Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – April Updates

Enhanced NOTE (30 April 2022): In an echo from the middle of Obama’s 7-Year Peace Covenant, North Korea is again threatening a “preemptive” nuclear attack…

…from France24

The only difference is that at this particular time in the rebooted second half of the First Tribulation, one or more nukes are due to go off.

As a reminder, tomorrow is May Day, a big communist holiday. And during May Day two North Korean satellites that have been in orbit for years — and which are rumored to be “EMP satellites” — will be passing over the United States [1,2]. It’s also possible that they are orbiting nuclear weapons waiting for a command signal to descend on a target. Look at the history of each one [1,2] (both their launches were related to ballistic missile and nuclear testing).

I’ve completed the section in today’s unfinished update that relates to a previous time the North Korean preemptive nuclear attack threat happened on March 7, 2013. Scroll down to the red section to read it.

NOTE: Today’s (4/30) update is attached to the bottom of the entry below. I’ve posted it unfinished and will complete its editing tomorrow. Until then, remember that we’re in a dangerous period as we approach May Day, and you can find the updates on that below this entry…

THE FIRST TRIBULATION: “Satan’s counterfeit Tribulation”

The Rise of the Decoy Antichrist, Barack Obama

The man the globalists selected to play the decoy Antichrist, Barack Hussein Obama, was elected as President of the United States amidst the 2008 global financial crisis, less than two months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers…

…from The Wall Street Journal

Being an incoming savior figure, he was presented as the candidate who offered “hope” and “change we could believe in”

But his election and inauguration as the US president was not the beginning of his tenure as “the Antichrist.” That came several months later…


Obama’s global reign as the decoy Antichrist symbolically began on September 24, 2009, when he became the first US President to sit as President of the UN Security Council (thus becoming the most powerful man in the most powerful body of the global government). Note how the UN presented the event as “historic”…

…from YouTube

Looking at the video and its written description…

  • Take note of the two people seated behind Obama, Hillary Clinton (the Hilarion,” according to the globalist prophecy propagandists) and Susan Rice, the woman who controls the Biden presidency on behalf of “Antichrist” Obama (according to the script)…

    …also note the photo’s symbolism (Rice in front with Biden muzzled).
  • Take note that this Security Council Summit unanimously adopted Resolution 1887, marking the beginning of “the Antichrist’s 7-year [nuclear] peace covenant with the many.” The “7-year covenant” is a Tribulation event widely expected by Christians, though they have been programmed to believe it must directly involve Israel (something the relevant Bible verse does not specify). Nonetheless, the way the covenant was scripted to end had much to do with Israel.
  • Take special note of the Just one nuclear weapon exploded in a city…” paragraph at the bottom of the video description; it’s a hint at how they intended to bring this Tribulation to a close (but I’ll get to that later).

On the same day Barack Obama sat as the President of the United Nations Security Council in New York, the G20 convened a summit in Pittsburgh to formally agree to enter his New World Order. And on the very next day, Friday, 25 September 2009, the newly-minted Antichrist traveled to Pittsburgh to announce it to the world…

…from The Guardian. It was at this Summit that the G20 officially replaced the G7 as the leading economic body of the world…

…from CNN

Of course, the groundwork for Obama’s NWO had already been laid at an earlier 2009 G20 Summit in Rothschildland (a.k.a. “England”). Note the terms Gordon Brown used to describe the result of the meeting…

…from The Telegraph

And just 15 days after his appearance at the helm of the UN global government, Barack Obama was announced as the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize…

This helped cement him as the Antichrist by fulfilling the widespread Christian prophecy expectation that “the Antichrist will arrive appearing to be a man of [nuclear] peace, but he’ll bring [nuclear] war.” And as I recently found out, the day Obama was announced as the Nobel “Man of Peace” was the day the globalists began the count on his 7-year Tribulation — meaning that the beginning of his 7-year Peace Covenant started 15 days before the beginning of his 7-year Tribulation. I’ll show you why they did this when I cover the exact time periods in the next installment.

~ MORE – 30 April 2022 ~

[insert timespans excerpt]

In April of 2022, I was listening to a podcast from one of the globalists’ “Christian Watchmen” prophecy propaganda teams when a guest mentioned that the timespan from Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize announcement (on October 9, 2009) to his appearance at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (on March 22, 2013) was exactly 1260 days. Recognizing this as the timespan of the first half of Obama’s 7-year Tribulation, I counted out 1290 days from the Bethlehem visit to see when the second half was intended to end. It was on Sunday, 2 October 2016, the day on which Rosh Hashanah began at sunset…
…from Google

So they were intending for the Jewish Messiah to arrive on the eve of the Jewish New Year! And he would have presumably launched the reformed UN/NWO 45 days later on the 1335th day, 16 November 2016.

Up until I heard the podcast, I’d been counting Obama’s Tribulation from his UN Security Council appearance on 24 September 2009, so I wondered why they didn’t start the count from that day too. Upon looking into it, I realized that they had to start Obama’s political rise during the UN General Assembly opening ceremonies that year, which ended too soon to start a Tribulation timeline that would have ended on the eve of Rosh Hashanah 2016. So instead, they used the Nobel Peace Prize announcement as the starting point, which allowed them to land the desecration event on 3/22/2013 (322 is a number of some significance to the globalists) and the Jewish Messiah’s arrival on the eve of Rosh Hashanah. And by using 24 September 2009 as the beginning point of Obama’s 7-Year Peace Covenant, they were able to stage the final “End Times” battle before the Messiah’s arrival.

Speaking of the Peace Covenant, it is not timed in exact numbers of days like the Tribulation. The Bible verse simply says that the covenant will last for “one ‘seven’,” which in the globalist prophecy interpretation means “7 years.” And since the prophecies were written by men who lived by the lunar calendar, the globalist prophecy doctrine holds that the 12 months of those 7 years were made up of 30 days each [which is the number of days in the average lunar month (29.53 days to be exact)]. So a “prophetic month” consists of 30 days, and a “prophetic year” consists of 360 days. The whole 7-Year Covenant, then, would consist of 2520 days.

Another prophetic expectation about the 7-Year Covenant that has been drilled into the minds of Christians states, “He will not fully honor that covenant but will break it in the middle of the 7 years.” Since the Covenant lasts for 2520 days, the halfway point would occur at 1260 days (2520/2 = 1260). And since the Covenant, UN Resolution 1887, promised safety and security from nuclear war, breaking the Covenant would mean bringing us to the brink of nuclear war at the halfway point, then actually causing the explosion of “just one nuclear weapon” at the end point. Let’s see if that happened.

Counting forward 1260 days from September 24, 2009, we arrive at March 7, 2013. Look at what happened on that day…

…from VOA News. Here is an excerpt…

For the first time, North Korea is threatening to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike. This is the latest in an increasing series of bellicose rhetoric from Pyongyang in recent days.

The threat, attributed to a spokesman from North Korea’s foreign ministry, was carried by the country’s central news agency and also broadcast Thursday.

The ministry spokesman is quoted as saying that because “the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, our revolutionary armed forces will be exercising our right to pre-emptive nuclear attack against the strongholds of invaders in order to protect our supreme interest.”

Earlier in the week, a four-star general went on television to announce North Korea next Monday would abrogate the 1953 armistice, which halted the three-year devastating Korean civil war.

​North Korea has made no secret it is incensed about fresh sanctions against it by the U.N. Security Council. It is also expressing strong displeasure with annual military drills under way involving American and South Korean forces.

The North claims the joint exercises are a pretext to a nuclear attack by the United States.

So according to the globalist script, “something Obama was doing in March of 2013 spooked the North Koreans so badly that they almost abandoned the Korean War Armistice to launch a preemptive nuclear attack on the United States.” But the attack did not go forward, of course, because the 7-Year Covenant had three and a half more years to go.

Counting forward another 1260 days from March 7, 2013, we arrive at August 18, 2016, a day during the 2016 Rio Olympics…
PIC: Olympics Nuclear Fear
…from the Drudge Report

The globalist plan for the end of Obama’s Tribulation in 2016 involved setting off an “ISIS” nuke at the Rio Olympics, where athletes from all the world’s nations were competing. This would have led to rapid response military forces from all over the world boarding airliners and air freighters to fly to Syria to annihilate ISIS.

Once all the nations were there and fighting alongside the US military, Obama was to reveal “indisputable intelligence that Israel was behind the ISIS attack” (an Israeli company ran security during the Rio Olympics; they’re one of the nations behind ISIS as well). And this revelation would have led all the forces to pivot towards Israel for the Battle of Armageddon, thus leading to the arrival of the Jewish Messiah on October 2 – an event that would have led to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount.

Back in 2016, I covered the planned Olympic false-flag in detail, and I had reason at the time to believe that the attack would happen on August 14. So after I found this August 18 date, I wondered why that date was chosen. And as it turned out, I found the reason when I came across a Kabbalist “prediction” on one of their prophecy propaganda sites…
…from Israel365News. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Since the month of July, 2016 began, Israel appears to be experiencing new energy around the Temple Mount… international Bible Code expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson released a new Bible Code video he called “Temple will come down to Jerusalem 5776 in bible code.”

At the 3:15 mark, Glazerson points to a Bible code that translates as “God will inform on the 15th of [the Hebrew month of] Av.” This year, the 15th of Av corresponds to Friday, August 19.

“We don’t know exactly what it refers to,” commented Glazerson, but the clear implication is that God will notify us about something important having to do with the Temple on the 15th of Av. <<<

The 15th of Av, 5776 began at sunset of August 18. And sunset in Jerusalem that day occurred at 7:19 PM IST, which was 1:19 PM in Rio. And to a numerologist 1:19 is 9/11 reversed. The 15th of Av is also the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Av, which is a joyous day celebrated by dancing. Do you remember the “dancing Israelis” from the first 9/11? Well they would have been dancing on Tu B’Av 2016 because the explosion in Rio would have led to the Battle of Armageddon, the arrival of the Moshiach (the Jewish Messiah), and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

I’ll finish editing this update later today. And in the next installment, we’ll look at how “Obama’s plans were frustrated” by…

> Vladimir Putin and Qasem Soleimani in Syria,
> Xi Jinping in the G20, and
> Donald Trump in the United States.

And we’ll see how the second half of Obama’s Tribulation was rebooted on the day Trump took Obama’s UN Security Council throne and Obama gave a competing address at the place where his Tribulation began: Oslo, Norway.

WARNING (27 April 2022): The globalists are setting up the “mass casualty strike from the sea” option, and it looks like it will involve targeting Ukraine’s logistical support lines beyond Ukraine’s borders (and inside NATO’s borders)…

> Russia Says It Destroyed “Large Batch” Of Western Weapons With Ship-Launched Missiles
(this story helps set up the “from the sea” aspect of the coming strike)

> UK Backs Right Of Ukraine To Attack Russian Territory – Kremlin Warns London Of “Proportional Response”
(“If it’s OK for Ukraine to strike logistical support elements outside Ukrainian borders, it must be OK for Russia to do the same.”)

> Putin Warns Of “Quick Response” If West Intervenes In Ukraine
(the West has already intervened, so “here it comes”)

The false-flag “strike from the sea” could come from…

  • a warship, a cargo container on a merchant ship, or a submarine in the Black Sea that’s controlled by NATO, Israel, or Turkey; or
  • a NATO-controlled Russian strategic bomber or fighter over the Black Sea (see the 22-23 March updates for how the US got such equipment from Ukraine).

NOTE (27 April 2022): The scripting cues my partner Onnabugeisha found that tie smallpox to April 28 were of the sort that would appeal only to hardcore numerologists, so I didn’t cover them. Among them, though, was one that anyone can understand…

April 28 is the day Bill Gates, born 28 October 1955, turns exactly 66 years, 6 months old (666). And, of course, he is the one who has been hinting that “smallpox is next”

…from the Daily Mail

For the rest of the day, events permitting, I’ll be working on the in-depth look into the Tribulation timelines the globalists are following. It might take till tomorrow to finish.

3X-Expanded WARNING (26 April 2022): Onnabugeisha just sent me a number of indicators that point to April 28 and smallpox [a bioweapon that would be spread by gas (aerosolized water droplets)]. And guess what — there are supposedly only two biolabs in the world that have smallpox, and one of them is in Russia…

…from Live Science. Here is a key excerpt…

A fire reportedly broke out yesterday (Sept. 16) after an explosion at a secret lab in Russia, one of only two places in the world where the variola virus that causes smallpox is kept

The other lab authorized by the World Health Organization to hold smallpox — declared eradicated in 1980 — is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Georgia.

Given the previous “Obama’s secret bioweapon labs in Ukraine” [1,2] setup we’ve seen, the globalist script may say that “Obama transferred smallpox from the CDC to the secret biolabs in Ukraine to be weaponized.” So the “Ukrainian Nazis” may be the ones who are scripted to release it, although Putin and then the commies will be blamed first.

Today’s update (below) talks about the Venus-Neptune conjunction and Holocaust Remembrance Day during the days of April 27-28. What better mass death script can be written for those indicators than the release of a deadly gas (of aerosolized, smallpox-bearing water droplets) by a bunch of Nazis?

So be on alert; a smallpox attack attributed to Russia on April 27-28 could definitely lead to an explosive May Day.

~ MORE ~

Also among her notes, Onnabugeisha reminds us that the smallpox release may have already occurred on April 12 (the day of the New York City subway attack, which I warned about in the 12-13 April updates). In previously known strains of smallpox, the incubation period can range from 7 to 19 days, but is typically 10-14 days (today, 4/26, marks 14 days). But if it’s narrated that the Ukrainian labs created a more transmissible strain, two specific things they would have engineered into it are…

  1. a SHORTER latency period (the time between a person catching the virus and being able to transmit it to others), and
  2. a LONGER incubation period (the time between a person catching the virus and showing symptoms of the infection).

With those modifications, the virus would spread more widely through the population before anyone even knew an attack occurred. So if the media start narrating people coming down with smallpox symptoms over the next few days, they’ll track it back to the subway attack.

I didn’t realize what a short period of time has elapsed since the subway attack. With everything that’s going on, it seems like a long while ago.

~ MORE ~

Meanwhile, in China, “Xi Jinping’s Final Purge of the Chinese Communist Party” has now expanded to most of Beijing…

…from Zero Hedge (top) and ABC News (bottom)

So the supposed “COVID lockdown” that has been going on in Shanghai, “the power base of the evil Jiang Faction / Shanghai Gang,” and other cities has now reached the capital. And the mass testing is actually a mass roundup: once a person’s identity is compared to the arrest list and it comes back positive, they are given a rigged COVID test that will come back positive, thus allowing them and their “close relatives and associates” to be gathered up and placed in an internment camp (“COVID Quarantine Center”).

Now that this has spread to Beijing, how long will it be before it is revealed as a political roundup? And is the roundup in Beijing what the script will use as a timing trigger for the bioweapon release?…

“Facing the end of the road, the Chinese Deep State ordered the release of their COVID follow-up bioweapon in hopes of turning the tables on Xi Jinping.”

See the 11 April update for more on this. In fact, the scripting cue mentioned in the 11 April update may have been what led to the subway attack in New York the next day.

~ MORE ~

While a new aerosolized bioweapon attack — or the April 12 attack resurrected with crisis actor smallpox victims — would perfectly fulfill the scripting indicators for the next two days, now is not the time to get tunnel vision. So let’s look again at the indicators and some other attack options that might fulfill them…

  • the VenusNeptune conjunction can be used to script an “antichrist” attack involving freshwater, the sea, or a water/sea related element or term, and
  • Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) lends itself to the scripting of an attack involving mass death, poison gas, or Jewish targets.

Here are just a few alternative options…

  • the sinking of one or more US aircraft carriers,
  • a poison gas attack from or against a ship,
  • the release of a waterborne bioweapon, or
  • an attack on Israel from under, on, or over the Mediterranean, Red Sea, or Dead Sea.

Overwatch for the April 27 – May 23 Time Period

(26 April 2022) – On the one hand, things look good…

But one should always look a gift horse in the mouth, especially if it was given by globalists and may be a Trojan horse. Now that they can’t quickly shift to a new timetable, they may be inclined to double-down on their existing one. And they still have 27 days to bring it to conclusion.

So now we adjust our view to do overwatch on the days from now to the drop-dead date of May 23. And here is a calendar of that time period…

As you can see, the first cluster of scripting cues falls on Wednesday and Thursday, which are days that may bring a precursor event that will set up an explosive May Day. Given the nature of the scripting cues for those days, the precursor may be an event involving mass death (possibly through the use of gas) through an attack that may take place on or from a body of water (or involve a water-related word).

In the afternoon/evening, we’ll look closer at the April 27-May 1 time period. And tomorrow, we’ll go in-depth on their existing timetable, introducing new information I haven’t covered before. Once we get past May 23, things should slow down for a while.

NOTE (24 April 2022): If the Pope was going to Ukraine today, they appear to have cancelled it; he held Mass at the Vatican this morning. And there’s been no news on Blinken and Austin yet. Since last night I’ve been wondering if Biden went. His schedule last shows him traveling to Philadelphia International Airport, and then flying on to Delaware. But did he stop in Philly to refuel for a cross-Atlantic flight?

ALERT (23 April 2022): Watch for big drama in Ukraine tomorrow…

…from CNN

Tomorrow is rife with possibilities for false-flags in Ukraine to be blamed on Russia (or for Putin to actually carry out attacks in ways that appear false-flagged). Will they launch attacks on Easter worshippers? Will they stage the assassination of the US Secretaries of State and Defense? Will Pope Francis make his promised appearance in Ukraine on Orthodox Easter Sunday (and then be killed)? Such attacks would be a great way to scare French voters into the hands of Macron tomorrow.

NOTE: Today’s (4/23) update on the fake Putin video has been posted a little further down the page in blue. And today’s second update, covering the Second Sunday of Easter occurring on the day of the French election and on May Day, is right below it in green. It has been slightly enhanced (in blue). Also, today’s third update, covering the upcoming planetary conjunctions and their potential impact on the globalist script, has been added below the first two in red.

(22-23 April 2022) – There’s going to be a Trump-style problem with the French presidential election

As I thought ahead to the setup events that would be employed in a May Day attack on the West, it dawned on me that it would be tied to preventing Putin-friendly Marine Le Pen from being inaugurated as President of France. So I decided to look up the inauguration date and found this on France24: Dates with destiny: France’s 2022 presidential election calendar. Here is an excerpt…

April 24

Voters head back to their polling places for the second round of the presidential election. Once again, the vote is scheduled a day earlier in some of France’s overseas territories (see above) and, for French voters casting ballots abroad, in the Americas.

April 28, at the latest

The Constitutional Council validates the second-round results. The winner is officially proclaimed president. [This is the French equivalent to what happened at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021.]

May 13, at the latest

The handover of presidential power must take place on or before the last day of the outgoing president’s five-year term. [Macron was inaugurated on May 14, 2017.]

So if the globalists still want to hit their May 23 date for the arrival of “les sauveurs nazisionistes,” we’re going to see one of two French election scenarios…

SCENARIO 1: Le Pen will win the popular vote on April 24, but the Constitutional Council will resist validating the results by the deadline (Thursday, April 28). When they again refuse to give validation on Friday, half of France be in an uproar, and “the far-right supporters of Le Pen” will take to the streets over the weekend. And upon hearing the news of Putin’s supposed death/fall on Saturday, April 30, “the international network of far-right extremists will carry out their last-ditch option, Day X, on Sunday, May 1″

Hi everyone, we hope by now you’ve heard (at least some of) our new series, Day X. Our story starts with a German military officer who faked a refugee identity in an alleged far-right assassination plot intended to bring down the government. And over the past five weeks, we’ve explored how this case cracked the door open to a network of far-right extremists inside the German military and the police. We’ve asked some big questions, too, about what this means for the country’s future and the threat to democracies around the world more broadly…

In conversation with Amanda Taub, one of our Interpreter columnists, Cynthia Miller-Idriss, the director of the Polarization and Extremism Research and Innovation Lab at American University, explained how this alleged plot has parallels with what we have witnessed unfolding in the rise of the American far right, specifically the events on Jan. 6.

Both this alleged plot and the insurrection at the Capitol could be cited as examples of an “accelerationist” ideology, in which far-right groups promise a moment when the institutions of government, society and the economy will be wiped out in a wave of catastrophic violence, clearing the way for a utopia that will supposedly follow. Cynthia sees this thinking present in both the German and American far right. – from The New York Times

SCENARIO 2: Macron will appear to win the popular vote of April 24, but with clear signs of irregularities like those of the Trump-Biden election. Le Pen supporters will be indignant, but the Constitutional Council will certify the results over their objections. The “far-right supporters of Le Pen” will then take to the streets over the weekend. And upon hearing the news of Putin’s supposed death/fall on Saturday, April 30, “the international network of far-right extremists will carry out their last-ditch option, Day X, on Sunday, May 1.”

Since scenario 2 mimics what happened with Trump, I consider it the more likely of the two. And “May 1st will be January 6th on steroids” throughout the West.

As for the aftermath of the attacks, the surviving “commie” Atlanticist Establishment will blame the right-wingers and go after them, but they will be stopped when “les sauveurs nazisionistes” intervene on May 23 (the 1335th day since Trump sat as President of the UNSC, and the day “the communist revolutionary government” in DC would swing America’s borders wide open for invasion).

Since the attacks will have happened on the commie holiday of International Workers’ Day (May Day), the Nazionists (who will be posing as patriots and constitutionalists) will blame the commies, saying, “They carried out Operation Blackjack in order to stop one of the core nations of the EU, France, from escaping their grasp and bringing down their massive plot to depopulate the world and rule over the survivors with an iron communist fist.”

But of course, both the commies and Nazionists are opposing sides only in the stageplay, and they’re simply carrying out their roles in accordance with the Kabbalist script.

~ MORE (posted before the update above) ~

I didn’t write a threat forecast for today because there weren’t any strong and specific scripting cues and because the energy has felt dead since April 19 (when they restored my site saves on the Internet Archive). But if Biden does get hit today, it would likely happen when he visits Seward Park in Seattle and in a scenario that involves North Korea — there is a torii gate at that park. Also, it’s Orthodox Good Friday in Russia, so something could happen to Putin over the Friday-Sunday weekend, but I suspect they’re aiming for the end of the month now.

May Day (May 1) would be a good day to schedule the communist onslaught, and it might happen the day after Putin’s scripted fall on April 30, which is the day Hitler supposedly died in his bunker. I’ll get to Putin and his bunker in tomorrow’s update.

~ MORE ~

In tomorrow’s update on Putin and his “April 30 death / coup bunker,” we’ll look at this image (and the video from which it came) that is showing up in the alternative and mainstream press…

…from today’s Drudge Report

After looking into it yesterday, I suspect that the video is a digitally retouched / “deep fake” / “wag the dog” propaganda piece that was fashioned from a 2015 meeting between Putin and Shoigu…

…from (archived)

Tomorrow I’ll show you what they’re using it for.

~ MORE – 23 April 2022 ~

The day before yesterday, a reader sent me a link to an alt-media article titled BREAKING — COUP D’ÉTAT IN THE KREMLIN — SHOIGU TAKES LEAD IN RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT. It embedded this video from Twitter

…and it makes the following claims about it…

It appears that Putin has been pushed out of the supreme position of power in the Kremlin, in Moscow: a stunning video broadcast on Russian TV yesterday, appears to show…

In the video, there are radical changes which Russia has not seen in the 20 year reign of power of Vladimir Putin:

He is sitting in his office, but not at his desk, as if to show he is not longer in control.

Gone is the 50ft long table separating him from the nearest Military or Political commander, with whom he would normally speak, end of table to end of table. He is now seated at a tiny table in a familiar position with his commanding General Sergei Shoigu.

In addition, Shoigu is seen in a commanding assertive position, and Putin, slouched and depressed, “as a bag of potatoes” one Twitter commentator phrased it.

But most significant of all, the General is not dressed in military uniform. He is dressed in the suit of a political leader.

It appears therefore that there has been a radical change in the axis of power in the Kremlin. This was predicted by a Russian expert out of Sweden nearly a month ago.

Upon reading this, I decided to look into past meetings between Putin and Shoigu to see if the article’s claims held water. They didn’t. I found that…

  • the little desk in front of Putin’s main desk is where he normally meets someone when the meeting is to be televised,
  • he regularly meets with Shoigu at close distances, as the two are/were close friends,
  • it is common for Shoigu to sit up straight when reporting to his boss, and in the 8 December 2015 meeting, Putin’s body language (and table gripping) was attempting to portray sadness for the Russian aviator who had been shot down by the Turks, and
  • also in that 2015 meeting, Shoigu was wearing civilian clothes, as he is in the suspect video.

So let’s take note that in the case of this From Rome alt-media disinfo piece, the video is being used to suggest that Putin has been toppled by a coup.

Here’s something else I found during my research…

…from Global Happenings (archived). Here’s an excerpt…

In a video released by the Kremlin press service, Putin’s head moves separately from his body.

Video of Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in Moscow could be fake.

Internet users noticed that Putin’s head in the video moves separately from his body, they also noticed an unusual stoop and tense posture for the President of the Russian Federation. This indicates that the video is a poorly edited fake. This version is also supported by rumors that Putin has not left the limits of his secret bunker in the Urals for a long time, from where he controls Russia

In early March, the Kremlin released a video showing Vladimir Putin meeting with female pilots and flight attendants in Moscow.

Ukrainian experts drew attention to the fact that the video was made using chroma key technology (a technology for combining two or more images or frames in one composition, with which you can place people or objects on an arbitrary background taken in another place).

So in the case of this Global Happenings report, the video is being used to suggest that Putin is hiding in his bunker and the Russian press are circulating fake videos to make it appear that he’s bravely going about his normal business

…from TASS

But this raises an obvious question…

Why would the Russians put out a video that makes Putin look so bad?

And the answer is: “So their globalist partners in the Western media can use the video to set up what comes next in the script: Putin’s death or incapacitation in his bunker, giving rise to new Russian leadership whether by coup or cancer

…from The Telegraph

~ MORE ~

In the 26 March update, I posed the question…

When will the globalist scriptwriters roll out the “good guy” saviors? Before the nukes go off in the G7 nations or after?

A scripting indicator Onnabugeisha has uncovered opens up the possibility that they could intervene on May Day before the nukes go off…

The Second Sunday of Easter is the day that occurs seven days after the Christian celebration of Easter. Those churches which give special significance to this day recognize it by various names. In the Roman Catholic Church, this day is generally known as Divine Mercy Sunday. Across Western Christianity more broadly, this day is also known as the Octave Day of Easter, White Sunday (Latin: Dominica in albis), Quasimodo Sunday, Bright Sunday, and Low Sunday. In Eastern Christianity, this day is known as Antipascha, New Sunday (or Renewal Sunday), and Thomas Sunday.

The Second Sunday of Easter is the eighth day after Easter using the mode of inclusive counting, according to which Easter itself is the first day of the eight. Christian traditions which commemorate this day recall the Biblical account recorded to have happened on the same eighth day after the original Resurrection.

>>> Eight days later, his disciples were again in the house, and Thomas was with them. The doors were shut, but Jesus came and stood among them, and said, Peace be with you.” Then he said to Thomas, “Put your finger here, and see my hands; and put out your hand, and place it in my side; do not be faithless, but believing.” Thomas answered him, “My Lord and my God!” Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” - John 20:26–29 <<<

It is because of this Scriptural episode that this day is called Thomas Sunday in the Eastern tradition. – from Wikipedia

In Western Christianity, “Divine Mercy Sunday” falls on the same day as the French presidential election. And in Eastern Christianity, “Renewal Sunday” falls on May Day. So if the globalists decide to make this a part of their script, Marine Le Pen may win the election tomorrow (setting Scenario 1 in motion) and Vladimir Putin may intervene on May Day to stop Operation Blackjack with the help of a “heavenly host” he assembles after dying or disappearing on April 30. This would lead to the “Putin-Xi-Trump Win” scenario unfolding over the following weeks, with May 9 (Victory Day) marking the end of the Ukraine War (once the roundup of “Nazis” is complete) and May 23 marking the end of all wars and the holding of a UN meeting to begin the process of reforming the world order.

~ MORE ~

Since the globalists are slavishly bound by astrology, there are two upcoming planetary conjunctions that may play into their script for the run-up to May Day…

On April 27 (at 19:07 UTC) there is a close conjunction of Venus and Neptune, representing a meeting in the heavens between “Lucifer posing as Christ” (Venus) and “Neptune,” the Roman god of freshwater and the sea.

The last time there was a Neptune conjunction (on April 12), Russia’s Black Sea flagship was reportedly hit the next day, supposedly with Neptune missiles (but possibly with Turkish Harpoon missiles). So if they follow that same “day after” template, an attack involving fresh water or the sea may take place on or about April 27-28.

Could an attack come from the Seine River or the Atlantic, impacting France and the certification of the election results? Could it come from the Mediterranean and/or the Sea of Japan, impacting a US aircraft carrier or two?

On April 30 (at 18:42 UTC) there is a close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, representing a meeting in the heavens between “Lucifer posing as Christ” and “Satan” (Jupiter). Will Putin gather his (Satanic) “heavenly host” at the time of this conjunction? Or will he rise to be with his father until his later return?

NOTE (21 April 2022): Biden’s trip to Portland, Oregon today has suddenly gotten a lot more interesting. My partner Onnabugeisha reports that Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine, and the symbols found on their city seals are particularly relevant to the situation we’re facing.

Here is the seal of Portland, Maine…

…and here is an excerpt from the city’s Wikipedia page

The city seal depicts a phoenix rising from ashes, a reference to recovery from 4 devastating fires. Portland was named after the English Isle of Portland, Dorset. In turn, the city of Portland, Oregon was named after Portland, Maine.

And here is the seal of Portland, Oregon

Take note that the woman, presumably Columbia, has a Star of David over her head and a trident in her right hand, and she is standing next to her river (on which there is a ship coming towards the shore).

Now if we take a look at Biden’s schedule for today, he too will be standing next to the Columbia River with a Star of David / Sword of Damocles hanging over his head. It will happen at 3:30 PM (Portland time) when he attends a Democratic fundraiser at the Portland Yacht Club…

…from Google Maps

Note the large number of boats at the docks and recreational vehicles in the RV park across the street — there are plenty of places to stash a suitcase nuke, not to mention the fact that one can be sailed near the Club on a boat or submersible (as is shown on the city seal).

As for the trident in Columbia’s right hand, remember that it is…

So the potential nuclear false-flag that would take out Biden is encoded right in Portland’s city seal.

It should also be noted that the trident symbol was on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down over Ukraine back in 2014…

So the shootdown of Air Force One with a MANPADS or a containerized missile could also be scripted.

NOTE: Today’s (4/20) update has been posted a little further down in green. Below that, in red, I’ve posted the now completed and enhanced threat assessment for tomorrow (4/21).

(3X-Expanded Note – 19-20 April 2022) – Looking ahead to the Threat of the Day for Wednesday, April 20, there are two things to watch…

1) “Biden will meet with U.S. military leaders, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, at the White House on Wednesday and then host the leaders and their spouses for dinner.” – from The Washington Post

This makes tomorrow a particularly good day to nuke Biden at the White House, since such an attack would decapitate America’s senior military leadership as well (thus making it easy to blame Russia). Meanwhile, President-in-Waiting Kamala Harris will be safely away in Los Angeles (though they might hit that city too, triggering the Pelosi-Clinton scenario).

By scheduling the hit tomorrow, they would have the option of starting the “ideal Tribulation timeline” I’ve written about in previous entries…

April 20, 2022 is the day in Passover 2022
that is separated by 1260 days from
October 1, 2025, which is the day Yom Kippur begins in 2025
that is separated by 1290 days from
April 13, 2029, which is the day of the Apophis asteroid “impact.”

I’ll go into the details of this timeline tomorrow.

2) My partner Onnabugeisha notes that April 20 marks exactly 44444 days since the start of the Battle of Peking (Beijing) in the year 1900. The Battle occurred during the Boxer Rebellion, a war that arose from a Chinese attempt to purge Western influence from their country. The Chinese lost both the Battle and the war.

In Chinese culture, the number 4 represents death and bad luck, so tomorrow can be viewed as “Quintuple Bad Luck and Death Day” for Xi Jinping’s supposed battle against the Western NWO. Something that negatively impacts China or Xi himself is therefore scriptable. This scripting cue will be in effect on April 21 (blackjack day) also, since it will mark 44444 days since the Battle was lost.

~ MORE – 20 April 2022 ~

Look at all the military brass that will be gathered together in one above-ground place today, and look at the time they’re meeting…


Now that’s what we call a “rich target.” And if an attack goes forward, will both Washington and Beijing be hit? My partner Onnabugeisha notes that 4 PM in Washington, DC is 4 AM in Beijing, China.

~ MORE ~

Today is April 20, and before I go into the details of why it’s a potentially significant day, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of something:

The globalist interpretation of Bible prophecy connects three specific timespans to the 7-year Tribulation…

  • 1260 days, which is the timespan of the first half of the Tribulation (ending in the midpoint event: “the desecration of the Holy Place”),
  • 1290 days, which is counted from the midpoint event and is connected to the second half of the Tribulation, and
  • 1335 days, which is also counted from the midpoint and marks a “good event” at the end of the second half.

With that in mind, in recent months I’ve written about an ideal 7-year Tribulation timetable that the globalists could launch on April 20 of this year…

> The Tribulation would begin with the staging of a big event on April 20 (the fifth day of Passover 2022 and Day 4 of the Omer count). The starting event could be Operation Blackjack, after which the Democrats/Communists will pursue the Christians (who would be among those initially blamed for the attacks, and who will flee the cities for the wilderness).

> It would continue with the counting of 1260 days from the starting event to the midpoint event (“the desecration of the holy place”) on October 1, 2025, marking the end of the first 3.5 years of the Tribulation.

The desecration event would likely happen after sunset in Jerusalem (when Yom Kippur begins), and it will likely involve Vladimir Putin entering the “Holy of Holies” in the Third Temple (which would be in operation by then). Putin will then be proclaimed “the real Jewish Messiah (Moshiach)” and “the returned Jesus Christ.” And due to the “fact” that “Jesus completed the need for sacrifice when he died on the cross,” Putin will stop the Yom Kippur sacrifice and all the sacrifices that follow…

While the Temple in Jerusalem was standing (from Biblical times through 70 CE), the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) was mandated by the Torah to perform a complex set of special services and sacrifices for Yom Kippur to attain Divine atonement, the word “kippur” meaning “atone” in Hebrew. These services were considered to be the most important parts of Yom Kippur because through them the Kohen Gadol made atonement for all Jews and the world. During the service, the Kohen Gadol entered the Holy of Holies in the center of the Temple, the only time of the year that anyone went inside. – from Wikipedia

> The Tribulation would continue with the counting of 1290 days from the midpoint event to April 13, 2029, the day the Apophis asteroid does its flyby of Earth. The globalist prophecy propagandists have made a big deal over the 2019 Apophis flyby, claiming it will hit Earth. So this would be the day the globalists have their fake Jesus come in to defeat Putin (the “Final Antichrist”) and save the world from Apophis (chaos).

> The Tribulation would end after the counting of an additional 45 days to the 1335-day mark, which is when the globalists’ Kabbalah Christ would officially launch his Millennial Kingdom on May 28, 2029 (after spending the 45 days explaining to the world WTF just happened and what he plans for us).

> It should also be noted that this scenario could be triggered on April 21 (blackjack day) too — you need only count the day of the starting event as Day 1 of the 1260.

Variations of this timetable are possible as well, and one would have the communists win the war and launch their “evil” NWO this September. Barack Obama would then be the one to desecrate the Third Temple in 2025 when he begins to openly lead the NWO. And after Putin comes in to defeat Obama in 2029, he himself will be defeated by the fake Jesus 3.5 or 7 years later.

~ MORE ~

Tomorrow’s threat profile is almost a carbon copy of today’s: there’s scripting-cue support for Operation Blackjack with options for assassination attempts on Biden and Xi…

  • Tomorrow is the 21st, blackjack day.
  • April 21 is the 44444th day since China lost the Battle of Peking (Beijing).
  • April 21 is the globalists’ final opportunity to implement the ideal Tribulation timetable.

And Onnabugeisha has found even more cues for 4/21…

Should the globalists opt to pull the trigger tomorrow, it may happen at 4 AM Washington, DC time / 4 PM Beijing, China time.

On another note, we are now in the 20th day of Nisan, which will continue until sunset of April 21. And on this day in Jewish history (during the Exodus), Egypt’s Pharaoh cornered the Hebrews on the coast of the Red Sea. That night, after 21 Nisan began, the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea to avoid annihilation. So will Israeli fighter jets cross the Red Sea — specifically the Gulf of Aqaba — tomorrow night to pass through Saudi airspace on their way to strike Iran “in order to prevent the nuclear annihilation of Israel”?

(19 April 2022) – A reader has pointed out the possibility that it was Turkey who sank Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, using Harpoon anti-ship missiles fired from a submarine. Did Turkey do this to spark a direct conflict between Russia and NATO, setting Eastern and Western “Christian” Civilization on a path of mutual destruction?

Tomorrow I’ll go into the reasons why it’s possible: 1) Turkey started a large naval exercise shortly before the Moskva was hit, 2) Turkey has Harpoons (a US-made weapon) as well as at least 5 submarines that can fire them [1,2], and 3) Turkish president Erdogan is playing the role of the First Tribulation Muslim Antichrist, the “Dajjal.”

NOTE: Here is Biden’s schedule for the Portsmouth visit today (4/19)…


As you can see, he departs at 3:30 (33), so they could alternatively script Air Force One being shot down with a “Putin-supplied” MANPADS. I’ll post today’s update after the Portsmouth visit is over.

Also, I’ve added two more occult scripting cues to the bottom of the Warning in blue. And last night’s Alert has been moved below it…

Expanded & Enhanced WARNING (18 April 2022): Will the next American revolutionary war and civil war start tomorrow in Portsmouth?

Here’s an interesting bit of history, both past and future: Biden will take a day trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th. On a hunch, I started looking into Portsmouth and found that 18 weeks before Paul Revere made his famous April 18 Midnight Ride to Lexington to warn that the British were coming, he made a similar Midday Ride to Portsmouth…

…from Smithsonian Magazine

So is the present-day secret patriot network spreading the news among the “Trumper insurrectionists” that Biden is coming to Portsmouth? Will they plan an appropriate greeting there for “the enemy of the Republic”? Will the Portsmouth trip be the true starting point of the war for independence from the “Deep State”?

Onnabugeisha has found a number of occult scripting cues for 4/19, including the facts that the American Revolutionary War started on that day in 1775 and the Oklahoma City Bombing happened that on that day in 1995. Remember that the bombing was carried out with a big bomb in a box truck (supposedly) and was attributed to “anti-government extremists with white supremacist, right-wing terrorist sympathies.”

Tomorrow suddenly looks particularly ominous.

P.S. – Biden will be speaking at Portsmouth Harbor, so the (possibly nuclear) bomb could also be in a cargo container, a drone boat, or a drone submersible/torpedo (“that Russia provided to the insurrectionists in retaliation for Biden’s arming of Ukraine”).

~ MORE ~

Here are some more occult scripting cues Onnabugeisha found…

Expanded ALERT (18 April 2022): Here’s a very bad sign: I do periodic checks on the saves of this site on the Internet Archive as an “early warning” measure, and I found that all the saves since the beginning of Passover have disappeared (except for the one that was just made, which I suspect will disappear by morning)…

This means they’re trying to protect their narrative in advance of making their move. I advise them to reconsider; they won’t like how this ultimately ends.

Make sure to save an offline copy of this page on physical media.

~ MORE ~

The saves have been restored, and that’s a good sign. It tells me that there’s some semblance of rationality remaining in the globalists’ cultist heads, and that’s good for both them and the world. While I don’t know what’s coming to them, I can feel it. And if they could feel it too, they would run from their absurd beliefs and planned actions with all their might. My overriding intent in what I do is to reduce suffering for the aspects of Source incarnate in this reality system, and that includes the globalists. I worry about them sometimes, because I know that what they measure upon this world will be measured upon them. Tread carefully, my misled brothers and sisters.

(Expanded Note – 18 April 2022) – My partner Onnabugeisha has noted that they’re sending Kamala Harris — who took over Mike Pence’s position as Chairman of the National Space Council in 2021 — to meet with the Space Force in California today. The trip was announced on the 14th, and she’ll be leaving Washington at noon. So are they getting her out of town before they hit Biden? Are they rescripting for a “Space Force saves the day” event under Kamala Harris that would bring in Obama’s NWO? This trip could be something or could be nothing; I’ll keep an eye on it.

~ MORE ~

Harris will be traveling to Los Angeles after visiting Vandenberg Space Force Base today, and it looks like she’ll be in California through Thursday (at least). As for Biden, he will travel to Portland and Seattle on Thursday and Friday.

So Biden could get hit (resulting in Pinky Moonbeam’s rise to the presidency)…

  • in Washington, DC on the 18th, 19th, or 20th,
  • in Portland on the 21st, or
  • in Seattle on the 22nd.

Both Portland and Seattle have developed a reputation of being lawless cities where leftists hold violent riots, and such leftists are not fans of “centrist” Biden. So either city would be a great place for Biden to get taken out; the press can say “far-right-wingers did it” while the public quietly scream “obviously the leftists did it!”

(Expanded & Enhanced Note – 17 April 2022) – If they were planning to replace Biden with Harris on Easter Sunday, it appears they’ve backed out (or rescripted it to go nuclear in the evening). When I checked the presidential schedule this morning, it listed a 2 PM call time for the press today and nothing else. Now in the afternoon, it shows the Bidens arriving in DC at 5:45 PM EDT, and they’ve backfilled his empty schedule for Saturday too. So they either called off the replacement or decided to terminate him upon his return to Washington.

Sunset in Washington, DC today is 7:47 PM, so the most dangerous time for a bright flash near the White House is the 2 hours and 2 minutes (22) between his return and the end of 16 Nisan.

~ MORE ~

That brings us to the nuclear warnings that shot to the top of the news overnight. The first one I saw was this…

…from CNN

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN Friday that “all of the countries of the world” should be prepared for the possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use tactical nuclear weapons in his war on Ukraine…

US officials have warned about the possibility that Putin, if backed into a corner, could turn to the use of tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine. CIA Director Bill Burns said Thursday that the CIA watches “very intently” over the possibility, while emphasizing that the US has not yet seen any signs that Russia is preparing to take such a step.

“Given the potential desperation of President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the setbacks that they’ve faced so far militarily, none of us can take lightly the threat posed by a potential resort to tactical nuclear weapons or low yield nuclear weapons,” he said in public remarks at Georgia Tech.

Then there was this…

…from this morning’s Drudge Report

If you tie the two headlines together, you get “Pope warns of nukes [on] Easter of war.”

But as my partner Onnabugeisha points out, you won’t have to wait long for the next try if they can’t proceed today…

  • Monday, April 18 is Patriots’ Day — the holiday on which the Boston Marathon Bombing was staged. Given the nuclear warnings currently in the news, this temporal/historical cue makes tomorrow the perfect day to script “Domestic Violent Extremists” (patriots) setting off low-yield “Russian” nukes in American cities.
  • April 18 is also the 66 week, 6 day (666) mark of the “Far-Right Insurrection” (if you count the “January 6, 2021 Insurrection” / “US Capitol Attack” as Day 1). And the 18th of every month is 666 Day (6+6+6). These numerological cues also support the scripting of the “Operation Blackjack” / “Day X” false-flag on Monday.
  • Additionally, April 18 is also the Gregorian birthday of Menachem Mendel Schneerson (Chabad’s late Rebbe). He was born in present-day Ukraine on April 5, 1902 of the Julian calendar, which is April 18 on the Gregorian, and he died in Manhattan. So some birthday fireworks that help bring in Chabad’s fake Moshiach would be a nice birthday present for him. He’d be smiling from Hell, so to speak.

And looking to the Middle East…

  • From sunset tonight through sunset on Monday is the Hebrew day 17 Nisan. On this day, Haman (the Persian official who plotted the death of the Jews within the Persian Empire) was hanged. This historical cue supports the scripting of the assassination of an Iranian leader, such as their president or supreme leader. It would be carried out by Israel’s terror proxy in Iran, the MEK, or by an F-35 strike.
  • A reader has pointed out that “Turkey’s Erdogan condemns Israeli ‘intervention’ at Al-Aqsa mosque.” This adds an extra dimension to a potential decapitation strike on Iran tomorrow: it could later be narrated as having been done by the Turks in order to get Iran to attack Israel.

NOTE: Today’s (4/17) first update is a little further down the page in blue (below the timeline I added yesterday).

(16 April 2022) – After “Biden shook hands with thin air” on Thursday, the presidential schedule for that day showed him going to Camp David. Since then, they have not posted his schedule for the second day in a row. It makes one wonder if Harris has taken over. Is that why they’re showing a Pink Moon at the top of the Drudge Report right now? Note the wording of the headline…

> It should also be noted that Russia supposedly shot down a Ukrainian transport plane carrying NATO weapons today — a move I’ve been anticipating as setting in motion a NATO no-fly zone over Ukraine. And since the press have portrayed Biden as being the one who has held back on the war-provoking step of doing so, a newly-minted President Harris can now order it to go ahead.

> My partner Onnabugeisha notes that tomorrow is 4/4 (the number of Obama’s presidency) on the Julian calendar (which is used by the Russian Orthodox Church), and is Orthodox Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday was the day of Jesus’s “triumphal entry” into Jerusalem five days before he was crucified and killed on Good Friday and seven days before he was supposedly resurrected on Easter Sunday. So Orthodox Easter is Sunday, April 24 on the Gregorian calendar (the day after Passover ends), and 4/11 on the Julian calendar. That being said, watch for a move to be made against Putin next Friday and for him to re-emerge that Sunday. Alternatively, but less likely, another antichrist character could suffer that fate.

> I saw the news about a clash between Israeli police and Arab protesters on the Temple Mount yesterday, but a reader correctly suggested that I take a closer look. As it turns out, the Israeli police busted into the Al Aqsa Mosque and arrested the people inside

…from Haaretz

So watch now for a scenario I’ve covered multiple times: armed Muslims seizing the Al Aqsa Mosque, leading ultimately to its destruction.

On another note, the second part of today’s (4/16) update establishes Mike Pence as the Nazionist Antichrist (though he may be a frontman for Jared Kushner). And a quick and dirty version of the timeline of events has been added below it.

(Expanded Note – 16-17 April 2022) – We face the same scenarios today and tomorrow that we faced yesterday and today, because outside of the “Holy Land,” such as in Ukraine, the western Pacific, and the USA, Passover is celebrated for a second day. Tomorrow is also Easter Sunday (the day Jesus was supposedly resurrected). And sunset of tonight through sunset of Sunday is 16 Nisan [the day the cities in the Sodom valley, including Sodom and Gomorrah (New York and Washington?), were supposedly destroyed in a way that sounds like a nuclear blast]. More on all this later.

~ MORE ~

After looking up the information for today, I was reminded of something that has gotten a lot of news play recently: US Representative Madison Cawthorn’s allegation of orgies and cocaine use among the DC political elite (I didn’t do the red underlines, but take note of the first one)…

…from Slate

I suspect this story was deliberately rolled out to establish Washington as a hotbed of “sexual perversion” in advance of what might happen tonight (Saturday night / party night) or Sunday…

The book of Genesis (in chapters 13-14 and 18-19) tells us about the evil city of Sodom

What were the sins of Sodom? In the English language, the name of the city is synonymous with sexual perversion. This derives from the Torah’s account of how the mob surrounding Lot’s house demanded that he hand over his two guests to them “that we may rape them.” But the traditional Jewish sources — the Talmud, Midrashim and the Commentaries — have a different angle on the Sodom story. There, the emphasis is not on their sexual sins, but on their lack of hospitality and their virulent opposition to anyone who dared share any of the city’s wealth with a stranger…

The story of Sodom appears in the Torah against the background of Abraham’s life. Indeed, Sodom is the antithesis of Abraham, who is portrayed by the Torah as the very personification of chessed (benevolence). Abraham gives of himself, materially (providing food and lodgings to wayfarers) and spiritually (sharing the truths he discovered, praying for Sodom); the Sodomite is intent on keeping for himself what is his. – from

The “Sodom is the antithesis of Abraham” part is quite significant in light of something I discovered recently (and began to write about in the 12 April note)…

~ MORE ~

There’s a lot I’ll be adding to this update, but let me cut to the basics of the timeline in case something happens before I can finish…

  • On April 16-17, Operation Blackjack hits on 16 Nisan, taking out New York City and Washington, DC (at least) and perhaps many NATO cities. This will give cause for a total lockdown in the nuked countries, which will lead to hunger like it has in Shanghai (on 16 Nisan, manna ran out). War will break out all over, but periodic ceasefires may be staged in order to stretch it out for weeks.
  • On or about April 19, the first smallpox cases from the New York subway attack will begin to appear. This will make people more willing to suffer the lockdown.
  • On May 23, 1335 days after Trump sat at the UNSC, the US Space Force will intervene to stop the war and Mike Pence will return as President of the United States.
  • On or about June 5 (Shavuot, which concludes the 7-week Counting of the Omer that begins tonight), the “false Jewish messiah” will appear at Mount Sinai in Jerusalem.
  • On or about September 27, which is both Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and the final day of the 77th UN General Assembly, the reformed UN/NWO will be launched.

~ MORE – 17 April 2022 ~

As I’ve pointed out in previous entries, the globalist interpretation of Bible prophecy connects three specific timespans to the 7-year Tribulation…

  1. 1260 days, which is the timespan of the first half of the Tribulation (ending in the midpoint event: “the desecration of the Holy Place”),
  2. 1290 days, which is counted from the midpoint event and is connected to the second half of the Tribulation, and
  3. 1335 days, which is also counted from the midpoint and marks a “good event” at the end of the second half.

I’ve also pointed out that the globalists are staging TWO Tribulation periods (one that will be cast as a “Satan’s Great Deception” and another that will be cast as “God’s Real Tribulation”). And these two Tribulations are currently scripted to overlap (with the second half of the 1st Trib happening at the same time as the first half of the 2nd Trib)…


  • if you count forward 1260 days from September 26, 2018, you are measuring the first half of the 2nd Tribulation, and
  • if you count forward 1290 days and 1335 days from September 26, 2018, you are measuring the second half of the 1st Tribulation.

Put another way, the 1290 and 1335 days belong to Obama’s Tribulation, and the 1260 days belong to Putin’s Tribulation

With the background concepts now covered, I’ll fill in the details of the timelines that are currently in play later.

(15 April 2022) – Well the big day is upon is. It’s Good Friday, so we wait to see if Putin Christ will suffer a move against him. And at 11:08 AM Texas time, Jerusalem will enter Passover, so we wait to see if “the Kabbalists who would be god” bring a final plague upon humanity, a deliverance, or a delay.

Looking at today’s big indicator on the Drudge Report, we may be looking at a move in China…

The press have noted that the “COVID” lockdown has spread to many Chinese cities…

Forty-five cities that account for 40% of China’s economic output had implemented full or partial lockdowns as of Monday, by one tally. – from the Wall Street Journal

And the Jersey Devil (disinformation agent Hal Turner) has put out a story claiming that this is due to an economic war being waged against America, so it could portend a market collapse or a “Chinese” attack upon the USS Abraham Lincoln. But as I noted in the 11 April update, it could also portend the “final purge” of the Chinese Communist Party by forces loyal to Xi Jinping.

Let’s see what “God’s li’l retards” (the Kabbalists) deliver.

3X-expanded ALERT (13-14 April 2022): Keep an eye on the USS Abraham Lincoln

(13 April 2022) – Check this out: Russian warship ‘seriously damaged’ in ammunition explosion: state media. The Ukrainians claim they hit it with a Neptune missile, on the day after the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. More on this tomorrow (see the 10 April update and 4 April update till then, along with this related article: Russia says U.S., NATO weapon transports in Ukraine are legitimate targets).

~ MORE – 14 April 2022 ~

Will tomorrow bring a tit for tat sinking of a US aircraft carrier?…

My partner Onnabugeisha’s sharp eyes have seen another one coming.

With the US and NATO having assisted their proxy Ukraine in the attack on the Russian flagship yesterday, will Russia and China return the favor tomorrow through their proxy North Korea?

Also watch for a potential intervention against such an attack by an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” / “light in the sky.” It would be a prelude to the larger Space Force intervention that’s scripted to come soon.

~ MORE ~


BTW, it’s already early tomorrow morning in Korea.

~ MORE – The Paschal Lambs ~

In the event the globalists have the destruction of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) scripted as a war-starting Israeli false-flag (carried out by an Israeli sub, but blamed on Russia-China-North Korea), some of the other observations made by my partner Onnabugeisha would come into play. She pointed to this information about the Passover sacrifice

The animal was slain on the eve of the Passover, on the afternoon of the 14th of Nisan, after the Tamid sacrifice had been slaughtered, i.e., at three o’clock, or, in case the eve of the Passover fell on Friday, at two.

April 15 IS the eve of the Passover (Erev Pesach), the 14th of Nisan, and it IS a Friday. So the attack would come between noon and sunset, most likely at 2 PM (local time to the event or Jerusalem time). And the sacrificial animals slain by the Kabbalists would be the approximately 5,680 men and women aboard the Lincoln…

BTW, 2 PM Jerusalem time is 8 PM Korea time, a lucky time for a Chinese proxy to launch an attack.

~ MORE ~

A reader has asked why I’m looking at the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) instead of the USS Harry S. Truman (CVN-75), another aircraft carrier which is currently in the Mediterranean nearer to Ukraine. The main reason is that there are lots of indicators that point to the Lincoln, but the Truman does have a few of its own…

So yes, the Truman could be a target, but the Lincoln has the inside track. Perhaps they’re both targeted. President Truman ordered nuclear attacks on two Japanese cities, so will there be two nukes for two carriers tomorrow?

On a related note, look at the deployment of US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft carriers: there are two off each US coast, one positioned north of western Russia, as well as the two floating targets in the Sea of Japan and the Mediterranean…

…from Stratfor

They are positioned for war.

We remain in the April 2-23 candidate period for the NWO Transition Event, and we await the smallpox lockdown

WARNING (12-13 April 2022): Keep an eye on this story: 10 Shot in Brooklyn Subway Rush-Hour Attack; Manhunt Ongoing for Gunman in Gas Mask

…from today’s Drudge Report

They may be intending to expand the narrative into “what were presumed to be smoke grenades were filled with smallpox” (or some other chemical or biological weapon).

~ MORE ~

Here are some notes I made after reading the article…

  • It isn’t necessary to wear a gas mask when using smoke grenades. And if your intent is to conduct a shooting attack, you wouldn’t want to wear one; they limit and distort your vision, making your shots less accurate. But if you’re releasing an aerosolized bioweapon, you’d definitely want that gas mask on.
  • It seems more likely that the shooting attack was a distraction from the gas attack, rather than the other way around. After donning the gas mask and releasing the gas as the train was coming to a stop, the attacker started shooting riders so there’d be a mad rush of people getting out of the train, out of the station, and into the other train. This provided cover for his escape from the scene and spread the released weapon as people frantically dispersed out into the city.
  • If this does get narrated as a CBRN attack, it is more likely to be a bioweapon or radiological weapon. It obviously wasn’t a nuke, and if it were chemical, there would have been lots of people on the train platform coughing, twitching, or breaking out in blisters (depending on the chemical used). Chemical weapons take immediate effect.
  • The article notes that “more unexploded smoke canisters” were found in the train, indicating that whoever is behind the attack may have lots more of them at their disposal.

As my longtime readers know, I’ve tracked this scenario previously. Here is what I wrote about it in the 18 & 24 November 2021 updates


(from 18 November 2021) – So who will they say was working at this lab, an “Al Qaida/ISIS sympathizer” or a “Domestic Violent Extremist”?…

…from Fox News

Whilst I research the next update, it should be noted that the longest lunar eclipse in 580 years will be visible across the entire US from 11 PM tonight through the morning of the 19th. So tomorrow offers an astronomically-cued opportunity for mischief in advance of the other astronomical events near the end of the month. The announcement of the more lethal COVID variant or a smallpox outbreak are among the options they might employ. Will they be adding the COVID “vaccine” to the smallpox vaccine to sneak it into more people? Will “exposure to smallpox” cause a deadly immune overreaction in COVID-jabbed persons? So many choices…

By the way, a reader passed along the following article a few days ago: Bill Gates warns of smallpox terror attacks as he seeks research funds. The article was published on November 9 (11/9 <> 9/11).

So will they use a “smallpox terror crisis” as a substitute for the “new, more lethal COVID variant crisis” to do the pre-Thanksgiving lockdown we’re expecting? I can already hear the talking points from the coming news barrage…

  • lab worker was preparing smallpox bioweapons
  • lab worker distributed smallpox bioweapons to multiple terror cells
  • smallpox-armed terror cells in multiple cities across the nation
  • “stay at home” orders issued, leave home only for essential purposes
  • smallpox terror persons of interest include airport and mass-transit employees
  • air, bus, train and interstate travel halted as Homeland Security hunts down smallpox terror cell members
  • Russian intelligence may have provided assistance to lab worker, terror cells

WARNING (from 24 November 2021): Be on the lookout for a US government smallpox attack on the New York City subway system during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade tomorrow. To understand the reasons why, ask yourself some questions…

In COVID-Nazi New York City, why are spectators being allowed to return to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year?

Do you remember Homeland Security doing aerosol bioweapon tests in New York’s subways late last month? Were they doing a test run for an upcoming op?…

…from Bloomberg

Do you know that aerosol release is the preferred method to distribute a smallpox bioweapon?

Do you remember when the smallpox vials were found last week, but they later said that they didn’t contain the virus? Will they later say this was told to the public “to avoid a panic”?

Also, given what happened at the Christmas parade in Waukesha, watch for a conventional (firearms/explosives) attack on the Parade as a backup plan. These attacks may also target Chabad centers near the parade route.

I could write more on this, but this coverage should be sufficient to deter it (if it IS planned and it CAN be deterred). Scroll down to the 18 November update for more on this scenario.


I’m hoping that if I can get ahead of their narrative, they’ll be forced to abort (if the bioweapon release is not real, just a planned Wag the Dog production).

~ MORE ~

Yep, they’re definitely aiming to narrate a bioweapon outbreak. Look at the setup they’re doing for it on the controlled alt-media side (on the same day as the attack)…

…from InfoWars

So how will the “commie bad guys” lock down America? With news of another COVID variant? Nope, people are over that. But if you show them crisis actors with special effects smallpox pustules all over them, people will clamor for a lockdown…

The incubation period for smallpox can range from 7 to 19 days, but is typically 10-14 days, so there might be a delay between today’s attack and the rollout of the smallpox narrative (if they choose to proceed). If they want to move fast, though, they’ll say smallpox was detected by forensic tests at the crime scene.

~ MORE – 13 April 2022 ~

There is a controlled alt-media effort underway to tie the subway shooting suspect to Barack Obama, and to no doubt tie the bioweapon’s origin to the “labs in Ukraine that Obama approved.” More on this later this morning…

~ MORE ~

After getting up this morning, I went to my computer and found this at the top of Zero Hedge (a leading pro-Putin, pro-BRICS-NWO propaganda mill)…

And contained within the article was a link to this Newsweek piece

The title of the article should actually read “Brooklyn Subway Attack Suspect Previously Contacted by FBI and Recruited.” The only question is whether he was recruited as a patsy or as the actual shooter.

Also within the Zero Hedge article were tweets from “right wing” propagandist Andy Ngo. Here are two of them…

…from Twitter

The tweet on the bottom identifies the patsy/shooter as a communist. And if you look carefully at the tweet on top, you’ll see the “Red Queen,” Michelle Obama, looking up and praying to a black Egyptian king, calling him “Black Jesus”…

So can you guess who is playing the First Tribulation…

  • black Jesus,
  • reincarnation of Pharaoh Akhenaten, and
  • communist Antichrist

…in the globalists’ “End Times” script?

Why it’s this guy…

…from the Los Angeles Times

Now look at the date the LA Times piece was published and compare it to the date the first Obama / Ukrainian bioweapons lab story was published…

…from The National Pulse

As you can see, they were both published on March 8, 11 years apart. The globalists do love their dates and master numbers, don’t they?

It should also be noted that some of the “Christian Watchmen” prophecy propaganda guys I monitor were talking about Obama’s reappearance at the White House last Tuesday as being a “7-day warning” (they did this days before the subway attack). And exactly 7 days later on Tuesday the 12th, we got this bioweapon attack by which “the black communist Jesus Obama will finally kill whitey.”

So we continue to wait and see if they go through with this. And if they do, we’ll then wait and see when the next false savior comes in to save us. Could it be on Good Friday or Easter Sunday? Could it be on the 20th or 21st? Or will we have to suffer a commie lockdown until May 23?

~ MORE ~

The first (NBC 4 New York) report I read about the subway attack stated that the attacker put on a gas mask and threw two “SMOKE CANISTERS” before he started shooting.

In another report from the Independent, they called what he used a “GAS CANISTER.”

And in this New York Post report from a purported eyewitness, it is called a “GAS TANK“…

“When [the train] was about to hit 36th Street, we stopped for 5 minutes. He takes out a gas mask from one of his little luggage[s],” the witness said.

He opened one of his gas tanks, and he said, ‘Oops, my bad.’ He pulls out an ax, he drops it, he takes a gun out, he starts shooting.”

In none of the reports I’ve seen so far have they shown the “gas canister/gas tank” used or identified the type of gas he released, so that’s the uppercut we’re waiting for. But given how the globalists have been operating their staged attacks in recent years, it’s likely that a harmless gas was released and the rest of the drama will be carried out by special effects artists, crisis actors, and Wag the Dog press reports.

Since the attack was done on the 12th and the earliest manifestation of smallpox symptoms occurs after 7 days, the freak show might start on the 19th. Will that trigger our saviors to act on the 20th? Or will the scriptwriters let the lockdown play out before they send in the “heroes” on May 23?

After they do act to take down the communists, the “good guys” will say that the commie government officials in New York and Washington conspired with the commie mainstream media to keep the public in the dark so their bioweapon would have a week to spread around the country.

At sunset of April 10, we enter the April 10-12 danger period for global conflict

(12 April 2022) – My partner Onnabugeisha has passed along an indicator for tomorrow just in case not all the globalists’ plans for Passover have been cancelled…

With that in mind, have a look at what the press are featuring about Putin right now: the man who would be Putin’s Judas

…from Google. Note the men featured in the photos: Sergei Shoigu (top left) and Alexander Bortnikov (top right, bottom left). I wrote about both of them in the 8-9 March updates.

So will they proceed with the move against Putin on Friday?

NOTE (12 April 2022): On April 1, the Biden-Harris “communist revolutionary government” made the decision to end Title 42 and swing America’s border wide open, but they delayed the implementation of the decision until May 23. If you’ve been wondering why they chose that date, I may have found the answer…

The return would mark the end of the second half of Obama’s Tribulation, which was “interrupted in 2016 due to Trump’s political rise” and “rebooted in September of 2018 when Trump took the UN throne and Obama returned to politics.”

I also plugged in the other Tribulation-related biblical timespans, 1260 days and 1290 days, and found some intriguing results. What happened after 1260 days indicates that Mike Pence will be the one returning to power. But more on that — along with an explanation of what I’m talking about for new readers — later…

(11 April 2022) – The Planned Chinese Civil War

As of the time of this posting, Nisan 10 will end in about an hour and a half (in Jerusalem). And there is a good chance that the globalists have aborted their Passover plans. I’ll nonetheless cover one last scripting indicator because it’s rather interesting:

Tuesday, April 12 is the anniversary of the Shanghai Massacre…

…from Wikipedia. Here is an excerpt…

The Shanghai massacre of 12 April 1927, the April 12 Purge or the April 12 Incident as it is commonly known in China, was the violent suppression of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations and leftist elements in Shanghai by forces supporting General Chiang Kai-shek and conservative factions in the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party, or KMT). Following the incident, conservative KMT elements carried out a full-scale purge of Communists in all areas under their control, and violent suppression occurred in Guangzhou and Changsha.

COVID is not the reason Shanghai is in a draconian lockdown right now. The people there are being held prisoner in their homes and workplaces in order to generate seething hatred for the CCP and to keep them off the streets when forces loyal to “nationalist leader” Xi Jinping begin their final roundup and purge of the “Deep State Commies.”

Xi’s scripted enemies within this stageplay are the “Global Deep State-allied” Jiang Faction, who are also known as the Shanghai Gang. So Shanghai will be the epicenter of a final purge / civil war that will play out throughout China, leading to the fall of the CCP at the hands of “Avatar Xi“…

…from YouTube

In an alternative scripting, the “Global Deep State” and the Jiang Faction will assassinate Xi before he can succeed (or even after), leaving Vladimir Putin as “humanity’s last hope.”

CRITICAL WARNING (10 April 2022): My partner Onnabugeisha has uncovered some more Israel-related scripting indicators for 4/11, and they’re very important…

  • 4/11 is the anniversary of last year’s explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility, which was caused by Israel [1,2]. (There is something odd about the Wikipedia page on the incident; it’s been made to look like it was written by a foreigner, possibly an Iranian.)
  • 4/11 also marks exactly 500 days since the chief of Iran’s nuclear program, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, was assassinated by Israel through their MEK terror proxy in Iran (on November 27, 2020).

And today I came across a preparatory propaganda article that is perfectly timed for setting up a false-flag war-starting incident to be blamed on Iran…

…from The Wall Street Journal

So keep an eye out tonight/tomorrow for a scenario we’ve tracked before: a false-flag “Hezbollah” missile attack on Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility fired from Syria. It will be sold as “Iran’s revenge for similar Israeli attacks,” and it will give cause for the IDF to invade Syria “to push the missile launchers out of range of Israel.” Such an attack on Israel’s nuclear reactor would also be a lovely setup for the Turkish false-flag nuking of Damascus, which could be sold as “Israel’s retaliation for Dimona.”

And in an alternate scripting for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction on the 12th, Turkey may destroy Damascus (or Mecca; more on that later) with a nuke-tipped, submarine-launched Harpoon missile — “an attack from the sea.” Both cities are less than 75 miles from the sea (the range of the Harpoon). And it would be the least trackable way to perform the false-flag; everyone would assume that Israel did it (since Turkey is not known to have nukes).

NOTE (10 April 2022): Press projections are claiming that Macron will win the first round of the French presidential election. Will this turn out to be a “Dewey Wins” debacle for the French media?…

…from Wikipedia

If so, the erroneous reports will only heighten the shock factor of a Le Pen victory. But if the projection turns out to be correct, I seriously doubt this was the way the globalists originally intended to count the votes. So it could signal their retreat from their plans for Passover. The second round of the French election doesn’t happen till April 24, the day after the Passover period ends.

Between now and the 24th, the globalists will likely script some events and revelations that will lead to a Le Pen win in the second round. They can then continue to slowly escalate things over the coming months for another NWO transition attempt come September, when the United Nations General Assembly will open its 77th session. It runs September 13-27, which overlaps Rosh Hashanah (September 25-27).

Just in case “Dewey Wins,” though, I’ll add more to today’s first update.

(10 April 2022) – The Globalist War Plan for This Week (according to the numerological, astrological, and historical cues they use in writing their scripts)

My partner Onnabugeisha has passed along a wealth of occult indicators surrounding April 11 and 12, and it important to note that April 12 is

April 12 is also the day of a Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. In Roman mythology, Jupiter (the god of the sky) and Neptune (the god of fresh water and the sea) were brothers (along with Pluto, the god of the dead). Together, the brothers preside over the realms of heaven, the earthly world, and the underworld.” In globalist prophecy propaganda, Jupiter is Satan, and in symbology, Neptune is represented by the trident (as is Ukraine)…

So on or about April 12, we need to watch for big trouble in Ukraine related to fresh water or the sea, possibly arising from the UK’s shipment of anti-ship missiles to Zelensky.

Besides this April 12 indicator for big trouble in Ukraine, there are indicators pointing to…

  • an Israeli offensive (aimed at territorial expansion) between sunset tonight and sunset of the 11th, and
  • a Xi Jinping offensive against the “Jiang Faction” in Shanghai (and possibly nationwide) on April 12, possibly following an April 11 attempt by the “CCP Deep State” to provoke a war with the US.

The Israeli offensive on the 10th/11th would likely be followed by a 9/11-level false-flag against the Muslims on April 12 (9/11 on the Islamic calendar). This may manifest as a nuclear attack on Damascus, which would be blamed on an Israeli attempt to decapitate Syria. But according to the script, it would be Erdogan’s doing — his attempt to get the whole Muslim world to immediately and furiously attack Israel from within and without. The Syrian military and Hezbollah would then help, rather than hinder, the Turkish Army in its lightning advance from northern Syria to Jerusalem (which is only a 10-hour drive under ideal conditions).

~ MORE ~

Now let’s start looking at the scripting indicators Onnabugeisha found, starting with the one directly ahead…

From sunset tonight till sunset of April 11 is the Hebrew day of 10 Nisan, which is the day the Jewish people first crossed the Jordan River into the “Promised Land” (thus beginning the process of occupying it). Given that the Zionists reportedly intend to expand beyond Israel’s current borders to encompass “all of the land God promised Moses” (under the supposed “Greater Israel Project“), 10 Nissan is the appropriate day for them to cross the Rubicon. Things have been heating up in Israel in recent days as a prelude to this.

More indicators to come…

(9 April 2020) – A Veritable Smorgasbord of Assassination Options

The “COVID spread among DC’s elite” story continues to be developed…

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

And in one of the press reports about the Ketanji Brown celebration at the White House yesterday, it was called a “potential super-spreader event.” So are they planning to use some combination of a decapitation strike and a COVID death toll to make it look less suspicious when everyone dies who stands between the presidency and Hillary Clinton, Antony Blinken, or Janet Yellen?

As an example, to get to a Clinton presidency they could…

  • take out Biden and Harris with a decapitation strike,
  • have Nancy Pelosi rise to the presidency and choose Hillary Clinton as her VP (“on account of her vast foreign policy experience, which is needed in a time of international crisis like this”), then
  • have Pelosi “die of COVID” (she has already been narrated as testing positive for it).

On another note, the UK has decided to send Harpoon anti-ship missiles to Ukraine. I talked about the consequences of this in the 4 April update (which is a little further down).

~ MORE ~

Joe Biden will be flying on Marine One from Fort Myer, VA to New Castle, DE at 1PM EDT today (reportedly). In doing so, he will pass near the Chinese container ship stuck off of Baltimore. And given that Congress is not in session next week (so there’s no need to return Sunday evening), he’ll probably fly near the ship again on his way back to Washington on Monday, 4/11. That would be the day after Le Pen wins the first round of the French election. Monday is a very hazardous day for the world.

See the 3 April update for more about the Chinese container ship.

NOTE (8 April 2020): If you’ve been monitoring the news, you may have seen the “Fake Agents” story circulating in the press…

More details are emerging about the four Secret Service employees entangled in an alleged bribery scheme carried out by two men accused of masquerading as Department of Homeland Security law enforcement agents…

One of the men impersonating DHS agents allegedly told witnesses in the case that he had connections to ISI, the Pakistani intelligence agency, a prosecutor said during a court hearing Thursday. Both U.S. citizens accused of the bribery hold passports with visas to Iran and Pakistan. They were allegedly impersonating DHS officials and attempted to bribe four members of the elite force that protects the president, vice president, and their families. – from Real Clear Politics

The connection to Pakistan is notable because their Prime Minister is being removed like Trump tomorrow by a “Deep State” plot [1,2]. And once he’s out of the way, Pakistan’s nukes (which number somewhere around 150) will be under “Deep State” control. Are the globalist scriptwriters setting us up for a nuclear decapitation next week using a Pakistani nuke? Will a Pakistani nuke also be used for Erdogan’s destruction of Damascus (to set up Israel as being responsible for it)?

NOTE (8 April 2020): My partner Onnabugeisha has noted that Shabbat HaGadol, the “Great Shabbat,” begins at sunset today [1,2]. It was the day the Hebrew slaves in Egypt went out and got lambs for each of their households. These were the lambs whose blood would later be spread on the Hebrew doorposts so the Hebrew men would know which houses to skip in the Passover slaughter of the firstborn. It was also the day the Egyptian firstborn attacked Pharaoh’s troops in an effort to secure the release of the slaves before the planned Passover revolt.

Let’s keep an eye out for an event tonight/tomorrow that parallels that story.

(8 April 2022) – The Decapitation Strike Threat du Jour

A reader has pointed out that today is the 1290th day (a significant “prophetic number” marking the end of a 3.5 year Tribulation period) since Trump sat as President of the UN Security Council on September 26, 2018. And at 12:15 PM EDT on the White House South Lawn, Biden will host a celebration of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation as a Supreme Court justice. Kamala Harris and other top Democrats will attend, potentially placing Biden and the first three people in the presidential line of succession at risk of a decapitation strike…

…from Wikipedia

This would leave us with a Jewish president (Blinken and Yellen are both Jews). And the event is of the perfect type to blame any strike on “white supremacist” Trump supporters.

~ MORE ~

Since we’re looking at a potential strike on the White House that could be blamed on “white supremacist” Trumpers, have a look at what the media reported last weekend about “The People’s Convoy” trucker protest…

…from Reuters (note that the article was posted at 1:19, which is 9/11 reversed/bookended). Here is an excerpt…

On Friday [April 1st], as all but a few remnants of the so-called “People’s Convoy” departed the area, some heading to California to continue the protest, it is unclear what the coalition of drivers accomplished in Washington beyond intensifying occasional traffic jams on its notoriously crowded Capitol Beltway interstate highway.

So “all but a few remnants” of the truckers departed the Washington, DC area on April Fools’ Day. Will the post-attack narrative suggest that the truckers were playing the government for fools by staging the departure to get them to lower their guard? As for the remnants who remained, they would be narrated as “the most diehard extremists who stayed behind to complete the protest’s goals by any means necessary.”

Also, there is the matter of an unfulfilled promise dating from March by one of the protest’s leaders…

On Friday night, a man who described himself as the leader of the demonstration pledged to take the convoy to the White House.

“DC, the government, whomever, can claim that they have all this opposition for us waiting in DC,” the man said. “But that flag on the back of my truck will go down to Constitution Avenue between the White House and the Washington Monument.” – from the New York Post

If the false flag planners intend for him to fulfill that promise today, his flag-bearing vehicle will come as close as 475 meters from the South Lawn…

…from Google Maps

And if his vehicle is carrying a 1 kiloton “Russian” suitcase nuke, this is what would result …

…from Nukemap (click on the image to enlarge it)

A “Russian” missile (either conventional or nuclear) fired from the container ship stuck off Baltimore is another potential threat to the celebration.

~ MORE ~

By the way, the trucker protest leader who said he would drive on Constitution Avenue between the White House and the Washington Monument made his pledge on March 4, but it was reported on March 6 (also note the time, 11:27, which if you add the 2 and 7 is 9/11 reversed)…

…from the New York Post

If you count forward from the date of the report, today marks the 33rd day.

unfinished NOTE (7 April 2022): Today I was listening to an “Unraveling Revelation” podcast by Gomez and Morticia (disinformation agents Derek and Sharon Gilbert from Tom Horn’s Skywatch TV prophecy propaganda mill) when I about fell out of my chair. They suggested that — and I’m paraphrasing — “God is using Vladimir Putin against the fallen realm” and “the fallen realm are setting up a false Gog-Magog scenario.”

After hearing their tacit admission that we’re being subjected to a two-Tribulation deception and listening to the other things they said, I decided to do a little research and uncovered what may be a hidden 7-year Tribulation timeline that Putin constructed for himself (with the help of Xi Jinping)…

  • It began on May 8, 2015 and reached its midpoint on October 18, 2018 (a span of 1260 days, including both the first and last day). The Eastern Orthodox Church experienced a schism on account of Putin a week before the midpoint on 10/11.
  • It would reach its end 1290 days after its midpoint on April 30, 2022, but I suspect it will be narrated as being cut short (in accordance with Matthew 24:22: “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”) and end on April 18 (exactly 42 months after the midpoint). On the third day of the end, April 20, one or many “antichrists” may stand on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and herald “a new age of peace.”

I’ll add links soon, and I’ll continue to think it through to see if and how it fits into what’s going on. The timing seems a bit too perfect to be random.

(6 April 2022) – My partner Onnabugeisha has identified strong historical and numerological indicators that make a move against the war criminal Vladimir Putin scriptable for tomorrow, April 7. I’ll cover the details in a few hours.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s have a look at what she found, starting with the historical indicator…

The crucifixion of Jesus occurred in 1st-century Judea, most likely in either AD 30 or AD 33. Jesus’ crucifixion is described in the four canonical gospels, referred to in the New Testament epistles, attested to by other ancient sources, and is considered an established historical event by many, although there is no consensus among historians on the exact details…

There is no consensus regarding the exact date of the crucifixion of Jesus, although it is generally agreed by biblical scholars that it was on a Friday on or near Passover (Nisan 14), during the governorship of Pontius Pilate (who ruled AD 26–36). Various approaches have been used to estimate the year of the crucifixion, including the canonical Gospels, the chronology of the life of Paul, as well as different astronomical models. Scholars have provided estimates in the range 30–33 AD, with Rainer Riesner stating that “the fourteenth of Nisan (7 April) of the year A.D. 30 is, apparently in the opinion of the majority of contemporary scholars as well, far and away the most likely date of the crucifixion of Jesus.” Another preferred date among scholars is Friday, April 3, 33 AD. – from Wikipedia

And here are the numerological indicators…

On April 7, Vladimir Putin (born October 7, 1952) will be exactly 69 years and 6 months old (696 = 666, the Number of the Beast, since numerologists allow themselves to flip numbers to manipulate them into saying what they want).

On April 7, it will be exactly 9 years and 11 months (or 119 months) since Vladimir Putin began his current presidency of Russia on May 7, 2012. So whether you look at the years and months or just the months, you still get 9/11, the indicator for a massively important false-flag.


  • the April 7 Gregorian date of Jesus’s death,
  • the fact that Putin is playing Jesus in the current act of the “End Times” stageplay,
  • the fact that Putin has now been labeled a “war criminal,”
  • the April 7 appearance of the Number of the Beast in relation to Putin, and
  • the April 7 appearance of the 9/11 false-flag indicator in relation to Putin…

…tomorrow is an attractive day to script a move against him personally.

It should also be noted that if we set aside the numerological indicators and stick with only the historical one, two other very interesting danger dates present themselves…

1) Jesus was supposedly killed on a 14 Nisan, which is Passover Eve. That occurs on April 15 this year. And as I noted in the 30 March update…

On April 15, which is both Good Friday and the beginning of Passover (at sunset), we could see an attempt on the life of Putin (possibly by a preemptive nuclear attack). This may trigger a “special intervention.”

2) Jesus was supposedly killed on April 7 in a year when the Julian calendar was still in use. And on the Julian calendar, April 7 happens on the Gregorian calendar’s April 20 (which is the key date the globalists must hit to get their ideal timeline for the 7-year Tribulation). Since Putin is playing the role of Jesus Christ, it can be said that wherever he is standing is the “holy place”; will the “abomination that brings desolation” be the nuke that hits the place where he’s standing?

On another note, a reader has suggested that in Greek Elder Paisios’s prophecy of a war between Russia and Turkey — a prophecy the globalists are attempting to artificially fulfill — the war starts at a time when Greece doesn’t have a government. I have not yet been able to confirm this, but if the reader is correct, the resignation of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis could precede the outbreak of the global war. Press reports are currently showing him to be in trouble…

Mitsotakis’s popularity plunges as Greeks protest against weapons transfers to Ukraine

Greek workers strike over soaring prices, low wages

This reminds me of the Kabbalists’ prophecy that Israel will have no government when the Jewish Messiah comes. And look at what happened today…

…from The Wall Street Journal

(6 April 2022) – In yesterday’s update, I said we’d look at evidence later that suggests the globalists will…

Have the Nazionists win and take us into a “benevolent” NWO that the Nazionist Antichrist, Putin, the European populist leaders, and (likely) Xi Jinping build together, then have Putin rise to NWO leader in 2025.

Well now is later, so let’s look at the evidence (which includes some sent by readers)…

1) The globalists are deliberately sparking unrest against their existing, “Deep State-controlled” Establishment through the use of commodity scarcity, inflation, and lockdowns

Peru’s President Castillo lifts Lima lockdown amid criticism

Sri Lanka president revokes emergency order amid deepening crisis

Shanghai Residents Rebel As Cases Surge, Lockdown Extended ‘Indefinitely’

And last weekend’s European elections indicated a movement towards the installation of Putin-friendly governments. Once this engineered anti-Establishment, Putin-friendly wave hits the core of the EU and sweeps Marine Le Pen into a plurality win in the first round of the French presidential election, the “Deep State” will be scripted to go into full panic mode. And in the less-likely event that they have Le Pen win a majority in the first round, we can expect the global conflict to break out the very next day (4/11).

2) A virulently anti-CCP YouTube channel, China Uncensored, recently came out and openly released the “Xi as Savior” propaganda narrative I’ve been expecting…

…Note that the video identifies the Jiang Faction as Xi Jinping’s foes.

Here is something I wrote about this narrative and “Xi’s Final Purge” a couple of years ago…


(from 8 September 2020) – While Xi could start the Final Purge without a precipitating event, such an event would provide a nice transition point for the globalist storytellers. And the candidate precipitating event that stands out at the moment is a Chicom attack on a US Navy ship in the South China Sea or Taiwan Strait. It stands out because Xi recently ordered the military to not fire the first shot in any confrontation with US forces…

…from the South China Morning Post

In relating the history of this attack, the NWO Narrative will say that…

“With Xi’s Final Purge about to commence, the Chinese Deep State / Jiang Faction had a loyal military officer carry out the attack in order to start a war with the United States. The Deep Staters figured they could use the chaos unleashed by such an event to take down Xi or maneuver to save themselves.”

And since the attack would go against his direct orders and threaten all the progress China has made in the past decades, Xi would have the perfect excuse to launch a fast and furious Final Purge / mass arrest of the “Deep State,” thereby achieving total control over the Chinese Communist Party.

In one of my favorite movies, Dune, the protagonist says…

“He who can destroy a thing controls a thing.”

The converse of that is also true…

“He who controls a thing can destroy a thing.”

So when Xi gains total control over the CCP, he can be the hero who destroys it, thereby ending the domination of China by a foreign ideology foisted on them by foreign bankers.


As for the “Xi as Savior” narrative that will be presented by the fake ETs, read A Globalist Fairy Tale: the NWO narrative, which is at the top of The “End Times” Deception page.

3) The “Space Force Saves the Day” scenario and the “UFOs are Real” narrative are getting widespread mainstream media play

…from Google News

So the stage has been set and the public mind prepared for…

  • the “Deep State-controlled” current Establishment to panic after the first round of the French election this Sunday, spurring them to launch the global conflict by any means necessary “in a last-ditch effort to retain control,”
  • the spacefaring patriot/constitutionalist (Nazionist) “good guys” or the “space aliens” to intervene before a full nuclear exchange hits its targets, and
  • a “fairer, stronger, sovereignty-respecting” UN/NWO to rise from the ashes of the war.

We have entered the April 2-23 candidate period for the NWO Transition Event

(5 April 2022) – What a perfect opportunity for Obama to pass the presidency to Trump again…

…from CNN

Barack Obama returns to the White House today for a 1:30 PM EDT Rose Garden address on Obamacare alongside Biden and Harris. And given the current situation we’re facing, any such event must be evaluated for its global war-starting potential…

Today’s gathering provides an opportunity for the Nazionist Antichrist to kill off “commie Antichrist” Obama, “President” Biden, “Vice President” Harris, and possibly others in the presidential line of succession. This may put either Pelosi-Clinton or a Jewish president (Blinken or Yellen) in office who will have both the inclination and the casus belli to start the global war (which the Nazionist Antichrist needs to enable his savior act).

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Once the NWO Transition Event is upon us, there are three basic paths the globalists could take…

  1. Have the commies win and take us into an “evil” and totalitarian NWO for 3.5 years, then bring in savior Putin and the fake ETs to save the day.
  2. Have the Nazionists win and take us into an “evil” and Putin-hostile NWO for 3.5 years, then bring in savior Putin and the fake ETs to save the day. In this case, the Nazionist Antichrist would likely be Mike Pence.
  3. Have the Nazionists win and take us into a “benevolent” NWO that the Nazionist Antichrist, Putin, the European populist leaders, and (likely) Xi Jinping build together, then have Putin rise to NWO leader in 2025. In this case, the Nazionist Antichrist would be Donald Trump, Jared Kushner (both “Zionists”), or Angela Merkel (“Hitler’s daughter” and a Nazi in centrist clothing, according to elements of the controlled alt-media).

Given the totality of the indicators I’m seeing, we appear to be headed toward the third path. And we’ll look at the evidence for that a bit later.

NOTE (4 April 2020): A reader brought this one to my attention…

…from MSN/Newsweek

So why do you think the mainstream media are drawing attention to this “Space Force Saves the Day” scenario (as we lurch Ever Forward towards the outbreak of the global conflict)?

And Putin-friendly parties had big victories in European elections over the weekend. With the first day of the French presidential election happening this Sunday, April 10, what will the “Satanic G7 elite” do if Marine Le Pen defeats Macron in the first round of voting? They would have April 11 through April 24 to do something — anything — to stop the “populist uprising” that threatens their plans.

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The more I look into Angela Merkel, the more I begin to see a transsexual man…

(just google “young Angela Merkel” and judge for yourself)

Will the script ultimately reflect that “she” was born male — the product of Adolf Hitler and a Jewish mother of Davidic bloodline descent — and placed with an Illuminati foster family to be raised as a female? If that turns out to be the case and she is scripted to command the Nazionist Space Force in saving Israel and the world from nuclear war, she would qualify as the false, Baphometic Jewish Messiah (the “Moshiacha ben David”).

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Have a look at this news from today: X-FILES Pentagon releases 1,500 pages of secret documents about shadowy UFO programme after four year battle. They are preparing people for the UFOs they’re about to see when the Nazionist Antichrist sweeps in to save us. More on this in the afternoon/evening…

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In one of yesterday’s updates, we took a look at a mainstream media article that drew attention to the “Space Force Saves the Day” scenario. And today, I scrolled down the Drudge Report and found this headline cluster…

…with the top headline linking to this…

…from The U.S. Sun. Here is an excerpt…

The revelations on the programme marked a step change in the way the US talks about UFOs – now more commonly known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs).

And the phenomena has stepped from the fringe into a serious national security concern discussed by lawmakers, defence officials and even former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

One fascinating document included in an Acquisition Threat Support report, sets out how to categorise “anomalous behaviour” – with encounters with “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves and other mythical/ legendary entities” classed as “AN3”.

Seeing a UFO with aliens on board would be “CE3”.

Poltergeists, crop circles, spontaneous human combustion, alien abductions and other paranormal events are also categorised.

Studies into advanced technologies such as invisibility cloaks and mind controlled robots are also included in the document [cache].

Other documents obtained include studies into communicating with alien civilisations and plans for deep space exploration and colonization.

The passages about “ghosts, yetis, spirits, elves and other mythical/ legendary entities” and “aliens on board” are particularly noteworthy because…

  • During the 7-year lifespan of the New World Order, it will be claimed that alien UFOs really exist and that “the stories in the Bible related the interactions among alien factions and humans,” which were “misinterpreted by human observers to be supernatural in nature.”
  • Once the (globalist-selected) “real” Jesus Christ shows up to defeat the NWO, he will claim that “the aliens and their UFOs were fallen angels who could take any form and their Nephilim children that came from their genetic tampering with God’s created creatures.”
  • But all along the “aliens” and their UFOs will actually be GMO hybrid creatures bred in secret globalist labs driving aerospace craft the globalists built with technologies they sequestered from the public.

The fake aliens and their UFOs are nothing more than props — albeit very expensive ones — that will be used for acting-out a supernatural stageplay for public consumption — a story that will attempt to make the world believe that Jesus Christ has returned.

In yesterday’s update on the Space Force article, I asked, “Why do you think the mainstream media are drawing attention to this ‘Space Force Saves the Day’ scenario?” And today, I ask, “Why do you think the mainstream media are drawing attention to the ‘UFOs are Real’ narrative on the day after they drew attention to the “Space Force Saves the Day” scenario? The answer to both questions is that they’re preparing people’s minds to see the scripted “lights in the sky” intervention that will appear to save humanity from total destruction.

If that intervention is done by the Nazionist Space Force, it will be commanded by the Nazionist Antichrist character. But in the off chance that the fake ETs do the intervention, we might see Vladimir Putin emerge as the one who commanded it. In that case, Trump probably won’t come back and Xi Jinping will likely fall along with the Chinese Communist Party, leaving Vladimir Putin (Octavian/Augustus) as the only surviving member of the Triumvirate.

(4 April 2022) – It looks like the globalists decided to go with a media false-flag over the weekend…

…from Sputnik

This “Bucha Massacre” may be entirely staged or the result of Ukrainian nationalist troops firing on fellow Ukrainians who tried to flee the war. But the Western propaganda onslaught and the planned Western “response” can give rise to the global war nonetheless…

Images of dead civilians lining the streets of the Ukrainian city of Bucha have drawn international outcry, calls for an investigation and western pledges to take harsher actions against Russia.

After Bucha, a suburb of Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, was recaptured by Ukrainian forces, journalists and officials shared images of corpses lining the streets. On Saturday, Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoliak shared a photo of bodies on the streets with their hands tied behind their backs.

According to Podoliak, they were shot dead by Russian soldiers…

Ukrainian foreign affairs minister Dmytro Kuleba also shared the chilling images along with a call for “devastating G7 sanctions NOW.”

Governments from around the world were quick to echo Kuleba’s call, with countries like Poland and Germany calling for an enhanced response.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki labelled the killings in Bucha a “genocide” in a Facebook post on Sunday, calling on those responsible to be “punished by international tribunals.”

“The European Union must confiscate Russia’s assets in Western European banks. Confiscate the assets of Russian oligarchs. The Union must break off all commercial relations with Russia as soon as possible. European money must stop flowing to the Kremlin,” Morawiecki said. – from The Hill

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is keen to send new types of military aid to help Ukraine, Johnson’s spokesman said on Monday, adding that Kyiv had asked for help in defending against Russian ships.

“Certainly the prime minister is keen to look beyond what we have already provided,” the spokesman said, declining to provide specifics.

“We are aware of the requests from the Ukrainians for equipment to defend themselves from ships and we are looking into what we can do.” – from France24

Should NATO begin supplying Ukraine with anti-ship missiles, it will be a major escalation because…

  • Anti-ship missiles are typically cruise missiles, which can also hit land targets and be tipped with nuclear warheads.
  • Anti-ship missiles are much larger than the anti-tank and anti-air missiles NATO have sent in so far, so they may conceal them in launchers that look like cargo containers or truck trailers to avoid Russian airstrikes, thus opening the door for them to sneak in other types of containerized missiles too (such as ballistic missiles and stealthy cruise missiles that can be used for a nuclear first-strike on Russia).
  • Ships are insanely expensive, so it will become a major Russian priority to destroy the missiles before they can get into firing position.
  • That means the Russians will start hitting the West’s weapons convoys with airstrikes, which will lead to NATO implementing a war-starting no-fly zone over Ukraine.

It may take days or weeks for all this to unfold. “But with Russia facing another round of punishing sanctions and massive theft of Russian overseas assets along with the imminent deployment of containerized nuclear first-strike weapons to Ukraine, they may decide to nuke the West preemptively and without delay” – or so the script may say in describing the cover story for the Operation Blackjack false-flag.

(2 April 2022) – Two Methods for Removing Two Obstacles (Biden & Harris)

Even as we approach the potential April 4 start date for World War III, the globalists have activated their fallback plan for the war’s delay. Should the exposure of their Passover plan force them to retreat to the fall Jewish holidays or next spring’s, they will still need to maneuver Hillary Clinton into the presidency before their next attempt. And a method for doing so was set into motion yesterday…

…from Fox News. Here is an excerpt…

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy on Friday accused President Biden of having “abdicated his responsibilities” at the southern border and making the ongoing migrant crisis worse after the administration announced that it is lifting the Title 42 public health order.

Today’s decision confirms that President Biden has abdicated his responsibilities at our borders and is actively working to make the border crisis worse,” McCarthy said in a statement. “From day one of his administration, he has failed to protect our nation’s security and to secure the border.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Friday announced that it will be terminating the Title 42 public health policy, that has been used by both the Trump and Biden administrations to quickly expel migrants at the southern border since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, on May 23.

In the time before or after May 23, watch for the potential outbreak of another supposed COVID variant and for spectacular criminal and terrorist acts — all attributable to migrants who crossed the border due to Biden’s dereliction of his national security responsibilities.” This will set in motion a historic double-impeachment of both Biden and Harris, since Harris is also culpable due to her role as “border czar.” And that would put Nancy Pelosi into the presidency until she resigns the office after Hillary Clinton is installed as vice president.

I’ll cover more of the details of this scenario in the afternoon/evening (or tomorrow morning).

But just in case the globalists aim to go through with their current plan, another method for taking out both Biden and Harris at the same time emerged yesterday…

…from Fox News. Here is an excerpt…

Vice President Kamala Harris received her second booster shot of a COVID-19 vaccine Friday, a White House official told Fox News.

President Biden also received his second booster shot this week [on Wednesday, March 30], but unlike Biden, Harris did not get the dose on camera.

So if Biden dies or is incapacitated tonight or tomorrow (3-4 days after he got the shot), Harris could suffer the same fate early next week, thus opening the White House door for Pelosi and Clinton. The propagandists can say “the vaccine they received came from the same defective lot.”

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Another candidate for “God’s message from the Mercury-Sun conjunction” just came across my radar: the death of Pope Francis in Malta this weekend. I’ll cover the details later today.

~ later ~

I won’t be writing a long update on this scenario, because it’s Saturday night and I’d rather drink sangria. So here are the two key things that would make Pope Francis’s death in Malta a “significant message from God”

1) As I pointed out in the 21 March update, Pope Francis can be narrated as the “behind-the-scenes leader of the G7,” the “hidden 10th horn who calls the shots.” So his death this weekend would signal the impending doom of the First Tribulation “Beast out of the Sea” (the G7). According to the globalist script, “the Beast recovered from its first mortal head wound (the Trump presidency), but the death of Pope Francis was the fatal second shot.”

2) Malta would be a symbolically-appropriate place for the conservative/traditionalist elements of the Roman Catholic Church to strike down the “commie False Prophet,” Pope Francis. In one particularly grievous episode of the Pope’s “destructive” tenure, he took control of the Knights of Malta back in January of 2017 — a showdown that “unfolded against the backdrop of Francis’ increasing clashes with more conservative elements in the church, especially those for whom sexual ethics and doctrinal orthodoxy are paramount.”

~ MORE – 3 April 2022 ~

Get a load of this…

…from Reuters. Here is an excerpt…

Pope Francis said on Saturday he was considering a trip to Kyiv and implicitly criticised Russian President Vladimir Putin over the invasion of Ukraine, saying a “potentate” was fomenting conflict for nationalist interests.

Francis made the comments, first to reporters on the plane taking him to Malta for a two-day visit, and then in a hard-hitting speech in the island’s presidential palace that left little doubt who he was referring to…

“Once again, some potentate, sadly caught up in anachronistic claims of nationalist interests, is provoking and fomenting conflicts, whereas ordinary people sense the need to build a future that, will either be shared, or not be at all,” he said, without mentioning Putin by name.

Francis’ voice was strong but he sat to deliver his speech. For the first time in his 36 trips abroad, a flare-up of pain in his knee had forced him to use a freight lift to board the plane in Rome and disembark in Valletta — to avoid “unnecessary strain”, Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni said…

Earlier, asked by a reporter on the flight if he was considering an invitation to visit Kyiv, the pope answered: “Yes, it is on the table”. He gave no further details.

Francis has been invited by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Ukraine’s Byzantine-rite Catholic Church, and Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vatican, Andriy Yurash.

He has spoken on the phone with Zelenskiy and Shevchuk.

So here are the key takeaways from this report…

  • The Pope is parroting the West’s talking points on the Ukrainian war (as you would expect the “occulted leader” of the G7/NATO to do).
  • He has antagonized Putin with his speech.
  • He has hinted that he’s going to Kyiv.
  • He specifically criticized nationalists.
  • He is being publicly shown to be physically frail.

So when the Pope leaves Malta, will his aircraft be taking him straight to Kiev or to Rzeszow (Poland) where he can catch a train to Kiev? If he flies in, will he be shot down by a MANPADS? If he takes the train, will the train be mistaken for a NATO weapons train and destroyed?

If he is killed in Ukraine, it will be blamed on Russia of course. But it will later come out that he was actually assassinated by “Ukrainian nationalists” (Nazis). And if his plane is shot down, it will be done with a MANPADS supplied to the nationalists by NATO. They might even shoot down his plane as it lands in Rzeszow, now that the war has supposedly spilled beyond the borders of Ukraine (and because Rzeszow airport is a NATO weapons depot / transshipment point).

Scripting the Pope’s death “at the hands of the Russians” would have the same effect as setting of a nuclear bomb. It would lead to the immediate outbreak of a(n un)holy war against Russia…

…(Roman Catholic Joe Biden flashing gang signs with his master Pope Francis)

And the outbreak of war could be immediately followed by Operation Blackjack, taking out Biden and Kamala to clear the way for Pelosi and Clinton (or taking out Biden and the first four presidential successors to bring in Yellen).

After Putin’s eventual victory in the war, it would be said that “the Pope was already dying, so he volunteered himself as a false-flag sacrifice to trigger the global war that would bring in Antichrist Obama’s New World Order”

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In the 1 April update, I wrote about a scenario in which Biden’s aircraft (Air Force One or Marine One) may be shot down by container-borne missiles aboard the ship that’s stuck off Baltimore [1,2]. The location where the ship grounded itself places it along the flightpath from Washington, DC to Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden frequently goes on weekends…

…from Global News (top) and Google Maps (bottom). The red flight path is from Joint Base Andrews and the indigo flight path is from the White House lawn, both landing at New Castle Airport (& National Guard Base). The four-point red mark next to the red flight path is the location of the ship.

The ship is named the Ever Forward, and it belongs to the Evergreen Marine Corp…

…from Axios

Well my partner Onnabugeisha has noted a “remarkable coincidence.” Can you guess what codename the Secret Service uses when referring to Hillary Clinton? – Yep, it’s Evergreen

…from Google

And do you remember Barack Obama’s campaign slogan, “Forward“?…

Well it has a distinctly communist meaning…

…from US News

I’m no believer in coincidence when it comes to the globalists, so the ship was likely placed there to serve as a false-flag platform — a false-flag that could help catapult Evergreen into the Oval Office and propel America forward into “Antichrist Barack Obama’s Communist New World Order.”

The ship could serve other purposes too of course, but you can read the controlled alt-media’s reports for those. Here’s one to get you started.