How Hillary, Trump and Putin figure into the launch of the New World Order

Guess who will be leading the US when Putin launches the NWO…

In this entry, I’ll continue with what I started in Democratic National Convention Watch: Update 1 – Who was behind “Leaky July”, so here goes:

This is something I wrote early last year in Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags

>>> Once the globalists trigger the New Lehman Event and take down the West, the Western populations will be furious at their leaders. The globalists know this. This is why they’ve been preparing to scapegoat the existing political figures and replace them with pre-marketed “outsiders” who will “set things right again.” <<<

Q – So in the United States, who are the “existing political figures” – which figures represent the “Establishment” in people’s minds?

A – The Clintons (on the Democrat side) and the Bushes (on the Republican side).

Q – Which American political figures were hung out to dry during Leaky July?

A – The Clintons (with the commencement of the Hillary Leaks series) and the Bushes (with the release of the 28 Pages).

Q – In the United States, who is the “outsider who will set things right again”?

A – Donald Trump, who is publicly shunned by the Bushes (the Republican Establishment) and publicly opposed by the Clintons (the Democratic Establishment).

Q – So in the coming US Presidential election, who is the “Establishment candidate” and who is the “Anti-Establishment candidate”?

A – Hillary Clinton represents the entrenched Establishment insider and Donald Trump represents the Anti-Establishment “outsider” who will “set things right again.”

Q – On the global stage, which national leader is most widely perceived to be an Anti-Establishment figure like Trump?

A – Vladimir Putin, who is widely portrayed as a threat to the established world order (which is supposedly controlled by the “US Empire” and its EU “vassals”)…
…From the Australian Strategic Policy Institute

Q – What alternative to the established world order does Vladimir Putin offer?

A – A New World Order…
…From The Moscow Times

And Putin’s New World Order is based on a “transformed” United Nations…
…From This graphic shows an excerpt from Putin’s speech to the UN General Assembly during their big 70th session last September. Let’s take special note of some of the ideas it contains…

> In the boxed remarks on top, he is referring to the United States of course. He makes reference to the globalist catchword “American exceptionalism.”

> When he says “…the UN should also undergo natural transformation. Russia is ready to work together with its partners to develop the UN further on the basis of a broad consensus,” he is referring to the globalist plan to rejuvenate the UN brand so people will more readily accept its new leading role. To learn more about this effort to rebrand the UN, read…

Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding, which contains this…

>>> The replacement of tainted existing brands by fresh new brands extends beyond globalist organizations of course; it includes political figures as well. Many of the leaders people associate with the current crises (the scapegoats) will be swept aside by “heroic” controlled opposition figures who “saw it all coming” and could have prevented it “if only we’d had the power.”

As I’ve shown in previous entries, the globalists seem to be positioning the “right wing dissenters” to take the political stage after the transition. This is symbolically appropriate given the whole Left Hand/Right Hand approach of the “elite.” They use the Left Hand to cause chaos and destruction and the Right Hand to bring about order and construction. It is for this reason that they’ve carefully built-up a public image of foresighted/conscientious dissent for “right wing” figures like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. They have also done this for “left-winger” Elizabeth Warren, so she must have some role to play in bringing the “political left” into the fold after the transition. <<<

…and also read…

The BRICS and the UN governance reform scam, which contains this…

>>> Observing these three facts, it is abundantly clear that the BRICS alliance was fashioned by the Western globalists. The West brought the BRICS into the global economic governance system back in 1999, the West gave them a name and introduced the idea of them becoming a bloc back in 2001, and the BRIC nations accommodated the West by forming the bloc in 2006, just before the 2007-2009 economic crisis hit. They then held their first BRIC Summit right after the effects of the Lehman Shock eased in 2009, which was the same year that the BRIC-inclusive G20 formally supplanted the G7 as the world’s “permanent council for international economic cooperation.”

Since the G20 nations are all run by politicians owned by the same International Banking Cabal, getting them to form the NWO is something that could be done at any time. It takes more than simply getting the “leaders” to vote for it, though; the general population of these nations must follow their leaders into the new system, and this is what the BRICS alliance is all about. It is an exercise in public relations.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the BRICS alliance “gives form to the dialectic clash between Anglo-American bankers and BRICS bankers which will birth the NWO.” The BRICS concept gives the people of the traditionally oppressed nations the illusion that they have formed a mighty alliance which will take over the global governance system from the imperialist West, and the perception that they have triumphed and taken over is supposed to lead to their enthusiastic embrace of the NWO system. But alas, it is all a scam. <<<

Getting back to the ideas in Putin’s UN speech…

> When he talks about “truly independent states,” he is referring to the phony return to “national sovereignty” that is part of the NWO narrative. The globalist vision for the NWO is to have a world of smaller, seemingly independent nations that must cooperate in order to maintain their security and a modern standard of living. And that international cooperation is to take place through multilateral institutions that the globalists control, with the globalist-created, BRICS-rebranded UN being the centerpiece of it all.

So with all this set before us, what roles do Hillary, Trump and Putin play in the globalists’ NWO plan?

Hillary represents the established world order that will be defeated in favor of the BRICS New World Order. Putin will be the de facto or de jure leader of the New Order (possibly as Secretary-General of the UN). And Trump will cooperate with the New Order due to the fact that it will appear to be a return to national sovereignty. And since newly elected Western leaders must be seen as “Anti-Establishment” and amenable to cooperation with Putin, Hillary is scripted to lose this election. The globalists will not allow the presence of the sullied old Western leaders to stain the reputation of Putin and his NWO.

Much love…

P.S. – For the record, Rand Paul appeared to the Anti-Establishment nominee back when I wrote “Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags.” But his failure to energize the electorate led to his replacement by someone who was more loud, more stupid, and more showy, Donald Trump.

Democratic National Convention Watch: Update 1 – Who was behind “Leaky July”

[Update 0 – 24 July 2016]

Why Hillary will be conclusively tied to “Islamic” terrorism before the election

Here is Hillary and her own personal Osama bitch Laden, Huma Abedin
…It is through Huma that Hillary will be tied to “Western globalist and Saudi-run” “Islamic” terror. In fact, Infowars has already produced a video about how Hillary and Huma connect to the Saudis and the network that recruits and radicalizes young Muslims…
…From (and by the way, if “the elite wanted this information suppressed,” they wouldn’t have released it; they were just saving it for the right time).

I looked into the Hillary-related information in the video, and it all checks out except for one detail: it appears that Osama bin Laden’s son Abdullah bin Laden, not his brother Abdullah bin Laden, was connected to the World Assembly of Muslim Youth. In the coming months, watch for Wikileaks to flesh out the connections offered in the video as part of their new Hillary Leaks series.

On a related note, there is something quite remarkable going on this month…

1) The UK’s long-delayed Iraq Inquiry report, which sets up Tony Blair to take the fall for the Iraq War, was released on July 6.

…and only 9 days later…

2) The long-delayed release of the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 Report, which sets up the Bushes to take the fall for 9/11, was released on July 15.

…and only 7 days later…

3) The first installment of the Hillary Leaks series, which will eventually set up Hillary to take the fall for any number of wrongdoings, was released on July 22.

As you can see, what we have here is a coordinated campaign. And in the next part of this entry, I’ll show you who is behind it and why they’re doing it (hint: it’s not the Russians). As for the Democratic National Convention, I’m wondering if it will be as unexpectedly rocky as the RNC was unexpectedly smooth.

[Update 1 – 26 July 2016]

Who was behind “Leaky July”

Let’s take a closer look at the three timed-release information dumps that we’ve seen this month…

1) The Iraq Inquiry Report — Here is some basic background on it from Wikipedia

>>> The Iraq Inquiry (also referred to as the Chilcot Inquiry after its chairman, Sir John Chilcot) is a British public inquiry into the nation’s role in the Iraq War. The inquiry was announced in 2009 by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and published in 2016 with a public statement by Chilcot…

The report – described by BBC News as “damning”, by The Guardian as a “crushing verdict”, and by The Telegraph as “scathing” – was broadly critical of the actions of the British government and military in making the case for the war, in tactics and in planning for the aftermath of the Iraq War. Richard Norton-Taylor of The Guardian wrote that the report “could hardly be more damning” of Tony Blair and “was an unprecedented, devastating indictment of how a prime minister was allowed to make decisions by discarding all pretence at cabinet government, subverting the intelligence agencies, and making exaggerated claims about threats to Britain’s national security”. <<<

The release of the Report has led to calls for the prosecution of Tony Blair for his role in the war…
…From The Guardian

And who released it? It was none other than the London Establishment who did the honors…
…From Wikipedia

As you can see, the Inquiry was done by 4 Sirs and a 1 Baroness. So it was the people they represent, the “royals,” who were behind the preparation of the Report, the delaying of its release using various excuses, and the final dumping of it just 9 days before the next item on our list was dumped. Thanks to the reader who put me on to the Inquiry, and we’ll get back a little later to the (non) punishment Blair (and the Bushes and the Clintons) can expect to face as a result of all these exposures.

2) The 28 Pages — Since we already know the nature of what’s in the pages, let’s go straight to looking at who was behind their release. This is what CNN said about it

“The document, which the administration finally delivered to Congress earlier Friday, actually contains 29 pages of material, plus a letter from then-CIA Director George Tenet…

Under pressure from the victims’ families and lawmakers, President Barack Obama said in April his administration would declassify the 28 pages.”

So it was Obama who released the Pages. This raises some obvious questions…

Why would Obama, a “closeted Muslim” who bows deeply to the Saudi King, release information that is damning to the Saudis (and the Bushes)? And why would he do it just 9 days after the “royals” release a damning report on Bush’s partner in crime, Tony Blair? Were there giant demonstrations and widespread civil disobedience that forced him to do it?

No, there was no big surge in the supposed public pressure that made him release the Pages; he released them at this specific time because his bosses told him to do so.

3) The Hillary Leaks — We all know who supposedly released the DNC emails: Julian Assange and his Wikileaks organization. But doesn’t the near-magical ability of Wikileaks to summon classified information on any given subject-du-jour give you pause? It should, and that’s because…

Wikileaks, Anonymous, and Edward Snowden are all globalist fronts. The globalist intelligence conglomerate uses them as conduits to do limited hangouts of classified information. The leaked information is then used by their agents in the mainstream and alternative press to do credible stories that uphold the globalist narrative.

And what is that narrative?

“America and its EU ‘vassals’ are an evil empire that is destroying the world, and only Russia and the BRICS (and the ‘benevolent’ New World Order they offer) can save us.”

Just have a look at the cover of Wikileaks’ book, The Wikileaks Files…

And as Assange was releasing this book about the “US Empire,” he did an “exclusive” appearance on Russian TV…
…From RT

He was even given his own show on RT…
…From RT

With all this set before us, we see who is behind the Leaky July we have just experienced. The British “royals” are a leading element of the Occulted Powers network which runs the whole show, Barack Obama is a frontman who serves that network in its US division, and Wikileaks is a project of the intelligence division of that network. It was the globalists (the royals, the Jewish central bankers, and their Freemason minions that all together constitute the Occulted Powers) that orchestrated Leaky July. It wasn’t the globalist frontman Putin or his Russia division; he’s just playing his part in the phony East vs. West dialectic drama. As for the purpose of the leaks, they are aimed at facilitating the takedown of the West so the East can bring in the New World Order the globalists have been planning all along.

If you are a new reader, read Understanding the NWO Strategy to better grasp what I’m talking about.

The ideas contained in this entry are further elucidated in…

How Hillary, Trump and Putin figure into the launch of the New World Order

A note on Wikileaks and the Democratic National Convention

It’s quite notable that Wikileaks – one of the globalists’ fronts for leaking information that supports their NWO media narratives – released the Democratic National Committee email files on the 22nd, just three days before the Democratic National Convention. The release confirms that the Establishment does indeed want Hillary to lose the Presidential election…
…From Zero Hedge

One of my readers has suggested that the release will result in a contested convention which Sanders will win. While I doubt they’ll go that far, the release should make for a divided and ugly convention, and it will be a poor start for Hillary’s candidacy. Really, it doesn’t matter if Clinton or Sanders is the Democratic candidate, because he or she is destined to lose. Remember my rule of thumb: the candidate that is friendly with Putin will win; any Putin opponent will lose. And Putin certainly wouldn’t care for Sanders…

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 6 – New prophetic propaganda still points to September, Part 2

During my evening infoscan, I came across this piece of Jewish prophecy propaganda…
…It was on the website of Skywatch TV, which is Tom Horn’s site that is devoted to selling the Jewish “End Times” prophecy script to gullible Christians.

Seeing Rabbi Kanievsky’s proclamation that the Jewish Messiah would arrive before the end of the Hebrew Year 5776, an obvious question came to mind…

On what Gregorian date does the year 5776 end?

After finding an online conversion site,, I discovered that the last day of 5776 is October 2, 2016. And this fits right in with my expectation that September will be the big month this year.

In previous writings on what will happen in September, I’ve estimated that Putin’s fake assassination will be staged on September 22, which would put his fake resurrection on September 25. On a hunch, I decided to convert September 25 to the Hebrew calendar, and guess what I found…
…Yep, it’s the 22nd day of the corresponding Hebrew month, and it’s on a Sunday.

So allow me to double-down on that prediction. Vladimir Putin, the Jewish Messiah, will be “assassinated” due to the betrayal of the “Russian Judas,” Dmitry Medvedev, on September 22, 2016. He will then be “resurrected” 3 days later at the Mount of Olives on September 25, 2016. This will raise him from “mere human” status to “religious icon” status, thus allowing him to fulfill his role in the globalist script as the “fake Christ / real Antichrist” for the 7 years that follow.

Now if we go back to the Skywatch TV post for a moment, we see that it ends with this…


This too points to September as being the pivotal month. Their intent is to give away a ton of their books and DVDs so people can watch their predictions come true in real time. They hope this will turn the recipients into rabid believers and proselytizers for their prophetic BS. Watch for them to do this giveaway right at the beginning of September.

My long-time readers will know that I’ve written about all this in many entries, but there is one particular update I’d like to point out. Before we read it, though, let’s look at one more thing that came out today…
…From Google News. You’ll understand why this “negligence / corruption” trial, which jeopardizes Lagarde’s post at the IMF, is important by the end of this excerpt from the Globalist Agenda Watch series…


[Update 5 – 27 March 2016]

The new financial system will launch on October 9

The economic steering committee of the New World Order, the G20, is meeting in China this year. And since China is a BRICS nation, there is certainly no Illuminati symbolism surrounding their G20 Presidency…
…except, of course, for the All-Seeing Eye staring right at you.

Now if we overlay what we’ve been uncovering in the Globalist Agenda Watch and Globalist Prophecy Watch series with the globalist meetings scheduled for this year, we see they fit like hand in glove.

On the eve of the September wars, which I’ve estimated will begin on or about September 11, forces from all over the world will be in Syria and Iraq fighting ISIS. So while all the world is still united, and just one week before they cease to be united, the G20 will hold its Leaders Summit…

I suspect that there will be a staged confrontation at that meeting between the G7 and the BRICS – a.k.a. the Global North and the Global South – over the G7’s obvious support of ISIS. Look for Putin to drop some big truth bombs at that meeting, both about Western support for ISIS and Obama’s background. The two sides will be shooting at each other within a week after this; expect the G7 to fire the first shot.

If we then fast-forward through the North/South War and the Global Attack against Israel, which I’ve estimated will all end on or about September 25, we find that the globalist finance ministers and central bank governors will meet 11 days later in Washington, D.C….

This G20 “working dinner” leads directly into the IMF / World Bank Annual Meetings…

It is at this meeting that the new gold-valuated multilateral / multipolar financial system will be launched, and a Chinaman, Zhou Xiaochuan…
…will be made the IMF Managing Director, replacing Christine Lagarde.

So mark October 9 on your calendar; that’s the day the globalists will start handing out money so everyone will embrace the new financial system. And everything will seem wonderful… at first.


++++++++++Part 2++++++++++

Getting back to Tom Horn, he did an interview on “End Times” prophecy with televangelist Jim Bakker that was aired in three parts from July 5-8. Before we get to what he said, though, allow me to once again give an overview of the deception-within-a-deception that the globalists are using to artificially fulfill Bible prophecy. I’ll put it in the words of a theoretical globalist…

“The Christians are expecting a deception before Christ returns, so we’ll give them one. We’ll make it look like Obama is the Antichrist, and we’ll have Putin defeat him and pose as Christ. Later on, we’ll portray Putin as the ‘real Antichrist,’ thus delivering to the Christians the deception they’ve been expecting. Once they see Putin as the Antichrist who tried to take Christ’s throne, we’ll have our final frontman defeat him and pose as the real Jesus Christ. We will then be in total control through our frontman, and people will accept our every command as though it came from the very mouth of God.”

In order to implement this strategy of theirs, the globalists are employing three propaganda teams to sell the whole thing to the public: 1) the Step 1 propaganda team is responsible for selling Obama as the Antichrist; 2) the Step 2 propaganda team is responsible for selling Putin as the Christ; and the Step 3 propaganda team is responsible for selling the final frontman as the real Christ who defeats the real Antichrist, Putin.

Tom Horn and his associates are on the Step 3 propaganda team. That’s why they’re blowing the whistle on the false messiah the Pope is helping to bring in; they’re portraying him as the Antichrist.

So let’s hear what Tom has to say about it at the 6:41 mark of this video, remembering that he has been the leading proponent of Pope Francis being the “final Pope”…

“Think about this prophecy: that it’s believed by modern Catholics today… that the arrival of the final Roman emperor, or what they call the great Catholic monarch might be here – might be imminent… he will appear when the final Pope arrives… when this final Pope arrives, he’s gonna help this emperor.”

And sure enough, the Pope is helping the final Roman emperor…
…isn’t he? From Sputnik

The stronger, BRICS-reformed UN that comes out of the September crisis will be the final Roman empire, and its de facto or de jure leader, Vladimir Putin, will be the final Roman emperor.

I may write some more on this over the weekend.

Much love…

Republican National Convention Watch: Update 5 – Closing Remarks

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll be doing my best approximation of a live feed to cover the RNC in Cleveland and any other globalist-related news that crosses my radar. For your convenience in reading it, I’ll place each new update at the top.

[Update 5 – 22 July 2016]

Now that the RNC is over, I can only remark on how smoothly it went. As expected, much of the Republican Establishment showed its supposed distance from Trump by ditching the Convention (which kept Trump from shaking hands with the Bushes right before they go down for 9/11), the mainstream press nitpicked Convention speakers (using weak attacks based on plagiarism charges), but there was no major drama outside the building. It is as though Soros and Co. called off the dogs. Since the Establishment does want Trump to win, I guess it makes sense that it would be so.

In important upcoming elections, this is the general rule of thumb as to who will win:

If they are on good terms with Putin, they will win; if they are considered enemies of Putin, they will lose…
…From Google News

[Update 4 – 21 July 2016]

More on Trump’s Jewish elite handlers

It will be Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka who gives the last speech before Trump’s own big speech tonight. So in case you are wondering why she was chosen, AP offers an answer…

“And while all of his grown children have had a visible presence on the campaign trail, all seem to agree that none is closer than Ivanka, 34, and husband Jared Kushner, who is now involved with nearly all facets of the campaign.”

Kushner is, of course, an Orthodox Jew from a Money Power family, and here is another passage about his role in the Trump campaign from The New York Times

“A 35-year-old real estate developer, investor and newspaper publisher, Mr. Kushner derives his authority in the campaign not from a traditional resume but from a marital vow. He is Mr. Trump’s son-in-law.

Yet in a gradual but unmistakable fashion, Mr. Kushner has become involved in virtually every facet of the Trump presidential operation, so much so that many inside and out of it increasingly see him as a de facto campaign manager. Mr. Kushner, who is married to Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka, helped recruit a sorely needed director of communications, oversaw the creation of an online fund-raising system and has had a hand in drafting Mr. Trump’s few policy speeches. And now that Mr. Trump has secured the Republican nomination, Mr. Kushner is counseling his father-in-law on the selection of a running mate.”

That very much sounds like what a handler would do, doesn’t it? As does this passage from another New York Times article

“Donald J. Trump has asked his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to begin quietly working to put together a blueprint for a transition team should he win the White House in November.

Mr. Kushner, the husband of Mr. Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, will work with Corey Lewandowski, the Trump campaign manager, and Paul Manafort, a senior adviser, to set up a prospective team and determine who its most important members should be.”

But there is more Jewish involvement in Trump’s campaign than just the Kushner couple…
…From the Tablet. Here is a notable section from their coverage…

It should come as no surprise that Trump is in partnership with the Jewish financial elite given his career background. Although naive sleepers seem to think he’s independent of the Money Power “since he has his own money,” they fail to understand how he got it. He didn’t do the real estate megadeals he’s know for by using money from his own bank account; he borrowed the money from the big banks and finance houses. There is simply no way he could be a big mover and shaker in real estate, especially in a Jew-controlled city like New York, without being in the good graces of the Money Power. He’s their boy. But once they get him into office, they’ll flip the script and use him to scare the common Jews to the killing fields of Israel.

After all, Trump is advertised as a populist, and what does a populist do when the popular mood turns against a group? He rides the wave and gives them what they want, doesn’t he? Here is a graphic from a Politico article on Trump’s populism…
…Take note of the picture he’s holding.

At the Transition Point, the globalists will do a massive limited hangout of Israel’s role in worldwide terror attacks and the Jewish role in worldwide banksterism. This will make the head of the Jew pop up from the whack-a-mole board. What will Trump do then? In answering this, you see why the Jewish elite want their boy in office. He will whack them in a way that looks good to the public whilst guarding them from any serious, real retribution. Meanwhile, the average Jew on the street will become even more reviled than the average Muslim on the street.

It is for the sake of the common Jews that I bother to write about all this. So to the ordinary Jewish man, whether he be a taxi driver, shoe repairman, jeweler, or whatever, I say this…

No matter how uncomfortable things get for you in America (or any other country) after the globalists scapegoat the “Ziojews,” don’t run to Israel. Death awaits you there. Shelter in place, and if need be, “convert” to Messianic Judaism or Christianity as cover. If you do that convincingly (and do not compromise yourself by talking otherwise around electrical devices), they will pass over you.

[Special Note – Here’s an interesting question: Is there a behind-the-scenes play going on at Incirlik Air Base (Turkey) for the nuclear weapons allegedly based there? I’ve monitored such talk in the fringe alternative media for days, but now official Russian propaganda is coming out on the subject…
…I couldn’t access the article through either of my browsers (it’s being blocked), so I had to go through the Internet Archive to access and store it here.

Needless to say, an Islamist attempt to seize the nukes would fare much better if Obama put “the right people” in positions of command on the base. And by the way, tomorrow is the 22nd.]

[Update 3 – 20 July 2016]

Another unjustified shooting the night before Trump’s big speech

A new video of an improper police shooting of a black man has come out…
…From Google News

Will this be used as a pretext for violence in Cleveland tomorrow? We’ll just have to wait and see how much play it gets in the morning news cycle.

[Update 2 – 19 July 2016]

The real reason the Bushes didn’t show up at the Convention

Besides making a show of supposed “Establishment opposition” to Trump (to further his public image as the “anti-Establishment” candidate), there is another reason the Bush family is sitting out the Republican National Convention:

In keeping with the globalist script, the Bushes (along with the Saudis and the Israelis) are about to go down for 9/11. And since the elite don’t want their NWO American President Trump to be tied to all that, they are maintaining the appearance of enmity between the Bushes and Trump.

Hillary, on the other hand, will be taken down with the Bushes…
…owing to the Clintons’ close relationship with them…
…From the Daily Mail

Now if we look at what the newly-released 28 pages of the 9/11 Report say (on PDF page 17)…
we see there was a connection between Saudi Prince Bandar and the Saudi intelligence handlers that oversaw the supposed 9/11 hijackers (including al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar).

And if we look at Prince Bandar, we see this…

>>> Bandar has formed close relationships with several American presidents, notably George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, the latter giving him the affectionate and controversial nickname “Bandar Bush“. His particularly close relationship with the Bush family was highlighted in Michael Moore’s documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. He was reportedly so close to George H. W. Bush that he was often described as a member of the former president’s family. He advocated Saddam Hussein’s overthrow in Iraq in March 2003. He encouraged military action against Iraq and supported Dick Cheney’s agenda for “The New Middle East”, which called for pro-democracy programs in both Syria and Iran. Additionally, Prince Bandar’s children supposedly attended the same school where Cheney’s grandchildren were enrolled. – From Wikipedia <<<

So the Bushes and the House of Saud will be going down in the next few months, and the next shoe to drop will be the release of documentation that also ties the Israelis to 9/11. It will come out sometime around September, and it will allow Obama to turn the US military against Israel. The Congressional authorization for him to do so already exists. The September 24, 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force states…

That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored such organizations or persons, in order to prevent any future acts of international terrorism against the United States by such nations, organizations or persons.”

As I’ve stated previously in the Globalist Prophecy Watch series, this is the apparent globalist strategy for World War 3 (a.k.a. the Gog/Magog War)…

1) Stage massive “ISIS” terror attacks to cause the world to gather in the Middle East to destroy ISIS in their home territory, then

2) Have the Global North (the G7 powers and their allies) and the Global South (the BRICS powers and their allies) turn their weapons against each other due to the Global North’s obvious support of ISIS, and finally

3) Have the two sides turn their weapons against Israel when it is fully revealed that Israel was the driving force behind both 9/11 and the ISIS attacks (especially the massive attack planned for the Olympics where an Israeli company is managing all the security systems).

All this being said, it is absolutely NO COINCIDENCE that the 28 pages were released at this particular and pivotal time. The script is playing out as expected.

That’s it for today…

[Update 1 – 18 July 2016]

Trump’s Alliance with the Jewish Money Power

When the RNC begins today, Ivanka Trump’s rabbi will not be giving the convocation…
…From Politico

According to mainstream media reports, Rabbi Lookstein dropped out due to pressure from other Jews to not associate himself with Trump. Just have a look at the petition that was directed at him…
…Here are some excerpts…

“Donald Trump openly spouts racist, misogynistic rhetoric; he advocates torture, the expulsion of millions of families, some long settled in America, and insinuates that some citizens of this great country are somehow less than others…

Trump’s re-tweeting of anti-Semitic and white nationalist imagery is not an accident; it’s a dog whistle…

Rabbi Lookstein, do you also shrug in the face of virulent, violent anti-Semitism?…

Rabbi Lookstein, all the good work you’ve done in your life – everything you’ve done for your community, for the plight of Soviet Jews – will be flushed down the toilet for ten minutes on stage in Cleveland. This is the single action history will remember you by, and history will not be kind

It’s a truism, but first they came for the Mexicans, and I said nothing. Then for the Muslims, and I was silent. Even if you are only looking out for what you believe is the self-interest of your community, you should know that Jews are never far behind on this list

Please reconsider your public support of this dangerous man — the future of our country, not to mention your own legacy, is at stake.”

With that now set before us, let me tell you the real reason for the Rabbi’s dropout and the petition…

1) I brought up Trump’s close, marriage-sealed alliance with the elite Jews last Monday, and the globalists now realize that their public narrative is very vulnerable on that point. As a result, Rabbi Lookstein dropped out on Friday to minimize their risk. Having Ivanka’s rabbi and converter give the convocation would have gotten the attention of a lot of people.

2) The petition was done to reinforce the public image of Trump as an anti-Semite. The elite Jews will be using fear of Trump to scare the common Jews out of America (and into Israel) over the next few years.

Why and how, you ask?

It is important to realize that the elite Jews have no more regard for the common Jews than the gentile elite have for us. We are all cattle to them, and the strategy of the Jewish elite is to cast aside their herd of 14 million Jews in favor of a herd of 2.2 billion Christians.

It is for this reason that they’ve taken control of the Roman Catholic Church (by the infiltration of Marrano Jews through the Jesuit Order), the Eastern Orthodox Church (by using their Communist front to shut down the Russian Orthodox Church, then reboot it with KGB-selected clergy), and much of the Protestant Church (by taking control of Christian media and doctrine, especially doctrine related to Revelations and the “End Times”).

Now that they have effective control over Christianity, the elite Jews no longer need the common Jews. And since the common Jews have outlived their usefulness, they will be gathered in Israel for a mass culling several years from now. Killing them off will leave the world with the impression that Jewish power has finally been broken, but it will live on under the robe of Judaized/Kabbalized Christianity.

To better understand why I say all this, you’ll need to read “End Times” Programming.

[Special Note: According to the RNC schedule, Trump will give his big speech Thursday evening, right after Ivanka speaks. If there’s going to be an attack during the Convention, that would be the ideal time to stage it. The media would chime in during their coverage of his speech to inform people of the bloodshed outside.]

[Update 0 – 17 July 2016]

“ISIS Terror” and the Conventions

Be on the lookout for “ISIS-affiliated terror attacks” conducted by either “radicalized black Muslims” or Muslim migrants during the Republican and Democratic national conventions. These attacks would likely bypass the secure convention zones and focus on softer targets (such as crowds and gathered policemen) elsewhere in the hosting cities. The globalists telegraphed this particular threat with the “unaffiliated” Baton Rouge police shooting today…
…(from Real Clear Politics) and with this article on Zero Hedge

Rest assured that for political purposes, the “authorities” will find an ISIS affiliation with any potential convention shooters.

A primary objective of these potential attacks would be to provide pretext for the globalists to move more US troops to the Middle East before the planned September war. According to the public narrative, both Republican and Democratic leaders would be outraged at ISIS and join for a bipartisan push for a full-on ground war.

More to come…

A false-flag coup in Turkey? (+ the role of Fethullah Gulen, Turkey’s NWO President)

Watching the bizarre goings-on in Turkey, this passage from a CNN article caught my eye…

“A total of 2,839 military officers were detained, a source in the President’s office said. And the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office took nearly 200 top Turkish court officials into custody, Anatolian News Agency reported Saturday.

The officials include 140 members of the Supreme Court and 48 members of the Council of State, one of Turkey’s three high courts.”

So why are court officials being arrested in a supposed military coup? Did Erdogan himself stage this coup so he could rid the government and military of his opponents? It sure smells like it.

Given that there has been absolutely no time whatsoever to investigate who was behind it, how else would he have known which 2,839 specific military officers and which 188 specific court officials to arrest? It looks like he already had his enemy list prepared, and he used this staged event to round them up.

That being said, meet Erdogan’s dialectic opponent, Fethullah Gulen…
…From The Washington Post

It looks like the globalists might positioning their boy Erdogan to be the Turkish Obama/Hillary to be taken down in this year’s crisis, and it might be Gulen who will be the Turkish Trump. This passage from his Wikipedia bio really caught my eye…

“Gulen has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy. He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations.”

Take a moment to think about that passage…

> “he believes in science” – Wouldn’t you know it, both the Jews and the Jesuits (the Crypto-Jewish order that has captured the Roman Catholic Church) are big into science, and along with the “Royals,” they are the ones driving us into the multilateral / multipolar New World Order.

> “he believes in… interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book” – As I laid out in “End Times” Programming, one of the objectives of the NWO-builders is to unite the “People of the Book” – along with the other religions – into a “Spiritual UN” based in Jerusalem (as an intermediate step to something truly diabolical).

> “he believes in… multi-party democracy” – While this sounds good on the surface, the reality is that all our democracies are improperly-structured shams. Hierarchical “democracy” was put in place as a buffer layer between us and the Occulted Powers (the royals, bankster Jews, priests, and their subordinate secret societies) that rule us from behind the scenes. Our secret rulers have found that multi-party “democracies” work the best, since they offer a variety of political brands to lure more people into the system.

> “He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations” – Of course he has – they are running the show.

Just like Trump is for America, Gulen is a tailor-made candidate for leading Turkey when the multilateral New World Order kicks off later this year. So when the Transition Point comes, watch for the media to out Erdogan’s planning of yesterday’s coup (as well as his covert support of ISIS and other wrongdoings). This will make his supposed foe, Gulen, look very good and lead to his triumphant return to Turkey.

While we’re on the subject of Erdogan’s fake coup, covert support of ISIS, and personal corruption, let’s take a look at another passage from Gulen’s bio…

Gulen was an ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before 2013. The alliance was destroyed after alleged 2013 corruption investigations in Turkey. Erdogan accused Gulen for being behind the corruption investigations.

Given how the globalists operate, it’s no surprise that they took two political allies, staged a public split between the two, and set them in supposed opposition to each other. It’s standard procedure. And it’s also no surprise that the future NWO King, Vladimir Putin, has previously hit Erdogan on his personal corruption and complicity with ISIS…
…From RT

So when Gulen finally ousts his ol’ globalist pal Erdogan, it will appear as though a principled “good guy” has defeated a corrupt “bad guy.” And this too is no surprise if you’ve been reading this blog for a while…

“The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam.

This means that when we reach the end result of this transition process, the NWO will look like the SOLUTION to all our problems, not another PROBLEM (such as a dark, scary fascist regime) we need to overcome. It will appear as though the corrupt have been defeated, World War 3 has been stopped, all regional conflicts have been resolved, biowarfare against the population has been halted, poverty has been alleviated, debt money has been abolished, secrets have been revealed, and so on and so forth. And the masses, after having been force-fed negativity and conditioned to expect a scary NWO for so long, are expected to be so overcome with joy that they’ll willingly embrace the New Order.” – From The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first

In the scam, Erdogan’s government is the “dark, scary fascist regime” and “the corrupt,” and Gulen is the NWO savior who will rescue Turkey from the darkness… for a time.

Much love…

Globalist Agenda Watch: Update 15 – The Phony Establishment vs. “Anti-Establishment” Dialectic and the Coming Political Conventions

One week from today, the Republican National Convention will commence in a city that is 52% black
…So it is no accident that the recent black vs. police violence has been heavily publicized and amplified at this particular time.

The massacre of policemen in Dallas happened in conjunction with a demonstration by the globalist-funded Black Lives Matter (BLM) group, and can you guess how that group feels about Donald Trump? DeRay Mckesson, one of BLM’s main spokesmen, has said that Trump is “evil,” and that “I think there will likely be protesters at the convention, whether they consider themselves a part of the movement or consider themselves part of the public that doesn’t want a bigot and a racist man to be the next president,” – From And this quote came before the recent police-on-black and black-on-police shootings.

So the Republican National Convention will find itself surrounded by BLM-inspired protestors…

…and immigration-oriented Mexican protestors (who have already gotten violent with Trump supporters)…
…From The Washington Post. Here is an excerpt…

“The incidents were the latest in a series of increasingly violent altercations between protesters, Trump supporters and police at the presumptive Republican nominee’s campaign events. A week ago, it was Albuquerque descending into chaos as the city was shaken by raucous riots and arrests outside a Trump rally. A month earlier it was Costa Mesa, Calif.

Thursday was San Jose’s turn to take center stage in what is quickly becoming a traveling fiasco.”

Now take these violent protest groups and toss in undercover FBI/CIA instigators and Masonic policemen to provoke both the police and the crowd in order to set off the powder keg. Then, to top it off, add opportunistic Cleveland youths who will turn out in numbers to add to the mayhem once the violence gets started. That’s quite a recipe for drama, wouldn’t you agree? We could see shootings, stabbings, burnings, pipe bombings, arson, looting, blocked roadways — a city on fire. And while the “silent majority” watch all this outrageous behavior with seething anger, the Republican Establishment within the Convention and the mainstream media covering the Convention will appear to do everything possible to stymie Trump’s Presidential run.

So what’s the point of all this? To get the frustrated, embattled average joe to identify with the frustrated, embattled Trump and see him as the last chance to stop all the madness. With the whole Establishment seemingly arrayed against Trump, he’ll be seen as the “Anti-Establishment” guy who will save America and set things right.

In the next section of this entry, we’ll look at how the globalists are painting Trump’s dialectic counterpart, Hillary Clinton, as the total embodiment of the corrupt, lying, unaccountable, America-destroying Establishment. And after that, we’ll take a quick look at Donald Trump and his longstanding alliance – sealed by many business deals and by marriage…
…with the Jewish Money Power that is orchestrating this whole show (both Ivanka Trump and her Money Power scion hubby, Jared Kushner, are Orthodox Jews).

Love always…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 14 – A quick note on the Summer of Terror and the September War (+ Dallas and the Republican National Convention)

If the globalists are going to make the September window for their fake World War 3, they need to get US troops moving to the area pretty soon…
…and that means that the Summer of Terror needs to ramp up soon. So be on the lookout for a coordinated, multiple-city attack in the US by “ISIS” sometime between tonight, July 4 and Tisha B’Av, August 14.

It took six months for the US military to deploy its forces for the first Iraq War, but the deployment of such a large and heavy force will not be required for the next conflict. Since ISIS is a lightly-equipped foe, the ground forces that will fight them will largely be Marines and Army light infantry units, both of which can be quickly deployed. Most of the gear needed for the war has already been pre-positioned in the area.

The international forces that will join both the US and Russian sides after the Olympics attack will also be light and relatively small in number, and they too will rely on equipment and munitions that have been pre-positioned by the US and Russia.

As for the big terror attack that gets the US rolling into the Middle East again, tonight offers a great opportunity for the false-flag crowd to work their magic. Whether the attacks are real or simulated, they would focus on crowds that have gathered to watch the fireworks, and would be timed to coincide with the rapid-fire climax of each show. The sounds of the fireworks would mask the explosions and gunfire, and people would have trouble recognizing an attack in the darkness.

With love…

(P.S. – Same Day) – A reader has pointed out another juicy target
…and the date translates to 777, which the numerologists will love.

(P.S. – 6 July 2016) – Given news that has come out today — along with news that came out on June 17th during my absence — it appears that the globalists have opted against using Greece for the coming financial / economic blow against the EU. Instead, they seem to be telegraphing an impending banking crisis originating with either Deutsche Bank or the Italian banks. More on this in the next full update…

(P.S. – 9 July 2016) – The Dallas police massacre happened just in time to set the stage for a bloody Republican National Convention. And that, in turn, will set the stage for a cartoonishly overdone “establishment candidate vs. anti-establishment candidate” dialectic circus for the voters. This circus will show the globalists’ chosen “anti-establishment” candidate, Donald Trump, under fire from violent black and hispanic groups as well as the Democratic, Republican, and globalist establishments. All this is about outraging the “silent majority” and driving them to Trump. More to come…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 13 – Why the Globalists are Demolishing the EU (& What its Replacement Will Look Like)

Have you noticed how hard the controlled alternative press are working to convince you that the globalists / NWO / banksters are frightened by the BREXIT result?…
…From the Drudge Report, Breitbart, and Infowars

Well nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the collapse of the European Union is a necessary step in building the New World Order the Rockefellers and Kissinger outlined back in their late 1950’s NWO implementation plan…
…From Prospect for America: The Rockefeller Panel Reports

Take special note of the first passage: “The hoped-for result is peace in a world divided into smaller units…” So is the EU a “smaller unit”? No, an EU superstate with its own army is a larger unit than its constituent nation-states, so it clearly wasn’t built to be part of the real New World Order. Rather, it was built as an expendable tool to help the globalists get to the New World Order.

So what was the EU’s raison d’etre, you ask? To tie as many European nations as possible into a political and currency union, then crash the union to create political and economic chaos. And on the currency side of it, they put the planned result of this crash right on the cover of The Economist back in 1988…
…From Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce

On the cover, you see national currencies burning in a bonfire (The Great Economic Crisis of 2016), as well as a phoenix arising from the flames (in 2018). This phoenix represents a new global currency, and this is what the article said about it…

>>> THIRTY years from now, Americans, Japanese, Europeans, and people in many other rich countries, and some relatively poor ones will probably be paying for their shopping with the same currency. Prices will be quoted not in dollars, yen or D-marks but in, let’s say, the phoenix. The phoenix will be favoured by companies and shoppers because it will be more convenient than today’s national currencies, which by then will seem a quaint cause of much disruption to economic life in the last twentieth century…

The phoenix would probably start as a cocktail of national currencies, just as the Special Drawing Right is today. In time, though, its value against national currencies would cease to matter, because people would choose it for its convenience and the stability of its purchasing power…

…The phoenix zone would impose tight constraints on national governments. There would be no such thing, for instance, as a national monetary policy. The world phoenix supply would be fixed by a new central bank, descended perhaps from the IMF

…Governments are far from ready to subordinate their domestic objectives to the goal of international stability. Several more big exchange-rate upsets, a few more stockmarket crashes and probably a slump or two will be needed before politicians are willing to face squarely up to that choice…

Pencil in the phoenix for around 2018, and welcome it when it comes. <<<

As the article suggests, national currencies will not disappear after this year’s crisis (although the Euro will). But they will become increasingly disused as the banksters make it more attractive to use the new global currency. As for the euro, it is a component of the IMF’s SDR, so the IMF might make arrangements to allow its member nations to exchange their worthless euros for a special allotment of SDRs (the citizens would trade their euros for their new national currencies, then their governments would trade the amassed euros for IMF SDRs). This would turn the world’s existing euro reserves into SDR reserves in a single stroke, thus aiding the new global currency in its rise.

It is worth noting that the “evil Western globalists'” supposed opponents, the Chinese, are fully cooperating in this “SDR to phoenix” plot. Just have a look at a 2009 speech from China’s central banker, Zhou Xiaochuan, titled Reform the International Monetary System. Here are some key excerpts…

>>> The desirable goal of reforming the international monetary system, therefore, is to create an international reserve currency that is disconnected from individual nations and is able to remain stable in the long run, thus removing the inherent deficiencies caused by using credit-based national currencies

The scope of using the SDR should be broadened, so as to enable it to fully satisfy the member countries’ demand for a reserve currency.

> Set up a settlement system between the SDR and other currencies. Therefore, the SDR, which is now only used between governments and international institutions, could become a widely accepted means of payment in international trade and financial transactions.

> Actively promote the use of the SDR in international trade, commodities pricing, investment and corporate book-keeping. This will help enhance the role of the SDR, and will effectively reduce the fluctuation of prices of assets denominated in national currencies and related risks.

> Create financial assets denominated in the SDR to increase its appeal. The introduction of SDR-denominated securities, which is being studied by the IMF, will be a good start.

> Further improve the valuation and allocation of the SDR. The basket of currencies forming the basis for SDR valuation should be expanded to include currencies of all major economies, and the GDP may also be included as a weight. The allocation of the SDR can be shifted from a purely calculation-based system to a system backed by real assets, such as a reserve pool, to further boost market confidence in its value. <<<

Isn’t it remarkable how the Chinese are calling for the very same role for the SDR that the “evil Western globalists” have been planning all along? Can you think any others who’ve been screaming about the need to move away from “credit-based national currencies” in favor of currencies “backed by real assets, such as a reserve pool” and gold? That would be practically all of the alternative media, right? This is because practically all of the alternative media either work for the globalists or parrot the globalist message out of lack of discernment.

Now if we look at the political side of the EU collapse, I wrote about what would happen last year during the globalists’ aborted attempt to start the collapse using the Greek debt crisis…

“…the globalists intend to take down the EU central government and break Europe into smaller units bound by a new regional multilateral framework.” – From The Greek “People’s Revolution” and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO

And wouldn’t you know it, George Soros chimed in over the weekend to talk about “thoroughly reconstructing” the EU…
…From Fortune

So what form will the new “EU” take, you ask? It will no longer be a strong federalizing force for its member nations; most likely, it will be a relatively weak “multilateral framework for cooperation” that offers a-la-carte conventions onto which the nations of the region can sign (if they so wish). And getting them to wish to participate in the new framework is where the “smaller units” concept comes into play.

As we go forward, the globalists will go beyond merely breaking up the EU. They’ll also be breaking many EU nations into smaller units. This is what I wrote about it last year in The globalist plan to break up the great nations


The globalists want the NWO to consist of “smaller units” because smaller nations are less likely to be self-sufficient in maintaining their security and a modern standard of living. They want all the nations to be dependent on the multilateral framework for their security and economic wellbeing.

Besides the Rockefellers’ NWO architects, can you guess who else is talking about “smaller units”? Ron Paul (in this interview on RT)…

“I happen to believe in smaller units of government; the larger the unit of government, the worse things are…

So I think people should have the right to leave a larger unit of government.”

And what else is Ron Paul talking about? Secession in the US
Note that he gave this speech at a Mises Institute conference called Breaking Away: The Case for Secession

[Starting from the 1:20 mark] – “I would like to start off by talking about the subject, and the subject, of course, is secession and nullification — the breaking up of government. And the good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening. And it’s not gonna be because there will be enough people in the US Congress to legislate it — it won’t happen. It will be de facto.”

So we know the globalists are aiming to break up the EU (which is the Interim World Order in Europe), and Greece is where that will begin. But will they also break up the USA so it can never rise again as the power it once was? Will Russia and China meet the same fate at some point?

With that last question in mind, have a look at an Economist article I ran across today…
”UNDER Vladimir Putin’s presidency, Russia is seen in the outside world as an expansionist power trying to revise post-Soviet borders and rebuild an empire. But what if Russia itself—a country of nearly 200 nationalities that stretches across 11 time zones—is in danger of crumbling?”

It is quite interesting to see this coming out of the Economist. If we look back to the their infamous cover from early this year, we see Putin (and other major leaders including America’s Obama, China’s Xi, and India’s Modi) presented in the color of ash….
…which is the color of the phoenix eggs on the woman’s hat. This would indicate that those leaders will be part of the ash heap from which the NWO phoenix will rise.

After seeing the Economist article, I decided to check into China and came across this Wall Street Journal article
”Despite appearances, China’s political system is badly broken, and nobody knows it better than the Communist Party itself. China’s strongman leader, Xi Jinping, is hoping that a crackdown on dissent and corruption will shore up the party’s rule. He is determined to avoid becoming the Mikhail Gorbachev of China, presiding over the party’s collapse. But instead of being the antithesis of Mr. Gorbachev, Mr. Xi may well wind up having the same effect. His despotism is severely stressing China’s system and society—and bringing it closer to a breaking point.”


Upon checking into India, I came across this paper from Arshi Saleem Hashmi. Here is a germane passage…
…(from pages 38-39)

It makes sense that the globalists will want to break up the large nations because it fits in to their PR strategy of restoring the appearance of sovereignty (while actually undermining sovereignty by making the divided peoples less able to resist the power of the globalist institutions). Once separated from their central governments, the newly-minted nations will need assistance in getting started, and to whom will they turn for guidance and help? To the United Nations and the multilateral institutions of course! They will turn away from the old power centers of Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and New Delhi and turn towards the new power center, the UN Complex. And this predictable dynamic gives us a clue as to the timeframe during which the breakups will occur.

Common sense suggests that the great nations will be broken up once the multilateral institutions and agreements that will pick up the pieces are finalized. That way, when they break up into their smaller components, those components will be offered continued membership in the multilateral institutions their former central governments set up. And since they’ll need help, they’ll accept that continued membership and thus become dependent on the UN and the regional and functional multilateral institutions (just like the Rockefellers planned back in the 1950’s). Given that the BRICS institutions have been rushed into existence this year, I would expect the breakups to occur sometime between September of this year and 2020, with most of it done by 2018.


Now that we’ve seen that the globalists intend to break up the federalist EU and replace it with a “sovereignty-respecting” multilateral framework of cooperation, it’s time to look back at the other statement from the Rockefeller Reports…

As you can see, it talks about regional institutions, “an international body of growing authority,” and how the combination of the two will be able to deal with problems the separate nations can’t solve alone. Now if we put this together with what we’ve already covered, a very clear vision of the real New World Order takes shape.

The globalist will use this year’s big crisis to begin separating the nations into smaller, less independent units. Scotland will leave the UK, Catalonia will leave Spain, Texas will leave the United States, and so on and so forth all over the world. So why, again, are they doing this?

Take a moment to think of the United States. If the US has a drought in California, Americans don’t starve because the country is so big that other agricultural areas can pick up the slack. But what if California were broken off as a “smaller unit” and became its own nation? How would the Californians avoid starving in such a drought? They’d have to turn to globalist-controlled international trade and the globalist-run multilateral institutions for help, wouldn’t they?

A big country like the US is capable of being independent when it comes to food, military security, border control, and many other things, but a smaller nation is less capable of that. The smaller the nation, the more problems it “will not be able to solve alone.” That is why the globalists want smaller units.

The NWO builders want the smaller, more numerous nations of the post-crisis world to flock to the globalist-controlled regional institutions instead of the federal governments they used to turn to. But as the Rockefeller Reports point out, these regional groupings will not be the ultimate authority; they will be “under an international body of growing authority,” which the Reports identify as…

So a more powerful UN will be the centerpiece of the New World Order, but for it to openly become the ultimate authority in our world, two things need to happen…

1) Any potential rivals must be eliminated. There can be no superpowerful nation-states like America, a federal EU, China, or Russia that can defy the UN.

2) The UN must get an image makeover to distance itself from its checkered past.

This is where the EU takedown and the globalist-created BRICS alliance come in…

1) Just like the BREXIT is meant to inspire other EU nations to jump the sinking federalist ship, the “people’s revolution” that demolishes the EU is meant to inspire the people of other federalist superstates to secede from their unions. But the coming worldwide “people’s revolution” is not what it seems. Its clarion calls will come from the globalist-dominated alternative press, and its great demonstrations will be led by agents-provocateur paid by NGOs like those of George Soros.

In the great “Global People’s Revolution,” the people will just be along for the ride. And when its all over, the New World Order will be standing, and people will think that it’s something we won, not something that was forcefully or sneakily imposed upon us. Why shove a New World Order down people’s throats when you can convince them that it’s something they wanted and created for themselves?

2) The BRICS alliance was created to be the controlled opposition to the “evil Western globalists,” and it is they who will give the UN a fresh new look and usher in the real NWO. But don’t take my word for it; just ask a Chinaman…
…From the UN News Centre

So at some point during the climax of this year’s crisis, the BRICS will lead a revolution within the United Nations to “free it from Western domination.” The UN will then undergo reform and appear to have new management. And what will the new management do? They will strengthen the UN so that “no unilateral power like the US can ever threaten world peace again”…
…From the Hurriyet Daily News

And just like that, the Rockefellers’ dream will become reality. We’ll have the globalist-controlled, United Nations-centered New World Order lording over a world of small, dependent nations — it will be “One World of Nations,” as the globalist disinfo agents like to call it. But my question is this…

If enough of us are aware of the trick, could it have a significant impact on the eventual outcome?

I certainly hope so, and that’s why I flap my quantum butterfly wings on this blog. Whether my efforts bring a hurricane down on the NWO or merely stir up a dust devil in the desert, I do what I can and leave the rest to the Universe.

Much love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016: Update 12 – The globalists begin their demolition of the EU (+ Addendum 2 – Some propaganda you need to see)

Before you begin reading…

If you are a new to this site, you might want to read Understanding the NWO Strategy before you read this article. Otherwise you might not understand that the globalists are running both sides of the seeming political conflict you see unfolding around you. Both David Cameron and Nigel Farage work for the same people; they merely play oppositional roles for the purpose of manipulating public perception and behavior.

Now here’s the article…

As expected, the globalists engineered a victory for the BREXIT referendum yesterday, so the first of three punches that’ll bring down the EU has been thrown. Putting together all we’ve explored in previous updates and entries, this is how things will go from here…

> The Summer of Terror will start kicking in…
…From The Guardian. Here is an excerpt…

>>> The US State Department has issued a travel alert for Europe, cautioning Americans that the influx of summer tourists and a series of high-profile events “will present greater targets for terrorists planning attacks in public locations”.

We are alerting US citizens to the risk of potential terrorist attacks throughout Europe, targeting major events, tourist sites, restaurants, commercial centers and transportation,” department officials wrote. <<<

The purpose of this globalist-sponsored terror campaign is to outrage the public and fan hatred towards the Muslim refugees and the EU bureaucrats that allowed them in. The angered public will then look upon the BREXIT as being a great idea for their own countries.

> The IMF will scuttle the Eurozone debt deal with Greece, which could lead to a default on Greece’s July debt payments to the European institutions…
…from The article is behind a paywall, so search for the title on Google News and follow their link to see it.

The purpose of this globalist-engineered development will be to create chaos in the Eurozone (the EU currency union) to go along with the EU political chaos created by the BREXIT and the Summer of Terror.

> The third punch to the EU – the knockout blow – will come when the BRICS and the G7 start shooting at each other this September. The sudden breakout of war will result in the stoppage of all financial and trade transactions between the two “sides,” and this will trigger the Next Lehman Moment – a total cardiac arrest in the global economy. Once this has happened, no one in any of the EU countries is going to give a sh*t about what the bureaucrats in Brussels say. The EU will simply fall to pieces.

If you are a new reader, you’ll find more in-depth coverage of all these points in previous entries.

[Addendum 1.1 – same day]

I made sure to finish this update late last night because I knew the propaganda they’d be pushing this morning, and the Drudge Report didn’t disappoint…

The first thing to notice is that the globalists’ controlled opposition figures are calling for referenda in their own countries. And over the coming weeks, you’ll see lots of reports of how Britain’s vote has emboldened anti-EU forces throughout Europe, especially in Greece.

According to the public narrative of how the Greek default will go down, the BREXIT vote will encourage the Greek Parliament to dig in their heels against unwanted economic “reforms.” Their resistance will be based on the expectation that the Eurozone will ultimately back down to avoid another BREXIT-style blow to the EU. This, paired with German intransigence, will bring the situation to a head and lead to the IMF pulling out of the bailout.

That being said, this narrative is just a script being acted out for public consumption. In reality, Greece will be the nation that upsets the euro apple cart because the globalists want the “birthplace of democracy” to strike the fatal blow against the “undemocratic” EU. As I’ve talked about in previous entries, the EU was never built to be the QE2; it was built to be the Titanic. The internationalists constructed it so the nations of Europe would jump aboard and drown together when it hits the iceberg of the Great Economic Crisis of 2016.

For more information on how and why the globalists are building tension in the public in order to release it through their controlled opposition figures, read…

The Illuminati strategy of tension and release (Update 2 – The Mises Mafia is on the move in Brazil)

The Paris Attacks, Marine Le Pen and Ron Paul

Moving on, the snapshot of Drudge headlines we just examined came the top left of the website above the main headline. Now let’s have a look at the headlines offered right below the main headline on the left…

In the headlines outlined in red, we see Drudge foreshadowing the Summer of Terror. Note that the two cities specifically mentioned for attack are the core power centers of the EU. The coming attacks against these power centers and the Vatican will give rise to a growing disinformation meme about an attack against “Christian civilization.” This is what the globalists want you to believe…

“Christian civilization is under full-scale assault by Islamists from without and Satanists from within. The secretly-Satanic Western elite made common cause with the Muslims to create a terrorist army and get it into the Western nations in order to bring down Christianity. The Muslims supplied the men and the Satanists opened the gates and brought them in under ‘migrant’ cover.”

This idea of a war between civilizations – Muslim versus Christian – is why Drudge added the headline (outlined in yellow) mentioning “civilizational jihad.”

Now if we look to the headline directly below that one (and outlined in blue), it mentions the Rio Olympics. This is where the globalist script calls for the Muslims to step over the line and trigger an official holy war. An atrocious “ISIS attack against Christians” at the Olympics will lead to both the Catholic and Orthodox churches declaring a “just war” against them. And since this August attack will result in casualties from all around the world, ground units from all around the world will gather in the Middle East in September to fight them. This global gathering of forces against ISIS will, in turn, devolve into a conflict between the “Champion of Christianity and True Warrior against ISIS” Vladimir Putin and the “Secret Muslim and True Supporter of ISIS” Barack Obama.

For more information about the planned hijinks at the Olympics, read…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2016 – The Rio Olympics are shaping up to be a showcase of human woe (+ More on Vladimir Putin, the “Savior of all Christians worldwide”)

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[Addendum 2 – 26 June 2016]

Some propaganda you need to see

Over the past couple of days, I’ve noticed some propaganda pieces that are worth pointing out. So without further ado, here is…

EXHIBIT A: This is an example of the “war of civilizations” meme I mentioned earlier in this update…
…From And here is an excerpt…

>>> Erik Prince, former CEO of private security firm Blackwater who served as a Navy SEAL and CIA asset, told Breitbart News Sunday’s Stephen K. Bannon that to win the war against radical Islamic terrorism, the United States must deny entry to people who pose a threat to America’s Christian way of life

“We have no obligation as a country to allow people in that are an inherent threat or could be an inherent threat to our way of life — to our Western Judeo-Christian civilization”… <<<

So here we have a “former” CIA asset pointing out the need to deny jihadis entry into America so that “America’s Christian way of life” and “Western Judeo-Christian civilization” can be protected. Seeing this, you have to ask yourself a question…

If the “evil Western elite” are really trying to destroy Christianity and bring in Luciferianism, Satanism, and the New Age, why is one of their CIA flunkies (Erik Prince) speaking about the need to protect Christianity?

The answer is that it’s all part of the good cop / bad cop strategy the globalists are using to bring in the real NWO. They are using the “Satanic Western elite’s unipolar world order” to scare people into the arms of the “Christian-led (Putin) multipolar world order.” This is why the fear-mongering disinformation agents who dominate the alternative media (such as Alex Jones) scream so loudly about the Western Satanists…
…and speak so positively about the “Christian” Putin…
…From (top, bottom)

Make no mistake…

The globalists are bringing in their New World Order through Putin and the BRICS, and their ultimate goal is to unite the people of the world under an updated, Kabbalized Christianity.

To understand their approach in accomplishing this, read…

“End Times” Programming

More propaganda exhibits are coming.

Love always…