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These are the updates from the final part of 2020…

(29 December 2020) – Will the script call for Trump and Putin to resign before New Year’s Day?

As we’ve approached the end of the year the past few days, I’ve been thinking of what happened at the end of 1999…

On December 31, 1999, under enormous internal pressure, Yeltsin announced his resignation, leaving the presidency in the hands of his chosen successor, then-Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Yeltsin left office widely unpopular with the Russian population

Acting President was appointed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who immediately after the statement of Boris Yeltsin about his own resignation sent a New Year message to the citizens of Russia. Vladimir Putin on the same day signed a decree guaranteeing Yeltsin protection from prosecution, as well as significant financial benefits to him and his family. – from Wikipedia

If you substitute the names Trump and Pence for Yeltsin and Putin and the year 2020 for 1999, this statement could hold just as true today. It could also hold true if you substituted the names Putin and Medvedev for Yeltsin and Putin. So are some surprise resignations planned for December 30th and 31st? They won’t be by the time I finish this entry.

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Based on my recent suspicions that both Putin and Trump might bow out at the end of this month, I looked into Putin’s current situation and found some notable preparatory propaganda…

…from the Daily Beast. Here is an excerpt…

Vladimir Putin has surrounded himself with such a thick fog of secrecy that it’s now unclear where he is living, how many children or lovers he has, if his health is failing, or whether he’s planning to stay in power.

The old KGB man’s love of secrecy has long boosted rumors and conspiracy theories that would race quietly around Moscow. But 2020 was the year the rumors span out of control. Encouraged by the omnipotence of the online rumor mill, the Russian media is now daring to commit them to publication.

Tabloids this year dabbled in stories that the Russian president was sick and poised to quit the Kremlin. After Putin, who is 68, coughed at a meeting with the government on Nov. 19, the gossip went into overdrive…

Professor Valery Solovey, who has become one of Moscow’s most notorious sensationalists, this year fanned the speculation on YouTube by claiming that Putin was planning to quit any time now as a result of some “force majeure”

The power move failed to quell the speculation among Moscow’s elite, where names of potential successors buzz around incessantly.

On radio Echo of Moscow, known as Moscow’s ear, the editor-in-chief Aleksey Venediktov reports that the top two contenders are ex-president Dmitry Medvedev, who is now deputy chair of the Security Council, and Sergei Naryshkin, the director of Foreign Intelligence…

Speculation over Putin’s intentions was further inflamed in November when the duma — Russia’s Kremlin-friendly parliament — passed the first reading of a bill that would grant Russian presidents and their families immunity from prosecution after they leave office.

On the matter of the presidential immunity bill, it is important to note that it was introduced in the Russian parliament on November 5, the day after the election steal occurred in the US (the US election was on November 3, and Trump’s victory was stolen in the early morning of the 4th). So a day after seeing that Trump was on his way out, Putin started preparing his own exit. And get this: he signed the bill into law on December 22

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law granting former Russian presidents expanded immunity from prosecution and allowing them to become senators for life in the upper house of Parliament once they leave the Kremlin…

Former presidents were already entitled to immunity from prosecution for crimes committed while in office, but the new law grants them lifelong immunity and says they cannot be arrested, searched, questioned or prosecuted.

The new legislation also makes it harder to revoke a former president’s immunity…

The other laws signed by Putin allow presidents to name up to 30 senators to the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house, and to join the Council themselves once they have left office. – from Al Jazeera

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Now before I get into the whys and whens of Putin and Trump’s planned resignations, it’s important to remember that they are merely minion-level actors employed by the Kabbalist central bankers. So the real reason they’d resign is dirt simple: because their stage managers told them to. And those stage managers would tell them to because the current script and timetable of the globalist stageplay calls for “evil” Jared Kushner to rise to power and put the “evil” NWO in place by September of 2023. For that to happen, the “good guys” have to be defeated and removed from power by assassination, resignation, or forcible replacement. And that being the case, Trump, Putin, Xi, Modi, et al. will fall between now and that September.

So as I go on to describe Putin and Trump’s motivations and reasons for what they do, realize that I’m describing the motivations and reasons of the characters they’re playing in the drama, not their real ones. That being said, here is why Putin’s “good guy” Jesus character is slated to resign…

With Trump’s fall to the “Deep State bad guys” in the election, he will soon be no longer able to restrain the US war machine from bearing down on Russia. So Russia will soon be facing a belligerent US on the global stage and an on-the-march Turkey on the regional stage, not to mention an internal “communist uprising” staged by the supposed “Neo-Communists” (see the 4 October 2020 update for more on that).

Faced with an inevitable war that will be very damaging for both Russia and the wider world, Putin can save Russia from destruction by resigning his presidency and handing-over power to a “Deep State”-approved “Atlantic Integrationist” leader like Dmitry Medvedev. Once the “Deep State” control Russia again, there will be no need for them to destroy it. And by securing his broad immunity, his 31-member voting bloc in the Federation Council, and his earlier constitutional changes which “limit the power of his successor,” Putin leaves himself with a survivable hand in the Russian power game — a position from which he can regain power later.

As for why he’d resign on the 30th, the first reason is to avoid directly mirroring Yeltsin’s handover of power to him, which happened on the 31st — he doesn’t want to draw parallels between himself and the disgraced Yeltsin. And the other reasons have to do with historical parallels, which the globalists love to include in their scripts. Reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out these…

~ MORE 3 – 30 December 2020 ~

As of the time of this posting, it is 7:48 PM in Moscow and Putin has yet to resign. So exposure may have deterred that action — at least for today. Let’s move on, then, to the larger action by examining why Trump’s “good guy” precursor messiah character would resign tomorrow.

Looking at it from the perspective of the Mainstream Narrative…

> Every “Stop the Steal” scenario that has been cooked-up by the controlled alt-media has failed to materialize, and the January 6 scenario in which congressional objections or Mike Pence change the outcome is unlikely to materialize as well.

> Every opportunity Trump has had to stand firm and fight has instead led to his retreat, such as when he allowed the Biden transition to go forward and when he signed the budget bill instead of holding on to the weapon of his pocket veto. So on January 3, his veto of the NDAA will likely be overridden by the Senate (humiliation #1), and on January 6, he will officially become the loser of the presidential election (humiliation #2).

> Trump has yet to obtain immunity from prosecution like Putin has. And any attempt to self-pardon will almost certainly fail a Supreme Court challenge, as allowing self-pardons would turn the presidency into a lawless office. Upon entering office, a president could commit any crimes he wishes and just pardon himself as he goes. The Supreme Court won’t allow that. So for a pardon to stick, it has to come from Pence. And if Trump waits till the last minute to hand the presidency to Pence for the sole purpose of granting him a pardon, he’ll make Pence look like a fool and ruin his future political prospects. Why would Pence go along with that?

But if Trump resigns on New Year’s Eve…

  • he will (presumably) get his pardon,
  • Pence will enter 2021 as President of the United States, and he’ll have 20 days to do something besides the pardon to be remembered by, and
  • Trump can avoid having to face the humiliations of the veto override and becoming an election “loser”; those losses would occur on Pence’s watch.

It was quite telling that Trump retreated from Washington as things got tough before Christmas. He didn’t stand and fight for his priorities; he went on a golfing vacation through the end of the year. It was almost as if he were planning to resign on New Year’s Eve at Mar-a-Lago so he could avoid the pain of a Nixonian “loser’s walk” out of the White House to Marine One.

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The Globalist Cult are well known for their superstitious adherence to numerology and astrology, which are nothing more than the petrified conceptual feces left behind by generations of ancient con artists. Fortunately, I have a reader who doesn’t mind rooting through such ossified gypsy bullsh*t to find “dumplings of significance.” And that reader has passed along information that led me to two Christian prophecy propaganda videos [1, 2].

In the first video, the following numerological connections to December 31, 2020 are noted:

So December 31, 2020 has connections to…

  • the number 888,
  • the “end of hostilities,”
  • a “marking point for a world war,” and
  • the “Blood Moon.”

Since the “end of hostilities” and the “marking point for a world war” connections are self-explanatory, let’s look at the meaning of the number 888 and the supposed significance of the Blood Moon. Here’s what Wikipedia says about 888

“In Christian numerology, the number 888 represents Jesus, or sometimes more specifically Christ the Redeemer. This representation may be justified either through gematria, by counting the letter values of the Greek transliteration of Jesus’ name, or as an opposing value to 666, the number of the beast”…

…from Google Books (top, bottom)

And concerning the blood moon, I found this in an article from The Sun

Some preacher types, most notably in the United States, view the Blood Moon as a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Pastor Paul Begley, based in Indiana, said in an online sermon ahead of the 2018 phenomenon: “July 27, 2018, is not the end of the world but it is a sign of the apocalypse and we are in the era of the apocalypse.

“We are in the final days or the final chapter. We are getting ready to close the end of the age and it is important to understand that.

“Going forward it’s going to get event crazier, so we’re really, really living in the end times.”

He read from the Book of Joel, which speaks of the Moon turning blood-red before the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ.

So if you put all this together with the idea of Trump’s resignation, which would lead to the rise of the “Grey Champion”/ false messiah Mike Pence, this is what December 31, 2020 would represent…

  • the “end of hostilities” between the “Deep State” and Trump,
  • the appearance of (the false) Jesus / Christ the Redeemer, Mike Pence (“redemption” means the action of saving or being saved from sin, error, or evil), and
  • a marking point for World War III, which would be triggered by Pence’s mass arrest of the “evil Communist Deep State.”

~ MORE ~

Now let’s get back to the remaining numerology notes from the first video…

December 31, 2020 is exactly 103 days from September 19, 2020, which was Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year). And as was previously noted, the “Blood Moon” lasted for 103 minutes. So a “Blood Moon number of days” will have elapsed since the new Jewish year began, indicating something Jew-related and apocalypse-related may occur, such as the door opening for the rise of the (false) Jewish messiah, Jared Kushner, to the vice presidency.

December 31, 2020 is exactly 40 weeks from March 26, 2020, which was Nisan 1, the first day of the first month of the Jewish ecclesiastical calendar. Nisan 1 is associated with the creation of the universe, and 40 weeks is “the number of weeks for an average term of pregnancy, counting from the woman’s last menstrual period.” So something of universal significance to Jews could emerge from the womb that day (Kushner again).

December 31, 2020 is exactly 11 years, 11 months, and 11 days since January 20, 2009, the day President Obama — who is considered both a communist and an antichrist — was first inaugurated as President of the United States. Upon looking into the supposed significance of 11 11 11, I found this on a Christian website…

A popular superstition involves the number 11, which in numerology is a “Master Number” signifying spiritual awareness or psychic intuition. When the number is doubled, as in 11:11, it holds even more supposed power. It’s why some people make a wish when the time is 11:11 and why some who are born on November 11 (11/11) consider themselves lucky or gifted. In New Age thinking, 11 is an “angel number,” and seeing 11:11 means that angels are close by. The idea that 11:11 holds some special power or significance comes straight from fortune-telling, astrology, and the occult; nevertheless, some people attempt to use the superstition in interpreting the Bible. In truth, there is no inherent significance to 11:11, either in daily life or in the message of the Bible. – from

So if double-11s hold more power, triple-11s must hold a ridiculous amount of (imaginary) power. And since December 31’s triple-11s are associated with the “communist antichrist” Barack Obama, they may indicate a “great stroke of luck”/triumph for communism and Satanism: their defeat of Trump, who is supposedly one of the precursor messiahs. But according to Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall,” which brings us to the second video.

The second video looks at the final scene of an animated short film famous for its occult symbolism, I Pet Goat II [Wiki, YouTube], and compares it to the path of comet C/2020 X3

…from Sci News (Note the date of the article, that the comet is a sungrazer, and how the comet looks like a fireball in the photo.)

The I Pet Goat II scene features three pyramids, with the first pyramid showing a clearly delineated capstone which is struck by a fireball that grazes the Sun…

The fireball (C/2020 X3) obliterates the capstone and leads to a cascade collapse of all three pyramids. After showing this, the prophecy video shows that the path of the comet meets the tip of the Triangulum Australe constellation on January 1, 2021…

…(The location of the comet that day is the point to which the four crosshair lines are pointing.)

In Christian thought, the pyramid and capstone shown on the US dollar bill represent the “evil Illuminati” building Satan’s kingdom upon the Earth so the Antichrist (the capstone) can come down and rule the world.

So if false messiah Pence becomes President on New Year’s Eve, will he strike at the capstone (the “Communist Deep State” leaders) on his first full day as president, New Year’s Day? And will that lead to a cascade collapse of the “evil NWO the communists have been building”? Do the three pyramids represent the “Communist Deep States” of the US, EU, and China?

The final scene of I Pet Goat II, where Christ appears before the Sun and the pyramids, begins at the 6:26 mark of the video, and the capstone is struck 7 seconds later at the 6:33 mark. So might the capstone strike instead happen on January 6 or 7 (depending on whether you count Pence’s first day as 12/31 or 1/1)?

Tomorrow we’ll have a look at the potential Trump resignation from the perspectives of the NWO and Millennial Narratives.

~ MORE ~

To give a preview of what I’ll cover tomorrow (12/31), the media are currently hyping the “mutant strain” of Coronavirus that is supposedly much more contagious than the original, and they’ve now narrated that strain as appearing in Colorado and California. This propaganda can be used to support an argument that “the spread of the super-contagious strain in the US has made the next three weeks till the inauguration all the more critical; we need a competent COVID fighter to lead the country IMMEDIATELY.” And this could provide the backstory for an ultimatum presented to Trump from Pence and the cabinet: “resign now and get your pardon or we’ll remove you now and you’ll get nothing.” So a cabinet coup is another thing we could see tomorrow (if Trump refuses to resign).

~ MORE – 31 December 2020 ~

File this one under “possibly something, possibly nothing”…

A reader passed along a link to a “cicada countdown” site that has been counting down for years and now reads “It is finally here!”. Upon looking up the oldest save of the site on the Internet Archive, this is what the timer read on February 12, 2015

…Note that the counter reads 2149 days.

So I went to the trusty days-between-dates site and found out that as of today, Dec 31, 2149 days have passed since that save — it was counting down to today (or yesterday, depending on your time zone). Since actual cicadas don’t emerge in the midst of winter, one has to wonder what the site was counting down to. Was it put up by some think tank, psychology student, or guy in his grandma’s basement to screw with people’s heads and observe the results? Was it put up as a timer for occultists, and if so, what event was it marking? To answer the latter question, I looked into the cicada and its meaning.

Cicadas are grasshopper-like creatures that periodically emerge from under ground. Some types appear annually and others only once every 13 or 17 years. So to an occult-minded person, this connects them to “something birthed from the underworld” / “something that emerges from hiding” / “something that comes out of darkness into the light”

The cicada symbolises rebirth and immortality in Chinese tradition. In the Chinese essay “Thirty-Six Stratagems”, the phrase “to shed the golden cicada skin” is the poetic name for using a decoy (leaving the exuvia) to fool enemies. – from Wikipedia

So this cicada countdown site can be interpreted as tying in quite well with the other occult things we’ve noted. The numerology of today points to an emergence, as does the cicada site. And what would be “birthed from the underworld” are the Decoy Christian and Jewish Antichrists, Pence and Kushner. These “evil” decoys will later be defeated by the “Real” Christian/Jewish Antichrist, Vladimir Putin, so he can pose as Jesus and take his throne.

All this being said, if the cicada site was an occult timer, it was counting down to the emergence of the Antichrist. Pence and Kushner will appear on the scene to save us from the “evil communists,” then later “leave their exuvia” to reveal themselves as antichrists. And in September/October of 2025 (according to the current globalist timetable) Putin will emerge cicada-like to save us from “evil Kushner” before leaving his exuvia 3.5 years later to reveal himself as the “Real” Antichrist.

~ MORE ~

Trump has left Mar-a-Lago ahead of schedule to return to the White House. He left at 11 AM. If we look at the flight restrictions the FAA put around Mar-a-Lago ahead of Trump’s trip there on the 23rd, it indicates that he was scheduled to leave sometime before 6:45 PM on January 1st…


Why would Trump skip the big New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago? Will a meeting with Pence or the cabinet be scheduled today? Has a resignation at Mar-a-Lago been called off? Has a resignation at the White House been penciled in? If they do go through with the resignation, look for Putin to make his soon after.

~ MORE ~

In reporting Trump’s early return to Washington, CNN has added this

Pence had once planned to depart on foreign travel shortly after the January 6 certification. But plans for a trip to the Middle East and Europe have now been put on hold, people familiar with the matter said.

Pence spent the Christmas holiday on vacation in Vail, Colorado.

If Pence becomes president today, he can’t very well leave on the 6th for a foreign trip, can he? He would likely send his chosen VP instead (Kushner). And he was in Coloradowhere the mutant strain of COVID has emerged — for Christmas holiday? One hopes he didn’t catch it while there. His death by COVID in about a week would leave his VP as the new president, as would his death in an “Iranian retaliation strike over the January 3, 2020 assassination of Soleimani.” Who would want that?

~ MORE ~

Get a load of this…


So the presidential schedule now shows that Trump and Melania left Mar-a-Lago to go to Palm Beach International Airport, then turned right around and returned to Mar-a-Lago.

So did the globalists abruptly cancel what they had planned in Washington?

– OR –

Did Pence and the cabinet present the declaration of Trump’s incapacitation to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Grassley yesterday evening or this morning? Is that why Trump tried to return to Washington this morning? And did Acting President Pence order the Secret Service to return Trump to Mar-a-Lago?

If the coup has occurred, expect the announcement to come sometime after the markets close today. And also expect a strict lockdown and travel ban to be announced (“on account of COVID”).

So does Trump have until the time of the announcement to resign voluntarily?

P.S. – The Guardian is reporting that Trump has returned to Washington, and the article includes a picture purportedly showing Trump and Melania disembarking from Air Force One. Is the article a decoy or did the schedule site mistakenly write Mar-a-Lago instead of Washington, DC?

P.P.S. – The schedule site is now showing Trump in Washington.

~ MORE ~

As if to underscore that “all is well,” Trump ended a 17-hour Twitter gap with this video apparently from the White House…

…from Twitter

It looks like we might get to midnight without mischief after all…

(27 December 2020) – All the World is a Stage, and the Budget Battle is a Farce

In many of my previous writings — like this one — I’ve pointed out that democracy (in its prevailing form) is an illusion, politics is a sham, and the dramas between the “political left” and “political right” are staged for public consumption in order to “move the herd” in the directions dictated by the Hidden Hand. The current budget battle in Washington, DC is one of the clearest examples of this reality I’ve ever seen.

On Tuesday, December 22, the AP reported that the budget bill had passed Congress and been sent to Trump’s desk on Monday night

And two days later on December 24, Politico reported that Congress had sent the bill to Trump’s desk on Thursday afternoon

Something is clearly amiss here. The people who run the show in Washington are playing fast and loose with the budget bill, and here’s why…

January 3: Congress Adjourns

The current congressional session ends. The 116th Congress must adjourn “sine die,” or without setting any future date to reconvene, by 11:59 p.m. on January 3.

As of now, the new 117th Congress is scheduled to convene at noon on the same day, a date specified by the Constitution. But due to pandemic-related planning complications, as well as the fact that the third falls on a Sunday this year, the schedule is reportedly subject to change. Whatever date the new body meets, if Trump hasn’t signed the stimulus package by then, Congress will have to start all over. – from New York magazine

So as it turns out…

If Congress had sent the bill to Trump’s desk on Monday/Tuesday, Trump would have had ten days (minus Sundays) to sign the bill or veto it, and those ten days would have expired January 1/2 while the current Congress still has a chance to override the veto.

But now that they’re saying it arrived on Trump’s desk on Thursday the 24th, those ten days expire on January 5th, after the current Congress ends. This means that Trump can “pocket veto” the bill by not signing it, and this would force the next Congress, which will have new members and a new political dynamic, to draft a whole new bill.

As you can see, then, CONGRESS, THE PRESS, AND THE PRESIDENT ARE ALL PRETENDING THAT THE BILL DIDN’T ARRIVE MONDAY NIGHT / TUESDAY MORNING SO THE GLOBALISTS CAN SET UP A POCKET VETO SCENARIO — THEY ARE ALL WORKING FROM THE SAME SCRIPT. This migration of the day of the bill’s presentment is a reflection of the confusion the globalists experienced after having to bail on their plans for Monday the 21st. It took them time to adjust the script, and to make the new adjustment work, they needed Trump to have the leverage of the pocket veto to force change in the NDAA, budget, and COVID relief bills or to shut down the government until Inauguration Day starting this Monday night.

I may add more details to this update — including the weak excuses they used for why days supposedly elapsed between passage of the bill and its presentment to Trump — over the course of the day tomorrow.

~ MORE ~

Wow, another sudden reversal…

…from the AP

And I didn’t even finish the entry yet.

(26 December 2020) – My view of the globalists’ current prophecy fulfillment timetable continues to clarify. Tomorrow we’ll start looking at…

  • why Decoy Antichrist Jared Kushner will be nominated as Vice President regardless of whether President Trump, President Pence, or even President Harris has to do it,
  • why Kushner’s 7-year peace covenant timeline will span September 2016 – September 2023,
  • why Kushner’s 7-year Tribulation timeline will span September 2018 – September 2025, and
  • why Kushner’s “evil-version” NWO will stand for two years (September 2023 – September 2025) before being defeated and reformed into the Real NWO by the “Real Antichrist,” Vladimir Putin.

(25 December 2020) – According to news reports, Nashville may have been car-bombed. So we may see some action today through Monday. Today we might see more bombings, tomorrow is the first Saturday (“Saturn’s Day“) after the Grand Conjunction, Sunday is the day Netanyahu turns 26,000 days old (1, 2; and 26 is an important number in Jewish gematria; it’s the value of the name “Yahweh”), and Monday is the day the government shuts down if President Trump (or new President Pence) doesn’t sign the budget bill. So during these four days, Trump and Netanyahu are in scripted jeopardy — as is the “Deep State” (Saturn is the god of generation, dissolution, plenty, wealth, agriculture, periodic renewal and liberation).

If we do see more bombings and reports of more car-bombs being found, it is meant to provide the pretext for locking down the country before either Trump or Pence makes a move. Be prepared for a “stay at home” order.

~ MORE ~

The controlled alt-media are tying today’s explosion — which seemed to target the AT&T building in Nashville — with Wednesday’s explosion at a Baltimore Gas & Electric building, so we have two connected bombings in three days so far. They’re essentially blaming it on the “Communist Deep State.” Will Iran/Venezuela be blamed for attacking American infrastructure? Will Pence save us from the commie bombers? In one of the prophecy propaganda sources I frequently monitor, it was recently stated that “the only thing that can save America is a benevolent dictator who can forcefully drain the swamp — arresting them all, but such a person won’t come.” This sounds like a job for the “Grey Champion”!

(24 December 2020) – Will Satan Claus bring us war — or worse, Pence — for Christmas?…

For my Christmas Eve gift, a couple of readers have done my fire watching for me.

Reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out that tomorrow is the Tenth of Tevet, a Jewish fast day that commemorates the start of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem (which led to the destruction of the Jewish Temple).

So could tomorrow be the start of another conflict that leads to tragedy?…

…from Twitter, and brought to my attention by another reader.

Now that Trump has put a hair trigger on an Iran strike, all the Mossad/CIA have to do is kill one American in Iraq to make it happen. They can then hit Trump at Mar-a-Lago and blame the Iranians/Venezuelans. Alternatively, the globalists could have Trump order a strike to trigger a cabinet coup to stop it.

Here’s another interesting fact about December 25. On that day in the year 36…

Forces of Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han, under the command of Wu Han, conquer the separatist Chengjia empire, reuniting China. [1]

Emperor Guangwu… ruled over parts of China at first, and through suppression and conquest of regional warlords, the whole of China was consolidated by the time of his death in AD 57. [2]

Chengjia was the most dangerous rival to the Eastern Han, and was the last separatist regime in China to be conquered by the latter, in 36 AD. [3]

Fast forwarding to the Chicoms and modern China, they too have been suppressing regions (Tibet, Xinjiang) and retaking regions (Hong Kong, Macao). And Taiwan, like Chengjia, is the last holdout. So watch for a potential move on Taiwan tomorrow also.

Let’s remember too that tomorrow is the Christmas that falls three days and three nights after “the reappearance of the Christmas Star” on Monday night. Could the false Christian messiah, Pence, take the throne tomorrow? How about on Orthodox Christmas (January 7)?

(23 December 2020) – I suspect that the globalist plan for Monday the 21st was to have Netanyahu drop dead from a “COVID vaccine reaction” and have Trump deposed by the cabinet. Having to back out of all that caught them flat-footed, triggering a delay. At first it appeared that they’d simply try again next Monday — that’s why they passed a one-week continuing resolution — but now it’s looking like the plan is in flux again. Here are some street-level indications: 1, 2.

In the meantime, the press are continuing to post justifications for a cabinet coup by amping up the “COVID crisis” with new strains, detailing White House dysfunction, and having Biden talk about the need to respond to the “Russian hack.” They’re also talking about Trump’s pardons. Perhaps they’re debating between going with a cabinet coup or a resignation.

Getting back to the Netanyahu vaccination, when I stumbled upon the news on Monday and saw a headline that included language about a “breach of protocol,” I immediately sensed they were setting something up. So I wrote a quick update on it to beat them to the punch.

Upon looking into what happened, I found a recorded stream of the whole vaccination on Rubtly’s YouTube channel. It looked very much like a magic show, with the magician (Netanyahu’s doctor) standing in front of the audience directing their attention while his female assistants (the nurses) set things up in the background.

If you watch the video, take note of how nervous and awkward the nurse in blue was acting, as if she were a kid trying to sneak a cookie out of the cookie jar when her parents turned away. When she finally reached into the bag to get the vaccine vial and syringe, the doctor stood between her and the audience, as if to hide any signs the nurse might betray about being deliberate in which syringe she chose. The doctor then flourished the vial in front of the cameras (to draw people’s attention towards the vial and away from the syringe). And after Netanyahu received his dose, another government official got a shot from the same vial (but a different syringe of course).

The purpose of all this was to set up a narrative in which the Mossad assassinates Netanyahu using the COVID shot. Such an approach would have led people to conclude that Bibi’s death was due to his individual reaction to the Pfizer vaccine, since the other government minister who got a shot from the same vial would have no adverse reaction. Eventually, though, it would be revealed that they had pre-contaminated Netanyahu’s syringe with a deadly agent.

Both Netanyahu and the government minister received placebo shots using clean syringes of course, and Netanyahu’s “death” would have merely been his retreat into a luxury bunker. Once there, he could have had drinks with Jeffrey Epstein, Qasem Soleimani, and the former Russian Ambassador to Turkey.

~ MORE ~

Hilarious! After taking a dump on the budget deal, Trump leaves the kicked-open ant hill of Washington to spend the rest of the month at Mar-a-Lago: “A Federal Aviation Administration alert restricts airspace over Mar-a-Lago resort until Jan. 1.” So at least 3 Illuminati cards are in play now: the Cabinet Coup card, the Drone Swarm on the Golf Course card, and the Nuke-Carrying Narco-Sub card.

~ MORE ~

And this evening, at 7, they flourish the Cabinet Coup Card

…from New York magazine. Here is an excerpt…

It may seem extremely unlikely that Mike Pence, who up to this point has been one of Trump’s most craven enablers, would even consider taking advantage of this constitutional power. But it’s always possible that, between now and January 20 when Trump’s term expires, the situation may become so extreme that he and eight other Cabinet members may find the modicum of personal courage and moral decency necessary to do the right thing.

Trump would put up a fight, but it wouldn’t matter this late in his presidency. Once Pence has transmitted the letter to Congress that makes him acting president, Trump may contest the vice-president’s actions via a letter of his own. Section Four, however, would give Pence four days to respond to this letter. After Pence did so, the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives could — by simple majority vote — decline to act on the substantive dispute for the remaining 21 days. (Meanwhile, Democrats could filibuster any action in the Senate.) Were it not the end of his term, Trump would return to office after 21 days if Congress failed to act.

This, in effect, means that Pence could become acting president on Sunday, December 27, and would remain in the position for the rest of the current administration’s term in office, as long as House Democrats acceded to the new status quo. For the good of the nation, he should do so this weekend.

So the Democrats would assist Pence in the takeover thinking that they’ll get the White House on January 20th. But instead they’ll get mass-arrested by the “Grey Champion.” Cute.

If the cabinet members move on this tonight, we’ll get locked down before people take their Christmas Eve flights; if they wait till Sunday, the lockdown will be for New Year’s Eve.

ALERT (20 December 2020): There are solid indications that a 25th Amendment cabinet coup may be attempted sometime in the next three days. Details follow…

(20 December 2020) – Live updates as we near the December 21-23 event window

Update 1: After midnight on Saturday morning, Trump tweeted this about an upcoming citizens’ march on DC…

So with this and the report of Pence’s overseas trip on the 6th, we have two indicators that the Big Event may be postponed till the January 6-20 event window. But we also have good reasons to watch the next three days…

  1. The press are portraying a rift between “Deep Stater” Pompeo and “White Hat” Trump, with Pompeo pointing the finger at Russia for the SolarWinds hack and Trump suggesting it was China. The scriptwriters may be pulling them apart because they’re about to cleave one from the other: the “Deep State” may be over-hyping the hack and rushing to blame Russia as a pretext to remove Trump for “failing to respond to an urgent and grave threat to national security” in addition to “Trump’s ongoing failure to protect Americans from the massive Coronavirus surge.”
  2. Except for a few retweets, Mike Pence has been silent on Twitter since the evening of the 18th. And I’ve been trying to locate news of any public appearances yesterday or today, but have found nothing so far. Might he be feeling under the weather (or plotting with other cabinet members behind closed doors)?
  3. By passing only a two-day funding extension on Friday, the globalists have left open the possibility of a government shutdown tonight, which would clear the streets in Washington tomorrow, the day of the “Christmas Star’s reappearance.” So if the shutdown goes forward, it could be related to a planned event during the Monday through Wednesday event window, or it could be allowed to stretch on till the January 6-20 event window.
  4. Tomorrow could bring news of Pence’s death or a cabinet coup against Trump. Either scenario could see Kushner appointed as the new VP by the time the Christmas Star appears that night.

Update 2: The top headline clusters on the Drudge Report today are structured to provide justification for a cabinet coup using the exact rationale I noted in Update 1 (click on the image to enlarge it)…

…from today’s Drudge Report

As you can see…

> The cluster of headlines on the left depicts a COVID pandemic that is growing out of control and features a picture of “a national leader who, unlike Trump, is doing what is necessary to protect his people.”

> The cluster of headlines on the right depicts a grave national security crisis that “Trump is downplaying and covering up for Putin.”

> The cluster of headlines in the middle depicts a president who “is hiding in the Oval Office with bottles of his own urine spinning conspiracy theories about his lost election while the nation spins out of control.”

“So unless the cabinet members act now to remove Trump,” the cabinet coup rationale goes, “the nation could see…

  • a huge post-Christmas spike in COVID infections like it did after Thanksgiving,
  • a more destructive attack from an emboldened Russia after Trump’s failure to respond forcefully to the hack attack,
  • martial law imposed by a President who is too mental to face an election loss, and
  • a civil war as Trump rallies the far-right to hold massive demonstrations over his stolen election delusions.”

Update 3: After yesterday’s update about US Space Force personnel being called “guardians,” a reader suggested the name was chosen because of the role that has been scripted for the Space Force in the globalist play: that of “America’s guardian angels.”

A guardian angel is a type of angel that is assigned to protect and guide a particular person, group or nation. – from Wikipedia

This idea also fits with the Space Force motto, Semper Supra (“always above”). What else would you call a “guardian” who is “always above” but a “guardian angel”? And there’s also the matter of Salvatore Pais…

…from The Drive

Dr. Salvatore Pais” is apparently the frontman designated by the Secret Space Program to file patents on their behalf. And if you look at the meanings of his first and last names — whether it’s his real name or an assumed identity — you get this…

Salvatore is an Italian name meaning “savior.”

And Pais can be translated as “country/nation” or “peace.”

Together, then, Salvatore Pais means “savior of the nation“/”savior of peace.”

It should also be noted that his middle name, Cezar, can be translated as “Caesar.” Will the man who commands the Space Force therefore be the “savior Caesar of the nation and world peace”?

So when the “Communist Attack on America” goes hot and opportunistic wars start breaking out around the world, who will save America and the world? Our guardian angels, the saviors of the nation,” of course…

…from Twitter. Note that these “guardian angels” were named on the 18th (6+6+6 day). Later on, the Millennial Narrative will say that the Space Force was aligned with the “fallen angels” (who posed as “Galactic Federation” ETs), so it was under the control of Satan and his antichrist world leaders, like Pence and ultimately Putin.

Update 4: Congress has passed and Trump has signed a one-day stopgap spending measure to keep the government funded till Monday at midnight. The big question, though, is if Trump will sign the budget bill if Congress passes it tomorrow. If it fails to pass by a veto-proof margin, he can withhold his signature and hold it hostage to get the changes in the National Defense Authorization Act he wants. But if he tries to do that, it could trigger the cabinet coup. Look at how they’re setting it up…

…from Google

Should Trump withhold his signature on the budget tomorrow with the aim of upholding his veto of the NDAA on Wednesday, he will be “shutting down the government and jeopardizing national security in the midst of the COVID and SolarWinds hack crises.” Would that be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

~ MORE – 21 December 2020 ~

Update 5: A reader has brought up an interesting “coincidence”; it has to do with the Grand Conjunction and the death of Francis of Assisi

…Monday, December 21, Jupiter and Saturn will align in a “great conjunction,” appearing as close and as visible to be able to see both the rings of Saturn and the Galilean moons of Jupiter — Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto — at the same moment since 1226. The two planets will align close enough to become what is known as the “Christmas Star.” The last time this celestial event occurred was on March 4, 1226, an event believed to be the basis for the earlier “Star of Bethlehem” in the nativity story of the Gospel of Matthew that guided the Three Wise Men to Christ’s birth. 1226 was the year Francis of Assisi died, and Genghis Khan and his Golden Horde — believed named after their yellow tents — swept across the plains of Asia. – from The Daily Galaxy

Pope Francis took his papal name from Francis of Assisi. So will he die the same year as the Grand Conjuntion like Francis of Assisi did? That would give him 10 days at most. Or will he die 7 months after the Conjunction like Francis of Assisi? [The Conjunction was on March 4, 1226, and Francis of Assisi died on October 3, 1226.]

Also, will the Chicom Red Horde sweep across the plains of America?

Update 6: Getting back to the US Space Force as “saviors of the peace,” that role would come after they stop the wars and become the enforcement arm of either the “good” or “evil” version New World Order. Since all of the conventional militaries on the planet will be rendered immediately obsolete by the Space Force’s appearance, the nations of the world will disarm, leaving power concentrated in the hands of the NWO leader. But which leader?

In a “Trump Arrests Pence and Kushner” scenario, Trump will join with Putin and Xi to build the “good” version of the NWO. The Space Force would then be tasked to enforce the NWO’s directives. They would become the “guardians” of the whole Earth — the “saviors of world peace” — until things start getting ugly 3.5 years after the NWO’s founding.

In a “Pence/Kushner Rises” scenario, the Western antichrist will use the Space Force to enforce his will in building the “evil” version of the New World Order, but the “forces of good” will at some point intervene. If this intervention happens as soon as the Space Force appears, the world will be split into two camps for a while: “evil” Atlantia and “good” Eurasia; if it happens later, on the day world leaders meet to launch the “evil” NWO, the “evil” will be defeated and the “good” version NWO will be launched in the aftermath.

As for the scripted identities of the “forces of evil” and the “forces of good” in Act 1 of the Prophecy Fulfillment Play…

  • the forces of evil will be the “Galactic Federation ETs” who made a deal with the US (and Israel) to share their technology in exchange for permission to experiment on humans, and
  • the forces of good will be a different ET group that “has come to the aid of humanity.”

According to the Millennial Narrative, both “ET” groups are “fallen angels” who have merely taken different forms to fool humanity into accepting the Antichrist, Vladimir Putin, as the returned Jesus. In reality, though, the different physical appearances of the two “ET” groups are merely the result of their breeding. They are two different experimental lines in the globalists’ GMO humanoid program.

If all this sounds crazy, that’s good. It means you’re sane. The whacked-out cult members who comprise the globalists — the people who put this all together — clearly are not. But be sure to remember this material. It will be on the final test.

Update 7: Did Netanyahu get dosed Saturday night with something that will kill him — something that coated the inside of a pre-contaminated syringe?: Nurse who almost vaccinated Netanyahu says hospital protocol was breached. More on this later.

~ MORE – 22 December 2020 ~

I stayed up late to see if Trump would sign the Monday night stopgap, and he did… well after midnight (11:43 PM CST is 12:43 AM EST). But they glossed it over. It would appear that the Grand Conjunction didn’t amount to sh*t, and all I can say to that is this…

What the globalists have measured upon humanity will be measured upon them. Of that you can be quite certain.

(19 December 2020) – Here are some things that have grabbed my attention in recent hours…

1) Congress passed and Trump signed a two-day funding extension yesterday to keep the government working over the weekend, and I noticed something odd about the news stories covering it: normally they would say “funding is set to expire Friday/Sunday at midnight”; this time, they’re being unusually specific about a time: 12:01 AM. Technically speaking, funding should expire at the moment the clock strikes 12:00 AM, because that’s when the next day begins. So why are so many news stories being so specific about 12:01?

2) The “Digital Pearl Harbor” cyberattack that’s dominating the headlines was carried out through updates to SolarWinds’ Orion software. And in Greek mythology, one of the versions of Orion’s death has him being killed with an arrow to the head by Artemis.

Artemis, as you may remember, has been making the news this year in connection to space mining and the US Space Force / Secret Space Program. So are they telegraphing that the US Space Force’s quantum computers / AI will be what puts down the “grid-down cyberattack” that will result from the Orion hack? This brings to mind the plot of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, in which an AI launches a massive false-flag cyberattack in order to get the government to fully unleash it so it can neutralize the attack (and begin operating independently of human control). And that, in turn, brings to mind the “rogue AI” propaganda the controlled alt-media have been pushing in recent years. Are we reaching the part of the show in which this “rogue Satan-channeling AI” is first unleashed upon the world?

Additionally, we should not forget that the “White Hat good guys” in the NWO Transition stage play have already telegraphed that the internet will be shut down and the communication and power grids may go down during the mass arrests. The SolarWinds hack, then, is a script device that allows them to shut things down without being blamed for the negative consequences (such consequences will instead be hung around the necks of the Chicom scapegoats).

3) The upper-left-side section of the Drudge Report that featured the picture of Pence supposedly getting the COVID jab is now featuring news of allergic and other adverse reactions. Given that allergic reactions can sometimes occur hours or days after exposure to an allergen, one wonders how Pence is feeling this morning.

4) Speaking of Pence and the Space Force, check this out…

…from a Google search for “Pence”

If they’re the “guardians,” does that make us the children?

(18 December 2020) – SAFE and EFFECTIVE, eh?

Get a load of the banner behind Pence as he gets his COVID saline shot. It kinda reminds one of Bush and his “Mission Accomplished” banner, doesn’t it? If Pence is scripted to become incapacitated or die from this jab (by allergic reaction?), Saturday Night Live will do sketches on it for years.

As for the budget deal, Newsweek is reporting that there is a risk of a shutdown over the weekend without Trump having to veto it. The shutdown would come from a Senator objecting to another stopgap funding measure in order “to keep pressure on both sides to make a deal.” A weekend shutdown would take us right into Monday the 21st. And Pence falling dead over the weekend could lead to Kushner’s appointment as VP that day.

Later today, I’ll tell you how and why archeologists will discover “Moses’s original tabernacle” and the “Ark of the Covenant” between now and early 2022, and why that tabernacle will be the place where the decoy antichrist stands in March of 2022 (the “real” Antichrist will later stand in the Third Temple that will be built around the tabernacle).

(16 December 2020) – The Globalists’ Saturnalia Plot

“MY proper-tay!”…

Seek and ye shall find. I’ve figured out the globalist plot for Saturnalia (December 17-23). It involves…

  • devastating revelations for Biden and the Democrats/communists on the 17th,
  • a withheld signature from Trump on the budget bill on the 18th,
  • a simultaneous “Deep State” move against Trump and Netanyahu on Monday evening of the 21st (US time) / Tuesday morning of the 22nd (Israel time),
  • with all of this done to prevent a disaster for the “Deep State” on the 23rd.

~ MORE ~

All the puzzle pieces of the Saturnalia plot began to fall into place the second I came across this article today…

…from Reuters. Here is an excerpt…

U.S. President Donald Trump has until Dec. 23 to decide whether to veto the $740 billion National Defense Authorization Act or allow the annual measure setting policy for the Department of Defense to become law, a House of Representatives aide said on Monday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signed the NDAA and sent it to the White House on Friday, starting the 10-day clock — minus Sundays — for the president to decide whether to issue a veto.

The NDAA passed both the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-majority House last week with more than the two-thirds majorities needed for a veto override, setting up a confrontation with Trump in the last weeks of his presidency.

The article goes on to give some of the reasons why Trump opposes the current NDAA bill, but it fails to mention the key one: that the bill would effectively block Trump’s efforts to withdraw US military troops from ongoing and potential war zones at a time when the “Deep State” supposedly wants to take us into a world war.

Since the NDAA passed Congress with a veto-proof majority, the only way for Trump to stop it is to withhold his signature/veto for as long as he can to buy himself enough time to get leverage over Congress. And there are two ways he can generate that leverage…

1) He can hit Biden and the Democrats with revelations that will put the fear of god in them, making them more amenable to making a deal.

2) He can withhold his signature on the December 18th budget bill for the full ten days, conditioning his approval on Congress adjusting both bills to his liking and the liking of those Congresspersons who defect to his side.

Should he succeed in this effort and his December 23rd veto of the current NDAA bill stands, the troop drawdowns will continue, “which is a disaster for the Deep State’s war plans.” But that’s not the only December 23rd disaster the “Deep Staters” supposedly face; on that day they also face the replacement of Attorney General Barr [which places the entire “Deep State,” not just the communist element, in legal jeopardy (according to the script)] and the dissolution of the Israeli Knesset [which will ensure Netanyahu remains in power through March of next year, further frustrating their war plans (according to the script)].

~ MORE ~

After the globalists pushed the delay button on their plans for the weekend last Friday (when Congress passed and Trump signed the 7-day funding extension), we got this at the beginning of the week’s news cycle (to set up the Saturnalia fallback plan)…

…from CNBC

And the press have followed-up this news with stories like this…

…from NPR

Here is what Wikipedia says about Rosen

On December 23rd 2020 Jeffrey Rosen will replace U.S. Attorney General William Barr after Barr tendered his resignation on December 14th 2020. President Donald J. Trump promoted Rosen to succeed Barr. Rosen is best known for “burying” the criminal referral made by Michael Atkinson, the Inspector General for the Intelligence Communities (ICIG). The criminal referral was regarding a phone call between Trump and the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. According to Atkinson, Trump pressured Zelensky to publicly announce investigations into his political rival (Joseph Biden) while withholding $400 million in military aid. After contacting the head of the FBI (Christopher Wray) and expressing the contents of the complaint, Atkinson sent the complaint to the criminal division of the Justice Department. Upon learning about the complaint, Rosen declined to investigate the complaint and tried to keep any other agencies from looking into the matter.

So Rosen has been established as someone who is willing to go against the “Deep State” for Trump, which sets him up as a massive threat to the whole “Deep State”: “What Barr blocked and covered up will be unblocked and uncovered by Rosen.” And Rosen will take over as Acting Attorney General on the 23rd, the same day Trump plans to veto the NDAA bill. This means that on the 23rd, Trump will be holding a gun to the head of every compromised “Deep Stater” in Congress: “If you vote to override my veto, you will be in the first group that Attorney General Rosen exposes and sends to prison. We’ll do to you what we did to Biden on the 17th.”

Turning our attention to Israel, there’s this…

…from Haaretz

Earlier this year when “good guy” Netanyahu and “Deep Stater” Gantz made their deal to form a government, an interesting provision was included in the agreement (which I’ve highlighted in blue)…

Likud and Blue and White have been at loggerheads almost since the start of their power-sharing coalition in May, but ties between the two have hit a nadir in recent weeks as a budget deadline nears. If the budget isn’t approved by December 23, the government automatically falls. Gantz has accused Netanyahu of refusing to pass the 2020 and 2021 state budget in one go — as per the coalition agreement — in an attempt to prevent Gantz from becoming prime minister in November 2021, also as per the coalition agreement.

The only scenario in which Gantz won’t become premier (apart from Blue and White causing the fall of the government) is if the government dissolves due to failure to pass the budget by the deadline. – from The Times of Israel

In order to get rid of Gantz (“who would start the big war as soon as he becomes Prime Minister”), Netanyahu has been deliberately blocking a budget deal. And if such a deal is not made by midnight next Tuesday, the Knesset will dissolve and Netanyahu will remain as Prime Minister until after a March 23rd election, in which he has an advantage over Gantz. In an attempt to prevent Netanyahu from winning, Gantz’s party has been trying to pass a bill to preemptively dissolve the Knesset and change some election rules to reduce some of Netanyahu’s advantages, but Netanyahu’s party has so far been successful in preventing the bill’s passage before the 23rd. This means that if the Knesset automatically dissolves over the budget next Tuesday night, Israel could see years more of Netanyahu’s rule, which would supposedly be disastrous for the “Deep State’s” war plans.

As you can see, a lot of bad things are set to happen to the “Deep States” on the 23rd, and this provides the scripted motivation for them to move against Trump and Netanyahu before then. So let’s revisit the points from the first section of this note…

> “Deep Staters” Pence and Kushner need to destroy Biden and the Democrats just as much as “good guy” Trump does. Unless they reverse the results of the stolen election, they won’t have presidential power past January 20th. So they will assist Trump in fatally exposing Biden on the 17th, thus putting all the Democrats/communists in the government under threat of similar destruction and opening the way for reversing the steal.

> Trump’s withholding of his signature on the December 18th budget deal will trigger a government shutdown “right in the middle of a national COVID emergency and the vaccine rollout” and “will deprive our Armed Forces of the funding they need to safeguard the nation in this time of great danger.” Both the Washington politicians and the mainstream media will excoriate Trump for it, and that will give Pence and the cabinet an excuse to stage a 25th Amendment coup on Monday. Taking Trump down on Monday the 21st will neutralize the threat that would be posed by Jeffrey Rosen on the 23rd. Barr might even withdraw his resignation at Pence’s urging. Of course, a cabinet coup isn’t the only way they could write Trump out of the script; see the previous updates for all the different options.

> Monday evening in America — when Pence would announce his presidency under the “Christmas Star” — will be early Tuesday morning in Israel (which is 7 hours ahead of US Eastern Time). And zero dark thirty in the morning would be a good time for Netanyahu to be taken out by an “Iranian missile,” wouldn’t it? By “assassinating” Netanyahu on Tuesday morning, when the coalition government and power-sharing agreement are still in force, Gantz would become the Prime Minister. And then it’s “off to the races” in the war against Iran under Gantz and Pence.

I think we’ve pretty much nailed their a*ses on this one. Will they push the “delay-to-January” button tomorrow?

~ MORE – 17 December 2020 ~

It appears that the globalists did indeed push the “delay-to-January” button today. A reader sent me a link to the following article (which sets another fallback plan in motion)…

…from Politico. Here is an excerpt…

As vice president, Pence has the awkward but unavoidable duty of presiding over the session of Congress that will formalize Biden’s Electoral College victory — a development that is likely to expose him and other Republicans to the wrath of GOP voters who believe President Donald Trump’s false claim that the election was stolen from him.

But Pence could dodge their ire by leaving Washington immediately for the Middle East and Europe. According to three U.S. officials familiar with the planning, the vice president is eyeing a foreign trip that would take him overseas for nearly a week, starting on Jan. 6.

Though Pence aides declined to confirm details of the trip, which remains tentative, a U.S. government document seen by POLITICO shows the vice president is due to travel to Bahrain, Israel and Poland, with the possibility of more stops being added. A pre-advance team of Pence aides and other U.S. officials left earlier this week to visit the planned stops in preparation for the multicountry tour, which would be Pence’s first trip abroad since last January, when he traveled to Rome and Jerusalem on a whirlwind two-day sojourn.

The Rome and Jerusalem tour Pence took early in the year was the obligatory “Kiss the as$ / Kiss the Ring” World Tour he took to be annointed as the next president (you can read about it in The Jesuit “Antichrist” Takeover of the Trump Presidency update further down the page). This next trip will be his “Golly Gee, I Leave for a Week and All Hell Breaks Loose?” World Tour. Note that he’d leave on the 6th and be gone for a week till about the 13th, which is a week away from Inauguration Day on the 20th.

My preliminary read on this January Plot is that Trump will launch the Mass Arrests Psyop while Pence is away. He’ll then be “assassinated” when the Civil War / “Communist Attack on America” kicks in, leaving Pence to ride in on a white horse and restore order to the chaotic situation…

The timetable of Pence’s trip fits in with a couple of preparatory propaganda pieces I’ve previously observed…

  • In one of their articles, the Kabbalist prophecy propagandists at Israel365News wrote this: “A mystic rabbi in Jerusalem revealed a remarkably precise code hidden in the Torah that warns of an imminent civil war in the US. The code even marks the precise time of the war: one week before the presidential inauguration.”
  • In a bullet point from one of his “Situation Updates,” disinfo agent Mike Adams wrote this: “Sources warn of coming ’10-day lockdown’ with window of likely action appearing to be Dec. 18th – 24th. The next window is right after Jan. 6th, if all other efforts fail.

All other efforts WILL fail, Mikey, as will the post-January 6 effort.

On a related note, another reader sent me a link to this information…

Richard Donoghue is an American attorney and prosecutor who served as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York from 2018 to 2020. Donoghue was appointed interim U.S. Attorney by Jeff Sessions in January 2018. On December 14, 2020, President Trump announced that Donoghue would become Acting Deputy Attorney General of the United States on December 23, 2020

Donoghue served in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, United States Army, where he was a Military Magistrate Judge, Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, and Contract Litigator. – from Wikipedia

As for what a magistrate judge is, here is Wikipedia’s description…

The term “magistrate” is often used (chiefly in judicial opinions) as a generic term for any independent judge who is capable of issuing warrants, reviewing arrests, etc…

Magistrate judges conduct a wide range of judicial proceedings to expedite the disposition of the civil and criminal caseloads of the United States district courts. [1]

Magistrate judges generally oversee first appearances of criminal defendants, set bail, and conduct other administrative duties. [2]

So on December 23, the number two guy in the Department of Justice will be a former military judge with experience “issuing warrants, reviewing arrests, overseeing the first appearances of criminal defendants, setting bail, and expediting the disposition of criminal caseloads.” He sounds like the perfect guy to oversee the processing of mass arrestees for the military tribunals, doesn’t he?

Under the January Plot, then, Trump will take the heat as the guy who ordered the mass arrests. And when it comes to the elements of the American public — such as rank-and-file Democrats — who will be displeased with what occurs, Pence will “dodge their ire” by being out of the country when it happens.

All this being said, now is no time to look too far ahead and get overconfident. We still have to get through Saturnalia. So I’ll continue to watch developments — like the SolarWinds cyberattack, which brings to mind the idea of a coronal mass ejection that takes down the internet and the grids — each and every day until New Year’s Eve champagne and beyond.

~ MORE ~

Who made this “The Readers Run Rings Around Ken” Day?

Yet another reader has suggested a curveball the globalists might throw our way: having Pence “die” from the COVID vaccine so Trump can promote Kushner to VP…

…from Politico. As the reader notes, Pence and Biden will be getting saline shots, not the Kill Shot, but wouldn’t it be hilarious if the script has them both drop dead afterwards?

I’ll just sit here and drink coffee. You guys do the research now. 😉

(16 December 2020) – Have a look at what Trump and Pence are doing today — the day before the 17th…

The president holds a Cabinet meeting at 11:30 a.m…

Vice President Pence participates in a Cabinet meeting at 11:30 a.m. At 2 p.m., he hosts an event in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Pence at 4 p.m. will lead a White House coronavirus task force meeting. – from The Hill

So two days after the Electoral College voted for Biden, what will happen at this cabinet meeting? Will the cabinet coup take place? Will Trump resign? Will they do a final check of their preparations in advance of what they’ve planned for the 17th?

And after tracking down exactly what the Christian prophecy propagandists were talking about for the 17th, it involved a “prophetic dream” of Biden lying in a coffin in the Congress Building, and it featured Congresspersons running from the scene based on things discovered about them. So whatever might happen tomorrow could seal Biden’s physical or political fate in a negative way, and it might possibly involve the database of Chicom agents that has recently been introduced to the public.

(14 December 2020) – Globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn’s latest book release has him committing to a timeline that marks September/October 2025 as the beginning of the (Second) Tribulation, which means the First Tribulation began 7 years earlier in September of 2018 when Donald Trump sat as President of the UN Security Council. If this is the globalist fallback plan (or main plan), Trump / Pence / Kushner will definitely remain in power after Inauguration Day. And whichever one of the three stands in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in March of 2022 will officially be the First Tribulation False-Messiah/Antichrist. His imminent victory over the “Communist Attack on America” is how he’ll earn his reputation as a savior.

To read more details on this scenario, copy and paste Why the Globalists Might Recast Trump as the Western (decoy) Antichrist into your browser’s FIND feature. It is further down this page. And if you are a new reader and don’t understand why I’m talking about two Tribulations, read “End Times” Programming.

(14 December 2020) – Netanyahu has gone into the bunker for five days under the cover of a Coronavirus exposure…

…from France 24

So if nothing happens today, watch Thursday the 17th. Some leading Christian prophecy propagandists are talking about that number/day and the ruin of Congress: “In the Bible the number 17 symbolizes ‘overcoming the enemy’ and ‘complete victory’.”

Upon looking into historical parallels, I found two potentially significant ones:

1) On December 17, 546, Rome was sacked. This tracks with something big happening in Washington, DC.

2) December 17 is the first day of ancient Rome’s Saturnalia festival

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival and holiday in honour of the god Saturn, held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn, in the Roman Forum, and a public banquet, followed by private gift-giving, continual partying, and a carnival atmosphere that overturned Roman social norms: gambling was permitted, and masters provided table service for their slaves as it was seen as a time of liberty for both slaves and freedmen alike…

In Roman mythology, Saturn was an agricultural deity who was said to have reigned over the world in the Golden Age, when humans enjoyed the spontaneous bounty of the earth without labour in a state of innocence. The revelries of Saturnalia were supposed to reflect the conditions of the lost mythical age. – from Wikipedia

The link to Saturnalia may be particularly significant this year because the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter will happen during the festival on December 21: “The 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226!

It should also be noted that the stopgap spending measure passed by Congress last Friday will expire this coming Friday, December 18, at midnight. So Thursday is the logical time for the globalists to make another attempt to get the party started.

(13 December 2020) – After doing some research, I suspect the COVID vaccines contain brain-targeted DNA, not mRNA or nano dust…

What I’ve been pondering this morning are two things the globalists have been pushing really hard: 5G and the COVID vaccines. What if they’re designed to work together?

It should be noted that the mRNA COVID vaccines employ lipid nanoparticles to deliver their payload. But since COVID is bullsh*t, what is the vaccines’ real payload, and where is it being delivered?…

…from Stat and Google

What if the payload isn’t messenger RNA, but a synthetic DNA? And what if the DNA is designed to bond with neurons and translate specific frequencies/patterns of 5G transmissions into nerve impulses?…

…from Springer Link (top) and Google (bottom)

With these nanosized DNA antennas installed in vaccinated people’s brains, the globalists would be able to influence/control what they hear, see, smell, taste and feel. That would be very useful when the time comes for the magic show. So if people don’t die or become sterilized by the vaccines, they’re not exactly out of the woods.

I first wrote about my suspicions concerning 5G back in the 30 March update…

Is 5G a weaponized technology? – Yes, of course it is. Everything that possibly can be weaponized against the public IS weaponized against the public. It’s standard policy. But don’t expect them to use it for mass murder; its phased array technology is designed to target individuals with steerable beams. And once someone is targeted, it may include a feature that allows them to amp-up the beam power to do some damage.

Why are they rolling it out so quickly? – Besides the obvious applications you can read about in any controlled alt-media fear porn article, what stands out to me is 5G’s ability to target individuals for mood manipulation and customized visual and auditory (“voice in your head”) hallucinations. With 5G, they can take your Big Data psych profile, feed it into an AI algorithm, and hit you with customized “messages.” This will allow for an even more convincing magic show when the time comes to roll out the fake ETs and, later, the Kabbalah Christ. So they are racing to build-out the 5G ground stations and satellite networks before it’s time to cue the magic.

You can read more about the magic show in The UFO/ET Con.

While I’m sure the globalists have had radio frequency technology capable of inducing auditory and visual hallucinations and mood changes for decades, such technology evolves like all tech evolves. And 5G offers a big upgrade in capability due to its ability to target individuals for customized effects rather that broadcasting the same signal to everyone. Now all they have to do is install the antennas in our brains. And since it would be impractical to drill holes in everyone’s head, sending DNA antennas wrapped in lipid nanoparticles through the blood-brain barrier is the way they have to go.

It should also be noted that certain Christian prophecy propagandists have put forth the idea that “the COVID vaccine will turn people into zombies” and “make them susceptible to demonic possession.” With the level of control the 5G/DNA-antenna technology presumably affords the globalists, inducing zombie-like behavior should be no problem. And vaccinated people will indeed be “demonically” possessed, but technologically rather than spiritually.

(12 December 2020) – When I went to bed on election night,11/3, Trump was leading comfortably in the swing states and had won the election. But when I woke up the next morning, Trump’s lead had mysteriously vanished and I found out about the stopped vote counting and the ballot dumps that had happened in the wee hours of 11/4. So 11/3 was the day of the election, and 11/4 was the day the election was stolen. With that in mind, let’s have a second look at the Drudge headline from 12/11…

…from Friday’s Drudge Report

On the day the headline was shown, it was 40 days and 40 nights till Inauguration Day. But what if it wasn’t actually referring to that? What if, instead, it was giving a timing clue?

If you click on the headline’s link, it takes you to an article that mocks Trump for trying to fight against the election steal…

…from the Chicago Tribune. [Note that the article was published on the 9th, but featured on Drudge on the 11th.]

And if you count “forty days and forty nights” from election day (11/3) and election steal day (11/4), you arrive at Sunday morning and Monday morning respectively…

…from Time and Date (left, right)

So if the headline was a timing clue, it was pointing to a timeframe that spans Sunday morning to Monday morning. Will that be when the big move is made? Pearl Harbor happened on a “quiet Sunday morning in December,” you know.

As for the biblical angle of “forty days and forty nights,” that’s the amount of time Moses spent on Mount Sinai receiving the Ten Commandments. And when he came down from the mountain and saw that the people had been naughty in his absence, he “laid down the law” on them. The movie The Ten Commandments portrayed an earthquake swallowing them up…

…You can watch the clip of Moses’s “enforcement action” on YouTube.

So will Trump “go Moses on their candy a*ses” Sunday or Monday morning?…

Or will the Grey Champion do the honors?…

…from The Atlantic

Remember, this drama is no more real that what happens in the wrestling ring, and it’s just as scripted.

(12 December 2020) – The FDA has approved the Pfizer COVID vaccine, so the kill shots are in motion towards the administration sites. And given that Trump tweeted yesterday to push the FDA into a quick approval and Pence is touring a vaccine factory on Tuesday, it doesn’t look like anyone is going to stop the vaccinations. So now we’ll get to see how bad the side effects are and how many months it takes for the vaccine to have its intended effect, whether that effect is to have the immune system attack the body’s cells and kill the person or attack the reproductive system and sterilize the person.

One would think that when the “Mark of the Beast” is administered, the Beast will be in power. So who will be in power next week when the needles pierce flesh? Trump or Pence?

[Update: News just broke that Trump has signed the stopgap spending bill to keep the government open for another week. So if they had anything planned for tonight, they got cold feet.]

[Update: News has also broke that the Supreme Court has rejected the Texas election lawsuit, thus opening the way for the Electoral College to elect Biden on Monday, unless “something happens” by early Monday morning.]

(11 December 2020) – The Congress has now passed a stopgap spending bill to keep the government open for another week along with a defense bill that Trump has threatened to veto. By law, Trump now has 10 days to sign them. Will he withhold his signature on both bills for the full 10 days? Will midnight be the start of the “ten days of darkness”?

Here’s an interesting bit of biblical numerology…

…from today’s Drudge Report

If you count today as Day 1, “forty days and forty nights” brings you to dawn of January 20, Inauguration Day.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about the significance of “forty days and forty nights”…

Christianity similarly uses forty to designate important time periods.

  • Before his temptation, Jesus fasted “forty days and forty nights” in the Judean desert (Matthew 4:2, Mark 1:13, Luke 4:2).
  • Forty days was the period from the resurrection of Jesus to the ascension of Jesus (Acts 1:3).
  • Rain fell for “forty days and forty nights” during the Flood (Genesis 7:4).

So will the wheels fall off and the time of trial begin on the first night of the forty days and forty nights?

Yesterday’s (12/10) updates are a little further down in blue, green, purple, and red. They cover the aircraft carriers off the coasts, the Communist Attack on America Psyop, the significance of December 14 (for civil war purposes), the agenda behind the outer space stuff you may have seen in the news, and predictive programming of President Mike Pence. I’ve also added an update to the 6 December alert.

WARNING (14 November 2020): From now through presidential inauguration day, be on the lookout for a scenario in which Trump leaves office so Mike Pence can become president. This will lead to Jared Kushner being named vice president so he can play the Act 1 Antichrist role in the globalist prophecy fulfillment play. See The Kushner Plot for details.

ALERT (6 December 2020): The Mass Arrests Psyop has a high probability of materializing on Friday the 11th. It will be followed by a Civil War Show and World War Show that will likely kick off on Monday the 14th. From now through Friday, continue watching for a cabinet coup against Trump.

~ Update – 10 December 2020 ~

It should be noted that if the globalists opt to trigger everything — including the mass arrests — in the early morning of December 14, it would be the first of the “ten days of darkness,” with the last day being December 23. The false messiah would then appear by sunset on December 24 (Christmas Eve), “on the third day” after the “Star of Bethlehem’s” reappearance after sunset on December 21…

In the symbolic language of the Bible, a three day period points to an act of divine intervention which impacts Salvation History…

Sometimes this symbolic expression for divine intervention and restoration after a time of trial is expressed as “on the third day” and at other times as “after three days”…

The Scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus for a “sign” which would validate his claim that His authority to teach the people came from God and that He was indeed the Messiah. In response to their request, Jesus told them: An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign; but no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the whale, so will the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth (Matthew 12:39-40). The problem with Jesus’ statement is that Jesus was in the “heart of the earth” for three days as the ancients counted (with Friday counting as day #1), but not three days and three nights from Friday to dawn Sunday morning. Was Jesus speaking literally or was He speaking symbolically? – from Agape Bible Study

So the last time Jesus was supposedly here, he shorted the “three days and three nights” by a night. This time, the false messiah would do the same…

  • The Star of Bethlehem appears after sunset on the 21st.
  • Adding the first day (of the 22nd) and first night (of the 22nd) brings us to dawn of the 23rd.
  • Adding the second day (of the 23rd) and second night (of the 23rd) brings us to dawn of the 24th.
  • Adding the third day (of the 24th) brings us as far as sunset on the 24th.

Looking at it another way, the false messiah would appear after “three nights and three days” — a Satanic reversal of the “three days and three nights.”

So watch both Friday and Monday for the big move. They can make either day work.

Details follow…

(6 December 2020) – Get a load of this propaganda piece…

…from Natural News

The piece specifically focuses on the Pfizer vaccine — the vaccine that has already been shipped to distribution centers near the planned immunization stationsthe vaccine that is set to have its FDA approval meeting on December 10. So if a false messiah is going to save America from this “communist biowarfare jab,” he may need to act as soon as December 11.

Also, a reader has reminded me about the “ten days of darkness,” which are the days during which the mass arrests are supposed to occur (according to the Q-Anon disinformation front). If the first day of darkness should fall on December 11, the tenth will fall on December 20. And then the “light” will appear on December 21 — the day of the Winter Solstice (which brings “the rebirth of the light / the birth of a god that would bring enlightenment”) and the “Star of Bethlehem’s” reappearance (the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn).

~ MORE ~

For more on the “ten days of darkness,” here is a representative piece of Q-Anon propaganda from when they tried it in March. Exposure deterred them then and may deter them again.

And for my readers who live in Europe (especially France), be on the lookout for an Erdogan-ordered “Red Vest” terrorist uprising between December 11 and the following weekend (it will be part of the World War Show)…

“Macron is trouble for France. With Macron, France is passing through a very, very dangerous period. I hope that France will get rid of Macron trouble as soon as possible,” Erdogan told reporters after Friday prayers in Istanbul.

He said the French should dump their leader “otherwise they will not be able to get rid of yellow vests”, referring to the protest movement that erupted in France in 2018.

“Yellow vests could later turn into red vests,” Erdogan said, without elaborating.

The Turkish leader has repeatedly suggested that Macron get “mental checks” and urged the Turkish people to boycott French-labelled products.

Erdogan’s diatribe came as the European Union weighs imposing sanctions against Turkey at a December 10 summit, largely over its standoff with EU member Greece in the eastern Mediterranean. – from France 24

~ MORE – 8 December 2020 ~

Getting back to the Natural News propaganda piece, it lays out a narrative in which the Chicoms have bribed and blackmailed key members of Operation Warp Speed (OWS) in order to rush Pfizer’s messenger-RNA-based “fu*k you up” vaccine into the arms of America’s healthcare workers, first responders, and military in order to sideline them with underreported side effects so the commies can execute the kinetic Communist Attack on America. What the article notably fails to mention, though, is that Operation Warp Speed was Jared Kushner’s baby — he pushed for its launch and has overseen it (among his many other shadow-presidential duties).

So why wasn’t Kushner mentioned? And what narrative will they apply to him?…

Will they say Kushner was in bed with the Chinese and apprehend him during the Mass Arrests Psyop (MAP)? – If they do, this is what we’ll see…

Under the Trump-version MAP, we’d be looking at the “victory of the Avatars (Trump, Xi, Putin)” outcome, and we’ll head into the “good” multilateral/multipolar NWO. The NWO Narrative will then say that Trump infiltrated the religious Zionists and let them install Kushner as his handler so he could turn on him at the right time and save the world.

Under the Pence-version MAP, we’d be looking at the “rise of the Christian Grey Champion” Pence after he defeats the “Synagogue of Satan Antichrist Kushner.” Pence would then take us towards the “evil-version NWO” until he’s stopped by Putin.

Will they say Kushner was trying to do good but was sabotaged by the Chicom subversion of the technical experts in OWS? – If they say that under either the Trump-version or Pence-version MAP, we’ll see him rise to the vice presidency and then the presidency as the “false messiah.” The NWO Narrative will later say that Kushner played along with the Chinese to set them up for a fall — using them as the “evil enemy” he defeated to pose as the savior. This may result in the fall of Xi.

No matter what scenario emerges, remember this: both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based on the messenger-RNA technology. Only a fool would allow either of them into his/her body.

~ MORE – 10 December 2020 ~

As you may have already heard from the more sensationalist controlled alt-media sites, both USNI News (which posted its aircraft carrier location map on Pearl Harbor Day, suggesting a “sneak attack”) and Stratfor are showing 3 aircraft carriers (2 Navy + 1 Marine Corps) off of each US coast…

…from Stratfor

This is indicative of the US military bracing for the Communist Attack on America Psyop (it is a psyop because it is not intended to actually defeat America; only to serve as something the false messiah defeats to take his throne). The two Marine carriers are each capable of operating up to 20 F-35s. And the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), which is off the Pacific coast, is likely operating F-35s as well. As of late last month, the USS Gerald Ford (CVN-78), which is off the Atlantic coast, is conducting continuous flight operations with 2/3 of a carrier air wing (which means it can do battle).

While the Communist Attack on America Psyop can begin at any time over the weekend starting tomorrow, I’m expecting it on Monday. Here’s why…

Monday, December 14 is a significant day (from an occultist’s point of view) because it is the exact midpoint between two total solar eclipses that pass over America (“covering America with darkness”): the “Great American Eclipse” of 21 August 2017 and the “Great American Eclipse” of 8 April 2024

…from Time and Date (left, right).

When you overlay the paths of totality from the two eclipses, they form an “X” over America (as if to cancel us out). And the paths intersect over the southern tip of Illinois (near Carbondale)…

…from National Eclipse

The southern tip of Illinois is notable because it lies at the border of the New Madrid and Wabash Valley seismic zones and the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers…

Over the past several years, the Christian prophecy propagandists have been pushing the idea that “God” will cause an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line to divide America if America divides Jerusalem. And can you guess what Kushner’s peace plan does to Jerusalem?…

…from The Jerusalem Post

Correcting for the doublespeak offered by Trump and the article, what Kushner’s Deal of the Century does is formalize the existing division of Jerusalem, separating it into a capital for both Israel and its “enemies.” And you can be certain that the “god of Israel” does not approve. So if the globalists do indeed have sequestered technology capable of inducing earthquakes, we may see one along the New Madrid fault line either Monday or on the day of the second eclipse (when the “X” is completed).

Assuming they choose the latter date for the earthquake, there is something else they can do on Monday to symbolize the division of America: they can launch the civil war. And if they launch that, they’ll likely launch an external attack as well so America will be under siege from within and without. Who will save us from this terrible situation, you ask? Well the false messiah of course.

Another thing worth noting this week are the outer space stories circulating in the media. Here is the first one to break…

…from the Middle East Monitor

Prominent Israeli Professor and Retired General Haim Eshed has claimed that Israel and the US are dealing with aliens who do not want to be identified because “humanity is not ready yet,” Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Saturday.

Eshed served from 1981 to 2010 as the head of Israel’s security space programme, explained the Jewish Press. It noted that he received the Israel Security Award three times, twice for confidential technological inventions.

“[US President Donald] Trump was on the verge of revealing the situation, but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying wait, let people calm down first. They don’t want to start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding,” explained Eshed. “They have been waiting for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceships are. There’s an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here.

The father of the Israeli security space programme said that the aliens are also carrying out research and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe. “They want us as helpers. There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also US astronauts.”

Here are a few quick and dirty notes…

  • The “aliens” mentioned by Eshed aren’t really ETs; they’re the GMO Frankenkinder of the globalists’ “deep black” labs. See The UFO/ET Con for details.
  • They’re trotting this out now to provide the cover story for why the US Space Force has technology that is 100 years in advance of publicly known technology: “The Military-Industrial Complex developed it with the assistance of the aliens.” This cover story obscures the role of the globalists in developing both the technology and the supposed aliens.

The second outer space story to break is Mike Pence’s photo op with the US Space Force at yesterday’s meeting of the National Space Council (which he chairs)…

…from Twitter (top) and The Verge (bottom)

Here are a few quick and dirty notes…

  • They held this photo op to remind people of Pence’s connection to the US Space Force. This provides a backstory for when he (or Kushner or Trump) employs the Space Force to put down the Communist Attack on America and the overseas wars.
  • This event also reminded the public of the Artemis Accords, which involve mining on the moon, other plants, asteroids, and comets. Trump supposedly offered the Military-Industrial Complex the off-planet mining concession to make up for the income that would be lost by stopping the wars. Of course, they don’t need Trump for that if a “fellow Deep Stater” like Pence or Kushner is president.

I have more information to add on these articles, so I may expand the quick and dirty notes in the morning (events permitting). Brain. Need. Sleep. And. Coffee.

After coffee…

A reader sent me a link to a very interesting bit of predictive programming. It is a video that contains a clip from the Fox TV show The Last Man on Earth which portrays the death of the 46th President of the United States, Mike Pence, at the age of 61

…from YouTube

Here are some things to note about that…

  • It portrays Pence as the 46th President of the United States, which is the President who comes after Trump…

  • It portrays Pence’s presidency existing during a viral pandemic that has people, kids, and dogs walking down the streets in masks (just like we’ve seen since March of this year)…
  • It portrays Pence dying at the age of 61. But at the time the show aired, 5 March 2017, Pence was only 57. He turned 61 this year on June 7, and he will remain 61 until June 7 of 2021. So it portrays the timeframe of his presidency and that it will be shortened by death.
  • The clips come from Season 3, Episode 10 (“Got Milk?”). You can watch it on Hulu.

WARNING (1 December 2020): Why December 14 is Trump’s Deadline for Action

If we look at what happened yesterday, 11/30, there were two other significant events that occurred, and both events point to a culmination on Monday, 12/14. The first event was Trump’s state-level legal efforts hitting the end of the road…

…from Vox. Here is an excerpt…

…the deadline in federal law for states to finalize their results is December 8 — Tuesday of next week. Then, the members of the Electoral College will meet (separately in each state) to cast their votes on December 14 — in just under two weeks. They are set to cast the votes that will officially make Biden the next president. And Trump has not yet been able to succeed in interfering with that process.

There were six key swing states where Biden won by small margins, where Trump had hoped to interfere with the certification of results (certification is when a state makes its results official).

Four of those six states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Nevada — certified their results over the past week and a half, with Biden as the winner. The fifth and sixth, Arizona and Wisconsin, certified Biden’s victory on Monday.

So unless Republican-controlled legislatures in a number of states make the unexpected move of replacing the election-appointed electors with their own appointments, the Electoral College will elect Biden as president on December 14. And once they’ve done that he’ll be the official president-elect, and it will look really bad (and unconstitutional) if Trump tries to replace him after that. “Hero” Trump or “Antichrist” Pence therefore needs to make his move before that vote.

Here’s another reason Trump or Pence has to make a move by 12/14: that’s when the “Deep State Mark of the Beast vaccine” is set to be administered in the US…

…from the BBC. (Note that Pfizer’s vaccine approval meeting will occur on 12/10, with shots-in-arms happening four days later on 12/14; Moderna’s approval meeting will occur on 12/17, with shots-in-arms likely happening four days later on 12/21.)

So during the second event on 11/30, Pence told the state governors that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine would be rolled out on Monday, 12/14. And that vaccine was developed by the “Satanist EU Deep State” (via Merkel), not Trump’s Operation Warp Speed…

…from Fortune

Moderna’s COVID vaccine, on the other hand, WAS developed as part of Operation Warp Speed…

…from Business Insider

The fact that the globalists have set up a scenario of competing vaccines, Pfizer’s “Mark of the Beast” vaccine versus Moderna’s “(supposedly) clean” vaccine, actually increases the likelihood we’ll see the Trump version of the Mass Arrests Psyop. And if we do, look for Pence to be among the arrestees and for Trump to halt the 12/14 distribution of the Pfizer vaccine. The Moderna vaccine would then take the stage with the “savior” figure on 12/21.

Speaking of the Moderna vaccine taking the stage with the “savior” figure on 12/21, look at what I just found…

Operation Warp Speed is operating largely independently of the existing White House coronavirus task force, which is also shifting its focus toward vaccine development.

The initiative is being promoted by White House senior adviser Jared Kushner and involves officials from the Defense Department as well as the Department of Health and Human Services. – from the Federal Times/AP

In the past, I’ve noted the two different Coronavirus task forces — the “public one” led by Pence and the “private one” led by Kushner — but I never realized they were competing with each other till now. So we not only have competing vaccines; we have competing task forces. And Operation Warp Speed is Kushner’s baby.

This too raises the probability we’ll see the Trump-version Mass Arrests Psyop, but as I’ve said before, the version we’ll get will be determined by what happens to Kushner. If he’s arrested, we’ll see the version that features the victory of the “good guys” (Trump, Putin, Xi). But if he’s made Trump’s vice president after Pence is arrested, we’ll see the version that features the “Rise of the (decoy) Antichrist” on 12/21.

Here is the sequence of events that would lead to Kushner’s rise under the Trump-version Mass Arrests Psyop…

  1. Trump initiates the arrests.
  2. After Pence is arrested, Trump appoints “someone he can trust” as VP, Jared Kushner.
  3. The “Deep State” unleashes max chaos as they’re taken down, including a leftist war on the streets of America and a false-flag “Iranian” attack that kills Trump on 12/21.
  4. Kushner takes office and leads the US to victory in the ensuing war, appearing to save Israel in the process.

~ MORE – 2 December 2020 ~

In yesterday’s updates, we looked at three significant events that happened on 11/30. Here’s a fourth: Ladyboy (a.k.a. Jared Kushner) showed up in Saudi Arabia that day, no doubt wearing a lovely Armani suit, pink thong, and white shoe ensemble…

…from Al Jazeera. Here is an excerpt…

Jared Kushner, senior adviser to United States President Donald Trump as well as his son-in-law, has travelled to the Gulf in the waning days of the Trump administration to seek final, long-shot victories in US Middle East policy — including ending a Saudi-led blockade of Qatar, analysts have told Al Jazeera.

According to observers, Kushner, who reportedly arrived in Saudi Arabia on Monday, is likely attempting late-stage achievements in the administration’s Middle East policy, which has been defined by advancing Israeli interests and applying maximum pressure against Iran.

That encompasses ending the over three-year-long land, air and sea blockade of Qatar by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and non-GCC member Egypt — and uniting the GCC against Tehran.

The blockading countries in June 2017 had accused Qatar of becoming too close with Tehran and supporting “terrorism”…

Kushner, who has been the White House’s point man in the region throughout Trump’s time in office, is expected to meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS) and also visit Doha to meet Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani in the coming days, US media reported on Sunday…

Nevertheless, the trip represents a personal “swan song” for Kushner, who has maintained a close relationship with MBS over the last four years, said Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at Oklahoma University.

This is his personal end of power. And then he is going to go back to being a real estate magnate,” he told Al Jazeera. “I think he wanted to give one last personal effort to move the ball down the road.”

While eliminating the blockade of Qatar is the public reason for his visit, his real reason for being there is to push through the strike on Iran and coordinate Iran’s response. According to the script, he is talking to the supposedly reluctant MBS to convince him to allow the strike on Natanz, and he is going to Qatar in order to covertly talk to the Iranians (who have a presence there) about choreographing the war drama to follow. Future NWO historians will explain it something like this…

As the date for Trump’s mass arrests and Kushner’s ascension to the vice presidency approached, Kushner traveled to the Middle East to arrange the events that would take him the rest of the way into the presidency. He convinced Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that Trump wanted him to allow the Israeli strike on Natanz, explaining that Trump couldn’t tell him directly without being recorded. He then went to Qatar to make contact with the Satanist Fifth Column within the Iranian leadership to ensure their response to the strike would satisfy his needs.

~ MORE – 3 December 2020 ~

Today we’re going to look at THREE THINGS that inform us about globalist scripting and timing for their current December plans.

The FIRST THING is this…

…from The Times of Israel. Note that Gantz and his party are responsible for the motion’s passage.

The reason they’re moving to dissolve the Knesset — and the reason Israel has seen so many elections recently — is to ensure that Israel is without a government when the Moshiach makes his appearance. This is in keeping with the expectations the prophecy propaganda guys have been instilling in the public…

…from Israel365News. Here is an excerpt…

After a source close to Rabbi Kaduri cited a 40-year-old prediction by the now-deceased Rabbi Kaduri predicting Israel’s current political impasse, several other prophetic sources, some more credible than others, were discovered confirming this prediction. One indicates that the election stalemate will lead to a heavenly battle that will decide the fate of all mankind.

In June, Breaking Israel News published an article citing a 40-year-old prediction by Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, the most famous Kabbalist (mystic) in Israel until his death in 2006. According to an eyewitness, Rabbi Kaduri predicted that the Messiah will be revealed following an election stalemate in Israel. At a small gathering, Rabbi Kaduri was asked when the Moshiach (Messiah) will come. He answered, ‘When there will be elections but there will not be a government’.”

So the fact that the “bad guys” (Gantz and his “Deep State” allies) are beginning the process of dissolving the Knesset at the beginning of December is to ensure that the government is out of commission by December 21, when the Deep State’s false messiah (Kushner) is to take the stage.

Of course, the globalists have also prepared a fallback plan in case they need to abort the installation of Kushner on the 21st…

If the [government dissolution] bill isn’t ultimately approved, the government has until December 23 to pass a 2020 budget or the government will fall and elections will automatically be scheduled for March 23, 2021. – from The Times of Israel

So if the bill doesn’t pass and Kushner doesn’t unveil himself on the 21st, you’ll see the Israeli government deliberately fail to reach a budget deal and be dissolved on the 24th anyway. They’ll then be able to unveil the Moshiach at some point as early as the 24th or as late as the period after the election before a governing coalition is formed. And look at what Jewish holidays lie in that time period…

…from Hebcal

Purim and Passover, then, are the obvious fallback dates for the unveiling of the Moshiach, whether it be “false” Moshiach Kushner or “true” Moshiach Putin.

The globalists’ broke-ass magic grows weaker by the day…

The SECOND THING that informs us of the globalists’ plans also comes from the Kabbalist prophecy punks…

…from Israel365News

I’ve heard it suggested from a number of prophecy propaganda fronts that a US civil war will immediately precede the active hot phase of the Gog-Magog War. But the specific wording of this headline — that the civil war “will ignite” Gog-Magog — is quite notable. To understand why, let’s recall a section from the 22 November update…

On the mass arrests front, globalist disinfo agent Mike Adams (a.k.a. “the Health Ranger”) issued an audio update yesterday that outlines the process. He says it will begin with an internet blackout and undercover special operations forces rounding up “high-level traitors,” then will enter a kinetic street war phase when the armed leftists hit the streets and the uniformed military responds.

So the launch of the mass arrests by the “good guy side” will cause the “evil Deep State side” to activate their doomsday counterattack plans, which will include…

  1. activating their army of street punks to create havoc and disrupt the ongoing mass arrests, and
  2. launching their “Iranian” false-flag to decapitate the “good guy side” by killing the President.

This, then, is the planned sequence of events for the Mass Arrests / Civil War / Gog-Magog Show…

  1. Trump or Pence launches the Mass Arrests, thus starting the “civil war.”
  2. Trump or Pence appoints Jared Kushner his vice president under his war powers and the continuity of government provisions (thus eliminating the need for Congress, which will be undergoing widespread arrests, to confirm the appointment).
  3. The “evil/communist Deep State” counterattacks by starting the combat phase of the civil war and Gog-Magog War, killing the president in the process.
  4. “Hero” Kushner takes over and leads us to victory, saving Israel in the process.

So that is how the civil war — triggered by the mass arrests — “will ignite” the Gog-Magog War.

The THIRD THING that spills the globalists’ beans is this…

…from US News. Here is an excerpt…

The U.S. Congress on Monday began a two-week sprint to rescue the federal government from a possible shutdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, the first major test since the election of whether Republicans and Democrats intend to cooperate.

Government funding for nearly all federal agencies expires on Dec. 11. Congressional negotiators have made progress on how to divvy up around $1.4 trillion to be spent by Sept. 30, 2021, the end of the current fiscal year, according to a House of Representatives Democratic aide.

But more granular details are still unresolved and votes by the full House and Senate on a massive funding bill may come close to bumping up against that Dec. 11 deadline.

Still unclear is whether Republican President Donald Trump, who was defeated in the Nov. 3 election, will cooperate with the effort underway in Congress.

Congress was unable to come up with a budget in September, so they passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through December 11, which is the Friday preceding 12/14. This means a government shutdown will occur that Friday at midnight if the globalists decide to trigger their plans.

A government shutdown at 12:00 AM, Saturday the 12th would mean that most government workers would go home and not show up to work again until another continuing resolution or budget is passed. This would clear the streets of Washington, D.C. that weekend forward so the Mass Arrests Show could run smoothly. And if they’re using a government shutdown to clear the streets in Washington, you can bet that they’ll use COVID lockdowns to clear the streets in all the cities that will see arrests by that same weekend. The internet blackout and Mass Arrests Show would then kick off sometime between the early morning of Saturday the 12th and the early morning of Monday the 14th (in time to stop the Electoral College vote and, under Trump, the COVID vaccine distribution that day).

As for who would order the arrests, that will likely be determined by what happens on the weekend prior to that: the weekend that ends on December 7. Pearl Harbor Day seems a great time for the “Deep State” to launch a sneak attack on Trump, so look for the potential Pence Cabinet Coup this weekend/Monday. Kushner should be back in Washington from his triumphant “peacemaking” visit to the Middle East by then. They won’t start the show without him.

Since the setup for the Pence Cabinet Coup is based on “the exploding COVID emergency that an election-obsessed, mentally-incapacitated Trump is ignoring,” we can expect the newly-minted President Pence to request that the state governors do an immediate COVID lockdown “to mitigate the spread of the disease until enough vaccine can be produced to flatten the curve.” This will get the cities/states locked down by the following weekend (Mass Arrests Weekend). And due to the need to address the government shutdown and debate Trump’s appeal to his removal, Congress will be forced to remain in D.C. over the weekend, which means they’ll all be in town when the arrests begin.

If Pence doesn’t make a move on December 7 and we end up with Trump initiating the mass arrests, the lockdowns will still occur before Mass Arrests Weekend due to “panicked governors and mayors acting independently in response to the post-Thanksgiving explosion of Coronavirus infections.”

~ MORE – 4 December 2020 ~

If we look at how a 25th Amendment removal of a “physically fit, but mentally unfit” Trump would go down, it gets quite interesting. Here is what Section 4 of the 25th Amendment says…

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Thereafter, when the President transmits to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives his written declaration that no inability exists, he shall resume the powers and duties of his office unless the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive department or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit within four days to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. Thereupon Congress shall decide the issue, assembling within forty-eight hours for that purpose if not in session. If the Congress, within twenty-one days after receipt of the latter written declaration, or, if Congress is not in session, within twenty-one days after Congress is required to assemble, determines by two-thirds vote of both Houses that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall continue to discharge the same as Acting President; otherwise, the President shall resume the powers and duties of his office.

So here is how the 25th Amendment takedown would occur if Trump is not in a physical coma or something similar “due to a heart attack/stroke stemming from his recent COVID illness”

1) Pence and a majority of the cabinet would sign and send a written declaration of Trump’s incapacity to Senator Chuck Grassley and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and Pence would immediately become Acting President. Presumably, this would happen on Monday the 7th.

2) Trump would then send a written retort stating that he’s fit for duty, presumably the same day or the next, but he would have to wait four days until he’s eligible to return to office (on Friday the 11th or Saturday the 12th of Mass Arrests Weekend).

3) To keep Pence in office past Friday or Saturday, he and a majority of the cabinet would have to sign and send a second written declaration of Trump’s incapacitation within four days of Trump’s retort.

4) It is at this point where the script can take one of two directions:

  1. some of the cabinet majority can develop cold feet and refuse to sign the second declaration of incapacity, in which case Trump would regain office on Friday or Saturday and presumably order the mass arrests, or
  2. they can sign and send the second declaration, which would allow Pence to remain in office through Mass Arrests Weekend and beyond.

5) In the event the second declaration is sent, Congress would have up to 21 days to either vote Trump out with a 2/3 majority in both chambers or let Trump resume his duties. But this would likely be moot, because they’ll probably be swept up in the Pence-version mass arrests right after they receive the second written declaration. Trump would presumably be killed or disappeared at this time, which would prevent him from retaking office due to Congress being unable to vote him out.

Now let’s look at some alternate scenarios that might be scripted for Trump this weekend / Monday…

Alternative 1: They can put on a Trump assassination show at his rally in Georgia on Saturday.

Recently, we have seen propaganda suggesting that… by putting on a show in which Trump is assassinated by leftists using Chinese heavy weapons, Pence would have the perfect excuse to mass arrest the “Communist Deep State.”

Assassination weapons could include Chinese-made

  • heavy caliber sniper rifles that can penetrate Trump’s plexiglass stage shield,
  • mortars or explosive drones that can fly over the stage shield,
  • roadside explosives big enough to break “The Beast” (the President’s limo),
  • modern tank-killing RPGs that can penetrate the Beast’s armor, and
  • MANPADS that can down Airforce One or Marine One.

Alternative 2: Trump can die or be incapacitated by “a heart attack/stroke caused by his recent COVID illness/treatments.”

Alternative 3: Pence can force Trump to resign by presenting him with two choices…

  1. Resign and receive pardons for you, your family, and your associates, or
  2. Be removed under the 25th Amendment, receive no pardons for your family or associates, and sleep with the fishes.

~ MORE ~

Well, the Drudge Report is featuring headlines one would expect on the Friday before a weekend when Trump is removed for COVID negligence…

…from today’s Drudge Report

And Los Angeles has been turned into America’s biggest locked-down prison, where inmates are allowed outside only to shop for honey buns at the prison commissary. A locked-down prisoner with a tasty honey bun is less troublesome than one without, I guess. Especially if he or she doesn’t have a “purty mouth.”

If our awareness of the globalists’ cabinet coup plans causes them to retreat from this weekend, they can still try for the Trump takedown on Friday, December 11 (it might even be the target date they’re intending). It is a day that can also be used as a trap for the coup plotters — a trap that would feature a surprise reappearance of JFK Jr. as part of the festivities. More on that tomorrow…

~ MORE – 5 December 2020 ~

After laying out what the globalists might do this weekend/Monday, I started thinking of what their fallback plan might be. And the more I thought about it, the better and better December 11 looked. By next Friday, December 11, the current shrill COVID headlines will have another week to grow to a fever pitch, and the nation’s governors and mayors will have another week to respond to the hysteria by imposing draconian lockdowns all across the country. The nation will also be hours away from a government shutdown that day — “right in the middle of a national pandemic emergency.”

Given such a “peak crisis” situation, it’s not hard to imagine Pence and the cabinet making their move against Trump on Friday the 11th in an attempt to preempt Trump’s Mass Arrests Weekend with a Mass Arrests Weekend of their own. Another thing that’s not hard to imagine is Pence standing in the Capitol Building flanked by President pro tempore of the Senate Chuck Grassley and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — each holding declarations of Trump’s incapacitation in his and her hands — announcing that he is now the Acting President of the United States, followed immediately by the (seemingly) shocked threesome being handcuffed by Pence’s Secret Service detail. Is the cabinet coup the planned trigger for the Trump-version mass arrests?

Here’s another little hint I ran across yesterday…

…from ArcaMax

Will Trump be fulfilling that campaign promise after launching the Mass Arrests Psyop, and will the man who discloses all the still-secret JFK files to the public be none other than JFK Jr.? Here are some things I wrote back in my 16-19 May updates about a JFK Jr.-related propaganda video from the Q-Anon disinformation front …

The video suggests that JFK Jr. will be the spokesman for the “good guys” after the mass arrests take place, so it looks like he will be the “trusted face” of the Truth Tsunami PSYOP in the US…

…JFK Jr. really would be the ideal choice for the Truth Tsunami spokesman. Think about it…

The Truth Tsunami revelations will be absolutely devastating to the Democratic Party, so if the globalists have a Republican or conservative do the narration, many Democrats will see it as just another partisan attack and close their minds to the revelations. But if a Democratic Party icon like JFK Jr. does the narration, they will be open to hearing what he has to say. And Republicans will accept the narrative because it confirms all of their suspicions about the Democrats.

On top of this, JFK Jr.’s involvement in the “takedown of the Cabal” will bring satisfaction to all Americans that “the people who murdered JFK have finally been brought to justice.” And offering emotional closure is a powerful weapon of manipulation. The abstract concept of the “Deep State” would be made real and believable when they’re identified as “the bastards who assassinated President Kennedy” — “the bastards who finally got what was coming to them.”

Another reason all this might be triggered on the 11th is because it is considered a “master number” by the numerology nimrods, so the globalists like to commit big acts and release big news on the 11ths and 22nds of key months. And the 11th is not the only day this month with occult significance; the 14th and 21st feature some heavy-duty “signs in the heavens” the globalists would like to exploit. We’ll look at those next.

~ MORE – 5 December 2020 ~

Today’s thing to watch for is a potential Trump assassination at his rally in Voldosta, Georgia. On the Jewish calendar, today is 19 Kislev, but Trump’s speech will occur after nightfall at 7 PM, so any assassination would likely occur on 20 Kislev. And 19 & 20 Kislev hold great significance to Chabad (of which Jared Kushner is a member)…

On the 19th of Kislev of the year 5559 from creation (1798), Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi — a leading disciple of Rabbi DovBer of Mezeritch (see previous entry) and the founder of Chabad Chassidism — was released from his imprisonment in the Peter-Paul fortress in Petersburg, where he was held for 53 days on charges that his teachings threatened the imperial authority of the Czar. [The Rebbe was released from prison on the 19th, but his full freedom was only obtained late in the evening — Kislev 20 on the Jewish Calendar. (1)] More than a personal liberation, this was a watershed event in the history of Chassidism heralding a new era in the revelation of the “inner soul” of Torah, and is celebrated to this day as “The Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism.” – from

So if Trump is assassinated today, on the Rosh Hashanah (New Year) of Chassidism, it would be another “watershed event in the history of Chassidism” because the way would be opened for Jared Kushner to be tapped for the vice presidency by the new President of the United States, Mike Pence. It would be the (decoy) Moshiach ben David’s first step towards the presidency and the dawn of the Messianic Era.

Thanks to reader Onnabugeisha for the tip.

(1 December 2020) – They didn’t try anything monumental yesterday, but the day was not without a significant COVID-related development…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

Dr. Michael Ryan, Director of Global Alert and Response of the World Health Organization (WHO), told journalists at a press briefing on Monday that “pinch points,” otherwise known as places where people gather, must be “managed.”

Ryan spoke about numerous types of public areas, such as airports, public transportation, and even places like ski resorts that governments must “manage” to prevent further spreading of COVID-19.

He called on governments around the world to investigate “all forms of gatherings that lead to people congregating and moving en masse and how they are going to de-risk those processes.”

Ryan said if governments don’t believe those processes cannot be de-risked, governments should “curtail, postpone, and or even manage” those processes.

Now if you pair that development with yesterday’s blaring COVID headlines, you begin to see that they’re now moving towards restricting people’s access to supermarkets/food

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

They will continue squeezing the public tighter and tighter until they trigger an uprising, which they will then harness to carry out their “people’s revolution against the Deep State” / Mass Arrests Psyop.

(29 November 2020) – Tomorrow is 11/30 (which is already underway in Israel), so watch Monday carefully for a “culminating event” related to the Coronavirus and/or a key death or political takedown.

~ MORE – 30 November 2020 ~

Look what’s on the White House schedule today…

…from ABC News

So they’ve scheduled an opportunity for Trump to resign to Pence over lunch and for Pence to afterwards chart a new course on COVID with the nation’s governors. Should this new course materialize and involve a wave of lockdowns across the country, it will be an effort to get the public to stay home so Pence can initiate the Zionist version of the Mass Arrests Psyop.

As for the rationale for Trump’s resignation, the ABC News article lays it out…

…Here is an excerpt…

President Donald Trump could not be more clear in what he’s looking for — what he now needs — to hang on to power.

“It will take a brave judge or a brave legislature,” the president said on Fox News Sunday morning.

What Trump is pleading for is as improbable as it is breathtaking. But there appears to be just enough political bravery of a different sort, coming from state and federal judges as well as state lawmakers, to put the presidency where the voters delivered it early in this long month.

The weekend brought an end to Wisconsin’s partial recount — as funded by the Trump campaign — with President-elect Joe Biden actually netting 87 additional votes, in results scheduled to be finalized Monday. The Trump campaign also lost yet another court challenge in Pennsylvania, this time with the state Supreme Court tossing out a challenge to absentee ballots…

On Monday, the Pennsylvania legislature is set to end its annual session — almost certainly without Republicans taking any action to replace the state’s voter-awarded electors with their own, hand-picked slate.

Last week’s extraordinary public meeting in Gettysburg — with Trump campaign lawyers Rudolph Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, and featuring a phone call from the president himself — culminated with promises of a GOP resolution to “appoint delegates to the Electoral College.”

But state Republican leaders have said for months they would not go rogue and appoint their own electors. In a statement on Saturday, Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler and House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff — both Republicans — issued a joint statement, saying they did not have enough time to consider the resolution before Monday.

So Trump’s state-level legal efforts are running out of road. And while he and the alt-media have been talking tough with their tweets and articles, Trump’s actions — such as allowing the Biden transition to go forward — show no real fight in him. Will the NWO Narrative later attribute this to Deep State blackmail? Is the imprisoned (but so far quiet) Ghislaine Maxwell the Sword of Damocles they’ve placed over Trump’s head?

(27 November 2020) – Get ready for Gantz & Co. to “kill” Netanyahu and blame it on Iran…

…from the Drudge Report

It appears that the Mossad have successfully killed a prominent Iranian scientist, Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. And as one would expect, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have vowed revenge. And who would be the obvious target for their counterattack? The man who specifically targeted the scientist, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu…

Revealing that Israel had removed from a warehouse in Tehran a vast archive of Iran’s own material detailing its nuclear weapons program, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday night named Dr. Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a professor of physics and an officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, as the director of the project. “Remember that name, Fakhrizadeh,” urged Netanyahu, showcasing the material that he said proved conclusively that Iran has lied when it says it has not sought nuclear weapons and that the 2015 nuclear deal was built upon “Iranian deception.” – from The Times of Israel

As I’ve covered in previous updates, both Israel’s Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince MBS are part of the NWO Pantheon of Heroes. And according to the globalist script, both have been fighting their “Deep States” to prevent a military attack on Iranian soil that would lead to a regional conflagration. That is the scripted reason Netanyahu made his secret trip to Saudi Arabia while Pompeo was there (“to stop the air strike”), and that is why the Drudge headline says “Saudi crown prince reluctant to back attack.” So although Netanyahu talks tough about Iran and has authorized indirect air strikes on them in Syria — “to appease his right wing hardliner base” — he is being depicted as restraining the attack on Natanz.

Now that the Mossad have killed the Iranian scientist and elicited a vow of revenge from the Revolutionary Guard, they can launch their own attack on Netanyahu and blame it on the Iranians. They can then wave Bibi’s bloody shirt as they launch their attacks on Iran, Lebanon, and Syria.

So I’ll now reorder the war sequence from the 25 November update…

  1. Bibi is assassinated,
  2. Natanz is struck, and
  3. Lebanon and Syria [“where the missile(s)/terrorists that killed Bibi came from”] are invaded.

~ MORE – 28 November 2020 ~

While we await Iran’s retaliation for the assassination of their nuclear scientist (and the scripted false-flag assassination of Netanyahu at the hands of the “religious Zionists / Israeli Deep State”) we should recall that Monday, November 30 is the anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War in Mandatory Palestine, which led to the creation of the state of Israel (so it represents “the Rise of Zion”). It is also an Israeli memorial day, the “Day to Mark the Departure and Expulsion of Jews from the Arab Countries and Iran.” So it is a good symbolic day for Netanyahu’s assassination. And it is South Yemeni Independence Day too, so it’s a good day for the “Iranian cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag as well.

If we go back to the genesis of the modern state of Israel, it started when the United Nations General Assembly approved a plan for the partition of Palestine on November 29, 1947. This led to war in Palestine the next day, November 30, 1947. So what happened on November 29 led to upheaval on the following day, just like what would happen if Netanyahu is assassinated “by the Iranians.”

For this reason, we need to watch for “Israel War” trouble on all these days…

  • Sunday, November 29 – The Gregorian anniversary of the UN Partition of Palestine,
  • Monday, November 30 – The Gregorian anniversary of the outbreak of war in Palestine,
  • Wednesday, December 2 – The Hebrew anniversary of the UN Partition (16 Kislev),
  • Thursday, December 3 – The Hebrew anniversary of the outbreak of war (17 Kislev), and
  • Friday, December 4 – (18 Kislev) The same reason as December 3 (accounting for a measurement variance).

There can be variances in measuring the Hebrew date of an event due to the Hebrew day starting at nightfall instead of 12 AM and the time difference between New York and Israel (Israel is 7 hours ahead). Wikipedia and some other sites, for instance, hold that the UN Partition happened on 17 Kislev (which means the war started on 18 Kislev). But here is the calendar for November 1947…

…from Hebcal

So as you can see, pretty much the whole week is filled with candidate days. December is going to be a rough month (if the globalists get their way), and I haven’t even gotten to the biggest days yet (December 14 & 21).

~ MORE – 29 November 2020 ~

According to the globalist prophecy fulfillment script for Act 1, Netanyahu’s assassination will trigger the final, hot phase of the First Gog-Magog War, and a false messiah (Kushner) will rise to save Israel and the world from an all-out nuclear war. And at the end of Act 1, the “real” messiah (Putin) will defeat Kushner, even if he has to “rise from the dead” to do it.

As the Act 1 savior figure, Putin is being aided by two lesser messiahs, Trump and Netanyahu. And I most recently wrote about Netanyahu’s role and scripted death four months ago…

(from 29 July 2020) – Speaking of the “good guys,” let’s have a look at some Russian propaganda about Bibi Netanyahu a reader passed along…

…from Sputnik. Here is an excerpt…

>>> In a dramatic twist of fate, Benny Gantz, who repeatedly vowed to never join a government headed by the indicted Israeli prime minister, agreed to form a unity government with Benjamin Netanyahu last Thursday. The choice came at a price for Gantz as he broke with nearly half of his party while his coalition collapsed…

Israeli author, publicist and blogger Yuri Moor, explains that one should bear in mind that during the last three election campaigns the Israeli “post-Zionist media” were unanimously backing Gantz in order to unseat the incumbent prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Nelly Gutina, an Israeli author and political commentator agrees that the coronavirus pandemic was one of the reasons why Gantz decided to team up with Netanyahu.

The second reason, according to Gutina, is that the Kahol Lavan leader could have realised that his political allies are using him as “a tool against Bibi” while trying to oust the prime minister no matter what

Benny Gantz’s sudden political maneouvre has seemingly caught his ally, Yisrael Beiteinu’s Avigdor Lieberman, off guard. Ahead of the March elections Lieberman predicted that the Kahol Lavan-led coalition would have “61 seats without Netanyahu”, adding that a “unity government” was no longer on the table.

“This is a knockdown for Lieberman”, says Eskin. “He is left outside with no real influence. This will be an electoral blow for him in the future”.

“From the point of view of those who created this politico-technological project for the purpose of ousting Bibi… Gantz failed to meet their expectations”, [Gutina] says. <<<

As I’ve written before, the globalists have tasked the hardcore Zionists, Mossad/Chabad, and Chabad-connected Avigdor Lieberman (among others) to play the Israeli “Deep State” bad guys / scapegoats during the NWO transition. All the terrible things that Israel’s globalists did to help lay the groundwork for the NWO will be tied around their necks so they can be sacrificed, thus clearing the many globalist outrages from the public mind. The “good guy” globalist minions can then launch the real (multilateral/multipolar) NWO with a clean slate.

Now let’s look at a similar article from this month…

…from Sputnik. Here’s an excerpt…

>>> Benjamin Netanyahu’s political antagonists have instrumentalised a whole set of tools to unseat the prime minister, including “anti-corruption” protests and banning him from receiving aid to pay for legal services during the trial, say Israeli observers, discussing whether the politician will manage to withstand the pressure…

On Tuesday, Israeli protesters took to the streets of Jerusalem, chanting “shame, shame” and “Bibi, go home”, according to The Times of Israel. For its part, Nir Hasson of Haaretz alleged that Tuesday’s demonstration “was a turning point in the evolution of protests against Netanyahu”, recognising the growing number of youths among the demonstrators. As the anti-Netanyahu protest turned violent, the police stepped in and arrested some 50 individuals. On Friday, hundreds of Israeli protesters demonstrated outside Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem

Israeli society is growing increasingly polarised, with one side believing that Netanyahu is being chased by the old established elites who have weaponised the Israeli court system against the prime minister, while the other claims that Bibi is a corrupt politician who “stole” Israeli democracy, notes Nelly Gutina, an Israeli author and political commentator…

the prime minister was recently forbidden by Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit from receiving donations to fund his legal team. Mandelblit stated that a $2.9 million donation from American businessman Spencer Partrich to Netanyahu was tantamount to an “illicit gift”. As a result, Micha Fettman, one of Netanyahu’s top defence lawyers, was forced to quit over unpaid fees days before the second hearing…

In fact, one of the supposed motivations behind the ruling is to either financially bankrupt Netanyahu or to force him to leave office, the publicist suggests, citing the prime minister’s opponents as saying: “If he wants to pay for his defence, let him mortgage the house” and “If he wants to borrow money for lawyers, let him leave politics”.

In addition to this, Netanyahu was banned from naming police and judicial officials during his corruption trial. Following Mandelblit’s decision, the prime minister openly accused the attorney general of scheming to oust him.

Both the recent wave of violent “anti-corruption” protests and attempts to limit Netanyahu’s abilities to defend himself in court reflect the Israeli “deep state’s” frustration over its obvious inability to topple him, according to Nelly Gutina. <<<

The fact that an official Russian government propaganda site (Sputnik) is featuring articles that portray the “Deep State bad guys” as desperately trying to unseat Netanyahu helps establish Bibi’s bona fides as a “good guy.” But Netanyahu is no ordinary “good guy” in the globalist script; he plays none other than the precursor Jewish Messiah himself, the Moshiach ben Yosef…

…from Breaking Israel News (a globalist/Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site). Here’s an excerpt…

>>> Rabb Levi Sudri, an award-winning Bible expert, makes the case that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is the reincarnation of the biblical figure Jonathan, the son of King Saul, who has returned in order to fulfill his promise of helping David bring in the Messiah…

The Shem M’Shmuel discusses the Jewish tradition of a two-stage process for Messiah. The first stage, referred to as Moshiach ben Yosef, is a practical, mundane process that includes the ingathering of the exiles and building up of the Land of Israel. The second stage is a miraculous process which includes the reestablishment of the Davidic Dynasty and the completion of the Third Temple.

“It is written in the Shem M’Shmuel that in the future, Jonathan will come in the reincarnation of Moshiach ben Yosef (Messiah from the house of Joseph), and it is in the end-of-days that he will serve as the second to the Moshiach Ben David (Messiah from the house of David), which will be the reincarnation of David. At that time, he will fulfill his promise to serve as David’s second in command.” <<<

And if we have a look at the official Chabad script for Netanyahu’s Moshiach ben Yosef character, we see why his supposed enemies are trying so hard to cause his political death or physical assassination: the script calls for it


It should be noted that Chabad have been orchestrating the rise of Trump (the “Moshiach ben Cyrus”), Netanyahu (the Moshiach ben Yosef), and Putin (the Moshiach ben David) for decades. But exposure of their effort caused the globalists to assign them to Team Bad Guys and spread a false narrative that they’re really trying to install Jared Kushner as the Moshiach (which is laughable).

Returning to the ongoing post-election final confrontation between the “election-stealing Deep State” and “Moshiach ben Cyrus” Trump, we find that it mirrors the problems fellow Moshiach Netanyahu has faced in the Israeli elections: Netanyahu Accuses Rivals of Plotting to ‘Steal’ Israeli Election. And even the anti-Netanyahu press have noted the partnership between the two Moshiachs against the “Deep State”…

…from the Financial Times (top) and Haaretz (bottom)

The globalist propaganda team have been sure to feature the “Moshiachs versus Deep State” Narrative in media on both sides of the political divide — promoting it to the Right and bashing it to the Left. Regardless of whether an article promotes or bashes the Narrative, it serves to familiarize the public with the story, which prepares them to interpret the outcome in the way the globalists desire (instead of seeing it as the “good guys versus bad guys” farce it is).

(26 November 2020) – Do you know what’s good with turkey? Popcorn.

I’ve been coming across a lot of chatter about pro-Trump forces unleashing major revelations immediately after Thanksgiving (don’t hold your breath). This talk may serve as the scripted motivation for the expected move against Trump to come as early as today and as late as 11/30.

Do you know what’s good with popcorn? More turkey. So enjoy your Turkey Day…

~ MORE ~

“Releasing the Kraken” is something I often do in the bathroom after eating a large meal of Mexican food, and it is typically accompanied by thundrous sounds and violent, crashing waves of water. It also tends to smell better than the Sidney Powell election fraud spectacle is beginning to.

It’s kinda hard to look at her rather prominent Adam’s apple and typo-filled lawsuits and see her endeavor as anything other than a farce. Of course, everything the globalists do is farcical in nature, so only time will tell if Sidney Powell’s version of “Releasing the Kraken” is meant to be a serious part of the stage play or a cruel joke played on Trump fans.

I call wang…

WARNING (25 November 2020): I’ve come across chatter in Christian prophecy propaganda circles concerning an imminent Israeli invasion of Lebanon and Syria. This chatter is almost a week old, but bears watching due to a news story that came out today…

…from Axios

So what we might be looking at is the Israelis using rumors of a possible Trump strike on Iran as an excuse to mobilize their invasion forces under the cover story of “we need to prepare to defend ourselves from retaliation in case Trump takes action.” They would then launch the attack on the nuclear site in Natanz themselves (in coordination with the Saudis) and almost immediately thereafter invade Lebanon and Syria. By launching the invasion, they would take the initiative against the Iranians and their allies instead of just sitting back and waiting for a counterattack on Israel. And while they roll into Lebanon and Syria, the US and Turkey can move directly on Iran.

Note that the article features a photo of Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the man with whom the “Israeli Deep State” have supposedly been trying to replace Netanyahu. So the NWO Narrative will claim that Gantz and the “Deep State” were responsible for starting the war. And after the strike on Iran is launched, look for an “Iranian missile launched from Lebanon (or Syria)” — which will actually be a “Deep State hit” — to quickly “kill” Netanyahu. In fact, we may see the Natanz strike first, the Netanyahu-killing counterstrike second, and the invasion third; that way, the invasion will look like “payback for killing Bibi” instead of a premeditated action.

(25 November 2020) – December 21 is a date we have been watching this year for a variety of reasons. And a reader has pointed out that it is the date that the final emperor in Rome’s Year of the Four Emperors, Vespasian, took the throne and established a stable rule. So if the globalists are aiming to make this year America’s Year of the Four Presidents (as was covered in the 16 November update), December 21 may be the date they intend to install Kushner. In that case, Pence’s presidency would last only a few weeks (~ 30 November to 21 December) before he is presumably killed by an “Iranian/Communist” attack.

ALERT (21 November 2020): Be on the lookout for a war-starting attack on Turkish forces in Azerbaijan carried out by French “mercenaries” on the Armenian side. The narrative will likely say that the mercs came from France and entered Armenia via Georgia on their way to Nagorno-Karabakh. Choreographing this was the reason for the first leg of Pompeo’s trip to the region (underlined in red)…


The second leg of his trip (underlined in indigo) appears to be for the purpose of reigniting conflict in Afghanistan and arranging the “Deep State” attack on Iran, which will be blamed on Trump in order to remove him from office. The “Deep Staters” around Trump, including Pompeo and Jared Kushner, will “falsely” say that Trump gave the order(s) that enabled the strike.

~ MORE ~

Here’s some troubling news…

…from Fox News

The B-52 is capable of carrying the GBU-57 Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) that would be used to strike Iran’s nuclear site, as is the B-2 stealth bomber…

This opens up the possibility of the Air Force participating in the strike or temporarily lending one or more B-52s to Israel for the strike (which would mean Israeli pilots have secretly trained to fly them).

In the past, the US Air Force has said it would use only B-2 stealth bombers for dropping MOPs because of the B-52’s low survivability in highly defended airspace. This raises a number of possibilities…

  • The B-52(s) will be accompanied by a massive air defense suppression and electronic warfare escort package that would blow up radars and SAM sites all over Iran.
  • The B-52(s) used for the strike may be fitted with prototype tactical laser pods to defend themselves from SAMs.
  • The B-52(s) will be used as decoys while a B-2 approaches from a different direction.
  • The B-52(s) will be intentionally sacrificed so Trump can be blamed for a failed strike mission in Iran just like President Carter was blamed for a failed rescue mission in Iran

Charred B-52 parts on the Iranian sand would provide a great visual to support a cabinet coup. And it offers the globalist scriptwriters the added benefit of getting a war going with Iran without Pence being blamed for starting it.

~ MORE – 22 November 2020 ~

In the 12 October and 14 October updates, I wrote about how the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict was designed to segue into an attack on Iran. But this was stopped by the “Prince of Peace,” Vladimir Putin, when he put his foot down and forced the two sides into a peace deal. He was able to do this because Russia has great leverage over both Azerbaijan and Armenia. So to restart the conflict, the “evil Satanist Deep States” are having two of their member leaders (Macron and Erdogan) send in forces to clash, thus providing an excuse for Turkey to unleash a full war against the Armenians…

…from Al Masdar News

Now if we take a look at a map of the region, we see why Pompeo visited Georgia after stopping in France and Turkey to coordinate their war actions (click on map to enlarge)…

…from Google Maps

As you can see, Georgia borders Armenia’s north and is a Christian nation, so it can serve as a conduit for French “mercenaries” / special forces to make entry into Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. And to get the war restarted, France needn’t send a large force; only a force sufficient to hit the Turkish military in a highly provocative way. This will provide Erdogan the excuse he needs to release the dogs.

The map also shows that Armenia is virtually surrounded by “Deep State”-controlled countries (Turkey, Georgia, and Azerbaijan), with only a 21-mile-wide land conduit connecting them to friendly Iran. So pinching off that conduit will be one of the first things the Turks and Azeris do in the restarted war. And as part of the continuing battle to maintain that blockade, the Turks can direct “accidental” artillery and missile fire into Iran until the Iranians take the bait and strike back.

~ MORE ~

In previous updates, I’ve noted that in the globalist stage play Rudy Giuliani is a both a 9/11 conspirator (and therefore a “deep Deep Stater”) and a Catholic (and therefore part of the “Jesuit conspiracy against Trump”). So it’s no surprise that the script has shown him intervening in Trump’s state-level legal efforts in order to sabotage them…

…from Politico. Here is an excerpt…

President Donald Trump’s senior campaign aides were gathered in their headquarters Saturday morning when word emerged that Rudy Giuliani would be holding a news conference in the parking lot of a Philadelphia landscaping business.

They knew that meant trouble.

Senior campaign aides scurried to urge organizers to kill the event, infamously staged at the wrong “Four Seasons” — a landscaping business adjacent to an adult bookstore and a crematorium. But Giuliani plowed ahead anyway, delivering a conspiracy-filled rant that undercut the legal strategy the president’s advisers had meticulously mapped out in the run-up to the election.

Campaign officials described the episode as disastrous, saying it scared off many of the lawyers they spent months recruiting, who now no longer wanted to be involved. With the campaign already facing exceedingly long odds in its recount efforts, there are widespread concerns within Trumpworld and GOP circles that Giuliani’s antics are thwarting the president’s legal machinery from within.

Just look at what happened when Giuliani appeared in court in Pennsylvania…

…from the Daily Mail

The result was predictable…

…from Zero Hedge

The next logical step for the Jesuits to push Trump out of office would be to have the Catholic-controlled US Supreme Court refuse to hear Trump’s appeals, leaving him with no path to victory. And once Trump has resigned or been removed, Pence could file a successful legal action based on “new evidence.”

~ MORE ~

On the mass arrests front, globalist disinfo agent Mike Adams (a.k.a. “the Health Ranger”) issued an audio update yesterday that outlines the process. He says it will begin with an internet blackout and undercover special operations forces rounding up “high-level traitors,” then will enter a kinetic street war phase when the armed leftists hit the streets and the uniformed military responds.

What’s notable about the audio is that he paints the “Deep State” as “communist.” He doesn’t breathe a word about the Zionists… you know… the people responsible for 9/11. So his narrative is dual-purpose: it could support the Trump version of the Mass Arrests Psyop (in which the whole “Deep State” is arrested) or the Pence version (in which the communist “Deep Staters” are arrested, leaving the Zionist “Deep Staters” free to continue their mischief).

As for when the rubber hits the road, today (the 22nd) and tomorrow (the 23rd) are danger days, as is the end of this month…

…from Infowars

The Catholic agent Bannon is claiming victory will come some time before December 1. And reader Onnabugeisha has contacted me about a globalist numerological pattern that points to the date 11/30. So although events could happen any day, watch today, tomorrow, and the 30th most carefully. We’ll deal with December when we get there.

~ MORE ~

Rudy the Saboteur strikes again!…

…from Twitter

After crashing Trump’s state-level legal challenges, he has kicked off the legal team the one member whom the alt-media have presented as a serious lawyer with the right evidence to succeed in court…

…from Natural News

So who is left running Trump’s legal team now, you ask? The ones underlined in red…

…from Twitter

> Rudy Giuliani, as you already know, is Catholic.

> Joseph diGenova comes from an Italian Catholic family and received his law degree from Jesuit-run Georgetown University.

> Victoria Toensing is diGenova’s wife and law partner, and she too was raised Catholic.

> And Jenna Ellis is something a little different…

…from CNN. Here is an excerpt…

Ellis, an attorney and former law professor from Colorado, repeatedly slammed then-candidate Trump as an “idiot,” who was “boorish and arrogant,” and a “bully” whose words could not be trusted as factually accurate. She called comments he made about women “disgusting,” and suggested he was not a “real Christian”

In another Facebook post from 2015, Ellis, a conservative evangelical Christian, compared Trump to a “last days” bible verse and shared a post calling Trump “without love,” “treacherous,” “abusive” and “unholy.”

So evangelical Jenna Ellis thinks Trump is pond scum and not a “real Christian,” but she is not the only “evangelical” in the White House…

…from The Salt Lake Tribune

One wonders, then, what Ellis thinks of Pence…

…from Twitter

All this being said, Trump has a legal team comprised of 3 Catholics and an evangelical. He also has a Vice President who is a “Catholic evangelical.” So one has to ask if Trump’s legal team is really Team Pence. And once Trump has been moved aside by the “Jesuit Plot,” will Mike Pence bring Sidney Powell and her “new evidence” into Team Pence to bring home the election win?

~ MORE – 23 November 2020 ~

From the looks of the COVID propaganda, they’re going to use a “Post-Thanksgiving Explosion” of supposed infections to lock down the states and impose travel restrictions…

…from today’s Drudge Report

And since Republican Mike Pence is the head of the Coronavirus Task Force and regularly liaises with the all the state governors in conference calls, he’ll be the one to put out the lockdown call, and even Republican governors will toe the line. The lockdowns will be the prelude to his pre-Christmas Mass Arrests Psyop.

Here’s another cluster of headlines that showed up on Drudge today…

…Get a load of Pompeo’s facial expression as he looks at Trump.

According to the Wall Street Journal link in the cluster…

Mr. Netanyahu made the secret trip on Sunday evening to the seaside corner of northwest Saudi Arabia to join U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting with Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Yossi Cohen, the director of Israel’s spy agency Mossad, accompanied the Israeli prime minister, according to Israel’s Army Radio.

Netanyahu and the Mossad chief were there to coordinate the Iran strike with Pompeo and the Saudi leader. But in the globalist script, Netanyahu is currently playing a “good guy” who is trying to stop the “bad guys” from starting the Iran War, so the NWO Narrative will say that he went there in an attempt to stop the strike. So if the globalists cancel the attack, Netanyahu will be credited with the save. Otherwise, they’ll say it was too late for him to stop it, and he may be taken down by the “Israeli Deep State” during or after the strike.

~ MORE ~

Getting back to the “Post-Thanksgiving COVID Explosion” the globalists are preparing to narrate, consider this…

Thanksgiving falls on Thursday, November 26 this year. And COVID has a median incubation period of 4-5 days…


So the (fake) massive wave of Thanksgiving infections will start hitting on November 30, a date we are currently watching. In explaining the globalist numerology pattern that makes the date 11/30 significant this year, reader Onnabugeisha listed a number of significant events that have occurred on dates related to the number 1331, and many of them were Coronavirus events…

1/31The US Secretary of HHS declares COVID a public health emergency
3/11The WHO declares a COVID pandemic
3/13US President Trump declares COVID a national emergency
10/31 – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces the UK will enter a second lockdown
11/13 – The globalists launch the COVID cabinet coup propaganda campaign [1,2,3]
11/30 – ???

It appears, then, that we have a case of the COVID propaganda, COVID incubation period, and COVID numerology converging on the last day of November, which could be the day the post-Thanksgiving lockdown wave propagates across the US (it could also be the day Trump is replaced). And once the streets have been cleared of civilians, the whole month of December will be available to do the Pence Mass Arrests Psyop, including…

  • the covert arrests phase that will begin when the internet goes down for days, and
  • the street warfare phase that will begin when the globalists tell all their BLM/Antifa pawns to hit the streets (to be slaughtered — this is how they get rid of leftists after they’ve outlived their usefulness).

Since he is posing as a Christian, Pence will be sure to “Restore the Republic” in time for Christmas.

~ MORE ~

It looks like today’s big news is that Giuliani’s sabotage effort is paying off…

…from Google

So now we’re facing a situation in which “Trump is wimping out while China-controlled Biden moves inexorably towards the completion of the communist takeover of America and the evil New World Order.” Can anyone save the day?!?

“But of course!” say the Zionists…

At the moment, it’s looking like Trump has a week at most remaining as president. Cue the Middle East explosions…

~ MORE – 24 November 2020 ~

Today we’re going to look at a bit of predictive programming (which I typically call “preparatory propaganda”) that was put out back in 2017 by globalist prophecy propagandist Tom Horn. It is on the subject of the “Grey Champion” (the role Pence has been selected to play in the Prophecy Fulfillment Show)…

…from World Net Daily. Here is a key excerpt…

In 2009, Bannon called historian David Kaiser on the phone. At the time, professor Kaiser worked at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island. Bannon wanted to know if Kaiser, an expert on “the Fourth Turning,” would appear in a documentary he was producing based on Strauss and Howe’s generational theory

Kaiser agreed to be part of the film and traveled to the Washington headquarters of Citizens United, where Bannon was at the time, to be interviewed. At one point during the recordings, Kaiser says Bannon pressured him to agree with something he doesn’t believe. “He was talking about the wars of the fourth turnings,” Kaiser said, recalling how Bannon seemed sharply focused on making the point that another world war was on the horizon and that it would be a catalyst for the arrival of an international leader — the Grey Champion from the Fourth Turning

According to Strauss and Howe, an unexpected national leader would emerge during the current Fourth Turning against all odds from an older generation to become a temporary figurehead or “hero” who leads the globe into a New World Order. This commander — whom they call the Grey Champion (and who some of us could worry is the antichrist) — will continue in power as a result of war or conflict that keeps his regime in command. (A second term for a U.S. president or continuance as executive during presidential war powers or martial law that suspends elections?)

“The winners will now have the power to pursue the more potent, less incrementalist agenda about which they had long dreamed and against which their adversaries had darkly warned,” says the Fourth Turning. “This new regime will enthrone itself for the duration of the Crisis. Regardless of its ideology, that new leadership will assert public authority and demand private sacrifice. Where leaders had once been inclined to alleviate societal pressures, they will now aggravate them to command the nation’s attention” (“The Fourth Turning,” P. 277).

For more information on this, you can read the entry I wrote on the subject back in 2017: Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 8 – Apocalyptic propaganda and the “Grey Champion”. In it, I identified Mike Pence as the likely candidate to play the role of the decoy Grey Champion / Antichrist.

~ MORE ~

If exposure of their current plan proves successful in deterring the globalists from installing Pence, they still have a backup plan. It involves Hillary Clinton, whom prophecy propagandist Tom Horn has termed “the Hilarion“…

…modern Thelemists actually believe Hillary is — or could be — the incarnation of the archetype divine feminine, the Whore of Babylon, the “Hilarion” that is set to take the throne of the most powerful nation on earth to assist Antichrist in his bid to rule the entire world

the rise of Hilarion in 2020 could quickly lead to the consummation of the deep occultism of the deep state. – from SkyWatchTV

So Hillary could take over the role of the “Grey Champion” who gives rise to “Antichrist Kushner,” and it would go down something like this…

Presidential power would transition to the Democrats, and Joe Biden would be taken out for some reason — most likely by physical incapacitation — leading to Kamala Harris becoming president and choosing Hillary as her VP. “Communist” Harris would then take a hard turn to the left with her policies, alarming everyone in the country and leading to Hillary unseating her to “save America.” This would make Hillary the “hero” president — the “Grey Champion” — who takes Jared Kushner as her VP. She would tap Kushner “in an effort to unify the country” (and because the Kushner family, including Jared until recently, are actually lifelong Democrats). And during a time of war Hillary would fall, leaving (decoy) Antichrist Kushner as the president who saves Israel and leads us to victory.

If the globalists were to carry out all of this between now and the end of 2021, next year would be the American equivalent of Rome’s Year of the Four Emperors, because we would have four presidents (five if Biden makes it to inauguration day): 1) Trump, 2) Harris, 3) Clinton, and 4) Kushner. But if we’re able to stop them from putting in Pence, we’ll certainly be able to stop them from carrying out this convoluted mess.

The globalists sorely need to understand one thing very clearly: they need to put down the Kabbalic Crack Pipe and get real. This ridiculous charade is never going to turn out like they want it to. Schrodinger’s cat is dead, and no amount of occulty bullsh*t is gonna resuscitate it. It’s time to wipe clean the chalkboard and come up with something Consciousness will accept, otherwise Consciousness will wipe its chalkboard clean of them.

ALERT: 15 November 2020 – A 25th Amendment Cabinet Coup Against Trump Is Imminent

I’m detecting a setup for a 25th Amendment cabinet coup over Trump’s failure to address the peaking COVID crisis.” Under this scenario, the Democrats will ask the cabinet and Pence (who is head of the public Coronavirus Task Force) to remove Trump so “the ongoing exponential spike in COVID infections can be immediately addressed.” And Pence will agree out of his desire to stop Trump’s ending of the wars. This would also allow Kushner (who is head of the private-sector Coronavirus Task Force) an opportunity to join with Pence in the effort and enter center stage.

There is an extra benefit to this approach: if Trump is removed by a cabinet coup and Kushner is made Pence’s VP, they can use the Iran/Venezuela false-flag to remove Pence, resulting in President Jared Kushner leading the war against Iran that saves Israel.

Additional elements of the setup have been detected. An entry will be posted within the next few hours.

~ MORE ~

During this morning’s infoscan, I ran across this…

…from CNN. Here is an excerpt…

Joe Biden has spent these early days as President-elect pleading with Americans to pay attention to the relentless surge of Covid-19 — with deaths averaging more than 1,000 a day in the past week — as President Donald Trump continues to ignore the deepening crisis and touts the promises of yet-to-be-approved vaccines as his panacea…

When asked about projections that another 200,000 deaths are possible in the next four months, Fauci said the country can change that trajectory by “very, very vigorously adhering to the public health measures” in combination with swift distribution of a vaccine.

“We don’t have to accept those large numbers that are so terrifying,” he said.

But the President is still adhering to the same hands-off approach that led so many voters to reject his leadership on Election Day, inaccurately stating that the increase in cases is the result of increased testing as he tries to focus public attention on his administration’s efforts to speed up a vaccine through Operation Warp Speed.

Trump’s focus however is still on the election results…

Amid that leadership vacuum, many doctors and top medical experts are bracing for even greater holiday spikes, noting that Americans have simply let their guards down and given in to the desire to return to normal life. The President unquestionably played a role in those attitudes as the administration abandoned its public coronavirus task force briefings months ago and he tried to win reelection by advancing the falsehood that the US was “rounding the corner.”

While Biden is publicly projecting calm about the governing crisis — allowing the Trump campaign’s election challenges to work their way through the courts, where they are amassing a growing string of defeats — he called for “urgent action” Friday by the Trump administration, including an acknowledgment of how serious the current Covid-19 situation is.

This crisis demands a robust and immediate federal response, which has been woefully lacking. I am the president-elect, but I will not be president until next year,” Biden said, underscoring the limitations of his position. “The crisis does not respect dates on the calendar, it is accelerating right now.”

Upon seeing this, I knew exactly what they’re up to, and I remembered a headline I’d seen a few days ago (but didn’t bother to read at the time)…

…from (a division of Yeah Right Inc.). Here’s an excerpt…

U.S. President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to make controlling the coronavirus a top priority and is likely to push for mask wearing mandates and more fiscal stimulus to keep businesses and workers afloat.

But in the two months until inauguration day on Jan. 20, skyrocketing infections could add more than 8 million more cases and 70,000 deaths, representing a potential 80% increase in infections and a 29% rise in deaths, according to Reuters calculations.

The only ways to change the outcome, experts said, are for President Donald Trump’s outgoing administration to alter its strategy

Trump has shown less involvement in the White House coronavirus task force in recent weeks as he focused on his re-election campaign and an effort to challenge votes in several states after the Nov. 3 election…

At the current daily rate of deaths, another 70,000 to 150,000 Americans may die between now and Inauguration Day, according to Reuters calculations…

If nothing changes between now and the presidential inauguration on Jan. 20, “we may be in a very concerning, very alarming situation,” Oxford’s Daco said.

So the propaganda setup for this cabinet coup started on Friday the 13th, and articles like these first two outline the supposed PROBLEM. But also on Friday the 13th, a separate article outlined the globalist SOLUTION…

…from The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt, with my addition in [brackets]

Imagine a president who was acting swiftly, deploying U.S. military units to construct field hospitals in hard-hit areas. Such a leader could also use federal vehicles and planes to transport sick patients on emergency airlifts to urban hospitals that have spare capacity. They could open the Navy’s floating hospitals for business today and bring sick patients to them. They could even negotiate with Canadian leaders such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario Premier Doug Ford to make Ontario’s hospital beds available in case U.S. capacity is taxed. A grateful nation would applaud this type of swift, decisive leadership.

Trump is, alas, not that man. He’s had multiple opportunities to rise to the occasion during the pandemic and show the strong, compassionate leadership the country craves. Instead, he is focusing his attention on his paranoid jeremiad against nonexistent mass voter fraud — more intent on staying in his job than doing it. It’s sad that even the compassionate and intelligent people he’s close to, such as first lady Melania Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump [and her husband Jared Kushner], can’t seem to use the influence they have to move him to action.

Pence, however, is not beset with regret or consumed with wild conspiracy theories. He is a serious and compassionate man who surely understands the gravity of the situation and has the administrative ability to oversee a federal emergency effort. He has also spent four years patiently building and wielding influence within the White House, including as head of the administration’s Coronavirus Task Force. He’s not the president, but perhaps he can persuade the president to let him act like one now.

Pence should also be cognizant of the political moment. Many polls show that he leads the prospective field of potential Republican nominees in 2024 if Trump does not run again. He would surely cement that status if he were to visibly head an effort designed to save American lives. Such a role would also subtly distance himself from the man in whose shadow he has toiled. While Trump fiddled and America burned, Pence rounded up the local fire brigades to douse the flames.

The alternative could be awful for the country and for the political future of anyone in the administration. Imagine what will happen as hospitals fill up and patients are turned away. People will die in the richest and most powerful country in the world because their government isn’t doing everything in its power to save them. At current rates, it’s not hard to imagine seeing children who have lost their parents for lack of critical care, or hospital administrators begging for someone to save their charges. It would be like the news coverage of the suffering after Hurricane Katrina, but a thousand times worse.

A flood of stories such as this will force the administration to act, but it will already be too late.

Politicians react to events; leaders shape them. We know which of these President Trump is. What about you, Mr. Vice President?

So “tens of thousands of American lives rest on whether Pence takes action or not,” as does “America’s national security and position in the world.” Amidst this “terrible storm,” will the “Grey Champion” rise to the occasion?…

As for when they are/were planning to attempt the coup, it could be any moment now. Reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out that Tuesday, 11/17 is a significant day for occult numerologists, and that would fit quite well. The coup would begin with a big COVID story — perhaps someone in the White House or Pence’s inner circle dying of it — hitting at the beginning of the weekly news cycle (late Sunday or Monday). This would spur Pence to take action on Tuesday.

Other candidate dates include 11/18, 11/22, and 11/23. We can look at more dates if the need arises.

~ MORE – 16 November 2020 ~

So far today, the COVID news is positive, but here is some other news that will have the Military-Industrial Complex going apoplectic…

…from Zero Hedge

And let’s not forget that Biden has outlived his usefulness and will soon be added to the “Clinton bodycount.” His assassination blamed on a “white supremacist Trump supporter” would kick open a hornet’s nest that would “compel” Pence to remove Trump from office to assuage public anger.

Biden and Harris will be together in Wilmington, Delaware today, so a Clinton assassin could get a twofer: a dead Biden and dead black woman. That would certainly get Antifa/BLM in an uproar.

In previous updates, I’ve noted the globalists’ penchant for weaving historical parallels — particularly ones from Roman history — into their geopolitical scripts. And I’ve noted that the scripting for Trump seems to be following the story of Vindex.

Gaius Julius Vindex was a Roman governor who led a rebellion against the wicked Emperor Nero in order to replace him with a fellow governor named Servius Sulpicius Galba. But Vindex was defeated in battle and afterward committed suicide. Despite Vindex’s fall, Galba later became emperor with the support of the military, and he struck coins to commemorate Vindex, without whom he wouldn’t have ascended to the throne. Galba’s reign was short-lived, though. He was replaced as emperor only 7 months later in January of the year 69, which was the Year of the Four Emperors.

Now if we look at how Donald John Trump has been scripted, we see that he led a rebellion against the wicked Deep State, but was defeated by treachery in his battle for a second term. And due to his actions since the loss, he is committing political suicide by forcing the Deep State to take him down immediately to stop his ending of the wars. This will lead to Pence taking the throne with the support of the military. And like Galba, Pence’s reign will be short-lived — he’d be lucky to make it to 7 months before being taken out by an “Iranian” false-flag and replaced by Kushner.

If the globalists push this storyline to a conclusion by the end of the year, 2020 would be the Year of the Four Presidents: 1) Trump, 2) Biden (who was fraudulently elected and never took office), 3) Pence, and 4) Kushner. Otherwise, they’ll bring it to a conclusion next March or September.

~ MORE – 17 November 2020 ~

Last night, they added to the list of “incredibly dangerous things Trump is doing and not doing in his final days (so let’s get rid of him now)”

…from the Drudge Report

So while we wait for them to make their move, here are some numerological and historical reasons November 17 and 18 are dangerous days (on account of the globalists’ fixation on such nonsense)…

…from Epoch Converter and Wikipedia

Particularly notable among the Pope-related events of past 18ths of November are the election of an Antipope (a historical parallel for the possible replacement of Pope Francis with Pietro Parolin) and Pope Innocent III’s excommunication (and later replacement) of Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV (a historical parallel for the possible replacement of Holy Roman Emperor Trump I by the Catholic Pence I).

Let’s also remember to watch the Vatican over these two days (and those beyond) for one of the following:

  • the death of Pope Benedict, which would lead to a funeral gathering of world leaders and the destruction of Rome and Pope Francis, taking us toward the “good” NWO, or
  • the death and/or replacement of Pope Francis by Pietro Parolin, taking us towards the “bad” NWO.

Have a look at what happened yesterday, Monday the 16th…

…from The Hill

Pence met with Trump, then showed leadership on COVID. So what was discussed during that lunch? Will history record yesterday as the day Pence gave Trump “the talk” (“you have three choices: do what we say, resign, or be replaced”)?

The media are dredging up the supposed Vatican conflict between the “Right-leaning Benedict” and the “Left-leaning Francis” with new articles this week…

…from the Express (top) and the Church Militant (bottom)

They typically do this as they approach opportunities to carry out events related to the scripted conflict. So, again, keep an eye on the Vatican tomorrow and for the rest of this month.

As one would expect, the mainstream media Express article features the Left-wing propaganda line and the controlled alt-media Church Militant article features the Right-wing line. Time and events permitting, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the two articles tomorrow.

Remember that the overall globalist strategy for the Prophecy Fulfillment Show is to…

  • plunge us into the scary “Far Left” (which is where we are right now in Act 1), then
  • plunge us into the scary “Far Right” (in Act 2), then
  • swing us back to the Balanced Middle when they present us with the “Real Jesus Christ” at the end of the Play.

It’s the old globalist strategy of Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis, with the Thesis (the Far Left) and the Antithesis (the Far Right) being resolved into the Synthesis (the Balanced Middle). And once the public’s ride to the Synthesis ends, they will be both…

  • relieved to be back in the Balanced Middle where things make sense and the world is peaceful, and
  • convinced that “people are just too crazy to rule themselves; we need (the globalist-chosen) Jesus to rule us.”

~ MORE – 19 November 2020 ~

I’m currently monitoring chatter about Rudy Giuliani sabotaging Trump’s state-level legal battles and Israel seeking to strike Iran’s nuclear site while Trump is still in office. So here are some scenarios to watch for on the 22nd and 23rd (Sunday and Monday)…

  • Trump, faced with state-level legal losses and an unhopeful private briefing from his Supreme Court lawyers, resigns to get a pardon from Pence.
  • Israel stages a false-flag “Iranian” attack on America (or goads Iran into launching a real attack) to justify strikes on Iran.
  • Trump formally orders the Pentagon to strike Iran’s nuclear site, leading to a cabinet coup by Pence to stop “a hasty and impulsive action that would lead to all-out war.”
  • Israel strikes Iran’s nuclear site using bunker busters (and possibly the MOP) secretly (and illegally) transferred to them by Trump, leading to an “Iranian” counterattack that either kills Trump or triggers a cabinet coup. Alternatively, a Trump order to illegally transfer the weapons leads to a cabinet coup.

Secretary of State Pompeo is in Israel today and will go to Saudi Arabia for the G20 Summit this weekend. So while the press are saying that Pence and he dissuaded Trump from attacking Iran last week, he is in the Middle East right now arranging just such an attack. From the looks of it, the strike will be launched from Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia and will employ Israeli F-35s to knock out radars and air defenses while a Saudi C-130 drops a GBU-57 MOP on the Iranian nuclear facility in Natanz. The MOP would come from the prepositioned ordnance stores the US Air Force keeps at that base.

(15 November 2020) – As it turns out, something notable did happen on Friday the 13th, if you can call sending a memo notable. The new Secretary of Defense put the “Military-Industrial Complex” (MIC) on notice that all wars will be ended, presumably in the time between now and the inauguration…

…from Scribd. The memo goes on to say that new cover sheets will be placed on all TPS reports, so the new SecDef is really making a diff.

Looking at this from the perspective of The Event script, Trump’s move to swiftly end all wars creates an urgent motivation for the MIC to stage a false-flag attack to justify maintaining its moneymaking forever war. It also creates an urgent motivation to target Trump with the false-flag, which would give them the kind of president they want…

…Finally, notice how the first article mentions the strike-approving notorious war ghouls John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Can you guess who used to hang with them back when they were cheerleading the Iraq War?…

…Yep, Mike Pence, the next war ghoul president. Pence is highlighted in grim reaper black, McCain in piss yellow, and Graham in tinkerbell pink. The picture was from their trip to Baghdad in 2007, when they were opposing a deadline for US troop withdrawal from Iraq. – from the 7 April 2017 update

Alternatively, the Pentagon memo shows Trump moving all the pieces into place to fulfill his campaign promises after mass arresting the “Deep State that has been tying his hands.” And if they do go with the Trump Mass Arrests option, look for Mike Pence to be one of those arrested, leading to Trump appointing someone he can trust — someone who’s family — as his new VP: Jared Kushner.

So Jared Kushner is the key chess piece to be watched in whichever version of the Mass Arrests Psyop we end up seeing. If he gets arrested by Trump, we’ll be moved towards the “good” NWO. If he isn’t arrested, he’ll become VP and take us towards the “evil” NWO. So Ladyboy is carrying a lot of weight on those delicate shoulders of his…

(14 November 2020) – We may have dodged a bullet (or a Templar sword) yesterday. Prior to going into his noon Operation Warp Speed briefing — which could have been narrated as his final check on the preparations for the mass arrests — Trump had “cleaned out Deep Staters” at the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon…

…from The Washington Post

This was done so everything would be ready for Pence when he stepped in — so Pence wouldn’t have to make any moves that would look dictatorial or threatening before initiating the mass arrests. Now we wait to see when and how they’ll make their next attempt to install him.

Since installing Pence and Kushner is the key move in the globalists’ current plan, I’m going to sit on it all the way till inauguration day if I have to. So I’ve changed the warning at the top of the blog and modified The 2020 Election Guide to become a guide on The Kushner Plot. Let’s see how bad they want it…

~ MORE ~

File this one under “It Should Come As No Surprise”…

Over the past week, President Donald Trump has axed his defense secretary and other top Pentagon aides, his second-in-command at the U.S. Agency for International Development, two top Homeland Security officials, a senior climate scientist and the leader of the agency that safeguards nuclear weapons.

Engineering much of the post-election purge is Johnny McEntee… – from the Anchorage Daily News

McEntee was raised as a Catholic and attended St. Angela Merici Parish School in Brea, California. He played high school football at Servite High School in Anaheim. – from Wikipedia

(13 November 2020) – In the 11 November update, I outlined a scenario in which the state-level court battles would go poorly for Trump, causing him to resign in order to receive a pardon from Pence. Well lookie lookie here…

…from Zero Hedge (top) and The Hill (bottom)

I also ran across a rather detailed Hal Turner report about mass arrests starting in a just a few days.

Together this gives rise to another scenario: Trump resigns for the seeming reasons of the failing legal challenges and seeking the pardon, but for “the actual purpose of minimizing the negative reaction from rank-and-file Democrats when the mass arrests go down.” The narrative would say — after the Mass Arrests Psyop — that “because ordinary Democrats had been so conditioned to see Trump as a dangerous Nazi, he felt people would feel far less threatened if Pence headed the mass arrests. Besides, the mass arrests would complete his goal of ‘draining the swamp,’ so he wanted to return to his normal life.”

So will Trump resign at the 4PM EST press conference today, leading to Pence’s coronation?

(13 November 2020) – Just to be on the safe side, I thought I’d better mention this possible signal…

…from today’s Drudge Report (top) and Wikipedia’s entry on the Panic of 1893 (bottom). Here is the opening sentence of the latter: “The Panic of 1893 was a serious economic depression in the United States that began in 1893 and ended in 1897.”

We don’t want these dogs sneaking up behind us and biting us on the heel, do we?

Also, a reader points out that COVID was declared a national emergency on a Friday the 13th…

…from (top)

So will something COVID-related hit us on this bookend Friday the 13th?

Speaking of COVID, look at what’s on the President’s schedule today…


Remember that the controlled alt-media have been hinting that Operation Warp Speed is about more than distributing vaccines; it’s supposedly about positioning military forces all around the country to do the Mass Arrests Psyop too.

(12 November 2020) – A reader sent me this…

The execution of 23rd and last Grand Master James Molay, Knights Templar, in 1314 elicited a vow of revenge by the Freemasons against the (French) Crown and the (Catholic Papacy) Tiara. Which was accomplished after 650 years by the French revolution and regicide and, on November 13, 1964 56 years ago Friday, when Masonic Pope Paul 6 in a ceremony in Saint Peters deposited the tiara (eventually sold and now in Washington DC) and in the 4 popes since then has never been used again. Revenge taken, no more king and no more Pope.

Friday can’t pass without something happening!

Upon looking into this, I found lots of interesting connections (which I’ll detail tomorrow), including the fact that Molay was condemned to death by burning at the stake in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, which was itself burned last year (the sentence was carried out on the nearby “Island of the Jews,” where Jews were often executed). For now, though, let’s look at the part I bolded.

The reader was quite accurate about the Papal Tiara and its current location…

…from The New York Times

The tiara was purchased by Catholics in the United States and is now kept in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. – from Wikipedia

There is something significant about all this, but it hasn’t yet clarified itself in my head. Until I figure out what’s going on, my main concern is the nuclear attack angle. Will Washington, D.C. — which is the capital of the Third Roman Empire where the Papal Crown resides — burn like Notre Dame burned? The basilica that contains the tiara is 3 miles (as the crow flies) from the White House, and there are six Catholic churches in close proximity to the National Mall…

…from Google Maps

Is a nuke in one of those places?

You may have noticed that I highlighted the number 56 in the reader’s comment. I did this because another reader, Onnabugeisha, previously told me that the number 56 is important this year. Upon asking for clarification, I learned that 56 has been used with inordinate frequency in connection with CORONAvirus news…

…from Bing

Given that corona is Spanish for “crown,” and tomorrow is the 56th anniversary of the Jesuit disposal of the Papal Crown, things are beginning to clarify.

Will Trump die of Coronavirus complications tomorrow, leading to the coronation of Mike Pence?

Will Pope Francis die of Coronavirus complications tomorrow, leading to the coronation of Pietro Parolin?

Will Washington and Trump be burned to death tomorrow, leading to the coronation of Pence and later Parolin? Will Rome get hit by a supposed asteroid?

Will mass arrests begin tomorrow on the anniversary of the mass arrests of the Templars?

By the way…

The day the Papal Tiara was cast aside, November 13, 1964, was a Friday the 13th (this reinforces the idea that it was “Templar” revenge)…

~ MORE – 13 November 2020 ~

Getting back to the reader’s comment, there is indeed a longstanding story about a curse Molay laid on his accusers, but it appears that the part about the French Crown and Papal Tiara were added later by the Freemasons. Here is a history on the subject I’ve pieced together from three sources…

Behind unfounded accusations of financial corruption and heresy, King Philip [IV] — known to be deeply in debt to the Templars — with the support of Pope Clement V, grabbed his chance to wrest wealth and assets from the two-hundred-year-old Order that had by 1302 found itself no longer controlling any part of the Holy Land.

On the 13th October 1307, all the Templar Brothers in France were arrested in an audacious series of dawn raids and imprisoned on charges of heresy. ‘Heresy’ was defined as anything that did not conform to the accepted beliefs of the church and anyone defying norms of ecclesiastical authority became suspect. Punishments could be brutal, such as life imprisonment for the convicted — on confession — or burning the condemned at the stake…

Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templars stationed in Cyprus… One of Molay’s actions that unleashed a degree of hostility towards him from King Philip was when he objected to plans to unify the Knights Templars and the Knights Hospitaller — a rival order that cared for sick and injured pilgrims in the Holy Land — on the grounds that he believed the rivalry between the Orders had led them to their best for Christendom. King Philip being in enormous debt to the Templars was in favour of merging the Orders under his own command, which would have given him unprecedented authority over the institution, technically making him ‘War King’.

Pope Clement V, under pressure to fall in line with King Philip’s decisions — Philip had disposed of previous Popes through trumped up charges of heresy — moved the Papacy to Poitiers in France from Italy where the dogmatic King could wield more influence over both the Papacy and the Templars. Philip took advantage of growing rumours of impropriety committed by the Order which Clement conveniently undertook to investigate on behalf of the crown…

Because it was virtually impossible to escape from a charge of heresy it was a certain means of ensuring the ruin of an enemy or rival, hence the attack on Molay and his Templar brothers by King Philip. The complex and protracted trial of the Templars lasted five years with Jacques de Molay and other Masters such as Geoffroi de Charney held in jail in Paris when finally on March 22nd 1312 the Order of the Knights Templar was abolished by papal decree at the Council of Vienne…

On 18th March 1314 when Molay, along with three other Templar leaders, were led to their final grim destination a small island in the Seine the former Templar Grand Master was 70 years old.

Out of the flames which lapped around him Molay’s voice was alleged to have been heard cursing King Philip and his family along with Pope Clement. As he experienced the agony of being burned alive Molay is said to have invoked a ‘curse’ calling to Christ to prove the Order’s innocence and bring its persecutors to the judgement of God. Thus the institution of the Order of the Knights Templar was destroyed, dying as it had been born and lived in blood, rage and Catholic piety.

Whether Molay’s calling for revenge at the point of an agonising death had any actual effect as a curse against his persecutors is debatable but in an extraordinary coincidental turn of fate or bad luck, Pope Clement died just thirty-three days after Molay’s execution. Seven months later King Philip himself became gravely ill and unexpectedly passed away on the 29th of November. Over the next decade, the Capetian dynasty of which King Philip was a part of staggered to its end as each of Philip’s childless sons briefly became King and died. Whether or not one believes in Jacques de Molay’s curse as divine retribution there is no doubting the calamity France faced after the Templars’ downfall as the Kingdom’s internecine convulsions led to the Hundred Years’ War with England. The descendants of King Philip became known as the ‘Accursed Kings’ reinforcing the mythology revolving around Jacques de Molay’s curse. – from

Some 400 years after the death of de Molay and the dissolution of the Knights Templar, the fraternal order of Freemasonry began to emerge in northern Europe. The Masons developed an elaborate mythos about their Order, and some claimed heritage from entities in history, ranging from the mystique of the Templars to the builders of Solomon’s Temple. The stories of the Templars’ secret initiation ceremonies also proved a tempting source for Masonic writers who were creating new works of pseudohistory. As described by modern historian Malcolm Barber in The New Knighthood: “It was during the 1760s that German masons introduced a specific Templar connection, claiming that the Order, through its occupation of the Temple of Solomon, had been the repository of secret wisdom and magical powers, which James of Molay had handed down to his successor before his execution and of which the eighteenth-century Freemasons were the direct heirs.”

The modern Masonic Knights Templar is an international philanthropic and chivalric order affiliated with Freemasonry, and begun in Ireland perhaps as long ago as 1780. – from Wikipedia

Albert Pike claimed the Knight Kadosh, the 30th degree within the Ancient Accepted and Scottish Rite, commonly known as a ‘Vengeance degree’, involved the trampling on the Papal tiara and the royal crown, destined to wreak a just vengeance on the high criminals for the murder of de Molay. – from Wikiwand

Here’s a late development (11/10): Vice President Pence’s vacation to Sanibel canceled. Gee whiz, I wonder what spoiled his “vacation” plans. Does this mean the whole thing is off? Will I ever get to use my popcorn popper?

(10 November 2020) – File this one under “These Fu*king Guys”…

Vice President Mike Pence is preparing for some much-needed rest and relaxation, according to a report.

The vice president will travel Tuesday to Sanibel, Fla., and is scheduled to stay put until Saturday, according to flight logs from the Federal Aviation Administration obtained by the Associated Press. – from the New York Post

So Pence will be safely away from Washington and Trump on Wednesday, 11/11 and Friday the 13th. I wonder why…

~ MORE ~

With Pence’s “vacation” plans indicating that we might be just a day or three away from the takedown of Trump, let’s turn our attention back to someone I almost forgot, Jared Kushner. Here are some things I wrote about him in Jared Kushner’s Role as the Decoy Antichrist (which can be found in Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception)…

The globalist scriptwriters are attempting to portray a conflict between…

the hardcore Zionists & the evil Chabad-Lubavitchers on one side


the “true” precursor messiahs, Trump & Netanyahu, on the other side.

According to the script, the Zionists and Chabadniks are attempting to start a catastrophic Middle East war so they can present a false Moshiach ben David to the world. And in one of the globalists’ most ridiculous casting choices yet, they have identified Jared Kushner as the false messiah Chabad is attempting to install. I mean, just look at the little dork…

…He has the same “commanding presence” as the average Thai ladyboy.

Anyway, the “true” messiahs are supposedly attempting to foil the evil war plans of Chabad/Mossad, the Zionists, and the “Moshiach ben Pantywaist,” which is why the “bad guys” are attempting to either cow or take down Netanyahu…

The globalists’ current promotion of Jared Kushner as the fake moshiach that Chabad is trying to install means that Kushner has now taken over the role of the “decoy Antichrist” formerly held by Obama. And just as they did with Obama when they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, they have positioned Kushner as a “man of peace” by giving him the lead in creating Trump’s Middle East peace plan. It is a widespread expectation among propagandized Christians that “the Antichrist will enter the world stage masquerading as a ‘man of peace’ who temporarily brings an end to war.”

Here is an article heading from one of the globalists’ key prophecy propaganda sites, Tom Horn’s SkyWatch TV, which hints at Kushner being the Antichrist…

…Within prophecy propaganda circles, the Bible verse above Kushner’s head is widely associated with the Antichrist. And note that Kushner’s image is placed between the Palestinian and Israeli flags, showing him in his “peacemaker” role. Also note the book and its reference to the Third Temple, where the Antichrist will one day “stand in the Holy Place.”

That being said, here is the current plan for the prophecy fulfillment show…

The globalists will make it appear that Kushner is the Antichrist playing the peacemaker so he can rebuild the Jewish Temple and sit upon its throne. But Putin will defeat Kushner, bring “real peace,” and head a “just” New World Order under the “reformed” UN. And at some point, either at the beginning or the midpoint of his 7-year reign, Putin will claim to be Christ and sit on the throne of the Third Temple. Three and a half years after that, the (globalist-selected) real Christ will come to remove Putin from his chair.

In the time since I wrote that section last year, Ladyboy (which I imagine is Kushner’s Secret Service codename) has ushered-in the Abraham Accords, by which he is establishing “a peace covenant with Israel and the many” Arab and Muslim nations. This is something that fulfills a key “antichrist” expectation…

Daniel 9:27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

Although the Abraham Accords peace covenant is being publicly trumpeted as Trump’s accomplishment, he is only the figurehead. Kushner is the one who put it all together…

…from the Jewish News Syndicate

So Kushner is the only candidate for the Decoy Antichrist role who has this key element on his resume. And once Trump goes down, the Israelis will want him to have a solid foundation in the Pence administration from which to continue bringing more nations into the Accords. Pence, being a prophecy-focused religious Zionist who is totally sold out to Israel, will accommodate their wishes by naming Kushner his Vice President. This will place the Decoy Antichrist within a heartbeat of the presidency, an office which would give him the power he needs to act as the Jewish Messiah.

This brings us to a Kabbalist prophecy propaganda article I ran across a while back…

…from Israel365News. Here is an excerpt…

“I no longer travel outside of Israel. The Messiah is so close that I am afraid that I might miss his arrival. Rabbi Kanievsky said the Messiah is here, in Israel, but he did not give a precise time when he will be revealed. He is here but he does not have all the power he needs to act as the Messiah. All of the signs given in the Talmud, in Jewish tradition, have already appeared.”

Now let’s look at another excerpt from the same article…


We are currently in the midst of the War of Gog and Magog. In the War of Gog and Magog, the actual shooting and fighting with physical weapons will only come at the end. That was described in the Bible by the prophets. Most of the war, the beginning, will be a war of faith.”

“Another Tzaddik said that all the military operations in the past few years will be a mere ‘sprinkling’ compared to what is yet to come. There will be a war with Iran but Israel will not be directly involved.”

“There will be a war with Iran but Israel will not be directly involved,” eh? Well who would be involved, then? Perhaps Turkey and the United States?…

…from The Guardian

If this thing goes forward, future NWO historians will say that it is at this meeting that Erdogan agreed to back off in Syria in exchange for Pence and Pompeo pledging to help him defeat Iran.

And what could put Pence in the Presidency AND give him an excuse to “join with NATO ally Turkey” to attack Iran? The death of President Trump at the Iranians’ hands of course, whether it comes in the form of a nuclear explosion in Washington or a drone swarm attack on his golf cart.

With that in mind, let’s look at the three days ahead…

11/11 is significant because it is the 11th day of the month, a day the globalists like to do shocking and terrible things (like 9/11), and because 11/11 is looked upon with awe by NWO-welcoming New Agers. So Wednesday could be a day of terrible shock and awe.

11/12 is significant because it is the 72nd birthday of the communist head of the Jesuit Order, Arturo Sosa. My reader who watches the numbers, Onnabugeisha, has pointed out that this year’s Beirut explosions occurred on August 4, communist Obama’s birthday. And the Beirut bombings of the Marine barracks in 1983 occurred on October 23, the birthday of Ignatius of Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order). So Thursday could be an explosive day.

11/13 is significant because it is Friday the 13th, a day synonymous with bad luck and the beginning of the arrests of the Knights Templar. So Friday could bring arresting developments.

On another note, file this one under “These Fu*king Guys” also: When the World Trade Center was struck on 9/11, President Bush was reading The Pet Goat at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida. That school is 66.6 miles away from Sanibel Island (where Pence would have been when 11/11 happened)…

…from Google Maps

The distance would have varied, of course, based on Pence’s exact location on the island that day, but was this just a coincidence?

~ MORE – 11 November 2020 ~

Do you know the old saying about the definition of insanity being “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”? Well I assure you that when it comes to their End Times script, the globalists are quite insane. Even if our collective awareness of their plans has blocked their effort to install Pence during the November 11-13 time period, they will try again. So we need to start thinking of all the ways Pence can get into the presidency before the inauguration.

One way that came to me this morning is to have the state-level court battles over the election go poorly for Trump and have the media promote the prosecution of Trump once Biden becomes President

…from Fortune

With his neck seemingly on the line, these developments would create a scripted motivation for Trump to resign as President so Pence can pardon him, Nixon-style. And once Pence is in, he can bring in Kushner and have the Catholic heads of the DOJ, DOD, and National Intelligence bring the Hammer of Thor down on the Democrats, leading to a Catholic Supreme Court decision that swings the election back to him.

So here’s a homework assignment for all my readers: think of every possible scenario by which Pence can take the presidency before inauguration day. And if you come up with something new, send it to me. The globalists are being a real pain in our ass with this COVID bullsh*t. Let’s return the favor by closing every possible door to the achievement of their goals this year.

~ MORE – 12 November 2020 ~

If we take a systematic look at how Trump could leave office before his term is up, we see there are five ways…

  1. incapacitation – mental illness, physical illness or injury
  2. death – assassination, illness, injury or suicide
  3. removal – 25th Amendment or impeachment & conviction
  4. resignation – voluntary or forced
  5. disappearance

Of these different options, they won’t likely choose any that would place Pence under suspicion, since they want him to be welcomed as a savior.

And in looking at the health-related options, let’s not forget that the physician to the president is Sean Conley, a person of Irish descent who attended Notre Dame University. So he may be a Catholic too, which means he can be scripted as medically inducing Trump’s death or incapacitation as part of the “Jesuit Conspiracy against Trump.” He could also be scripted as inducing mental incapacitation by giving Trump a pill or injecting an implant that would time-release a psychotropic drug.

A reader also brought up a Ghislaine Maxwell play, by which Trump could be pressured to resign based on a real or deep-faked image or video of “inappropriate behavior” with an underaged Ivanka. But such a scenario would look like a voluntary resignation at first.

It could also be scripted that he resigns based on his “Deep State”-infested cabinet simply telling him “resign or we’ll remove you, one way or another.” Again, this would look like a voluntary resignation at first.

(9 November 2020) – I’m taking advantage of the momentary lull in action to get some R&R. When I come back, we’ll look at the coming short reign of President Pence and why he will choose Jared Kushner as his VP…

~ MORE ~

A reader sent me the link to the following article (which is worth a look): Does Bizarre Giuliani Press Conference Send a Message?

After reading it, remember that it is giving a scenario by which the election swingback will occur. And it brings us right back to a question I asked the other day:

Which President will be in office when the swingback happens, Trump or Pence?

In pondering this question, keep the following in mind…

So we could soon see Trump…

  • assassinated “by Iran via Venezuela” to get the Iran War started under Pence,
  • infected with COVID again, becoming incapacitated/dead, or
  • removed from office for an outbreak of violence blamed on his supporters.

And if we see Pence take over, remember this…

  • The Department of Justice, which has been sitting on its hands when presented with evidence of Democrat crimes, is controlled by Catholic William Barr.
  • The CIA, which is “the evil intel agency responsible for so much misconduct against Trump,” is controlled by the Director of National Intelligence, Catholic John Ratcliffe.
  • The Department of Defense, which has been sitting out the battle between the Democrats and Trump, is now controlled by Christopher Miller, who also looks to be Catholic (his first name is Christopher and he has the “beaten-dog” look so characteristic of Catholic agents). I’m still trying to track down confirmation.

So do you think these Catholic agency heads might be more responsive to calls for action by “evangelical Catholic” Mike Pence?

All this being said, it is still possible that Trump will have his victory and bring in the “good” NWO (in which case 11/11 and Friday the 13th may bring seemingly good news). But since I’ve already written extensively about that, I’ll continue concentrating on the Pence scenario until we see which way it breaks.

(7 November 2020) – Dead man walking…

Now that the mainstream media have declared Biden the winner, the clock has begun ticking on both him and Trump. Both are hours, days, weeks, or a few months away from being written out of the script in favor of Hillary Clinton and Mike Pence. As for which version of the “evil NWO” — Hillary’s communist or Pence’s Zionist — will start being built next year, here is something to consider:

Under a President Mike Pence, the globalists could start building the Third Temple next year; under a(n eventual) President Hillary Clinton, construction wouldn’t start until she’s defeated by Putin in late 2023.

So which one do you think they’d prefer?

(7 November 2020) – When globalist disinfo agent Steve Pieczenik floated the idea on Thursday that the election was an elaborate sting operation using marked, trackable ballots, it reminded me of Donald Rumsfeld and 9/11. One of the narratives circulated in the alt-media is that Rumsfeld revealed on 9/10 that 2.3 trillion dollars in Pentagon money was unaccounted for, and that Building 7 and the Pentagon were targeted the next day to destroy financial records that could have uncovered where that money went.

So when elements of the controlled alt-media suggested — on a day that a Nuclear Emergency Support Team helicopter was searching in the general area of the National Mall — that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency was the agency responsible for tracking and maintaining the records of the supposedly marked ballots, I suspected we might have a nuclear 9/11 on our hands.

Did we dodge a bullet yesterday? I dunno. But if such an attack had gone forward, Venezuela would have taken a lot of the blame, which brings me back to the Jesuits…

More to come.

(6 November 2020) – Based on mainstream and alt-media chatter I’m observing, here is something to consider…

As we approach the moment when Biden declares victory, we must start to watch for Hillary’s move to get rid of him so she can be brought in as VP by Kamala Harris. In addition to the methods I’ve previously covered, Biden’s assassination “at the hands of a MAGA gunman” would do nicely. It could be blamed on Trump’s fighting rhetoric and refusal to concede, paving the way for his 25th Amendment removal “to prevent an all-out civil war.” This would put Pence in the presidency until the inauguration, giving him an opportunity to make his own move.

Here’s another thing that’s crossing my mind today…

If you take a moment to think about the unmaterialized claims of “imminent Trump action against the Deep State” disinformation sources like Steve Pieczenik and Q-Anon have been putting out, what has been their net effect on Trump supporters?

  1. They have created high expectations and longing for decisive action against the “bad guys,” and
  2. they have fostered discontentment, disappointment and frustration with Trump’s failure to “man up and follow through.”

What will happen, then, if Pence comes into office and does everything people have been expecting and wanting? There will be a massive outpouring of support and acceptance of him, won’t there? The “False Messiah” will be greeted with open arms and jubilation.

So the purpose of Pieczenik and Q-Anon is to facilitate The Illuminati strategy of tension and release.

Today’s (11/6) update on the planned takedown of the Jesuits is below the red section that follows…

False-Flag Warning: A nuclear explosion in Washington, D.C. is possible on November 5th or 6th. See the 21 October and later updates below for details. If I were in the D.C. area, I would keep a distance of at least 5 miles between me and the National Mall. And out of an abundance of caution, I would keep a similar distance between me and the UN building and Wall Street if I were in New York City.

~ MORE (enhanced) – 6 November 2020 ~

If a nuke pops off in Washington today, there is a good chance it will be in the area I marked with the red star, and it will be aboard a small sub or a ferry (note the ferry lines on the map)…

According to disinfo site, the presidential ballots were marked by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the headquarters of which is in Rosslyn, VA (the highlighted area on the left side of the Potomac). A nuke set off in the marked spot would take out both their headquarters and the White House, 9/11-style (click on image to enlarge)…


(6 November 2020) – Why the globalists will sacrifice their Jesuit front

While the globalists go through their process of deciding whether to nuke Washington or not…

…we’ll go ahead and look at how they’re setting up their Jesuit front to take a fall.

The basic setup is simple: if the globalists activate for the “Pence and Parolin Build an Evil NWO” scenario, Pietro Parolin will move to take down “communist Antipope Francis” and the “communist Jesuit Order” / “Deep Church” (while Pence does a similar purge of the commies in the US). And to prepare the Jesuits for the scapegoating, the Vatican has tied Venezuelan communist Arturo Sosa to the post of Superior General (head of the Jesuits). So the Order is now led by the man who was the Provincial Superior of Venezuela when the Jesuits orchestrated the communist takeover of the country.

If you have a look at some of the passages from Sosa’s Wikipedia bio, you’ll see how they’re setting him up to play the goat [with my comment in brackets]…

Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal SJ (born 12 November 1948) is the thirty-first and present Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He was elected Superior General by the Society’s 36th General Congregation on 14 October 2016, succeeding Adolfo Nicolas. As a Venezuelan, he is the first person born in Latin America to lead the Jesuits…

He was also coordinator of the social apostolate and director of Centro Gumilla in Venezuela, a centre of research and social action for the Jesuits in Venezuela

Between 1996 and 2004, Sosa was Provincial Superior of the Jesuits in Venezuela [Hugo Chavez took over in 1999]…

In Venezuela, he was strongly committed to left-wing politics, and was critical of the country’s representative democracy in the 1990s. He supported the two coups d’etat of Hugo Chavez, though he later distanced himself from Chavez following human rights violations…

In his first address as Superior General, he said that Jesuits should look for “alternatives to overcome poverty, inequality and oppression” and also to collaborate with others “inside and outside the Church”…

In February 2019, after guiding Jesuits and their lay collaborators through two years of discernment, Sosa announced four priorities that would guide the Society’s decisions for the next decade. These were: teaching discernment through use of the Spiritual Exercises, walking with the poor in their quest for dignity and justice, accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future, and collaborating in the care of our Common Home. Pope Francis declared these priorities to be very much in line with those of his pontificate

The Catholic Herald criticised Sosa for being one of over 1,000 signatories of a 1989 letter welcoming Cuban President Fidel Castro to Venezuela in 1989, Castro having repressed the Catholic Church in Cuba during his time in power. George Neumayr of the conservative American Spectator described Sosa as a “Marxist”, “a Venezuelan communist, and modernist”.

More to come over the course of the day (events allowing)…

(5 November 2020) – There is a very good chance that after the vote counts are fully complete (either the initial counts or the recounts), the election is going to swing back to Trump. Today’s claim of victory by Biden after Nevada announces their count is meant to ensure that the Democrats will go berserk when the swingback happens. What occurs after that will be determined by whether or not Trump meets with an unfortunate fate by then (assassination or incapacitation).

~ MORE ~

It looks like they’ve momentarily backed off of the Nevada scenario, but I doubt they’ve changed their basic plan yet. So let’s have a look at the plan starting with what I wrote about our current situation back in the 25 August update…

…In the leadup to the election, the mainstream media will heavily publicize manipulated polling data showing a Biden lead, and soon after the election, they’ll declare Biden the projected winner “based on exit polls of in-person voters and telephone polls of mail-in voters.” This MSM declaration of Biden’s victory will come long before the actual vote counts are completed and verified.

The actual election result will likely show a Biden victory if disputed and invalid mail-in votes are counted and a Trump victory if only valid votes are counted. This, paired with Trump’s unwillingness to accept a loss by Democrat fraud, will lead to an escalating showdown between the two sides

Except for the part about the exit polls, things are breaking pretty much as expected. And the globalist strategy for escalating the showdown between the two sides is becoming clear…

First, prematurely call the election for Biden amidst clear signs of election fraud. This will get Republicans fighting mad over “a victory stolen with suspicious ballots.”

Later, call the election for Trump after the suspicious ballots have been disallowed. This will get Democrats fighting mad over “a victory stolen with legal technicalities and disenfranchisement of voters.”

Pissing off the Republicans first makes sense because they aren’t the kind of people who will go out in the streets and create chaos (they’re the kind who will go out and stop it). And pissing off the Democrats second makes sense because they are the kind who will get out and create chaos, to which the pissed off Republicans will happily respond. Of course, the globalists will send their agents-provocateur out on the streets to draw both sides together and get the fighting started. And once it does, the President can invoke the Insurrection Act and clean house. But which President, Trump or Pence?

If Trump is still in office when the election outcome flips back, he’d do the “Whole of the Deep State” Mass Arrest Psyop and start taking us towards the “good” NWO. But if he is replaced by Pence before then, Pence would do the “Communist Deep State” Mass Arrest Psyop and start taking us towards the “evil” NWO. And the swingback election victory would be necessary to give Pence a legitimate claim to the presidency after the end of Trump’s term.

So keep an eye on Trump, because this might be the last you see of him for a while. His removal by assassination or medical incapacitation appears imminent. The globalists have put an awful lot of preparation into the Pence/Parolin scenario, and I sense that they would very much prefer to go in that direction over the communist one. Let’s see how bad they want it…

~ MORE ~

Roughly 15 minutes after I posted my last update, the globalist disinfo guys posted the video referenced by the following article…

…from Natural News

According to the disinfo source, Steve Pieczenik, Trump will start the arrests tomorrow. So will Pieczenik be revealed as a total clown, will we see arrests begin, or will something tragic happen to Trump (and possibly all of Washington) in the coming hours? Get out your popcorn.

(4 November 2020) – It looks like Biden will complete his “theft” of the presidential election tomorrow when Nevada’s results are reported. Once he becomes President-Elect, “the communist Jesuits will have succeeded in placing a leftist Catholic into the presidency, just like they did with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.” After that, we wait and see if Trump & the “White Hats” make a move or Pence & Parolin do. If neither team initiates a Mass Arrests Psyop, we’ll have a long and ugly three years waiting for Putin to do the job.

Tomorrow I’ll try to complete the update on the Jesuits and Venezuela I’d planned for today. This morning I was just too hung over from my marathon Election Night Sangria Festival.

(3 November 2020) – Well, today’s the big day. I’m pretty sure I nailed them on what they’re planning, and usually such exposure is adequate to back them off. We’ll see. If they do back off, Trump will win in a decisive manner and there will be a dispirited response by the Democrats.

Today’s first, second, and third updates have been added, and The 2020 Election Guide has been fully updated and is ready for today.

Tomorrow, the day before the potential nuking of Washington “by the communists,” we’ll look at…

  • how Archbishop Vigano has chastised Cardinal Parolin for maintaining silence over the systematic abuse of children by Catholic clergy,
  • why the Jesuits elected a Venezuelan communist as their leader,
  • how Pietro Parolin was the Vatican ambassador to Venezuela when Chavez died and Maduro took over (“and how he saw the terrible things the Jesuits were doing in league with the communists there”),
  • how Pietro Parolin negotiated the Vatican-China agreement under orders from the Pope (“and how he held his nose at the odious provisions of the secret agreement”), and
  • “how the horrific nuclear attack on Washington compelled Parolin to finally defy the Pope, go against the Jesuit Terror in the Vatican, and end his silence over their terrible crimes against the Church, children and all of humanity.”

Why a switch to President Pence would be accompanied by a switch to Pope Peter the Roman
[+ today’s (11/3) updates in blue, red, and green]

Was this a foreshadowing of things to come?…

…from Twitter

If you are new to this blog and have not yet read An Overview of the End Times Show, scroll down to the 25 October update and peruse it until you understand it fully. You’ll need that knowledge to better understand what follows…

(30 October 2020) – As I pointed out in the 24 October update, the globalists are portraying a schism within the ranks of the “evil Deep State”…

American politics today are defined by two versions of the Jew World Order,
Zionism (nationalism) on the Right and Communism (globalism) on the Left

The only reason Americans got an alternative to Clinton was due to this schism in World Jewry between Communists and Zionists. The Communists, led by George Soros, and fronted by Obama and Clinton, represent the disintegration of the nation-state, including Israel. The nationalists led by Netanyahu and fronted by Trump represents a handful of powerful nation-states dominated by Israel. – from

With this fresh in my mind, I ran across a notable article on the prophecy propaganda site SkyWatchTV yesterday…

As you can see, it portrays Pope Francis as being aligned with the “Communist side of the Deep State” and pushing for their globalist/anti-nationalist version of the evil NWO. It also refers to him as Pope “Petrus Romanus” (“Peter the Roman”), which relates to the Prophecy of the Popes…

The Prophecy of the Popes (Latin: Prophetia Sancti Malachiae Archiepiscopi, de Summis Pontificibus, “Prophecy of Saint-Archbishop Malachy, concerning the Supreme Pontiffs”) is a series of 112 short, cryptic phrases in Latin which purport to predict the Roman Catholic popes (along with a few antipopes), beginning with Celestine II. It was first published in 1595 by Benedictine monk Arnold Wion, who attributed the prophecy to Saint Malachy, a 12th-century archbishop of Armagh… The prophecy concludes with a pope identified as “Peter the Roman”, whose pontificate will allegedly precede the destruction of the city of Rome. – from Wikipedia

So by identifying Pope Francis as Petrus Romanus, the prophecy propagandists are portraying him as “the Final Pope who brings destruction to Rome and the Church.” But just four years ago in the following article, they were dropping other hints…

…from SkyWatchTV. Here is an excerpt…

When elected Pope #112, Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) immediately did several fascinating things to wrap himself in his “Peter the Roman” title:

First, he took as his namesake St. Francis of Assisi, an Italian (Roman) friar whose original name was Giovanni but that was later changed to Francesco di Pietro (Peter) di Bernardone — a name that can literally be translated “Peter the Roman” from the final line of the Prophecy of the Popes.

Second, Pope Francis knows that Francis of Assisi was a prophet and that he predicted this final pope would “be raised to the Pontificate, who, by his cunning, will endeavor to draw many into error and death…for in those days Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.” It is astonishing that Francis would pick as a namesake a man that foretold this of the final pope.

Third, Pope Francis named Pietro Parolin as the Vatican’s new secretary of state — a man who could sit on the throne of Peter if Pope Francis retires (like Benedict did), dies, or is killed, and whose name can also be viewed as “Peter the Roman.” If Francis was not canonically elected, Pietro Parolin would actually become the real Pope #112 under that scenario.

And then there are those famous last words from the Prophecy of the Popes itself, which says: “When these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the dreadful judge will judge his people.” As you will learn in our fourth and final book, this idea, that the city of Rome will be destroyed during the reign of pope #112 (and just ahead of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ as Judge), is a vision repeated in numerous ancient prophecies from Greek, Jewish, Catholic, and Muslim cultures!…

Will Pope Francis be the one to play the role of the Last Roman Emperor? Or will it be another pontiff? Was there something strange about the conclave from which Pope Francis emerged to the pontificate? Something mentioned earlier in this entry that suggests he was not actually “canonically elected?”

Even some Catholics think “illegitimate” activity may have gone on behind closed doors during the last conclave and that, for reasons we do not yet understand, Francis was put in as a temporary “placeholder” until the real pope #112 (Petrus Romanus) could be installed. This, too, might echo the choice of St. Francis of Assisi as a namesake, as the ancient friar did predict, “a man, not canonically elected, will be raised to the pontificate.” The mysterious reasons surrounding a “placeholder” pope — a false pope — is largely unknown to the public…

So they’ve also hinted that Petrus Romanus might actually turn out to be Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s current Secretary of State. Why, then, are they currently pointing to Pope Francis as Petrus Romanus while having also dropped hints that Pietro Parolin may turn out to be the Final Pope?

~ MORE – 31 October 2020 ~

The answer to this question is that the Vatican are positioning their actors to use the “False Messiah Defeats Decoy Antichrist” plot template, in which the “real antichrist” character stands-up an evil-looking straw man and defeats him to pose as the savior. In my writings, I frequently refer to this strawman as the “decoy antichrist.”

The False Messiah Defeats Decoy Antichrist (FMDDA) Template has already been used on Turkey’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan and ISIS’ leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Erdogan (who is playing the “real Muslim Antichrist / Dajjal” character in Act 1) covertly provided support for ISIS and Baghdadi (the evil-looking straw man) while publicly putting on a show of fighting him. And when Turkish-backed proxy forces pushed ISIS out of the city of Dabiq, “savior” Erdogan symbolically defeated the “Satanic” Baghdadi, clearing the way for his “good” Neo-Ottoman Caliphate to displace ISIS’ “evil” Caliphate. By the end of Act 1, Erdogan’s character and caliphate will die at the hands of Putin.

This brings us to the “real Christian Antichrist” character: Should the globalists proceed with the “Trump Wins But Is Replaced By Pence” scenario, we will get hit with the FMDDA Template TWICE in Act 1…

First, false messiah Pence will defeat evil-looking communist strawman Obama to look like the savior, then he’ll start building the “evil Zionist multilateral NWO,” which will set him up as Putin’s strawman.

Second, false messiah Putin will defeat strawman Pence to look like the savior, thus ending Act 1.

[Act 2 will have Putin build the “good multilateral NWO” that turns out to be “Satan’s Kingdom,” which will set him up to be the strawman for the globalist-selected “real Jesus Christ” (whose identity is not yet known).]

Now if we look at how the FMDDA Template is being used for the Pope’s “False Prophet” character, the Vatican has set up the evil-looking communist strawman Francis as the “decoy False Prophet” to be defeated by the “real False Prophet,” Pietro Parolin. Parolin will thus appear to be the conservative traditionalist savior of the Church, and he’ll aid Mike Pence in building the “evil Zionist multilateral NWO.”

[For more background information on this, read Why the Globalists are Splitting Up the Catholic Church, which covers a 2018 attempt at implementing the Pietro Parolin scenario.]

~ MORE – 2 November 2020 ~

So now that we’ve observed the prophecy propaganda effort to set up Pietro Parolin as “Peter the Roman,” let’s look at the reasons he is an excellent candidate for the role AND a Kabbalist sock puppet. We’ll start with his official Vatican bio…


First, note that he is a native-born Italian named Peter who received his graduate education in Rome and is now based in Rome. He also has sinister-looking eyebrows that slope downward in a line towards his nose. These things make him a natural candidate to play the evil “Peter the Roman” character — he’s straight out of central casting.

Second, note that he received a degree in canon law from a school founded by Ignatius of Loyola, the Pontifical Gregorian University (originally called Roman College). So he was trained in canon law by the Jesuits themselves. This knowledge will come in handy if he goes after Pope Francis for being “non-canonically elected” like the prophecy propagandists suggest.

Third, note the areas of expertise and experience he has accumulated over his career…

  • expertise in Middle East affairs,
  • experience in facilitating dialog between the Israelis and Palestinians,
  • experience in dealing with the Israeli government, and
  • experience in working with international organizations.

This is pretty much the perfect bio for someone who is scripted to facilitate a peace deal — a “7-year covenant with the many” — in the Middle East, isn’t it?

Fourth, note that he was appointed to his Secretary of State post and to the Council of Cardinals by the Jesuit Pope, Francis. Pope Francis also promoted him to cardinal and then to cardinal bishop. And as the Vatican’s Secretary of State for the past 7 years, Parolin has built relationships with political, economic, and religious leaders all over the world. Such relationships would be key for someone who is scripted to facilitate the creation of an evil New World Order, wouldn’t they?

Fifth, note that the Secretary of State post is the most powerful office in the Roman Catholic Church — with the sole exception of the papacy itself — and Pope Francis has made it even more powerful…

…from Catholic Culture. Here is an excerpt…

By creating a new division within the Secretariat of State, Pope Francis has enhanced the power of an office that already holds sway over every other office at the Vatican. More specifically, he has augmented the power of the Vatican diplomatic corps. Is that a healthy development?…

Remember that the Vatican Secretariat of State is not analogous to the US Department of State. In the US, the State Department is responsible solely for foreign affairs. It is certainly a powerful office, but it does not control other Cabinet offices. At the Vatican, the Secretariat of State has (until this month) been divided into two sections: one section that handles relations with foreign governments, and another that supervises all the other offices of the Roman Curia. In effect the Secretary of State is the Vatican equivalent of a prime minister…

The increased clout of the Secretariat of State is problematical, in my view, because of all the offices at the Vatican, the office responsible for diplomacy — for making deals with foreign governments, for accommodating the desires of secular leaders — seems clearly to be the office most subject to the temptations of temporal power. Aren’t there inherent risks involved in giving career diplomats the authority to influence the Vatican offices that supervise the selection of bishops, the evangelization of mission territories, the training of clerics, and even the teaching of Catholic doctrine? If papal nuncios were dismayed that they met with Cardinal Bertone rather than Pope Benedict, other Vatican officials, in other dicasteries, could justly complain that their plans have been thwarted by the overarching power of the Secretariat of State.

There is another reason for concern about the creation of a new section within the Secretariat. As the Vatican journalist Andrea Gagliarducci pointed out, the structure of the Vatican bureaucracy is governed by the apostolic constitution Pastor Bonus, which clearly states that the Secretariat of State is divided into two sections. Pope Francis has the authority to alter Pastor Bonus. But he did not do so; he did not issue a motu proprio to establish the new ecclesial structure. He created the new section by issuing a letter to the Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin. Thus the Pope has again shown an unsettling tendency to make ad hoc decisions without apparent consideration for formal rules: to ignore the “letter of the law” even when he has the unquestioned power to change it.

From his perch atop the Secretariat of State, Parolin sees everything that happens in the Church. So if Pope Francis was not canonically elected, Parolin would know about it, and he would know about every other violation of canon law Francis has engaged in. His “Peter the Roman” character therefore holds the Sword of Damocles over Francis’ head, and he’ll let it fall at the appropriate time. This is all by Jesuit design.

Just think about it: the Jesuit Pope, who is fully aware of the Prophecy of the Popes, appointed a man named Pietro to the most powerful office in the Vatican. He then promoted this man and strengthened the power of his office. Why? Because the Jesuits saw something in young Pietro — something besides his name. So they groomed him to become “Peter the Roman,” ensuring that he built the right resume to fulfill the role. And once they were ready to implement their script (in 2013), they put Bergoglio into the papacy in a deliberately flawed way, and put Parolin into the secretary of state post to later “set things right.”

By staging Pence and Parolin’s victories over “communist takeovers” of America and the Catholic Church, and by having Pence do mass arrests of “communists and their agents” to fulfill the mass arrest expectations of Trump supporters, it will appear that something really big and really good has happened. And in the afterglow of their achievement, the play will move forward in either “contested mode” or “uncontested mode”…

  • In contested mode, Putin and Xi will remain in place after the “Communist Attack on America” and there will be a warm war (a cold war with hot war elements) between Zionist “Oceania” and “Eurasia” as we approach the September 2023 UN World Summit.
  • In uncontested mode, Putin and Xi will “die” or disappear after the “Communist Attack on America,” leaving Pence and Parolin free to immediately move the world towards the “evil Zionist NWO.” This mode would likely be triggered by the intervention of the US Space Force after the Attack.

Less than six months after entering office, Trump signed an executive order reestablishing the National Space Council, and Pence was made its chairman. Since that time, Pence has led every Council meeting and has pushed the US Space Force initiative through Congress. He was also the one who swore-in the Space Force’s commander at the White House this January…


According to the globalists’ “Secret Space Program/ET” disinfo corps, the Space Force was created to allow an element of the US Secret Space Program (SSP) — which was supposedly built by the “Deep State” / Military-Industrial Complex — to come into public view and civilian control. And they’ve suggested that the SSP recruited Trump so he could be the president to make it happen. But if Trump is “killed” or removed from office to make way for Pence, we’ll later hear them say that the “Deep State SSP” used Trump and then betrayed him — that “Trump was only a vehicle they utilized to move Deep Stater Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency then the Presidency.”

As for what happens after the US Space Force steps in to shut down the “Communist Attack” and any other wars that break out in its wake, I wrote about it last year. Here is an excerpt [with Pence’s name substituted for Trump’s]…

…how can the rest of the world possibly take [Pence] seriously enough to follow him into a New World Order? As it turns out, the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its technologies provide the answer.

Once he unveils the SSP, the conventional militaries of the world, including Russia’s and China’s, will be rendered utterly impotent. [Pence] will stand astride the world like a colossus, and resistance against him will be futile. And since the unveiling will likely happen amidst a global economic meltdown, access to the SSP technologies will hold the key for moving the nations out of desperate poverty into almost instant abundance.

Faced with the choice of rooting around in the mud like starving monkeys or joining a high-tech global paradise, the nations of the world will sign-on to any national and international reforms [Pence] requires of them.

Speaking of the “Communist Attack,” the Nuclear Emergency Support Team helicopter is still scouring Washington. And according to the following report, it will continue to do so until the Gunpowder Plot danger days, November 5/6, have passed…


~ MORE – 3 November 2020 ~

Today we’ll be looking at some bits and pieces that are related to the subject at hand. Let’s start by taking a gander at the UN 2.0 project (to build the New World Order)…

…from the Stimson Center

As you can see, they’re aiming to hold the World Summit that will birth the NWO no later than September of 2023, which means it could come sooner if such a summit is necessary to address a global emergency (like the one planned to start on November 5). And as the other boxed bullet point shows, they’re currently planning to launch the “commie” version of the UN that is based on medical tyranny.

If the Democrats take power after the election, Pope Francis will remain in place and help the Democratic president launch this “commie version” NWO at the Summit; if Pence takes power, Pietro Parolin will take over the Vatican and help Pence launch the “Zionist version.” Either way, the Summit will be held in Rome so the globalists can fulfill the prophecies about Rome being destroyed at a time when the “kings of the world” have gathered there. And Putin will be the “terrible judge” who brings their destruction and saves us from the evil NWO (if he “dies” before then, he’ll be “resurrected” for the Rome showdown).

You may also notice the term “multilateral” being used in connection with the “evil version NWO.” Since “multilateral” and “multipolar” are terms the White Hats use to describe their “good New World Order,” the Black Hats are co-opting the terms for use in describing their “evil NWO,” just like they’re co-opting Trump’s “mass arrests” concept for Pence’s “fake mass arrests.”

Now here are some assorted tidbits…

> In Bible circles, Satan is sometimes called “the prince of the power of the air.” So if Trump is pushed aside and Pence takes control of the world using the US Space Force, he will become “the prince of the power of the air,” won’t he? This is one of the things that will identify him as “the Antichrist.” And if you are wondering how to know if Pence is playing the role of the “decoy Antichrist” or the “real Antichrist,” just remember one thing: the “real Antichrist” character will pose as both the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach ben David) and the Christian Messiah (the returned Jesus Christ). Since Pence isn’t Jewish, he can’t play both roles. But Vladimir Putin can.

> Should the “Communist Attack on America” go forward with other “opportunistic” wars breaking out around the world, watch the Temple Mount. It will be the globalists’ opportunity to level Al Aqsa Mosque to make way for building the Third Temple. As a religious Zionist, Pence will support Israel in building the Temple (with the intention of putting his throne there after he launches the “evil NWO”). But there is an alternative scenario: Israeli scholars could claim that the site of the previous temples is NEXT TO Al Aqsa, in which case they’ll build it beside the mosque. I ran across this option when my roommate watched Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind movie the other day.

> Do you remember when “American Deep Stater” Obama told “Russian Deep Stater” Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” after his second election, with Medvedev responding that he’d “transmit this information to Vladimir”? This “accidental hot mic incident” was very deliberately staged, and it will be something “Deep Stater” Pence points to in blaming “communist” Putin for masterminding the leftist insurrection in America and the nuking of Washington (should the plan go forward). “Putin was in cahoots with Obama,” he’ll say.

Back in the 20 October update, we looked at an open letter penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who has been scripted by the Vatican to play the “good guy whistleblower who helps bring down Antipope Francis and the Jesuit Order.” Let’s take a quick look at his background…

Carlo Maria Vigano (born 16 January 1941) is an archbishop of the Catholic Church who served as the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016. He previously served as Secretary-General of the Governorate of Vatican City State from 16 July 2009 to 3 September 2011. He is best known for having occasioned two major Vatican scandals. These were the Vatican leaks scandal of 2012, in which he revealed financial corruption in the Vatican, and a 2018 letter in which he accused Pope Francis and other Church leaders of covering up sexual abuse allegations against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. – from Wikipedia

He is in the news lately because of a series of open letters to President Trump in which he talks about the ongoing battle between the “children of Light” and “children of darkness” (the staged conflict between the White Hats and the Black Hats). These letters aren’t really for President Trump of course; they are narrative support propaganda pieces produced for public consumption. And in his October 25 letter, which is currently making the rounds on disinfo sites like SkyWatchTV and Zero Hedge, he writes this [with my addition in brackets]…

In Sacred Scripture, Saint Paul speaks to us of “the one who opposes” the manifestation of the mystery of iniquity, the kathekon (2 Thess 2:6-7). In the religious sphere, this obstacle to evil is the Church, and in particular the papacy; in the political sphere, it is those who impede the establishment of the New World Order.

As is now clear, the one who occupies the Chair of Peter has betrayed his role from the very beginning in order to defend and promote the globalist [communist] ideology, supporting the agenda of the deep church, who chose him from its ranks.

Mr. President, you have clearly stated that you want to defend the nation — One Nation under God, fundamental liberties, and non-negotiable values that are denied and fought against today. It is you, dear President, who are “the one who opposes” the deep state, the final assault of the children of darkness.

So Vigaro is very clearly pointing out “the one who occupies the Chair of Peter” (Pope Francis) and “the deep church who chose him from its ranks” (the Jesuits) as children of darkness and Trump as a child of Light, and his open letters are being prominently featured in the controlled alt-media. Why? Because he is being positioned to shill for Pence and Parolin when they take on the “communist Deep State and Deep Church.” He will use the credibility he’s been building as a “whistleblower” to point to Pence and Parolin as “children of Light who have taken up the sword of the fallen Trump to defeat the children of darkness.” It’s all just more cheap tricks from Vatican di*ks.

More tomorrow…

(29 October 2020) – The Great Crash of 2020 did not happen today, thankfully. But there was no stimulus announcement either, which means the Crash is still in play for Friday, Monday or Tuesday. Precipitating factors could include “Second Wave” lockdowns in Democratic states & cities and resultant/additional election day chaos.

Due to mundane interruptions, today’s planned update probably won’t materialize until tomorrow. It will take a closer look at why Mike Pence may play the role of the (Black Hat Zionist) False Messiah by saving America from a communist takeover. It will also cover why Pope Francis may be concurrently replaced by Pietro Parolin, the Jesuits’ controlled-opposition leader.

The Religious Zionist Plan to Nuke Washington Next Week

(27 October 2020) – This evening, I was looking into the “Deep State Zionists versus Deep State Communists” subplot and found some very interesting connections:

  • Steve Bannon, who is coordinating the releases of the Hunter Biden hard drive contents, is a self-proclaimed “proud Christian Zionist.”
  • Bannon is doing the releases in a joint venture with a supposedly anti-communist Chinese billionaire.
  • Mike Pence is also a Christian Zionist, and he has close ties with a Christian Zionist organization called Christians United for Israel, which is run by End Times propagandist John Hagee.
  • John Hagee has previously called for joint US and Israeli strikes on Iran to stop a planned “American Hiroshima.”

This all ties in with the Gunpowder Plot I wrote about in the 21 October update. The Plot calls for the Deep State to assassinate Trump after his election victory using an Israeli nuke. The attack will then be blamed on a North Korean/Chinese (communist) nuke smuggled by Russian ally Iran through communist Venezuela and into Washington (with the help of the Democrat/Communist Deep State). Pence would then do the “fake” mass arrests, capturing only the communist side of the Deep State so his Zionist side can continue building the evil NWO.

Under this scenario, the Hunter Biden hard drive information would be narrated as genuine. And the post-election nuclear explosion would be attributed to a desperate attempt by the Communist Deep State to stop Trump before he destroys more than just the Bidens. This “American Hiroshima” would also lead to a joint attack on Iran by the US, Israel, and Turkey, crushing them.

~ MORE – 28 October 2020 ~

Now let’s look more closely at the connections…

1) Steve Bannon, who is coordinating the releases of the Hunter Biden hard drive contents, is a self-proclaimed “proud Christian Zionist”…

…from the Jewish Ledger

2) Bannon is doing the Biden releases in a joint venture (GTV Media Group) with a supposedly anti-communist Chinese billionaire…

…from G News (top) and The Washington Post (bottom). Here is an excerpt from the WaPo piece…

Guo, who fled China after he was accused of bribery and other crimes there, forged a relationship with Bannon after he left the White House in 2017. About the same time, Guo began a vociferous campaign attacking corruption in Beijing and what he says is a politically motivated prosecution against him.

In the past several years, a company linked to the billionaire, who also goes by Miles Kwok and Miles Guo, has given Bannon a consulting contract. Guo has also publicly pledged to donate $100 million to a Bannon-led charity. Most recently, the month before Bannon’s arrest, Guo announced that Bannon would serve as chairman of a new social media company he was launching.

Bannon, in turn, has emerged as one of the biggest champions of Guo, who casts himself as an anti-communist dissident in dozens of fiery videos posted online. Even as other critics of the Chinese government have grown skeptical of Guo’s claims that he is a political victim of Beijing, Bannon has said Guo has valuable insider information that could help take down China’s Communist Party, or CCP, and says he has been prescient about China’s crackdown on Hong Kong and its handling of the novel coronavirus.

“Miles Guo has been the toughest Chinese opponent the CCP has ever encountered,” Bannon said in a statement to The Washington Post. “He has been the world’s leading fighter exposing the lies, the infiltration, and the malevolence of the CCP.”

3) Mike Pence is also a Christian Zionist, and he has close ties with a Christian Zionist organization called Christians United for Israel (CUFI), which is run by End Times propagandist John Hagee …and… 4) John Hagee has previously called for joint US and Israeli strikes on Iran to stop a planned “American Hiroshima”…

…from In These Times. Here is an excerpt…

Hagee is the founder of Chris­tians Unit­ed for Israel (CUFI), an orga­ni­za­tion that claims 9 mil­lion mem­bers (a num­ber that may or may not be inflat­ed) and may be more influ­en­tial with the right than the well-known Amer­i­can Israel Pub­lic Affairs Com­mit­tee (AIPAC). CUFI has tremen­dous reach among U.S. church­es and exerts pro­found sway over the white evan­gel­i­cal Chris­t­ian base that turned out en masse for Trump in 2016. ​“Chris­t­ian Zion­ism,” the polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy that ani­mates the orga­ni­za­tion, is premised on an end-times prophe­cy which CUFI trans­lates into a bloody, con­fronta­tion­al for­eign pol­i­cy that has made stun­ning strides over the past four years

As Hagee and oth­er Chris­t­ian Zion­ists have used their perch­es to mobi­lize sup­port for Trump, the pres­i­dent has show­ered them with pol­i­cy wins, from the mov­ing of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem to vio­lent bel­liger­ence towards Iran…

The mod­ern polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy of Chris­t­ian Zion­ism is, in most cas­es, premised on the prophe­cy that the migra­tion of Jews to Israel is a nec­es­sary pre­req­ui­site for the sec­ond com­ing of Jesus Christ. Upon the rap­ture, Jews will either con­vert to Chris­tian­i­ty or go to Hell, accord­ing to this belief sys­tem, which is most close­ly asso­ci­at­ed with evan­gel­i­cal, charis­mat­ic or pen­te­costal strains of Chris­tian­i­ty. In a Feb­ru­ary 2018 ser­mon, Hagee put it this way: ​“God has a set time to do every­thing, and Israel is God’s prophet­ic clock for doing it. Rec­og­nize this fact: that God’s clock only moves when the Jew­ish peo­ple are in the land of Israel, and when they are in the land, the clock starts ticking.”

In prac­tice, this polit­i­cal ide­ol­o­gy as exer­cised through CUFI has meant unbri­dled sup­port for Israel ​“as a Jew­ish state,” align­ment with the most far-right polit­i­cal forces in Israeli soci­ety, and back­ing of the eth­nic cleans­ing and killing of Pales­tini­ans. While strains of Chris­t­ian Zion­ism vary, Hagee holds that the rap­ture will be pre­ced­ed by a cat­a­clysmic war, a belief that makes him enthu­si­as­tic about con­flict and con­fronta­tion with Pales­tini­ans, as well as with Iran and its allies. In 2005, Hagee declared that ​“it is time for Amer­i­ca to embrace the words of Sen­a­tor Joseph Lieber­man and con­sid­er a mil­i­tary pre­emp­tive strike against Iran to pre­vent a nuclear holo­caust in Israel and a nuclear attack in America.”

…from The New Republic. Here is an excerpt…

Last Friday, a day after Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani and nine others were killed in a U.S. drone strike in Iraq, the Christian Zionist advocacy group Christians United for Israel emailed its millions of supporters to praise President Trump’s move. “This Decisive Action Will Save Countless Lives,” read the subject line, echoing the assessment delivered that morning by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Fox and Friends. The bombing showed that Trump would take “swift and decisive” action to protect Americans, Pompeo had told the president’s favorite morning news program. Vice President Mike Pence later claimed that Americans are “safer today.”

Pompeo and Pence reportedly were the top officials pushing Trump to kill Soleimani. They’re also devout evangelicals and major allies of CUFI

Televangelist John Hagee launched CUFI in 2006, calling for military action against Iran, then led by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom Hagee compared to Hitler. At the time, Hagee had been claiming that Iran would soon “have the nuclear capability to make a bomb, a suitcase bomb, a missile head, or anything they want to do with it.” That was untrue, given contemporaneous expert assessments of Iran’s projected nuclear advances. But for Hagee, a more militaristic approach was necessary in order to avert “an American Hiroshima

At CUFI’s annual Washington Summit … only three members of Congress attended.

But one of those three members was a certain congressman from Indiana: Pence. He continued to maintain close ties with the organization, and in 2014 CUFI paid for then-Governor Pence and his wife to travel to Israel to celebrate Christmas. With Pence as vice president, Hagee’s star has risen even more. He has claimed a role in convincing Trump to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, writing on his website that he told the president at a White House dinner that Jerusalem is where Jesus is coming back, to “set up His throne on the Temple Mount where He will sit and rule for a thousand years of perfect peace.” Hagee delivered the benediction at the embassy dedication, a day Hagee described as “nothing short of a divine miracle!”

Here’s an important thing to note about globalist prophecy propagandists like Hagee: they make themselves appear prescient by “predicting” events that the globalists plan to carry out. So by predicting “an American Hiroshima carried out by Iran and its allies,” he is signalling that his masters have planned just such a strike. And in blaming Iran, the Zionists will say that it was “the Iranians’ eye-for-an-eye retaliation for Trump’s assassination of Qasem Soleimani” (which, according to the script, Trump was tricked into allowing by Pence and Pompeo). Blame will also fall on communist Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, “which gave Iran the time and money they needed to get some nukes.”

The Great Crash of 2020

(28 October 2020) – They’re narrating stock market investors as making an orderly move to the exits for the expected reasons…

…from USA Today

Now we wait for the precipitating news that will be the equivalent of yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater, starting the stampede. It should come between now and tomorrow’s close. But if they announce a stimulus deal instead, it could be the first sign of a general retreat from their plans for next week. Here’s the Tuesday update…

(27 October 2020) – Will history repeat itself this Thursday?…

My reader who watches the numbers has pointed out that Thursday, October 29 is the 91st anniversary of the Black Tuesday stock market crash of 1929. Here is what Wikipedia says about it

The Wall Street Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash, was a major American stock market crash that occurred in the fall of 1929… The crash, which followed the London Stock Exchange’s crash of September, signaled the beginning of the Great Depression…

On October 24, “Black Thursday“, the market lost 11 percent of its value at the opening bell on very heavy trading… On October 28, “Black Monday”, more investors facing margin calls decided to get out of the market, and the slide continued with a record loss in the Dow for the day of 38.33 points, or 12.82%.

The next day, the panic selling reached its peak with some stocks having no buyers at any price. The Dow lost an additional 30.57 points, or 11.73%…

So will the globalists schedule another Black Thursday on the 91st anniversary of Black Tuesday? That would result in a multi-day crash that sees its darkest moment on Black Tuesday, November 3rd, election day. And the stock market circuit breakers would not stop such a crash; they stop trading for the day only if the market drops by 20%. 1929’s Black Thursday, Black Monday and Black Tuesday all had daily declines of less than 13%, and if the globalists repeat that pattern, the circuit breakers will cause only one 15-minute trading delay each day (or two breaks if the prices lurch down by more than 13% but less than 20%).

Of course, such a crash is impossible unless the central bankers throttle back the life support they’ve been giving the markets. And to conceal their hand in causing it, they’ll need a cover story — news events to blame for the decline. Based on what’s currently making the news, two possible events stand out…

  • word from Nancy Pelosi that a stimulus deal won’t happen before the election (and if it won’t happen in the relative peace before the coming election day shenanigans, what are the odds it will happen in the chaos after), and
  • a wave of announcements of new COVID lockdowns around the world.

Let me show you why I say this, starting with a news report from yesterday…

…from Fox Business. Here is an excerpt…

Stocks ended the Monday session sharply lower as traders expressed concerns on whether U.S. lawmakers would pass another fiscal stimulus bill to support the economy and as Europe put additional restrictions in place to fight the COVID-19 pandemic

On the stimulus front, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin spoke for 52 minutes on Monday, yet failed to seal a deal.

This came after Pelosi and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows both accused the other side of moving the goalposts over the weekend. Pelosi, however, added that an agreement “could happen” this week.

So what will the markets do if she comes out and says “it won’t happen” even as traders are looking at headlines like this…

…from Google News

When the COVID lockdowns first started in March, the stock market plunged and triggered circuitbreakers…

…But the markets were stabilized after the Federal Reserve intervened with intensive care life support and the government promised and delivered a stimulus package.

So what will happen in the next few days if lockdowns start again, the Fed quietly pulls the plug, and there’s no stimulus in sight?

We therefore need to watch Thursday very carefully, and Friday too. If you recall the 16 October update, Friday — the day before Halloween — will be the 7777th day since JFK Jr’s supposed death, and a numerologically perfect day for his return to public view. Will the globalist scriptwriters have the “Black Hats” play the Black Thursday card and the “White Hats” play the JFK Jr. card in response?

(26 October 2020) – Based on all we’ve looked at in recent updates, six distinct trajectories can be seen emerging from the November 3rd election…

  1. the Democrats “successfully steal the election” and “antichrist communist” Hillary moves us towards the “evil” NWO,
  2. Trump wins the election, but is “assassinated” or removed shortly thereafter, leaving “antichrist Zionist” Pence to initiate the “fake” Mass Arrests and move us towards the “evil” NWO,
  3. Trump wins the election and initiates the “real” Mass Arrests, leading us towards the “good” NWO,
  4. Trump wins the election and the status quo continues, indicating a delay in the globalist plan,
  5. the outcome is disputed, leaving the Catholic-controlled Supreme Court to render a judgment that feeds back into scenarios 1-4, or
  6. the outcome is disputed and the nation descends into chaos, leaving the military to step in, restore order, and install Rand Paul and Tulsi Gabbard as caretaker President/Vice President until new, clean elections can be organized. This leads us towards the “good” NWO.

If they go with the 2nd, 3rd or 6th scenario, keep an eye on Pope Francis. They might narrate his “death” by COVID and replace him with a conservative traditionalist. There have been a number of recent news stories about COVID cases swirling about him.

(25 October 2020) – Here is something I wrote to help the new readers…

An Overview of the End Times Show

In the COVID-fraud-stricken world of 2020, we are in the early part of the globalist-written End Times Stageplay. It is a stageplay consisting of two acts…

Act 1: The Triumph of the False Messiahs
Act 2: The Return of the True Messiah

In Act 1, the “forces of evil” led by the “Prince of Darkness” divide themselves into two camps: the “Black Hats” and the “White Hats.” And the Prince of Darkness orders the Black Hats to create all the war, theft, and chaos they can so he can lead the White Hats in a campaign against them. At the end of the Act, a pivotal point is reached at which the Prince of Darkness and his White Hat allies defeat the Black Hats, allowing them to pose as the messiahs who will restore peace, order, and comfort to all the people of the world.

The actors playing the Black Hats include Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Pence, the Democrats/communists/leftists, and the “Deep States” within the major world governments.

The actors playing the White Hats include Donald Trump, Xi Jinping, Benjamin Netanyahu, Narendra Modi, the Libertarians, and the “patriots and constitutionalists” within the major world governments.

The actor playing the Prince of Darkness is Vladimir Putin. His character controls both the Dark Hats and White Hats, but to the audience he appears to lead the White Hats and oppose the Black Hats.

Zooming in to the current action in Act 1, we’re approaching a pivotal point. White Hat Trump has a plan to win the election and shortly thereafter arrest the American Black Hats, which would be part of a grand worldwide victory for all the White Hats. But the Black Hats have plotted to use his own plan against him. And if they succeed, they can turn the election and its aftermath into a Black Hat victory, setting back the White Hat campaign for as long as three years.

Which way it goes depends on the playwrights behind the stage, who are furiously scripting adjustments to the ongoing Act even as we attempt to discern where they’re taking it. If we can expose the scripted outcome before the actors get to it, perhaps we can force them to abandon the plot pivot, thus delaying the whole play.

Now that you have an overview of the play, you can better understand the scripted motivations of its various characters. So let’s look again at the things I covered in yesterday’s update (which I’ve bolded)…

In Act 1,
the communists are Black Hats and communism is evil, and
Putin and Xi are White Hats, so
Putin and Xi are anti-communist.

Within the script, “Putin is not a communist; he’s a pragmatist. And he’s attempting to ‘Make Russia Great Again’ without returning to the failed ideologies of the past.”

And within the script, “Xi has been consolidating control over the Chinese Communist Party so he can end it. He wants to take over the shoddy house built by ‘Mao Zedong Thought’ and renovated by ‘Deng Xiaoping Thought’ and rebuild it from the foundation according to ‘Xi Jinping Thought.’ He wants to end the Chinese Nightmare and bring the ‘Chinese Dream’ into reality.”

So within the script, the Black Hats are portraying Xi Jinping’s effort to gain total control over the CCP as an attempt to become the most powerful and evil communist dictator in Chinese history. They want him to be seen as a communist villain.

They also want Putin to be seen as a communist villain, which is why they’ve had some of their disinfo guys circulate the idea that…

  • Putin is a closet communist leading a Russia that is a communist grizzly bear in teddy bear clothing,
  • Putin ran the German Red Army Faction while he was in the KGB (so they can later claim that he is the ultimate puppetmaster behind Antifa and BLM), and
  • Putin has joined fellow communist dictator Xi Jinping in executing a multi-staged “Communist Attack on America.”

Also within the script, the Black Hats are portraying a schism in their own ranks between the Zionists and the communists. They’re doing this so they can hijack Trump’s plan for mass arrests by going through the motions of arresting their own communist elements so the Zionist elements, of which Pence is a member, can survive and complete the evil NWO. A successful execution of this Black Hat plan would leave Trump looking like a dupe, Putin and Xi looking like evil incarnate, and Pence looking like a messiah.

All this being said, if we do see Chinese troops invade the US, they will not be from the Chinese military controlled by Xi. They will be Chinese mercenaries hired by Chinese Deep State-controlled private military contractors and allowed to stage in Mexico and Canada by the American Deep State. This is how they’ll maintain Xi’s cover as a “White Hat good guy.” Of course, Pence would lead us to a decisive victory over the invaders (who are sacrificial pawns in the Deep State chess game).

(25 October 2020) – Another poisoned apple has been presented to the alt-media and Trump — this time in the form of the supposed diary of Joe Biden’s daughter — and the alt-media are taking a big bite. There’s also sudden news out this morning that 5 of Pence’s staff have tested positive for COVID. This could lead to Pence testing positive and going into quarantine or getting sick and being hospitalized, which would serve two purposes…

  1. it would keep him safely out of Washington on November 5/6, and
  2. it would show that “the Communist Deep State tried to medically assassinate him,” thus painting him as their adversary who must stop them (through mass arrests) before they try again.

I may not write a full update today, but if I do, it’ll be in the afternoon/evening.

(24 October 2020) – My view of the globalists’ election plans became significantly clearer this morning. I now see that they’re preparing a scenario in which the “Deep State” and Mike Pence do a post-election, post-Trump “fake” mass arrest of the communists and agents of Russia and China. This mass arrest psyop may be preceded by a staged “Communist Attack on America” show put on by the “Deep State.”

According to the script, scapegoating and sacrificing their communist elements will allow the “Deep State” to remain in power while simultaneously fooling the Trump people into thinking that Mike Pence “stepped up and completed what Trump started.” It will also allow Americans to be poisoned against Trump’s fellow NWO heroes Putin and Xi.

~ MORE ~

After yesterday’s update on Putin’s supposed support of leftist terror groups in Germany during his KGB days, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my take on it. I felt like something more was there but just couldn’t put my finger on it. After pondering it all day, I went to bed, woke up and exercised, then took a bath. That’s when I had my “Eureka!” moment on the Pence mass arrest scenario. But instead of running naked through the streets like Archimedes did, I went out for a breakfast taco.

Why they tied Putin to leftist terrorists in Germany (the Antifa and BLM of their day) wasn’t the only thing I’ve been pondering lately. I’ve also noticed the following…

Under the Pence Scenario, all of these puzzle pieces fall elegantly into place. This is how it would go down: On or about November 5/6, the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot would strike Trump. This could take the form of…

  1. a nuclear decapitation of Washington, D.C. and Chicom invasion (in which case Congress and/or the Supreme Court might fall as well) or
  2. an outbreak of Antifa/BLM rioting concurrent with the sudden unraveling of the Hunter Biden hard drive narrative (in which case the fake emails, pictures and videos will be blamed on Putin and Trump’s people, leading to Trump’s swift impeachment and removal).

Pence, surviving either scenario, would order the mass arrest of the “communist 5th column within the US government” and all known agents of Russian and Chinese influence (which might include much of the alt-media). Trump supporters would see this as the mass arrest of the “Deep State” they’ve been conditioned to expect, but the “Deep State” would still be in charge (“because the Zionist Jews will have sacrificed the Communist Jews in order to survive and build the evil NWO their way”).

All this would leave America shell-shocked and in a state of cold or hot war against Russia and China. So the Deep State will have succeeded in breaking up the “heroic trio” of Trump, Putin and Xi and would set about an unrestrained campaign of regime change to remove Putin and Xi so the evil NWO can finally be formed.

Of course, all this hinges on what happens on November 5/6. Will Trump get knocked down by the Gunpowder Plot, or will he use it as the excuse to do the “real mass arrest of the whole Deep State”?

(23 October 2020) – During this morning’s infoscan, I ran across an article that linked to this press release…

…from the NNSA

So the government is making a show of looking for a nuke near the Capitol Building, and they started 2 days before I warned about the Gunpowder Plot. This means they’re establishing the backstory they’ll use after the nuke goes off…

“We received intelligence about a credible nuclear threat to Washington, D.C. on October 19. An immediate search was initiated and maintained, but we were unable to find the bomb. It was well-shielded by the minisub and the water of the Potomac and may have been held outside of our search area until the day of the attack.”

The patsies who take the fall for the explosion will likely be the usual suspects…

“The radiation signature of the explosion and our intelligence indicate that it was caused by a loose North Korean nuclear warhead that was transferred to Venezuela by Iran, then smuggled up the Potomac by a fully-submersible narco-sub operated by the Sinaloa drug cartel and Hezbollah.”

Here’s some background propaganda on that: U.S. Designates Hezbollah and Drug Cartels as Top Threats. And look at what hit the news four days ago…

…from Google. “If they can smuggle 3 tons of coke all the way across the Atlantic, they can smuggle a small warhead from Venezuela to the Potomac.”

Getting back to the “Hunter Biden hard drive as a trap” scenario, my reader who watches the numbers noted that the date of the Gmail outage I talked about in yesterday’s update, 2 June 2019, could be narratively related to the 2 June Movement, a former German anarchist terror group that was allied with the Red Army Faction Marxist terror group. The reader also pointed out this: Mainstream Media Trying to Tie Putin to the Red Army Faction During the Cold War. Here is an excerpt from such a mainstream media report…

Many years later, when Putin became president of Russia, the legendary chief of the Stasi’s foreign intelligence arm Markus Wolf and Putin’s former KGB colleagues took care to stress that he had been a nobody when he served in Dresden. Putin was “pretty marginal,” Wolf once told a German magazine… Most of these official accounts also emphasize that Dresden itself was a provincial backwater, far from the action of East Berlin…

But conversations with Stasi and KGB colleagues at the time belie the officially sanctioned claims Putin played only a marginal role. These accounts suggest that Putin’s years in Dresden might have been invaluable training in his work sowing chaos in Western politics today

This account suggests that Putin was stationed there precisely because it was a backwater, far from the spying eyes in East Berlin, where the French, the Americans and the West Germans all kept close watch. According to a former member of the Red Army Faction, the far-left terrorist group in West Germany, who claimed to have met him in Dresden, Putin had worked in support of members of the group, which sowed terror across West Germany in the seventies and eighties: “There was nothing in Dresden, nothing at all, except the radical left. Nobody was watching Dresden, not the Americans, not the West Germans. There was nothing there. Except the one thing: these meetings with those comrades.” – from Politico

So will the Mainstream Narrative say that Putin chose 2 June for personal sentimental and symbolic reasons — because it would stoke anarchy in the US? Little touches like that make a false narrative seem more natural and real.

While we’re on the subject of the US and A versus Russia, let me make a personal observation…

You Russians seem like very intelligent people, yet you perpetually fail to grasp a fundamental reality that every ‘Merican instinctively knows: We are the good guys, no matter what we do. And you Russians are the bad guys, no matter what you do. When we go around the world blowin’ stuff up, we’re making the world a better place. But when you Russians do it… well… you’re just being mean. Perhaps it stems from all the vodka drinking.

So the next time you feel the drunken urge to be mean in Syria or Libya, just spank your monkeys or something and leave ruling the world to us. We’ve got this!…

(22 October 2020) – Here’s a thought: the Hunter Biden hard drive was in the possession of the computer shop guy from April 2019 to November 2019 before the FBI copied it for analysis. So if the hard drive is a trap, it was altered during that timeframe to add the phony emails and/or the deepfake sex images. This means that any fake corroborating evidence, such as other people’s copies of the fake emails, would also need to be planted in the appropriate places during that timeframe.

This brings us to Bevan Cooney (another Irish Catholic?)…

…from Breitbart. Here is an excerpt…

…Cooney — who is serving his sentence in federal prison — reached out to Schweizer via conservative journalist Matthew Tyrmand and provided written authorization to access his Gmail account. He provided the password and username, and written authorization to publish emails because Schweizer says he believes he was the “fall guy” for the Biden family’s corruption and that he believes the public needs to know what really happened in Hunter Biden’s universe.

So the authenticity of some of the hard drive emails can be confirmed by viewing Cooney’s Gmail copies of them. But here’s the thing: Gmail had a major outage during the April-November 2019 timeframe…

…from The Verge

Will June 2, 2019 be narrated as the day that “Russian hackers” penetrated the Google Cloud, altered Google’s records, and added the fake emails? Will the emails be identified as fake when the FBI requests a pre-June 2 copy of the same files from Google’s cold storage archive?

Of course, “Russian hackers did it” will be the explanation offered by the Mainstream Narrative. But the NWO Narrative will claim that the fakes were added by Google itself, in collaboration with its CIA masters…

…from Medium. (By the way, Google turned 22 years-old last month.)

As for their scripted motivation, both the CIA and “Big Tech” have been narrated as mortal enemies of Trump, and vice versa…

…from Politico

(22 October 2020) – News has come out that another former business partner of Hunter Biden has confirmed the authenticity of one of the emails on the hard drive…

…from the New York Post

The business partner’s name is Tony Bobulinski, and I couldn’t help but notice that is sounded kinda Russian. So I looked into the Bobulinski surname and found that it’s a spelling variation of Bobolinski, a surname most common in North Macedonia.

North Macedonia is a country that has apparently undergone a US-instigated regime change over a Russian gas pipeline project [1,2], so it’s “Deep State” territory now. And an article came out just today that the country is involved in “Russian pro-Trump election meddling”…

…from Radio Free Europe

So are the “Deep State” and the Bidens having Bobulinski (and other “business partners”) verify the emails to continue the setup of Trump and the alt-media? After the election, will it be “discovered” that Bobulinski is “a Russian agent who verified a fake email to help Putin sway the election for Trump”? Before answering these questions, stop for a moment and look again at the two articles and their dates. Is it just a coincidence that they both came out on the 22nd, one of the globalists’ favorite days for mischief?

WARNING (21 October 2020) – The Gunpowder Plot May Come to D.C.

As my longtime readers know, I view numerology as a load of gypsy bullsh*t — a made-up human concept, and I am infinitely certain in the correctness of this view. Unfortunately, the globalists are obsessed with it and pattern their ridiculous plans accordingly, which is why I sometimes bring numerology-based information to your attention. That being said, an observant reader has sent me a link to a numerology video that ties the number 6996 to Freemasonry, Saturn, and the dropping of the atom bomb by President Truman.

6996 is a significant number for us now because it is the number of days from the 9/11 attacks to November 5th or 6th (depending on how you calculate the timespan)…

…from Time and Date

My UK readers — and anyone who has watched the movie V for Vendetta — may recognize November 5th as the date of the Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605, in earlier centuries often called the Gunpowder Treason Plot or the Jesuit Treason, was a failed assassination attempt against King James I by a group of provincial English Catholics led by Robert Catesby.

The plan was to blow up the House of Lords during the State Opening of Parliament on 5 November 1605, as the prelude to a popular revolt in the Midlands during which James’s nine-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, was to be installed as the Catholic head of state. – from Wikipedia

As you read this section, did the gears in your head start spinning as you connected it to the Jesuit plot against Trump I’ve been writing about?

So it could be that an atomic version of the Gunpowder Plot is scripted for Washington, D.C. on November 5th or 6th. Because of the November 3rd election, Congress is not scheduled to be in session that week, but will they call a special session on the 5th to address the aftermath of the election? Will Trump go there? Will the Supreme Court justices? Even if they don’t call Congress back, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments that week in their building right across the street from Congress, and Trump will likely be in the White House only 1.5 miles away.

A successful Jesuit Gunpowder Plot could decapitate the country, leaving Catholics Pence or Pelosi in charge under a dictatorial continuity of government condition. And a foiled plot would be the ideal excuse for an immediate military-supported campaign of mass arrests of the “Deep State.”

On a related note, an October 18 save of my website in the Internet Archive has disappeared (for the moment at least). It included my first day of coverage on the election scenarios. They typically do this when I’m directly over a sensitive target, so…

bombs away!…

While we’re on the subject of Jesuit treachery, my reader who watches the numbers brought the following to my attention this morning…

So keep an eye out tomorrow (the 22nd) and the day after (the 23rd) for a new war incident to break out, either physical or cyber. The Mainstream Narrative “bad guy(s)” involved in that outbreak may be the patsies on whom the blame for the Gunpowder Plot will fall.

The Presidential Election Guide
(+ the October 18-20 updates)

The Context of the 2020 Election

It is important for new readers to understand that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama…

  • both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, the “Zionist-Nazi-Neocon-Neolib Deep State,” the communists / socialists, etc.)
  • and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, the “Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State,” the libertarians / Austrian economists, etc.).

They are deliberately staging a dialectic conflict between these two controlled fronts in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the New World Order) in its place. This is the true narrative of what’s going on in our world today.

What I’ll be covering in the writings that follow are the specific events and false narratives they’re attempting to use in moving us into the NWO. Since there are two controlled sides to the staged conflict, there are two false narratives the globalists are spinning: 1) the Mainstream Narrative, which is the Establishment-side propaganda they sell to the sleepers, and 2) the NWO/Alt-Media Narrative, which is the Anti-Establishment-side propaganda they sell to those who are awakening. They want you to come to see the mainstream narrative as a lie and the alt-media narrative as the truth. That’s because today’s alt-media will be the mainstream media of the New World Order.

In past entries, I’ve talked about the globalist effort to shift people to the “political right” in preparation for the launch of the real “right-wing NWO” — the much publicized and feared “left-wing NWO” being just a decoy used to scare us to the right. This effort to move the herd rightward is the reason the media are using leftist dimwits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to scare the American public into thinking “the heroic Trump” is the only thing standing between them and a leftist catastrophe of open borders, political violence, silenced speech, grabbed guns, and a Venezuela-like socialist/communist economy.

So as you look out at the 2020 election drama unfolding around you, realize that it is a stage play being put on for public consumption, with the Democrats/Deep State playing the bad guys and Trump, Putin and Xi playing the good guys. As is the case with all plays, the actors on both sides work for the producers of the play (the Central Banking Cartel) and are told what to do and say by the scriptwriters and directors of the play (the social psychologists in the globalist think tanks and intelligence agencies). It’s all a just a show, and the ending has already been written: the good guys will win, either this year or in 2023, and they’ll take us into the real NWO.

(17 October 2020) – Today I’ll begin writing my presidential election guide, in which I’ll systematically cover the various options the globalists have set up for before and after the election. I’ll be posting it in “brainstorm” form, then structuring it later. So let’s begin with this…

The baseline script for the election is that Trump will win the real vote, but the “Deep State” will try to seize the presidency by either stealing the election or pushing Trump aside for Pence afterward. This effort to steal the office will either fail or succeed depending on how soon the globalists want to stage the Climax Event and move into the multilateral / multipolar reformed UN/NWO.


In the news right now, I’m detecting the setup for the long-expected move by Hillary Clinton to get herself into the presidency. The burgeoning Hunter Biden scandal and the reported positive COVID tests of two of Kamala Harris’s staffers create the following possibilities…

BEFORE A STOLEN ELECTION: Due to legal jeopardy caused by the influence-peddling scandal, Joe Biden could be pressured into stepping down as the presidential candidate so the Democratic National Committee (which is controlled by Hillary) can restructure the ticket, making Kamala the presidential candidate and Hillary the VP candidate. President-Elect Harris would then succumb to COVID — black people are supposedly more susceptible to the disease — thus making Hillary president.

ALTERNATIVELY, both Biden and Harris could go down (for whatever reasons) before election day, leading to Hillary and her choice of VP being elevated to candidacy.

AFTER A STOLEN ELECTION: Biden could be arrested and indicted for his role in the influence peddling and Harris could die from COVID. Not yet convicted of his crimes, Biden would be sworn-in in January. He could then name Hillary as his VP before being removed from office by the influence-peddling trial or an impeachment trial.

ALTERNATIVELY, both Biden and Harris go down (for whatever reasons) before inauguration day, leading to Nancy Pelosi being sworn-in in January. She then makes Hillary her VP and afterwards steps aside.

On the Republican side…

BEFORE THE ELECTION: Trump could narrated as dying or becoming incapacitated by congestive heart failure, a heart attack, a stroke, or a COVID relapse. The Republican National Committee would then select Mitt Romney to lead the ticket, leaving Pence as the VP. Preparing this option is why Romney came out on the 13th (Mars Opposition day) and did this…

…from NBC News

Such rhetoric distances Romney from Trump, supposedly making him a more palatable candidate. And things like what he said yesterday are meant to identify him as a “Deep Stater”…

…from Newsweek

You can learn more about the “Romney Option” by reading the 5 October update.

AFTER THE ELECTION: Trump could narrated as dying or becoming incapacitated by the same conditions as above. This would allow “Deep Stater” Mike Pence to take the Presidency and fulfill “God’s plan for him,” which you can read about in The Jesuit “Antichrist” Takeover of the Trump Presidency, located beneath the next article.

~ MORE – 18 October 2020 ~

It appears that I’m only a half-step ahead of them on this thing. Look at what came out yesterday…

…from Natural News. Here is an excerpt…

We have exclusive breaking news that changes the trajectory of the upcoming US election. Because we speak Mandarin Chinese, we have been able to hear the correct Chinese description of what’s on Hunter Biden’s hard drives which were turned over to the DoJ and Rudy Giuliani…

Now, Natural News can exclusively reveal that the Hunter Biden videos contain multiple videos that captured Hunter Biden engaged in extreme sexual ABUSE of under-age Chinese teens, and that there are multiple, different victims captured in the videos…

Why did Hunter Biden possess these child abuse sex tapes? And why did the CCP send a copy to Nancy Pelosi and the DoJ?

The entire thing is an Epstein-style operation that the CCP ran on Hunter Biden in order to control Joe Biden, his father, should Joe win the presidency. It means the Biden administration is already compromised via CCP blackmail related to these sex tapes (and who knows what else).

In essence, Joe Biden cannot be made President of the United States because he is compromised by communist China due to the actions of his son, Hunter.

Biden must step down from being the DNC candidate, and the FBI and DoJ must initiate criminal investigations into the Biden crime family.

So here we have a “right wing” controlled alt-media site helping open the way for Hillary to remake the presidential ticket. This is an example of how the globalist Right Hand works together with the Left Hand to orchestrate events.

Let’s also remember what I wrote back in the 6 August and 25 August updates about Xi Jinping releasing the Chicom blackmail/bribery files on politicians the world over, including the Democrats in the US.” NWO historians will narrate that Xi released the Hunter Biden info “to help his fellow Avatar Trump in his battle against the Satanist Deep State.”

Alternatively, they might narrate that “the Chicom Deep State released the info to help Hillary position herself to take over the presidency.” Either way, revelations from Xi will come sooner or later, and they’ll be used to take down Hillary and the whole Democratic Party.

Of course, if the Democrats do remove Biden as the candidate, I doubt they’ll acknowledge the Hunter Biden scandal as the reason; they’ll keep suppressing the news and stonewalling any government investigations until after the election. So they’ll probably have Biden come down with some sort of health problem that will necessitate his removal from the ticket. And if they use “COVID contracted from Trump during the first presidential debate,” they’ll be able to blame it on him.

Let’s see if a Biden health problem (or death) hits the press at the beginning of the weekly news cycle. Also watch for a major war development overseas or a domestic terror event here. According to the globalist script, the Democrats will use such shenanigans to distract the public from the scandal.

~ MORE ~

Here’s another possibility concerning the Hunter Biden scandal: it could be narrated that Hillary Clinton’s allies in the US intelligence services fabricated the evidence on the hard drive(s), including phony emails and deep-fake sex videos, and arranged for it to be exposed so they can then blame the Russian intelligence services for “attempting to steal the election” for Trump. In this scenario, the event is a frame-up of Trump and the Russians that will be used to sway the election in the Democrats’ favor, and it would serve to justify in the public’s eye both the Democrats’ “Russian collusion” debacle and the media’s censorship of Trump information.

For the past few years, I’ve noticed a sustained effort on the part of the media to place the idea of deepfakes into the public consciousness (with many stories tying deepfakes to phony pictures and videos of celebrities having sex), and I’ve long suspected that they’re doing this because deepfakes will play a significant role in the NWO transition script. Just last year, I tracked another deepfake scenario that involved the disinformation agent behind the Natural News website, Mike Adams. Here is what I wrote at the time…

~ MORE – 15 July 2019 ~

Three days ago, Infowars posted this interview with disinformation agent Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”)…

…Take note of the topics discussed and how they relate to the things I’ve been covering lately. Also have a quick listen starting at the 3m44s mark of the video, where the “Health Ranger” says something you might find familiar…

>>> Well I haven’t mentioned this on the air yet, but I strongly suspect that they’re going to roll out deepfake videos that appear to depict President Trump having sex with minors in the Lolita Express airplane. <<<

So the controlled alt-media are starting to prepare people for the rollout of the deepfakes. And before things kick off, I thought I’d mention another dimension to this that might manifest itself: a civil war

According to the globalists’ preferred scripting for all this, the Democrats will use Epstein and deepfake photos/videos against Trump, then Trump will turn around and use Epstein and real photos/videos against the Democrats. Here’s the rub, though: the Democrats will likely claim that the photos/videos used against them are also deepfakes. That’s why they held a Congressional hearing on deepfakes back on June 13 — they were preparing their defense. And the resulting acrimonious public controversy over whose photos/videos are fake and whose are real and who should be arrested may be accompanied by engineered civil unrest. A (mostly fake) civil war could erupt, leading to either a military crackdown by Trump or a “communist” follow-on attack from without.

So in that scenario, “deepfakes” would have been used as a weapon against Trump and as a dodge by guilty Democrats. And in this current scenario, we have a third possible usage: as a false-flag weapon with which the Democrats attack their own and then blame it on Trump and the Russians. Given that Trump has already swallowed the bait and gone on Twitter storms about Biden’s guilt, both he and the alt-media pushing the story would suffer a massive loss in credibility.

It should also be noted that Steve Bannon is involved in all this, and Bannon is a Catholic. Is he the Pope’s controlled opposition and part of the Catholic conspiracy to replace Trump with Pence or Hillary? For more information on the conspiracy, read The Jesuit “Antichrist” Takeover of the Trump Presidency, which is the second article below.

P.S. – Rudy Giuliani is also involved, and he is both a Catholic and a KBE (“Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”), otherwise known as a UIBC (“Useful Idiot to the British Crown”).

~ MORE – 19 October 2020 ~

A reader has sent me an interesting piece of preparatory propaganda from Mint Press News

It was published in January, and it goes into some detail in pointing out that the very intelligence agencies who have been warning us about “foreign interference” in the US election are those who have funded the development of the technologies that would be used in that interference. In doing so, the piece establishes the background narrative for blaming the “Deep State” for the planned chaos.

The article mentions three notable methods for interfering with the election…

  1. the use of deepfakes,
  2. the use of hacked cars to crash into the long lines of voters on election day (this would augment the Antifa-types who will presumably be out doing the same), and
  3. a cyberattack that takes down the power grids and/or communication systems on election day (rendering the electronic voting and reporting apparatus useless).

Should all these and other disruptions be successfully staged, we would indeed have a mess on our hands. But globalist propaganda has also laid the conceptual groundwork for the existence of countervailing forces that could stymie such attacks.

One of those forces is the US Space Force — the black budget elements of which supposedly have quantum computers that could make short work of any cyberattacks. Another is the gigantic Chinese cyberwarfare establishment, who have reportedly placed hardware backdoors into every circuit board manufactured in China (and used in the US and Israel). Under orders from “good guy” Xi, the Chinese too could neutralize the cyberefforts of the “Deep States,” and you can find more information on this particular scenario by copying and pasting the following into your browser’s FIND feature: EXCERPT 3, from January 14, 2019.

So which way will it go — will there be election day chaos that leads us into 3 more years of suffering, or will there be foiled shenanigans and mass arrests of the Deep State that clear the way for the multipolar NWO in 2021? Since the answer to this question hinges on a pending globalist choice, we can only wait and see.

~ MORE – 20 October 2020 ~

My reader who watches the numbers has pointed out something notable about 9/11 and the date of the 2020 election…

…from Time and Date

Election day of 2020 falls 6993 days from the 9/11 attacks. And if you divide 6993 days by 7 days/week, you get exactly 999 weeks (which is 666 inverted). In a world run by a numerology-obsessed cult, the Kabbalists, one cannot take for granted that this is mere coincidence. So if it isn’t coincidence, what does it mean?

Does the inverted 666 mean that election day could be another “Black Tuesday”? Or does the fact that it’s inverted mean a positive development may be in store? In the computer realm, the number 9 is symbolic of “stop.” When used in a command line in Unix-type operating systems, “9” is the command you use to terminate a process. So will election day mark the point that the 9/11 process (of “dark forces running amok all around the world”) is terminated? If you go back to the video to which I linked in the 16 October update, the disinfo guys suggest that Trump will start the mass arrests the day after the election.

While we’re on the subject of 9/11, we must remember that the mayor of New York on that day was Rudy Giuliani. And as such, he was a key figure in the coverup of what really happened. Here he is standing next to Laura Bush and Tony Blair at the birth of “Homeland Security” 9 days later…

…from Wikipedia

So Rudy is a “DEEP Deep Stater” within the globalist script, and he and Steve Bannon were the ones who brought the Hunter Biden hard drive to the public’s attention BEFORE the election…

September 2020

Steve Bannon told the Post about the existence of the hard drive and Rudy Giuliani obtained a copy of it. He provided the copy to the Post on Sunday. – from Fox News

While it’s possible that the globalists will narrate the Hunter Biden emails and videos as being authentic, I can’t shake the feeling that it’s scripted as a “Deep State” sting operation aimed at destroying “good guy” Trump before or immediately after the election. And in the next part of this update, I’ll outline the NWO narrative of what happened if this is the case. But first let me give you a preview from something I ran across today: a rather timely headline from the prophecy propaganda site SkywatchTV

It led me back to what Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who is playing the role of a “good guy” whistleblower within the Roman Catholic Church, wrote on September 22 (and published on September 25)…

The United States is witnessing the highest levels and centers of cultural influence of the American Catholic Church shamelessly siding in favor of the Democratic candidate and more generally in favor of the entire apparatus that has been consolidating in recent decades within the public administration. The Deep State, Trump’s sworn enemy, is joined by a Deep Church that spares no criticisms and accusations against the incumbent President while winking indecorously with Biden and BLM, slavishly following the narration imposed by the mainstream. It matters little that Trump is openly pro-life and defends the non-negotiable principles that the Democrats have renounced — the important thing is to transform the Catholic Church into the spiritual arm of the New World Order, so as to have an imprimatur from the highest moral authority in the world, something that was impossible with Benedict XVI. – from Life Site News

So if the incriminating emails and/or sex videos on the Hunter Biden hard drive(s) turn out to be bogus “and bear the telltale characteristics of Russian computer techniques,” the whole laptop setup may be narrated as the masterstroke of the “Deep State” / “Deep Church” plot to take down Trump.

If the info is shown to be bogus BEFORE the election, it could energize Democrat voters and discourage Trump voters sufficiently to tip the election to the Democrats. And if it’s shown to be bogus AFTER the election, Trump could face a second, decisive impeachment for “treasonous collaboration with the Russians.” This would put “Deep Stater” Pence into the presidency. And if they want Hillary in office instead, Pence could be impeached and removed with Trump (leading to President Pelosi and then President Clinton).

In another variation of this “Deep State false-flag,” the emails could be genuine but the videos fake, with the whole thing “put together by the Russians.” It would then cut both ways: the true emails would force Biden out (to Hillary’s delight), and the fake videos and supposed Russian connection would force Trump out.

SIDENOTE – Here’s an interesting little tidbit: the man who supplied the Hunter Biden hard drive to Catholics Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani is named John Paul Mac Isaac. “John Paul” is a name that has been taken by two popes. And “Mac Isaac” is the Gaelic (Irish) form of the Scottish MacIsaac surname. So is he an Irish Catholic as his name suggests? If so, he fits in perfectly with the plot I cover in The Jesuit “Antichrist” Takeover of the Trump Presidency, which is the second article down this page.

The Ultimate October Surprise: Will JFK Jr. reemerge on October 30 to deliver Trump a landslide victory?

(16 October 2020) – A reader brought something very interesting to my attention this morning. It’s about the date of JFK Jr’s supposed death and the second Friday from now (October 30)…

…from Google (top) and (bottom)

As you can see, October 30 will be the 7777th day (and mark the 1111th week) since JFK Jr’s death. So October 30th brings 4 sevens and is 4 days from the election. For the numerology-obsessed globalists, this must be irresistibly tempting as the perfect day to schedule JFK Jr’s (JJ’s) return to the public eye. His return would mark the beginning of the Truth Tsunami Psyop and deal a deathblow to the Biden/Harris presidential campaign.

Back in my 16-17 May update, I brought up a video from the Q-Anon disinformation front that establishes the backstory for JJ’s return…

The video has since been deleted by “Big Data’s purge of Q-Anon,” but it suggested that JJ had faked his death and gone undercover to “fight the evil Cabal that killed his father and was trying to kill him.” And it pointed to someone known as Vincent Fusca as being the persona he adopted to hide his identity when in public. This Vincent Fusca is a big Trump supporter who was shown in the video attending one of Trump’s rallies. Here is something I wrote about it in the 19 May update…

Getting back to the Qanon video about JFK Jr, a reader has suggested that the elements that show Vincent Fusca and his companion may have been deep-faked. While this is possible, I consider it unlikely for the following reason: JFK Jr. really would be the ideal choice for the Truth Tsunami spokesman. Think about it…

The Truth Tsunami revelations will be absolutely devastating to the Democratic Party, so if the globalists have a Republican or conservative do the narration, many Democrats will see it as just another partisan attack and close their minds to the revelations. But if a Democratic Party icon like JFK Jr. does the narration, they will be open to hearing what he has to say. And Republicans will accept the narrative because it confirms all of their suspicions about the Democrats.

On top of this, JFK Jr.’s involvement in the “takedown of the Cabal” will bring satisfaction to all Americans that “the people who murdered JFK have finally been brought to justice.” And offering emotional closure is a powerful weapon of manipulation. The abstract concept of the “Deep State” would be made real and believable when they’re identified as “the bastards who assassinated President Kennedy” — “the bastards who finally got what was coming to them.”

Another notable thing about Vincent Fusca are the online rumors that he was in a car crash in his “Trump-mobile” van last month, which may or may not have killed him (there are conflicting accounts)…

…from YouTube

From the graphics presented in the video, I was able to track down two reports of the accident, neither of which named who was involved…

…from Facebook (top) and WTAE (bottom)

Interestingly, this September 27 car crash happened just hours before Yom Kippur…

…from Google

Yom Kippur… also known as the Day of Atonement, is the holiest day of the year in Judaism…

According to Jewish tradition, God inscribes each person’s fate for the coming year into a book, the Book of Life, on Rosh Hashanah, and waits until Yom Kippur to “seal” the verdict. – from Wikipedia

So what verdict was sealed for Vincent Fusca that day? Did he die, or will he show up at the end of this month to point the finger of blame at Biden and stand beside Trump? If it’s the latter, remember what I wrote in the 18 July update:

…be advised that if “John-John” really is alive, he has unquestionably sold out to the Kabbalists who killed his father, and that makes him a real piece of sh*t. Fu*k that pathetic worm and the garbage he’ll be feeding the sheep. It’s better to die as a man than live as a worm.

The Jesuit “Antichrist” Takeover of the Trump Presidency
(+ the October 10-14 updates on the war scenarios this week)

(9 October 2020) – I’m detecting a developing globalist scenario in which the Jesuit/Kabbalist-controlled Roman Catholic Church takes over the US presidency after the November 3rd election. Consider the following four points…

POINT 1 – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a lifelong ring-kissing Catholic

…And she just launched an effort to create a 25th Amendment commission that could put Mike Pence into the presidency in a matter of weeks (after the election).

POINT 2 – Mike Pence is a Crypto-Catholic: he was raised Catholic, but joined/infiltrated the evangelicals after he got involved in politics. And you might remember that he went on his pre-presidential “Kiss the As$ / Kiss the Ring” tour back in January of this year…

(22 January 2020) – In keeping with the scripting options I’ve been covering, WATCH MIKE PENCE THIS WEEK. Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd, he will be in Israel for a gathering of world leaders that will include Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron. After that, he is scheduled to travel on to Rome to meet with Pope Francis. These two trips offer the following two scripting possibilities…

1) The trip to Israel could result in an assassination of Pence (and possibly Putin & Macron too) in an Israeli false-flag attack blamed on Iran. According to the script, Pence’s killing would benefit the “Deep State” bad guys in three ways: 1) it would create a casus belli for their long-sought Iran War, 2) it would create a vacancy in the vice presidency that can be filled by Kushner, and 3) it would remove Putin as an obstacle to Israeli territorial expansion into Syria. (On another level, it would also move Macron out of the way for a French election right before March.)

2) The trips will allow Pence to do the required “kissing of the collective Jewish a*s” at the Western Wall and the required “kissing of the ring” at the Vatican prior to taking on the presidency following a Trump conviction in the Senate. So if Pence survives the trip, look for the impeachment trial to take a noticeable turn for the worse for Trump.

~ MORE – 23 January 2020 ~

Well it looks like they’ve chosen scripting option 2, since there were no assassinations and Netanyahu took Pence for a visit to the Western Wall.

“Sign here for receipt of your presidency”…

~ MORE – 25 January 2020 ~

Getting back to the subject of watching Mike Pence this week, look at how the Jesuit-run America Magazine covered yesterday’s meeting between Pence and the Pope

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> U.S. Vice President Mike Pence met Pope Francis in the Vatican at noon on Jan. 24, and the two spoke together in private for an hour, a surprisingly long time for an audience with someone who is not a head of state. It was their first meeting.

Pope Francis welcomed the vice president, who was raised Catholic, and then led him into the private library where he receives heads of state and distinguished guests and where he received President Trump on May 24, 2017…

Before the two leaders met, one Vatican official told America the meeting was a “courtesy” visit, as Mr. Pence was also visiting Italy and was scheduled to meet with the country’s president, Sergio Mattarella, who also attended the Holocaust Forum, and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But given the length of the meeting it could have been much more. The Vatican did not issue a press statement, since the vice president is not a head of state…

Mr. Pence’s audience with Pope Francis took place as the U.S. Senate is holding the impeachment trial of President Trump. <<<

So now that Pence has kissed the asses of Israel and the Vatican this week, let’s see if some new impeachment-impacting bombshell about Trump explodes at the beginning of the weekly news cycle on Monday. Pence’s nose is now brown-enough to be President.

Back then, Trump faced possible removal by impeachment; now he faces possible removal by the 25th Amendment.

It should also be noted that past prophecy propaganda has pointed to Mike Pence being cast in the role of the decoy “Grey Champion”…

(25 August 2017) – There are times when I stumble upon information that makes me stand up and laugh. It happens when I come across something that dovetails with previously discovered information, and it comes with a feeling of “gotcha, motherfu*kers!” I had that feeling when I saw this headline on the prophecy propaganda site

Why did it give me that feeling, you ask? Because I immediately recalled something I learned while studying Vladimir Putin for Vladimir Putin: The mobster who would be the globalist Messiah

…from Putin: Russia’s Choice by Richard Sakwa

In fact, if you google the word “grey cardinal,” Vladimir Putin pops up on the right side of the search results…

Upon reading through the World Net Daily article to which the SkyWatch article pointed, I took away three things…

1) It describes the “Grey Champion” in a way that allows Vladimir Putin to fulfill the role.

2) It lays the foundation for a “decoy Grey Champion” who will come first – a role to be fulfilled by either Mike Pence or “Zombie Trump” (a Trump that cuts a deal with the “deep state” for border wall funding or for killing NAFTA and lets them have their way on Russia).

3) It suggests that Vladimir Putin’s initial leadership role in the New World Order / “reformed” UN will be that of an “eminence grise: a powerful decision-maker or adviser who operates “behind the scenes” or in a non-public or unofficial capacity. The Secretary-General will not make a move unless Putin okays it first. – from Apocalyptic Propaganda and the Grey Champion

Here is The Atlantic telegraphing Pence’s role as the (decoy) Grey Champion…

…Note the symbolism in the picture: Pence, with grey hair and grey outer garments under a grey sky fulfilling “God’s plan” for him “during the storm.” Also note the VVV / Vav Vav Vav / 666 handsign he is making with his right hand, signalling him as the (Western) antichrist. Putin, who will defeat Pence if he becomes president, is the “real” Grey Champion and the “real” Final Antichrist according to the globalist script. Pence is playing the role of the Satanist decoy antichrist Putin defeats so he can pose as Jesus.

And for more antichrist symbolism, check out Pence’s bloody eye and his attraction of a fly during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday

…His bloody eye looks like the devil’s, and in horror movies, the presence of evil is frequently depicted as attracting flies…

…(Catholic priests must be really evil.)

POINT 3 – The Supreme Court, where the coming disputed election is likely to be settled, is controlled by Catholics. 6 of the current 8 justices are Catholic, and if Trump’s Catholic nominee is approved before the election, 7 out of 9 will be Catholic (the other two are Jews)…

…from CNN

POINT 4 – In his October 3rd encyclical, Pope Francis called for a stronger UN, which the alt-media propagandists are suggesting is the “evil version” NWO…

…from Natural News

Looking at these four points, it’s not hard to see where this is going, is it?

  1. The election is held and the outcome is disputed.
  2. Due to heart failure or a COVID relapse (and in order to calm down a raging public), Trump is removed under the 25th Amendment and Mike Pence becomes president.
  3. The Catholic-controlled Supreme Court, finding strong evidence of foul play in the election, decides the result in favor of Trump/Pence, making Pence the president for the next four years.
  4. Pence, playing the role of the “Grey Champion” Western Antichrist, leads the United States towards joining the “evil-version NWO” in September of 2023. Watch for the UN World Summit that month to be held in the UN’s FAO building in Rome, and watch for “Putin’s fireworks” once the world leaders have gathered there.

This “Catholic Takeover” scenario would take effect if the globalists can’t do the Mass Arrests Psyop by the end of this year.

~ MORE – 10 October 2020 ~

Speaking of the “Catholic Takeover” scenario and the Mass Arrests Psyop, we are approaching the Mars Opposition on October 13, and what happens on or about that day could signal whether the globalists intend to stage the victory of the “good guys” in 2020 or 2023. A large outbreak of war in multiple theaters (the Middle East, the South China Sea / Taiwan, the continental US, etc.) would indicate a globalist move towards the Mass Arrests Psyop this year. A regional outbreak, such as a Turkish sneak attack on Iran, would indicate a move towards 3 more years of hardship.

On the one hand, the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have “gone into quarantine” due to the supposed COVID outbreak amongst Trump and the national leadership. This could be a cover story to hide their move into the command bunkers in anticipation of something big happening this week. On the other hand, a regional attack on Iran by Turkey has got my spidey sense tingling. And since I’ve put plenty of writing into the scenarios for a mass breakout of war, I’m going to focus on the Turkey-Iran scenario this weekend…

On the eve of Putin’s birthday, news broke that Turkey is deploying its S-400 system on its northern coast for “tests” that will begin the week of October 11. So with Turkey placing its best air defense system to the north where it can supposedly block air incursions from southern Russia, the question becomes…

What is Turkey about to do that could potentially trigger air attacks from Russia?

Will they invade Syria from their beachhead in northern Syria, or will those forces be used to guard Turkey’s southern flank so they can attack to the east?

Will Turkey openly begin air attacks and/or a land invasion against the Armenians?

Will they hit Russia’s ally Iran with a “shock and awe” sneak attack?

It’s the last option that’s really grabbing my attention right now, and the NWO Narrative would explain it as follows…

“With Trump and Netanyahu blocking the Satanist US/Israeli Deep States from attacking Iran using the US and Israeli militaries, the Deep States turned to Antichrist Erdogan and Azerbaijani President Aliyev to get the war started. Promising Aliyev full military backup and the recovery of ‘Armenian-occupied’ Azeri land, they had him provoke Iran into exchanging fire with his military, which provided a pretext for Turkey to strike Iran ‘in defense of their ally.’ The resulting decapitation attack used secretly transferred Israeli weapons and intelligence to maximize its effectiveness. And since Russia has no mutual defense treaty with Iran, they could only grit their teeth and watch as their key ally in the Persian Gulf fell into sectarian disorder.”

~ MORE – 10 October 2020 ~

After writing my morning update, I checked up on the current situation and found that Putin had arranged a ceasefire between the Armenians and Azerbaijanis at some point overnight. So was this the globalists backing off after public exposure of the coming Turkish sneak attack on Iran? Or was this a pre-planned outcome designed to make Putin look like “the Prince of Peace who stopped yet another regional war as he readies his checkmate against the Satanist forces”? They’re certainly trying to cast it as the latter…

The big winner at the moment, however, appears to be Putin. By taking control of negotiations and issuing a surprise summons to Moscow for the foreign ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia, Putin has demonstrated once again that he is the diplomatic kingmaker of the South Caucasus. No other international leader was either willing or able to persuade Azerbaijan to stop its military offensive, which was gaining ground and prompting desperation in Armenia. By doing so, Putin will now be seen as living up to Armenia’s expectations of support from its treaty ally under the Collective Security Treaty Organization, but without involving Russia directly in the fighting. Moreover, by avoiding a “total victory” by Azerbaijan, Putin has averted the political challenges of both a Baku that might become too difficult for Moscow to manage, as well as accusations of having “abandoned Armenia.”

In short, the October 9 ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan is a diplomatic masterstroke for Putin in pursuit of his perennial goal with regard to the “frozen conflicts around Russia’s periphery, “to keep the pot stirred, but not let it to boil over.” – from the Atlantic Council

Should the ceasefire break, watch for a false-flag attack blamed on Iran that will kill Azerbaijanis after they “accidentally” fire into Iran. It would likely employ “an Iranian drone provided by the Israeli Deep State.”

~ MORE – 11 October 2020 ~

Speaking of the ceasefire possibly breaking and an Iranian false-flag drone possibly being transported to Azerbaijan by Israel…

…from Al Masdar News (top, bottom)

So imagine that among the drones Israel is flying into Azerbaijan, one is an armed Iranian drone or loitering munition provided by the Mossad. Then imagine that Azerbaijani or Turkish intelligence arranges for a few “stray” artillery shells to be fired across the Iranian border and afterwards employs the drone against Azerbaijani troops near the area of the shelling…

Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of using Iranian border as shelter

Azerbaijani-Armenian fighting spills over into Iran as several shells hit border region

Not only would such a false-flagged Iranian attack provide a pretext for a “retaliation strike”; it would also cause an uproar amongst the millions of Azeris who live in northwest Iran adjacent to Azerbaijan…

…from Radio Free Europe

So a decapitation strike coupled with a Azeri uproar might split off the northwest corner of Iran. According to the script, then, Turkey and Israel may have promised Aliyev both Nagorno-Karabakh and a piece of Iran in return for his assistance in getting the Iran War started.

~ MORE – 12 October 2020 ~

I just ran across another piece of preparatory propaganda that explains why an attack on Iran may come sooner rather than later: Iran Says ‘Historic’ US Defeat Close As Arms Embargo To Be Lifted. The arms embargo begins lifting next Sunday, October 18. And given what’s going on north of Iran’s border in Azerbaijan, the Russians may rush an S-400 air defense system to Iran early next week. Such a system could be activated almost immediately after its arrival if Russian military contractors are provided to operate the system while Iranian technicians are trained-up. So this could be the final week that the Turkish-Israeli-Azeri alliance can strike Iran with relative ease, thus creating the motivation for them to “hit Iran where it hurts” before such an attack gets much harder to carry out.

Although tomorrow is still a key day to watch due to the Mars Opposition, I’ll go ahead and extend the war watch through October 23.

~ MORE – 12 October 2020 ~

Today I’m going to take you on a guided tour of a key preparatory propaganda article on the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict put out by the Middle East Eye

…So let’s get started with the first excerpt…

The Caucasus war between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region creates strange bedfellows and leaves sectarian considerations at the door.

Though Azerbaijan is predominantly Shia, Christian Armenia is favoured by Iran, a third of whose population is of Azeri descent, including Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Even more unusual is the strange coupling of Turkey and Israel, which are hostile to one another both diplomatically and in terms of security. Yet both states, dominated by their Sunni and Jewish communities respectively, support and arm Azerbaijan.

The coupling of Turkey and Israel in supporting and arming Azerbaijan seems strange only if you don’t perceive the scripted objective of the current conflict: taking down Iran. According to the Mainstream Narrative, Israel wants to take down Iran in order to stop their nuclear weapons program, and Turkey wants to take down Iran so they can no longer block Erdogan’s expansionist agenda, so “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And according to the NWO Narrative, “Antichrist/Dajjal” Erdogan and the “Israeli Deep State” are Satanist allies who want to push “Messiah” Putin out of the Middle East by eliminating his key ally, the Tehran government.

According to the war script, the Turkish-Israeli-Azeri alliance will achieve the takedown of Iran by turning the country’s large Azeri minority against the central government in Tehran and towards the Azeri government in Baku. Here is their basic strategy for doing so…

  1. Start a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia to get all the Azeris in the region riled up.
  2. Point out to the Azeris that the Iranian government is supporting Armenia’s killing of Azeris by passing Russian arms to them.
  3. Goad the Iranian government into directly killing Azerbaijani troops — false-flagging such a killing if necessary — or draw them into invading Azerbaijan to stop the inflow of Erdogan’s terror armies along the Iranian border.
  4. Trigger an Azeri revolution in Iran, drawing central government troops into northwest Iran to quell the uprising.
  5. Stage a Turkish invasion of northwest Iran “to protect their Azeri friends from the hostile government in Tehran.”
  6. Defeat the Tehran government in the resulting war.

Of course, this divide and conquer campaign would be greatly accelerated if the Turkish-Israeli-Azeri alliance could launch a sneak attack that decapitates the Tehran government before they bunker-down at the start of the war. This would cause Iran to shatter just like Iraq did after Saddam was removed and sectarian leaders started tearing the country apart.

To better picture the Turkish-Israeli-Azeri strategy, have a look at this ethnic map of Iran (click on it to enlarge)…

…from Wikipedia

As you can see, there is a large concentration of ethnic Azeris in northwest Iran adjacent to the Iran-Azerbaijan border. In fact, there are roughly twice as many Azeris in Iran as there are in Azerbaijan. And if we look more closely at that corner of Iran, it’s not hard to figure out what the Turks and Azeris are up to…

After triggering a color revolution in the Azeri zone and drawing a reaction from the Tehran government, the Turkish Army can push through the Kurdish strip (in brown) along the border and drive through friendly Azeri territory most of the way to Tehran. And after the war, the land would presumably be divided between the Turks and the Azerbaijanis, with…

  • the Azerbaijanis getting back their Armenian-occupied territories and gaining the Azeri region in Iran, and
  • the Turks gaining the rest of Iran and later Armenia (after they’ve slaughtered the Christians there).

So will “Messiah” Putin save Iran from this terrible fate, or will he be “assassinated,” disappeared, or squeezed into an ever-smaller box in the coming months/years?

~ MORE – 14 October 2020 ~

Having already covered Excerpt 1 on Monday, let’s complete our guided tour of the Middle East Eye propaganda piece by looking at four more sections, starting with…

Excerpt 2

During the current conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, in which 300 uniformed troops and civilians on both sides have been killed so far, Israel has increased its military assistance to Azerbaijan.

At least four Ilyushin Il-­76 planes, operated by the Azerbaijani cargo airline Silk Way, which serves Baku’s defence ministry, have landed and taken off from the Israeli Uvda military air base in southern Israel. According to flight regulations, that is the only airport from which planes loaded with explosives are allowed to take off.

The Silk Way fleet flew directly from Baku to Uvda and back, according to its flight path documented on various websites that monitor air traffic. Some of these planes have also flown from Baku to Ankara and Istanbul and back over the last two weeks.

This section establishes clear evidence of both Israel and Turkey sending planeloads of weapons to Azerbaijan. But what sort of weapons? And why? Let’s keep going to find out…

Excerpt 3

Since 1957, Israel and Turkey have developed secret but close relations, and became strategic allies coordinating with American and British interests in the region. Their common enemies were first Egypt (until the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty), Syria and later the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Israeli intelligence community — Mossad and the military intelligence — developed very intimate ties with the Turkish MIT agency and Ankara’s military. Israel had a listening post in Turkey and the two sides worked hand in hand to spy on their common enemy Syria. Occasionally, Turkey was assisted by Mossad in the battle against Turkish Kurds.

Over the years, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, Israel’s defence industries sold arms to Turkey, which included intelligence equipment, missiles avionics and upgraded tanks and planes. The overall volume of the deals was nearly $10bn.

Ironically, among the systems sold to Turkey were drones and technology manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), which helped Ankara build a comparable industry. Turkish Bayraktar drones are now in action in Nagorno-Karabakh’s battlefields, as well as in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

This section establishes the long history of close cooperation between Turkey and Israel, and it begins to stress drones (which could play a starring role in any war-starting false-flag attack).

Excerpt 4

Turkey, which once had a zero-conflict policy with its neighbours, is currently in conflict with several of them: Syria, Russia, Iraq, Israel and Greece. The beginning of the 21st century and the emergence of Recep Tayyip Erdogan as Turkey’s strongman saw Ankara’s gradual move away from its previous strategy.

Erdogan reduced Turkey’s relations with the West and strengthened ties to Qatar, the Hamas movement and Muslim Brotherhood branches across the region. Meanwhile, it is involved in civil wars and military or intelligence interventions in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

This shift in strategy included severing Turkey’s military and intelligence cooperation with Israel, though trade and touristic ties continue to flourish.

Note how this section narrates the emergence of Erdogan as leading to the end of Turkish-Israeli security cooperation. This is obvious bullsh*t, as is evidenced by the fact that they’re very clearly cooperating in Azerbaijan. But since Erdogan has been assigned to play the role of the Muslim Antichrist / Dajjal “bad guy” who is supposedly working against the “good guys” (Trump, Netanyahu and Putin) in the Middle East, he and Netanyahu have made a public show of being at each other’s throats. Behind the scenes, however, they cooperate closely in choreographing the “End Times” stage play being put on by their Kabbalist masters (Iran’s top leaders are in on it too).

So how will the globalist scriptwriters be able to maintain the illusion of conflict between Erdogan and Netanyahu in light of Turkey and Israel’s clear cooperation in Azerbaijan? By taking the mantle of responsibility off Netanyahu’s shoulders and placing on the “Israeli Deep State” scapegoat, speaking of which…

Excerpt 5

Searching for a new market for its military armaments and for a new Muslim ally in the region, Israel found Azerbaijan. Particularly since 2010, the two countries have formed a strategic alliance, backed by the US, against their mutual foe Iran.

Mossad chiefs, senior military officers and cabinet ministers frequently visit Baku, and their Azeri counterparts reciprocate with meetings in Tel Aviv. Four years ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on his way to Kazakhstan, stopped over for seven hours in Baku.

It was sufficient time for the Azeri president, Ilham Aliyev, an autocrat known for violating human rights and harshly suppressing any opposition, to reveal openly for the first time that Azerbaijan had purchased weapons from Israel to the tune of $5bn. Since then, the volume has increased and is estimated now to be at $7bn.

All Israel’s major military and security firms benefit from Azerbaijan’s eagerness to be armed to the teeth. According to some reports, IAI, Elbit, Rafael and other smaller defence companies are selling Baku just about anything. This includes artillery, missiles, naval vessels, intelligence equipment and more.

Almost all the Israeli companies that make drones, including attack or self-destructing kamikaze or suicide ones, have sold their wares to the Azeri army. Armenian spokesmen have said in the past that some of these, including ones made by Aeronautics Ltd., were downed during incidents along the border with Azerbaijan.

Other reports claimed that Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile and rocket system was also sold to Azerbaijan, and it may well be that it is already being used in the battlefields in Nagorno-Karabakh to intercept Russian-made rockets launched by Armenia.

To cover and balance some of the rising cost of the weapons, Israel buys oil from Azerbaijan.

Moreover, according to foreign sources, Mossad established a station in Azerbaijan, serving as the “eyes, ears and springboard” for monitoring Iran. According to these reports, Azerbaijan prepared an airfield that would assist Israel in case it attacked Iran. Other reports claimed that the Iranian nuclear archive that was stolen by Mossad agents in Tehran two and a half years ago was smuggled to Israel through Azerbaijan.

Within the globalist script, it is the “military-industrial complex” and the “national security / intelligence state” elements of the US and Israeli governments who are assigned the role of the “Deep State bad guys.” So this section establishes their hand in forming the Israel-Azerbaijan alliance and points out that Iran is their target. It follows, then, that the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict is a fire they started in order to direct southward.

Let’s see how they fu*k this one up…

At this juncture, I’d like to point out that by taking down Iran, Israel will weaken the only forces that are standing between Erdogan and Israel’s northern border: the Syrian state and Hezbollah. Given the Mainstream Narrative that Erdogan is hostile to Israel (and the fact that he has a more powerful military than Syria and Hezbollah), why would they do that? Why would the Israelis open the door for Erdogan to push through Lebanon and Syria to invade Israel from the north? The answer can be found by looking at the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan and the NWO Narrative. This is how it will all be explained by future NWO historians…

“Satan’s Evil Plot for stealing Christ’s throne had his Deep State minions cooperating with the Muslim Antichrist Erdogan to bring forth the False Messiah / Final Antichrist. To achieve this, Erdogan was to send a sacrificial army down to Megiddo to be destroyed at the hands of this Antichrist, thus saving Israel and the world from total destruction by the ongoing nuclear war. The Final Antichrist would then rule over the survivors of this war from Jerusalem through the evil New World Order built by his globalist minions. Fortunately for us, God had a different plan.

In order to save us, God sent His Avatars to Earth early and disguised in human form. Their mission was to infiltrate the Dark power structures and work their way to the top so they could sabotage the Plot before it reached fruition. This is how He saved us through the actions of Trump, Putin, Xi, Netanyahu, and others.”

To read a more detailed version of this lie, copy and paste A Globalist Fairy Tale: the NWO narrative into the FIND feature of your browser. It will take you down this page to the proper spot.

(14 October 2020) – In the times I’ve had a disordered kitchen, which comprise most of my life, I’ve noticed that whenever I’m looking for a teaspoon to wash and use, I can find only tablespoons. And when I’m looking for a tablespoon, only teaspoons can be found. This is how I came to know…

The Law of Spoons

“In a time of need,
the wrong spoon will always present itself.”

This law struck with devastating effect this morning, as I was forced to measure out the sugar and creamer for my coffee with a tablespoon. Know that this law’s manifestations can be overcome only by systematic and diligent seeking. And keep this in mind after the current system is collapsed.