The Illuminati strategy of tension and release (Update 2 – The Mises Mafia is on the move in Brazil)


In the course of looking into the Greek situation, I came across an International Business Times article which contained something that caught my eye…

>>> ANEL [Panos Kammenos’ Independent Greeks Party] opposes immigration, a trait it shares with a lot of Europe’s right wing, while Syriza is in favor of a multicultural society. The Independent Greeks also favor a greater role for the Greek Orthodox Church in education, something that Syriza secularists, led by a man who’s been widely described in the press as an atheist, will hardly stomach. Kammenos is also prone to embarrassing conspiracist statements. In December, he said, according to a report in the London-based Daily Telegraph, that Jews paid fewer taxes.

ANEL “has a track record of xenophobic, homophobic and anti-immigrant policies, whereas, for example, Syriza has traditionally supported a separation of church and state, civil partnerships for same-sex couples and giving second-generation migrants Greek citizenship,” Gerodimos wrote in an email. <<<

What struck me about this passage is the subtle job it does in bashing ANEL on the surface while actually promoting it in the mind of the fed-up reader. How does it do this, you ask? Let’s think it through…

For years now, the Western public have had to helplessly watch as:

> their nations have been intentionally flooded with third-world immigrants while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as “xenophobic,”

> radical homosexual activists have shoved their agenda down the public’s throat while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as “homophobic,”

> atheists have used legal maneuvers to ruin cherished traditions while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as a “religious extremist,”

> race-baiters have created interracial havoc while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled a “racist,”

> Israel and the Ziojewish network have engaged in rampant criminality while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled an “antisemite,” and

> giant conspiracies have been playing out while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

After many years of observing such outrages and being unable to do anything about them, the public have had a great deal of tension build up in their minds, and this is no accident. The Occulted Powers have intentionally created this tension so that it can be released at a time, and in a direction, of their choosing. The IBT article, and a million more like it, reflect that strategy.

On its surface, the article presents the “Left” (represented in this case by Syriza) in a favorable light while denouncing the “Right” (represented in this case by ANEL). But if we look beyond the surface to the psychological subtext, it is actually associating Syriza with the things that are causing outrage in the public mind, while associating ANEL with the public themselves. Putting it a bit more plainly, the article is promoting these mental associations:

Syriza and the “Left” = all the outrages that have been pissing you off

ANEL and the “Right” = YOU, because like you, ANEL stand in opposition to the outrages and are being marginalized and demonized for it.

So what articles like this actually do is get the battered public to identify with the battered political party / political figure that is out there saying what the public wants to say and doing what the public wants done. And when the “Left” finally collapses and the “Right” stands up to “save the day” (per the NWO script), all the tension that has been building will finally find its release.

Given that the OPs are into “sex magic“…

“Sex magic is any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of a desired result. A premise of sex magic is the concept that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed to transcend one’s normally perceived reality.”

…it should come as no surprise that they use a strategy of building up tension and channeling its release to aid in the creation of their monstrosities.

If you look around you at the tense and ever-escalating world situation, you will see that it is building up to a climax. And when that climax comes, the OPs intend to channel the release of all the pent-up tension into solidifying their multilateral New World Order. We are witnessing the buildup to a gigantic global psychospiritual orgasm.

[Update 1 – 30 March 2015]

Bashing Le Pen into the French Presidency

There is no better example of the OPs’ effort to establish channels through which the public’s pent-up tension can flow than in their positioning of Marine Le Pen. Regularly marginalized and demonized by the mainstream media and Establishment politicians, her public stance against the System’s outrages and the aftermath of January’s Paris attacks recently catapulted her to the top among potential candidates for the French presidency…

Although Nicolas Sarkozy’s conservative party took the most seats in yesterday’s French local elections, the media were obsessed with the performance of Le Pen and her National Front Party (FN). Here is The Telegraph painting her and the FN as scary (and using the programming words I talked about in the first part of this entry)…
…and here are some notable excerpts (observe how they bash her on the surface, yet subtly promote her in their subtext)…

>>> But with her brash manner and simplistic solutions of nationalist protectionism, Ms Le Pen has been masterful in channelling French fears of being swallowed by a hostile world. Europe, immigrants and scroungers remain the parties usual scapegoats, but the tone has softened and other villains added – including finance and free marketeers. She has been doing her homework…

Appearances, however, can be deceptive. Indeed, is there really anything “mainstream” about the Front National – a nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-Europe party, which wants to scrap the euro, restore the death penalty and favour French people over immigrants when giving out benefits?…

Ms Le Pen is rather fond of drawing comparisons between her party and Ukip – Nigel Farage isn’t so keen – and sees a future where the two parties will do business with each other “if only because we will both tomorrow be in power in our respective countries”. Indeed, much of what she stands for – monetary, territorial, legislative and economic sovereignty – is what Mr Farage is after too. <<<

[Nigel Farage is, of course, her Mises Mafia compatriot in the UK.]

Here is another example of Le Pen bashing/promoting in Scotland’s The National
…and here is a relevant excerpt…

>>> SINCE Marine Le Pen has come to power there has been a significant attempt to de-demonise the party. With a female leader and an openly gay deputy, the new face of the Front National does not conform to the stereotypical leadership of old. The new party leadership has led to the focus being shifted on to economic issues such as the euro while not straying too far from its far-right roots. Some political commentators have said this approach is simply masking their deeply held bias with an acceptable alternative to the mainstream politicians which hold a monopoly in the parliament.

Political scientist Thomas Guenole said that although there is a new faction of the party, there is still an equal section of “xenophobes, racists, anti-Semites and misogynists”.

He said: “It’s not a neo-Nazi party, but it is a nationalist, sovereignist, protectionist and anti-system party that would reclaim all authority and power for the central French state, and defend the interests and citizens it designates as truly French.” <<<

[Note how the last paragraph would sound great to an ordinary, frustrated Frenchman, yet the article casts it in a negative light.]

Needless to say, it is not just the mainstream media that are attacking Le Pen. Establishment politicians are doing it too…

The New York Times also chimed in with the last paragraph in this article

“The vote Sunday was, to some extent, a test of the popularity of the National Front, which was in a strong position in this second round in hundreds of districts. However, both Mr. Valls on behalf of the Socialists and the conservative coalition led by Mr. Sarkozy urged people not to vote for the extreme right.”

Now put yourself in the shoes of the average French person. You are mad as hell about what has been done to your country, and both the politicians who have been wrecking things and the media who have been supporting them are telling you not to vote for Le Pen or her party. What does that make you want to do?

As the increasingly discredited mainstream media marginalize and demonize them, and as the Establishment parties on both the political “left” and “right” implore voters to turn away from them, controlled opposition “outsiders” like France’s Le Pen, England’s Farage, and America’s Paul will continue to gain ground in the minds of the frustrated electorate. And their popularity will skyrocket once we begin the next round of the financial crisis. To see a perfect example of this, just watch what happens to Mr. Audit the Fed, Rand Paul, once the markets crash and the media start harping on the “Fed Mistake.”

[Update 2 – 2 April 2015]

The Mises Mafia is on the move in Brazil

After writing my last update, I came across this curious headline on Drudge…

Upon following the link, I was led to a Yahoo News article titled Teen libertarian is face of Brazil’s young free-market right. The story is about a 19 year-old kid named Kim Kataguiri who is becoming the poster boy for the Free Brazil Movement. Here are some points that caught my eye…

>>> …Along the way, Kataguiri read the works of free-market economists Milton Friedman and Ludwig Von Mises

…Tequila and mescal bottles sit along a bookshelf holding Rand Paul’s “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” and Russell Kirk’s “The Politics of Prudence.”…

Some members of the movement have brought home techniques from the Atlas Leadership Academy, a training program run by the Atlas Network, a Washington-based organization promoting free-market policies around the world. Affiliated groups in other Brazilian cities where protests took place on March 15 are connected to Students for Liberty, a U.S. youth group allied with the conservative Cato Institute think tank, which is supported by the Koch brothers. <<<

Curious about the Free Brazil Movement’s connection to the Atlas Leadership Academy, I looked up Atlas
…and found out that it was founded by this rather avaricious-looking fellow, Antony Fisher…
…who has a revealing background:

> “In 1945 Fisher had read Road to Serfdom by Austrian economist F. A. Hayek which influenced his thinking. Fisher sought out Hayek at the London School of Economics where he taught and talked about his plans to go into politics. Hayek, however, convinced him that think-tanks were the best medium for effecting political change.” – (Wikipedia)

If you recall what we discovered in Update 15, Hayek received financing from the Rockefeller Foundation (which was arranged by Ludwig von Mises)…
…and David Rockefeller has revealed that he is a follower of the Austrian School of economics and was personally tutored by Hayek at the London School of Economics.

> “In 1952, he undertook a study trip to the United States, where he visited the new Foundation for Economic Education (FEE). F. A. Harper of the FEE introduced Fisher to former colleagues from the Agriculture Department of Cornell University, who showed him intensive chicken farming techniques with which Fisher was very impressed. He returned home to start England’s first battery cage chicken farm, Buxted Chickens, which eventually made him a millionaire.

He used his fortune to set up the influential Institute of Economic Affairs with Ralph Harris in 1955.” – (Wikipedia)

> “In 1971 Fisher founded the International Institute for Economic Research, which went to spawn both the Atlas Network in 1981 and the International Policy Network in 2001. Through these operations, Fisher provided financial and operational support for a huge number of fledgling think-tanks, most of which would not exist without his influence. It was through the Atlas Network that Fisher was able to extend his beliefs worldwide.” – (Wikipedia)

> In 1978, he founded the International Center for Economic Policy Studies, which is now called the…
…Take note of who co-founded it with him: future CIA Director William Casey.

> “Fisher lived in San Francisco in 1981 when, with the help of his second wife Dorian, he founded the Atlas Economic Research Foundation to institutionalize this process of helping start up new think tanks. Friends like Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, and Margaret Thatcher applauded the idea of replicating the IEA model far and wide.” – (Atlas Network)

> Fisher died in 1988, just weeks after being honored with knighthood by Queen Elizabeth.

So behind these idealistic kids in Brazil we find the usual suspects: the British Crown, the Rockefellers and Kochs, the London School of [Dialectic] Economics, and the Cult of Austrian Economics – with Ron Paul acting as the international godfather of the movement

An interesting perspective on this dubious crowd is offered in this piece from the LaRouche-affiliated Schiller Institute

Looking ahead, we see that the next Brazilian presidential election is in 2018, so the globalists have three years to move the Brazilian public over to the political “right.” In their attempt to do this, they will use a combination of highly publicized corruption scandals, oppressive taxation and regulation, and economic misery, which is the same formula they are using the world over.

It seems to be the globalists’ hope that the coming “Fed-created” economic tsunami will sweep Ron Paul into the US presidency in 2016, Marine LePen into the French presidency in 2017, and an as-yet-unidentified Mises Mafia candidate into the Brazilian presidency in 2018 (to name but a few nations). This gives us some idea as to the time scale with which the globalists are working.

Currently, I expect the “climax” (the point of inflection at which the media message transitions from “things are getting worse and worse” to “things are turning around”) to come before the end of 2016. The release of tension (which will involve sweeping the Mises Mafia into political office and fully implementing the planned supranational “solutions”) should continue for years thereafter. Fortunately for us, our awareness can grow much faster than they can unfold their NWO.

Love always…