Ronin’s Notes on Greece vs. Turkey and Other Subjects

Here are Ronin’s (2) notes received on October 7…

1) It seems like we foiled the original globalist plan of a precursor event (their attack on Lorient and/or a Greek island), with which they initially intended to dispose of Erdogan. Apparently, they now switched to their Plan B to achieve this goal, by having Erdogan-steered Hamas invade Israel instead:

As you may remember, Erdogan in his recent speech in front of the Turkish parliament warned anyone “who is directly or indirectly supporting hate crimes against Turks and Muslims”, explicitly including all Muslims. Hence the invasion of Israel will be credited to him, which will force the West to take action against him very soon.

This will bring in the “Turkish Antichrist”, who will then set in motion the “Third Balkan War” with its full-scale invasion of Greece, possibly on October 17th, which is then scripted to grow into WW III.

Hence, it appears, that the globalists are simply trying to salvage their original plan, by going through the detour of Israel to get rid of Erdogan. Conveniently, razing Al-Aqsa mosque in the process, by means of “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm”:

We can expect the Iranians to get involved in all of this, soon, which will then lead to Israel’s attack on Iran, to fulfill Neo the Fraud’s “Mountain-dwelling Elder Prophecy”.

2) The attack on Israel seems to have happened “suddenly over night” to support the narrative that Erdogan is its perpetrator:

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on October 6…

1) Alert!

I found out how the globalists are going to start the war!

They’ll have the Turks try to sink frigate “Kimon” in Lorient, and thus reenact both Pearl Harbor, and the Italian sinking of the Greek cruiser “Elli”, that preceded the Italian invasion of Greece in World War II. This is urgent. Details to follow.

2) The US Navy had the the “USS Gerald R. Ford” sail into the Ionian Sea. They’re preparing for the shooting.

3) Let me explain now, why I suspect that the globalists plan to reenact both the sinking of Greek cruiser “Elli”, and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Look at the first photo of the following “Kathimerini” newspaper article that shows the ship moored in Lorient. It contains a major anomaly (Hint: look at the water):

What you see there is a torpedo net that is spanned around the ship!

This means that the management of Naval Group in Lorient knows that the ship is going to be attacked by Turkish submarines, while being fitted out in their shipyard!

The connection to Greek cruiser Elli, that was torpedoed by the Italians, while also at anchor, is self-evident:

But what does this have to do with Pearl Harbor? Two points:

– Just next to “Kimon”, the shipyard in Lorient is working on “Amiral Ronarc’h”, the first FDI frigate for the French Navy. The globalists could have the Turks attack both ships, to provide the French public with enough “motivation” to join the war against Turkey.

– In the attack on Pearl Harbor, a number of US battleships, like the USS West Virginia, sank within port, but were subsequently raised and repaired by the US, and ultimately participated in decisive action against the Japanese:

Can you see now how “Kimon” will be victorious even in (or despite its scripted) “death”?

Why then did the French shipyard protect the ship with a torpedo net? Because they only want the ship to be damaged, not completely sunk.

The Turks have, of course, seen that the ship is being protected against torpedoes. So they’re likely going to carry out their attack using Harpoon missiles fired from their Type 214 or Type 209 submarine(s):

A Harpoon hits its target above the waterline, and hence cannot sink such a large ship. Modern torpedoes, on the other hand, explode beneath a ship, breaking its keel. They therefore typically result in a total loss.

4) Look at this:

” The First Balkan War
Montenegro began the First Balkan War on 8 October 1912. Before the other allies could join in, the Ottomans declared war on the Balkan League on 17 October. The main theater of the ensuing conflict was Thrace. ”

Sounds familiar, no?

I’ve actually found a video (see the 6:30 min mark) that states that the First Balkan War was declared on *October 5th*, 1912, and that on that day Admiral Kountouriotis “set sail”, and left with the “Georgios Averof” for the Aegean:

Either way we caught them with their pants down. The attack on “Kimon” in Lorient would have been the precursor, and the war would have started anytime between October 5th and 8th culminating in a naval battle.

They may nevertheless try to have the neo-Ottomans declare war on the West on October 17th, which is just one day after the next planned Mitsotakis-Erdogan meeting. But at this point it would be totally ludicrous, and they should simply admit defeat.

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on October 5…

1) The globalists have apparently decided to escalate, by going with the “alternative Dendias speech” that they’ve passed to the press, instead of what Dendias actually said in front of the audience in Lorient.

In his “alternative” speech, i.e. that of a “strongman”, we find the sentence “What is being threatened won’t be demilitarized.” (referring, of course, to the Aegean islands).

This is obviously meant as crypto-Kabbalist Dendias’s answer to a statement of a Turkish newspaper that was published on the day before the launch ceremony, namely that “the Greeks have stopped arming the islands, as a result of the peace talks between the Mitsotakis and Erdogan governments”:

The “pentapostagma” globalist tools are now reporting that the “Turks are reacting confused”:

and they quote them as saying “[Greece] waves an olive branch and points a missile”, referring to the Israeli Spike NLOS missiles that Greece ordered months ago. The above article finally closes by summarizing the Turkish expansionist plans against Greece.

As I’ll explain in a subsequent note, it won’t be merely the (35 km range) Spike NLOS missiles mentioned in the “pentapotagma” article, that the globalists apparently want Greece to point in Turkey’s direction. If I am right in what I am suspecting, then the globalists have some major pain in store for the Turks, possibly even before the scripted Turkey-Russia war.

2) The most important news today is that US forces shot down a Turkish Bayraktar drone, that the Turks were using in their ongoing strikes against the Kurds:

This will be narrated as the US having finally made up their mind to take military action against Erdogan led Turkey, which will lead to them participating in the upcoming sea battle against the “neo-Ottomans”. Just as the British reluctantly agreed to participate in action against the original Ottomans, which then led to the Battle of Navarino:

Note that Erdogan in his speech in front of the Turkish parliament, just after the recent bombing in Ankara, re-emphasized that “we will suddenly come one night”, and that he then lashed out at the Kurds the following night.

Since Erdogan, in the past, has made the same threat against Greece, expect the Turkish attack on Greece during night hours. My personal estimate is that the globalists will probably miss the immediate window of opportunity that extends to October 8th. But I may be wrong, so we need to remain vigilant.

3) Let’s return to the biggest anomaly I’ve found regarding yesterday’s launch of frigate “Kimon”. I’ve split this topic again into two parts. This is Part 1.

Have a close look at the following illustration of how frigate “Kimon” will finally look like:

As you can see, behind its main 76mm gun, the ship will feature the SYLVER vertical missile launch system, which in the ship’s final configuration will consist of two rows of missile cells. Each row consisting of 2 x 8 = 16 cells, resulting in 2 (rows) x 16 (cells) = 32 total launch cells.

This is the so-called FDI HN configuration (HN for Hellenic Navy), also called Standard-2, which differs from the Standard-1 configuration featured by the French ships of the same type, which possess only 16 launch cells:

Why is this important? Because “Kimon” was originally planned to become the second FDI frigate of the *French* Navy. But given the urgency with which Greece needed new ships, the French Navy agreed to have its projected 2nd and 3rd ship of this type be sold by Naval Group to Greece, and to wait a bit longer for its own vessels.

Still, there was a caveat. Naval Group, the manufacturer, allegedly couldn’t accommodate the Greek wishes for heavier armament of these ships, while still complying with the original delivery schedule. Hence, the Greeks supposedly agreed to have the ships be built and delivered in the original French configuration, and to upgrade them by 16 additional launch cells later, i.e. by the year 2027. The Greek parliament actually voted this very decision into law.

4) Now, let’s look at the 5th photo (counting from the bottom) of the following link, that shows the area in front of the actual ship’s bridge (compare this also to the illustration mentioned in Part 1):

As you can clearly see, there are *already* two rows of launch cells installed, even though they’re covered by some protective sheets. Hence, the ship already has 32 launch cells! Thus, they lied to us, and the Greek speaking globalist press actually brazenly continues to do so:

If they lied to us about the number of cells, then they likely also lie about the type of launcher they installed. The ship was allegedly ordered for area air-defense duties with the Sylver A-50 launcher:

This launcher can only accommodate surface-to-air missiles, like the Aster 30 or some smaller types. In the past, there was an outcry in Greece why the ship wasn’t ordered with the (optional) longer A-70 launcher, which would allow it to also launch the SCALP Naval (MdCN) cruise missile with a range of at least 1400 km, the French equivalent to the US Tomahawk:

My suspicion is that the globalists indeed installed the A-70 launcher, and that therefore this ship is a formidable missile platform, able to launch a maximum of 32 long-range cruise missiles at once. “Kimon” could thus be victorious over Turkey, even from a long distance, and even in a non-fully functional (“dead”) state.

Being a French equivalent to the Tomahawk, the MdCN is likely to have also an unannounced nuclear warhead delivery capability. Given the occult symbolism that the Greek speaking globalist media are pushing regarding this ship, which already stinks to high heaven, imagine the sinister globalist scripting options that all of this would enable.

I believe this is the reason why the globalists’ narrative makes such a big fuss regarding this ship, and why crypto-Kabbalist Dendias not only explicitly referred to it in his recent speech in Cyprus, but later went on to state that “A Hellenic Navy without over the horizon capabilities is unfathomable”. Supposedly referring to the ship’s area air-defense and long-term deployment capabilities, but actually meaning something completely different.

Here are Ronin’s (2) notes received on October 4…

1) LOL!

The globalists kept Mitsotakis in Athens and sent, instead, Greek Defense Minister Dendias to attend today’s launch ceremony in Lorient.

The latter spoke only for a few minutes in front of the audience there, mainly emphasizing the bilateral Greek-French defense pact (as preparatory propaganda for what we all know is scripted to happen), and making the ambiguous statement that “A Hellenic Navy without over the horizon capabilities is unfathomable” (I’ll explain the globalists’ intention behind this in an upcoming note).

The observation that is of importance right now is that no new Greek warship acquisitions were announced.

More later.

2) The launch ceremony of Greek frigate “Kimon” today, and the reporting on it by the Greek press contained a number of anomalies. For instance, parts of the press have published statements of Greek Defense Minister Dendias, that have nothing to do with what he said in front of the audience in Lorient.

(Greek speakers may compare the statement that is published here
to what Dendias actually said in the following live video stream of the launch ceremony

It seems that the globalists either changed his speech at the last minute, or that they passed a different speech to the press. I am keeping an eye on the situation.

What will happen next depends on how they’ll make the Turks react to Dendias’s statements. If they’ll go with what he actually said in front of the audience, then I’d consider the danger for something major happening tomorrow in either the Aegean or the Eastern Mediterranean as rather low.

More to come.

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on October 3…

1) I’ll cover today’s political developments later. Let’s have a look first at the military ones. The following article from the Greek press gives us an overview of the ongoing training in the Greek “Parmenion 2023” exercise, which appears to be absolutely massive as “almost the entire fleet” is participating:

Notice how the article mentions a simulated landing of the 32nd Greek Marine Brigade on Chios island. Guess where the home base of the 32nd Marine Brigade is located.

You guessed right: the town of Volos!

As you see, the globalists interfered with their weather warfare not only with Greece’s ability to defend Thrace, but also with its ability to recapture an island on its own. So that Greece will have to ask the French and the EU for help, which will then escalate things towards the scripted large sea battle.

Remember also the names of the other islands mentioned in the article, like Kastelorizo. This may provide a hint where the hostilities are scripted to start.

2) In the meantime, the globalists’ drowning of the Greek base of Stefanovikio near Volos, and its AH-64 Apache and Kiowa Warrior helicopters seems to have been a complete “success”. As the Greek defense (or rather globalist “alternative” media) site reports, a large fraction of these helicopters (that are crucial for Greece’s defense) has drowned, while this is being hidden from the Greek public by the mainstream media:

Here’s the most important paragraph of this article:

“The transport [of the damaged helicopters] from Stefanovikio to the camp in Velestino took place exclusively at night, with the helicopters covered, on tank carriers. Upon arrival at 304 PEV, the helicopters were washed in the factory’s tank washing machine and then moved to the aforementioned areas. There, with the use of brushes and ethyl alcohol (as DP [] is informed the arrival of loads of barrels of ethyl alcohol is continuous), the Air Force technicians, working at a feverish pace, attempt to dry the electronic units, boards, wiring and in general the electrical system of the helicopters to rescue as many as they can.”

Let’s give these poor guys with their hardworking brushes a bit more time, by pushing the globalist morons out of the present window.

3) Returning to Greece’s “Parmenion 2023” military deployment for countering the upcoming Turkish attack, the “pentapostagma” propagandists are reporting today that a part of the Greek reserves has been mobilized, expressing at the same time their feigned astonishment as to why this has happened:

The article is remarkable on a few additional grounds:
– It mentions the “L’Express” video of a Turkish invasion scenario that I’ve reported about previously.
– It emphasizes that “we are very likely to have a possible sharp escalation”.
– And it states that the Orthodox Church has supported the recent test of the alert siren system by simultaneous bell-ringing exercises (of course they did, as they’re privy to the globalists’ plan).

4) While the globalists certainly caused the recent “PKK bombing” in Ankara and the subsequent Turkish strikes on Kurdish positions in Iraq with the prospect of using them as Erdogan led Turkey’s “Gleiwitz moment” (i.e. the beginning of its end), they can still pull back from all of this without embarrassing themselves too much.

They can simply chalk it up as just another terrorist attack and subsequent retaliation operation, as they’ve done it in case of the relatively recent Istanbul bombing.

This won’t be possible for them, though, once they’ll attempt to start the war in Kosovo, let alone the Turkish invasion of Greece. In contrast to any Turkish strikes on the Kurds, both these latter events are an explicit part of the globalists’ “prophecies”. In these cases, they’ll have to go the whole hog, which is extremely risky for them, especially after the amount of exposure their plans have already received.

To convince them to make the right decision, let’s have a look into the occult reasons for the scripted Kosovo war. For the globalists, erasing Istanbul and Turkey, but leaving the (religious and ethnic) traces of former Ottoman rule in the Balkans intact, would only be a partial job. Why? Because their actual plan is to take us through a religious reset.

Hence, we can expect them to proceed with the Muslim populations of the Balkans in exactly the same fashion as they plan to proceed with the Turks: have them start a suicidal war that they can’t win, have them be decimated in that war, have any survivors convert to Christianity, and have the lands that they formerly inhabited be incorporated into the neighboring (Christian) countries.

The Kosovo will thus fall to Serbia, Albania will be split between Serbia and Greece, etc. The latter, in a nutshell, is what the globalists’ “Vatopedinos Prophecy” “predicts”. The above is also the reason why the globalists caused the break-up of Yugoslavia, the subsequent wars there, and why they have kept the resulting conflicts in this region smoldering for years.

So what we need to watch out for are aggressive moves by the politicians that the globalists have installed in Kosovo and Albania, either against the Christian minorities there, or against the neighboring countries. And lo and behold we do not have to look far:

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on October 2…

1) After yesterday’s “Gleiwitz incident” ( in Turkey, the globalists had Erdogan start the war by striking Kurdish positions in Iraq:

At the same time they had Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Dendias, together with the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola, visit Cyprus where Dendias stated that

“For this Greece of the Rafales [i.e. Dassault Rafale fighters], Belharras [FDI frigates], and Vipers [F-16 Block 72 jets] Cyprus isn’t far”:

This is clearly war rhetoric. Also, it looks like the Turks might strike Cyprus first. So the naval battle could take place there. Remember that the Orthodox Church, responsible for the globalists’ “Paisios Prophecy”, never stopped viewing Cyprus as being an integral part of Greece.

2) Why did Greece’s Defense Minister Dendias

state that “For this Greece of the Belharras, Rafales, and Vipers, Cyprus isn’t far”? (I actually slightly misquoted him previously, he mentioned the “Belharra” [i.e. FDI] frigates first.)

Why is he putting so much emphasis on the Greek FDI frigate “Kimon” that was floated just a few days ago, and is still under construction, and thus *dead in the water* with no hope of participating in any present operations (while the other weapons systems he mentions are already operational and deployed)?

The answer is that Kimon was an Athenian admiral who led a Greek naval expedition to Cyprus against the Persians, got killed in action there, but with the Greeks nevertheless prevailing in that sea battle:

He is quoted as having said “Even in death I was victorious”:

The above looks like an occultist hint, that Cyprus (with European help) will be victorious even with present-day (frigate) “Kimon” being dead in the water of the French shipyard in Lorient. So we need to include Cyprus in our watch.

The hostilities are probably planned to break out on October, 5th, and culminate in a great sea battle with the sinking of the Turkish fleet on Lepanto Day, October, 7th, resulting in “Three Days of Fear”.

Alternatively, the globalists could start them a day later, and have them culminate on (Julian) Navarino Day, October, 8th.

3) In our effort to stay ahead of the globalist curve, let’s recall an interesting statement that the Greek propagandist Athanasios Rakovalis made in the video that I referred to earlier. Namely, that it will be the Europeans who will dissolve Turkey.

In fact, in his interview, Rakovalis actually added that they will do this using their “gloved hand”. What does he mean by that, and how could Europe actually do such damage to Turkey?

What Rakovalis is obviously referring to is that (after Erdogan has set in motion the Intifada, and his invasion of Greece/Cyprus) Europe will impose such crushing sanctions on Turkey, that the inflation and earthquake ravaged Turkish state will simply implode economically, and dissolve by itself.

Europe is Turkey’s largest trade partner. Hence it stands to reason that it will be the European economic sanctions that will bring Turkey to its knees. The “gloved hand” metaphor thus refers to Europe’s enormous economic power.

4) Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti is now openly accusing Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and his staff of having carried out the recent provocation that I reported about, because of “a wider plan to annex the north of Kosovo”:

We need to watch out for them starting the war there, according to their “Vatopedinos Prophecy”, and only then have it expand to Greece and/or Cyprus.

Here are Ronin’s (7) notes received on October 1…

1) The following exposition is important, because it will show the actual, occult, reasons for the upcoming war. Since this is going to get a bit longer, I’ll split it into three parts. This is Part 1, so bear with me.

The globalists are pushing for the upcoming war because they simply need a “demolition event”. They’ll use it to raze both the Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica, the “sinful, apostatized, satanic, Catholic Church”, along with present-day Istanbul, and Turkey, in order to replace them by “God’s original, true, Orthodox Christian Church, centered in Christian Constantinople, with the Hagia Sophia as its holiest place of worship”. Which is meant to complement the upcoming “Messiah/Eastern Roman Emperor” Putin.

This is why the globalists had Erdogan transform the Hagia Sophia into a mosque (and “enrage God” so that Turkey gets “punished”), why their plan unfolds according to the script laid out in the Orthodox Christian “prophecies”, and why they’ve leaked that script to their moles in the Orthodox Church (like Neo the Fraud, a.k.a. Neophytos of Morfou).

In fact, Neo actually gave this plan away, when he told us in passing near the 7:30 mark of the following well-known video

that “the Virgin Mary wants to raise Orthodoxy, and make it a global religion”.

Of course, it’s the globalists and not the “Virgin Mary”, who will do all of the above. Being a fraud, Neo of course also had us focus on the lesser, but more spectacular sounding part of the plan, i.e. the Turkey-Russia war.

2) This is Part 2 on the occult reasons for the upcoming war.

Let’s see some evidence for what I mentioned in Part 1.

The following article, that was published by “pentapostagma”, the premier Greek speaking globalist propaganda site, quotes an important interview of former Turkish rear admiral Cihat Yaycı:

Yaycı is one of Erdogan’s closest collaborators, being the father of the Turkish “Blue Homeland” (a.k.a. “Lebensraum in the Aegean”) doctrine (

On the global stage, Yaycı plays the role of a Turkish nationalist, but in reality he is (like Erdogan) a globalist agent, so the following is coming directly from the “horse’s mouth”:

“Biden says: ‘I want to see the establishment of an independent Kurdish state.’ This is incompatible with being an ally. Do you know what will come next? A Greek Orthodox Vatican in Istanbul (Constantinople). They state this openly. This is a project that will disrupt the unity and the integrity of Turkey.”

You may now be wondering how a city with (presently) 15 million Muslim inhabitants can become the future center of Christianity. Greek speaking (propagandist) Athanasios Rakovalis, who claims to have gained his knowledge “directly from conversations with the Holy Elder Paisios back in the 1980s”, tells us how:

Since there are no subtitles available for the video, I’ll summarize here the bullet points in English:

– Turkey will be dissolved by the Europeans.

– Both the Kurds, the Armenians, and the Greeks will ultimately get back their ancestral lands.

– The East and the West will be fighting for the control of Istanbul/Constantinople and the Bosporus Strait, with none of them being able to vanquish the other.

– They will therefore need to compromise, and will agree to hand the city over to the Greeks.

– The Greek Army will enter Constantinople without a fight.

– Only the part of the city to the West of the Bosporus will be ceded to Greece, to guarantee freedom of navigation through the Strait.

– The Bosporus will become a free, international sea lane. [Own note: Given the equally “ecumenical” role of the “Orthodox Vatican”, the latter will likely be established in the city’s eastern part, i.e. outside of Greek jurisdiction.]

– Much of the city’s population will have perished in the war, and in a subsequent cholera epidemic.

– A large part of the surviving population will be passed over to the eastern side, and many of them will convert back to Christianity (because their original ancestors were Christians).

3) This is Part 3 on the occult reasons of the upcoming war.

What Greek propagandist Rakovalis stated in Part 2, is corroborated by the widely circulated “official” version of the “Paisios Prophecy”

but also by another “pentapostagma” propaganda article that speaks of the high risk of a future cholera epidemic in Istanbul:

The cholera epidemic, that Rakovalis is talking about, is likely to break out after the globalists will hit Istanbul with the “long-awaited magnitude 7 or above earthquake”, on which I’ve reported before, and that the “pentapostagma” propagandists do not tire of mentioning:

As the article indicates, this earthquake will also collapse the Hagia Sophia’s present minarets (to leave no Muslim traces in the city), but not the basilica itself (which is of crucial importance to the globalists).

Summarizing, the globalists’ plan is to have the war, an earthquake, and then a cholera epidemic erase Istanbul and its population in order to install there a replacement for the Vatican. In the bigger picture, both the (present-day) Vatican, Istanbul, and Turkey will all simply be “collateral damage” in the globalists’ greater plan to take us through a “religious reset”, or rather a sequence of such resets.

4) Today, the Turkish Parliament was supposed to return from its summer break and start with the ratification process of Sweden’s accession to NATO.

What happened instead is that the globalists caused an alleged “PKK terrorist attack on Turkey”, which caused Erdogan to give an aggressive speech directed against Europe, in which he said that “Those who support directly or indirectly hate crimes against Turks and Muslims are preparing their own end.”

(Here’s some footage from Greek TV, I haven’t found any other yet:

So, Intifada it is. Things are now escalating quickly.

5) The Telegraph reports that the Brits are considering to send warships for “defending commercial vessels from Russian attacks in the Black Sea”:

6) Greece is being prepared for war!

Greece’s alert siren system is going to be tested throughout the country tomorrow, October 2nd, from 11:00 am to 12:55 pm, in particular with respect to *scenarios involving air raids*.

This is all supposedly a part of the “Parmenion 2023 exercise”, but this is the first “exercise” I’ve ever heard about that does anything like that.

(Sorry, no auto-translation available.)

7) Alert!

They’ve rescheduled the “Parmenion exercise” to end on October, 4th (instead of October, 6th)!

We can assume the hostilities to start immediately thereafter.

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on September 30…

1) Let’s start today with what the globalists have in mind for Armenia. Behold these two globalist (Grey) Wolves in sheep’s clothing:

Now that they’ve achieved the globalist objective to drive tens of thousands of Armenians from their homes in Nagorno Karabakh, they are about to realize the next step in the globalists’ plan, and do the same in Armenia proper. By “opening a corridor” ( through southern Armenia with which they plan “to connect Turkey to Azerbaijan”. Or in other words, by grabbing southern Armenia.

The purpose of this insanity is to support another insane globalist narrative, namely the creation of the “Great Turan” ( by the Turks, through which they will attempt to remove the Turkic republics of the former Soviet Union from Russian influence, to establish a new order of Turkic states in Asia, under Turkish lead.

This will provide the future, equally pseudo-scientific, “geopolitical” reason as to why the Russians “had to get rid of Turkey by all means”. “All”, here, includes nuclear means, according to Neo the Fraud (Neophytos of Morfou). More on the globalists’ pseudo-science of “geopolitics” (with which they attempt to conceal their true, occult, motives) later.

2) Returning to the Greece vs. Turkey situation, we’ll have to watch out for two additional dangerous dates in October:

October, 28th: Anniversary of the (attempted) 1940 Italian Invasion of Greece during WW II.
October, 29th: The centennial anniversary of the formation of the modern Turkish state.

3) From

“On 28 October, Mussolini issued an ultimatum to Greece demanding the cession of Greek territory, which the Prime Minister of Greece, Ioannis Metaxas, rejected.”

So will Erdogan also issue an ultimatum to Greece on October 28th, demanding the cession of Greek islands, to (supposedly) realize his dream of the “Blue Homeland”, in time for Turkey’s 100th anniversary on October 29th?

Or will Turkey rather not get to celebrate this birthday, because it will be called by Erdogan to attend this funeral beforehand:—a-meeting-of-the-turkish-security-council-and-erdogan-to-washington–your-support-for-greece-will-open-the-door-to-an-arms-race.HkTtdEffi.html

Note the red and white flowers on the “coffin”, and the clock which signals that “time is up”. And here’s the same brazen globalist mocking of the Turkish public, from the official page of the Turkish Security Council:

Let’s see how long they’ll keep that photo up there.

4) I originally intended to expose the following after the closing of this year’s “New Battle of Navarino” window. But they are coming out with it now, so here we go. What do this

and this

have in common? The ship in the first link above is Greece’s first new FDI frigate “Kimon” which has now been floated, but is still under construction. Whereas the ship in the second link is the legendary “Georgios Averof”, which during the First Balkan War single-handedly defeated the entire Ottoman fleet, and *liberated many Greek islands from Ottoman rule*.

The resemblance of both ships, with their unusual inverted bows, is astonishing, so you can probably guess where all of this is heading. You can also assume that the globalists’ sale of new ships with such a highly unusual feature to Greece (just before the start of a major war, as it was the case back in 1911), is no coincidence. Especially, since the actual sales contract *was signed on the very deck of the “Georgios Averof” itself* in March of 2022:

The (properly translated) first lines of the following preparatory propaganda piece

are therefore quite telling (emphasis mine):

“Seventy-one years after the 1952 decommissioning of the Battleship of Victory, Admiral Kountouriotis’s living legend of the naval battles of the 20th century [meant is the “Georgios Averof”], a main warship with an inverted bow *is preparing to revive again the glorious pages [of history] written by our navy*.

Certainly, no one wishes for *Greece to live through war operations similar to those of the past* and the digital Belh@rra [FDI] frigates are tools of deterrence …”

Reading between the lines, this insinuates that the Turks will invade some Greek island(s), and frigate “Kimon” will help liberate them (and, according to the developing globalist narrative, save their population from the “Nagorno type plans” of the Turks).

Frigate “Kimon” is planned to enter Greek service in the beginning of 2025, but the French shipyard in Lorient is making fast progress, and should be able to deliver her to the Hellenic Navy in time for next year’s “Battle of Navarino” globalist window, i.e. October of 2024.

Which begs the question whether the globalists’ propaganda machine attempts to distract us away from what they’ve planned for this year.

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on September 29…

1) You might be wondering now why the globalists want the Turks to successfully invade mainland Greece from Thrace, if their actual, long-term goal is to wipe Turkey from the map. The answer has again to do with the globalists’ “Paisios Prophecy”.

The Turks will have to use the 1st Corp of their 1st Army to carry out the invasion of Greece. This is the army that is tasked with the defense of Istanbul and the Straits:

The globalist goal seems to be to have these forces be occupied, and ultimately trapped, in mainland Greece, so that the Russians will have a much easier job occupying Istanbul and the Straits.

The trapped Turkish army will ultimately be annihilated by Greek strikes from the West and Russian strikes from the East, forcing the Turks to relocate and reassign the forces with which they are presently occupying Cyprus (and Syria), for the defense of Istanbul and the Straits, as stated by the “Paisisos Prophecy”.

Which will lead to the “liberation of Cyprus without a war” that Neo the Fraud is talking about. Whether this scenario will all play out simultaneously, or whether the globalists will choose to carry out the naval battle first (as a precursor, to dispose of Erdogan), and to only then escalate towards the land war remains to be seen.

2) Things are getting real now. The Swedes are allegedly deploying their army to their streets in order to counter “Turkish and other gangs”:

In reality, this will serve to suppress the “Intifada within Europe” that Erdogan and his Grey Wolves will set in motion in all European countries that have absorbed larger numbers of Muslim refugees, or have sizeable Turkish communities.

You can be absolutely sure that many Turks, Pakistanis, and Azeris who are living abroad will not take the globalists’ annihilation of Turkey too well. The globalists, of course, know this, and they have therefore taken care to make themselves the leaders of any such Muslim uprising. Which they will then suppress by bringing their right-wingers, like Le Pen, into power in Europe in order to restore order.

3) The French shipyard (props to them) apparently had enough of the globalists’ silly numerology games, and has already floated the first Greek FDI frigate (to make enough room in the construction building for the subsequent ships of this type), despite the official ceremony having been (re-)scheduled for October 4th:

We thus wait and see, whether Mitsotakis will show up there on the 4th.

4) I am seeing some indications that we are significantly affecting the globalists’ war propaganda effort in Greece. I’ll comment on this in more detail, once the present danger period is over.

Here are Ronin’s (4) notes received on September 28…

1) The globalists are relentless in hitting Greece with engineered “natural” disasters, so let’s summarize (in chronological order) what they did over the past months, in order to arrive at some conclusions:

– During the summer they had their agents cause huge wildfires. Almost the entirety of Greece was burned, but three regions stood particularly out:

The *island of Rhodes* in the south-east Aegean, *the Evros region in Thrace* which marks Greece’s north-eastern border to Turkey, and the *plain of Thessaly* (especially around the town of Volos) where the wildfires ended with the explosion of an ammunition depot of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF):

– A few weeks ago, the globalists then hit the plain of Thessaly with enormous rainfalls using an engineered thunderstorm called “Daniel”, that drowned the town of Volos, and much of the region.

– Yesterday, they hit the plain of Thessaly with another storm, this time called “Elias”, to cause even more “biblical” damage. The town of Volos drowned again.

So why are they doing this, and what is so special about the town of Volos? The answer is that all of these actions are globalist preparations for the Turkish invasion.

The wildfires served to get rid of as much vegetation as possible in the “theatres of operation” where the globalists plan the Turks to invade. This will make it more difficult for the Greeks to hide their armored vehicles, which will make them vulnerable to Turkish drone strikes.

Hence, we can expect the Turks not only to carry out landing operations in the Aegean, but at some point to *invade the Greek mainland* from Thrace as well. And lo and behold, the following “Pentapostagma” article

explicitly states that the “Parmenion 2023 exercise” (read war deployment) that I mentioned earlier, will take part not only in the south-east Aegean but also in Thrace.

Which brings us to the plain of Thessaly and the town of Volos. This plain houses three military bases that are absolutely crucial for repelling a Turkish attack on Thrace and the rest of mainland Greece (all of the following is based on unclassified, publicly available information):

– Greece’s largest air base, Nea Anchialos, near the town of Volos (home to three HAF F-16 squadrons)
– The large air base near the town of Larissa (housing HAF F-16s, and USAF Reaper drones), and
– The base of Stefanovikio near Volos, where AH-64 Apache and Kiowa Warrior helicopters were stationed.

I say “were” because the latter base had to be given up, and the helicopters relocated to the other two bases, since the globalists did this:

Thus Greece is already left without the helicopter base it needs to support aerial anti-tank missions, once the Turkish tanks will be rolling through Thrace. And now the globalists are attempting to fully take out also the other two air bases that are tasked with defending northern Greece, so that the Greek infantry and armored units will have insufficient air cover during the war.

Some of the globalists “alternative” media meanwhile narrate that the Greek government itself caused the aforementioned ammunition depot explosion at Nea Anchialos during the wildfires, because earlier they had transferred the munition stored in this depot to the Evil Clown in Ukraine, and thus needed to erase the evidence of their treason.

This will serve to get rid of Mitsotakis shortly before the war starts, and “leave Greece without a government” to fulfill with the globalist “prophecies”. So look out for this.

2) The Greek media are reporting that the Greek armed forces are having their hands full, committing significant resources (like special operation forces!) to the rescue and relief operations in the flooded areas of Thessaly:

What a great invitation for the Turks! The next days will be critical.

Also, be advised that the globalists (being cultists) might weave a “supernatural” element into what is to come, to make it appear that “Greece was saved by God himself”.

The globalists possess, for instance, (conventional) technology with which they can sink the entire Turkish invasion fleet within mere minutes, if they so wish. They could thus make the sinking appear like “an act of God”, as their “Paisios Prophecy” seems to insinuate. I’ll cover the details later, if necessary.

3) The Israelis have allegedly thwarted “an Iranian plot to assassinate National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir”:

Something like this was to be expected, given that, according to the “Mountain-dwelling Elder Prophecy” that was narrated by Neo the Fraud, the fall of Erdogan (which appears to be pretty much imminent) and the “Israeli strike of Iran’s nuclear program” should roughly coincide.

4) Looking a bit ahead, the Greek press reports that Mitsotakis still plans to attend the launch ceremony of Greece’s first FDI frigate on October 4th, in Lorient, France (hint: in Greek, “P.N.” is used as an abbreviation for the Hellenic Navy):

The above article makes also explicit mention of the 1571 Battle of Lepanto (“Battle of Nafpaktos”, in Greek) to remind us of the importance of naval power. Indications are that they’ll go ahead with announcing the acquisition of the new Greek corvettes, to narrate that “this finally provoked the Turkish attack”.

Here are Ronin’s (2) notes received on September 27…

1) Since today has been rather quiet, let’s use this opportunity to look into the background of why the gutting of both the Turkish Air Force (TuAF) and Navy are so important for the globalists.

In fact, they are so important, that the globalists had Erdogan fabricate the 2016 “coup” against himself, in order to subsequently carry out mass purges and incarcerations of TuAF pilots, which has left the TuAF with, at best, only 65% of the pilots it needs to man its fighter jets:

This move already almost halved the strength of the TuAF. But Erdogan then went a step further, and ordered the S-400 air defense system from Russia (to “close Turkey’s air defense gap”, which he, of course, created himself).

This led to the expulsion of Turkey from the F-35 program and the subsequent (unofficial) weapons embargo of the US against Turkey (via CAATSA sanctions). The TuAF, which had the prospect of acquiring more than 100 F-35s and become the most formidable air force in the region, is now even facing a severe lack of spare parts for its existing F-16 fleet. And soon, the Turkish Navy will also be “downsized” in the upcoming “New Battle of Navarino”.

The attrition, that Erdogan is subjecting the Turkish armed forces to, serves to support the globalists’ narrative for the upcoming Turkey-Russia war. As Neo the Fraud stated, Erdogan’s successor(s) will “attempt to fix his mistakes” (i.e. his betrayal of the West) and will “close the Bosporus Straits” at some point, which will lead to war with Russia. According to the globalist “Paisios Prophecy”

the Russians will therefore “descend to the Bosporus” (i.e. occupy the Straits and Istanbul). There’s no way the anemic Russian Black Sea fleet, consisting in its main part of a few corvettes and frigates,

could pull off such a feat against a large functional navy that is, moreover, supported by a functional, western equipped, air force, the size of Turkey’s. That’s why the globalists installed Erdogan in Turkey. He is tasked with playing the role of Turkey’s undertaker.

2) The globalists’ media tools in Greece are now starting to circulate the narrative that the removal of Robert Menendez from the Chair of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, has been carried out by the CIA, and was instigated by the “Turkish and Qatari Lobbies in collaboration with the Military Industrial Complex” (suggesting that the latter tries to accomplish, in this way, the sale of its products to the Turks).

They’ve also started telegraphing “Turkish Nagorno type plans for the Aegean”, meaning occupation of Greek islands and ethnic cleansing of their population:

Here are Ronin’s (3) notes received on September 26…

1) With the (temporary) removal of Senator Robert Menendez from the stage (more precisely the “Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee”), the globalists have now opened their hand.

As I’ve mentioned before, Menendez is the staunchest supporter of Cyprus, Greece, and Armenia in Congress. With his removal, the globalists have now given the go to their Azeri and Turkish lackeys, to start with the invasion of Greece, and the ethnic cleansing in the Caucasus, which as the globalists’ premier geopolitical propagandist Michael Rubin puts it, has “greenlit World War III”:

Now we can expect Erdogan to have the Turkish parliament ratify Sweden’s accession to NATO, in order for him to get the new F-16 Block 70 jets that he allegedly covets so much:

To further demonstrate “Turkey’s allegiance to the West”, I expect that part of this F-16 deal will be Turkey’s transfer of its old F-16 Block 30 jets to the Evil Clown in Ukraine.

Erdogan will agree to that, because these fighters are allegedly “too old to be of use in modern operations anyway”. But in reality, he’ll undermine the planned Turkish “ÖZGÜR” modernization program for these jets:

Thus, in reality, Erdogan will be continuing with his gutting of the Turkish Air Force, that he so expertly executed over the last seven years. Any new F-16 jets as replacements will take years to arrive in Turkey, if they arrive at all, given the sanctions that Turkey will face once it invades Greece. The globalist plan is to have Turkey be long gone before the arrival of any such jets, by having Turkey be wiped from the map by the “infuriated, betrayed Russians”.

2) Yesterday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense published a video of the recent “KARARLILIK 2023” (“Determination 2023”) exercise that took place between September 18th and 22nd (the mobilization of the Turkish fleet that I’ve reported about).

Guess what they trained? Here’s the answer:

Such suicidal “Kararlilik” of the Turkish Navy brass hats, to mobilize almost their entire fleet in order for it to be sunk in the upcoming “New Battle of Navarino/Three Days of Fear Scenario” (or “The Great Aegean Turkey Shoot”, as I personally call it – pun intended), is astonishingly impressive, indeed.

3) In the relatively unlikely event that the globalists will proceed with the Turkish invasion tomorrow, September 27th, let’s recall the bullet points of the “Hypothetical Turkish Invasion Scenario of Two Greek Islands” video

that was published by the French magazine L’Express about a month ago:

– The Turks invade and occupy the (uninhabited) Greek island(s) of Imia, using their “TCG Anadolu” carrier and a naval force consisting of two frigates and a submarine.

– The Greeks react immediately, but suffer heavy losses, and cannot repel the Turks on their own.

– The French deploy a “Mistral” class carrier/landing ship along with two nuclear subs to the region.

– After *three days of fighting* and hundreds of dead soldiers on both sides, the islands are reconquered, and the Turks are driven back to Turkey.

– *Erdogan resigns* due to the humiliating military defeat.

So much for the globalists’ preparatory propaganda. In reality, this thing will be much more fierce, and on a larger scale (think “Iwo Jima in the Aegean”).

The actual goal of the globalists is to eliminate the entirety of the Turkish fleet, in order to artificially fulfill their “prophecies” in support of their long-term plans for the region. The sinking of almost the entirety of the Turkish Navy (with thousands, not hundreds) of sailors is such a drastic act, that they’ll have to make the Turks invade and occupy a large inhabited island (probably Rhodes) in order to justify it.

Otherwise, I expect them to play it out pretty much as they said. These will likely be the “Three Days of Fear” that Neo the Fraud is talking about. This should also be the long-awaited precursor event with which the globalists will dispose of Erdogan, in order to start their actual (bigger) war.

Here are Ronin’s (8) notes received on September 25 (ALERT included)…

1) Yesterday, September 24th, was the anniversary of the Battle of Salamis (which saved western civilization from conquest by an eastern dictatorial power).

If the globalists had any plans to do the Turkish invasion of a Greek island and the sinking of the Turkish fleet on this day, they obviously held back. It’s pretty clear now that they’ll try to realize their plans on the Battle of Navarino anniversary, which fits their “prophecy” narrative much better. October will be dangerous.

2) I should add that wikipedia has the Battle of Salamis listed to have occurred on either September 26th or 27th, 480 BC:

The Greek festivities to commemorate the battle took place yesterday, but it seems that there’s some sort of ambiguity regarding the actual date. So we might not be out of the woods just yet.

3) Summarizing this, with an eye also on October, here are the immediate danger dates for the scripted sea battle:

September, 26th or 27th: Battle of Salamis
October, 7th: Battle of Lepanto
October, 8th (Julian) or 20th (Gregorian): Battle of Navarino

I think it’s pretty clear from this, that the recent mobilization of the Turkish fleet is no coincidence.

4) Alert!

Greece has reserved a region in the Southeast Aegean that includes the islands of *Rhodes, Kastellorizo, and Karpathos* for its “Parmenion” military exercise, whereas the Turks are “proceeding with a mobilization exercise”:

By “pure coincidence” Greece has recently declared Full Operational Capability for the 332nd squadron of the HAF’s 114th Fighter Wing, with its 18 Rafale fighter jets, that are going to partake in that “Parmenion” exericse. The 332nd is the only squadron of the HAF that is specifically tasked with anti-ship missions, since the Rafales are the *only* jets of the HAF that command over specific anti-ship weaponry (French Exocet missiles).

So the globalists are preparing the “theatre of operations” for the scripted naval battle in exactly the same region I’ve warned about.

5) I’ve found out that the Greek “Parmenion 2023” exercise is planned to take place from September 30th to October 6th:

So the Turkish attack could occur anytime now, especially before or after the exercise.

6) So the evil clown has received his first Abrams tanks “months ahead of schedule”:

Yeah, it’s quite obvious that they are trying to go for it, within this window of opportunity. But they will fail, … again.

7) Here’s another indication that they are trying to go for it in concert with the upcoming “exercises” (mobilization) of the armed forces on both sides.

The launch of Greece’s first out of a total of three new FDI frigates has been rescheduled by its manufacturer, Naval Group, to take place on October, 4th:

The original date was planned for the end of September:

Now, this might seem innocuous, unless one adds that Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis himself is expected to be present in Lorient, France, for the launch ceremony, and hence the rescheduling of such an important date is no small thing.

During the ceremony, I expect Mitsotakis to announce the resurgence of Greece’s program for four new corvettes, and the selection of Naval Group as their manufacturer. This will serve to send a message of defiance to the Turks, at a time when both countries are allegedly in “negotiations”, in order to establish better relations.

As the first link indicates, the globalists tried to do this already last year, in order to get the war started. They had Mitsotakis announce that he would visit Naval Group in Lorient, but then they gave up on it and canceled his visit, seemingly along with the entire program for new corvettes. Due to this, the latter program became an uttermost travesty, for which the Greek government received a lot of flak from the press.

Now, they are going to try the same thing again, in order to give the Turks a reason to “attack now, before they are going to receive all these modern warships, and all the other new weapons systems that they’ve ordered”.

8) It seems like the globalists, before starting the Greek-Turkish showdown, will attempt to stay true to their so-called “Vatopedinos Prophecy”, which (among other things) states that WW III will be set in motion in a small Balkan country. This is why they caused the following provocation in Kosovo:

[This post was created on 25 September 2023, but I’ve backdated it so it won’t change the home page.]