Globalist Agenda Watch 2024 – February Updates

ALERT (29 February 2024): On another note, today’s Drudge Report is featuring the nuke story from The Sun with a very odd choice of words for the headline: “MORE NUKE TAUNT“…

Whenever I see odd word combinations or words in quotation marks on Drudge, I immediately wonder if they’re dropping a gematria hint (the Kabbalists are obsessed with gematria). And upon asking our beloved Onnabugeisha to check into it, she found something very important (follow all the links in red)…

Gematria: more nuke taunt = Mass shootings 4x, Mesquite Texas 4x, USA President 3x, Trump arrested 2x, Patty Murray 2x, the old post office 2x, Lightning McQueen 2x, 

‘more nuke taunt’ in Hebrew/Jewish Gematria is 861 (Gematrix) -> 

Strong’s Hebrew: 861.attun: a furnace

Roman festivals: The Fornacalia was an Ancient Roman religious festival celebrated in honor of the goddess Fornax (Wikipedia), the divine personification of the oven. Her festival, the Fornacalia, was celebrated on February 17 (on the Julian calendar) -> 

3/1 (Friday)  = Julian calendar: 2/17 [Convert a date]

And here are some related cues from her notes on tomorrow…

Genesis 7:11 – In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month, all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.

[Ken: Noah’s Flood / “God’s Flood Judgment” began on 2/17; the coming judgment the globalists will artificially fulfill (tomorrow) is “God’s Fire Judgment“.]

• Artemis 1 (Wikipedia) was an uncrewed Moon-orbiting mission. Launch date: 16 November 2022, 66 weeks, 9 days ago

[Ken: Since the numerologists allow themselves to flip sixes and nines, 669 can be expressed as 666, the Number of the Beast. And the Artemis Orbital Weapons System is what the globalists will use to produce nuke-like explosions tomorrow.]

BTW, here’s something I found: operation blackjack = suitcase nukes in Simple English / Ordinal Gematria.

See the “NUCLEAR” ATTACK WARNING FOR FRIDAY below (which is now complete, with all links added).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 1st are now up, and she considers tomorrow an important day. On the occult side, it is quint-pregnant with apocalyptic scripting cues.

“NUCLEAR” ATTACK WARNING FOR FRIDAY (posted 29 February 2024): Yesterday, 28 February 2024, the Kabbalists tried to blow up the West under a “suitcase nukeOperation Blackjack scenario. And on the day before the attempt, the Financial Times posted an “exclusive story” (preparatory propaganda) that established the rationale for blaming Russia and Putin for the attacks…

…Here is an excerpt [with my comment in brackets]

Vladimir Putin’s forces have rehearsed using tactical nuclear weapons at an early stage of conflict with a major world power, according to leaked Russian military files that include training scenarios for an invasion by China.

The classified papers, seen by the Financial Times, describe a threshold for using tactical nuclear weapons that is lower than Russia has ever publicly admitted, according to experts who reviewed and verified the documents…

While Russia’s president has the sole authority to launch a first nuclear strike [they put this in so Putin would be personally blamed for Operation Blackjack], the low threshold for tactical nuclear use set out in the documents conforms with a doctrine some western observers refer to as “escalating to de-escalate”.

Under this strategy a tactical weapon could be used to try to prevent Russia from becoming embroiled in a sprawling war, particularly one in which the US might intervene. Using what it calls “fear inducement”, Moscow would seek to end the conflict on its own terms by shocking the country’s adversary with the early use of a small nuclear weapon — or securing a settlement through the threat to do so.

They talk about ‘soberising’ their adversaries — knocking them out of the drunkenness of their early victories by introducing nuclear weapons,” said Alberque. “The best way that they think they can do that is to use what they call a lower ‘dosage’ of nuclear weapons at a much lower level of combat to prevent escalation.”

The Kabbalists made the Operation Blackjack attempt on Wednesday the 28th because Jerusalem entered Purim Vincent (20 Adar I) at 5:36 PM IST yesterday, which was 10:36 AM in New York. The New York bomb was set to blow after 1:30 PM local time, likely at 1:33 (the Masonic number) or 1:44 (because yesterday marked 144 days since the Gaza War began).

The next attempt to stage Operation Blackjack will come on Essene Purim, which falls on 2 March 2024 (Essene 14 Adar). The mainstream Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, and its days begin at sundown. But the Essene calendar is a solar calendar, and I haven’t yet come across an account of when its days begin (at sundown or midnight or dawn). So for the sake of safety, let’s assume that Essene Purim starts after sundown of March 1 and ends at dawn of March 3 (Jerusalem time).

That means the attack window…

Tel Aviv will likely be hit as well. And the preparatory propaganda for this next attempt was released today (the day before the attack window opens, just like last time)…

…from The Sun

~ MORE ~

Although I consider this a low-probability scenario, it bugs me enough to cover it briefly…

Biden is scheduled to depart Texas at 5:30 PM CST, and Air Force One will be flying out of Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport, which is just two miles from the Mexican borderwithin range of a Russian Verba man-portable air defense system fired from either side of the border. Do you know who uses Verbas? Syria, who are supposedly part of the “Aeroterror” connection to Venezuela and the (CIA-connected) drug cartels. So there it is, just in case.

NOTE (28 February 2024): Tomorrow Joe Biden will be giving a speech at 3:30 PM in Brownsville, Texas — a remarkably Masonic time at a place where literally every person around him wants him dead, even the Democrats. But I’m sure everything will be fine…

Today’s warning has been moved below the following Key Information.

Key Information (28 February 2024): It is rumored that the Jewish King of Restored Khazaria, Vladimir Putin, will announce the annexation of Transnistria on Thursday, 29 February 2024. Do you know why the Kabbalists have scheduled this event on this particular day? – Because it is the Jewish day of 20 Adar 1. And 20 Adar 1 is the day King Vladimir set in motion previous wars to expand his domain

• The Russo-Ukrainian War (Wikipedia) and the annexation of Crimea (Wikipedia) – Military operation began on 20 February 2014 = 20 Adar I.

• Russia officially recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine (Wikipedia) on 21 February 2022 = 20 Adar I. Three days later, the Russian army would invade Ukraine.

Within the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, the “Jewish King who restores Khazaria” is not the only role assigned to Putin. He is also playing the role of Octavian, who gains control of the “reformed BRICS UN republic” and rises to become Emperor Augustus of the New World Order — the “Final Antichrist.” This is why you see so much Putin-worship in the controlled alt-media. Vladimir Putin is the ultimate false savior who will bring the world to ruin at the end of Act 2 of the stageplay: “the Second Tribulation” / “God’s True Tribulation”. And he is scripted to be defeated by the incoming “Jesus Christ,” who is the frontman through whom the Kabbalists plan to rule the world in a permanent theocracy.

See the 27 February warning below for more of what they have planned for Wednesday and Thursday.

WARNING (28 February 2024): In another “hastily arranged” movement of a political leader, the globalists are sending Kamala Harris to Manhattan for a possible hit this afternoon: Vice President Kamala Harris’ ‘Sherri’ appearance throws ‘RHOP’ reunion into ‘chaos’. In a notable “coincidence,” Chabad has a location (Chabad for Young Professionals) that is just one block over from the Chelsea TV studio where Harris will appear…

…from Google

Since Chabad is a religious front for the Mossad, this means the Mossad (the “Institute”) has a convenient location to plant the “nuclear” bomb (and then blame the attack on “Islamist anti-Semites targeting Jews”). The press can also blame MAGA Christians working with the Islamists in order to take revenge against Harris and New York.” I’ve already covered the reasons why Harris’s death would be a more efficient route for putting Michelle Obama into the presidency.

~ MORE ~

A reader has just notified me of more “hastily arranged” movements of leaders today…

Biden makes unexpected trip to Walter Reed for ‘physical’ as mental fitness speculation mounts

Pope Francis had diagnostic tests in a Rome hospital after his weekly audience

Both of these developments were forecast in yesterday’s warning. And they are obviously setting the stage for Biden to step aside after Harris is hit and Obama moves into the VP slot.

Here’s more of what we expected…

A Breakaway Region of Moldova Asks Russia for Protection: Transnistria declared independence in 1992 but is not recognized internationally. The request by the territory’s legislature could fuel regional tensions as the war in Ukraine rages.

Fears of Imminent Russian Invasion Sparked in European Country

~ MORE ~

Keep an eye out for the possibility that the Kabbalists will go for the savior move over the February 28 – March 2 period and follow it with “Truth Tsunami” and “Mass Arrests of the Deep State” psyops that will culminate on March 20 (1 Nissan on the Essene Jewish calendar) or March 23-25 (the days of mainstream Purim and Shushan Purim).

Today’s alert has been posted on my backup site in case this site goes down.


They have arranged for Joe Biden to give a televised speech “from the White House” at 1:30 PM EST today. That is the same time Kamala Harris will be making her TV appearance in Manhattan. Will Biden be notified of the hit on New York on camera, just like George Bush was notified in the classroom on 9/11?…

…from YouTube

The previously unscheduled speech will be about “his actions to fight crime and make our communities safer — in other words, it will be about “domestic peace and safety“…

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

WARNING (27 February 2024): Tomorrow We Enter the Danger Zone

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 28th and her (early) notes on Wednesday the 29th are now up. The 28th (the 144th day since the Gaza War began) and the 29th (the Big War start date) are exponentially more risky than today. And in addition to the possibility of a major blowup in the Gaza War, they feature the possibility of the destruction of Three Gorges Dam in China (“by the West-connected Chicom Deep State in an attempt to take down hero Xi,” according to the NWO Narrative). “Commie” moves against the other NWO heroes are also scriptable (including Trump, Netanyahu, Putin, Bolsonaro, et al.). In the afternoon/evening, I’ll be laying out the possibilities.

~ MORE ~

Based on the occult cues Onna has uncovered, here are the scriptable possibilities for Wednesday the 28th (a number of them also apply to the 29th)…

NOTE (26-27 February 2024): For Tuesday’s attempt at mischief, it looks like they’re aiming to hit Washington and bring in our first openly Jewish president, Janet Yellen. Biden, Harris (1) and House Speaker Johnson (2) will be gathered at the White House. The Senate is in session, so Senator Patty Murray (3) will likely be at the Capitol. And Antony Blinken (4) will be at the State Department Building. So a hit on Washington tomorrow will take out Biden and the first four people in the presidential line of succession…

…from Wikipedia

This leaves Janet Yellen (5), who is safely away in Brazil…

…from X

And if they can’t make it work tomorrow, they’ve “hastily arranged” a Biden trip to Brownsville, TX on Thursday the 29th.

NOTE (26 February 2024): We dodged a bullet today. I only just now found out about the “hastily-arranged meeting” of 20 European leaders that took place in Paris. They were gathered there for a hit while Pope Francis was hiding from a hit on Rome, which means that we narrowly avoided Operation Blackjack today. But it remains in play through March 2 at least.

Did Spirit exact a price for their wickedness?

~ from earlier ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 27th are now up. Given that some Vatican cues are among them, watch for the potential announcement of Pope Francis’s death and the scheduling of his funeral on Saturday, March 2 — a good day to hit the gathered Western leaders.

~ from earlier ~

A reader has informed me that Pope Francis has used his health excuse to go hide in his bunker today. Mischief is afoot. This may be the day Israel orchestrates a “Hezbollah” attack on the West, like they’ve previously threatened. A copy of this alert has been posted to my backup site in case this site goes down.

CRITICAL ALERT (26 February 2024): New York City could face a massive bombing today and the Israel-Hezbollah War could begin

Per Onnabugeisha’s notes, Joe Biden’s Jewish chief of staff / handler is sending him to New York, New York today on 2/26 (Harmagedon Day), the anniversary of the first World Trade Center bombing

…from Wikipedia and a Hezbollah video. Note that the time (2:26) matches today’s date.

New York has seen some of the most disruptive pro-Palestinian protests since the Gaza War began and has led the “Democratic lawfare” effort against Donald Trump. And with last week’s US veto of the latest UN Security Council ceasefire resolution and Trump’s catastrophic New York legal judgment fresh in people’s minds, the time is ripe for Homeland Security to stage an “Islamist + MAGA Christian” terror strike on Creepy Joe…

Onna’s notes also show that it’s Turkish president Erdogan’s birthday (and the Turkish Antichrist / Dajjal is scripted to blow up New York at some point). And there are other occult scripting cues pointing to Iran’s Esmail Qaani, the FBI search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, and Artemis. So the planned attack on Biden and New York may involve the use of an Artemis rod (but be blamed on a “suitcase nuke”), with many such attacks throughout the West being a distinct possibility.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 25th and Monday the 26th are now up.

(25 February 2024) – Today, the Polish military is mobilizing for war under cover of the Dragon-24 exercise, so we will begin our NWO Transition War Overwatch. We’ll also have a look at a possibility a reader brought up: that the Muslim oil-producing nations may be scripted to stage a boycott of the US dollar for oil transactions “in order to force the US into stopping Israel’s genocide in Gaza.” And it should be noted that Pope Francis, like the British Royals, has come up with a health excuse (the flu) to be able to cancel public appearances (like he did yesterday) and bunker-up when the war starts (either that or they’re about to script his death and a hit on the Western leaders who attend his funeral).


Sunday, February 25

Monday, February 26

Tuesday, February 27

Wednesday, February 28

  • The 144th day since the Gaza War began, with the same associated possibilities as Day 144.

Thursday, February 29

Friday, March 1

  • Possibly the “Second Day of Darkness.”

Saturday, March 2

  • Essene Purim – “Sinful Israel” gets hit with a “nuclear,” “radiological,” or “biological” attack, making it Day 1 of the Israelis wandering and dying in the desert for 38 days (until Day X, April 8).
  • Possibly the “Third Day of Darkness,” with the “Rain of Fire” ending at sundown — followed by another opportunity to stage the Fake Christian Rapture.

After this short war, the “Communist Reign of Terror” begins, with the migrant “locusts” unleashed to torment the West. This is supposed to last for 150 days, but the Kabbalists lack a good landing date for Day 150. So “the days will be cut short” at 38 days (April 8 / Day X) or 144 days (July 23 / 17 Tammuz).

COSMIC ALERT (24 February 2024): Upon deeper analysis of the events surrounding the 7-year Tribulation timeline associated with next week, I have determined the following…

The Great Tribulation (which is what the prophecy propagandists call the second, rougher half of the 7-year Tribulation period) began when Barack Obama covertly declared the beginning of the “American Communist Revolution” with his speech before the “pandemic”-emptied, all-virtual Democratic National Convention on 19 August 2020…

…from NBC News on YouTube

The speech was given from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia exactly 76 days before the November 3rd presidential election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump — thus invoking the Revolutionary Spirit of ‘76. And it began with these words

As you’ve seen by now, this isn’t a normal convention. It’s not a normal time. So tonight, I want to talk as plainly as I can about the stakes in this election. Because what we do these next 76 days will echo through generations to come.

Counting this speech as Day 1 of the “pandemic”-enabled Communist Revolution, the Revolution and its associated Great Tribulation reach their reversal point on Day 1290, which is 29 February 2024 (the day the NATO-Russia War is currently scheduled to start). See this special note about why they didn’t have to script a religious desecration event on Day 1290 (instead, Obama desecrated the cradle of the American Revolution this time).

~ MORE ~

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the nation’s governors will gather again at the White House at 7:15 PM EST today for a black-tie dinner followed by “entertainment” (hair sniffing?). This will come after today’s G7 Virtual Summit with Zelensky to promise him more support and Joe Biden’s mention today of the Odysseus Moon landing. Odysseus is a Greek hero famous for the plan to sack Troy using the Trojan Horse, and the Moon represents Artemis [1,2]. Will such a Trojan scenario play out this evening? I thought I’d better cover it just in case.

(23 February 2024) – Later this morning, Biden and Harris and most of the nation’s governors will be gathered at the White House. So if a “foreign foe” wanted to take out America’s “leaders,” it’s a one-stop shop. Alternatively, this grand gathering offers a sweet target for any “Deep State” that wants to mass arrest another. Might the “commies” arrest the “insurrectionist” Republican governors who show up? Might the “Nazionists” arrest the “nation-destroying” Democratic governors, Biden and Harris? All it would take is one false-flag to get things going.

~ MORE ~

As expected, a NATO versus Russia war is shaping up for next week…

…from Newsweek

The globalists activated the Transnistria/Cobasna scenario yesterday, and they’ve scheduled it to coincide with the February 29 – March 2 danger window next week. They had a hawkish Jew-run Washington think tank, the Institute for the Study of War, come out with a report that starts with this

Warning: The pro-Russian breakaway region of Transnistria may call for or organize a referendum on Transnistria’s annexation to Russia at a recently announced Transnistrian Congress of Deputies planned for February 28. The pretext for such a call would be the purported need to protect Russian citizens and “compatriots” in Transnistria from threats from Moldova or NATO or both. Russian President Vladimir Putin could, in the most dangerous course of action, declare Russia’s annexation of Transnistria during his planned address to the Russian Federal Assembly on February 29, although that appears unlikely. Putin will more likely welcome whatever action the Transnistrian Congress of Deputies takes and offer observations on the situation. ISW offers this assessment as a warning for a high-impact event of indetermined probability. Moldovan government officials state that the situation in Moldova is unlikely to worsen as of February 22.

This report has been picked up by the mainstream media and controlled alt-media, and TASS is reporting that Putin will indeed speak before the Federal Assembly on February 29.

This move towards Transnistria’s annexation is scripted to lead to Moldova calling out to NATO and Ukraine to “help stop Russia’s annexation of even more European territory.” Once that happens, the ongoing Steadfast Defender 2024 and related “exercises” will go live with a deployment to isolate or invade Transnistria, setting them against the Russian troops that are present there. NATO might then employ a stealth bomber to drop a bunker buster on the Cobasna arms depot, allowing them to blame the resulting devastation on “a Russian demolition ordered by Vladimir Putin,” or perhaps even a “Russian nuclear attack.”

It’s also possible that this Transnistria scenario is a contrived diversionary tactic set up to mask a false-flag-enabled NATO move on Kaliningrad, which is Russian sovereign territory. NATO’s conventional forces are far too weak to invade mainland Russia (to set off “nuclear war”), but Kaliningrad and Transnistria are doable.

Upon looking deeper into February 29, I’ve found another Tribulation timeline that reaches Day 1290 on February 29 and Day 1335 on April 14 (Essene First Fruits of Barley, which is connected to the resurrection of Jesus – 1,2). That could be the day the Fake Jewish Messiah departs for Jerusalem, arrives at the Jordan River, or arrives in Jerusalem (after landing at Mount Sinai / Jebel al-Lawz after sunset of April 8). Alternatively, they could have a “Divine Cloud” descend on Mount Sinai on the 8th, then have the Fake Messiah emerge from it on the 14th.

The beginning of this new 7-year Tribulation timeline was (once again) marked in Time on 8 March 2017 with this article: President Trump’s Allies Keep Talking About the ‘Deep State.’ What’s That?

Counting 1260 days from that day forward, it reached its midpoint on the day Joe Biden was nominated for president at the “pandemic”-emptied, virtual-only Democratic National Convention, 18 August 2020.

Counting 1290 days after Biden’s nomination, it reaches its high drama reversal day on 29 February 2024 (the day Putin addresses the Federal Assembly and NATO takes action).

And counting 1335 days after Biden’s nomination, it reaches its happy savior day on 14 April 2024 (Essene First Fruits of Barley / “Jesus’s resurrection day”).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 24th are now up.

CRITICAL ALERT (22 February 2024): My partner Onnabugeisha has detected a potential 7-year Tribulation timeline that hits Day 1290 on Friday or Saturday and Day 1335 on April 8 or 9 (Day X / 1 Nissan).

Its beginning was marked in Time on 3/3/2017 with this article: Donald Trump and the New Dawn of Tyranny

Counting 1260 days from that day forward, it reached its midpoint on the day the first Abraham Accord was announced13 August 2020.

Counting 1290 days from the first Accord forward, it reaches its high drama reversal day on 23 February 2024 (tomorrow) or 24 February 2024 (the anniversary of the Ukraine War).

And counting 1335 days from the first Accord forward, it reaches its happy savior day on 8 April 2024 (Day X) or 9 April 2024 (1 Nissan, which starts on Day X).

The time periods of 1260, 1290 and 1335 days are featured in “End Times” Bible prophecies.

There was no need to script a “desecration of the Holy Place” event to mark the midpoint of this Tribulation because they also launched the “Second Coming of Barack Obama” at the time it started (by giving him the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award on 2 March 2017, 1260 days before the first Abraham Accord)…

from YouTube. Remember that Obama already performed the desecration event when he went to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem at the midpoint of his first Tribulation attempt…

(from 10 October 2023): …longtime readers will remember his “Desecration of the Holy Place” visit to the “Cradle of Christianity,” the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, on 22 March 2013 (3/22, the Skull and Bones number, and exactly 1260 days after he was declared the “Man of Peace” by the Nobel Committee on 9 October 2009)…

…from The Christian Post (top) and (bottom)

So this Tribulation is another iteration of “the defeat of Obama’s Global Commie Deep State (the ‘bad guys’) by Putin and Trump’s Nazionist New Order (the ‘good guys’).”

Also, now it is emerging that a “state actor” is supposedly behind today’s cyberattack. Gee, I wonder who will get fingered.

On Friday, the eve of the second anniversary of the Ukraine War, the US will announce new sanctions against Russia, with the EU to follow suit on Saturday. And as I’ve previously noted, both the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council will be focused on Ukraine tomorrow. So look for additional cyberattacks and other potential false-flags over the next two days (in advance of the Polish and German “military exercises” that are set to begin on Sunday and Monday).

Onna’s notes on Friday the 23rd are now up.

NOTE: It’s 2/22, and a precursor false-flag for the pending NATO invasion of Russian territory has already occurred…

…from today’s Drudge Report

In the 18 February warning, we looked at NATO’s war plans and a related preparatory propaganda article that said this…

According to Bild, Russia’s campaign against the West could begin as early as July this year with a series of plausibly deniable cyberattacks and a disinformation campaign aimed at inciting minority groups inside Eastern Europe. – from

Watch for more Ukraine-related trouble overnight and into Friday and Saturday, including a potential staged assassination of Ukraine’s Zelensky and the possible play of the Cobasna Disaster card (with the Ukrainian military supposedly starving for ammunition, a move on the Soviet ammo dumps in Transnistria is a logical next step).

WARNING (22 February 2024): Watch for trouble in/around Israel and blowback that reaches the West

After 5:31 PM Israel time (10:31 AM Washington DC time) today, the Sun will go down in Gaza, Purim Katan will begin in Jerusalem, and we’ll enter the February 22-24 danger period. Should the Kabbalists opt to go for it today, watch for the “Israeli Outrage” to be staged sometime during the night there, with the real or false-flagged “Iranian retaliation” to follow.

Here in the US, Joe Biden is scheduled to be at the “high place” in California for his assassination from 12:45 PM PST (3:45 PM Washington DC time). He would be one of the “retaliation” targets “on account of the US veto of yesterday’s UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate Gaza ceasefire.” His assassination could involve the downing of Air Force One or Marine One, but would likely entail a bombing, possibly even one that appears nuclear.

As I’ve previously noted, the British Royals have made medical excuses to allow themselves to cancel public engagements and bunker-up at a moment’s notice. And it should be noted that Pope Francis has done the same by scheduling “spiritual exercises” with the Vatican’s leadership that will continue into tomorrow…


So watch for the Vatican to be hit in the “retaliation,” and for the leaders of Rome to be narrated as being dead. King Charles may also “die,” making way for the rise of William at the same time Michelle Obama rises to the VP slot.

For details, see the 16-21 February updates below (down to the horizontal line). They have been put in chronological order, except for the 20 February warning directly below.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 22nd are now up.

WARNING (20 February 2024): “God’s Wrath” on Mystery Babylon (the “UK/US/EU/G7/NATO/UN Empire”) is set to be triggered today or on February 22

A reader has pointed out that the US is now pushing a Gaza ceasefire resolution in the UN Security Council (UNSC). The passage of such a resolution can serve as a trigger for both the assassination of Joe Biden and “God’s punishment of Israel’s traitorous allies who deny her right to self-defense”

…from Yahoo News

The UNSC are meeting on a rival resolution today, which is not expected to pass. But they have another meeting on the Middle East scheduled for February 22 (the day Biden will be taken to the “high place” to be sacrificed). The passage of a compromise ceasefire resolution on that day — triggering “God’s Wrath” — seems to be what’s planned…

…from (arch)

Of course, they could also pass the US resolution today and start aspects of “God’s Wrath” immediately — perhaps beginning with problems in the financial system.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 21st are now up.

The Threat Picture for the Remainder of February 2024

(19 February 2024) – The scripted trigger event for “God’s Judgment” appears to be Israel’s coming invasion of Rafah [or an “Israeli atrocity” (1,2,3) that occurs during it]…

…from NBC News

Looking ahead at the remaining 10 days of this month, there are two clear windows of opportunity for the globalists to start the NWO Transition Event / War: the February 22 – February 24 window this week, and the February 29 – March 2 window next week…

  • Both windows include Purim days, which give the Kabbalist scriptwriters the chance to script “God’s Fire Judgment” befalling a “wicked Israel” and its “traitorous allies (the US/Europe = ‘Egypt’)” at the hands of the Persians (Iranians).
  • Both windows start on a Thursday (Thor’s Day); remember that the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array — the tool the globalists will use to produce nuclear-looking explosions — started out as Project Thor.
  • The chosen window may feature a Three Days of Darkness scenario that runs on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It may also feature a Fake Christian Rapture (Apollyon‘s Harvest) that occurs on the fourth day, Sunday.
  • The chosen window can be the beginning of a 40-dayFire Judgment” that ends after sunset on the 40th day with the Fake Jewish Messiah’s arrival at Mount Sinai (Jebel al-Lawz, near Neom in Saudi Arabia). And this week’s window can be extended into a 5-month / 150-day Torment of Humanity scenario.
  • This week’s window can alternatively be used to stage precursor events for next week’s window, in which case…
  • It should be noted that Day 144 of the Gaza War can be marked on February 27 or 28, depending on how you count the days. This comes after the first window and right before the second. And in Revelation 7, the marking of the 144,000 comes between the openings of the Sixth Seal and Seventh Seal. So the first window may correspond with the artificial fulfillment of the Sixth Seal and the second window with the artificial fulfillment of the Seventh Seal.

(16-17 February 2024) – “X” Marks The Spot: The 40-Day “Fire Judgment” and the Final Day of Ramadan…

The Israelis have brought Ramadan into the Rafah mix today, and there’s a good reason for it…

Did you know that the final day of Ramadan and the first day of the Jewish ecclesiastical year (1 Nissan) both start after sunset of April 8, the day the “Second Great American Eclipse” finishes drawing an “X” across America?

This day presents a golden opportunity to bring in both the Fake Jewish Messiah and the Fake Muslim Mahdi for a messianic intervention. And it could occur at the end of a 38 or 40-day war that begins at some point from February 29March 2.

Perhaps the eclipse and the arrival of the Nazionist Antichrist on the 8th is what’s behind the Nazionist references to “X“, such as “Day X” and Elon Musk’s rebranding of Twitter as “X.

There are many details to add on this, which I’ll cover tomorrow.

~ MORE – 17 February 2024 ~

Going forward, we’ll call the danger period that starts on February 29 – March 2 and ends on April 8-9 the “Ramadan Window,” and it will begin on a Purim.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from a Persian plot to annihilate them, and a number of minor Purims have been established over the millennia to mark the various times groups of Jews were saved from similar plots. So given the Kabbalists’ clearly established intent to artificially stage “God’s punishment of Israel” and the following “redemption of the Jews by the Moshiach” (their pre-selected Fake Jewish Messiah), triggering the fall of Israel on a Purim will help them establish their narrative of “God’s Favor turning to God’s Judgment and then to God’s Redemption.” In other words, the Jews will be destroyed on a Purim instead of being saved, and they’ll once again “wander and die in the desert” until the Kabbalists send in their savior.

So the Ramadan Window will begin on one (or both) of the following Purims…

In a scenario in which both Purims are used, Three Days of Darkness would run the days of February 29, March 1, and March 2. And on March 2 (Essene Purim), the Israelis would be scattered to the wind in the Second Exodus to “wander and die in the desert” for 38 days.

The Second Exodus would be set in motion by the nuclear/radiological false-flag or a (seemingly) biological false-flag (Disease X). Israel has pushed the COVID vax and the deployment of 5G wireless technology very hard, so Disease X may turn out to be wirelessly triggered disease effects among the vaccinated. With 5G, precise control of these effects is achievable, right down to the targeting of specific individuals.

With “on-demand diseasing” of the population using the binary Vax + 5G weapons system, the globalists can potentially generate a variety of different “God-sent biblical plagues and maladies” and simulate “the demonic possession of people after the opening of the Gate to Hell” by turning them into “rage monkeys” or “zombies.” Of course, any disease that can be turned on wirelessly can also be turned off wirelessly, which would give the Fake Jewish Messiah the ability to “heal” people and “cast out demons” by simply waving a chip implanted in his hand. The Vax + 5G combo is an excellent tool in the hands of a Kabbalist magician.

Tomorrow we’ll review what we know about Vincent Fusca. Until then, here is an important note about the Nazionists from a 2022 update…

Don’t confuse the coming Nazionist “saviors” with their street-trash pawns…

It’s important to understand the difference between the coming Nazionist “good guys” and the symbol-bearing street-level Nazi and Zionist thugs that are running around Ukraine and Israel right now. As I’ve previously written, the Nazionist saviors will sweep in “without any visible swastikas, Stars of David, or other symbols that would give away their identity — they want to look like good guys, not bad guys.” They will portray themselves as conservative patriots and constitutionalists, and they will appear to defeat ALL the street-trash brownshirts — whether they be socialists, commies, Nazis or Zionists — just like they did during the original Night of the Long Knives.

The globalist political strategy is to steer humanity into a left-wing hell (where we are now), then engineer an overcorrection into a right-wing hell (which we’ll experience under “Antichrist Putin” after a few years of seeming good times have passed). This will allow their “Real Jesus” character to later sweep in, defeat the tyrant Putin, and lead humanity back to the common-sense middle path.

The whole process of driving us to the two polar extremes of “Left” and “Right” is meant to convince people that “we humans can’t govern ourselves — we always go too far — we need God to lead us.” And it is through their “Real Jesus” front man that the Kabbalists intend to provide us with that “godly leadership.”

WARNING (18 February 2024): NATO Plans War With Russia in Late February

Instead of looking at Vincent Fusca today, I’ll cover more details of the Ramadan Window. And we’ll start by looking at the Steadfast Defender 2024-connected German and Polish military exercises that begin on February 25-26. Although it isn’t overtly stated in media reports, it appears that a German panzer division will enter Poland and link up with Polish armored forces in an effort to seize the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad

…from See this image for the timing of “Grand Center”.

This move would be triggered by a false-flag attack on NATO territory or personnel blamed on Russia and would be done with the supposed aim of using Kaliningrad as a bargaining chip for the return of Ukrainian territory (and the scripted aim of “triggering nuclear war”). Any such seizure of Russian territory would result in Operation Blackjack (according to a new warning put out by Russia’s Medvedev). The “Russian retaliation” would likely occur on February 29 to start the “40-day Fire Judgment.”

It’s also possible that the false-flag event could be used to redirect the combined NATO forces into Ukraine, Belarus or Transnistria. Have a look at this 1-minute video that was put out to announce the start of Steadfast Defender, and take note of the over-the-top use of trident symbolism (the symbol of Ukraine) and the number of the ship that was dispatched to start the exercise (44, Obama’s number).

~ MORE ~

Behold the cover story for the prepositioning of invasion forces and the invasion-enabling false flag…

…from Here is an excerpt…

Germany’s worried. A leaked secret military report reveals it is exploring the idea of Russia being so emboldened by the United States’ abandonment of Ukraine that it also invades Poland. And it’s not alone…

Poland this week did a dramatic about-face and declared it would welcome German troops on its soil to help strengthen its borders – despite having been invaded by Adolf Hitler’s Nazis in 1939…

Without replacement stocks of advanced missiles – and ammunition, and spares for its Western-supplied tanks and armoured vehicles – Ukraine’s ability to resist could quickly evaporate

According to Bild, Russia’s campaign against the West could begin as early as July this year with a series of plausibly deniable cyberattacks and a disinformation campaign aimed at inciting minority groups inside Eastern Europe.

Keep in mind that the German tanks were likely already sent into Poland on trains — with everyone assuming they were being brought in for transfer to Ukraine. So now all they have to do is bring in the German tank crews in trucks.

(18-19 February 2024) – The second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes this Saturday, February 24. And this Thursday, 2/22, the Kabbalists are sending Joe Biden to Los Altos Hills, California for his assassination. Los Altos means “the heights”, so they are symbolically taking him to “a high place on a hill” for a human sacrifice. This sacrifice is scheduled on the day before both the UN Security Council and UN General Assembly will meet on the situation in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.” So will Thor’s Day the 22nd bring the false-flag(s) that will justify NATO’s invasion plan for next week? Or will it bring an early start to the war?

It should be remembered that February 22-24 are Purim days: the 22nd is Erev Purim Katan [and the day of a Venus-Mars conjunction (Lucifer + war)], the 23rd is Purim Katan, and the 24th is Shushan Purim Katan. So the globalists could stage Operation Blackjack on one of those days and start a 5 month / 150-day Torment of Humanity that ends on 17 Tammuz (sundown of July 22 to sundown of July 23) [22,23,24]. 17 Tammuz is another desirable date for bringing in the Fake Jewish Messiah (“so the Moshiach can turn Jewish sadness into joy”).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 19th are now up.

~ MORE – 19 February 2024 ~

As it turns out, a war started this week on February 22 also carries the option of bringing in the Fake Jewish Messiah on the 40th day. Counting February 22 as Day 1 of a “40-day Fire Judgment,” Day 40 would fall on April 1. After sundown that day is 23 Adar II, the day the Hebrews began building the Mishkan (Moses’s Tabernacle) to house God’s presence and started their “7 days of training.” The Tabernacle was inaugurated at the end of the training on 1 Nissan (the target date of the Ramadan Window).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 20th are now up. And in accordance with them, keep an eye out over the next two days (and weeks) for an Israeli or Hezbollah assassination / bombing that could touch off the “War in the North” and for the “cancer death” of King Charles to bring in (temporary) “Antichrist” King William.

(21 February 2024) – More reasons why the Kabbalists plan to make April 8, the “Great American Eclipse X date” / “Day X”, a big deal

In Western Christianity this year, the “Annunciation of the Lord” falls on Day X…


So if April 8, 2024 marks Day 1 of Jesus’s 9-month gestation, can you guess his due date?

Yep, it’s January 7, 2025 — Eastern Orthodox Christmas Day. And since January 7 is when Russia celebrates Christmas, we can expect a big event in the life of “Fake Christ / Final Antichrist” Vladimir Putin, perhaps his rise to leadership of the “reformed, multilateral” UN / BRICS NWO. That day will mark 5 years since Putin went to Damascus to fulfill Islamic prophecy expectations for the arrival of Isa (Jesus); see Isa’s Descent at the White Minaret.

~ MORE ~

A Jewish day begins at sundown, several hours before its corresponding Gregorian day begins at midnight. Likewise, a Jewish day ends several hours before its corresponding Gregorian day ends. For this reason, the Gregorian day of April 8 will be the Jewish day of 29 Adar II until sundown, then it will become the Jewish day of 1 Nissan. So to see the additional reasons April 8 can be made into a big deal, one must look to the Jewish history connected to those two Hebrew dates…

8 April before sundown = 29 Adar (from

Jews Commanded 1st Mitzvah (1313 BCE)

Shortly before sundown on the 29th of Adar, G-d commanded Moses regarding the mitzvah of sanctifying the crescent new moon and establishing a lunar calendar. This is the first mitzvah [commandment] the Jews were given as a nation.

Moses had difficulty envisaging the moon’s appearance at the exact moment of its monthly rebirth. After the sun set, G-d showed Moses the crescent new moon of the new month of Nissan, showing him the precise dimensions of the moon at the moment the new month is to be consecrated.

For the generations that followed, each new month was ushered in when two witnesses testified before the Sanhedrin (rabbinic supreme court) that they had seen the molad, the new moon. In the 4th century CE, Hillel II foresaw that the Jews would no longer be able to follow a Sanhedrin-based calendar. So Hillel and his rabbinical court established the perpetual calendar which is followed today — until Moshiach will come and reestablish the Sanhedrin.

8 April after sundown = 1 Nissan (from

Jewish Calendar Inaugurated (1313 BCE)

On the first of Nissan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE — two weeks before the Exodus), G-d showed Moses the crescent new moon and told him, “When you see the moon like this, sanctify [the new month].” This ushered in the first Jewish month, and commenced the lunar calendar Jews have been following ever since.

[Ken: So this day can be scripted as bringing the inauguration of the Jewish calendar of the Moshiach’s “Messianic Era”.]

Mishkan Inaugurated (1312 BCE)

On the eighth day following a 7-day training and initiation period, the portable Mishkan (“Tabernacle” or “Sanctuary”) built by the Children of Israel in the Sinai desert was erected, Aaron and his sons began serving as priests, and the Divine Presence came to dwell in the Mishkan; special offerings were brought, including a series of gifts by Nachshon ben Aminadav, the Prince of the Tribe of Judah (similar offerings were brought over the next 11 days by the other tribes of Israel).

[Ken: So this day can be scripted as bringing the inauguration of the New Tabernacle at Mount Sinai (Jebel al-Lawz) and the return of “God’s Divine Presence” in the form of the Moshiach.]

As was noted in the 19 February update, if the globalists use this week’s window to begin the 40-day Fire Judgment, the Kabbalists’ chosen Moshiach (or a “Divine Cloud”) will appear at Jebel al-Lawz around April 1 to start the building of the Mishkan and the 7 days of training.

The Jewish history of 1 Nissan also brings us back to the first part of this update…

Creation of man (in thought) (3761 BCE)

The Talmud (Rosh Hashanah 10b-11a) cites two opinions as to the date of G-d’s creation of the universe: according to Rabbi Eliezer: “The world was created in Tishrei” (i.e., the sixth day of creation — the day on which Adam and Eve were created — was the 1st of Tishrei, celebrated each year as Rosh Hashanah); according to Rabbi Joshua, “The world was created in Nissan.” As interpreted by the Kabbalists and the Chassidic masters, the deeper meaning of these two views is that the physical world was created in Tishrei, while the “thought” or idea of creation was created in the month of Nissan. – from

The creation of man (in thought)” = “man is conceived. And since April 8 this year marks the conception of Jesus, this ties-in to what I wrote about Russian Orthodox Christmas and Vladimir Putin. The Moshiach that arrives on April 1 or 8 could be Putin or the precursor to Putin’s later arrival, with the precursor possibly being the Moshiach ben Yosef (Netanyahu) or the Moshiach ben Cyrus (Trump or Pence). Pence could also be cast as the “Fake Moshiach,” and there are other candidates as well, such as Prince Harry and the Rebbe’s clone.

NOTE (16 February 2024): One of the subplots of the “End Times” stageplay involves Donald Trump as Batman. And if you’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises, you’ll remember that at the beginning of the League of Shadows’ Reign of Terror / Gotham’s Nuclear Terror, the dark leader emerged from Gotham’s sewers (“the underworld”) and set off a series of explosions. And one of the first to die in the explosions was Gotham’s leader (shown here)…

…from YouTube. Take note of the number featured: 322 (the Skull and Bones number).

Today and tomorrow we face the possibility of a series of explosions (Operation Blackjack) being set off, with the leader(s) of the West dying as the leader of the “Satanic Deep State” emerges from the underworld pit. And look at the number that showed up in Onnabugeisha’s notes for today…

• The inauguration of Joe Biden (Wikipedia) as the 46th president of the United States. Date: 20 January 2021, 1122 days ago [Assassination of JFK (Wikipedia11/22]

• USA: 3 events on 14 December 2020, 3 years, 2 months, 2 days ago -> 322 [Skull and Bones]

  1. The Electoral College decisively confirmed Joe Biden as the nation’s president (AP news)

  2. The COVID-19 vaccination in the United States (Wikipedia) began -> ‘The weapon that will end the war’: First coronavirus vaccine shots given outside trials in U.S. (Washington Post)

  3. The midpoint of the ‘Great American Eclipses’ (Forbes)

(15 February 2024) – Friday the 16th, a danger date, just got more dangerous (and has expanded into Saturday the 17th)…

…from the Independent

A more direct path is opening for Michelle Obama to move into the presidency. They’ve sent Kamala Harris to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference, which starts tomorrow. So instead of hitting Biden in East Palestine, they can hit Harris in Munich, blame it on the Russians, and move Michelle Obama (or even Barack) into the VP slot. They can then script Biden’s resignation, incapacitation or death to move Michelle into the big chair. Biden is easier to write out of the presidency than Harris, and they can do it soon — on any given day.

This is the wording of the presidential term limit: No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice… It doesn’t prevent an appointed VP from taking office from a fallen president, so Barack is eligible. But since Michelle can be elected in November — thus leaving more scripting options open — they’ll probably go with her, with Hillary Clinton as her VP. Michelle may take the role of the Usher of Desecration.

In the event the globalists wish to go straight to civil war and/or Trump’s intervention, they can take out both Biden and Harris to move Republican House Speaker Johnson into the presidency.

~ MORE ~

The 2024 Warmongers’ Jamboree and Sausage Fest — a.k.a. the “Munich Security Conference” — starts on Friday and runs through the weekend. Since it will bring together a number of NATO/EU leaders, Ukraine’s Jewish war clown Zelensky, America’s marked-for-death VP Kamala Harris, and the West’s “security elite”, it presents a very attractive target for “the Russians” in the farcical, highly scripted West versus East “conflict”.

The first two days of the Conference, Friday the 16th and Saturday the 17th, are the danger days because of…

So watch for the hit in East Palestine, the hit at the Sausage Fest, or a full-on Operation Blackjack on Friday or Saturday. And remember that a “nuke” going off anywhere would be used as a pretext for a martial law lockdown and roundup of either the “far-right” (in a “Commie Reign of Terror”) or the “left” (in a Trump/Pence “Mass Arrests” psyop). Also be advised that in a shortened war scenario, they could land its end on the days of Purim Katan (February 2224), Essene Purim (March 2), or mainstream Purim (March 2325).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 16th are now up, and they contain additional scripting cues for Friday and Saturday, including this rather striking one…

2/16 (inclusive) – 2/17 [Genesis 7:11 In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month, all the fountains of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened.]

~ from 12 February 2024 ~

Friday the 16th is a danger date

This Friday is shaping up as the next target date. Biden will be going to East Palestine and the Munich Security Conference will be opening that day. Watch for the Israelis to create a crisis climax in Rafah by then. Details to come.

~ MORE ~

Here’s a little blast from the past that directly relates to this Friday, February 16. When Biden visits East Palestine that day, it will mark 378 days since the 3 February 2023 train derailment there. And in Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups, number 378 is Ish-bosheth fulfilled (Ish-bosheth was assassinated).

To see what fulfilling Ish-bosheth has to do with Biden, have a look at what I wrote the last time they tried it…

NOTE (6 May 2022): Biden is traveling to Hebron, Kentucky todaya place named after the biblical city of Hebron — and there is much significance to this in terms of both biblical history and Mike Pence. It is a potential assassination site for Biden. I’ll expand on this later…

~ MORE ~

When my beloved partner Onnabugeisha passed along her excellent research on May 7 (which I’ll cover later today), she made a point of drawing my attention to one specific indicator for today, May 6: it is the anniversary of the 1527 Sack of Rome. Upon seeing this, my mind immediately went to the possibility of a precursor event in the US before the big day on Saturday.

Within the globalist script, the current “American Empire” is the Third Roman Empire — the first two being the original Roman Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. And the script calls for the American Third Roman Empire to experience a fiery fall into ashes so the Fourth and Final Global Roman Empire (the “reformed” UN/NWO) can rise like a phoenix from its ashes.

So what may be the first thing to mark the final collapse of the Third Empire? – The assassination of its Julius Caesar (Joe Biden) of course. This would make way for Octavian (Vladimir Putin) to consolidate power over the UN while appearing to “respect its Republican / Democratic traditions” until he openly controls it as the new Emperor Augustus.

That brings us to Hebron and the story of Ish-bosheth…

>>> Hebron became the capital of Judah, and from there David reigned for seven-and-a-half years. During David’s reign in Hebron, Abner, the former commander of Saul’s army, took Saul’s son Ish-bosheth across the Jordan River and set him up as king of Israel…

After Ish-bosheth was assassinated, David meted out justice against the assassins in Hebron; in this way, David’s integrity became known throughout all Israel (2 Samuel 4). David was eventually declared Israel’s rightful king, and he moved his capital from Hebron to Jerusalem (2 Samuel 5:1–5). – from <<<

Within the current-day parallel of this story, Biden is Ish-bosheth. On the night of the 2020 presidential election, his handlers snuck him into a stolen presidency that would have been Mike Pence’s. And after his assassination, “duly elected” Pence will become the President of the United States (after Donald Trump is killed, presumably during the coming war). It was “Nazionist Antichrist” Pence who desecrated the holy place in Hebron on Wednesday, March 9, exactly 1260 days after Donald Trump sat as “King of the World” on September 26, 2018 (marking the beginning of the Second Tribulation)…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is a key excerpt…

>>> Pence took a tour of the city on Wednesday, visiting the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the second-holiest place in Judaism after the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. <<<

So the Kabbalists have clearly scripted Joe Biden in the role of Ish-bosheth. And if you’ve been wondering why he didn’t go to East Palestine on the anniversary of the train derailment (when he was invited to come), now you know the reason: his Jewish chief of staff wanted to send him at the 378 day mark for his assassination.

~ MORE – 12-13 February 2024 ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 13th and Wednesday the 14th are now up. Her notes on Wednesday have me wondering if Israel will conduct a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre in Rafah.

Kamala Harris spent the day with Biden today after people have called on her to invoke the 25th Amendment on him and she has signalled her “willingness to serve”. And on Wednesday, Biden will have lunch with Secretary of State Blinken before being joined again by Harris for the Presidential Daily Briefing. So watch for a “shock resignation” from Biden as soon as tomorrow. The lunch with Blinken may be about instructing him to notify foreign governments before the announcement.

Here comes “VP” Michelle Obama.

In previous updates, I’ve covered what might happen when Kamala Harris ascends…

“Full-blooded commie” Kamala Harris is sworn-in as president, putting her Jewish, “friend of Chabad” handler-husband in charge. And with a friend of Chabad now running presidential decision-making, the “Commie Deep State” of Israel performs the “Israeli Outrage“; this triggers “hail and fire” from the Muslims.

So it’s possible that they could run a Three Days of Darkness scenario from Wednesday through Friday. Also keep in mind that Wednesday is the final day of the World Governments Summit, which is another possible target for a Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

ALERT (14 February 2024): After doing some checking, I’ve found that the possibility of the Kabbalists running a Three Days of Darkness scenario from today through Friday followed by a Fake Christian Rapture (“Apollyon’s Harvest“) on Saturday is quite high. It is due to two “signs in the heavens” involving the planet Pluto (the Greek god of the underworld), which will provide a mythological basis for starting a war today/tonight (Pluto meets Mars, the Roman god of war) and simulating the opening of the Gate to Hell on Saturday (Pluto meets Venus, which represents Lucifer). And a 150-day Torment of Humanity started on Friday or Saturday would land on July 14-15 / 9 Tammuz, a good day to script the intervention of the Fake Jewish Messiah. His “Trumphal Procession” could start on that day and reach Jerusalem on 17 Tammuz.

In my first attempt to post this, I was unable to edit this site, so monitor my backup site today too. And see the 12-13 February note below for additional details concerning today. Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 15th are now up.

(11 February 2024) – Next Stop: the World Governments Summit

In the previous February updates, I pointed out that both February 11 & 12 are danger dates. The obvious target on the 11th is the Super Bowl, and on the 12th, it’s the World Governments Summit in Dubai. Turkey’s president Erdogan will be attending the Summit, and prophecy propaganda we’ve observed in the past has suggested that Erdogan will fall around the time Israel strikes Iran and the “Three Days of Fear” begin.

The obvious scenario, then, is for the Israelis and their “Friends of Zion” to conduct a false-flag attack on the Summit and blame it on “Iran’s Houthi proxies and their missiles,” “Iran’s Hamas/Hezbollah suicide bombers,” or an “Iranian submarine and its cruise missiles.” The attack could involve the use of an Artemis rod to make it look nuclear. This would unleash Turkey against Iran for the Ram-Goat War.


Also remember the Zion-themed nuclear ball drop that happened in Times Square at the beginning of the year. It pointed to the possibility of a nuke going off on 1/30, and February 12 is 1/30 on the Julian calendar.

Super Bowl 58, the Fall of Babylon, and the Rise of Cyrus

If the globalists follow through with their plan to strike Las Vegas today, it’s important to remember why they did it…

There is no West versus East. There is no G7 versus BRICS. There is only the Central Banking Cartel’s plan to bring in the New World Order and simulate God’s real 7-year Tribulation.” Their objective in doing this is to install their Kabbalist God-King — whom they’ll call “Jesus Christ” — at the end.

To achieve this, they are having their Left Hand Path minions (the communists and socialists) act out an attempt to exterminate most of the human race and install an Orwellian NWO. This will allow their Right Hand Path minions (the Nazionists) to sweep in to save the world and install the BRICS NWO instead. That way, the public will welcome the NWO instead of resisting it. And when the NWO launches, it will seem like heaven… at first.

Read through all of the February updates below for the details of what’s coming.

(9-11 February 2024) – I’ve been wondering why the controlled media have been trying to gin up a “conspiracy theory” controversy over Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl, and today’s Drudge Report provided the answer…

…Note the NFL logo is cast in Masonic black & white, with four stars on each side of the football (44, Obama’s number).

The globalists want to draw as many eyes as possible to Las Vegas on Sunday, and it’s because a big spectacle is/was planned. As for what it might be, here are the leading possibilities…

  • the detonation of a “suitcase nuke” in Vegas to trigger a US government “Commie Reign of Terror” against MAGA [which will lead to a following “savior move” by Trump or Pence and Space Force (or Putin and the Fake ETs)],
  • the detonation of “suitcase nukes” in Vegas and many other cities (Operation Blackjack) to bring down all of Mystery Babylon (the UK/US/EU/G7/NATO),
  • a “Russian missile attack” against Vegas (and possibly all of Mystery Babylon) in response to the death or arrest of Putin during a “surprise” trip to Turkey (there are conflicting rumors about when he will go, “imminently” or after the Russian presidential election), or
  • a “lights in the sky” (UFO) savior event to stop such a “missile attack.”

Any actual explosions will likely be caused by the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array, which will allow the globalists to produce nuke-looking explosions without any radioactive fallout. But since the government and media will blame the explosions on nukes, they’ll pretend that there is fallout (just like they pretended there was a pandemic).

Remember that Trump is Batman.” And in The Dark Knight Rises, “decadent” Gotham’s nuclear terror began with an explosion at a football game

…from YouTube

So from tomorrow morning through kickoff time, I’ll be showing you a number of occult hints pointing to trouble on Super Bowl Sunday. You can preview some of them by reading the earlier February updates below.

~ MORE – 10 February 2024 ~

Today we’re going to start looking at the occult and overt cues surrounding what is/was planned for Super Bowl 58. For the sake of simplicity, I will write about it as if it’s still going to happen. And for the sake of new readers, let’s preface everything with an excerpt from the sidebar…

It’s important to know that the globalists are meticulous historians (with a particular focus on Jewish and Roman history) and superstitious followers of numerology, astrology, and mythology, so they carefully choose the dates on which key scenes of the [End Times] play are acted-out. They align events with days of historical, religious, numerological, astrological and mythological significance. It is for this reason that I track such dates along with my partner, Onnabugeisha, who has a knack for uncovering such things.

So let’s begin looking at the cues with something my partner Onnabugeisha just pointed out to me: the new NFL logo (which was introduced in 2008) is encoded with the number 454 (4 stars, a football with 5 laces, and 4 more stars)…

The graphic of the Take Our Border Back Convoy displayed by disinfo agent Alex Jones’s InfoWars site was also encoded with the number 454 (see the bumper lights on the lead truck). And the graphic put out by the Convoy’s organizers displays 454 too (see the 4 border fence pickets, the 5 guys, and 4 more fence pickets)…

So the numerology-obsessed globalists have connected the “MAGA extremist” Border Convoy to the NFL with the number 454. But why?

After digging a little deeper into the potential meanings of 454, I found the answer, which is Isaiah 45:4

God Calls Cyrus

1 This is what the LORD says to Cyrus His anointed,
whose right hand I have grasped
to subdue nations before him,
to disarm kings,
to open the doors before him,
so that the gates will not be shut:

2 “I will go before you
and level the mountains;
I will break down the gates of bronze
and cut through the bars of iron.
3 I will give you the treasures of darkness
and the riches hidden in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel, who calls you by name.
4 For the sake of Jacob My servant
and Israel My chosen one,
I call you by name;
I have given you a title of honor,
though you have not known Me.

Isaiah 44:23-45:8

God chooses Cyrus, the Persian ruler, to be God’s instrument to deliver Israel from Babylonian captivity.

…from (verses) and (summary)

So what’s planned for the Super Bowl tomorrow is scripted to trigger “God calling the Moshiach ben Cyrus, Donald Trump, into action to save Israel and the world.” See the 13 October 2023 update, The Hamas Attack and Donald Trump’s Era as Batman and the Moshiach ben Cyrus, for details.

Under a scenario in which the “suitcase nuke(s)” go off, the Biden-Harris administration and mainstream media will claim…

“There are Russian nukes on the loose in America! They are in the hands of Christian and Muslim extremists. The nukes were brought to Venezuela, smuggled to the border by the drug cartels and Islamists, and moved across the border by the MAGA Christian missionaries of the ranch where the Border Convoy overnighted before their racist rally.”

And in an overt cue of what’s planned, the globalists had Maduro move his military to the border of Guyana…

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

According to the script, “Maduro is preparing to invade because he knows the US is about to get hit with nukes and will be too preoccupied to defend Guyana.” In an interesting “coincidence,” Guyana holds the presidency of the UN Security Council this month.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s have a look at the two globes I mentioned in the 8 February Q & A: 1) Trump’s luminous orb and 2) the Las Vegas Sphere.

Here is Trump’s Orb…

…from The Guardian. Here is an excerpt…

Trump, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Abdel Fatah al-Sisi were pictured standing with their hands on the miniature globe at the opening event for the new Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology on Sunday…

Local media reported that the leaders’ placing their hands on the globe “officially activated the centre and launched a splashy welcome video”.

Take a moment to think about what was symbolized by this event (and the article)…

  • The globe symbolized the world, and it was white in color with black continents (Masonic white & black).
  • Trump and two other leaders touched the globe and it gave off a brilliant white light (like the white flash that occurs after a nuke goes off).
  • This “nuclear light” set a global anti-extremist/anti-terrorist effort in motion and launched a “splashy welcome video.”
  • Also note that the article connects the event to Hydra (and nuclear weapons), and it features a link to another article about Trump “conquering extremism” (with a photo of him flashing a 666 hand sign).

It all symbolizes what’s planned for Las Vegas and its aftermath, doesn’t it? A nuclear flash (or a light in the sky that stops it), the “Mass Arrests of the Deep State” psyop, and the Truth Tsunami psyop.

With this in mind, let’s look at the following article on the Las Vegas Sphere (the construction of which was first announced the year after the orb was lit)…

…from The U.S. Sun

Take a moment to think about what was symbolized by this event (and the article)…

  • It symbolizes a pro-life activist ascending to the top of the world (Trump or Pence).
  • The article says the Sphere is 367 feet high (Wikipedia puts it at 366 feet), and Strong’s 367 is the Hebrew word “emah: terror, dread.”
  • The actual name of the facility is simply “Sphere” or “Sphere at the Venetian Resort,” but the article calls it the “Las Vegas Sphere.” In Pythagorean Gematria, “Las Vegas Sphere” has a value of 58, the same number as the Super Bowl. And the article goes out of its way to point out a temporal connection between the climber event and the Super Bowl.
  • The Sphere is located at 255 Sands Avenue, a long way from the sands of Saudi Arabia, but the orb really grew over the past 7 years, didn’t it? It should also be noted that 255 may be a reference to Psalm 25:5“Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

You may have noticed that on the article about Trump touching the “Testicle of Light,” I highlighted the Egyptian president, who also touched it. I did that because his is the first face you see when you go to the website of the 2024 World Governments Summit in Dubai…

…The Summit starts the day after the Super Bowl.

~ MORE ~

After looking at maps of the Super Bowl area, I think it likely that the explosion will be narrated as a “drive-by nuking.” The arena is right beside Interstate 15.

It should be noted that if the globalists start the “Commie Reign of Terror” tomorrow and draw it out into the planned 150-day Torment of Humanity, the messianic intervention will come on July 9 (3 Tammuz, the day “Joshua stopped the Sun”). Shorter scenarios are also possible, as is going straight to the intervention immediately before or after the Super Bowl event. An imminent Fake Christian Rapture is also scriptable.

~ MORE – 11 February 2024 ~

We’ll start looking at today’s occult cues with some that were sent to me by a reader…

> The appearance of the Super Bowl venue, Allegiant Stadium, has resulted in people nicknaming it “the Death Star.” It resembles a UFO “mothership” in my opinion, and death & UFOs will feature large in the NWO Transition drama.

> The Stadium’s physical address is 3333 Al Davis Way. So it features a double dose of Masonic 33s, which can also mean this…

The 33rd verse of Ezekiel 33 (3333) is God’s declaration that a day of reckoning will come to all those who pretend to love the Lord but deny him in their hearts and in their works. – from

And “Al Davis Way” = “mass death” in Reverse Ordinal Gematria, with a value of 153. 153 is a number we’ve seen the Kabbalists feature before in the UN vote to demand a Gaza ceasefire and the Coalition naval task force off of Yemen. “Al Davis Way” also equals “blackjack” in Reverse Pythagorean Gematria.

> The Stadium is located in the unincorporated town of Paradise, where the 2017 Las Vegas Mass Shooting event took place (the country singer who was performing at the time has tattoos of a Nazi Black Sun and two cards equalling blackjack).

In fact, the resort casino from which the shooter fired, the Mandalay Bay, IS RIGHT ACROSS THE HIGHWAY FROM THE STADIUM. So if a MAGA truck driver traveling on Interstate 15 sets off a suitcase nuke when he reaches the stadium, he’ll greatly damage both the stadium and the Mandalay Bay (along with the southern end of the Las Vegas Strip, “Sin Central,” and its famous welcome sign) — that will likely be the cover story for the Artemis attack

…from Bing Maps and

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Super Bowl Sunday are now up. They include the Super Bowl-related key for opening the Gate to Hell. And remember that in The Dark Knight Rises, the explosion at the football game created a pit to the underworld.

(8 February 2024) – Given the wealth of occult cues surrounding the Super Bowl, something big is/was planned

Q: What do Super Bowl 58, the 367-foot tall Las Vegas Sphere, the luminous orb Trump touched in Saudi Arabia, and the February 12-14 World Governments Summit all have in common?

A:Emah: terror, dread” that will trigger a crackdown on extremists, which will lead to the launch of the Global Nazionist New Order. Details to come, and lots more Super Bowl cues to come as well.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 8th are now up.

WARNING (7 February 2024): The occult key to the next 8 days is the number 128

Based on some prophecy propaganda chatter my partner Onnabugeisha has monitored, she has uncovered the key for the 8-day period of 30 Shevat thru 7 Adar I (sundown of February 8 to sundown of February 16). Here are her notes on it…

After sunset 🌅 2/8 2/9

Jewish calendar30 Shevat

• Theodor Herzl publishes “Der Judenstaat” (Wikipedia) (The Jewish State), it is considered one of the most important texts of modern Zionism. Published: 14 February 1896 = 30 Shevat128 Jewish years ago

Der Judenstaat“(Wikipedia) was punished 128 years ago and Steve Fletcher 222 (YouTube video: The Rapture of Philip) promotes the number 128.

99942 Apophis ( Wikipedia) will make a close flyby of the Earth on Friday, 13 April 2029 = 28 Nisan (1/28), 62 months, 3 days [623 – Apollyon] away on 2/10 (*) or 2/11

Steve Fletcher then talks about the death of Moses. And I found that  the Chabadniks studied about the death of Moses on 7 October 2023 (Wikipedia)  -> Daily Study ( Deuteronomy 34:1-34:12)… -> Deuteronomy 34:5 So Moses the servant of the LORD died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the LORD.

*On Saturday 2/10 is Chinese New Year (Wikipedia1st Month 1 of the Year of the Wood Dragon (Wikipedia). [Wood & Jupiter: Thursday, Thor’s day  -> In Japanese, the day is 木曜日 (木 [tree] represents Jupiter, 木星, Fifth Star – Wood (Wikipedia)]

Now let’s lay things out point-by-point…

1) The Israel-Hamas War started on 7 October 2023 / 22 Tishrei 5784, which was the 8th day of Sukkot (Shemini Atzeret). On that day, Chabad’s Torah study covered Deuteronomy 34:1-12, which recounts THE DEATH OF MOSES. These are verses 10-12:

10 Since that time, no prophet has risen in Israel like Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face— 11 no prophet who did all the signs and wonders that the LORD sent Moses to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh and to all his officials and all his land, 12 and no prophet who performed all the mighty acts of power and awesome deeds that Moses did in the sight of all Israel.

The Kabbalists would add a verse 13 if they could: “And it will remain so until the arrival of Moshiach.”

2) “The Jewish State” was published by the founder of Zionism 128 years ago come 30 Shevat. And Jerusalem will enter 30 Shevat after 5:19 PM local time of February 8, which is 10:19 AM of February 8 in Washington DC (and Leesburg, where Biden will go tomorrow afternoon). Remember what I wrote about February 8 [1,2].

3) The Israel-Hamas War will mark 128 days on February 11 or 12, depending on how you count the days. Expressed in different time units, February 11 or 12 will mark 4 months, 5 days (45, Trump’s number). Remember what I wrote about February 11 or 12.

4) The mainstream Jewish date marking THE BIRTH AND DEATH OF MOSES is 7 Adar, the 8th day of a day count that starts on 30 Shevat. And Chabad notes that Moses may have been born on a Jewish leap year (like this year), on 7 Adar I (sundown of February 15 to sundown of February 16 this year). So they could script the Moshiach’s intervention or arrival for Thursday/Friday next week.

5) 7 Adar on the Essene Jewish calendar falls on 24 February this year, which is Shushan Purim Katan on the mainstream Jewish calendar. So this is an alternate day for scripting the Moshiach’s intervention or arrival, or it could be the day his Triumphal Procession arrives in Jerusalem.

Putting all of this together…

  • Watch February 8 for a big event like Israel and/or the US striking Iran or the assassination of Joe Biden.
  • Watch February 11/12 for another big event like a “nuking” of the Super Bowl or the assassination/arrest of Vladimir Putin in Turkey (a crash of Putin’s plane is also possible).
  • Watch February 15/16 and 24 for actions by the “Moshiach.”

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 7th are now up (be sure to check out these that apply to February 8).

(6 February 2024) – Danger Dates Ahead: February 8 and February 11 or 12

You may have noticed that the British Royals have extended their health-related excuses to be able to cancel their public appearances on any given day and bunker-up. And news has emerged in the Ukrainian media about Poland issuing navigation warnings of unplanned military activities related to national security along their eastern border for February 5 through May 5.

The first actionable date for starting the Big War is February 8 (this Thursday), for reasons I’ll explain today. The next dates are February 11 or 12. According to press reports, Putin is scheduled to go to Turkey on the 12th, but the Turkish government has refused to confirm this date. This means they could try to sneak-in an early visit on the 11th — the day of the Super Bowl in Las Vegas. The game is scheduled to start at 3:30 PM local time [1,2], and it is a perfect target for “the Army of God to set off a Russian suitcase nuke in Sin City as the people worship their football idols.”

~ MORE ~

The Danger Date of 8 February 2024

America’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is more than a space agency; it is Kabbalist “science theater.” It exists to set the limit of humanity’s imagination of what science has achieved, and it serves to distract our eyes away from the Secret Space Program run (and sequestered from public view) by the Central Banking Cartel. As part of the coming staged “Arrival” of the Fake ETs, we’ll soon see much closer to real limits of scientific and engineering progress, which will be presented to us as “alien technology.”

That being said, NASA is run by occultists, and its program and mission names, numbers and timings are riddled with mythological and numerological references. It is for this reason that we must take special note of the fact that during the Space Shuttle Program, two shuttles were lost…

  1. the shuttle Challenger, which was blown to bits during its ascent into space (killing all 7 of the crew aboard), and
  2. the shuttle Columbia, which burned and fell to pieces (“like a phoenix”) as it reentered the Earth’s atmosphere over Texas (killing all 7 crew aboard, including one Israeli).

This Thursday, February 8 is the Jewish day of 29 Shevat, which will mark 21 (blackjack) Jewish years since Columbia fell. And look at what says about it

Columbia Tragedy; Israeli Astronaut Perishes (2003)

On the morning of February 1, 2003, the Columbia Space Shuttle, returning from its STS-107 mission, was destroyed upon re-entry, 16 minutes before its scheduled landing. All its crew members perished, including Ilan Ramon, a combat pilot in the Israeli Air Force, who was the first Israeli astronaut. Prior to his departing to space on Space Shuttle Columbia, where his mission included the manning of a multispectral camera for recording desert aerosol, he arranged to take kosher food as well as a Kiddush cup, a Torah Scroll, and a dollar from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, of righteous memory.

Links: Pride, Pain and the Suddenness of Life; Remembering Ilan Ramon

Back in the 31 January update, I wrote that the Fall of Columbia (the female personification of America) can symbolize “America breaking into pieces over Texas (and its border situation).” But if you add the dollar given to the Israeli astronaut by the Lubavitcher Rebbe to the mix, it can symbolize “America breaking into pieces and the dollar being destroyed over Texas (and its border situation).” Operation Blackjack (supposedly carried out with nukes obtained at the Texas-Mexico border) would certainly lead to an immediate loss of global confidence in the dollar.

Looking now to the destruction of the Challenger, it happened 38 years ago (as of January 28). And to the Kabbalists, the number 38 represents a period of waiting before they enter the Promised Land (in this case, the Messianic Era). The Challenger was destroyed in a big explosion — kinda like the one planned for Vegas — which is how America’s end is scripted to come.

Also on Thursday, Joe Biden is scheduled to go to Leesburg, Virginia — a city of strategic significance during the Civil War. It is known for the Battle of Ball’s Bluff. And upon looking into the Kabbalist gematria/numerology cues for that battle, my partner Onnabugeisha found a tie-in to the Challenger disaster…

Biden will be in Leesburg, Virginia on the 8th (Forth) and the Battle of Ball’s Bluff:


Battle of Ball’s Bluff (Wikipedia) Date: 21 October 1861, 59,280 days ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 5928.alah or alath: burnt offering

GematriaThe Battle of Ball’s Bluff = John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. 2x, Space Shuttle Challenger (Wikipedia) 2x

[Space Shuttle Challenger = 234 (Ordinal Gematria) – > Strong’s Hebrew: 234. azkarah: a memorial offering]

Battle of Ball’s Bluff = False Flag Operations 2x, Five eleven tactical 3x, The World Economic Forum 2x, Jorge Mario Bergoglio 2x, Alexander Lukashenko 2x, Meghan Duchess of Sussex 2x, Black Cube of Saturn 3x, Twenty second of November (Assassination of JFK – Wikipedia) 2x

Leesburg, Virginia = September Attacks 3x, Lightning McQueen 3x (a Prince Harry cue), Ark Of The Covenant 2x, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 2x

House Democratic Caucus Issues Conference = European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) 2x, September eleventh two thousand and one 1x, The president of the United States of America 1x, President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. 1x, Coronation of Charles III and Camilla 1x [Biden is going to Leesburg to speak at this conference.]

So February 8 could be one of three things…

  1. the day of the Big Event,
  2. the day of a precursor event to the Big Event (perhaps Biden’s assassination), or
  3. a symbolic precursor to what is planned for Super Bowl Sunday (which also has tie-ins to “blackjack”).

If February 8 is the day of the Big Event, they could run the 150-day Torment of Humanity scenario until the staged intervention of the Moshiach on 7 July (7/7) / 1 Tammuz. That is the day the Chabadniks’ Torah study turns to Numbers 19:1-17, which is where the Book of Numbers turns to the subject of the Red Heifer. To the Kabbalists, the Red Heifer has great significance in regards to the “Messiah’s Intervention”. It is at that time that he would begin his Triumphal Procession from Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia to Mount Zion in Jerusalem, arriving on 17 Tammuz / July 23 (a day the Moshiach could turn Jewish frowns upside down) or Tisha B’Av.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 5th and Tuesday the 6th are now up.

Enhanced NOTE (4 February 2024): The “Party of GodArmy of God transfer of Russian suitcase nukes” narrative I warned about last night is part of a double-edged psyop…

  • On one side, the Biden-Harris administration and the mainstream media will use the narrative to blame the coming “nuclear” explosion(s) on MAGA and Christians. And they will use the threat of additional nukes being moved around by “God’s Army” as an excuse to lock down the country and begin their “Commie Reign of Terror” roundups.
  • On the other side, the patriots/constitutionalists (Nazionists) and the controlled alt-media will be screaming about the implausibility of the narrative. They’ll point out that there was no way for such a transfer to occur given the Homeland Security scrutiny the convoy was under. They’ll also point out that the convoy was actually run by the feds and filled with “undercover units and individuals,” and they’ll suggest that Biden left the border open so “commie nukes from China-North Korea” could be brought across and handed over to the feds in the convoy.
  • After Trump or Pence makes his savior move, evidence will be presented to support controlled alt-media’s narrative of events. No one will point out that Artemis was the actual source of the explosion(s).

A little later, I’ll cover the details of the supposed nuke transfer and the symbolism that was displayed at the Christian ranch by the border where the convoy overnighted (“and got their nukes”) before the rally.

Here’s a preview: a celebratory partnership flag that features a lion (an Islamist symbol of bravery and martyrdom), an “H” (as in “Hezbollah”), and Saturn’s rings (a ubiquitous occultist symbol)…

…from controlled alt-media site ZeroHedge (top) and (bottom).

(3 February 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th are now up. And now that the US has started heavy attacks on Iranian proxies in Iraq and Syria, the door is open for the US government and Israel to false-flag “Iran’s retaliation” against the US. Blowing up Biden while he’s in Sin City tomorrow might be one way to go about it…

…from today’s Drudge Report

Any real retaliation would likely come some time after Monday’s emergency UN Security Council meeting.

BTW, I noticed that the Drudge headline had quotation marks around “brink of abyss,” so I did a quick gematria check and found this 2X match with “las vegas nuked”…

…from Gematria Effect News

~ MORE ~

If the globalists are aiming to attack one or more cities with “suitcase nukes” tomorrow or in the coming days/weeks, there is another way they can use the Take Our Border Back Convoy to their advantage: they can say that the “Army of God” truckers’ true purpose in going to the border was to pick up their nukes from the “Party of God (Hezbollah, who have longstanding relationships with Venezuela and the drug cartels)…

…More on this tomorrow.

(2 February 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on today are now up. And here are some things you need to know today…

  • Saturday is the day that the fed-run “Take Our Border Back” convoy reaches the border to perform their mischief, and Joe Biden’s Kabbalist handlers have arranged for him to be in Los Angeles that day. LA is about a hundred miles away from San Ysidro, one of the three border areas the truckers will be visiting. Will a convoy truck with a “special payload” go to Los Angeles for a “drive-by” on Biden?
  • They have also arranged for Biden to go to Las Vegas (“Sin City”) on Sunday the 4th. This gives them the fallback option of hitting him there as part of “God’s Judgment on the capitals and sin cities of the West.”
  • February 8 is the Jewish anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Watch for an event that day which will destroy the world’s confidence in the US dollar — perhaps the first formal movement towards secession by Texas or the outbreak of an armed conflict between Texas and the Washington DC regime.
  • The Kabbalists are sending Putin to Turkey on February 12 (1/30 on the Julian calendar, which is used by the Russian Orthodox Church). They’re aiming to stage his “death” or arrest (to face the “International Court of Justice”). This will provide another opportunity to stage Operation Blackjack, which will include a hit on the ICJ (“Yahweh’s punishment for their genocide ruling against Israel”).

More on the “Take Our Border Back” Patsy Parade

To know that the Take Our Border Back Convoy is a fed-run trap for conservative Americans “violent extremist Nazi White Supremacists,” one need only look closely at the images that InfoWars and the organizing group are displaying. What do these images symbolize? Let’s start to answer that question with the AI-generated image at the top of this InfoWars article

Have you noticed that on each side of the road there is a sea of white people — ONLY white people? And the image areas that show people are littered with flesh-colored shapes that make it appear that the people have their arms raised in a Nazi salute. There is also a ridiculous number of flags being displayed — the kind of over-the-top display one would have seen at a Hitler rally in Nazi Germany. If you imagine those flags as swastika banners and Hitler’s Mercedes 770 riding down the road instead of the trucks, you’ll see what’s being symbolized…

Now let’s look at this image put out by the convoy’s organizing group…

At the bottom is an image of five WHITE MEN blocking a gap in the border fence, and there are six pickets of fence to each side of them, forming the number 656. Strong’s 656 are the words…

aphes (Hebrew): to cease, fail, come to an end, and
aposunagógos (Greek): expelled from the congregation

At the top left, you’ll see a pickup truck featuring the word “Jesus.” And in the top middle, the five white guys have four pickets of fence to each side of them, forming the number 454. Strong’s 454 are the words…

anoia (Greek): folly, foolishness
Elyhow’eynay (Hebrew): Elihoenai, “toward Yah (are) my eyes”

Putting these occult number cues and definitions together, you’ll see that the people who show up for the patsy parade are being led into “folly with their eyes toward Yahweh,” which will result in their “failure and expulsion from the congregation” (by being arrested like the people who were lured by Trump into January 6). And if you look at the photos on each side of the top, you’ll see that each is supported by four pickets of fence, forming the number 44 (Obama’s number).

It’s also important to look at the preparatory propaganda in the mainstream media, particularly this…

…from Vice News

This “Army of God” concept is something the Pentagon has dusted off after seemingly discarding it back in 2011…


To jointly blame the “Army of God” and “militant Islamic groups” for Operation Blackjack…

…they have apparently discarded the original anti-abortion group and used a “former Green Beret” to create a whole new “Army of God”.

~ MORE ~

A reader has pointed out that in the “fine print” of the convoy website (arch), they disclose a “heavy law enforcement presence,” including “undercover units and undercover law enforcement officers.” They also instruct attendees to not interfere in the activities of the provocateurs and crisis actors…