Ongoing Coverage of Middle East Developments
(+ MORE 7)

[MORE 7 – Look at what the Wall Street Journal is saying about the Saudi oil facility attack

As Saudi officials review information coming in from the U.S., Kuwait and their own investigators, they are focusing on southern Iran, near Iraq, as the likely launchpad, the people said.

“Everything points to them,” said a Saudi official who wasn’t authorized to speak to the media, referring to Iran. “The debris, the intel and the points of impact.”

Let’s start with the debris: there are two ways a false-flagger can introduce Iranian missile debris into a post-attack investigation…

1) Use Iranian missiles captured during the long war in Yemen to conduct the attack, or

2) Use pieces of such captured missiles or debris gathered from the many previous Yemeni missile attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE in the investigation (you take the boxes of debris and photos from the strike site and deliver different boxes of debris and photos to the investigation site).

The precision of the strikes suggests they went with option 2…

It is highly doubtful that Iranian weapons could hit with such extraordinary accuracy; either pre-placed explosives or US/Israeli weapons were used. As for the directional orientation of the points of impact, that can be easily manipulated with pre-placed explosives or cruise missiles/drones (you can launch the missiles from Kuwait or naval assets near Kuwait, or simply program them to fly up to Kuwait and take a sharp southeast turn towards the oil facilities). And when it comes to the intel, deep-faking US satellite imagery is a piece of cake — even your average internet jagoff can do that.

If you combine together all of this easily-accomplished fakery, it adds up to a pretty compelling case for the public (as long as nobody thinks too hard).]

(15 September 2019) – Tomorrow morning, I’ll show you how the globalists are scripting Trump and MBS as restraining their respective “Deep States” from an Iran attack and why the two might go along with the Deep State suggestion to move ground forces into Iraq (hint: the Deep State supposedly wants to put troops in Iraq in order to be within striking distance of Iran, but Trump and MBS want troops in Iraq in order to be within striking distance of Turkey).

~ MORE – 16 September 2019 ~

While doing my final checks before posting what I had written for this morning, I found out that the official attack narrative has changed: Pompeo is now saying that the Saudi oil facility attacks didn’t originate in Iraq as previously suggested. The reports I’ve seen on this narrative change have not specified the new claim on the attacks’ origins, but I suspect they’ll say that the strikes utilized Iranian cruise missiles that were programmed to take an indirect course to their targets over Iraqi territory.

To start untangling what’s going on here, let me show you why they initially suggested that Iranian forces in Iraq were the perpetrators of the attacks. I most recently wrote about the purpose behind such an assertion months before the attacks occurred…

(10 May 2019) – Be advised that any upcoming Middle East false-flag scenario may involve theater-wide attacks, which could include…

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Iraq, supposedly by the Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Forces, but actually by US special forces (there are 5,200 US troops in Iraq, including special forces). This will be done to create an excuse for US and Saudi Coalition ground forces to move into Iraq to supposedly hunt-down missiles (but to actually mass on the borders of Syria and Iran).

Whether the attack was a US/Saudi “Deep State” false-flag or an IRGC-assisted Iranian proxy strike (both “sides” are willing collaborators in the globalist stage play), claiming it was launched from Iraq would have allowed the US and Saudi “Deep States” to pressure Trump and Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) into sending large-scale ground forces into Iraq. The “Deep Staters” would have said the troops were needed to sweep the Iraqi countryside for drones and missiles that could be used in more attacks, but their actual aim in putting them there is to later conduct a ground invasion of Iran. Trump and MBS might have actually allowed them to do this, but for their own aims: they want to get large-scale ground forces into Iraq so they can confront Erdogan in northeastern Syria.

Now that the origin story has shifted from Iraq, it means the globalists are either abandoning the invasion of Iraq (and will make do with the US and Saudi coalition special forces already in northeast Syria for their confrontation with Erdogan), or they’re intending to request Iraqi government permission to bring in the forces under the guise of removing Iranian proxies from Iraq. They might say, “Iran violated Iraqi airspace in their attack on Saudi Arabia and have organized large proxy forces in the country; such transgressions against Iraqi sovereignty must be stopped.” Given Iraq’s previous experience with US invasions, it would be a tough sell, but the globalists could push it through if they really want it.

~ MORE 2 ~

If you take a moment to compare what’s happening now to what happened in September of last year, you’ll see that the globalists are following the same basic script. Last year at this time, Russia and Syria were preparing to invade Idlib to destroy Al Qaeda, and there was widespread speculation that Al Qaeda would stage a chemical false-flag that would allow the US to strike the Syrian military and stop the attack. Here is part of what I wrote about it at the time [from Notes from August and September (2018)]…

The Idlib Offensive & Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise

(14 September 2018) – The Idlib offensive looks to be on pause until sometime after Monday (Putin and Erdogan will be meeting on that day). And some things are happening in Syria that are opening the door for the “Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise” scenario to unfold.

(15 September 2018) –Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise” is something I wrote about last April, and this is how the globalists would script its implementation in the coming days/weeks…

When the Idlib ground offensive begins and the “rebels” do their chemical false-flag propaganda release, the “Deep State Neocons” and the mainstream media will be screaming for Trump to launch massive air strikes on Syrian government forces. That’s when the Syrian/Russian hidden camera videos of the “rebels” faking the chemical attack will make the Eastern and alternative news. The Western media will respond with weak claims that the videos are “deepfakes,” but the public won’t buy it, and this will give Trump the political cover needed to spring the big surprise he supposedly planned with Putin during their summit meeting.

Instead of ordering strikes on the Syrian government target packages prepared for him by the Neocons, he’ll order strikes on Al-Qaeda positions in Idlib. And these strikes will be accompanied by a ground attack carried out by the Kurds in conjunction with Syrian, Russian, and Iranian forces. This move will leave Erdogan in a showdown with the United States, Russia, Syria, and Iran — a combination he cannot possibly defeat — and he will face two basic choices: 1) go to war against all four nations and lose, or 2) pretend to cooperate with the clearance operation while he withdraws his forces step-by-step.

Under this scenario, Trump (the “precursor messiah”), Putin (the “Jewish and Christian main messiah”), Soleimani (the “Muslim messiah”), and Assad will triumph over Erdogan (the “Dajjal” / Muslim antichrist). It will be a joint Christian-Muslim victory.

Of course, the globalists backed off last September, but this September we find ourselves right back in the same situation: Russia, Syria, and Iran are again poised to invade Idlib, and Trump has struck Al Qaeda there exactly as I predicted! Trump’s strike happened on August 31, after the Russians had arranged a ceasefire with Turkey and Al Qaeda. Under the seeming safety of that ceasefire, the Al Qaeda commanders felt comfortable gathering for a meeting, and they were promptly struck by the US (who were not party to the ceasefire). Publicly, Russia complained about the “indiscriminate” attack, but the NWO historians will narrate that the strike was actually an incident of Trump assisting Putin in his Syrian efforts.

[Note: The reason the globalists keep scheduling the Big NWO Transition Drama for September is so it will coincide with Jewish New Year. Also, September was the 7th month in the original Roman calendar (they’re into numerology).]

~ MORE 3 ~

The scripted reason for Trump deferring to MBS on who is to blame for the oil facility attack and what is to be done about it is to prevent the “Deep State” from running away with the narrative. Now the official narrative of what happened will be written by an enemy of the US/Saudi “Deep States,” MBS. The globalists established MBS in that role when they had the “Deep States” attempt to oust him using the Khashoggi Affair.

So according to the stage play, Trump is not being “Saudi Arabia’s bi*tch”; he is ensuring that what comes after the attack serves the interest of the “moshiachs” and their ally MBS. He is “making the ‘Deep State’ his bi*ch.”

~ MORE 4 ~

I’m left wondering if this imagery will turn out to be one of the dreaded “deep fakes” we keep hearing about…

Three U.S. officials said there was extremely compelling evidence showing the origination point of the [Saudi oil facility] strikes, and one official with direct knowledge described that evidence as imagery. – from NBC News

But the US intelligence complex would never manufacture evidence to start a war, would they? (Ken asked his readers facetiously)

Also, if Trump does not go along with the “bipartisan agreement” that Iran launched the attacks and instead accepts a different assessment provided by MBS, “the murderer of an American journalist (Khashoggi),” will Trump’s cabinet attempt to remove him using the 25th Amendment? Such an attempt is something I warned about for this month.

~ MORE 5 ~

Imagine you are an Israeli voter going to the polls tomorrow. Now that war with Iran is seemingly just an inch away, which candidate do you want as your Prime Minister: the one who has vowed to invade Gaza if he’s elected (Gantz) or the one who has been criticized for showing restraint and keeping Israel out of war (Netanyahu)? Do you really want your government going through a big transition in the midst of this crisis? By staging the attack in Saudi Arabia instead of Israel, the globalists have removed any suspicion that Netanyahu might have arranged it to boost his election chances.

Another thing to watch is whether or not the Palestinians launch rocket attacks during the election. They would provide nice cover for an explosion that “kills” Netanyahu (arranged by the Israeli “Deep State,” according to the script).

~ MORE 6 – 17 September 2019 ~

Yet another “benefit” of the Saudi oil facility attack is that it has seemingly ended the possibility of Trump and Rouhani meeting at the UN General Assembly. According to the script, this is an outcome desired by the US, Saudi, and Israeli “Deep States” (whom the NWO historians will ultimately blame for the attack). In the meantime, look for the IRGC and Qasem Soleimani to be blamed by US intelligence and the mainstream media. The think tanks will say, “The IRGC did it to create tension that would stop Rouhani from meeting Trump in New York.”

Here are some of the previous updates:

(15 September 2019) – Well, well, well… if it isn’t a preparatory propaganda piece for the potential nuclear strike on the UN General Assembly this month…

…from Thomson Reuters Foundation News

The piece helps establish the backstory outlining “Qasem Soleimani’s motivation to kill Rouhani and Trump.” According to the globalist script, the US and Israeli “Deep States” will use this backstory to blame Iran for the UN attack (which the Deep States themselves will carry out).

I’ll take you on a guided tour of the article later (probably tomorrow morning due to related developments that are currently unfolding). If you are a new reader, scroll down to the entry titled The Nuclear Threat to the UN General Assembly for more information.

~ MORE ~

Just brainstorming: If serious combat kicks off somewhere in the Middle East before the end of the UN General Assembly, there are two ways the globalists can script a pause in the fighting: 1) by playing the UFO card (using either Putin’s “ETs” or Trump’s “Secret Space Force”) or 2) by having Putin call all parties and arrange a ceasefire to talk things over at the UN. Since Putin is closely allied with Soleimani and Khamenei, Iran and all its proxies would respect his call. So would Netanyahu, Trump, and Mohammad bin Salman. Either of the two approaches would gather all the leaders together in New York for either a mass assassination or a coordinated takedown of their respective “Deep States.”

(15 September 2019) – This is the newest addition to the Chabad/Mossad’s War-Starting False-Flag entry a little further down the page. I’m placing a copy of it here at the top so nobody will miss reading it…

Point 4

The globalists’ current promotion of Jared Kushner as the fake moshiach that Chabad is trying to install means that Kushner has now taken over the role of the “decoy Antichrist” formerly held by Obama. And just as they did with Obama when they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, they have positioned Kushner as a “man of peace” by giving him the lead in creating Trump’s Middle East peace plan. It is a widespread expectation among propagandized Christians that “the Antichrist will enter the world stage masquerading as a ‘man of peace’ who temporarily brings an end to war.”

Here is an article heading from one of the globalists’ key prophecy propaganda sites, Tom Horn’s SkyWatch TV, which hints at Kushner being the Antichrist…

…Within prophecy propaganda circles, the Bible verse above Kushner’s head is widely associated with the Antichrist. And note that Kushner’s image is placed between the Palestinian and Israeli flags, showing him in his “peacemaker” role. Also note the book and its reference to the Third Temple, where the Antichrist will one day “stand in the Holy Place.”

That being said, here is the current plan for the prophecy fulfillment show…

The globalists will make it appear that Kushner is the Antichrist playing the peacemaker so he can rebuild the Third Temple and sit upon its throne. But Putin will defeat Kushner, bring “real peace,” and head a “just” New World Order under the “reformed” UN. And at some point, either at the beginning or the midpoint of his 7-year reign, Putin will claim to be Christ and sit on the throne of rebuilt Third Temple. Three and a half years after that, the (globalist-selected) real Christ will come to remove Putin from his chair.

So when I say that Mr. 666 Park Avenue, Kushner, is the “decoy Antichrist,” I mean that he is the evil-looking guy who will pretend to be the Antichrist so the “real Antichrist,” Putin, can take him down and pretend to be Jesus. When Putin does so, almost the entire controlled alt-media will proclaim him as our savior, with one notable exception: the “Christian Watchmen” (Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, et al). Their job is to notice that Putin’s peace deal divides Jerusalem — “something only the Antichrist would do” — so they will be the ones who sound the alarm over “The Great Deception” and identify Putin as the “real Antichrist.”

On a somewhat related note, during a recent infoscan of major New Age propaganda sites, I came across a February article titled They’re Putting the Chemtrails on Super Steroids. I don’t know if they’re just blowing smoke with the article, but increased chemtrail activity is something that would likely precede a big UFO show. It would increase the density of particles in the atmosphere that can serve as a “projection screen” for volumetric projections (a type of 3D holography that will be used for projecting massive UFOs in the sky using lasers). So do keep an eye on chemtrail activity.

You can read more about the UFO show in The UFO/ET Con (a page I recommend all readers save and read).

(14 September 2019) – Here is a prime example of Putin playing the “good cop” to Netanyahu’s “bad cop”…

…from Zero Hedge

Note the body language in the included photo from the Arab newspaper…

…Putin is leaning back in his chair, with “manspread” legs and steepled power arms, while Netanyahu is plaintively leaning forward with his arms down. Both the story and the photo are meant to show the Arabs Putin’s power over the seemingly unrestrainable Zionists. And Putin’s purported ban on Israeli airstrikes over two Arab states establishes Putin as a “hero of the Arab cause” and gives Netanyahu an excuse to call off the dogs.

And was this meant to be the war-starting false-flag attack?…

…from Zero Hedge

It is reminiscent of the false-flag against the tankers in UAE waters that was meant to allow the UAE to get the shooting started. But Saudi Arabia is led by an NWO leader, MBS, so I wouldn’t expect him to bite. Let’s see how it plays out.

A Quick Note About This Blog
& A Three-Paragraph Crash Course Before You Read Further

My purpose in writing this blog is twofold: 1) to educate the public on the true objectives and strategies of the globalists, and 2) to expose and hopefully block any quick advances towards their goals — to prevent the next 9/11-style “big leap forward.”

In order to fulfill the second part of my purpose, I write in detail about every point during the current year where I perceive an opportunity for them to make a big leap. If my strategy of deterrence through exposure of their methods, aims, and narratives works, they won’t attempt the leap, nothing will happen, and it will appear that I was wrong. That is exactly the outcome I aim for. I am not in the prediction business; I’m in the prevention business.

To better understand my philosophy on this, read The magician and the heckler.

Now here is the crash course (you can get a more extensive course by scrolling down a ways to the section titled An Introduction to What’s Really Going On)>>>

It is important for new readers to understand that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama…

  • both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, the “Zionist-Nazi-Neocon-Neolib Deep State,” the communists / socialists, etc.)
  • and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, the “Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State,” the libertarians / Austrian economists, etc.).

They are deliberately staging a dialectic conflict between these two controlled fronts in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the New World Order) in its place. This is the true narrative of what’s going on in our world today.

What I’ll be covering in the writings that follow are the specific events and false narratives they’re attempting to use in moving us into the NWO. Since there are two controlled sides to the staged conflict, there are two false narratives the globalists are spinning: 1) the mainstream narrative, which is the Establishment-side propaganda they sell to the sleepers, and 2) the alt-media narrative, which is the Anti-Establishment-side propaganda they sell to those who are awakening. They want you to come to see the mainstream narrative as a lie and the alt-media narrative as the truth. That’s because today’s alt-media will be the mainstream media of the New World Order.

In past entries, I’ve talked about the globalist effort to shift people to the “political right” in preparation for the launch of the real “right-wing NWO” — the much publicized and feared “left-wing NWO” being just a decoy used to scare us to the right. This effort to move the herd rightward is the reason the media are using leftist dimwits like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to scare the American public into thinking “the heroic Trump” is the only thing standing between them and a leftist catastrophe of open borders, political violence, silenced speech, grabbed guns, and a Venezuela-like socialist/communist economy.

That being said, you now have the proper contextual framework to understand the globalists’ true motives in orchestrating ongoing and coming events. Here is a list of entries I’ve written this year on what might happen / has happened in 2019. You can read the ones in black by visiting The 2019 Archive; the one(s) in red can be read on this page right below the list…

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Chabad/Mossad’s War-Starting False-Flag

(10 September 2019) – With the Israeli election just over a week away, you may have seen the press reports of Sheldon and Miriam Adelson publicly trashing the Netanyahus (thus hurting Benjamin’s election chances)…

…from Google

Sheldon Adelson is one of the oligarchs who fund the Chabad-Lubavitch cult, and his supposed break with Netanyahu is meant to portray the wrath of the Chabaniks against Netanyahu’s supposed restraint of their effort to spark the “End Times” War “that will bring the ‘redemption’ of Israel.” This “falling out” between the two families is a farce, of course, because the Kabbalists who run Chabad have selected Netanyahu to play the role of the Moshiach ben Yosef (the precursor messiah to the Jews’ main messiah). But due to growing public awareness of Chabad’s agenda, unsavory nature, and relationship to Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin, they are trying to salvage their messiahs’ reputations by portraying them as going against Chabad and its plans for war.

(11-12 September 2019) – The scripted reason for a serious false-flag between today and September 23 has been established with Netanyahu’s newly announced plan to annex part of the West Bank and Trump’s firing of Sheldon Adelson’s war hawk John Bolton. The NWO narrative will say that “the Mossad/Chabad false-flag attack was triggered by Netanyahu and Trump’s obstruction of their war plan, and it used ‘Muslim anger over the annexation’ as the pretext to blame it on the Muslims.” More details will follow later this morning…

~ MORE ~

Let’s recall some key events that have happened in the last few days:

On September 8: The mainstream media widely report Sheldon and Miriam Adelson’s trashing of the Netanyahus, which won’t help Benjamin Netanyahu’s election chances next week.

On September 10: Trump fires John Bolton, Adelson’s chief war hawk in Trump’s national security team.

On September 10: Netanyahu announces a plan to annex territories in the West Bank “in coordination with the United States.” He also announces that the long-awaited Trump Peace Plan will be presented a few days after election (the election is on the 17th, so the Peace Plan will be revealed during the September 11-23 danger period).

With these events set before us, let me share why they’re happening in a series of points…

Point 1

In the religious part of the globalists’ NWO transition script, Trump and Netanyahu are playing the roles of the “precursor” Jewish messiahs, “Cyrus the Great” and “Moshiach ben Yosef.” These precursors are scripted to prepare the way for the main Jewish messiah, “Moshiach ben David” (played by Vladimir Putin), to save the world from war and establish peace under a “new and just world order.”

To help Putin accomplish this, Trump and Netanyahu are playing “bad cops” to Putin’s “good cop.” They will announce a peace plan that is absurdly weighted in Israel’s favor, fully knowing that the Palestinians will never accept it. This will accomplish two things:

  1. It will get the Palestinians fighting mad, and the globalists will use that anger to orchestrate a conflict that will result in the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque, thus opening the way for the construction of the Third Temple.
  2. It will provide an opening for Putin to ride in on a white horse and save both Israel and the Palestinians from mutual destruction. In doing this, he will present a “balanced” peace plan that will establish a viable Palestinian state, place Jerusalem’s holy sites under the supervision of the reformed United Nations, and split the rest of Jerusalem into a Palestinian capital and an Israeli capital.

Point 2

The globalist scriptwriters are attempting to portray a conflict between…

the hardcore Zionists & the evil Chabad-Lubavitchers on one side


the “true” precursor messiahs, Trump & Netanyahu, on the other side.

According to the script, the Zionists and Chabadniks are attempting to start a catastrophic Middle East war so they can present a false Moshiach ben David to the world. And in one of the globalists’ most ridiculous casting choices yet, they have identified Jared Kushner as the false messiah Chabad is attempting to install. I mean, just look at the little dork…

…He has the same “commanding presence” as the average Thai ladyboy.

Anyway, the “true” messiahs are supposedly attempting to foil the evil war plans of Chabad/Mossad, the Zionists, and the “Moshiach ben Pantywaist,” which is why the “bad guys” are attempting to either cow or take down Netanyahu.

Given that Chabad/Mossad have been instrumental in putting Putin, Netanyahu, and Trump into power and have been grooming the three to play their messiah roles, you may be wondering why the globalists are trying to portray a conflict. Here’s the reason…

Back before the 2016 presidential election, I wrote about why Trump would win, specifically citing his connection to Chabad-Lubavitch. And after the election, I continued writing on how Chabad connected him and Putin, and I felt like a lone voice in the wilderness. Neither the mainstream media nor the mainstream alt-media would touch the glaringly obvious connections with a ten foot pole (even though the mainstream media were going to extraordinary lengths to establish some kind of connection between Trump and Putin). It appeared that there was a coverage embargo on the subject of which only a few honest independent bloggers were unaware. That dramatically changed in April of 2017 when Politico finally broached the subject and the controlled alt-media sites started a massive campaign against Chabad.

I suspect that the globalists finally ended the coverage embargo because they didn’t want the independent bloggers writing the narrative on the Chabad connections. Had they not intervened, the public would have come to the obvious conclusion: that the Kabbalist oligarchs, criminals, and spooks who run Chabad were grooming Putin and Trump to be fake moshiachs. So they decided to sacrifice their Chabad front in an effort to save their moshiachs using a three-step process facilitated by their controlled alt-media complex…

Step 1) They outed Chabad as the nefarious group that they are.

Step 2) They promoted Jared Kushner as the moshiach that Chabad is trying to install (watch this video in its entirety if you haven’t already done so; it’s a slick disinfo piece that establishes Kushner in his role).

Step 3) They had their alt-media sites give ambiguous, schizophrenic coverage of Trump and Putin’s connections to Chabad, with some articles claiming that “Trump and Putin are puppets of Chabad” and others claiming that “no, they’re real rebels against the system.” This was designed to arrest their readers / listeners / viewers in a state of suspended judgment on the matter.

Using this three-step process, the globalists have set the stage for Trump and Putin to defeat Chabad and Kushner at a critical point in the upcoming Big Crisis. This will make it look they are “the real moshiachs who triumphed over Chabad’s fake moshiach.” At that time, the controlled alt-media’s conflicted portrayal of Trump and Putin (“Are they real heroes or are they deceiving villains?”) will emphatically crystallize into “they’re heroes!” They will then explain-away Trump and Putin’s intimate connections to Chabad as “part of their ‘holy deep cover mission’ to infiltrate the evil power structure and bring it down from within.”

Point 3

In light of the things I talked about in the previous two points, let’s have a look at the significance of Trump’s firing of John Bolton through the lens of a propaganda piece on Mondoweiss. I will convert the article to the NWO narrative by adding [my comments in brackets]…

…You can translate the title of the article to “For Once, Chabad Needs Donald Trump More Than Trump Needs Chabad.”

Today in an unprecedented show of autonomy, Donald Trump fired the firebreathing national security adviser John Bolton. Bolton was gifted to the Trump administration in 2018 by Sheldon Adelson, [the Chabad oligarch and] Trump’s biggest donor, and Trump duly ended the Iran deal once Bolton came aboard [in accordance with the wishes of Chabad and the hardcore Zionists].

Now Trump has fired Bolton, thereby signalling that he is open to renegotiating the Iran deal. And Trump’s Defense Department has all but criticized Israel for its drone war in Iraq and Syria that is threatening Americans and American proxies.

Trump is showing more independence of the rightwing Israel lobby than he has his entire administration. After three years of doing everything for Israel that the rightwing lobby wanted, from Jerusalem to the Golan to UNRWA.

The simple explanation for Trump’s conduct is that he at last has the upper hand in his relationship with Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson. [that he has switched from “infiltrate and bide your time” mode to “sabotage the Chabad/Zionist War” mode.]

Benjamin Netanyahu desperately needs Trump to deliver on a huge deliverable, greenlighting the annexation of the Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley, a historic achievement of Zionists in completely colonizing the land of Palestine – “forever,” as Netanyahu promised today in his own desperate [clever] announcement of his intentions [to steal votes away from Chabad’s Troika (Lieberman, Bennett, and Shaked) so he can form a government without their interference]. In that speech, Netanyahu pleaded with Israeli voters to vote for him not Benny Gantz, because Netanyahu would be able to “recruit” Donald Trump in this plan in the weeks to come, in conjunction with Trump’s deal of the century, yet to be announced.

No one else can deal with Trump as I can, Netanyahu said. No one else can “recruit” Trump [because only I, Netanyahu, am Trump’s fellow moshiach].

Netanyahu’s Hail Mary should be seen for what it looks like: a sincere moment of Flop Sweat. [the moment he and Trump made their move to neutralize Chabad’s influence in the next Israeli government]. Now he really needs Donald Trump to come through. We have a historic opportunity here, Netanyahu said, to go forward on annexation. i.e., to [pretend to] kill the idea of a Palestinian state, “forever” [so Putin, the Moshiach ben David, can heroically resurrect it and finally bring peace to both the Israelis and Palestinians.]

Does that opportunity really exist? Trump knows that Netanyahu’s future rides on his next gesture. The rightwing annexationist program rides on Trump’s signals in the next few days [which will be fully supportive of his fellow moshiach].

Whatever Sheldon Adelson’s [Chabad’s] differences with Netanyahu, Sheldon Adelson’s [Chabad’s] own agenda, of ending the idea of a Palestinian state, and establishing Jewish sovereignty throughout the ancient biblical land of Israel, is on the line here.

If Gantz and Yair Lapid and Blue/White get into the prime minister’s office, they are not likely to proceed with annexation. Blue/White need to satisfy their center-left base, much of which still believes in a Palestinian state. Netanyahu has been running away from any idea of a Palestinian state (Just yesterday Likud leaped to object when [Chabad’s] Naftali Bennett said that some in Likud support a Palestinian state).

All eyes are on Trump. After doing anything for Adelson’s $170 million over the last three years, after being Sheldon Adelson’s “perfect little puppet” as Trump warned us Marco Rubio would be — Trump is finally free [to stop playing along with Chabad and start destroying their plans]. For a few weeks anyway, the hammer is in his hand. All those Adelson millions are ancient history, and 2020 might as well be the next century.

Who is king [of Israel] now? Adelson is the humble petitioner.

All Netanyahu’s marbles are on the line, his freedom too. And Donald Trump has warmed to the haggling by cutting off Adelson’s proxy: John Bolton.

The deal is likely to be just what was predicted last month. Netanyahu will win on West Bank annexation [because he and Trump must prepare the chessboard for the Moshiach ben David’s checkmate of the evil ones’ plans]. Donald Trump will do his part, signing off on apartheid forever, telling Palestinians they are subhuman. Telling Israelis that he and Netanyahu are peers. Netanyahu’s only hope to hold on to the premiereship.

Trump will deliver for Netanyahu, but he will [pretend to] extract a price. He will gain autonomy to deal with Iran; Netanyahu will [pretend to] lose on Iran [because he was giving war against Iran only lip service and limited action in order to play along with the evil ones until the Moshiach ben David could spring his trap].

Point 4

The globalists’ current promotion of Jared Kushner as the fake moshiach that Chabad is trying to install means that Kushner has now taken over the role of the “decoy Antichrist” formerly held by Obama. And just as they did with Obama when they gave him the Nobel Peace Prize, they have positioned Kushner as a “man of peace” by giving him the lead in creating Trump’s Middle East peace plan. It is a widespread expectation among propagandized Christians that “the Antichrist will enter the world stage masquerading as a ‘man of peace’ who temporarily brings an end to war.”

Here is an article heading from one of the globalists’ key prophecy propaganda sites, Tom Horn’s SkyWatch TV, which hints at Kushner being the Antichrist…

…Within prophecy propaganda circles, the Bible verse above Kushner’s head is widely associated with the Antichrist. And note that Kushner’s image is placed between the Palestinian and Israeli flags, showing him in his “peacemaker” role. Also note the book and its reference to the Third Temple, where the Antichrist will one day “stand in the Holy Place.”

That being said, here is the current plan for the prophecy fulfillment show…

The globalists will make it appear that Kushner is the Antichrist playing the peacemaker so he can rebuild the Third Temple and sit upon its throne. But Putin will defeat Kushner, bring “real peace,” and head a “just” New World Order under the “reformed” UN. And at some point, either at the beginning or the midpoint of his 7-year reign, Putin will claim to be Christ and sit on the throne of rebuilt Third Temple. Three and a half years after that, the (globalist-selected) real Christ will come to remove Putin from his chair.

So when I say that Mr. 666 Park Avenue, Kushner, is the “decoy Antichrist,” I mean that he is the evil-looking guy who will pretend to be the Antichrist so the “real Antichrist,” Putin, can take him down and pretend to be Jesus. When Putin does so, almost the entire controlled alt-media will proclaim him as our savior, with one notable exception: the “Christian Watchmen” (Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, et al). Their job is to notice that Putin’s peace deal divides Jerusalem — “something only the Antichrist would do” — so they will be the ones who sound the alarm over “The Great Deception” and identify Putin as the “real Antichrist.”

On a somewhat related note, during a recent infoscan of major New Age propaganda sites, I came across a February article titled They’re Putting the Chemtrails on Super Steroids. I don’t know if they’re just blowing smoke with the article, but increased chemtrail activity is something that would likely precede a big UFO show. It would increase the density of particles in the atmosphere that can serve as a “projection screen” for volumetric projections (a type of 3D holography that will be used for projecting massive UFOs in the sky using lasers). So do keep an eye on chemtrail activity.

You can read more about the UFO show in The UFO/ET Con (a page I recommend all readers save and read).

(13 September 2019) – It’s Friday the 13th, and Netanyahu has set the stage for the false-flag attack that will start the battle that destroys Al-Aqsa. There is even a possibility that the false-flag could be the “assassination” of Netanyahu himself. Allow me to explain why…

I came across an interesting bit of news on Zero Hedge this morning…

…Here is an excerpt…

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears ready to risk launching a major Middle East war rather than see his chances of re-election to a record fifth term dwindle.

Desperately trying to shore up more votes ahead of Tuesday’s election by trying to “out-hawk” his opponents in the center-right Blue and White Party, he said Thursday Israel will probably launch a full-scale war on Gaza “before the elections”.

In his comments, which came just after returning from Sochi, Russia where he met with President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu asserted, “An operation in Gaza could happen at any moment, including four days before the elections.” He immediately followed with the dubious assertion, “The date of the elections does not factor [into a decision to go to war].”

Take note that Netanyahu, the Moshiach ben Yosef, said this “just after returning from Sochi, Russia where he met with President Vladimir Putin,” the Moshiach ben David. If the globalists pull the trigger this month, the NWO historians will say that this meeting between the two “was a final strategy session before carrying out the final steps of their plan to save the world” (from the Chabadniks and the radical Zionists).

Within the context of the phony battle between Netanyahu and Chabad, this is what the globalist scripting has now set up: by saying that he might start the Gaza War before the election, Netanyahu has opened the door for Chabad/Mossad to force him to follow through on his words by conducting the war-starting false-flag attack. And amongst the many forms the attack could take, there is one form Chabad/Mossad could choose that would kill two birds with one stone: the death of Netanyahu (supposedly) at the hands of the Palestinians…

…(from Google) Such an attack would give them the war they want AND get Netanyahu out of their way once and for all.

But as I’ve explained over the past few days (and long before that), the battle between Netanyahu and Chabad is mere theater being staged for damage control. In reality, the globalists and their Chabad front have been preparing Netanyahu to take the Moshiach ben Yosef role for at least a year. And here is their official script for that character (straight from Chabad.org)…

The prophet Ezekiel (chapters 38-39) describes a climactic battle that will be instigated by Gog and/of Magog, and will be waged against Israel and G d. The defeat of Gog and Magog will precipitate the Messianic Redemption

According to tradition, the central personality in this war is Moshiach ben Yosef – Moshiach of the tribe of Joseph. Jewish tradition speaks of two redeemers, each one called Moshiach. Both are involved in ushering in the Messianic Era. They are Moshiach ben David and Moshiach ben Yosef. (The unqualified term “Moshiach,” however, belongs exclusively to Moshiach ben David, the ultimate redeemer.)

Moshiach ben Yosef will be killed in the war against Gog and Magog. Again, it is unclear whether the death will be in physical battle, or as a result of the spiritual battles which he will wage against the forces of evil. Either way, the prophet Zechariah (12:10) describes the national mourning that will follow his death.

Apparently, though, the death of Moshiach ben Yosef is not inevitable. The master-kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria, known as the Arizal, said that when saying in the Amidah the words, “speedily establish the throne of Your servant David,” one should beseech G d that Moshiach ben Yosef should not die in the course of his struggles.

As you can see, Netanyahu’s assassination either before or during the “climactic battle” would fit the script perfectly. Having said all this, though, I am not saying that his assassination is the definite form the false-flag will take. Even Chabad’s own script leaves the door open for Netanyahu to survive. I’m just covering a particularly shocking contingency — one that could happen as soon as today.

So when will the false-flag attack happen? Today on Friday the 13th? This weekend? Before the election? On the night of a Netanyahu victory? After a Netanyahu victory and the unveiling of Trump’s peace plan a few days later? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The Nuclear Threat to the UN General Assembly

(13 September 2019) – Another globalist contingency I’ve been tracking in recent years is the destruction of the current UN Complex in New York by a massive explosion, likely nuclear. And it now appears that there will be a very tempting target there in a couple of weeks…

After the eclipse of Bolton, the White House’s tone towards Iran seems to be changing. No longer does Trump talk about “regime change” in Tehran, and repeats the fact that he is open to a possible meeting between Trump and Iranian president Hassan Rohani at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, which holds its yearly meeting in New York from 17-30 September. – from rfi

By setting up this meeting, the globalists have the option to script Chabad/Mossad taking down both Trump and Rouhani at the same time. And if Netanyahu shows up there too, it will be an even better target. All the more so if Putin also comes. It would kick off the “Great Tribulation.” I’ll cover it in full detail over the next few days.

~ MORE ~

If the UN gets blown up by a nuke this month, it would most likely be initially blamed on Qasem Soleimani and a bomb built with the help of North Korea. The Atlantic Council (among others) are portraying a rift between Soleimani and Rouhani

…They have said that Soleimani’s political faction seeks “to undermine the Rouhani government and prevent a return to negotiations with the US,” so killing Rouhani as he attempts to restart negotiations with Trump at the UN would supposedly be right up his alley.

Looking at such an attack through the lens the “Chabad/Mossad versus the Moshiachs” subplot, Chabad/Mossad could kill multiple birds with one nuclear stone…

  1. They could eliminate Trump, the “Moshiach ben Cyrus.”
  2. They could eliminate Netanyahu, the Moshiach ben Yosef, who’ll almost certainly show up.
  3. They could eliminate Putin, the Moshiach ben David, if he shows up too.
  4. They could eliminate Rouhani, making the Iranians hot for the “End Times War.”
  5. They could eliminate the UN, who have been ganging up on Israel.
  6. They could eliminate Erdogan, a foe of Israel and the (globalist-selected) Dajjal who is pretending to be the Mahdi.
  7. They could eliminate Soleimani, the (globalist-selected) Imam Mahdi, by blaming and then assassinating him.
  8. And they could eliminate North Korea, who have been supplying nuclear help to Israel’s enemies…

    …from Tablet

So which option will the globalists choose this month, “The Triumph of the Moshiachs” (through mass arrests) or “The Dawn of the Great Tribulation”? My advice to them is “punt, bi*ches, your sh*t is blown.”

Boris’s Big Betrayal

(9 September 2019) – When pondering the Brexit outcome next month, it’s important to remember that the globalists want to install Nigel Farage as the UK’s NWO Prime Minister. They also want to blow up the Labour and Conservative parties — a feat they will accomplish by scripting betrayals of the public trust and releasing limited hangouts of highly compromising information on their leaders — then have Farage lead a nationalist, populist “New Conservative” party. That being said…

I suspect the next big betrayal of the public trust will be Boris Johnson ramming through a superficially modified version of Theresa May’s Brexit Plan next month.

When that time comes, it will be said that Theresa May’s resignation was a strategic gambit by the Conservative leadership to run out the Brexit clock and leave only two choices: the May Plan or No Deal. That’s why BoJo prorogued the Parliament and vowed he won’t ask for an extension. He will negotiate with the EU and come back with a minimally modified May Plan, claiming that he couldn’t get any more because Parliament took away his leverage with the delay bill. So when Parliament comes back from its break, they will face two choices: a No Deal Brexit in mere days, or the May Plan. They will choose the latter.

This “grand betrayal of the people” will strengthen Farage, but not enough for him to rise to the Prime Minister post. To do that, Parliament’s betrayal will have to cause great suffering for the British citizenry, and that’s where the details of the May Plan come in…

The legally-binding Withdrawal Agreement would establish a “transition or implementation period” to run after Brexit until the end of 2020, during which many existing arrangements would stay in place.

Although no longer an EU member, the UK would still have to conform to EU rules during this period. The transition can be extended “for up to one or two years”, with a decision taken by mutual consent before July 1, 2020.

> Critics of the deal argue that far from taking back control — a key pro-Brexit referendum slogan — the UK would be surrendering it to the EU. It would be outside the EU’s institutions with no formal say over rules it would have to follow.

> The advantage, however, it that this avoids a “cliff-edge” Brexit, giving people and businesses time to adapt to the UK outside the EU. It also allows more time to reach a final deal. – from euronews

So the suffering will come when the EU, which will still have control over the UK, goes super-tyrannical after the Next Lehman Moment. The seeming insanity of the EU’s actions during the Big Crisis will make every EU nation want to burn it down, and that’s exactly what will happen. And PM Farage will piss on its ashes (alongside a squatting President Le Pen).

On another note, watch Northern Syria. The endgame for Erdogan and his terror proxies is close at hand, and it looks like the globalists might script a relatively peaceful victory by Putin instead of a full-blown war. I’ll write more about it in the next update.

The Endgame for Erdogan and ISIS

(10 September 2019) – Before we have a look at what’s currently going on in Northern Syria, I think it prudent to pull forward some previous writings to give context to what I’ll show you. So here are some things I posted earlier this year (from The 2019 Archive)…


(from 21 March 2019) – …a Zero Hedge article titled CIA Is Conspiring With ISIS, Turning Syrian Refugee Camps Into ISIS Hotbeds … contained a passage that caught my eye…

>>> An interesting observation is that the media of the country [Turkey], which in the previous years of war, used to conspire with ISIS allowing its foreign recruits to enter Syria and buying smuggled oil from the terrorists, has now become one of the most active exposers of the alleged US ties with ISIS elements. <<<

This change in Turkey’s portrayal of ISIS happened after Erdogan did his big U-turn towards Russia, and I’ve previously noted that the change in policy meant that Erdogan will be scripted as either being cornered and defeated by Putin and Soleimani or being switched to a different character in the End Times drama. So seeing the passage in the Zero Hedge article got me looking around for more narrative support propaganda. This is what I found…

…from Ahval. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Turkish politics demonstrates the immense influence of Eurasianist deep-state elements which control the Turkish military while temporarily tolerating and supporting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

These deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course…

Erdogan and his inner circle had to “abandon the successful negotiation process with Kurdish separatists for a political solution to the problem and give up their pro-Western foreign policy orientation, including its democratisation side effects,”…

This lead to a criminalising of all former allies of Erdogan, including liberals, Kurds and Gulenists.

“The anti-Western faction in the Turkish military maximized its power and dismissed large numbers of military personnel of all ranks – almost 50 percent of all generals and admirals of Turkish forces and about 18,000 high, middle and low-ranking officers – after the 2016 coup attempt. Currently, the reactivated deep-state military personnel are in key positions in the Turkish armed forces,”

Erdogan and his inner circle do not reflect the real power constellation in Turkey.

In looking for answers to questions such as “can Erdogan alone control the powerful Turkish military? Why did Erdogan terminate the “Solution Process” with the Kurds? It was his greatest project and the biggest risk of his entire political career. Why did he change course in Syria and in Turkey’s general foreign policy orientation? Why did he decide to develop a strategic partnership with Russia? Why did he purge so many soldiers in the Turkish military and bureaucracy?’’ one is forced to consider Erdogan’s new deep-state partners… <<<

So as you can see, the Ahval article suggests that Erdogan was politically outmaneuvered and is essentially a captive president to the now pro-Russian Turkish military. In other words, the article hints at how the “Dajjal” (Erdogan) was defeated by the “Moshiach” (Putin) and “Mahdi” (Soleimani). The NWO narrative of how it all went down will probably sound something like this…

As the defeat of Damascus grew close, the Mahdi reached out to the Moshiach to intervene with the power of the air. The Moshiach did this. And while he was stopping and reversing the Satanist victory in Syria, he was also reaching out to friendly elements in the Turkish military in order to topple the Dajjal’s kingdom from within.

On June 27, 2016, the Dajjal was defeated by a secret military coup, choosing to surrender and cooperate rather than be toppled. The Turkish military then simulated a public coup 20 days later, after which the Dajjal followed the orders he was given to arrest the Satanic West-leaning elements of the Turkish government and military, thus helping facilitate the victory of the Moshiach and Mahdi.

This, then, is the globalist story of how the “Dajjal” was peacefully defeated. But there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” I’ll write about it later.

(from 1 April 2019) – Erdogan’s party suffered losses in Turkey’s biggest cities, pointing to a weakening political position that may become untenable when/if the Turkish economy crashes. It’s also notable that Binali Yildirim, who had some prophecy scripting support as a possible replacement for Erdogan in either the Dajjal or Mahdi role, resigned his national political position in February to focus on his failed bid to become the mayor of Istanbul. This increases the likelihood that Erdogan will be scripted as the “defeated Dajjal.”

According to the globalist scripting introduced by a recent Ahval article, the “Eurasianist” (pro-Putin) Turkish military has seized control of Turkey and is using Erdogan for their own purposes…

“These [Eurasianist] deep-state elements are using the power of Erdogan to convince Islamist-conservative grassroots groups in Turkish politics of the necessity of the current political course [away from Western integration and towards Eurasian integration]…”

So if Erdogan’s position becomes untenable and he is no longer of use to them, they’ll assassinate him or order him to resign. This will lead to a new Turkish presidential election 45 days later, and these are the two possible outcomes of that:

  1. The candidate of Erdogan’s party (the AKP) will win and the military will use him as a puppet to control the Islamists just like they did with Erdogan.
  2. An opposition candidate will win, thus signaling the downfall of Islamist extremism in Turkey.

The control and defeat of the “radical Islamists” without a huge Muslim-Christian war is key to the globalists’ “Peace Path” to the New World Order. Under the “War Path,” though, Erdogan will stay in power to provide Islamist support to the Eurasianist military in making war against the West.

(from 3 April 2019) – Back on 21 March, I wrote about Erdogan being set up to play the defeated “Dajjal” in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment stage play. But I also wrote…

“…there is another variation of the story that would narrate Erdogan as the ‘Mahdi’; I’ll write about it later.”

Now that it’s later, I thought I’d cover the subject quickly so it doesn’t come as a surprise if they attempt it.

In order to explain-away Trump and Putin’s connections to organized crime, the NWO propagandists are going to say that the two had to play along with the corrupted powers-that-be in order to get into a strong enough position to start counteracting them. And in Erdogan’s case, they can do the same. They can say that he played along with the Western Satanist leaders and their ISIS plans until he got into a strong enough position to join forces with the Eurasianists in the Turkish military and purge Western influences from his country.

So if the globalists go with this rescripting of Erdogan, they will point to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the “Dajjal” and to Erdogan as the “Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“al-Baghdaid was a Satanic figure who attempted to build a demonic Caliphate and present himself as the Mahdi, but his forces were defeated in Dabiq by the forces of Erdogan, the True Mahdi.”

But if they stick with the original 2016 scripting for Erdogan, they will point to al-Baghdadi as the “decoy Dajjal,” to Erdogan as the “real Dajjal,” and to Soleimani as the “real Mahdi.” They’ll say…

“Erdogan recruited al-Baghdadi to play the role of the decoy Dajjal so he could defeat him at Dabiq and present himself as the Mahdi. But the True Mahdi (Soleimani) teamed up with Isa (Putin) to defeat his plans.”

Let’s see which way they go with it.


Now that you have this bit of background info, I’ll be adding the new material over the next 24-48 hours. If you need further background information to understand what I mean with terms like “Mahdi” and “Dajjal,” read Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception.

After we’ve had our look at Northern Syria, I’ll start covering the upcoming Israeli election. Till then, keep your eye on Avigdor Lieberman, Naftali Bennett, and Ayelet Shaked. According to the globalist script, those three Chabad-connected political leaders are being positioned to play kingmaker after the vote, and they will crown the leader who promises the “End Times” War Chabad is seeking. Related propaganda suggests that if they can’t get the assurances they want, they may end up choosing no one, and that would lead to another failure to form a government and another election (this would be a globalist delaying tactic).

Also, we are entering the dangerous part of this month tomorrow (the September 11 – 23 time window for mischief). So far, September looks and feels like a bust, but we mustn’t count our chickens before they hatch.

(12 September 2019) – Until I can get back to finishing The Endgame for Erdogan and ISIS, keep an eye out for the potentially imminent removal of Erdogan by “assassination” or military coup. This event will likely accompany Putin and Soleimani’s final assault on the Al Qaeda forces in Idlib. Also look for the caretaker Turkish government to reveal Erdogan’s hand in both supporting ISIS/Al Qaeda and conducting the terror attacks in Turkey that were attributed to the Kurds. This will give them room to cut a deal with Putin, Assad, Rouhani, Trump, and the Kurds to guarantee the security of Turkey’s border and the repatriation of Syrian refugees in return for the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syria.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: September Overwatch

Here are all the recent updates relating to what is/was planned for September and its run-up. They are in chronological order (except for the latest update which is placed above)…

(1 August 2019) – Sometime over the next few days, I’ll post a preview for what is shaping up to be a dramatic September. The topics covered will include:

  • the setup for the EU migrant invasion and the War with Turkey,
  • the setup for the Hong Kong & Taiwan invasions and the War with China, and
  • the globalists’ fallback plans for 2020, including the possible election of a “dark horse” presidential candidate (Democrat Michelle Obama or Independent Tulsi Gabbard).

~ MORE ~

Just in case the Chinese act sooner than I can write my preview, here is the China-US provocation spiral that is scripted to take down the global financial system in September…

  1. China invades Hong Kong “to restore order.”
  2. With a military response out of the question, Trump responds with “shock and awe” tariffs and financial sanctions intended to make the Chinese back off.
  3. The Chinese defiantly continue the Hong Kong operation and double-down by mobilizing invasion forces across from Taiwan. Meanwhile, their economy and banking system start a hard crash.
  4. To divert public anger away from the crashing economy and the Communist Party, Xi whips up a patriotic frenzy and launches a Taiwan invasion.
  5. Treaty-bound to defend Taiwan, Trump intervenes with either conventional military forces or the Secret Space Program, depending on the scripting.
  6. At some point during Steps 2-5, the global financial system collapses.

~ MORE – 4 August 2019 ~

So this weekend’s two mass shootings come after Friday’s news that a majority of House Democrats are now calling for an official impeachment inquiry and Republican and Independent support for impeachment has surged. And some in Congress are now calling for August’s recess to be cancelled to address gun control. Reconvening Congress this month will open the door for impeachment to get off the ground and climax in September. Convenient timing for a double massacre, isn’t it?

On another front, we need to keep an eye out for the threatened American naval blockade of Venezuela. The globalist script will have China seize the opportunity to begin a blockade of Taiwan in response. I’ll write more on this later.

~ MORE – 6 August 2019 ~

It is notable that in this year’s preparatory propaganda for a Taiwan invasion, an air blockade (no-fly zone) component has been mentioned…

In an interview with Stars and Stripes on Jan. 28, [retired Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Lt. Gen. Kunio Orita] said that China will first declare a no-fly zone around Taiwan and threaten to shoot down any aircraft that approaches the island country. He said that the PLA would then pick a fight with Taiwan’s navy and air force, both over land and in the Taiwan Strait.

After subduing Taiwan’s substantially smaller navy and air force, Orita says China would then set up a naval blockade around Taiwan proper. He says that the blockade would remain in force until Taiwan’s leader’s capitulate and agree to install a puppet government that follows Beijing’s marching orders. – from Taiwan News

The air blockade component is notable because a US naval blockade of Venezuela will likely include an aerial blockade as well. They will say it is necessary in order to…

Of course, to enforce a no-fly zone over Venezuela would require an aircraft carrier off its coast, which is where the USS Truman comes in…

…from the Navy Times. Here is an excerpt…

The COMPTUEX will be an “intensive, month-long exercise designed to fully integrate units,” said Truman Carrier Strike Group spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Jason S. Fisher, in a prepared statement released as the flattop left port.

“Ships, squadrons and staffs will be tested across every core warfare area within their mission sets through a variety of simulated and live events, including air warfare, strait transits, and responses to surface and subsurface contacts and electronic attacks,” he added.

As with previous COMPTUEX drills, Fisher said that the strike group will face training scenarios designed to “further build competencies to face whatever a carrier strike group could see on its next deployment.”

So the month-long drill started about a month ago off the US east coast. This means the Truman could soon be on its way to Venezuela (if it isn’t already en route). In light of this, let’s look at something Trump said about the possible blockade of Venezuela…

On Thursday, when asked by a reporter whether he was considering such a measure given involvement by China and Iran in Venezuela, Trump said: “Yes, I am.” He gave no details.

On Friday, a senior U.S. official said Trump’s word on the issue should be taken “very seriously” but that the administration did not want to give away “the element of surprise.” – from Reuters

The “element of surprise” the Reuters article mentions is a sudden air, land and sea blockade that completely seals off Venezuela, with neighboring Colombia, Brazil and Guyana providing the land blockade component. The rationale behind the action will be that Maduro’s government will collapse if isolated from the aid he receives from Cuba, Iran, China and Russia. And this is where last month’s $2.2 billion arms deal with Taiwan comes in. China will use the same rationale America uses for Venezuela in launching their blockade of Taiwan: “We must stop America’s arming and support of hostile governments in our sphere of influence.”

Another element to consider is that Russia and China will almost certainly test the blockade with aircraft and ships. Should the US Navy fire on them, it could be used as the pretext for the “Communist Red Dawn” attacks on the US.

Speaking of aerial blockades, it should also be noted that Venezuela (through allies like Hezbollah) supposedly has the ability to create a de facto no-fly zone over the United States (for commercial aircraft at least)…

Although a lack of transparency makes precise accounting nearly impossible, in recent years Venezuela’s government has purchased Russia’s state-of-the-art S-300 anti-aircraft missiles; imported hundreds of thousands of Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition; and acquired 5,000 Igla-S MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems)

The security of these weapons is increasingly in doubt. With Maduro’s control still unsteady, it is easy to see a future in which corrupt narcogenerals seek to sell off significant portions of their armories for a quick profit before fleeing a collapsing government… The Venezuelan military is highly corrupt, has long-standing ties to regional guerrilla and criminal groups that prop up Maduro, and already plays an active role in trafficking drugs and weapons through Venezuelan territory…

the proliferation of MANPADS poses a considerable threat to civil aviation (and even military aircraft and unmanned drones). In addition to being portable, concealable, and easily pilfered, they are difficult to detect. From a position atop a building, an Igla-S MANPADS, the particular model Venezuela’s military possesses, could take down a civilian airliner flying below 20,000 feet and up to four miles away. – from Foreign Policy

So if the US declares a no-fly zone over Venezuela, we could see civilian airliners shot down here in the US, thus leading to a full ground stop of commercial aviation. The narrative will say that the MANPADS were smuggled into the US for Hezbollah by a Sinaloa Cartel eager to exact their vengeance for El Chapo’s life imprisonment last month.

Also, let’s not forget the suggestion in the press that Russian nuclear missiles may already be stationed in Venezuela. The establishment of the mere possibility of this opens the door for a “Deep State” false-flag nuclear attack on the US, which could be scripted to take Trump off the board and/or begin a domestic lockdown.

Switching back to the impeachment push for a bit, we need to watch for an Article 25 play against Trump citing “his disastrous and erratic decisions,” such as the launching of the new China tariffs that has set in motion the unfolding crises. I’ll write more on this soon.

~ MORE – 7 August 2019 ~

Let’s have a look at some CNN preparatory propaganda from last year (an excerpt is below the graphic)…

The 25th Amendment is back in the news so this bears repeating. Again. The type of event in which you could imagine President Donald Trump’s Cabinet and his vice president engaging in a political mutiny against him and removing him from power using the 25th Amendment would require something like a presidential coma or a disagreement of such epic proportions as to threaten the fabric of the country or its very existence

In order to remove Trump using the 25th Amendment, a majority of the Cabinet he personally selected, working with his own vice president, would have to agree he was no longer able to be President and publicly make that declaration, in writing, and send it up to Congress. That’s the first thing…

The Cabinet’s Brutus knife in his back is not all it would take! Trump would then have the ability to publicly disagree, in writing. Wouldn’t that be something. And if his Cabinet reasserted, within four days, “their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” Congress would have to assemble within two days and two-thirds of both the House and Senate would have to vote to remove the President within 21 days… Republican lawmakers would have to turn on their own President.

With all the escalating crises that could come to a head by the end of this month, it would be easy to script Congress blaming Trump and his “erratic and irrational decision making” for “bringing America to the brink of civil war, World War 3 and economic collapse.” The prevailing situation would constitute — as the CNN article puts it — a political apocalypse… of such epic proportions as to threaten the fabric of the country [and] its very existence.”

It’s no wonder, then, that we’re seeing news like this…

…from CNBC

If the domestic and world situation seemingly starts to fall apart by the end of August, the 25th Amendment coup could be launched and completed within a month (by the end of September), just in time for Jewish New Year.

In case we’re able to back them off, though, I thought I’d better go ahead and give you a preview of their strategy for putting Tulsi Gabbard into the presidency next year…

  • They’re promoting the Anti-Establishment antics of presidential candidate John McAfee in the controlled alt-media in order to divert “alt-right” support away from Trump.
  • They’re having Trump go against his mainstream and “alt-right” base by agreeing to new gun control measures.
  • They’re having the mainstream media and the Democratic Party Establishment sabotage Gabbard so she can leave the Party and run as an Independent.
  • They’ll put up a weak, vulnerable Democratic nominee who will appeal only to the Leftists.
  • All this will leave Tulsi Gabbard as the only acceptable candidate for the Democratic, Republican and Independent mainstream voters, and she’ll win a plurality or majority of the vote in enough states to take the presidency.

I’ll write about it in more detail later.

ALERT – The Tisha B’Av Gaza Invasion

(8 August 2019) – A reader has pointed out that 8/11 is also Tisha B’Av this year. Tisha B’Av is considered the “saddest day in the Jewish calendar” and commemorates various catastrophes in Jewish history. So the fact that it falls on the 11th of this risky month means that there’s an enhanced probability of a big, negative event this Saturday/Sunday. It will most likely be something that the globalist narrative will trace back to the radical Zionists — something that will help start an international backlash (and eventual military attack) against Israel.

I’ll start pondering all the event possibilities over the next 48 hours, but one stands out right away: an invasion of Gaza…

…from Google News

Netanyahu faces an election next month, and the globalist scriptwriters have made arrangements to ensure that he will need the support of a Chabad-connected Israeli politician, Naftali Bennett, to form a governing coalition…

…from The Jerusalem Post

According to the most recent version of the globalist script, Netanyahu has been restraining the “evil Chabadniks” from starting their End-Times War…

…from Mondoweiss

But the necessity of earning Bennett’s support paired with a Palestinian provocation could mean that Netanyahu might be “forced to do a Gaza invasion — thinking that if he manages it carefully, he can keep it from spinning out of control.” Of course, the script will ensure that it does spin out of control.

If they intend to do this Gaza invasion for Tisha B’Av, look for a Palestinian provocation (or a Mossad false-flag to that effect) over the next 72 hours. It should also be noted that Tisha B’Av coincides with the Muslim Eid al-Adha (“Festival of the Sacrifice”) this year, so there could be something about this co-occurrence that makes its way into the provocation/invasion narrative — something like Palestinian fathers sacrificing their sons to attack Israel because they couldn’t afford sheep.” Eid al-Adha honours the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. But, before Abraham could sacrifice his son, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. In commemoration of this intervention, an animal is sacrificed… (if an animal is available, that is).

(9 August 2019) – The war-starting provocation/false-flag may already be in motion. The Israelis are mirroring the events that led to the 2014 Gaza War…

…from The Washington Post (top) and The Times of Israel (bottom)

I actually read about the stabbing yesterday, but I didn’t realize its significance until I ran across the WaPo article this morning. As for the victim of the stabbing, the LA Times is reporting this

The body of the soldier was found in the same region as the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers by Palestinian militants in the summer of 2014, an incident that helped precipitate a war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

What a coincidence, eh? I hope I caught this one in time.

~ MORE ~

Should the globalists decide to follow through despite being exposed, the next shoe to drop will be the killing of one or more Palestinian teens at the hands of Israeli civilians or the IDF. Hamas will then loose rockets from the Gaza Strip and the IDF will invade.

It’s also worth noting that the Israeli stabbing victim was 18 years-old, and the name of the HBO docudrama about the previous Gaza Strip lead-up is “Our Boys.” So the theme of fathers and sons — the tie-in to Eid al-Adha — is already part of the narrative.

Beyond the stabbing, there is a potential conflict brewing on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem…

…from The Times of Israel

The globalists intend to raze Al-Aqsa Mosque to make way for the Third Temple. Should they opt to move quickly on this, a Palestinian/Jew confrontation on the Temple Mount during Eid al-Adha/Tisha B’Av could set in motion the chain of events that leads to Al-Aqsa’s imminent destruction.

While we’re on the subject of the Third Temple, it should be noted that the prophecy propagandists are claiming the Sandhedin is currently working to create an Organization of 70 Nations based in Jerusalem to replace the United Nations.” So they may have changed their approach on how they’ll start the NWO.

(10 August 2019) – The globalist scriptwriters are definitely having the Israelis provoke both the Palestinians and Iranians into committing violence so Israel’s war plans can be triggered. And I’ve seen indications that the Shin Bet are being set up to take the fall for something. Whether it’s the stabbing or the actions that follow it, I don’t know yet. They may be doing this setup so Netanyahu can publicly uncover the plot and stop it. More details on this later…

~ MORE ~

As expected, the IDF have killed 4 “angry youths” in Gaza…

…from DW

Will this be enough to unleash Hamas rockets this weekend, or will it require more killings and an incursion into Al Aqsa by Israeli settlers?

~ MORE ~

It looks like we’ll have to wait till Sunday morning (Jerusalem time) to find out if the Holy War is starting this weekend…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

Jerusalem police will decide on whether to allow Jews to ascend to the Temple Mount on Tisha Be’av Sunday after assessing the security situation in the morning…

The Temple Mount is usually closed to non-Muslim visitors during Muslim holidays, and according to Israeli media sources, it is also scheduled to be closed on Sunday.

However, some Jewish organizations have been appealing to the Israeli authorities to allow Jewish visitors on the site during Tisha Be’ Av. One of them, the Students for the Temple Mount, sent a letter to Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan.

Earlier this year, when the Israeli police decided that Jews would be allowed to enter the Temple Mount for Jerusalem Day, in spite of the holiday falling in the last days of Ramadan, violent riots broke out.

It’s important to note that the Temple Mount-invading Jewish group named in the article is one of those focused on building the Third Temple…

…from Breaking Israel News

That being said, it’s not hard to imagine their scripted purpose in barging onto the Temple Mount tomorrow: they want to pick a fight. And they want that fight to escalate into a conflagration that will bring the destruction of Al Aqsa, the building of the Third Temple, and the arrival of the Moshiach. So if the “police” opt to let them in, we will likely see a shocking confrontation erupt — one that will bring deaths and/or acts of desecration against Al Aqsa Mosque.

So how will tomorrow’s Tisha B’Av turn into another historic Jewish tragedy (by triggering a later multinational invasion of Israel)?…

  1. Will Jews on the Temple Mount in the morning lead to Hamas rockets midday and an Israeli Gaza invasion by evening?
  2. Will Temple Mount riots somehow lead to the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque tomorrow?
  3. Or will the Jewish Temple Mount invasion and its outrages be the start of a chain of events that climaxes next month?

Let’s hope the answer is “none of the above” because the “police” say no in the morning.

(Note to readers – 10 August 2019) – Yes, I’m aware of Jeffrey Epstein’s death, but that isn’t the thing to watch this weekend. I’ll cover it once the Gaza invasion opportunity has passed uneventfully.

Also, if the Israelis allow Third Temple-obsessed Jews on the Temple Mount on Sunday, be on the lookout for a possible bomb explosion there. The Shin Bet may try to claim that it was smuggled in by “Gaza-directed terror cells,” but it will eventually be attributed to the Shin Bet themselves. If they go ahead and pull the trigger tomorrow, I’ll do an in-depth article on why I say this. Till then, you can get an idea by having a look at this article and the following excerpt from this article (both are from Haaretz)…

A few hours after the report on the scandal in Isawiyah, a joint press release was issued by the Israel Defense Forces and the Shin Bet security service about the discovery of other weapons – this time, it is to be hoped, more authentically. Hamas members from the Gaza Strip instructed terror cells of the organization in Hebron to trigger an explosive device in Jerusalem. Two members of the cell were arrested with a three-kilo operational explosive device in their possession. The investigation also found what was described as a terror lab with additional materials for preparing devices. This is the kind of story that flies right past the ear of the average Israeli media consumer, especially at a time when there is so much political twisting and turning, but under different circumstances it might have completely changed the way this summer plays out and made a far greater impression than even yesterday’s murder in Gush Etzion.

(11 August 2019) – At the start of Sunday morning on the Temple Mount, the police barred the Jews from entering and Netanyahu was blamed for it. But hours later, to appease the right-wingers, they did allow the Jews in, although it should be noted that the visits today consisted of entering the holy compound and immediately being ushered by police officers towards another gate to exit it.”

A bit of violence erupted in the morning and there were some standard condemnations of the Israelis by Muslim leaders, but nothing too serious happened, and it looks like this Tisha B’Av will pass relatively uneventfully. Sweet. In about 5 or 6 hours (when the 11th ends in Israel), I’ll move the alert down the page.

Now we return our attention to Hong Kong and Turkey.

By the way, another indication that they had big plans for today was this little bit of prophetic BS they circulated in the week before Tisha B’Av…

…from RT

In another bit of “coincidental timing,” the premiere of the HBO docudrama about the 2014 Gaza invasion, “Our Boys,” was/is scheduled for tomorrow…

…from HBO

It was also quite notable that the Shin Bet found and arrested the stabbing suspects right as we entered the weekend. That was rather quick (and convenient for the plot). It’s almost like they already knew where the suspects were;-)

As you can see, they had quite an extensive setup for today. Too fu*king bad. I’ll keep an eye out just in case they try to take the broken pieces of this op and make something out of it later.

(12 August 2019) – While I was focused on the prospect of a Tisha B’Av invasion of Gaza, Jeffrey Epstein “died” and Turkey reached a deal with the US that de-escalated the situation in northeast Syria. This signals the globalists pushing the delay button on their plans for those operations — possibly for just a month and possibly for much longer.

After they press the resume button, we can look forward to a release of the jailhouse video of what really happened to Epstein and some occurrence that provides Erdogan with the excuse to unleash on the Kurds.

Meanwhile, it looks like Hong Kong will pop soon (between 8/13 and 8/22 would be my guesstimate). Should they press the delay button on that, the demonstrations will die down due to either more aggressive policing or the resignation of Carrie Lam. A de-escalation in Hong Kong would likely mean that the economic collapse will be pushed back as well.

(18 August 2019) – As I’ve explained in past entries, the most likely scripting for the NWO transition will portray Trump, Xi, and Putin as “the misunderstood good guys who were running with the bad guys only so they could infiltrate their Cabal, rise to power, and defeat them at a key moment.” In light of this, I encourage you to read the following articles [top, bottom] from The Epoch Times

Take note of how they depict a long-running battle between Xi Jinping and the “Chinese deep state” and how they portray Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong as playing the role of the Chinese Clintons to Xi’s Chinese Trump (it’s the exact same script in both places). In my next entry, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the articles, and we’ll have a look at The Epoch Times to see how their propaganda fits into the deception narrative. We’ll also have a look at some of the New Age and alt-media disinfo sites and see why some of them are bashing Trump while others are still dispensing the pro-Trump Kool-Aid.

By the way, the wording of the title of the second article suggests that Xi will deliver the Chinese people from Communist Party bondage during the NWO transition. It wouldn’t be hard to get them to worship him after that, would it? Look for Kim to do the same in North Korea too. The transition into the NWO will leave communism in ashes.

Putin’s world rule may start as soon as next month

(20 August 2019) – On a hunch, I decided to check which nation will have the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) next month. What I found came as no surprise…

…from UN.org

Currently, Putin isn’t scheduled to show up at the big 74th UN General Assembly event next month, but it’s not hard to imagine that certain international developments might arise between now and then that will compel his attendance. And if he does indeed show up, look for him to sit as President of the UNSC (with the other UNSC national leaders, such as Trump and Xi, sitting in as well) and to give a seminal speech during the General Debate (the theme of which this year is “galvanizing multilateral efforts for poverty eradication, quality education, climate action and inclusion”). Don’t be surprised if Putin’s speech falls on this day…

…from UN.org

Why would he speak on that particular day, you ask? Because it falls on Jewish New Year, which goes from the evening of September 29 to the nightfall of October 1. And Putin’s “enthronement” as President of the UNSC would begin his 7-year tenure as world leader. Should this occur, he will take his formal throne as world leader (and “Antichrist”) at the Third Temple in Jerusalem during March of 2023 (probably on the 11th, 15th or 22nd), and the globalist-selected “real Jesus Christ” will dethrone him in September of 2026 (probably on the 11th, since Jewish New Year of 2026 starts that evening).

I’ll cover the alternative “Trump as Antichrist” scripting later.

Since I’m so overwhelmed by the volume of information I need to convey (and by common housework — my dishwasher isn’t working), I’ll have to resort to doing micro-updates to get it all out. Check back frequently each day this week, starting Wednesday. Next, I’ll show you how Trump and the “Space Force” may set the stage for Putin, and then I’ll talk about Xi and the fall of the Chinese Communist Party as promised.

~ MORE – 21 August 2019 ~

To go from where we are now to Vladimir Putin kicking off the NWO reform of the United Nations in just 5 short weeks would require the eruption of a “perfect storm” global crisis and the launch of an “unprecedented international effort” to address it. So I find it to be no coincidence, then, that all the elements necessary for such a crisis and response are already in motion for a September culmination.

Here are the elements of the “perfect storm” (war and economic collapse) global crisis…

And here are the elements of the “unprecedented international effort” to address it…

  • The US Congress is slated to approve America’s Space Force next month. This would provide the framework for Trump bringing the Secret Space Program out of the dark and into the normal military command structure. And that, in turn, would allow Trump to utilize the Space Force to stop the wars and offer groundbreaking new technologies to begin the next phase of global economic development.
  • Russia is slated for the Presidency of the UN Security Council next month. This will allow Putin to use the UNSC as a platform to bring in the BRICS-fronted NWO financial system (led by and backed by the Chinese and their gold) and to begin the reform process of the UN.

So if the globalists pull the trigger on this, we’ll see the world situation go to sh*t by mid-September (watch Friday the 13th). And about two weeks later, we’ll see…

  • Trump step up to provide global security and a new technological revolution,
  • Xi step up to provide the foundation for a new global financial system, and
  • Putin step up to lead the 3.5 year process of reforming the current New York-based UN into the Jerusalem-based New UN / NWO.

All this being said, let’s take a second look at a bit of prophecy propaganda we came across earlier this month…

…from Breaking Israel News. Here is a notable section…

Building of the Third Temple will be initiated by the 70 Nations

Rabbi Hillel Weiss, the spokesman for the Sanhedrin, noted that Trump’s role in building the Third Temple was essential to so many of the issues that concern people around the world.

Trump can lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple, the source of peace,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “This will offset the disgraceful United Nations resolutions that are the root cause of increasing evil in the world.”

The Sanhedrin is currently working to create an Organization of 70 Nations based in Jerusalem to replace the United Nations.

“The Jews will do the actual building of the Third Temple but in order for the Third Temple to be a House of Prayer for all nations, the nations must have a part in its creation,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “The troubles that are facing the world today are issues that can only be addressed by a higher level of international discourse and cooperation. The effort to erase national identities and national borders is diametrically opposed to this and it is this ‘new world order’ that Trump is really fighting. The solution is the Third Temple as a House of Prayer for all nations and the Organization of 70 Nations, both of which require nations to express their unique identities.”

Rabbi Weiss emphasized that the concept of international cooperation is based in the universal covenant that God made with Noah which established the 70 nations and requires the participation of all the nations.

This section raises an obvious question…

Under what circumstances could the widely ridiculed and much maligned President Donald Trump “lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple”?

It would pretty much require Trump to play the Space Force card, wouldn’t it? Only if the world erupted in war and Trump suddenly stopped it using the overwhelming power of the Secret Space Program would all the nations of the world suddenly respect him. And only if he were offering new technologies that could lift all the nations out of economic ruin would they do exactly what he wants, like reforming and relocating the UN.


(23 August 2019) – Be on the lookout for the killing or massacre of one or more Yellow Vesters we’ve been expecting to take place during the G7 Summit in France. With rumors of a post-Brexit UK snap election swirling about, the Yellow Vest incident can be used to trigger the fall of Macron and a snap election in France, thus setting the stage for all 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council to be pro-Putin people.

~ MORE 1 ~

Since we are so near to entering the active transition period to the New World Order, the standard risk of a false-flag assassination of the G7 leaders also applies. Should they go that route, we’ll see the attempted rise of the “evil Western-version NWO” before the scripted “heroes” reappear to “save” us and lead us into the real NWO.

~ MORE 2 ~

In case you are a new reader, here is what I wrote about the planned Yellow Vest massacre back in March (excerpted from The 2019 Archive)…

The Pending Geopolitical Shift Takes Shape

(25 March 2019) – There has been a massive idea-planting operation taking place on NWO propaganda sites over the last few days. Here are a couple of articles narrating an imminent — and possibly disorderly — regime change in the UK…

…from Zero Hedge (top, bottom)

And here are some others hinting at a planned provocation for an imminent regime change in France…

…from Zero Hedge (top, middle) and the Investment Watch Blog (bottom)

As you can see, they are pretty clearly signaling an imminent massacre of Yellow Vests by the French military, which would result in a massive shock to the French public. And it is significant that the Investment Watch Blog article resurrects the ghost of the Algerian War given that it brought about the fall of the French Fourth Republic…

>>> The trigger for the collapse of the Fourth Republic was the Algiers crisis of 1958…the Algerian War became not just a separatist movement but had elements of a civil war…

Further complications came when a section of the French Army rebelled and openly backed the Algerie Francaise movement to defeat separation. Revolts and riots broke out in 1958 against the French government in Algiers, but there were no adequate and competent political initiatives by the French government in support of military efforts to end the rebellion owing to party politics

This prompted General Jacques Massu to create a French settlers’ committee to demand the formation of a new national government under General Charles de Gaulle, who was a national hero and had advocated a strong military policy, nationalism and the retention of French control over Algeria. – from Wikipedia <<<

So will the inadequacies of France’s Fifth Republic bring about a failure to resolve the Yellow Vest rebellion and result in a shocking massacre of “innocent” French citizens (perhaps in conjunction with infuriatingly unchecked Islamist violence)? Will such developments prompt the French “patriot Deep State” to topple Macron and the Fifth Republic and demand a new government under a France-First nationalist leader — a leader like Marine Le Pen perhaps?

Remember that the ultimate globalist goal in orchestrating these government transitions in France and the UK is to install Putin-friendly leaders. So if non-Putin-friendly transitional leaders are the first to be put in place, it means they’re opting for a “Great Tribulation” before the Putin-friendly leaders are put in. You can scroll down to “Watch for snap elections in France and the UK next year (2019): Le Pen and Corbyn will win” for a more detailed explanation of all this.

(23 August 2019) – It should be noted that a reader contacted me a while back and mentioned a prediction of a tsunami striking Biarritz, France (here is a link the reader shared: The Saturn Cube of Biarritz represents a “tsunami project of Kabbalah”). Given that the G7 venue, the Hotel Du Palais, is right on the waterfront and the globalist propaganda corps have narrated that Russia possesses a “nuclear tsunami apocalypse torpedo,” I think it a prudent precaution to mention it now. Under the globalist script, the “Deep State” would use such an event as a pretext to go to war with Russia, and it would eventually be narrated that it was the “Deep State” and/or Israel that actually set off the nuke.

~ MORE ~

As if I didn’t already have enough stuff to track, the Israelis are setting the stage to run their “cruise missiles out of Yemen” operation to get the Iran war started…

…from RT. It will go something like this…

  1. The IDF strike the Houthis.
  2. The Houthis fire back at Israel with Iranian-made Soumar cruise missiles OR Saudi and US special forces in Yemen fire Israeli-modified Kh-55 cruise missiles at Israel as a false-flag “Houthi attack.”
  3. The Israelis claim that the Iranians were behind the cruise missile attacks and were using the Houthis as proxies to attack the Israeli homeland.
  4. The Israelis “retaliate” by striking the Iranian homeland, thus kicking off the war.

Read The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack section in The Compendium for more information on this long-planned operation.

(25 August 2019) – Macron is trying to help the Iranians get a waiver to sell their oil on the same weekend that Israel is striking Iranian-linked targets in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. The timing is perfect for an Israeli false-flag to stop Macron’s initiative.

(26 August 2019) – Now that elements of the Iraqi government are demanding the US leave their country (on account of the Israeli airstrikes there), it’s time to remind ourselves of the “ballistic missiles out of Iraq” false-flag option and what would follow it. The following is excerpted from The 2019 Archive

(10 May 2019) – Be advised that any upcoming Middle East false-flag scenario may involve theater-wide attacks, which could include…

> Ballistic and cruise missiles fired out of Yemen, supposedly by the Iran-linked Houthis, but actually by US and Saudi special forces. Expect the American B-52 bombers and Combined Air Operations Center at Al Udeid Air Base to be targeted from Yemen. This will be done to create an excuse to blame Iran even though no missiles will be fired from their territory. You can read more about this in “The false-flag ‘Houthi’ cruise missile attack” section [of the Compendium].

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Iraq, supposedly by the Iran-linked Popular Mobilization Forces, but actually by US special forces (there are 5,200 US troops in Iraq, including special forces). This will be done to create an excuse for US and Saudi Coalition ground forces to move into Iraq to supposedly hunt-down missiles (but to actually mass on the borders of Syria and Iran).

> Ballistic missiles fired out of Lebanon, supposedly by Iran-linked Hezbollah, but actually by Israeli special forces (the IDF have used tunnels to smuggle missiles into firing positions in Lebanon). This will be done to create an excuse for massive Israeli airstrikes and ground incursions into Lebanon and Syria. You can read more about the IDF tunnels in the “Israel’s Tunnels into Lebanon & Their Planned Missile Attack on Europe” section [of The 2019 Archive].

The Israeli Election, Chabad-Lubavitch and the Gaza Invasion

(27 August 2019) – Another way the globalist scriptwriters can paint the ongoing Israeli airstrikes (in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and perhaps soon Yemen) is that they are Netanyahu’s pre-election attempt to look tough and proactive against Israel’s enemies without having to launch an invasion of Gaza. So with the Israeli election just three weeks away, we should take note of some recent developments:

Early this month, Netanyahu’s rival Benny Gantz vowed an invasion of Gaza…

…from Haaretz. Here is a brief excerpt…

Benny Gantz, leader of the Kahol Lavan party, vowed on Tuesday that if he becomes prime minister he would move to “pound Gaza,” send ground troops into the enclave, and kill Hamas’ leadership in the event of another round of fighting.

According to the current globalist scripting, this is exactly what the “End Times War”-obsessed Chabad-Lubavitch cult and their lapdog Avigdor Lieberman have been seeking. It’s no wonder, then, that Lieberman cut a deal with Gantz two weeks later…

…from Asharq Al-Awsat. Here is an excerpt…

“Lapid and Gantz signed with Lieberman, it is in fact a new thing,” Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page, mocking the situation.

Likud slammed the two parties for the deal they struck. “Lieberman signed a surplus vote agreement with Lapid and Gantz after declaring openly that he would support them should they gain the premiership,” a statement by the party said.

“Whoever wants Netanyahu to head the next government should vote only for the Likud,” the statement added.

Lieberman described the agreement as a mere technical measure, not an alliance or coalition between the two political groups.

However, Israeli media said the agreement was ultimately aimed at recommending Gantz as prime minister, after Lieberman demanded that Netanyahu form a government that would include his party, Likud and Blue and White.

So the globalists are scripting that Chabad/Mossad will deliver the election to whomever will give them their war. And this opens up the following scripting options…

> They can go for the immediate war under Netanyahu by staging a serious false-flag attack on the Israeli homeland — an attack supposedly conducted by Iran in response to Netanyahu’s airstrikes.

> They can go for a delayed war under Netanyahu by forcing him to form a coalition with Lieberman that will keep Chabad at his throat demanding action.

> They can go for an immediate war under Gantz by staging a Palestinian provocation right after he takes office.

> They can go for a delayed war under Gantz by having him renege on his invasion promises and take a leftist approach to security policy that will weaken Israel’s position and ultimately invite an invasion by their enemies.

~ MORE ~

Beyond these options for starting the war are the options for the war itself: the “Shake ‘n Bake” option (SBO) and the “Great Tribulation” option (GTO). Under the SBO, the war would escalate to the brink of a nuclear exchange in just a couple of weeks and a fake “divine intervention” would be staged; under the GTO, things will grind out over the next 3.5 years till March of 2023. Of these two options, the best for all of us is Option 3, the “nothing much happens in September” option. Let’s all do whatever we can to exercise that option.

(28 August 2019) – Over the next few days, I’ll be gearing up to do overwatch on September. But the very first thing we’ll need to watch is this weekend. Should the Chicoms opt to invade Hong Kong, the smart play would be to do it on a weekend when the markets are closed, and doing it this weekend (August 31/September 1) would be a helluva way for the globalists to start the month. Invasions, Lehman Moments, and political falls [Netanyahu (election) & Trump (25th Amendment)] will be September’s doorways into hell. Let’s guard the doors.

(29 August 2019) – In advance of posting the September overwatch kickoff, I’ve placed this month’s updates in chronological order. They will go in The 2019 Archive once the new entry is ready. On another note, the globalists are backing off of a number of their setups; I’ll cover it in the kickoff.

~ MORE ~

Looking ahead given current conditions, I see two opportunities for the globalists to trigger the Next Lehman Moment, and they both relate to Brexit…

Opportunity 1: Use a September Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong as an excuse to trigger it. Once it happens, both the EU and UK could agree to delay the Brexit “so as to not create any more disruption and uncertainty while we’re dealing with this crisis.”

Opportunity 2: Use the October 31 No Deal Brexit as the excuse to trigger it. They could time it to precede the snap election and coincide with November 11 (11/11), and they could call it “Mondaygeddon.” Since the Next Lehman Moment would put the Chinese Communist Party in a vulnerable position vis-a-vis their population, the Chicoms could use it to start the Hong Kong crackdown and the Taiwan invasion buildup in order to distract the Chinese people with war.

(30 August 2019) – Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1949, so this October 1 will mark the Communist Government’s 70th anniversary (as Zero Hedge have been so keen to point out in their Hong Kong coverage). How appropriate is it, then, that the Communist Party’s rule over China may begin to fall apart by October 1 over their attempted takedown of Hong Kong’s “Second Tiananmen” Protests. The globalists have a real penchant for historical poetry.

If the globalists pull the trigger on a violent communist crackdown in Hong Kong during the next month, it is important to note that the NWO narrative will most likely say that Xi Jinping did not order it. It will be said that it was actually ordered by the “Chinese Deep State” — the Shanghai Faction of the Communist Party — in their attempt to create a political and economic crisis to force out Xi. And Xi will instead “use the crisis as an opportunity to take down the ‘Chinese Deep State’ and end Communist Party rule.”

The globalists have been grooming Xi to be a messianic figure, just like they’ve done with Trump and Putin. And when the time comes that you start seeing “UFOs” in the sky, it will be claimed that Xi is actually the Buddhist Lord Maitreya who came to Earth with the other incarnations of the godhead (Putin, Modi, et al) to save humanity from a nuclear war planned by the Dark/Satanic forces. I doubt the globalists have given up on this absurdist scripting.

So when the American “Deep State-controlled” mainstream media start to pillory Xi for being a brutal dictator, visit The Epoch Times to get the NWO slant on things. The mainstream media have attacked The Epoch Times since my August 18 update in order to build them up as a credible alternative news source. Here is a copy of the August 18 update (so you don’t have to scroll down to read it)…

(from 18 August 2019) – As I’ve explained in past entries, the most likely scripting for the NWO transition will portray Trump, Xi, and Putin as “the misunderstood good guys who were running with the bad guys only so they could infiltrate their Cabal, rise to power, and defeat them at a key moment.” In light of this, I encourage you to read the following articles [top, bottom] from The Epoch Times

Take note of how they depict a long-running battle between Xi Jinping and the “Chinese deep state” and how they portray Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong as playing the role of the Chinese Clintons to Xi’s Chinese Trump (it’s the exact same script in both places). In my next entry, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the articles, and we’ll have a look at The Epoch Times to see how their propaganda fits into the deception narrative. We’ll also have a look at some of the New Age and alt-media disinfo sites and see why some of them are bashing Trump while others are still dispensing the pro-Trump Kool-Aid.

By the way, the wording of the title of the second article suggests that Xi will deliver the Chinese people from Communist Party bondage during the NWO transition. It wouldn’t be hard to get them to worship him after that, would it? Look for Kim to do the same in North Korea too. The transition into the NWO will leave communism in ashes.

~ MORE ~

Given the way their September setups are shaping up, the globalists appear to be scripting an attempt by the combined “Deep States” to take down “the messiahs”: Netanyahu via election, Trump via the 25th Amendment, and Xi via blowback from the Hong Kong crackdown. Don’t be surprised, then, if there are also attempts at political takedowns or assassinations of Putin, Modi, and Soleimani or Erdogan in the coming month.

It also appears that the scripting will have some or all of “the messiahs” survive and begin a “mass arrests”-style takedown of their respective “Deep States.” And on September 30, Putin could give a UN speech that says, “It’s time to move beyond the failed liberal world order into a new multilateral world order that respects national sovereignty.” Xi might also give a Tiananmen speech on October 1 that says, “It’s time for China to move beyond failed communism and embrace multiparty democracy.”

Let’s see if a little preemptive exposure can stop all that (and turn the globalists’ balls an even darker shade of blue). 😉

(31 August 2019) – So…

  • the Chicoms moved armored vehicles and troops into Hong Kong in the wee hours of Thursday morning, then
  • they arrested the protest leaders Friday morning to ensure the protesters would be enraged and violent on Saturday, so
  • will they now deploy the armored vehicles and troops in the wee hours of Sunday morning?

In case they don’t do it this weekend (which is the 13th weekend of protests) or even this month, it turns out that the 22nd weekend of protests will fall on November 2, just two days after Brexit and nine days before 11/11. That will be the likely fallback timing if September is a no-go.

(6 September 2019) – It appears that we’ve entered the time of Schrodinger’s Brexit — we simply won’t know if Brexit is alive or dead until its state is measured on Halloween. But Parliament’s passage of this week’s Brexit delay bill has set up some useful options for the globalists…

  • It has established a legal mechanism to delay the Brexit if the Next Lehman Moment occurs before October 31.
  • It has set up the possibility of a surprise Brexit on October 31, which could serve as a trigger for a European Lehman Moment in November (“the markets had priced-in a Brexit delay; now there’s chaos and uncertainty”).
  • It has established the possibility of delaying the NWO transition till next year.

But the Brexit is an issue best left till next month. This month, it is important to keep our eyes on the prize: preventing the possibility of Putin giving his speech (“The Bretton Woods World Order is dead; it’s time for a New World Order” speech) in front of the United Nations at the end of September. If we can do that, it will definitely delay the globalists’ plans by at least six months if not a year.

In order for Putin to give his speech and take his place as the de facto leader of the NWO, a global crisis must arise this month, and a massive shock to the markets is the best candidate. Here are some of the ways the globalists might trigger it:

  • By scripting a Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong this weekend, leading to immediate Western sanctions and a September 11 or Friday the 13th market shock.
  • By scripting a large, successful missile attack on the Israeli homeland or the sinking of a US carrier on September 11 or Friday the 13th (just days before the September 17th Israeli election), thus setting off a chain of events that will lead to the closure of the Strait of Hormuz and a market shock.
  • By scripting a Chinese crackdown on Hong Kong during the weekend of September 21-22, leading to a market shock on September 23rd (the Fall Equinox).

A big event like the ones listed would bring all the world’s leaders to the UN General Assembly’s General Debate, which goes from September 24 to September 30. And at that time, two things could happen:

1) Putin can give his speech, thus beginning his 7-year reign as world leader. He would begin as the de facto leader while the UN reforms itself, then become the de jure leader once the reform is complete.

2) The UN complex can be destroyed, (supposedly) killing all the leaders inside. This would mark the beginning of the “Great Tribulation,” when Pence, Medvedev, and Li Keqiang would attempt to erect the “evil Western version” NWO until the “messiahs” reappear to stop them and save the day. This destruction of the UN would be promoted as a fulfillment of the “Babylon the Great” biblical prophecy: the one in which “the city of seven hills” is destroyed while “all the world’s kings are gathered there” (Staten Island, a borough of NYC, has seven hills).

Turkish War Warning: July Update

(17 July 2019) – It looks like the first battle of the “End Times” War will be started by Turkey invading Syria east of the Euphrates using this likely self-arranged provocation. I’ve been monitoring the buildup towards war in the Cyprus EEZ and northern Syria and for a while now, and I suspect it may begin on or before July 22. I’ll start my coverage of it by tomorrow morning.

(18 July 2019) – Incirlik Air Base may soon fall, and this will begin the globalist-scripted “End Times” nuclear confrontation in the Middle East…

…from the Daily Mail

In past entries, I’ve been monitoring the attempts to start a dustup…

  • between Turkey and the EU in Cyprus’ offshore exclusive economic zone (EEZ), and
  • between Turkey and the US (and possibly Russia) in northern Syria.

The globalists have recently begun the chain of escalation in both areas…

…from Zero Hedge (top) and Al-Masdar News (bottom)

The exploratory drilling of militarily escorted Turkish commercial ships in Cyprus’ EEZ has resulted in new EU sanctions. And this Turkey vs. EU confrontation is scripted to escalate…

…from Zero Hedge

The escalations will build to the point that Turkey voids its migrant agreement with the EU and unleashes a new and massive horde of migrants upon Europe.

As for northern Syria, the media have been teasing an imminent Turkish invasion of the Kurdish area east of the Euphrates. And with the US kicking Turkey out of the F-35 program and a Turkish diplomat being murdered at the hands of “Kurdish terrorists and their US enablers,” the Turks now have a self-provided justification to begin the onslaught. It could begin in mere days or be drawn out till September.

It is also important to note that a “secret document” showing that US nukes are still at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey has been released just in time to support the war narrative; its release is no accident. According to globalist scripting, once the Turkish invasion of Kurdish territory begins and US forces are inevitably threatened, the US military’s “force protection” strikes against Turkish forces will trigger Turkey’s seizure of US military personnel and nukes at Incirlik. This is where the Middle East situation takes a very serious turn.

Also, west of the Euphrates, the Turks have been supporting proxy terrorist forces that are in an on-again, off-again shooting war with the Syrian Army, with Russia caught in the middle. Should the globalists script Putin as the World Savior or the assistant to the World Savior, Turkish terrorist activity and/or Turkey’s seizure of US nukes will prompt him to make war on the Turks and defeat them. The NWO narrative will explain Putin’s actions this way: “Vladimir Putin could not allow someone like Erdogan to possess nukes so close to Russia’s border, nor could he allow the Turks to destroy Christendom.” But if Putin is instead scripted as “the head of the communist snake that is destroying the West,” he’ll invade Ukraine east of the Dnieper River when the Turks unleash the migrant hordes.

To provide more background information on all this, I’ve pulled forward the still-relevant sections of the Turkish War Warning from earlier this year and placed them here…

BEGIN EXCERPT>>> (27 January 2019) – It looks like the “Turkish naval invasion of the Cyprus EEZ” scenario has been put in motion…

…from the Hurriyet Daily News. This is something I warned about in “What to watch for between now and the end of March” further down this page. If memory serves, they tried this twice last year, so I’ll pull forward my previous writings on it tomorrow.

(29 January 2019) – RT is reporting that Erdogan has finished preparations for invading Manbij, Syria and areas east of the Euphrates. Should the Turks proceed with the attack, they will be waging war in an area that contains the Syrian military, Russian military police, the Kurds, and special forces from the UK, France, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. I would expect Erdogan to launch the attack once his drilling ships and navy have entered Cyprus’ EEZ (per the globalist script).

The globalists attempted to carry out the same scenario in March and June of last year, but were prevented by exposure of their plans. Let’s hope the same happens this year. Here is what I wrote last June about the 2018 attempts

Erdogan’s war on the EU will begin in Cyprus

(June 2018) – If you are a longtime reader, you may remember that we tracked a developing scenario back in March that involved a Turkish drill ship violating Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) to start a confrontation with the EU (Cyprus is an EU member state). Here are some key excerpts from back then…


>>> On 15 July 1974, the Greek military junta under Dimitrios Ioannides carried out a coup d’etat in Cyprus, to unite the island with Greece. The coup ousted president Makarios III and replaced him with pro-enosis nationalist Nikos Sampson. In response to the coup, five days later, on 20 July 1974, the Turkish army invaded the island, citing a right to intervene to restore the constitutional order from the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee. This justification has been rejected by the United Nations and the international community. – from Wikipedia <<<

This Turkish invasion led to the partitioning of the island, and the Turks subsequently established the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is “a partially recognised state that comprises the northeastern portion of the island of Cyprus. Recognised only by Turkey, Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.

Turkey’s claim on resources in the Cyprus EEZ is based on this Northern Cyprus puppet regime, which is not recognized by the UN or the “international community.” So when Cyprus requests assistance in keeping the Turks out of their EEZ, the US and EU will respond under the pretext of “upholding international law.” And their successful expulsion of the Turkish drill ship and navy will lead to Erdogan’s “embarrassment and outrage,” thus spurring his cancellation of the migrant deal.

Here is how the confrontation spiral may develop:

1) Turkey will send the drill ship into Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).
2) The Cyprus Navy will send their patrol boats to confront it.
3) Turkey will then send some of their large warships to intimidate the patrol boats.
4) Cyprus will reach out to the US and EU navies for assistance, which will be provided.
5) An “outraged” Erdogan will “release the hounds.”


Of course, when the big events they had planned for that timeframe got cancelled, the whole drill ship confrontation scenario got put on the back burner… until this month…

>>> The Turkish drillship Fatih, formerly DeepSea Metro II, is close to Antalya in Turkey on with the intention of heading at some point soon for the Eastern Mediterranean to begin deep-sea drilling, possibly close to or inside Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Observers expect the drillship to remain in Antalya until after the Turkish elections on June 24. According to Politis, its sources said any drilling actions by Turkey in the region could trigger tensions, not only around Cyprus but also in Israel, Egypt and Lebanon.

It said, the arrival of the Fatih, (‘Conqueror’ in Turkish)… – from a June 5 Cyprus-Mail article <<<

So this is the trigger scenario the globalists now plan to use to get the Erdogan-EU war started after the Turkish election. Following the naval confrontation, Erdogan will cancel the migrant deal and flood the EU with a new wave of migrants. Later, he’ll kick off the European Intifada when he hits the Trump-Putin summit and/or the Vatican.

~ MORE ~

…The presence (and subsequent killing) of Russian military police near Manbij will also allow the globalists to trigger the artificial fulfillment of another prophecy: Greek Elder Paisios’ prophecy on the Russia-Turkey Conflict. This prophecy does not end well for the Turks.

~ MORE – 31 January 2019 ~

When it comes to Elder Paisios’ prophecies, I already wrote a good section on that subject last February. So here is that section along with some new material on the historical context and implications of Putin’s coming victory…

As I’ve explained before, what we are watching is a carefully choreographed dance between two seemingly opposing forces that both work for the globalists…

Playing the “bad guys” are the globalist minions who have been assigned to wear the black hats of the “Neocon-Neolib-Zionist Deep State” and the “Western elite.” They are supposedly a bunch of Satanists who created the “radical Islamist” movement to help them destroy Christian civilization. According to the script, Erdogan is one of those Islamists, and he is a Crypto-Satanist, not a Muslim. Since he is one of them, they want to “protect their boy.”

Playing the “good guys” are the globalist minions who have been assigned to wear the white hats of the “Progressive-Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State” and the “BRICS elite.” They are supposedly a bunch of non-Satanist freedom fighters who are out to protect the world from the “bad guys.” According to the script, they want to stop the bad guys from taking down Syria so the falling dominos of the Middle East stop there instead of reaching Iran.

And that particular development is interesting in light of one of the prophecies the globalists are trying to fulfill…

…from the Greek Reporter

The recent conflict between Turkey and Greece you may have seen in the news is part of the foreshadowing and foreplay for what’s coming…

…from Google

Here is what the Greek Reporter article says about the prophecy…

>>> Specifically, Paisios wrote: “Events will start that will culminate with us taking back Constantinople. Constantinople will be given to us. There will be war between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning, but this will lead to their destruction. The Russians, eventually, will win and take over Constantinople. After that it will be ours. They will be forced to give it to us.”

The text reads further, “(The Turks) will be destroyed. They will be eradicated because they are a nation that was built without God’s blessing. One third of the Turks will go back to where they came from, the depths of Turkey. One third will be saved because they will become Christians, and the other third will be killed in this war.” <<<

Now if you look at the part of the prophecy that says the Turks will think they’re winning in the beginning, it’s hard to believe they’d feel that way if they’re facing off against the US, NATO, Russian and Iran all at once. This is why…

  • Trump might be assassinated by the “Deep State” and Incirlik Air Base & its American nukes might be seized by Erdogan right at the beginning of the war. The captive US servicemen and nukes would give the “Crypto-Satanist” Pence an excuse to negotiate instead of attack, thus putting the US on the sidelines.
  • Erdogan might release 3 million refugees on Europe. That would leave NATO occupied and on the sidelines.
  • Russia’s Medvedev and his “Atlantic Integrationists” might assassinate Putin. This would happen a few weeks into the war in an attempt to stop Russia from achieving victory.
  • Netanyahu might assassinate Soleimani. This would take Iran’s best general off the board and draw the bulk of Iran’s missiles towards Israel and away from Turkey.

Remember that according to the globalists’ alt-media script, the “Satanic” Western leaders are colluding with the “Satanic” Erdogan “to bring about an Islamic onslaught that will destroy Christendom.” This will provide an opportunity for the “Christian” Putin to step up and save the day. So this publicized war of words between the EU and Erdogan is just theater put on for the masses. They’re all butt-buddies behind the scenes, and they’re all following their globalist-scripted character motivations: “the annihilation of Christian civilization.”

As for the net result of the Conflict, this is what the prophecy says…

>>> “Turkey will be dissected. This will be to our benefit as a nation. This way our villages will be liberated, our enslaved homelands. Constantinople [Istanbul] will be liberated, will become Greek again. Hagia Sophia will open again,” the text reads.

“Turkey will be dissected in 3 or 4 parts. The countdown has begun. We will take the lands that belong to us, the Armenians will take theirs and the Kurds their own.” – from the Greek Reporter <<<

The most notable result of the Russia-Turkey Conflict will be the return of Constantinople to Greece. Constantinople, which is present-day Istanbul, was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire (a.k.a. the Byzantine Empire) and is the primary seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church. When it fell to the Ottoman Turks in 1453, it marked the end of both the Eastern Roman Empire and Christian control of the city.

So when Putin defeats Turkey — which Erdogan has cast as the revived Ottoman Empire — he will not only save Christian civilization from the Islamist onslaught and avenge the destruction of Rome, but he’ll also return Constantinople to Christendom. The ancient Roman empire will thus be reunited, and the new Global Roman Empire (the “reformed” and strengthened United Nations) will rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the Conflict…

It’s an elegant bit of scripting on the globalists’ part, don’t you think? Who knew a bunch of corrupted hacks could be so poetic? <<<END EXCERPT

(21 July 2019) – Over the course of the weekend, the assassination of the Turkish “diplomat” in Erbil, Iraq was tied to the Kurds as expected. So the Turks will likely use the assassination as a negotiating weapon in their talks with the US tomorrow. Will an “unacceptable answer” from the “foot-dragging” American side trigger a Turkish invasion of the Kurdish zone in Syria? This would appear to be the mechanism for getting it started on the 22nd should the globalists decide to pull the trigger.

~ MORE ~

As for the big drama over the Iranian tanker seizure, the globalists are scripting it as part of a joint attempt by the US “Deep State” and British Establishment to use the US-UK “special relationship” to bring down Trump by tricking him into a war with Iran. That’s why you see The Guardian pointing the finger at Trump’s neocons and Iran pointing the finger at the UK “Deep State.” The script will most likely have Trump avoid the trap.

(22 July 2019) – As expected, and right as we transitioned into the 22nd, the Turkish media began waving the bloody shirt of the murdered ambassador to justify the coming invasion of northeastern Syria…

…from the Daily Sabah. Here are some evocative passages…

Osman Kose was a 39-year-old Turkish official and a father of two. A bright diplomat, he was known for his devotion to his family and children… One day, he left the building for lunch and headed to a local restaurant that he frequented. Little did Kose know that he was being watched. When Osman Kose found himself a spot at the restaurant, two men sat at the next table and another man at the table across. Kose, a diplomat, had never even thought of carrying a firearm at any point in his life.

The men seated around him, however, were terrorists in plain clothes. They carried weapons with silencers. As the young diplomat walked toward the cash register to pay for his meal, one of the assailants approached him from behind and shot him in the head. Before long, it became clear that members of the PKK terrorist organization were responsible for the assault

…the [PKK] terrorists are particularly concerned about Turkey’s military operations on Syrian soil. According to sources, the PKK leadership asked the United States to stop Turkey… To prevent the Turkish offensive, the terrorists have been telling their American handlers that the PKK poses no threat to Turkey, hoping that Washington will pass on the message…

The Turks, however, could not care less what PKK militants think. Just as the group fed their nonsense to the United States, a Turkish diplomat was gunned down in Irbil — together with innocent civilians and unarmed shepherds in Turkey. In other words, there is no reason to believe that the PKK has suspended its attacks on Turkish citizens. What comes next? Turkey is gearing up for a serious military operation to ensure the safety of its citizens. The imminent incursion’s objective is to push the militants south by 30 kilometers and east toward the Syria-Iraq border. Ankara wants to secure its southern border to weaken the terrorists and immobilize them within Turkey’s borders.

Against that background, a U.S. delegation led by Ambassador James Jeffrey, the U.S.’ special representative for Syria, will visit the Turkish capital Ankara today. Things will presumably move fast in the coming days.

All I could think after reading this article was, “Hey, there’s nothing in here about the PKK dumping li’l baby Turks out of incubators! What unambitious propaganda!” Reading it also brought to mind the faked assassination of the Russian ambassador in Turkey — hmm, I wonder why. The article nonetheless lays out the Turkish justification for the Syria invasion effectively enough, and it pairs well with this interestingly-timed and provocative meeting between the US and the Kurds…

…from the Daily Sabah

(23 July 2019) – One question: Who actually fired these rockets, Turkish special forces or their proxy forces?…

…from the Daily Sabah

So on the 22nd, while the US envoy was still in Turkey preparing for the next day’s talks, some poor, innocent coffee-drinking Turkish civilians got wounded by a rocket fired from the area in Syria that Erdogan wants to invade. What a conveniently timed provocation for the Turks! Had the globalists opted to pull the trigger this week, the Turks would have followed-up this rocket attack by making unreasonable, deal-killing demands of the US envoy, then they would have waved their troops into Syria with the shirts Turkish intel have bloodied. Their battle cry would have been “Remember the Coffee Drinkers!”

Fortunately, though, the globalists pressed the delay button once again…

…from the Daily Sabah

We’ll be seeing this issue flare up again, though. The script will have the new deal get bogged down over details as Uncle Sam continues dragging his feet. The globalists will then bring things back to a head when the time is right.

Meanwhile, the UK will be establishing a European naval task force “to ensure freedom of passage” in the Persian Gulf. The actual role of this task force will be to pick a fight with the Iranians at a designated time. And since it will be a paltry force incapable of protecting itself, it will call out to the US military for help. This is how the stage play will portray the US “Deep State” and British Establishment’s attempt to hook Trump into a ruinous war that will lead to either his assassination “by terrorists” or his removal from office by Congress or the voters.

Here Comes Impeachment (or Mass Arrests)

(7 July 2019) – Let’s take a second look at some things I wrote in Trump and Netanyahu’s September Date with Destiny & The Planned Release of a Deepfake Trump Sex Video, which is a little further down this page…

(31 May 2019) – Keep an eye on Trump and Netanyahu between now and the Jewish New Year (September 29 – October 1). It looks like the globalists are scripting a double takedown scenario in which the “Deep States” of the US and Israel will attempt to remove them from office by then…

(4 June 2019) – Should the globalists pull the trigger on this, Trump would be out of office in September, just like Netanyahu. And since the globalist narrative portrays both Trump and Netanyahu as holding back their respective “Deep States” from starting a huge Middle East war, we could see the shooting start right after they fall.

(5 June 2019) – Be Advised: The globalists are preparing to release one or more “deepfake” sex video(s) / photo(s) of Donald Trump. It will be used as an impeachment weapon to pull 20 or more moralistic Republican Senators away from him, thus enabling his conviction in the Senate…

So what sort of sex video will we see?…

  • One that shows Trump with Russian prostitutes as was featured in the Steele Dossier? Such a video would effectively confirm the dossier’s allegations, which would provide a nice excuse for Congress to proceed with impeachment.
  • One that shows Trump with a human-trafficked Chinese sex slave at Mar-a-Lago? Such a video would open a real can of worms for him, especially if it features him getting rough and the girl crying.
  • One that shows Trump having sex with a clearly underage girl? The most devastating video of that type would be one that features him giving “fatherly love” to a tween-aged Ivanka.

(6 June 2019) – In case they decide to back off on [Christopher] Steele’s video release due to exposure of their trick, also watch for their other two video-release options: 1) a Mar-a-Lago deepfake supposedly released by Chinese intelligence, and 2) a deepfake supposedly sourced from Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” blackmail operation.

I was expecting them to move on one of these options by July 4. As it turns out, they did…

…from Forbes. Here is the opening of the article…

A federal appeals court Wednesday ordered that 167 documents in a lawsuit that alleges famously well-connected financier Jeffrey Epstein participated in a sex-trafficking ring should be unsealed — and that many of his powerful friends could be named.

And three days later, they followed up with this…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is a notable passage…

Epstein allegedly installed beds in his custom jet, and also purportedly filmed powerful men during romps with underage girls to obtain materials for blackmail.

So now that Epstein is looking at some serious jail time for sex trafficking, will he cut a deal with the Feds to turn over his blackmail videos in exchange for leniency?

Might one of those videos provide an affirmative answer to this question?…

…from the National Review

If they’re going to move on impeachment, something dramatic has to happen this month, because Congress goes on a month-long recess in August. So look for “extraordinary evidence” to emerge soon — possibly in the Cindy Yang scandal also, since that also involves a sex trafficking ring. Such revelations will keep us on track for an impeachment that climaxes in September.

On the flip-side of this script, Epstein’s takedown could be a key part of a wider takedown of the Clintons and the “Deep State,” so…

  • will the video be real and lead to Trump’s downfall, or
  • will it be a deepfake that gets disproven in the lead-up to the takedown of the “Deep State,” and
  • will the Epstein takedown lead to the revelation of the Mossad’s hand in blackmailing US politicians, thus bringing on the downfall of the radical Zionists?

We’ll look at the answers to these questions in the coming days.

~ MORE ~

Yep, the mainstream media are already highlighting Trump and Mar-a-Lago’s connections to Epstein…

…from Business Insider (top) and Vox (bottom). Here’s something of note from the Vox article…

Saturday evening, federal agents carried out a search of [Epstein’s] townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, according to witnesses who spoke to the Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown, who has reported extensively both on Epstein’s alleged crimes and on a deal he received from the US attorney in Miami in 2008 during an investigation involving more than 30 underage victims.

One wonders if that townhouse search uncovered (or planted) any videos. And given the fact that “the US attorney in Miami” who gave Epstein the sweetheart plea deal is now Trump’s Secretary of Labor, it’s looking very bad for the Orange Man.

The future NWO narrative on these developments will say that what’s going on to Netanyahu and Trump right now is that the Mossad are opening up their blackmail files on them in order to pressure them into a war with Iran. Since the script will have them continue their restraint of the war, they may go down in September, but they won’t be down for long.

You can read more about all this in the entries further down this page.

~ MORE – 10 July 2019 ~

Everything is unfolding as expected, with the added bonus of Christopher Steele being put back into the mix yesterday. Apparently, he was interviewed by the US Department of Justice during Trump’s visit to the UK, and his testimony was found to be “credible.” This means we might see one or more deepfake photos or videos out of him as well. And if the scriptwriters keep following this pattern, we can expect a big break in the Cindy Yang investigation also. So we may end up seeing deepfakes from three different investigations (Epstein, Steele, Yang). This will make the evidence of Trump’s guilt seem undeniable.

Given that the deepfake technology employed by the intelligence agencies is almost certainly one or more generations ahead of publicly available technology, publicly available detection technology may be unable to identify fakery in each video/image. But we can expect the faux-truthers in the controlled alt-media to pore over the images for inconsistencies, and they’ll find some. Some videos/images will contain identifiable differences from the others: a body feature, mark, or scar that is present in one video/image of Trump’s body but not in others. The globalists have intentionally included such inconsistencies because they need the public to be able to discern the fakery for themselves. Just telling them the videos/images are fake won’t do; people need to be able to see it with their own eyes.

You may have noticed that the controlled alt-media are connecting Epstein to the Zionists and Mossad as expected — claiming that the “bad guys” are trying to blackmail Trump into an Iran attack under threat of removal from office. But readers of this blog know this isn’t the case; the Mossad and their religious front, Chabad-Lubavitch, are actually trying to lift Trump up as a Jewish messiah. And this is the final scripted confrontation with the “Satanic forces” that will lead to his ascension to religious icon status.

Over the course of the next 24 hours, I’ll enhance and expand this update to show more details and outline how the globalists will script things. The scripting will be contingent on which messiah role they assign to Trump: the Moshiach ben David role (the main Jewish messiah who later turns out to be the Christian Antichrist), the Moshiach ben Yosef role (the precursor Jewish messiah who sets the stage for the Moshiach ben David), or the Cyrus the Great role (a precursor Jewish messiah who isn’t Jewish).

~ MORE – 11 July 2019 ~

When it comes to the Epstein affair and its follow-on events, the globalists have two fundamental scripting options: 1) The Takedown Fails, and 2) The Takedown Succeeds.

In The Takedown Fails, the Zionist/Mossad “bad guys” will try to defeat the “hero” (Trump) using false evidence, but the hero will weather the storm and turn the takedown back against them using true evidence.

Under this option, the Democrats and their mainstream media cronies will weaponize the Epstein affair against Trump while attempting to suppress its damaging effects on their own side. And once the public are able to see that the evidence against Trump is exaggerated / fabricated, Trump will take down the “Deep State” using the plethora of real evidence he has against Bill Clinton and the lot.

In The Takedown Succeeds, the “bad guys” will defeat the “hero” using evidence that is either true or false, and they’ll then make their final attempts to start World War 3 and take us into their evil-version NWO.

Under this option, the evidence against Trump can be portrayed as either true or false; he’ll fall regardless. And with Netanyahu falling in Israel during the same month (September), the road will be open to World War 3 under Mike Pence and Netanyahu’s replacement.

Trump as “Moshiach ben David”

If Trump gets the nod to play the main Jewish messiah, who will be the World Savior in the coming Big Crisis, here is how the two takedown options will play out…

The Takedown Fails: Trump will roll up the American “Deep State” using mass arrests and military tribunals. Netanyahu will do the same in Israel. As for Russia, China, and their allies, there are two ways it could go…

  1. they’ll mass arrest their “Deep States” and join forces with Trump, which means the Avatars (Putin, Xi, et al.) will still be presented to the public as incarnations of the godhead, or
  2. they’ll jointly attack America and be defeated by the Secret Space Program, which means the Avatars will be presented to the public as communist decoy antichrists.

The Takedown Succeeds: Trump will fall and disappear from public view. But at the climax of the drama, he’ll reappear with the Secret Space Program to set things right. Upon his re-emergence, he will say something to this effect…

“You were never in any real danger. The Space Force was ready to step in and stop anything the globalists tried at any time. But we let them go forward with their agenda so you could see what kind of people they really are. If we had stopped them before now and merely told you what they had planned, you might not have believed us — you might not have believed me. But now you’ve seen the truth about them with your own eyes. And now their time has come to an end. Now humanity steps into a bright future.”

Trump as “Moshiach ben Yosef” or “Cyrus the Great”

If Trump gets the nod to play one of the precursor Jewish messiahs, who set the stage for Putin to play the World Savior in the coming Big Crisis, here is how the two takedown options will play out…

The Takedown Fails: Trump and Netanyahu will clean house in the US and Israel, and the European Establishment will also fall. The “newly freed” (and Putin-friendly) West will then join with the East in reforming the UN into the NWO under Putin’s leadership.

The Takedown Succeeds: Once Trump and Netanyahu fall, the “Western Satanists” will make their big move and be defeated by Putin. This can happen two ways…

  1. a living Putin joins with Xi to defeat the West, or
  2. an assassinated (and resurrected) Putin returns with his “ET” pals to stop Armageddon.

Now that the scripting options are laid before us, it’s also important to note that there are three ways the incriminating evidence against Trump can be portrayed in the narrative…

1) “The evidence is exaggerated/false. Trump was social with Epstein — he had to be in order to move to the top — but he never acted inappropriately with any of Epstein’s underage girls, so the pictures/videos are deepfakes.” (This is the most likely portrayal if Trump is cast as the Moshiach ben David.)

2) “The evidence is true. Trump knew that he could never gain access to the top echelons of power unless he submitted to blackmail, so he did what he had to do to infiltrate the power structure and save the country.” (This is the most likely portrayal if he’s cast as the Moshiach ben Yosef.)

3) “The evidence is true. Trump was a flawed man whom god used for his great purpose, but he was eventually undone by his corrupted past.” (This is the most likely portrayal if he’s cast as Cyrus the Great.)

The Fallback Position

It’s pretty clear that the Epstein affair was launched with the intention of having it reach a climax in September, the month of the Israeli election and the Jewish New Year. But they’ve already prepared their escape route in case they need to press the delay button again: it is “The Fix Is In; The Victims Won’t See Justice” narrative. It will be accompanied by the following developments…

  • Epstein’s trial will be delayed by numerous pre-trial motions,
  • information will be withheld from the public “due to the ongoing nature of the investigations,” and
  • leaks will be denied to the press.

Using this method, the globalists can put the Epstein affair into “hibernate mode” for months or even years. They’ll then let things move forward when they’re ready to try again.

How to tell that the Epstein affair is pure theater for public consumption

(14 July 2019) – Imagine for a moment that you are a Mossad spymaster and you have compromising photos and videos of US politicians that you don’t want the American authorities to see. Where would you store such blackmail materials?…

In vaults at the private residences of your convicted sex offender agent where your materials are just one allegation and one search warrant away from being discovered?


In vaults at the Israeli embassy and consulates where your stuff if completely out of reach of US authorities?

The question is kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Yet we are being led to believe that the Mossad are so stupid that they let Epstein hold on to their crown jewels in his New York townhouse and Pedo Island residence…

…from the Drudge Report. Here is an excerpt from a Zero Hedge article about the “safe room no one can enter”

Epstein also installed a secret safe in his office, which was off-limits aside from the occasional housekeeper.

>>> The only unusual aspect of the main residence the former worker said he was aware of were the security boxes in two offices. The level of secrecy around a steel safe in Epstein’s office, in particular, suggested it contained much more than just money, he said. Outside of an occasional visit by a housekeeper, no one was allowed in those rooms. – Bloomberg <<<

With the source of Epstein’s wealth a longstanding mystery, and rumors swirling that Epstein may have been backed by a “state sponsor” for a honeypot blackmail operation, the contents of Epstein’s off-limits safe should be of the utmost interest to US prosecutors.

Even if the Mossad were so butt-lickingly stupid to keep their blackmail materials in Epstein’s residences — (they’re not) — don’t you think they would have moved the stuff after Epstein’s first arrest for sex offenses back in 2007, or after his most recent arrest this year? I ask you these questions to point out that any evidence the FBI finds in Epstein’s residences was deliberately placed there by the Mossad at the direction of their globalist masters.

But why would the Mossad implicate themselves in the blackmail of American leaders, you ask? Because they and their Zionist cohorts have been assigned to play Black Hats (bad guys) in the globalists’ “good guys” versus “bad guys” stage play, and because of this…

Once we’re past the climax of this current Big Crisis, the limited-hangout Truth Tsunami will expose the “Zionist Jews’” role in all sorts of evils all over the world. This will inevitably lead to extreme global “Anti-Semitism,” and the Jewish Messiah will gather the ordinary Jews in Israel for their “safety and security” until “the world’s outrage dissipates.”

Once this “ingathering of the exiles” occurs, the Kabbalists intend to stage the Second Battle of Armageddon, during which all their “lesser (non-Kabbalist, non-elite) brethren” will be utterly slaughtered (along with the Muslims). They want the world to believe that “Jewish Power” (which is actually Kabbalist Power) has been broken forever. And now that they have 2.2 billion Christians to hide amongst, they no longer need 14 million Jews as cover.

Make no mistake, the State of Israel is a Kabbalist-built compact atomic oven for all the world’s Jews. STAY THE FU*K AWAY if you want to live. – from Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception

Once the Truth Tsunami points out all the evil things Israel, the Mossad, the Zionists, and “the Jews” (actually the Kabbalists) have been doing in the US and around the world, the whole world will feel white-hot hatred for all Jews. And when the globalists pair that hatred with crisis actors playing out brutal murders of Jews in the news, Jews the world over will make a mad dash to the perceived safety of Israel. There they will await their final disposition at the hands of their cruel masters.

To put it more plainly, the same as*holes who set the Jews up during World War 2 in order to create momentum for the establishment of the Israeli state are now setting them up for the second “Battle of Armageddon” in order to clear the way for the establishment of Kabbalized Christianity as the world religion. And only those Jews who convert to the new Christianity will be allowed to survive.

By the way, Epstein’s sex ritual temple on Pedo Island will provide the propagandists with an excellent symbol to tie “Satanism” into all this…

At the highest level of this stage play, it’s about the final battle between “the Forces of Satan” and “the Forces of God and Christ” that leads to the Millennial Kingdom (the Kabbalists’ post-democratic world rule from behind a figurehead Christ figure).

~ MORE – 15 July 2019 ~

Three days ago, Infowars posted this interview with disinformation agent Mike Adams (“the Health Ranger”)…

…Take note of the topics discussed and how they relate to the things I’ve been covering lately. Also have a quick listen starting at the 3m44s mark of the video, where the “Health Ranger” says something you might find familiar…

“Well I haven’t mentioned this on the air yet, but I strongly suspect that they’re going to roll out deepfake videos that appear to depict President Trump having sex with minors in the Lolita Express airplane.”

So the controlled alt-media are starting to prepare people for the rollout of the deepfakes. And before things kick off, I thought I’d mention another dimension to this that might manifest itself: a civil war

According to the globalists’ preferred scripting for all this, the Democrats will use Epstein and deepfake photos/videos against Trump, then Trump will turn around and use Epstein and real photos/videos against the Democrats. Here’s the rub, though: the Democrats will likely claim that the photos/videos used against them are also deepfakes. That’s why they held a Congressional hearing on deepfakes back on June 13 — they were preparing their defense. And the resulting acrimonious public controversy over whose photos/videos are fake and whose are real and who should be arrested may be accompanied by engineered civil unrest. A (mostly fake) civil war could erupt, leading to either a military crackdown by Trump or a “communist” follow-on attack from without.

We also have to watch for a curveball in which the globalists short-script the outcome in one of two ways…

  1. by having the Democrats attack Trump and succeed, or
  2. by having Trump preemptively attack the Democrats and succeed.

The Cuba-Venezuela Connection to the Dominican Republic Tourist Deaths

(28 June 2019) – Something stinks about the American tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic. I suspect someone is creating a casus belli between the US and Cuba/Venezuela. Dead Americans is a good reason to invade one or both of those nations, is it not?

According to the mainstream media narrative, there is a recent precedent for Cuban intelligence operating against the US in the Dominican Republic: the Menendez underage prostitutes scandal.

(30 June 2019) – As it turns out, the Dominican Republic is a major drug distribution hub for the Venezuelan Cartel of the Suns, and the Cubans are involved in everything the Venezuelans are involved in. So the tourist killings are probably meant to tie into that somehow. Are the “evil Deep Staters” doing the killings to provoke Trump into military action in the Caribbean, or are the “communists” doing it in order to goad Trump into attacking so they can unleash their Red Dawn upon America? I’ll look into it further and write about it in the coming days.

On another note, I’ve moved the entries that were at the top of this page down below the next entry. I’ve also added the completed writings on the “Trump as Antichrist” option to Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception as Draft 5.

(30 June 2019) – After thinking about it over the course of the day, my initial read is that the mainstream narrative will say, “The tourist killings were the result of Venezuelan government drug traffickers pushing back against American and Dominican interference

  • they were showing the US that Americans will die, and
  • they were showing the Dominicans that their tourism industry will be devastated

…if they don’t back off.”

As of Friday, the media were reporting that the FBI are about to release the toxicology report on the deaths. Should they cancel this op, the report will probably say that “tainted booze” was the cause. So be it.

Trump’s Path to World Savior / World Leader Status

(11 June 2019) – While I was preparing dinner tonight, I started to think about what the globalist script would look like if they decided to replace Putin with Trump as the main Antichrist character. In such a rescripting, America would prevail in the coming conflict due to the advanced technology of the U.S. Space Force (America’s rumored “Secret Space Program” that comes out of the shadows to save the day).

Under the flipped script…

  • Trump would be the one who saves Israel and is proclaimed the Jewish Messiah (Moshiach ben David).
  • Trump would be the one who reforms the UN and launches the “sovereignty-respecting, Austrian-economics-based” NWO.
  • The “ETs” supposedly associated with the Secret Space Program would be the ones who come out as “our benevolent space brothers.”
  • Trump would be the one who sits on the throne of the Third Temple and is recognized as the “real Antichrist.”
  • Trump would be the one defeated by the “real Christ.”

I’ll write more about this “Globalist Plan B” soon.

~ MORE – 20 June 2019 ~

In recent entries, I’ve explored the possibility that the globalists will substitute Trump for Putin as the “World Savior Who Turns Out To Be The Antichrist” character in the prophecy fulfillment play. After looking deeper into it, I’ve found narrative support for this substitution, so they can go with either Putin or Trump depending on what they think will work best.

After surveying the propaganda that sets up Trump as an option, I’ve refined my expectations for the sequence of events that will lead to his rise and fall, so I’ll write about that tomorrow. It involves…

  • America’s Secret Space Program (SSP) coming out of the shadows to save us from either World War III or a global economic collapse,
  • a Trump-led reformed, multilateral UN that nations must join to gain access to the beneficial technologies the SSP will release,
  • “disclosure” of “peaceful ETs” that come from “a multilateral interstellar alliance that a united and peaceful Earth can now join,”
  • Trump taking on the mantle of “Christ” (which the religious will reject), and
  • the “Second Coming of the Real Jesus Christ” to take down Trump, his NWO, and “the fake ETs who are actually the lab-created offspring of the fallen angels.”

We’ll also look at how this sequence will differ if Putin is retained for the Antichrist role.

~ MORE – 22 June 2019 ~

If the globalists opt to substitute Trump for Putin as the “World Savior Who Turns Out To Be The Antichrist,” it means that Putin will be scripted as the decoy antichrist Trump defeats in order to pose as Christ (just like Obama posed as the decoy antichrist for Putin in 2016’s aborted attempt at the End Times Drama).

With that in mind, it should be noted that June 26 will mark 7 years since Putin went to Israel and did the ritual where he took on the mantle of Christ. Here’s what’s written about it in Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception

This is what Putin did while with the Christians…

>>> During the night of June 26, 2012, while on a working visit to Israel, President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Lord’s Sepulchre…

Entering the church, Vladimir Putting kneeled at the Stone of the Anointing. It was at this place that Righteous Joseph and Nicodim laid the lifeless body of Jesus after taking Him down from the Cross and anointed Him with incense and wrapped Him in the Shroud.

After that the president was taken to the Kuviklia, the chapel erected at the place of the three days-long burial of the Saviour.

Then Mr. Putin ascended Golgotha, the place where the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was crucified and after that descended to the cave in which St. Helen Equal-to-the-Apostles found Christ’s Life-Giving Cross…

In the morning of June 26, Mr. Putin came to the Church of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem, a Byzantine basilica with the 5th century mosaics built over the cave in which Jesus Christ was born

Then Mr. Putin was presented with a token, a copy of the Star of Bethlehem executed by Palestinian masters.

The president lighted a candle at the place where Christ was born. – From mospat.ru <<<

Take a moment to think about this ritual Putin went through. It started at NIGHT at the places associated with Christ’s death at his First Coming, then that NIGHT ended in the MORNING when Vladimir Putin received the Star of Bethlehem and lighted a candle at Christ’s birthspot. That’s a helluva symbolic ritual, was it not? Putin returned Christ’s light to the world after a long night.

When Putin’s status as both Mashiach and Christ is promoted to the public, the spiritual propagandists will say that he revealed himself to the Israeli rabbis in private during this trip, thereby fulfilling the Zohar prophecy. They’ll also say that he revealed himself to the Orthodox Christians too.

Since the Antichrist is supposed to have a 7-year tenure, the decoy antichrist will too. And that means the Big Drama we’re expecting could be Trump’s defeat of “Putin’s evil plot against America and Israel” next week. Perhaps that’s why they scheduled things for this particular timeframe, including the G20 Summit on the 28th and 29th. It’s been only 7 months since the last G20 Summit, which is supposed to be an annual thing.

~ MORE – 23 June 2019 ~

In The Globalists’ Current NWO Deception Strategy entry on the home page, I cover a propaganda piece from a disinformation agent named Leo Zagami, whose articles and interviews are featured on a number of controlled alt-media sites (including Alex Jones’ Infowars). The analysis I did on the piece was based on the “Putin as Antichrist” script that has been in effect for the past several years. So today, I thought I’d show you an alternative interpretation based on a “Trump as Antichrist” scripting. Here are some key excerpts…

…between Russia and the Vatican there is an old ultra-secret alliance that make deals with extra-dimensional entities…

…a new dangerous supranational non-governmental structure directly controlled by Vladimir Putin and the Vatican who are in favor of a Communist Jesuit New World Order. Illuminati Piergiorgio Bassi, a close friend of John Podesta, who is also involved in the organization with Hillary Clinton is the Italian spokesman of this powerful international organization…

The Pope will receive Russian President Vladimir Putin in an audience in the Vatican on July 4 2019, Independence Day, to send a cryptic message to the United States and Donald J. Trump who refuse to join the demonic New World Order. It will be the third meeting between the two leaders. The Vatican Illuminati elite is working with the extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion summoned by Russia. This will enable them to fully surround us with a reality of lies and illusions and unveil the identity of the Antichrist upon mankind.

If Trump gets the nod to play the World Savior/Antichrist, we can take this narrative at face value. Let me phrase it in more detail:

“There is a worldwide, Satanic ‘Alliance of Evil’ that includes…

  • KGB man Vladimir Putin of Russia,
  • the Jesuit (and communist) Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church,
  • the communist Xi Jinping of China,
  • the communist Kim Jong Un of North Korea,
  • the communist Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela,
  • the communist Miguel Diaz-Canel of Cuba,
  • KGB recruit Ali Khamenei of Iran, and
  • closet communist Hillary Clinton and her closet communist Democratic Party.

Had Hillary Clinton won the American presidency in the 2016 election, Israel would now be utterly surrounded and isolated by this vast Satanic network.



Unable to realize their final victory while America stands, unable to control America by consent, and unable to remove Trump by chicanery, the Alliance of Evil is now left with just one choice: destroy America by force.

So on the Fourth of July this year, the Pope and Putin will meet to send America and Trump a final message.”

Quite a narrative, isn’t it? But if Zagami were the only one promoting it, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. There’s also this, though…

LTC Maginnis — who also portrays America as being surrounded on all sides by a communist onslaught — is an associate of Tom Horn, who is one of the “Sith Lords” of Christian prophecy propaganda. So we’re seeing the same narrative out of known disinformation agents from both the Alex Jones and Tom Horn orbits, and we’re seeing the current mischief window occurring during Putin’s 7-year mark as the “secretly returned Christ.” What’s more, Trump’s two-week delay of the mass arrests would put their start on or about July 7, right after the Pope-Putin meeting.

It’s important to remember that Zagami’s article connects the Pope-Putin meeting to the idea of UFO Disclosure…

…and it portrays the ETs as the “extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion.”

So if Trump saves America from the communist onslaught by bringing the Secret Space Program out of the shadows, he’ll go on to unite the world against the threat posed by Putin’s “ET” pals. This effort to unite the world against “an alien threat” will later be scripted to turn into the Battle of Armageddon, when the forces of Antichrist Trump’s NWO space fleet battle against “the returning real Christ and his angels.”

~ MORE – 25 June 2019 ~

The time may be drawing nigh…

…from Infowars

In my June 20 update, I talked about the narrative support I found for the “Trump as Antichrist” scenario I’ve been outlining. Let me show you some of what I came across, starting with a found copy of a deleted Alex Jones video on YouTube

…Here are some key passages…

The truth is there’s been a [US] Space Force since the 60’s. NASA is just a cutout for the US military operations in space…

…here’s the deal: All this innovation we have came from space program and military programs. And if you’ve got a good president and a good government that deploys it back to the people, we’re already decades ahead of China, Russia, you name it, but not if we hold on to it. So he [Trump] wants it deployed to the people

…absolutely taking our secret space program and boomeranging 50 years ahead of the Chicoms if we do it now…

…he’s [Trump has] been briefed on all this, he’s been brought in, there are people that want a human future…

China is moving into space, others are moving in, let’s just be honest that we have space superiority so they can be crushed, just like Reagan did with Star Wars — so superior — obviously they were offensive weapons — the Russians knew they had to give up…

…it’s about a human future, it’s about a military budget that actually develops the new high-tech systems that are the civilian future…

Here is some similar information from another disinformation figure named Dave Hodges…

On the surface, President Trump is going to bring the secret space program (militarized) out of the shadows of secrecy. He also plans to eliminate its black budget funding and make the program a line item with Presidential and congressional oversight…

It is clear to me that Trump is transferring the control of the secret space program from Deep State to elected government. However, he is doing so under the ruse that the program is one under development instead of the truth that this a direct transfer of oversight. Make no mistake about it, this is a direct stab at the Deep State who has controlled this program for its own purposes and profit. Personally, I am surprised that Trump has gotten this far with this bold move without JFK type of consequences…

There will be those that believe that this program is about defense, not just of America, but of the planet from outside forces. That was not the opinion of my father, he saw the secret space program of being one that pitted America against the Soviets and any and all future players. However, this view does reflect what Jim Marrs, Vance Davis and Bill Pawelec believed. One has to wonder about Trump’s timing. If there are ET’s (eg fallen angels, or otherwise), is this a prelude to disclosure? – from Trump Brings the Secret Space Program Out Into the Open- Is Disclosure Next? on The Common Sense Show website

And here are some other pieces of the puzzle:

Rockefeller UFO disinfo front man Steven Greer talking about the Secret Space Program (a 9m16s YouTube video)

Steven Greer talking about the need to form “multilateral” relationships with different “ET civilizations” (a 3m20s YouTube video)

Trump and the United Nations: Reform or Die? – from The National Interest

So I’ve laid out the pieces of the puzzle for you. Tomorrow — time permitting — I’ll show you how they fit together (from my perspective).

By the way, Congress is on the verge of approving the Space Force. And once it’s legally established, the slot will be open for bringing the Secret Space Program out of the dark.

~ MORE – 26 June 2019 ~

In the past, the thing that kept me from considering Trump as a main Antichrist candidate was this: after all the bad press and ridicule he’s received, how can the rest of the world possibly take him seriously enough to follow him into a New World Order? As it turns out, the Secret Space Program (SSP) and its technologies provide the answer.

Once he unveils the SSP, the conventional militaries of the world, including Russia’s and China’s, will be rendered utterly impotent. Trump will stand astride the world like a colossus, and resistance against him will be futile. And since the unveiling will likely happen amidst a global economic meltdown, access to the SSP technologies will hold the key for moving the nations out of desperate poverty into almost instant abundance.

Faced with the choice of rooting around in the mud like starving monkeys or joining a high-tech global paradise, the nations of the world will sign-on to any national and international reforms Trump requires of them. Their acceptance of his reforms will be further aided by the fact that they’ll be popular, commonsense measures — the very ones the BRICS themselves have been seeking to implement.

As for the world’s acceptance of Trump as a leader, it will be helped by the extensive propaganda of the post-Crisis Truth Tsunami and by the new populist, Trump-friendly leaders who will sweep into power around the globe (like Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen).

So when you look at the narrative setup done by Alex Jones, it shows a path for Trump’s ascension to World Savior / World Leader status. And if you look at the bolded sections of the Dave Hodges narrative setup, you’ll see the enemy against whom Trump will rally the world: the “demonic ETs / fallen angels / Nephilim (the mixed offspring of fallen angels and humans, produced sexually and/or through genetic engineering).” Of course, the narrative will later claim that the SSP developed its technology in alliance with the demonic ETs, so the incoming “ETs” against whom Antichrist Trump will rally us are actually, according to the narrative, Jesus Christ and his angels.

~ MORE – 28 June 2019 ~

Here are some more points to ponder on the “Trump as Antichrist” option:

POINT 1 – In the Dave Hodges and Alex Jones disinfo pieces I showed you in the June 25 update, Hodges expresses his surprise that Trump is still alive despite his effort to unveil the Secret Space Program (SSP)…

…this is a direct stab at the Deep State who has controlled this program for its own purposes and profit. Personally, I am surprised that Trump has gotten this far with this bold move without JFK type of consequences.

But the explanation for Trump’s survival is offered by Jones…

…he’s [Trump has] been briefed on all this, he’s been brought in, there are people that want a human future…

According to the general gist of the controlled alt-media/NWO narrative, there is a division within the “Deep State” between…

  • the “evil” Zionist-Nazi-Neocon-Neolib Deep State (the “Black Hats”) who are doing Satan’s bidding by working towards a dystopian “post-human” future, and
  • the “good” Patriot-Constitutionalist Deep State (the “White Hats”) who abhor the actions of the Black Hats and wish to build a bright future for humanity.

Trump was supposedly recruited by the White Hats to run for the presidency and is under their protection, so that is the scripted reason for his survival till now. By having Trump maneuver in the public sphere while they maneuver in the secret sphere, the White Hats have supposedly turned the tables on the Black Hats and stand ready for the final takedown.

POINT 2 – There are two possible outcome for the Avatars (Putin, Xi, Modi, et al.) under the “Trump as Antichrist” option…

  1. They can be used as “decoy Antichrists” whom Trump defeats in order to pose as the World Savior / Christ.
  2. They can be retained as Avatars under the explanation that “they were just playing along with their respective Deep States until Trump made his move.” In that case, you will see mass arrests in Russia, China, and India that mirror those in the US and Europe. And Putin, Xi, and Modi will keep their leadership posts. Trump will then be considered “the first among equals” instead of Putin.

Basically, whoever controls the UFOs that “save the day” during the Big Crisis will be the main Antichrist: if the Secret Space Program UFOs save the day, Trump will be the leader; if “ET” UFOs save the day, Putin will be the leader.

POINT 3 – As I wrote to a reader yesterday, the globalists have assigned the Kool-Aid Brigade (the New Agers) to be part of the “Satanic Deception.” This is why Rockefeller lackey and Kool-Aid dispenser Steven Greer claims…

  • there are no bad ETs,
  • the Secret Space Program utilizes human-developed technology that originated with the Nazis and was enhanced by reverse engineering of crashed ET craft (so ETs weren’t involved in it), and
  • the SSP have been the ones doing the “alien abductions,” not the ETs.

Once the coming World Savior — be it Trump or Putin — is identified as the Final Antichrist, the Millennial narrative will claim that…

  • the “ETs” are the fallen angels and their demon spawn (the Nephilim),
  • the SSP developed its technology with their help, and
  • both the SSP and the fallen angels were doing the abductions to breed the Nephilim.

Of course, the “ETs” are neither fallen angels nor Nephilim. They’re merely highly brainwashed, tightly controlled, lab-created GMO human hybrids who were bred to play a role in the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment play. You can read about how they came to be in The UFO/ET Con.

POINT 4 – It is notable that Steven Greer uses the NWO programming word “multilateral” in describing the type of relationship we should form with the “ET civilizations.” Under a “Putin as Antichrist” scenario, which will feature the “ET” UFOs arriving to stop nuclear Armageddon, we will have a multilateral NWO and ISO (Interstellar Order). And after the “ETs” have ingratiated themselves with us, we’ll be told about an “evil ET force headed for Earth” that the ISO came to help us fight. This “evil ET force” will actually be Jesus Christ and his angels, according to the script.

The “multilateral” Greer video dates back to 2015 or earlier, when Barack Obama was playing the decoy antichrist role to Putin’s World Savior / “real” Antichrist role.

POINT 5 – The path was prepared for Trump’s reform of the UN into the NWO back when he held a meeting on UN reform at the 72nd UN General Assembly. Here’s how the State Department website phrased Trump’s intentions…

The President underscored the United States’ support for this vision of United Nations reform. As he concluded his remarks, President Trump affirmed, “We pledge to be partners in your work, and I am confident that if we work together and champion truly bold reforms, the United Nations will emerge as a stronger, more effective, more just, and greater force for peace and harmony in the world.”

A “reformed,” stronger UN / NWO with a refashioned Security Council will occur under either Trump or Putin’s leadership. In Trump’s case, the political roadblocks to the NWO will disappear due to the powerlessness of the other nations and their desperate desire to access SSP technology to recover their collapsed economies. Under Putin, the obstacles will disappear due to the urgent desire of the nations to recover their economies (via access to BRICS gold), prevent another close call with nuclear Armageddon, and get humanity’s sh*t together in the face of the “ET” arrival.

Other Notes

(25 June 2019) – There is a scenario/mechanism for a nuclear first strike by Russia against the US that I’d best mention just to be on the safe side. Right now, Russia’s most modern warship is docked in Havana harbor. It may be armed with nuclear cruise missiles capable of reaching up the US East Coast as far as Washington, DC and beyond. There is also an Open Skies Treaty Russian aircraft that is overflying the US this week. It could potentially be armed with an “EMP-optimized” nuclear weapon that is buried in the innards of the aircraft, undoubtedly without the aircrew’s knowledge. A well-timed detonation of this aircraft with a simultaneous salvo of nuke-tipped Kalibr cruise missiles from the warship could take out the East Coast and hobble America’s ability to project power into the Middle East.

However unlikely this scenario seems, it merits mention on the day that Iran has declared diplomacy with the US to be dead. It would also provide an excellent opportunity for “unknown aerial craft” (from the Secret Space Force) to intervene to stop the attack.

It’s interesting that both the aircraft and warship are present during the week Trump will fly off to Japan for the G20 Summit. And tomorrow is Putin’s 7th anniversary as the “secretly returned Christ.”

(27 June 2019) – Trump is now in Osaka for the G20 Summit. Needless to say, a nuclear mass assassination show is possible, and one particular attack vector to watch are the ferries coming in from Busan, Korea and Shanghai, China — especially the ones coming from Shanghai, because Xi supposedly has enemies (the Shanghai faction of the Communist Party) there. To understand the whys of a G20 attack, you can read the warning entry from the last summit: The Globalist Plan for a Mass Assassination at the G20 Summit.

ALERT: Big Drama is Planned for June 22 – July 4

(19 June 2019) – The globalists have scripted-in the option of staging a “Deep State” false-flag attempt on one of the following targets:

  1. the US military near Iran (as soon as June 22), or
  2. the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan (on June 28 or 29).

Under the most probable version of the script, “mass arrests” of the “Deep State” will follow. These are being organized under cover of a coming immigration enforcement action…

President Donald Trump said in a tweet Monday night that U.S. immigration agents are planning to make mass arrests starting “next week,” an apparent reference to a plan in preparation for months that aims to round up thousands of migrant parents and children in a blitz operation across major U.S. cities. – from an article titled Trump vows removal of ‘millions of illegal aliens’ starting next week on The Columbus Dispatch

~ MORE – 20 June 2019 ~

According to the globalist script, this is why the “Deep State” will go for a war-starting false-flag sometime in the next 9 days…

…from InfoWars

As the “Deep State” has blackmailed Trump and pursued an impeachment angle against him using the Cindy Yang scandal and new revelations from Christopher Steele, Trump has dropped a hint that he’ll retaliate by outing those behind the 9/11 attacks…

…from Zero Hedge

If you read the Zero Hedge article on Trump’s 9/11 hint, you’ll see that it seems to point the finger at the Israelis. So if he were to go forward with 9/11 Truth, any hopes the “radical Zionists” have for invading Iran would be snuffed out. This means “it’s now or never” for them. Of course, the American “Deep State” wants the Iran war to distract from a pedophilia scandal that could start the falling of the dominoes [1,2].

With this motive for an imminent false-flag in place, the propagandists have also established the means for the “Deep State” to launch an American attack against Iran without Trump’s approval…

…from Outside the Beltway. Here is an excerpt…

Two administration officials said they believed Mr. Trump had not been briefed in any detail about the steps to place “implants” — software code that can be used for surveillance or attack — inside the Russian grid.

Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for concern over his reaction — and the possibility that he might countermand it or discuss it with foreign officials, as he did in 2017 when he mentioned a sensitive operation in Syria to the Russian foreign minister.

Because the new law defines the actions in cyberspace as akin to traditional military activity on the ground, in the air or at sea, no such briefing would be necessary, they added.

So it has now been established that the military can launch offensive operations against foreign nations without presidential knowledge or approval, and this means the “Deep State” can launch a retaliatory strike against Iran if even one American serviceman is killed in an attack attributed to them.

Now that the “Deep State” has the motive and means to start a war with Iran, they can provide themselves the opportunity by staging a false-flag that kills American servicemen. As an alternative, they could stage a false-flag against the G20 Summit in order to assassinate their supposed enemies (Trump, Xi, Putin, Mohammad bin Salman, etc.) and lure all the G20 nations into the war against Iran. Since “Deep State”-allied leaders like Pence, Medvedev, and Li Keqiang would take over the major countries after such an attack, they’d go along with it.

All this being said, the most straightforward globalist scripting would have the Middle East false-flag happen on Saturday the 22nd, which would be quickly followed by an attempt to launch an unauthorized (by Trump) American counterstrike. These “treasonous actions by the Deep State” and their murder of American servicemen would lead to mass arrests next week as Trump suggested.

~ MORE – 21 June 2019 ~

I didn’t report on the drone shootdown yesterday because I knew it was just foreplay. And if you look at the news that’s out this morning

…you’ll see that the whole incident reinforces the setup I talked about yesterday.

According to the headline report linked on Drudge, Trump ordered a retaliatory strike and then cancelled it just 10 minutes before its execution. His supposed reasons for backing off was that he found out that the Iranians had deliberately avoided shooting down a manned US spy plane during the incident and he felt that taking Iranian lives when no American lives were lost would be a disproportionate response.

From the perspective of the false-flag setup, Trump’s cancellation of the retaliatory strike will reinforce the “Deep State’s” will to keep Trump out of the loop for the next retaliatory opportunity. Remember the passage from the Outside the Beltway article I showed you yesterday…

Pentagon and intelligence officials described broad hesitation to go into detail with Mr. Trump about operations against Russia for concern over his reaction — and the possibility that he might countermand it

Trump’s countermanding of the retaliatory strike will crystalize their “broad hesitation” when it comes to Iran. It will also reinforce their perceived need to do a false-flag that kills US servicemen in order to get the ball rolling.

As I post this addition, it’s 9:34 AM in Texas and 7:04 PM in Tehran. So the false-flag window begins in less than 5 hours.

~ MORE – 21 June 2019 ~

Yep, I just ran across a Daily Mail article on the strike cancellation, and it reads like a talking points memo for the false-flag setup…

A[t] the White House a senior administration official said that Trump had over-ruled all his advisers and Pentagon chiefs when he called off the strikes.

‘There was complete unanimity amongst the President’s advisors and DOD leadership on an appropriate response to Iran’s activities. The President made the final decision,’ the official said.

Those advisors include Iran hawk John Bolton, Trump’s national security advisor; Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State who had been seen as more doveish than Bolton; and CIA director Gina Haspel

Trump suggested that loss of life was a factor in his thinking then. ‘We didn’t have a man or woman in the drone,’ he argued. ‘It would have made a big, big difference.’

So the “evil neocons” were unanimous in calling for the strike, and Trump has implied that loss of life would have resulted in it being carried out. Now “all his advisers and Pentagon chiefs” will feel entitled to go ahead with the retaliatory strike if/when a serviceman is killed. “But you said that if an American were killed…” will be their explanation for going forward without his explicit order; they’ll consider what he said an “implied order.”

~ MORE – 21 June 2019 ~

Just in case they pull this thing sooner rather than later, here’s a brief description of the three ways it could be scripted to play out…

OPTION 1: An unsuccessful false-flag attempt or a successful false-flag attack with a blocked retaliation attempt could lead to mass arrests of the “Deep State.”

OPTION 2: Under the “Putin as World Savior/Antichrist” option, a successful false-flag and successful retaliation strike could lead to “Iranian/Hezbollah” sleeper cell attacks inside the US in a “you attacked our homeland so we’ll attack yours” type of deal. One of these attacks — orchestrated by the “Deep State” — would take out Trump (if he doesn’t get impeached and removed first).

With Pence in charge, we’d see a West versus East war that would escalate to the point of an imminent nuclear exchange. This exchange would be stopped by “unknown craft that appear in the sky,” which will later be identified as belonging to “peaceful ETs.”

OPTION 3: Under the “Trump as World Savior/Final Antichrist” option, a successful false-flag and successful retaliation strike could lead to a concerted attack against the U.S. and Israel by the entire “Alliance of Evil”…

…from Amazon (note the US surrounded on all sides by communist red)

The attack would involve massive onslaughts both from within the US and Israel by sleeper agents and from without by military and cyber forces. And the only thing that will stop the conflagration will be “unknown craft that appear in the sky,” which will later be identified as belonging to America’s “Secret Space Program.”

~ MORE – 21 June 2019 ~

The media are reporting that the immigration enforcement operation begins on Sunday, so the “mass arrests” mechanism (MAM) will be up and running to catch the “Deep State” if the false-flag attempt happens on Saturday. Since Trump has promised to deport “millions,” we can expect the MAM to run continuously (catching illegals) until election day next year. When and if the globalists cue the takedown of the “Deep State,” the MAM will simply switch targets from immigrants to Deep State members at that point. It will be said that ICE was put in charge of the MAM to prevent the arrestees from fleeing the country.

~ MORE – 22 June 2019 ~

Tee hee hee…

…from the Drudge Report

A so far uneventful Saturday and Trump’s two-week delay in spinning up the mass arrests mechanism may indicate that they’ve retreated from the false-flag and gone to an impeachment scenario instead. So watch for something new and damning about Trump to come from Christopher Steele or the FBI’s Cindy Yang investigation by July 4. Also watch for the Democrats to excoriate Trump for his “wild vacillations on policy, which may indicate mental instability.”

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the narrative structure for the “Trump as Antichrist” option, and I’ll show you what I meant when I talked about “Putin’s evil plan for America and Israel” this morning. I want to be sure to kill this thing double-dead.

Fourth of July Fireworks?
(and UFOs?)

(2 July 2019) – So on Monday, the mainstream media emphasize that Iran has exceeded the uranium enrichment limits of the nuclear deal, and on Tuesday, Putin and Trump hold emergency meetings with their military leaders. And this is all happening in a Fourth of July lead-up that has featured threats by Antifa to do acid attacks, threats by Al CIAduh to do attacks against New York and the White House, and a warning by the FBI that “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” may attack.

There’s an awful lot of barking. Let’s see if anyone bites.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be biting some grilled steak on the Fourth. Screw the drama.

~ MORE – 4 July 2019 ~

Putin met with Pope Francis today, and the first report I read about the meeting has signs of double-scripting…

On the one hand, Putin showed up an hour late to the meeting. This can be sold as a sign of adversarial disrespect under a “Putin as World Savior” scenario.

On the other hand, Putin “gave the pope a DVD of a movie about the Renaissance master painter and sculptor Michelangelo.” This can be sold as the “cryptic message” Putin and Francis sent to Trump under Leo Zagami’s disinfo narrative. In case you’re wondering what the message means, have a look at this Q&A from a Salon.com interview of Jacques Vallee

Stephen Hawking has discounted reports of UFOs by suggesting they only appear to “cranks and weirdos?” Why don’t you think these ancient witnesses were just delusional?

Because delusions have their own pattern, and these don’t seem to fit them. A delusion is usually single-witness and there are many multiple-witness cases in the book. You also have authority figures, astronomers and well-known people making claims. You have Michelangelo seeing a triangle with three lights of different colors in the sky and making a painting of it. It’s staggering when you hear modern scientists saying only idiots and crazy people report UFOs.

This has me wondering if the globalists will cue some UFOs tonight. Trump has promised a rather grand fireworks display over Washington, DC; will the spectators also be treated to a UFO display? Will “demonic ETs” over Washington be the second part of the “cryptic message” Putin and Francis send Trump? Will the Secret Space Program show up too? Or did I just ruin another cool show?

BTW, if one of the UFOs looks like this, hide your alcohol…

You can read more about Zagami and the “cryptic message” in the entries titled Trump’s Path to World Savior / World Leader Status and The Globalists’ Current NWO Deception Strategy a little further down this page.

~ MORE – 4 July 2019 ~

Here are some other points that support a possible UFO show over Washington tonight…

>World UFO Day” occurred just two days ago, so what better setup could you ask for?

> Back in April of this year, it was reported that a US Navy scientist patented a flying triangle which utilizes UFO-like propulsion. If you combine this with the claim that Michelangelo saw a flying triangle back in his day, it suggests that a UFO show might feature such craft, which can later be attributed to either “aliens” or the Secret Space Program (SSP). An even more interesting version of the show could feature one type of triangles chasing another type (the SSP chasing away the “aliens”).

> Back in March of this year, the History Channel website brought up a previous precedent of “UFOs over Washington”

According to the Wikipedia entry on the sightings, they occurred between July 12 and July 29, 1952. Coincidentally, that was the year the US did the first big test of the hydrogen bomb. The first small-scale test was in May of 1951, and the first full-scale test was in November of 1952, so the Washington UFO sightings occurred between the two tests. This is significant because the globalists have been testing a narrative that says the “ETs” came to Earth in force due to the hydrogen bomb. And now that we’re approaching a war in which such bombs may be unleashed, it would be a good time for another Washington flyover.

While the Putin-Pope meeting today can be used to support either the “Putin as World Savior” or “Trump as World Savior” narrative, it seems to favor the Putin narrative. By showing up late, Putin showed adversarial disrespect. And by presenting the Pope with the Michelangelo video, he may have been giving the Pope the message that “my ET friends and I will stop your nuclear war.” A UFO show tonight would drive that message home (according to the script).

I still consider the Putin narrative as Globalist Plan A and the Trump narrative as either Globalist Plan B or a decoy. But only time will tell.

The Globalists’ Current NWO Deception Strategy

(10 June 2019) – I’ve written on this before, but I wish to restate it with clarity…

Since the controlled alt-media disinfo guys have been unsuccessful in selling Putin, Xi, and the other BRICS leaders as world-saving good guys, their new strategy is to bash Putin, Xi, and Chabad-Lubavitch and claim that they’re trying to conquer America through communism. The propagandists are doing this so people will be shocked when Putin and Xi actually “save” America and lead us into a multilateral New World Order that runs on free enterprise and Austrian Economics (which is what the globalists have been planning all along). The narrative will be: “We got Putin and Xi all wrong. They weren’t commie bad guys; they were actually good guys who were just playing along with the bad guys until they could get into their leading positions and orchestrate the right conditions to beat them.”

In keeping with this strategy, here are some future developments to watch for (in the order they’ll appear)…

1) In the process of defeating the “Deep State,” Xi may end up saving America from a fire sale cyberattack and Putin will save us from nuclear war and from hunger stemming from this year’s “farmageddon.”

2) When the globalists cue the fake ETs (their impending “arrival” is why you’re seeing so many UFO articles in the news), we’ll be told that Putin and Xi (and others) are actually Avatars (“incarnations of the godhead who came to save us from annihilation at the hands of the evil ones”). Read The UFO/ET Con for more on this.

3) When the Third Temple is completed in Jerusalem, Putin and Xi’s multilateral NWO paradise will start turning ugly, and we’ll be told that the Avatars are actually evil antichrists.

4) Three and a half years after the “Temple Incident,” the globalists will cue their “Real Jesus” to save us from the antichrists in the Battle of Armageddon. This will begin the post-democratic “Millennial Kingdom” in which the globalists hope to rule over us from behind a figurehead “Christ.”

That being said, here is an excerpt from Ken’s Collected Writings on the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Deception that outlines the overall plan driving these future developments…


So why have the globalists scripted their Avatar characters to be nationalists, you ask? They’re doing it so when the Avatars’ New World Order turns ugly and leads to disaster, people will see nationalism as one of the causes for it going so wrong. This will leave the sheeple with a deep distaste for nationalism (and a great receptivity to globalism).

Putting it another way, the NWO will be presented as a “national sovereignty-respecting democratic institution established by nationalistic leaders,” and it will look great at first but become a nightmare later on. And once the nightmare is over, the globalists want people saying…

“We’re tired of the sovereignty of fallible men; we want the sovereignty of our infallible God.”

“We’re too foolish and wicked to rule ourselves through democracy; we want to live under a wise and benevolent leader.”

“We’re tired of being divided into different nations that war against each other; we want to be united.”

And with those sentiments planted into the shell-shocked minds of the human race, the globalists will unite them under “the wise and benevolent leadership of the savior who defeated the New World Order, Jesus Christ” — a globalist-created, genetically-engineered leader who will be the front man for the Kabbalists’ behind-the-scenes rule.

Getting back to the Avatars, another thing we can see about them is that they’re mere men, and all of them have damaged reputations on account of their past activities. So the globalists are going to have to do something really big to refresh their public image and raise them from the status of mere humans to religious icons. That’s where sequestered technology and Hollywood magic come into play.

We can expect the globalists to do one or two of the following things for each Avatar…

  • stage an assassination attempt in which he appears to be gravely wounded, then portray a “miraculous healing ”
  • stage an assassination in which he appears to be killed, then portray him being “resurrected from the dead”
  • stage the spectacular arrival of (fake) aliens who will bamboozle the public with bullsh*t and proclaim / “prove” that each Avatar is the real deal

In looking at that final “fake ET arrival” element of the plan, we see why one of the men who helped develop the NWO implementation plan, Laurance Rockefeller, was also the man who funded the start of the UFO disclosure movement. He was laying the groundwork for the mind-blowing arrival of fake aliens at the time of the transition to the NWO.

All this being said, by the time the coming war crisis builds to the point that a full-on nuclear war is imminent, you may see faked woundings/assassinations and healings/resurrections of one or all of the “Avatars.” Then you may also see our “space brothers” appear in the sky to stop the nuclear holocaust and point to the Avatars as incarnations of the godhead. Their narrative will go something like this…

“When the Dark Forces developed and used the first nuclear weapons in 1945, it became clear that they would use them to slaughter most of humanity and irretrievably subjugate the survivors before the End of the Age. So the Avatars incarnated into human form in order to discreetly intervene. They infiltrated the Dark’s power structure and rose to leadership within the major nuclear nations to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Sensing the imminent defeat of their plans, the Dark Forces struck back by assassinating the Avatars and starting World War 3. And as they pushed the world to the very brink of nuclear destruction, the godhead had to intervene more dramatically by resurrecting the Avatars and sending in cosmic reinforcements before the scheduled End of the Age.”

After the Dark Forces and their “unipolar” New World Order are defeated and the Avatars are revealed, the Avatars will erect the “multipolar” NWO and begin uniting the world’s religions in a “Religious UN” based in Jerusalem.


~ MORE – 11 June 2019 ~

Now that you’re familiar with the globalist strategy for herding the sheep into the Millennial Kingdom, it’s time to introduce you to its narrative. In the A Three-Paragraph Crash Course Before We Get Started section a little further down this page, I talk about the mainstream narrative and the alt-media/NWO narrative. But when the globalists cue the exposure of the Avatars as antichrists, you’ll start hearing the millennial narrative, which will bash the NWO and the Avatars and fool people into accepting the “Real Jesus” and his Millennial Kingdom.

This morning, a reader sent me a link to an article that offers a little sneak peek of the millennial narrative. It is from Leo Lyin’ Zagami (a.k.a. “The Greasy One”)…

…from LeoZagami.com

The article starts out by establishing a connection between the Jesuits and Russia. And in doing so, The Greasy One seems to borrow a few words from this book description I found online…

…from Saint Joseph’s University Press

Here’s a brief section from the book description…

From its founding in 1540, the Society of Jesus has been one of the most important religious orders in the Catholic Church. However, it almost vanished from the pages of history when Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits worldwide on July 21, 1773, with the brief Dominus ac Redemptor. Catherine the Great of Russia saved the Society almost singlehandedly. She protected the 201 Jesuits she had acquired in 1772 with the First Partition of Poland and insisted that they continue their apostolic work as Jesuits.

And here’s a brief section from The Greasy One’s essay…

We know that from its founding in 1540, the Society of Jesus has been one of the most important religious orders in the Catholic Church. Many may not know, however, that it almost vanished from the history books when Pope Clement XIV suppressed the Jesuits worldwide on July 21, 1773, with the brief Dominus ac Redemptor. At that point, Catherine the Great of Russia saved the Society almost single-handedly. She protected the 201 Jesuits she had acquired in 1772 with the First Partition of Poland and insisted that they continue their apostolic work as the Company of Jesus.

Do you see how Greasy skillfully wove some new words into the section to make it his? Now that’s great wordsmithing! Setting aside the skillful writing, though, the Jesuit-Russian connection is nonetheless notable because it helps explain why the globalists chose a Russian, Vladimir Putin, to play the main Antichrist character in the prophecy fulfillment play. It’s also notable that Chabad-Lubavitch, the messianically-obsessed Kabbalist “Jewish” cult, originated in the Russian Empire three years after Catherine the Great “acquired” the Jesuits. And the cult later moved to Poland, from which the “Russian” Jesuits came.

You can read more about the Jesuits in How the Kabbalist Jews took over the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order.

Now let’s continue on to the meat of Greasy’s “James Bond meets the X-Files” narrative. Here are some excerpts from his article along with my comments…

…between Russia and the Vatican there is an old ultra-secret alliance that make deals with extra-dimensional entities…

…a new dangerous supranational non-governmental structure directly controlled by Vladimir Putin and the Vatican who are in favor of a Communist Jesuit New World Order. Illuminati Piergiorgio Bassi, a close friend of John Podesta, who is also involved in the organization with Hillary Clinton is the Italian spokesman of this powerful international organization…

So these sections tie Putin to the Vatican Jesuits and Hillary Clinton, and they suggest he’s trying to bring in a communist NWO. They also suggest that Putin has risen to the top leadership of the dark power structure. These are precisely the things I talked about in yesterday’s part of this entry. After the Big Crisis passes and a non-communist NWO launches, it will be said that the Avatar Putin was actually “working undercover” amongst the dark ones to infiltrate their power structure and trip them up at the finish line.

~ MORE – 15 June 2019 ~

Here’s the next excerpt…

Russian Military experts have always claimed to know how to contact UFOs and Professor Savin once admitted to a journalist that in the late 1980s a group of researchers from the Expert Management Unit of General Staff actually made contact with representatives of another civilization.

Back in 1989, the New York Times even reported that residents of the Russian city of Voronezh insisted that lanky, three-eyed extraterrestrial creatures had indeed landed in a local park and that a seemingly fantastic report about the event carried by the official press agency Tass was absolutely true.

The ETs’ supposed visitation and contact with the Russian government in the late ’80s, specifically in 1989, is notable because in the very next year, 1990, the KGB moved Vladimir Putin from East Germany to Leningrad to begin his political career and rapid ascent to the presidency. Will the NWO narrative someday tie Putin’s meteoric rise to something the “ETs” told the Russians? You can read about this part of Putin’s life in Vladimir Putin: The mobster who would be the globalist Messiah.

Here’s another excerpt…

There is, in fact, a transversal and unsuspecting body of Illuminati members of the ruling class that has been enlisted by Russian Military Intelligence operatives all over the world for a secret mission directed by what seems to many as the Legion of Satan…

In this section, a means by which Putin can foil the plans of “the Legion of Satan” is established: engaging the “transversal and unsuspecting body of Illuminati members.” By suggesting that many Illuminati are “unsuspecting” of the true agenda towards which they’re working, Greasy is implying that they might withdraw support or even rebel against the plan if they knew what was really going on. This opens the door for Putin to reach out to them at a critical moment to reveal the true agenda and show them how they can help stop it.

Finally, we arrive at the notable end of the essay…

The Pope will receive Russian President Vladimir Putin in an audience in the Vatican on July 4 2019, Independence Day, to send a cryptic message to the United States and Donald J. Trump who refuse to join the demonic New World Order. It will be the third meeting between the two leaders. The Vatican Illuminati elite is working with the extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion summoned by Russia. This will enable them to fully surround us with a reality of lies and illusions and unveil the identity of the Antichrist upon mankind.

In this final paragraph, it is suggested that the “ETs” are “extra-dimensional demons of Satan’s Legion summoned by Russia.” SO…

  • if the KGB/FSB gangsters who run Russia summoned the “ET demons,” and
  • Vladimir Putin is the boss of those gangsters, and
  • Vladimir Putin is the only Russian with the international stature and geopolitical credentials to lead the “reformed” UN/NWO,


– It would have to be Putin, right?

More to come…

(11 June 2019) – While I was preparing dinner tonight, I started to think about what the globalist script would look like if they decided to replace Putin with Trump as the main Antichrist character. In such a rescripting, America would prevail in the coming conflict due to the advanced technology of the U.S. Space Force (America’s rumored “Secret Space Program” that comes out of the shadows to save the day).

Under the flipped script…

  • Trump would be the one who saves Israel and is proclaimed the Jewish Messiah (Moshiach ben David).
  • Trump would be the one who reforms the UN and launches the “sovereignty-respecting, Austrian-economics-based” NWO.
  • The “ETs” supposedly associated with the Secret Space Program would be the ones who come out as “our benevolent space brothers.”
  • Trump would be the one who sits on the throne of the Third Temple and is recognized as the “real Antichrist.”
  • Trump would be the one defeated by the “real Christ.”

I’ll write more about this “Globalist Plan B” soon.

Trump and Netanyahu’s September Date with Destiny
& The Planned Release of a Deepfake Trump Sex Video

(31 May 2019) – Keep an eye on Trump and Netanyahu between now and the Jewish New Year (September 29 – October 1). It looks like the globalists are scripting a double takedown scenario in which the “Deep States” of the US and Israel will attempt to remove them from office by then…

Trump and Netanyahu’s survival till October will trend us towards a more peaceful transition; their fall means the Big Drama will soon follow.

~ MORE – 4 June 2019 ~

After Mueller’s implied call for impeachment last week, I noticed the media circulating this idea…

…from Real Clear Politics. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Professor Allan Lichtman, the man who has correctly predicted the last nine presidential elections, said President Trump is on track for another term unless Democrats do what is “politically right” and impeach him. <<<

This renewed impeachment buzz has continued into this week…

…from Politico

So if the Democrats get serious about impeachment in June, we could see articles of impeachment passed by the Democrat-controlled House in July. And a two-month impeachment process (that’s how long it took to do Clinton’s) would then take us into September.

As for getting 20 Republican Senators to join the Democrats in convicting Trump, that wouldn’t be too hard to narrate. They can have them abandon him over the tariffs wars, an economic downturn, and campaign finance and sex scandals that arise from the Florida prostitution / sex trafficking sting.

Should the globalists pull the trigger on this, Trump would be out of office in September, just like Netanyahu. And since the globalist narrative portrays both Trump and Netanyahu as holding back their respective “Deep States” from starting a huge Middle East war, we could see the shooting start right after they fall.

Another thing I’ve noticed is the Palestinian reaction to Trump’s Middle East peace plan. It has caused them to turn to Putin…

…from The Jerusalem Post

So Trump’s Israel-favoring peace plan is being used to set the stage for a coming peace plan from Putin. And since Putin will be the one who stops the Middle East war and saves Israel from total destruction, he’ll have support for implementing it from both Palestinians and grateful Israelis. Putin’s plan will feature a two-state solution and will divide both Israel and Jerusalem, which will help Putin be recognized as the “final Antichrist” for Phase 2 of the prophecy deception.

~ MORE – 5 June 2018 ~

Here are some additional notes related to the impeachment drive and September…

> The press are selling the Orchids of Asia / Cindy Yang scandal as a national security issue. Here is how the Miami Herald presented the start of the FBI investigation into it last month…

And note the link to The Hill’s coverage of the same story: https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/443045-fbi-investigating-day-spa-owner-who-advertised-access-to-trump

Presenting the matter as a national security issue is meant to enhance the narrative of a Florida assassination attempt or, alternatively, to add weight to the case for impeachment.

You can read more about the various elements of the Florida scandal in the section titled The Sexual Blackmail of Trump in The 2019 Archive.

> Last week, one of two people who snuck into Mar-a-Lago while Trump was there was sentenced, and the press have been making a big deal about the security situation at the compound…

…from Splinter

By establishing the perceptions of weak Mar-a-Lago security and repeated incursions by lone intruders, these news reports can be used as backstory for a possible Mar-a-Lago assassination attempt involving a lone intruder. But can one person carrying only innocuous personal items pose a real threat to the President, you ask? – Only if such items contained a biological weapon. The finger could then be pointed to “ISIS” [1,2], Cuba/Venezuela, and/or China as the providers of the weapon.

A biological weapon attack would serve just as well as a nuclear attack for the purpose of locking down the country. In the case of Trump’s survival, a lockdown would trend us towards civil war as the Leftists take to the streets to defy the “fascist orange man.” Under Pence, a lockdown would take us into a “seeming victory of the Satanists” phase that would precede Putin’s savior act.

You can read more about the Florida assassination setup in the section titled The Setup for Future “Iranian/Hezbollah” Terror Attacks and a Trump Assassination in The 2019 Archive.

The Planned Release of a Deepfake Trump Sex Video

(5 June 2019) – Be Advised: The globalists are preparing to release one or more “deepfake” sex video(s) / photo(s) of Donald Trump. It will be used as an impeachment weapon to pull 20 or more moralistic Republican Senators away from him, thus enabling his conviction in the Senate.

I first suspected a Trump sex video might be in the offing when I saw this yesterday…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Former MI6 agent Christopher Steele has finally agreed to meet with US officials to discuss his relationship with the FBI, and the now-infamous dossier of unfounded claims against Donald Trump which he assembled on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee…

In his dodgy dossier — a collection of 17 memos, some of which used Kremlin sources — Steele claimed that the Trump campaign was part of a “well-developed conspiracy of co-operation” with the Russian government in an attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 US election. Steele claimed that the Kremlin was blackmailing Trump with a video of him encouraging prostitutes to urinate on a bed once used by former President Obama. <<<

But it was when I saw the following article today that alarm bells started going off…

…from Sputnik. Here is an excerpt…

>>> Deepfake technology, which involves the AI-assisted superimposition of images and videos onto others to create the impression that a public figure or celebrity has said or done something that they did not do, has been around for a couple years, but is just now starting to be taken to frighteningly-realistic new levels…

The emerging technology, popularised in late 2017, has raised grave concerns over the potential to use deep fakes to create fake news, fake celebrity pornographic videos, and other malicious content, particularly as the technology becomes more and more impressive, available, and difficult to detect. <<<

As it turns out, RT also released an article on deepfakes yesterday

…This piece is an indirect confirmation that Democrats will soon release a deepfake of Trump if you subscribe to the following view…

…from Real Clear Politics

So what sort of sex video will we see?…

  • One that shows Trump with Russian prostitutes as was featured in the Steele Dossier? Such a video would effectively confirm the dossier’s allegations, which would provide a nice excuse for Congress to proceed with impeachment.
  • One that shows Trump with a human-trafficked Chinese sex slave at Mar-a-Lago? Such a video would open a real can of worms for him, especially if it features him getting rough and the girl crying.
  • One that shows Trump having sex with a clearly underage girl? The most devastating video of that type would be one that features him giving “fatherly love” to a tween-aged Ivanka.

~ MORE – 6 June 2019 ~

Now let’s step back and take a bird’s eye view of this whole thing…

According to the mainstream narrative, the young progressive firebrands in the House of Representatives are eager to impeach Trump, but the senior Democratic leadership are holding them back. According to reports, “Pelosi has long argued that certain conditions must be met before Democrats begin impeachment — public support and strong bipartisan backing, neither of which have so far materialized.” And what could bring both public and Republican support for impeachment? – A scandalous and potentially criminal sex video, that’s what. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, especially if it’s a moving picture.

Trump’s base are religious conservatives, and such a tawdry development would cause many of them to take off their MAGA hats. A sex video would also make it difficult for Republican Senators to justify defending Trump against the impeachment charges. The religious hypocrites would abandon him en masse.

That being said, we have to ask ourselves this…

Why now??? Why, after all this time (and during the month the leftists are trying to break through to impeachment), has Christopher Steele decided to make himself available to the DOJ?

The answer is pretty obvious if you think about it. He’s coming forward to hand over the video that will confirm his dossier — to hand over a deepfake produced by the CIA and MI6.

Just look at how the propagandists are setting it up…

…from Raw Story. Here is an excerpt…

>>> On Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” former CIA officer Phil Mudd told Wolf Blitzer that ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele’s decision to brief the Justice Department about his infamous dossier on President Donald Trump’s connections to Russia is going to end badly for him, and possibly for the rule of law…

Steele’s dossier alleged a number of things that turned out to be true, like that Russia laundered intelligence they gathered on the Democratic Party through WikiLeaks and that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was involved in personally lucrative negotiations with Ukrainian oligarchs. Other parts of it are salacious and unverified, like the claim that Russian prostitutes performed urine-related sex acts for Trump and the Russian government was blackmailing him with video footage of the incident

“Let me give you how this game ends,” said Mudd. “Christopher Steele shows up in front of the Department of Justice, and I’m guessing doesn’t have terrific answers for the quality of the information in that Steele dossier. I’m telling you, Wolf, this is not going to go well. I can’t believe he has perfect answers about the origins of the Steele dossier. I’m not even sure why he’s showing up. If I were him, I’d go to Disney World. I would not go to the Department of Justice, because it will not end up well.” <<<

So the press are setting the expectation that Steele’s coming forward will benefit Trump, and a “former” CIA officer has said “…this is not going to go well…I’m not even sure why [Steele’s] showing up.” We now know the reason he’s showing up, don’t we? – It is to verify the “salacious and unverified” elements of his dossier. What other explanation could there be? Why would he suddenly submit himself to DOJ questioning after all this time if it were only going to make him and his associates look bad? It makes no sense, does it? Obviously, he’s showing up because there’s something to gain by doing so — there is a benefit in it for himself and his associates.

In case they decide to back off on Steele’s video release due to exposure of their trick, also watch for their other two video-release options: 1) a Mar-a-Lago deepfake supposedly released by Chinese intelligence, and 2) a deepfake supposedly sourced from Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” blackmail operation.

(13 June 2019) – Besides today’s tanker explosions caused by the apparent mining of the Strait of Hormuz (which was likely done by the nuclear-armed Dolphin submarine that Israel keeps near Iran at all times), there is this bit of news that came out yesterday worth noting…

…from the Miami Herald. Here is an excerpt…

Federal prosecutors disclosed this week they are developing a potential national security case against Yujing Zhang, the 33-year-old Chinese woman charged with unlawfully entering Mar-a-Lago with a stash of electronic equipment.

They asked a federal judge to allow them to file “classified information” under seal without the public — or the defendant — seeing it. If the motion is granted, prosecutors will present the evidence directly to the federal judge in Zhang’s trespassing case during a private, closed meeting in the judge’s chambers…

Zhang’s former appointed public defenders, since fired, presented evidence that Zhang had paid to attend a fundraiser gala originally planned for March 30. The gala, intended to raise money for children in Africa, had been billed on Chinese social media by South Florida massage parlor entrepreneur Cindy Yang as a chance to mingle with the American elite and members of Trump’s family. According to her former attorneys, Zhang had bought a ticket from Yang’s associate, Charles Lee, who on various occasions had bundled Mar-a-Lago event tickets promoted by Yang into “business diplomacy packages” targeting Chinese business people looking for opportunities overseas.

As I wrote back in April, the “malware-containing” thumb drive she carried with her may have actually contained blackmail information on Trump — possibly including the deepfake sex video(s) we’re expecting…

If the woman was carrying compromising information about the president, would the Secret Service announce it to the public? (Probably not, right? Not until a thorough investigation takes place. Instead, they would merely note that the thumb drive contained something “malicious.”)

The article also notes that her handler instructed her to “speak with a member of the Trump family about U.S.-China relations” — presumably to hand over the “malicious” thumb drive. And what is the biggest issue in US-China relations at the moment? That would be the trade talks, right? – from The Sexual Blackmail of Trump, further down this page

According to the globalist script, now that the China trade deal has fallen apart and a tariff war has begun, the “Deep State” no longer needs the video to hold over Trump’s head to force him into a toothless deal. They can now use it in an impeachment attempt. Scroll down a little to Trump and Netanyahu’s September Date with Destiny & The Planned Release of a Deepfake Trump Sex Video to read more about that.

Here’s my initial read on how the narratives will unfold…

In the mainstream narrative, the Democrats will claim that Cindy Yang was a Chinese Intelligence asset who compromised powerful Americans, including Trump, by funneling illegal monies to them and luring them into secretly-recorded sex with Chinese sex slaves. The records of the financial transactions and the sex videos could then be used by China to blackmail the compromised persons into doing things against America’s national interests.

According to the alt-media/NWO narrative, the Chinese Mar-a-Lago intruder was actually a “Deep State” agent who purchased access to Mar-a-Lago through Cindy Yang’s innocuous consulting business. The “Deep State” sent this agent in with a fabricated blackmail dossier and instructions to “act suspicious” so she’d get caught with it. This was the “Deep State’s” way of introducing the dossier into the government record through the Secret Service and then the FBI.

(17 June 2019) – While everyone has been preoccupied by the theatrics off Iran, the setup for Trump’s impeachment via Cindy Yang has continued over the past few days. You might have seen these headlines on the Drudge Report last Friday…

The Napolitano link led to an article on The Hill which offers this [with my comments added in brackets]…

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano warned Thursday that President Trump would be committing a felony if he accepted damaging information from a foreign power for an election

Asked by Fox’s Shepard Smith if Trump had any “wiggle room” when it came to listening to a foreign entity offering information on a political opponent, Napolitano said no.

“There’s no wiggle room with respect to dirt, with respect to opposition research because the Federal Election Commission has already decided in other cases that that is a thing of value,” he said, adding that it “comes from a statute which prohibits receipt of money or a thing of value [like free boom-boom from a hooker] from a foreign national. Whether the person is working for a foreign government or not.”

So the propagandists are previewing the statute under which Trump will be charged with a felony vis-a-vis the Cindy Yang scandal. Although Yang is reportedly a naturalized US citizen, she received monies from Chinese foreign nationals that she may have funneled to Trump’s campaign. She may have also had business relationships with trafficked hookers who are Chinese nationals — hookers who may have offered Trump and his friends “things of value.” Of course, the Chinese Mar-a-Lago intruder is a foreign national too, so the Democrats can, as a Plan B, say that the “malicious” thumb drive she carried contained dirt on Trump’s political rivals — the very thing the Drudge headlines warn about.

Speaking of Cindy Yang, here’s a little blurb about her that came out yesterday…

The case involving New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has led us on a journey to find Cindy Yang, the former owner of the Jupiter day spa at the center of the investigation.

That’s when the story took a turn and landed inside Mar-a-Lago.

Turns out Yang was a major republican donor who is now at the center of an ever-growing investigation into possible campaign finance violations, influence peddling and even potentially espionage. – from CBS Miami

So as we see this setup come together, remember that Christopher Steele is a foreign national too, so the globalists could also script a Trump takedown of the Democrats using their receipt of the Steele Dossier as the smoking gun.

This thing is likely scheduled to break one way or another by Independence Day.

The Sexual Blackmail of Trump

(4 April 2019) – It looks like the globalists have added another incident to the “sexual blackmail of Trump” narrative that will be revealed at some point in the future. The mystery Chinese woman who was arrested at Mar-a-Lago last Saturday had a thumb drive in her possession that supposedly contained “malware.” But is that “malware” actually compromising information on Trump’s ties to the local brothels? If it is, it is now in the possession of the FBI, so the “Deep State” supposedly has Trump by the short hairs. Is that why he backed off on closing the Mexican border today?

(5 April 2019) – The propagandists couldn’t have been more obvious in indirectly tying the Mar-a-Lago developments to Trump’s reversal on closing the border: Drudge stacked the one set of headlines on top of the other…

…from the Drudge Report

So let me explain what this is all about…

According to the globalists’ good guy vs. bad guy script, the “good guy” Trump — now freed from the shadow of the Mueller investigation — was preparing to make some dynamic moves against the “bad guy Deep Staters,” such as closing the US-Mexican border to their human trafficking and drug operations.

To prevent this from happening, it appears that the “Deep State” sent one of their female Chinese agents into Mar-a-Lago with incriminating information about Trump’s sexual history. By sending her in and having her arrested, the “Deep Staters” were able to place their blackmail information into the public record (it was captured by the Secret Service and presumably turned over to the FBI). So now that the supposedly Trump-hostile FBI has the goods on Trump, he is under more pressure than ever to give in to the “Deep State’s” demands. This is the scripted reason for yesterday’s one-year delay of the border shutdown and his acceptance of a now-toothless trade deal with China — one that pushes meaningful measures out to 2025 (so the measures can be left unenforced after he leaves office).

As I’ve previously covered, the globalist scripting for the “evil Western globalist bad guys” is that they drew China into their “liberal New World Order” by building up their economy and promising them economic leadership in the new system. But Xi Jinping supposedly hijacked China from their control and is now vying — with his partner Putin — to seize full global leadership from them. So with these scripted motivations, this is what the “evil Western globalists” supposedly want…

  • to prevent Trump from wrecking the global trade system they worked so hard to set up, and
  • to get rid of Xi by coup or assassination so their puppet Li Keqiang can lead China back into the fold.

So if they can blackmail Trump to agree to a toothless deal that looks like a victory to Xi, they can preserve the status quo trading arrangement AND lure Xi to a signing summit for a possible assassination alongside Trump.

On a related note, let’s see if the “Dark Overlord” NSA front unlocks another layer (or two) of its 9/11 files. It would supposedly be a case of the “patriot-constitutionalist good guys” fighting back against the “Deep State’s” blackmail of Trump.

(6 April 2019) – To see how the Democrats are scripted to use the Mar-a-Lago incident against Trump, let’s look at the propaganda setup as relayed by the Washington Post (which is controlled by the supposedly Trump-hating Jeff Bezos and CIA)…

>>> According to court documents, Yujing Zhang went to Mar-a-Lago on Saturday, at first claiming to be there to use the swimming pool, but later stating she was there for a meeting of the United Nations Chinese American Association — an event that did not exist. Due to language barriers and confusion on the part of security officials, who thought she was the relative of a club member, Zhang was able to enter the resort and get past security barriers into an area near Trump’s private residence.

Upon questioning, Zhang referred to a person named “Charles” as the contact who had invited her to the club. It is unclear if that was a reference to Charles Lee, an event promoter who sometimes sold tickets to Mar-a-Lago events. But Lee occasionally acquired tickets to banquet events from Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of a south Florida massage parlor linked to a sex trafficking and prostitution ring, whose visits to Mar-a-Lago caught the attention of congressional Democrats last month. Yang sold that business years before authorities in Florida targeted its current owners.

In a March 15 letter to Wray, the top Democrats on the House and Senate Judiciary and Intelligence Committees asked the FBI to investigate whether Yang had used her connections to Trump and his club to facilitate business opportunities for Chinese executives. Her activities “could permit adversary governments or their agents access to these same politicians to acquire potential material for blackmail or other even more nefarious purposes,” they wrote to Wray, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles…

Separately, House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.) on Wednesday asked Wray, Coats and Alles for a briefing about Zhang, whether authorities could connect her presence at Mar-a-Lago to Yang and how China could be trying to target Trump’s properties or businesses for leverage with the president. <<<

So the propaganda piece ties together Trump, Mar-a-Lago, a possible Chinese spy, and a sex trafficking / prostitution ring with the idea of “blackmail” and “leverage with the president.”

Now let’s look at a few more details of the incident offered by CBS News

>>> According to the Secret Service, Zhang had no swimming apparel in her possession. But she was in possession, according to the court filing, of four cellphones, one laptop, one external hard drive and one thumb drive containing “malicious” malware.

The criminal complaint says Zhang claimed to federal authorities a Chinese friend “Charles” told her to travel from Shanghai to Florida to attempt to attend the non-existent event and speak with a member of the Trump family about U.S.-China relations. Zhang claimed she spoke with “Charles” on “WeChat,” a messaging platform common in China. <<<

Seeing all this, let’s ask ourselves a few of questions…

Would a professional Chinese spy be stupid-enough to change her story as she attempted to penetrate security? (Nope. It’s almost like she wanted to get caught, right?)

Would a professional Chinese spy attempt to penetrate security using a non-existent event as her cover? (Absolutely not. The Chinese are known for doing their homework. It’s almost like she wanted to get caught, right? Either that or her handler set her up to get caught.)

Would a professional Chinese spy carry a treasure-trove of digital information into a presidential-level security zone in the form of “four cellphones, one laptop, one external hard drive and one thumb drive containing ‘malicious’ malware? (Nope. The four cellphones would spark suspicion right off the bat, and that would ensure a digital search of the phones, laptop, hard drive, and thumb drive. It’s almost like she wanted to arouse suspicion and be digitally searched, right?)

If the woman was carrying compromising information about the president, would the Secret Service announce it to the public? (Probably not, right? Not until a thorough investigation takes place. Instead, they would merely note that the thumb drive contained something “malicious.”)

The article also notes that her handler instructed her to “speak with a member of the Trump family about U.S.-China relations” — presumably to hand over the “malicious” thumb drive. And what is the biggest issue in US-China relations at the moment? That would be the trade talks, right?

So the whole thing is set up so that the Democrats can claim the following…

“A Chinese spy, presumably dispatched by Xi Jinping, attempted to hand over the digital equivalent of an extortion note to a member of the Trump family in order to force Donald to relent to China in the trade talks.”

With this card now in the hands of the Democrats, all they have to do is wait for Trump to sign a toothless trade agreement with Xi to give them proof that Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail has caused him to “compromise both his duties as president and the core national interests of the United States.” That would give them the ammunition they need for an impeachment or a 25th Amendment removal.

So this is what the “Deep State” is supposedly holding over Trump’s head…

  • removal from office using the rationale I just described,
  • the historic disgrace of a divorce while in office when Melania is publicly humiliated by his use of cheap prostitutes during their marriage, and
  • loss of his reelection chances due to female voters being alienated by his abuse of sex-trafficked women.

(7 April 2019) – Just in case the globalists try to flip the script, I thought I’d get ahead of them and anticipate how they might do it. So here is the alternative narrative they can spin for the Mar-a-Lago incident…

“The Democrats were blackmailing Trump with the threat of a massive media offensive tying him to the Orchids of Asia prostitution / sex trafficking scandal, but they didn’t have any solid information on a connection. They had only the appearance of a connection due to Trump’s association with the spa’s former owner and Robert Kraft. So Trump and the patriot-constitutionalist Deep State (PCDS) decided to use the Democrats’ eagerness to find more dirt on the scandal against them.

The PCDS sent one of their female Chinese agents into Mar-a-Lago with a false dossier tying Trump to the scandal. Knowing that she’d be caught and the false information would fall into the hands of the hostile FBI, the military/NSA waited for the Democrats to pass around the information, scheme together on how to use it, and rub it in Trump’s face to blackmail him into policy reversals. They recorded them every step of the way. So now the PCDS have the proof they need to arrest everyone involved in the blackmail.”

Needless to say, a narrative like this would be part of a Trump Triumphant / Mass Arrests scenario.

Now here are my previous writings on the Sexual Blackmail of Trump Narrative in chronological order…

(22 February 2019) – Food for thought: You may have heard today that Patriots owner Robert Kraft has been charged with soliciting prostitution at a Chinese-run “massage parlor” just 22 miles by car from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club. Could interrogation of the madame who runs the parlor reveal another billionaire customer who used to use her services? Could this news have anything to do with Trump’s sudden decision to keep 200 troops in Syria? Could Chinese intelligence have a connection with this human trafficking ring that has connections in China and New York? Could the Chinese be sending a message to Trump to cave to their trade demands when Xi visits him in Mar-a-Lago next month?

Interesting questions, no?

Oh, and have a look at this…

…from Business Insider

Trump’s susceptibility to blackmail over his sexual past could be a winning argument in declaring him “unfit for office” under the 25th Amendment, couldn’t it?

~ MORE ~

On the same day Trump “gives the neocons what they want in Syria,” we hear news that the Mueller report won’t come out next week, AND the “bigger name than Robert Kraft” that was snared in the Florida prostitution case has remained unrevealed. This all tracks with the globalists scripting a blackmailing of Trump.

Also, the number of US troops to remain in Syria has now grown to 400, with the other 200 apparently staying in al-Tanf. So according to the script, Trump pissed off both the Turks and Iranians with his reversal.

On the positive side of this, it is no longer necessary for the globalists to script-in “a Deep State false-flag to force Trump to keep troops in Syria.” The blackmail scripting has already done the deed.

(23 February 2019) – …And getting back to the possible sexual blackmail of Trump, details of the Florida sex spa bust made the press on Wednesday. Trump then reportedly made his Syria troop decision the following evening on Thursday. And on Friday, some of the names of the johns hit the press, while other names were withheld. Was there a price for withholding Trump’s name, or was there a threat that his name will come up later in the testimonies of the sex trafficking ring’s members?

~ MORE ~

Here’s a possibly-related twist: Dark Overlord, the NSA hacker front that is supposedly a Trump-allied “patriot-constitutionalist Deep State” group releasing 9/11 Truth, published the encryption key to Level 3 (of 5) of its information on the 21st. This was the day after the sex spa bust details came out in the media. Will the NWO narrative say that Level 3’s release was retaliation for the “evil Deep State’s” sexual blackmail of Trump? Is it the reason the “evil Deep State” backed off on releasing the Mueller report next week? Will Level 4 be released if the “evil Deep State” tries to tie Trump to the sex spa scandal?

(24 February 2019) – Just a few days after the Chinese sex spa bust near Mar-a-Lago, Trump has caved to China in the trade negotiations. It’s more evidence for the Trump sexual blackmail narrative.

It will be interesting to see what Trump does in Vietnam. If he takes a hard line with Kim Jong Un and fails to reach an agreement, it may be attributed to the blackmail. But if he reaches a deal, it may be attributed to his “Dark Overlord” hacker backers. If any news of a prominent “Deep Stater” involved in 9/11-related improprieties emerges in the next few days, we may see the latter.

(24 February 2019) – Watch the Trump-Kim Summit: …As for the outcome of the Summit, a Trump hard line and no deal would be in keeping with the sexual blackmail narrative I’ve talked about in recent entries. And a successful deal may later be attributed to cover provided for Trump by “Dark Overlord” 9/11 information releases.

(8 March 2019) – Getting back to “the sexual blackmail of Trump” narrative, check this out…

…from Yahoo

Here are links to two of the featured articles: Founder of Florida day spa tied to Robert Kraft’s prostitution case attended Trump’s Super Bowl party, report says and Trump Pictured With Founder Of Spa At Center Of Kraft Sting.

The founder of the spa reportedly sold it before the current scandal took place, so there is not yet a direct connection between the sex scandal and Trump. But this news brings the narrative one step closer to it.

An Introduction to What’s Really Going On

Beyond the false paradigm presented to the sleeping public through the mainstream media, academia, and religion — and beyond the new false paradigm presented to the awakening public through the controlled alternative media — there is the truth of what’s really going on in our world. This blog is dedicated to exposing that truth for all to see.

What follows are four articles that will bring you up to speed on the basics. They are…

  1. THE RED PILL: A Short Overview of the True Globalist Agenda
  2. Understanding the NWO Strategy
  3. The NWO Schedule of Implementation 2019
  4. The Compendium

But before you read them, it seems appropriate to remind you of a warning from The Matrix movie…

“You take the blue pill [by leaving this website now] — the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill — you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

All I’m offering is the truth, nothing more.”

You may find what follows unsettling, but it will also confirm many of the thoughts you’ve had yourself. And ultimately, facing reality frees one from fear.

THE RED PILL: A Short Overview of the True Globalist Agenda

If this is your first time visiting RedefiningGod.com, there’s a very good chance that everything you think you know about the “globalists” and the “New World Order (NWO)” is wrong. This is because the globalists are using their massive alt-media disinformation network to sell you a “good versus evil” fairy tale. According to their fable’s script, the “evil Western unilateral / unipolar NWO” is trying to take over the world and plunge us into an Orwellian dark age…

…from Infowars

And the “good guys,” Vladimir Putin and the BRICS nations, are standing against the evil and working to build a “benevolent multilateral / multipolar NWO” that “will usher in a new Golden Age / Renaissance for all mankind”…

…from LaRouchePAC

Faced with these two manufactured choices, the globalists expect you to resist the “evil West” and embrace the “benevolent East,” thus embracing the New World Order they’ve been planning all along. So in this entry, I will inoculate you against their fairy tale programming by showing you what they’re doing in the economic, political and religious realms to build their REAL New World Order. I’ll also show you their ultimate goal, which goes far beyond the NWO.

The True Globalist Economic Agenda

The globalists’ post-World War 2 plan for implementing a global government began to crystallize in 1956 under the Rockefeller-funded Special Studies Project. The Project was organized by Nelson Rockefeller, who recruited Henry Kissinger as its director and numerous globalist luminaries of the day, including John D. Rockefeller III and Laurance Rockefeller, as its participants. Five years later, the Project published the public version of its results in a book titled Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports – a book which extols the importance of America “helping to shape a new world order”…

…from page 35

On page 173, the book lays out an “essential component” of the economic approach to the NWO: opening America’s markets to aid the economic development of foreign nations…

And on page 75, it hints at the intended recipients of this policy, Communist China…

Since it would be impossible to build a global New World Order without the world’s most populous nation, the globalists decided to use America’s markets, jobs and wealth as bait for luring the insular Chinese into the fold. And in return for joining the New World Order, China’s communist officials were offered the prestige and power of being the world’s new economic leaders. This strategy was publicly admitted by globalist super-minion George Soros in a 2009 video interview with FT…

…from YouTube

Starting at the 9:26 mark of the video and continuing on into the second part, Soros says the following…

“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order – financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate – their voting rights are not commeasurate – to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”

So as you look at America today – a nation sapped of its well-paying jobs and economic vitality – you now know how it started: with the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger deciding to hand America’s economic position to China. That’s why Kissinger made his secret trip to “open up” China in 1971…

…and why David Rockefeller Sr. followed him in in 1973…

This article is under construction; there’s more to come. Until it’s done, though, here are some entries you will find very illuminating (the one in bold is a must-read)…

  1. To understand more about the Special Studies Project and its plan for the currently-developing New World Order, read The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…
  2. To see the East versus West conflict as the sham it is, read Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce.
  3. To understand the religious aspect of the globalist plan (and Vladimir Putin’s upcoming role as “savior” and head of the NWO), read “End Times” Programming.
  4. To see the “Deep State” as the propaganda ploy it is, read Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con.


In this section, I’ll offer an overview of the New World Order’s true nature and the globalist strategy in building it and presenting it to the public.

The Two NWOs

The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.

1) The Western-fronted DECOY NWO

This evil, menacing NWO is supposedly being constructed by the US and the EU, but it has never really existed as anything but a media construct. It is much like the fake army of inflatable tanks that Patton “commanded” prior to the Normandy invasion; there is no real substance to it. It was created as a propaganda prop to serve as the “dark side” in the play the globalists are putting on for the public. They even gave it a dark-skinned figurehead for dramatic flair…

When you listen to the many faux-truthers in the alternative press, it is this decoy NWO to which they point as they make their fearful predictions in order to create an emotional reaction within their viewers/readers/listeners. They portray it as an evil Zionist/Nazi/Neocon monster that is destroying the world and bringing humanity to the brink of World War 3. This is being done so the public will welcome the real NWO when it makes its move, defeats the decoy, and snatches peace from the jaws of war.

Another function of the Western decoy is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were erecting the real NWO. By blaming the Western NWO for all the evils we’ve seen for the past 100+ years – and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the real NWO will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

You will know you’re listening to a controlled-opposition / faux-truther figure talk about the decoy NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “uni-“…

…such as “unilateral”…


…and “unipower”…

Of course, you’ll know they’re talking about the decoy also when they use the terms “Western elite,” “Nazis,” “Zionists,” and “Neocons” when identifying its builders.

2) The BRICS-fronted REAL NWO

The emerging United Nations-based, BRICS-fronted New World Order is the REAL NWO the globalists have been working towards since the last vestiges of the Old World Order fell after World War 2…
…(from The Moscow Times)

This BRICS-fronted New World Order is nothing more than the old United Nations Complex with a phony “under new management” sign hanging in front. You will know that a commentator is talking about this REAL NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “multi-“…

…such as “multilateral”…
…(from The Atlantic)

…and “multipolar”…
…(from RT)

This being said, you don’t have to take my word for all this. Look for yourself. Just visit the websites of the IMF and the BIS and enter the following words, one-at-a-time, into their search boxes: “multilateral,” “multipolar,” “unilateral,” and “unipolar.” If you do this and scan through the results you get, you’ll see scores of internal speeches and papers talking about moving towards a multilateral/multipolar world and away from a unilateral/unipolar world. You’ll find virtually nothing on their sites that talks about moving towards a global order ruled by a hegemonic US. That was never the globalists’ real plan.

To learn more about who the globalists really are and what the Old World Order, Interim World Order, and New World Order are, continue reading…

An Overview of the Occulted Powers

Lurking behind the “Democratic Facade” (the so-called “democratic” governments that the public sees as the guiding hands in our world), are the Occulted Powers (OPs). The OPs are a criminal conglomerate of the local royal families throughout the world who are intermarried and/or interoperating with the global network of Jewish bankster families. Under this worldwide royal/Jew “elite,” there are a variety of secret societies (such as the Freemasons) and criminal gangs (such as the Triads) who recruit useful “commoners” into their conspiracy and run societies at the street level.

As with any large gang of criminals, there is some degree of competition amongst the families as they compete for power, position and wealth within the syndicate, but they are all united in furthering their collective control and exploitation of the human race. They are the ones who have been pushing for ever more centralized control of humanity; they are the “globalists.”

An interesting thing about these OPs is that they have their own system of spirituality, which can most accurately be called “the Mystery School.” Whether the gang leaders at the very top actually believe in the spiritual mumbo jumbo of the Mystery School, though, is unclear. There may be some sort of “spiritual” force feeding them their religion, or they may have simply made it up as a control mechanism for their underlings. Whether it’s real or made up, though, it plays a central role in everything they do.

With this in mind, have a look at the Masonic art outside of the New Carrollton Federal Building in Lanham, Maryland…
…This sculpture depicts the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path of the OPs’ occultic spirituality. As you can see, the Left Hand (which sits on a black base) is pointing over to the open Right Hand (which sits upon a white base). This reflects the OPs’ practice of using the Left Hand (the “dark side,” which brings about destruction and chaos) to scare people into the open, welcoming Right Hand (the “light side,” which brings about construction and order).

If you look upon the world situation now, you can see that the Anglo-American branch of the OPs are acting as the Left Hand (bringing terror, war, and theft that is destroying the existing world order and scaring humanity towards something new), and the BRICS branch of the OPs are acting as the Right Hand (“opposing” the actions of the Anglo-American axis and welcoming humanity into a “peaceful, fair” new world order that they are constructing). Once you understand this basic idea of how the Two Hands work together to control the world, everything you see around you starts making sense.

The Old World Order, the Interim World Order, and the New World Order

In attempting to understand the New World Order (NWO), many people become confused due to the intentionally misleading definition of the NWO offered by mainstream and alternative propaganda news sources. Before I go into why the news sources are doing this, though, let’s learn the proper definition of the NWO straight from the globalists themselves.

In 1961, the globalists published a book titled Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports. It was the (public-version) final report of a Rockefeller-funded study called the Special Studies Project, and it gives a sanitized, sugar-coated overview of the post-World War II plan to transition from the Old World Order to the New World Order.

The book offers this definition of the Old World Order

So the 13 empires that ruled the world before they were brought down by the twin towers (World War I and World War II) were the Old World Order. And after their collapse, the world entered the period of chaos that precedes the arrival of the New World Order. This time of chaos has been governed by what I’ll call the Interim World Order, which is the current Bretton Woods system in which the US has played a central role due to its post-World War II military power, economic strength, and control of the global reserve currency. It is important to note that the Interim World Order is NOT the New World Order; it was designed to last for a finite period of time (long enough to expend America’s power and wealth to construct the NWO).

Prospect for America also offers the true definition of the New World Order
…which is a system of regional institutions operating under the supervision of an “international body of growing authority.” I’m sure you can imagine which body that is…

It is important to note that a United Nations-based New World Order is one that cannot be dominated by the US. The US is only 1 vote amongst 193 in the General Assembly and only 1 vote amongst 15 in the Security Council. Any perception of US leadership of the UN has arisen from America’s post-World War II power and prestige and the temporary role of the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. That prestige is now gone, and the post-WWII power will be largely gone once the dollar is replaced by a renamed SDR as the world’s primary reserve currency. For the UN Complex to rise as the central power, the superpowerful US that emerged from WWII had to be taken down, and Prospect for America was the blueprint for its downfall.

Getting back to the misleading definition of the NWO offered by globalist propaganda sources, they attempt to paint the NWO as an effort by the US (and their UK partners in crime) to erect a “unipolar” empire to control the world. This supposed attempt to build a US/UK-centric “Unipolar New World Order” has never existed. As Prospect for America states…

The supposed US-led “Unipolar New World Order” has never been anything but a golem dreamed up by the globalist propaganda masters to distract people’s attention away from the real NWO. While people are being programmed to look West for a scary monster that is closing in on them, the actual NWO is sneaking in from the East looking like a heroic knight in shining armor. And once it is publicly unveiled, the NWO will look like heaven… at first.

So when you see things in the news like this

>>> Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that his country would never accept a unipolar world.

Noting that there was one “undisputed” unipolar leadership trying to control the current world and force others to obey, Putin said Russia would never accept such attempts. <<<

…realize it’s just the “knights in shining armor” doing their preparatory public relations work. All of the BRICS leaders are under firm OP control, as is evidenced by Putin’s open display of the symbols of Russia’s Romanov “royals”…
…and Chinese President Xi’s association with his Illuminati handler/promoter, Robert Lawrence Kuhn

The NWO Strategy in Pictures


For people to embrace the New World Order, they have to see it as the SOLUTION to their problems, not the SOURCE of their problems. And in order to get folks to see it that way, the globalists are having their Western minions create all kinds of mischief so their Eastern minions can step in and save everyone. So in…

Step 1: The globalists have released the Western hounds on everyone, and they are mauling us with theft, oppression and war.

Step 2: They’ve had their faux-truther / controlled-opposition press screaming to everyone that the hounds are coming after us so we’ll get scared and look for safety.

Step 3: They are having their BRICS minions step up and save us from the hounds. Welcome, saviors!

And with that, we end up in the NWO. It’s not so hard to understand, is it?

Don’t Get Swept Away by the Coming “Truth Tsunami”

Let’s begin this section by reminding ourselves what a “limited hangout” is…

“spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

When you think about it, the whole engineered truth movement has been a limited hangout operation. There have been “insiders” and “whistleblowers” (disinfo agents) coming out from under every rock to tell us a mixture of truth and falsehood, and the gist of their message is…

“The evil West is out to get us, and Putin and the BRICS are the only ones who can stop them.”

So the objective of the limited hangout operation known as the “Truth Movement” is to publicize facts that make the West look bad and the East look good. And in doing this, they are distracting people from “the key and damaging” fact that the BRICS are the ones actually bringing in the NWO.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The rising floodwaters of limited hangout truth will give way to a full-on tsunami next year. You will see all sorts of radical truth-telling, including stunning information about Obama’s background and what really happened on 9/11. When you see the mainstream media parroting all the explanations the globalists have been beta testing in the alternative media rabbit hole, you’ll know we’ve reached the climax point.

Here is something I wrote about their plans back in 2013…

>>> Let’s begin with the Cliff’s Notes version of the basic three-step process I see them trying to implement:

Create a PROBLEM – Through social engineering and the power of mass media, they have created dissatisfaction and dissociation with our old social forms and norms, including the traditional religions, in order to make us amenable to a new order of things. They’ve also sicced their dark dogs on us, who’ve been enthusiastically preparing a vast global police state grid, an economic and military conflagration, and a mass culling of the population.

Generate a REACTION – Through the engineered truth movement, they have advertised the actions of their dark minions in order to create fear in the population as well as a strong desire for some escape from what they have planned [here is a prime example]. They’ve also been disseminating vastly more accurate spiritual information through false-light channelings and New Age gurus for those weary of the old religions, but have blended in some misleading ideas that will be useful to them later.

Offer a SOLUTION – They’ll allow their minions to go to the brink (or a bit past the brink) of unleashing their planned horrors upon the world so people will desperately grasp for any solution. The solution will then be offered by the BRICS nations in the form of a new precious metals-backed financial system and by a BRICS-allied “alien” power who will come onto the scene to stop the wars and address urgent needs. With a timely arrival to save the day, they are expecting the relieved public to warmly embrace their version of a “love and light” New World Order of (apparent) freedom, as well as the “aliens” and their “god,” who will pose as Prime Creator/Source (but he/she/it IS NOT).

With the overview in place, let’s now delve into some of the juicy details of offering the solution

The dark minions and Homeland Security types who have been preparing the Great Culling and the global police state genuinely believe they’ll get to slaughter lots of people, and they are orgasmically licking their chops in anticipation. They kinda remind me of the character “Psycho” from the movie Stripes…

…“All I know is I finally get to kill somebody”…

Naturally, it is essential to the overall plan that actors on the lower levels of the power/awareness pyramid sincerely believe their roles and make concrete preparations for the Culling. The threat they pose would be unconvincing otherwise. Unfortunately for the planners, though, the general population is so distracted and drugged-out from other Cabal activities that they’re having a hard time generating the desired awareness and fear. Unintended consequences are a bi*ch, aren’t they? Nonetheless, when the economy suddenly grinds to a halt, war actions have begun, and thugs in armored cars can be seen on the streets, that should provide enough of a wake-up slap to get the attention of the public.

Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order. <<<

Speaking of the “love and light” NWO, here is a preview of what to expect: The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first.

So enjoy the big show, but don’t forget that’s what it is.

Knowing the Heroes and the Goats

Here is something important to know about the real New World Order…

The real BRICS-fronted NWO the globalists are bringing into being will be based on Austrian economics, not Communism. And it will in the beginning appear to be libertarian and respectful of national sovereignty.

As I point out throughout this blog, the globalists have divided their minions into two teams: the Black Hats and the White Hats. And they’re having their controlled alt-media paint the Black Hats as people who are trying to build an evil “Western” NWO. At the same time, they are portraying the White Hats as people who are trying to stop the evil and build a benevolent BRICS-fronted NWO instead. Needless to say, the White Hat “heroes” are scripted to win this conflict, and their victory will bring in the real New World Order the globalists have been planning all along.

That being said, here is a list of Black Hat people and things that will be defeated (on the left) and White Hat people and things that will triumph (on the right)…

Keep in mind that the people and things on both sides of this list work for the same bosses. They’re simply assigned to play opposing roles on the public stage.

Armed with this list, you can look at any alt-media site and know if it’s controlled or honest by simply noticing two things:

1) If it portrays the conflict between the “evil” West and “benevolent” East as real (instead of what it really is: a fake stage play put on for public consumption)


2) if it bashes the people and things in the left column while promoting the people and things in the right column

…the site is either globalist-aligned or run by someone who has fallen for their propaganda.


“Rejoice, for the revelation of the Messiah is at hand!”…

…This is an APNews photo of the “Christlike” Vladimir Putin, who is scripted by the globalists to play the roles of the Jewish/Christian Messiah, the Head of the NWO / Revived Roman Empire, and the “Final Antichrist.” This page will show you why I say that, so let’s begin…

The globalist advance towards the New World Order (NWO) is analogous to an American football team’s advance towards a touchdown:

  • they can slowly and incrementally drive towards their goal using their running game (small, dull, publicly-unnoticed institutional changes that accumulate over time), or
  • they can quickly leap towards their goal using their passing game (staging big crises like 9/11 that demand large, sudden “solutions”).

The purpose of this NWO Schedule of Implementation page is to anticipate, expose, and hopefully prevent their passing plays. By forcing them to grind slowly towards their goals with their ground game, time is bought to allow people to wake up to their agenda and begin to counteract it.

That being said, let’s start examining the goal they’re driving towards and the pass plays they’re setting up to get there quickly…

Their Political Goals


In order to overcome the UN’s jaded reputation and get people to accept its leadership, they will take it through a “reform” process to rebrand it and give it an image makeover. These reforms will make it appear that “Western domination and corruption” of the institution has been put to an end, and they will include three very important elements…

  1. The UN Security Council will be reformed to include more permanent members.
  2. Unilateral Security Council vetoes will be eliminated.
  3. The size and powers of the UN’s military, police, and colonization (“peacebuilding”) forces will be significantly increased.

Now let’s look a little closer at these three elements…

1) The UN Security Council will be reformed to include more permanent members.

In their reform of the United Nations, the globalists want to make it appear that it is no longer a “tool of the West,” and adding new permanent members to the Security Council will allow them to “bring the East’s representation into parity with the West’s.” The reform could go one of two ways: 1) they could blow up the existing permanent membership structure and expand the number of permanent members to 10 (one for each UN Development Region), or 2) they could expand the existing structure to include two new members, India and Germany. Here’s why they will most likely do the latter:

Currently, there are five permanent members, and “the West has a numerical advantage”…

Western Permanent Members: 3 (US, France, UK)
Eastern Permanent Members: 2 (China, Russia)

By adding India, they would numerically balance West and East, and by adding Germany, they would provide a neutral, tie-breaking vote…

Western Permanent Members: 3 (US, France, UK)
Eastern Permanent Members: 3 (China, Russia, India)
Neutral Members: 1 (Germany, “the bridge between East and West”)

But there is another reason the globalists might want “7 heads” on the Security Council, and it is related to their NWO religious agenda. We’ll explore that a little further down this page.

Now let’s move on to the second element of the UN “reform”…

2) Unilateral Security Council vetoes will be eliminated.

The elimination of unilateral veto power will be sold as being necessary to allow the UN to effectively address divisive conflicts, but its real purpose will be to ensure that no nation can insulate itself from UN action by casting a veto. All nations will be equally helpless against the multilateral UN mob and the globalists who pull their strings from behind the scenes.

The globalists will accomplish this by either doing away with permanent member vetoes entirely or requiring four permanent members (within the new 7 permanent member structure) to join together to veto a measure. By requiring four votes for a veto, neither the East nor West could block a measure on their own; they would need help from the neutral member or the other side.

Of course, the globalists’ tried-and-true method for spurring such a change is to deliberately create a problem, then offer their plans as a solution. So applying this standard method to eliminate unilateral vetoes is as easy as ONE-TWO-THREE…

ONE – Stage wars the UN can’t prevent due to the existence of unilateral veto powers. The long war in Syria is a perfect example of this. Note the competing resolutions on Syria that were circulated in the Security Council in October of 2016; neither had a chance because both sides had vetoes…

…from the UN website

And if you look at other conflicts the globalists have stirred up…

  • the UN cannot resolve the simmering conflict in the South China Sea because of China’s unilateral veto,
  • the UN cannot resolve the North Korean “nuclear crisis” because of China and Russia’s vetoes,
  • the UN cannot resolve the Ukraine-Russia war over the Crimea because of Russia’s unilateral veto, and
  • the UN cannot restrain the hyper-aggressive warmaking and regime-changing of the United States because of America’s unilateral veto.

TWO – Ensure that all of the nations that possess unilateral veto power get a serious bloody nose from the unprevented conflicts. The harm they’ll suffer and the horrors they’ll witness will provide the motivation to surrender their veto powers “so it will never happen again.”

THREE – Present the pre-planned new veto rules to the General Assembly for adoption. After all, “unilateral vetoes have no place in a multilateral body, do they?”

Finally, let’s look at the last element of the UN “reform”…

3) The size and powers of the UN’s military, police, and colonization (“peacebuilding”) forces will be significantly increased.

The globalists will promote this strengthening of the UN as insurance that “no unilateral power will ever again threaten world peace,” but the actual reason is to ensure that the global government reigns supreme. Once the UN-centered New World Order is put in place, the globalists have scripted a honeymoon period during which things will look much better than they do now. But once we hit the 3.5 year mark, Putin and the UN will start doing some ominous things with the upgraded powers the UN will then possess. Nations that don’t toe the UN line will first be subjected to multilateral sanctions. And if they still refuse to correct their behavior, the UN’s military will roll in, followed by UN police and “peacebuilders.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that less than a month after Boris Yeltsin handed the Russian Presidency over to Vladimir Putin, the future NWO leader Putin was hosting the UN Secretary-General and talking about strengthening the “authority and influence of the UN”…

…from Kremlin.ru

A few months later, Putin attended the UN Millennium Summit and started getting specific about increasing the UN’s power…

…from The People’s Daily. Here is an excerpt…

“During the meeting, they discussed conflict resolution, rapid reaction capability for peacekeepers, post-conflict reconstruction and the U.N. reform.

Putin expressed interest in reviving the U.N. Military Staff Committee which coordinates military activity of the five permanent members of the Security Council in support of international peace and security, but which has never been effective.”

Now if we look into the UN Military Staff Committee, we see this…

“The Military Staff Committee (MSC) is the United Nations Security Council subsidiary body whose role, as defined by the United Nations Charter, is to plan UN military operations and assist in the regulation of armaments.

The greatest purpose of the MSC, arising from Article 45 of the UN Charter, was intended to be providing command staff for a set of air-force contingents. These contingents, provided by the Permanent 5 members (P5) of the Security Council (the People’s Republic of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) to be held at ready for the discretionary use of the United Nations.” – From Wikipedia

Clearly, Putin wants the “reformed” UN he’ll lead to have military teeth. But his and his globalist handlers’ plans go beyond mere military power, as is shown by this Russian statement at the UN

…Here are some key passages [with my comments added in brackets]…

>>> Russia places a high emphasis on the role that peacekeeping [UN intervention in the internal affairs of nation-states] plays in maintaining international peace and security…

we attach great importance to the establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission, which operates at a cross-juncture of the activities of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council as well as international financial institutions… [the UN “Peacebuilding” Commission is designed to move in after the UN military rolls into an area and alter the political and economic order of the invaded area to suit the globalists; it is essentially a colonizing force]

The importance of the UN civil police is increasing. We follow with great interest the implementation of the Summit’s decision to establish a Standing police capacity

It is fundamentally important that all these activities be carried out in accordance with… rational division of labour with the regional organizations. In this connection I would like to stress our conviction that relevant capacities of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Organisation of the Collective Security Treaty and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation might be in high demand. [in other words, they want the UN to use peacekeepers that the Russians and Chinese have trained] I note with satisfaction, that our efforts in strengthening the UN peacekeeping capacity are bearing fruits

The Peacekeepers’ Training Centre of the Advanced Police Training Academy of the Russian Ministry of Interior organized between the 2nd and 30th of November, 2006 a course “The Civilian Policeman in the UN Missions” for thirty eight representatives of law enforcement institutions from ten African states.

In accordance with the decision of the Russian Government the Ministry of the Interior is planning on training up to 80 people a year till 2010. The next course of training African peacekeepers in Russia is scheduled for the period from March 1st to April 2nd of this year… [so Russia has been recruiting and training agents to embed in UN civil police forces that come from nations they don’t control]

In conclusion I would like to touch upon one more issue. We believe that the improvement of the thorough consideration of all military aspects of specific peacekeeping operations by the UN Security Council would promote greater efficiency of all aspects of UN peacekeeping. The Charter body – the Military Staff Committee (MSC) that is called upon to ensure an appropriate level of military expertise for the UN Security Council decisions, which have a military aspect, might provide a contribution to this. That is why the President of Russia V. Putin set forth the idea of the MSC’s revitalisation at the Millennium Summit. <<<

“Peacekeeping” is an Orwellian doublespeak word for “warmaking.” It involves the UN invasion of a nation-state in order to produce an internal outcome the UN desires. And according to the globalist / Putin plan for a stronger UN, it will involve…

  1. more effective application of UN military force, followed by
  2. UN civil police to weed out “troublemakers” and pacify the population, and
  3. UN “Peacebuilding” agents to remake the affected area’s political and economic structure in accordance with globalist guidelines.

With this 3-step colonization protocol set before us, it’s not hard to imagine where they’re going with it. During the first 3.5 years of the NWO, they might use it only in areas where there are humanitarian crises. This will allow them to practice and fine-tune their approach. But after the 3.5 year mark, they’ll start using the protocol in areas that contain…

  • large pockets of resistance to the UN (because “the UN is the source of world peace, so if you’re against the UN, you are a threat to world peace”), and
  • large pockets of religious “extremists” (those who cling to traditional religious ideas over the UN’s “It’s All Good” One World Religion).

In both cases, the globalists will use false-flag shootings and bombings to simulate conflict and justify UN intervention.

Now that we’ve covered the political aspect of the NWO agenda, let’s have a look at the financial / economic aspect…

Their Financial / Economic Goals


I first wrote about the Enhanced China Model back in November of 2015…

>>> From my current knowledge of what the globalists have planned, they seem to be aiming for an “Enhanced China Model” for the global economy. In China, the central government dictates the direction of the economy, but that direction is pursued with a capitalistic approach. And if the central planners don’t like something that’s going on in the capitalistic level, they step in and crush it. This is how I suspect the new globalist economy will operate.

At the UN level, the neo-Roman authorities will steer the direction of the economy (such as with the “Sustainable Development Agenda”), but they will allow the corporations to pursue that direction under an Austrian Economic Framework. That way, they’re in control (such as in a communist/socialist system), but things actually get done (such as in a capitalist system). <<<

So the socialist/communist economic takeover you’ve been programmed to fear is part of the decoy NWO. The real NWO will be based on Austrian Economics operating within UN-defined (globalist-defined) boundaries.

To learn more about who’s really behind the Austrian Economics fad, read these entries…

The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers

Like it or not, here is more on the Rockefeller connection to Austrian economics

Turning our attention to the IMF, the first steps towards its “reform” were taken in early 2016 when the 2010 quota reforms finally took effect. But the really big step will occur in the near future when China offers a portion of their gold reserves to help provide gold “backing” for the SDR. In return for their gold, China will receive a large special allocation of SDRs, and these new SDRs will dilute the US’s share of total SDRs to below the 15% level. This will eliminate America’s veto power in the IMF, which will unleash even more reforms. At the time this is done, we’ll also see a Chinaman replace Christine Lagarde as the Managing Director of the IMF.

As for the SDR, moves towards its reform and wider use were taken in 2016 when China’s renminbi was added to its currency basket and SDR-denominated bonds were sold by the World Bank and Standard Chartered Bank…

…from the DailyMail.com. The article is a short and informative read, so have a look at it.

It is the intention of the globalists to replace the US dollar as the primary reserve currency with the SDR and then promote the SDR’s use as a global consumer currency. To see their detailed plans for replacing the dollar with the SDR, read this speech given by Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of China’s central bank (and the currently designated replacement for Christine Lagarde at the IMF)…

…The speech was given during the depths of the 2007-2009 financial crisis and follows the standard globalist “let’s create a problem, then offer our solution” template. He begins by pointing to the problems posed by the (engineered) economic meltdown, then he goes on to explain how a new kind of global reserve currency would solve all those problems. Finally, he makes his recommendation…

“The scope of using the SDR should be broadened, so as to enable it to fully satisfy the [IMF] member countries’ demand for a reserve currency.”

And to see how the globalists will promote the SDR as the world’s consumer currency, have a look at this Economist article from 1988…

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century…

…The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power…

…The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF…

…Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability. Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice…

…Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes. <<<

To learn more about this, read Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce.

With the political and financial/economic aspects of the NWO agenda now laid before us, let’s look at an aspect most serious people overlook: the religious aspect…

Their Religious Goals


Their prophecy fulfillment plan has three steps and two distinct phases.

The three steps are…

1) Propagandize the public to see the Western “elite” as Satanists and Western leaders like Barack Obama as antichrists.

2) Propagandize the public to see Vladimir Putin as a savior – the Jewish/Christian Messiah – then later propagandize them to see him as the “one true Antichrist.”

3) Propagandize the public to see the Kabbalist pod person who shows up to defeat Putin and the New World Order as the “one true Christ.”

As for the two distinct phases, they are…

1) Phase 1 (The Antichrist Phase) – In this phase, the “one true Antichrist” Putin attempts to take “Christ’s throne” through deception. To accomplish this, he has the West and its leaders play the roles of Satanists and antichrists so he can defeat them and appear to be the savior. And through his victory, he defeats the “evil” Western-version New World Order and erects the “good” BRICS-version New World Order. His NWO will appear to be the answer to all our problems until we get to Phase 2.

2) Phase 2 (The Christ Phase) – In this phase, Putin fulfills some Biblical prophecies that show him to be the “one, true, final Antichrist” and the NWO turns ugly. At this point, globalist alt-media figures like Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and Tom Horn will propagandize the public to see Putin as the Antichrist and his NWO as the “Beast system.”

Once people see Putin as the Antichrist and they’re super-scared, a new globalist figure (the Kabbalah Christ) will sweep in and defeat him and his New World Order. It is at this point that the globalists will achieve their ultimate goal: total ownership and control of the entire planet and its people in a post-democratic world governed by a figurehead god-king. They want to rule over us like gods.

Turning our attention to the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment script for the Muslims, an excellent overview is offered in this video from Sheikh Imran Hosein

…Here is how it starts out…

“Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

The Strategic Culture Foundation is a globalist disinformation front specializing in Step 2 propaganda, so they present news and commentary to make the West look evil and Putin look like a world-saving genius. And if we look at Hosein’s video, it’s not hard to identify which globalist actors are playing the eschatological characters he outlines…

     > Vladimir Putin, the son of Mary (Maria Shelomova), is cast as the “true messiah.”

     > Qasem Soleimani, the “Savior of Syria,” is cast as the “Imam al-Mahdi.” That’s why Hosein says the Mahdi “will already be there” in Damascus (Soleimani managed the war from there). To read more about him, see Updates 9 and 10 of Globalist Agenda Watch 2018.

     > Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attacked the Mahdi in Syria, is cast as the “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.” He was stopped when the “true messiah” (Putin) stepped in to aid the “Mahdi” (Soleimani).

It is important to note that since there are two phases to the “End Times” show, the Antichrist Phase (Phase 1, in which “Satan attempts to steal Christ’s throne”) and the Christ Phase (Phase 2, in which “the real Jesus shows up to stop Satan”), the globalists will artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy TWICE. And this means there are two actors cast for every role:

The role of the Christian “Antichrist” is played by…
Obama, Clinton, etc. in Phase 1, and by Vladimir Putin in Phase 2.

The role of the Muslim Antichrist character, the “Dajjal,” is played by…
Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Phase 1, and by Qasem Soleimani in Phase 2.

The role of the Christian/Muslim “Christ” is played by…
Vladimir Putin in Phase 1, and by “Testy Tubey” (an unknown GMO human) in Phase 2.

The role of the seven-headed, ten-horned “Beast out of the Sea” (the Revived Roman Empire) from Revelation is played by…
the G7 in Phase 1, and by the “reformed” UN/NWO in Phase 2.

The role of the “Beast out of the Earth” that aids the Beast out of the Sea from Revelation is played by…
the EU in Phase 1, and by one of Russia’s Eurasian treaty organizations in Phase 2 (I haven’t yet set my attention to positively identifying which particular one, but the CSTO and SCO are candidates, and I’m leaning towards the SCO).

The globalists are artificially fulfilling the prophecies twice so it will appear that the first fulfillment was a trick and the second is “real,” but both of them are fake. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both. There is absolutely nothing “supernatural” or “spiritual” about what’s coming; it’s all Hollywood magic combined with sequestered technology to give the appearance of something supernatural and spiritual.

For information on the prophecy fulfillment plan for the Chinese and the Indians, visit the Compendium page and read the section titled “Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars.”

Now that you know the political, economic and religious goals the globalists are driving towards, it’s time to examine the pass plays they’ll attempt this year to get there quickly…

The 2019 Implementation Campaign

The globalists are close to unleashing a massive global crisis to artificially fulfill religious “End Times” prophecies and usher in the New World Order. In making their 2019 attempt to put it in motion, they’ll likely follow the same three-phase global crisis template they tried to implement in the past few years. The three phases are…

1) The Initial Conflict Phase in which the domestic and international situation builds towards a big crisis. This crisis is typically scheduled to start in March, April, or May, with March being the most likely month this year.

2) The “Darkness before the Dawn” Phase in which there is global political and economic disarray that demands a swift solution. This is typically scheduled for the interim period between the initial crisis and September.

3) The Final Conflict / “Dawn of a New Day” Phase in which a final climax and solution is reached for the global crisis. This is typically scheduled for September (to coincide with Jewish New Year).

It’s important to understand that this three-phased Big Event template has two possible paths and three possible variants. The two paths are…

1) The War Path, and
2) The Peace Path.

And the three variants are…

1) Trump is “killed” or removed, but Putin stays in place;
2) Both Trump and Putin are “killed” or removed; or
3) Both Trump and Putin stay in place.

Of these two paths and three variants, the most likely global crisis configuration this year is the Peace Path + both Trump and Putin stay in place. To read the details of how it might unfold this year and to monitor its progress (or lack thereof), read Globalist Agenda Watch 2019: What to watch for between now and the end of March, and look for new updates on the Home Page.

On a final note, it is of vital importance that you steel yourself against the globalists’ two aces in the hole: 1) their limited-hangout “Truth Tsunami” and 2) their technological ability to affect human mood through electromagnetic transmissions.

As I point out in Understanding the NWO Strategy, the “Truth Tsunami” will involve their release of vast amounts of secret information to the public. The intent of it is to overwhelm people with the sense that “all the secrets are finally coming out,” but the reality is that it’s a carefully tailored release of information meant to lead people’s thinking in desirable directions, including…

  • leading them to accept the “reality” of the scripted “evil Deep State” versus “good Deep State” / “Satanic forces” versus “God’s forces” drama the globalists are directing, and
  • leading them to accept the multilateral / multipolar New World Order as the solution to the problems which have beset us.

And as I point out in “End Times” Programming, the globalists possess the ability to affect human mood (and possibly create hallucinations and “voices”) through electromagnetic signals transmitted by the cell phone network and other sources. They will use this technology at the appropriate time(s) in the “End Times” script, such as during the arrival of the fake “ETs” and/or the arrival of “Jesus Christ,” to make people feel euphoric. This “feeling of something different in the air” will lead many to believe they’re experiencing something spiritual and real, but it’s merely the entrainment of their brainwaves to an EM carrier signal.

When the Truth Tsunami and the carrier signals hit you, it’s important that you remember this warning. Don’t be swept away to your destruction by simple parlor tricks; just enjoy the show and the free high. And remember that we have roughly seven years to stop the murder of at least a third of the world’s population in the scripted final war between “Satan” and “Jesus Christ.”


This Compendium is a gathering point for my previous writings on a variety of subjects, and it’s a continuous work in progress. It is here where I’ll collect my past writings, group them by subject, and eventually strip out obsolete references to dangerous dates and combine the writings into concise overviews on each subject. If you are a longtime reader who has gone through the entire blog, you’ll find nothing new here. But if you a new reader or you haven’t read everything from the past, you may find things of interest. These are the subjects currently covered:

  • The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf
  • The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack
  • How and why the Chabad-Lubavitch cult is steering the Middle East towards war
  • Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars
  • Qasem Soleimani, the Globalist-Chosen Imam Mahdi
  • Globalist Disinformation, the Higgins Memo, Michael Flynn and “Q-Anon”
  • The Fake EMP Threat, Bitcoin, and the Great Encryption Lie
  • The Globalists’ Prophecy Fulfillment Plan
  • The Three Endgames of the NWO Transition
  • A false-flag blamed on Iran & Khamenei’s complicity in the globalist prophecy deception
  • North Korean Anthrax
  • A preliminary “alien intervention” in a ballistic missile launch
  • A provocation scenario for a North Korean satellite launch
  • Putin and Trump, the Lubavitcher Messiahs
  • UFOs and Fake Aliens
  • North Korean Submarines and Nuclear 9/11
  • The Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path
  • The North Korean Oil Embargo and the New Pearl Harbor Attack
  • The Three Sandboxes of World War 3
  • Vladimir Putin, the Jewish King of Restored Khazaria

The sections highlighted in red can be read below. The ones in black can be read by visiting the Compendium page.

SUBJECT: The Israeli False-Flag Sinking of a
US Aircraft Carrier in the Persian Gulf

(3 December 2018) – Here comes a rather obvious false-flag play…

…from Zero Hedge

The aircraft carrier will be arriving a mere matter of days after the Fifth Fleet Commander (who is in charge of the Middle East) was found dead in “an apparent suicide”…

…from The Navy Times

And I’ve heard rumors in the controlled alt-media that the commander was suicided over his resistance to a false-flag plan vis-a-vis Iran. So what we have here is a rather clumsy, obvious, and well-telegraphed setup for a “carrier down” false-flag. Tomorrow, I’ll look around and see if they’ve added anything hidden or interesting to the scenario. In the meantime, have a look at what I wrote about the “carrier down” scenario back in April…

(Special Note – 29 April 2018) – An Israeli naval false-flag warning for May & How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

Will the start of World War III be attributed to an Iranian copy of a Russian rocket torpedo with a North Korean nuclear warhead…

Have a look at this Newsweek article from 3 days ago: IRAN THREATENS TO SINK U.S. WARSHIPS AS TRUMP CONSIDERS LEAVING NUCLEAR DEAL

Then have a look at this Newsweek article from last year: IRAN’S MILITARY FIRES ADVANCED TORPEDO BASED ON RUSSIA’S FASTEST IN THE WORLD

Given the Iranian naval chief’s threat to sink US ships, the door is now open for an Israeli false-flag attack on a US Navy ship, with the most likely method of attack being a Russian-made Shkval-E rocket torpedo fired from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. The blame can then be laid on the Iranian navy and their Hoot rocket torpedo, which is a copy of the Shkval. The attack would most likely be staged after May 12, when Trump may decide to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Since the Shkval is known to be a very noisy weapon that gives away the position of the sub that fires it, the Israeli sub would likely fire it from a shadowing position behind an Iranian sub. They would then fire a conventional torpedo to sink the sub they’re shadowing. That way, Israel can claim they “sank the Iranian sub that sank the American ship.”

What heroes! 

By the way, this is the likely target of the Shkval…

…from Google News (the Truman left port on April 11, which is another indicator of mischief)

The sinking of one or more American aircraft carriers during the war is a key part of the globalist script. The event is meant to mark the end of the era of American force projection around the world.

As to why their sub was in the Persian Gulf, the Israelis will have a built-in excuse…

…from Israel National News. Since Israel’s submarines are diesel-powered, the words “nuclear submarine” in the title imply a submarine with nuclear warheads aboard.

How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

The more I look into the crystal ball on this one, the bigger it gets. Have a look at this testimony from a Congressional Joint Hearing on the Iran-North Korea Strategic Alliance (page 35)…

>>> I think, make it clear that North Korea has made this singular achievement in its nuclear weapons program. The danger immediately from this—and reports are that production of these warheads is increasing. That is what the Chinese nuclear experts told our people in February in Beijing. The danger simply is this: Iran’s Shahab-3 intermediate-range missile is a twin of the Nodong, developed with considerable North Korean assistance. Nodong nuclear warheads will be, and I believe are, compatible with the Shahab-3. A North Korean-Iranian agreement to share Nodong nuclear warheads, it seems to me, is a realistic possibility at this stage. North Korea and Iran have had successful sea and air clandestine transportation networks. There have been few interdictions of these networks. The transfer of Nodong warheads from North Korea to Iran would have a good chance of success. And given the forecast for production increases in North Korea, you could see a real danger of this developing, it seems to me, as early as 2016. Thus, if this happens, Iran would have a secret stockpile of nuclear warheads, in Iran, that it could unveil at any time of its own choosing and thus present the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world with a fait accompli, regardless of what happens with the Iran agreement or anything else that goes on with the Iranian nuclear program. <<<

In light of this testimony and the fact that the Shkval torpedo is designed to be nuclear-capable, we see how the Deep State may be scripted to “kill” Trump and start a war with both Iran and North Korea at the same time (then pivot into the “Battle of Armageddon” with Israel).

1) Bring Trump to Jerusalem and “assassinate” him during an outbreak of chaos.
2) Sink the U.S.S. Harry Truman with a nuclear Shkval.
3) Have Pence point the finger at Iran for the torpedo and North Korea for its nuclear warhead, then start a war with both.
4) After the war is raging, have forensic tests from the sunken Truman show an Israeli radiation signature. At that point, EVERYONE will turn on Israel for starting the whole thing.

Tomorrow, we’ll also look into the possibility of a drone speedboat or drone aircraft being used to carry a nuke right up to the Stennis…

…from Google

(4 December 2018) – I took my son on an outing today, but I continued pondering how the American / Israeli / Saudi false-flaggers might get a nuke near the Stennis. Here’s what I came up with…

  1. They may use an “Iranian” ballistic missile fired out of Yemen or Iraq, with Iraq being the more likely choice.
  2. They may use a specially modified drone or cruise missile, with a replica of Iran’s Shahed S-171 Simorgh drone being the most likely choice.
  3. They may use a conventionally-powered or rocket-powered torpedo, with the rocket-powered Shkval/Hoot being the more likely choice.
  4. They may use a drone speedboat (with either dummies or jihadi martyrs aboard).

(5 December 2018) – I did a little poking around yesterday to see why the Stennis was chosen as the carrier to be sacrificed, and I came across this…

…from USNI News (note the Pearl Harbor headlines in the website graphics at the top). Here is an excerpt…

>>> The John C. Stennis Carrier Strike Group left Naval Base Kitsap last week for a deployment and an eventual homeport change with no public notice…

The Navy is not publically acknowledging much about the deployment.

“Stennis is underway, operating in the 3rd Fleet area of operations. However, we don’t discuss future operations,” spokesman Cmdr. John Fage told USNI News in a Monday statement.

Following the deployment, Stennis will begin its four-year mid-life refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) at Huntington Ingalls Industries Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia. <<<

The last part I bolded is what really got my attention, so I looked into what the RCOH entails…

>>> Refueling and Complex Overhaul (RCOH) is a process for refueling and upgrading nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the US Navy. The nuclear reactors that power some aircraft carriers typically use up their nuclear fuel about halfway through their desired 50-year life spans. Because carriers can last so long before being retired, they are refueled and refurbished with an RCOH to extend their usable lifetime. At the same time a ship is refueled, it is given a complex overhaul in which broken, worn or obsolete parts are repaired or replaced and systems are modernized. The modernization typically includes an upgrade of ship’s combat systems and warfighting capabilities, its internal distribution systems are upgraded, and allowance is made for future upgrades over the ship’s remaining operational service life. Given the size of an aircraft carrier and the number of systems and subsystems it has, an RCOH is extremely complex, costly (several billion dollars), and time-consuming. Each RCOH is planned to take 46 months. — from Wikipedia <<<

So the Stennis is at the end of the first half of its usable life, and sinking it now will save billions of overhaul dollars AND start the desired war with Iran.

I also ran across a Press TV article that said the Stennis will spend the next two months in the Persian Gulf (and that time will certainly be extended if a crisis develops). This means that even if nothing happens this week, the “carrier down” card will remain in the globalists’ hand for play at any time in the coming weeks.

(7 December 2018) – Today, let’s take a deeper look at the ways the US/Israel/Saudi cabal can nuke the Stennis and blame Iran for it. We’ll start with…

Method of Attack 1: They may use an “Iranian” ballistic missile fired out of Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, or Iran, with Iraq being the most likely choice.

In the original Wall Street Journal article on the Stennis’ deployment, it was suggested that it is being done to “exhibit a show of force against Iran,” with one of the precipitating factors being “Iran’s latest ballistic missile tests.” The article went on to mention the n-word…

>>> On Monday, the Trump administration urged Europe to impose new sanctions on Iran after it test fired a medium-range ballistic missile considered capable of carrying nuclear warheads that could reach parts of the European continent. <<<

Now if we recall what we read in the congressional testimony earlier in this entry, it has been suggested that North Korea may have given Iran nuclear warheads that are compatible with the Shahab-3 ballistic missile. And Israel claims that Iran has been testing the medium-range Shahab-3s this year. On top of all this, The Hill ran an article just this week that says Iran “probably” has nuclear warheads for the Shahab-3…

>>> Washington officialdom believes Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons based on little more than wishful thinking.

Two years ago, senior Reagan and Clinton administration officials warned that Iran probably already has nuclear weapons…

Iran probably has nuclear warheads for the Shahab-III medium-range missile, which they tested for making EMP attacks… And at a time of its choosing, Iran could launch a surprise EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack against the United States by satellite, as they have apparently practiced with help from North Korea.” <<<

So the mainstream media are not only suggesting Iran already has nuclear-armed Shahab-3s, but they’re also laying down the preparatory propaganda for an “Iranian” EMP attack on the US (we’ll get to that later). And the specific variant of the Shahab-3 that will likely be blamed for a ballistic missile sinking of the Stennis would be the “Emad”…

>>> The Emad (Pillar) surface-to-surface missile, designed and built by Iranian experts, is the country’s first long-range missile that can be precision-guided until it reaches its target, said Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehqan, Iran’s defense minister…

Anthony Cordesman, a researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, wrote in October last year that the Emad was a variant of Iran’s existing Shahab-3 long-range missile, “but with a maneuvering reentry vehicle to improve system accuracy and complicate missile defense.”

The liquid-propelled rocket had a range of 1,700 kilometers (1,056 miles) and was accurate to within 500 meters (1,640 feet) of the target. — from CNN <<<

It just so happens that 500 meters is the “sure kill” radius of a 10-kiloton nuke. So if the warhead blows within 500 meters of the Stennis, the ship would be totaled by the air blast; if it blows within 200 meters, the ship would be consumed by the nuclear fireball.

(6 December 2018) – I am in the process of researching and writing more about the four ways the false-flaggers can put a nuke near the Stennis, and I came across Israel’s Sparrow “target” missile…

The Sparrow is an air-launched ballistic missile specifically designed to simulate the flight characteristics of Iran’s Shahab-3, and it has a modular warhead section. So it could be fired from an Israeli aircraft over Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen or even Iran to simulate an Iranian Shahab-3 nuclear attack against the Stennis.

To understand the true capabilities of the Israeli Sparrow, have a look at a similar missile developed by the Russians, the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal

Since it looks like I’ll be unable to complete the new section today (the research keeps ballooning on me), let me mention one other key bit of information about “Iran’s” possible use of a stealth drone as the warhead platform:

Iran’s Shahed S-171 Simorgh drone was designed to be a full-scale copy of the CIA’s RQ-170 drone that was lost over Iran back in 2011. So to stage a false-flag with what appears to be a Simorgh, all the plotters need do is repaint one of the CIA’s RQ-170s with Iranian markings, replace the surveillance equipment package with a compact 10 kiloton warhead, and send it on its merry way. Such a strike would thus eventually be revealed as a joint CIA-Mossad false-flag conducted with a CIA drone and a Mossad warhead.

(7 December 2018) – As I continue looking into this thing, it is becoming clear that the false-flag nuking of the Stennis is meant to scare Europe into joining a war in Lebanon and Syria (both these nations are purported to host Quds Force / Hezbollah missile factories). It will also play into the globalists prophecy fulfillment plan.

The Iranian missile that was tested last week was most likely the Khorramshahr, which is supposedly capable of carrying multiple warheads and may have an actual range of 2,500 km. This would put Rome within range of a Khorramshahr based in Lebanon…

…from Google Maps

And that particular development is interesting in light of one of the prophecies the globalists are trying to fulfill…

>>>the “kings of the earthgather in Rome, possibly during a papal conclave, and are killed by fiery stones or missiles from the sky. <<<

MIRVed warheads look like fiery stones falling from the sky, don’t they? And can you guess what’s happening early next year?…

>>> …a February conclave of world Catholic leaders meets in Rome [on the Church’s sexual abuse problem]…” – from WTOP.com <<<

So the Catholic “kings of the earth” will gather in a conclave in Rome from February 21-24, and their destruction by “Iranian” MIRVs would be a great lead-in to March, which is the next potential globalist climax point.

(28 December 2018) – Qasem Soleimani is set to be assassinated after the planned Israeli false-flags against the USS Stennis and/or Rome. This faked assassination will lead to his later “resurrection” as the recognized Imam Mahdi, in keeping with the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment plan.

SUBJECT: The false-flag “Houthi” cruise missile attack

I first wrote about the coming Israeli-Saudi-“US Deep State” false-flag attack on US and Israeli targets back in October of 2017. Here is a key section from that entry…

Saudi Arabia would move one or more black market ground-launched cruise missiles across the Yemeni border and sneak it into a sparsely populated part of Houthi-controlled territory (the Houthis are Iranian allies). At the appointed time, the Saudis would launch the missile(s) at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. The attack would cause heavy casualties. And in its immediate aftermath, the US military would claim that the missile wreckage was that of the Iranian-made Soumar ground-launched cruise missile, and that “intelligence suggests the Iranians smuggled them into Yemen in order to conduct a sneak attack on the base.”

To understand why this false-flag scenario fits the situation so perfectly, imagine (just like a false-flag plotter would) that you are an Iranian general preparing a strike against US forces in your region. Then ask yourself two questions…

Question 1: What is the most valuable target to strike?

The answer is a no-brainer: Al Udeid Air Base…

…from CNN. Here is an excerpt…

The base houses the forward headquarters of the US Air Force Central Command, Combined Air and Space Operations Center and the 379th Air Expedition Wing.

The Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC) oversees US military air power in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and 18 other nations, according to the Air Force.

Manned by personnel from the US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines as well as coalition partner countries, the CAOC is “the nerve center” of air campaigns across the region, according to the Air Force.”

Question 2: If your enemy is expecting a high-flying ballistic missile threat from his front, what do you actually hit him with?

With a low-flying cruise missile from behind him of course. And from the perspective of Qatar, what lies 180 degrees opposite of Iran? Houthi-controlled western Yemen…

…from Google Maps

By answering these two simple questions, you are given the target of the attack, the weapon to be used, and the launching point.

Here are some other reasons this scenario fits the situation so well…

> There was a well-publicized dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in recent months, and it centered around Qatar being too friendly with Iran. Before the situation calmed, Donald Trump supposedly stopped a Saudi attack on Qatar…

…from the Express (UK)

So this false-flag scenario would allow the Saudis to finally hit the Qataris (Qatari forces are also stationed at Al Udeid), and it would drive a wedge between Qatar and Iran (since Iran will be blamed for the strike). According to the bullsh*t geopolitical script (which exists to cover the actual globalist script), this attack would be a big, satisfying win for the Saudis.

> Saudi Arabian forces are currently in Yemen as combatants in their civil war. This means they can move things across the Saudi-Yemeni border at will, and they have a deep understanding of the situation on the ground there. It would therefore be quite easy for them to smuggle cruise missiles into the country and then sneak them into a poorly defended part of Houthi territory (shown in green)…

…from Wikipedia

> There is a well-developed propaganda narrative which states that Iran is smuggling weapons into Yemen (which they probably are, since they have to support their allies). Recently, the propaganda has stated that they are smuggling “increasingly potent weapons”…

…from Google News

So it will be easy to sell the public on the idea that Iran smuggled some cruise missiles in (which they probably haven’t). Cruise missiles are considerably smaller than ballistic missiles, and they require no big, specialized equipment to transport or launch them (a 40-foot cargo container and an improvised railing system will do). This makes them ideal for the purposes of this false-flag.

And sure enough, just two months after I wrote this, the press took the next step in the preparatory propaganda rollout for the attack…

…from Google News (top, bottom)

These news stories served to establish that the Houthis supposedly have a large number of Soumar cruise missiles, thus giving them the MEANS to sneak-attack Al Udeid AB. And since there are now rumors that America has moved / is moving their Combined Air Operations Center from Al Udeid AB to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, it too has become a target.

As for the MOTIVE for “Iran” firing missiles at those places “through their Houthi proxy forces,” this is good for starters…

…from Jerusalem Online. This adds Israel to the list of cruise missile targets as well.

Now all that’s left for the globalists to do is create the OPPORTUNITY for the false-flag. More Iranian-killing air strikes in Syria by either the US or Israel would do…

…from ABC.net.au

“Houthi desperation” caused by the seizure of their key port would also work…

…from Eyewitness News


Here is news that came out recently to remind people that the “Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen” have been firing missiles at their enemies: Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen fire missiles at Saudi capital.

And here is some more news that started showing up recently: US special forces secretly deployed to assist Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict. This US special forces presence near the Houthis serves two purposes…

  1. It establishes a reason for the Houthis to fire missiles at American bases. Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, and/or the Eskan Village Compound in Saudi Arabia may be targeted in the false-flag.
  2. It provides expert American personnel on the ground to assist the Saudis in firing off the cruise missiles that will be used in the attack. Since the Iranian Soumar cruise missile is a copy of the Soviet KH-55, the false-flag will likely utilize KH-55s that the Israelis have modified for ground launch and decorated with Iranian markings.

SUBJECT: North Korean Submarines and Nuclear 9/11

A reader sent me a link to this…

…from DongA.com

This news about a potential Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) test is notable in that it establishes public awareness of a means by which a regional EMP strike on America can be staged. To see what I mean, have a look at this section from a 2013 propaganda piece on North Korea’s missile technology and EMP threat…

“An EMP warhead launched from the Gulf of Mexico, detonated at an altitude of 400 kilometers (250 miles) could shutdown America’s vital electric grids. A more modest EMP strike launched from a ship in the Atlantic, could easily detonate a super-EMP warhead at a 30-kilometer altitude (19 miles). This is high enough to cover an area of 600 kilometers (375 miles), and could take down the eastern portion of America’s electric grid, which alone provides 70 percent of America’s electric power supply.” – From the London Center for Policy Research (Michael Flynn’s old outfit)

So if the North Koreans do an SLBM test in the days ahead, the public will be reminded that they have such a capability, and that fresh awareness will afford the globalists the option of blaming a North Korean SLBM fired from the Atlantic for the EMP event. The test would also bring attention to the “threat” posed by North Korean subs in general.

Now let’s take a moment to think through the different options for the “Dual Strike-Double Tap” attacks on New York and Washington, DC…

For the dual nuclear strike on the cities, the best option remains the nuke-carrying minisub or swimmer delivery vehicle (SDV) approach I first outlined back in April

In New York, a small “North Korean” sub or SDV loaded with a nuclear weapon would travel submerged up the East River, surface right next to the UN, then pop off its nuke. The same thing would happen on the Potomac River in Washington. The “Deep State” would ensure that the defenses are down in both places, just like they did for the first 9/11.

The reason this is the best approach is that the nuclear explosions would happen with no warning, thus catching Trump, Congress, and the UN staff above ground. If they were to instead use seaborne or land-based ballistic or cruise missiles for the strikes, there would be somewhere between 5 to 30 minutes of warning, giving Trump and perhaps Congress time to evacuate the strike zone or get to a bunker.

For the Double Tap element of the attack (the nuclear explosions being the first tap, and the EMP strike being the second), there are three ways to do it…

> With one or more SLBMs fired from one or more of North Korea’s “missing subs.”

> With one or both of North Korea’s “EMP satellites,” KMS-3-2 and KMS-4. Each of these satellites passes over the United States 2-3 times per day. So to stage a regional EMP strike, they’d have to give commands to the satellite to adjust its orbit so it would fly over the Northeast and descend to a lower altitude.

> With an ICBM that our missile defenses can’t stop, either because the interceptors fail (the reports of the recent failure of Saudi Arabia’s American missile interceptors are preparatory propaganda for this) or it is flown over the South Pole instead of the North Pole (the preparatory propaganda for this is offered by the London Center article we just looked at)…

“The North has been given technology assistance by Russia, via Iran, concerning what the former Soviet Union developed in the 1960s, the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System (FOBS).

FOBS could launch a weapon from North Korea into a satellite orbit passing over the south polar region, suddenly descending into the U.S. on a track outside the cone of coverage of our current land-based missile defense radars. Our radars were deployed to deflect an ICBM attack passing over the north polar region.”

As I’ve mentioned before, a sub-orbital nuclear EMP explosion would have some scattered effects on electrical systems within the targeted area. But the vast majority of the system shutdowns would come from the globalist microchip kill codes broadcast immediately after the nuclear pulse.

Interestingly, if the globalists follow the “blow their fu*king minds” path, they might also broadcast “wake codes” to resurrect first the power grid, then the bricked electrical devices (once they receive power). These “magical repairs” would be carried out by the fake ETs using “advanced technology beyond current human understanding” (a microwave transmitter and a keypad).

Like it or not, fake aliens / GMO humans / glopps (globalist pod persons) WILL show up sooner or later. It is a necessary part of the prophecy fulfillment plan. That’s why they’ve invested so much time and money into science fiction programming and UFO disclosure.


Here’s another thing I’ve been thinking about: if “Kim Jong-Un” nukes Washington, DC and New York, would he (or the “Deep State” using him as cover) leave Tokyo and Seoul untouched? There is a good possibility that all four cities would be targeted. In Asian numerology, 4 is a number associated with death.

So what would happen to Beijing?

The American counterstrike would definitely take out Pyongyang, but it won’t likely target Beijing even if the Chinese are fighting on the North Korean side. Nuking Beijing in the immediate counterstrike would trigger a full-scale nuclear war, and the globalists don’t want that. They want the short (14 day or less) war to build towards a climax in which full-scale nuclear war is imminent, and that’s when the “Progressive Deep State good guys” will step in to stop it by taking down President Pence.

Once it’s over, China’s three main rivals in Asia (the US, Japan and South Korea) would be greatly weakened. This would be the globalists’ New World Order inaugural gift to the Chinese. But who will be the Chinese leader who accepts the gift, Xi Jinping or Li Keqiang? Will Xi be ousted over the damage China suffers from the war like I’ve been expecting?

The Jewish UN Under-Secretary-General Jeffrey Feltman visited North Korea from Tuesday to Friday last week. He may have been there to give Kim Jong Un new instructions. Is this the beginning of a globalist retreat? Only time will tell.

I just ran across some chatter on the net about the Arab states moving in unison away from the petrodollar and towards the petroyuan to punish the US for its Jerusalem move. Will this be discussed at the Turkey summit this Wednesday? And RT is featuring an article that talks about a BRICS move to get their gold standard going. Those are some mighty ominous economic storm clouds on the horizon.