Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – March Updates

(30 March 2022): Based on the timing indicators I’ve been reviewing for the past couple of days, the globalists may attempt to spark World War III on Monday 4/4.

Before that, possibly on April 2 (or sooner), we’d likely see Biden…

On April 15, which is both Good Friday and the beginning of Passover (at sunset), we could see an attempt on the life of Putin (possibly by a preemptive nuclear attack). This may trigger a “special intervention.”

~ MORE – 31 March 2022 ~

If the globalists still aim to hit their ideal timeline for a 7-year Tribulation, they’ll need to start World War III soon and bring in the messiah du jour by the key date of April 20/21. And looking at the occult timing indicators the globalists use in making their scripts, the end part practically writes itself, so let’s start there and then work our way backwards to April 2…

On Thursday, April 14, there is the Eris-Sun conjunction I wrote about in the 28 March update. It symbolically points to a war escalation by a woman, which is why Biden is being set up to lose presidential power soon. If a conventional world war is already underway at the time, the escalation would have to be nuclear in nature. So what would a woman president have to do to trigger a nuclear exchange with Russia? – Use a nuke first and/or assassinate Vladimir Putin.

On Friday, April 15, it is Good Friday, a holiday that commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. And who is playing the role of Jesus Christ in Act 1 of the “End Times” stageplay? – Vladimir Putin of course.

Also on Friday, April 15, the Jewish holiday of Passover begins at sunset. It is a holiday of deliverance. And in Christian lore, Jesus’s death on the cross supposedly delivered us from our sins and eternal death. Likewise, Putin’s death would signal our deliverance (by the “lights in the sky” intervention that will happen afterwards) from the plague of World War III and our total destruction by a full-on nuclear exchange.

Looking at these indicators, here is how the globalists may script the end of the war…

  1. Putin’s location is hit by a tactical nuke on Good Friday, and he is presumed dead. Alternatively, his location is hit on Eris Thursday, and he is rumored to be gravely injured, dying or disappearing the next day on Good Friday. (My partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out that Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head on April 14 and died on April 15, so they may choose to parallel that event in the script).
  2. The post-strike leader in Russia — who may be scripted as “a friend of the West who is on board with the plan to start a nuclear war” — decides to launch Russia’s nukes on the NATO nations in retaliation for what appears to be a NATO tactical nuke strike on Putin. And his launch results in a NATO launch. But “lights in the sky” appear and disable the missiles from both sides. This could happen around midnight on Good Friday or on Easter Sunday.
  3. Putin reappears unharmed on Easter Sunday (or in 2025).

In the aftermath of these events, Putin may not be seen as the one who saved us from the nukes. In the case of a Secret Space Program / US Space Force intervention, that honor would go to the Nazionist Antichrist (Trump, Pence, Kushner); in the case of an “alien” intervention, their leader would get the credit. Putin’s role would be revealed later on. It is then that the public would see his “death” on Good Friday and “resurrection” on Easter Sunday in a different light.

~ MORE – 1 April 2022 ~

Now that we’ve looked at the end of the global war, let’s look at its beginning…

On Monday, April 4, there will be a planetary conjunction of Saturn and Mars. The planets will appear unusually close to each other in what is called an appulse. This can be interpreted as symbolizing Lucifer (Saturn) joining with Mars (the Roman god of war) in the heavens to start a conflict on the Earth.

Also on Monday, April 4, Essene Passover begins at sunset. The Essenes were an ancient Jewish sect that the prophecy propagandists have lauded as “the true keepers of God’s word and God’s calendar,” whereas mainstream Jews “departed from God’s word by following the teachings of the rabbis,” thus becoming “the Synagogue of Satan.” Following this rationale, then, Essene Passover is “God’s true Passover” and Mainstream Jewish Passover is “Satan’s Passover.”

If you look to the original Passover, it can be seen as a deliverance for some (the Hebrews, “whom God found worthy of salvation from death and bondage”) and “God’s judgment” for others (the Egyptians, “whom God found worthy of harsh punishment and death”). And according to the globalist script, “God finds present day Israel and the whole Earth awash in sin and worthy of harsh judgment.” So it stands to reason that…

  • Essene Passover (“God’s true Passover”) will bring “God’s judgment of Israel and the world” through “the releasing of Satan/Lucifer to bring war upon the Earth,” and
  • Mainstream Passover (“Satan’s Passover”) will bring “Satan’s deliverance of Israel and the world” through “the arrival of the Antichrist and the establishment of his Tribulation kingdom.”

Now have a look at the precise timing of events on April 4

That said, the global war is scheduled to break out the night of April 4/5.

Next we’ll look at April 2 (tomorrow), the day of another conjunction and the beginning of Ramadan. And after that, we’ll look ahead at how the Turkish Army will be able move from northern Syria to Jerusalem in the short time span between the war’s beginning and end (Erdogan will set off a nuke in Damascus, which will be seen as Israel’s handiwork, thus causing the Syrian Army and Hezbollah to join the Turks in attacking Israel).

~ MORE ~

My partner Onnabugeisha just pointed out something very interesting: on Sunday, April 3, it will be exactly 66 weeks and 6 days (666, the “Number of the Beast”) since “the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn” (Satan and Lucifer) on December 21, 2020…

“A new age began December 21, 2020. The Great Conjunction — a meeting in the sky of the planets Jupiter and Saturn — heralded the Age of Aquarius, a new golden age ruled by Saturn, the old god who once reigned over a world of peace and plenty.” – from the promotional blurb for one of the key prophecy propaganda books for our current situation: The Second Coming of Saturn: The Great Conjunction, America’s Temple, and the Return of the Watchers (I’m not recommending the book; I’m just noting the propaganda points).

What makes the Number of the Beast showing up on April 3rd particularly interesting is that the April 2 Mercury-Sun conjunction happens at 23:18 UTC, which is 2:18 AM, April 3 in Jerusalem, Damascus, and Kyiv. The conjunction of Mercury (“the messenger”) and the Sun (“Son of God”/Jesus) can be narrated as bringing a warning from God about the oncoming global conflict, and that warning could come in the form of big news or a big event. That event may be the false-flag that triggers World War III the next day (on 4/4).

The prophesied destruction of Damascus is one of the candidates for the war-starting event. And if it happens around the time of the conjunction, it may fall on the first day of Ramadan (which begins in the Middle East on or about April 2). Wouldn’t that stir up a hornets’ nest.

~ MORE ~

I’m making this note just to cover all the bases: I’ve seen an alt-media report that suggests the container ship stuck near Baltimore could be carrying ready-to-fire foreign missiles inside one or more of its shipping containers. And upon looking at the map, I found that the location of the ship places it along the flight path between Washington, DC and New Castle, Delaware (where Biden is flying today). More on the ship and its potential use in the script later…

(30 March 2022) – Will you be kissing the feet of the “Final Antichrist,” Vladimir Putin?

Here is Vladimir Putin, the “traitor to the New World Order,” with his good friend Henry Kissinger, the architect of the post-WWII New World Order implementation strategy

Yesterday as I poked about the Net, I scrolled down the main page of Henry Makow’s site and saw something truly pathetic. It was an article he wrote titled Ten Things to Feel Positive About. Have a look at the 6th thing he lists…

Vlad Putin. In the words of Tony Blizzard, “We are not far off of having to kiss his feet. This guy has almost single handedly STOPPED THE RESET. Their monotheistic world is in tatters already and PUTIN HAS ACCOMPLISHED THIS WITH LESS THAN HALF THE POWER IN RUSSIA. Putin has, in an ultra short time, built a powerhouse all the Rothschild money influence in the world cannot overcome. More and more nations are leaving Rothschild enslavement to join with, in many ways free, Russia/China, et al. Satan’s reign is being rapidly weakened by a man who actually speaks and acts in a Christian manner. He knows the strength of righteousness as well as the weakness of satanic destruction of proper rule, proper morality. Apparently so do his soldiers.”

Be very thankful for the world changes coming about via the clear mind of this one man. Which seems impossible without supernatural cooperation.

So here is Makow helping to sell Putin as the savior of the world, which is how Act 1 of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay is scripted to end. This brings to mind some other pathetic Putin propaganda I’ve been observing recently.

Evidently, the NWO propaganda guys who comprise the controlled alt-media are having a difficult time convincing their audience that “Putin is a good guy who opposes the World Economic Forum’s New World Order.” So they’ve decided to retreat on the “good guy” part while they desperately hustle to maintain the illusion that Putin is an real opponent of the Western globalists. Here is the gist of what they’ve been saying…

“OK, Vladimir Putin is NOT a good guy — he is a gangster and a KGB sociopath — BUT AT LEAST HE’S A PATRIOT. Unlike the Western leaders who want to see their nations destroyed, Putin loves Russia and wants to protect it. He may have played along with the WEF people in the past, but when he saw the destructive path they were taking, he reversed course and stood in their way. So now the West is doing everything they can to destroy Putin and Russia, because they just can’t make him heel.”

The globalists figure that if they can at least convince people that Putin is a true opponent of the “evil Western NWO,” they can clean up his image after the Transition Event when they roll out the “Truth Tsunami” and the fake ETs. In the Truth Tsunami, the media will reveal how truly evil the Western leaders were and how truly heroic Vladimir Putin was in his fight against them. The “ETs” will vouch for his “good guy” status as well. We’ll be told, “Putin played along with the West, Henry Kissinger, and Chabad so he could infiltrate their power structure, rise to leadership of Russia with their help, and then sabotage their evil plan to kill off most of humanity and enslave the survivors.”

Of course, all of these alt-media Putin narratives are pabulum for the child-minded. For the adults out there, here are the ugly realities of Vladimir Putin…

Let’s cut the crap: Vladimir Putin is helping usher in the globalist New World Order

Vladimir Putin: The mobster who would be the globalist Messiah (+ The smoking gun of Putin’s involvement in Russia’s 9/11: Ryazan)

Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew

Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch

Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections

~ MORE ~

The globalists’ strategy for whitewashing Putin’s decades of criminality is to offer a fairy tale narrative that appeals to wishful, magical thinking. And it is typified by a controlled alt-media graphic I encountered back in 2016. Here is the graphic and a slightly modified version of what I wrote about it at the time…

…I found this picture on the Putin-worshipping alt-media site And when I placed my cursor on the thumbnail of it found on their main page, it said “Putin eye hurricane.” Note how he is surrounded by a divine glow that seems to shield him from the violence and corruption swirling around him. Such messianic imagery is meant to build up his cult of personality in preparation for what is to come.

In getting people to accept the “Putin as savior” fairy tale, they are counting on the massive psychological impact of “the arrival” of the fake ETs. They expect people’s existing sense of reality to be so blown by the appearance of the “aliens” that they’ll willingly accept any new ideas/programming that will help them process what they’re seeing. And one of those ideas will be that Putin was sent to Earth in advance of the “ET” arrival in order to save us.

But until that arrival occurs, the NWO propagandists are laying the foundation by casting Putin as “an unparalleled genius and the most masterful and sane statesman of our time” and “an unrivaled strategist who plays 3D chess while the Western leaders play checkers.” In fact, I encountered a new variation of “Putin the master chess player” just this past week: “…it’s three-dimensional chess; I just wonder if Putin is still playing 4th-dimensional chess…” – from the 30th minute of this podcast from Jabba the Nut (disinformation agent Dave Hodges).

Speaking of the chess analogy, it reminds me of something I wrote on this subject last year. I’ll repost it here…

(from 29 March 2021) – Steve Quayle Praises the Antichrist

To make my mundane activities more productive, I listen to MP3s put out by the globalist prophecy propagandists so I can monitor for any shifts in the narrative. And yesterday, I listened to one that was put out by the Undertaker, the Bearded Whore of Babble-On, and the Trailer Tramp (globalist disinfo agents Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, and Lisa Haven). This is what I heard from Quayle starting at the 42:23 mark…

“What you’re gonna watch, ladies and gentlemen, is the globalists that control all the major powers of the world – and I believe Putin… he has placed himself antithetical to the globalists; he doesn’t like the New World Order. Put Putin’s credentials, put his… and he is brilliant, brilliant. Put his former occupation, head of Russian intelligence, KGB, very, very good – I mean, the best … So here you have a President of Russia trying to defuse, trying to defuse the situation – that doesn’t make me a Russian agent; it makes me a realist…”

Such high praise for the “man of peace,” Vladimir Putin.

So here’s the deal with Steve Quayle…

  • Steve Quayle isn’t a Russian agent; he’s a globalist agent, and his job is to sell gullible Christians and heathens on the globalist prophecy fulfillment deception.
  • Steve Quayle IS FULLY AWARE THAT VLADIMIR PUTIN IS SCRIPTED TO PLAY THE ANTICHRIST, but he will not reveal this fact to his listeners because the globalists want everyone to be fooled by Putin’s savior act. It is only after Putin does some antichristy things that Quayle and others of his type will pretend to catch on to the deception.
  • Steve Quayle isn’t a real Christian — he’s most likely a Kabbalist, and he works for the Kabbalist “Jews.” That’s why he praises Israel and points to the Nazis as being the ones running the Global Deep State, despite the fact that everywhere you look, the Deep State is populated by Jews or Catholics (the Roman Catholic Church is controlled by the Kabbalist “Jews”).
  • Steve Quayle will get down on his knees and worship the fake Jesus the globalists send out to defeat Antichrist Putin. It is his job to ensure that his listeners follow suit, and he does this by saying everything he can to terrify people so they will “run to Jesus.”
  • Steve Quayle is “Judas Maximus” to real Christians, so it’s no wonder he’s a coin dealer. His starting capital was probably handed down through his family from the original Judas.

When you get right down to it, it’s pretty easy to spot the globalist propagandists in the alt-media…

  • They point to Obama (the decoy Antichrist) as the bad guy trying to bring in the Orwellian New World Order.
  • They point to Putin (the “real” Antichrist) as the enemy of the New World Order and the only sane statesman on the international stage.
  • They praise Putin’s brilliance, oftentimes saying things that portray him as a “master chess player,” like “Putin is playing 3-dimensional chess while the NATO leaders play checkers”…

The chess analogy is a dead giveaway. It’s a standard talking point, as is the “Biden Presidency as the Obama 2.0 Presidency,” which the Trailer Tramp brings up at the 84-minute mark of the interview. To her credit, she worked her way out of the trailer; all she had to do was sell out to “The Man.”

(29 March 2022) – A reader has pointed out that NATO-member Turkey is attempting to open a second front on Russia by sparking the Turkey-Russia War foretold by Greek Elder Paisios

…from the Daily Sabah. Here is an excerpt…

Armenia on Monday called on Russian peacekeepers in Nagorno-Karabakh to take “concrete steps” to make Azerbaijan withdraw troops from a part of the region policed by Russia in a new sign of increasing tensions between the two neighbors…

Azerbaijan said on Sunday that it had not withdrawn its forces and said the area was its sovereign territory.

The area is under the responsibility of Russian peacekeepers, who are deployed in Karabakh under a Moscow-brokered cease-fire that ended weeks of fighting over the region by Armenia and Azerbaijan in late 2020.

A major flare-up in Karabakh could pose a challenge for Russia with its forces deeply engaged in Ukraine

Moscow deployed almost 2,000 peacekeepers to the region after the cease-fire, reaffirming its role as a police official and chief power broker in a volatile part of the former Soviet Union where Turkey also has strong influence due to its close alliance with Azerbaijan.

Should Russia answer Armenia’s call to forcefully remove the Azerbaijanis (or if the Azeris and Turks false-flag a Russian attack on Azeri forces), we can expect both Azerbaijan and Turkey to react severely and restart the war with Armenia. And with Iran’s ally Russia tied down in Ukraine and Armenia, Israel will have a freer hand to move on Syria and Iran. So Putin may face a multi-front war quite soon.

See the 13 March warning further down this page for more information on Israel, Turkey, and Azerbaijan’s war aims (you can click here to open a parallel page to the proper spot).

(28 March 2022) – Each hour that passes since the Saturday (Saturn’s Day) explosions in Lviv makes it increasingly untenable for them to come out and claim it was a nuclear incident; the plot may have been abandoned yesterday evening. But I won’t consider it over until Tuesday passes uneventfully. Tomorrow there is a VenusSaturn (“double Lucifer”) planetary conjunction that they may use as a timing cue for the Lviv narrative or something else.

~ MORE ~

I decided to do a quick look ahead at the potential astrological cues for April, and I found that there are five planetary conjunctions and two solar conjunctions. The most interesting and hazardous of these is the Eris-Sun conjunction on April 14, the day before Passover begins.

To see why it’s hazardous, have a look at where the dwarf planet Eris got its name…

…from Google

Eris’s moon, Dysnomia, was named after the daughter of Eris, the daemon of ‘lawlessness’, who shares her nature with Ate (‘ruin’). She was a companion of the latter deity, Adikia (Injustice), and Hybris (Violence).”

If the globalists want to hit their ideal Tribulation time window, this Eris-Sun conjunction and the following Passover are their last chance. So look for them to script a woman (possibly Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Obama, or Hillary Clinton) making big trouble on the 14th that could lead to either a slaughter or a deliverance in the evening of 15th. This would then lead to a key event in Jerusalem on the 20th or 21st to start the second half of the First Tribulation / first half of the Second Tribulation.

Preliminary mischief could also take place during Essene Passover, which starts at sunset on Monday, April 4 (one week from today).

~ MORE – 29 March 2022 ~

For the globalists to script a woman triggering a nuclear war on April 14 or 15, they’ll need to elevate one to the US presidency. And this is why the controlled alt-media are narrating Biden’s imminent removal by one method or another [1,2]. So we face three possible elevation scenarios…

  1. Biden is removed and Kamala Harris triggers the nuclear confrontation.
  2. Biden is removed and Kamala Harris brings in Mike Obama or Hillary Clinton as VP; Harris then resigns or is removed, leaving Obama or Clinton to trigger the confrontation.
  3. Both Biden and Harris are removed, leaving Nancy Pelosi to either trigger the confrontation herself or bring in Clinton to do it.

Speaking of the third scenario, the “Double Lucifer” conjunction happened this morning, and Biden & Harris are scheduled to attend a bill signing for H.R. 55 outside in the Rose Garden at 4:00 PM EDT (4 is “the number of death“). Might something happen to them there, like a suicide drone attack, a “hypersonic missile” attack, or a suitcase nuking? Here is the meaning of 55 in the Bible Concordance…

…from Bible Hub

It should also be noted that globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn has promoted Hillary Clinton as…

the “Hilarion” that is set to take the throne of the most powerful nation on earth to assist Antichrist in his bid to rule the entire world. – from

By taking America to the precipice of a full-on nuclear exchange with Russia, she would set the stage for either the decoy Antichrist or “Final Antichrist” Putin to step up and “save the world from total destruction,” thus assisting him “in his bid to rule the entire world.”

NOTE (27 March 2022): Ukrainian president Zelensky may be giving a remote speech on The Oscars tonight. Will he be the one who reveals that “Lviv was nuked”? Does the script have Biden suppressing the news to avoid being dragged into World War III? Will he be removed for “holding back the truth from the American people”? BTW, I’m still not satisfied that Biden has left Warsaw (but I haven’t checked for a couple of hours). [Later: The AP are now reporting that Biden returned early this morning, but the article wasn’t posted till 6:50 PM Texas time (10 minutes before The Oscars telecast started).]

(26 March 2022) – So now we find ourselves in the moment between the flash and the shockwave, and we wait to see if and when the media rollout of the “Lviv was nuked” narrative begins…

  • Will it be Sunday? Will it be Monday?
  • And when will the globalist scriptwriters roll out the “good guy” saviors? Before the nukes go off in the G7 nations or after?
  • And when the saviors enter the stage, will it be with a “mass arrests” scenario or a “lights in the sky” intervention scenario (or both)?
  • Or will the Kabbalists slither back into their holes for a while?

If you are a new reader, I strongly recommend that you read Your Guide to the Globalist Plot for February-April of 2022, which is further down this page. You can click here to open a parallel page to the right spot.

(26 March 2020) – I keep trying to close out this watch period, but I can still find no reports of Biden or Air Force One departing Warsaw (it’s almost 11 PM there). Are they keeping him in place while they try to scheme-up something on the fly?

~ later ~

Now I’m wondering if they’re going to narrate that the explosions in Lviv today were caused by low-yield nukes…

…from the Daily Mail

I read one report that says the authorities asked journalists to not film the location of the explosions.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s look again at the controlled alt-media disinformation piece that was posted on propaganda mill…

the Russian military that it has obtained intelligence that Ukrainian nationalist leaders are planning to target U.S. and Western military installations in the city of Lviv.

“The officer spoke…about [planned] terrorist acts in Lvov [the city’s Russian-language name] against employees and facilities of the diplomatic missions maintained by the US and other Western nations,” said Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov.

In addition, Zelenskyy’s government is reportedly aware of the plot but is not doing anything to stop it — even as Zelenskyy pleaded last week before the U.S. Congress to “do more” to help his country fend off the Russian onslaught with weapons, combat aircraft and anti-aircraft systems.

“I’d like to stress that the Kyiv regime is fully aware of the plans harbored by the nationalists, but is doing nothing to prevent them,” Konashenkov added.

So if those were low-yield nukes that went off in Lviv today, the mainstream media will say “the Russians did it” and the controlled-alt media will say “the Ukrainian Nazis did it” (thus WWIII will start just like WWII, with a Nazi false-flag). And as I covered in earlier updates, the uranium signature of the nukes will be Russian because it came from Belarus (via Turkey) or the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (see the 22-23 March updates below).

~ MORE ~

I’ve written before about the fact that in Zelensky and Putin we have two Kabbalist Jews who are conspiring with Chabad to get the European Christians to kill each other (again)…

And it could be said that Lviv was chosen as the sparking point for World War III out of a Jewish desire for revenge for the Lviv pogroms…

…from Wikipedia

The only problem with such thinking is the fact that the Kabbalist Zionists orchestrated the killing of Jews during World War II to establish a cause for creating the State of Israel and to drive the surviving Jews out of Europe to inhabit it. In reality, the Kabbalists kill non-Kabbalist and non-elite Jews just as readily as they kill Christians or anyone else, and their aim is to slaughter almost all of the Israeli Jews when they bring in their “Kabbalah Christ” at the end of this drama. Non-Kabbalist, non-elite Jews are just tools to them — a means to an end.

To delve deeper into the Kabbalist Chabad-Lubavitch cult and its connections to Putin and Zelensky (and Trump), have a look at these articles…

Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch

Chabad Rabbi Greets Trump as a Jewish King (+ a repost of “Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew”)

The spiritual leaders of Ukraine’s Jewish community

WARNING (26 March 2022): It has now been reported that Biden will give his “major address” at the Royal Castle in Warsaw sometime between 11 AM and noon Texas time. After that, his itinerary shows him departing Warsaw for home. So here are the last two plays the globalists may have up their sleeve…

1) Hit Biden with a “Russian” airstrike at the Royal Castle. The Castle was previously attacked by the Nazis during World War II on September 17, 1939 (exactly 990 months and 9 days ago today999 = 666). And the Castle was later leveled by the Nazis after the failed Warsaw Uprising (which began on August 1, 1944, exactly 77 years, 7 months, and 25 days ago today2 + 5 = 7). Remember that World War II started with a Nazi attack on Poland (following a Nazi false-flag).

2) Shoot down the departing Air Force One with a MANPADS or stealth fighter. The West have been supplying MANPADS to Ukraine (so their use in Poland could be narrated as “Russian payback”), and media reports [1,2] place Russia’s Su-57 stealth jet in the war zone earlier this month.

~ MORE ~

Get a load of what a reader sent me a link to…

…from Twitter

In the video, General Clark mentions low-yield nukes. And since the Royal Castle was leveled during WWII by a Nazi demolition team on the ground, the suitcase nukes may be in play.

~ MORE ~

Here is a CBS News live stream of Biden’s Warsaw speech on YouTube. Its timer is counting down to noon Texas time (6 PM Warsaw time). If they trigger a nuke during the speech, look for it to go off at 6:16 (the alternate “Number of the Beast”) or at a time that is a “master number” (6:11, 6:22, 6:33, 6:44, 6:55).

(25 March 2022) – It turns midnight in Lviv at 5:00 PM Texas time, so whatever might happen is likely to occur on Saturday the 26th (local time), exactly 42 months after Trump sat as President of the UN Security Council (see the 21 March update to understand why that’s significant). Are they sneaking Biden in and out of Lviv under cover of darkness? If they are and he gets hit, we’ll know by midnight Texas time.

~ later ~

After taking a break for a while, I came back to find that Biden’s itinerary had finally been posted (it was MIA all day since midnight eastern time when it’s normally posted). It shows Biden departing Rzeszow for Warsaw Friday evening, and a report on Newsweek claims that he has indeed arrived in Warsaw. Did he? If so, the Apocalypse Express left the station without its target aboard.

I’m also left wondering if he picked up a special guest in Rzeszow — a guest who will visit the Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw with him tomorrow and who will show up for his big address — a guest with the initials VOZ. My, won’t Warsaw be a juicy target tomorrow.

CRITICAL ALERT (25 March 2020) – Shenanigans may be afoot today. Instead of traveling to Warsaw, Biden landed in Rzeszow, Poland, not far from Lviv, Ukraine (a major waypoint for refugees fleeing Ukraine). And due to a “plane malfunction,” Polish president Duda has been delayed in arriving for their meeting there.

There are trains that run from Rzeszow to Lviv (and beyond), so Biden may be boarding the Apocalypse Express for Lviv or Kyiv to meet with Zelensky…

…from Google

Alternatively, Zelensky may travel to Rzeszow to meet with Biden and Duda, presenting a lovely target for the false-flaggers. Whether they hit Warsaw or Rzeszow, it would still lead to the scenario I outlined in yesterday’s update.

P.S. – Do you remember this year’s Super Bowl logo that was designed to look like it was splashed in blood?…

When I looked into it earlier this year, I researched any connection it might have to Lviv, Ukraine, but I didn’t find anything compelling. Well now I have: that is where World War III might start today (or tomorrow).

~ MORE ~

Have a look at the preparatory propaganda for a hit in or near Lviv…

…from Voice of America. Here is an excerpt…

One of Ukraine’s biggest military training bases, located 25 kilometers from the Polish border in the west of the country, was struck by Russian missiles in an attack that left 35 people dead and 134 others injured, according to Ukrainian officials.

The base at Yavoriv is only 60 kilometers from Lviv, a major hub for Ukrainian evacuees heading into Poland. It has also been used by NATO military instructors, but Ukrainian officials say they are still trying to establish whether any were on-site for the attack and were injured…

The strike on the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security is the westernmost attack by Russia so far and increases fears that Lviv may soon be embroiled in the conflict. More than a week ago VOA reported U.S. intelligence agencies feared Belarus, Russia’s ally and a staging ground for the Russian invasion of its neighbor, might throw its troops into the war, and would launch attacks on Ukraine’s north-west and center, endangering Lviv. So far Belarus has not entered the conflict directly and the attack on the training center was a Russian strike. But American and European officials remain worried about Belarus.

That aside, the intelligence assessment was that Lviv should not be considered safe ground. Messages sent to NGOs and projects funded by the United States and drawn from the intelligence assessment warned: “Cities in the West are no longer regarded as safe.” NGO workers still inside Ukraine were advised to leave Lviv and seek shelter in border villages, less likely to be targeted by missiles.

Keep in mind too that Russia has threatened to strike NATO weapons convoys entering Ukraine, and NATO may be using the trains to bring in materiel — the trains go East loaded with weapons, then head back West loaded with refugees. And since Russia just got slapped by even more economic sanctions at the summits yesterday — and they’ve said that such sanctions are a declaration of war — they might start attacking the weapons transfers today, hitting Biden in the process. At least that’s how the false-flag’s sequence of events would be narrated.

The strike on the train in or near Lviv probably won’t be nuclear. The NATO false-flaggers would simply…

  • kill off Biden (supposedly) with an airstrike blamed on Russia,
  • use that as justification for implementing an immediate no-fly zone over Ukraine, then
  • almost immediately false-flag the “Russian response” (Operation Dagger/Blackjack).

“President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday [March 5] that Western sanctions on Russia were akin to a declaration of war and warned that any attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Ukraine would lead to catastrophic consequences for the world.” – from Reuters.

~ MORE ~

Behold! More of the propaganda setup…

RZESZOW, Poland—President Biden traveled to a Polish city that has developed into a principal hub for Western military aid to Ukraine, signaling U.S. determination to support Kyiv with high-tech weaponry to punish Moscow for its invasion…

Rzeszow has become a major resupply artery for Ukraine. Military transport planes and other cargo aircraft are landing at a rapid pace in a major airlift operation to bring in humanitarian aid and to funnel antitank weapons, heat-seeking antiaircraft missiles, communications and other supplies across the border with Ukraine about 60 miles east. The U.S. was joined by countries such as the U.K. and Germany to pledge to keep arms to Ukraine flowing. – from The Wall Street Journal

~ MORE ~

My partner Onnabugeisha has found an article from disinformation mill that offers the globalist controlled alt-media version of the reasons for the assassination of Biden: Globalist deep state could be planning a false flag attack on Biden when he travels to Europe. It mentions Lviv.

Allow me to offer a bit of insight on this “deep state” narrative from an article I wrote 5 years ago…

As for the “Deep State” concept itself, whenever you see an article talking about it, you are looking at a globalist propaganda piece. The “Deep State” is the collection of minion-level scapegoats the Occulted Powers have tasked with playing the soon-to-be vanquished “bad guys” in the dialectic drama. It is a manufactured propaganda concept meant to obscure our view of the real powers driving the globalist agenda: the world’s royals, the worldwide network of Jewish banking interests (which is much larger than just the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds, and which encompasses ALL of the G20 nations and beyond), and the Freemasons and other such secret societies and mafia groups. – from Alex Jones, the Kabbalist Bankers, and the “Deep State” Con

There remains a high risk of a nuclear false-flag against the G7 leaders and their nations on Friday and Saturday, March 25-26. A saving “intervention by unknown parties” may also be scripted. (see the 19-24 March updates below for details)

(24 March 2022) – Although it appears that we’ll get through today okay, tomorrow is another risky day. On March 25…

  • The EU leaders (among whom are the G7 leaders minus the US and Japan) will remain gathered in Brussels for the second day of the European Council summit…

  • Joe Biden will be in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, which is less than a hundred miles from the border of Belarus. Should the false-flag be launched from Belarusian airspace and include Warsaw (and Biden) among its targets, it would make the Poles hopping mad and provide a pretext for the Polish Army to invade Belarus. This would allow NATO to advance along the Belarus-Ukraine border and cut off the Russian forces encircling Kyiv on the western side of the Dnieper River…

    …original map from the BBC

So let’s look at the preparatory propaganda foundation that’s been laid for a “Russian” nuke attack via Belarus:

Over the past five months, the Russians have made a point of sending their strategic nuclear bombers into Belarusian airspace for patrols. Last November, they sent in a pair of Tu-160s…

…from TASS

And 19 days before the war started, they sent in a pair of Tu-22M3s…

…from the Military Times

It should be noted that Ukraine inherited 43 Tu-22M3s from the Soviet Union, and they were all supposedly destroyed or rendered inoperable under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program (which means a few have been kept intact for “special purposes”). Specially modified ones can carry four Kinzhals (or four Sparrows) each.

So precedents for the deployment of Russian bombers in Belarusian airspace have been publicly established. And if a Tu-160 or a Tu-22M3 with Russian markings and native Russian speaking pilots wanders into Belarusian airspace from Ukraine, the Belarusians will assume it’s friendly (since Ukraine is thought to not have any such aircraft and because the Russian/Belarusian IFF systems are likely unreliable or non-functional).

Then there’s this…

…from Here is an excerpt…

On Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin alongside his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko supervised major drills of his country’s strategic nuclear forces. The drills were observed by the Presidents of Russia and Belarus from the Defense Ministry’s situation room, according to the ministry. The drills serve as a striking reminder of the country’s nuclear capabilities, amid Western concerns that Moscow is planning an invasion of Ukraine…

Russia’s Aerospace Forces successfully fired Kinzhal hypersonic aeroballistic missiles in the midst of tensions between Moscow and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the European Union (EU), and the West. Furthermore, Russian Northern and Black Sea Fleet warships and submarines fired Kalibr cruise missiles and Zirkon hypersonic missiles at sea and land targets. Meanwhile, a realistic launch of the Iskander ground-based cruise missile was carried out in the Astrakhan region at the Kapustin Yar training ground, according to a release by the Russian President’s office.

So as you can see, all the background setup is in place for a nuclear false-flag out of Belarus.

~ MORE ~

As I continued to look ahead into the next two days, I started gazing into Saturday, and I recalled a number of previous press reports. One report stated that Biden would be in Poland Friday AND Saturday. And at the time I saw it, I wondered to myself, “Why will he be spending two whole days in Poland — is he attending a sausage festival?” I then recalled headlines that said “Biden will NOT visit Ukraine during his trip to Europe” and “Congress growing impatient with Biden’s restraint on Ukraine war assistance.” And then I recalled the following headline (that appeared on the Ides of March): European leaders travel to Kyiv as Russian siege of Ukrainian capital continues. So I decided to have a look at the article, and I found this…

Three European leaders traveled Tuesday to the besieged Ukrainian capital to meet with the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, and to pledge the European Union’s “unequivocal support” and offer financial assistance.

The dramatic visit, as Kyiv went under a curfew in response to renewed Russian attacks, was made by the prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, who crossed into Ukraine by train.

They were the first foreign leaders to enter the capital since Russia’s attack began 20 days ago. Their visit unfolded against the backdrop of intensifying missile strikes on Kyiv, which killed at least four people Tuesday, according to the mayor, Vitali Klitschko, who placed the city under a 35-hour curfew in light of what he described as a “difficult and dangerous” moment. – from The New York Times

All of this raises some obvious questions…

Are they taking Biden to Poland so the Poles can sneak him into Kyiv by train for a grandstanding visit? And if the “Russians” just so happen to destroy the “civilian train” Biden is riding with an airstrike, what will NATO do in response? Will they impose the no-fly zone that Biden has supposedly been blocking? “All aboard for the Apocalypse Express!”

So keep an eye out for “the old Polish train sneakaroosky” tomorrow and Saturday.

NOTE (24 March 2020): I’ve finally found the timing details of today’s (3/24) summits thanks to the Canadians’ posting of Justine Castro-Trudeau’s itinerary

The first two summits both take place at NATO Headquarters.

On a hopeful note, the “technical glitches” that kept me from posting updates for most of the day yesterday abruptly disappeared in the evening. And the Drudge Report went into “change the subject” mode, moving the false-flag preparatory articles down into the columns and posting headlines about Trump to take their place at the top. So they may have aborted their plans yesterday evening.

(22-23 March 2022) – Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers may be employed in Operation Dagger/Blackjack

Vladimir Putin in the cockpit of a Tu-160 strategic bomber…

…Expect this photo to get a lot of media play if the false-flag goes forward.

An astute reader has pointed out that Ukraine also inherited Tu-160 bombers (designated by NATO as the Blackjack bomber) from the Soviet Union. And if they were not all destroyed as reported, they could be refurbished and modified to carry up to two dozen nuke-tipped Israeli Sparrow ALBMs each. So two Tu-160s — one launching a salvo from Ukrainian or Belarusian airspace and the other launching from Caribbean airspace — could trigger the implosion of the G7 in a matter of minutes. I’ll cover the rather intriguing details on this later.

~ MORE ~

Ukraine’s Tu-160s were supposedly destroyed by the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) program established under the Nunn-Lugar Act of 1991. The CTR program’s mission was “to secure and dismantle weapons of mass destruction and their associated infrastructure in former Soviet Union states.” And when it came to nuclear weapons, the program separated the warheads from their delivery systems.

The missiles and aircraft that carried the nukes were supposedly destroyed or rendered inoperable in place. But “the warheads themselves were then shipped to and destroyed in Russia, with the highly-enriched uranium contained within made into commercial reactor fuel; which was purchased by the United States under a separate program.”

Now here is where publicly stated “good and noble intentions” dissolve into the ugly realities of our world…

Is it possible that the US took advantage of the poverty and the corrupt wild west atmosphere that existed in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union to get its hands on Russian military equipment for research, testing, and other purposes (like false-flags)? – You bet your as$ it is.

So it it possible, then, that some of the delivery systems were left in a refurbishable state and others were carefully dismantled and shipped off to the US? – Yep.

Is it also possible that some of the nuclear warheads were diverted to the US or some of the highly-enriched uranium from the dismantled warheads was sent on to the US without being converted to reactor fuel? – That’s a very good question. But unfortunately, the one man best qualified to answer it — the West-friendly Russian general who ran the warhead part of the program — just so happened to die of cancer last month, taking any secrets to his grave with him…

…from The New York Times

So besides Belarus, we now have another possible source for the Russian uranium inside the nukes that may be used for Operation Dagger/Blackjack: the CTR program. And we also come to realize that any of the equipment that was supposedly destroyed by the program (or was retired from service by the Ukrainian military), is employable for false-flag purposes…

…from the Arms Control Association

~ MORE – 23 March 2022 ~

Do you remember yesterday when I wrote this?…

Is it possible that the US took advantage of the poverty and the corrupt wild west atmosphere that existed in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union to get its hands on Russian military equipment for research, testing, and other purposes (like false-flags)? – You bet your as$ it is.

Well a reader brought this press report back to my attention this morning…

…from The Hill. Here is an excerpt…

The U.S. is sending Ukraine some Soviet-made air defense equipment that Washington took charge of decades ago through a secret program, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

The systems, to include the SA-8 short-range surface-to-air missile system, were obtained by the U.S. for the purposes of examining Russian military technology and helping train American troops, U.S. officials told the outlet.

The weapons are useful to Ukrainian forces, as their military already knows how to use Soviet systems…

The U.S. has a small number of Soviet missile defense systems it acquired in the past 30 years as part of a secret, $100 million project that first gained notice in 1994, a former official involved in the mission told the Journal.

We can be fairly certain that the “secret program” that obtained the weapons worked hand-in-hand with the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program (that started in 1991), which means the air defense systems now being sent to Ukraine are likely the very same ones that were purchased from corrupt Ukrainian officials back in the 1990s.

So why did this report surface? – Once Putin’s version of the New World Order comes to power either this year or in 2025, they will point to this report in making the case that Operation Dagger/Blackjack was done by the Western elites so they could…

  • take totalitarian control over their shellshocked people and “build back better,” and
  • go to nuclear war against Russia “in order to destroy the possibility of a positive NWO.”

So Putin’s New World Order guys will tell you the same things about Operation Dagger / Blackjack that I’m telling you now. What they won’t tell you, though, is that “Putin was the mastermind of it all, and it was part of his plot to rise to power as the Emperor of the Earth.” We’ll find that last part out during Act 2 of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay.

~ MORE ~

Now here are some mini-updates…

Mini-Update 1: To be clear, when I talk about Operation Dagger, I’m talking about the false-flag assassination of the Western political leaders. And when I talk about Operation Blackjack, I’m talking about the false-flag nuclear attacks on a number of G7/NATO/EU cities.

As of Saturday, I was expecting Operation Dagger to be an ALBM strike against Brussels, with Operation Blackjack happening concurrently or shortly afterwards with suitcase nuke strikes on the cities. But if they opt for the Tu-160 scenario (or for a submarine-launched ballistic missile strike), the two operations will be one combined operation.

Mini-Update 2: Don’t be shocked if UFOs/UAPs show up to blast the nuclear missiles out of the sky. Our “sky saviors” are destined to show up at some point, either to stop the nuclear destruction of the Western cities or “to stop the destruction of all humanity in a full nuclear exchange” later on. The only question is whether the objects will end up being Secret Space Program (SSP) / US Space Force craft or fake ET craft. If the SSP are the ones who save the day, it increases the likelihood that we’ll see a “Deep State” NWO rise up afterwards. But if the fake ETs get tasked with the job, it increases the likelihood we’ll see Putin’s NWO get going (although he won’t be its clear leader for the first 3.5 years).

According to the Kool-Aid vendors in the UFO/Aliens alt-media, “Our loving space brothers have promised that they won’t allow a nuclear war.” So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice…

Mini-Update 3: Here are some rather striking historical cues my partner Onnabugeisha has uncovered…

March 24 is the 8th anniversary of the day in 2014 that the G8 suspended Russia’s membership and canceled their planned summit in Sochi, opting for Brussels instead. Russia didn’t like this.

March 24 is also the 23rd anniversary of the day in 1999 that NATO started bombing Yugoslavia. Russia didn’t like this either.

This makes tomorrow an excellent day for Russia to take revenge for both offenses — at least that’s what the false-flag planners have in mind.

Mini-Update 4: Onnabugeisha just realized the following bit of curious “coincidence”…

The G7 began on March 25, 1973, which on the Hebrew calendar was 21 Adar II, 5733.

The G7 may be destroyed on March 24, 2022, which on the Hebrew calendar is 21 Adar II, 5782.

Note that…

  • both events “happened” on the same Jewish day (both times on a Jewish leap year),
  • both times it “was” on the 21st (7 x 3 = 21 = blackjack), and
  • the events “happened” 49 years apart (5782 – 5733 = 49 = 7 x 7).

See the Wikipedia entry on the Symbolism of the number 7 to see what the globalists can read into 7×3 and 7×7 (if you really want to punish yourself with numerology bullsh*t).

The weirdness of the globalist cult bleeds into everything they do.

Mini-Update 5: The Western media today are painting a very dire picture of Russia’s failing war effort and Putin’s deteriorating power position — all meant to portray “Mad Vlad” as being in a desperate situation with no way out. This is exactly what you want the public to believe on the day before you false-flag “Putin’s panicked outlash with nuclear weapons.”

NOTE (22 March 2022): It’s 3/22, the day after Biden made his New World Order speech, and they have not posted his schedule for today (as of this writing). Strange.

Also, a media report has Biden staying in Poland through March 26 (exactly 3.5 years after Trump’s UN appearance), so I’ve extended the watch period.

NOTE (21 March 2022): The target of Thursday’s “dagger” is almost certainly the G7 summit. You’ve gotta see what I found [it’s in today’s update].

Tomorrow we’ll look deeper into the Revelation 13 fulfillment scripting for the destruction of the G7 on Thursday. If you are a new reader, you may wish to scroll down the page (or just click here) to read Your Guide to the Globalist Plot for February-April of 2022. It will give you the background knowledge to better understand what I’ll be writing about.

“Operation Dagger” Watch in effect March 21-26

(21 March 2022) – The Kinzhal false-flag watch starts today, March 21 (blackjack day), and continues through Saturday the 26th during Uncle Touchy’s visit to Poland…


Of these six days, the most dangerous by far is Thursday the 24th. On that day, Biden will attend a NATO summit, a G7 summit, and a European Council summit. So from the perspective of the Alt-Media/NWO Narrative, the “Satanic West” will show itself in all its forms on Thursday.

From a prophecy point-of-view, the most attractive of the three summits to target with an ALBM is the G7 summit, since the G7 is the First Tribulation version of the 7-head, 10-horn Beast out of the Sea from Revelation 13 (here are verses 1-6)…

1 And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. 2 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. 3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. 4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? 5 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. 6 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

Now if you look at the G7, it has 7 heads (the heads of the 7 member states) and 10 horns wearing 10 crowns (the 7 rulers of the member states + the 2 rulers of the European Union + the 1 ruler of the Vatican — the sovereign city-state that exists within the G7 state of Italy — “the hidden ruler of them all”)…

…from Wikipedia

And if you look at the “power was given unto him to continue forty and two months part and count back 42 months from Thursday, you arrive at September 24, 2018. And what happened on or about that day? – One of the G7 heads, Donald Trump, sat at the head of the global government (as President of the UN Security Council) on September 26, 2018

…from YouTube

As for the “one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed” part, there are two ways they can script it (with the first being more likely)…

  1. “When Donald Trump took the US & UNSC presidencies instead of Deep Stater Hillary Clinton, the beast was wounded in one of its heads. And the wound was healed when Deep Stater Biden stole the next presidential election.”
  2. “One of the heads of the beast, Donald Trump, was wounded with corona (“crown”) virus, but was healed after 3 days in the hospital.” (A reader pointed out this possibility some time ago)

More to come later…

(19 March 2022) – “Operation Dagger” false-flag warning

I’m seeing indications of a false-flag setup involving the Russian Kinzhal (“Dagger”) air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM), which is typically fired from a specially modified MiG-31 (which looks like the MiG-25). It should be noted that Ukraine inherited 79 MiG-25s from the Soviet Union. And although they were withdrawn from service, it would not be difficult to refurbish and modify one of them to carry the Israeli Sparrow ALBM (which can mimic the Dagger)…

…Depending on the details of the false-flag, other jets can be modified to carry the Sparrow as well.

Here are two example scenarios in which the Sparrow can be used to start the NATO-Russian War (so Israel can launch its attack on Iran)…

  1. A high-explosive Sparrow could be fired from a Ukrainian MiG to destroy a NATO weapons convoy in NATO territory.
  2. A nuclear Sparrow could be fired from a NATO or Israeli-controlled MiG to destroy part of a city, perhaps even a Russian city.

Recently, an old (1990) TV movie titled By Dawn’s Early Light showed up on streaming. I found its sudden and prominent appearance a bit odd (as did a reader), so I watched it. Here is how it starts…

In 1991, dissident officials in the Soviet Union launch a nuclear missile at Donetsk from a site in NATO member Turkey. The Soviet automated defence systems, believing that a NATO attack is in progress, execute a measured launch of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) at the United States. – from Wikipedia

So in the movie, a false-flag attack by Russian dissidents triggers a Russian nuclear response that destroys several American cities.

The Western media narrative of Russian generals being killed in Ukraine and growing disillusionment with Putin within the Russian military is the perfect setup for a very similar scenario…

NATO or Israel false flags a Russian military strike on Putin’s location using a Sparrow that carries a nuclear warhead made from Russian uranium (purchased from Belarus). The globalists then false flag the same-day “Russian response” (Operation Blackjack) with suitcase nukes made from the same uranium. After the dust settles — and is forensically analyzed by nuclear specialists — it will be proclaimed that all the nukes were Russian, and NATO can play the innocent victim of Putin’s folly and wrath.

My guess is that they’d attack Sochi while Putin is there talking to a foreign leader. It is easily within range of an ALBM launched from Middle East airspace (near or over Turkey).

I’ll get back to my planned article on how Erdogan got Lukashenko to hand over the uranium (and how the West launched a Belarusian color revolution for the purpose of getting Lukashenko close to Putin) soon.

~ MORE – 20 March 2022 ~

What alerted me to the possibility of a false-flag featuring the Kinzhal was the ongoing public introduction to the missile by both the alternative and mainstream media. A little over a week ago, the “Christian Watchmen” prophecy propaganda corps featured a talking point connecting the “Dagger” missile to Revelation 6:4

Then another horse went forth. It was bright red, and its rider was granted permission to take away peace from the earth and to make men slay one another. And he was given a great sword.

They claimed that upon doing a study on the word used for “sword” in the verse, they found it was the word for a “short sword or dagger,” and they specifically brought up the Dagger missile in connection to it. They explained that what made the short Dagger missile “a great sword” was its ability to carry a high-yield nuclear warhead. So basically they were suggesting that the Kinzhal would be the specific weapon used to “take away peace from the earth” and “make men slay one another” (presumably by starting the NATO-Russia War).

Fast forwarding to this weekend, the mainstream media are now introducing the Dagger to the general public…

…from this weekend’s Drudge Report

And reports in both the alternative and mainstream media are stressing the talking point that the Kinzhal would be hard to detect if it were fired against NATO. This is a particularly notable point considering that a preparatory propaganda report about incompetent threat detection in NATO airspace circulated through the media less than a week ago…

…from Bloomberg

As I began writing this update this morning, another potential target for Operation Dagger came to mind: the NATO summit on Thursday…


By using a small, fast, hard-to-detect ALBM to strike NATO Headquarters during the summit, it can be narrated that the leaders had no warning and were therefore unable to make it to the nuclear bunker under the complex. But that’s exactly where they’ll be during this planned bit of theater, regardless of the special effects used in the video stream of the attack.

This brings us back to Ukraine. After the West overthrew the previous government there, they installed a Jewish government, and the current president (Zelensky) is a Jew (almost certainly of the Kabbalist variety). This means he is amenable to Israel’s aim of starting a war between the US and Russia so the IDF will be free go after Iran, and that’s the reason why Zelensky has been trying so hard to bring NATO into the Ukraine War by demanding they establish a no-fly zone over his country. It’s also the reason why “he allowed Israeli specialists and Sparrow missiles into his country to set up the false-flag.”

It should also be noted that if the false-flag planners opt for an alternate target, they could launch the attack as early as tomorrow, the 21st (21 = blackjack).

More to come on this…

~ MORE ~

It just occurred to me that the dagger was the weapon used to assassinate Julius Caesar, whose death resulted in a long series of civil wars that ended in the death of the Roman Republic and the birth of the Roman Empire.” Since the globalists are paralleling Roman history with their “End Times” script, the assassination of the NATO leaders with a dagger will spark the war that will end the Interim World Order (“the Republic”) and give rise to the New World Order (“the Empire”). And as I covered in 2021’s March updates, Vladimir Putin has been cast as Octavian, who at first seemed to respect the Republic’s traditions as he maneuvered to become Rome’s first emperor, Augustus. Here is a notable update from last year…

BEGIN 12 March 2021 EXCERPT>>>

One Triumvirate, one down (red), one to go (yellow)…

…from disinformation agent Robert David Steele / Amazon

Gaius Octavius Thurinus (Octavian), who would later become Emperor Augustus, was born to the niece of Julius Caesar on September 23, 63 BC. And at the age of 17, he traveled to Hispania to join Caesar’s staff. It is at this point that Caesar took Octavian under his wing, changing his will to make Octavian his heir. About two years later, Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March.

Upon Caesar’s death, Octavian returned to Italy and began to maneuver through Rome’s military and political landscape. And about a year and a half later, in October of 43 BC, he formed the Second Triumvirate with two other powerful Roman leaders, Marc Antony and Marcus Lepidus, restoring order to the Roman Republic.

The Second Triumvirate, which spanned 13 years, reached its definitive end when Octavian defeated Mark Antony on 1 August 30 BC (Lepidus had been defeated earlier). And it is at this point — when both of the other members of the Triumvirate had fallen — that the following happened…

After Actium and the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra, Octavian was in a position to rule the entire Republic under an unofficial principate — but he had to achieve this through incremental power gains. He did so by courting the Senate and the people while upholding the republican traditions of Rome, appearing that he was not aspiring to dictatorship or monarchy

Years of civil war had left Rome in a state of near lawlessness, but the Republic was not prepared to accept the control of Octavian as a despot. At the same time, Octavian could not simply give up his authority without risking further civil wars among the Roman generals and, even if he desired no position of authority whatsoever, his position demanded that he look to the well-being of the city of Rome and the Roman provinces. Octavian’s aims from this point forward were to return Rome to a state of stability, traditional legality, and civility by lifting the overt political pressure imposed on the courts of law and ensuring free elections – in name at least.

In 27 BC, Octavian made a show of returning full power to the Roman Senate and relinquishing his control of the Roman provinces and their armies. Under his consulship, however, the Senate had little power in initiating legislation by introducing bills for senatorial debate. Octavian was no longer in direct control of the provinces and their armies, but he retained the loyalty of active duty soldiers and veterans alike. The careers of many clients and adherents depended on his patronage, as his financial power was unrivaled in the Roman Republic…

According to H. H. Scullard, however, Octavian’s power was based on the exercise of “a predominant military power and … the ultimate sanction of his authority was force, however much the fact was disguised.” The Senate proposed to Octavian, the victor of Rome’s civil wars, that he once again assume command of the provinces. The Senate’s proposal was a ratification of Octavian’s extra-constitutional power. Through the Senate, Octavian was able to continue the appearance of a still-functional constitution. Feigning reluctance, he accepted a ten-year responsibility of overseeing provinces that were considered chaotic.

The provinces ceded to Augustus for that ten-year period comprised much of the conquered Roman world, including all of Hispania and Gaul, Syria, Cilicia, Cyprus, and Egypt. Moreover, command of these provinces provided Octavian with control over the majority of Rome’s legions. – from Wikipedia

So this is how Augustus exercised imperial control while appearing to respect the constitutional ways of the Roman Republic. Putin is scripted to use the same approach when he “helps” reform the UN into the multilateral/multipolar NWO. And the military force he commands to covertly enforce his will may be that of the (fake) ETs.

Interestingly, it was 2.5 years after the fall of the Second Triumvirate that Octavian became “Augustus”…

On 16 January 27 BC the Senate gave Octavian the new titles of Augustus and Princeps. Augustus is from the Latin word Augere (meaning to increase) and can be translated as “the illustrious one”. It was a title of religious authority rather than political authority.Wikipedia

In keeping with Bible prophecy timetables, it will take 3.5 years after the fall of the Putin-Trump-Xi Triumvirate (which will end when Xi falls; Trump already has) for Putin to become “Augustus,” and he’ll put on the imperial crown at the Third Temple in Jerusalem, likely in September of 2024 (if the globalists are able to pull the trigger on this thing by April 4).

For a more in-depth, but still clear and concise, history of the transition from Caesar to Augustus, click here.

<<<END 12 March 2021 EXCERPT

~ MORE – “Et tu, Shoi-gu?” ~

Yesterday I mentioned a scenario in which an ALBM is launched from Middle East airspace to target Putin in Russia. And back in the 8-9 March updates, I covered the possibility that Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu is scripted to be the betrayer of Putin. Well get a load of this…

…from The Times of Israel (Google cache)

The article makes no mention of the MiG-31s and the Kinzhals leaving Syria after the exercise, so they are still there as far as the public knows. And that means that either a Kinzhal false-flag by Israel or an actual Kinzhal attack “by Shoigu’s men” is scriptable.

~ MORE ~

I don’t know if the March 24 plot is dead yet, but I’ve already identified a fallback target: the US-ASEAN summit in Washington DC, which the White House set for March 28 (in the Julian calendar, that day is March 15, the Ides of March). There has been a dispute over the scheduling this past week, though, so the globalists may be moving it to another symbolic day beyond the 28th. I’ll keep an eye on it.


I, Goyrabbi Ken of Fort Worth, hereby declare that the 16th day of Adar shall hereafter be known as…


…to commemorate the (momentary) deliverance of Eastern and Western “Christian Civilization” from a Kabbalist plot to foment total war between them during Purim of 2022 AD.

On this day, Our People shall eat pork rinds to symbolize the devouring of the flesh of our vanquished temporarily inconvenienced foes. And we shall drink sangria to symbolize the devouring of their tainted souls through the imbibing of their blood. We are thereafter cleansed of their impurities through ritual urination on the Zohar, a process known as reddens maculam in libro diaboli (“returning the stain to the devil book”).

May Purim Goyim forever be a psychotic day of insane celebration for regular jagoffs. Let the party commence…

(16 March 2022) – Will Qasem Soleimani resurface by the end of Passover?

On a hunch, I decided to see if Kabbalist prophecy propagandist Joel Richardson has made any relatively recent videos about the upcoming war between ITA (Israel/Turkey/Azerbaijan) and Iran. He has. And upon overlaying his prophecy propaganda with Greek Elder Paisios’s prophecy propaganda, I have arrived at even greater clarity on what the globalists have planned. I’ll write about it soon.

Until then, remember what I wrote in the 27 February update: the globalists can, by the end of Passover next month, go with either a “Victory of the Avatars (Putin, Xi, and Trump win)” scripting or a “Victory of the Nazionist Antichrist” scripting…

  • If they go with the “Victory of the Avatars,” Qasem Soleimani will “emerge from occultation” to assist Putin in saving Jerusalem after “Dajjal” Erdogan betrays Israel. And just like Putin will pose as the Judeo-Christian Messiah, Soleimani will pose as the Muslim Messiah (the Mahdi). It is only in the Second Act of the “End Times” stageplay that it will be revealed they’re actually “antichrists.”
  • If they opt for the “Victory of the Nazionist Antichrist,” Putin and Soleimani won’t do their savior act until 2025.

Should Putin suffer a political fall or a seeming death before Passover, you needn’t cry. Just look to the sky for his return. But don’t be surprised too if Zelensky and Putin arrive at a ceasefire deal soon to cover a globalist retreat. They’re ridiculously busted.

(15 March 2022) – At 7:45 PM EDT, 13 Adar II will begin in Washington, DC, so it will be both the Ides of March and Erev Purim until midnight. This is another hazardous period of time. More to come after sunset…

~ MORE ~

What’s significant about Erev Purim (13 Adar) is that it’s the day the Jews rose up to attack their mortal enemies in ancient Persia (modern Iran)…

War Against Persian Jew-haters (356 BCE)

On the 13th of Adar of the year 3405 from creation (356 BCE), battles were fought throughout the Persian Empire between the Jews and those seeking to kill them in accordance with the decree issued by King Achashveirosh 11 months earlier. – from

In the present day, the people who supposedly threaten Israel with death are the Iranians (with their nuclear program), Biden (who is restraining Israel from destroying the Iranian nuclear program), and Putin (who is allied with Iran and is shielding them from attack). So this means Biden and Putin are subject to Israeli false-flags and Iran is subject to direct attack. And Erev Purim is a prophetically appropriate day for Israel to rise up and make it all happen.

Should the globalists be unable to move during the three days of Purim this week, though, they’ve already set up a fallback. You may have seen these reports in the news today…

Vladimir Putin could only have ten days to win the war in Ukraine before his forces buckle, defence experts have claimed [March 15 + 10 days = March 25]

The President will travel to Brussels, Belgium, to participate in a NATO summit on March 24

So around the same time Putin’s forces are expected to buckle, Russia will be presented with the juicy target of a NATO summit. It’s a false-flag planner’s dream scenario.

And can you guess what day March 24 is on the Hebrew calendar? It’s Purim Narbonne, the day an intervention prevented the deaths of the Jews in Narbonne, France.

Kabbalists are nothing if not predictable.

A false-flag decapitation strike on the US government is was definitely planned by March 15 (see the 11 March update)

(14-15 March 2022): Here it comes: the moment of truth…


So Biden is scheduled to sign the omnibus at 2:15 PM EDT on March 15. This means they’re likely aiming to blow the bomb(s) at 2:10 PM (blackjack). This would prevent the signing and (supposedly) kill the President, Vice President, and any members of Congress in attendance (like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and President pro tempore of the Senate Patrick Leahy).

If you look at the top five persons in the presidential line of succession, you’ll see that we’d be left with our first Jewish president, Antony Blinken — a president who would let Israel have its way with Iran (unless he is playing the role of the dark horse Jewish messiah)…

…from Wikipedia

~ MORE – 15 March 2022 ~

Here are two excerpts of note from a Bloomberg Government article this morning…


  • The Senate returns at 10 a.m., with a vote planned on Shalanda Young’s nomination to lead the White House budget office.
  • The House returns at noon, with votes planned on 10 bills under expedited floor procedure.

The Capitol will begin reopening to small groups of tourists, students, and business visitors by March 28, and could be fully open to the public by Labor Day, according to people familiar with the planning. The opening would mark a return to normalcy after the Capitol closed to the public in March 2020 because of concerns about the spread of Covid-19.

So both the House and Senate will supposedly be in session at the time of the bill signing, which means the Congress will be assassinated if the Capitol Building is demolished along with the White House. As the article notes, only authorized personnel are allowed inside the Capitol, so no one really knows if the members of Congress will actually be in the building or in a replica movie set in some bunker somewhere. The same goes for the White House East Room where the bill is supposed to be signed.

To destroy both the Capitol and White House will require two suitcase nukes or one high-yield nuke of 200+ kilotons.


  • The president is scheduled to sign the fiscal 2022 omnibus spending package at a 2:15 p.m. White House ceremony.
  • Biden will then deliver remarks at 5:30 p.m. to commemorate Women’s History Month at the White House.

So they will stage a signing ceremony for the omnibus, which means the congressional leadership will likely be in the East Room (or its replica) when the strike occurs. It also means the signing will be live-streamed so the public can watch the show. And should they go forward with what they’ve planned, Women’s History Month could potentially be commemorated in another way: through the elevation of the first female (and Jewish) president, Janet Yellen. This would occur if Secretary of State Blinken is counted among the victims. As of yesterday, Blinken was in Washington, and he may attend the omnibus signing ceremony because it contains aid for Ukraine.

The exposure their plan has suffered is more than sufficient to deter the planned attack, if the globalists can be deterred this time. But if they’re absolutely determined to utilize the prophecy time window I outlined in the 14-22 January updates (which are further down this page; click here to open a parallel window to the right spot), they may proceed regardless of exposure. And if they don’t go today, remember that we’ll remain in the danger zone until sunset of the 18th (the end of Shushan Purim).

~ MORE ~

WaPo reported this morning that the patsies will be in place today…

The “People’s Convoy” is planning to drive through D.C. along Interstate 395 on Tuesday, organizers said, entering the nation’s capital for a second day in a row as it protests the government’s response to the pandemic.

On Monday afternoon, hundreds of trucks, cars and SUVs that were part of the convoy converged with thousands of other motorists on the highway and encountered severe backups. Police blocked exits into downtown Washington, and highway traffic that already was heavy only worsened with the convoy’s arrival. Organizers said they plan to do the same I-395 route on Tuesday…

“We’re going to continue to do that route every single morning at this point because obviously is scares the crap out of the them,” convoy organizer Brian Brase told the truckers’ Tuesday morning meeting…

A broader range of grievances has also brought people to the cause, evident in signs, flags and chants from drivers and supporters in Hagerstown. Some have expressed far-right beliefs and misinformation that equate mandates to slavery; falsely claim “Trump won,” referring to the 2020 presidential election; and repeat QAnon conspiracies.

Obviously, that last paragraph spells out the groups the government will go after in the aftermath of the false-flag (“far-righters,” Trumpers, and “conspiracy theorists”).

~ MORE ~

There are three places I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near this afternoon: 1) the National Mall in Washington, DC, 2) the UN Building in New York City, and 3) the Financial District in New York City. In fact, I wouldn’t want to be near landmarks in any major “sin city” this afternoon; today is a nice day for a country drive.

NOTE (14 March 2022): Ha! It looks like the Marriott hit really was in play today; they rolled “The People’s Convoy” into Washington, DC during the time of Biden’s speech!…

…from The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…

The D.C. detour represented an escalation in the group’s tactics after an application by convoy leaders for a nearly two-week permitted protest on the National Mall was partially denied…

Monday’s convoy journey drew comparisons by some drivers to the Battle of Jericho — the biblical conflict in which the city’s walls fell to the sound of trumpets after being circled by an Israelite army for seven days.

“Seventh day and we’re blowing our horns,” one driver said over a CB radio heard during a live stream. “What do you think is going to happen?”

In the aftermath of the attack, Homeland Security would have said, “While the main body of the convoy distracted our attention to the south of the city, the bomb-laden truck entered from another direction and got close enough to the hotel to take it down.”

I’m guessing the Convoy will be rolling in again tomorrow for the Ides of March fireworks show.

(14 March 2022) – There has been a proliferation of reports in the mainstream media saying that Biden has already signed the omnibus spending bill, with some claiming it happened on Friday and others claiming it happened on Saturday. But the White House website continues to show that only the stopgap bill was signed. So is this reporters being lazy and not fact-checking, a deliberate disinformation effort, or did simply forget to mention the signing of a $1.5 trillion bill? I’d wager on one of the first two choices.

~ later ~

I decided to double-check the status of the omnibus (which is H.R. 2471) on the congressional website, and it confirms that the bill hasn’t even been sent to Biden yet…

~ MORE ~

On another note, a reader commented about the photo of Biden in The Hill article I covered in the 11 March update. Deliberately included in the shot is a sculpture of Robert F. Kennedy that was done in an art style that makes it looks like it was charred and disfigured in a fire…

Are they sending a signal that Biden, like his fellow Catholic RFK, will be assassinated? Are they signalling that he’ll be burnt by fire? And/or are they signalling that he’ll be hit at a hotel?

BTW, Biden will be speaking at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in Washington today at 2:10 PM (21 = blackjack).

~ MORE ~

Biden is scheduled to appear at 7:45 PM tonight at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser. This is what The Washington Post says about it

President Biden will attend a small, high-dollar fundraiser Monday night to support the Democratic Party, marking the president’s first in-person fundraiser since taking office, according to two people with knowledge of the plans.

The event, which has already raised more than $3 million for the Democratic National Committee, comes as the president ramps up fundraising efforts ahead of the midterms and amid frustration among Democratic donors with Biden’s limited number of fundraising events.

The event, which will take place in Washington but not at the White House, is expected to draw Democrats focused on climate and environmental issues, the people said. They spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe an event that has not been announced.

The White House and the Democratic National Committee declined to comment.

Upon checking into why they’re keeping the event and its location so hush-hush, I ran across this scriptable explanation…

…from The Epoch Times

So if Biden gets blown up at the fundraiser tonight, there is already a backstory in place that will point to disgruntled Trumpers. And pipe bombs are a particularly lethal threat in the case of the Democratic National Committee, as Democrats are strongly predisposed to putting pipes in their mouths and lighting them — though I suspect that any bomb used tonight would be something a bit stronger.

It should also be noted that the fundraiser takes place after sunset in Washington, which means the Jewish Day that corresponds to March 15 (12 Adar II) will have already begun. So from a Jewish perspective, it could be argued that the fundraiser hit occurred on the Ides of March.

Speaking of 12 Adar II, there is this interesting bit of Jewish history…

Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires Bombed (1992)

On the afternoon of 12 Adar II 5752 (March 17, 1992), a pickup truck loaded with explosives smashed into the front of the Israeli Embassy and detonated. The embassy, a church, and a school were destroyed. The blast killed 29 and wounded 242. – from

NOTE (13 March 2022): Biden is scheduled to return to Washington, DC at 4 PM today (Sunday, 3/13). And according to the congressional calendar, the Senate will be in session on Monday and both the House and Senate will be in session on Tuesday (March 15, the Ides of March). If the White House schedules Biden to go to the Capitol for the omnibus spending bill’s signing ceremony on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, that would be a good time to be outside the Beltway (remember that Julius Caesar was assassinated at the meeting place of the Roman Senate). Alternatively, a signing ceremony at the White House with congressional leaders in attendance would also be a good time to be out of town.

WARNING (13 March 2022): Last night’s Iranian missile attack on an Israeli “strategic center of conspiracy” in Erbil, Iraq suggests that the ITA alliance (Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan) war against Iran is in play for next week. A decapitation strike in the US between now and the 15th would free ITA to launch their attack during the three days of Purim (a holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Jews from a Persian annihilation plot), most likely on Erev Purim (sunset of the 15th through sunset of the 16th). The fake Jewish Messiah would then show up to stop the war during Passover next month.

~ MORE ~

Israel claims their problem with Iran has to do with Iran’s nuclear weapons program and their supposed intention to use nukes to annihilate Israel. But Iran’s nuclear threat is no more substantive than was Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons threat before the Second Gulf War. Just like the US used the excuse of Iraq’s WMD to invade to achieve their ends, Israel will do the same using the excuse of Iran’s plot to murder all the Jews in Israel with nukes.” And what are the Zionists’ scripted ends? Territorial expansion under the “Greater Israel Project.” Turkey and Azerbaijan are looking to expand their territories as well.

According to the geopolitical narrative presented to the public, there are three obstacles that stand between Israel and its goal of expanding into “all the lands God promised to Moses”:

  1. The Biden-Harris administration,
  2. Russia (who helped shield Syria from Israel’s proxy armies with their airpower), and
  3. Iran (who also helped shield Syria through Hezbollah and the IRGC).

In order to remove these three obstacles, Israel and Turkey are scripted to decapitate the US using a nuke (or nukes) made from Russian-manufactured uranium obtained from Belarus. After the blast, forensic analysis of the radiation will point the finger of blame at Russia, and both the US and Russia will then be squarely focused on making war against each other. All other considerations will fall by the wayside. This will give ITA freedom to attack Iran and expand their territories.

Here is the warplan (which I’ve pieced together over the last few years of covering this)…

  • Massive airstrikes will be launched from Israel, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and (possibly) Saudi Arabia. Among the first targets will be Iran’s nuclear sites (to maintain the pretense that the war is all about Iran’s nuclear program).
  • Turkey and Azerbaijan will launch a ground invasion of northwest Iran (the area from which Iran’s missiles were launched last night). That region of Iran is filled with ethnic Azeris, so that is the territory Azerbaijan will gain.
  • Turkey will also launch ground invasions of the Kurdish areas in northern Iraq and Syria, and they’ll advance down the Syrian coast towards Damascus. They’ll also commandeer civilian ferries to land forces in the northern Lebanon port of Tripoli. These forces will link up with local militias and advance along two axes: 1) east to cut off Syria’s M5 motorway below Homs (this will bisect Syria and sever the lines of communication between Damascus and the north), and 2) south (to place military pressure on the Lebanese Army).
  • Israel will launch ground invasions of southern Lebanon and Syria and drive north until they meet the Turks driving south at a predetermined line of control.
  • There is a good chance that the script will have Erdogan (the “Muslim Antichrist”) betray the Israelis at this point. Instead of holding at the line of control in accordance with ITA’s secret agreement, the Turkish forces will attack the Israelis and push them back into northern Israel (the Megiddo valley). This will necessitate the scripted appearance of the fake Jewish Messiah.

~ MORE ~

In order to reinforce the propaganda talking point that Putin and Xi are “traitors to the (Western-version) New World Order,” notorious “Deep Stater” George Soros came out two days ago to call for their removal from power…

…from Project Syndicate

Back in the 8-9 March update, I identified the man who may be scripted to attempt the takedown of Putin, Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu. And this morning, I may have stumbled across the Chinaman who will betray Xi…

…from the White House website

On a hunch, I decided to check what had been written about Yang Jiechi on Steve Bannon and Miles Guo’s GNews disinformation mill, and I found this

Yang Jiechi’s wife, Ai-Mei Le, has been living in Washington, D.C., since 2001, at 2301 S ST NW, Washington DC, with an appraised value of $8,128,520. According to the investigation, the owner of the property is the Chinese Communist government…

Yang Jiale, the daughter of Yang Jiechi, has been living in 60 Riverside Blvd, Apt 1912, New York since September 2010. According to the New York government’s website, the owner of the apartment is Yan Jingbo. The purchase price was $1,777,862. Yan Jingbo is the husband of Yang Jiale…

Yang Jiechi’s wife and daughter are living comfortably in the United States

Yang Jiechi has been present at every major crisis in U.S.-China relations. Yang Jiechi and his family, who have repeatedly succeeded in renewing the life of the CCP, have perfectly illustrated the “sincerity” of senior Communist officials who voted with their feet.

Another GNews article says this about him…

Yang is now a loser of the political infighting in the CCP’s system who will be discarded at any moment.

So Yang Jiechi…

Will the meeting in Rome be where Yang gets his final instructions and finalizes his compensation package? Or will he be leaving Rome under the protection of the US because the move against Xi will be made tomorrow?

NOTE (12 March 2022): Given the Kabbalists’ infantile adherence to astrology and numerology in scripting their dramas, it should be noted that there was a conjunction of the planets Venus and Mars on Saturday (Saturn’s Day) morning at 13:13 UTC. To the globalist scriptwriters, Venus represents the Morning Star (Lucifer) and Mars represents the Roman god of war, so this conjunction would have heralded the start of “the Antichrist’s world war” today had the globalists gone through with the decapitation hit in Philly yesterday. Of course, the conjunction is still useful as a portent of war if they try again by March 15.

As Wikipedia notes, Venus is also associated with “the approaching Son of God and his light-filled appearance in the night of the world,” and the “night of the world” that will follow the decapitation strike will be very dark indeed — at least until the “light-filled appearance” of the Jewish Messiah they’re scheduling for Purim next week (or Passover next month).

NOTE (12 March 2022): CBS News has issued a fraudulent report that Biden signed the omnibus on Friday. Disregard it, as the White House website is clear about what was signed [1,2].

(11 March 2022) – GMAFB! Get a load of this BS…

…from The Hill


As a comparison, consider the 2232-page, $1.3 trillion 2018 omnibus spending bill: the Senate passed it early Friday, March 23 and got it to Trump’s desk for his signature on the very same day. So why are they delaying the signing of this year’s omnibus for up to 4 days? At first they said they needed the Ides of March Stopgap “to buy time for the Senate to clear the huge package,” but they rushed it through yesterday. Now the four days are apparently needed to allow time to attach the bill to a trained snail that will slither it from the Senate to the White House.

The real reason they’re delaying the signature on the omnibus is to keep the scripted motivation in place for the planned false-flag: “The Russians killed Biden before he could sign the bill in order to stop all the funding for the Pentagon and Ukraine and shut down the US government.” And when the presidential successor takes office, he or she will not sign the bill “because it is no longer relevant given the new spending priorities under the dire national emergency we have now entered.” All power will then be in the hands of the replacement president, and America will officially be off the rails.

We dodged a bullet today, but more are coming.

ALERT (11 March 2022): Here we go again…

I can find no indications that Biden signed the omnibus spending bill this morning, but he did take time to sign an executive order that hits Russia with more economic sanctions. Now he’s jetted off to Philadelphia to speak at the House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference, and the government is technically out of money (come midnight). If the decapitation hit happens in Philly, the government will shut down and both he and the House Democrats will be dead (supposedly). He arrives at the Conference at noon Eastern time (15 minutes from this writing).

P.S. – A “Nazionist” hit in Philly would kill off the “commies” in the city where the Declaration of Independence was made in 1776.

P.P.S – Yesterday a reader informed me of the following post on Jim Stone’s website, which is why Biden’s trip to Philly after antagonizing Russia and NOT signing the government funding bill this morning strikes me as a setup…

March 10 updates


I saw this last night and considered it to be a low credibility rumor. But I ought to post this anyway. Supposedly last night Putin said to his military commanders “Friday evening will be beautiful for the whole world, we have stared down a road of no return. There will be no working things out with NATO.”

There’s no way to know what they mean for sure or if this was even said, but my guess is that they have assessed that NATO is such a hive of unabashed liars that nothing said has any merit, no agreement has any meaning. People are speculating everything from a nuclear attack to a grid attack to an internet attack, And I myself am speculating whether anything was actually said by Russia at all. Supposedly this communication was intercepted by the usual demons – The Israeli Mossad, who “warned us about 911” and then DID IT.

Russia may have nothing planned at all. Be careful what you believe if tshtf.

NOTE (10 March 2022): Well, well, well, it looks like there’s been an adjustment: the Senate passed the omnibus spending bill today, and now it’s headed to Biden’s desk. One wonders what motivated them to rush it through so quickly.

WARNING: We have entered the March 10-18 danger period

(10 March 2022) – Now that we’ve entered the pre-Purim danger period, it should be noted that they’ve shipped Kamala Harris off to Poland and Romania (two nations that border Ukraine) on a trip that will last through tomorrow, March 11. This opens up two scripting possibilities…

  1. They could stage an assassination of Harris that would be carried out by Erdogan’s Grey Wolves and blamed on Russia. This would give the US cause to militarily intervene in the Ukraine War and touch off a full-on conflict between the “Christian East and West.”
  2. They could take out Washington, DC using a nuke built with Soviet uranium from Belarus. This would elevate “commie” Harris to the presidency and kill off the Congress before they pass the omnibus spending bill to keep the government funded and provide more money for fighting Russia, thus providing the scripted motivation for the “Russian” attack.

To provide a fallback option if they’re unable to start the Big Event over the Friday-Sunday weekend, Congress is slated to pass a four-day stopgap spending bill that will keep the government funded through March 15 (so the Senate can delay the omnibus until the Ides of March). Needless to say, March 15 is a very perilous day this year [as are the 11th and the 13th (the day of the Neptune-Sun conjunction)].

Later, I’ll explain why I think Belarusian uranium is in play and we’ll look at the “Putin, Xi, and Trump Win” scenario again.

~ MORE ~

In what may be a foreshadowing of things to come, one of the trucks from “The People’s Convoy” drove within 700 feet of the Capitol Building today…

…from ABC7 Chicago

Had the truck been carrying a 1 kiloton “Russian” suitcase nuke [1,2] instead of Ted Cruz, here’s how it would have looked (click on the image to enlarge)…

…from Nuke Map

I centered the blast on the road next to the Peace Monument, which is where the truck dropped off Cruz. And in a remarkable coincidence, my partner Onnabugeisha reminded me this morning that the name Vladimir means “ruler (Vladi) of peace (mir)” (it can also mean “ruler of the world”).

(8-9 March 2022) – Back in my 2 November 2021 update, I wrote this about Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu

Shoigu has a role to play in the “End Times” Show as well, but I’m not yet sure if it’s as Putin’s betrayer, Putin’s tag-team partner, or the dark horse Final Antichrist hiding in Putin’s shadow.

As it turns out, he may be scripted as Putin’s betrayer…

…from The Wall Street Journal

Later, we’ll look into the possibility that Shoigu deliberately botched the Ukraine invasion plan to assist the West in taking down Putin. Until then, have a look at what I wrote in the 29 December 2020 update about Putin’s preparations to resign the presidency (which may be scripted to come into play at the moment nuclear war seems imminent)…

Based on my recent suspicions that both Putin and Trump might bow out at the end of this month, I looked into Putin’s current situation and found some notable preparatory propaganda…

…from the Daily Beast. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Vladimir Putin has surrounded himself with such a thick fog of secrecy that it’s now unclear where he is living, how many children or lovers he has, if his health is failing, or whether he’s planning to stay in power.

The old KGB man’s love of secrecy has long boosted rumors and conspiracy theories that would race quietly around Moscow. But 2020 was the year the rumors span out of control. Encouraged by the omnipotence of the online rumor mill, the Russian media is now daring to commit them to publication.

Tabloids this year dabbled in stories that the Russian president was sick and poised to quit the Kremlin. After Putin, who is 68, coughed at a meeting with the government on Nov. 19, the gossip went into overdrive…

Professor Valery Solovey, who has become one of Moscow’s most notorious sensationalists, this year fanned the speculation on YouTube by claiming that Putin was planning to quit any time now as a result of some “force majeure”

The power move failed to quell the speculation among Moscow’s elite, where names of potential successors buzz around incessantly.

On radio Echo of Moscow, known as Moscow’s ear, the editor-in-chief Aleksey Venediktov reports that the top two contenders are ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, who is now deputy chair of the Security Council, and Sergei Naryshkin, the director of Foreign Intelligence…

Speculation over Putin’s intentions was further inflamed in November when the duma — Russia’s Kremlin-friendly parliament — passed the first reading of a bill that would grant Russian presidents and their families immunity from prosecution after they leave office.<<<

On the matter of the presidential immunity bill, it is important to note that it was introduced in the Russian parliament on November 5, the day after the election steal occurred in the US (the US election was on November 3, and Trump’s victory was stolen in the early morning of the 4th). So a day after seeing that Trump was on his way out, Putin started preparing his own exit. And get this: he signed the bill into law on December 22

>>>President Vladimir Putin has signed a law granting former Russian presidents expanded immunity from prosecution and allowing them to become senators for life in the upper house of Parliament once they leave the Kremlin…

Former presidents were already entitled to immunity from prosecution for crimes committed while in office, but the new law grants them lifelong immunity and says they cannot be arrested, searched, questioned or prosecuted.

The new legislation also makes it harder to revoke a former president’s immunity…

The other laws signed by Putin allow presidents to name up to 30 senators to the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house, and to join the Council themselves once they have left office. – from Al Jazeera<<<

With Trump’s fall to the “Deep State bad guys” in the election, he will soon be no longer able to restrain the US war machine from bearing down on Russia. So Russia will soon be facing a belligerent US on the global stage and an on-the-march Turkey on the regional stage, not to mention an internal “communist uprising” staged by the supposed “Neo-Communists” (see the 4 October 2020 update for more on that).

Faced with an inevitable war that will be very damaging for both Russia and the wider world, Putin can save Russia from destruction by resigning his presidency and handing-over power to a “Deep State”-approved “Atlantic Integrationist” leader like Dmitry Medvedev. Once the “Deep State” control Russia again, there will be no need for them to destroy it. And by securing his broad immunity, his 31-member voting bloc in the Federation Council, and his earlier constitutional changes which “limit the power of his successor,” Putin leaves himself with a survivable hand in the Russian power game — a position from which he can regain power later.

~ MORE ~

If the globalists are about to act out Putin’s (temporary) fall, I can see at least five scripting options they could use…

  1. he is assassinated (to later be resurrected),
  2. he is incapacitated (to later heal from the wound or illness),
  3. he disappears (to return this year, in 2025, or in 2029),
  4. he resigns to save the world from nuclear war, or
  5. he is deposed by Shoigu to save the world from nuclear war [with Shoigu possibly playing the role of the counterfeit Jewish messiah; he was born to a Ukrainian Jewish mother, and he was such a hooligan in his youth that his nickname was “Shaitan” (Satan)]…

~ MORE – 9 March 2022 ~

The mainstream media have continued to narrate a failing Russian invasion, a growing sentiment of opposition among Russian government officials and the oligarchs, and a “paranoid” Putin…

…from The U.S. Sun. Here is an excerpt…

Vitaly Gerasimov is the second Russian commander to be assassinated in the past week after Major General Andrei Sukhovetsky was killed by a Ukrainian sniper during the fighting for Hostomel Airfield about 30 miles outside the capital Kyiv.

It comes as aides close to President Putin have reportedly described his “absurd” levels of “paranoia” as the war appears to turn against him.

Kremlin officials have allegedly made “apocalyptic” predictions about the conflict in Ukraine, describing the invasion on February 24 as a “mistake”.

The mood around Moscow will have been further worsened by news of the death of Major General Vitaly Gerasimov, one of Putin’s top commanders…

Ukraine’s Defence Ministry also broadcast what it claimed was an intercepted conversation between two Russian FSB officers discussing the death and complaining that their secure communications were no longer working.

“In the call, you hear the Ukraine-based FSB officer ask his boss if he can talk via the secure Era system,” executive director of the investigative journalism agency Bellingcat, Christo Grozev said.

“The boss says Era is not working. Era is a super expensive cryptophone system that [Russia’s defence ministry] introduced in 2021 with great fanfare.

“It [is] guaranteed [to] work ‘in all conditions’.”

This loss of top-ranking Russian officers comes as Putin’s invasion force faces logistical problems, fierce resistance, and poor morale.

Journalist Farida Rustamova claims the Russian officials and MPs she spoke to are increasingly worried about Putin’s handling of the war.

Rustamova, who recently fled the country, previously worked for the BBC Russian Service, which has since been blocked in Russia.

One Kremlin official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described the invasion as a “clusterf***”.

Someone else, who Rustamova described as “a good acquaintance of Putin’s,” said the Russian leader’s mood had gotten worse.

“Here he is in a state of being offended and insulted,” they said. “It’s paranoia that has reached the point of absurdity.”

So why would Putin supposedly be paranoid? Could it be that his great friend and confidant Shoigu promised him a quick and easy victory to lure him into the mistake of launching the invasion? Could it be that Shoigu deliberately botched the invasion plan and is sabotaging attempts to save the situation? Could it be that Shoigu, the GRU, and the boss of the FSB (“Medvedev’s man” Bortnikov) are sabotaging Russia’s secure comms and assassinating their top battlefield commanders?

Here is a preparatory propaganda article on Shoigu that establishes the background for scripting his Judas act against Putin…

…from MEAWW. Here is an excerpt…

Two Russian military officers have become central figures in the war launched by Vladimir Putin against Ukraine.

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu and armed forces Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov are extremely close to the Russian president. In fact, they were his military cortege during his February 28 televised announcement about having put Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces on alert. Shoigu and Gerasimov, in Putin’s eyes, are the architects of Russia’s successful campaign to annex Crimea in 2014, its military strategy in Syria, as well as backing pro-Russian saboteurs in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

Both Shoigu and Gerasimov — who were appointed to their respective posts within weeks of each other in 2012 — are described as being among the most loyal of Putin’s followers, France24’s Sebastian Seibt reported.

Sergei Shoigu

Seibt called 66-year-old Shoigu the eternal heir apparent, considering he had as much influence under Boris Yeltsin at the end of the 1990s as under Putin. He began his political career at the end of the Soviet era, being appointed as defense minister in 2012 despite having no prior military or secret services experience. Russian daily Moscow Times cited his greatest quality as being “a servant to the tsar and a father to soldiers,” paraphrasing Mikhail Lermontov’s famous poem “Borodino” which lauds the Russian army’s achievements.

Sergei Konvis, a politician from the Tuva region Shoigu hails from, described him as a “perfect chameleon” who was able to transform himself to suit the pleasure of his leaders. He became the minister of emergency situations under Yeltsin — drafting an outfit with more than 350,000 men and a specialized police force to combat any attack on Russian soil. It is worth noting that Shoigu was a very active minister who never failed to visit the scene of a tragedy, something that earned him great popularity within the state.

Many presumed Shoigu would be Yeltsin’s successor, but it was Putin who took the throne in 2002. This, however, did not deter Shoigu and he immediately placed himself at the service of the new Russian strongman. He went on to lead the Putin-backed United Russia party in order to cement the president’s hold on the regime. What’s more? Shoigu has invited Putin several times to his house in Tuva, hosting high-profile fishing parties for the president. According to The Guardian, Shoigu is also credited with the vast modernization of the Russian army, and he supervised the dreaded Russian military intelligence service or GRU as the defense minister.

The background section on Shoigu notes that he had a strong position of power under the corrupt (and purchasable by the West) Yeltsin administration: “One reason why Yeltsin was the West’s darling was that his policies suited the Western agenda for Russia. By contrast, Russia’s resurgence under Putin is seen as threatening the U.S. unipolar model.” This lends itself to the scripting of secret ties between Shoigu and the West (or ties to the “Atlantic Integrationist oligarchs”).

So according to the potential “Shoigu as Judas” scripting, Shoigu the Chameleon played the long con against Putin by faithfully and successfully doing his bidding and getting close to him personally — then, at the critical moment, he shoved his hidden dagger into Putin’s back. And the Ides of March — the day Erev Purim begins in the evening — rapidly approaches.

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Speaking of a dagger shoved in Putin’s back…

…from the Daily Star. Here is an excerpt…

Sergei Pugachev helped broker the deal between Putin and former Russian leader Boris Yeltsin that helped the former KGB officer become president in the 1990s.

But Pugachev and Putin fell out in 2011 and the oligarch, now living in the US, claims Putin’s right-hand man Dmitry Medvedev is putting together a plot to oust the 69-year-old “president for life”.

Another exiled Russian billionaire, Alex Konanykhin, is offering a $1million bounty for any Russian officer who can put an end to Putin’s reign. As he put a price on Putin’s head saying it is his “moral duty” to help the “denazification of Russia”.

Senior US senator Lindsey Graham has openly called for “somebody in Russia” to assassinate Putin.”How does this end? Somebody in Russia has to step up to the plate… and take this guy out,” Graham said on Fox News.

Here’s another one…

…from The U.S. Sun. Here is an excerpt…

Last night historian Professor Anthony Glees, an expert on security and intelligence, said Western spooks should now ruthlessly target Putin’s circle.

He told The Sun: “To do what Putin is doing you have to be demented, and I think he is. And if we’re thinking it, there will be people in the Army, the FSB, SVR and GRU who will be thinking the same thing.

“We know from history that the only way you can get rid of an authoritarian dictator is through military defeat in war or by encouraging the Armed Forces to revolt.

We should begin to think about what we could offer the Russian generals and we could start by offering them the oligarchs’ luxury yachts. There’s no limits to what we could use to induce them.

According to the Act 1 storyline of the “End Times” stageplay, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping are “betrayers of the (Western) New World Order,” which is why the “Satanic Global Deep State” will attempt to take them down during the NWO Transition Event. So it’s no surprise to see Steve Bannon and Miles Guo’s GNews outlet using the same “Assassinate Your President and Get Paid Big $$$” scripting template

…Know that the “seven people from Zhongnanhai are the 7-member Standing Committee of the CCP Politburo; Xi Jinping is one of those seven. Here is an excerpt from the article…

Once Xi Jinping starts the war against Taiwan, the world will take advantage of the situation and let the Chinese people bear the consequences of the huge bubble problem caused by overly-issued currencies. The coalition of 8 or 16 countries will then “counterattack” the Communist Party of China to the best of their ability. Eventually, the world will jointly destroy the Communist Party, but the Chinese people will pay a heavy price. They may become the most unpopular ethnic group in the world for the next 30 or even 50 years.

The best way to avoid the warfare from breaking out in Taiwan is by eliminating the seven highest ranking people in Zhongnanhai, or to tell the CCP, whoever can eliminate these seven people to save the national crisis will be rewarded with trillions of dollars. In fact, anyone who stops evil doers will be rewarded. The whole family would then be eligible to immigrate to the United States and obtain life-long protection in the country and will even be granted freehold land.

In this way, the CCP does not have to attack Taiwan. Taiwan and the mainland do not need to make unnecessary sacrifices, and the United States will not be involved in a war that will cause death, and the collapse of the world economy can be mitigated…

Such action has been reported to be in progress. However, the best way to avoid war is to prepare for it: si vis pacem, para bellum.

Despite these scripted calls for the assassinations of Putin and Xi, other propaganda suggests that at least in the case of Putin there will be a forcible removal from office on the grounds of “mental incapacitation caused by physical illness that led us to the brink of all-out nuclear war”

…from the Daily Mail (top, bottom)

The man who supposedly “stops a full-on nuclear war by taking down Putin” would be the savior of the world, wouldn’t he? And if that same man was the one who supposedly “stopped the Israeli Deep State from invading Syria and causing the whole Muslim world to unite and destroy Israel,” he would be the savior of the Jews, wouldn’t he?…

This is why I say Shoigu may be the dark horse candidate to play the role of the false Jewish Messiah. Pence, Trump, and Kushner are the other strong candidates, and Putin has been cast to play the “real” Jewish Messiah later on in the play.

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Here is a bit of globalist occult weirdness pointed out by my beloved partner Onnabugeisha…

Thursday was named after the god Thor, whose Roman equivalent is Jupiter. And as I’ve shown you in recent updates, Jupiter looms large in globalist prophecy propaganda about Satan and the Antichrist.

If you look at the astrological symbol for Jupiter, you’ll see that it looks like a 2 and a 4 blended together (24)…

And Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine on Thursday the 24th [of February, which carries more notable occult meaning I’ll cover later (Regifugium = fall of American Rome, the rise of the Roman Republic = rise of NWO, and the later rise of Augustus’s Roman Empire = Putin’s rule of the NWO)].

Anyway, Onnabugeisha has found occult indicators relating to February 24th and Thursday, March 10 that point to the potential scripting of a Jewish slaughter and the death of Ukraine’s Zelensky at the hands of the Russians. So I’ll count tomorrow as the beginning of the danger period that will continue through March 18.

(4-5 March 2022) – On tomorrow, March 5 at 7:55 AM Texas time (13:55 UTC), there will be a “sign in the heavens” (a Jupiter-Sun conjunction) that will open the door for the globalists to stage “Obama’s 9/11 and the communist onslaught”

…from Stellarium (top) and I, Pet Goat 2 (middle and bottom)

Particular days to watch for the patriot/constitutionalist (Nazionist) forces in the government to save us from it are March 7 and sunset March 15 through sunset March 18 (the three days of Erev Purim, Purim, and Shushan Purim). See all the previous updates below for details.

By the way, this is what the globalists’ chief prophecy propagandist, Tom Horn, says about the relationship between Jupiter, Saturn, and the NWO…

But to understand why such a fanciful prophecy about Apollo, son of Jupiter, returning to earth should be important to you: In ancient literature, Jupiter was the Roman replacement of Yahweh as the greatest of the gods — a “counter-Yahweh.” His son Apollo is a replacement of Jesus, a “counter-Jesus.” This Apollo comes to rule the final New World Order, when “Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s [Satan’s] reign.” – from SkywatchTV

So when the NWO comes, it will look like “justice has returned,” just like I wrote about in The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first. And it is currently scripted that the NWO will be ruled by the Nazionist Antichrist (Trump, Pence, Kushner or Merkel) for the first 3.5 years, then the Final Antichrist (Putin) will take command for the final 3.5 years.

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It should be noted that there are actually TWO planet-Sun conjunctions that could be used as triggers for “Obama’s 9/11” and the subsequent appearance of the “first Jewish Messiah” / “Nazionist Antichrist” (the “Turd”) on Purim…

  1. The March 5 Jupiter-Sun conjunction, which if acted upon on March 5-7 would allow the globalists to run the “Ten Days of Darkness” psyop terminating in the Turd’s arrival during the three-day Purim window (sunset of March 15 through sunset of March 18).
  2. The March 13 Neptune-Sun conjunction, which if acted upon on March 13-15 (the Ides of March) would allow the globalists to run an “On The Third Day” psyop terminating in a Turd Purim.

In pondering this, remember that Neptune’s astronomical symbol is the trident, which is the symbol of both Ukraine and the airliner (Malaysian Airlines Flight 17) that was shot down there on July 17, 2014. Purim this year is March 17.

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Mike Pence attempts to stare daggers at Vladimir Putin during their 2018 meeting

Yesterday, a reader brought up the fair-haired boy — presumed to be the Antichrist — who appears in the murals at the Denver International Airport and the Bank of America headquarters (and who also reminds me of a certain fair-haired candidate for the role of the Nazionist Antichrist)…

Of course, to play the role of the “first Jewish Messiah” / “Nazionist Antichrist” (the “Turd”), Mike Pence would have to be Jewish. So isn’t it interesting that the Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site Israel365News (formerly called Breaking Israel News) brought up Pence’s Jewish relatives back in 2016?…

…from Israel365News. Here is a notable excerpt…

“Some people just want to fill in the blanks, but Richard really worked hard at getting it right,” Tammy said in an interview with Breaking Israel News. Tammy realized that Pence was not a common name. “It doesn’t really come from England. It was one of those made-up Ellis Island names, so we are all connected. I haven’t met a ‘Pence’ yet who wasn’t a relative.”

This opens the door to future narration that tracks Pence’s ancestors all the way back to King David of Israel. And judging by his current rhetoric, Moshiach Pence will be launching a New World Order that is (publicly) hostile towards Putin…

Former Vice President Mike Pence on Friday will rebuke those in the Republican Party who have praised Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent weeks, including most prominently former President Trump.

“There is no room in this party for apologists for Putin. There is only room for champions of freedom,” Pence will tell a gathering of Republican National Committee (RNC) donors, according to excerpts shared with The Hill. – from The Hill

But if it turns out to be Pence who saves the world from “commie” Obamy, there is still the question of whether he is the actual “fake Jewish Messiah” or just the as$ puppet of the “real fake Jewish Messiah” (Kushner). If Kushner rises to leadership of the NWO this year or in 2025, we’ll know the answer.

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It should be noted that the patsies are now in place…

…from Zero Hedge

So did they make the trip for nothing?

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NOTICE: The following is a service of Ken’s Midnight Sangria-Fueled Translation Service…

…from the current Drudge Report

[Putin] WEIGHS CYBER ATTACKS means “we, the G7 NATO powers, will conduct false-flag cyberattacks and blame them on Russia.”

[Putin’s] NO-FLY ZONE WARNING means “we, the G7 NATO powers, will retaliate against ‘Russia’s cyberattacks’ by announcing a No-Fly Zone over Ukraine, then we’ll false-flag ‘Putin’s retaliatory kinetic attacks’ on Western cities.”

PUTIN: SANCTIONS ARE DECLARATION OF WAR means “I, Putin the Final Antichrist, am going to devastate and then dominate Christian civilization, both East and West, by orchestrating this conflict.”

HERE ARE THE PREVIOUS (27 February – 3 March) UPDATES in chronological order)>>>

(27 February 2022) – The next time window for the globalists’ “Big Event”…

If they go with a “Victory of the Avatars / Putin, Xi, and Trump win” scripting, they’ll likely start the “Ten Days of Darkness / Mass Arrests of the Deep State” psyop on Monday, March 7. It would then run until “the good guys win” by Purim or Shushan Purim. We might also see them stage a “Deep State” attempt to do something really bad between March 5-7, which would trigger the mass arrests move.

But if they go the other way, with an “Operation Blackjack / Victory of the Nazionist Antichrist” scripting, we might see nukes going off in the March 5-7 timeframe. The “Nazionist Antichrist,” posing as a good guy, would then intervene on Erev Purim (between the evening of March 15 and the evening of March 16).

I’ll go into all the details before next weekend.

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It should be noted that “The People’s Convoy” started on February 23, right after “Pluto’s Return” on February 22. So is it intended to be the catalyst to bring down the “tyrant” Biden and the “Deep State’s American Empire”?…

According to astrologers, the United States will also see its first Pluto Return — that is, the planet linked with transformation and power will return to the position it had when the Declaration of Independence was written and ratified on July 4, 1776.

As a result, they anticipate significant power transfers.

Pluto Returns in France and Russia heralded the deaths of Napoleon and Stalin,” writes Shereen Campbell for During Spain’s last Pluto Return, tyrant Francisco Franco surrendered power. Some say that the UK’s previous Pluto Return coincided with their unofficial collapse from world leadership. – from Bol News

Under the two scripting scenarios I’ve noted, the Convoy and other trucker protests will serve their catalytic role by either…

  • being “the citizen uprising the patriots and constitutionalists in the Pentagon and intel agencies were waiting to see before they made their move to take down the Deep State,” or
  • being the scripted mechanism through which the Operation Blackjack nukes were delivered to the cities that will be hit.

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Ha! Guess what I just found…

“The People’s Convoy” will arrive at the Washington, DC beltway on March 5 (the 11th day of their journey). And as it turns out, March 5 is the day of a Jupiter-Sun conjunction!

You may remember that in the I, Pet Goat 2 video, solar conjunction symbolism is prominently featured in connection with the Second 9/11 (“commie Antichrist Obama’s” 9/11), and such a conjunction will appear in the sky this weekend. As for the significance of it being a conjunction with Jupiter, look at what globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn says about “the Second Coming of the God Jupiter.”

So are they replacing the recent “Second Coming of Saturn” scripting with the older “Second Coming of Jupiter” scripting? Or is Saturn the Nazionist Antichrist (Trump/Pence/Kushner or Merkel) and Jupiter the Final Antichrist (Putin)?

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A reader put me on to the following “mega thread” from the Disinfo Ranger (globalist tool Mike Adams): URGENT Health Ranger mega thread on Russia, nuclear war, cyber attacks and impending financial collapse.

In it, he gives dire warnings of looming false flags by “Biden/Obama.” So the controlled alt-media are laying down the preparatory propaganda for what’s planned for this coming weekend. Later, I’ll explain why Monday, March 7 is a day to watch for a potential “good guy countermove against the commies.”

(1 March 2022) – The globalists are setting the stage for Mike Pence and the “Secret Space Program” / US (& Israel) Space Force to save the world (as soon as Monday, March 7th)

According to the unfolding NWO Transition Event script, the West has baited “NWO traitor” Putin into attacking Ukraine so they could collapse the Russian economy, raise public fear of nuclear war, and mobilize internal Russian opposition forces (including the “Atlantic Integrationists” and “Neo-Communists”) to take him down…

…from today’s Drudge Report. Here is an excerpt from one of the headline articles…

There is a lot of talk in the West about Russian President Vladimir Putin being mentally unhinged. How could he not have known that his invasion of Ukraine would have serious consequences for his country? Or is he so obsessed with maintaining an image of greatness — especially ahead of Russia’s upcoming 2024 presidential elections — that he doesn’t care?

Either way, Putin risks losing the confidence of his people, whose economic suffering will increase as the conflict continues…

If Putin seems both narcissistic and deranged to the West, his own people may be getting the same impression, especially now that he has started talking about using nukes. And feelings of patriotism can only go so far when pocketbooks are empty…

Unlike those who lived under Stalin and Hitler, Russian people today do not face death if they protest on the street, though they can be thrown into jail, as we have seen with the thousands of arrests in the past few days. Nor would Putin’s subordinates be shot if they refused to go along with Putin’s further acts of aggression. So, hopefully, Russians themselves will take action and stop their leader before “the consequences we have never seen in our entire history” are allowed to occur. – from Yahoo News

Of course, the script has the “Global Deep State” making the same attempt with the other “traitor to the NWO,” Xi Jinping: they are goading him into attacking Taiwan or the US Navy so they can cast him as a “deranged warmonger” and take him down via internal opposition (the “Jiang Faction”) in China.

But it may also be in the script that “Putin deliberately took the bait so the Global Deep State would attempt their planned nuclear false-flags and his patriot/constitutionalist allies in the West could catch them in the act and take them down without public complaint.” And a key figure in this takedown appears to be Mike Pence, who will be in Israel on March 7 (out of the reach of the Biden-Harris administration when they attempt the attacks).

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STATE OF THE UNION WARNING: The possibility exists that a move could be made against the State of the Union Address tonight. The speech will be given at 9 PM EST, and fencing has once again gone up around the Capitol Building. A local TV report indicates that one trucker protest will be taking place near the Washington Monument at the time of the speech, so there is a chance the government could set off a large conventional explosion or small nuke there — an explosion that would not destroy the Capitol or kill off the government. This “close call decapitation strike attempt by Putin and his treasonous American right-wing allies” would give Biden the justification to go after the Trumpers, enter the Ukraine War, and launch regime change ops against Putin.

Keep an eye on who gets announced as the designated survivor. If it’s Blinken or Yellen, they might employ a larger nuke that will kill off the SOTU attendees (on TV at least — who knows if anyone will actually be in the Capitol tonight).

Update: A news article posted at 8:12 PM reports the “Trucker rally fizzles out in Washington, D.C.” So if anything was planned, it appears to have been called off. But then again, it takes only one truck.

(2 March 2022) – Today let’s take a closer look at the significance of Mike Pence’s trip to Israel next week…

…from Jewish Insider. Here is an excerpt…

Former Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Israel on March 7 for two days, and will then travel to Morocco in an effort to bolster the Abraham Accords, Jewish Insider has learned…

[Pence confidant Tom] Rose said the itinerary was still shaping up but that Pence had expressed interest in meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as well as Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, President Isaac Herzog and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

During his time in the White House, Pence played a behind-the-scenes role in influencing many of the Trump administration’s major foreign policy achievements in the Middle East, including the normalization deals between Israel and a number of Arab nations known as the Abraham Accords, according to allies of the former vice president with knowledge of his involvement.

There are a number of things to note about this visit to Israel, and the first is this: the trip seems to be oriented towards heaping credit for the Abraham Accords on Pence. And that is important because it establishes the “7-year covenant” qualification Pence needs to pose as the Nazionist Antichrist. The trip also…

  • places him safely out of reach or any arrest or assassination attempt by the “commie” Biden administration (while Trump, who will presumably remain within their reach, may be martyred to clear a path for Pence’s rise as the “duly-elected president”), and
  • places him in close proximity to the “Nazionist Space Force” base(s) in Israel, giving him quick access to the instrument with which he would save the world from the big crisis that’s about to occur.

To understand why there would be Space Force presence in Israel, let’s look back at what I wrote in the 26 June 2021 update

…the globalist script will have the UFOs sweep in like saviors, whether they be the “false savior” Nazionists or the “real savior” Putin. The preponderance of the propaganda suggests we’ll more likely see the Nazionists (but without any visible swastikas, Stars of David, or other symbols that would give away their identity — they want to look like good guys, not bad guys).

As for the propaganda setup for the Nazionist UFOs, you might recall news coming out last year from Haim Eshed, who is the former director of space programs for Israel’s defense ministry

…from The Jerusalem Post

The US Secret Space Program, supposedly controlled by Nazis, and the Israeli Secret Space Program, obviously controlled by Zionists, supposedly received their UFO technology from the “aliens” of the “Galactic Federation.” But the GMO human hybrids and the spacecraft that comprise the “Galactic Federation” are themselves nothing more than the products of the secret globalist laboratories. The whole thing is a hocus-pocus psyop being carried out with human-developed technologies, and I cover the details of it in The UFO/ET Con.

Let’s also remember a few other things I’ve covered in previous updates…

Pence handled all space-related matters during the Trump administration, and he was instrumental in the creation of the Space Force. He even swore-in the service’s first commanding general…


Pence was also previously tapped to play the “decoy Grey Champion” character during the transition to the NWO — the seeming savior who steps up amidst “The Storm“…

…from The Atlantic. Note that he is standing in a grey robe amidst a storm with his right hand displaying the “vav, vav, vav” (666) hand sign. This means that he’s scripted as a Satanist posing as a Christian, and he will “mislead the sheep” when the postwar Christian revival begins.

So if Pence is scripted to be the one who sweeps in to save us, Trump will likely be “killed” during the communist onslaught … And after assuming office as President, watch for Pence to bring Jared Kushner back to Washington to continue his Abraham Accords diplomacy.

So will Pence be the decoy antichrist who establishes the NWO (by offering advanced Space Force technology in return for the nations signing on), or will he remain the US president while Kushner or Merkel cut world peace deals to establish it?

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My partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out that tomorrow (3/3) will be the 777th day since 16 January 2020, which was the day…

  • Dmitry Medvedev (who is supposedly an “Atlantic Integrationist” who favors the Western-version NWO) took office as Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia, and
  • Mikhail Mishustin (who would take over as acting president if Putin is deposed) took office as Prime Minister of Russia.

According to Christian numerologists…

“The biblical meaning of 777 encompasses both the threefold expression of a perfectly holy God and the full completion symbolized by the number seven. So, 777 signifies God working to completely fulfill good purposes, and doing that work with absolute perfection.” – from

So having 777 — a number that supposedly signals “the completion of something good” — show up in relation to Medvedev and Mishustin provides numerological support for the superstitious globalists to script…

  • a coup attempt against Putin tomorrow, or
  • a decision tomorrow among Putin’s opponents to make the attempt in the coming days.

(3 March 2022) – It should be noted that today is 3/3, both the House and Senate are in session, and Biden will gather the Vice President and the entire cabinet in the White House at 2 PM. So Washington presents a very juicy decapitation target this afternoon.

On the occult indicator side, my partner Onnabugeisha notes that tomorrow, March 4, is the 233rd anniversary of the day in 1789 that the US Constitution took effect. So killing off the “unconstitutional, rogue Washington government” today would lead to the Constitution making its return tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the day of the Longtaitou (“Dragon Raising its Head”) Festival in China [1,2], so China would be scripted to make a military move in the China seas Friday in the aftermath of the US government decapitation on Thursday.

If you combine this scenario with the one I covered in yesterday’s last update, things would unfold like this…

  1. the West and its allies in the Russian government make a move on Putin today,
  2. the immediate response would be a decapitation strike on Washington DC, and
  3. China would enter the war tomorrow.

But even if they had this scenario scripted for Thursday and Friday, I doubt they’d act it out now.

P.S. – In another indicator this scenario may have been in play, Biden is scheduled to hold a video call with the Quad leaders (the anti-China alliance) today at 9 AM EST.

P.P.S. – Here’s a further indicator that this scenario may have been in play: Onnabugeisha has informed me that Trump’s former secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, was in Taiwan today receiving a presidential medal, and the country experienced a massive blackout that prevented his meeting with Taiwan’s president from being televised. Was this power outage the result of a CCP cyberattack? Let’s see if anything happens tomorrow when “the Dragon raises its head.”

~ MORE ~

Now let’s take a moment to remember some things that have been covered in previous updates…

  • Due to their childish belief in numerology, the globalists like to schedule big news and big events on the 11th and 22nd days of the month (because 11 and 22 are “master numbers“).
  • To numerologists using Bible-derived definitions, the appearance of the number 777 signals “perfect completion of something good.”
  • The Julian calendar, which was the calendar used by the original Roman Empire and which is still in use in the Russian Orthodox Church, runs 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar. This is why the Russians celebrate Christmas on January 7 (which is December 25 on the Julian calendar).
  • Vladimir Putin visited Damascus, Syria on January 7 (Orthodox Christmas) of 2020. This visit was staged to fulfill a Muslim prophetic expectation concerning “the return of Isa (Jesus),” and you can read about it in Isa’s Descent at the White Minaret.

With these points in mind, let me show you some things Onnabugeisha has uncovered…

  • February 22 (2/22/2022) marked the 777th day since “Putin Jesus” descended at the White Minaret on January 7, 2020.
  • 2/22/2022 was also the day the ethnic Russians of eastern Ukraine woke up to find their Russian saviors amongst them (Putin sent in his troops during the night of the 21st-22nd), thus “completing” his promise to protect them (like he had protected the Syrians).
  • Putin launched his war against the “Nazi government of Ukraine” on February 24th, which was February 11 on the Julian calendar.
  • The Julian calendar will reach its February 22 on March 7 (two days after the Jupiter-Sun conjunction and the same day Mike Pence will be visiting Israel).
  • So next Monday, March 7, will be the Julian 2/22/2022. Will Our Lord and Savior Vladimir Putin dispatch his “heavenly” forces to save the world from the commies on that day?

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s sword is sharp today. She’s informed me that Russia’s war against the “Nazi government of Ukraine” started exactly 7 years, 7 months, and 7 days (777) after Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine. And as you may already know, the logo on the tailfin of the plane featured a trident, which is a symbol of Ukraine. There’s lots of bizarre occult sh*t going on right now. Our world is run by evil Kabbalist clowns…

…and the NWO Transition Event is “no more than a stone’s throw from where y’all’s as$ is now seated.”