012, the “Blood Moon Tetrad” signaled the beginning of the “Great Tribulation,” which would END 3.5 years later in March of 2019. That’s when Putin would take on the mantle of “world leader.”

~ MORE 3 ~

Here’s more contextual support for a March 2012 to March 2019 prophecy cycle…

Within Christian prophecy lore, there is a general expectation that the “Antichrist” will be unmasked halfway through the 7-year prophecy cycle. And at the midpoint of the 2012-2019 cycle, in September of 2015, Pope Francis (the decoy “false prophet”) came to the US and met with Obama (the decoy “Antichrist”). This famous photo was taken when Obama met Francis at Andrews Air Force Base on September 22 (note Obama’s devil horns)…

Also, much ado was made about Obama and Francis’ September 23 meeting…

…from Z3 News

“Coincidentally,” the Pope’s arrival in the US and meeting with Obama occurred on Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement…

…from Google

Needless to say, America didn’t atone for its sins that day. How could it when the “false prophet” and “antichrist” were running around its capital? So a few days later, on September 27, the Super Blood Moon came. And a few days after that, on September 30, America met with a change of fortune in Syria…

…from NPR

The Russian airstrikes began when Assad was near defeat, and as we approach (in March) the 3.5 year mark of Putin and Soleimani’s intervention on Assad’s behalf, their victory over America is at hand. “Christ” and “Imam Mahdi” have triumphed over the plans of the “Antichrist.” So the story goes…

(19 December 2018) – Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by Trump’s withdrawal of US forces from Syria. The Saudi and UAE forces will still be there, and US air support of the Kurds may continue (through Saudi forward air controllers). If even one US bomb falls in the wrong spot, Incirlik will be toast.

Here’s an article you might want to read…

…from MEMRI. Here is an excerpt showing the words of the Turkish editor the article references…

>>> The UAE and Saudi delegations are visiting PKK camps in the region, sending military experts, and deploying troops in the region. Against whom? Against us. They are building fronts along Turkey’s border. They are making joint preparations with Western militaries and terrorist organizations for a war against our country…

They are preparing for the Great Gulf War, which is planned to be launched right after the Syria war. They are drawing the whole region into a trap in accordance with both Israel’s priorities and the U.S.’s occupation preferences in the region. <<<

Interestingly, MEMRI is run out of Washington, D.C. by a “former” Israeli spook, Yigal Carmon.

Special Note – 13 December 2018
(with Dec 16 & 18 enhancements in blue and green)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Xmas…

> A Mossad false-flag in Europe (or against the Stennis) is looming.

In fact, it may have already occurred. The December 11 Christmas market shooting in Strasbourg, France (which is the seat of the European Parliament) would do nicely for Israel’s purposes. So far, the French investigators are saying the gunman’s motives are unknown, which means the door remains open for them to tie him to Iran somehow — perhaps by claiming that Iranian intelligence agents masquerading as ISIS recruiters convinced him to do the shooting. That would be in keeping with the Mossad’s “Iranian terror masking itself as ISIS terror” ploy I’ve previously warned about.

If, however, they decide to do a new attack to be blamed on Iran, the candidate days are December 22, 24, 25, 31, and January 1. According to the script, the Mossad view it as imperative to conduct the false-flag and place the blame on Iran before the EU Special Purpose Vehicle for Iran is launched.

> “Within days,” Ukraine will launch an offensive against Russian proxy forces in the east.

The Russians are suggesting that the Ukrainian president will do this due to the upcoming presidential election…

>>> …martial law is likely meant to keep Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in power. His approval ratings give him little hope for reelection, but an escalation of hostilities in the east will serve as a popularity boost. And if that would not be enough, martial law gives the legal ground to cancel the election altogether… — from RT <<<

Since the Ukrainian election will take place on March 31 of next year, we can expect whatever starts this month to escalate as we approach it. This means we won’t likely see any huge crisis erupt till March/April, and such a crisis will likely be marked by a Ukrainian attempt to retake the Crimea.

> “In a few days,” Erdogan’s FSA proxy army will launch an offensive against the Kurds in Syria (who are backed by American, Saudi, and UAE troops).

And as of 12/17, the preparations for the offensive are complete and Erdogan is saying that “Trump has responded favorably to the possibility of an operation to the east of the Euphrates river carried out by Turkey.” According to script, though, the Kurds and the US “Deep State” will not respond favorably to the prospect of losing their hard-gained territory in Syria, so they’ll do whatever it takes to sabotage both the Turkish incursion and Trump. This means “accidents” will happen in which Turkish and US forces are killed, and that will set off a dangerous chain of events which includes the Turkish seizure of US forces and US nukes at Incirlik Air Base.

We know the Incirlik scenario is in play because the press just narrated that US nuclear bombs are still there…

This was done in conjunction with a story about Russia “accidentally” revealing all the secret military facilities in Turkey and Israel. The Russian revelations will later be sold as “Putin’s attempt to warn and deter the aggressors who were about to start a full-blown Middle East war.”

On the naval front, Turkey has its navy escorting its hydrocarbon survey and drilling vessels as part of “Operation Mediterranean Shield”…

…from Yeni Safak

They are adding another drilling vessel early next year, so the long-anticipated showdown in Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone could come by March as well.

> China is signaling that they’ll soon start ramming American ships in the Pacific.

Needless to say, the US Navy will not take kindly to that. It is their preference to collide only with commercial vessels.

> And a US government shutdown over the border wall is looming on December 21.

On the morning of December 18th, the White House said that Trump will find other ways of funding the border wall, so we might not see a shutdown. But we may see Trump soon announce the start of construction for the wall. Either way, we can expect the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to jump on Trump as soon as they take office on January 3.

Events could move very quickly in the first three months of next year.

ALERT (10 December 2018) – A Mossad False-Flag is Imminent
(+ Ballistic Missiles and the IDF Tunnels into Lebanon — scroll down to
the red section)

All of a sudden, Europe has recommitted to the Special Purpose Vehicle for Iran…

…from RT. Here is an excerpt…

>>>I will expect this instrument to be established in the coming weeks before the end of the year as a way to protect and promote legitimate business,” EU’s foreign policy chief told reporters on Monday. <<<

This means a Mossad false-flag to be blamed on Iran is imminent. The incident could be another assassination attempt in Europe that either succeeds or is foiled (with the Mossad’s “help”), or it could be the Stennis. Once an “Iranian” nuke explodes over a Western target, the SPV will be off the table, which is exactly what the Israelis want (according to the script).

Could we be looking at a Christmas Day attack?

P.S. – Speaking of the potential March climax next year, we’re looking at a no-deal Brexit on March 29 and a race war in South Africa that could kick off on March 31. So the Darkness Before the Dawn phase of the NWO implementation plan could be well underway by next April, with a likely big climax next September.

(7 December 2018) – As I continue looking into this thing, it is becoming clear that the false-flag nuking of the Stennis is meant to scare Europe into joining a war in Lebanon and Syria (both these nations are purported to host Quds Force / Hezbollah missile factories). It will also play into the globalists prophecy fulfillment plan.

The Iranian missile that was tested last week was most likely the Khorramshahr, which is supposedly capable of carrying multiple warheads and may have an actual range of 2,500 km. This would put Rome within range of a Khorramshahr based in Lebanon…

…from Google Maps

And that particular development is interesting in light of one of the prophecies the globalists are trying to fulfill…

>>>the “kings of the earthgather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky. <<<

MIRVed warheads look like fiery stones falling from the sky, don’t they? And can you guess what’s happening early next year?…

>>> …a February conclave of world Catholic leaders meets in Rome [on the Church’s sexual abuse problem]…” – from <<<

So the Catholic “kings of the earth” will gather in a conclave in Rome from February 21-24, and their destruction by “Iranian” MIRVs would be a great lead-in to March, which is the next potential globalist climax point.

False-Flag Warning: Persian Gulf
(+ Ballistic Missiles and the IDF Tunnels into Lebanon,
in red)

(Expanded & Enhanced Note – 3 December 2018) – Here comes a rather obvious false-flag play…

…from Zero Hedge

The aircraft carrier will be arriving a mere matter of days after the Fifth Fleet Commander (who is in charge of the Middle East) was found dead in “an apparent suicide”…

…from The Navy Times

And I’ve heard rumors in the controlled alt-media that the commander was suicided over his resistance to a false-flag plan vis-a-vis Iran. So what we have here is a rather clumsy, obvious, and well-telegraphed setup for a “carrier down” false-flag. Tomorrow, I’ll look around and see if they’ve added anything hidden or interesting to the scenario. In the meantime, have a look at what I wrote about the “carrier down” scenario back in April…

(Special Note – 29 April 2018) – An Israeli naval false-flag warning for May & How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

Will the start of World War III be attributed to an Iranian copy of a Russian rocket torpedo with a North Korean nuclear warhead…

Have a look at this Newsweek article from 3 days ago: IRAN THREATENS TO SINK U.S. WARSHIPS AS TRUMP CONSIDERS LEAVING NUCLEAR DEAL

Then have a look at this Newsweek article from last year: IRAN’S MILITARY FIRES ADVANCED TORPEDO BASED ON RUSSIA’S FASTEST IN THE WORLD

Given the Iranian naval chief’s threat to sink US ships, the door is now open for an Israeli false-flag attack on a US Navy ship, with the most likely method of attack being a Russian-made Shkval-E rocket torpedo fired from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. The blame can then be laid on the Iranian navy and their Hoot rocket torpedo, which is a copy of the Shkval. The attack would most likely be staged after May 12, when Trump may decide to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Since the Shkval is known to be a very noisy weapon that gives away the position of the sub that fires it, the Israeli sub would likely fire it from a shadowing position behind an Iranian sub. They would then fire a conventional torpedo to sink the sub they’re shadowing. That way, Israel can claim they “sank the Iranian sub that sank the American ship.”

What heroes! 

By the way, this is the likely target of the Shkval…

…from Google News (the Truman left port on April 11, which is another indicator of mischief)

The sinking of one or more American aircraft carriers during the war is a key part of the globalist script. The event is meant to mark the end of the era of American force projection around the world.

As to why their sub was in the Persian Gulf, the Israelis will have a built-in excuse…

…from Israel National News. Since Israel’s submarines are diesel-powered, the words “nuclear submarine” in the title imply a submarine with nuclear warheads aboard.

How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

The more I look into the crystal ball on this one, the bigger it gets. Have a look at this testimony from a Congressional Joint Hearing on the Iran-North Korea Strategic Alliance (page 35)…

>>> I think, make it clear that North Korea has made this singular achievement in its nuclear weapons program. The danger immediately from this—and reports are that production of these warheads is increasing. That is what the Chinese nuclear experts told our people in February in Beijing. The danger simply is this: Iran’s Shahab-3 intermediate-range missile is a twin of the Nodong, developed with considerable North Korean assistance. Nodong nuclear warheads will be, and I believe are, compatible with the Shahab-3. A North Korean-Iranian agreement to share Nodong nuclear warheads, it seems to me, is a realistic possibility at this stage. North Korea and Iran have had successful sea and air clandestine transportation networks. There have been few interdictions of these networks. The transfer of Nodong warheads from North Korea to Iran would have a good chance of success. And given the forecast for production increases in North Korea, you could see a real danger of this developing, it seems to me, as early as 2016. Thus, if this happens, Iran would have a secret stockpile of nuclear warheads, in Iran, that it could unveil at any time of its own choosing and thus present the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world with a fait accompli, regardless of what happens with the Iran agreement or anything else that goes on with the Iranian nuclear program. <<<

In light of this testimony and the fact that the Shkval torpedo is designed to be nuclear-capable, we see how the Deep State may be scripted to “kill” Trump and start a war with both Iran and North Korea at the same time (then pivot into the “Battle of Armageddon” with Israel).

1) Bring Trump to Jerusalem and “assassinate” him during an outbreak of chaos.
2) Sink the U.S.S. Harry Truman with a nuclear Shkval.
3) Have Pence point the finger at Iran for the torpedo and North Korea for its nuclear warhead, then start a war with both.
4) After the war is raging, have forensic tests from the sunken Truman show an Israeli radiation signature. At that point, EVERYONE will turn on Israel for starting the whole thing.

Tomorrow, we’ll also look into the possibility of a drone speedboat or drone aircraft being used to carry a nuke right up to the Stennis…

…from Google

And let’s not forget what a fine target the Bush funeral would supposedly be for “Hezbollah terror cells in the Washington D.C. area.” They could punish the Bushes (who were responsible for both invasions of Iraq) and kill Trump at the same time.

(4 December 2018) – I took my son on an outing today, but I continued pondering how the American / Israeli / Saudi false-flaggers might get a nuke near the Stennis. Here’s what I came up with…

  1. They may use an “Iranian” ballistic missile fired out of Yemen or Iraq, with Iraq being the more likely choice.
  2. They may use a specially modified drone or cruise missile, with a replica of Iran’s Shahed S-171 Simorgh drone being the most likely choice.
  3. They may use a conventionally-powered or rocket-powered torpedo, with the rocket-powered Shkval/Hoot being the more likely choice.
  4. They may use a drone speedboat (with either dummies or jihadi martyrs aboard).

I’ll extend and enhance these four points tomorrow.

By the way, the press are saying that the Stennis will arrive by the end of the week. And do you know what else arrives at the end of the week? The 77th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, which occurred on December 7, 1941. This would make Friday the 7th the most attractive strike date.

Also, if the Bush funeral is targeted tomorrow, it will likely be done by MEK terrorists posing as Hezbollah terrorists posing as ISIS terrorists. So the blame would first go to ISIS, then Hezbollah/Iran, then the MEK/Israel. An inertially-guided drone swarm would be the most likely attack method (to get past the Secret Service jammers).

(5 December 2018) – I did a little poking around yesterday to see why the Stennis was chosen as the carrier to be sacrificed, and I came across this…

…from USNI News (note the Pearl Harbor headlines in the website graphics at the top). Here is an excerpt…

>>> The John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group left Naval Base Kitsap last week for a deployment and an eventual homeport change with no public notice…

The Navy is not publically acknowledging much about the deployment.

“Stennis is underway, operating in the 3rd Fleet area of operations. However, we don’t discuss future operations,” spokesman Cmdr. John Fage told USNI News in a Monday statement.

Following the deployment, Stennis will begin its four-year mid-life refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) at Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia. <<<

The last part I bolded is what really got my attention, so I looked into what the RCOH entails…

>>> Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) is a process for refueling and upgrading nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the US Navy. The nuclear reactors that power some aircraft carriers typically use up their nuclear fuel about halfway through their desired 50-year life spans. Because carriers can last so long before being retired, they are refueled and refurbished with an RCOH to extend their usable lifetime. At the same time a ship is refueled, it is given a complex overhaul in which broken, worn or obsolete parts are repaired or replaced and systems are modernized. The modernization typically includes an upgrade of ship’s combat systems and warfighting capabilities, its internal distribution systems are upgraded, and allowance is made for future upgrades over the ship’s remaining operational service life. Given the size of an aircraft carrier and the number of systems and subsystems it has, an RCOH is extremely complex, costly (several billion dollars), and time-consuming. Each RCOH is planned to take 46 months. — from Wikipedia <<<

So the Stennis is at the end of the first half of its usable life, and sinking it now will save billions of overhaul dollars AND start the desired war with Iran.

I also ran across a Press TV article that said the Stennis will spend the next two months in the Persian Gulf (and that time will certainly be extended if a crisis develops). This means that even if nothing happens this week, the “carrier down” card will remain in the globalists’ hand for play at any time in the coming weeks. So after I’m done covering this scenario, I’ll add it to the Compendium further down this page for future reference.

(6 December 2018) – I am in the process of researching and writing more about the four ways the false-flaggers can put a nuke near the Stennis, and I came across Israel’s Sparrow “target” missile…

The Sparrow is an air-launched ballistic missile specifically designed to simulate the flight characteristics of Iran’s Shahab-3, and it has a modular warhead section. So it could be fired from an Israeli aircraft over Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen or even Iran to simulate an Iranian Shahab-3 nuclear attack against the Stennis.

To understand the true capabilities of the Israeli Sparrow, have a look at a similar missile developed by the Russians, the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal

Since it looks like I’ll be unable to complete the new section today (the research keeps ballooning on me), let me mention one other key bit of information about “Iran’s” possible use of a stealth drone as the warhead platform:

Iran’s Shahed S-171 Simorgh drone was designed to be a full-scale copy of the CIA’s RQ-170 drone that was lost over Iran back in 2011. So to stage a false-flag with what appears to be a Simorgh, all the plotters need do is repaint one of the CIA’s RQ-170s with Iranian markings, replace the surveillance equipment package with a compact 10 kiloton warhead, and send it on its merry way. Such a strike would thus eventually be revealed as a joint CIA-Mossad false-flag conducted with a CIA drone and a Mossad warhead.

(7 December 2018) – Today, let’s take a deeper look at the ways the US/Israel/Saudi cabal can nuke the Stennis and blame Iran for it. We’ll start with…

Method of Attack 1: They may use an “Iranian” ballistic missile fired out of Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, or Iran, with Iraq being the most likely choice.

In the original Wall Street Journal article on the Stennis’ deployment, it was suggested that it is being done to “exhibit a show of force against Iran,” with one of the precipitating factors being “Iran’s latest ballistic missile tests.” The article went on to mention the n-word…

>>> On Monday, the Trump administration urged Europe to impose new sanctions on Iran after it test fired a medium-range ballistic missile considered capable of carrying nuclear warheads that could reach parts of the European continent. <<<

Now if we recall what we read in the congressional testimony earlier in this entry, it has been suggested that North Korea may have given Iran nuclear warheads that are compatible with the Shahab-3 ballistic missile. And Israel claims that Iran has been testing the medium-range Shahab-3s this year. On top of all this, The Hill ran an article just this week that says Iran “probably” has nuclear warheads for the Shahab-3…

>>> Washington officialdom believes Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons based on little more than wishful thinking.

Two years ago, senior Reagan and Clinton administration officials warned that Iran probably already has nuclear weapons…

Iran probably has nuclear warheads for the Shahab-III medium-range missile, which they tested for making EMP attacks… And at a time of its choosing, Iran could launch a surprise EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack against the United States by satellite, as they have apparently practiced with help from North Korea.” <<<

So the mainstream media are not only suggesting Iran already has nuclear-armed Shahab-3s, but they’re also laying down the preparatory propaganda for an “Iranian” EMP attack on the US (we’ll get to that later). And the specific variant of the Shahab-3 that will likely be blamed for a ballistic missile sinking of the Stennis would be the “Emad”…

>>> The Emad (Pillar) surface-to-surface missile, designed and built by Iranian experts, is the country’s first long-range missile that can be precision-guided until it reaches its target, said Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan, Iran’s defense minister…

Anthony Cordesman, a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in October last year that the Emad was a variant of Iran’s existing Shahab-3 long-range missile, “but with a maneuvering reentry vehicle to improve system accuracy and complicate missile defense.”

The liquid-propelled rocket had a range of 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) and was accurate to within 500 meters (1,640 feet) of the target. — from CNN <<<

It just so happens that 500 meters is the “sure kill” radius of a 10-kiloton nuke. So if the warhead blows within 500 meters of the Stennis, the ship would be totaled by the air blast; if it blows within 200 meters, the ship would be consumed by the nuclear fireball.

All this being said, there’s one fundamental problem with using a ballistic missile for the op: the Persian Gulf is chock full of military radars that will record the flightpath of the ballistic missile, so how can they blame Iran for firing it when everyone will know that the missile track didn’t originate from Iranian soil?

That’s a question we’ll answer in the next part of this section (and part of the answer is already posted in yesterday’s addition to this entry).

(8 December 2018) – Picking up where we left off, there are two ways for the Israelis to fake an Iranian ballistic missile strike from foreign soil: 1) launch a Sparrow ballistic missile from an F-15 flying over the selected country, and 2) fire a ground-launched ballistic missile from the territory of the selected country.

I’ve already covered the Sparrow approach, but let me show you a little more about the missile from a 2011 Space News article

>>> Israel is developing an air-launched target missile to simulate the type of longer-range, evasive ballistic missile threats that its future two-tier Arrow active defense network is designed to intercept.

The two-stage missile, dubbed Silver Sparrow, is a much larger and faster version of the Black Sparrow and Blue Sparrow maneuvering target missiles developed and produced by state-owned Rafael Ltd…

“We need a new target to simulate as realistically as possible the speeds, ranges and [radar cross-section and infrared] signatures of threats likely to be encountered in the future by Arrow-3,” a senior MoD official said. <<<

So the 3-member Sparrow family of ALBMs (air-launched ballistic missiles) / FFBMs (false-flag ballistic missiles) are specifically designed to mimic the flight characteristics and sensor signatures of pretty much any ballistic missile in the Iranian inventory. This makes them the ideal instruments for conducting false-flag attacks to be blamed on Iran. And because the Israelis call them “target missiles,” they are counting on people leaving them out of any strategic calculus. But make no mistake, these Sparrows are dual-purpose strategic weapons custom-tailored for a time such as this.

When it comes to launching the Sparrows from the airspace of patsy countries, that is a very simple matter. F-15Is (the Israeli version of the F-15) are based on F-15Es, which are equipped with LANTIRN pods for radar-evading low-level flight. F-15Is are also equipped with Israel’s Elisra SPS-2110 electronic warfare system, which likely employs an Israeli version of the Thales Spectra active radar cancellation technology. This makes penetrating the airspace of nations equipped with second-rate air defense radars a high-confidence enterprise.

That being said, the Israelis have repeatedly used Lebanese airspace for standoff weapon attacks on Syria, so that will be routine for them. And both Iraqi and Yemeni airspace can be easily accessed through Saudi airspace. Given all the US and Saudi F-15s that fly across both borders from Saudi Arabia, an Israeli F-15 would blend right in. Only in penetrating Iranian airspace would the F-15I require the full use of its stealth entry capabilities.

(11 December 2018) – As for the other option of firing ground-launched ballistic missiles from Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon or Iran, that would be more problematic, but doable. A short-range ballistic missile could be smuggled into those nations in a cargo container (the Israelis have developed and currently sell such container-borne missiles). And a medium-range missile could conceivably be brought across Yemen and/or Iraq’s border with Saudi Arabia by the Saudi and US militaries. To get a medium-ranger into Iran, though, would be risky without inside help, and to get one into Lebanon would likely involve digging a tunnel from Israel into Lebanon and moving a Jericho II missile through it to an underground silo.

On the matter of Israeli tunnel-digging into Lebanon, have a look at what this article from The Times of Israel says…

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> As far back as 2014, residents of northern towns raised the alarm regarding the possibility of the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group tunneling below the border to carry out attacks…

Manelis told Army Radio that the tunnels identified by the IDF were not necessarily located in areas where residents had complained of noise.

“Hezbollah tunnels are not an immediate threat, and we have ruled out the existence of tunnels in places where residents reported digging noise — the location of the tunnels does not necessarily coincide with the complaints of the civilians,” he said.

The attack tunnels were long rumored to have been dug from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory by the Iran-backed terror group, but Israeli defense officials repeatedly either denied their existence or refused to discuss the matter.

MK Itzik Shmuli of the opposition Zionist Union faction tweeted Tuesday that “it is amazing that those who mocked the residents’ reports of excavation noise are now telling us with a straight face that it is a serious and concrete threat.”

In 2014, residents of the town of Zarit were so concerned by the noise and what they perceived to be inaction from the IDF after they submitted complaints that they announced their intention to start an independent digging operation, saying they would coordinate any finds with the IDF. <<<

As you can see, northern Israelis heard tunneling noises under their homes as far back as 2014, but the IDF “denied their existence,” “refused to discuss the matter,” and “mocked the residents’ report of excavation noise.” So why would the IDF respond in such a manner?…


To maintain the coverup, the IDF are now putting on a show (Operation Northern Shield) of looking for Hezbollah tunnels in an area away from where people were hearing the excavation noises. They wouldn’t want to dig up their own tunnels, now, would they?

Here’s another article that unintentionally sheds light on the subject…

…from Israel Today

>>> The operation against Hezbollah was launched hours after Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benyamin Netanyahu met US Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo in Brussels, Belgium where he discussed “a list of developments in the region” with the Secretary.

One of these developments is Iran’s increasing belligerent activity in Lebanon where it has built underground missile facilities which manufacture guided ballistic missiles…

The Americans are training and equipping 30.000 men of the Syrian Democratic Forces who will confront the Quds Force and Iranian-backed Shiite militias in northern and eastern Syria while the U.S. uses local Iraqi Sunni militias against the Iranian-backed Hashd al-Shaabi umbrella organization of predominantly Shiite militias in northern Iraq. <<<

So by saying that Iran and Hezbollah have built underground missile facilities in Lebanon, the media are preparing people to believe that any ballistic missiles fired from hidden underground silos there are Iran and Hezbollah’s. And an American / SDF attack on the Quds Force may be the trigger for the sinking of the Stennis. After all, the Quds Force is an official armed force of Iran, so the Americans using a proxy force to kill Iranian soldiers may supposedly anger the Iranians enough to kill American sailors with one of their own proxy forces.

Of course, building the tunnels and silos to make it look like Iran and Hezbollah were firing the missiles would be a more effective setup if people in Lebanon witnessed the launch. For this reason, the Israelis will position Arab sellouts in the right places to get cellphone videos of the missiles rising from the ground. They’ll be shouting “Allahu Akbar!” to cement the idea that it’s a Muslim launch. Afterwards, the Israelis will collapse the tunnels and hit the silos with “retaliatory” airstrikes to cover up the evidence.

More to come…

(3 December 2018) – The Standard Globalist Approach to World War 3, “Gog-Magog,” and the “Battle of Armageddon”

A notable thing about the aborted G20 operation is that it employed the same template as the aborted 2016 operation, which is…

Step 1) Do a global 9/11 attack that will get the whole world angry enough to fight a world war.
Step 2) Blame the attack on a Middle Eastern group or country to get all the world’s armies to gather there for a war against the supposed offenders.
Step 3) Switch the blame to the Mossad so the gathered armies will pivot into an invasion of Israel.
Step 4) Hold a final climactic battle in which Putin saves Israel.

Now let me show you how they applied that template in 2016 and 2018:

IN 2016, they planned to achieve steps one and two by staging an “ISIS” attack on the Rio Olympics…

This would have been an attack on athletes and spectators from almost every country, and the world’s armies would have gathered in and around Syria to destroy ISIS completely.

Once the war got going, they planned accomplish step three through public revelations of Israel’s complicity with ISIS in staging the attack…


This would have gotten all the nations that had been suckered into Syria to turn their forces on Israel for a furious attack.

You can read all about the 2016 setup in Your Guide to the Rio Olympics and Global 9/11. It was the preventative exposure entry I wrote for that operation.

IN 2018, they planned to achieve steps one and two by staging an “Iranian” assassination of the G20 leaders…

…from Haaretz

This would have been an attack on the 20 most influential nations in the world, and all their armies (and those of their allies) would have gathered around Iran to destroy the Iranian regime.

Once the war got going, they planned accomplish step three through public revelations of Israel’s sabotage of the Summit’s cyber-defenses, drone defenses, and underwater defenses, as well as their use of MEK terrorists to conduct the attack…

…from the Jewish Telegraph Agency

This would have gotten all the nations that had been suckered into war against Iran to turn their forces on Israel for a furious attack.

Now that we know their preferred template, we can keep an eye on similar international gatherings and summits in the future. And since they could also pursue their desired ends through a series of events rather than one big event, I’m going to prepare a list of the different wars they wish to start and monitor any approach to starting any of them.

I’ll also be watching George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Washington on Wednesday. If Mike Pence doesn’t attend, they could throw us a curveball there.

On a related note, back when I was warning about the planned 2016 Olympics attack, I was expecting it to include a biological, chemical, or radiological aspect — I don’t recall expecting a nuclear explosion. But perhaps I should have. I ran across this article during my research for this year’s planned attack…

…from The Independent

So this news item, which came out in various news outlets, was the globalists providing a backstory for an ISIS nuclear explosion in Rio. The news came out in May of 2015, which means that if ISIS had followed through on their “within a year” claim, they would have had a nuke by May of 2016 (in time for the August 2016 Olympics).

(2 December 2018) – The globalists pushed the delay button on the US-China “trade war,” so it looks like we’ve elbowed them out of 2018 and bought ourselves a 90-day delay (which will take us to March, the next foreseeable time for mischief)…

…from CNBC

Starting tomorrow, we’ll look at lessons learned this year as I sharpen my sword for 2019.

The Mass Assassination Plot for the G20 Summit
(29 November 2018)

The globalists have made arrangements for a big assassination show at the G20 Summit tomorrow, so this entry is aimed at exposing their plot and forestalling any effort to go through with it. No magician gets the audience response he seeks when some loudmouth heckler (like me;-) is yelling out the secrets of the trick he’s attempting. That being the case, allow me to show you the whos, whats, wheres, whens, hows and whys of how the rabbit got in the G20 Summit hat.

Who will conduct the mass assassination? – It will be the G20 globalists themselves, both East and West, who will stage the assassination attack. Since they have total control over the G20 venue, they have arranged for their intelligence agencies to plan it, and both the Mossad and the MEK will be involved in carrying it out (the MEK is a Iranian dissident terror cult trained and supported by the Mossad).

The plan calls for ISIS to take the initial blame for the attack, then for it to be blamed on Iran and Hezbollah. And after the resulting wars are in full swing, they’ll redirect the blame to the Mossad and the MEK.

What is the nature of the assassination attack? – It will be part real and part theater, and according to the media narratives (both mainstream and alternative), it will happen because a number of powerful groups and individuals want a number of the G20 leaders dead. These “powerful players” include ISIS, Hezbollah, Iran, Qasem Soleimani, Israel, the Mossad, the MEK, the Pope and the Jesuits, the European Establishment, and the various “deep states” of America, Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, to name but a few.

The real part of the attack will be the explosions and the deaths of civilians, security personnel, and low-level officials; the fake part will be the deaths of the national leaders, as they will be evacuated through the expanded, renovated and bunkered “Jesuit tunnels” prior to the explosion(s). They’ll then be sequestered until it’s time to “resurrect the dead.”

Where is the attack going to take place? – In Buenos Aires, which has a history of large terror attacks supposedly carried out by Iran and Hezbollah.

When will the attack happen? – On Friday or Saturday, with Friday being the more likely day.

How will the attack be conducted? – It will likely involve city-wide distraction attacks and a concurrent cyberattack to throw the G20 security forces into disarray, followed by a main attack carried out with either a swarm of armed/explosive aerial drones or a water-borne nuclear warhead (of a 10-kiloton or so yield). Iran’s stealthy copy of a captured American aerial spy drone may play a role.

Why are the G20 staging the attack?The G20 was formed by the central bankers and their national finance minister lackeys; national leaders were later added to the mix. So the organization exists to advance the agenda of the central bankers, and staging a grand assassination show at this year’s “Leaders’ Summit” will enable the banksters to make a massive movement towards their goals.

The G20 attack will give rise to a number of interrelated wars that will collectively be known as “World War 3,” and after Israel is finally fingered as being responsible for the G20 attack, World War 3 will transition into a “Gog-Magog” invasion of Israel and a final culminating battle (of “Armageddon”). The NWO (a “reformed” and stronger UN) will then rise from the ashes of the wars.

So that is the summary of what’s planned; to understand all the details, you’ll need to read the notes I made during November. You should find them quite interesting.

But let me preface the notes by telling new readers that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama: both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging a dialectic conflict between these two controlled fronts in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the New World Order) in its place. That is the true narrative of what’s going on in our world today.

What I’ll be covering in the writings that follow are the specific events and false narratives they’re attempting to use in moving us into the NWO. Since there are two controlled sides to the staged conflict, there are two false narratives the globalists are spinning: 1) the mainstream narrative is the Establishment-side propaganda they sell to the sleepers, and 2) the alt-media narrative is the Anti-Establishment-side propaganda they sell to those who are awakening. They want you to come to see the mainstream narrative as a lie and the alt-media narrative as the truth. That’s because today’s alt-media will be the mainstream media of the New World Order.

[Update – 29 November 2018] – I couldn’t help but notice the sudden change of fortunes for the Mueller investigation. Yesterday, Drudge was making it look like Mueller and the “Deep State” were on the ropes, which is what I’d expect before a “desperate, last-ditch” assassination attempt. But today — the day before the G20 Summit — it’s the complete opposite. Now the door looks open to a successful impeachment next year, which would obviate the need for an assassination in Buenos Aires. Did the globalists just signal a punt?

From now till 2AM tomorrow, I’ll assume they have. That way, I can reward myself with some wine…

~ MORE ~

Here is another indicator of a possible punt…

…from Deutsche Welle

According to the script, one of the reasons for striking the Summit is to stop Trump and Putin from meeting and reaching some agreement that might harm the “Deep State’s” vital interests. Now that the meeting won’t happen, there’s one less reason to do the bombing.

The article also indicates a rather sudden reversal; we’ve seen a number of those in the past few weeks, haven’t we?

Lest we get overconfident, though, there’s this…

…from Deutsche Welle

Will the plane’s “technical difficulties” end up saving her from the strike? The start of the Summit is the part that’s supposed to be live streamed, presumably so the public will see the carnage in “real time.”

~ MORE – 30 November 2018 ~

There is one method of attack I forgot to mention: the “V for Vendetta attack from the Underground.” In one of the November notes, I cover the network of Jesuit tunnels under Buenos Aires and the supposed fact that “even the experts don’t know where they all are.” In the underground scenario, it would be said that Hezbollah found one of the tunnels near the Summit site and used it to dig another tunnel that goes directly under the Costa Salguero Center (the Summit venue). They then placed conventional or nuclear explosives under the Center to blow it up from underneath…

Hezbollah is known for tunnel digging…

…from The Times of Israel

And this scenario also has the advantage of explaining away any tunnel that is exposed after the Center is destroyed (or collapsing it so no one will know it was there and wonder if the leaders escaped through it).

Now here are the November notes…

The potential for an assassination show at the G20
(2-4 November 2018)

(2 November 2018) – There’s an interesting assassination play shaping up for the G20 Summit at the end of the month. Get a load of this…

…from The New York Times

This development creates the appearance of a quid-pro-quo arrangement between Bolsonaro and the judge (it can be claimed the judge improperly convicted Lula in exchange for a promised cabinet post in Bolsonaro’s government).

This being the case, should the globalists do their assassination show at the G20 Summit instead of Paris, they can not only script the “Western Satanists’ assassination of the Avatars” (Trump, Putin, Xi, and Modi), but also script a leftist takedown of Bolsonaro (“Brazil’s Donald Trump”) by removing Brazil’s President Temer from the board.

Under Brazil’s rules of presidential succession, an assassination of Temer at the G20 would allow Brazil’s National Congress to elect a new president to finish out his term. And that means they could elect Lula (if his second appeal meets with success in November or December) or someone else who could pardon Lula. Either way, a free Lula could be combined with a leftist uprising to demand a new presidential election under threat of civil war.

It’s a clever play, but hopefully this early exposure will nix it. Just to be sure, I’ll give it a double-tap before the G20 Summit convenes.

(3 November 2018) – Now allow me to cover this scenario in more depth by looking at its different components, beginning with…

The Replacement President Component

The setup for the Temer assassination show started with the impeachment and removal of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on August 31, 2016. On that day, Vice President Michel Temer rose to the presidency, leaving the office of Vice President vacant. So if Temer gets killed at the G20 this month, there would be a double vacancy in the offices of president and vice president, which triggers the following constitutional process in Brazil…

>>> Should a President die, resign or be removed from office, a Vice-President succeeds as President.

The other officers in the line of succession do not become President in those cases. Instead, the next available person in line merely becomes Acting President, and the Constitution dictates that, whenever both the presidency and the vice-presidency become vacant, new elections are to be held. So in the case of an Acting President taking office due to a double vacancy in the presidency and vice-presidency, the Acting President serves only until the special election takes place and the newly elected President and Vice-President are sworn-in.

If the second vacancy triggering elections takes place in the last two years of the presidential term, the National Congress is empowered and required to elect the President (and his Vice-President). If the double vacancy of the presidency and vice-presidency takes place in the first half of the four-year presidential term, however, a presidential election by popular vote is held.

In any event, the President and Vice-President so elected merely finish what remains of the pending presidential term, and thereafter a new President and a new Vice-President, chosen in the regular general elections, take office for a normal four-year term. <<< – from Wikipedia

So following the “death” of Temer, the President of the Chamber of Deputies (Rodrigo Maia) would become the momentary Acting President until a replacement President can be elected. And since the double vacancy would happen during the last two years of the current presidential term, the National Congress would elect the replacement.

Since the replacement President would have less than a month in office before Bolsonaro is inaugurated on January 1, he or she would only have time to do something simple (like pardoning Lula). So Lula is the next component we’ll look at.

More to come over the course of the weekend, including coverage of the assassination show setup in Paris and the imminent implementation of the US oil export embargo on Iran (which is scripted to provide the Iranians with the motivation to assassinate Trump in Paris or at the G20, even though they won’t be the ones doing it).

The Lula Component

To acquaint you with the current situation of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a popular former President of Brazil who held office from 2003 – 2010, here is a passage from Wikipedia

>>> On 12 July 2017, he was convicted of money laundering and passive corruption, defined in Brazilian criminal law as the receipt of a bribe by a civil servant or government official. Lula was sentenced to nine years and six months in prison by judge Sergio Moro, but he remained free pending an appeal of the sentence. On 24 January 2018, the Regional Federal Court of the 4th Region, which is a panel of three appellate judges, unanimously upheld Moro’s ruling against Lula and increased the sentence to 12 years. On 5 April 2018, the Supreme Federal Court voted to reject Lula’s habeas corpus plea and on the same day a warrant was issued for his arrest. He turned himself in and began serving his sentence on 7 April 2018.

Lula announced his candidacy for the 2018 presidential election, but he was disqualified from running under Brazil’s “Clean Record” law by the Superior Electoral Court on 31 August 2018 and was replaced by Fernando Haddad on 11 September 2018. The United Nations Human Rights Committee requested that the Brazilian government allow Lula to exercise his political rights as a presidential candidate. Prior to being barred, Lula led all scenarios in polls for the October election, achieving 39 percent in voter intentions within one month of the first round. <<<

So Lula is the leftist candidate who supposedly would have won the recent Brazilian presidential election if he hadn’t been sidelined by a corruption conviction. And now that Bolsonaro has tapped the judge who convicted Lula for a cabinet post in his administration, an appearance of impropriety has been created that could lead to Lula’s conviction being vacated or pardoned…


This provides the globalist scriptwriters with two ways of scripting the Brazilian “left’s” attempt to overturn the election of Brazil’s Donald Trump…

  1. They can script the overturning of Lula’s conviction before the National Congress holds the post-assassination election of Temer’s replacement, thus allowing them to elect Lula.
  2. They can script the National Congress electing a replacement President who will pardon Lula in December, before Bolsonaro takes office.

And as I said yesterday, a free Lula could be combined with a leftist uprising to demand a new presidential election under threat of civil war. Such a strategy was already previewed in the press before Bolsonaro made his questionable appointment of Lula’s judge…

…from the Mail & Guardian. Here is the relevant excerpt…

>>> “Lula-ism is bigger than the PT. The party has the backing of organised labour and social movements, but Lula has the support of the mass of society, the poorest people in Brazil,” said Ricardo Musse, a sociologist at the University of Sao Paulo.

“The PT isn’t a homogeneous party… There will be a sector that will try to ditch Lula, another that will lead the political opposition (to Bolsonaro)… and another that will drive social resistance with street protests.” <<<

Also note the blurb below the photo; they are using the same “resistance” wording the American “left” has used against Trump, and “Not Him” is reminiscent of “Never Trump.” As I’ve said before, the globalists are using this “leftist chaos that pushes people to the right” template all over the place at both the national and global levels.

The next component we’ll look at is the Bolsonaro / National Congress relationship.

The Bolsonaro / National Congress Relationship Component

(4 November 2018) – The relationship between President-Elect Bolsonaro and the National Congress has been narrated as being tense. Bolsonaro once said that if he were ever elected President, he would shut down the National Congress on his first day. And back in July, his son threatened a shutdown of the Supreme Court. If you add to that Bolsonaro’s expressed intention to fire many of the government’s bureaucrats, you get a situation in which those institutions and their members (the current Brazilian “Establishment”) see Bolsonaro as an existential threat.

On top of that, there is the matter of pervasive corruption in the National Congress. In last year’s corruption purge, 66 senators and representatives went under the microscope. And Bolsonaro’s appointment of Lula’s convicting judge to the post of justice minister signals a massive corruption purge will occur after the January 1 inauguration.

That being the case, the corrupt members of the current Congress have less than two months before the new corruption crusade begins and new pro-Bolsonaro congresspersons take office and shift the balance of power. This provides motivation for them to do anything possible to stop Bolsonaro, including assassinating Temer and electing or pardoning Lula.

It is important to note that Argentina is hosting the G20 Summit this year, and they share a common border with Brazil. This makes the infiltration of a G20 hit team by the Brazilian “Deep State” a simple matter. So in the next section, we’ll look at all the potential G20 targets of the various “Deep States” as well as all the nations and groups that stand to be blamed if an attack happens.

The Details of a Possible G20 False-Flag

Here are the likely and possible targets, likely scapegoats, and likely modes of attack for a G20 “terrorist attack” scenario (I’ll flesh out all the details of this section in the coming hours / days / weeks)…


> Donald Trump of the US – the controlled media, both mainstream and alternative, have cast him as a existential threat to the “US Deep State,” the “Satanic Western globalist” agenda, the trade interests of China, and the regimes of Iran and North Korea. So they all supposedly want him dead.

> Vladimir Putin of Russia – He too has been cast as an existential threat to the “US Deep State,” NATO, the EU, and the “Satanic Western globalist” agenda. So they all supposedly want him dead alongside his “fellow Christian” Trump.

> Xi Jinping of China – He has been cast as an enemy of the corrupted, Western-friendly element of the Communist Party, and he is supposedly facing a quiet rebellion against his anti-corruption drive, his consolidation of power and his confrontational stance towards the West. So his domestic rivals would like to see him disappear.

> Narendra Modi of India – As a Hindu nationalist, he has been cast as an enemy to Indian and Pakistani Muslims and ISIS, so the jihadis would like to bathe in his blood (or whatever it is they do after a satisfying kill). And since Pakistan supposedly helped North Korea build their nukes, Modi’s death from a Pakistani / North Korean warhead could trigger the India versus Pakistan element of World War 3.

> Michel Temer of Brazil – His assassination at the G20 would open the door for Brazil’s China-supported Leftist Establishment to bring Lula back to stop or impede President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

> Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and/or King Salman of Saudi Arabia – MBS has been cast as an enemy of the “US Deep State” and an existential threat to the petrodollar, so both the Saudi and US “Deep States” supposedly want him out of the way. Killing him at the G20 would directly solve the problem; killing his father would remove his biggest supporter, leading to his fall from power; and killing both him and his father would solve the current problem and prevent any future problems. It would be back to business as usual for the US-Saudi cabal.

> Moon Jae In of South Korea – Killing him at the G20 would throw a monkey wrench in the North-South Korean peace process, and doing it with a nuke or other WMD supposedly sourced from North Korea would flat out kill the peace process and bring on war.

> Giuseppe Conte of Italy – As the new “anti-Establishment, populist” leader of Italy, Conte supposedly poses an existential threat to the European Establishment’s EU and Euro projects, as well as their Islamic invasion plan. So they would supposedly like him to “sleep with the fishes” in the Rio de La Plata.


> Macron, May and Merkel – From the perspective of the European Establishment, all three of these leaders are supposedly damaged goods, so their deaths at the G20 could serve the purpose of generating public sympathy for them and their Establishment parties. And from the perspective of the real globalist agenda, moving them off the board would open the way for populists to surge into power (which is what the globalists actually want at this stage of The Plan).

> Tusk and Juncker – From the perspective of the European Establishment, their deaths would be another sacrifice of damaged goods for public sympathy towards the EU.

LIKELY SCAPEGOATS (according to the mainstream narrative)

> Iran

> Qasem Soleimani of Iran

> Hezbollah (most likely), Hezbollah posing as ISIS, Al Qaeda and/or ISIS


One or more advanced “Iranian” drone aircraft or a sub, mini-sub, or swimmer delivery vehicle carrying one of the following…

> conventional explosives and shrapnel (which will actually be theatrical explosives)

> chemical, biological, or radiological agents (fake ones)

> a “North Korean” nuke supposedly given to Iran (real, but not from North Korea or Iran)

The nuke option is unlikely if Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey shows up to the Summit. It is doubtful that the globalists will remove him from the board this early (he still has much to do in playing his role), so his attendance would likely mean a nuclear attack isn’t planned. But should something happen in Turkey that prevents him from attending, the nuke option is definitely on the table.

Switching subjects a moment to the US oil embargo and the Iranians, have a look at this pictorial standoff between Trump and the globalists’ “Imam Mahdi”…

…from Tasnim News Agency

When you see things like this, it’s important to remember that nothing is what it appears. What I mean by that will become clear in future writings.

(12 November 2018) – The Economist got a lot of attention recently for the “blank” cover of their “The World in 2019” issue (these yearly covers typically tease the public with cryptic images depicting globalist intentions)…

…But this 2019 cover is not blank; it simply depicts an all-encompassing darkness. This is because the globalists heartily intend to take us into the “Darkness Before the Dawn” phase of their NWO implementation plan next year (good luck with that, fellas). You can read about this phase in the NWO Schedule of Implementation section further down this page.

One of the main markers of the beginning of “the Darkness Before the Dawn” is the fall of Donald Trump, either by assassination or removal from office. And the upcoming G20 Summit in Buenos Aires offers the final grand stage they can use to put on the assassination show this year. If the globalists want to take us into the Darkness Before the Dawn in 2019, a big hit at the G20 would do nicely to get it started. We’d be falling right into the abyss as the new year begins. I’ll therefore cover it in a comprehensive manner.

Why the Globalists Chose Buenos Aires for a G20 Summit Bombing
(13 November 2018)

Will history repeat itself in 17 days?…

…(the aftermath of the 1992 Israeli embassy bombing in Buenos Aires)

As I’ve previously written, in the first days/weeks after an attack at the G20 Summit, ISIS is likely to be blamed (due to fabricated evidence and a false claim of responsibility supposedly planted by Iran). But the Western intelligence agencies (Argentine intelligence in particular) and the Western mainstream media will soon after identify Iran and Hezbollah as the true culprits. The globalists will script it this way so they can get the whole world angry at Iran and start the wheels of World War 3 in motion. We’ll be seeing “Target Iran”…

That being the case, the globalists could pick no better site than Buenos Aires for a mass casualty “terror” attack “carried out by Iran and Hezbollah.” Why, you ask? Because Buenos Aires has already suffered TWO such attacks in recent memory.

THE FIRST was the 1992 attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. Here are some key passages from its Wikipedia page

>>> The attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires was a suicide bombing attack on the building of the Israeli embassy of Argentina, located in Buenos Aires, which was carried out on 17 March 1992. 29 civilians were killed in the attack and 242 additional civilians were injured…

On 17 March 1992, at 2:42 pm (UTC−3), a pick-up truck driven by a suicide bomber and loaded with explosives smashed into the front of the Israeli Embassy located on the corner of Arroyo and Suipacha, and detonated. The embassy, a Catholic church, and a nearby school building were destroyed…

A group called Islamic Jihad Organization, which has been linked to Iran and possibly Hezbollah, claimed responsibility…

In 1999, the Argentine government issued an arrest warrant for Imad Mughniyah in connection with this attack and the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, which killed 85. It is suspected that the two attacks are linked. <<<

THE SECOND attack was the 1994 AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires. Here are some key passages from its Wikipedia page

>>> The AMIA bombing was an attack on the Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA; Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) building. It occurred in Buenos Aires on 18 July 1994, killing 85 people and injuring hundreds. It was Argentina’s deadliest bombing ever. Argentina is home to a Jewish community of 230,000, the largest in Latin America and sixth in the world outside Israel (see Demographics of Argentina)…

On 18 July 1994, a suicide bomber drove a Renault Trafic van bomb loaded with about 275 kilograms (606 lb) of ammonium nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil explosive mixture, into the Jewish Community Center building located in a densely constructed commercial area of Buenos Aires…

The bombing came two years after the 17 March 1992 bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires which killed 29 and wounded 242, and was Argentina’s deadliest attack until the AMIA bombing. The Islamic Jihad Organization, which according to Robert Baer operates under the umbrella of Hezbollah and is linked to Iran, claimed responsibility for that bombing. Some suspect that the AMIA bombing was connected to the embassy attack. To date, authorities have been unable to locate those responsible for either of the two bombings…

Shortly after the attack, Ansar Allah a Palestinian Jihadist organization widely held as a front for Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the attack…

On 6 March 2007, former Congressman Mario Cafiero and former government official Luis D’Elia provided evidence at a press conference that Abolghasem Mesbahi, along with two other Iranians that gave alleged evidence implicating Iran in the bombing, were members of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), which is an organization that advocates the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran and was designated until 2012 as a terrorist organization by the US…

In August 2009, BBC News reported that Ahmad Vahidi had become Iran’s defense minister-designate under the 2009 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad administration, and is on Interpol’s wanted list over the AMIA bombing. Vahidi led a unit of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard called Quds Force at the time of the attack, and has been accused of planning the bombings. Iran dismissed this development as a “Zionist plot”. <<<

So after a mass casualty bombing of the G20 Summit, the talking heads in the mainstream media will point their fingers at these two previous “Iranian/Hezbollah” attacks in Buenos Aires as precedents. And they’ll opine that “Iran returned to its old ways due to the intense pressure their regime is feeling from the Trump sanctions” and “they wanted to strike back at Trump in a way that appeared that Trump wasn’t specifically targeted, and they wanted to avoid blame by making it look like their enemy ISIS did it.”

Getting back to the Wikipedia entries on the two bombings, here are some things of note…

> The entries on both bombings tie them to the 1985 – 2000 South Lebanon conflict, in which Hezbollah waged war against an Israeli occupation of Muslim lands. And wouldn’t you know it, Israel is poised to do another invasion and occupation of Muslim lands right before the G20 Summit…

…from Zero Hedge

Such a move will enable the mainstream media’s “expert” commentators to say that “the G20 bombing was another Iranian/Hezbollah reaction to perceived Israeli aggression” and “the Iranians wanted to strike back in a place where they have a long-established terrorist presence, and they wanted to deprive Israel of its greatest ally, Donald Trump.”

Here is another recent piece of preparatory propaganda that establishes a bombing motive for Iran…

…from Zero Hedge

This bit of news will enable the talking heads to say that “in addition to wanting to kill Trump, Iran wanted to retaliate for the Mossad-Saudi assassination scheme by killing King Salman, who was also scheduled to attend the G20 Summit.”

(14 November 2018) – Well THAT was a quick adjustment on their part. All of a sudden, the Gaza invasion — a move which would have helped support the “Iran/Hezbollah attacked the G20″ narrative — came to a screeching halt…

…from The Guardian. Here is a short excerpt…

>>> Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups have accepted an Egyptian-mediated agreement to halt two days of intense fighting with Israel…

The sudden announcement late on Tuesday<<<

And after that, Israel’s Chabad-connected defense minister Avigdor Lieberman — a man who has done everything possible to orchestrate Chabad’s desired “Gog-Magog War” — abruptly resigned…

…from the BBC

For the time being, Netanyahu will take on his duties, and Lieberman’s eventual replacement will likely be someone whose Chabad connection is not publicly documented.

One would hope these developments are the initial signs that the globalists have canceled the G20 bombing operation. Hope is no substitute for putting in the work, though, so this blog’s G20 coverage will continue. There is much to learn by finishing what was started, and the writings can be reused the next time they try this.

(15 November 2018) – In another signal that the globalists might be delaying the big drama till next year, the newest Saudi Coalition offensive on Yemen’s Port of Hodeidah was abruptly halted yesterday. Take note of these headlines and the dates below them…

…from RT (top, bottom)

So this new “vast offensive” was suddenly halted just five days after it began. It’s no coincidence that this happened within a day of the Gaza offensive being suddenly halted. The globalists want to hold the “Gaza Invasion” and “Fall of Hodeidah” cards for play the next time they attempt to start the hot phase of the Middle East War — the next time they want to trigger the “Iranian Cruise Missiles out of Yemen” scenario.

But as the globalists put these two cards back in their hand, they’re pulling out another to be played before the G20 Summit: the “Fall of ISIS in Syria” card. Take a look at these three stories about the sudden resumption of the US/Kurd offensive against “ISIS’ final stronghold” in Hajin, Syria…

…from Talk Media News (top), The Sun (middle), and Sputnik (bottom)

I suspect they’re narrating this new phase of the Hajin offensive so they can narrate the capture of ISIS’ leader and a subsequent collapse of the final ISIS pocket in Syria. This could enable Trump to announce a timetable for a US withdrawal from Syria at the Summit (where he’ll be meeting Putin to supposedly coordinate planned actions of that sort).

As a fallback play, they could keep the Hajin offensive grinding on till March of next year so Trump can announce the withdrawal then. In that case, don’t be surprised if a Trump-Putin summit is announced for March. March is the next foreseeable assassination timeframe.

(16 November 2018) – If you visited the blog last night, you probably saw this…

Wow, I just put something together. It is indeed possible that Erdogan is among those scripted to die in the G20 bombing. And it may in fact be Binali Yildirim, the man who would become Acting President of Turkey after Erdogan’s assassination, who will lead Turkey first against Iran and then against Israel (remember: Iran will be blamed for the bombing first, then the blame will shift to Israel, thus resulting in the Gog-Magog War against Israel and its culminating Battle of Armageddon). I’ll fill in the details of this in the morning.

Now that it’s morning, here are the promised details:

In my entry on the G20 bombing scenario, I wrote this about Erdogan…

The nuke option is unlikely if Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey shows up to the Summit. It is doubtful that the globalists will remove him from the board this early (he still has much to do in playing his role), so his attendance would likely mean a nuclear attack isn’t planned. But should something happen in Turkey that prevents him from attending, the nuke option is definitely on the table.

After writing this paragraph, something about it bothered me, so I continued pondering Erdogan’s scripted fate until I remembered something I heard in a prophecy propaganda video months ago. It was part of an interview of Joel Richardson, a Christian Crypto-Jew the globalists have assigned to influence the Christians into accepting the prophecy interpretations they intend to act out for the public…

…from YouTube

In the final minutes of the interview, Richardson suggests that there will be a massive regional war between Turkey and Iran before the Gog-Magog War. He further suggests there is a possibility that Erdogan will be killed during this war, and a Turkish antichrist will rise out of the ashes of the war to lead Gog-Magog against Israel.

Now take a moment to overlay Richardson’s prediction onto the G20 bombing scenario I’ve laid out. Turkey and Iran share a common border, and both have positioned their forces in Syria in advance of this predicted war. So what will happen if “Iran and Hezbollah” kill Erdogan by bombing the G20? Turkey will attack Iran and their Hezbollah proxies in Syria, won’t they? And this would give us the preliminary Turkey-Iran War Richardson has suggested.

What will then happen after it is revealed that “Israel and the MEK” are actually to blame for the G20 attack? Both Turkey and Iran “will realize they were duped into destroying each other by the Israelis,” so they will cease fire and join forces (along with all the other Muslim nations in the region) to furiously attack Israel in response. This would give us the First Gog-Magog War and the First Battle of Armageddon.

All of this could transpire over just a few months time — in time to sync Putin’s savior moment (when he reenters the stage to save Israel) to the prophecy calendar in March.

That being said, who will be the Turkish antichrist who arises after Erdogan is killed? Upon checking into the Turkish rules of presidential succession, I found this…

>>> In the event of a temporary absence of the President on account of illness, travel abroad or similar circumstances, the Vice President of Turkey serves as Acting President, and exercises the powers of the President until the Presidents comes back. If the President resigns or dies, the TBMM Speaker serves as Acting President, and exercises the powers of the President until the new election happens in 45 days. – from Wikipedia <<<

And upon googling “TBMM Turkey,” I came across this…

As it turns out, the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (and Erdogan’s successor) is this man…

…from Wikipedia. Here is a little of what his Wiki says about him [with my comments in brackets]…

>>> As a staunch supporter of Erdogan, Yildirim has been referred to as a ‘low-profile’ Prime Minister and is expected to spearhead a transition from a parliamentary system of government to an executive presidency, which will delegate greater powers to Erdogan and the office of the President… [This transition has occurred, so Yildirim worked to strengthen the office he will soon occupy (just like an antichrist would). And since Erdogan’s assassination will lead to an immediate state of war, it would be impractical to hold an election 45 days after. This means Yildirim will be in office indefinitely.]

As the Director of IDO, Yildirim established a close relationship to Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who served as Istanbul’s Mayor from 1994 to 1998. When the latter led efforts to establish a new moderate conservative democratic political party in August 2001, Yildirim joined Erdogan to become a founding member of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). [So Yildirim is both Erdogan’s partner in crime and Erdogan’s carbon copy (politically).] <<<

But it is the following passage that really cemented Yildirim’s candidacy for “the Turkish antichrist” in my mind…

>>> His name, Binali, means son of Ali in Arabic. An Alevi neighbour of his family gave him the name. His surname, Yildirim, means “lightning bolt“… <<<

So Yildirim’s first name hints at his being a son of “the legitimate successor of the Prophet Muhammed, Ali.” And his family name, which means “lightning bolt,” hints at his being the antichrist…

Luke 10:18 – And he said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

His name thus loosely translates to “Muhammed’s Antichrist.” And if the globalists proceed with this 2018 script, it is Yildirim who will go down in the history books as being the “Dajjal.”

The Globalists’ 2018/2019 Script for the Gog-Magog War and the Battle of Armageddon
(17 November 2018)

To properly grasp the globalists’ underlying strategy in blowing up the G20 Summit, one must first understand the basics of the “Battle of Armageddon” they’re trying to orchestrate. Here is a quick primer…

>>> The Battle of Armageddon will take place in Israel, in the prophesied Valley of Megiddo. It will occur after the Great Tribulation Period, at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, when He returns to set up His Kingdom on earth…

Revelation chapters 14, 16, 17 and 19 describe Armageddon as a place of great slaughter where troops will be gathered, assembled and pressed together. At Armageddon Christ will come in all of His wrath and glory with His army following Him on white horses. Jesus is pictured here as a man of war, judging in righteousness with the sword of His mouth. Jesus will deliver Israel from destruction by the Antichrist. Nations will be punished for their sins. Those who have received the Mark of the Beast will be judged. And Jesus will take authority over the earth and remove the kingdom and reign of the Antichrist. – from <<<

In some Christian circles, the Battle of Armageddon is viewed as a separate thing from the Gog-Magog War…

>>> There are a number of considerations that make it clear that this invasion by Gog is not the same as the battle of Armageddon. (1) In the battle of Gog definite allies are mentioned, while in Armageddon all nations are engaged. (2) Gog comes from the north, while at Armageddon the armies come from the whole earth. (3) Gog comes to take spoil, while at Armageddon the nations assemble to destroy the people of God. (4) There is protest against Gog’s invasion, but at Armageddon there is no protest for all nations are joined against Jerusalem. (5) Gog is the head of the armies in his invasion, but at Armageddon the Beast is the head of the invasion. – from <<<

But the only prophecy interpretations that matter are those the globalists are using to script their End Times stage play, and in their version, Gog = the Beast (Yildirim = the antichrist) so the Battle of Armageddon is the culminating battle of the Gog-Magog War. If you look at Gog-Magog and Armageddon from that perspective (and within the context of the G20 Summit attack), it implies that…

The Gog-Magog War on Israel will be started by the Turkish antichrist and his allies, who will then be joined by the rest of the world for the final battle.

So after Israel’s hand in the G20 attack is uncovered, Turkey’s Yildirim will rally all the Muslim nations to invade Israel from all directions. And as this invasion gets moving, the UN Security Council will pass a resolution authorizing military action against Israel, thus leading to “all the world’s armies” joining in for the final push. The resolution will not be vetoed because all the P5 nations will have lost their leaders at the G20, leaving Israel completely isolated and without earthly aid.

On a possibly related subject…

File this one under “it could be something or it could be nothing,” but the Argentine submarine San Juan that went missing a year ago turned up at the bottom of the sea today…

…from Zero Hedge

Since I’ve identified “a submarine carrying a ‘North Korean’ nuke” as one of the likely modes of attack on the G20 Summit, I’m left wondering if today’s news has a connection to the Summit bombing scenario. Even though a connection seems like a stretch, the timing of this news left me asking myself a few questions…

Was the San Juan actually lost in an accident, or was it disappeared to be used as a weapon against the seaside G20 Summit a year later? [If so, a year would allow time for the vessel to be cosmetically modified, perhaps to resemble an Iranian or Israeli sub.]

Did the possible cancellation on Tuesday of the G20 bombing cause them to scuttle the vessel to give closure to the mystery of its disappearance?

Was the wreckage found at the bottom of the ocean today actually the hull of some other submarine, possibly even that of San Juan’s abandoned (but 70% complete) sister sub, the Santa Fe? [If so, the decoy sub’s discovery would allow the San Juan to carry out the G20 op unsuspected.]

And if the San Juan did sink from an accident a year ago, was its discovery today the result of somebody scouring the waters off Argentina looking for rogue submarines that could be used against the Summit?

ALERT (18 November 2018) – Will Chabad take down Netanyahu tomorrow?
(+ lessons from the failed coup)

It looks like the globalists have scripted the fall of Netanyahu at the hands of the Chabad-Lubavitch messianic cult. The cult is basically threatening to take down his government if he doesn’t give them back the defense ministry and let them start the End Times war to bring in their “Jewish Messiah.” So it looks like the globalists are scripting Netanyahu as a “good guy” / “voice of reason” whose political fall leads to Israel’s disastrous descent into war. And If he gets taken down before the G20, they might proceed with more takedowns there.

Here are the basics of the situation…

Israel’s Chabad-connected defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, resigned his position because Netanyahu supposedly blocked his invasion of Gaza. And when he resigned, his political party pulled out of Netanyahu’s governing coalition, leaving it within one seat of failing. Now another political party in the coalition is threatening to leave if Netanyahu doesn’t name one of its members, Naftali Bennett, as the new defense minister…

…from Israel National News

There’s just one problem: Bennett is also a Chabadnik…

…from Israel National News

So far, Netanyahu has refused their demands, so they are threatening to take down his government tomorrow and trigger a snap election. This could potentially lead to a more aggressive government that will start Chabad’s desired End Times war.

~ MORE – 19 November 2018 ~

Wow, there’s been another sudden reversal in Israel…

>>> Benjamin Netanyahu has won a reprieve from the threat of early elections in Israel after a senior member of his cabinet announced he would not resign and break up the coalition government.

Naftali Bennett, the hardliner education minister, was widely expected to quit during a press conference on Monday morning but instead said in a surprise announcement that his Jewish Home party would give the prime minister another chance. – from The Guardian <<<

Tee hee hee…

It is important to take a moment and realize that this attempted coup by Chabad was very much a contrived, scripted event. And both Chabad and Netanyahu were reading from the same script because they work for the same people, the Kabbalist elite (specifically, the trillionaire bankster families). So let me show you now what the goal of this foiled drama was to be…

1) The purpose of the coup — had it been completed — was to give the public a logical political narrative that would have flowed into the invasion of the Gaza Strip. And this particular way of scripting it — with Netanyahu trying to hold back the disastrous invasion but getting overpowered by hotheads — suggests they’re trying to preserve Netanyahu’s reputation so he can be used later in the story, perhaps as Putin’s viceroy over Israel.

2) The purpose of the Gaza invasion, which is still in play, is to outrage the Muslim world so the Turks can start organizing the combined Muslim army that will be used to invade Israel in the Gog-Magog War.

3) The purpose of starting the formation of the Muslim army now is so it will be ready for Gog-Magog by next March. Organizing it now will allow the globalist scriptwriters to flow seamlessly out of the planned Turkey-Iran War straight into Gog-Magog. If they waited to organize the invasion force till after Turkey-Iran, there would be a drama-killing pause between the two wars.

4) The scripted, public reason for Chabad-Lubavitch wanting to trigger the invasion of Israel is to force the Moshiach ben David (the Jewish Messiah) to come forward to prevent Israel’s total destruction. Here is a YouTube video of the Lubavitcher Rebbe exhorting Netanyahu to make the invasion happen….

In the video, the two talk about the progress of the Lubavitch agenda…

…and the Rebbe instructs Netanyahu to do something to hasten the Moshiach’s arrival (meaning “trigger the invasion of Israel so it can be redeemed”)…

…Netanyahu then agrees.

What Chabad’s leaders don’t tell their followers it that the Moshiach ben David who will come forward (Vladimir Putin) is someone the leaders have chosen to pose as the Moshiach. They’ve been grooming him for the role…

…There will be no “supernatural” arrival (but there will be a helluva magic show), because it’s all bullsh*t they are making happen through their own efforts


Even though this whole thing is a scripted stage play, the wars will be quite real. And there will be lots of real death and real destruction in Israel during Gog-Magog and its culminating Battle of Armageddon. So if you live in Israel, I say this to you…

It’s time to pull your head out of your tuchus and face the reality of what your government, the Mossad, and Chabad are doing to you. It’s also time to spread the word to others and to command your representatives to stop. Even though you don’t have the control over them you think you have, letting them know that you’re onto their con will dissuade them from continuing. You can’t pull off a con if your mark knows exactly what you’re doing.

Your life, and the lives of your children in the IDF, depend on you stopping this thing. If you don’t do it now, you’ll not only see lots of death and destruction in the coming months, but you’ll also see the total destruction of Judaism and all Jews living in Israel seven years after that. The final Jewish pogrom, to be provided by your supposed friends the elite Kabbalists, is already scripted.

(18 November 2018) – All the world is a stage, and this is especially true of summits and the nitwit puppets who strut about at them. Just have a look at Mike Pence hamming it up at the Pacific summits this week…

…from The Sun (top) and The Guardian (bottom)

According to the globalist script, Pence is playing the Phase 1 “Grey Champion,” an antichrist character who will take America’s reins after Trump is assassinated or removed from office. So he gave Putin and Xi the death stare for two reasons: 1) because they are supposedly “Avatars” (incarnations of the godhead) and the “two strongest pillars of the resistance to the Satanic West’s unilateral NWO,” and 2) because “glaring is caring.”

You gotta admire Pence for not cracking up while he was delivering “the face.” I’ve not seen such showmanship since the days of Barack Obama and Dr. Drake Ramoray…

(19 November 2018) – As if to underscore that the G20 bombing scenario may still be in play, the press have now narrated that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) will attend the G20 Summit (and they announced it while the Saudis were also urging action against Iran). I haven’t yet seen clarification if MBS is traveling WITH King Salman or INSTEAD of King Salman, but if both attend, the “evil US and Saudi Deep States” would get a twofer.

And here are the globalists connecting Hezbollah to the Summit location in advance…

…from Haaretz

So if the Saudis calling for action against Iran get assassinated at the G20, and Hezbollah activity has previously been detected near the summit site, can you guess who will get the blame for killing MBS?

Read the sections below this and Globalist Outcome and Scripting Options for the 2018 G20 Summit for more information on the assassination plan.

(20 November 2018) – A Reuters article came out yesterday that teases how the takedown of MBS is currently scripted. Here is an excerpt [with my additions in brackets]…

>>> Dozens of princes and cousins from powerful branches of the Al Saud family want to see a change in the line of succession but would not act while King Salman – the crown prince’s 82-year-old father – is still alive, the sources said. They recognize that the king is unlikely to turn against his favorite son, known in the West as MbS.

Rather, they are discussing the possibility with other family members that after the king’s death, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, 76, a younger full brother of King Salman and uncle of the crown prince, could take the throne, according to the sources.

Prince Ahmed, King Salman’s only surviving full brother, would have the support of family members, the security apparatus [the Saudi “Deep State”] and some Western powers [the US “Deep State” in particular], one of the Saudi sources said. <<<

So all that need happen now is King Salman’s death. And if MBS should die at his side in Buenos Aires, that will make things go all the more smoothly. In the words of Tony Montana and in the context of political assassinations, the G20 Summit is like a “great big pus*y just waiting to get fu*ked.”

According to the future official narrative of the multilateral NWO, the reported killing of Khashoggi was arranged by the US Deep State, the Saudi Deep State, and Turkey’s Erdogan. They will say, “Like Trump, MBS was a reformer who found himself surrounded by Deep State agents, even in his own protective detail. So the Saudi Deep State had some of their agents in his protective detail participate in the killing in order to frame MBS for ordering it.”

With that in mind, it appears that MBS will be one of the multilateral NWO’s future heroes. This is confirmed by the fact that future hero Trump supports him and future hero Putin supports him too. And as of the beginning of this month, Netanyahu is also supporting him…

>>> Israel is concerned that the international pressure on Saudi Arabia over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi agents will destabilize the Sunni kingdom and the Middle East as whole, Senior Israeli officials tell me.

Why it matters: Until today [November 1], Israel refrained from commenting about the crisis publicly. This statement by the senior Israeli officials is very rare and shows Israel is nervous over the reaction of Western countries, including the U.S. The reason is that in the last few years, Saudi Arabia, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, has become a staunch secret ally of the government in Jerusalem against Iran. — from Axios <<<

Given Netanyahu’s support of MBS and the particular scripting of the recent Chabad coup, Netanyahu is apparently being added to the pantheon of NWO heroes, and this means I’ll have to start looking for evidence that they might be substituting him for Trump as the “Moshiach ben Yosef,” while switching Trump to the “Cyrus the Great” role…

>>> Cyrus the Great respected the customs and religions of the lands he conquered. This became a very successful model for centralized administration and establishing a government working to the advantage and profit of its subjects. In fact, the administration of the empire through satraps and the vital principle of forming a government at Pasargadae were the works of Cyrus. What is sometimes referred to as the Edict of Restoration (actually two edicts) described in the Bible as being made by Cyrus the Great left a lasting legacy on the Jewish religion, where, because of his policies in Babylonia, he is referred to by the Jewish Bible as messiah (lit. “His anointed one”) (Isaiah 45:1), and is the only non-Jew figure in the Bible to be called so. – from Wikipedia <<<

If Netanyahu is to be in the pantheon, that means he is an assassination target too. And given the failure of the staged Chabad coup against him, don’t be surprised if they send him to the G20 to be assassinated alongside the rest. They could say he’s going there because he needs to talk to MBS.

Now let’s look at another article that came out recently…

…from Bloomberg

This provides yet another scripted reason for a G20 assassination of MBS, Trump, and Putin by the Establishment: “to regain control over the pricing of oil from the Anti-Establishment renegades.”

The Mossad Strike Plan for the G20 Summit
(21 November 2018)

I’ve been looking at the propaganda and security setup for the G20 Summit, and I think I’ve put together the Mossad’s strike plan…

It will begin with bomb and firearm attacks by leftists/anarchists and “Hezbollah” agents all over Buenos Aires (but outside of the core security zone); these may include one or more offshore boat raids as well. The sheer number of these engagements, as well as a concurrent “Iranian” cyberattack, will distract and confuse the Summit security forces so the main attack can slip through unnoticed. And that main attack will be conducted with…

one or more “Iranian” military drones or guided missiles
a submarine or swimmer delivery vehicle sailing a massive bomb or “North Korean” nuke right up to the Buenos Aires shoreline

Why do I say this, you ask? Because I’ve been warning about the sub and drone assassination angles for months, and because of these passages from an Argentina Reports article on the Summit security preparations

>>> Argentina bought four patrol boats from Israel for US$80 million, reported Israel Noticias, which were received in April and July. They, along with other marine boats, will be used to patrol the Buenos Aires coastline to ensure that no unregistered vessels enter the area. <<<

So these brand new Israeli patrol boats will be the main line of defense against a submarine / frogman infiltration. This is a problem because the Mossad has likely added “poison pill” software to the sonar systems on the boats.

>>> Additionally, Argentina has paid US$5.2 million for a high-tech cybersecurity system, even though Israel is not in the G20 and other countries who are (such as Russia, the US, the UK and China) are also leaders in the cybersecurity sector.

The cybersecurity system employs AI and machine learning to prevent cyber terrorist attacks or malicious code that could affect the systems and networks of the Armed forces, the Joint Chiefs of Staff (EMCO) and the Ministry of Defense. <<<

This means the Mossad will be staging debilitating “Iranian” (and possibly “North Korean”) cyberattacks to disrupt the systems and networks of the Summit security forces. The attacks will succeed because of the backdoors the Mossad has embedded in the cybersecurity system. And since the system employs machine learning AI, the Israelis will have plausible deniability for the system’s failure. They can say, “The AI malfunctioned for reasons we do not understand,” which is a well-known problem with such AI.

>>> Argentina also purchased an anti-drone radar system from Israel, which was used successfully during the Youth Olympics in October earlier this year. <<<

So it will be an Israeli radar watching for drones at the Summit. This is a problem due to “poison pill” software again.

As for what “poison pill” software is, it is a type of hidden malware that activates at a certain time or upon a certain signal to interfere with a system’s normal operation. Once it does what it is programmed to do, it erases itself, leaving no trace. And while I’m sure the IT world has its own term for this type of software, I don’t know what it is, so I call it “poison pill.”

In the case of the sonars on the Israeli patrol boats, the poison pill could generate a false display of what’s underwater or simply prevent the display of objects of a certain size, like a submarine. This would allow an underwater strike to pass through undetected. And in the case of the Israeli drone radar, the poison pill could do the same for what’s in the air, or it could hold the door open for a cyberattack that will take down the radar and/or its network.

So as you can see, the Mossad holds the keys to all the doors needed for a successful attack on the G20, and that’s why I’m expecting what I’m expecting.

(23 November 2018) – On another subject, have a look at this…

…from Zero Hedge

Now have a look at this section from an article on “deep fakes”…

>>> Fake videos can now be created using a machine learning technique called a “generative adversarial network”, or a GAN. A graduate student, Ian Goodfellow, invented GANs in 2014 as a way to algorithmically generate new types of data out of existing data sets. For instance, a GAN can look at thousands of photos of Barack Obama, and then produce a new photo that approximates those photos without being an exact copy of any one of them, as if it has come up with an entirely new portrait of the former president not yet taken. GANs might also be used to generate new audio from existing audio, or new text from existing text – it is a multi-use technology. — from The Guardian <<<

In the future official narrative of the NWO, it will be said that the CIA “recording” of the MBS “smoking gun” phone call was a deep fake they produced as part of their campaign to take him down.

(By the way, it appears that the 11/22 surprise was Trump authorizing the military to use lethal force on the Mexican border. One or more “immigrant” deaths from this will no doubt be scripted, thus leading to the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives going nuts in January.)

(23 November 2018) – Now let me show you how they’re setting up the things I wrote about in the previous portion of this update, starting with a preparatory propaganda article that helps them set up the “sequence of blame” for the G20 attack…

Back in the 19 November update, I showed you an article about two supposed Hezbollah agents who were arrested in Buenos Aires. As I continued searching for more information on the incident, I came across this…

…from The Jerusalem Post

So in the case of the Argentine “Hezbollah agents,” the Israelis are taking credit for foiling yet another “terrorist attack,” just like they previously did with this year’s “Iranian” assassination plots in Paris and Denmark. This raises an obvious question…

Is the Mossad really so brilliant that they pick up on every little “terrorist” plot around the world, or did they know about these particular plots because they are the ones who set them up?

The alt-media is full of stories about our own FBI agents posing as members of radical groups to recruit unstable, weak-minded individuals. Once they have these patsies-in-training on the hook, they train them, send them on trips to “countries with terrorist ties,” arm them, and have them prepare for a specific mission. Then, at the right time, other FBI agents swoop in on the “cell” and arrest them for plotting a terror attack. Such operations help the government maintain the mainstream narrative of the nation being “full of terrorist cells preparing to hurt us.”

The same thing is happening with these “Iranian / Hezbollah” terror operations. The Mossad sets them up and knocks them down, and this helps the globalists establish multiple geopolitical narratives in support of The Plan, such as…

  • “the EU nations shouldn’t bypass US sanctions because Iran is conducting terror operations on European soil,”
  • “Iran is engaged in an active worldwide campaign to assassinate its critics and enemies,” and
  • “Iran’s proxy Hezbollah is preparing for terror attacks in Buenos Aires.”

That being said, why did the globalists plant this story in the press? They did it so the alt-media can point out what I’m pointing out when it comes time to move the blame for the G20 strike from Iran / Hezbollah to Israel / MEK. Remember, the “sequence of blame” will start with ISIS, continue with Iran / Hezbollah, and end with Israel / MEK.

Moving on, here is an article which shows them trying to empty Buenos Aires in preparation for the G20 attack…

…from MercoPress. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Argentine Security Minister Patricia Bullrich has warned Buenos Aires City residents that the staging of the G20 Leaders Summit at the turn of the month will make things very “complicated” in the City, telling residents they should use the long weekend to leave Buenos Aires for a few days.

Last week, the government ruled that Friday, November 30, would be a national holiday

“Our recommendation is that they use the long weekend to leave [the City and] that they leave on Thursday, because the City will be very complicated,”…

We know that the G20 can generate spaces of extreme violence and situations of chaos and overflow,” said the minister. <<<

So the ostensible reason for people evacuating the city is to avoid inconvenience and chaos due to the Summit security measures, but the article also foreshadows “spaces of extreme violence” in keeping with the first part of the Mossad strike plan. This evacuation could also be an effort to minimize civilian deaths from a nuclear strike. I don’t think the globalists want the “karma” of unnecessary, un-forewarned deaths hanging over them, at least not in the first phase of The Plan. And let’s not forget that the Summit will start on Friday, and it will be the 13th G20 Summit, so it’s got a “Friday the 13th” angle attached to it. This makes Friday the most obvious day for the attack, so it’s a good idea to get out of the city on Thursday as recommended.

Speaking of a potential nuclear strike at the G20, have a look at this…

…from The Washington Free Beacon

The article suggests that “the Islamic Republic had concrete plans [back in 2003] to manufacture and build at least five nuclear weapons and that it was much further along in this scheme than previously known by the international community.” It further suggests that the program to build “five nuclear warheads, each with an explosive yield of 10 kilotons and able to be delivered by ballistic missile” may have covertly continued in the 15 YEARS since then. So it basically suggests that Iran may have nukes right now.

Isn’t it interesting that this article came out just 9 days before the G20 Summit? By putting this information out there, the globalists are expanding their scripting options. They no longer have to narrate that Iran got its nukes from North Korea; they can say that Iran developed its own, with North Korean assistance.

Now let’s have a look at how they’ve narrated Hezbollah’s possession of weapons capable of delivering the nukes…

…from the Middle East Eye. Here is an excerpt…

>>> In terms of military equipment, Iran has used the war to massively increase Hezbollah’s stockpiles, which now include guided missiles, unmanned armed drones, short-range ballistic missiles and anti-tank missiles. In terms of numbers, it now has approximately 130,000 rockets and missiles, compared with 15,000 on the eve of the 2006 war. <<<

So Hezbollah has missiles and drones that could potentially be tipped with 10-kiloton nuclear warheads “provided by Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force — a division primarily responsible for extraterritorial military and clandestine operations.”

(24 November 2018) – Get a load of this…

…from Breitbart

As you can see, the US State Department is narrating that a flood of Hezbollah jihadis have entered Bolivia, and Bolivia shares a border with Argentina…

…from Google Maps

So the “blame Iran” narrative will say that the Hezbollah cells that attacked the G20 entered Argentina via the Bolivian border. And on top of this, Fox News has narrated the following

>>>Iran allegedly helped build a UAV facility in Maracay, Venezuela, with documents reviewed by Fox News suggesting potential dual use technology.

After an unexplained explosion in 2011, Humire says sections of the plant, reinforced with ceramic plates at Tehran ‘s insistence, were largely intact.

“I believe the Iranian UAV program is a cover for something that is more illicit,” he said. “Perhaps something that’s sanctioned and mostly likely involves Iran’s strategic programs, its nuclear program and ballistic missiles.”

Humire found other examples, in Bolivia, with photos showing a government site, alleged to have received backing from Iran. Before 2011, it housed a UN Peacekeeping unit, but since it has been replaced by an air defense command that is heavily secured, with some areas strictly off limits. <<<

So the globalists have placed Iran’s nuclear, ballistic missile, and drone programs in Venezuela, and they’ve hinted at a site in Bolivia that could be used to launch ballistic missiles / drones / cruise missiles.

Given all this, an “Iran / Hebollah” attack on the G20 can also be used as an excuse for Israel and the US to topple the Venezuelan and Bolivian governments…

…from the Jewish Policy Center (top) and the Tehran Times (bottom)

(25 November 2018) – You may have seen the news about the naval encounter between Ukraine and Russia. And seeing it, there is an obvious question to be asked…

Why would Ukraine risk provoking a war against Russia (a major nuclear power) that they can’t possibly win?

The reason is that they have NATO backing and they also may have a few nukes (supposedly received from North Korea in exchange for helping them develop their ballistic missiles).

So what are the globalists scripting here?

Possibly a military buildup in preparation for the battle to retake the Crimea. And possibly an attack on Putin using a smuggled Ukrainian/North Korean nuke, either in Russia or Argentina. The confrontation may also be scripted as leverage in blocking a deal between Putin and Trump during their meeting at the G20 Summit.

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, the World War 3 script calls for NATO to pull Russia into a two-front war by engaging them in Syria while also hitting them in the Crimea. And according to the script, Russia will win the Crimean War, taking all of Ukraine east of the Dnieper River. You can read about the reason why in the very bottom section of this page, titled Vladimir Putin, the Jewish King of Restored Khazaria.

The Role of the Leftists/Anarchists in the G20 Summit Attack
(25 November 2018)

In the 21 November update on the Mossad strike plan for the Summit, I said…

It will begin with bomb and firearm attacks by leftists/anarchists and “Hezbollah” agents all over Buenos Aires…

So let me show you how the globalist propaganda corps have brought the leftists/anarchists into the mix…

…from the Buenos Aires Times. Here is an excerpt…


Buenos Aires City Security Minister Marcelo D’Alessandro said Thursday that authorities were confident the suspects “are tied to anarchist groups.” He described the bombs as “quite sophisticated.”

“The explosives department has determined that not only that it was a bomb, but even though it was homemade, it was quite sophisticated, in which three detonations were made. It was a pipe[-bomb] but with greater sophistication and power, according to experts,” D’Alessandro told the TN news channel.

He added that the timing was not coincidental…

Nothing is coincidence or coincidence. We are on the eve of one of the most important international event, which is the G20 summit. We have examples of what has happened in other cities and we are working to provide the necessary security, but without a doubt it has a connection with respect to that,” said D’Alessandro. <<<

And here the propagandists are talking about the leftists/anarchists and the “security nightmare” presented by the Summit…

…from the South China Morning Post. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Argentina has vowed to crack down on any anarchists and anti-capitalist protesters who try to disrupt next week’s Group of 20 gathering in Buenos Aires, saying it was working with foreign governments to identify and block entry to potential troublemakers…

Local leftist groups are planning marches against the gathering and have invited activists from around the world to join them…

Protesters have often taken out their fury about fast-rising prices at Christmas-time by burning stores and blocking roads.

Last December police used tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannon to push back rock-throwing protesters angry about the government’s pension reform plan.

Police also clashed with protesters outside parliament in October as lawmakers debated a new budget containing steep spending cuts aimed at erasing the country’s fiscal deficit. <<<

As you can see, they’ve already had some leftist patsies blow up some bombs near the Summit site, and the post-attack mainstream narrative will say that Hezbollah trained them in how to build the “quite sophisticated” bombs they used. So during the Summit, the leftists/anarchists will block roads, set fires to cars and buildings, explode bombs and Molotov cocktails, and engage in sniper and mass shooting activity. “Hezbollah” cells will be out doing the same things, but with even more powerful weaponry. And as the Summit security forces attempt to coordinate a response to all this, their systems and communication networks will be malfunctioning from effective cyberattacks.

“Security nightmare” indeed.

(26 November 2018) – Adding to the “security nightmare” aspect of the G20 Summit, they just happened to book a venue — the Costa Salguero Center — that is right by the water…

…from Google Maps

This makes the Summit an easy target for a water-borne attack / sail-up nuke scenario.

Since the Iranians are big proponents of small boat swarm tactics, keep an eye out for such a swarm to be part of the distraction attacks. The most effective way for the false-flaggers to employ a swarm would be to man the boats with sign-carrying unarmed protesters. As the protest boats maneuver wildly in their approach to the Summit venue, the security boats will be pulled off of their patrol routes and kept occupied. This, along with the sabotaged Israeli sonars, will allow the attackers to bring a sub within easy striking distance.

In a 10-kiloton nuclear strike scenario, the warhead will need to be brought within a kilometer (1,000 meters) of the Summit venue to ensure effectiveness (click on the image to enlarge it — the Summit building is the red star)…


If the nuke explodes at a range of one-half to one kilometer, the Summit building will be moderately damaged and many of those inside will be killed. So if the globalists wish to narrate certain leaders dying and others surviving, they’ll choose this distance.

And if exploded within one-half kilometer (like the map shows), the Summit building will be totaled and all the leaders will be killed (supposedly).

As for how they’d get the warhead to the desired distance, they could sail close with the sub, then surface and blow the warhead, or they could deploy a conventional or rocket-powered torpedo or an underwater drone from a standoff distance.

Speaking of the theatrics of nuking the G20 leaders, it should be noted that some (like Trump and Putin) or all of the leaders will be taken underground and whisked off to safety before the blast. And how will the globalists do that? By using the Jesuit tunnels of course…

…from the BBC. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The idea of a mysterious underground world has long been a subject of interest and imagination in Buenos Aires. “The old myths about the existence of a great swarm of tunnels under the city come back to life again and again,” said Ricardo Orsini, coordinator at the city’s Interpretive Centre for Archaeology and Palaeontology…

Even the experts don’t know the extent of the Jesuits’ network. In 1767, after failing to convert the indigenous population, the Jesuits abandoned their mission in Buenos Aires, heading inland to establish other missions near the border of Paraguay. The Spanish colonists who remained repurposed the mission buildings for their own use, establishing the Royal College of San Carlos and Argentina’s first national library in their place (both establishments are no longer here). And the Jesuits didn’t leave behind blueprints. “There is very little written documentation,” Schávelzon told me. “It was meant to be a secret.” <<<

So before the attack, the leaders will either be in a bunker or at a safe distance from the point of detonation, and the “live stream” of the Summit will be either prerecorded or streamed from a safe location.

(27 November 2018) – Of course, it will be hard for people to believe that the Iranians would do such a suicidal thing as attacking the G20. Since the G20 consists of both the “Western” G7 powers and the “Eastern” BRICS powers, killing the leaders of both sides would unite the world in war against Iran. So the globalists have to address the believability factor in their scripting, and that is why they’ll say that Iran set up ISIS to take the fall for the attack. It’s not hard for anyone to believe that ISIS would do it.

For the globalists to initially blame ISIS, though, they have to establish a backstory showing that ISIS has both the ability and the presence in Argentina to conduct the strike. That is why…

1) They’ve narrated ISIS’s possible possession of a nuke purchased from Pakistan or North Korea…

…from The Independent (top) and Business Insider (bottom). Here is an excerpt from the Business Insider article…

>>> With some of the harshest sanctions on earth imposed on North Korea, it’s easy to imagine the nation attempting to raise money through illegal arms sales to the US’s enemies, which could even include non-state actors like al Qaeda or ISIS.

While procuring the materials and manufacturing a nuclear weapon would represent an incredible technical and logistical hardships for a non-state actor, a single compact warhead could be in the range of capabilities for a non-state actor like Hezbollah, said Lamrani. <<<

2) They’ve narrated ISIS’s presence in Argentina (by means of a hack)

…from Reuters. According to the article, the hacked Argentine Army website said…

“This is a threat. ISIS is in Argentina and you will hear from us soon.”

3) They’ve narrated ISIS’s video-backed claim to have a “Navy SEAL-like” amphibious commando force…

…from YouTube / The Young Turks

4) They’ve narrated ISIS’s “evolving capabilities” in cyberwarfare (as well as its aerial drone capability)…

…from Here is an excerpt…

>>> The United States should not underestimate the ability of terrorist organizations such as ISIS to mount cyber attacks against the homeland, says John Mulligan, former deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center. As the nation works to shrink territorial control of the caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the battlefront extends virtually to the cyber domain, and America must be prepared.

“Unless we contest the other domains in which [terror groups] operate, the problem is going to continue to manifest itself in the years ahead,” he warns. “We need to anticipate that ISIS will move aggressively to develop increased competency in the cybersphere. This is going to occur.”

So far, ISIS has mounted low-level cyber attacks, including doxing-style assaults—stealing and releasing documents with the intent to cause harm — or gaining personally identifiable information to generate kill lists. The organization’s proven ability to evolve its capabilities consistently over time, such as its use and armament of unmanned aerial vehicles or exploitation of social media, warrants attention. “We live in an era in which the free flow of information means that individuals can achieve higher degrees of education, skill and tradecraft fairly easily,” Mulligan says. “They have access to all sorts of information.”

Furthermore, the United States should not make the mistake of minimizing the ability of ISIS to attract skilled hackers. <<<

At the same time, the propaganda corps have also narrated ISIS’s relative incompetence in the cyber arena…

…from Newsweek

So as you can see, the press have narrated ISIS as potentially having all the necessities for the core attack: the small nuclear warhead, the amphibious specialists capable of delivering it from underwater, and the hackers to launch the disabling cyberattack. But as you can also see, they’ve expressed doubt about each element (“The capacity of Isis to acquire such a [nuclear] device is certainly beyond the group at the moment”; “ISIS Special Forces Not That Special”; “ISIS Cyber Jihadis Are ‘Garbage’ at Hacking”). This element of doubt will be useful to the propagandists in breaking down the “ISIS did it” narrative as they begin to switch the blame to Iran / Hezbollah.

With this buildup to the “Blame ISIS” narrative set before us, we begin to see how the narrative will take shape and then collapse…

During the G20 attack, images of commandos in ISIS garb with ISIS flags may be recorded. And after the attack, a claim of responsibility by ISIS will be made. This claim may be backed up by video posts appearing to show ISIS fighters training for the attack. The worldwide 24/7 news coverage will then run with it, taking the stance that “it appears ISIS is responsible for the attack.” But the official government statements will say, “We are aware of the evidence showing that ISIS may be involved in the attack, but we are not prepared to confirm their culpability until we have investigated further.”

After the “Blame ISIS” narrative materializes, the mainstream media will begin interviewing “experts” on the various elements of the attack. And we’ll start hearing things like…

So after the “experts” begin to cast doubt on ISIS’s responsibility for the attack, the joint investigation by all the G20 intelligence agencies will break some news…

“We have uncovered evidence that the ‘Islamic State’ chatter, videos and claim of responsibility related to the G20 attack may have been planted by Iranian intelligence.”

The “expert” interviews on the media will thereafter focus on everything Iran stood to gain by covertly conducting the attack.

This being said, you may be asking, “What about Russian and China? Won’t they stop the West from pinning the blame on Iran?” No, they won’t. Both Putin and Xi will supposedly die in the G20 attack, and the power vacuums they leave behind will be filled by Dmitry Medvedev and Li Keqiang. Both Medvedev and Li have been framed as “friends of the West,” so they’ll go along with the “Blame Iran” narrative. And with that being the case, the whole world will mobilize against Iran, Hezbollah, and everyone who helped them (such as the Syrian, Venezuelan, and Bolivian governments).

ALERT (28 November 2018) – The (planted) smoking gun that will ignite the Russia-Ukraine War

During this morning’s research, I ran across a very important link in the chain of custody of the “North Korean” nuke that will supposedly be used to blow up the G20 Summit…

…from UNIAN, a Ukrainian news agency. Here is an excerpt…

>>> A spokesperson for the SBU Security Service of Ukraine says a statement by Russia’s FSB Federal Security Service on links between the Ukrainian intelligence services and Islamic State (ISIS) is a complete fabrication…

The FSB earlier reported it had allegedly detained an ISIS member who masterminded the assassination of a leader of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”), which is controlled by Russia.

The man allegedly confessed that the “Ukrainian special services are actively assisting ISIS fighters, providing money, weapons and explosives for terrorist attacks in Russia.” <<<

Hmm… while we’re on the subject of Ukraine providing ISIS with explosives for terrorist attacks, have a look at something I wrote in a previous overwatch entry

[Section 2 – 29 June 2018] – The “Blame Ukraine” assassination scenario

…from Newsweek

Another way the globalists can script the Trump-Putin assassination is to blame the Ukranians. After the end of the Cold War, Ukraine surrendered its nuclear weapons in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the US. But in early 2014, Vladimir Putin took the Crimea from them. So in the “Blame Ukraine” scenario, the controlled alt-media will narrate that Ukraine provided ICBM rocket engines to North Korea in exchange for a few nukes to use as “a safeguard against future Russian aggression.”

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on North Korea’s Hwasong-14 ICBM

>>> Michael Elleman of IISS and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists both claim that available evidence clearly indicates that the engine is based on the Soviet RD-250 (R-36 (missile)) family of engines, and has been modified to operate as the boosting force for the Hwasong-12 and -14. According to his theory an unknown number of these engines were probably acquired though illicit channels operating in Russia and/or Ukraine. North Korea’s need for an alternative to the failing Musudan and the recent appearance of the RD-250 engine along with other evidence, suggests the transfers occurred in 2015-2017. <<<

So the transfers occurred after Russia took the Crimea in 2014, which fits the script perfectly.

This “Blame Ukraine” scenario can also be used in conjunction with the “Blame Medvedev and the Atlantic Integrationists” scenario. Since both Medvedev and the Ukrainian government are supposedly friends/puppets/agents of the Western powers, it can be said that Ukraine provided the “North Korean” nuke, Erdogan provided the ISIS suicide bombers, and Medvedev & Bortnikov provided safe passage to the target zone.

Of course, this event would be used to start the Ukraine-Russia war. And as I’ve said in past entries, that war will result in Russia taking all Ukrainian territory east of the Dnieper River. That part of Ukraine was once part of ancient Khazaria, and the globalists want to reconstitute Khazaria under Putin (who will “miraculously” return later in the prophecy fulfillment show).

Fast forwarding to today, it’s important to remember that Ukraine and Russia are currently on the precipice of war due to the naval incident 2 days ago.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at the setup that’s taking shape…

> North Korea may have passed one or more nukes to Ukraine.
> According to the Russians, Ukrainian intelligence provides ISIS with money, weapons, and explosives.
> Vladimir Putin may be killed in a nuclear attack in a few days that will first be blamed on ISIS.
> Russia and Ukraine are already on the brink of war.

So what scenario are they setting up? One in which the Russians blame the Ukrainians for providing ISIS with the North Korean nuke that killed Putin. Since Russia and Ukraine are already on the precipice, this would start an almost immediate war between the two nations, so that part of World War 3 would already be raging before the blame shifts from ISIS to Iran.

Additionally, since the original source of the nuke will be identified as North Korea, the Indians will rage against Pakistan for helping the North Koreans build the nuke that killed Modi, and Pence will rage against North Korea for releasing the nuke that killed Trump. And as soon as the intermediary blame shifts from Ukraine / ISIS to Iran / Hezbollah, the Turks will rage at Iran for providing the nuke that killed Erdogan.

So by pulling the trigger on the G20 nuke attack, the globalists would be pulling the pins on a number of grenades…

  • a war between Russia and Ukraine
  • a war between India and Pakistan
  • a war between Turkey and Iran, and
  • a war between the US and North Korea + Iran

And once it finally becomes clear that Israel and the MEK were actually responsible for the G20 attack and for starting all those wars (including other wars that will stem from them), the entire world will be insanely furious at the Israelis (and all Jews in general). This will result in the “Gog-Magog” invasion of Israel and the crushing postwar global “anti-Semitism” that will drive the world’s Jews to Israel (the “ingathering of the exiles”) for refuge at the feet of the Moshiach (the “resurrected” Putin)…

…from, the official sponsors of the Moshiach ben David…

The fact that the globalists staged the naval incident this week tells us that as of two days ago, they were still keeping their options open on the G20 hit. Let’s hope they punt; otherwise, we could be looking at a martial law Christmas courtesy of President Mike Pence.