Globalist Agenda Watch 2023 – November Updates

NOTE (30 November 2023): The globalists are sending “commie” VP Kamala Harris to the “commie” Climate Change Summit in Dubai on December 1-2, which adds another target to the mix. So the “Nazionist” strike points for tonight/tomorrow include…

  • the gathered “commie as*holes” at the Dubai summit, including King Charles, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris and many others (it’s a one-stop shop for most of the outgoing elite),
  • the “commie” Pope at the “commie” Jesuit-controlled Vatican,
  • the “commie” UN, and
  • the “commie”-controlled Swamp (DC, where Biden and Congress will be).

The attacks would happen on what would have been the 8th Day of the Gaza Ceasefire and will start an 8-day count to the end of the Prince Harry / Pope Francis Tribulation [88, the Nazi number].

(30 November 2023) – The Mossad arranged a Hamas attack on an Israeli bus stop in Jerusalem today, so the pretext is in place to not only abandon the Gaza Ceasefire at midnight (Israel time), but to also expand Israeli raids into the West Bank and Jerusalem. And this will in turn create the pretext for the globalists to roll out the “Islamist” attacks on Israel and the West.

In a poor place like the Gaza Strip, it is the people who have money to pass around who have the power. So the leadership of Hamas is beholden to the Money Power and Mossad — they are proxies of the Mossad, just like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. “Hamas” is the Hebrew word for “violence” [1,2,3].

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Conflicting reports are circulating about the Gaza Ceasefire: the Wall Street Journal is reporting that an extension through Friday is in place, but Sky News is reporting that the Ceasefire will end at 7 AM Israel time tomorrow (midnight tonight in Washington, DC). What kind of world will we wake up to in the morning?

In case they go for it, Onnabugeisha has noted two important scripting cues for December 1 / 18 Kislev

• Pope Francis consecrates all humanity—especially Russia and Ukraine—to the Immaculate Heart of Mary (Vatican News) Date: 25 March 2022, 616 days ago exactly on 12/1 -> 616 is the alternate Number of the Beast. [Ken: This means it’s a good time to artificially fulfill the Third Secret of Fatima prophecy, which is about the destruction of the Vatican and the death of a pope.]

Jewish calendar18 Kislev

18 Kislev – (Psalm11918)

• United States recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel (Wikipedia CNN) Donald Trump, who signed the U.S. presidential proclamation, also ordered the relocation of the American diplomatic mission to Israel, formerly located in Tel Aviv (see Embassy of the United States, Jerusalem). Date: 6 December 2017  = 18 Kislev [Ken: This cue suggests that “the time is right to make it a reality” with the scripted endgame that would begin tomorrow.]

Don’t be fooled.

(29-30 November 2023) – I went online last night to check on the Gaza Ceasefire and found that it had expired, but negotiations had been extended for 7 hours to a midnight (Washington, DC time) deadline. And it was only half an hour until the negotiations were set to expire. So I quickly put together last night’s timeline as a Hail Mary. They ended up extending the ceasefire for one day.

It should be remembered that the intertwined Prince Harry / Pope Francis Tribulation timelines are offset by one day, so “Day 8” can be made to fall on December 7 or 8. Here’s the schedule (in Jerusalem time) if they opt for December 8…

12/1 – Day 1 of the Fall of Babylon / Erev Chassidic Rosh Hashanah
12/2 – Day 2 of the Fall of Babylon / Chassidic Rosh Hashanah Day 1
12/3 – Day 3 of the Fall of Babylon / Chassidic Rosh Hashanah Day 2 / Bona Dea opens the Gate to Hell / missiles stop after sunset
12/4 – Day 4: Fake Christian Rapture, followed by outpouring of the 7 bowls of wrath
12/7 – Day 7: Erev Hanukkah / Castor & Pollux rescue after sunset
12/8 – Day 8: Hanukkah Day 1 / End of Pope Francis Era (death, resignation or funeral), OR bowls of wrath continue to 150th day from the opening of Gate to Hell on 12/3
4/30/24 – Day 8 of Passover / Castor & Pollux rescue.

~ from last night – 29 November 2023 ~

A Quick Note on the Armageddon Timeline…

11/30 – Day 1 Fall of Babylon
12/1 – Day 2 Fall of Babylon
12/2 – Day 3 Fall of Babylon / Chassidic Rosh Hashanah Day 1 / missiles stop after sunset
12/3 – Day 4 / Chassidic Rosh Hashanah Day 2 / Bona Dea opening of the Gate to Hell / Fake Christian Rapture, followed by outpouring of the 7 bowls of wrath
12/7 – Day 8 / Hanukkah starts at sunset / Castor & Pollux rescue, or continues to 150th day from 12/3
4/30/24 – Day 8 of Passover / Castor & Pollux rescue.

~ MORE – 30 November 2023 ~

This bodes well…

…from AP

Keep an eye on the National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at 6:00 PM EST today (November 30), which will take place an hour after the Gaza Ceasefire extension may expire. Both Biden and Harris will be there (to potentially get hit). We also need to watch for Pope Francis’s death or resignation over the next 8 days. More on that later.

(29 November 2023) – An “Atomic” Pearl Harbor

Joe Biden is scheduled to give a speech in Pueblo, Colorado at 1:30 PM (130) local time today in another instance of his Jewish Chief of Staff trotting him out to a location that symbolizes the Manhattan Project. The Los Alamos laboratory complex was built on the land of the Pueblo tribes, and many tribe members worked there as support staff. So once again Biden will symbolically stand in a place (tenuously) connected to America’s atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at a time when the Kabbalists intend to simulate a nuclear attack on the US using Artemis.

In Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups, the number 130 relates to the words “the shedding of blood of the Edomites.” The Edomites were the enemies of ancient Israel, and “Edom” has become a general term for the enemies of the Jews, particularly the Romans and their descendants (modern “Mystery Babylon,” of which America is a big part).

Biden is scheduled to depart Pueblo for Washington, DC at 3:05 PM local time, which is five minutes after midnight in Israel — five minutes after the Gaza Ceasefire may end on Thursday, 17 Kislev, the Jewish anniversary of the Pearl Harbor sneak attack. Will America face an “atomic” Pearl Harbor today/tomorrow?

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Speaking of Pearl Harbor and of today/Thursday being the Jewish anniversary of that attack, Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 30th reveal the following Chinese tie-in…

Chinese calendar10th Month 18

Revelation 1810: Terrified at her torment, they will stand far off and cry: “’Woe! Woe to you, great city, you mighty city of Babylon! In one hour your doom has come!’

• Prince Harry Makes Surprise Visit to Pearl Harbor (People) Date: 11 November 2022 = 10th Month 18, year of the Tiger

• Kuomintang’s retreat to Taiwan (Wikipedia) Date:  7 December 1949 (on the 8th [8 (Wikipedia)] anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor)10th Month 18, year of the Ox

[Kuomintang (Wikipedia) The KMT traces its ideological and organizational roots to the work of Sun Yat-sen, a proponent of Chinese nationalism and democracy who founded the Revive China Society at the capital of the Republic of Hawaii, Honolulu, on 24 November 1894].

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A reader has pointed out a potential target in New York City: the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting tonight. Here are some notable details…

(28 November 2023) – The Gaza Ceasefire has been extended through Wednesday, so it may expire at midnight Thursday morning Israel time. And Thursday the 30th is the Jewish day of 17 Kislev this year. In her notes for tomorrow, Onnabugeisha points out that 17 Kislev is the Jewish anniversary of

  • the Attack on Pearl Harbor,
  • the 1947-1948 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine, and
  • the First Intifada.

So the occult cues support the scripting of sneak attacks on (and in) Israel and her allies if Israel restarts the Gaza War on the night of Wednesday-Thursday. “Retaliation” targets will include the United States and the United Arab Emirates (who are Abraham Accords partners with Israel, host 5,000 American military personnel at Al-Dhafra Air Base, AND ARE HOSTING THE UN CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT THAT STARTS ON FRIDAY). The restart of the War is the pretext for the globalist-scripted attack on the Conference I warned about in the 24 November update.

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Just in case anyone is drinking the RFK Jr. and Javier Milei Kool-Aid, here are both of them groveling at the grave of the Kabbalist Lubavitcher Rebbe: Kennedy, Milei. As I’ve said repeatedly, this whole Left vs. Right drama is merely a scripted changing of the guard, with the Left Hand falling and the Right Hand rising. And after taking us to both extremes and convincing us that “humans are incapable of self-rule,” they’ll give us a God-King named “Jesus Christ” (the Kabbalah Christ).

The Kabbalists are clever, but they are little more than genius chimps living animal lives in pursuit of bananas (wealth) and silverback status (power) — their warped “spirituality” is self-serving pretense. So dance for us, monkeys. Put on a good show.

ALERT (27-28 November 2023): The globalists may be running a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario starting tomorrow, with Trump’s “positive intervention” scheduled for Friday, December 1. This intervention would begin an 8-day “New Sukkot” count to the end of Pope Francis’s Tribulation on December 8. Here are some preliminary details…

1) Biden and Harris will be in Atlanta tomorrow to attend a funeral event that occurs on the Chinese lunar anniversary (in China’s time zone) of the Burning of Atlanta during the Civil War (see the footnote below for details). This is a good time to script a “Chicom” move against Biden and Harris (supposedly to open the way for “Chicom slaveboy” Gavin Newsom to become the next “elected” president) and the sparking of an “Antifa/BLM”-instigated civil war when the “MAGA” Republican Speaker of the House takes over the presidency

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

2) Tomorrow, both the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council will be meeting on the situation in the Middle East, which makes it a good day to blow up the “West-controlled” UN if they do (or don’t do) “the right thing”…

…from [top (arch), bottom (arch)]

3) The Drudge Report started a 50-day Trump countdown yesterday. Today the counter is showing 49

…So the count will reach the magic number of 45 on Friday, December 1 [the day “Commiepalooza” (the UN Climate Conference Summit) is scheduled to begin].

4) The intertwined Prince Harry / Pope Francis Tribulations are due to end on December 7-8. This will allow the Kabbalists to schedule a “New Sukkot” that starts on December 1 and ends on December 8 [“Judgment Day” (for Pope Francis)]. His reported illness is likely related to this scheduled endpoint…

…from yesterday’s Drudge Report

This December 1-8 New Sukkot may be staged with or without the 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario feeding into it.

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Footnote on the Burning of Atlanta

The “official beginning” of the Burning of Atlanta occurred on the morning of 15 November 1864 as General Sherman’s troops began their March to the Sea. And since China time runs 13 hours ahead of US EST, the Burning began in the evening of 15 November there, which was the Chinese lunar date of Tenth Month 17.

The memorial event in Atlanta starts at 11:30 AM EST of November 28 (Tuesday), which is 12:30 AM of 29 November in China. And 29 November is the Chinese lunar date of Tenth Month 17.

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To summarize the globalist setup for Tuesday, they want to hit Biden and Harris in Atlanta to open the door to the presidency for the Republican Speaker of the House. And they’ll have the Dems and the mainstream media blame their deaths on a “vast right-wing Day X conspiracy among Trump, MAGA House Speaker Mike Johnson, and southern white supremacists to violently seize the presidency.” The crisis actors and dupes on both sides of the BLM/Antifa and Patriot/Constitutionalist divide will then be sent on the streets to act-out a Second Civil War. See Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday for the occult underpinnings of the scenario.

Tomorrow’s events would supposedly be “the day the South rises again like a phoenix”“the day General Sherman’s sins are revisited upon the Washington government.”

~ MORE – 28 November 2023 ~

Another cue for a nuke-appearing attack today is the number 53: today is the 53rd day of the Israel-Hamas conflict, and a reader notified me that there has been a ceasefire violation

…from The Times of Israel

The number 53 has repeatedly shown up in recent globalist setups. 53 is the atomic number of iodine (potassium iodide tablets are used to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine in nuclear fallout), and 53 has also been associated with China and war. The number is also used as a cue for a Bible verse, 1 Thessalonians 5:3

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

The UN is talking about peace and security in the Middle East today, and the General Assembly is aiming to pass a resolution about the “Syrian Golan.” Watch Damascus for a big explosion.

NOTE (26 November 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes for Monday the 27th are now up. Also worth noting is that the Drudge Report is featuring “Civil War” language two days before Biden and Harris will be in Atlanta, a city burned during the Civil War and symbolized by the phoenix…

…More on that tomorrow.

(26 November 2023) – With their plans for the Climate Change Conference revealed, the Kabbalists are maneuvering to narrate the death of Pope Francis so they can gather the leaders in Rome…


If they don’t kill him off today, they may be aiming for November 28-30 so they can stage his funeral on Monday, December 4. That way they can fulfill the Kabbalist prophecy on December 3 by having Bona Dea (an aspect of Ceres/Demeter) “open the Gate to Hell.” A 150-day “Torment of Humanity” scenario that begins on December 3 would end on April 30 of next year, which is Passover Day 8 (the Kabbalists love the 8th day of any Jewish holiday; it’s about “God’s Judgment”).

ALERT (25 November 2023): The globalists have set up a situation that can lead to the failure of the Gaza Ceasefire AS SOON AS ISRAEL ENTERS REIGN OF CHRIST SUNDAY at midnight IST. Since the Gaza civilians began moving back into the north after the ceasefire started, they would be caught out in the open when the Israeli bombardment resumes (and it would likely be the most fierce attack of the war). Their deaths would be the “Israeli Outrage” that causes worldwide “Islamist” attacks. See today’s update below for what may follow.

~ later ~

They’ve backed down.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 26th are now up. And I fixed some glitchy links I added to them (links to applicable notes from the previous day).

(25 November 2023) – In recent updates, I’ve covered what is/was planned for Reign of Christ Sunday (tomorrow): nuke-looking explosions and the start of a 3-day rain of fire (of missiles or manmade meteors) leading to either a Messianic Arrival or a Fake Christian Rapture on the fourth day. Well on the fourth day, 29 November (the Jewish anniversary of Noah’s Ark touching down on Earth), there are “signs in the heavens”…

…from Stellarium and

The Moon (“Artemis“) being in Gemini (the “Divine Twins“) can symbolize “the (manmade) meteor STORM that brings in the messianic duo,” and the 4 currently ongoing meteor showers (including the Geminid Meteor Shower) are already producing notable fireballs. Saturn (the “Nazionist Antichrist”) being in (“the Age of”) Aquarius can symbolize his arrival to rule the Earth. So the astrology-obsessed Kabbalists are/were planning to have these alignments mark either the arrival of Saturn or the beginning of Saturn’s overwhelming assault (the pouring out of God’s wrath) upon humanity in advance of his arrival to “save us” from it.

Silly rabbits. Tricks are for kids.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 25th are now up.

(24 November 2023) – The Kabbalist Setups for November 30 and December…

…from The National News

King Charles, Pope Francis, and leaders from all over the world will be traveling to Dubai next week to attend the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) Summit on Friday and Saturday, December 1-2. Since King Charles is giving the opening address, he’ll likely arrive the day before it begins, Thursday the 30th of November, and that day is 17 Kislev, the Jewish anniversary of Pearl Harbor! This provides the Kabbalists with yet another opportunity to fulfill their prophecy of the fiery deaths of the gathered “kings of the world, except those who have not yet arrived(the prophecy is supposed to take place in Rome, but they can say that the prophet mistook the city for Rome due to the presence of the Bishop of Rome).

Dubai is very close to Iran, and is within firing distance of the Iranian missiles held by the Houthis in Yemen. So watch for a Mossad/IDF false-flag missile attack that gets blamed on the Iranians or their proxies, and watch for the world to see through the ruse and turn on Israel with great fury. This is how they’ll draw the world into the Battle of Armageddon.

Of course, we must first get through Reign of Christ Sunday this weekend.

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Looking ahead at the other opportunities the Kabbalists have already set up for December, there are additional chances for summit hits…

We’re gonna push these bi*ches out of 2023. No Moshiach for you!…

(23 November 2023) – Beware of Black Friday Attacks on Shoppers (and leaders)

The past 24 hours have been interesting: the Rainbow Bridge “terror attack” narrative was rolled back, and the head of the Mossad pushed back the start of the Gaza ceasefire till tomorrow. It should also be noted that the political heads of “Mystery Babylon” (Biden, Michel, and von der Leyen) will still be in Nantucket and St. John’s tomorrow. So Friday provides a second chance to do much of what was planned for today.

If you look to the Bible’s Book of Revelation, chapters 14 and 15, it lays out a sequence of events that the globalists will be attempting to artificially fulfill…

  1. The Fall of Babylon (the UK/US/EU/G7/NATO Beast),
  2. The Harvest of the Earth (the Fake Christian Rapture), and
  3. The 7 Angels Pouring out 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath (77).

So we can anticipate the attacks that bring down the West to occur before the Fake Rapture, then “Apollyon’s Harvest” will begin (look at what the Bible says will happen to the people who go on the ships). And after the Harvest, the globalists will pour on the suffering until the desired day count is completed (it could end as soon as December 7 or as late as Passover next year).

Looking to Onnabugeisha’s notes for Friday the 24th, they show birthday 9/11s for Joe Biden and King Charles (suggesting the deaths of both on Jewish 9/11), so the occulted heads of Mystery Babylon (King Charles and Pope Francis) may also be on the chopping block tomorrow. Onna further notes that Friday is the 4th anniversary of Pope Francis standing in the places the atom bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He did that on 24 November 2019, which was Reign of Christ Sunday that year. So tomorrow and this Sunday (which is Reign of Christ Sunday this year) are excellent candidate days for atomic explosions to be mimicked by Artemis rods.

It must also be pointed out that tomorrow is Black Friday in the United States, and it’s happening on the Jewish day of Kislev 11, Jewish 9/11. Also happening on Jewish 9/11 — thanks to the Mossad-instigated delay — is the start of the Gaza ceasefire. So if the “evil Chabad-Mossad-IDF Deep State” are scripted to sabotage “Moshiach ben Yosef” Netanyahu‘s ceasefire, tomorrow would be an opportune day to stage worldwide attacks through their ISIS and Al-Qaeda proxies (and blame it on Hamas, Hezbollah, and Palestinians in general). And what better targets could they choose than American shoppers engaging in the “demonic orgy of materialism” known as Black Friday? Shopping malls, Walmarts, and (of course) Targets will be targets. And in an unusual development this year, crazed shoppers may be brawling over bandages instead of big-screen TVs.

~ MORE ~

LOL! These Kabbalist clowns! A reader just notified me that a train derailed in Kentucky this afternoon, releasing fire and brimstone “to signal God’s impending wrath”

Fire and brimstone is an idiomatic expression referring to God’s wrath found in both the Old and New Testaments. In the Bible, it often appears in reference to the fate of the unfaithful. Brimstone, an archaic term synonymous with sulfur, evokes the acrid odor of sulfur dioxide given off by lightning strikes. The association of sulfur with divine retribution is common in the Bible. – from Wikipedia

Our world is run by idiots and drama queens.

ALERT (21-22 November 2023): The globalists are positioning for major false-flag attacks on Thanksgiving Day…

…from Newsweek and

With the Israel-Hamas ceasefire beginning tomorrow morning and with Putin suggesting peace talks with Ukraine today during a G20 Virtual Summit, “peace is threatening to break out all over.” This sounds like a job for “the evil warmongering Deep State and their false-flaggers,” who may be scripted to instead deepen the wars tomorrow by attacking various world leaders and blaming it on the usual suspects. Placing Putin at a CSTO Summit in Minsk, Belarus tomorrow adds another juicy target to a list that already includes Biden in Nantucket and the EU leaders in St. John’s. Will “Wagner Group diehards take revenge on Putin” tomorrow? Will Trump and Netanyahu be targeted as well?

Today’s “terror attack” on the Rainbow Bridge is another telling sign: rainbow symbolism has been prominently featured in connection with the coming “Gemini Twins” duo of false saviors

…from YouTube

What begins tomorrow may lead to “God’s Judgment” beginning on Reign of Christ Sunday, the 26th. That’s the final day of the 4-day Israel-Gaza ceasefire. More to come, along with links.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha points out that the Jewish day of Kislev 11 (9/11) begins at sunset in Jerusalem tomorrow; that’s 4:37 PM local time / 5:37 PM Minsk time / 9:37 AM Nantucket time. Watch for trouble to start on or after that time. Her notes on Thursday the 23rd are now up.

~ MORE ~

If the globalists go for it on Thanksgiving Day, the 23rd, they could make it the first day of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that ends on Reign of Christ Sunday, the 26th, with the arrival of the Fake ETs and the Fake Messiah. So Give Thanks for the Reign of Christ to come.”

Alternatively, tomorrow could begin an escalation to a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts on Reign of Christ Sunday, the 26th, and culminates with the arrival of the False Messiah on November 29 / 16 Kislev (the day Noah’s Ark touched down on the Earth, which would be symbolically mirrored by the Fake ETs landing on Earth at the end of “God’s Judgment”).

As a third option, tomorrow could begin an escalation to “God’s Judgment” on Reign of Christ Sunday, which would be the first day of a 150-day count to the Fake Messiah’s intervention on 23 April 2024 (Passover Day 1). This 150-day scenario would also involve a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that would start on November 26 and culminate in a Fake Christian Rapture on November 29 / 16 Kislev (with the day Noah’s Ark touched down on the Earth being mirrored by the Fake ET Arks touching down on the Earth “to gather those chosen to survive the Judgment” like Noah gathered the animals). Later, I’ll show you why boarding the ships is inadvisable.

~ from yesterday, 21 November 2024 ~

Watch Biden, Michel, and von der Leyen on Thanksgiving Day

Both Onnabugeisha and I were partially sidelined with pain issues for the past two days, but we’re both nearly well and ready to resume the fight. Her notes for Wednesday the 22nd include references to some occult weirdness surrounding Nantucket Island (where Joe Biden is going today for Thanksgiving Holiday)…

President Joe Biden, First Lady Jill Biden to return to Nantucket (Masslive) -> You wrote about Biden spending Thanksgiving holiday on Nantucket a year ago [your blog] WARNING (22 November 2022).

Essex (whaleship) – The American whaling ship Essex (Wikipedia) from NantucketMassachusetts was rammed by a sperm whale and later sank, inspiring the climactic scene in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851). (HISTORY) Date: 20 November 1820 -> Joe Biden (Wikipedia) was born on 20 November 1942. 

Trump boasts of meeting ‘Prince of Whales’ (The Guardian) on 13 June 2019. 

The 2020 United States presidential election (Wikipedia) was the 59th quadrennial presidential election. Democrat Joe Biden defeated Republican Donald Trump, the incumbent, to become the 46th president of the United States. [Joe Biden breaks Obama’s record for most votes ever cast for a U.S. presidential candidate (CBS News.] Date: 3 November 2020, 1115 days ago on 11/22 (inclusive) or 11/23-> Strong’s Greek: 1115. Golgotha: Golgotha, a skull [Latin calvaria], the name of a place outside of Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified; so called, apparently, because its form resembled a skull.

Nantucket’s flag and seal incorporate sperm whalesthe flag featuring a white one. And a whale is typically hunted with a harpoon, and Harpoon submarine-launched cruise missiles are in the possession of both the Israeli and Turkish submarine forces. If “white whale” Biden were to be hunted with a Harpoon while on Nantucket, it is doubtful that there are any defenses in place to reliably deal with such a threat. And such an attack could be conveniently laid at the feet of the Russian submarine force. Just sayin’.

It should also be noted that the two heads of the EU will participate in a summit with Canada’s Justine Castro (a.k.a. Trudeau) on Thanksgiving Day in St. John’s, Canada. So Biden and the heads of the EU will be in soft targets on islands at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean on November 23. Interesting. Some “meteors” (Artemis rods) hitting the Ocean near the islands could kill them with tsunamis — a harpoon is essentially a big spear after all.

WARNING (20 November 2023) – The Kabbalists have a golden opportunity to simulate the opening of the Gate to Hell tonight/tomorrow. From Onna’s notes…

Ceres at solar conjunction (In The Sky) at 05:02 UTC

• The mundus of Ceres (Wikipediais open. The third of three annual openings of a mysterious pit or storage chamber with the official announcement “mundus patet” (“the mundus is open”), and offerings were made there to agricultural or underworld deities, including Ceres as goddess of the fruitful earth and guardian of its underworld portals. Its opening offered the spirits of the dead temporary leave from the underworld,… Date: November 8 (Julian) = November 21 (Gregorian).

• Eastern Orthodox liturgics – Synaxis of the Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Salaphiel, Jegudiel, Barachiel, Jeremiel and the Other Bodiless Powers (Wikipedia).  -> War in Heaven (Wikipedia) – In the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the Book of Revelation describes a war in heaven between angels led by the Archangel Michael against those led by “the dragon”, identified as the devil or Satan, who was defeated and thrown down to the earth.

Twice-Expanded NOTE (18-19 November 2023): King Charles is/was scripted to die on Reign of Christ Sunday, November 26

As we enter the potentially perilous 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, be sure to read the 2-3 May update in its entirety. Once you do, you’ll begin to realize that the 34th Sunday of Ordinary Time, 26 November 2023, is the day the globalists DEFINITELY plan to simulate (using Artemis) a nuclear war that will kill “Antichrist” King Charles. As part of this scenario, Pope Francis may be scripted to “die” this Sunday or Tuesday (Presentation of Mary). I’ll cover this in detail tomorrow.

The stupid Kabbalist monkeys won’t be getting their banana next week. Let them eat pork rinds.

~ MORE (Mod-2) – 19 November 2023 ~

The entire Coronation Tribulation has just opened up to me, and the information is pressing upon my mind with considerable energy. So I’m going to build this update in pieces. As it progresses, I’ll update the mod number above…

The first half of the Pope Francis and King Charles Coronation Tribulation — the 1260-day part — began in 2019 with the events of the Roman Catholic 33rd and 34th Sundays of Ordinary Time. On the 33rd Sunday, “Communist” Pope Francis gave a message about “the End of the World,” while on the same day, Communist China staged the first COVID-19 case to begin “Operation CORONA (Crown).” A week later on the 34th Sunday, Reign of Christ Sunday, Francis marked the first day of a 1260-day count to the beginning of the crowned reign of “Communist Antichrist” King Charles III on 6 May 2023. He did this while foreshadowing the end of the “Satanic Global Communist Deep State” by standing in the spot where the atom bomb exploded in Hiroshima, Japan. Coronation Day was meant to be the day of the explosions, but exposure deterred their planned actions.

The second half — the 1290-day and 1335-day part — began on Coronation Day. And the 1290th day of King Charles’s crowned reign will fall on 15 November 2026, which is the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time that year. This is the latest point at which the Kabbalists can script Prince Harry’s intervention to depose him. Harry would then achieve victory on the 34th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Reign of Christ Sunday. The 1335th day will fall on 30 December 2026, which is Saturnalia on the Julian calendar. This would be the day of his coronation, as he is playing the role of Saturn.

According to globalist prophecy doctrine, the Antichrist is supposed to openly rule the second half of the 7-year Tribulation period, and since “commie antichrists” Pope Francis and Prince Charles were active during the first half of the Tribulation, the second half was meant for “Nazi” King Harry’s rule. They foreshadowed his rise during the 33rd and 34th Sundays of Ordinary Time last year. He was trotted out to Pearl Harbor on Friday, 11/11/22 and was received like a king. That was two days before the 33rd Sunday last year, so the visit was about symbolizing the death and resurrection of Christ. The Friday visit to a graveyard, the USS Arizona Memorial, represented Good Friday and Christ’s death. And that 33rd Sunday represented Easter, Christ’s resurrection.

Now we’re in 2023, and this year’s 33rd and 34th Sundays of Ordinary Time are/were another chance to install Harry, but they’re screwed. Like a vampire’s tallywhacker, their narrative is falling to dust under exposure to the sunlight.

Links and lots more info to come.

(Expanded Note – 18 November 2023) – The 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time and the End of the World

Tomorrow is the Roman Catholic 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, the 7th “World Day of the Poor,” and is therefore a good day to start “communist” mischief. You may remember the 2-3 May update from earlier this year, which pointed out that Pope Francis’s message on the “End of the World” happened on the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time in 2019, the same day the first case of COVID was staged in China.

On this 33rd Sunday, the Pope will be in St. Peter’s Basilica, the church he desecrated with Pachamama. And Catholic Joe Biden will be in Norfolk, Virginiaa major nerve center of the US Navy — among military families who hate his guts. Spectacular Artemis attacks, assassinations and/or the emergence of “Disease X” are scriptable possibilities. Remember that Elon Musk just launched another load of Artemis rods into orbit in a supposedly “failed” launch of his 33-engined Starship spacecraft today.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 19th are now up. They support all kinds of mischief that can be scripted for tomorrow, including the destruction of London [and perhaps all the cities visited by the Arch of Palmyra; London’s visit started on 19 April 2016, 7 years, 7 months ago (77) on Sunday]. One of her notes also points out that today’s launch of the 33-engined SpaceX Starship on the day before the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time happened 3 years, 333 days (3333) after the founding of Space Force on 20 December 2019.

NOTE (17 November 2023): The Leonid Meteor Shower that produced the Meteor Storm of 1833 (pictured below) peaks this year around Saturday. This will provide a prime opportunity as soon as tonight for the globalists to stage a 3-day “rain of fire” on the world and/or on Israel.

Watch for this over the next several days (November 12-23)…

(17 November 2023) – Threat Assessment for Saturday the 18th

Biden, Xi, and the other APEC leaders will be departing San Francisco today, so remember the plane bombing cues that showed up in Onnabugeisha’s notes for November 15. Somebody might not make it home.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes for Saturday the 18th are now up, and they include another cue for the plane bombing on the Islamic calendar. Upon checking into it, I found out that Erdogan is in Germany for a one-day visit today and will presumably fly out this evening, after the Islamic day corresponding to Saturday has begun. Given his fierce criticism of Israel over the Gaza War, the Kabbalists may have scripted a “Mossad bombing” of his aircraft. Remember that the death of Erdogan has been tied to the Three Days of Fear / Three Days of Darkness by Neophytos of Morfou.

Looking at the other occult cues for Saturn’s Day, they strongly support a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts on Saturday (Jerusalem time) and ends on the 21st (November 8 on the Julian calendar and another candidate day for the opening of the Gate to Hell). A Messianic Event or Fake Christian Rapture could be conducted that day.

Also, today is the beginning of options expiration weekend, so watch for any big moves in the after-hours market that may precede an overnight Israeli attack on Iran.

(Enhanced Note – 17 November 2023) – The press, the White House website and the Congressional Bill Tracker now reflect that Biden has signed H.R.6363, the Continuing Resolution, into law. It was reportedly flown to San Francisco and signed last night at the Legion of Honor Museum. So had the Museum gotten hit, the bill would have been destroyed along with Biden. Now that it’s signed, though, it is likely that they’ve backed off of their plans for this week.

It must nonetheless be noted that the Night of Hecate continues until sunset today, so the globalists continue to have mythological support to act-out the opening of the Gate to Hell. And they have arranged something at the United Nations for 10 AM New York time this morning: the General Assembly will be meeting on “the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip” and the Security Council will be discussing “peace and security”

…from (top, bottom)

While people are saying, “peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (BSB) on

So the current watch continues until Friday is over.

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 17th (a very unlucky day in Italy / the Vatican / “Rome”) are now up. Also, be advised that the threat will continue through 10 AM New York time on Friday — details to come.

NOTE: If the globalists proceed with “opening the Gate to Hell” in San Francisco this evening, it will happen in time to begin an inclusive 40-day count for a “Fire Judgment” that will end on Christmas Day. But this evening in San Francisco is tomorrow morning in Jerusalem, November 17 / 4 Kislev (the Jewish anniversary of the day Zechariah foretold the Messianic Era). So the San Francisco event will be tied to the coming of the Fake Jewish Messiah and will likely be tied to an event in Israel that will scatter the Israeli population to the wind. Why? Because November 17 begins a non-inclusive 38-day count to Christmas, and 38 is the number of years the Hebrews wandered in the wilderness before they were allowed to enter the Promised Land.

Speaking of entering the Promised Land, the Kabbalists also have the option of running a full 150-day “Torment of Humanity” from November 17 in Jerusalem. The 150th day would land on 15 April 2024 / 17 Nissan, the anniversary of the day the Jews prepared to enter Canaan and begin the conquest of the Promised Land. The Fake Jewish Messiah could make his apprearance at Mount Sinai that day, then begin his “triumphal procession” to Jerusalem (likely arriving on the 8th day of Passover, 30 April 2024).

~ MORE ~

The continuing resolution has passed the House & Senate and been sent to Biden’s desk. But as a reader has pointed out, Biden isn’t returning to Washington DC tomorrow. Will it be brought to him in San Francisco, Philly, or Delaware? Will he sign it with the autopen? Or are they trying to slide one past us again?

WARNING (16 November 2023): The Gate to Hell is/was to be Opened at the Golden Gate Cemetery

…from Alta. We are legion.”

LOL! Can you guess where they’re gathering Biden, Xi, and all the other Pacific leaders for the APEC Dinner tonight, the Night of Hecate [the goddess of graves and ghostsassociated with Artemis and Diana (mother of Harry) — who holds the key to the gate to the underworld]? At San Francisco’s Legion of Honor Museum, which is built atop burial grounds where most of the thousands of bodies (including many Chinese laborers) still remain, which is located in Lincoln Park (named after an assassinated President of the United States), and which was opened on Armistice Day, November 11, 1924 (11/11, the date of Prince Harry’s visit to PEARL HARBOR last year). Enjoy dinner in Hell, fellas! BOOM!

It will be interesting to see if any of the mainstream media mention the optics of Xi Jinping feasting tonight atop the desecrated graves of thousands of discarded Chinese immigrant laborers.

Enhanced NOTE: The 40 days / 40 nights of Al Aqsa Flood end at sunrise in Jerusalem (6:08 AM IST on 16 November 2023). That’s 11:08 PM Washington DC time / 8:08 PM [88] San Francisco time today (15 November 2023). So if we get hit today/tomorrow, the federal government will be left without a budget and the surviving president will have total emergency power over everything.

(15 November 2023) – November 16: The end of the Flood? The beginning of the Fire?

Not only does November 16 mark the end of the 40 days and 40 nights of Al Aqsa Flood — thereby making it a day that a momentous event can be scheduled (like the destruction of Al Aqsa Mosque) — but it also marks the following points in time (according to Onnabugeisha’s notes for tomorrow)…

November 16 could bring a spectacular event that may start a 40-day “Fire Judgment of God” that ends on Christmas Day or a ceasefire in Gaza (ending the Flood) to buy the Kabbalists some time to decide what to do next.

NOTE: The US House of Representatives has passed the continuing resolution to keep the government funded until the next two Messiah-related dates in early 2024 (see the 14 November update below). Assuming the globalists don’t attempt funny business again by delaying Biden’s signature, this could mean we’ve pushed them out of 2023. Close overwatch will continue nonetheless.

In case they are abandoning 2023, watch for temporary ceasefires in Ukraine and Gaza and peace talks to keep the conflicts simmering until January.

And speaking of a potential move against Putin tomorrow or a ceasefire, check this out: CIA boss heads for Z-Day in Kyiv as Ukraine falters.

The Threat Picture for November 15: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 15th are now up. They contain…

(14 November 2023) – It’s all about the Moshiach (the Kabbalists’ Fake Jewish Messiah)…

…from BRICS NWO propaganda site Zero Hedge

Unless Congress passes a new continuing resolution by the end of Friday, November 17, the US government will start shutting down. November 17 is the Jewish day of 4 Kislev this year, and 4 Kislev is known for this…

Zechariah Foretold Messianic Era (3410/-352)

A delegation from Babylonia put forth a query to the prophet Zechariah, asking whether the fast of the Ninth of Av was still in effect, now that the Second Temple had been built. In response, Zechariah transmitted G‑d’s message that it was not fasting that was most important, but to uphold justice, truth, kindness and compassion.

Zechariah also foretold what will occur to the fast days in the Messianic era: “So says the L‑rd of Hosts: The fast of the fourth month [the seventeenth of Tammuz], the fast of the fifth month [the ninth of Av], the fast of the seventh month [the third of Tishrei], and the fast of the tenth month [the tenth of Teves] will be to the House of Judah for rejoicing, happiness, and festivals.” (Zechariah 7–8) – from

January 19, the next date a shutdown is set to be scheduled, is 9 Shevat next year, and 9 Shevat is known for this…

Moshiach’s Torah Scroll” completed (1970)

The writing of the “Sefer Torah to greet Moshiach,” initiated at the behest of the 6th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, in 1942, was concluded 28 years later at a special gathering convened by the Lubavitcher Rebbe on Friday afternoon, the 9th of Shevat, on the eve of the 20th anniversary of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak’s passing. – from

February 2, the final date a shutdown is to be scheduled, is the day 24 Shavat begins after sunset (a Jewish Sabbath Day next year), and 24 Shevat is known for this…

Zechariah‘s Prophecy (351 BCE)

“On the 24th day of the 11th month, which is the month of Shevat, in the second year of the reign of Darius, the word of G-d came to Zechariah the son of Berechiah the son of Ido the prophet, saying: ‘…I will return to Jerusalem in mercy, my house will be built within her…and the Lord shall yet console Zion and shall yet choose Jerusalem.'” (Zechariah 1:7-17) – from

If you’re noticing a pattern of engineered US government financial crises timed to correspond with potential arrival dates for the Fake Jewish Messiah, welcome to the party. We’ve been watching this happen over and over for years now, with every debt ceiling and budget deadline. It has to do with the return of Trump or Pence to “save America from the abyss.”

It’s the same old script, over and over and over, and it brings to mind the idiots in the religious schools who rock back and forth while they program themselves to disconnect from the gifts of Spirit and blindly follow the “sacred texts” written by power-hungry men. Stupid. Fu*king. Monkeys.

~ from earlier today ~

Besides the nuclear/radiological false-flag on Israel I’ve warned about, another way of scattering the Israelis into the neighboring nations is the outbreak of a terrible plague. So watch for potential news of such a plague coming out of Gaza, which would be attributed to the release of “an Israeli bioweapon designed to wipe out the Palestinians.” This would provide both the “Israeli Outrage” needed to start the Big War and the Kabbalist-desired scattering of the Israelis as “they flee the Israeli mistake, the plague that has blown back against them.” Remember the Denver International Airport mural that depicted a soldier wearing a CBRN mask (that can protect against biological agents).

(13 November 2023) – Looking ahead to the next three days…

Since both Xi and Biden are supposedly targets of the “Satanic Global Communist Deep State” — Xi because he is cast as a “good guy” / “Avatar” and Biden because his death would allow an Obama to become vice president — their deaths on one of these days would suit the globalist “End Times” script quite well.

Launching a fake 40-day “Fire Judgment of God” on the 14th, 15th, or 16th would allow it to end on December 24 or 25, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (a good day to bring in a False Messiah). Such a “judgment” could be preceded by Operation Blackjack. And a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario started one of those days would allow a Fake Christian Rapture or an early messianic arrival to happen on the 4th day, which is November 17-19 (17: the Jewish day “Zechariah foretold the Messianic Era,” 18: the Julian anniversary of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot, 19: the Catholic 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 14th are now up.

Be advised that Kamala Harris will be in San Francisco with Biden on Tuesday and Wednesday (at least). So if Sodom gets hit, the new “MAGA Republican” Speaker of the House could potentially inherit the presidency (if Washington doesn’t get hit the same day). Remember that the globalists foreshadowed a(n engineered) San Francisco earthquake in an earlier Biden visit this year.

(11-12 November 2023) – Tomorrow night, the night of November 12/13 (somewhere in the world, possibly over Jerusalem), is a candidate time for an artificial Artemis meteor storm that could begin a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that ends on November 15/16 (the 40 day / 40 night mark of Al Aqsa Flood)…

…from the Daily Mail. Note how they worked-in hints of the APEC Summit in San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge), the devil,” and the situation in Iceland (exploding like a volcano).

The meteor storm would be the “sign in heaven” of the Red Dragon (“the devil”) from Revelation 12:3-4

3 Then another sign appeared in heaven: a huge red dragon with seven heads, ten horns, and seven royal crowns on his heads. 4 His tail swept a third of the stars from the sky, tossing them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, ready to devour her child as soon as she gave birth.

As you would expect, the globalists have cast Communist China in the role of the Red Dragon (MUST READ).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 12th are now up. And among them is the fact that tomorrow will be the 4th Chinese lunar anniversary of Pope Francis’s Pachamama Desecration — a good cue for the Red Dragon to do its thing. 4 is the number of death in China, and watch for ISIS moves too.

~ MORE – 12 November 2023 ~

If the Kabbalists start the “150 Days of Torment” today or tomorrow, November 12/13, they can land the end point — the Fake Jewish Messiah’s intervention — on 10 April 2024. That is the Jewish day of 2 Nissan, the anniversary of this…

First Red Heifer Prepared (1312 BCE)

On the 2nd of Nissan, one day after the inauguration of the Tabernacle, Moses prepared the very first Red Heifer, in order to ritually purify the Jewish nation in preparation for the bringing of the Paschal Lamb in the newly erected Sanctuary. – from

See the 31 October 2023 update for how the Red Heifer fits in with the “Moshiach’s” intervention.

This being said, we could see the 4-day Three Days of Darkness start today/tomorrow and end with a Fake Christian Rapture on November 15-16. And those who do not “go with the angels” would then be left to experience the remainder of the 150 days under the tyranny of the Red Dragon.

Alternatively, they can bring in the Fake Moshiach on the fourth day or cut the (150) days short and bring him in by Christmas (Western or Orthodox).

Be advised that this same 150-day scenario can be started on other days this week as well, specifically the timeframe of November 19-23, which would land on Yom HaAliyah or Shabbat HaGadol. Other scenarios not tied to the 150 days could start anytime. Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 13th are now up.

Scripting possibilities for tomorrow, 11/13: 1) Artemis Rodfall and the destruction of the Vatican [1,2,3], and/or 2) the destruction of Damascus [1,2].

WARNING (10 November 2023): On 11/11, the 7-day APEC Summit begins in San Francisco. Xi Jinping is slated to attend from the 14th through the 17th, and he will meet with Biden on the 15th. So both of them will be in “Sodom” when the 40-day and 40-night mark of Al Aqsa Flood hits on November 15/16.

Given that the “Kings of the East” will be gathered next week, watch for something to happen in Europe to gather the “Kings of the West” at the same time, so both sets of “Kings” can be destroyed. The Western gathering could materialize as an emergency summit of the EU or a papal funeral. Otherwise, the “Kings of the West” will be hit in their capitals by Operation Blackjack, which will also hit “Sodom.”

Alternatively, watch The 8th Day, the day after the 7 days of the APEC meeting. It’s November 18, Gunpowder Plot Day. After “the rising Kings of the East” spend a week amidst “the squalor of the fallen West,” the West would be put out of its misery by another Jesuit Treason by the Communist Pope.

(10 November 2023) – The good news is that I’m having no trouble identifying the Kabbalist danger dates; the bad news is… well…

Yesterday I did a sweep of the rest of November for potential danger dates, and I found plenty. So today we’ll start looking at them, beginning with 11/11. And after that, we’ll look at the one cue I missed; the one that could have stopped the Hamas attack on October 7.

Saturn’s Day [1,2], November 11th – 11/11 is a double “master number” date and a number combo that is assigned great significance in New Age circles. It is also the 1st anniversary of Rothschild-descended Prince Harry’s visit to Pearl Harbor on Veterans Day last year — a visit that foreshadowed his crowning as King of the Jews and King of the World. Additionally, 11/11 is 27 Cheshvan this year, which marks the Jewish anniversaries of the end of Noah’s Flood and the death of Yasser Arafat (11/11 is also the Gregorian anniversary of Arafat’s death).

Scripting possibilities – This date was scriptable as “the fourth-day-arrival of the King” of a 4-day 3DOD scenario that was to start on November 8. The 11/11 element suggests an event of great significance, the Prince Harry element suggests a Nazionist event (possibly a messianic one), the Pearl Harbor element suggests a big surprise event, the Veterans Day element again suggests Prince Harry (who focuses on veterans), the End of Flood element suggests peace or a ceasefire (or their “Satanic” opposites), and the Arafat element suggests a bad day for the Palestinians. One or more of these elements could be utilized in an alternate scripting for the date, such as a big sneak attack somewhere and/or an attack that kills a Palestinian leader (like the Hamas leader the press say is cornered in a bunker under Gaza city). The “Big Explosion” in Gaza is clearly scriptable.

Onna’s notes on 11/11 are now up: watch for something to happen to a “Hitler-like” figure, like the Hamas commander in the bunker, Zelensky, Netanyahu, Putin, Xi, Erdogan, Biden, Trump, or Bolsonaro. Biden and Harris will be an attractive target at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier tomorrow. But if it’s the Hamas guy who gets captured or killed, might that lead to a shock ceasefire in Gaza?

Other possibilities mentioned in Onna’s notes include…

(9 November 2023) – While we wait to see if Western Civilization gets destroyed between now and the end of November 10, I’ve stumbled upon another globalist set piece, the Gunpowder Plot of 2023. It started to come to me after noticing something about the headline of the Newsweek article below — about ISIS being a Simmering Powder Keg Under(neath) Biden.” This brought to mind the original Gunpowder Plot, in which Guy Fawkes and his fellow plotters placed barrels of gunpowder underneath Parliament that were to be exploded on November 5, 1605 of the Julian calendar (England did not switch to the Gregorian calendar until 1752).

This year, the Julian 5th of November will fall on the Gregorian date of November 18. This date falls two days after Al Aqsa Mosque’s possible destruction on November 16 and three days before November 21, the Julian 8th of November, the date on which the Romans opened the pit to the underworld. I’ll cover the related scenarios in more detail as we approach those dates (assuming we get through today and tomorrow).

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 10th are now up.

(9 November 2023) – Biden in Chicago with “ISIS”…

…from Newsweek

Biden is traveling to Chicago — “Muslim” Barack Obama’s power center — today, November 9. And my partner Onnabugeisha has noted that November 10 is October 28 on the Julian calendar, the date when the ancient Romans started their Festival of ISIS, which ran from October 28 through November 3…

October 28 – Isia, a festival of Isis introduced probably in the 30s or 40s AD, beginning with the Castu Isidis, a day of abstention and loss. – from Wikipedia

Well November 10 begins in Rome at 5:00 PM Chicago Time today, a time when Biden will be attending a campaign reception there. So will “ISIS” be scripted to hit Biden in Chicago on Castu Isidis to start the “festivities”? (Keep in mind that it may first be blamed on MAGA.)

It should be noted that Isia’s end date of November 3 (Julian) is November 16 on the Gregorian calendar, the day when the 40 days and 40 nights of Al Aqsa Flood is supposed to reach its end. And it should also be noted that sunset in Chicago is at 4:36 PM local time today, so the Hebrew day of 2/26 will start there before the hit.

What would we do without our Onna watching over us?

ALERT (8 November 2023): As was mentioned in yesterday’s update (below), November 10 marks a major day in the Obama-Acropolis Tribulation timeline [1,2] — the theme of which is “the Destruction of Western Civilization.” So related events could begin as soon as Jerusalem enters the Jewish day equivalent to November 10, Cheshvan 26. And since Cheshvan is the second month of the Jewish civil year, Cheshvan 26 can be written as 2/26 (226), the same number featured In the Hezbollah teaser video!…

…from Twitter

Here are the related occult cues that Onnabugeisha put in her notes for November 9

Jewish calendar26 Cheshvan2/26!  -> your blog 3 November 2023: A reader sent me a link to a Hezbollah preview video  for today’s speech, and it prominently features the number 226 [2:26] at its beginning…” Gematria: Qasem Soleimani = The Star of David 4x (both 226) 

• Pope Francis visited Nagasaki (Atomic Bomb Hypocenter Park) and Hiroshima (Peace Memorial)(VaticanAmerica Magazine) on Sunday, 24 November 2019 =  26 Cheshvan [2/26]

• Hitler survives assassination attempt (HISTORY) on 8 November 1939 = 26 Cheshvan

• The 4 times they tried to assassinate Stalin (Russia Beyond). 6 November 1942 (Wrong car) = 26 Cheshvan

• Patriarch Kirill of Moscow (Wikipedia) Born: 20 November 1946 = 26 Cheshvan

[more examples of 2/26: Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia) was born on February 26 [2/26], Ariel Sharon (Wikipedia) was born February 26 [2/26], Pope Francis prayed at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, visited the Dome of the Rock (CBS). Date: 26 May 2014 = 26 Iyyar [2/26], President Donald Trump makes historic visit to Western Wall (CNN). Date: 22 May 2017 = 26 Iyyar [2/26]] [Just like Cheshvan is the second month of the Jewish civil year, Iyyar is the second month of their ecclesiastical year.]

Hijrah (Wikipedia) The Hijrah or Hijra was the journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina. The year in which the Hijrah took place is also identified as the epoch of the Lunar Hijri and Solar Hijri calendars. (in the year: 622).

[Ken’s note: The day of the Hezbollah attack on Israel (October 7) is listed in Wikipedia as “the epoch reference date (start) of the modern Hebrew calendar.”]

Jerusalem enters 2/26 after sunset of November 9 (11/9 <> 9/11), which occurs at 4:44 PM (444) local time (9:44 AM Washington DC time tomorrow). So the globalists may script the opening of the Gate to Hell tonight (the night of November 8/9), with the results dramatically manifesting soon after.

See the rest of Onna’s notes on tomorrow; they are a horror show.

~ MORE ~

Since a 226 and a 444 have popped up for tomorrow, 11/9 (US format) <> 9/11 (European format), let’s have a look at their supposed meanings…

Meaning of Numbers: The Number 444

According to the book “The Appointed Times of Jesus the Messiah,” there exist an interesting relationship between the Scriptural meaning of the number 444 and Christ’s earthly ministry.

As our Biblical timeline of Jesus’ life shows, his ministry began on September 11 in 26 A.D. the same day the devil began his forty days of temptation. This date will prove important for constructing 444. This day fell on a Wednesday, the 4th day of the week.

September 11 was not only the Day of Atonement in 26, it was the start of the Jubilee year (Luke 4:16 – 21, see also Isaiah 61:1 – 2). In Jesus’ first recorded public address in Nazareth, he links his ministry and message to this special period of liberty and freedom which occurred every 50th year and was announced on Atonement (Leviticus 25).

September 11 in 26 A.D. is thus an incredibly rare and momentous day in human history! [Ken: In Kabbalist numerology, 911 “reduces” to 11, then 2, so “2 in 26 A.D.” (226). It’s a stretch, but so is all of numerology.] The four-fold major events that took place, or began, on this day are the Day of Atonement, the start of the Jubilee Year, the start of Jesus’ ministry, and the beginning of the devil’s efforts to derail God’s plan to save humans.

Jesus’ public ministry ended on a Wednesday, on the same 4th day of the week it started. It ceased in 30 A.D. when he was crucified and died on April 5 (the day portion of Passover) as our perfect sacrifice for sin.

The Day of Atonement in 26 A.D. corresponds on the Hebrew calculated calendar (used to determine God’s annual Feast Days) to Tishri 10 in the Hebrew year 3787. Jesus’ death in 30 A.D. corresponds to Nisan 14 in Hebrew year 3790. This means his entire ministry lasted 44 months (Hebrew years 3787 and 3789 had 13 months in them) and 4 days for 444! If we add in the fact that the Lord’s earthly ministry both began and completed on a Wednesday, the fourth day of the week. we get 4444 or even 44444!…

According to the book “Number in Scripture” by Bullinger, the Hebrew Gematria of the word “Damascus” is 444 (section on three). – from

So watch for the possible destruction of Damascus and potential messianic action tomorrow.

~ MORE ~

Here’s a specific set piece to watch for this coming day: 1) the long-planned Mossad/IDF false-flag missile attack on Israel from Lebanon/Syria, 2) the resulting real or simulated release of radioactivity from the warheads and/or the hitting of the Dimona nuclear reactor, 3) the subsequent destruction of Damascus “at the hands of the Israelis” (or “at the hands of the Turkish Antichrist in a false-flag meant to look like an Israeli attack”) — this is meant to drive the Muslims insane, and 4) the execution of a global intifada and Operation Blackjack (billed as the “Muslims’ revenge”). A “messianic intervention” may occur to stop the unfolding nightmare (or it might happen at some point afterwards).

NOTE: Today, Wednesday the 8th, is the big day for the Shimon Peres Funeral Tribulation timeline. And just like yesterday, they’re putting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris together at the White House at 11:30 AM EST, and again this meeting isn’t being shown on the publicly displayed version of Biden’s schedule. So once again we wait to see if Washington gets hit.

WARNING (7 November 2023): The press are reporting that Gaza city has been completely encircled and a massive IDF ground attack is imminent. This attack will likely trigger the start of the Big War, so watch for the “Atrocity Event” — today or tomorrow would be the perfect time for the massive explosion in Gaza city I’ve warned about [1,2]. And since Day 1335 (see yesterday’s Tribulation Alert) is supposed to bring a positive development, the Atrocity and its consequences will trigger the scripted messianic intervention, sooner (as soon as November 7/8 or 11) or later (as late as 6 April 2024).

Remember that November 8 was one of the days the ancient Romans opened the portal to the underworld. So on this November 8 (or its corresponding Hebrew day), the Kabbalists can opt to technologically simulate the opening of the “Gate to Hell” (a “Dimensional Portal”). And out of that portal will pour one of two scripted things…

So if you see war disrupted by lights in the sky soon, rest assured that they have come to serve man (with some fava beans and a nice Chianti).

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on November 8 are now up. She has also sent these important notes for November 9-10

11/9 (inclusive) – 11/10

• President Obama climbed the Acropolis and toured the Parthenon in Athens (Greece), “the birthplace of democracy during the final overseas trip of his presidency.”

Behind the Scenes: President Obama Visits the Acropolis in Athens and The President Abroad: A Look Ahead at Greece, Germany, and PeruDate: 16 November 2016 -> 11/16 -> 1116 Strong’s Greek: 1116. Gomorra: Gomorrah, one of the cities near the Dead Sea / Hebrew: 1116. bamah: a High place, (1260 + 1290) = 2550 days ago 

• Israeli Declaration of Independence (Wikipedia), formally the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel, was proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion.  It declared the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel, to be known as the  State of Israel, which would come into effect on termination of the British Mandate at midnight that day. (The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel | Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel). Date: 14 May 1948, 3939 weeks ago. Strong’s Hebrew: 3939. laanah: wormwood

So there is another 7-year timeline, the Obama-Acropolis Tribulation, that hits Day 1290 of its second part on November 9/10. And its Day 1335 falls on Christmas Day! I’ll go into the exact timing details later. For now you can read our coverage on it that was posted back when it hit its 2520th day (7 prophetic years). Here is an excerpt…

If the globalists fail in staging this climax point on Tuesday/Wednesday, they’ll have another opportunity when we reach the 2550th day (1260 + 1290) since Obama stood atop the Acropolis, which is November 10. The Jewish day of 27 Cheshvan begins at sundown that day, which is the anniversary of the end of Noah’s Flood (a good day to bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah). The bulk of 27 Cheshvan falls on 11/11, exactly a year after Prince Harry visited Pearl Harbor and was greeted like an arriving king.

Additional coverage on this timeline can be found in the 10 October 2023 update.

“It’s alive”

(7 November 2023) – As I mentioned in yesterday’s alert, the December 8 events can begin as soon as the Hebrew day that corresponds to December 8 begins in Jerusalem (at 9:45 AM Washington DC time today). And on this Hebrew day so pregnant with the possibility of the birth of Rosemary’s Baby, the Kabbalists have scheduled “White House Demo Day” (Demo as in “Demolition”).

At 11:30 AM EST of White House Demo Day, Biden and Harris will supposedly be together in the Oval Office receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing. Interestingly, the site that publishes Biden’s daily schedule omitted mention of this meeting, which is a hint that something is up. The meeting will provide an opportunity for the “demolition” to yield a twofer, “killing” both the president and vice president. This will be the first “demo” opportunity today.

Now let’s look at the second opportunity…

The Hebrew day that corresponds to 8 November, 24 Cheshvan, began after sunset in Jerusalem today at 4:45 PM local time. 4:45 is a time that combines Obama’s number (4:45) and Trump’s number (4:45). So with 44, 45, and 4:45 in mind, look at the events on Biden’s schedule today

So on the occult level, the defeat of the outgoing communist Antichrist and the triumphal entry of the incoming Nazionist Antichrist are encoded into Biden’s schedule. According to the script, Biden is Obama’s hand puppet who pulls the strings of presidential power on his behalf.

The Kabbalists will likely script a “pro-Palestinian demonstration greeting Biden at The Showroom, with a subsequent explosion taking him out. The mainstream media will then blame his death on a “MAGA white supremacist domestic violent extremist” counterprotester who wanted to kill Biden and a bunch of Middle Eastern people.

TRIBULATION ALERT (6 November 2023): A cue in Onnabugeisha’s notes for tomorrow revealed that we are nearing Day 1335 of a Tribulation timeline that started with Shimon Peres’s funeral…

(6 November 2023) – A reader has pointed out that “Commie” Pope Francis is being reported as ill, and he met with “Jesus’s enemies,” “Synagogue of Satan” rabbis, at the Vatican today. Should the globalists use this as an opportunity to script “God” killing him off today or tomorrow (11/7 <> 7/11), they can schedule his funeral for this Saturn’s Day, 11/11. And that would allow them to fulfill the Kabbalist prophecy of the kings of the world gathering in Rome for their destruction on 11/11, the anniversary of “Nazi” Prince Harry’s visit to Pearl Harbor.

(5 November 2023) – Did you know that Operation Al Aqsa Flood will complete its 40 days and 40 nights on November 16, a significant day in the history of the Jewish Temple?

You may remember that a terrorist attack was launched against Israel almost a month ago on October 7. It gained some degree of attention in the news media. Well here is a little of what Wikipedia says about it

A series of coordinated attacks, conducted by the Palestinian Islamist militant group Hamas, from the Gaza Strip onto bordering areas in Israel, commenced on Saturday 7 October 2023, a Sabbath day and date of several Jewish holidays. The attacks initiated the 2023 Israel–Hamas war, almost exactly fifty years after the Yom Kippur War began on 6 October 1973. Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups named the attacks Operation Al-Aqsa Flood (or Deluge)

At around 6:30 a.m. Israel Summer Time (UTC+3) on Saturday 7 October 2023, Hamas announced the start of the operation, stating that it had fired over 5,000 rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel within a span of 20 minutes. [Sunrise in Gaza was 6:39 AM local time that day.]

Here are some additional important facts about Operation Al Aqsa Flood

I discovered all this while doing a threat assessment for the first half of November. Based on my findings so far, here are four danger dates…

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 6th are now up. She notes that we’re about to enter calendar week 45 (Trump’s number) of 2023. And it will begin with Biden making a public appearance tomorrow, so it’s another opportunity for them to script his death. Also, a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario can be staged this week from November 8-11.

(4 November 2023) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on 11/5 are now up, and they include this…

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Assumed office: 28 August 2014, 9 years, 69 days ago [666, the Number of the Beast] on 11/5. And on the same day -> Obama tan suit controversy (Wikipedia). [The controversy was related to an escalated military response to ISIS in Syria, so watch for something like a Turkish invasion of northern Syria or the destruction of Damascus by a nuke-like explosion.]

Watch for a move by Turkey tomorrow (which could possibly be disguised as a move by someone else, a false flag)…

…from today’s Drudge Report. Note the Hitlerian image of Erdogan.

Candidate Turkish war moves include those listed above and these…

  • A massive Port of Beirut-style explosion in Gaza (caused by an “ammonium nitrate” bomb planted in the tunnels by Turkey and Hamas but blamed on a massive Israeli bomb or nuke).
  • One or more nuke-like explosions amidst the NATO fleet off Israel (to be blamed on a Russian Poseidon nuclear torpedo,” a “nuke-tipped Iranian missile out of Lebanon/Syria,” or “nukes aboard the Turkish ships — the Trojan Horses — within the fleet”).
  • Operation Blackjack (supposedly conducted by Turkey-allied ISIS but blamed on Iran-allied Hezbollah).

Should the globalists start things on 11/5, they have some good ending dates for a variety of war scenarios…

NOTE: If the globalists attempt to go for the Big War on the 11/5 danger date, be aware that it could start any time today. Jerusalem has already entered the Jewish day that corresponds to 11/5.

(4 November 2023) – Looking again at the Hezbollah teaser video for yesterday’s big speech, take note that it never shows Hassan Nasrallah, the head of Hezbollah who was expected to give it. It shows only a man with a deep red “Ring of Muhammad” and a gray beard…

And although the ring is of the right size and on the right finger to be Nasrallah’s, it could also represent Qasem Soleimani’s red ring…

…from my 2 January 2020 update

Soleimani also has a gray beard, which he has probably let grow during his staged occultation.

The video also shows men activating their warfighting systems and pressing the launch button at the end…

…But the Nasrallah speech that ended up being aired yesterday was a nothingburger, and no holy war was launched.

Now take a moment to consider the circumstances that gave rise to the speech: Israel has invaded Gaza and placed all the Palestinians there at risk of mass death, and nobody in the world has taken any substantive step to save them from annihilation. This sounds like a job for the Mahdi, right? Well that’s who was supposed to show up yesterday at 3 PM.

(3 November 2023) – In the wee hours of this morning, after I’d had some sangria to unwind from a long day and was resolving to go to bed, a “messenger” came to me (in a very subtle, barely perceptible way). It caused me to go back to my computer and look over my notes again. And on a hunch, I decided to check the gematria of Qasem Soleimani’s name. That’s when my notes came together into a picture and I wrote the following update. Over the course of the day, I’ll enhance the update so you can see the picture clearly…

A reader sent me a link to a Hezbollah preview video for today’s speech, and it prominently features the number 226 at its beginning…

226 is the number for Qasem Soleimani (the globalist-selected Mahdi) in Reverse Ordinal gematria…

…from Gematria Effect News

Here is a short note on how Reverse Ordinal gematria works…

English Ordinal counts numbers from A=1, B=2, … Z=26. Reverse Ordinal does the same but backwards with Z=1, Y=2, … A=26. – from PEAKD

So in Reverse Ordinal, Z=1, Y=2, X=3, W=4, V=5, U=6, T=7, S=8, R=9, and so on.

I found this Reverse Ordinal gematria hit quite interesting considering that I had found another incidence of Reverse Ordinal coding yesterday. It happened after a reader contacted me about the Range Rover image in a notorious 2015 magazine cover from The Economist

It is a partially obscured photo of Queen Elizabeth driving one of her Range Rovers, with “A4” being the only part of license plate shown. The reader suggested that it means “Ace4 — “ace” as in the playing card…

In games based on numerical value, the ace normally counts 1, as in cribbage, or 11, as an option in blackjack. – from

So the A4 stands for 11/4, tomorrow’s date, in relation to Blackjack.

Upon seeing this, I decided to verify that the photo does indeed show Queen Elizabeth, so I tracked down a copy of the original…

…from the BBC

Upon seeing the full plate number, A444 RYV, I immediately knew what the first four digits meant…

And knowing the fanatical devotion to numerology that possesses the Kabbalists, I suspected that the three letters, RYV, must stand for numbers.

To figure out the numbers encoded by RYV, I first tried a simple letter-number cipher (in which A=01, B=02, …, Z=26). But the number it yielded didn’t check out. So I then tried a reverse letter-number cipher — a Reverse Ordinal cipher — and it yielded the number 925 (R=9, Y=2, V=5). Upon checking out this number, I came across the “New Bible Code” gematria system, which (quite notably) comes out of the UK.

According to the New Bible Code, 925 is the number of the name “Jesus Christ. And it’s also the number of this specific variant of the Star of David…


So the RYV (925) part of the license plate number represents the end of Prince Harry’s Tribulation, Day 1335 / December 7, when he takes on the role of the Fake Jesus Christ / Fake Jewish Messiah.

In the next section, I’ll show you the other ways the Hezbollah teaser video hinted at the coming of the Globalist Mahdi, Qasem Soleimani, today.

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It looks like the globalists were aiming to take down the US banks today in coordination with Qasem Soleimani’s planned reappearance. According to one report (from a disinfo site), “severe disruptions” at the banks began “around 0800 ET” (which was 2 PM Lebanon time, an hour before the big speech was to begin at 3 PM).

Had they gone forward with “Imam Mahdi” Soleimani’s emergence, he would have led the Muslims into a holy war against the Great Satan (the UK-US), lots and lots of people on all sides would be dead, the banks would have shut down, and the markets would have plunged limit-down.

Spirit saved us all from something terrible today. Let’s be thankful.

That being said, tomorrow is a new battle and Onnabugeisha’s notes on it are now up. Here’s a sampler…

The Star of David is 226 too and GematriaQasem Soleimani = The Star of David 4x!…

Yes, Qasem Soleimani is a Kabbalist agent, and he’s probably a Crypto-Jew as well.

Tomorrow, 11/4, is a strong candidate day for Operation Blackjack and/or “God’s Judgment.” The corresponding Jewish day has already begun in Israel.

WARNING (2 November 2023): A preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear program may be imminent (between now and November 5) due to a green light given to Israel by the US House of Representatives yesterday…


Here is an excerpt from the Resolution

Resolved, That the House of Representatives declares it is the policy of the United States—

(1) that a nuclear Islamic Republic of Iran is not acceptable;

(2) that Iran must not be able to obtain a nuclear weapon under any circumstances or conditions;

(3) to use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon; and

(4) to recognize and support the freedom of action of partners and allies, including Israel, to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

Thanks to the reader who notified me of this.

(2 November 2023) – It appears that the 44th Plenary meeting on Israel-Gaza has ended without any action by the General Assembly and with deafening silence from the news media. And so far, no General Assembly or Security Council meetings on Gaza have been scheduled for Friday. I’ll keep my eye on the UN so they don’t try to slip one in.

Now we come to Friday, 11/3, the day that has been set as an Islamist deadline for a Gaza ceasefire and a speech from Hezbollah’s leader. So tomorrow we need to watch for the set pieces that have already been placed on the chessboard, including one or more of these…

  • a “preemptive” Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear program,
  • a supposed “chemical weapon” attack by Hamas,
  • an Israeli atrocity in Gaza city (possibly a MOAB or MOP attack),
  • a “nuclear explosion” (Artemis strike) somewhere,
  • the IDF/Mossad “nuclear/radiological” false-flag,
  • a conventional military attack on Israel by its neighbors, and/or
  • Operation Blackjack.

Some or all of these events can also be scheduled for Saturday, 11/4 <> 4/11, a number that figures prominently in Prince Harry’s Tribulation timeline. This in turn would trigger “God’s intervention” on 11/5, beginning a 4-day, 40-day, or 150-day war.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 3rd are now up (and the occult cues support mischief).

More links to come.

CRITICAL ALERT (2 November 2023): Watch for the scripted application of “Yahweh’s Wrath against the UN” after the General Assembly launches a total economic boycott of Israel today

Last night, I warned about Chicom trouble at the UN. This morning, I’ve tracked it down on a Chinese military website…


So how can the UN General Assembly bring the Israel-Palestine conflict to an end without military enforcement by the UN Security Council? By economic enforcement from the member nations…

…from S&P Global. With China and the UN General Assembly calling for an economic boycott of Israel, watch for the OPEC members and many other trading partners of Israel to agree to it.

Sunset in Israel came at 4:50 PM (45, Trump’s number) local time today, so Jerusalem has already entered 19 Cheshvan, the Hebrew day that corresponds to 11/3

…See the 30 October 2023 update.

This means that the destruction of UN Headquarters can come any time after they pass the economic boycott resolution. It (or the water near it) will be hit with an Artemis rod (depicted by the arrow).

~ MORE ~

The globalists blocked the internet propagation of today’s Critical Alert at first, thus signalling that they definitely are/were going for the scenario it outlines. So if they decide to go forward and blow up the UN after it passes an economic embargo of Israel, who will get the blame? Israel of course. And this would cause the whole world, even the “Satanic” NATO fleet off Israel that’s ostensibly there to protect them, to attack them. This in turn would give rise to the second Artemis event on 21 Cheshvan (Cheshvan’s blackjack day, corresponding to 11/5), when “God intervenes with the Three Days of Darkness and delivers the Moshiach on 11/8.” Alternatively, they can run a 40-day “Fire Judgment” war out of 11/3 (landing the 40th day on the day before Essene Hanukkah) or out of 11/5 (landing it on Day 8 of mainstream Hanukkah, Hanukkah as Sukkot’s Shemini Atzeret). There are landing points for a 150-day war also, on April 1 & 2. Links to come.

See the updates below.

(1-2 November 2023) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday, November 2nd are now up. Pairing them with some things I’ve come across, Chicom trouble at the UN and Grey Wolf trouble in Bosnia and Herzegovina are potentially scriptable. Here are the indicators…

On another note, the Kabbalist-controlled Islamist leaders have set a Gaza ceasefire deadline for Friday the 3rd, just in time to activate the 11/3 & 11/5 fallback plan.

~ from earlier – 1 November 2023 ~

The globalists are trotting Joe Biden out to a family farm in Northfield, Minnesota today. The farm is just south of Minneapolis, a city with a Democrat Jewish mayor and a very large number of Muslims. And they are sending him on the anniversary of the attempted assassination of President Harry S. Truman by militant Puerto Rican nationalists.

Are they setting Biden up to be killed by militant pro-Palestinian demonstrators “in a mostly peaceful protest”? Will the mainstream media try to blame the assassination on “MAGA white supremacists” despite the obviously Muslim appearance of the hitters? Will they craftily edit the audio of the assassination so the hitters say “Trumpu Akbar”? See Onnabugeisha’s notes on the occult cues for this, which have been added to her notes for November 1.

Also see the important alerts below…