Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – September Updates

UN General Assembly Overwatch

Be advised that the globalists are currently aiming to trigger the Second 9/11 in the September 20-25 timeframe, with a fallback date of September 28. Their Target Package 1 are now in New York City, so we have entered the Event Window. Presidents Moon of Korea, Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Erdogan of Turkey arrived on Sunday the 19th. And according to Grandpa Touchy’s official schedule, Biden entered Manhattan at around 5:45 PM local time today (the 20th). The most dangerous time periods during this Event Window are Tuesday morning, Wednesday afternoon/evening, and Friday. The Window runs through Saturday.

(18-30 September 2021) – Specific New York / Washington Target Packages and Attack Dates for Nuclear 9/11

Today’s “MAGA” rally in Washington fizzled, which indicates that either the mischief was canceled or the whole event was a head-fake and an excuse to increase security in Washington — such as putting the fence around the Capitol Building — prior to the event that will truly set off the patriots: the announcement of OSHA’s new Emergency Temporary Standard requiring large employers to mandate shots in arms or swabs up the nose for every employee.

Ever since Biden’s last COVID address, employers have been planning what they’re going to do once OSHA announces the new requirement. And those who will go along with it can be expected to turn around and immediately notify their employees that they must comply. This is the moment when both the government and the employers will “get in people’s faces” and threaten to ruin their lives. And it is the moment we can expect immediate verbal and physical confrontations in companies all over the country, with some employees going postal.

Amongst those employees who get violent, we can expect some to use firearms, and we can also expect government MKs to do workplace mass shootings (with “assault rifles”) and bombings. This “national outbreak of antivaxer violence” will precede Operation Blackjack by a day or two, thus helping the Harris administration blame the big attacks on the antivaxers, Trumpers and “Mark of the Beast”-avoiding Christians.

After poring over the details of the current setup for Operation Blackjack, I’ve identified two target packages and up to five specific strike dates…

  1. The Biden+UN Target Package in New York, with September 20 or 21 as the strike date, and
  2. the Quad Target Package in Washington, DC, with September 23, 24, or 25(?) as the strike date.

If they go for the first target package, we can expect the OSHA announcement on Sunday or Monday. And if they go for the second target package, Biden could announce it during his UN General Debate speech on the 21st or his virtual UN COVID Summit on the 22nd. Regardless of which package is chosen, both cities will likely get hit on the strike date.

In the next section, I’ll go into some detail on the target packages and strike dates, including nailing down whether or not the 25th is one of them.

It should also be noted that these dates can change due to the ongoing ruckus between the City of New York and the UN over the vaccination status of the UN General Assembly attendees. This dispute is a wildcard the globalists can play if they want to delay or relocate certain speeches to reconfigure the target packages.

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After doing some more digging, I’ve uncovered the possibility that both target packages (which I wrote about in today’s entry) could overlap on September 22. So a strike that day in New York, Washington, and Pearl Harbor could take out the lot of them. More details in the coming addition to today’s entry…

~ MORE – 19 September 2021 ~

Let’s begin today by looking at Target Package 1. Besides destroying the current UN, an attack on UN Headquarters would be aimed at taking out four specific leaders (all of whom speak at the UN on the morning of the 21st)…

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro will be targeted because, according to the script, he is a Nazionist who has been locked in a long battle with Brazil’s leftists/communists. The “commies” have tried to use the COVID psyop to take him down, and there is a growing suspicion that he’ll soon counterattack with a military coup to remove them from the government. But he can’t do that if he gets blown up in New York.

“US President” Joe Biden will be targeted because, according to the script, he is a Catholic Nazionist who has been compromised by “communist” Barack Obama and the Chinese Communist Party. Using the dirt they have on him and his son to sway his actions, the commies supposedly used Biden as a frontman to get “commie” drone Kamala Harris into the vice presidency. And now they supposedly want to blow him up so she can take the presidency.

South Korean President Moon Jae In will be targeted because, according to the script, he has incurred the wrath of the communist North Korean leadership, especially Kim Jong Un’s sister. So if Moon gets blown up in New York, it will represent the “complete destruction” of bilateral relations between North and South Korea she has threatened.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be targeted because the larger globalist script calls for the Muslim Antichrist to come forward after his death. This Antichrist will likely be a Yildirim (Benali or Ahmet) or Erdogan’s own son-in-law Berat Albayrak (who did business with ISIS and “stood in the Muslim holy place,” the Kaaba, alongside Erdogan).

According to press reports…

  1. Bolsonaro will arrive in New York on the 19th and depart after his speech on the 21st. But if the New York Police prevent his entry into the UN on Tuesday (over his non-vaxed status), his speech might be delayed until the UN can work out a compromise. This could keep him in New York through the 22nd.
  2. Biden will arrive in New York City on the 20th and speak on the 21st. He will then return to the White House to hold his virtual COVID Summit on the 22nd.
  3. Moon will arrive in New York City on the 19th or 20th and speak on the 21st. He will then travel to Pearl Harbor in Hawaii for a military ceremony on the 22nd. Hawaii time is six hours behind New York City time, so it will be evening in New York by the time the Pearl Harbor ceremony ends.
  4. Erdogan will be in New York City from the 19th through the 22nd.

Since all four targeted leaders will be in New York in the evening of the 20th and the morning of the 21st, the strike could happen either day. There is also a chance — if Bolsonaro stays an extra day — that all four will still be in the US on the 22nd. Bolsonaro and Erdogan would be in New York (a targeted city), Biden will be in Washington, DC (a targeted city), and Moon will be at Pearl Harbor (a first-strike target of the Chinese or North Koreans in any war with America).

Next we’ll look at Target Package 2 in Washington (Biden, Morrison, Suga, and Modi, who may arrive in Washington on the 22nd in advance of their bilateral meetings on the 23rd and the Quad Leaders’ Summit on the 24th). This means that all 7 targeted leaders could be in New York, Washington, and Pearl Harbor at the same time on the 22nd.

~ MORE – 20 September 2021 ~

Now let’s look at Target Package 2. Besides destroying America’s seat of national governance, an attack on Washington, DC would be aimed at taking out four specific leaders: the Quad

…from the South China Morning Post. Here is an excerpt from a different article that was published after the Quad’s virtual summit earlier this year…

The major Indo-Pacific powers of Australia, India, Japan and the United States concluded on Friday the first-ever summit of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue, better known as “Quad.”

The 90-minute event, conducted virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions, paves the way for a de facto “Asian NATO” amid growing concern over China’s increasingly assertive behavior in recent years.

US President Joe Biden, who strongly lobbied for the summit early in his term, was joined by his counterparts Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The summit promised an intensified degree of strategic cooperation among the four participants, cutting across traditional and non-traditional security realms. – from the Asia Times

With the September 24 Quad Summit in mind, ask yourself a few questions…

If you were the Chinese Communist Party leadership and you wanted to make a move — like seizing Taiwan — that would be militarily opposed by the Quad, wouldn’t you want to decapitate the Quad’s leadership at the very outset of the campaign?

If you were the Chinese Communist Party leadership and you wanted the US and Russia to destroy each other so China can reign supreme in the world, wouldn’t you make your decapitation strike look like Russia did it?

If you were the Chinese Communist Party leadership and you wanted to complete your takeover of the United States, wouldn’t you make your decapitation strike look like your political enemies in the US (the patriots, Trumpers, antivaxers, and Christians) assisted Russia in doing it?

If you were the Chinese Communist Party leadership and your financial system was facing its “Lehman Moment,” wouldn’t you do your decapitation strike this week so the global financial system will collapse from the New York side and China won’t be blamed?

This is how the globalist scriptwriters are setting up China and the “Obama-led Communist Deep State” to be blamed for the Big Event. So after the Event takes place and “President” Kamala Harris blames the communists’ enemies and starts a reign of terror against them, the Nazionists will sweep in like saviors, defeat the commies, and blame it all on Obama, Xi, the CCP, and worldwide communism. They’ll then start their own mass arrests of the commies, but they won’t stop with just them

After lunch we’ll look at the strike dates for Target Package 2, which span from the afternoon/evening of the 22nd through the 24th (and possibly the 25th? – I still need to check that). But remember: timing the strike in the afternoon/evening of the 22nd (US East Coast time) may provide the opportunity to kill both target packages at the same time. 22 is a “master number,” and the 22nd is the vesica piscis of the two strike windows, which makes that day a particularly attractive Big Event Day to the occultish globalists.

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According to press reports…

  1. Biden will be in Washington, DC on the 22nd holding his virtual COVID Summit. And he’ll remain at the White House for the Quad Summit on the 24th.
  2. Morrison will arrive in Washington on the 21st and remain through the 24th.
  3. Suga will arrive in Washington on the 23rd and remain through the 26th.
  4. Modi will arrive in Washington on the 23rd and remain through the Quad meetings on the 24th. He’ll then travel on to New York to give his UN speech on the 25th.

But there have been some recent additions to the Quad meeting that may compel Suga and Modi to come to Washington earlier than planned, on the 22nd

PM Modi will hold separate bilateral meetings with Japan and Australia on September 23. On September 24, he will hold first bilateral dialogue with US Vice President Kamala Harris and one in physical capacity with President Joe Biden. This will be followed by the much-awaited Quad summit. – from the Hindustan Times

To ensure that everyone is on-time and rested for their bilateral meetings on the 23rd, logic suggests that Suga and Modi will fly in on the 22nd. And if the globalists want to stage the termination of both target packages that day, the two leaders will arrive in New York before Korean President Moon departs from Pearl Harbor.

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It is important to note that the downward move in today’s markets caused by the prospect of “China’s Lehman Moment” is entirely contrived. China could bail out Evergrande if they wished to, but they haven’t so far because the globalists have instructed them not to.

The reason they’re being told not to is to create a scripted motivation for China to false-flag an attack on New York: destroying New York would not only kill important CCP enemies at the UN, it would also cause a global financial collapse to radiate out of Wall Street instead of China, thus allowing the CCP to save face.

Also note that if they do announce a full bailout for Evergrande, it likely means the attacks this week won’t go forward.

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Here’s an interesting bit of information from Nikkei Asia: Evergrande’s first technical (but not formal) default will come on September 23

A series of semiannual coupon payments on Evergrande’s outstanding publicly traded dollar bonds begins to come due on Sept. 23, according to Refinitiv data compiled by Nikkei Asia.

Fitch Ratings, which last week warned that “a default of some kind appears probable,” estimates the company has $129 million in coupon payments due by Sept. 30 and $850 million by Dec. 31. Another six payments come due in January, according to Refinitiv data.

The bond’s offering documents give the company a month from the coupon date to make up the payment before a default is formally triggered, according to Samuel Hui, director of Asia Pacific corporates at Fitch…

Evergrande has yet to default on any bonds, but suppliers and contractors have complained of unpaid bills, leading some to suspend construction at new projects while others have received properties as payment.

Here’s the deal about Evergrande’s first default on the 23rd: nobody will be talking about it if New York City is blown up before business opens that day in China. So if Nuclear 9/11 happens in New York at 6 PM local time on the 22nd, it will be only 6 AM of the 23rd in China. The global markets will already be in limit-down freefall before Evergrande does anything on the 23rd.

WARNING (21 September 2021): The globalists seem to be shifting the strike date from the 22nd to the 24th. They have moved Kamala Harris’s meeting with India’s Modi from the 24th to the 23rd, and they’ve scheduled her to go to New York on the 24th to be on “The View” (a TV show). So she will be out of Washington, DC when the Quad leaders are at the White House on Friday.

If they strike on Friday, they’ll hit Washington first, then have Kamala rushed off the stage by the Secret Service and helicoptered out of the city before New York is hit. On the first 9/11, the first tower was hit 18 minutes before the second. There could be a similar delay between the strikes on Washington and New York.

(22-23 September 2021) – Biden will be convening the virtual COVID Summit from the Oval Office at 11:00 AM EDT. This will give him a golden opportunity to toot his own horn about everything America is doing to “stop” COVID by announcing the official start of the employer mandate. If he does this, it’s a danger sign for Friday. But if he doesn’t announce it today or tomorrow, we’ll likely get through the week safely.

As for the prospects for an attack today…

India’s Modi moved up his arrival to the 22nd like I expected, but as of yesterday, Japan’s Suga is still planning to arrive on the 23rd. Their failure to move up Suga’s arrival means there’s a reduced likelihood of anything happening today, especially when you consider what they did with Kamala Harris’s schedule (you can read about it in yesterday’s warning).

The White House and the media have been portraying Biden and Harris essentially as co-presidents, even calling it “the Biden-Harris administration.” It is therefore quite strange that “Co-President” Harris would miss the gathering of the Quad leaders at the White House in favor of hanging out with a bunch of cackling hens on a morning TV talk show, isn’t it?

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The occult reasons why Friday the 24th is so dangerous

In the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, Barack Obama is cast as the Communist Antichrist, the first of three Antichrists to be sequentially defeated before they present their fake “Jesus Christ” as the figurehead god-king who will rule the world. And the globalists’ Prophecy Propaganda Corps have inculcated among Christians two key expectations vis-a-vis the Antichrist: 1) that he will bring on a 7-year Tribulation period and 2) that “he will confirm a covenant with many” for 7 years.

As it turns out, both of these expectations are related to September 24 — the day of the Quad Summit in Washington. Here is some information my partner Onnabugeisha has compiled for September 24 that helps explain why it’s a particularly dangerous candidate day for Nuclear 9/11…

September 24, 2009 was the day Barack Obama first sat as President of the UN Security Council. The agenda for the meeting was stopping the proliferation of nuclear weapons, and the meeting marked the beginning of Obama’s 7-year Tribulation period (for reasons I explain here).

September 24, 2021 will mark exactly 444 weeks since Obama marked the 3.5-year midpoint of his Tribulation by “standing in the holy place.” On March 22, 2013 he stood in Jesus’s birthplace, thus symbolically taking Jesus’s place and “putting an end to the sacrifice and offering” Chist supposedly made to his Father. We’ll look into the meaning the globalists will ascribe to the number 4 appearing 3 times later on.

September 24, 2014 was the day Barack Obama sat for the second time as President of the UN Security Council. The agenda of the meeting was stopping the transnational movement of terrorists, particularly those joining ISIS, and the meeting concluded with a binding agreement — a “firm covenant with the many” (15) members of the Security Council. This covenant will reach its 7-year mark on Friday, when “Obama will break it with nuclear terror attacks carried out by Taliban fighters he airlifted into America (posing as ISIS terrorists).”

Over the next 24 hours I’ll delve more deeply into the details of this setup. It’s a doozy, ain’t it?

~ MORE – 23 September 2021 ~

Obama’s Three Covenants

If you aren’t familiar with Christian prophecy and the Bible, you may be wondering about some of the passages I quoted in yesterday’s update, such as…

  • “he will confirm a covenant with many”
  • “standing in the holy place”
  • “putting an end to the sacrifice and offering”
  • “firm covenant with the many”

These passages come from Bible verses that prophecy believers claim are related to the Antichrist. One of them is Daniel 9:27

He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.” (New International Version)

Other versions of the Bible refer to a firm covenant in this verse. And since the Third Hebrew Temple is not yet built, they had Obama (the “Obamanation that causes desolation”) stand in the Church of the Nativity as a passable substitute. A related Bible verse, Matthew 24:15, talks about it…

“So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand… (New International Version)

As for “covenants with many,” I’ve identified three that Obama made before and during his presidency.

Covenant 1 In July of 2008, presidential candidate Obama made a verbal peace covenant with Israel and their many adversaries, including a pledge to stop Iran from developing nukes…

…from The New York Times

And seven years later, in July of 2015, he announced the Iran Nuclear Deal, which according to Netananyahu was a breach of the covenant…

…from The New York Times

Covenant 2 – On September 24, 2009, he began his 7-year Tribulation period by making a covenant with all 15 Security Council members: Security Council Resolution 1887…

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1887, adopted unanimously on 24 September 2009, the Council addressed non-proliferation and the prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction in the world…

The Council unanimously adopted the resolution. Except for Libya, all members were represented by their heads of state or government. The meeting was presided by U.S. President Barack Obama. – from Wikipedia

Obama was scripted to breach this covenant 7 years later in September of 2016 by triggering a nuclear war. They had arranged for a massive terror attack at the Rio Olympics in August of that year. The attack would have included the destruction of Rio’s Christ statue and was to be blamed on ISIS (who were blowing up non-Muslim religious relics back then). This would have led to the September gathering of the world’s militaries in Syria to fight ISIS, and these militaries were scripted to turn against Israel when it was revealed that the Israeli security company guarding the Olympics orchestrated the attack. You can read my coverage from that time here.

For some unknown reason, the globalists aborted their plan for September and brought in Trump to “suspend” Obama’s seventh-year breach. But “God’s intervention through Trump” ended this year, and Obama’s breach of his nuclear covenant is set to resume on the anniversary of the day he made it, September 24.

Covenant 3 – On September 24, 2014, Obama made his firm covenant (in the form of a binding resolution) with all 15 members of the Security Council to stop the transnational movement of terrorists…


Tomorrow, which is the 7-year mark of that covenant, he is scripted to break it when he “orders massive terror attacks by the Taliban extremists he had airlifted into the US through his puppet Biden.”

And here’s a topper: Obama held another big summit on nuclear weapons in 2010, the Nuclear Security Summit. And the agenda of the meeting was to stop nuclear terror attacks


As an Antichrist character (and a Democrat), everything Obama says he wants to stop are the things he personally intends to do, and we’re supposed to find that out tomorrow… unless, of course, the globalists withdraw again for some unknown reason.

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In yesterday’s update, I wrote this…

In the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, Barack Obama is cast as the Communist Antichrist, the first of three Antichrists to be sequentially defeated before they present their fake “Jesus Christ” as the figurehead god-king who will rule the world.

Now let’s have a closer look at the three Antichrists, which are…

  1. Communist Antichrist Barack Obama,
  2. Nazionist Antichrist Jared Kushner (or Mike Pence, or Donald Trump), and
  3. the Final Antichrist Vladimir Putin.

It should be noted that the Final Antichrist is the “real Antichrist” — the person in whom Satan’s spirit supposedly dwells — so he is the master of all the other Antichrists and of the worldwide Satanic network.

As the master and commander of all Satanic forces worldwide, Putin is the one who controls…

  • the “Satanic Global Deep State” (his minions in the black hats) AND
  • the persons and forces that supposedly oppose it (his minions in the “white hats,” like Xi Jinping, the BRICS alliance and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

So Putin’s phony defeat of the “Satanic Global Deep State” is the Satanic Great Deception that will allow him to pose as the returned Jesus and the Jewish Messiah.

This, then, is the sequence in which the Antichrists will fall…

  1. The evil-looking Communist Antichrist Obama will be defeated by the Nazionist Antichrist Kushner. Kushner will appear to be a savior at first, but will soon be discovered to be “the Antichrist.”
  2. Antichrist Kushner will then be defeated by Putin. This will allow Putin to point to Kushner as “the Antichrist who tried to take Christ’s throne in Jerusalem” and to himself as the real Jesus and the Jewish Messiah.
  3. And seven years after he defeats Kushner and the “Satanic Global Deep State” (including “Muslim Antichrist Erdogan”), Final Antichrist Putin will in turn be defeated by the globalists’ fake Jesus.

All this being said, Putin’s savior act is the main event we need to watch for in the next few years. It will mark the end of “Satan’s fake Tribulation” and the beginning of “the real 7-year Tribulation,” and there are two likely times when it could happen: 1) during late March or Passover of next year and 2) during the September/October Jewish holidays in 2025.

I’ll show you why a little later.

(24 September 2021) – Get a load of this bit of daytime TV drama…

Two hosts of ABC’s “The View” were pulled from set during the show’s live broadcast Friday after learning that they tested positive for COVID-19.

The panelists were moments away from introducing Vice President Kamala Harris to the show for an in-person interview in their New York City studio. Harris’s interview will now take place remotely from another room inside the building. – from ABC11

So why did they do this? Is it public theater to play up the dangers of COVID for the soccer moms? Or was this incident staged to cover up the fact that Harris’s interview is being streamed from a “secure location” (NOT “another room inside the building”)?

~ MORE ~

If they’re going for the strike today, it makes sense that they’d keep Kamala in a secure location and send a body double with a Secret Service detail to “The View” studio. That way, the real Kamala can do the remote interview and the body double can act out Kamala’s evacuation from New York City. Have I failed in my mission?

~ MORE ~

They’ve scheduled Kamala to return to the White House and meet with the Quad leaders AFTER they’ve met with Biden. And due to the delayed interview on “The View” she will likely arrive later than originally scheduled and might still be en route while Biden is in his meeting with them. Biden’s meeting starts at 2 PM EDT. If the strike is to happen, look for it to take place before or during Biden’s meeting and before Kamala lands in Washington.

~ MORE ~

Now let’s look ahead at the reduced — but not zero — threat for shenanigans tonight and tomorrow…

Biden – According to Sniffy McPervy’s official schedule, he should be on his way to Camp David now, so he will be out of Washington and New York tonight and tomorrow.

Morrison – The press reported his visit as going from the 21st to the 24th, so he might depart Washington today. But if he decides to spend the night and fly out in the morning, he’ll still be in the target zone.

Modi – He may already be in New York to spend the night in advance of his UN speech tomorrow, so he’s still in the target zone.

Suga – The press reported that “Suga is set to visit the U.S. capital from Sept. 23 to 26,” so he’s still in the target zone. And the threat won’t go to zero until he departs on Sunday or Monday.

So if they try the attack tonight or tomorrow, they’ll miss Biden but may get all his Quad allies. The supposed Chinese message behind such a strike would be “how can America protect its allies in the Asia-Pacific when it can’t even protect them in its own capital cities?”

That being said, Biden’s absence means an attack is less likely now. Let the wine drinking commence.

(25 September 2021) – Behold who would have taken the blame for transferring “Russian” nukes to “the West’s Domestic Violent Extremists” for Friday’s Operation Blackjack…

…from the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism – The Hague. Note the final paragraph, which hints that the group is Putin’s — not the current Russian state’s — proxy. It is Putin who is being positioned to be the Tsar of the New Russian Empire (and later, Tsar of the New World Order). But we’ll return to the Russian Imperial Movement a little later.

Before I proceed with this update, let’s start with the disclaimer I wrote back in the 27 June update (because I personally put no stock in occult hogwash like numerology and astrology)…

The national and international dramas we see swirling around us now are part of the globalist “End Times” stageplay that’s being acted out for the public. And while the fundamental storyline of the play is set, the acting out of it is flexible, allowing for existing elements/scenes of the story to be reworked or removed and for new elements to be added – all on the fly.

It’s also important to know that the globalists are meticulous historians and superstitious followers of numerology and astrology, so they carefully choose the dates on which key scenes of the play are acted out. They align events with days of historical, numerological, and astrological significance. It is for this reason that I track such dates along with my partner, who has a knack for uncovering such things.

That being said, as I looked through the occult-side research notes from my partner Onnabugeisha yesterday, what would have happened over this weekend came into clearer view. Here are two key timing/scripting indicators she found…

September 25 marks exactly 911 months since Retrocession Day (October 25, 1945), the day the island of Taiwan was returned by the Japanese to the Republic of China (which ruled all of China at that time). So had the decapitation of the Quad gone forward yesterday, today would have been well suited for scripting the beginning of the CCP military campaign to take Taiwan.

September 26 marks exactly 999 days since Jair Messias Bolsonaro took office as President of Brazil on January 1, 2019. The number 999 is 666 inverted, and in numerology and computer coding, it carries the meaning of an ending or a crash. So tomorrow would have been a good day to script a communist coup attempt against Bolsonaro. They might still attempt it tomorrow anyway, and given his middle name, Bolsonaro may be scripted as the first Nazionist leader to defeat the communist onslaught in his nation.

Getting back to a Saturday Chinese encirclement of Taiwan after the Friday Quad decapitation strike, the Chinese would have had to move after “President Harris” pointed the finger of blame at the Trumpers, Russia and ISIS. That way, the Chinese would look like opportunists rather than the ones who conducted the decapitation strike. And this helps explain what happened on “The View” yesterday.

After the attack, newly-minted “President Harris” would have explained that she was compelled to do her interview from a remote safe location because the intelligence community had uncovered a credible threat of Friday terror attacks in Washington, DC and New York City from Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) with ties to the Russian Imperial Movement. “There was no indication Russian nukes would be involved,” she would have said, “but the threat was sufficient to merit the Secret Service keeping the President and me in separate locations all day, and they decided at the last minute that the TV studios were too soft a target for me to go to.”

Upon stating that she and Biden were targeted for death by Putin and Trump’s DVEs, she would have explained that the DVEs had planned to strike on Friday if the Arizona audit report found no evidence of tampering in last year’s election…

…from Yahoo

That is in fact what the report found, with the news of its conclusions leaking out before Friday. I was so focused on watching for a vaccine move to trigger the patriots that the globalists slipped the audit report move right past me.

So according to the official government narrative that would have come out, the right-wing DVEs had decided to attack Biden, Harris, and the New York bankers if all legal avenues to reversing the election result were blocked, and the “fixed” Arizona audit report was their last hope and the final straw. And with Putin, Trump, and the domestic enemies of the communist revolution in America thus blamed for Operation Blackjack, China would have been free to move on Taiwan without it looking too suspicious, and without any risk of a US military response.

Being a “commie plant,” President Kamala would have restrained any military move to protect Taiwan, saying, “We have to focus our military attention on the nation that nuked us, Russia, and as your president I will not lead America into a two-front war over a Chinese island of no strategic importance to our country.”

Keep all this information in mind, because they will try for Operation Blackjack again.

~ MORE ~

In an upcoming update, I’ll take you on a tour of the preparatory propaganda that supports the post-Operation Blackjack “Communist Deep State”/Mainstream Media Narrative that “Putin and Trump’s Right-Wing Extremists did it using the KGB’s suitcase nukes.” Here is a preview of the nuke part…

…from Here is an excerpt…

Former Russian Security Council Secretary Aleksandr Lebed has stirred controversy in both Russia and the United States with his allegations that the Russian government is currently unable to account for some eighty small atomic demolition munitions (ADMs) which were manufactured in the USSR during the Cold War. Lebed originally made the allegations in a closed meeting with a US congressional delegation in May 1997. His charges generated public controversy three months later when he repeated them in an interview with the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes, which was broadcast on 7 September 1997. Russian officials initially dismissed Lebed’s charges, saying all of the country’s nuclear weapons were accounted for and under strict control. Top-ranking Russian defense officials later went further and denied that any such weapons had ever been built by the USSR, claiming that they would be too expensive to maintain and too heavy for practical use. Lebed has stood by his statement, however, and his charges have been backed by a former advisor to President Yeltsin, Aleksey Yablokov, who told a US Congressional subcommittee on 2 October 1997 that he was “absolutely sure” that such ADMs had been ordered in the 1970s by the KGB.

Despite a coordinated campaign by Russian officials designed to discredit Lebed and Yablokov, technical inaccuracies and inconsistencies undermine the credibility of the official Russian denials that Soviet ADMs were never manufactured. In addition, the current controversy is not the first public discussion of whether former Soviet ADMs are under adequate control in Russia. During 1995, a flurry of Russian media reports claimed that Chechen separatist fighters had obtained such weapons. And in January 1996, long before the current media furor, the Monterey Institute’s Center for Nonproliferation Studies received information from a Russian presidential advisor that an unspecified number of small ADMs had been had been manufactured in the 1970s for use by the KGB. This evidence does not corroborate Lebed’s claims that ADMs have “gone missing,” but it does strongly suggest that the Russian government is not being completely candid in its discussion of the issue.

Last week, it was the globalists’ turn to blow things up. This week it’s my turn.

WARNING (27 September 2021): Operation Blackjack may occur tomorrow, September 28. Ground Zero in New York will be the Turkish House across from the UN.

In last week’s coverage of the UN General Assembly and Operation Blackjack, I noted that September 28 was the globalists’ fallback date for the attacks. Here’s the reason why…

Sequel to the letter dated 27 July 2021, I have the pleasure to inform you that the high-level plenary meeting of the General Assembly to commemorate and promote the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, will take place on Tuesday, 28 September 2021, during the seventy-sixth session of the General Assembly. The meeting will be convened from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 to 6 p.m., in-person in the General Assembly Hall.

The high-level meeting will raise awareness about the threat posed to humanity by nuclear weapons and the necessity for their elimination in order to mobilize international efforts towards achieving the common goal of a nuclear-weapon-free world. Delegations are encouraged to be represented at the highest possible level. – from

In addition to noting the sublime irony of nuking the UN when they are assembled in a high-level meeting to rid the world of nuclear weapons, note that they are trying to draw the most important officials from the attending nations into the General Assembly Hall in-person. The letter goes on to say that Heads of State and Heads of Government will be given priority in the scheduling of speeches. They obviously want the best possible harvest from the attack.

This meeting was arranged by the President of the 75th UN General Assembly Volkan Bozkir, whose term ended on the 14th. Bozkir is a Turk, and while Erdogan was in New York last week, the two held a closed door meeting at the new Turkish House (Turkevi), which is right across the street from UN Headquarters

…from the Anadolu Agency (top) and Google Maps (bottom)

Now if you’ll recall from previous entries…

  • Kabbalist prophecy propagandist Joel Richardson has set the expectation that there will be a fierce war between Turkey and Iran before the Gog-Magog conflict. And he has “predicted” that Turkey will crush Iran in the war, Erdogan will be killed during it, and the Muslim Antichrist will rise in Turkey and take Erdogan’s place. You can read more about this in the 12 September update a little further down this page.
  • One of the prophecies the globalists are trying to fulfill is a Nostradamus quatrain that’s been interpreted as meaning that the Muslim Antichrist will destroy New York City with fire. You can read and watch more about this in the 1 September update a little further down this page.
  • When the resurrected Putin comes in to rescue us from the Nazionists, he will blame the “Satanic Deep State,” including the (Turkish) Muslim Antichrist, for Operation Blackjack. You can read more about this in the 23 September update a little further down this page.

So if Operation Blackjack is launched tomorrow, expect the New York nuke to have been placed in or around the Turkish House. That way, when the Nazionists come in to do their savior act and blame the bombings on the commies and Iranians, Turkey will have cause to launch a furious attack on Iran.

As for Erdogan, he will likely “die” during Operation Blackjack. There may be as many as 80 nukes going off across North America and Europe, and Ankara could very well be a target. And given the fact that Erdogan and Putin are meeting in Sochi on the 29th, the scriptwriters can kill off two leading characters with one nuke by simply having them travel there on the evening of the 28th — Sochi time is 7 hours ahead of New York time. Also, Sochi is only about 260 miles from “Muslim terror haven” Chechnya, so they can narrate the Muslim Antichrist’s nuke as having traveled from Turkey, through Georgia and Chechnya, and on to Sochi (with the help of “Medvedev’s man,” FSB Director Bortnikov)…

…from Google Maps

On top of all this, my partner Onnabugeisha has found a rather ominous occult indicator for the 28th: it is the second day of the observance of Hoshana Rabbah (for Jews outside of Israel)…

Hoshana Rabbah is the seventh day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, the 21st day of the month of Tishrei.

Hoshana Rabbah is known as the last of the Days of Judgment, which begin on Rosh Hashana. The Zohar says that while the judgment for the new year is sealed on Yom Kippur, it is not “delivered” until the end of Sukkot (i.e., Hoshana Rabbah, the last day of Sukkot), during which time one can still alter their verdict and decree for the new year. Consequently, an Aramaic blessing that Jews give each other on Hoshana Rabbah, pitka tava or piska tava, which in Yiddish is “A guten kvitel”, or “A good note”, is a wish that the verdict will be positive. – from Wikipedia

So Hoshana Rabbah starts on the 21st day of Tishrei (and “21” is “Blackjack”). And in New York, its observance continues into the 22nd day of Tishrei (September 28), when the judgment is delivered.

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Now let’s look at some more reasons tomorrow is a strong candidate day for Operation Blackjack…

REASON ONE – This showed up at the top of the right column of today’s Drudge Report

According to the linked article, the “X Date” is the day in the next month or so that the US government will go broke if the debt ceiling isn’t raised by Congress. And there is a strain of propaganda within the controlled alt-media that claims the Republicans in the Senate are deliberately blocking a debt ceiling rise in order to cut off the money supply to the out-of-control Biden-Harris administration: “It’s better to trigger a default than to let the whole country implode under the communist revolution.”

X Date” is also a reversal of “Day X.” And according to a strain of preparatory propaganda put out by The New York Times, “Day X” is the day the following (in bolded text) happens…

Both this alleged plot and the insurrection at the Capitol could be cited as examples of an “accelerationist” ideology, in which far-right groups promise a moment when the institutions of government, society and the economy will be wiped out in a wave of catastrophic violence, clearing the way for a utopia that will supposedly follow. Cynthia sees this thinking present in both the German and American far right. – from “The Threat of Day X

This “Day X” propaganda lays out the “Communist Deep State’s” template for blaming the Operation Blackjack attacks on their supposed rivals, the “Nazionist Deep State” and Vladimir Putin. And when the Nazionists strike back and defeat the communists, they’ll claim that “Day X” was actually carried out by the commies in order to seize total power before the “X Date”: “The commies had to make their big move before the money for their revolution was cut off — first with the government shutdown at midnight of Thursday the 30th, then with the debt ceiling.”

This brings us to…

REASON TWO – Biden and all of Congress will be in Washington tomorrow trying to prevent a government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling. So an attack on the city will yield a good harvest. But you can expect Senator Rand Paul — the globalists’ controlled-opposition leader and scripted future President of the US — to survive the attack. Keep an eye on his movements tomorrow, and if you’re in Washington and see him carrying a surfboard, get one too — Washington may see a Potomac tsunami attack. “If you can’t drain the swamp, flood it.”

REASON THREE – Nuking the UN on the day they’re meeting to talk about getting rid of nukes (for the umpteenth time) will highlight the impotence of the current UN structure. And the horror of the attacks will be used to rally the public in support of “building a stronger UN with the teeth it needs to stop conflicts early and rid the world of weapons of mass destruction so such a horror never happens again.” This will give rise to the NWOs — first the Nazionist decoy NWO, then Putin’s real NWO.

Getting back to the Turkish House, the official opening of the structure was one of the reasons Erdogan traveled to the UN General Assembly this year…

…from Nikkei Asia. Here is an excerpt…

A roughly $300 million Turkish skyscraper rich in symbolism officially opened in New York on Monday, overshadowing its neighbors and the United Nations headquarters across the street.

Turkey’s costliest foreign mission to date, Turkevi, or Turkish House, will serve as home to the country’s permanent mission to the U.N. and its consulate general in New York, as well as diplomatic housing. It was constructed on the site of the previous, smaller building, bought from IBM in 1977.

Turkish planners made sure that the new 171-meter building exceeded the height of the neighboring United Nations Plaza, which houses the U.S. permanent mission to the U.N. Turkevi is 35 stories tall, according to the semiofficial Anadolu Agency.

After pondering tomorrow’s scenario all day, I’m left wondering if this “skyscraper rich in symbolism” was purpose-built as the modern day Trojan Horse. Ancient Troy was located in what is now Hisarlik, Turkey, and Hisarlik is part of Canakkale, Turkey, where the reproduction of the Trojan Horse from the movie Troy is now located…

…from Wikipedia

So 3,199 years ago, the West (Greeks) conquered Troy using a Trojan Horse. Will the West now be conquered by means of a nuclear Trojan Horse built by Troy’s descendants?

And how did the nuclear weapon find its way into the “Turkevi Horse”? Was it brought in by Erdogan’s UN General Assembly delegation in a diplomatic crate? Was one of the closed door, Turks-only meetings there a ritual to install the weapon? Was the Turkevi Horse built to overshadow its neighbors so the nuke could be “airburst” from the top floor?

The Nikkei article also contained this section…

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said: “We blend our power in the field with the power we have at the table.”

Cavusoglu was one of the three men who “stood in the Muslim Holy Place,” the Kaaba, with Erdogan. So he is one of the candidates to play the role of the Muslim Antichrist. Did the Antichrist himself arm the bomb?

(28 September 2021) – The Fallback to the Fallback

I was just awakened early with an idea for what’s planned next. Biden took a booster shot yesterday…

…from CNBC

Now all they have to do is narrate a debilitating or deadly reaction to the 3rd shot and Kamala will take the presidency right as we’re entering “a government shutdown and pending debt default caused by the Republicans.” This will lead to her taking aggressive and blatantly unconstitutional action that will trigger a patriot response, thus leading to the execution of Operation Blackjack.

I think I woke up early because I have to post this before they hit the public with the news on Biden.

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I’ve got some good news, and I’ve got some bad news…

The good news is that if we can safely get to sunset, the second day of Hoshana Rabbah will be over and the globalists will have missed their 8 day Feast of Tabernacles window to start trouble — according to the standard Jewish calendar.

The bad news is that on the Essene calendar, the Feast of Tabernacles BEGINS at sunset today…


The globalists’ main prophecy propaganda guy, Tom Horn, has been promoting the Essenes lately, saying that they had the most accurate prophecies of all the Jewish sects (which means the Kabbalists may run some of their artificial prophecy fulfillment events by the Essene calendar). And given the fact that Essene Feast of Tabernacles will run through the time period Congress is at war over the budget and debt limit, we have another 8 days of high alert ahead.

This is like a Blumhouse version of Groundhog Day in which we’re waiting for the West to get Cronenberged.

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The Navy was in position to go to war with China over Taiwan today, and they’ll no doubt remain in such a posture for the next week at the very least. As of yesterday, two US Carrier Strike Groups (CSGs) were deployed in the Philippine Sea near Taiwan (to which the red arrow is pointed)…

…from USNI News

As for the British carrier…

The U.K. Royal Navy Carrier Strike Group, led by HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08), got underway Monday, Sept. 27, having just completed its maintenance and upkeep in Guam.

Guam is a key strategic base and a first-strike target in any war with China, so they may be tasked with its defense. They may also be on their way to join the fleet massed off Taiwan by October 6.

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My partner Onnabugeisha has identified some occult indicators that lend themselves to the scripting of a pope falling ill or dying tomorrow (from a COVID comorbidity). September 29 is also the anniversary of the British Mandate for Palestine and Transjordan and the French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon, which were issued by the League of Nations. So something could be scripted for that region too.

It should also be noted that the League of Nations disbanded itself effective April 20, 1946, transferring its “assets and functions” to the United Nations. Next year, April 20 falls in the midst of Passover, when the Nazionist Antichrist is slated to reveal himself on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Will that also be the time the “reformed UN” (Nazionist NWO) takes over the assets and functions of the current UN?

~ MORE – 29 September ~

The Antichrist “Communist Antichrist” Rises…

…from YouTube

In the 22-23 September updates, which are a little further down this page, I explained that the globalists marked the beginning of Barack Obama’s 7-year tenure as Antichrist by having him sit as President of the UN Security Council for a September 24, 2009 meeting on nuclear nonproliferation and nuclear disarmament. The 7-year “covenant with the many” Obama made that day was set to expire with an attempted nuclear exchange on September 24, 2016, during the Jewish holiday of Selichot. But instead — according to the script — “God intervened and paused the Satanic plan by sowing dissention in the ranks of the Global Deep State, setting the Nazionists against the communists in a battle for control over the Satanic New World Order and bringing Nazionist Trump to power.”

In keeping with this script change, the globalists had “Nazionist Antichrist” Trump/Pence/Kushner mark the beginning of his 7-year tenure in the same way “Communist Antichrist” Obama did…

…from YouTube

Later in the 22-23 September updates, I said this…

Putin’s savior act is the main event we need to watch for in the next few years. It will mark the end of “Satan’s fake Tribulation” and the beginning of “the real 7-year Tribulation,” and there are two likely times when it could happen: 1) during late March or Passover of next year and 2) during the September/October Jewish holidays in 2025.

Trump’s UN Security Council meeting on September 26, 2018 is why those two timeframes are candidates for Putin’s savior act…

  1. If you count forward 3.5 years from that date, you get the first timeframe, and
  2. if you count forward 7 years you get the second.

(Periods of 3.5 and 7 years are major features in biblical “End Times” prophecies.)

~ MORE – 30 September 2021 ~

Today, Congress passed the continuing resolution to keep the government funded for a little longer (till it possibly goes broke on the “X Date”). This indicates that the globalists are in delay mode at the moment. The only significant occult indicator for tomorrow is the 72nd National Day of the People’s Republic of China, which is numerologically significant because of all this. So something could potentially be scripted there that would “unleash the demons of hell.” That said, keep your mosquito repellent handy.

(17 September 2021) – Will the globalists add a nuke-induced tsunami to Operation Blackjack to facilitate the initial blaming of Russia?…


Next week, specifically the 21st through the 24th, offers a golden opportunity for the globalists to stage their Big Event — the event that will collapse America, the current financial system, and the current form of the UN. And according to the script, the “terrorist attacks” that kick off the Event will first be blamed on Christian Trumpers, ISIS and Russia, then the blame will shift to China and the “Communist Deep State.”

To facilitate the blaming of the Trumpers, the government will stage a bit of street theater in Washington, DC on Saturday the 18th (tomorrow)…

…from CNBC

In fact, both Trump and Roger Stone have warned that the demonstration is a setup [1, 2], with Stone saying that “the people who will be there will all be working for the government.” Should it go forward, then, look for one or more of the following to occur…

  • one or more “demonstrators” showing up with guns, including AR-15s,
  • one or more “demonstrators” showing up with a bomb,
  • one or more “demonstrators” testing positive for “radioactive contamination,” and/or
  • violence, including the possibility of one or more shootings and/or bombs going off.

To facilitate the blaming of ISIS for the coming attacks, they staged an “ISIS-K” bombing at Kabul Airport during the American evacuation from Afghanistan. They also staged a massive airlift of 100,100 poorly vetted Afghanis to the US in order to later say that “ISIS-K terror teams managed to sneak in amongst the evacuees.”

To facilitate the blaming of Russia, the attacking assets will be provided with Russian weapons, including “Russian” backpack/suitcase nukes. The scriptwriters may even add-in an apparent direct attack from Russia…

In recent days, I’ve monitored a number of controlled alt-media guys (like this dildo) warning about a tsunami hitting the East Coast. They’ve based their warnings on a scientifically bankrupt scenario of an island landslide triggering it — which is akin to slipping a penny into one end of an Olympic-size swimming pool and expecting a five-foot wave to crash over the other end. But in a headline yesterday, disinfo agent Steve Quayle connected the tsunami idea to the Russian doomsday torpedo (which probably can generate a tsunami in one city if it’s set off right next to the city in a relatively confined and smallish body of water). And with all the mainstream media attention that the Russian tsunami torpedo has received, setting off one next to Washington, DC or New York City would immediately lead to suspicion of Russia.

After looking at maps of New York and Washington, I’ve identified the likely detonation locations for such an attack. In New York, they’d probably blow the underwater nuke in the Upper Bay or East River…

…from Google Maps. A tsunami generated from those points would wash over all of Manhattan, especially Wall Street (in Lower Manhattan) and the UN Headquarters (on the East River not far from the Empire State Building).

And in Washington, they’d probably detonate it in the Potomac River near Alexandria, Virginia…

…from Google Maps. The wide channel of the Potomac above Alexandria is pointed like a gun towards downtown DC, and the water north of the explosion would go rushing with great force and height over the National Mall (where the Capitol and White House are situated).

Next we’ll look how they’re setting up the blame for China and the “Communist Deep State.”

(13 September 2021) – I’ve come across no word yet on exactly when Biden will give his pre-UNGA COVID address; his schedule has him taking a tour of the western wildfires today. But it has been confirmed that South Korean President Moon will be giving his speech in-person on the 21st. So if the UN is blown that day, the Nazionists can point to North Korea as the source of the nukes and attack. Initially, the “commie” Biden administration will point to Russia as the source so they can start the war in Ukraine.

Since the first danger day, September 14/15, is almost upon us, we’ll look this evening at the reasons why the globalists may choose that time period to set off the fireworks.

~ MORE ~

As it turns out, Biden ditched his pre-UNGA COVID address and instead sent invitations to world leaders to a virtual COVID summit on September 22 (tentatively titled “Snoozefest 2021”). This further reduces the likelihood that we’ll see the Big Event this week. But next week continues to look more and more dangerous.

The case for the danger period beginning tomorrow is largely based on occult cues + ongoing live-fire military exercises that can turn into wars with a single order. But the case for the danger period next week is based on the fact that there will be lots of world leaders in New York and Washington that the “communists” supposedly want dead + the live-fire dress rehearsals for the wars will be complete, and the troops will be ready for the real thing.

WARNING (12 September 2021): Biden will give a second COVID address, likely tomorrow…

…from U.S. News. Here is an excerpt…

U.S. President Joe Biden will announce new steps to slow the spread of COVID-19 before the U.N. General Assembly meets, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said Sunday.

Murthy did not specify what those steps would be. The next session of the General Assembly opens Tuesday; the first day of general debate will be the following week.

Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Murthy defended Biden’s efforts to expand vaccination in the United States.

“There will be more actions that we continue to work on, especially in the global front,” he said.

Presumably, then, Biden’s speech before the UN General Assembly convenes would address global measures “against COVID.” But to show himself as “leading by example,” will he announce that OSHA’s new employer mandate is now active? Will he announce any new measures for the US? And will the speech elicit an immediate triggering of the antivaxers, Trumpers, and Christians? If it does, then the strike on the UN could happen on the opening day of the General Assembly (Tuesday the 14th, like I mentioned in the September 11 update). But I’ve identified dates that are even more dangerous than the 14th.

On September 21, Biden is scheduled to give an in-person speech at the UN on the first day of the UN General Debate. Also scheduled to speak that day are Turkey’s President Erdogan and Iran’s President Raisi — Erdogan is slated to attend in-person, but Raisi is not (Iran will provide a pre-recorded speech)…

This is most interesting given some preparatory propaganda I covered back in November of 2018…

…I continued pondering Erdogan’s scripted fate until I remembered something I heard in a prophecy propaganda video months ago. It was part of an interview of Joel Richardson, a Christian Crypto-Jew the globalists have assigned to influence the Christians into accepting the prophecy interpretations they intend to act out for the public…

…from YouTube

In the final minutes of the interview, Richardson suggests that there will be a massive regional war between Turkey and Iran before the Gog-Magog War. He further suggests there is a possibility that Erdogan will be killed during this war, and a Turkish antichrist will rise out of the ashes of the war to lead Gog-Magog against Israel.

So if the UN gets taken out on September 21, Biden will be moved out of the way so “commie” Kamala can take the presidency and Erdogan will be moved out of the way so the “Muslim Antichrist” can emerge from the shadows to lead a war. And when the Nazionists sweep in and switch the Islamist part of the blame for the attack from ISIS to Iran — claiming that “Raisi didn’t go to the UN in person because he knew it would be blown up” — Turkey will launch their war against Iran waving the bloody shirt of Erdogan.

In previous entries, I explored Binali Yildirim as the leading candidate to replace Erdogan. And on a hunch today, I did a check on who leads the Grey Wolves – the “Turkish far-right organization and movement… commonly described as ultranationalistic, Islamistic and neo-fascist…” Get this: the Grey Wolves are led by Ahmet Yigit Yildirim. So it looks like the Muslim Antichrist of Act 1 may be a Yildirim.

Tomorrow we’ll look at more details and more danger days beyond the 21st.

(11 September 2021) – Next Stop: September 15

Friday was quiet and today looks quiet so far, so let’s look ahead to the globalists’ next target date, Tuesday/Wednesday the 14th/15th…

September 15 is 1 Tishrei (Rosh Hashanah/Trumpets) on the Essene calendar, and at sunset, it becomes Yom Kippur on the standard Jewish calendar (a day Israel was attacked by its neighbors back in 1973).

September 15 is also the day Taiwan’s massive wargames (which start on Monday the 13th) will reach their peak…

…from the South China Morning Post. Here is an excerpt…

Taiwan will stage a large-scale air raid drill — simulating missile and warplane attacks by Beijing — alongside its annual live-fire military exercise in September, as tensions mount in the Taiwan Strait.

The annual air raid drill, dubbed the “Wan An exercise”, will be carried out on September 15 across Taiwan, including its frontline islands of Kinmen (Quemoy) and Matsu, which lie at the doorstep of the southeastern Chinese province of Fujian.

This will be timed to coincide with the military’s massive annual live-fire Han Kuang exercises to test combat readiness of the island’s forces, especially against the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. This year’s war games will run for five days from September 13.

Russia and Belarus are also having massive wargames right now…

…from France 24. Here is an excerpt…

Top military leaders from the two countries attended the opening ceremony of the war games, called “Zapad-2021”, in western Russia where flags were raised and speeches given.

The active part of the exercise, which comes at a time of heightened tensions between the West and Belarus due to a crackdown on the opposition there, begins on Friday and will run until Sept. 16.

The Russian defence ministry said up to 200,000 military personnel, some 80 aircraft and helicopters, up to 15 ships and nearly 300 tanks would take part.

The drills will involve live fire and mark the culmination of a bigger three-month exercise.

Military personnel from Armenia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia will participate too, the Russian defence ministry said.

If the globalists attempt to pull the trigger for September 15, we’ll probably see OSHA publish the new vaccine rule for private businesses on Monday the 13th. People will be ready to fight when that happens. They might then trigger Operation Blackjack on or after sunset of Tuesday the 14th, with the Homeland Security roundups and wars starting on the 15th.

On thing you might ask yourself is, “Why would China attack Taiwan on September 15, the day the Taiwanese military is at its highest possible readiness”? The answer is that they wouldn’t. Any rational military planner would attack this weekend (before the exercise begins) or a few days after it ends. But there is one group that would schedule an attack on the 15th: the globalists. They’d script it as part of a Chinese loss — a loss that would result in Xi Jinping’s humiliation and downfall — which means they’d also script the “Chinese Deep State” as the ones who triggered it.

~ MORE ~

China’s New Cultural Revolution and the Fall of Avatar Xi

As America undergoes its globalist-scripted communist revolution — and stands on the precipice of the start of its obligatory reign of terror — China is undergoing its own revolution…

…from the Stamford Advocate. Here is an excerpt…

A dizzying regulatory crackdown unleashed by China’s government has spared almost no sector over the past few months. This sprawling “rectification” campaign — with such disparate targets as ride-hailing services, insurance, education and even the amount of time children can spend playing video games — is redrawing the boundaries of business and society in China as Xi prepares to take on a controversial third term in 2022.

“It’s striking and significant. This is clearly not a sector-by-sector rectification; this is an entire economic, industry and structural rectification,” said Jude Blanchette, who holds the Freeman Chair in China Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

At China’s national congress next fall, Xi is expected to retain his title as general secretary of the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), a move that would upset a decades-old system of term limits and leadership succession. To build momentum, he is pushing an agenda of tackling income inequality under the banner of “common prosperity,” a campaign that gives officials and companies rallying around the cause opportunity to show their loyalty before the reshuffle of party personnel…

Last week, an essay by a retired newspaper editor and blogger described the changes as a response to threats from the United States. “What these events tell us is that a monumental change is taking place in China, and that the economic, financial, cultural, and political spheres are undergoing a profound transformation – or, one could say, a profound revolution,” wrote Li Guangman.

The essay, picked up by China’s state media outlets, prompted comparisons with a 1965 article that launched China’s chaotic decade-long Cultural Revolution, and left even some in the party establishment worried.

Within the Western press, you’ll find an array of articles drawing parallels between Xi’s “rectifications” and Mao’s disastrous Cultural Revolution, and this helps establish the idea that “Xi is rapidly leading China into another cataclysm like Mao did!” As a more sympathetic RT article points out, though, Xi’s campaign targets the “Global Satanic Deep State’s” methods and tools of exploitation, destruction and control…

The scale of Xi Jinping’s social revolution intensifies every day, and nothing seems to be safe from its reach. To go alongside the dramatic reorganisation of private tutoring [for-profit tutoring, which Xi banned, “places excessive financial burdens on parents trying to advance their children’s education” (just like for-profit colleges do here)], the mauling of big tech and the campaign against celebrity culture, now the Chinese state is turning its sights towards what it perceives to be excessive gaming amongst young people. Tough new regulations aim to limit their activities on gaming platforms to just three hours a week, describing it as “spiritual opium” and stressing that it negatively impacts their mental health, as well as seeking to ensure that children focus more on their education.

It’s another effort to move China’s society in line with its national priorities, and yet another indication that the interests of “big business” do not always represent the interests of society as a whole, as many western countries habitually assume. George Soros has recently voiced his disquiet, but that’s probably more of a sign that China is on the right path than anything else.

Within the script for Act 1 of the globalists’ End Times stageplay, Xi is China’s Trump, except Xi has been far more successful in “draining the swamp.” And we’ve reached the part of the Act when all of China’s swamp creatures collude with their Western Satanic allies to remove “Avatar Xi” (just like they’ve already removed Avatars Trump and Netanyahu).

The West + Japan + allies have already amassed naval armadas near Taiwan and the South China Sea. Now all that’s needed to start the war is a well-aimed missile from a Chinese swamp creature officer or a false-flag sinking by an Israeli submarine. And once war breaks out, we can expect China to lose, followed by a takedown of a disgraced Xi by the “Chinese Deep State.”

~ MORE – 12 September 2021 ~

Today’s two big news stories are meant to reflect the supposed battle between the “Nazionist Deep State” and the “Communist Deep State”…

…from Zero Hedge (top, bottom)

The top article on the failure of the UK COVID passport plan begins with this sentence: “The plan to mandate CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus vaccine passports for nightclubs and crowded events in England will not go ahead, UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on Sunday.” And the Sun article that was featured in the Drudge Report headline on the story suggests that the failure may have been caused by opposition from 50 angry Tory (conservative) Members of Parliament. So the “Nazionists” struck a blow against the commies in the UK.

Not to be outdone, the “communists” fired their own shot by outing Saudi Arabia’s complicity in the 9/11 attacks (according to the “official version” of what happened that day). The “Nazionists,” including the “Nazi” Bush family, run the US-Israeli-Saudi alliance in the Middle East, so this document release is meant to go after them. And since Saudi Arabia is the lynchpin of the petrodollar, the globalists will also use the outing of Saudi Arabia’s 9/11 role to bring about the Saudis’ withdrawal from the arrangement and the terminal fall of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

(9 September 2021) – There are some egregious requirements in Biden’s COVID plan

> Requiring All Employers with 100+ Employees to Ensure their Workers are Vaccinated or Tested Weekly [Note: This will require the unvaccinated workers to put weaponized swabs in their nasal cavities on a regular basis.]

The Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is developing a rule that will require all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any workers who remain unvaccinated to produce a negative test result on at least a weekly basis before coming to work. OSHA will issue an Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) to implement this requirement. This requirement will impact over 80 million workers in private sector businesses with 100+ employees.

> Requiring Vaccinations for all Federal Workers and for Millions of Contractors that Do Business with the Federal Government

> Requiring COVID-⁠19 Vaccinations for Over 17 Million Health Care Workers at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Hospitals and Other Health Care Settings

> Requiring Employers to Provide Paid Time Off to Get Vaccinated

To continue efforts to ensure that no worker loses a dollar of pay because they get vaccinated, OSHA is developing a rule that will require employers with more than 100 employees to provide paid time off for the time it takes for workers to get vaccinated or to recover if they are under the weather post-vaccination. This requirement will be implemented through the ETS.

There is also a call, but not a requirement, that all schools start testing their students (with weaponized nasal swabs). But there is no interstate travel ban for the unvaccinated and no call for lockdowns.

These measures do not seem sufficient to support the scripting of immediate violence, but we’ll have to wait and see. If Friday is uneventful, 9/11 will likely be uneventful too.

The Upcoming Nazionist COVID Narrative

(8 September 2021) – This is what the “commies” have supposedly done to Trump’s “safe and effective” Operation Warp Speed vaccines…

Although the globalists have scheduled Biden’s COVID decree and address for tomorrow, it doesn’t mean the Second 9/11 is locked-in. They can still abort their plans by having Biden read from Speech B instead of Speech A…

Speech A is the “firebomb address” in which Biden will announce substantive new restrictions that will infuriate the antivaxers, Trumpers, and “Christians who are avoiding taking the Mark of the Beast.” These oppressive restrictions may borrow from some of those used in France and Prison Island (formerly known as Australia), and their implementation will serve as “the final straw in pushing the Trumpers and End Times-believing Christians to attack their perceived enemies (on 9/11).”

Speech B is the “nothingburger address” in which Biden will announce nothing substantively new, just recommendations and incentives for state and local governments to return to last March’s lockdowns and for more private businesses to require the jab like some have already done.

In order to ensure that Biden reads Speech B, it’s time to serve up a Kenny Special: a long, satisfying piss in the globalists’ corn flakes. This time, their corn flakes are their Nazionist COVID Narrative — it is absolutely key to what they have planned — so I’ll devote today to laying out exactly what they’re going to say and why it’s all a lie.

The official COVID story we’ll be told after the (secretly Nazionist) “good guys” defeat the “evil Communist Deep State and the Chinese Communist Party” follows in the fine Hollywood tradition of such classics as Sharknado. It features a superhero in an orange mask, Donald Trump, who tried to stop the CCP’s COVID bioweapon with his Operation Warp Speed (OWS).

According to the story, OWS very rapidly produced safe and effective vaccines that would have stopped the spread of the bioweapon, prevented the fatal weakening of the West, and stymied the Democrat/communist assault on personal freedoms enabled by the media’s breathless overhyping of the threat posed by the virus. But alas, the communists pissed in Trump’s vaccine corn flakes.

To stop the hero from foiling their plan, the CCP and the “Communist Deep State” had their agents within the pharmaceutical plants sabotage the vaccine with production errors that nullified their effectiveness and various harmful contaminants, including the COVID bioweapon itself, that actually made more people catch COVID and die from it. So instead of stopping the bioweapon and the communist plot, the tainted vaccines enhanced the effect of the bioweapon and created the multiplied outbreak necessary for the “Final Lockdown” / communist victory. This part of the story explains why Trump still encourages people to get the vaccines: “Because he is unaware that they’ve been tainted and still thinks they’ll help stop the commie plot.”

In the final part of the story, the commie bad guys conduct a sudden, massive false flag campaign across the West to consolidate their victory. They blame the attacks on “the enemies of democracy” — actually the enemies of their communist revolution — and they launch mass arrests to remove the enemies within and wars to remove the enemies without. This “Communist Reign of Terror” becomes the greatest horror every experienced by the currently-living. And when all hope seems lost and mutually assured nuclear destruction between East and West is imminent, lights appear in the sky. Humanity’s saviors have come!

After the world is saved from the Communist Terror and nuclear annihilation, we discover that the conquering heroes are humans in human-built UFOs, and we are told that they “had to intervene to stop the extinction of the human race.” They and their allies then clean up the vaccines to ensure that the bioweapon can be snuffed-out, and they start rounding up the communist agents that pervade the Western nations. “It’s safe to take the jab now,” they say, “and don’t mind the arrests you see going on around you; they were part of the Reign of Terror.”

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In the 6 September Alert (a little further down this page), we pointed out that September 7 fell exactly 666 days after Mercury (the “Messenger”) transited the Sun on 11/11/2019, and that it was evidence (along with other related numbers/events) that Trump’s assassination was scheduled for yesterday. Well look at what Onnabugeisha just found…

Mercury the Messenger also transited the Sun on 15 November 1999, and the 9/11 Attacks happened exactly 666 days later.

This is yet another occult indicator confirming that the Big Event was supposed to happen on Rosh Hashanah day 1 (sunset of Monday the 6th through sunset of Tuesday the 7th). And if we were able to push them out of that, there’s a good chance we can push them out of September 11 also.

Remember that Rosh Hashanah doesn’t end till sunset tonight, so we’re not completely out of the Jewish New Year woods quite yet.

In a bit of good news, CNN previewed Biden’s COVID address in an article posted at 3:45 PM today. It seems to be pointing towards “Speech B.”

Now here’s…

What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 9

September 9 is 3 Tishrei on the Hebrew calendar, and 3 Tishrei brings the Fast of Gedalia

The Fast of Gedalia is a minor Jewish fast day from dawn until dusk to lament the assassination of Gedaliah, the righteous governor of Judah. His death ended Jewish autonomy following the destruction of the First Temple. – from Wikipedia

Tishrei 3rd is a fast day mourning the assassination of the Jewish royal Gedaliah ben Achikam, governor of the Land of Israel for a short period following the destruction of the First Temple. Gedaliah’s killing spelled the end of the small remnant of a Jewish community that remained in the Holy Land after the destruction. They soon fled to Egypt. (According to many opinions, the assassination of Gedaliah actually occurred on Rosh Hashanah, but the commemoration of the event is postponed to the day after the festival). – from

The last sentence in the Chabad description means that tomorrow lends itself to another attempt to script Trump’s death (he was supposed to die on Rosh Hashanah like Gedaliah did). This possibility is enhanced by the fact that the “Revelation 12 Sign in the Heavens” occurred on 3 Tishrei (September 23, 2017), exactly 4 Hebrew years ago come tomorrow. 4 is the number of death in many cultures. And let’s not forget that September 9 is 9/9 is (99) is (9 x 11).

So how will the antivaxers, Trumpers, and Christians feel if Biden gives a speech advancing COVID vaccinations on the same day Trump dies of heart failure from a tainted vaccine?

Alternatively, the assassination or political fall of another narratively significant leader could be scripted.

(7 September 2021) – Operation Blackjack has been rescheduled for 9/11

Having missed their timing cues for Labor Day, the globalists have now scheduled Biden’s COVID decree and address for Thursday. This is a rather obvious attempt to go for the 9/11 tie-in. Enforcement of the decree will likely begin Friday, and violent confrontations (both staged and real) will start happening all over the country.

So will the globalists schedule Operation Blackjack for Friday and the Communist Reign of Terror for Saturday (9/11)? Or will Operation Blackjack happen on 9/11, with the communist onslaught to follow? We’ll start looking at the numbers. Be advised, though, that there are indicators that the Big Drama could start as late as 9/15, so now is not a time to get tunnel vision; it’s a time to top off one’s preps.

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It looks like they’ll be splitting up Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on 9/11…

…from Here is an excerpt…

Biden will visit ground zero in New York City, the Pentagon and the memorial outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where United Flight 93 was forced down, the White House said Saturday. He will be accompanied by first lady Jill Biden.

Vice President Kamala Harris will travel to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, for a separate event before joining the president at the Pentagon, the White House said. Harris will travel with her spouse, Doug Emhoff.

So while Biden is in New York City, “commie” Harris will be in Pennsylvania. And the Bidens will appear to die in the New York part of Operation Blackjack while Harris is safe at her separate event in the countryside.

Since the 9/11 Memorial in New York is about 3.5 miles (as the crow flies) from UN Headquarters, multiple low-to-medium-yield nukes may be employed to ensure that both Biden and the UN are taken down.

If I were to guess where one of the nukes would be placed, it would be on or around City Hall Park. It is close to the 9/11 Memorial and was the place that hosted the recreated Triumphal Arch of Palmyra when it came to New York City

…from Google Maps and The Guardian. The Arch was unveiled there on 19 September 2016, 1818 days ago come Saturday. Note that the original Arch was destroyed by ISIS, the same group that will be blamed (along with the Trumpers and Christians) for the Blackjack attacks…

All the cities/places that hosted the Arch are potential targets in Operation Blackjack, including Trafalgar Square in London.

As for the nuke that destroys UN Headquarters, I expect it to be placed on the East River on a boat, minisub/SDV, or U Thant Island (a.k.a. Belmont Island)…

…from Google Maps

On another note, here’s…

What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 8

Keep an eye out tomorrow for an Israeli false flag attack in Iran that will be pinned on the Iranian government. Its purpose would be to galvanize the Iranian people to rebel against their leaders. September 8 is the anniversary of Iran’s Black Friday incident.

ALERT (6 September 2021): Three troubling signs have manifested in the past 24 hours

Things are starting to look a bit hairy…

1) Zero Hedge posted a story yesterday — then reposted it this morning — suggesting that China is about to have their Lehman Moment (a cascade failure of their financial system, which would trigger a domino failure of the global financial system).

The Nazionist Narrative will say that “with China’s financial collapse being imminent, Xi Jinping ordered the Communist Reign of Terror to begin before the failure. That way, the collapse could be blamed on the war, not his policies, and the global communist takeover could begin while China is still at the pre-collapse peak of its power.” With the US markets being closed today due to Labor Day, it is the perfect day for the Chinese to make their final financial moves in the global markets before blowing it all up.

2) Brazilian president Bolsonaro has called for his supporters to hit the streets tomorrow. Bolsonaro is Brazil’s Trump, and his call is reminiscent of Trump’s rallying of his supporters on January 6 (the day of the “Invasion of Congress”). So tomorrow would be a perfect time for Brazil’s communists to go after Bolsonaro and his political base.

3) Biden is returning to Washington, DC today from his weekend stay in Delaware. He is scheduled to arrive at the White House at 6:55 PM EDT, just 25 minutes before the likely 7:20 PM start time for the Operation Blackjack attacks. If he gets delayed or the Washington element of the attacks happens early, he’ll be caught out in the open when the nuke goes off and killed. This would elevate “commie” Kamala to the presidency, and she would then order the onslaught.

If I lived in New York, Washington or any of the other major “sin cities” (like Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.), I would be taking my Labor Day trip to the countryside immediately (and certainly no later than the afternoon), and I’d take a good amount of cash with me. If nothing happens today, I’d consider it a “live exercise” — some good practice for a very dangerous month.

I will expand and enhance this Alert over the course of the day.

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Reader Onnabugeisha ran across a recently-planted prophecy propaganda video that “predicts” Trump’s death on September 7 (Rosh Hashanah day 1, which starts in the US at 7:20 tonight and ends at sunset of September 7).

After wading through much of the video, I found something quite notable: it correctly states that the time span between the Notre Dame Cathedral Fire (on 15 April 2019) and the start of Trump’s second impeachment trial (on 9 February 2021) is exactly 666 days. This is clearly no accident. But as luck would have it, Onnabugeisha also informed me that the time span between Mercury’s last transit of the Sun (on 11 November 2019) and September 7 is exactly 666 days. In mythology, Mercury is known as “the messenger.”

So I played with some numbers and found this…

  • The time span between the Notre Dame Fire and the 11/11 transit of Mercury the Messenger was exactly 210 days.
  • The time span between Trump’s second impeachment trial and September 7 is exactly 210 days.

Again, this is no accident. The signs are connected (within the globalist narrative and by globalist-scheduled events). So if you were wondering why the Democrats did the pointless second impeachment after Trump left office, now you know — it was to set up this silly numerology BS.

So if Trump was impeached 666 days after the Notre Dame Fire, what will happen to him 666 days after the Messenger crossed the Sun?

I’ve written in previous updates that Trump would be one of the first assassination targets in the communist onslaught. So will he die at their hands tonight/tomorrow? Or will he die “from a heart attack” like the prophecy propaganda video says? Trump supposedly took the COVID vaccine early this year, so will the “clot shot” be what causes his heart attack? And will “deliberate contamination of the COVID vaccines by communist agents” be what the Nazionists point to before they provide “clean vaccines that are safe to take”? Please don’t fall for that ridiculous BS. Nothing they offer is safe.

~ MORE ~

So far, so good. We got through 7:20 PM un-irradiated. Now let’s see if we can make it all the way through the night and September 7 without serious drama. On that note, here’s…

What (Else) to Watch For Tomorrow, September 7

September 7 is the 120th anniversary of the signing of the Boxer Protocol, which was signed after the Chinese forces of the Boxer Rebellion were defeated by the West + Japan and Russia. It is one of the “Unequal Treaties”: the humiliating treaties the Chinese were forced to sign due to Western military superiority. And its 120th anniversary would be a good time for China to even the score. This is one of the scripted motivations for the communist onslaught that is/was scheduled for tomorrow.

September 7 (9/7) can also be written as 7/7, since September was the 7th month (of 10) in the oldest known Roman calendar. This fact brings the two “7 cows” into the mix, since the prophecy propagandists can say that they were “omens sent by God to warn us of September 7.” You can read about the “7 cows” in yesterday’s update (below).

September 7 is also Independence Day in Brazil, so a communist onslaught in Brazil tomorrow would happen on their equivalent of the Fourth of July. Grilled commie may be on the barbecue menu (especially in the Amazon)…


Special thanks to my partner Onnabugeisha for her diligent research and dedication.

(5 September 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 6

And the cow prophet said unto them, “In 7 years I shall bring a plague upon you, and you will surely let my herd go”

September 6 is the day that Rosh Hashanah and the Shmita (“sabbath year”) begin at sunset, and we need to watch for a global catastrophe (Operation Blackjack).

With that in mind, let me show you something weird (but quite relevant) that reader Onnabugeisha has turned up…

…from Soul:Ask

The article is about the prophetic significance of two cows that were born with the number 7 on their heads in September of 2014 (in close proximity to Obama’s UN summit on ISIS). And the piece ends with the suggestion that “there will be either a barge crash, or the last wave of the pandemic, or the Third World War, or all three genies in one bottle.”

But the article is mistaken when it says that the two “7 cows” were born on the same day…

  • According to a September 25 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, the first cow “was born Saturday” (September 20, 2014, which was 25 Elul on the Jewish calendar). And exactly 7 Hebrew years after this “7 cow” was born, New York City was hit with a “biblical flood” after 25 Elul began (see the 2 September update below for details).
  • According to the Jim Bakker Show, the second “7 cow” was born on September 25, 2014, which was 1 Tishrei, the first day of Rosh Hashanah and the previous Shmita. This year, the first day of Rosh Hashanah and the Shmita falls on September 7 (but it begins at sunset on the 6th). So, again, something “biblical” is/was planned for Labor Day.

At first glance, one might think the births of these “7 cows” are mere prophetic trivia being overblown by a bunch of overheated prophecy followers, but the globalists have clearly incorporated them into their narrative. We know this because Jonathan Cahn, a heavy hitter in the prophecy propaganda circuit, appeared on the Jim Bakker Show and heralded the news. During his appearance, he also pointed out that the mainstream media picked up the cow story on September 25, 2014 (Rosh Hashanah). So the release of the news on that particular day was almost certainly deliberate, indicating the guiding hand of the globalists.

More to come on September 6 tonight and/or tomorrow morning. Until then, scroll down to the September 1 Alert for more about what is/was planned.

~ earlier ~

This evening (9/5) I’ll be posting the watch items for September 6. But I just discovered the most likely time for the planned destruction of the UN and New York tomorrow (should they pull the trigger, which I now suspect they won’t). So I thought I’d share that now…

In the September 1 Alert (which is a little further down). I noted that the foreshadowing UN summit that Obama presided over 7 Hebrew years ago was Security Council meeting #7272, and it ended at 7:20 PM New York time (after Rosh Hashanah had begun there).

As it turns out, sunset in New York tomorrow (when Rosh Hashanah begins there) happens at 7:20 PM. So it seems likely that they planned for the UN to end at the same time Obama’s summit ended.

Now we watch and see if Biden delivers his COVID decree today or tomorrow. If I lived in New York City and witnessed that, I would take an immediate trip out of the city for all of Rosh Hashanah (sunset of the 6th through sunset of the 8th). It would be a nice kosher holiday to the countryside, and I’d pick up some bagels and lox on my way out, because it might be the last time I’d get to taste New York City bagels for a while.

(4 September 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 5

Will a Biden executive order on COVID tomorrow begin America’s Reign of Terror?…

…from Google and today’s Drudge Report

September 5 is the anniversary of two very notable “Reigns of Terror”…

Both Terrors involved the rounding up, imprisonment, and killing of the enemies of the revolutions. And according to the controlled alt-media, America is currently undergoing its own communist revolution under “China Joe.”

Given what’s headlining the news today, tomorrow offers the opportunity for Biden to issue a decree that would outrage the “far-right patriots, antivaxers, Trumpers, and Christians.” Biden’s action would be followed by a globalist false flag on September 6 which would initially be blamed on the outraged groups. These “enemies of the revolution” would then be subjected to a communist reign of terror.

After the “Nazionist Deep State” (posing as “good guys”) strike back against the communist terror and defeat the commies, they will blame the decree, the false flag, and the reign of terror (all of it) on “the communist plot to take over a world depopulated by the CCP’s COVID bioweapon.” People will think they’ve been saved, but it will be only the first of three such savior moments.

September 5 is also the day the MEK was founded in 1965. So tomorrow offers another opportunity to script the MEK attacks on Iran’s leaders that will weaken the government and set off the next Iranian revolution.

Enjoy a nice Irish wine tonight, for tomorrow may be the start of “The Troubles.” And drink a toast to reader Onnabugeisha for the fantastic research.

You can find more information on the next Iranian revolution and the Red Terror in the updates below…

(3 September 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 4…

Here are some things reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out for Saturday, September 4…

September 4 is 27 Elul on the Jewish calendar, and 27 Elul is the anniversary of the signing of the Oslo I Accord (on 13 September 1993). The Oslo I Accord “was an attempt in 1993 to set up a framework that would lead to the resolution of the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict. It was the first face-to-face agreement between the government of Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).” The Israeli prime minister who signed the Accord, Yitzhak Rabin, was later assassinated for it by a religious Zionist.

So watch for a development tomorrow in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Will the Jewish anniversary of the Oslo I Accord bring a new Israeli-Palestinian war? And would that war be sparked by the following?…

September 4 is 27 Muharram on the Islamic calendar, and 27 Muharram is the anniversary of the start of the Iranian Revolution (on 7 January 1978). In the course of looking into the scripting possibilities for this anniversary, I ran across a review of a book written by a Zionist-connected [1, 2] vice president of a Washington foreign policy think tank, Ilan Berman. It offers a glimpse into the Israeli strategy for taking down Iran from within…

Berman begins by summing up key characteristics of four external oppositionists. The last shah’s son, Reza Pahlavi, stands out for his vision “of nonviolent resistance to Iran’s clerical regime.” In contrast, the Mujahideen-e Khalq [MEK], the most high profile and controversial of exile groups, “is convinced that the Iranian regime is simply too bru­tal, too entrenched and too invested in maintaining its hold on power to be removed solely by peaceful means. The al­ternative could well be armed resistance, and here the MeK holds a distinct advantage.” – from the Middle East Forum

Instead of striking Iran directly, Israel may be scripted to hit Iran with a one-two punch: 1) have the MEK blow up key leaders in Iran, then 2) have Reza Pahlavi lead a “people’s peaceful uprising” (color revolution) to overturn the government. Since Iran’s top leaders are on the globalist payroll too, they will allow the uprising to succeed (just like Afghanistan’s president allowed the Taliban takeover to succeed). Turkey and Azerbaijan may also be scripted to invade northwest Iran “to protect their brothers there” (the ethnic Azeris).

The move from a direct strike strategy to a hybrid terror bombing / color revolution strategy was publicly signalled recently…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an excerpt…

Just on the heels of Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s remarks to The New York Times this week wherein he openly acknowledged plans to continue covert attacks on Iran, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi, has followed with his own threat.

“The progress of the Iranian nuclear program has led the IDF to accelerate its operational plans and the recently approved defense budget is earmarked for that,” Kohavi said according to a Jerusalem Post report published Wednesday…

PM Bennett and his top General Kohavi now openly declaring Israel’s intent to step up covert sabotage and espionage attacks against the Iranians is somewhat unprecedented, given that in prior years it remained Israel’s policy to not comment on clandestine intelligence operations. It remains rare if not unheard of for any country to publicly announce plans for covert aggression against sovereign states.

Now if we look at the ongoing occult signals for Iran, we see that…

If the globalists had gone ahead and had the MEK blow up a bunch of Iranian officials on August 30, Reza Pahlavi would have led the civilian uprising over this weekend. And if they still want to carry out the operation, their fallback plan would be to do the whole thing over the Labor Day weekend. So watch for drama in Iran between now and Monday (if it happens, it’s a very bad sign).

(2 September 2021) – “As it was in the days of Noah”

…from today’s Drudge Report

The remnants of Hurricane Ida triggered Flash Flood Emergencies for New York City and New Jersey late Wednesday night as torrential rain, winds, and tornados unleashed chaos across the Northeast – from Zero Hedge

So a “Biblical Flood” hit New York City late Wednesday night after 25 Elul, the anniversary of the “1st day of creation,” had begun. And according to the Bible, one of the things created on the 1st day was “the waters“…

The Creation

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

2 Now the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. – Genesis 1

According to the Bible, that was the beginning of times. So what does the Bible say about the “End Times”?…

3 Most importantly, you must understand that in the last days scoffers will come, scoffing and following their own evil desires. 4 “Where is the promise of His coming?” they will ask. “Ever since our fathers fell asleep, everything continues as it has from the beginning of creation.”

5 But they deliberately overlook the fact that long ago by God’s word the heavens existed and the earth was formed out of water and by water, 6 through which the world of that time perished in the flood. 7 And by that same word, the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire, being kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. – 2 Peter 3:3-7

So “God” destroyed the world of Noah’s day by flood, and when “the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men” (“Judgment Day”) comes, the present world will be destroyed by fire.

Courtesy of their weather control grid, the Kabbalists have just given New York City a reminder of the destruction of the first world by flood, and they did it on the anniversary of the day “God” created the waters. It is a harbinger of New York City’s coming destruction by nuclear fire on Judgment Day.

So when is Judgment Day scheduled to come? – On the anniversary of the 6th day of creation, when “God” first judged man (Genesis 23). The 6th day, 1 Tishrei, begins after sunset on the 6th day of this month, Labor Day.

Hurricane Ida was well on its way before their Labor Day plot got exposed, so let’s hope Judgment Day has already been postponed (again). You can read more about the plot in the Alert below. Yesterday’s updates have been moved to the bottom of it.

On another note, here’s…

What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 3

The globalist numerology for Friday supports the scripting of “regime change” in Russia and Iran being set in motion either tomorrow or in the coming days…

September 3 marks the day that Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin, born 3 March 1966, turns exactly 666 months old. If Russia’s president dies, resigns or is impeached, the prime minister takes over as temporary president.

September 3 marks the day Reza Pahlavi, the Crown Prince of Iran (born 31 October 1960), turns exactly 22222 days old. After the Nazionists take down the Iranian government in the coming war, he would be their obvious choice as Iran’s transitional leader. The CIA and the Israelis have previously schemed to install him, and he has said that he’ll turn Iran into a “secular, parliamentary democracy.”

Thanks to reader Onnabugeisha for her research.

Occult signalling confirms that Operation Blackjack is scheduled for September 6

(1 September 2021) – Reader Onnabugeisha has just uncovered the hidden key to the globalists’ timing of the Operation Blackjack Attacks and the Communist Onslaught…

…from Note that Obama was seated at the same place at the table where the phoenix stands in the mural of the table (click the photo to enlarge it).

On 24 September 2014, the day Rosh Hashanah began 7 years ago, Barack Obama sat as the President of the UN Security Council for the second time. It was the 7272nd meeting of the Council, and it was a summit attended by the national leaders. The meeting began at 3:10 PM (after Rosh Hashanah had started in Jerusalem) and ended at 7:20 PM (after Rosh Hashanah started in New York). Following an opening statement from the UN Secretary General, Obama began speaking at EXACTLY 3:11 (remember that 3/11 of last year was the day the WHO declared COVID a global pandemic, and 3/11 of 2011 was the day of the Fukushima nuclear disaster). The subject of the summit was stopping foreign terrorist fighters, specifically ISIS (the group who supposedly bombed American servicemen in Kabul last week).

All this points to September 6, which is Labor Day and the day Rosh Hashanah begins, as the targeted day for Operation Blackjack (to be blamed on ISIS, the “far-right,” and Russia) and the Communist Onslaught that will follow. Later today I’ll add more links, graphics, and information. I’ll also show you photographic hints from the summit that suggest New York will be nuked during the attacks.

We’ve got ’em by the balls now. And in the afternoon/evening, the twisting will begin.

~ MORE ~

Let’s start looking into the details by looking at the photographic hints I mentioned. The photo at the top of this update is from the UN’s official article on the summit. Notice that they included the mural in the shot of Obama leading the meeting. And the photo of the summit posted by the Obama White House also included the mural, particularly the part that shows the ashes of the dead phoenix lying on the table…

…from Click on the photo to enlarge it.

Their postings of official photographs that include the mural are no accident. They are hinting at what the meeting will set in motion: the death and birth of the phoenix under the leadership of Barack Obama. And by timing the fulfillment on the 7th Jewish New Year since the meeting, they are tying it to popular biblical prophecy interpretations, which speak of a 7-year tribulation due to the presence of the Antichrist (Antichrist Obama).

It was back in April of 2017 when I first realized what was encoded on the mural in the Security Council chamber. Here’s part of what I wrote about it…

> The overarching goal of all the current geopolitical drama is to “reform” the UN into the NWO, and is there any more sure way of forcing immediate reform than literally blowing up the existing UN and compelling the nations to rebuild both its physical and organizational structure?

> The globalist “elite” are obsessed with the symbolism of the phoenix, the bird which explodes into flames and is then reborn from its own ashes. Now look again at the mural located in the UN’s Security Council chamber…

The mural actually depicts the Security Council chamber itself. Look at the color of the wall in the background of the mural, then look at the color of the wall surrounding the mural. Also look at the shape and color of the object on which the phoenix is standing in the mural, then look at the semi-circular desk at which the Security Council members sit. You’ll see that the phoenix is actually standing on its ashes which lie on the desk of the Security Council. But in the mural, the desk has a disfigured appearance, as if it’s been melted, and the ashes of the old phoenix lie on the burnt table.

So the mural depicts the New World Order phoenix standing in the ashes of the old UN on the burnt Security Council desk. It portrays the destruction of the Security Council chamber by fire. Blowing up the UN complex thus becomes the fulfillment of the mural.

Of course, it’s also possible to interpret the disfigured Security Council table as being the result of a global conflagration that brings down the current UN (the dying phoenix) and gives rise to the NWO (the new phoenix). But I’m pretty sure they intend to go with a nuke or “MOAB” to demolish UN Headquarters. September 6 is a UN holiday, so the building will be mostly empty. And there is also a Nostradamus prophecy that is interpreted as predicting the nuclear destruction of “the great new city” by the Muslim Antichrist with a Russian nuke (you’ll find the linked video quite interesting; I first saw it when I was a kid, and the part about nukes and Russia begins at the 1:31 mark). In Act 1 of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay, the Muslim Antichrist is played by Turkey’s Erdogan. Erdogan has strong ties to ISIS, and he’s also been buying Russian weapons.

~ MORE – 1 September 2021 ~

If the globalists want to blow up the US on Labor Day and initially blame it on the “far-right white supremacist Christian Trumpers,” they’ll need a convincing reason for the Trumpers going ballistic. So watch for Biden to do something outrageous between now and Monday, like blocking interstate travel over Labor Day weekend “to stop the spread of the Delta variant.”

~ MORE – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 2 ~

September 2 is 25 Elul in the Jewish calendar (which started at sunset today). And according to the Kabbalists, 25 Elul was the 1st day of creation. The 6th day of creation, supposedly when Adam and Eve were created and history began, falls on September 7, which is 1 Tishrei and Rosh Hashanah Day 1. 1 Tishrei is also supposedly the day that Adam and Eve committed their first sin and were banished from the Garden of Eden, and it begins at sunset on September 6.

Since 25 Elul set in motion what happened on 1 Tishrei, look for an event tomorrow that sets in motion what happens on September 6. Candidate events include Biden’s announcement of something that outrages the “patriots” and a possible “ISIS” terror attack in London

September 2 is the anniversary of the Great Fire of London in 1666. The fire started shortly after midnight on September 2, gutted the City of London (London’s financial center), and continued through September 6

Fears of foreign terrorists and of a French and Dutch invasion were as high as ever among the traumatised fire victims. There was panic on Wednesday night in the encampments at Parliament Hill, Moorfields, and Islington: a light in the sky over Fleet Street started a story that 50,000 French and Dutch immigrants had risen, and were marching towards Moorfields to murder and pillage. Surging into the streets, the frightened mob fell on any foreigners whom they happened to encounter, and were pushed back into the fields by the Trained Bands, troops of Life Guards, and members of the court. The mood was now so volatile that Charles feared a full-scale London rebellion against the monarchy. Food production and distribution had been disrupted to the point of non-existence; Charles announced that supplies of bread would be brought into the City every day, and markets set up round the perimeter. – from Wikipedia

If they use the Great Fire of London as the template, Operation Blackjack may begin tomorrow and stretch through September 6…

…from The Telegraph (UK)