The COVID-19 Hype Train: The Catalyst for the NWO Transition [+ more (3/7)]

(2 March 2020) – You don’t have to be a medical expert to realize that the hype surrounding COVID-19 (the Wuhan Coronavirus) is ridiculously overblown; you need only look at the numbers, do a little basic math, and apply common sense.

Here are the numbers you start with…

…from the CDC

As you can see, a severe flu season can cause around 61,000 deaths in a single year here in the US. So just imagine if the globalists gave such a year’s dominant flu strain an exotic name like “FLUVID -19” and had the press start breathlessly covering every single infection and death like the plague was upon us. You would see headlines like this…

Well you don’t have to just imagine such shenanigans, because it’s happening right now with COVID-19. To see that this is true, let’s crunch a few numbers…

China has roughly four times the population of the US, and it’s safe to assume that their yearly flu death rates are roughly comparable to ours, so China can have around 244,000 flu deaths in a bad year (61,000 x 4 = 244,000). And those deaths occur during the typical 13-week flu season which stretches from January through early April (remember that COVID-19 infections in China began appearing in numbers in January, right in sync with flu season). So now that we’re 2/3 of the way through flu season, let’s look at how many Chinese have died of COVID-19 so far…

So as you can see, the lethality of COVID-19 is somewhere in the same ballpark as that of the common flu.

Now when is the last time you remember governments locking down their cities for flu season? Never, right? So why are they doing it this time?

Clearly, the progressing lockdown of the world has nothing to do with the actual threat posed by COVID-19. It’s about something else, and I’ve already written about it (in the 26 January update)…

On another note, don’t let the Coronavirus hype scare you. The virus is merely an excuse to lock down the population prior to the financial system collapse. People won’t want to attend mass demonstrations if they think they’ll get a deadly virus from doing so.

~ MORE – 3 March 2020 ~

From the looks of the COVID-19 propaganda coming out today on 3/3, we may see a nationwide/worldwide lockdown of the major cities as early as next week…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and Infowars (bottom)

This lockdown is the final sign that will precede the controlled demolition of the current financial system. Their rationale in using fear of COVID-19 to compel people to “shelter in place” is “we don’t want the terrified monkeys running wild and burning down the zoo when we take the banana dispensing system down for a reboot.”

Under previous versions of the script, they were going to use a cutoff of food stamps and a widespread domestic terror campaign as an excuse to lock down the cities under martial law. But this pandemic approach is much more clever and effective: in people’s minds, they’re unleashing trillions of unseen viral terrorists to threaten a bronchial invasion and pulmonary jihad against anyone who ventures out of their homes during the lockdown. Fear of this invisible enemy will be very effective in motivating people to stay in their homes, and the mega-hyped COVID-19 outbreak will make the government lockdown look justifiable.

~ MORE – 4 March 2020 ~

Beyond the most obvious reasons for the COVID-19 Psyop…

  • to serve as the excuse to lock down the population prior to the economic collapse, and
  • to serve as the black swan event that supposedly triggers the collapse,

…there is another key reason…

Specifically, there are two prophecy passages in the Bible that the COVID-19 sham aims to fulfill:

Luke 21:10-11 Then He continued by saying to them, “Nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.

COVID-19 helps fulfill the “plagues in various places” part, and we’ll explore the other aspects of this passage later in this entry.

Revelation 13:16-17 And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark — the name of the beast or the number of its name.

This infamous “Mark of the Beast” passage may be fulfilled by the COVID-19 vaccination program.

The Western version of the vaccine may require that an identification chip be injected into the hand at the time of the shot. This chip would be used to determine if someone has been vaccinated or not, and under the quarantine rules, those who have not been vaccinated may be banned from public places like stores (just like school children who have not had childhood vaccinations have been banned from schools). If the entry scanner at a public place does not detect a vaccination chip in someone, that person would be turned away or carted-off to a “quarantine center.”

If March turns out to be the gateway to the Great Tribulation, you will see this Mark of the Beast system implemented. But if March is the end of the Great Tribulation, Putin and Pals will be narrated as having “saved the world from this terrible fate.” The globalists may do this by having the Russians and Chinese provide a “clean” vaccine or by having Trump provide sequestered healing technology held by the Secret Space Program / US Space Force.

The Trump option has been previously hinted-at by CIA disinfo stooge Robert David Steele…

“As a side note, I am certain that ‘free’ energy, anti-gravity propulsion, and other technologies including healing and anti-aging technologies that have been secret and held back from the public are on the verge of release, perhaps during President Donald Trump’s second term. This will have massive positive political, socio-economic, and techno-demographic implications…” – from the Russian International Affairs Council

On a related note, a couple of readers have contacted me about something I too have noticed: the bifurcation of the COVID-19 narrative in the controlled alt-media — with most sites hyping COVID-19 as a serious pandemic, but other sites blasting the hype or presenting both pro-hype and anti-hype messages. This is actually a fairly common practice in the controlled alt-media, and there is a very practical strategy behind it.

If all of the controlled alt-media (CAM) were to present the same exact message, the percentage of the population that would reject the message would be alienated from the entire CAM and might go off and start thinking for themselves. The globalists can’t have that. So what they do is have the MAJORITY of the CAM present the message they wish to promote at the moment, and have a MINORITY of the CAM act as controlled opposition to that message. That way, those who reject the message will be drawn to the controlled opposition and remain under the sway of the CAM.

At the current moment, the globalists want the public to see COVID-19 as a serious threat, so the majority of the CAM are hyping it up. At the same time, they’re having the controlled opposition minority of the CAM reject the hype and promote Trump, who is also taking a public stance against the COVID-19 hysteria. A prime example of a controlled opposition message can be found in a disinfo piece sent to me by reader Glen-Glenda…

…from Veterans Today. Here are some key parts of the article…

The Americans cannot be trusted — the President has the right idea but the CIA and CDC are fearmongering, the first from ignorance the second from a malicious interest in budget building and Deep State undermining of President Trump’s re-election prospects

President Trump CAN be trusted

…the prospects of an untested vaccine possibly including digital ID and in the worst case sterilization elements to advance the depopulation agenda…

As you can see, disinfo stooge Steele is acting as controlled opposition to capture the attention of those who are rejecting the COVID-19 hype. And what is he selling those people? The NWO narrative of course…

  • “The evil Deep State is behind the fake pandemic, and they want to chip you and sterilize you.”
  • “President Trump is a good guy who is fighting against the dastardly villains, and they are trying to remove him from office.”

With articles like the Veterans Today piece, the controlled opposition CAM are providing the narrative for the potential end of the Great Tribulation.

~ MORE – 6 March 2020 ~

Getting back to the reasons for the COVID-19 bioweapon release — and moving beyond the global reasons of locking down the population, triggering the financial system collapse, and artificially fulfilling Biblical prophecy — there are specific reasons that China was chosen as the release point.

Reason 1 – To help ameliorate the graying of the Chinese population. Due to the former one-child policy of the Chinese Communist Party, China’s population has become unbalanced, with too many old people and too few young. By killing off the elderly and leaving children untouched, Wuhan Coronavirus aids in the rebalancing.

Reason 2 – To help reorient the Chinese economy away from an export-driven model and towards a domestic consumption-driven model. By stopping the very heart of the China-centered global supply chain network with the COVID-19 outbreak, the globalists are providing a reason for companies all over the world to diversify and localize their supply chains.

Reason 3 – To provide narrative support for the Chinese part of the prophecy fulfillment program:

Under a “Xi as a First Tribulation Avatar / Second Tribulation Antichrist” scripting, the bioweapon release…

  • provides a First Tribulation “Zionist/Western race-based bioweapon attack” narrative to aid in Xi’s rise to Avatar (hero) status, and
  • provides a Second Tribulation “Xi actually ordered the bioweapon attack to provide cover for killing-off his opponents” narrative to aid in Xi’s revelation as an antichrist.

Under a “Xi as a First Tribulation Antichrist” scripting, the bioweapon release…

  • provides cause for Xi’s fall this year.

You can read more about Reason 3 in the 8 February update located on the main page. And you can read more about the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment program in Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception, as well as in various updates on the main page.

~ MORE – 7 March 2020 ~

It looks like the Ides of March removal attempt on Trump will be related to the Coronavirus. Should he be scripted as resisting recommendations to lock down the country “to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” his attempted removal will come as a cabinet coup “initiated in response to his disastrous handling of an imminent threat to millions of American lives”

…from The Guardian and Banned.Video

Take note of the fact that Alex Jones profits from the COVID-19 hysteria through sales of storable food and health supplements. And the man he’s interviewing, Mike Adams, is also making a killing selling various health potions and snake oils to scared people. Other controlled alt-media sites profit from the hysteria through sales of survival supplies and precious metals, and through advertising revenues, memberships, and donations generated by their clickbait fear porn. So not only do they get paid by the globalists to lie to us, but they also set up additional ways of profiting from the propaganda they push.

Getting back to Trump, the globalists could also script him as becoming incapacitated or dying from COVID-19 “that he contracted during a domestic trip.” The NWO narrative would later claim that he was deliberately infected during his visit to the VRC or CDC. Here he is standing right next to a researcher who works with COVID-19 at the VRC…

Should the nationwide lockdown be initiated next week, it will look different than that of China. It is doubtful that they’ll try to force people to remain in their homes (propaganda-generated fear will take care of that), but they WILL lock down domestic travel and food distribution points. It’s no wonder that the Walmart down the street installed gates at the doors just recently.

If you’re a dissident type, you might not want to be caught traveling or visiting a big store. In China, security forces disguised in medical garb have been going door-to-door with rigged thermometers to carry off dissidents and regime opponents; in the West, the guys with the rigged thermometers will wait for you to get hungry and come to them. Have a friend go instead.