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NOTE: Today’s (1/16) update is a little further down (in blue).

(14-16 January 2022) – Why February through April is so important to the globalists

After the ridiculous number of difficulties I’ve faced in my private life over the past month, I find myself feeling better than I have in a long time. I also find myself very much in the mood to go straight for the jugular of the globalists’ plans for February through April. So let’s begin by looking at why that time period is so key to their “End Times” stageplay. And once this core information is out, I’ll construct a guide entry around it (which should be understandable to everyone) and a timetable for tracking their attempt to manifest their (arid) wet dream.

Here goes…

As you can read about in The “End Times” Deception, the globalists are attempting to stage TWO Christian Tribulation periods

  1. The first one will feature a Communist Antichrist who will be defeated (this Feb-April) by an apparent savior. This apparent savior (who is secretly the “Nazionist Antichrist”) will build a New World Order and lead it for 3.5 years before being defeated by another apparent savior, Vladimir Putin. This Tribulation will be billed as “Satan’s Great Deception,” because it is intended to lead to the world accepting Putin as the “returned Jesus Christ.”
  2. The second one will feature Vladimir Putin posing as Jesus, changing the NWO in a crowd-pleasing way, and openly leading it for 3.5 years (it will turn very nasty by the end of his rule). This second Tribulation will be billed as the “God’s Real Tribulation,” because the globalists want you to accept the person they put forward to defeat Putin as the “real Jesus Christ.”

Each of these Tribulation periods will last for two 3.5-year prophecy periods, totalling 7 years. And these two 7-year Tribulations can run consecutively, with a gap between them, or OVERLAP. In the current implementation timetable, they overlap…

In the next section, I’ll tell you why they’re currently planned to overlap. I’ll also tell you why you’ll see TWO Antichrists “stand in the holy place” in the years ahead

  1. Trump/Pence/Kushner in “Moses’ original tabernacle” this March/April, and
  2. Putin in the rebuilt Jewish Temple in 2025.

(If you are a new reader and don’t understand what I mean by this, stick with me. By the time I finish the Guide, you’ll get it.)

Until I post again, read this section from 13-14 December 2021 update. It hints at why 2022-2029 is currently planned to be the time period of “God’s Real Tribulation”…

What do 20 April 2022, 1 October 2025, and 13 April 2029 have in common? – They may be the key fulfillment dates during the globalist-staged 7-year Tribulation, because…

April 20, 2022 is the day in Passover 2022
that is separated by 1260 days from
October 1, 2025, which is the day Yom Kippur begins in 2025
that is separated by 1290 days from
April 13, 2029, which is the day of the Apophis asteroid “impact.”

~ MORE – 15 January 2022 ~

The globalists have spent decades propagandizing Christians to expect the Tribulation to unfold in the way they have planned. And in my past writings about the two-Tribulation deception, I noted that the globalists need not — and in fact cannot — engineer a perfect fulfillment of those expectations in the first Tribulation. They’ll get by with “passable fulfillments” instead. But in the second Tribulation (“God’s true Tribulation”), they will fulfill every expectation with precision, including hitting the exact numbers in the Bible that are interpreted as being part of the Tribulation timeline. Those number are 1260 days, 1290 days and 1335 days.

So this is why the February-April timeframe is so dangerous…

  1. It affords the globalists the opportunity to run a 1260-day first half of the “real Tribulation” that will begin during the 2022 Jewish spring holidays and end during the 2025 Jewish fall holidays,
  2. it allows them to run a 1290-day second half of the “real Tribulation” that ends on the exact day of the next Apophis asteroid flyby, and
  3. it permits them to launch their Kabbalah Christ’s “Millennial Kingdom” 45 days after the “asteroid day climax” on the 1335-day mark.

This would provide a perfect fulfillment of the biblical numbers.

~ MORE – 16 January 2022 ~

Now if we look at the Bible verses in which the numbers appear…

Revelation Chapter 12 offers a “prophetic vision” which features a 1260-day period that begins right after the “Dragon”/”Satan” and his angels are cast down to the Earth. The globalist prophecy propagandists will claim that this vision represents “the time when Satan’s spirit comes down to Earth to indwell the Antichrist and start the 7-year Tribulation,” thus attaching the 1260 days to the first half of the Tribulation.

Daniel Chapter 12 offers another “prophetic vision” — supposedly caused by an “angel” appearing to the “prophet” — which says this…

Daniel 12:11 – And from the time the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination of desolation set up, there will be 1,290 days.

This verse refers to “the Antichrist’s desecration of the Jewish Temple” (by either standing in the holy place of the Temple himself or having an object placed there, such as a counterfeit Ark of the Covenant). Globalist prophecy doctrine holds that this desecration will occur in the middle of the 7 years, so this ties the 1290 days to the second half of the Tribulation. And both the 1290 days and the 7-year Tribulation will end with the arrival of the globalist-selected “Jesus Christ” to defeat the “Antichrist” (on the day of the asteroid flyby).

If the globalists stick to this timeline, the first Tribulation desecration of the Temple will occur on 20 April 2022 (during this year’s Passover holiday period). And to make the fulfillment possible, they may “miraculously discover” Moses’ original tabernacle, which would be placed upon the Temple Mount after the war. If it’s counterfeit and “Satanically bewitched,” the entire tabernacle and its contents being erected over the former location of the Second Temple’s holy place could turn out to be the planned desecration.

In the very next verse of Daniel Chapter 12, we are told this…

Daniel 12:12 Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.

This verse implies that the 1335th day after the Temple desecration will bring something wonderful. And this would most likely be the start of the Kabbalah Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, thus giving “Jesus” 45 days to defeat the Antichrist, provide needed aid after the battle, and explain to the world what just happened (according to the globalist-penned “official story”).

(3 January 2022) – Howdy, all: If you were wondering about my recent “disappearance” and failures to respond, it was because I was dying from the illness I mentioned back around the 17th. I was totally out of it, and taking care of my son was the only thing I could manage. But things took a turn back towards life a few days ago when I finally felt hunger for the first time in weeks. And now I am eating to regain my mind and stamina.

Looking back now upon the totality of the experience, I’m left wondering if it was an illness or a purification. I’ve come out of it with so many positive changes.

I’ll try to write short notes from time-to-time until my writing ability returns to normal. And the current globalist event track starts with the Beijing Olympics (early February) and runs through Passover (April 23). Communism will fall to the false saviors during that time. ~ Ken


(19 December 2021) – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has been cast as one of the “two witnesses” from Revelation 11

Another piece of the “End Times” puzzle fell into place today. And let’s start by looking at Revelation 11:3-12

3 And I will empower my two witnesses, and they will prophesy for 1,260 days, clothed in sackcloth.”

4 These witnesses are the two olive trees and the two lampstands that stand before the Lord of the earth. 5 If anyone wants to harm them, fire proceeds from their mouths and devours their enemies. In this way, anyone who wants to harm them must be killed. 6 These witnesses have power to shut the sky so that no rain will fall during the days of their prophecy, and power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they wish.

The Witnesses Killed and Raised

7 When the two witnesses have finished their testimony, the beast that comes up from the Abyss will wage war with them, and will overpower and kill them. 8 Their bodies will lie in the street of the great city—figuratively called Sodom and Egypt—where their Lord was also crucified. 9 For three and a half days all peoples and tribes and tongues and nations will view their bodies and will not permit them to be laid in a tomb. 10 And those who dwell on the earth will gloat over them, and will celebrate and send one another gifts, because these two prophets had tormented them.

11 But after the three and a half days, the breath of life from God entered the two witnesses, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell upon those who saw them. 12 And the witnesses heard a loud voice from heaven saying, “Come up here.” And they went up to heaven in a cloud as their enemies watched them.

I’ve long suspected that Vigano is one of the witnesses, so I took a minute today to find out when he started his “crusade against the Satanic Establishment” and did a little math…

On August 25, 2018, Vigano published an 11-page letter accusing Pope Francis and numerous other senior church leaders of concealing allegations of sexual misconduct against former cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Vigano stated that Pope Benedict XVI imposed sanctions on McCarrick in response to accusations that were made against him, but that Pope Francis refused to enforce them and that he made McCarrick an important advisor. Vigano called on Francis to resign. The letter provoked diverse reactions within the church, with some expressing support for the allegations and calling for further investigation and others defending Francis, questioning the statements made in the letter, and attacking Vigano’s credibility. After the publication of the letter, Vigano continued to issue public statements. – from Wikipedia

If you count forward 1260 days from August 25, 2018, you land on February 5, 2022, the day after the Beijing Winter Olympics begin. And we have previously noted some things that point to the Olympics being a crisis period (see the 6-7 December updates further down this page). So February 5 is the day Vigano’s death will be faked.

Now I’ll start looking for another dissident voice who began to speak out around the same time Vigano did.

(15-17 December 2021) – I’ve found no news indicating that Biden has signed the debt limit increase today. Congress worked into the early morning to get the bill to Biden’s desk, but instead of sticking around and signing it, he flew off to Kentucky to make a pointless visit to areas hit by tornadoes. Are they setting something up for tomorrow?

~ MORE ~

Putin and Xi held a virtual meeting today focused on “countering US and EU interference in their affairs.” So if something happens tomorrow that sets the dominoes falling in the West, it will appear that Putin and Xi were behind it.

According to the script for this part of the “End Times” stageplay, it will be the “Satanic Deep State” that attacks the West so they can blame Putin and Xi and take them down (with the assistance of their “Deep State” allies in Russia and China).

~ MORE – 16 December 2021 (early AM) ~

Something strange is going on. I’ve been blocked from accessing WhiteHouse.gov — I was able to get through only after using a VPN. And I found that not only is there no mention of Biden signing the debt limit increase today, but there are also references to this: Biden targets drug traffickers with new executive orders. The Chinese-South American drug nexus targeted by today’s executive orders is what the Nazionists will point to when narrating how the Operation Blackjack nukes got into America (the commies will blame Russia and their intelligence services and mafia for smuggling them in).

~ MORE ~

Congress also passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Wednesday, and it too has yet to be signed. Upon checking Biden’s schedule for Thursday, both he AND Kamala Harris will attend a White House ceremony to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to three servicemen. Does he also intend to sign the NDAA and debt limit increase at that 1:30 PM EST ceremony? Will Nancy Pelosi and the leaders of Congress also attend?

If there’s going to be an attack on Washington today, it will happen sometime around 1:30. And it will take out the national leadership before Biden signs the NDAA and debt ceiling increase, leaving the entire US government (including the military) broke. Any US government activity that happens after that would take place under presidential “emergency powers” exercised by whoever ends up being the top surviving successor. Could it be Blinken or Yellen (both Jews)?

~ MORE (expanded to include occult indicators) ~

As I continue to look deeper into this setup, three preparatory pieces of recent news come to mind. The first two involve Donald Trump…

  1. Trump publicly chastised Netanyahu for recognizing Biden as president after the stolen election, and
  2. Trump publicly chastised Senate Republican leader McConnell for giving in to the Democrats on the debt limit, thus implying that he would have preferred to see the government default in order to deny the Biden-Harris communist revolutionary government any continued funding.

The post-attack continuation of the Biden-Harris regime will point to these things in blaming Trump and Putin (and their supporters) for the attack(s)…

“Still furious and in denial over his election loss, Trump turned to Putin for support in taking down the government with terrorist nuclear attacks.”

In the third bit of news, reports have circulated that Biden has been denying Israeli requests for support in attacking Iran. So later on in the stageplay, a case can be made that Israel was behind the attack that killed Biden and the first three successors to the presidency: Harris, Pelosi, and Leahy (all three will likely be at the signing ceremony)…

It will be said — after the arrival of the Kabbalah Christ — that Israel did this so a Rothschild-aligned Jew would take the presidency and provide the support necessary for the Iran attack.

And can you guess who is suddenly on his way back to Washington (ahead of schedule)?…

…from Google

My partner Onnabugeisha has looked at the occult side of December 16 and found indicators that would support the globalist scripting of an attack on Washington, DC AND New York City (if not the entire Western world)…

December 16 was the final day of the 546 Siege of Rome. The next day, Rome was sacked by the Ostrogoths thanks to assistance from traitors inside of Rome’s walls.

In the globalist historical narrative, the USA is the current incarnation of the Roman Empire, and it must fall in order for the Global Roman Empire (the “reformed” UN) to rise like a phoenix from its ashes.

December 16 was the day in 1835 that the Great Fire of New York began [1,2]. It started at an intersection of Wall Street and devastated the financial district. The flames could be seen from Philadelphia, 80 miles away.

There is a good chance that if they blow up the governmental center of the US today, they’ll also hit its financial center. Of course, UN Headquarters is another target they intend to hit, so that could be thrown in as well. Operation Blackjack may be triggered in its entirety.

It should be remembered that today is also Shemini Atzeret Day 2 of Essene Hanukkah (if recognized as Sukkot), the day when “God’s judgment” is delivered to the people of the world (outside of Israel).

Ha! Aborted! Biden signs debt ceiling increase, preventing first-ever U.S. default

~ MORE ~

We won today, but tomorrow is another danger day. I’ve seen no indications that Biden signed the NDAA today (which targets China, and which China would like to stop). And they’ve found excuses to keep Congress in town on Friday.

~ MORE – 17 December 2021 ~

It looks like we’ll be alright today. Biden beat feet out of Washington bright and early (7:10 AM).

(13-14 December 2021) – What do 20 April 2022, 1 October 2025, and 13 April 2029 have in common? – They may be the key fulfillment dates during the globalist-staged 7-year Tribulation, because…

April 20, 2022 is the day in Passover 2022
that is separated by 1260 days from
October 1, 2025, which is the day Yom Kippur begins in 2025
that is separated by 1290 days from
April 13, 2029, which is the day of the Apophis asteroid “impact.”

Tomorrow I’ll show you the significance of all this. Until then, review the third part of the 8 December update (which is a little further down the page).

~ MORE – 14 December 2021 ~

I won’t have time to concentrate and write until later today. So until then, have a look at part three of the 8 December update…

Prophecy propaganda chatter I’ve been observing is suggesting the possibility of a shortened, hybrid timetable for the arrival of the Kabbalah Christ. It would involve…

  1. the rise of the Nazionist Antichrist and the New World Order during the spring Jewish holidays of 2022.
    …and after 3.5 years pass…
  2. the takeover of the NWO by “Final Antichrist” Putin during the fall Jewish holidays of 2025.
    …and after 3.5 years pass…
  3. Putin and the NWO placing an AI in charge of the global government during the spring Jewish holidays of 2029. This will be done in advance of the “Apophis asteroid impact with Earth” about a week later, since “an AI can impartially and better manage the aftermath of the strike.” This AI will supposedly be “Satan himself,” and the “asteroid strike” will actually be the arrival of “Jesus Christ and his angels.”

If they follow this timetable, the globalist-selected “real Jesus Christ” will arrive on Friday, April 13, 2029.

I’ll cover this timetable in detail over the weeks ahead (until there’s nothing left of it but a smoking hole in cyberspace). But if you want to get an overview of the globalist scripting that will give rise to this scenario, listen to this 2+ hour Mike Adams interview of David Wilcock. In it, Wilcock lays out the “Satan has become AI” narrative.

Also have a gander at Revelation 12 and Daniel 12 to see where the 1260-day and 1290-day time periods come from. There is also (in Daniel) a 1335-day time period that marks the launch of the Kabbalah Christ’s Millennial Kingdom, 45 days after his April 13, 2029 arrival.

(13 December 2021) – Pre-Julian Saturnalia and the “Ten Days of Darkness”

On 1 January 45 BC, Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar into the Julian calendar, and the reforms included adding two more days to the month of December. Since the holiday of Saturnalia was defined by counting 16 days backwards from January 1 (with January 1 counting as the first of the 16), the two extra days caused Saturnalia to be moved from December 15 to December 17…

As an observance of state religion, Saturnalia was supposed to have been held ante diem xvi Kalendas Ianuarias, sixteen days before the Kalends of January, on the oldest Roman religious calendar, which the Romans believed to have been established by the legendary founder Romulus and his successor Numa Pompilius. It was a dies festus, a legal holiday when no public business could be conducted. The day marked the dedication anniversary (dies natalis) of the Temple to Saturn in the Roman Forum in 497 BC. When Julius Caesar had the calendar reformed because it had fallen out of synchronization with the solar year, two days were added to the month, and Saturnalia fell on 17 December. It was felt, however, that the original day had thus been moved by two days, and so Saturnalia was celebrated under Augustus as a three-day official holiday encompassing both dates.

By the late Republic, the private festivities of Saturnalia had expanded to seven days, but during the Imperial period contracted variously to three to five days. Caligula extended official observances to five.

The date 17 December was the first day of the astrological sign Capricorn, the house of Saturn, the planet named for the god. Its proximity to the winter solstice (21 to 23 December on the Julian calendar) was endowed with various meanings by both ancient and modern scholars: for instance, the widespread use of wax candles (cerei, singular cereus) could refer to “the returning power of the sun’s light after the solstice”. – from Wikipedia

So “true, original, pre-Julian” Saturnalia falls on December 15 on the Julian calendar. And December 15 on the Julian calendar is December 28 on the Gregorian calendar, which is the same day that “Month-Off” Hanukkah begins.

Putting this together with the “Ten Days of Darkness” propaganda narrative, we get this…

Meanwhile, Tom Horn’s disinformation site SkyWatchTV continues to churn out the “Return of Saturn” preparatory propaganda. They’re already up to Part 7…

…from SkyWatchTV.com

They’re laying down this propaganda so people will see the coming “Saturn” character as the Antichrist, thus aiding “Final Antichrist” Putin in gaining the public’s acceptance as the “true savior.” Later, when the script calls for it, they’ll help expose Putin as the Final Antichrist and they’ll fall on their knees for the Kabbalah Christ.

By the way, the Capricorn astrological sign, ruled by Saturn, begins on December 21 this year (the same day as the winter solstice). So the time period from December 21 through Orthodox Christmas will feature The Saturn Show, which will plunge the world deep into fear and darkness before presenting us with relief and false light.

(12 December 2021) – WHAT TO WATCH FOR THIS WEEK

> Biden has signed the bill to fast track the process of raising the debt limit, but Congress must still pass another bill to actually do the deed by the supposed “deadline” (Wednesday the 15th). So we must continue to watch for a big event that will both disable the Congress and create a massive money suck on the federal budget. According to the NWO transition script, America’s adversaries are motivated to cause a US debt default in order to hobble our ability to make war and bring down the “American Empire.”

> While news of tornadoes dominates the headlines, a massive computer hacker war targeting the world’s servers (and the data they store) is underway. Watch for real world consequences of this to manifest soon. The globalists can script this into a “Cyber Tyler Durden Moment” if they wish.

> Watch for a potential provocation from the Israelis that would trigger the start of an intifada in Jerusalem on Tuesday. The uprising may also be started without a provocation and blamed on “the Iranians showing the Israelis that they can touch them too” in advance of the nuclear diplomacy deadline this Friday.

As you can see on the event calendar a little further down, Tuesday through Friday are danger days…

  • Tuesday (from sunset of Monday till sunset of Tuesday) is the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Tevet, the day in Jewish history that Jerusalem came under siege by the Neo-Babylonian Empire. This siege led to the destruction of the First Temple (Solomon’s Temple). The globalists may use this day as a scripting cue to start an Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Jerusalem which may end with the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque.
  • Wednesday and Thursday are Shemini Atzeret Days 1 and 2 if you observe Essene Hanukkah as Sukkot. These two days could bring “God’s (unfavorable) Judgment” to the people of America and the world.
  • Friday is the deadline for “Iran to show they’re serious about returning to the nuclear deal” before “options other than diplomacy” may come into play. It is also Gregorian Saturnalia Day 1.

While we’re on the subject of Saturnalia, I’ve found a notable correlation between the original, pre-Julian Saturnalia, “Month-Off Hanukkah,” December 28, and the “10 Days of Darkness” propaganda narrative. Basically, original Saturnalia and the sunset start of Month-Off Hanukkah both occur on December 28. So if you stage a scary event on December 28 and count it as the First Day of Darkness, the Tenth Day of Darkness is Orthodox Christmas Eve. So Orthodox Christmas Day would be “the day the Light returns to the world” (Saturn’s Light). I’ll explain all this in more detail tomorrow (events permitting).

(10 December 2021) – The globalists retreated from doing anything today, but they set this up on their way out…

…from Zero Hedge

If you look at the event calendar in the 30 November update, you’ll see that the three days that precede next Friday’s deadline are the danger days at the end of Essene Hanukkah. And the deadline day is Gregorian Saturnalia (Day 1). So the deadline could trigger “preemptive action from the Iranians” during the three danger days, or it could lead to an attack on Iran at the end of Saturnalia (around Christmas Day). Watch for possible trouble in Jerusalem on the 14th.

That being said, enjoy the weekend. We have our work cut out for us next week.

(30 November – 10 December 2021) – If we can push the globalists back just one more month, we will have frustrated them for another year. So to help achieve this, I’ve put together a calendar we can use to track them day-by-day through December…

I’ll build my December Overwatch entry around this calendar, and I’ll adjust it as they try to squirm their way into alternative scenarios. As things currently stand, I expect the leading edge of the Big Event to hit this Friday, with the transition into the full “commie” sh*tshow happening by Tuesday. Our Nazionist false savior should then enter the stage mid-month.

If you are a new reader and don’t understand what’s on the calendar, read the section titled Your Guide to Understanding Nuclear 9/11, which is a little further down the page.

~ MORE ~

After completing the calendar, I noticed something: Saturnalia is listed as a seven-day festival, just like Sukkot. So…

  • if you tack a “Roman version” 2-day “Shemini Atzeret” to the end of Gregorian Saturnalia, you land on Christmas, and
  • if you tack on the same two days to Julian Saturnalia, you land on Orthodox Christmas.

That said, if the globalists are unable to hit the two Hanukkahs, they might attempt to pull some Saturnalia-Sukkot connection out of their as$es and hit the two Saturnalias instead (the Roman version of Sukkot would be oriented to the “god” Saturn). I’ve therefore added this potential backup plan to the calendar to save them from embarrassing themselves.

~ MORE ~

Ha! Look at what I just ran across…

…from the SkyWatch TV Store

It looks like I’m too late to save them from making fools of themselves; they’re already setting up for Saturnalia. According to Amazon, this book came out this month (November 15, 2021), and its author is a member of Tom Horn’s prophecy propaganda mill “SkyWatch TV.” I’ll therefore give the Saturnalia scenario full coverage.

~ MORE – 1 December 2021 ~

The globalists have set the stage for Biden to go “full COVID tyrant” tomorrow and crash the government. Just look at the setup…

So tomorrow will be the day the globalists either set the dominos falling or push the delay button once more. If they want the dominos to fall, Biden may do one or more of the following…

  • call for state and local shutdowns and lockdowns, blaming the necessity of such measures on the antivaxers and Omicron’s early arrival;
  • order domestic travel restrictions, possibly including air travel bans and interstate travel bans;
  • file and win emergency court appeals (based on the “Omicron crisis”) to put his mandates back into effect; and
  • override the courts with “presidential emergency powers” to put his mandates into effect and/or compel “vaccinations for all” and “total nationwide compliance with CDC guidelines.”

We can expect the new restrictions to especially target “low compliance states” (Republican “red states”), perhaps even going so far as to effectively blockade them. This will give rise to the made-for-TV civil war.

But if the globalists opt for another delay, Biden will give a bland speech calling for more people to get vaccinated and laying out new restrictions for foreign travel. And we’ll know if we’re in for a long or short delay by watching what Congress does on Friday. If they cut a deal to keep the government funded into early next year, we’ve won December. But if they let a shutdown happen, they may make another attempt to stage the Big Event at the end of Essene Hanukkah (midmonth).

I’ll continue coverage in the morning, when we’ll look at why the globalists had the controlled alt-media undercut the Western nations’ Omicron narrative last weekend.

~ MORE – 2 December 2021 ~

On Monday, November 29, the globalists had their Western mainstream media wing narrating that the world was shutting down again as the WHO warned of the severe hazards posed by the “Omicron variant”…

…from CNBC

And on that same day, they had their controlled alt-media wing undermining that narrative. Here are two examples from one of their main disinformation sites…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

Contrary to the panicmongering unleashed by western mainstream media, Barry Schoub, chairman of the Ministerial Advisory Committee on Vaccines, told Sky News on Sunday that while South Africa, which first identified the new variant, currently has 3,220 people with the coronavirus infection overall and while the variant does appear to be spreading rapidly, there’s been no real uptick in hospitalizations

“The cases that have occurred so far have all been mild cases, mild-to-moderate cases, and that’s a good sign,” said Schoub, adding that it was still early days and nothing was certain yet.

Most importantly, and running counter to the fearmongering narrative being pumped out 24/7 by the mainstream media, Schoub said that the large number of mutations found in the omicron variant appears to destabilize the virus, which might make it less “fit” than the dominant delta strain.

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

Having set off the latest global COVID panic, this time focusing on the omicron strain, which was hastily labeled a variant of concern by the WHO over the long holiday weekend in the US, South Africa’s top epidemiologists now find themselves in the awkward position of having to walk back all – or at least some – of the hysteria first unleashed by news of the omicron variant…

Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chairwoman of the South African Medical Association, affirmed Monday that while the omicron variant appears to spread more quickly than earlier strains, its symptoms appear to be less severe, meaning the new strain – while more infectious – might also prove less deadly than the delta strain, which is the most dominant COVID strain on the planet right now.

According to the controlled alt-media narrative, “the Chinese Communist Party are behind the COVID bioweapon, and they are having their sold-out Western leaders and the commie-run mainstream media, UN and WHO use it to destroy the West.” So the globalists are having their alt-media guys expose the falsity of the Omicron narrative so as many people as possible will think that the coming global lockdown “isn’t about COVID at all, it’s about a communist takeover of the world.” And with that idea implanted in people’s heads, they’ll more easily fall for the savior deception that will follow. “The commies are the bad guys, and the people who save us from the commies are the good guys,” — that’s what they want you to believe.

But there are no “good guys” and “bad guys”; there is only the globalist Right Hand and Left Hand. And they are working together to pull a magic trick on us.

~ MORE ~

My partner Onnabugeisha has informed me that December 5 (the first DANGER day on the event calendar) is the 69th anniversary of the Great Smog of London, an air pollution event that killed between 4,000-12,000 people in 1952. So if the globalists wove this historical parallel into the Event script, we could see an attempt at an aerosolized bioweapon attack on Sunday, likely employing smallpox. Will Operation Blackjack be nuclear, biological, or both?

Of course, we must continue to watch today and in the coming days for the possibility of smallpox cases arising from Thanksgiving. If that shows up in the news, we’re toast.

~ MORE ~

Things are looking good. Biden’s Omicron measures were toothless, and it appears that Congress has reached a deal to fund the government through February 18. We may have won December and the year. But we must maintain vigilance for news that “Omicron is more deadly” or “smallpox cases appear”; either of those headlines could change things in an instant.

I’ll maintain overwatch for the rest of the month, of course, but I’ll also launch a new initiative: a search for a nice demi-sec champagne for my New Year’s Eve celebration of a successful 2021 cockblock.

~ MORE ~

LMAO. As it turns out, the just-passed continuing resolution to keep the government funded past Friday night did nothing to address the debt ceiling. So can you guess when we’ll hit the ceiling?…

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen estimates that the government will run out of money on Dec. 15, an extension from the previous deadline of Dec. 3. – from CNN

If you look at the event calendar, December 15 is Essene Hanukkah Day 8 — the day of God’s judgment. So they are using Essene Hanukkah as a backup for the bad events, which would mean they’ll use Saturnalia to bring in “Saturn” as our savior (for Christmas).

So it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow. And over the weekend, we’ll look at the other places the Event could kick off: Israel during Hanukkah, the Azerbaijan-Iran border, the Russia-Ukraine border, the South China Sea & Taiwan, and the Koreas. There are 29 days until I can drink my champagne.

~ MORE – 3 December 2021 ~

The Antarctic solar eclipse starts after midnight in Washington, DC, with the moment of greatest eclipse happening at 2:34 AM Washington time. Will they use the occasion to kill off Biden to start the month’s festivities?…

…from today’s Drudge Report

And once “commie” Kamala takes over presidential powers, will the commies move immediately or build tension till the 15th? Having the “president” die of a “lightning-fast deadly strain of COVID” would provide a nice excuse for Kamala to go full COVID tyrant.

By the way, tomorrow is Saturday (“Saturn’s Day“)

…from Wikipedia

The Romans named Saturday Sāturni diēs (“Saturn’s Day”) no later than the 2nd century for the planet Saturn, which controlled the first hour of that day, according to Vettius Valens.

Tomorrow is also the 4th (the number of death in communist China).

~ MORE – 4 December 2021 ~

The globalists have scheduled “the return of the god Saturn” for early next month (January 5-7, 2022)…

I’ll cover all the details in the afternoon/evening.

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Before I can tell you why they’ve scheduled Saturn’s return for Orthodox Christmas, we need to cover a few basics about Saturnalia and “Hanukkah as Sukkot”…

Saturnalia was an ancient Roman festival and holiday in honour of the god Saturn, held on 17 December of the Julian calendar and later expanded with festivities through to 23 December. The holiday was celebrated with a sacrifice at the Temple of Saturn…

It held theological importance for some Romans, who saw it as a restoration of the ancient Golden Age, when the world was ruled by Saturn. – from Wikipedia

Now if you ignore the Julian calendar part and simply celebrate Saturnalia on December 17-23, you’ll be partaking in what I call “Gregorian Saturnalia.” But if you decide to celebrate it in accordance with the Julian calendar, you’ll be partaking in “Julian Saturnalia” — the “real” Saturnalia — which runs from December 30 to January 5. This is because the Julian calendar is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian (so December 17 + 13 days = December 30).

The Russian Orthodox Church, which still celebrates its holidays in accordance with the Julian calendar, does Christmas on January 7 for the very same reason (December 25 + 13 days = January 7).

We must also remember that to make their scripted Big Event show look like the supernatural result of prophecies being fulfilled, the globalists are treating the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah this year as being the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which ends with “God’s judgment being delivered to the people of the world” on its 8th and 9th days. You can read more about this in the section titled Your Guide to Understanding Nuclear 9/11, which is a little further down this page.

That being said, let’s get to the meat.

In the 30 November update (below this one), I noted that the globalists have started to lay down prophecy propaganda about “the return of the god Saturn,” and I said…

…if the globalists are unable to hit the two Hanukkahs, they might attempt to pull some Saturnalia-Sukkot connection out of their as$es…

Well thanks to the brilliant and meticulous mind of my partner Onnabugeisha, I’ve been reminded that the connection has already been established.

In early October, we ran across a prophecy propaganda thread that claimed “the Jewish calendar is a month off,” and the source document on the subject listed the “actual” start date of this year’s Sukkot (the Feast of Tabernacles) as October 21. Well if we take that date and count forward the 69 days required to reach Hanukkah, we find that “Month-Off” Hanukkah Day 1 falls on December 29, the day before Julian Saturnalia starts.

So “Month-Off Hanukkah as Sukkot” overlaps Saturnalia! And Shemini Atzeret — the 8th and 9th days when “God’s judgment” is delivered — overlaps the end of Saturnalia, meaning “Saturn’s judgment” will be delivered!…

I’ll go into what this means after dinner.

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When the globalists cue the “Saturn” character to enter the stage, he (or she) will appear to save humanity from the massive economic and war crisis they are trying to start this month. And there are three candidates to play the role…

  1. “Zionist” Jared Kushner (fronted by Trump or Pence),
  2. “Nazi” Angela Merkel (“Hitler’s daughter”), or
  3. a GMO fake extraterrestrial we haven’t yet seen.

Kushner/Trump/Pence or Merkel would supposedly be indwelled by the spirit of Saturn, and he/she would command the Nazionist Space Force to stop the war and release technologies that can revive the global economy.

The GMO fake ET would pretend to be Saturn and would command his fleet of “alien” UFOs to do the same.

Given that Tom Horn’s “SkyWatch TV” propaganda mill has recently released a movie on the subject of “aliens” / “fallen angels” and the “Christian Watchmen” propaganda corps have been talking about “the Arrival” being imminent, the globalists may be leaning towards the ET scenario.

As for when the Big Crisis will start, it could happen as soon as tomorrow (Sunday the 5th) with the death of Biden at Camp David. And Onnabugeisha has identified occult cues that would support the scripting of an outbreak of war in Ukraine on the 6th and Taiwan on the 7th. Those days (sunset of the 5th through sunset of the 7th) are Shemini Atzeret for standard Jewish “Hanukkah as Sukkot” (see the event schedule in the 30 November update).

Given what happened last week, though, the globalists may have already pushed the start of the war back to the end of Essene Hanukkah (sunset of the 14th through sunset of the 16th). We’ll find out soon enough I guess. Sunset in Jerusalem tomorrow is at 4:35 PM (9:35 AM Camp David time).

~ WARNING – 5 December 2021 ~

After sunset in Washington DC today, a golden opportunity for a decapitation strike will present itself: the Bidens AND the Harrises will be attending the 44th Kennedy Center Honors…

…from Factba.se (top) and ABC News (bottom). Here is an excerpt from the ABC News article…

President Joe Biden will be in the house for the Kennedy Center Honors on Sunday.

Biden and first lady Jill Biden plan to take their seats in the presidential box in the performing arts center’s Opera House for a star-studded celebration of five artists: Motown Records creator Berry Gordy, “Saturday Night Live” mastermind Lorne Michaels, actress-singer Bette Midler, opera singer Justino Diaz and folk music legend Joni Mitchell.

Biden’s presence there tonight brings to mind two previous presidential assassinations…

> Biden, America’s second Catholic “president,” will be in a performing arts center named after the assassinated first Catholic president, JFK.

> Biden and wife will be seated in the presidential box of a theatre just like Abraham Lincoln was when he was assassinated.

> Biden and wife will be joined by Kamala Harris and husband; Abraham Lincoln was also joined by a woman named Harris…

Despite what [assassin John Wilkes] Booth had heard earlier in the day, Grant and his wife, Julia Grant, had declined to accompany the Lincolns, as Mary Lincoln and Julia Grant were not on good terms. Others in succession also declined the Lincolns’ invitation, until finally Major Henry Rathbone and his fiancee Clara Harris (daughter of U.S. Senator Ira Harris of New York) accepted. – from Wikipedia

It should also be noted that the Kennedy Center is situated right next to the Potomac River, so it is vulnerable to a sail-up nuke or nuclear tsunami attack…

And given that other people in the presidential line of succession will likely be in attendance, there will be quite a bit of confusion as to who has presidential authority in the aftermath of the attack. Meanwhile in Ukraine, it will be the dark early hours of Monday morning — a perfect time to launch an attack. And given that Biden and Putin are scheduled to have a video call on Ukraine on Tuesday, the decapitation strike and Ukraine attack would catch Washington by surprise (according to the script).

~ MORE ~

In yesterday’s update, I mentioned that…

…Onnabugeisha has identified occult cues that would support the scripting of an outbreak of war in Ukraine on the 6th and Taiwan on the 7th.

After this preface, I’ll share those cues with you…

The national and international dramas we see swirling around us now are part of the globalist “End Times” stageplay that’s being acted out for the public. And while the fundamental storyline of the play is set, the acting out of it is flexible, allowing for existing elements/scenes of the story to be reworked or removed and for new elements to be added – all on the fly.

It’s also important to know that the globalists are meticulous historians and superstitious followers of numerology and astrology, so they carefully choose the dates on which key scenes of the play are acted out. They align events with days of historical, numerological, and astrological significance. It is for this reason that I track such dates along with my partner, who has a knack for uncovering such things.

Now here we go…

December 6 is the day Vladimir Putin, born 7 October 1952, turns exactly 69 years and 60 days old (6960). Since numerologists allow themselves to ignore zeros and flip sixes and nines to make their numbers work, 6960 can represent 666, the Number of the Beast.

December 6 marks the 699th day (666) — or 99th week and 6th day (666) — since Putin went to Damascus on Orthodox Christmas to fulfill a Muslim prophecy that will allow him to pose as Isa (Jesus) to them. This happened on January 7, 2020.

December 6 marks exactly 500 weeks since Putin assumed the Russian presidency on 7 May 2012. In Strong’s Greek Bible Concordance, number 500 is “antichrist.”

So as you can see, Putin is flashing “Antichrist” like a neon sign tomorrow. And then there’s this…

December 6 is Armed Forces Day in Ukraine: For the entire Armed Forces of Ukraine, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on 6 December, with fireworks displays and gun salutes nationwide.”

If you put these December 6 cues together, they support the scripting of Putin conducting a false flag against Russian forces to give himself an excuse to invade Ukraine. As I’ve noted in previous updates, Putin wants eastern Ukraine because it used to be part of ancient Khazaria (see Vladimir Putin, the Jewish King of Restored Khazaria for more info on this).

And here’s what Onnabugeisha found for December 7…

December 7 is the anniversary of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought America into the ongoing Pacific conflict of World War 2.

December 7 is the day in 1949 that the Chinese Nationalist government fled to Taiwan. This marked the “end” of the Chinese Civil War, but no formal armistice or peace treaty was ever signed.

So these December 7 cues support the scripting of a preemptive Chicom attack on the US Navy that will allow the communists space to resume the civil war and follow the Nationalists to Taiwan to finish them off.

As I’ve previously noted, we may have already pushed them out of these dates, but I post this information anyway out of an abundance of caution.

(6 December 2021) – Should we be successful in pushing the globalists out of this month and out of Julian Saturnalia, we still won’t be out of the woods. The media have been laying down preparatory propaganda for next year that says, “Russia won’t attack Ukraine until late January or early February when the mud freezes.” [1,2]

In previous updates I’ve noted that I’ve seen the Olympics featured in a number of movies about big world crises (pandemics/zombies/aliens), though I can’t remember which ones. And it just so happens that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics begin in early February on the 4th. In tetraphobic China, this is a most odd day to choose for the start of a big event, since it effectively casts the Winter Games as the “Olympics of Death” or the “Doomed Olympics.”

It’s also notable that the Winter Games continue through February 20th, a time period that includes the Jewish holiday of Purim Katan (which runs from sunset of the 14th to sunset of the 15th). And for reasons I’ll explain next year, Purim Katan can be argued to be the “real” Purim, the day that commemorates the saving of the Jews from a Persian plot to exterminate them.

So do the globalists plan on running a “10 days of darkness” war from early in the Olympics till Purim Katan, the day of salvation? Or will Purim Katan be the day the IDF strikes Iran to “stop their plot to exterminate the Jews with nuclear weapons,” thus triggering the war against Israel?

We’ll have plenty of time to pick all that apart before we get there. Now back to December…

(7 December 2021) – LOL. The “X-date” — the day the US government can no longer pay its bills due to the debt ceiling — was set to coincide with the budget deadline on December 3th (near the end of standard Hanukkah). But Yellen waved her magic wand and moved it back to December 15 to give the globalists the flexibility to shut down the government at the end of Essene Hanukkah too. Now they are flourishing their wands to move it back again…

If we reach the X-date before the debt limit is raised, the federal government will be in default. However, it is very difficult to forecast the X-date, especially in COVID times. The Treasury Department’s most recent estimate is that it could be as soon as 15 December. However, in an earlier letter, Yellen mentioned December 3 as the X-date.

Other organizations put the X-date somewhere between mid-December and mid-February. – from Zero Hedge

So now they are giving themselves the flexibility to push back the X-date and shut down the government during the Winter Olympics to fulfill the scenario I covered yesterday.

It should be understood that they can twist, massage and fudge the numbers to crash the US government, the Chinese property bubble, the financial system, and the global markets whenever they wish. The time such things happen is determined by the agenda and the script, and nothing else. All the news in the meantime is used to fleece the shorts and longs in the markets.

~ MORE ~

The Senate Democrat and Republican leaders have reached a deal that may lead to the passing of a debt limit increase before the December 15 “deadline.” Passing the increase would signal a headlong retreat from 2021 by the globalists. But upon reading about the deal, I was reminded that the continuing resolution that keeps the government funded expires on February 18 (during the Winter Olympics). And if the globalists proceed with the February scenario, there may be no Congress left alive to authorize funding again. But we’ve got quite a head start on stomping their February plans.

“So let’s keep them queers on the run!”

(8 December 2021) – With Biden having freshly threatened Putin over Ukraine on Tuesday, he will gather with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and many members of Congress on Friday at Bob Dole’s funeral. It will take place at the Washington National Cathedral, miles from the safety of the White House bunker. Could a hit on that funeral prevent Congress from voting on the debt ceiling increase before the government supposedly runs out of money?

~ MORE ~

Just imagine if the funeral gets struck on Friday, and that night, another false-flag causes war to break out in Ukraine (on the morning of 12/11 local time). Mobilizing the US military for combat would create a black hole-sized money suck on the federal budget, especially if China joins in with an attack on Taiwan. The remaining room under the debt ceiling could be expended before the end of the weekend. And who will buy US government debt after that, especially with a “commie” clown like Kamala Harris as president?

~ MORE ~

Prophecy propaganda chatter I’ve been observing is suggesting the possibility of a shortened, hybrid timetable for the arrival of the Kabbalah Christ. It would involve…

  1. the rise of the Nazionist Antichrist and the New World Order during the spring Jewish holidays of 2022.
    …and after 3.5 years pass…
  2. the takeover of the NWO by “Final Antichrist” Putin during the fall Jewish holidays of 2025.
    …and after 3.5 years pass…
  3. Putin and the NWO placing an AI in charge of the global government during the spring Jewish holidays of 2029. This will be done in advance of the “Apophis asteroid impact with Earth” about a week later, since “an AI can impartially and better manage the aftermath of the strike.” This AI will supposedly be “Satan himself,” and the “asteroid strike” will actually be the arrival of “Jesus Christ and his angels.”

If they follow this timetable, the globalist-selected “real Jesus Christ” will arrive on Friday, April 13, 2029.

I’ll cover this timetable in detail over the weeks ahead (until there’s nothing left of it but a smoking hole in cyberspace). But if you want to get an overview of the globalist scripting that will give rise to this scenario, listen to this 2+ hour Mike Adams interview of David Wilcock. In it, Wilcock lays out the “Satan has become AI” narrative.

WARNING (9 December 2021): Upon looking into Friday, I found quite a setup. It is not only the day of Bob Dole’s funeral; it’s also the day the West will be engaging in a two-front propaganda offensive against Vladimir Putin. On Friday a Navalny-like, “darling of the West,” Russian opposition journalist will be receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, and Biden will speak at the closing of the virtual “Summit for Democracy,” an event designed to embarrass Russia and China (he gave the opening speech this morning).

So Biden threatened Putin on Tuesday and will be poking him with two fingers on Friday — this will give the mainstream media something to point to when blaming Putin for Biden’s assassination at the funeral. They will also point to Putin’s December 11 attack on Ukraine (triggered by a Ukrainian attack) as another motive for Putin killing Biden: “He wanted to decapitate the US and bet on the weakness of Kamala Harris before he started his attack.”

As for the alt-media version of events, it will read like this…

On December 10, 2021, the 12-year anniversary of Barack Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize, the “Man of Peace” brought war. In league with the Chinese Communist Party, Obama arranged a false-flag attack to assassinate Joe Biden in order to trigger a war between the US and Russia. This war was intended to destroy both nations so Obama, China and communism could reign supreme in the world.

Also supporting this scenario are these two pieces of news…

GOP Senator Says Don’t Rule Out First-Use Nuclear Attack On Russia – The mainstream narrative will say, “With the US threatening Russia with the first use of a nuke, Putin decided to nuke Washington first, killing Biden and triggering the US debt default.” RELATED: Moscow says U.S. rehearsed nuclear strike against Russia this month

Evergrande has defaulted on its debt, Fitch Ratings says – The alt-media narrative will say, “With Evergrande in official default, the Chicoms decided to move immediately to trigger the war before their financial system imploded.”

~ MORE ~

The best way to ensure that Congress can’t reach a quorum to raise the debt ceiling next week is to include the Capitol complex in the strike. Congress IS in session tomorrow, but the Capitol is over 4 miles (as the crow flies) from the cathedral where the funeral will be held.

So in the unlikely event that they go forward with this exposed plan and false flag “Russia’s preemptive nuking of Washington,” they’ll need to use a megaton-sized nuke, two smaller nukes, or a tsunami nuke. Whatever they use, look for Rand Paul to miraculously survive. They have plans for him.

~ MORE – 10 December 2021 ~

The Seesaw of Blame

Once the “terror attacks” that bring down the West occur, you will see the finger of blame pointed in three directions over the following 7+ years…

  • At first, Vladimir Putin will be blamed for the attacks “in order to get the West and Russia to mutually destroy each other.”
  • But after the “Nazionists Posing as Good Guys” intervene and take down the commies, Barack Obama and the Chicoms will be blamed. And Putin’s name will be cleared.
  • And after Putin is “revealed” as the “Final Antichrist,” the blame will swing back to him.

It will be said that “Antichrist Putin” divided his Global Satanist Deep State into communist “black hats” and Nazionist “white hats” so he could pull off “The Great Deception.” By having his black hats terrorize the public and his white hats intervene to save the world, he could have his Nazionist leader pose as Christ and then be revealed as the Antichrist. Then he could “defeat” that Antichrist so he himself could pose as Christ.

Of course, all these narratives are BS. The whole drama is merely a stageplay and the communists, Nazionists, Obama, and Putin are all working for the same people and reading from the same script. The objective of the play is to get the globalist-selected “Jesus Christ” who shows up to defeat Putin accepted by the public as the “real Jesus Christ.”

They must have had M. Night Shyamalan write this script. He should have retired after The Sixth Sense.

Your Guide to Understanding Nuclear 9/11

The following is a compilation of new and previous writings that will help new readers understand the scripting behind the Second 9/11 (which the globalists are currently struggling to execute). We’ll begin by looking at the big picture, then we’ll focus down to the part of the show where we now find ourselves…

The roiling drama the world is now experiencing is not something that’s happening naturally / on its own. Nor is it something that’s being driven by supernatural forces. It is the result of an ongoing effort by the Kabbalist bankster families + the world’s royal families (the “globalists”) to consolidate complete control over our planet. It is their intention to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel. And to get there, they are taking us through a religious drama, the “End Times” stageplay, which is currently scheduled to continue for another 11 years.

Their “End Times” stageplay is an engineered attempt to fulfill the various “end of the world” prophecies of the world’s religions, “prophets,” “seers,” and “revelators” — prophecies that the globalists themselves have reinterpreted, organized, and promoted to the public in order to facilitate acceptance of their counterfeit fulfillment — and it consists of two Acts…

Act 1: The Satanic Deception, in which “the Final Antichrist” character will defeat a decoy Antichrist so he’ll be accepted as Jesus.

Act 2: The Return of Christ, in which “the real Jesus Christ” character will come to Earth, defeat the Final Antichrist, and rule over us as a frontman for the globalists who pull his strings.

We’re currently in the midpoint of Act 1, and we’re about to observe the decoy Antichrist (Jared Kushner) defeat his own decoy Antichrist (Barack Obama) so he can come onto the scene as the false savior and lead the world into the evil version of the New World Order. According to the script, both of these decoys are part of the “Satanic Global Deep State,” which will be defeated at the end of the Act by the “Final Antichrist” Vladimir Putin so he can pose as the “real savior.”

So to recap, this is the basic structure of Act 1…

  1. Barack Obama plays the “evil communist Antichrist” who brings to the world to the brink of total disaster.
  2. Jared Kushner — possibly behind a frontman at first (Trump or Pence) — sweeps in with the US Space Force to defeat the communist Antichrist, thus appearing to save the world. But he later turns out to be a false savior — the “evil Nazi-Zionist Antichrist.”
  3. Vladimir Putin, the “Final Antichrist” sweeps in with “help from above” to defeat Kushner, thus appearing to be the real Jesus. End of Act 1.

All this being said, Nuclear 9/11 (“Operation Blackjack“) will be the beginning of the great communist chaos that will end when the Nazionist Antichrist steps in to bring order: the New Order / Global 4th Reich. According to current scripting, this evil Nazionist NWO will rise until 2025 when it is stopped dead by Putin.

With the basics of the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment script laid bare before us, let’s start zooming in on certain elements of it to gain further insights…

Why the globalists are using Christian eschatology as the basis of their prophecy fulfillment program

The globalists’ center of gravity is in Europe, which is historically Christian. And the Kabbalists took control of Christianity by first capturing the Roman Catholic church via the Jesuit Order, then capturing Protestantism one denomination and ministry at a time (here’s one example of that). Since they now have effective control over the 2.4 billion person worldwide Christian empire the Romans built, they are using it as their vehicle for bringing the world under one unifying religion: an updated, Kabbalized form of Christianity under their fake Jesus Christ. “Chrislam” / “the New World Order Religion” is an intermediate step towards this goal — a decoy “One World Religion” to be defeated when the Kabbalah Christ shows up at the end of the drama to bring in the New Christianity.

Why there are multiple Antichrists in Act 1

Let’s start by looking at Wikipedia’s official definition of “Antichrist” (which is the globalists’ official definition)…

In Christian eschatology, the Antichrist, or anti-Christ, refers to people prophesied by the Bible to oppose Christ and substitute themselves in Christ’s place before the Second Coming.

In order for an Antichrist to substitute himself for Christ, he has to come on the scene looking like a savior, not a devil. So the basic globalist strategy for bringing in their Antichrist characters is to have one actor play an evil-looking Antichrist who creates chaos, then have another actor play a benevolent-looking savior who defeats the evil guy and pretends to be Christ. During Act 1, this will be done two times…

  1. when Antichrist Kushner defeats Antichrist Obama to pose as the savior, and
  2. when the Final Antichrist Putin defeats Antichrist Kushner to pose as the savior.

Christians have been programmed to expect an Antichrist to come and attempt to take “Christ’s throne in Jerusalem” before Jesus returns. So in Act 1 the globalists will fulfill this expectation by first bringing in Kushner (the apparent Antichrist), then brining in Putin (the apparent Jesus Christ).

What the communists versus Nazionists subplot is all about

Within the scripting of Act 1, the “Satanic Global Deep State” has been split into “two warring factions fighting for control of the (evil) NWO”: the communist faction versus the Nazionist faction. This is why you’ve seen news of…

This “split of the Deep State” is in the script so Obama can play the role of the “evil-looking Antichrist who creates chaos” and Kushner can play the role of the “benevolent-looking savior who defeats the evil guy and pretends to be Christ.”

So when the Nazionists make their move to end the communist onslaught and defeat Obama, Kushner will look like a savior until he shows up on the Temple Mount and “stands in the holy place.” After that, the Christians will flip out and proclaim him the Antichrist. And things will get rough until Putin & Friends show up to end Kushner’s reign at the conclusion of Act 1.

The process of God’s judgment according to the Jews

According to Jewish tradition and Kabbalist doctrine, God’s yearly judgment of all the world’s people unfolds over the Hebrew month of Tishrei…

  • Tishrei days 1 and 2 are Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year), the time when God writes down his judgment for each and every person. For the righteous and the wicked, that judgment is final and can be delivered immediately. But for all the people in between the two extremes (ordinary people), ten days are given to allow them a chance to repent and atone for their sins before the judgment is sealed.
  • Tishrei day 10 is Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). It is at the end of this day that God’s judgment for each ordinary person is sealed, but not delivered (according to the Kabbalists).
  • Tishrei day 15 is the start of Sukkot, a 7-day festival during which the Israelites made a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. It is after the end of this festival that God’s judgment for the ordinary people is delivered by the angels (according to the Kabbalists).
  • Tishrei days 22 and 23 are Shemini Atzeret, the days after Sukkot when the delivery of the judgments takes place; those days can be considered days 8 and 9 of Sukkot. Shemini Atzeret is observed only on day 22 in Israel, and on days 22 and 23 for Jews outside of Israel.

According to the standard Hebrew calendar, these holidays occurred during September. So the globalists missed their chance to time their Big Event in conjunction with them. But they intend to make a second attempt to act out the last two holidays, Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret, during Hanukkah.

Hanukkah as Sukkot

In the 30 October and 5 November updates, I made reference to “Hannukah as Sukkot.” The time has come to explain what I meant by that.

Upon looking into ways the globalists could schedule their big events in conjunction with the Jewish holidays of December — of which there are only two, Hanukkah and Asara B’Tevet — I ran across the rationale they intend to use for Hanukkah…

Jewish scholars have also suggested that the first Hanukkah may have been a belated celebration of Sukkot, which the Jews had not had the chance to observe during the Maccabean Revolt. One of the Jewish religion’s most important holidays, Sukkot consists of seven days of feasting, prayer and festivities. – from History.com

So in order to time their scripted events in accordance with the holidays of the Hebrew calendar (to make it all look like the fulfillment of prophecy), they will claim that Hanukkah is actually Sukkot, and “it brought God’s judgment.” This narrative will be aided by the fact that the coming war will result in Israel retaking control of the Temple Mount, just like they did during the Maccabean Revolt when Hanukkah was first celebrated…

…from Wikipedia

It is also critical to understand that there are two Hanukkahs that will be occurring…

  1. the Hanukkah of the standard Hebrew calendar, which runs from sunset of November 28 to sunset of December 6, and
  2. the Hanukkah of the Essene Hebrew calendar, which runs from sunset of December 7 to sunset of December 15.

One of the globalists’ top-tier prophecy propagandists, Tom Horn, has been claiming that the Essenes were the only Jewish sect that maintained purity in their faith and kept the true Jewish calendar, thus implying that the standard Jewish calendar is the distorted product of the “scribes and Pharisees” (a.k.a. “the Synagogue of Satan”). This has laid the propaganda groundwork for the Hanukkah of the standard Jewish calendar to be cast as “Satan’s Sukkot” and the Hanukkah of the Essene calendar to be cast as “God’s True Sukkot.” So look for bad things to happen during the first Hanukkah and good things to happen during the second.

Getting back to the other Jewish holiday in December, Asara B’Tevet, it falls on December 14 this year, and it commemorates the Siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia. And quite strikingly, it falls on the same day (December 14) as Hanukkah Day 7 (“Sukkot Day 7”) in the Essene calendar. So we can expect Jerusalem to be under siege come December 14, and we can also expect the Jewish messiah to arrive as soon as sunset of that day (when Essene Shemini Atzeret begins and “God delivers the judgment of mercy and deliverance to the Israeli people”).

So pencil in the Jerusalem arrival of the “fake, Nazionist Moshiach ben David” for sometime between sunset of December 14 and sunset of December 15.

The arrival times of the antichrists

The Day the Antichrist “Communist Antichrist” Rose…

…from YouTube

In the 22-23 September updates, which are a little further down this page, I explained that the globalists marked the beginning of Barack Obama’s 7-year tenure as Antichrist by having him sit as President of the UN Security Council for a September 24, 2009 meeting on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament. The 7-year “covenant with the many” Obama made that day was set to expire with an attempted nuclear exchange on September 24, 2016, during the Jewish holiday of Selichot. But instead — according to the script — “God intervened and paused the Satanic plan by sowing dissention in the ranks of the Global Deep State, setting the Nazionists against the communists in a battle for control over the Satanic New World Order and bringing Nazionist Trump to power.”

In keeping with this script change, the globalists had “Nazionist Antichrist” Trump/Pence/Kushner mark the beginning of his 7-year tenure in the same way “Communist Antichrist” Obama did…

…from YouTube

Later in the 22-23 September updates, I said this…

Putin’s savior act is the main event we need to watch for in the next few years. It will mark the end of “Satan’s fake Tribulation” and the beginning of “the real 7-year Tribulation,” and there are two likely times when it could happen: 1) during late March or Passover of next year and 2) during the September/October Jewish holidays in 2025.

Trump’s UN Security Council meeting on September 26, 2018 is why those two timeframes are candidates for Putin’s savior act…

  1. If you count forward 3.5 years from that date, you get the first timeframe, and
  2. if you count forward 7 years you get the second.

(Periods of 3.5 and 7 years are major features in biblical “End Times” prophecies.)

An Introduction to What’s Really Going On in Our World

If this is your first time visiting RedefiningGod.com, there’s a very good chance that everything you think you know about the “globalists” and the “New World Order (NWO)” is wrong. This is because the globalists are using their massive alt-media disinformation network to sell you a “good versus evil” fairy tale. According to their fable’s script, the “evil Western unilateral / unipolar NWO” is trying to take over the world and plunge us into an Orwellian dark age…

…from Infowars

And the “good guys,” Vladimir Putin and the BRICS nations, are standing against the evil and working to build a “benevolent multilateral / multipolar NWO” that “will usher in a new Golden Age / Renaissance for all mankind”…

…from LaRouchePAC

Faced with these two manufactured choices, the globalists expect you to resist the “evil West” and embrace the “benevolent East,” thus embracing the New World Order they’ve been planning all along. So in this entry, I will inoculate you against their fairy tale programming by showing you what they’re doing in the religious, economic, and political realms to build their REAL New World Order. I’ll also show you their ultimate goal, which goes far beyond the NWO.

[The following sections are under construction, so pardon the mess while I work on them.]

The True Globalist Religious Agenda
[under construction | last edited 23 February 2021]

As we watch the inexorable and seemingly inexplicable march towards ever-deepening “pandemic” oppression, economic collapse, and global war, and as we observe the controlled elements of the alt-media narrating a battle between the forces of “good” and “evil” to set the direction for the future of our world , it’s important to realize that we’re being set up. The setup goes beyond the mere launch of the New World Order, though; it is a setup that ultimately aims to artificially fulfill biblical prophecy and simulate a Second Coming of Christ.

This prophecy fulfillment scheme is a project of the Kabbalist “Jewish” central bankers and their royal family partners in crime, and it is being orchestrated by the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist “Jewish” cult. Chabad is a religious front of the Mossad, and it is focused on producing the globalist End Times show. It also has intimate connections to both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. In fact, both Trump and Putin have large roles within their End Times script. For Act 1, Trump has been cast to play the “Moshiach ben Cyrus” (a precursor messiah), and Putin has been cast to play the “Moshiach ben David” (the main messiah). And in Act 2, Putin’s character will transition into the role of the “Final Antichrist” to be defeated by the globalists’ fake Jesus, the “Kabbalah-Christ.”

In order to deceive the world into accepting their Kabbalah-Christ as the “real Jesus,” the globalists are planning to artificially fulfill the biblical prophecies TWICE. The first fulfillment will provide the “Satanic deception” that Christians are expecting, and the second will provide the “real Second Coming” they’re also expecting. Both fulfillments will feature a Christ and Antichrist. Both will include a 7-headed, 10-horned Beast out of the Sea and a Beast out of the Earth to help the Beast out of the Sea. And both will feature Gog-Magog Wars and Battles of Armageddon. But both are false fulfillments. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both, and I’ve documented their deceptions in this blog.

IN THE FIRST FULFILLMENT, the globalists will pit “the American Antichrist and his evil unilateral / unipolar NWO” against “the Russian Christ and his benevolent multilateral / multipolar NWO.”

The Russian Christ will of course be played by Vladimir Putin, and that’s why you’ve heard so much in the controlled alternative media about Putin being “a good Christian who has stood up against the Western Satanists and their NWO.” And the Western Antichrist is currently slated to be played by Jared Kushner, Hillary Clinton, or one of the Obamas (Barack or Michelle).

During the upcoming First Battle of Armageddon, Putin will defeat the West and overhaul the “Western-dominated” UN into the multilateral / multipolar NWO. And to convince people that they’re going through something supernatural, the globalists will be putting on a grand show involving fake assassinations, fake resurrections, and fake extraterrestrials — all made possible by Hollywood magic, sequestered technology, and a near-limitless budget.

At the end of this first fulfillment, most will be convinced that Putin is the Jewish and Christian Messiah, and that the “new, reformed” UN / NWO is his democratic kingdom.

IN THE SECOND FULFILLMENT, Putin’s NWO will turn quite ugly about 3.5 years after it’s launched, and it will become clear to everyone that they’ve been “deceived by Satan” into accepting the Final Antichrist in Christ’s place. After 3.5 more years of “great tribulation,” Putin will lead his UN army and ET pals against a second group of arriving beings, the “real Jesus” and his angels.

At the end of this second fulfillment, the globalists are expecting everyone to buy in and accept the “real Jesus” they presented. And it is through this phony figurehead Jesus that they hope to rule over us like gods in a post-democratic world they own lock, stock, and barrel.

As of the time of this writing, 27 January 2021, these are the currently active timetables for the globalist-engineered First and Second Fulfillments…

  1. The First Tribulation (the “Satanic Deception”) started in September of 2018, will reach its midpoint in March of 2022, and will end in September of 2025.
  2. The Second Tribulation (the “true Tribulation that will end in the return of Jesus Christ”) will start in September of 2025, will reach its midpoint in March of 2029, and will end in September of 2032.

There is also a possibility that the globalists may attempt to take a shortcut in 2021 to the Second Tribulation. They would do so by narrating Barack Obama’s Tribulation period as the First Tribulation and claiming that “divine intervention” in the form of Trump’s political rise delayed its end. Barack Obama’s expired “7-year Tribulation” timeline…

(21 February 2021) – A Clarification on First and Second Tribulation Timetables

Based on globalist scripting requirements, event timing and preparatory propaganda, I’m currently tracking three possible timing configurations for the First and Second Tribulation periods.

Configuration One has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2016 to September 2023 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September 2023 to September 2030
…for a total of 14 years with no gap between the two Tribulations.

Configuration Two has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2018 to September 2025 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September of 2025 to September of 2032
…for a total of 14 years with no gap between the two Tribulations.

Configuration Three has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2016 to September 2023 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September of 2025 to September of 2032
…for a total of 16 years with a two-year gap between the two Tribulations.


Their prophecy fulfillment plan has three steps and two distinct phases.

The three steps are…

1) Propagandize the public to see the Western “elite” as Satanists and Western leaders like Barack Obama as antichrists.

2) Propagandize the public to see Vladimir Putin as a savior – the Jewish/Christian Messiah – then later propagandize them to see him as the “one true Antichrist.”

3) Propagandize the public to see the Kabbalist pod person who shows up to defeat Putin and the New World Order as the “one true Christ.”

As for the two distinct phases, they are…

1) Phase 1 (The Antichrist Phase) – In this phase, the “one true Antichrist” Putin attempts to take “Christ’s throne” through deception. To accomplish this, he has the West and its leaders play the roles of Satanists and antichrists so he can defeat them and appear to be the savior. And through his victory, he defeats the “evil” Western-version New World Order and erects the “good” BRICS-version New World Order. His NWO will appear to be the answer to all our problems until we get to Phase 2.

2) Phase 2 (The Christ Phase) – In this phase, Putin fulfills some Biblical prophecies that show him to be the “one, true, final Antichrist” and the NWO turns ugly. At this point, globalist alt-media figures like Alex Jones, Steve Quayle and Tom Horn will propagandize the public to see Putin as the Antichrist and his NWO as the “Beast system.”

Once people see Putin as the Antichrist and they’re super-scared, a new globalist figure (the Kabbalah Christ) will sweep in and defeat him and his New World Order. It is at this point that the globalists will achieve their ultimate goal: total ownership and control of the entire planet and its people in a post-democratic world governed by a figurehead god-king. They want to rule over us like gods.

Turning our attention to the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment script for the Muslims, an excellent overview is offered in this video from Sheikh Imran Hosein

…Here is how it starts out…

“Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi will already be there. Dajjal will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary returns.”

The Strategic Culture Foundation is a globalist disinformation front specializing in Step 2 propaganda, so they present news and commentary to make the West look evil and Putin look like a world-saving genius. And if we look at Hosein’s video, it’s not hard to identify which globalist actors are playing the eschatological characters he outlines…

     > Vladimir Putin, the son of Mary (Maria Shelomova), is cast as the “true messiah.”

     > Qasem Soleimani, the “Savior of Syria,” is cast as the “Imam al-Mahdi.” That’s why Hosein says the Mahdi “will already be there” in Damascus (Soleimani managed the war from there). To read more about him, see Updates 9 and 10 of Globalist Agenda Watch 2018.

     > Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who attacked the Mahdi in Syria, is cast as the “Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.” He was stopped when the “true messiah” (Putin) stepped in to aid the “Mahdi” (Soleimani).

It is important to note that since there are two phases to the “End Times” show, the Antichrist Phase (Phase 1, in which “Satan attempts to steal Christ’s throne”) and the Christ Phase (Phase 2, in which “the real Jesus shows up to stop Satan”), the globalists will artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy TWICE. And this means there are two actors cast for every role:

The role of the Christian “Antichrist” is played by…
Obama, Clinton, etc. in Phase 1, and by Vladimir Putin in Phase 2.

The role of the Muslim Antichrist character, the “Dajjal,” is played by…
Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Phase 1, and by Qasem Soleimani in Phase 2.

The role of the Christian/Muslim “Christ” is played by…
Vladimir Putin in Phase 1, and by “Testy Tubey” (an unknown GMO human) in Phase 2.

The role of the seven-headed, ten-horned “Beast out of the Sea” (the Revived Roman Empire) from Revelation is played by…
the G7 in Phase 1, and by the “reformed” UN/NWO in Phase 2.

The role of the “Beast out of the Earth” that aids the Beast out of the Sea from Revelation is played by…
the EU in Phase 1, and by one of Russia’s Eurasian treaty organizations in Phase 2 (I haven’t yet set my attention to positively identifying which particular one, but the CSTO and SCO are candidates, and I’m leaning towards the SCO).

The globalists are artificially fulfilling the prophecies twice so it will appear that the first fulfillment was a trick and the second is “real,” but both of them are fake. I know this with certainty because I’ve observed their propagandists laying the groundwork for both. There is absolutely nothing “supernatural” or “spiritual” about what’s coming; it’s all Hollywood magic combined with sequestered technology to give the appearance of something supernatural and spiritual.

For information on the prophecy fulfillment plan for the Chinese and the Indians, visit the Compendium page and read the section titled “Xi Jinping’s assassination, the globalist prophecy fulfillment plan for the Indians and the Chinese, and the 5 Avatars.”

More information to come. Until then, you can read more on this subject in The “End Times” Deception.

The True Globalist Economic Agenda
[under construction | last edited 31 January 2021]

The globalists’ post-World War 2 plan for implementing a global government began to crystallize in 1956 under the Rockefeller-funded Special Studies Project. The Project was organized by Nelson Rockefeller, who recruited Henry Kissinger as its director and numerous globalist luminaries of the day, including John D. Rockefeller III and Laurance Rockefeller, as its participants. Five years later, the Project published the public version of its results in a book titled Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports – a book which extols the importance of America “helping to shape a new world order”…

…from page 35

On page 173, the book lays out an “essential component” of the economic approach to the NWO: opening America’s markets to aid the economic development of foreign nations…

And on page 75, it hints at the intended recipients of this policy, Communist China…

Since it would be impossible to build a global New World Order without the world’s most populous nation, the globalists decided to use America’s markets, jobs and wealth as bait for luring the insular Chinese into the fold. And in return for joining the New World Order, China’s communist officials were offered the prestige and power of being the world’s new economic leaders. This strategy was publicly admitted by globalist super-minion George Soros in a 2009 video interview with FT…

…from YouTube

Starting at the 9:26 mark of the video and continuing on into the second part, Soros says the following…

“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order – financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate – their voting rights are not commeasurate – to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.”

So as you look at America today – a nation sapped of its well-paying jobs and economic vitality – you now know how it started: with the Rockefellers and Henry Kissinger deciding to hand America’s economic position to China. That’s why Kissinger made his secret trip to “open up” China in 1971…

…and why David Rockefeller Sr. followed him in in 1973…


I first wrote about the Enhanced China Model back in November of 2015…

>>> From my current knowledge of what the globalists have planned, they seem to be aiming for an “Enhanced China Model” for the global economy. In China, the central government dictates the direction of the economy, but that direction is pursued with a capitalistic approach. And if the central planners don’t like something that’s going on in the capitalistic level, they step in and crush it. This is how I suspect the new globalist economy will operate.

At the UN level, the neo-Roman authorities will steer the direction of the economy (such as with the “Sustainable Development Agenda”), but they will allow the corporations to pursue that direction under an Austrian Economic Framework. That way, they’re in control (such as in a communist/socialist system), but things actually get done (such as in a capitalist system). <<<

So the socialist/communist economic takeover you’ve been programmed to fear is part of the decoy NWO. The real NWO will be based on Austrian Economics operating within UN-defined (globalist-defined) boundaries.

To learn more about who’s really behind the Austrian Economics fad, read these entries…

The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers

Like it or not, here is more on the Rockefeller connection to Austrian economics

Turning our attention to the IMF, the first steps towards its “reform” were taken in early 2016 when the 2010 quota reforms finally took effect. But the really big step will occur in the near future when China offers a portion of their gold reserves to help provide gold “backing” for the SDR. In return for their gold, China will receive a large special allocation of SDRs, and these new SDRs will dilute the US’s share of total SDRs to below the 15% level. This will eliminate America’s veto power in the IMF, which will unleash even more reforms. At the time this is done, we’ll also see a Chinaman replace Christine Lagarde as the Managing Director of the IMF.

As for the SDR, moves towards its reform and wider use were taken in 2016 when China’s renminbi was added to its currency basket and SDR-denominated bonds were sold by the World Bank and Standard Chartered Bank…

…from the DailyMail.com. The article is a short and informative read, so have a look at it.

It is the intention of the globalists to replace the US dollar as the primary reserve currency with the SDR and then promote the SDR’s use as a global consumer currency. To see their detailed plans for replacing the dollar with the SDR, read this speech given by Zhou Xiaochuan, the governor of China’s central bank (and the currently designated replacement for Christine Lagarde at the IMF)…

…The speech was given during the depths of the 2007-2009 financial crisis and follows the standard globalist “let’s create a problem, then offer our solution” template. He begins by pointing to the problems posed by the (engineered) economic meltdown, then he goes on to explain how a new kind of global reserve currency would solve all those problems. Finally, he makes his recommendation…

“The scope of using the SDR should be broadened, so as to enable it to fully satisfy the [IMF] member countries’ demand for a reserve currency.”

And to see how the globalists will promote the SDR as the world’s consumer currency, have a look at this Economist article from 1988…

…Here is an excerpt…

>>> THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century…

…The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power…

…The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF…

…Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability. Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice…

…Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes. <<<

To learn more about this, read Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce.

The True Globalist Political Agenda
[under construction | last edited 31 January 2021]

It is the intention of the globalists to take us through one or two New World Orders on the way to establishing an artificial “Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ.” The deliberately engineered turmoil that will be experienced during the NWO(s) is intended to convince the global population that “human beings are incapable of ruling ourselves; we need God to rule us.” The globalists will then provide such a solution through a figurehead GMO “Jesus Christ the King” and his angelic (GMO human) administration.

Here is some information on the REAL NWO (which may or may not be preceded by an “evil Western-version NWO” prior to being implemented)…


In order to overcome the UN’s jaded reputation and get people to accept its leadership, they will take it through a “reform” process to rebrand it and give it an image makeover. These reforms will make it appear that “Western domination and corruption” of the institution has been put to an end, and they will include three very important elements…

  1. The UN Security Council will be reformed to include more permanent members.
  2. Unilateral Security Council vetoes will be eliminated.
  3. The size and powers of the UN’s military, police, and colonization (“peacebuilding”) forces will be significantly increased.

Now let’s look a little closer at these three elements…

1) The UN Security Council will be reformed to include more permanent members.

In their reform of the United Nations, the globalists want to make it appear that it is no longer a “tool of the West,” and adding new permanent members to the Security Council will allow them to “bring the East’s representation into parity with the West’s.” The reform could go one of two ways: 1) they could blow up the existing permanent membership structure and expand the number of permanent members to 10 (one for each UN Development Region), or 2) they could expand the existing structure to include two new members, India and Germany. Here’s why they will most likely do the latter:

Currently, there are five permanent members, and “the West has a numerical advantage”…

Western Permanent Members: 3 (US, France, UK)
Eastern Permanent Members: 2 (China, Russia)

By adding India, they would numerically balance West and East, and by adding Germany, they would provide a neutral, tie-breaking vote…

Western Permanent Members: 3 (US, France, UK)
Eastern Permanent Members: 3 (China, Russia, India)
Neutral Members: 1 (Germany, “the bridge between East and West”)

But there is another reason the globalists might want “7 heads” on the Security Council, and it is related to their NWO religious agenda. We’ll explore that a little further down this page.

Now let’s move on to the second element of the UN “reform”…

2) Unilateral Security Council vetoes will be eliminated.

The elimination of unilateral veto power will be sold as being necessary to allow the UN to effectively address divisive conflicts, but its real purpose will be to ensure that no nation can insulate itself from UN action by casting a veto. All nations will be equally helpless against the multilateral UN mob and the globalists who pull their strings from behind the scenes.

The globalists will accomplish this by either doing away with permanent member vetoes entirely or requiring four permanent members (within the new 7 permanent member structure) to join together to veto a measure. By requiring four votes for a veto, neither the East nor West could block a measure on their own; they would need help from the neutral member or the other side.

Of course, the globalists’ tried-and-true method for spurring such a change is to deliberately create a problem, then offer their plans as a solution. So applying this standard method to eliminate unilateral vetoes is as easy as ONE-TWO-THREE…

ONE – Stage wars the UN can’t prevent due to the existence of unilateral veto powers. The long war in Syria is a perfect example of this. Note the competing resolutions on Syria that were circulated in the Security Council in October of 2016; neither had a chance because both sides had vetoes…

…from the UN website

And if you look at other conflicts the globalists have stirred up…

  • the UN cannot resolve the simmering conflict in the South China Sea because of China’s unilateral veto,
  • the UN cannot resolve the North Korean “nuclear crisis” because of China and Russia’s vetoes,
  • the UN cannot resolve the Ukraine-Russia war over the Crimea because of Russia’s unilateral veto, and
  • the UN cannot restrain the hyper-aggressive warmaking and regime-changing of the United States because of America’s unilateral veto.

TWO – Ensure that all of the nations that possess unilateral veto power get a serious bloody nose from the unprevented conflicts. The harm they’ll suffer and the horrors they’ll witness will provide the motivation to surrender their veto powers “so it will never happen again.”

THREE – Present the pre-planned new veto rules to the General Assembly for adoption. After all, “unilateral vetoes have no place in a multilateral body, do they?”

Finally, let’s look at the last element of the UN “reform”…

3) The size and powers of the UN’s military, police, and colonization (“peacebuilding”) forces will be significantly increased.

The globalists will promote this strengthening of the UN as insurance that “no unilateral power will ever again threaten world peace,” but the actual reason is to ensure that the global government reigns supreme. Once the UN-centered New World Order is put in place, the globalists have scripted a honeymoon period during which things will look much better than they do now. But once we hit the 3.5 year mark, Putin and the UN will start doing some ominous things with the upgraded powers the UN will then possess. Nations that don’t toe the UN line will first be subjected to multilateral sanctions. And if they still refuse to correct their behavior, the UN’s military will roll in, followed by UN police and “peacebuilders.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that less than a month after Boris Yeltsin handed the Russian Presidency over to Vladimir Putin, the future NWO leader Putin was hosting the UN Secretary-General and talking about strengthening the “authority and influence of the UN”…

…from Kremlin.ru

A few months later, Putin attended the UN Millennium Summit and started getting specific about increasing the UN’s power…

…from The People’s Daily. Here is an excerpt…

“During the meeting, they discussed conflict resolution, rapid reaction capability for peacekeepers, post-conflict reconstruction and the U.N. reform.

Putin expressed interest in reviving the U.N. Military Staff Committee which coordinates military activity of the five permanent members of the Security Council in support of international peace and security, but which has never been effective.”

Now if we look into the UN Military Staff Committee, we see this…

“The Military Staff Committee (MSC) is the United Nations Security Council subsidiary body whose role, as defined by the United Nations Charter, is to plan UN military operations and assist in the regulation of armaments.

The greatest purpose of the MSC, arising from Article 45 of the UN Charter, was intended to be providing command staff for a set of air-force contingents. These contingents, provided by the Permanent 5 members (P5) of the Security Council (the People’s Republic of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) to be held at ready for the discretionary use of the United Nations.” – From Wikipedia

Clearly, Putin wants the “reformed” UN he’ll lead to have military teeth. But his and his globalist handlers’ plans go beyond mere military power, as is shown by this Russian statement at the UN

…Here are some key passages [with my comments added in brackets]…

>>> Russia places a high emphasis on the role that peacekeeping [UN intervention in the internal affairs of nation-states] plays in maintaining international peace and security…

we attach great importance to the establishment of the Peacebuilding Commission, which operates at a cross-juncture of the activities of the Security Council, the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council as well as international financial institutions… [the UN “Peacebuilding” Commission is designed to move in after the UN military rolls into an area and alter the political and economic order of the invaded area to suit the globalists; it is essentially a colonizing force]

The importance of the UN civil police is increasing. We follow with great interest the implementation of the Summit’s decision to establish a Standing police capacity

It is fundamentally important that all these activities be carried out in accordance with… rational division of labour with the regional organizations. In this connection I would like to stress our conviction that relevant capacities of the Commonwealth of Independent States, Organisation of the Collective Security Treaty and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation might be in high demand. [in other words, they want the UN to use peacekeepers that the Russians and Chinese have trained] I note with satisfaction, that our efforts in strengthening the UN peacekeeping capacity are bearing fruits

The Peacekeepers’ Training Centre of the Advanced Police Training Academy of the Russian Ministry of Interior organized between the 2nd and 30th of November, 2006 a course “The Civilian Policeman in the UN Missions” for thirty eight representatives of law enforcement institutions from ten African states.

In accordance with the decision of the Russian Government the Ministry of the Interior is planning on training up to 80 people a year till 2010. The next course of training African peacekeepers in Russia is scheduled for the period from March 1st to April 2nd of this year… [so Russia has been recruiting and training agents to embed in UN civil police forces that come from nations they don’t control]

In conclusion I would like to touch upon one more issue. We believe that the improvement of the thorough consideration of all military aspects of specific peacekeeping operations by the UN Security Council would promote greater efficiency of all aspects of UN peacekeeping. The Charter body – the Military Staff Committee (MSC) that is called upon to ensure an appropriate level of military expertise for the UN Security Council decisions, which have a military aspect, might provide a contribution to this. That is why the President of Russia V. Putin set forth the idea of the MSC’s revitalisation at the Millennium Summit. <<<

“Peacekeeping” is an Orwellian doublespeak word for “warmaking.” It involves the UN invasion of a nation-state in order to produce an internal outcome the UN desires. And according to the globalist / Putin plan for a stronger UN, it will involve…

  1. more effective application of UN military force, followed by
  2. UN civil police to weed out “troublemakers” and pacify the population, and
  3. UN “Peacebuilding” agents to remake the affected area’s political and economic structure in accordance with globalist guidelines.

With this 3-step colonization protocol set before us, it’s not hard to imagine where they’re going with it. During the first 3.5 years of the NWO, they might use it only in areas where there are humanitarian crises. This will allow them to practice and fine-tune their approach. But after the 3.5 year mark, they’ll start using the protocol in areas that contain…

  • large pockets of resistance to the UN (because “the UN is the source of world peace, so if you’re against the UN, you are a threat to world peace”), and
  • large pockets of religious “extremists” (those who cling to traditional religious ideas over the UN’s “It’s All Good” One World Religion).

In both cases, the globalists will use false-flag shootings and bombings to simulate conflict and justify UN intervention.

More details to come…


In this section, I’ll offer an overview of the New World Order’s true nature and the globalist strategy in building it and presenting it to the public.

The Two NWOs

The key to understanding the globalists’ strategy in implementing the New World Order is to understand that there are actually two NWOs: a Western-fronted decoy New World Order and a BRICS-fronted real New World Order. Once you understand how and why the globalists created them and played them against each other, all of the confusing information floating about the mainstream and alternative media will start making sense.

1) The Western-fronted DECOY NWO

This evil, menacing NWO is supposedly being constructed by the US and the EU, but it has never really existed as anything but a media construct. It is much like the fake army of inflatable tanks that Patton “commanded” prior to the Normandy invasion; there is no real substance to it. It was created as a propaganda prop to serve as the “dark side” in the play the globalists are putting on for the public. They even gave it a dark-skinned figurehead for dramatic flair…

When you listen to the many faux-truthers in the alternative press, it is this decoy NWO to which they point as they make their fearful predictions in order to create an emotional reaction within their viewers/readers/listeners. They portray it as an evil Zionist/Nazi/Neocon monster that is destroying the world and bringing humanity to the brink of World War 3. This is being done so the public will welcome the real NWO when it makes its move, defeats the decoy, and snatches peace from the jaws of war.

Another function of the Western decoy is to serve as the scapegoat for all the damage that was done while the globalists were erecting the real NWO. By blaming the Western NWO for all the evils we’ve seen for the past 100+ years – and then getting rid of it — they are hoping the real NWO will start with a clean slate in the public eye.

You will know you’re listening to a controlled-opposition / faux-truther figure talk about the decoy NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “uni-“…

…such as “unilateral”…


…and “unipower”…

Of course, you’ll know they’re talking about the decoy also when they use the terms “Western elite,” “Nazis,” “Zionists,” and “Neocons” when identifying its builders.

2) The BRICS-fronted REAL NWO

The emerging United Nations-based, BRICS-fronted New World Order is the REAL NWO the globalists have been working towards since the last vestiges of the Old World Order fell after World War 2…
…(from The Moscow Times)

This BRICS-fronted New World Order is nothing more than the old United Nations Complex with a phony “under new management” sign hanging in front. You will know that a commentator is talking about this REAL NWO when he or she uses words with the prefix “multi-“…

…such as “multilateral”…
…(from The Atlantic)

…and “multipolar”…
…(from RT)

This being said, you don’t have to take my word for all this. Look for yourself. Just visit the websites of the IMF and the BIS and enter the following words, one-at-a-time, into their search boxes: “multilateral,” “multipolar,” “unilateral,” and “unipolar.” If you do this and scan through the results you get, you’ll see scores of internal speeches and papers talking about moving towards a multilateral/multipolar world and away from a unilateral/unipolar world. You’ll find virtually nothing on their sites that talks about moving towards a global order ruled by a hegemonic US. That was never the globalists’ real plan.

To learn more about who the globalists really are and what the Old World Order, Interim World Order, and New World Order are, continue reading…

An Overview of the Occulted Powers

Lurking behind the “Democratic Facade” (the so-called “democratic” governments that the public sees as the guiding hands in our world), are the Occulted Powers (OPs). The OPs are a criminal conglomerate of the local royal families throughout the world who are intermarried and/or interoperating with the global network of Jewish bankster families. Under this worldwide royal/Jew “elite,” there are a variety of secret societies (such as the Freemasons) and criminal gangs (such as the Triads) who recruit useful “commoners” into their conspiracy and run societies at the street level.

As with any large gang of criminals, there is some degree of competition amongst the families as they compete for power, position and wealth within the syndicate, but they are all united in furthering their collective control and exploitation of the human race. They are the ones who have been pushing for ever more centralized control of humanity; they are the “globalists.”

An interesting thing about these OPs is that they have their own system of spirituality, which can most accurately be called “the Mystery School.” Whether the gang leaders at the very top actually believe in the spiritual mumbo jumbo of the Mystery School, though, is unclear. There may be some sort of “spiritual” force feeding them their religion, or they may have simply made it up as a control mechanism for their underlings. Whether it’s real or made up, though, it plays a central role in everything they do.

With this in mind, have a look at the Masonic art outside of the New Carrollton Federal Building in Lanham, Maryland…
…This sculpture depicts the Left Hand Path and the Right Hand Path of the OPs’ occultic spirituality. As you can see, the Left Hand (which sits on a black base) is pointing over to the open Right Hand (which sits upon a white base). This reflects the OPs’ practice of using the Left Hand (the “dark side,” which brings about destruction and chaos) to scare people into the open, welcoming Right Hand (the “light side,” which brings about construction and order).

If you look upon the world situation now, you can see that the Anglo-American branch of the OPs are acting as the Left Hand (bringing terror, war, and theft that is destroying the existing world order and scaring humanity towards something new), and the BRICS branch of the OPs are acting as the Right Hand (“opposing” the actions of the Anglo-American axis and welcoming humanity into a “peaceful, fair” new world order that they are constructing). Once you understand this basic idea of how the Two Hands work together to control the world, everything you see around you starts making sense.

The Old World Order, the Interim World Order, and the New World Order

In attempting to understand the New World Order (NWO), many people become confused due to the intentionally misleading definition of the NWO offered by mainstream and alternative propaganda news sources. Before I go into why the news sources are doing this, though, let’s learn the proper definition of the NWO straight from the globalists themselves.

In 1961, the globalists published a book titled Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports. It was the (public-version) final report of a Rockefeller-funded study called the Special Studies Project, and it gives a sanitized, sugar-coated overview of the post-World War II plan to transition from the Old World Order to the New World Order.

The book offers this definition of the Old World Order

So the 13 empires that ruled the world before they were brought down by the twin towers (World War I and World War II) were the Old World Order. And after their collapse, the world entered the period of chaos that precedes the arrival of the New World Order. This time of chaos has been governed by what I’ll call the Interim World Order, which is the current Bretton Woods system in which the US has played a central role due to its post-World War II military power, economic strength, and control of the global reserve currency. It is important to note that the Interim World Order is NOT the New World Order; it was designed to last for a finite period of time (long enough to expend America’s power and wealth to construct the NWO).

Prospect for America also offers the true definition of the New World Order
…which is a system of regional institutions operating under the supervision of an “international body of growing authority.” I’m sure you can imagine which body that is…

It is important to note that a United Nations-based New World Order is one that cannot be dominated by the US. The US is only 1 vote amongst 193 in the General Assembly and only 1 vote amongst 15 in the Security Council. Any perception of US leadership of the UN has arisen from America’s post-World War II power and prestige and the temporary role of the US dollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. That prestige is now gone, and the post-WWII power will be largely gone once the dollar is replaced by a renamed SDR as the world’s primary reserve currency. For the UN Complex to rise as the central power, the superpowerful US that emerged from WWII had to be taken down, and Prospect for America was the blueprint for its downfall.

Getting back to the misleading definition of the NWO offered by globalist propaganda sources, they attempt to paint the NWO as an effort by the US (and their UK partners in crime) to erect a “unipolar” empire to control the world. This supposed attempt to build a US/UK-centric “Unipolar New World Order” has never existed. As Prospect for America states…

The supposed US-led “Unipolar New World Order” has never been anything but a golem dreamed up by the globalist propaganda masters to distract people’s attention away from the real NWO. While people are being programmed to look West for a scary monster that is closing in on them, the actual NWO is sneaking in from the East looking like a heroic knight in shining armor. And once it is publicly unveiled, the NWO will look like heaven… at first.

So when you see things in the news like this

>>> Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Saturday that his country would never accept a unipolar world.

Noting that there was one “undisputed” unipolar leadership trying to control the current world and force others to obey, Putin said Russia would never accept such attempts. <<<

…realize it’s just the “knights in shining armor” doing their preparatory public relations work. All of the BRICS leaders are under firm OP control, as is evidenced by Putin’s open display of the symbols of Russia’s Romanov “royals”…
…and Chinese President Xi’s association with his Illuminati handler/promoter, Robert Lawrence Kuhn

The NWO Strategy in Pictures


For people to embrace the New World Order, they have to see it as the SOLUTION to their problems, not the SOURCE of their problems. And in order to get folks to see it that way, the globalists are having their Western minions create all kinds of mischief so their Eastern minions can step in and save everyone. So in…

Step 1: The globalists have released the Western hounds on everyone, and they are mauling us with theft, oppression and war.

Step 2: They’ve had their faux-truther / controlled-opposition press screaming to everyone that the hounds are coming after us so we’ll get scared and look for safety.

Step 3: They are having their BRICS minions step up and save us from the hounds. Welcome, saviors!

And with that, we end up in the NWO. It’s not so hard to understand, is it?

Don’t Get Swept Away by the Coming “Truth Tsunami”

Let’s begin this section by reminding ourselves what a “limited hangout” is…

“spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

When you think about it, the whole engineered truth movement has been a limited hangout operation. There have been “insiders” and “whistleblowers” (disinfo agents) coming out from under every rock to tell us a mixture of truth and falsehood, and the gist of their message is…

“The evil West is out to get us, and Putin and the BRICS are the only ones who can stop them.”

So the objective of the limited hangout operation known as the “Truth Movement” is to publicize facts that make the West look bad and the East look good. And in doing this, they are distracting people from “the key and damaging” fact that the BRICS are the ones actually bringing in the NWO.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The rising floodwaters of limited hangout truth will give way to a full-on tsunami next year. You will see all sorts of radical truth-telling, including stunning information about Obama’s background and what really happened on 9/11. When you see the mainstream media parroting all the explanations the globalists have been beta testing in the alternative media rabbit hole, you’ll know we’ve reached the climax point.

Here is something I wrote about their plans back in 2013…

>>> Let’s begin with the Cliff’s Notes version of the basic three-step process I see them trying to implement:

Create a PROBLEM – Through social engineering and the power of mass media, they have created dissatisfaction and dissociation with our old social forms and norms, including the traditional religions, in order to make us amenable to a new order of things. They’ve also sicced their dark dogs on us, who’ve been enthusiastically preparing a vast global police state grid, an economic and military conflagration, and a mass culling of the population.

Generate a REACTION – Through the engineered truth movement, they have advertised the actions of their dark minions in order to create fear in the population as well as a strong desire for some escape from what they have planned [here is a prime example]. They’ve also been disseminating vastly more accurate spiritual information through false-light channelings and New Age gurus for those weary of the old religions, but have blended in some misleading ideas that will be useful to them later.

Offer a SOLUTION – They’ll allow their minions to go to the brink (or a bit past the brink) of unleashing their planned horrors upon the world so people will desperately grasp for any solution. The solution will then be offered by the BRICS nations in the form of a new precious metals-backed financial system and by a BRICS-allied “alien” power who will come onto the scene to stop the wars and address urgent needs. With a timely arrival to save the day, they are expecting the relieved public to warmly embrace their version of a “love and light” New World Order of (apparent) freedom, as well as the “aliens” and their “god,” who will pose as Prime Creator/Source (but he/she/it IS NOT).

With the overview in place, let’s now delve into some of the juicy details of offering the solution

The dark minions and Homeland Security types who have been preparing the Great Culling and the global police state genuinely believe they’ll get to slaughter lots of people, and they are orgasmically licking their chops in anticipation. They kinda remind me of the character “Psycho” from the movie Stripes…

…“All I know is I finally get to kill somebody”…

Naturally, it is essential to the overall plan that actors on the lower levels of the power/awareness pyramid sincerely believe their roles and make concrete preparations for the Culling. The threat they pose would be unconvincing otherwise. Unfortunately for the planners, though, the general population is so distracted and drugged-out from other Cabal activities that they’re having a hard time generating the desired awareness and fear. Unintended consequences are a bi*ch, aren’t they? Nonetheless, when the economy suddenly grinds to a halt, war actions have begun, and thugs in armored cars can be seen on the streets, that should provide enough of a wake-up slap to get the attention of the public.

Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order. <<<

Speaking of the “love and light” NWO, here is a preview of what to expect: The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first.

So enjoy the big show, but don’t forget that’s what it is.

Knowing the Heroes and the Goats

Here is something important to know about the real New World Order…

The real BRICS-fronted NWO the globalists are bringing into being will be based on Austrian economics, not Communism. And it will in the beginning appear to be libertarian and respectful of national sovereignty.

As I point out throughout this blog, the globalists have divided their minions into two teams: the Black Hats and the White Hats. And they’re having their controlled alt-media paint the Black Hats as people who are trying to build an evil “Western” NWO. At the same time, they are portraying the White Hats as people who are trying to stop the evil and build a benevolent BRICS-fronted NWO instead. Needless to say, the White Hat “heroes” are scripted to win this conflict, and their victory will bring in the real New World Order the globalists have been planning all along.

That being said, here is a list of Black Hat people and things that will be defeated (on the left) and White Hat people and things that will triumph (on the right)…

Keep in mind that the people and things on both sides of this list work for the same bosses. They’re simply assigned to play opposing roles on the public stage.

Armed with this list, you can look at any alt-media site and know if it’s controlled or honest by simply noticing two things:

1) If it portrays the conflict between the “evil” West and “benevolent” East as real (instead of what it really is: a fake stage play put on for public consumption)


2) if it bashes the people and things in the left column while promoting the people and things in the right column

…the site is either globalist-aligned or run by someone who has fallen for their propaganda.