Globalist Agenda Watch 2023 – October Updates

WARNING (31 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on November 1 are now up. WATCH FOR A NUCLEAR-LOOKING ARTEMIS EXPLOSION IN DAMASCUS from now through Wednesday. Everyone will blame Israel and go to war with them, but the script will eventually have the Turkish Antichrist blamed for the blast.

(31 October 2023) – The 150-Day Option for November 1

The Kabbalists have a usable window for a 150-day “Torment of Humanity” scenario that begins tomorrow and ends 150 days later on 30 March 2024, Shabbat Parah (“Sabbath of the Red Heifer”), the day Jews ritually purified themselves for the Passover sacrifice via the Red Heifer. This would be the day the Fake Jewish Messiah would arrive and lead the Jews dispersed by the war on a triumphal pilgrimage back to Jerusalem for Passover. Here’s what says about this coming period

Ezekiel 36:16-36.

This week’s special haftorah mentions the “purifying waters” that G‑d will sprinkle upon us with the coming of Moshiach. This follows the theme of this week’s additional Torah reading — the purifying qualities of the “Red Heifer.”

The prophet Ezekiel transmits G‑d’s message: The Israelites have defiled the Holy Land with their idol-worship and immoral ways. As a result, they will be sent into exile. “And they came to the nations where they came, and they profaned My Holy Name, inasmuch as it was said of them, ‘These are the people of G‑d, and they have come out of His land.'” So G‑d will take them out of their exile — but not by virtue of the Israelites’ merits: “Not for your sake do I do this, O house of Israel, but for My Holy Name, which you have profaned among the nations.”

G‑d will bring the Israelites back to the Holy Land and purify them with the waters of the Red Heifer. The people will feel ashamed of their actions, and after they will have undergone the process of purification and repentance, G‑d will rebuild the country and bestow upon it prosperity and bounty.

“I will resettle the cities, and the ruins shall be built up. And the desolate land shall be worked, instead of its lying desolate in the sight of all that pass by. And they shall say, ‘This land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden, and the cities that were destroyed and desolate and pulled down have become settled as fortified [cities].'”

As I’ve mentioned in past updates, they’ll likely use “nuclear fallout / radiological contamination” as an excuse to scatter the Israelis.

NOTE (31 October 2023): The atrocity that may be planned for Gaza city is the dropping of a MOAB or MOP bomb to “crush the tunnel system under the city,” resulting in a mass death of the civilians that remain in the city and in the tunnels beneath it…


Israel renewed warnings for civilians to move from the north of Gaza to the south as it began an advance late on Friday to pursue Hamas militants it says are hiding in a labyrinth of tunnels under Gaza City.

Many Palestinians have stayed put, some fearing they might become homeless as in previous generations and some alarmed by Israeli aerial strikes further south.

Fadi, who lives in the Jabalia refugee camp on Gaza City’s northern outskirts and declined to give his last name, said the area was now in mortal danger from Israel’s ground offensive with tanks rumbling on its fringes. He vowed not to flee.

“No one in the entire neighbourhood has left. We are staying,” he told Reuters by phone. “Whether tanks or planes, there will not be another displacement (of Palestinians). That is our decision even if that will mean our martyrdom (death).” – from

Watch for the reported use of chemical weapons in the tunnels by Hamas. This would provide the pretext for using a MOAB or MOP.

WARNING (30-31 October 2023): Pondering the information in the updates below, it appears that the Kabbalists are/were aiming to stage a great atrocity for the Satanic High Holidays during the invasion of Gaza city — the atrocity that is scripted to trigger Kabbalist (KGB) agent Ali Khamenei to start a fiery blood sacrifice of Iran. Now we wait to see if they’ll go through with it and/or go with the fallback plan for Artemis strikes on 11/3 and 11/5.

The endpoint of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario started on 11/5 would be November 8, one of the days the ancient Romans opened the gate to the underworld pit, the mundus cerealis, and the anniversary of the day Trump was elected president 7 years ago. So the return of Trump or Pence on that day would represent Apollyon rising from the pit of hell to rule the world beside King Harry.” The Nazionist Antichrists are knocking on the lapis manalis; don’t let them in.

~ from yesterday, 30 October 2023 ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Halloween are now up. And they point out the possibility that Trump (or Pence) could perform his savior act tomorrow. The potentially fateful Jewish day of 17 Cheshvan begins in Jerusalem after sunset of Halloween, 4:51 PM local time / 10:51 AM Washington DC time on October 31.

WARNING (30 October 2023): Setting aside for a moment the sequential scenarios we’ve looked at, as we enter Halloween (or its Jewish equivalent day that has already begun in Israel), we can expect a notable escalation in the conventional war in Gaza. And there is a good chance that Israel and their allies will be subjected to “blowback” on November 1 (or its Jewish equivalent day, which starts at sundown of Halloween in Jerusalem).

Have a look at the following portion from the Satanic holiday calendar and then look at what Netanyahu (clad in black) said on October 28

…from Scribd and X

Now have a look at this note from my partner Onnabugeisha on the significance of October 31

HalloweenWhat Is Samhain? Origin of Halloween Rooted in Pagan Holiday (Time) Samhain, a three-day ancient Celtic pagan festival, (meaning literally, in modern Irish, “summer’s end”) marked the end of summer and kicked off the Celtic new year. Ushering in a new year signaled a time of both death and rebirth, something that was doubly symbolic because it coincided with the end of a bountiful harvest season and the beginning of a cold and dark winter season that would present plenty of challenges. -> All Saints’ Day, also called All-hallows (Wikipedia) -> Halloween (Wikipedia).

And here is the significance of November 1 / 17 Cheshvan, according to the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist Cult that is helping to orchestrate this whole drama…

Great Flood Begins (2105 BCE)

The rains began to fall on the 17th of Cheshvan of the year 1656 from creation (2105), flooding the earth and rising above the highest mountains. Only Noah and his family survived, in the ark built to that end by Divine command, and a pair of each animal species, who entered with him into the ark. – 1

17 Cheshvan’s Torah reading: “And the Lord caused to rain down upon Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire, from the Lord, from heaven.” – 2

CRITICAL ALERT (29-30 October 2023): Watch for a global shock “nuclear” event on Monday (or the Jewish lunar day that corresponds to Monday, which has already begun in Israel). It will be an Artemis kinetic energy release equivalent to a 100-megaton nuclear weapon (Russia’s Poseidon torpedo), and it will happen amidst the NATO fleet massed off the Israeli coast. Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 30th are now up.

MORE ON THE CRITICAL ALERT: The explosion is/was to be followed-up by a very conspicuous mobilization of the world’s nuclear forces followed by…

  • Operation Apollyon’s Harvest on Halloween (10/31), a fake Christian Rapture likely utilizing UFOs,
  • the start of the 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario on November 1, likely featuring a different force of UFOs arriving to drive off the ones that showed up on Halloween, and
  • “The Arrival” of the False Messiah (possibly Trump or Pence) and his fake ETs on November 4 (11/4 or 4/11).

~ MORE – 30 October 2023 ~

Thanks to some reader comments, I’ve identified a fallback timetable for the scenario above, and it’s based on the cover art from a 2015 edition of the The Economist [that shows two arrows (Artemis rods) hitting on 11/3 and 11/5 near a pile of sand (a coastline)]…

In this second timetable…

This cover was released in the year before Trump’s election, just like the following cover from 2012 came out years before it was fulfilled…

…Note the hang gliders (foreshadowing Hamas’ paraglider attack on Israel) and that the Devil is directing the hellscape from an Economist cover. Also note that the conflict between Hamas and Israel creates an explosion of WRATH.

(28-29 October 2023) – Another sign that they’re setting up for the Truth Tsunami psyop are all the articles about Israel’s leaders “ignoring warnings” about the Hamas attack…

…from BRICS NWO propaganda site Zero Hedge

Once the Truth Tsunami hits, they’ll stop talking about “overlooked warnings” and “intelligence failures” and they’ll come right out and say that “the Israeli Chabad-Mossad-IDF Deep State purposefully allowed Hamas to attack so they could launch their Greater Israel campaign to expand their territory.” It’s a standard trick of the Bad Jews to “corrupt and then destroy” — in this case, to lure others into attacking them so they can play the victim and carry out their wicked designs.

It is important at this time to avoid giving in to indiscriminate hatred of Jews. There are decent people among them, just like there are in any large group of people. And if you were in the shoes of a Good Jew, how would you want to be treated? As in all cases, it comes back to the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Besides, even if you could kill every Jew in the world, some other group would pick up their toolbox of tricks and do the same things they did. The task at hand is to elevate awareness of these tricks so a larger portion of the population can see through them, thus reducing their effectiveness.

If you would live in a more human world, start by being more human. Don’t sink to the level of a violent monkey (unless a violent monkey comes directly at you or yours). You cannot count yourself a good person unless you do the right thing when it’s hard.

~ From Last Night, 28 October 2023 ~

The 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario could possibly start during the weekend, see Onnabugeisha’s notes that have been added to today’s update.

More signs that the Three Days of Darkness scenario may be imminent are media reports that have set the stage for the coming Truth Tsunami psyop. The New York Times has reported that Netanyahu was refusing to sign the Gaza invasion order, and reports came out yesterday about the deaths of former Chinese premier Li Keqiang and China’s chief epidemiologist Wu Zunyou (who was behind China’s “Zero COVID” campaign).

Once the Nazionist “heroes” intervene and take over the media, it will be claimed that “good guy Netanyahu did everything possible to hold off the Israeli Deep State‘s attempt to start World War III” and “good guy Xi Jinping was finally able to get rid of Western Deep State agent Li Keqiang and COVID-creator Wu Zunyou.” This is all part of the globalist fairy tale about “God’s Avatars who incarnated on Earth to infiltrate the evil power structures and defeat their plans to depopulate and enslave the world.”

Thanks to the reader who pointed out the Chinese deaths.

(28 October 2023) – News that Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza has officially begun broke in The Jerusalem Post right as the lunar eclipse began

The global sh*tstorm will soon follow.

It appears that deterrence failed to stop the globalists this time, and the cause may be that they’ve reached the mathematical limit of their ability to extend the current debt cycle. I recently saw a headline on Zero Hedge that said the US added $600 billion in debt in a single month, and that doesn’t strike me as sustainable. So it may be that they HAVE TO go for it now, even if the information environment is unfavorable to the long-term success of their pipe dreams. And now billions of aspects of Source must suffer for the stupidity of a bunch of half-witted cultists. Stupid. Fu*king. Monkeys. This world is quite a place.

Here are Onna’s notes for Sunday the 29th (her notes for today are a little further down)…

10/29 (Sunday)

Julian calendar: 10/16 [Convert a date]

Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter (In The Sky) at 08:14 UTC

The festival of Isis (Isia) continues (Wikipedia); Polar Bear Week during the first full week of November (National Today); GematriaWorld Stroke Day (Wikipedia) = President Putin 3x, Vladimir V Putin 2x 

• Fall of Babylon: on 29 October Cyrus himself entered Babylon, where he was proclaimed king, issued royal proclamations and appointed governors of his newly conquered realm (Wikipedia). -> Cyrus the Great Day (Wikipedia) is an unofficial Iranian holiday to commemorate Cyrus the Great, the founder of the ancient Achaemenid Persian Empire. -> your blog on 13 October 2023: The Hamas Attack and Donald Trump’s Era as Batman and the Moshiach ben Cyrus [I always feel an occult connection to Friedrich Nietzsche (Wikipedia)-> Thus Spoke Zarathustra (Wikipedia), Nietzsche contra Wagner (Wikipedia)…]

• Ottoman Empire in World War I (Wikipedia) – The Ottoman Empire entered the war by carrying out a surprise attack on the Black Sea coast of Russia on 29 October 1914, with Russia responding by declaring war on 2 November 1914. The Ottoman Empire’s defeat in the war in 1918 was crucial in the eventual dissolution of the empire in 1922.

• The 100th anniversary of the Declaration of the Turkish republic (Britannica) – On 29 October 1923 [1 year after the formal abolition of the Ottoman Sultanate on 1 November 1922 (Wikipedia).], the assembly declared Turkey to be a republic and elected Mustafa Kemal as its first president. The caliphate was abolished on March 3, 1924, and all members of the Ottoman dynasty were expelled from Turkey. A full republican constitution was adopted on April 20, 1924; it retained Islam as the state religion, but in April 1928 this clause was removed, and Turkey became a purely secular republic.

• Convention of Constantinople (Wikipedia) is a treaty concerning the use of the Suez Canal in Egypt. It was signed on 29 October 1888. According to the international rules that govern navigation through the Suez Canal, Egypt cannot forbid any vessel from passing through the Canal if there is no war between Egypt and that country (here).

• Suez Crisis (Wikipedia) was an invasion of Egypt and the Gaza Strip by Israel, followed by the United Kingdom and France. The aims were to regain control of the Suez Canal for the Western powers and to remove Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser. Date: Date: 29 October 1956 – 7 November 1956, Result: See Aftermath section 

• Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Safsaf massacre (Wikipedia): Israeli soldiers capture the Palestinian village of Safsaf in the Galilee; afterwards, between 52 and 64 villagers are massacred by the IDF. Date: 29 October 1948

• Israel’s prime minister David Ben-Gurion and five of his ministers are injured when Moshe Dwek (Wikipedia) throws a grenade into the Knesset. Date: 29 October 1957

• Francisco Martin Duran (Wikipedia) fires over two dozen shots at the White House; he is later convicted of trying to kill U.S. President Bill Clinton. Date: 29 October 1994

• Stock market crashes on Black Tuesday, 29 October 1929 (HISTORY)

• Pope Francis and Joe Biden enjoy unusually long meeting at the Vatican (America Magazine). Date: 29 October 2021

Numbers10/29 (inclusive) – 10/30 

• Xi Jinping (Wikipedia), the 5th and current paramount leader of China [an informal term for the most important political figure in the People’s Republic of China] since its foundation in 1949. Xi was elected president on 14 March 2013 (Reuters), 3882 days ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 3882. Livyathan: “serpent,” a sea monster or dragonLeviathan (Wikipedia)

• United States President Donald Trump visits the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall [one of the holiest sites in Judaism]. (NBC News) Date: 22 May 2017, 6 years, 23 weeks ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 623. Asaph: “gatherer,” the name of several Israelites /Greek: 623. Apolluón: “a destroyer,” Apollyon, the angel of the abyss; Usage: …a Greek translation of the Hebrew: Abaddon…, i.e. Satan (used only in Rev 9:11).

After sunset 🌅 – 10/30

Jewish calendar15 Cheshvan

• King Yeravam [Jeroboam] Declares a Pseudo-Sukkot

• Kristallnacht (Wikipedia) Date: 9–10 November 1938 = 15 – 16 Cheshvan

• Passing of Mattityahu (139 BCE)

• President Obama climbed the Acropolis and toured the Parthenon in Athens (Greece), the birthplace of democracy during the final overseas trip of his presidency. (the White House President Obama). His next stop [later that day, it looks like after sunset] Berlin, Germany (CBS news). Date: 16 November 2016 = 15 Cheshvan – 16 Cheshvan, 5777

~ from earlier ~

If the globalists start the Big War today and do an inclusive day count, they can land the 150th day of a “Torment of Humanity” war on Shushan Purim next year. And as I’ve covered in an earlier update, a 40-day “Fire Judgment from God” war can start on Saturday or Sunday and land on Prince Harry’s Pearl Harbor Day. Whatever may happen, don’t be fooled.

WARNING (27 October 2023): The globalists have a setup in place over the weekend to bring NATO into the Ukraine War and direct conflict with Russia. They have scheduled a Ukrainian Peace “Summit” in Malta that will bring together national security advisors and foreign ministry officials from 70 countries (including the NATO nations).

Their plan is to hit the meeting with one or more missiles out of Libya and blame it on Russia’s Wagner Group (or their proxies), which is still in Libya under the command of Russia’s defense ministry. This Russian attack on NATO (officials)” will provide the pretext for NATO’s military intervention in Ukraine. Of course, the Turkish military has forces in Libya too, and they (or their proxies) will be the ones who false-flag the attack (unless it’s “nuclear,” in which case Artemis will do the honors).

(27 October 2023) – “Now it has come to pass that the UN has joined the EU in inviting Yahweh’s Wrath”

According to the UN’s official story on the emergency session (arch), the Gaza Resolution was adopted at 3:48 PM New York time. In Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists in their “End Times” setups, number 348 is “Jezebel hinders” (here is the story of Jezebel, “evil enemy of Yahweh and his prophets,” and here is “hinder” in Galatians 5:7). Given that Jezebel was a prostitute, it would appear that the UN / New York is scripted as “the Whore of Babylon”

Babylon the Great, commonly known as the Whore of Babylon, refers to both a symbolic female figure and place of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Her full title is stated in Revelation 17 (verse 5) as “Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth” … Revelation 17 (verse 18) identifies the woman as a representation of “the great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth“. – from Wikipedia

This is what the UN article says about the Resolution…

The United Nations General Assembly on Friday adopted a resolution calling for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce” between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in Gaza. It also demands “continuous, sufficient and unhindered” provision of lifesaving supplies and services for civilians trapped inside the enclave, as news reports suggest Israel has expanded ground operations and intensified its bombing campaign.

And here is the Israeli response to the Resolution’s adoption (note that it uses Pearl Harbor language in accordance with “Nazi Antichrist” Prince Harry’s Pearl Harbor theme)…

Gilad Erdan, Ambassador of Israel to the UN, said in response to the resolution passing that “today is a day that will go down in infamy”.

“We have all witnessed that the UN holds not even one ounce of legitimacy,” he said. “The UN is committed to ensuring further atrocity. According to the family of nations, Israel has no right to defend itself.”

There are no talks or discussions to be held with Hamas, he said, adding that Israel will not sit idly by to let them commit atrocities again. The resolution does not mention Hamas once, as if the war started on its own.

“What is going on here?” he asked, questioning whether the goal was to tie Israel’s hands. “The only way to destroy Hamas is to root them out. Why are you not holding Hamas accountable?”

“We know there is no humanitarian crisis in accordance with international humanitarian law,” he said, noting that every statistic comes from Hamas about information about Gaza.

Anyone interested in preventing violence should call on Hamas to lay down their arms, turn themselves in and return all hostages, he said.

“If this were to happen, the war would end immediately,” he said. “This is a dark day for the UN and mankind. Israel will defend itself and will do what must be done to eradicate Hamas’ capabilities and bring the hostages home.

The next stop on the Armageddon Express is the partial lunar eclipse over Israel tomorrow, which is scripted to bring disaster to Jews in Israel and around the world (and everyone else too). There is much I need to tell you about the 28th.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 28th are so striking that I’m posting them on the home page today. Here they are (I’ll be adding to them later)…

10/28 (Saturday) 

Julian calendar: 10/15 [Convert a date]

Roman festivals:

15 October (Julian) – October Horse, (Wikipedia) sacrifice to Mars in the Campus Martius. [About the October Horse you wrote on 15 October 2023 here.]

28 October ~ 3 November, Isiaa festival of Isis introduced probably in the 30s or 40s AD, beginning with the Castu Isidis, a day of abstention and loss (Wikipedia). In the Imperial period, the deity who often represents November in Roman art is Isis. The festival of Isis, which began October 28, continued through November 3. (Wikipedia). Also November was under the guardianship (tutela) of Diana (the Roman counterpart of Artemis) (Wikipedia). 

Partial lunar eclipse (In The Sky) and Full Moon (In The Sky), the Hunter’s Moon (The Old Farmer’s Almanac) at 20:23 UTC. [In Greek mythology, Orion was a giant huntsman whom Zeus (or perhaps Artemis) placed among the stars (Wikipedia)]

• Beijing is officially designated the capital of the Ming dynasty when the Forbidden City is completed (Wikipedia). Date: 28 October 1420 

• Christopher Columbus lands in Cuba on his first voyage to the New World, surmising that it is Japan. (Wikipedia) 28 October 1492 (Julian) 

• The Liberation Day of Ukraine (Wikipedia), commemorates the Liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Germany on 28 October 1944.

• Republic Day (Turkey) (Wikipedia) is a  public holiday in Turkey commemorating the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey, on 29 October 1923 (100 years ago). The annual celebrations start at 1:00 pm on 28 October (Republic Day Eve) and continue for 35 hours. (Wikipedia)

• Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev orders withdrawal of missiles from Cuba, ending the Cuban Missile Crisis. (HISTORY)

 • Pope Paul VI promulgates Nostra aetate, by which the Roman Catholic Church officially recognizes the legitimacy of non-Christian faiths. Date: 28 October 1965 

• The Statue of Liberty, a gift of friendship from the people of France to the people of the United States, is dedicated in New York Harbor by President Grover Cleveland (HISTORY). Date: 28 October 1886

• Bill Gates (William Henry Gates III) was born 28 October 1955 at 22:00 (Astro-Databank ) Seattle, Washington

• St. Louis’s Gateway Arch is completed on October 28, 1965 (HISTORY)

Chinese calendar9th Month 14, year of the Rabbit

• The Boxer Rebellion (Wikipedia) began with the Battle of Senluo Temple (Wikipedia) on 18 October 1899 = 9th Month 14, year of the Pig

• Puyi (Wikipedia), the last emperor of China as the eleventh and final monarch of the Qing dynasty, died on 17 October 1967 = 9th Month 14, year of the Goat

• From the Great Wall to the Western Wall, Chinese VP visits Israel (The Jerusalem Post) arrived on Monday and immediately went to the Western Wall. Date: 22 October 2018 = 9th Month 14, year of the Dog

Numbers10/28 (inclusive) – 10/29

• Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) was elected the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic on the second day of the 2013 papal conclave (Wikipedia). Date: 13 March 2013, 3882 days ago Strong’s Hebrew: 3882. Livyathan: “serpent,” a sea monster or dragon Leviathan (Wikipedia)

• United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine (Wikipedia) – The UN General Assembly adopted the Plan as Resolution 181 (II). The resolution recommended the creation of independent Arab and Jewish States and a Special International Regime for the city of Jerusalem. Date: 29 November 1947, 911 months ago

• United States President Donald Trump visits the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall. (NBC News) Date: 22 May 2017, 77 months, 7 days ago [Does Donald Trump Align With the Biblical Sign of 7? (Charisma News), Is Trump fulfilling the will of God? (Ceres Courier)]

• Benjamin Netanyahu (Wikipedia), the current prime minister of Israel. He was born on 21 October 1949, 888 months, 8 days old.

• David Barnea (Wikipedia), the current Director of the Mossad, Assumed office: 1 June 2021, 880 days ago

• US Vice President Mike Pence visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City, he also made a historic speech at the Knesset (abc NEWS). It was his first trip to the Middle East. Date: 23 January 2018, 69 months, 6 days ago

WARNING (26-27 October 2023) – Among Onnabugeisha’s notes on the occult cues for Friday, October 27 is this one…

• The Pachamama Desecration of 27 October 2019, when Pope Francis ordered an Amazonian blood sacrifice chalice disguised as a planter to be placed on the altar of St. Peter’s Basilica, a place reserved for bread and wine (representing the body and blood of Jesus) used for the Eucharist. (from your blog: MORE – 19-20 April 2023)

If we read a little further down on the 19-20 April update, it also mentions that the Pachamama Desecration happened at “THE SAME TIME THE FIRST COVID CASE ORIGINATED IN CHINA: ‘A group of scientists estimate that the first case of Covid-19 emerged between October and mid-November 2019 in China’ – from Forbes.”




And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him. – from Daniel 9:27 (NIV) on


If the globalists go for it, we’ll see their engineered fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima play out tomorrow. It would happen in conjunction with the partial destruction of the capital cities and sin cities of “Mystery Babylon” (the UK-US-EU-G7-NATO).

As a fallback, they can stage Pope Francis’s death tomorrow, then hit the Vatican when all the Western leaders gather there for the November 1 funeral.

Coverage of what happened at the UN and EU Summit comes in the morning.

~ MORE – 27 October 2023 ~

At the UN yesterday, the General Assembly moved to bypass the deadlocked Security Council by convening an emergency meeting on Gaza…


During this meeting, the Iranian foreign minister provided the “Mother of All False-Flag Enablers” by giving a speech that contained this warning: “The history of Iranian civilization shows that we have always supported peace and security. But, today in New York and from the headquarters of the United Nations I say frankly to the American statesmen and military forces who are now managing the genocide in Palestine, that we do not welcome the expansion and scope of the war in the region, but I warn if the genocide in Gaza continues, they will not be spared from this fire.” So now the “evil Satanic Deep State” are free to carry out Operation Blackjack and blame it on Iran, Russia, Islamic terrorists, and “domestic violent extremists” (MAGA Christians).

Turning to the “Yahweh’s Judgment” side of this, the Israeli ambassador to the UN was thrown out during the Iranian foreign minister’s speech

…from TikTok

And the emergency meeting is continuing today, with a resolution calling for a ceasefire expected to pass…

…from The Times of Israel

So according to the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, the UN are setting themselves up for “Yahweh’s Judgment” by “betraying Israel and tying their hands in their war against their mortal enemies, Hamas.” And note the use of the words “peace and security” in the UN article on the emergency meeting, the Iranian foreign minister’s speech, and the UN Security Council’s schedule for today (arch).

While people are saying, “peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (BSB) on

The EU have likewise set themselves up for “Yahweh’s Judgment” by calling yesterday for “humanitarian pauses” (ceasefires) in Gaza…

…from Aljazeera

So as the UN and EU attempt to impose a ceasefire and provide aid to the Gazans, “Yahweh is set to judge them for giving aid and comfort to Israel’s enemies.” Now we wait to see what day the globalists will script “Yahweh’s Wrath,” which could be any day between today and November 1 (with opportunities beyond November 1 as well).

On a related note, watch for a potential dark horse scenario that involves a Project Blue Beam [1,2] alien attack that causes a world on the precipice of war to join together, with the Space Force and “friendly aliens” ultimately fighting them off.

~ MORE ~

The UN General Assembly have scheduled their vote on the Gaza Ceasefire Resolution for 3 PM today. And the Security Council will meet at 3 PM to discuss “Threats to International Peace and Security.” You know what 3 PM means.

(26 October 2023) – The window for the Big Event today opens at 11 AM Washington DC time when Biden and Harris will be at the White House receiving the Presidential Daily Briefing together (arch). At the same time in Brussels, the EU Summit will be underway and discussing Gaza-Israel and Ukraine. And in New York, the UN Security Council may be meeting with the Iranian foreign minister (arch) in the Consultations Room (after they failed yesterday to pass a resolution to help Gaza’s civilians).

In the afternoon, the Security Council will resume their meeting on “women and peace and security.” I don’t see why they need to meet on this again; the solution is as simple as buying a ball gag and hiding the frying pans.

~ MORE ~

Here are the occult cues that support scripting the Event (the Second 9/11) today…

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 26th are now up.

WARNING (25 October 2023): We’re entering the End-of-October Event Horizon

I spent Tuesday doing research, and I found some big cues that can be used for big events (which I’ll explain on Wednesday after I get some sleep)…

  • 10/26 – Creation of World (Ussher) (by some interpretations) / EU Summit
  • 10/27 – Pope Francis peace prayer / EU Summit
  • 10/28 – Hunter’s Moon (Artemis) Eclipse over Israel (bad news for Jews)
  • 10/29 – End of Vatican Synod (Francis to announce women priests)
  • 10/31 – Halloween / Fake Christian Rapture?
  • 11/1 – Anniversary of Noah’s Flood Beginning / Torah Reading on rain of fire on Sodom and Gomorrah

~ MORE ~

The Kabbalists’ opportunity to fulfill their prophecy for “the destruction of the kings of the world in Rome” begins at sunset today (Brussels time). Hitting Brussels and Washington DC this evening would kill all those “leaders” who have already arrived in Brussels for the EU Summit, along with Biden, Australia’s Prime Minister, and Kamala Harris (arch).

~ MORE ~

My partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out that today, 25 October 2023, marks the 45th week of Donald Trump’s release of his first set of superhero NFT cards. The cards prominently feature the number 45, Trump’s president number and an occult timing cue for his “superheroic” rise as the Dark Knight.

Sunset of today is the beginning of 11 Cheshvan, the Jewish day equivalent to 26 October this year. And it is a suitable day for the Nazionists to create a “New World and a “New Order“…

…from prophecy propaganda mill SkyWatchTV

CRITICAL ALERT (25 October 2023): A reader has notified me that the UN Security Council will be meeting on the Gaza situation today. THEY’RE ALSO MEETING ON THE SUBJECT OF “WOMEN AND PEACE AND SECURITY“…

While people are saying, “peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (BSB) on

New York is targeted today, along with Brussels, Washington DC, and a number of other cities.

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Here is the UN Security Council schedule for today (arch)…

…Note that they will be meeting on the Israel-Gaza situation at 3 PM, and remember this from the 8 October alert

According to common biblical interpretations, Jesus died at 3 PM (the “ninth hour”), and his death was preceded by Three Hours of Darkness over the whole Earth. So if the globalists are aiming to start the Three Days of Darkness today, it could be scripted to follow the “death of the Satanic UN” at the ninth hour. Watch for the possibility of “Savior Trump” doing what Batman did in The Dark Knight Rises: get captured, come back and save the day, then disappear.

As what the 3 PM meeting is about, it’s this: UN Security Council to vote on rival US, Russian plans for Israel, Gaza action. Here is an excerpt…

The United Nations Security Council will vote later on Wednesday on rival proposals by the United States and Russia for action on the conflict between Israel and Palestinian militants Hamas in the Gaza Strip, diplomats said.

Both countries seek U.N. Security Council resolutions to address shortages of food, water, medical supplies and electricity in Gaza. But the U.S. has called for pauses to allow aid to enter Gaza, while Russia wants a humanitarian ceasefire.

Either plan would “tie Israel’s hands in their war against Hamas” and “give aid and comfort to Israel’s mortal enemies,” so the adoption of either of them can be scripted to trigger “Yahweh’s wrath.” And the failure to adopt either of them can lead to the scripting of “the wrath of Iran.” So is/was their plan to…

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on October 25 are now up.

NOTE (24 October 2023): Should we get all the way through October 24 without trouble, the next stop on the Armageddon Express is the EU Summit on October 26-27. The Kabbalists are setting up the EU and UN for “Yahweh’s judgment” by arranging for them to call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas (thus “betraying” Israel). Don’t be surprised if Pope Francis shows up on the first day of the meeting.

October 26-29 is a danger window, because starting the Big War on October 28/29 would yield a 40-day “Fire Judgment of God” war that ends on December 7, “King Harry’s” big day. But the most likely strike date is October 27, the day Pope Francis has scheduled a “Prayer for Peace” at St. Peter’s Basilica (the same place he performed the 2020 “Easter Mass of Desolation” after locking the Catholics out of their churches).

I’ll do a full write-up after today’s threat has faded.

(23 October 2023) – Threat Assessment for October 24, 2023

Based on Onnabugeisha’s notes on the occult cues for Tuesday (and Monday), the following events are scriptable by the Kabbalists…


(22 October 2023) – Watch for a symbolic event involving Pope Francis — possibly even his death or resignation — starting from 14:59 UTC Monday through Tuesday. If the globalists stage such a symbolic event, they have the option of delaying the Big War Event if they wish to. But there is a good chance they could script Francis’s death in the Big War Event during that timeframe.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 23rd are now up. Watch for a mass casualty attack on US forces in the Middle East tomorrow (and possibly one in Russia too). And there are occult cues for Turkey joining the war and a Muslim leader dying. Watch Putin too.

(Twice-Expanded Note – 22-23 October 2023) – Watch for the Big War Event or a symbolic event before the end of Monday…

…from Car & Bike

As was covered in the 20 October warning and yesterday’s alert, we are currently in the Day 1290 point of intertwining 7-year Nazionist and Communist Tribulation timelines that will end with the replacement of the “Communist Antichrist” by the “Nazi Antichrist.” To recap…

The Nazionist Tribulation

  • started with the 30 October 2016 introduction of Meghan Markle* as Prince Harry’s girlfriend,
  • reached its Day 1260 midpoint with the 11 April 2020 Easter message of Queen Elizabeth,
  • reaches its Day 1290 post-midpoint on 23 October 2023, and
  • reaches its Day 1335 end on 7 December 2023.
    *The narrative may eventually reveal that Meghan Merckel is of German-Jewish descent (on her father’s side) with a bloodline connection to Adolf Hitler, thus making her a “Nazi princess.”

The Communist Tribulation

  • started with the 31 October 2016 celebration by Pope Francis of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation,
  • reached its Day 1260 midpoint with the 12 April 2020 celebration of Easter Mass before a globally empty Roman Catholic Church,
  • reaches its Day 1290 post-midpoint on 24 October 2023, and
  • reaches its Day 1335 end on 8 December 2023.

So the Day 1290 Big War Event can be scheduled on October 23rd or 24th, and the Jewish day corresponding to October 23 started after Sunday’s sunset in Israel (at 10:00 AM Texas time this morning). The Event will have to be staged before the whole world is out of October 24, which happens at 12:00 AM AoE time (12:00 UTC), October 25.

But here’s the thing: for Prince Harry to either get his crown or make his appearance on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7 — a very important part of the script — either the Big War Event or some sort of symbolic event will have to happen before Monday, October 23 ends in Jerusalem at midnight (11 PM in Rome and 2 PM in Montecito). And if they want to do the 45-day count in Jewish days, the symbolic event will have to happen before sunset on Monday. So SOMETHING must happen between now and then. Otherwise they have to abandon these timelines.

In fact, it may have already happened. Onnabugeisha has been tracking a “Lightning McQueen” occult thread for a long time, and look at where Harry was today: Prince Harry Is All Smiles as He Attends the F1 Grand Prix in Austin. The Mercedes Team that hosted Harry were racing car 44 (Obama’s number), and it came in second place (before being disqualified). They are known as the Silver Arrows (Artemis’s tungsten “Rods from God” can be characterized as “silver arrows”).

Speaking of Cars, “Nazi” Prince Harry, Mercedes, and “Commie” Obama’s president number, Onnabugeisha has pointed out some occult cues…

The Mercedes-Benz 770, also known as the Großer Mercedes (German for “Big Mercedes”), was a large luxury car built by Mercedes-Benz from 1930 until 1944. It is best known from its use by high-ranking Nazi German politicians and other Axis officials before and during World War II, including Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg, Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler, Reinhard Heydrich, Ion Antonescu, Benito Mussolini and Hirohito, many of which were captured in archival footage. – from Wikipedia

• First inauguration of Barack Obama (Wikipedia) as the 44th president of the United States. The 56th inauguration, which set a record attendance for any event held in the city. Date: 20 January 2009, 770 weeks ago on 10/23 (inclusive) or on 10/24.

First inauguration of Barack Obama (inaugural.senate.govWikipedia) was the 56th inauguration. Date: 20 January 2009, 770 weeks ago

2023 United States Grand Prix (Wikipedia) Distance: 56 laps

770 Eastern Parkway (Chabad Headquarters – Wikipedia), also known as “770

10/23 – 24 is on the Islamic calendar Rabi’II 8 – 9

Menachem Mendel Schneerson (WikipediaChabad) became the 7th Chabad Rebbe on 10 Shevat 1951/17 January 1951 = Rabi’II 9 or 8, 1370 AH

Ken’s Note: The United States Grand Prix that Harry attended in Austin today was won by a racer named Max Emilian Verstappen. See Onna’s new notes on related Gematria hits.

~ MORE – 23 October 2023 ~

I think I just figured out what the whole “Lightning McQueen” occult thread is about: Prince Harry’s status as the “Nazi Antichrist”…

So He told them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” – Luke 10:18 (BSB) from

Just like Barack Obama’s fake name breaks down to “Lightning (from a) High Place” (= “Satan”), “Lightning McQueen” breaks down to “Lightning, (grand)son of (the Nazi) Queen.”

I say that Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth are/were “Nazis” because the Kabbalist press have positioned them as such…

Just like they have positioned King Charles [1,2] and Pope Francis [1,2] as “communists.”

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Joe Biden will “participate in an event” today in a place on the White House grounds that is used for “high-profile events that require additional camera access”: the South Court Auditorium…

…from the Washington Examiner. Here is an excerpt…

President Joe Biden received his third COVID-19 vaccination shot last Monday on live television, but the event prompted rampant speculation about the room in which the event was staged, better known as the South Court Auditorium.

Since 2012, South Court has served as the White House’s de facto location to host high-profile events that require additional camera access.

The auditorium itself was constructed during a renovation of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, a large building housing both the Vice President’s ceremonial offices and working spaces for the hundreds of White House officials who don’t have offices in the White House itself. It’s located directly adjacent to the West Wing on the White House grounds.

“South Court Auditorium basically replaced the auditorium in the same building used by presidents for decades. It was known as Room 450″…

This “Bidenomics” event is scheduled for 2:15 PM EDT (arch). Strong’s 215 is to become inexpressible light,” a scripting cue for a nuclear explosion and/or death.

So if the globalists have a different sort of event in mind for 2:15, what will it be? Will an “Iranian” nuke take him out? Will he “die suddenly” from a health issue? Will he announce his resignation as part of a deal to save his son Hunter and himself?

Look at the Obama numbers in the recent updates. Will this be the day the door is opened for Michelle Obama to rise to the vice presidency? Will it be the day that “Antichrist Barack’s Satanic Global Communist Deep State” begins to fall, starting with his “proxy president,” Biden?

ALERT (21 October 2023): There are strong cues for the start of the “Three Days of Darkness” / “Rain of Fire” tomorrow

Sunday is October 22 / 7 Cheshvan, which carries this significance to Jews…

During the Second Temple Era (circa 230 BCE), Cheshvan 7 was the date on which the Jew most distant from the Holy Temple — who resided on the banks of the Euphrates River, a 15-day journey’s distance from Jerusalem — arrived at his homestead upon returning from the Sukkot pilgrimage. All Jews would wait for this before beginning to pray for rain

In the Land of Israel, prayers for rain … commence on Cheshvan 7… – from

And look at what our beloved Onnabugeisha turned up in her notes for tomorrow

Orionid meteor shower 2023 (In The Sky) SUN, 22 OCT 2023 -> Orion_(mythology) was a giant huntsman whom Zeus (or perhaps Artemis) placed among the stars as the constellation of Orion. [The Artemis missions carry the Orion moon module. The moon program provides civilian cover for the Artemis Orbital Weapons System Trump/Pence built. And a meteor storm can provide cover for releasing these weapons (“Rods from God“).]

Exodus 10:22 So Moses stretched out his hand toward heaven, and total darkness covered all the land of Egypt for three days.

To make Prince Harry’s numbers work, they would likely start it after sunset in Jerusalem on Sunday; that way, there will be 45 Jewish days till Harry’s crowning on December 7. Sunset in Jerusalem tomorrow happens at 6:00 PM local time (10:00 AM Texas time)…

Remember too this note of Onna’s from yesterday…

United States President Donald Trump visits the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and becomes the first sitting U.S. president to visit the Western Wall. (NBC News) Date: 22 May 2017, 77 months ago on 10/22 [Does Donald Trump Align With the Biblical Sign of 7?]

I noticed lots of chemtrailing this morning; this is how they can create the darkness using technological means.

WARNING (21 October 2023): Turkey may join the war just in time for Day 1290 / Monday the 23rd

The Turkish media are reporting [1,2] that Devlet Bahceli has said that if Israel does not cease fire on Gaza in 24 hours, Turkey may intervene. Bahceli is a Turkish Antichrist / Dajjal candidate I wrote about back in the 17-18 October 2022 update

Within the globalists’ End Times stageplay, the Muslim Antichrist (the Dajjal) is played by a Turk — either Erdogan or the “man behind his throne” (possibly Devlet Bahceli, cofounder of the Grey Wolves) — and he is supposedly trying to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and turn all of its historic defeats into victories…

Here’s more about him…

…from the Kurd Press

Devlet Bahçeli (born 1 January 1948) is a Turkish politician, economist, former deputy prime minister, and current chairman of the far-right, ultranationalist Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

An academic in economics from Gazi University, Bahçeli is a founder of the Grey Wolves, and was elected as the chairman of the MHP in the first congress held after the death of Alparslan Türkeş in 1997…

Bahçeli was initially a fierce critic of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan throughout the 2000s and 2010s until an interparty crisis occurred following MHP’s poor performance in the November 2015 general election. With Bahçeli’s newfound closeness to Erdoğan after the crisis, a schism occurred in MHP which culminated in Meral Akşener founding the Good Party in 2017.

Bahçeli formed an electoral alliance with the AKP called the People’s Alliance for the 2018 general election and maintained this alliance in the 2019 local elections. MHP currently supports president Erdoğan’s cabinet with confidence and supply in the Grand National Assembly. Bahçeli has been described as a kingmaker in Turkish politics. – from Wikipedia

WARNING (20 October 2023): We will reach Day 1290 of the second half of a (“Nazi”) Prince Harry / (“Commie”) Pope Francis Tribulation timeline on October 23. At that time, watch for Prince Harry to emerge as the Fake Messiah or for the Big War to begin with Harry emerging on Pearl Harbor Day (Day 1335). Details to come.

~ MORE ~

Here is the outline of the Prince Harry / Pope Francis 7-year Tribulation. Pope Francis’s part of the timeline falls one day after at each waypoint…

THE BEGINNING: On Sunday, 30 October 2016, news first broke that Prince Harry was dating Meghan Markle. Why is this important? Here’s one of Onnabugeisha’s notes from last year: “…Prince Harry’s wife is Rachel Meghan Markle. Her family, the Markle (formerly spelled Merckel) family is of German descent (Wikipedia: Family of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex). Meghan was coincidentally born exactly on Obama’s 20th birthday 8/4/1981 (4th of Av, Av is 11th month = 11/4 or 4/11),..”

THE MIDPOINT: On the 1260th day of Harry & Meghan’s public relationship, Saturn’s Day, 11 April 2020 (11/4 or 4/11), (“Nazi”) Queen Elizabeth publicly lit ONE CANDLE in an Easter (resurrection of Jesus) message about the Coronavirus (“corona” is Spanish for crown)…

…from USA Today

THE 1290th DAY AFTER THE MIDPOINT: This day arrives on 23 October 2023 (this coming Monday), the anniversary of the completion of Soloman’s Temple. The Temple was not dedicated until later.

THE 1335th DAY AFTER THE MIDPOINT: This day arrives on 7 December 2023, Pearl Harbor Day and Erev Hanukkah, the day ONE CANDLE is lit. Hanukkah celebrates the rededication of the Second Temple. And remember that Prince Harry visited Pearl Harbor on 11/11/22 and was greeted like a king…

…from Geo News

It should also be noted that 7 December 2023 is the Jewish day of 24 Kislev — the day in Jewish history that this happened…

Construction of the Second Temple Resumes (353 BCE)

In the first year of rule of Cyrus, the King of Persia, Jews were given permission to return to Israel and rebuild the Holy Temple. – from

As for Pope Francis’s timeline, it started on 31 October 2016 when Pope Francis arrived in Sweden to mark the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (which was a Kabbalist endeavor to break the Church). Strong’s 500 is “God ascends” and “antichrist” = “antichrist ascends.” And it reached its 1260-day midpoint on Easter Sunday, 12 April 2020 when Francis performed Easter Mass to an empty St. Peter’s Basilica after locking Catholics out of their churches “on account of coronavirus”

…from NBC News

If you are a new reader, here is the significance of 1260, 1290, and 1335 days.

~ MORE ~

After sleeping on the information from the warning, I awoke suspecting that the globalists are/were aiming to do a 4-day Three Days of Darkness (3DOD) scenario that starts today and culminates with the emergence of “Warlock and ManDevil” (Castor & Pollux = Trump or Pence & Prince Harry) on Monday, 23 October 2023 (with the Nazi Pope rising on the following day). Monday would be followed by 45 days of the “Truth Tsunami” to acclimatize the public to the new paradigm before Harry receives his crown and erects a Jewish Tabernacle on the Temple Mount on December 7.

Alternatively, the globalists might opt to run the 3DOD from Saturn’s Day, October 21 (October’s “Blackjack Day”) to October 24, the day when Pope Francis’s timeline reaches its 1290th day. And failing that, they could start the Big War on the 23rd or 24th and have Harry do his arrival on December 7 (but I’ll have to crunch the numbers on that scenario).

Saturn’s Day is notable in all this because Harry will be playing the role of the “returned Saturn.”

~ MORE ~

Upon crunching the numbers, I’ve found three war-starting scenarios that could begin from October 23-26, then culminate on December 7…

  1. They can start the war on Day 1290 of Prince Harry’s timeline, October 23, and run a 40-day “Fire Judgment” war until the arrival of Harry’s forces on December 2, the Rosh Hashanah of Chassidism. Harry can then do a 6-day Triumphal Procession to Jerusalem, arriving on December 7.
  2. They can script the death of Pope Francis on Day 1290 of his timeline, October 24, then hit his funeral on October 28. This would create a perfect window for a 40-day war that runs from October 28 to December 7.
  3. They can hit the European Council Summit on October 26 and run a 40-day war from October 26 until the arrival of Harry’s forces on December 4 / 21 Kislev, a day in Jewish history when Jerusalem was saved. The end point would segue into a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that runs from December 4 to December 7.

Links to come.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 21st are now up. Besides watching for Operation Blackjack tomorrow, watch for a move by or against Netanyahu and for something related to Trump (either tomorrow or on Sunday).

~ MORE ~

Here’s one final scenario for today, and it’s a simple either/or…

  • Either the “Final Communist Onslaught” begins on Day 1290 and ends on Day 1335, December 7, with the arrival of Prince Harry & Trump or Pence,
  • Or the “The Patriot/Constitutionalist (actually Nazionist) Takedown of the Global Communist Deep State” begins on Day 1290 and concludes with Harry’s crowning on Day 1335, December 7.

Either way, that’s 45 days (remember that the Trump NFT superhero cards featured the number 45)…

Note to the Kabbalists: Now is the time to set aside your monkey-mind spiritual concepts and civilizational pipe dreams and listen to the true gifts of Spirit (your intuition, conscience, common sense, heart, and intellect all together, ignoring none). Your spiritual core tells you that what you’re about to do is disastrous, but you are allowing your cult programming to override it and “justify” your actions.

Remember that you are not this body. You are not your accumulated personality structure. You are not your religion (Kabbalah is only a made-up system of 99%-wrong human ideas). You are spirit, and you are about to deeply damage yourself and others. And when you get to the other side, you are not going to enjoy experiencing all the pain you are about to inflict on so many other pieces of you. Stop this insanity. Now.

NOTE (19 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 20th are now up, and they include cues for Turkey’s moves in the Mediterranean that are/were to accompany Israel’s move on Iran. And the critical alert issued on 17 October has been temporarily moved to the top. Today’s critical alert and update are below it…


If the globalists don’t go tomorrow, October 20 is definitely in play. As I mentioned yesterday, there is already a set piece in place for that day, the US-EU Summit in Washington, DC. BUT LOOK AT WHAT I FOUND ON THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL SCHEDULE

The Security Council will hold an open debate on Friday, 20 October 2023, at 10 a.m. in connection with “Peace through dialogue: the contribution of regional, subregional and bilateral arrangements to the prevention and peaceful resolution of disputes” under the agenda item “Maintenance of international peace and security” [S/2023/732].

Here’s something from the Bible…

While people are saying, “peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (BSB) on

These things are not coincidences; DC and NYC (and probably a number of other Western cities) are DEFINITELY targeted on Friday. This will be a 4-day Three Days of Darkness operation, with a “rain of fire” on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd followed by the ARRIVAL on October 23. [10/19 – Other war durations are also in play.]

CRITICAL ALERT (19 October 2023): I’ve found the excuse Israel will use to “preemptively” strike Iran’s nuclear program…

On October 18, 2023, the restrictions set forth in UN Security Council resolution 2231 (2015) to constrain Iran’s ballistic missile program are slated to expire. Resolution 2231 (2015) was based on the assumption that Iran would take the necessary steps towards restoring confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its nuclear program. This has not happened. – from

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 was a 20 July 2015 resolution endorsing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on the nuclear program of Iran. It sets out an inspection process and schedule while also preparing for the removal of United Nations sanctions against Iran. The 15 nations on the Security Council unanimously endorsed the resolution, which had been negotiated by the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council—China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States—plus Germany, the European Union, and Iran [Ken’s Note: all these are “targets of God’s judgment” on Friday]. – from Wikipedia

~ MORE ~

WATCH FOR THE ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE ON IRAN AT MIDNIGHT JERUSALEM OR TEHRAN TIME (4:30 or 5:00 PM New York time). Midnight is the time the Hebrews administered “God’s Judgment” on the Egyptian firstborn, which led to the Exodus

At midnight of 15 Nissan 2448 (1313 BCE), G‑d broke the last manacle of Egyptian bondage by killing all Egyptian firstborn, and the nation of Israel was born as a free people. The time is significant: twice the Torah emphasizes that the event occurred exactly at midnight, and to this day, midnight is a factor in our annual re-experience of the Exodus at the Seder held each year on the eve of 15 Nissan. – from

This attack is scripted to lead to a New Exodus OUT of Israel after the Iranian counterattack begins (and radiation is supposedly released).

Since the New York markets close at 4 PM, The Plunge will begin in the after-hours markets and continue when the Asian markets open.

(19 October 2023) – Darkness has fallen in Jerusalem, so 5 Cheshvan has begun there. Now we wait to see what the night brings, which will set in motion what is/was planned for the world tomorrow. Will the Israelis launch their invasion of Gaza? Will they do their “missiles out of Lebanon/Syria” false-flag to “kill” Netanyahu, slaughter American servicemen, and/or “nuke” or “radiologically contaminate” Israel? Will they “preemptively” strike Iran’s nuclear facilities?

Should the Kabbalists pull the trigger and stage Operation Blackjack tomorrow, here are the three war durations that could result…

  1. a 4-day Three Days of Darkness war that runs from 20-23 October (inclusively) and brings in the Fake Jewish Messiah (the Fakeshiach) on the anniversary of the completion of Solomon’s Temple,
  2. a 40-day Fire Judgment from God war that runs from 20 October to 29 November and brings in the Fakeshiach on the Jewish anniversary of Noah’s Ark coming to rest after the Flood, or
  3. a 150-day Torment of Humanity war that runs from 20 October to 17 March 2024 (inclusively) and brings in the Fakeshiach on the Jewish anniversary of Moses’s birth and death.

WARNING (18 October 2023): Watch for the Markets to Plunge Tomorrow in Advance of “Judgment Day (for the Iran Nuclear Deal signatories)”

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 19th are now up. Among the cues is the anniversary tomorrow of 1987’s Black Monday, the largest one-day percentage decline in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Remember that in the I, Pet Goat 2 predictive programming video, “markets plunge” precedes “war”…

Also noted is the fact that 5 Cheshvan (sundown of October 19th to sundown of the 20th) is the JEWISH ANNIVERSARY of the Adoption Day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal) on 18 October 2015 / 5 Cheshvan 5776. Since Obama has been set up as the “Man of Nuclear Peace who will bring nuclear war,” 5 Cheshvan is a perfect day to script that war — the perfect day to script “God’s Judgment” on the signatory nations that “betrayed Israel” (which include the Western nations PLUS China and Russia)…

…from The New York Times

This would manifest as Operation Blackjack [possibly including hits on Beijing (“because of the Uyghurs“) and Moscow (“because of the Chechens“)] with “Iranian nukes”“the arsenal of nukes Netanyahu warned about back in 2015.” But the attacks will almost certainly be carried out with the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array, with the Turkish Muslim Antichrist and his “secret nuclear arsenal” eventually taking the blame. Operation Blackjack may be the trigger for the Three Days of Darkness or the beginning of a longer war.

~ MORE ~

Right after “markets plunge” and “war” scroll across the child’s eyes in the I, Pet Goat 2 video, a “Masonic” airstrike hits a Muslim target which sends out five pillars of smoke (like missile trails) towards a city of skyscrapers and other unseen targets. Does this represent the airstrike on the Gaza hospital resulting in blowback for the P5, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (all of whom signed the Iran Nuclear Deal)? Hitting the P5 and the UN after they failed to produce a peace solution for the Gaza situation would “help them realize the necessity of eliminating one-nation vetoes in the UN Security Council,” which is part of the NWO reform agenda for the UN.

NOTE (18 October 2023): Watch for an Israeli False-Flag Against US Forces

A reader has pointed out that the US forces massing off the coast of Israel and in other nearby places can also be used as false-flag targets for Israel’s missiles under Lebanon and Syria. By faking a Hezbollah attack that kills a large number of American servicemen, they can draw America into fighting their Iran war for them. In fact, I recall disinfo agent Joel Richardson saying that Israel will not be directly involved in the coming war between Turkey and Iran (presumably Turkey will “answer their NATO duties” after the attack on US forces by helping America take out Iran).

BTW, the “rather unique” reader who sent me this tip thinks of himself as “the hidden samurai.” So I’m giving him an official team name: Gollum.

~ MORE ~

Well, well, well… they’ve put the pin back in the “Yahweh’s judgment” grenade: US vetoes UN Security Council action on Israel, Gaza. That’s the second sign they might delay things. But I won’t be relaxing until October 24.

(18 October 2023) – I’m surprised that I didn’t wake up to more carnage. And I even ran across a sign that the globalists may push the delay button…

The Republican race for speaker has grown so wild, so uncertain, so contentious, the House just might settle for a de facto, short-term speaker in Rep. Patrick McHenry (R-N.C.)…

The latest hot solution: Make McHenry, 47, currently the chair-warming speaker pro tempore, a temporary speaker, House sources say. He’d have basically the same power as a real-deal elected speaker but need Democratic votes to hold the gig temporarily…

Punchbowl News notes that there’s “essentially no difference between a speaker and a speaker pro tem”:

There is a question whether a speaker pro tem would be in the presidential line of succession. There are also questions about whether he could take part in other speaker functions that have evolved over the years — Gang of Eight intelligence briefings, for instance.” – from Axios

This move would keep a Republican out of the presidential line of succession indefinitely, thus allowing the globalists to run their planned “communist” White House reshuffle at a later time window.

But first we have to get through today (without a UN resolution on Gaza), Friday, and the 23rd. See the notes and critical alert below.

NOTE (17 October 2023): The UN Security Council vote on the Brazilian resolution for Gaza has been delayed again till Wednesday. So will they now trigger “Yahweh’s judgment” while Biden is on the ground in Israel? Or will they keep delaying it till Friday?

~ MORE ~

Check it out: the globalist weather engineers are erecting a heat dome over the area sliced by the solar eclipse and south…

…from Accuweather (top) and the Great American Eclipse (bottom)

Note that the heated area includes West Coast Sodom and Gomorrah (San Fran and LA), Sin City (Las Vegas), Phoenix, and the godawful sh*tzone surrounding the US-Mexico border. They are probably aiming to ramp up the heat, turn off the power, and attribute the resulting misery to “Yahweh’s Judgment.”

(17 October 2023) – The false-flag gun pointed at Netanyahu and Biden has been cocked…

Lebanon’s Hezbollah group denounced what they said was Israel’s deadly attack on a Gaza hospital that killed hundreds of Palestinians, announcing Wednesday “a day of unprecedented anger” against Israel and Biden’s visit to the country, according to a statement released by Hezbollah late on Tuesday. – from The Jerusalem Post

As I’ve covered in past updates, the Israelis possess tunnels into Lebanon (and Syria) and have hollowed-out underground missile silos there, so they have the ability to false-flag a Hezbollah missile attack or blend-in a precision strike of their own amidst an actual Hezbollah missile attack.

According to the Kabbalist script, the target of the IDF/Mossad “Israeli Deep State” false-flaggers will be Netanyahu and Biden, who are supposedly standing in the way of the war spreading throughout the Middle East. The death of Netanyahu will almost certainly be simulated rather than actual; they’ll need to “resurrect” him after the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah.

Among Onnabugeisha’s notes for tomorrow are the following cues: October 18 is the day…

So we could see the planned nuclear/radiological attack on Israel, possibly including an Artemis rod (or many). And the opening of the Gate to Hell tomorrow seems very much in reach (watch for “Islamist” terror attacks in the West). A Chinese sneak attack around the Pacific Rim (including Taiwan and Alaska) can also be scripted. With a global meeting taking place in Beijing on Wednesday, it would come as a total surprise.

ALERT (16 October 2023): Brazil is being set up for “God’s Judgment” (in accordance with the “solar eclipse omen” that sliced through the US and Brazil). Details to come.

(17 October 2023) – Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble. It’s time to blow the world to rubble; something wicked this way comes…

…from today’s Drudge Report

The globalists are concocting a deadly witch’s brew for Wedneday the 18th (6+6+6 Day). They’re taking one part false-flag enabler (Iran’s warning of preemptive action) and mixing it with two parts summit meetings (Xi and Putin in Beijing & Netanyahu and Biden in Tel Aviv), one part Julian October 5 (the opening of the mundus of Ceres), and a smattering of Artemis Rods from God. The result is rather explosive, but will depend on the addition of the final ingredient and how long they cook it. It may yield…

  1. a Three Days of Darkness scenario that will lead to a Jewish Tabernacle being erected on the Temple Mount on October 23 (the anniversary of the completion of Solomon’s Temple),
  2. a 40-Day “Fire Judgment of God” that ends on November 26 / 13 Kislev, the day the Talmud was completed, or
  3. a 150-Day Torment of Humanity that ends on March 16, 2024 with the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah’s forces and his 8-day triumphal procession to victory in Jerusalem on March 23, the day Purim begins at sunset.

So what is the final ingredient? The one that gives rise to “Yahweh’s Judgment”: the UN Security Council’s passage of “a ceasefire resolution that ties Israel’s hands in its war against Hamas.” This resolution was drafted by Brazil and will not be vetoed by the US, resulting in “Yahweh’s Judgment against Israel’s betrayers,” particularly Brazil and the US (which were sliced by the annular solar eclipse three days ago). Speaking of which…

[US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield] said the United States, which traditionally shields its ally Israel from council action, does “agree that this council should take action, but we have to get it right and we’ll work intensively with all members on the council to do so.”

A vote on the rival Brazilian-drafted resolution, which condemns “the heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas,” was delayed until late Tuesday to give the council more time to negotiate. – from Reuters

WARNING (16 October 2023): While all eyes are on Israel, Putin and Xi and representatives of 130 nations are gathering in Beijing on Tuesday and Wednesday: two days that are good candidates for the opening of the Gate to Hell. Just think of the world war that would result if Beijing gets hit during that gathering.

In her notes on Tuesday the 17th, Onnabugeisha points out that Tuesday is a candidate day for the opening of the Gate to Hell because it is the Julian date of the Fast of Ceres (the Roman goddess who was the guardian of underworld portals) and the Chinese anniversary of the founding of CERN (the organization that is scripted to open the Gate)…

Julian calendar10/4 [Convert a date]

Roman festivals: Ieiunium Cereris (Wikipedia) (Latin: the fast of Ceres) a Roman festival devoted to the goddess Ceres. Your blog (here)

Chinese calendar9th Month 3

• CERN (Wikipedia) is an intergovernmental organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Formation: 29 September 1954 = 9th Month 3, year of the Horse [as in the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse and his Pale Horse]

• Puyi (Wikipedia), the last emperor of China as the eleventh and final monarch of the Qing dynasty, died on 17 October 1967, 56 years ago [so will “Emperor Xi” die on this day or rise on this day (if the West gets hit instead)]

This means that Wednesday the 18th — the day Putin and Xi have their bilateral meeting — is October 5 on the Julian calendar, one of the three days of the year that the Romans opened Ceres’s pit to the underworld. So the opening of the Gate to Hell can be scripted on either day.

Let’s see if Biden shows up in Israel “by surprise” tomorrow or Wednesday.

(16 October 2023) – A Important Note from Onna (with my addition)…

10/16 Monday

• The inauguration of Joe Biden (Wikipedia) as the 46th president of the United States took place on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 999 days ago

Number of the beast: 666the Number 999 (Bible Study), Strong’s Greek: 999. bothunos: a pit 


“The meaning of number 999 centers around God’s Holy Spirit, the power (not person) through which he accomplishes his will. It can symbolize the prophetic spiritual glory of the Godhead and the expression of its perfect character in the life of every called and converted Christian.

To a much lesser extent than above, 999 can also represent the manifestation of spiritual power from either a good or an evil source. It can also symbolize God’s righteous judgment.” – from

So will “God judge America” if Biden “betrays” Israel at the UN today (by ordering his UN representative to not veto Russia’s ceasefire proposal)? Note their craftiness in inserting this passage in the Reuters report about the Monday Security Council meeting

“A U.N. Security Council resolution needs at least nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the United States, Britain, France, China or Russia. The United States has traditionally shielded its ally Israel from any Security Council action.”

If they don’t go today, they’ll probably hit Biden and Netanyahu when they meet this week (they’re arranging this fallback as you read this).

NOTE (16 October 2023): The UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Israel has been moved to 6 PM today, but the Council still have a meeting at 3 PM in their Consultations Room, which was refurbished by Russia and inaugurated on 27 March 2013, Passover Day 2. Today will mark 550 weeks and 5 days [555] since that inauguration. And in the Bible, the number 555 supposedly relates to the following events…

  • “Multiple fives (555) are involved in Abraham’s negotiations with God to save the sinful cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.” [New York and Washington]
  • “Multiple fives (555) occur in regard to the tabernacle in the wilderness. When Moses finished setting up God’s tabernacle he anointed and consecrated the entire structure including its altar (Numbers 7:1). Each leader of Israel’s twelve tribes then presented a gift at the dedication of the altar.” – from [When the Fake Jewish Messiah arrives, he will set up a tabernacle on the Temple Mount (on the anniversary of the completion of Solomon’s Temple if the Kabbalists have their way)]

And Strong’s 555 are the words “a stripping off, increasing strength,” which relates to the destruction (casting off) of the current UN so a stronger, reformed UN can rise like a phoenix from its ashes…

(from previous updates) – The globalist “elite” are obsessed with the symbolism of the phoenix, the bird which explodes into flames and is then reborn from its own ashes. Now look again at the mural located in the UN’s Security Council chamber

The mural actually depicts the Security Council chamber itself. Look at the color of the wall in the background of the mural, then look at the color of the wall surrounding the mural. Also look at the shape and color of the object on which the phoenix is standing in the mural, then look at the semi-circular desk at which the Security Council members sit. You’ll see that the phoenix is actually standing on its ashes which lie on the desk of the Security Council. But in the mural, the desk has a disfigured appearance, as if it’s been melted, and the ashes of the old phoenix lie on the burnt table.

So the mural depicts the New World Order phoenix standing in the ashes of the old UN on the burnt Security Council desk. It portrays the destruction of the Security Council chamber by fire. Blowing up the UN complex thus becomes the fulfillment of the mural.

~ from earlier ~

Here’s a strange “coincidence”: a train bridge over Interstate 25 just north of Pueblo, Colorado collapsed at 3:30 PM yesterday. Joe Biden WAS flying to Pueblo today. Now he’s not.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s note, Operation Blackjack may be attempted after the UN Security Council vote at their 3 PM meeting today. So is/was 3:30 PM the targeted time for the attack that will collapse America? The laying of the cornerstone of the UN complex was attended by the 33rd President of the United States, Harry Truman, who was a 33rd-degree Scottish Rite Freemason.

Opportunities for mischief abound this week, with a virtual European Union emergency summit scheduled for tomorrow and with Putin and representatives of more than 100 countries physically meeting in Beijing tomorrow and Wednesday. So if the globalists don’t go for it today, they’ll have opportunities in the next few days, including a set piece at the end of the week: the US-EU Summit.

The two heads of the EU will be meeting with Biden in Washington on Friday. So the Kabbalists have the option of hitting Washington DC on Thursday after they arrive or on Friday. This could start a Three Days of Darkness scenario that culminates on October 23 / 8 Cheshvan, the anniversary of the completion of Solomon’s Temple (the First Temple).

This year, the Gregorian and Jewish anniversaries of the completion of the First Temple fall on the same day, just like they did back in the year it was finished. And the Temple’s completion is a matter of enormous importance to Jews and Freemasons (the Freemasons track their origin back to Solomon’s Temple). So they will push hard to hit that date, and we have to push harder against them.

Speaking of Freemasons (who laid the cornerstones of today’s targets, the US Capitol and the UN Headquarters) and Israel, check out the final paragraph of this: A Remarkable Connection of Freemasonry and Israel.

NOTE (15 October 2023): LOL. It’s being reported that Israel is postponing its invasion of Gaza “due to weather.” I’ll complete my planned coverage regardless.

WARNING (15 October 2023): Operation Blackjack is/was planned for tomorrow. It may be set in motion by a UN Security Council vote on a Gaza ceasefire on Monday around 3 PM New York time. Targeted cities include New York, Washington DC, and London. Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 16th are now up. More in the morning.

(15 October 2023) – This morning let’s have a look at my partner Onna’s notes on the occult scripting cues for today and tomorrow

1) For October 15 there is a cue that is perfect for scripting the arrival of the Pale Horse of Revelation (“Death”): the Roman ritual sacrifice of the October Horse…

In ancient Roman religion, the October Horse (Latin: Equus October) was an animal sacrifice to Mars carried out on October 15 … Two-horse chariot races were held in the Campus Martius, the area of Rome named for Mars, after which the right-hand horse of the winning team was transfixed by a spear, then sacrificed. – from Wikipedia

This cue brings together the concepts of a (pale) horse and death, Mars (the Roman god of war), and a spear (a missile or Artemis rod). So the start of the Big War by means of a missile attack / airstrike is scriptable.

You can read about what the arrival of the Pale Horse brings in my November updates from last year, but I have changed one of my interpretations since then: the killings “by the beasts of the Earth” will come from both the “migrant” armies that have infiltrated the West and the native flash mobs that will take advantage of the breakdown of law and order. Note how the Hamas attackers have been labeled as “bloodthirsty animals” and “beasts.” Such beasts will run wild in the West too.

2) For October 15 and 16, there are WORMWOOD numbers that are connected to both the Iran Nuclear Deal and the Abraham Accords. In the Bible’s Book of Revelation, “Wormwood” is the name of a “star” (a “shooting star” like an incoming missile or Artemis rod) that poisons “a third of the waters.” This prophecy can be artificially fulfilled through the real or simulated release of radioactive contamination from a breached nuclear weapons facility (likely a number of them) and/or nuclear/radiological bombs and warheads.

So watch for the long-planned Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites and an “Iranian” attack on Israel’s Dimona reactor. Also watch for Iranian missiles out of Syria tipped with (supposed) nuclear or radiological warheads. This would open the way for the fulfillment of the prophesied destruction of Damascus.

We also shouldn’t discount the possibility that all of this will be avoided due to “the heroic behind-the-scenes work of the peacemaker, Vladimir Putin, and his multilateral and otherworldly friends.” I’m seeing indications that could lead to this “Peace Path” outcome.

3) More to come.

NOTE (14 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 15th are now up. They identify occult cues that can be used to script a “nuclear” (Artemis rod) explosion or radiological (dirty bomb or nuke site) explosion in the Middle East on Sunday (or possibly Monday), with a follow-on attack on the US Capitol on Monday. These events may be timed to occur during the Jewish day of 1 Cheshvan (which runs from sundown of Sunday to sundown of Monday). I’ll cover the details in the morning.

~ from earlier ~

Onnabugeisha has noted that Joe Biden will give the keynote address at a “LGBTQ+” dinner event in Washington DC at 6:30 PM tonight (local time). This presents an obvious target for a “Yahweh’s punishment” or “MAGA extremist attack” scenario. And Biden will travel to Pueblo, Colorado (within helicopter range of Denver International Airport) on Monday, 1 Cheshvan. See Onna’s new notes for additional details.

NOTE (13 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 14th are now up, and they including references to tomorrow’s annular solar eclipse. Given that the rabbinical Jews are writing the script of what we’re living through, keep this in mind: “…according to the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Sukkah, 29b)… while a lunar eclipse is especially bad for Jews, since Jews rely on the moon for their calendar, a solar eclipse is bad for everyone who follows a solar calendar…” – from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. And I would imagine that a solar eclipse can be scripted as a particularly bad sign for the nations that get “sliced” by the path of totality…


Saturn’s Day is also the day of the New Moon, when the Moon is dark. This makes it a choice night for the Israelis to launch their full-scale invasion of unlit Gaza under cover of darkness. It gets dark in Israel after 6:09 PM local time tomorrow, which is 10:09 AM Texas time / 15:09 UTC time (a little over an hour before the eclipse starts to slice into the US).

Tomorrow is another day to watch for a move on the “Three Moshiachs” (Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin) and perhaps other “leaders” like Biden and Erdogan.

It should also be noted that Saturday, October 14 is the anniversary of the announcement of the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize being awarded to (socialists) Yasir Arafat, Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin for the Oslo Accords, which removed Israeli troops from Palestinian areas and established Palestinian self-government. So it would be a particularly good day to script the Nazionists destroying their legacy.

(13 October 2023) – The Hamas Attack and Donald Trump’s Era as Batman and the Moshiach ben Cyrus

On the day before the Hamas attack last week, my partner Onnabugeisha noted that Saturday the 7th would mark the 9th year and 11th week [911] of the “Trump Era,” which began on 23 July 2014. Here is an excerpt from one of last year’s updates to show you how that Era began…

(from 16 September 2022) – The globalist scriptwriters of the “End Times” stageplay have made a point of connecting Donald Trump to Batman…

…from The Washington Post

And Saturday, 17 September 2022 is Batman Day this year. So how might this have a bearing on what’s planned for this month? – Upon pondering this question in light of the The Dark Knight Trilogy written and directed by Christopher Nolan (a name which translates to “Noble Christ-bearer“) — which seems to be the globalists’ “official” Batman storyline — here are my thoughts…

  • In the Batman movies, Bruce Wayne is the son of a wealthy Gothamite.
    In the “End Times” stageplay, Donald Trump is the son of a wealthy New Yorker,
    Fred Christ Trump Sr.
  • In Batman, Wayne joined the League of Shadows, but broke ranks when he found out about their intention to bring justice to decadent Gotham by destroying it.
    In “End Times,” Trump joined the globalists, but supposedly broke ranks when he found out about their intention to bring justice to the decadent West by destroying it.
  • In Batman, Wayne falls to his League of Shadows adversaries and is placed in a prison pit while Gotham is terrorized until it is to be destroyed by a nuclear bomb.
    In “End Times,” Trump falls to the “Deep State” globalists in the presidential election and the West is terrorized until it is to be destroyed in Operation Blackjack.
  • In Batman, Wayne rises to battle his adversaries as the nuclear explosion draws near and saves the day, appearing to die in the end.
    In “End Times”, will Trump rise to battle the “Deep State” and save us from Operation Blackjack, appearing to die in the end?

~ MORE ~

Among the other occult scripting elements found by Onnabugeisha is this series of odd and fascinating connections amongst Donald Trump, Batman, the death of the Queen, and the venue for the Queen’s funeral. Let’s start with this…

…from FiveThirtyEight

When this article about “the beginning of the Trump Era” starts getting to the point, it features a notable photograph (look at the heroic head pose, the hand sign, and the date)…

As you can see, the photo was taken at the groundbreaking of the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC on July 23, 2014, and July 23, 2014 was the very first Batman Day. So on the occult level, the article was revealing the beginning of Trump’s Era as Batman.

This bit of occult signalling regarding the Era of Trump and Batman raises some obvious questions: How do we know that this one article from this one website has any real significance? And why was the news site named “FiveThirtyEight“?

Upon doing a check on the number 538, I discovered that it has a number of connections to “Judeo-Christian” history, including this most striking and relevant one: 538 BC was the year of Cyrus the Great issued his edict to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple

…from the Jewish Virtual Library

And can you guess who is playing the role of the “reincarnated” Cyrus the Great in the Kabbalists’ “End Times” stageplay?…

…from Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site Israel365News (top, second, third, bottom)

Who is King Cyrus, and why did Netanyahu compare him to Trump?The Times of Israel

‘Trump is a modern-day Cyrus the Great’Israel Hayom

Is Trump Our Cyrus? The Old Testament Case for Yes and NoChristianity Today

Christians and Jews Now Compare Trump to Persian King Cyrus – Will He Build the Third Temple?Haaretz

The Edict of 538 BC followed the FALL OF BABYLON to an invasion by Cyrus in 539 BC, and if we look at the account of the Edict given in the Book of Ezra, we see that Cyrus was the one who enabled the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple…

The Proclamation of Cyrus

1 In the first year of Cyrus king of Persia, to fulfill the word of the LORD spoken through Jeremiah, the LORD stirred the spirit of Cyrus king of Persia to send a proclamation throughout his kingdom and to put it in writing as follows:

2 “This is what Cyrus king of Persia says:

‘The LORD, the God of heaven, who has given me all the kingdoms of the earth, has appointed me to build a house for Him at Jerusalem in Judah.

3 Whoever among you belongs to His people, may his God be with him, and may he go to Jerusalem in Judah and build the house of the LORD, the God of Israel; He is the God who is in Jerusalem. 4 And let every survivor, wherever he lives, be assisted by the men of that region with silver, gold, goods, and livestock, along with a freewill offering for the house of God in Jerusalem.’ ”

5 So the family heads of Judah and Benjamin, along with the priests and Levites—everyone whose spirit God had stirred—prepared to go up and rebuild the house of the LORD in Jerusalem.

6 And all their neighbors supported them with articles of silver and gold, with goods and livestock, and with valuables, in addition to all their freewill offerings. – from Ezra 1 (BSB) on

With this in mind, look at what says about the month of Cheshvan, which begins Sunday evening…

Holy Temple Completed (827 BCE)

The Holy Temple, which took seven years to build, was completed by King Solomon during the month of MarCheshvan (I Kings 6:38), although not necessarily on this exact day. (Its dedication, however, was postponed until Tishrei of the following year—see calendar entry for 8 Tishrei). The First Temple served as the epicenter of Jewish national and spiritual life for 410 years, until its destruction by the Babylonians in 423 BCE.

So the month of Cheshvan would be a great time to script the erection of a temporary Jewish Tabernacle around which the Third Temple can be built [1,2]…

MarCheshvan (sometimes called Cheshvan) is the second month of the Jewish calendar counting from Rosh Hashanah (the eighth from Nisan). Cheshvan is the only month that does not have any holidays or special mitzvot. We are taught that it is “reserved” for the time of Moshiach, who will inaugurate the Third Temple in the month of Cheshvan. – from

Putting this all together, the globalists are setting up a situation in which Trump and Space Force will save the world from a full-scale nuclear war set in motion by what has started in Israel. With his forces, he will conquer “Mystery Babylon” (King Charles’s G7/NATO Empire) just like Cyrus defeated the Neo-Babylonian Empire. And he will open the way for all Jews to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. But will he, like Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, disappear at the moment of his victory? Will his legal successor be the one who issues the New Edict?…

…from Breitbart (top) and The Atlantic (bottom). In the bottom image, note the weather, the color of Pence’s robe, and his Right Hand Path VVV/vav-vav-vav/666 hand sign. He is the “Satanic Grey Champion” who emerges during “The Storm.”

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 13th are now up.

(12 October 2023) – A reader has noted that the Drudge Report is making a point of doing an inclusive day count since the Hamas attack on Israel last Saturday, October 7 (which was September 24 on the Julian calendar)…

Given this and other developments, particularly the Islamist Global Day of Rage set for tomorrow, we’ll look at where this count could be going, starting with a “Ten Days of Darkness” scenario that would conclude with the triumphant return of “Messiah” Trump on October 16 / 1 Cheshvan. We’ll also look at a 45-day option and cover other scenarios, like the assassination setup for Biden in Philly tomorrow [which could bring the arrest of Trump that day or the next — the day the annular solar eclipse slices through America and Brazil, symbolizing division / civil war (so watch Bolsonaro that day too)].

Keep an eye on the Shimon Peres Negev Nuclear Research Center (Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor) today too.

NOTE: Pushing the globalists out of October 11 would be a miracle, but we’ll need more miracles in the days ahead. Have a look at Onnabugeisha’s notes for Thursday the 12th (the ones in red caught my eye).

(Expanded Note – 11 October 2023) – Today’s Plan for the Staged Death of Benjamin Netanyahu and the Invasion of Gaza

If the Kabbalists go for it today, the global shi*tstorm will likely start with the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. And with the electricity being shut off there and the Moon only 10% illuminated, they’ll almost certainly take advantage of the darkness in beginning the assault. The Sun will set in Jerusalem today at 6:12 PM local time (11:12 AM Washington DC time), and that’s where Joe Biden comes in.

Biden’s Jewish chief of staff has arranged for him to give a speech in the White House Rose Garden — roses hold great symbolic value to the Rosicrucian (Christian Kabbalah) occultists — at the odd and specific time (in an otherwise empty morning) of 11:45 AM. Upon looking up the number 1145 in Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists in their “End Times” setups, I found the words…

dakruó: to weep, shed quiet tears, and
Ben-yemini: a descendant of Benjamin, Benjamite, of Benjamin.
So what would make the followers of Benjamin weep?…

“The immediate results of this war will be disastrous: Mashiach ben Yossef will be killed. This is described in the prophecy of Zechariah, who says of this tragedy that they shall mourn him as one mourns for an only child.” (Zechariah 12:10). His death will be followed by a period of great calamities. These new tribulations shall be the final test for Israel, and shortly thereafter Mashiach ben David shall come, avenge his death, resurrect him, and inaugurate the Messianic era of everlasting peace and bliss.” – from

It has also been arranged for Biden to meet with “Jewish community leaders” to express his “unwavering support for Israel” IN THE INDIAN TREATY ROOM (LOL) at 4:15 PM (11:15 PM Jerusalem time). Strong’s 415 are the words…

El Elohe Yisrael: “the mighty God of Israel,” an altar of Jacob [an altar is a place where burnt sacrifices are offered], and
aneleemon: without compassion, cruel.

So it seems that nighttime in Israel and Gaza has been mapped out. They will script “Moshiach ben Yosef” Benjamin Netanyahu‘s death at the hands of the IDF/Mossad “Israeli Deep State” not long after sunset there, then script the merciless sacrifice of the Gazans in the first invasion of the “War for Greater Israel” before midnight (while it is still October 11, the Essene Great Day — the Essene Dead Sea Scrolls calendar is a solar calendar).

Netanyahu’s death may be attributed to a missile attack out of Lebanon or Syria (possibly involving a dirty bomb or atomic bomb warhead). Watch for Damascus to get wiped out sometime afterwards (in scripted accordance with biblical prophecy). ALSO WATCH FOR A PLAY IN WHICH A NUKE-LOOKING EXPLOSION GOES OFF IN GAZA. IT WOULD BE SCRIPTED AS THE “TURKISH ANTICHRIST’S” PLAY TO TURN THE WORLD AGAINST ISRAEL, AND WOULD BE SIMILAR TO WHAT THEY DID IN THE PORT OF BEIRUT.

~ MORE ~

A reader has alerted me to the following…

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and centrist opposition leader Benny Gantz have agreed to form an emergency unity government.

Netanyahu and Gantz, a former defence minister and military chief of staff, agreed to form a war cabinet comprising Netanyahu, Gantz and Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, a joint statement from Gantz’s National Unity party said on Wednesday.

The statement said the unity government will not promote any unrelated policy or laws except those related to the ongoing fighting with Hamas in Gaza.

It was not immediately clear what would happen to Netanyahu’s existing government partners, a collection of far-right and ultra-Orthodox parties. from ALJAZEERA

This move serves to lessen the death grip the “ultra-right” have on Netanyahu’s neck, so it can later be narrated as either “Netanyahu’s first big move in stopping the Kabbalist Deep State’s destruction of Israel” or “the move that led to his assassination by the Deep State.”

NOTE: A very important addition has been made to the following update in red. And Onnabugeisha’s excellent notes on tomorrow have been added in green (with my enhancements placed among them).

(Twice-Expanded Note – 10 October 2023) – In the updates below, we’ve looked at “Communist Antichrist” Barack Obama’s highly symbolic “Death of the West” visit to the “Cradle of Western Civilization,” Athens, on 16 November 2016. And longtime readers will remember his “Desecration of the Holy Place” visit to the “Cradle of Christianity,” the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, on 22 March 2013 (3/22, the Skull and Bones number, and exactly 1260 days after he was declared the “Man of Peace” by the Nobel Committee on 9 October 2009)…

…from The Christian Post (top) and (bottom)

If we count out a 7-prophetic year Tribulation (7 years x 360 days/year = 2520 days) from the day Obama stood atop the Acropolis, we arrive at today or tomorrow (October 11), the Essene Jewish “Great Day” (Essene Shemini Atzeret, the 8th day of Tabernacles, “God’s real Judgment Day”).

And if we count out a 2550-day 7-year Tribulation (1260 days + 1290 days = 2550 days), we arrive at November 10, the day the Jewish anniversary of the end of Noah’s flood begins at sundown.

Finally, if we count out a full 2595-day 7-year Tribulation (1260 days + 1335 days = 2595 days), we arrive at December 25, Christmas Day. So Christmas will be the Kabbalists’ final opportunity to use this Obama-Athens Tribulation timeline to script the death or salvation of Western Civilization.

~ MORE ~

Sunset of today (the 10th) to sunset of tomorrow (the 11th) is Rabiʻ I 26 on the Islamic lunar calendar. My beloved partner Onnabugeisha has found some more occult cues that relate to this day [my additions are in blue brackets]

 Pope Francis visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the only two cities in the world to be destroyed by atomic bombs (America MagazineVatican) on Sunday, 24 November 2019 = Rabi’I 26 [Convert a date] or  Rabi’I 27, 1441 AH. [This cue can be used to script Operation Blackjack tonight/tomorrow or after sunset tomorrow.]

 Mehmed II begins his siege of Constantinople on 6 April 1453 (Julian) = Rabi’I 26, 857 AH. The city falls 53 days later, and is renamed Istanbul. [Fall of Constantinople, Wikipedia] [This cue can be used to script the beginning of the siege of the current Roman Empire (the G7/NATO) tonight/tomorrow from within by the Turkish Grey Wolves and other terrorist groups (the “migrants”) under the control of the Turkish Antichrist character.]

 Oslo I Accord (WikipediaHISTORY) – It was the first face-to-face agreement between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)… The Oslo Accords were officially signed at a public ceremony in Washington, D.C. in the presence of PLO chairman Yasser Arafat, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and U.S. President Bill Clinton. Date: 13 September 1993 = Rabi’I 26, 1414 AH

[“In essence, the accords called for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank, and affirmed a Palestinian right of self-government within those areas through the creation of a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority.” – from Wikipedia. So tonight/tomorrow can be scripted as the day Israeli forces return and Palestinian self-government ends.]

~ MORE ~

Onna’s notes for Wednesday the 11th fit what the globalists have planned for the day so well that I’m posting them here on the home page today…

10/11 (Wednesday)

Essene calendar: Tishrei 22 – Great Day

δ-Aurigid meteor shower (In The Sky) will be active from 10 October to 18 October, producing its peak rate of meteors around 11 October, in the constellation Auriga, a charioteer and again four horses (In The Sky).

[Ken’s Addition -This meteor shower can provide cover for an Artemis attack, and it ties-in to Obama’s visit to the Parthenon and the Four Horses of the Apocalypse: “In Greek mythology, Auriga is often identified as the mythological Greek hero Erichthonius of Athens, the chthonic son of Hephaestus who was raised by the goddess Athena. Erichthonius was generally credited to be the inventor of the quadriga, the four-horse chariot, which he used in the battle against the usurper Amphictyon, the event that made Erichthonius the king of Athens. His chariot was created in the image of the Sun’s chariot, the reason Zeus placed him in the heavens. The Athenian hero then dedicated himself to Athena and, soon after, Zeus raised him into the night sky in honor of his ingenuity and heroic deeds.” – from Wikipedia]

• Opening of the Second Vatican Council (Britannica) – The Second Vatican Council, announced by Pope John XXIII in 1959, opened on 11 October 1962, lasted for three years, and remains a symbol (controversial to some) of the church’s readiness to adapt to modern life.

[Ken’s Addition – According to the prophecy propagandists, the Second Vatican Council was when the Church succombed to internal Satanic influences and became an antichrist inversion of itself. It was during this Council that the traditionalist Catholic President of the United States, JFK, “was killed by those Satanic forces.”]

• Trump said: “We’re going to defeat socialism and put a man on the face of the Moon” (InsiderMSNBC) on Friday night 11 October 2019.

[Ken’s Addition – These seemingly separate goals are actually fulfilled by the same mechanism, Trump’s Artemis space program, which built an orbital kinetic weapon system under cover of a civilian program to put a man on the Moon.]

Chinese calendar8th Month 27

• The Artemis Accords (Wikipedia) is a non-binding multilateral arrangement between the United States government and other world governments participating in the Artemis program, an American-led effort to return humans to the Moon by 2025, with the ultimate goal of expanding space exploration to Mars and beyond. Signed: Tuesday, 13 October 2020 = 8th Month 27, year of the Rat 

• President Kennedy urges Americans to build bomb shelters (HISTORY) Date: 6 October 1961 = 8th Month 27, year of the Ox

• Kim Yo-jong (Wikipedia), the younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. She is the Deputy Department Director of the Publicity and Information Department of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Born: 26 September [The U.S. Treasury lists her birthdate as 26 September 1989 = 8th Month 27, year of the Snake.]

[Ken’s Addition – It is Kim Yo-Jong who will be blamed for releasing one or more North Korean weapons to foreign entities while her brother, future NWO hero Kim Jong-Un, was supposedly incapacitated with an illness. It may narrated that she willingly did this in collaboration with the “hardcore communist North Korean Deep State” or that she did it to save her family’s position and her brother.]

• Regimini militantis Ecclesiae (Wikipedia) (Latin for To the Government of the Church Militant) was the papal bull promulgated by Pope Paul III on September 27, 1540 (Julian)= 8th Month 27, year of the Rat, which gave a first approval to the Society of Jesus [the Jesuit Order was founded], also known as the Jesuits, but limited the number of its members to sixty.

[Ken’s Addition – It was through the Jesuit Order that the Kabbalist conversos gradually took over the Roman Catholic Church.]

Numbers10/11 (inclusive) – 10/12

• Trump Becomes First Sitting U.S. President to Visit Western Wall in Jerusalem (NBC News). Date: 22 May 2017, 6 years, 20 weeks, 3 days ago -> Strong’s Greek: 623. Apolluón: “a destroyer,” Apollyon, the angel of the abyss. Usage: …a Greek of the Hebrew: Abaddon…, i.e. Satan (used only in Rev 9:11).

After sunset 🌅 – 10/12

Jewish calendar27 Tishri 

• White House (Wikipedia) – Construction started: October 13, 1792 27 Tishri

Islamic calendarRabi’ I 27, 1445 AH

• Prince Harry was christened at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. 1984: Prince Harry’s Christening Brings the Royal Family Together – YouTube Date: Friday, 21 December 1984 = Rabiʻ I 27 [Convert a date] or Rabi’I 28, 1405 AH

GematriaWindsor Castle = Invictus Games 4x, last president 4x, Markets plunge 3x

Twice-Expanded NOTE (9-10 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 10th are now up. She has marked the following note as being of particular importance…

• Husayn ibn Ali (Wikipedia) a grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad was killed at the Battle of Karbala (New World Encyclopedia) that took place on October 10, 680 (Julian). The battle is often marked as the event that separated Sunni and Shi’a Islam and  a defining moment in Islamic history.

So will someone who unites the Muslims rise tomorrow? The Turkish Dajjal? The Iranian Mahdi?

~ MORE X2 ~

I’ve received the following important notes (A&B) from Onna. I’ll cover them on Tuesday morning, events permitting. For now, just know that Tuesday is a candidate day for the destruction of the West. It’s also a day to watch for the “Satanic forces” to go after “Messiahs” Netanyahu, Trump, and/or Putin…

A) Just now I was closely watching the video attached to the article about Obama’s tour of the Acropolis and I noticed cranes (Wikipedia). Also there are four horses (?) behind Obama when he is in the museum at the 1:08 minute mark and the video gets darker towards the end. Do you remember the NYC crane collapse and what you wrote on July 26-27 about cranes (kensthoughtstream) – Orizuru (Wikipedia)? Also Crane (bird) (Wikipedia) in mythology and symbolism.

President Barack Obama became the first sitting US President to visit Hiroshima and pay his respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Ministry of foreign affairs of Japan). Date: 27 May 2016, 2692  days ago on 10/10 exactly. Strong’s Greek: 2692. katastrophé: an overthrowing; Usage: overthrow, destruction, material or spiritual; overthrow, destruction: of cities

2 Peter 2:6 if He condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to destruction, reducing them to ashes as an example of what is coming on the ungodly;

B) Barack Obama visited the Acropolis in Athens on 16 November 2016 (obamawhitehouse)(11/16) -> 1116 -> Strong’s Greek: 1116. Gomorra: Gomorrah, one of the cities near the Dead Sea / Hebrew: 1116. bamah: a high place (more about the link between Obama and Strong’s 1116 on YouTube: Is Barack Obama the Antichrist ?). 11/16/2016 = 15 Cheshvan

1Passing of Mattityahu (139 BCE) In the 2nd century before the common era, the Holy Land was ruled by the Seleucids (Syrian-Greeks) who, with the collaboration of the Jewish Hellenists, introduced pagan idols into the Holy Temple and set about to forcefully Hellenize the people of Israel… His five sons the “Macabees” carried on the battle to their eventual victory, celebrated each year since by Jews the world over with the festival of Chanukah.

2. Kristallnacht (1938)(Wikipedia)

3. King Yeravam Declares a Pseudo-Sukkot.

Exactly on the 6th anniversary of Obama’s visit to the Acropolis of Athens, on 16 November 2022 Artemis 1 (Wikipedia) was successfully launched.

Obama’s first stop was Athens, Greece, his next stop was Berlin, Germany (medium com) another four horses. [note that the article was written by Ben Rhodes (Wikipedia)].

Ken’s Addition: Here are the two cranes (which might be one crane seen from different ends) and 4 horses Onna mentioned in note A…

…The four horses represent the 4 Horses of the Apocalypse and the crane(s) relate to the origami cranes that were presented to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum by Obama and the ones that were placed on the table in front of the G7+EU leaders when they visited Hiroshima earlier this year

…The cranes likely represent the “nukes” (Artemis rods) with which each country will be hit, just like the two cranes Obama gave the Japanese represented the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nukes. From the looks of it, America will get hit with six (probably targeting the “sin cities” of Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas)….

(Expanded & Enhanced Note – 9 October 2023) – Here’s another note from Onnabugeisha that points to the climax point of “Commie Antichrist Obama’s conquest of Western civilization” happening on Tuesday or Wednesday…

1260 + 1260 = 2520 days (7 prophetic years) ago on 10/10 (inclusive) or on 10/11 (Essene Great Day) – President Obama climbed the Acropolis and toured the Parthenon in Athens (Greece), “the birthplace of democracy during the final overseas trip of his presidency.” Behind the Scenes: President Obama Visits the Acropolis in Athens and The President Abroad: A Look Ahead at Greece, Germany, and Peru

[The Parthenon was dedicated to the goddess of warfare, Athena. And the photo description in the White House article also mentions Poseidon, god of the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses (think “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse“). Poseidon also carries a trident, the symbol of Ukraine.]

So will the moment of his triumph also be the moment of his fall?

Symbolism is of profound importance to the globalists/Kabbalists, so let’s take a moment to ponder the symbolic aspect of what happened in Athens that day:

Athens is widely regarded as the “Cradle of Western Civilization”


And like other Greek cities of the time, it had an acropolis

An acropolis was the settlement of an upper part of an ancient Greek city, especially a citadel, and frequently a hill with precipitous sides, mainly chosen for purposes of defense. The term is typically used to refer to the Acropolis of Athens, yet every Greek city had an acropolis of its own. Acropolises were used as religious centers and places of worship, forts, and places in which the royal and high-status resided. Acropolises became the nuclei of large cities of classical ancient times, and served as important centers of a community…

An acropolis is defined by the Greek definition of ἀκρόπολις, akropolis; from akros (άκρος) or akron (άκρον) meaning “highest; edge; extremity”, and polis (πόλις) meaning “city.” – from Wikipedia

The acropolis was a city’s stronghold, the final place to which its defenders would reposition in their effort to hold the city. So when Obama made his way up to the Acropolis of Athens, he was symbolically storming the last bastion of Western Civilization. And once he was there, they took pictures of him standing amidst its rubble (note how they positioned him next to a brick on the ground). The symbolic message: “The West has fallen.”

If the globalists fail in staging this climax point on Tuesday/Wednesday, they’ll have another opportunity when we reach the 2550th day (1260 + 1290) since Obama stood atop the Acropolis, which is November 10. The Jewish day of 27 Cheshvan begins at sundown that day, which is the anniversary of the end of Noah’s Flood (a good day to bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah). The bulk of 27 Cheshvan falls on 11/11, exactly a year after Prince Harry visited Pearl Harbor and was greeted like an arriving king.

By the way, Tuesday or Wednesday will also mark 66 weeks since the Georgia Guidestones were blown up on 6 July 2022. And Tuesday, 10/10, is also a very significant date in the history of the Chinese Communist Party vs. Nationalists (Taiwanese) conflict. It could mark the day of an attack by or against the CCP. 10/10 also marks the birth of the Republic of China. Will it also mark its rebirth?

In Christian eschatological thinking, the end of a 7-year Tribulation brings “the end of the Antichrist at the hands of the Christ.” The Essene “Great Day” (Essene “Judgment Day”) on Wednesday the 11th would be a fine time to script such an outcome, don’t you think? The Three Days of Darkness could begin on that day, with the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah falling on October 14, the day of the annular solar eclipse.

If they get pushed out of these dates, though, Wednesday the 11th could be scripted to bring another big and nasty development — something of the scale of what happened on the 7th (or even bigger).

NOTE: The Sun will set in Jerusalem shortly (10:15 AM Texas time), and this will begin the Jewish day of 25 Tishrei. Here are Onna’s notes on the occult cues for what could begin after that point: Artemis attacks and a financial collapse…

• The Artemis Accords (Wikipedia) is a non-binding multilateral arrangement between the United States government and other world governments participating in the Artemis program, an American-led effort to return humans to the Moon by 2025, with the ultimate goal of expanding space exploration to Mars and beyond. Signed: Tuesday, 13 October 2020 = 25 Tishri

• Wall Street Crash of 1929 (WikipediaIt was the most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States, when taking into consideration the full extent and duration of its aftereffects. The Great Crash is mostly associated with October 24, 1929, called Black Thursday, the day of the largest sell-off of shares in U.S. history, and October 29, 1929 = 25 Tishri, called Black Tuesday, when investors traded some 16 million shares on the New York Stock Exchange in a single day.

Draconid meteor shower (In The Sky) in the constellation Draco (Latin for dragon)

The Israelis will likely start their Gaza invasion after it gets dark.

NOTE (9 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes for Monday the 9th are now up, and they point to a scriptable possibility that UN Headquarters could be attacked today on the anniversary of its completed construction. An aircraft with a bomb on board may be the attack vector. The UN Security Council is meeting on Ukraine at 10 AM (arch) and on ISIS and Al Qaeda at 3 PM…

A VIP-killing plane crash involving a bomb on board is also scriptable. Also watch for Israel’s invasion of Gaza to be the possible trigger for the false-flag nuclear/radiological attack on Israel. If the attack seemingly involves a “nuclear bomb,” it may be attributed to “a North Korean bomb obtained by Iran.” North Korea could also be part of the blame game involving any “nuclear bomb” attack on the UN, since they are technically still at war with the UN and remain under crushing UN sanctions.

And all this could happen on the following anniversary (from Onna’s notes)…

• The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (Wikipedia) was awarded to United States President Barack Obama. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama’s promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world.

(8 October 2023) – Turkey and Mossad’s Hamas “9/11” & Tuesday’s Planned Crash of the Markets

According to the globalists’ “End Times” script, it is not Iran that set Hamas loose upon Israel. It was Erdogan and the Turkish Antichrist character, the Dajjal. And “the Turks did it in conjunction with the Israeli Deep State,” which is why the IDF and Mossad stood aside and let the invasion unfold, just like the US military and CIA stood aside (and even participated) in America’s 9/11.

The plan, they’ll say, was for the Turkish Antichrist and the “Satanic Israeli Deep State” to draw Hamas and Hezbollah into an attack on Israel so they can point the finger at the Iranians and attack Iran and their proxies throughout the Middle East. This would leave Israel, Turkey, and Azerbaijan in possession of all the new territory they would seize from “Iran and their allies, Lebanon and Syria.” It will be said that the whole thing was motivated by the concepts of “Greater Israel” and “Greater Turkey.”

After the incoming Nazionist “heroes” show up to save us from these “evil Satanic bad guys,” they will say that they were the villains behind both “9/11’s,” the American one and the Israeli one, and they will mass arrest them and hold show trials to punish them. So it will be “out with the old and in with the new.” What we’re witnessing is a Kabbalist-scripted changing of the guard, nothing more. Be ready to bow before your new Rothschild King, “Harry the Hero.”

On another note, my partner Onnabugeisha points out that this Tuesday is 25 Tishrei, the Jewish anniversary the Stock Market Crash of 1929 (which occurred on Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929 / 25 Tishrei). But this Tuesday may be known as “Blackest Tuesday,” because it will be either the precursor event to or the result of Israel’s attack on Iran’s nuclear sites (assuming they don’t trigger the Three Days of Darkness today instead).

[[[ A Quick Note on the Three Days of Darkness: the globalists possess highly advanced volumetric projection technology that can project solid-looking 3-D objects in the atmosphere (it involves bouncing lasers off of the chemtrail particles in the air). Lately I’ve been thinking: if they can project solid objects, might they also be able to project a black shield around the world that partially or totally blocks sunlight? I should think so. So if the sky grows dark near the end of this drama, it’s not “supernatural”; it’s just a bit of smoke-and-mirrors Hollywood magic. ]]]


A reader has informed me that the UN Security Council will be holding an emergency meeting today at 3:00 PM New York Time. According to common biblical interpretations, Jesus died at 3 PM (the “ninth hour”), and his death was preceded by Three Hours of Darkness over the whole Earth. So if the globalists are aiming to start the Three Days of Darkness today, it could be scripted to follow the “death of the Satanic UN” at the ninth hour. Watch for the possibility of “Savior Trump” doing what Batman did in The Dark Knight Rises: get captured, come back and save the day, then disappear.

~ MORE (in case this is not a Three Days of Darkness scenario) ~

In the past, I’ve written that the Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan (ITA) Alliance would begin their land grab after the US, Russia, and UN get distracted by something else. So did “Satanic commie-controlled” Brazil call today’s emergency UNSC meeting so the Turkish Antichrist can blow up the UN and New York City in accordance with the Nostradamus prophecy? Will it later be claimed that the nuke was located inside the Turkevi Center, the “Trojan Horse” across the street from UN Headquarters? Such an attack would certainly “distract” the UN, and the “Satanic commie-controlled” Biden-Harris administration would blame it on Russia, leaving both the US and Russia too distracted with each other to focus on the ITA Alliance’s moves.

Remember that any nuke-looking explosion(s) would likely be the work of the Artemis Array.

(7 October 2023) – GET A LOAD OF THIS: ISRAEL’S “PEARL HARBOR” today comes exactly 330 DAYS AFTER PRINCE HARRY VISITED PEARL HARBOR ON 11/11/22 (US Veterans Day last year) AND WAS GREETED LIKE A KING…

from Zero Hedge (top) and Geo News (bottom)

And if the globalists opt to run World War 3 from 26 October to 24 March 2024 (as I mentioned in today’s notes), its end (Purim) will fall on the 500th day of Harry’s Pearl Harbor “kingship.” Strong’s 500 is “God ascends” and “antichrist.”

Prince Harry is the son of a full-blooded Jewish mother of Rothschild descent, Princess Diana, so I’ve previously identified him as a Fake Jewish Messiah candidate…

These numbers suggest that he may be the one who gets tapped for the role, as does this bit of prophecy propaganda…

…from The Jerusalem Post. Here is an excerpt…

Change on the British Isles

The most recent world event that people have claimed is linked to his book was the passing of Queen Elizabeth II in September 2022. Following her death, the book broke sale records, and it seems to be linked to the following prediction:

“Because they disapproved of his divorce, a man who, later, they considered unworthy, the people will force out the King of the Islands, a man will replace him who never expected to be king.”

Some consider the passage to be referring to King Charles III and his famous divorce from Diana, Princess of Wales. They believe that, based on this, the King will abdicate in the coming year.

Moreso, they believe that the prediction states that he will be replaced by Prince Harry, rather than heir to the throne, William, Prince of Wales, due to the reference to a man “who never expected to be king.”

~ MORE ~

Watch for “a righteous governor” to get a “head wound” on the 8th or 9th, possibly Trump, Putin or Netanyahu.

Ronin’s notes for today and Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 8th are now up. Among Onna’s notes is this…

• Fast of Gedalia (Wikipedia) is a minor Jewish fast day from dawn until dusk to lament the assassination of Gedaliah, the righteous governor of what was the Kingdom of Judah. His death ended Jewish autonomy following the destruction of the First Temple and the fall of King Zedekiah. Karaite Jews observe this fast day on the 24th of the month since Book of Nehemiah states that the 24th was a fast day.

24 Tishrei runs from sundown of Sunday to sundown of Monday, and Onna’s gematria notes suggest a “head wound” to Trump. But in previous research, I came across the possibility that Vladimir Putin — who is playing the role of the “Real Jewish Messiah” (who will turn out to be the “Final Antichrist”) — may be presented as a Karaite Jew. So Putin is also a “head wound” candidate, and I wouldn’t count out Netanyahu either. An attack on one, two, or all three of these “real messiahs” could be scripted. And the attack(s) could come as soon as sunset in Jerusalem tomorrow, 6:16 PM local time [616 is the alternate Number of the Beast]. 6:16 PM Jerusalem time is 10:16 AM Texas time.

ALERT (7 October 2023): And on Kabbalist “judgment day” it begins…

…from this morning’s Drudge Report

So now watch for…

  1. Israel to savage Gaza with air strikes and a ground invasion,
  2. the IDF/Mossad to launch the radiological false-flag against their own people, blaming “Hezbollah joining the fight” from Syria/Lebanon, and
  3. Israel, Turkey and Azerbaijan to attack Iran, followed by all hell breaking loose.

~ MORE ~

I’ve already covered the shortest war duration that could spring from today (the Three Days of Darkness that would start tonight/tomorrow), so now I’m looking at the slower options, starting with the 150-Day Torment of Humanity option. So far I’ve found that if they stretch out the escalating war events till the EU summit on 26 October, they can hit the summit (likely during the night before it begins) and start a 150-day world war that lands on 24 March 2024, mainstream Jewish Purim (an ideal day to roll out the Fake Jewish Messiah). So if we do get through the next few days without World War 3 starting, we still have time to cut them off at the pass. Never give up.

~ MORE ~

LOL, these fuc#ers are so predictable: the EU has ANOTHER summit scheduled for December 14-15. And if they hit that summit — which happens during Hanukkah Day 8 [another Kabbalist “judgment day” (Hanukkah as Sukkot)] — the 150 days would land on May 12/13, Israel Memorial Day (the day before Israel Independence Day). So it’s another good date to roll in the Fake Moshiach. But will there ever really be a good day to roll out this ridiculous lie?

~ MORE ~

Look at the 40-day “God’s Fire Judgment” option, if the “Rain of Fire” starts after sundown today through Sunday, the Fake Messiah’s arrival would fall on November 17 / 4 Kislev, the day the “Messianic Era” was foretold

Zechariah Foretold Messianic Era (3410/-352)

A delegation from Babylonia put forth a query to the prophet Zechariah, asking whether the fast of the Ninth of Av was still in effect, now that the Second Temple had been built. In response, Zechariah transmitted G‑d’s message that it was not fasting that was most important, but to uphold justice, truth, kindness and compassion.

Zechariah also foretold what will occur to the fast days in the Messianic era: “So says the L‑rd of Hosts: The fast of the fourth month [the seventeenth of Tammuz], the fast of the fifth month [the ninth of Av], the fast of the seventh month [the third of Tishrei], and the fast of the tenth month [the tenth of Teves] will be to the House of Judah for rejoicing, happiness, and festivals.” (Zechariah 7–8) – from

So if all hell breaks loose this weekend and the Fakeshiach doesn’t show his clownish face by the end of Wednesday the 11th, he’ll show up on Friday, November 17.

It’s all just a paint-by-numbers script. None of this has anything to do with the real “God”/Source. We are ruled by idiot apes.

(6 October 2023) – What is/was planned for October 7-11

From sundown today till sundown on Saturday, we will be in mainstream Jewish Shemini Atzeret (Kabbalist “judgment day”). According to the Faux-Christian prophecy propagandists, this is the Shemini Atzeret of the “Synagogue of Satan,” the rabbinic Jews (the “scribes and Pharisees” rebuked by Jesus) who follow the Babylonian Talmud, the Kabbalah, and a false Jewish calendar.

On Wednesday the 11th, we will be in the Essene Jewish “Great Day” (Essene Shemini Atzeret). According to the same prophecy propagandists, the Essenes were the “good Jews” that followed only the Torah, kept “God’s true calendar” (the Dead Sea Scroll calendar), and accepted Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.

Looking at the two judgment days, I suspect the Kabbalist plan is/was to have the Satanic forces make their big move on mainstream Shemini Atzeret (Friday night/Saturday), then fake “God’s intervention” on Sunday with a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario. This would land the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah and the fake ETs on the “Great Day” of the Essenes, October 11.

In Ronin’s latest note, he points out that the First Balkan War started on October 8 (which is Sunday), and Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 7th include a Trump “Batman” cue on October 8.

~ from earlier today ~

Ronin suspects that the globalists will channel a bit of World War 2 history in scripting the Turkish attack and invasion of Greece. Here is his latest note…


I found out how the globalists are going to start the war!

They’ll have the Turks try to sink frigate “Kimon” in Lorient, and thus reenact both Pearl Harbor, and the Italian sinking of the Greek cruiser “Elli”, that preceded the Italian invasion of Greece in World War II. This is urgent. Details to follow.

In looking into the history of the attack, I found an article about it in the Greek Reporter that offers a tie-in to this Saturday’s anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto and Our Lady of the Rosary feast day

…Here is an excerpt…

Italians Torpedoing Greek Cruiser Elli

In the morning hours of August 15th, the submarine approached the port of Tinos, aiming to torpedo the passenger ships ‘Elsi’ and ‘Esperos’ carrying pilgrims, but the Italians considered them to be carrying troops.

From the perimeter, Aicardi saw the cruiser ‘Elli’ in the port and decided that should be the first target, as he admitted after the war. Cruiser ‘Elli’ had docked on Tinos to participate in the religious celebration.

At 8.25 a.m., just before the procession of the Virgin Mary icon at the port, thousands of people were waiting piously. At that moment, ‘Delfino’ fired three torpedoes at the Greek cruiser. Only one of the three torpedoes hit ‘Elli’ and that was in the engine room and the oil tanks. An hour later, ‘Elli’ sank, despite the crew’s efforts to keep it afloat.

The day of the attack, August 15, was/is the Assumption of Mary, mother of Jesus. And October 7‘s Our Lady of the Rosary is also a holiday of Mary. It’s notable, then, that Lorient has at least two Catholic churches named after Mary: the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption and the Church of Our Lady of Victory, which got its name from a 1746 British raid on Lorient

The raid on Lorient was a British amphibious operation in the region around the town of Lorient from 29 September to 10 October 1746 during the War of the Austrian Succession…

The British troops only arrived in the outskirts of the town on 3 October and negotiations for the town’s surrender were ended by the bombardment of 5–7 October. On 7 October the British force was ordered to retreat. The British engineers’ incompetence and losses to disease and fatigue forced the commander to stop his offensive. At the same time, the French commander originally planned to surrender, believing his enemy to have an overwhelming numerical superiority and knowing the weakness of his defences and the poor training and weaponry of his own troops. He made a surrender offer on 7 October, shortly after the enemy’s departure, and never received a reply. – from Wikipedia

So if the Turkish attack on Lorient does indeed materialize, it could take the form of an amphibious (frogman) attack or a drone bombardment, either of which could be only partially effective. See Ronin’s newest notes for additional information.

(5 October 2023) – Tishrei 21 (Jewish blackjack day) starts at sunset today, so watch for potential overnight strikes “while the West is sleeping” in accordance with the following note. Also, Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 6th are now up, as are two additional notes from Ronin

Before we start looking deeper into October 7, let’s sweep and clear October 6 so we don’t get caught by surprise. October 6 is mainstream Jewish Hoshana Rabbah, which is the last of the Days of Judgment — a day that can be scripted as “Judgment Day” for a god eager to carry out his sentence on the wicked. It’s also the second day of the “Satanic” European leaders’ informal summit, which can be scripted as a target of “God’s Judgment.”

With this in mind, take a look at the mural they placed the G7 + EU leaders in front of as they signed the guest book during their ominous visit to Hiroshima earlier this year…


Now take a look at a potential vector through which “God’s Judgment can be carried out”

There are many meteor showers in October (In The Sky). The October Camelopardalid meteor shower is active 5-6 October, producing its peak rate of meteors around October 6 (In The Sky). Camelopardalis (Wikipedia) meaning “giraffe”, from camel + spotted. We saw camels in Hiroshima (G7 Hiroshima Summit 2023)Gematria: Camelopardalis  = nuclear strike 2x; Camelopardalus = Achilles tendon (Wikipedia) 2x. – from Onnabugeisha’s notes for October 6

A meteor shower is excellent cover for an Artemis strike.

Getting back to the second day of the Granada summit and the Turkish (and Kabbalist) motive to strike it, here is another of Onna’s notes for October 6…

The heads of state and government of the EU-27 will attend the informal meeting of Granada, where they will discuss the pillars of the future Strategic Agenda 2024-2029. (Council of the European UnionDate: 6 October 2023.

6 October is National Isabella Day (National Today) Since the 13th century, the names Isabella and Elizabeth have been interchanged in England.

And it was Queen Isabella of Castile (and Ferdinand II of Aragon) who issued  the Alhambra Decree (Wikipedia) (also known as Spanish: Edicto de Granada), ordering her 150,000 Jewish and Muslim subjects to convert to Christianity or face expulsion in March 1492.

Alhambra (Wikipedia) is a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.

(Isabella is also remembered for financing Columbus’ voyage to the New World.)

(5 October 2023) – There’s a good chance that we’ll get through today in one piece, as the globalists have just dropped an occult rescheduling hint for their far-flung legion of morons…

…from today’s Drudge Report

The numbers are the key. Here’s what my “secret decoder ring” says…

That was the best box of cereal I ever bought…

NOTE: Regarding the planned Turkish attack, Ronin reports that the US “coalition” has shot down a Turkish drone that was targeting “Kurdish terrorists” in Syria. How will the thin-skinned Erdogan be scripted to react to this “affront by NATO”?


They are gathering the “commie” wolves for slaughter in multiple places tomorrow, October 5: 1) in Mexico City, they’ve gathered Antony Blinken and key Homeland Security officials for meetings with their Mexican counterparts; 2) at the White House, they’re gathering key national security advisors and the new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for a meeting with Biden on Ukraine; 3) at San Francisco City Hall, they’re gathering Kamala Harris, Senator Chuck Schumer, and the California Democratic power elite for Dianne Feinstein’s memorial; and 4) in Granada, Spain they’re gathering all the European heads of state/government for a summit. They’re planning to “shower down God’s judgment” upon them all. Other “sin cities,” including New York, are scripted to be hit as well.

~ MORE – 5 October 2023 ~

It’s confirmed: the Kabbalist war clown Zelensky has shown up at the Granada summit, and the Ukrainians just blew up dozens of their own civilians to assist him in his panhandling efforts…

…from France 24 (top) and The Gleaner (bottom)

Let’s see if he merits “God’s judgment” today. Thanks to the reader who told me about the false flag.

(4 October 2023) – Our next stop on the Armageddon Express is 12 midnight Central European Time / 6 PM Washington DC time (either daylight savings time or standard time). Starting from that point, the Kabbalists will have the 24 hours of October 5 to simulate the opening of the Gate to Hell. And as we approach today’s “European Midnight,” the continent’s political leaders are gathering for a two-day summit that starts on the morning of the 5th…

…from SUR in English

So all it would take is one strike to decapitate almost all of the European nations (including Ukraine). According to the script, “How can the Russians refuse such an opportunity?”

To fulfill all of the occult cues for October 4 and 5, the strike would need to happen by 11:59:59 PM of October 4 AoE Time / 1:59:59 PM of October 5 Rome & Granada time.

~ MORE ~

Ronin’s (2) notes for today and Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 5th are now up. Onna’s notes include cues that can be used to script a Turkish attack on Rhodes and NATO (which I’ve highlighted in red) and these interesting bits of info…

> October 5 is 8th Month 21 on the Chinese lunar calendar [lucky number 8 and 21 is blackjack]. And 8th Month 21 is the Chinese anniversary of…

• The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (Wikipedia) was awarded to United States President Barack ObamaAnnouncement: 9 October 2009 = 8th Month 21, year of the Ox

• Mikhail Gorbachev becomes head of Soviet Union (HISTORY) Date: October 1, 1988 = 8th Month 21, year of the Dragon.

• Headquarters of the United Nations (Wikipedia) Completed: October 9, 1952 = 8th Month 21,  year of the Dragon

So watch for the communist “Man of (Nuclear) Peace” to bring “nuclear” war, a coup attempt on Putin, and the fire sacrifice of UN Headquarters.

> They removed House Speaker Kevin Owen McCarthy (Wikipedia) on National Kevin Day (National Today, National Kevin Day). Gematria: National Kevin Day = Janet Louise Yellen 3x

…So watch for the possibility that they’ll remove Blinken from the board too. He’ll be in Mexico City tomorrow for the second day of talks at this INCREDIBLY JUICY TARGET…

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken will travel to Houston and Austin, Texas, as well as Mexico City, Mexico, from October 3-5, 2023

The Secretary will then travel to Mexico to co-chair the 2023 U.S.-Mexico High-Level Security Dialogue. Secretary Blinken, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas, U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, and White House Homeland Security Advisor Dr. Liz Sherwood-Randall, along with other senior U.S. government officials, will join their Mexican counterparts for a bilateral dialogue and stakeholder engagements. Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian A. Nichols, and Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Todd D. Robinson will join Secretary Blinken on this trip. – from

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and other top officials from the Biden administration will visit Mexico on Wednesday to discuss shared security issues, foremost among them trafficking of the synthetic opioid fentanyl, but also arms trafficking and increasing migration.

The latest round of the High-Level Security Dialogue brings together Blinken, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, among others, with their Mexican counterparts for two days of talks. – from WITN

ALERT (3-4 October 2023): Signs of Imminent War Have Appeared…

…from today’s Drudge Report (top), the I, Pet Goat II video (middle), the US presidential line of succession on Wikipedia (bottom)

  1. As I said they would a few days ago, the Kabbalists have now removed the only Republican in the presidential line of succession, which suggests that they intend to remove both Biden and Harris from the board in order to make “commie” Catholic Patty Murray or the Jews Blinken or Yellen the new president.
  2. Markets PLUNGE” were the words that preceded WAR in the I, Pet Goat II predictive programming video. These words appear at the 3:03 mark [33] and are immediately followed by a “Masonic” air strike on a Muslim target, leading to the collapse of the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. Will the target be the Iranian nuclear sites? After the 5 fingers of dust arise from the explosion, the savior/antichrist character burns a butterfly (thyroid gland).
  3. Now that Trump has been gagged from talking about the trial judge’s staffers, he is just one (purposeful) outburst away from being ARRESTED for contempt of court. This would lead to government-initiated “MAGA violence” (the start of a made-for-TV civil war).
  4. At 5 PM Washington DC time today, it will turn midnight in Jerusalem, and Essene Tabernacles Day 1 will begin (the Essene calendar is a solar calendar, so its days may start at midnight or dawn — I haven’t been able to find out which).

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on October 4 and Ronin’s (4) notes today on Turkey vs. Greece are now up. And while we’re on the subject of removing Biden and Harris from the board, it should also be noted that they will take the Presidential Daily Briefing together at the White House tomorrow at the uncharacteristically late time of 2:15 PM (it’s typically a morning thing). Remember that Strong’s 215 is to become inexpressible light,” a scripting cue for a nuclear explosion and/or death. Also remember that Tabernacles/Sukkot is celebrated by spending time in makeshift shelters (sukkot, the plural of sukkah) “like the Hebrews did when they were wandering through the desert to the Promised Land.” With (real or simulated) nuclear fallout spreading in the aftermath of attacks on nuclear sites, look for Israelis and lots of other people to be on the move and sleeping in cars and sukkot during Essene Tabernacles.

~ MORE – 4 October 2023 ~

LOL, how did I miss this one? A reader has pointed out that today’s big test of the Emergency Alert System is scheduled for 2:20 PM, just 5 minutes after Biden and Harris get together at the White House for the Presidential Daily Briefing this afternoon (arch). The reader suggests this is no coincidence. I would agree with that assessment.

The US Senate is in session today (but not the House), so (commie Catholic) Senator Patty Murray could also be removed from the board if the explosion(s) take out both the White House and the Capitol Building. This means the Kabbalists are likely aiming to install America’s first openly Jewish president. Secretary of State Blinken is in Texas today, so it looks like he’ll get the job (unless he too gets hit and we end up with Janet Yellen).

~ MORE ~

Let’s go back again to one of Onnabugeisha’s notes from a few days ago…

• NATO (Wikipedia), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance between 31 member states – 29 European and two North American. Formation (The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C.): 4 April 1949, 894 months ago on 10/4. -> Strong’s Greek: 894. apsinthos: wormwood / Hebrew: 894. Babel: an E. Mediterranean empire and its capital city, Babylon.

Revelation 8:10-11 10 Then the third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star burning like a torch fell from heaven and landed on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. 11 The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter like wormwood oil, and many people died from the bitter waters.

Revelation 18: Babylon is Fallen (in Act One of the “End Times” stageplay, Babylon the Great is the G7/NATO)

The Southern Hemisphere has more water and less land than the Northern Hemisphere, and the overwhelming majority of the world’s nuclear reactors, nuclear weapons facilities, and nuclear warhead targets are in the Northern Hemisphere [North America (US), Europe (EU & Western Russia) and Asia (China)]. So if the globalists hit the Northern Hemisphere with Artemis rods and military attacks on nuclear sites and then fake a nuclear fallout crisis (like they faked COVID), they can easily narrate a third of the world’s freshwater and saltwater as being contaminated. Cleaning all that up sounds like a job for the fake ETs, doesn’t it?

Should they proceed with what is/was planned for today, I would urge you to follow your internal guidance in the time ahead. Your intuitive sense — that still, small, mature voice that always warns you before you do stupid things — comes from Spirit and will guide you. If, instead, you allow yourself to be guided by the Kabbalist-controlled press and your kneejerk emotional reactions, you are dead meat.

(3 October 2023) – Initiate Coc#block: Here’s something that could be made into something much bigger…

…from the Daily Mail

This massive explosion in England on Putin’s Hebrew birthday, 18 Tishrei (which started at sundown last night), is reminiscent of the massive explosions and fires that have been rocking Russia since the Ukraine War started. Will the “lightning started it” explanation turn out to be “a cover story to prevent public panic and a backlash against arming Ukraine”? Will it later be narrated that the explosion was actually an infrastructure attack “by Spetsnaz” or “a Russian submarine-launched cruise missile”? Will England soon directly retaliate for “Russia’s impudent attack on His Majesty King Charles the Turd’s Empire”?

NOTE: Onnabugeisha’s notes on the October 3 occult cues and Ronin’s (4) notes on the European situation are now up. Although I suspect that the Big Event is/was planned for October 4/5, we might see very significant precursor events tomorrow (if they still intend to move forward).

(2 October 2023) – In the critical alert I posted on 30 September, I laid out the reasons why October 4/5 would be the perfect day to start the 150-Day Torment of Humanity. But the globalists also have the option of running shorter torment scenarios…

(2 October 2023) – Starting tomorrow (in Russia), we move much closer to what’s pictured here…

…from the 17 December 2022 update

Now that the globalists have been pushed out of the US government shutdown and their Kamala Harris – Michelle Obama switcheroo, we need to push them out of the war start that is/was planned for this week. Tomorrow is October 3, the day Russia will mobilize their nuclear war defenses under cover of an exercise. It’s also the date when this occult indicator hits…

• NATO (Wikipedia), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance between 31 member states – 29 European and two North American. Formation (The North Atlantic Treaty was signed in Washington, D.C.): 4 April 1949, 894 months ago on 10/3 (inclusive)10/4.-> Strong’s Greek: 894. apsinthos: wormwood / Hebrew: 894.Babel: an E. Mediterranean empire and its capital city, Babylon – from Onnabugeisha’s notes

So October 3 or 4 can be scripted to bring a cataclysm upon NATO, with the most likely time being when the world straddles October 4 and 5.

Also, I did a number study on the pending Serbia-Kosovo war based on Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists in scripting their fake “End Times” drama. And in the very last number I looked at, I found the following:

October 4 will mark exactly 1280 weeks since NATO started bombing the Serbs back on 24 March 1999. And Strong’s 1280 are the words…

  • beriach: a bar [in Hebrew – noun masculine bar (compare Assyrian buru—u, spearshaft, spear, COTGloss)], and
  • diaporeó: to be greatly perplexed or at a loss [in Greek]

These cues could be used in scripting a stunning Artemis rod attack, either as part of the Balkans war start or as a result of it. NATO “peacekeepers” and their air support killing Serbs again can be used as the scripted “final straw” motivation for Putin to unleash a “nuke” attack (the globalists’ Operation Blackjack, which would be carried out by Artemis).

On another note, a reader has asked a question that I’m often asked: “If you are for real and are making a difference, why don’t the globalists just take you out?” In the past I’ve speculated about the possible reasons, but the short answer is “I don’t know.” There are only two possible answers, though: either they don’t want to take me out for some reason, or they can’t take me out for some reason. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me; I’ve got a job to do. And I am very much for real, and you already know that, deep down in your core. Most of the problems people encounter in their lives come from pretending they don’t know what they know and they do know what they don’t.

Since this is a FAQ, I’ll add it to the sidebar later.

NOTE (1 October 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes for Monday the 2nd are now up. They include cues that support the scripting of a Biden (or Trump) health incident. Also noted is that Monday or Tuesday (depending on how you count the days) marks 22 years, 22 days [44, Obama’s number] since the 9/11 Attacks. And after sunset tomorrow come the Jewish anniversaries of Putin’s birth, the start of the Cuban missile crisis, the beginning of Suleiman’s reign, the Battle of Lepanto (Christian vs. Ottoman) AND the Islamic anniversary of the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. See her notes for all the details.

WAR WARNING (1 October 2023): A globalist-scripted European Intifada by Turkey’s Grey Wolves and Turkish military attack on Greece are imminent. Targets include the meetings of European leaders in Granada, Spain on October 5 and 6

…from Anadolu Agency (Turkish, top) and Reuters (bottom)

Ronin is reporting troubling moves in Greece and Turkey towards war, and it ties-in with what I’ve uncovered about the meetings of European leaders in Granada, Spain on Thursday and Friday.

Let’s start with Ronin’s newest notes…

4) Today, the Turkish Parliament was supposed to return from its summer break and start with the ratification process of Sweden’s accession to NATO.

What happened instead is that the globalists caused an alleged “PKK terrorist attack on Turkey”, which caused Erdogan to give an aggressive speech directed against Europe, in which he said that “Those who support directly or indirectly hate crimes against Turks and Muslims are preparing their own end.”

(Here’s some footage from Greek TV, I haven’t found any other yet:

So, Intifada it is. Things are now escalating quickly.

5) The Telegraph reports that the Brits are considering to send warships for “defending commercial vessels from Russian attacks in the Black Sea”:

6) Greece is being prepared for war!

Greece’s alert siren system is going to be tested throughout the country tomorrow, October 2nd, from 11:00 am to 12:55 pm, in particular with respect to *scenarios involving air raids*.

This is all supposedly a part of the “Parmenion 2023 exercise”, but this is the first “exercise” I’ve ever heard about that does anything like that.

(Sorry, no auto-translation available.)

7) Alert!

They’ve rescheduled the “Parmenion exercise” to end on October, 4th (instead of October, 6th)!

We can assume the hostilities to start immediately thereafter.

More to come (on Granada’s history during the Spanish Inquisition, which targeted Muslims and Jews there, and which makes it the perfect place for some “historic payback”)…

…from the Daily Sabah (Turkey)

~ from earlier today ~

Ronin’s notes for today are very important, so I’m posting them here on the home page (I’ll also post them in his notes page a little later)…

The following exposition is important, because it will show the actual, occult, reasons for the upcoming war. Since this is going to get a bit longer, I’ll split it into three parts. This is Part 1, so bear with me.

The globalists are pushing for the upcoming war because they simply need a “demolition event”. They’ll use it to raze both the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the “sinful, apostatized, satanic, Catholic Church”, along with present-day Istanbul, and Turkey, in order to replace them by “God’s original, true, Orthodox Christian Church, centered in Christian Constantinople, with the Hagia Sophia as its holiest place of worship”. Which is meant to complement the upcoming “Messiah/Eastern Roman Emperor” Putin.

This is why the globalists had Erdogan transform the Hagia Sophia into a mosque (and “enrage God” so that Turkey gets “punished”), why their plan unfolds according to the script laid out in the Orthodox Christian “prophecies”, and why they’ve leaked that script to their moles in the Orthodox Church (like Neo the Fraud, a.k.a. Neophytos of Morfou).

In fact, Neo actually gave this plan away, when he told us in passing near the 7:30 mark of the following well-known video

that “the Virgin Mary wants to raise Orthodoxy, and make it a global religion”.

Of course, it’s the globalists and not the “Virgin Mary”, who will do all of the above. Being a fraud, Neo of course also had us focus on the lesser, but more spectacular sounding part of the plan, i.e. the Turkey-Russia war.

This is Part 2 on the occult reasons for the upcoming war.

Let’s see some evidence for what I mentioned in Part 1.

The following article, that was published by “pentapostagma”, the premier Greek speaking globalist propaganda site, quotes an important interview of former Turkish rear admiral Cihat Yaycı:

Yaycı is one of Erdogan’s closest collaborators, being the father of the Turkish “Blue Homeland” (a.k.a. “Lebensraum in the Aegean”) doctrine (

On the global stage, Yaycı plays the role of a Turkish nationalist, but in reality he is (like Erdogan) a globalist agent, so the following is coming directly from the “horse’s mouth”:

“Biden says: ‘I want to see the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.’ This is incompatible with being an ally. Do you know what will come next? A Greek Orthodox Vatican in Istanbul (Constantinople). They state this openly. This is a project that will disrupt the unity and the integrity of Turkey.”

You may now be wondering how a city with (presently) 15 million Muslim inhabitants can become the future center of Christianity. Greek speaking (propagandist) Athanasios Rakovalis, who claims to have gained his knowledge “directly from conversations with the Holy Elder Paisios back in the 1980s”, tells us how:

Since there are no subtitles available for the video, I’ll summarize here the bullet points in English:

– Turkey will be dissolved by the Europeans.

– Both the Kurds, the Armenians, and the Greeks will ultimately get back their ancestral lands.

– The East and the West will be fighting for the control of Istanbul/Constantinople and the Bosporus Strait, with none of them being able to vanquish the other.

– They will therefore need to compromise, and will agree to hand the city over to the Greeks.

– The Greek Army will enter Constantinople without a fight.

– Only the part of the city to the West of the Bosporus will be ceded to Greece, to guarantee freedom of navigation through the Strait.

– The Bosporus will become a free, international sea lane. [Own note: Given the equally “ecumenical” role of the “Orthodox Vatican”, the latter will likely be established in the city’s eastern part, i.e. outside of Greek jurisdiction.]

– Much of the city’s population will have perished in the war, and in a subsequent cholera epidemic.

– A large part of the surviving population will be passed over to the eastern side, and many of them will convert back to Christianity (because their original ancestors were Christians).

This is Part 3 on the occult reasons of the upcoming war.

What Greek propagandist Rakovalis stated in Part 2, is corroborated by the widely circulated “official” version of the “Paisios Prophecy”

but also by another “pentapostagma” propaganda article that speaks of the high risk of a future cholera epidemic in Istanbul:

The cholera epidemic, that Rakovalis is talking about, is likely to break out after the globalists will hit Istanbul with the “long-awaited magnitude 7 or above earthquake”, on which I’ve reported before, and that the “pentapostagma” propagandists do not tire of mentioning:

As the article indicates, this earthquake will also collapse the Hagia Sophia’s present minarets (to leave no Muslim traces in the city), but not the basilica itself (which is of crucial importance to the globalists).

Summarizing, the globalists’ plan is to have the war, an earthquake, and then a cholera epidemic erase Istanbul and its population in order to install there a replacement for the Vatican. In the bigger picture, both the (present-day) Vatican, Istanbul, and Turkey will all simply be “collateral damage” in the globalists’ greater plan to take us through a “religious reset”, or rather a sequence of such resets.


The globalists are trying to spin up the war by October 4the day after Russia’s nationwide nuclear defense drill/mobilization and the day of the big test of America’s Emergency Alert System — because that is Day 1 of Essene Tabernacles (Sukkot). Staging the big World-Changing Event on that day will allow them to simulate the “prophesied” 150-Day Torment of Humanity and land its end on [1,2] Essene Purim (2 March 2024).

Since October 5 was one of the days the ancient Romans opened the pit to the underworld (and October 4 was a fast day in honor of the goddess Ceres, the guardian of that underworld portal), I suspect they’ll stage the torment-starting opening of the “Gate to Hell” when part of the world is in October 4 and part of the world is in October 5. If they choose to “open” it at 12 midnight of October 5 in Rome and Geneva (the location of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider) for instance, it will still be October 4 west of that time zone and October 5 east of it.

Additional information to come on this, including the Kabbalists’ options of staging shorter wars that end during Essene Tabernacles or on the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd.