Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – August Updates

(31 August 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 1

On the September 1 anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland that started World War II, what we need to watch for tomorrow is a military or political incident that starts World War III. I’ve already covered what could happen in the Middle East, so let’s look at the other World War III flashpoints to see what’s going on…

At the North Korea flashpoint, this is what’s currently making the news…

…from Google

So we need to watch for a preemptive North Korean nuclear strike (either a strike for effect or for demonstration).

At the South China Sea flashpoint, China is going “full retard” in their absurd Nine-Dash Line claims

…from The Hindu. Here is an excerpt…

While it remains unclear how, whether, and where China plans to enforce this new regulation starting Wednesday, the Maritime Safety Administration said in a notice “operators of submersibles, nuclear vessels, ships carrying radioactive materials and ships carrying bulk oil, chemicals, liquefied gas and other toxic and harmful substances are required to report their detailed information upon their visits to Chinese territorial waters,” the Communist Party-run Global Times reported.

So what sort of confrontations will arise from this new insanity?

At the Taiwan flashpoint, just as China is taking its aggressive new stance in the South China Sea, an “allied naval armada” is prowling the Philippine Sea in preparation for the Battle of Taiwan…

…from Forbes

So will China’s new September aggressiveness extend to Taiwan also? If not tomorrow, look for the battle to begin by mid-month.

At the Ukraine flashpoint, Zelensky will be meeting with Biden tomorrow just 9 days after this…

…from the Atlantic Council

Notably, Angela Merkel (“the bridge between East and West”) was in Kiev the day before the summit, but did not stick around to attend. Watch for her to play a role in the postwar Nazionist makeover of the UN (the “evil NWO”). And watch for Biden and Zelensky to do something stupid tomorrow to antagonize the Russians. Having just shown “weakness” towards the Taliban, the script may now have Biden show “strength” towards the Russians.

(30-31 August 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, August 31

In the afternoon/evening today (8/30), we’ll look at the indicators for tomorrow, which lend themselves to the scripting of…

  • the first effective protest against the vaccine tyranny in Australia (the “Truckie Blockade,” which would then spread across the Western nations),
  • the deaths of the final planeload(s) of American servicemen evacuating Kabul, and
  • an invasion-triggering Gleiwitz Incident on the Israel-Gaza border.

~ MORE ~

The final planeload of Americans has safely exited Afghanistan a bit early and the Truckie Blockade is in the mainstream news and will either succeed or fizzle, so the Israeli scenario is the only one that requires further coverage. And here is the basic outline of it…

Back in March of this year, the Israeli press reported the completion of a massive underground barrier around Gaza meant to prevent Hamas from attacking Israeli border guards and civilians via “terrorist tunnels.” But in May, Israel bombed the Gaza Strip for about two weeks, targeting Hamas’ tunnel complex in the process. The false flag narrative would say that Hamas used the seismic noise from the May bombings as cover for blowing demolition charges to breach the underground barrier. So Israeli special operations units may conduct one or more mass casualty attacks against Israeli conscripts and civilians in order to blame “Hamas terrorists who tunneled through the barrier breaches.” They’ll then launch a ground invasion to root out the Gaza tunnel system.

As for what happens after that, here’s an interesting passage I found about the May conflict, which the IDF named “Operation Guardian of the Walls”…

Perhaps most significantly, as the first major conflict in the Gaza Strip since Israel finished construction of a massive underground barrier around the enclave to block Hamas’s border-crossing attack tunnels, the operation proved to the IDF that in the absence of that ground-based threat, Israel could fight on two fronts simultaneously: in Gaza, primarily with air power and artillery, and in the north, with ground troops who would be needed to fight the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist militia. – from The Times of Israel

So with the barrier supposedly breached, Israel’s two-front war strategy falls into disarray. Not only will they have to launch ground invasions of Gaza (front 1) and Lebanon/Syria (front 2), they’ll also have to contend with an intifada on the West Bank and in towns across Israel (front 3). The IDF will find themselves overstretched and bogged down in urban combat, which is exactly what the Kabbalists want. Israel has to be driven to the precipice of absolute disaster so they can bring in their false Jewish messiah to save the day.

~ MORE – 31 August 2021 ~

Now let me share why I chose to write about this scenario: reader Onnabugeisha noted that today, August 31, is the anniversary of the false flag that started World War II, so I looked it up…

The Gleiwitz incident was a false flag attack on the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz, staged by Nazi Germany on the night of 31 August 1939. Along with some two dozen similar incidents, the attack was manufactured by Germany as a casus belli to justify the invasion of Poland, which began the next morning. The attackers posed as Polish nationals.

During his declaration of war, Hitler did not mention the Gleiwitz incident but grouped all provocations staged by the SS as an alleged “Polish assault” on Germany. The Gleiwitz incident is the best-known action of Operation Himmler, a series of special operations undertaken by the Schutzstaffel (SS) to serve German propaganda at the outbreak of war. The operation was intended to create the appearance of a Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the invasion of Poland…

The Gleiwitz incident was a part of a larger operation carried out by Abwehr and SS forces. Other orchestrated incidents were conducted along the Polish-German border at the same time as the Gleiwitz attack, such as a house burning in the Polish Corridor and spurious propaganda. The project was called Operation Himmler and comprised incidents giving the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany. – from Wikipedia

World War II is generally considered to have begun on 1 September 1939, when Nazi Germany, under Adolf Hitler, invaded Poland. – from Wikipedia

So if the globalists want to replicate this bit of history today, where would they do it? Where is a place that has ongoing violent border incidents? Where is there a nation chomping at the bit to invade their neighbors and expand their territory? And which nation is at the center of the World War III script? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Israel. And the corrupt, globalist-bought Palestinian leadership are helping the Kabbalists set it up by staging ongoing border skirmishes…

…from The Jerusalem Post

So just as it was in the days of the Gleiwitz incident, there are nighttime hijinks, fires, and even a dead Israeli border guard (who perished just yesterday). Now all Mossad/Chabad have to do is send in a kill team posing as Hamas (or who were recruited from Hamas) to murder a bunch of Israelis near the border and it’s off to the races — September can begin with a bang.

Looking into the occult side of things, Onnabugeisha also found 9/11 coding for today…

The attacks of September 11, 2001 happened on the Jewish calendar day of 23 Elul 5761. And August 31, 2021 (today) is 23 Elul 5781. So according to the Hebrew calendar, today is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks.

Also, the month of Elul is the 6th month in the Hebrew (ecclesiastical) calendar, so today is 6/23 (623). And if you look up the number 623 in Strong’s Greek Bible Concordance (which is a tool commonly used by prophecy fulfillment scriptwriters for encoding meanings into numbers), you get this…


Operation Gleiwitz was the false flag that started World War II and the 9/11 Attacks were the false flags that started the War on Terror. Will tonight bring the Gaza false flag that starts World War III?

Watch out for this Gaza scenario even if they don’t try it tonight. They will come back to it at some point.

(29 August 2021) – So will “THE STORM” long-telegraphed by the controlled alt-media begin with an actual storm?…

As I watch a near-Cat 5 hurricane crash into Louisiana today, I find myself wondering if it is the Zionist false flag we’re expecting. I also find myself wondering if it will later be narrated as a “weather warfare attack by China” — and if a deliberately bungled disaster response by Biden will be the final straw that leads to his 25th Amendment removal by “commie” Kamala Harris, touching off “the storm.”

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What to Watch For Tomorrow, August 30

In the afternoon/evening, we’ll look at the indicators for tomorrow, which lend themselves to the scripting of assassination/coup attempts, including…

  • a move against a commie leader that will lead to a subsequent “Red Terror,”
  • a move against the new President of Iran by the Zionists (possibly through the MEK), and
  • a move against Xi Jinping by Li Keqiang and other “Chinese Deep Staters.”

~ later ~

Now let’s look at the historical and numerological cues that reader Onnabugeisha has uncovered…

August 30 was the day in 1918 when Fanny Kaplan attempted to assassinate Vladimir Lenin by shooting him three times. This assassination attempt, which came 13 days after a successful assassination of a Cheka (secret police) leader, led to the Red Terror…

The Red Terror in Soviet Russia was a campaign of political repression and executions carried out by the Bolsheviks, chiefly through the Cheka, the Bolshevik secret police…

Arising after assassination attempts on Vladimir Lenin and Petrograd Cheka leader Moisei Uritsky, the latter of which was successful, the Red Terror was modeled on the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution, and sought to eliminate political dissent, opposition, and any other threat to Bolshevik power

The Red Terror campaign is considered to have officially begun between 17–30 August 1918…

Bolshevik newspapers were especially integral to instigating an escalation in state violence: on August 31, the state-controlled media launched the repressive campaign through incitement of violence…

The first official announcement of a Red Terror was published in Izvestia on September 3, titled “Appeal to the Working Class”, calling for the workers to “crush the hydra of counterrevolution with massive terror!;” it would also make clear that “anyone who dares to spread the slightest rumor against the Soviet regime will be arrested immediately and sent to a concentration camp”…

Subsequently, on September 5, the Central Committee of the Bolshevik government issued a decree “On Red Terror”, prescribing “mass shooting” to be “inflicted without hesitation;” the decree ordered the Cheka “to secure the Soviet Republic from the class enemies by isolating them in concentration camps,” as well as stating that counter-revolutionaries “must be executed by shooting [and] that the names of the executed and the reasons of the execution must be made public.” – from Wikipedia

Looking at the Red Terror, it mirrors the expectations that have been set for the “communist takeover of America.” You just need to reread the Red Terror excerpt while substituting the following words:

  • Communist Onslaught for Red Terror,
  • Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris) for Vladimir Lenin,
  • Department of Homeland Security for Cheka,
  • Mainstream Media for Bolshevik Newspapers, and
  • FEMA Camps for Concentration Camps

So which “commie” leader will be assassinated by the “Christian white-supremacist antivax Trumper(s),” the “betrayer of Afghanistan and the military,” Joseph Biden, or “the communist usurper who took over the presidency by a 25th Amendment cabinet coup,” Kamala Harris? If they have Harris take down Biden and then get shot, the Red Terror could happen under President Pelosi and VP Clinton. If they go for it tomorrow, though, it would have to be Biden, which would lead to “Obama ordering Harris to start the Terror” in retribution.

Getting back to the other cues…

August 30 was the day in 1981 when the office of office of Mohammad Javad Bahonar, Prime Minister of Iran, was bombed by the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (the MEK). The briefcase bombing killed Iran’s prime minister, president, and six other government officials.

The MEK, like ISIS (and “ISIS-K”), is a Zionist terror proxy. And given the hostility shown by the Israeli government to the election of Iran’s new “hardline” president, Ebrahim Raisi, and their recent decision to “accelerate” covert action against Iran, another president-killing MEK bombing may be in the works. It would cause quite a reaction.

August 30 is the day Chinese Premier (and “Deep Stater”) Li Keqiang, born 1 July 1955, reaches the age of 66 years and 60 days (666). And 6 days later on September 5 (the anniversary of the Red Terror Decree), he becomes 66 years and 66 days old. Given that Nazionist propagandist (and Steve Bannon’s business partner) Miles Guo has identified him as one of the Chinese officials who may move against Xi Jinping, watch for such a move between tomorrow and the 5th.

Keep in mind too that September 5th is the day before Rosh Hashanah begins (at sunset on the 6th). The Kabbalists may be aiming to implode the current state of the world as they enter the Jewish New Year, so the 5th and 6th are perilous days.

(28 August 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, August 29

The globalists are coming in over the target (now through September) for starting their big war, so it’s time to start throwing up some flak to deter them from approaching their objectives. Each day from now through September we’ll look ahead to the next day’s historical and numerological cues, starting with Sunday, August 29…

August 29 is the anniversary of the first day of the First Zionist Congress, chaired by “the father of Zionism” Theodor Herzl. It was held in Basel, Switzerland, which is now the home of the Bank for International Settlements, the nerve center of Kabbalist bankster power. The Congress continued through August 31 and gave rise to the World Zionist Organization: “Operating under the aegis of the WZO are organizations that define themselves as Zionist, such as WIZO, Hadassah, B’nai B’rith, Maccabi, the International Sephardic Federation, the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), and more.”

So watch for the potential scripting of another false flag by the Zionists…

…from Zero Hedge

Remember that they succeeded in pulling off the first Kabul airport bombings on the birthday of Chassidism and Chabad-Lubavitch on Thursday [1, 2, 3]. The bombings started 38 minutes before the end of Chai Elul (in Kabul).

August 29 is when the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Beheading of St. John the Baptist. The celebrated event is also called the “Beheading of the Forerunner” (of Jesus Christ). So watch for the death or resignation of Pope Francis, the “Forerunner of Petrus Romanus” (the “Final Pope,” likely to be played by Pietro Parolin).

August 29 is the “International Day against Nuclear Tests,” so watch for the potential scripting of a false-flagged “North Korean” SLBM test that ends with a nuclear detonation. In previous entries, I’ve warned that such a test may overfly Japan and detonate over Tokyo or the Pacific Ocean, and there is another August 29 historical cue that would support such a scenario (with the motivation being revenge)…

The Japan–Korea Treaty of 1910, also known as the Japan–Korea Annexation Treaty, was made by representatives of the Empire of Japan and the Korean Empire on August 22, 1910. In this treaty, Japan formally annexed Korea following the Japan–Korea Treaty of 1905 by which Korea became a protectorate of Japan and Japan–Korea Treaty of 1907 by which Korea was deprived of the administration of internal affairs…

The treaty was proclaimed to the public (and became effective) on August 29, 1910, officially starting the period of Japanese rule in Korea. The treaty had eight articles, the first being: “His Majesty the Emperor of Korea makes the complete and permanent cession to His Majesty the Emperor of Japan of all rights of sovereignty over the whole of Korea”. – from Wikipedia

Since tomorrow will mark the 111th anniversary of this Japanese humiliation of Korea, globalist numerology supports such scripting as well.

August 29 is Judgment Day in the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, so watch for the potential scripting of a nuclear attack somewhere.

Thanks to reader Onnabugeisha for the excellent research.

(26-27 August 2021) – The globalists are visually tying “Commie Antichrist” Obama to the engineered fall of Afghanistan, and the story began 7 years ago come August 28 (this Saturday)…

…from the Washington Post

Here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia entry on the Obama Tan Suit Controversy

On August 28, 2014, U.S. President Barack Obama held a live press conference on increasing the military response against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria while wearing a tan suit. Obama’s appearance on television in the tan suit sparked significant attention and led to media and social media criticism…

A light-colored suit is considered casual summer wear that was seen by conservative media outlet Fox News as being too casual for a press conference on such a serious matter…

On the week of Obama’s 60th birthday, and near the 7-year anniversary of Obama’s tan suit incident, President Joe Biden wore a tan suit for a press conference, which was widely reported as a jab at the initial controversy.

After looking into what’s mentioned in the final paragraph of the Wikipedia entry, I discovered that Biden wore the tan suit on August 6

…from Twitter

And can you guess what makes August 6 a significant day?…

…from CBS News. Here is an excerpt…

The collapse no one saw coming began on Friday, August 6, with the fall of a provincial capital in the far west of Afghanistan. The White House said it was time for the Afghans to step up.

Within the scripted drama playing out in our world, the controlled alt-media have been claiming that Biden is a puppet controlled by “commie antichrist” Obama. And this tan suit business provides a visual clue to which they can point when making this case after the Nazionist messiah saves us from Commie-Obamy. This whole thing is stage-managed, including the wardrobe worn by the actors.

Watch Saturday (the 7th anniversary of Obama’s wearing of the tan suit) for a big event related to Biden, ISIS, and/or Afghanistan. What happens that day may be related to what happens at the delayed Biden-Bennett meeting on Friday.

Thanks to reader Onnabugeisha for pointing out the Tan Suit Controversy.

~ MORE – 27 August 2021 ~

Will tomorrow be the tipping point for the Fall of the West?

Getting back to the “Biden as a sock puppet of Obama” element of the script, in yesterday’s press conference Biden portrayed himself as a man who is dutifully following instructions given by others…

They gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O’Donnell of NBC.” – from Twitter (a video)

And on the day of a “terrorist” attack on US forces, he also talked about increasing the military response against ISIS (which is what Obama talked about in his tan suit press conference)…

“Whatever they need, if they need additional force, I will grant it,” he said, adding that the US military can target ISIS-K without “large scale military operations.” – from Zero Hedge

So with the 7th anniversary of Obama’s tan suit falling tomorrow, danger looms. And reader Onnabugeisha’s research has found the following indicators for that day…

August 28 marks the 7-year anniversary of Erdogan becoming President of Turkey. Within the script he is cast as the Act 1 Muslim Antichrist.

August 28 marks the anniversary of the end of the Western Roman Empire (according to… offers 8 reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire, and all of them have been (quite deliberately) replicated for the fall of the current Roman Empire (America and their G7 partners)…

  1. Invasion by Barbarian Tribes
  2. Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor
  3. The rise of the Eastern Empire
  4. Overexpansion and military overspending
  5. Government corruption and political instability
  6. The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes
  7. Christianity and the loss of traditional values
  8. Weakening of the Roman legions

So Saturday could bring an event that marks the fall of the G7, like Operation Blackjack, or it could bring news that marks the beginning of ruinous events, like Erdogan announcing concrete policies to back his rhetoric that Turkey will no longer serve as a “warehouse for migrants,” thus unleashing a mass migration into the EU (Biden has already thrown open the borders here in the US).

~ MORE ~

In his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Bennett today, Biden turned down the near-term military option for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program…

…we’re also gonna discuss the threat from Iran and our commitment to ensure Iran never develops a nuclear weapon, and… but we’re putting diplomacy first and seeing where that takes us. But if diplomacy fails, we’re ready to turn to other options… – from YouTube

Given the air of impatience with which he delivered that final line, it’s clear that he won’t move to other options. In keeping with his role as a “commie” figurehead, he will continue to use diplomacy to shield Iran from Israeli action. And with Israel facing its own “10 weeks till Iran has a nuke” deadline (which started more than 3 weeks ago), they may now be scripted to turn to unilateral action.

So an Israeli attack on Iran tomorrow is another candidate event for triggering the Fall of the West.

Getting back to the question I posed at the top of today’s updates, “Will tomorrow be the tipping point for the Fall of the West?” it’s also possible that the tipping point already happened on the day Biden wore the tan suit and Afghanistan began to fall (August 6). I can imagine future historians writing about how Afghanistan’s “unimaginably rapid” fall set in motion the “equally unimaginably rapid” fall of the American Empire.

By the way…

  • August 4, Barack Obama’s birthday, was the day Benny Gantz told the UN Security Council that Iran is “ten weeks away.” And just two days later, Biden wore the tan suit and Afghanistan began to fall.
  • Multiple news stories talk about how Afghanistan fell in 11 days, but they start the count at August 6 and end it at August 15 (the day the Afghan president fled the country). That’s only 9 days. If you go back 11 days from August 15, you end up on Obama’s birthday, August 4.

(26 August 2021) – So suicide bombs explode in Kabul on the day Israeli Prime Minister Bennett is to meet Biden at the White House. And the bombings are ascribed to Zionist/Israeli-controlled ISIS. Now we wait to see if there is a companion terror attack in Washington. If there isn’t, chatter I’ve heard in the controlled alt-media suggests that Biden will give Bennett the cold shoulder, and this will lead to Israel deciding to go it alone in attacking Iran (which will turn out disastrously for Israel). It will also lead to a scripted “God’s judgment against America” in the form of the Operation Blackjack attacks (likely by Rosh Hashanah).

~ MORE ~

With Act 1 of the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay being acted out before us, let’s take a moment to move our focus out of the “Nazionist Deep State vs. Communist Deep State” subplot and onto the larger “Satanic Global Deep State vs. the Avatars of God” plot.

Within the larger plot, both Biden and Bennett are part of the “Satanic Global Deep State,” and they’ve just this year defeated two of “God’s Avatars,” Trump and Netanyahu. So now they’re working together to start the “Gog-Magog War” in order to defeat the remaining Avatars (Putin, Xi, and Modi) and subjugate Israel under the Satanic false Jewish Messiah, Jared Kushner. This “Satanic plot” is scripted to succeed (with the possible exception that Putin will survive as the “last holdout” against the evil NWO).

So when Biden suddenly pulled the plug on the Afghan government, he was “turning on the gas” for the Gog-Magog conflagration, and his “Satanic ally” Bennett will provide the spark that starts the fire (between now and Rosh Hashanah). This is where the “communists vs. Nazionists” subplot comes into play.

According to the Act 1 script, the “Satanic Deep State” has divided itself into “bad guys” (their communist division) and “good guys” (their Nazi-Zionist division). And they’ve had the controlled alt-media point their fingers at the “commie bad guys” as the source of all the evils we’ve been seeing, including the “COVID depopulation plot.” This was done so the Nazionists can sweep in like “good guys” and save the world from the commies (likely using the Space Force to do it). The controlled alt-media will hail their arrival as “divine intervention.” But when Jared Kushner shows up on the Temple Mount early next year, they’ll change their tune and proclaim him “the Antichrist.” We’ll then have a very difficult 3.5 years until Act 1 ends with Putin’s defeat of Kushner in 2025.

WARNING (23-24 August 2021): Chabad are trying to start the Gog-Magog War again

When you put down one fire, they start another…

…from The Times of Israel (top, bottom)

This new flare-up of violence comes just three days before Israeli Prime Minister Bennett meets with Biden at the White House on Thursday…

…from Reuters

And this Thursday is no ordinary August 26; it’s Chai Elul, the “most significant date on the Chassidic calendar”

…from (thanks to reader Onnabugeisha for finding it)

As I’ve previously noted, Bennett is an agent of Chabad (which is connected to Mossad). And according to the globalist script, Netanyahu was removed from office by Chabad and Bennett so they could bring about the Gog-Magog War and present the “false Jewish messiah” (likely Kushner) to Israel and the world. Now it appears that they want to trigger the whole thing on the birthday of their movement.

So why are they stirring up a confrontation with the Palestinians right before Bennett meets with Biden?

To put a hook in the jaw of America and pull us into the war they’re starting.

Watch for a big war event to happen Wednesday evening or Thursday. And watch for Bennett to stand beside Biden and either be vaporized by a nuke or issue a personal plea in front of the cameras for America’s assistance to Israel. If both leaders get killed beside each other, it will trigger a joint American-Israeli war “against those responsible.” And if Bennett stands beside Biden and publicly asks for help, Biden won’t dare say no (or he will say no and thus trigger “God’s judgment against America”).

~ MORE – 24 August 2021 ~

The real reason the US went into Afghanistan…


Let’s take a moment this morning to look at what’s currently going on in Afghanistan and Gaza through the lens of the scripted, phony conflict between the “Nazionist Deep State” and “Communist Deep State.”

After the 9/11 false flag, President George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Afghanistan. This can be narrated as a “Nazionist operation” since the Bush family have longstanding ties with the Nazis…

…from The Guardian

According to the scripting, then, the “Nazi Bushes” + the Zionists conducted 9/11 so they could ride the national outrage into Afghanistan (from which Iran can be attacked from the east) and the other nations of the Middle East that stood against the “Greater Israel Project.” And now that the Nazionists’ supposed communist rivals control the US government, they are moving to stymie the Nazionist plan by shielding Iran with nuclear negotiations and abruptly pulling the plug on American support to the Afghan government.

Now the US faces a “red line” deadline from the Taliban — which is supported by the supposedly commie-controlled, Trump-hostile CIA — to remove all troops by August 31…(“red line” cause and effect?)…

…from RT (top) and CNBC (bottom)

So this means that the Nazionists have one week to do something to save their ability to attack Iran from Afghanistan, which is why we’re facing another 9/11 “to take down the commies” this week. But the commies are not scripted to go down without a fight.

With the Nazionist imperative of stopping the Afghan withdrawal in one hand and the deliberately renewed Gaza Strip violence in the other, we now look to Chabad’s birthday (sunset of the 25th through sunset of the 26th) for the false flag that will set in motion the final victory of the Nazionists over the communists and the Battle of Gog-Magog that will bring in the false Jewish Messiah.

The Nazionists will blame the false flag on their supposed enemies, of course, which include the communists, the Palestinians, and the Iranians. And being numerologists, the Kabbalists will script the event in accordance with occult indicators. So let’s look at the indicators reader Onnabugeisha has uncovered for tomorrow…

  • For the Palestinians: August 25 marks the 6,066th day (666) since Mahmoud Abbas became President of the Palestinian National Authority on 15 January 2005.
  • For the Iranians: August 25 (Muharram 17, 1443 in the Islamic calendar) marks the day Esmail Ghaani turns exactly 66 years and 6 days old (666) according to the Islamic calendar. He was born on August 8, 1957 / Muharram 11, 1377, and he is the commander of Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, which conducts covert military and intelligence operations in foreign countries.

So having the “Number of the Beast” (666) show up for the leaders of the Palestinians and the Quds Force supports the scripting of mischief either conducted by them or attributed to them. And it makes both August 25th and August 26th dangerous days (depending on how the time zones figure in to what happens).

Beyond the Taliban “red line” on August 31, we should take note of another August 31 red line that has been set in Australia…

…from the Daily Mail

If this indefinite shutdown happens in Austrialia, similar shutdowns will sweep the Western nations “and pose a critical problem to the communist COVID biowarfare/depopulation plot.” So the Nazionists will point to this as a motivating factor when blaming the commies for the Big False Flag(s).

And let’s not forget that the “Nazi” Bush family have deep connections to the “commie-controlled” CIA, which goes to show you what a farce this whole drama is. The Kabbalist bankers fund all these ideological groups and pit them against each other on a chessboard they control on both sides. So the “Nazionists” vs. “Communists” Drama is no less orchestrated than the larger “Christians” vs. “Satanists” Drama. And all of it is intended to allow the Kabbalists to consolidate total economic and political dominion over the Earth under their phony Kabbalah Christ (the final savior / globalist tool currently scheduled to arrive in 2032).

The Babyfaces and the Heels

You may be wondering how I know that the Nazionists are scripted to win the Nazionists vs. communists wrestling match…

The answer is simple: the match commentators in the controlled alt-media are very vociferously presenting the commie tag team of Xi and Obama (“Team Antichrist”) as the heels and Nazionist Team Trump as the babyfaces. And World Kabbalist Wrestling wants to give Trump’s Zionist tag team partner the World Championship.

At the moment, Trump is down on the mat and ready to tag in his partner, Kushner, who will enter the stage and defeat the evil-looking Antichrist Obama so the public will welcome him as the Champion. And in March/April of next year, the Management will switch the new Champion to a heel for the next championship match in 2025 versus babyface Putin. This setup will repeat once more when Champion Putin becomes a heel in 2029 before the 2032 championship match versus babyface Kabbalah Christ.

The whole globalist setup is really no more complicated than that — it is three fake wrestling matches that will give us three pre-selected champions…

  1. the “False Jewish Messiah,” Kushner,
  2. the “Final Antichrist,” Putin, and
  3. the “Real Jesus Christ,” the Kabbalah Christ.

Only a fool thinks it’s for real. And only bigger fools would even attempt such a show. But alas, there is no shortage of fools among the hairless apes of Planet Earth.

On another note, reader Onnabugeisha’s research notes offer some indicators pointing to potential drama in North Korea tomorrow…

  • August 25 is the Day of Songun in North Korea, a holiday which promotes the legitimacy of the Kim family’s “military first” rule of the country.
  • August 25 also marks the day Kim Yo Jong (Kim Jong Un’s sister, born 26 September 1987) turns exactly 33 years and 333 days old.

So the indicators would seem to support the scripting of a power transition from the rapidly slimming Kim Jong Un to his “notorious little sister” or a false-flagged “preemptive strike by North Korea.”

(23 August 2021) – It appears that the globalists have abandoned their sprint to the finish and pushed the Big Event back to September again. Biden’s speech today stopped short of calling for nationwide lockdowns “to stop the Delta variant,” and the Arizona audit team delayed the release of their full report because COVID ate their homework. Biden’s call for lockdowns paired with the leak of the full audit report today would have set the stage for tomorrow’s planned drama.

Speaking of tomorrow, reader Onnabugeisha has found historical parallels for the attack on Washington, DC that was scripted for Tuesday, August 24…

  • August 24 is the anniversary of the 410 Sack of Rome by the Visigoths (and Washington, DC is current-day Rome). The Visigoths were a Germanic people — think of them as the “primordial Nazis” whose descendants will destroy Washington in order to frame “their communists rivals” and take control of the evil NWO.
  • August 24 is the anniversary of the Burning of Washington, DC by British troops in 1814.
  • August 24 is the anniversary of the day the NATO treaty came into force. And in the aftermath of the “transnational right-wing terror onslaught with Russia-provided nukes” (which is how the Biden administration and the mainstream media would narrate what happened to Washington and the other stricken cities), NATO would be activated for a counterattack against “Russia and their right-wing agents and allies in the West.”
  • August 24 is the anniversary of the day in 1954 that the Communist Party of the United States was outlawed. And the Nazionists will narrate that the attack on Washington was a false-flag committed by the communists to complete their takedown of the US.

Even though the globalists seem to have backed off, I will leave the Alert up until Kamala Harris returns from her trip.

On another note, Pfizer has given a name to their now-approved COVID “vaccine”…

Comirnaty. It’s a name we’ll all know soon.

The new brand name for Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine, Comirnaty mashes up community, immunity, mRNA and COVID — pretty much everything that could fit into the moniker for the world’s most high-profile product at the moment. – from Fierce Pharma

“Comirnaty” also sounds remarkably similar to “Communist Party” (when spoken by someone with vaccine-induced Bell’s Palsy).

The globalists are attempting to stage the takedown of the United States over the next five days

(20 August 2021): They’re sprinting for the finish line…

…from the Daily Mail

So we could see action on the 22nd or 23rd (both favored occult numbers), just as they’re sending Vice President Harris off to Asia where she will be safe from any nuclear explosion in Washington…

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will meet with their national security team to be briefed on the evolving situation on the ground in Afghanistan on Friday before Harris departs on a foreign trip to Asia in the evening… – from the Everett Post

She is not due to return to the US until next Thursday, so the danger window extends from tonight to next Friday. Watch for Biden’s action to impose further COVID measures to lead to the “reaction” of a government-simulated “patriot uprising.”

Upon doing a Hebrew calendar search for significant dates during the new danger window, I discovered that World War II started on 17 Elul, which runs from sunset of August 24 through sunset of August 25 this year. So Tuesday/Wednesday is a candidate time for the SHTF moment.

~ MORE ~

According to the globalist scriptwriters, here is the reason the “Communist Deep State” accelerated the approval of the Pfizer vaccine and the rollout of the new vaccine requirements and lockdowns: the Arizona Senate’s audit of the election results is about to release its report…

The Senate contractors are expected to deliver a final report to the Senate soon, with a spokesperson indicating that it could be as soon as Monday. – from an August 19 azcentral article

Since the Arizona audit report will be the first “Nazionist” demolition charge in the takedown of the Biden/Harris presidency, “the commies” supposedly want to go for their hard takedown of the United States NOW (before their “Nazionist Deep State rivals” start their own offensive to return Trump to office).

~ MORE – 21 August 2021 ~

Here are a few interesting things of note…

> “Commie” Vice President Harris is scheduled to arrive in Vietnam “late Tuesday,” which is exactly when 17 Elul begins. So on the day World War 3 is/was slated to break out, she will be in the safe embrace of fellow communists.

> Since the “Communist Deep State” is scripted to make moves to prevent the “Nazionist Deep State” from returning Trump to power, one obvious move is to go after Trump directly with an assassination attempt. And this brings to mind the rumor that Trump was secretly inaugurated as President earlier this year. So if Trump was secretly inaugurated as President, who was inaugurated as his Vice President? Surely it wasn’t “traitor Pence”; could it be Kushner? And will a successful assassination of Trump lead to Kushner riding in as the Nazionist savior?

Remember that within the globalist “End Times” stageplay, we are in the part of Act 1 when the commie and Nazionist “Deep Staters” are battling for control of the evil NWO. And after the Nazionist savior enters the stage to take command, he’ll go on to be defeated by the second globalist savior, Vladimir Putin, as soon as this year and (more likely) as late as 2025. Read The Three Globalist Messiahs (which is further down this page) for more details.

~ MORE – 22 August 2021 ~

The media are now talking about the MANPADS threat I wrote about in the 15 August warning. Interestingly, the “commie” media are pre-assigning responsibility for any aircraft shootdown to Zionist-controlled ISIS

Military planes making evacuation runs into Kabul are dropping flares and carrying out nosedive combat landings amid fears that Islamic terrorists may try to shoot one down as Afghans trying to flee the Taliban have described at least 20 civilians being killed in the chaos.

US military planes are doing rapid diving combat landings to beat the threat of a missile attack, with video showing a French transport plane yesterday deploying flares designed to confuse heat-seeking technology which may have been stolen by Islamic State in Afghanistan.

Taliban forces controlling all access points to Hamid Karzai International Airport are not thought to be attempting to shoot down military aircraft during the Western evacuation effort, as such an action could trigger another American-led intervention in Afghanistan. – from the Daily Mail

(19 August 2021) – The Preliminary Antics Continue

“I’m from the South, I’ve just been muddin’, and I’ve got me a bomb!”

The string of Bizzaro World setup events for the September Big Event continued this morning with a staged “Domestic Violent Extremist” bomb threat that was livestreamed over Facebook (for rather blatant propaganda purposes). Today’s theatrics helped foreshadow the coming Operation Blackjack false flag in which Trumpers, patriots, constitutionalists, prophecy-believing Christians, and Islamists will be blamed (“by the commies”) for a massive wave of domestic terror events. And the engineered fall of the Afghan government in recent days helped foreshadow…

  • a move against Taiwan “by a Xi Jinping embolded by Biden’s weakness,”
  • participation by unvetted Afghani evacuees / terror cells in Operation Blackjack, and
  • a 25th Amendment removal of Biden by “commie” Kamala Harris.

Things seem to be tracking towards a scenario in which Biden will announce new COVID measures upon the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer “vaccine” before Labor Day. Operation Blackjack will then be triggered, which will be “another Biden disaster” that will lead to his removal by Harris. She will then unleash the communist onslaught against America (probably over Labor Day Weekend, America’s version of May Day).

Looking again at the situation in Afghanistan, we also need to watch for Mossad hit squads killing Americans stranded there in an effort to force the US military to reinvade and “save them from the Taliban attacks.” According to the script, Israel wants to keep America in Afghanistan to enable air attacks against Iran from the east.

WARNING (15 August 2021): Be on the lookout for a MANPADS false flag in Kabul…

…from AP

With Americans withdrawing to the Kabul airport to escape Afghanistan, and with Taliban fighters reportedly within shooting distance of the facility, the stage is now set for a potential man-portable air defense system turkey shoot. And can you guess who will be blamed if the “Taliban” start shooting down American evacuation planes with MANPADS?…

Iran’s support to the Taliban, which has included MANPADS and a bounty on US troops, could be a spoiler for peace in Afghanistan

Afghan Police Official Says Iran Supplying Taliban With MANPADS

So if planes start dropping from the sky and provide a casus belli for an American “retaliatory” attack on Iran, who would benefit? The answer to that question will give you the most likely triggermen…

Mossad also has agents in Afghanistan for tracking Taliban: report

(11 August 2021) – Is today’s Emergency Alert Test a malware distribution?…

…from ABC News

Today on 8/11 at 2:20 EDT, the federal government will use their backdoors into our electronic devices to stage an Emergency Alert Test that will last about 30 minutes. Given that globalist preparatory propaganda has suggested that the US is due for a massive cyberattack, will today’s “test” be narrated as the mechanism by which the “commie” Biden administration distributes a “Chicom” malware tool for later activation?

The globalists have many avenues of access into our “smart” devices at the hardware, firmware, operating system, and software levels. I’ll nonetheless be disconnecting power from all my devices during that entire hour. Why walk into a punch they’re telegraphing?

~ later ~

Well the alert took place, and an article about it on Tech Crunch closed with this interesting paragraph…

Security experts have also long warned that the EAS systems pose security risks. Last year, researchers found dozens of internet-connected, special-purpose servers used by television and radio stations to interrupt their broadcasts to relay an emergency alert, which they said could allow a hacker to break in and compromise the servers.

So the foundation has been laid to blame hackers for what the government installed on people’s internet and broadcast-connected devices today. The coming cyberattack will utilize such malware so the globalists don’t have to reveal the deeper access they have to our systems (which is built into the innards of the computer chips).

(9 August 2021) – It appears that the globalists’ desired sequence of events has been sufficiently backed up that they’re delaying the Big Event till September (a month that is full of Jewish holidays to which they can tie their manufactured prophetic events). They’re aiming for trouble by Labor Day [which is September 6, the same day Rosh Hashanah begins (after sunset)]. September 6 is a good candidate for the beginning of the communist onslaught.

In the meantime, we need to keep an eye on a potential 8/11 event in India involving Al Qaeda and Prime Minister Modi. I’ll cover the details if they try anything.

(7 August 2021) – Here’s the scripted motivation for Israel’s planned launch of a nuclear missile over Japan tomorrow…

…from the Daily Mail

On Sunday, 8/8 at 8 PM Tokyo Time (888), the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics will begin. And the timing of it brings to mind something I wrote about in the 10 June update…

…we must remember that the Chinese consider the number 8 to be a lucky number associated with prosperity and good fortune. In fact, the numerology of 8 is so deeply ingrained in their culture that they actually scheduled the Beijing Summer Olympics to start at 8:08:08 PM [888] on 8/8/08 [888] [1, 2].

So tomorrow’s ceremony offers “good fortune” for a move against Japan committed by — or attributed to — the Chinese Communist Party and their proxy state, North Korea. And the preparatory propaganda I’ve observed once again points to a submarine-launched ballistic missile being fired over Japan with a nuclear detonation over the water off their eastern coast.

Look at the news stories that showed up yesterday and today…

…from the AP and The Japan Times

The Japan Times article is based upon “an excerpt of a confidential United Nations report seen by Reuters on Friday.” So a Reuters reporter just happened to see part of a confidential report on North Korea’s nukes and missiles on the anniversary of Hiroshima’s nuclear bombing? Remarkable timing, that.

The Japan Times has also presented a motive for the planned “North Korean” provocation…

The US-South Korean military exercise is scheduled for August 10, so the “commie” mainstream media can narrate the missile launch as a pre-exercise show of force (and a bully’s cry for help) by a regime made desperate by famine and floods. And the “Nazionist” alt-media can narrate it as a ploy by the Chicoms to threaten Japan and the NATO Coalition naval forces gathering in the Pacific. From the globalists’ perspective, such an event would kick off the nuclear war scare they’ll ramp up as we approach the “savior moment” at the end of the coming war.

Should they go through with the launch, remember what I wrote in the 26 July warning…

My research on what the North Koreans might be blamed for doing tomorrow has led me to a scenario in which a “North Korean” submarine-launched ballistic missile is fired over Japan, with a possible nuclear detonation over Tokyo or over the ocean near Japan. This launch would be a false-flag conducted by an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine firing a modified Sparrow ballistic missile (which is designed to mimic the flight characteristics of other ballistic missiles) from one of their oversized torpedo tubes or a canister mounted on top of the sub.

It should be noted that North Korea and Iran have been promoted as “nuclear proliferation partners” who have been cooperating in the development of nuclear warheads and the ballistic missiles to carry them…

…from United Against Nuclear Iran

According to the script, then, false-flagging a North Korean SLBM launch and nuclear explosion will allow the Israelis to give the world an object lesson in “what happens when you wait too long to address a developing threat.” And it will provide an excuse to promptly attack Iran’s nuclear sites…

“The whole world stood by and did nothing while they watched North Korea develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. Now look what has happened! Israel will not sit on our hands waiting for Iran to do to us what their North Korean partners did to Japan. We will take decisive action NOW!”

Getting back to the “lucky number 8” for a sec, reader Onnabugeisha has noted that 8/8 will also mark exactly 8 weeks since Naftali Bennett took office as Israel’s prime minister on 13 June. Bennett is connected to the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist cult — an organization obsessed with manufacturing the arrival of a Jewish messiah — and he was placed into office in order to bring the “Gog-Magog War” to its violent culmination. You can read more about it by scrolling down to the 11 June update (or simply click here to open a parallel page to the right spot).

Also keep in mind that they don’t have to wait for the Olympic closing ceremony to begin before firing the missile. In fact, the event would be made more dramatic if they launch shortly after sunset in Tokyo (which occurs at 6:39 PM) so they could take advantage of the twilight phenomenon


~ MORE ~

Being Kabbalists, the globalists are slaves to the pseudospiritual pseudoscience of numerology, which makes all the other eights uncovered by reader Onnabugeisha’s research all the more notable…

  • Ebrahim Raisi, the “hated-by-Israel” Iranian leader who was sworn-in on 3 August, is the 8th President of Iran, and his 8th day in office will fall on 8/11 (a good candidate date for Israel’s strikes on Iran’s nuclear sites).
  • Esmail Ghaani, who took command of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Quds Force after the faked death of the globalist-chosen Hidden Imam (Qasem Soleimani) was born on 8/8/1957. And he will turn 64 (8x8) years of age on Sunday.
  • Amir Hatami, Iran’s current defense minister, was chosen for his office by President Hassan Rouhani on 8/8/2017.
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former “anti-Zionist hardliner” (and 6th) President of Iran born on 28 October 1956, will turn exactly 64 years (8x8), 9 months and 11 days old on Sunday. Alternatively, he’ll be 777 months and 11 days old.

The sheer number of eights connected to tomorrow will have a predictable effect on the Kabbalist mind: “There are just too many 8s!! They’re all over the place!!! Let’s blow some sh*t up!…

What more can we expect from a bunch of puffed-up gypsies and their primitive belief system?

(4 August 2021) – As was noted in the 28 July update, the second danger period this month could kick off with a government outrage on August 11 that stirs up the patriots / constitutionalists on the August 12 anniversary of the “car attack” at the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville…

…from Wikipedia. Government-instigated false-flag “Militia Violent Extremist” attacks on August 12 could then be used to justify a communist onslaught by the Biden/Harris administration on Friday the 13th.

And courtesy of the Jersey Devil (disinfo worm Hal Turner), we now have a candidate event for August 11: a national address by Biden calling for nationwide lockdowns “to defeat the delta variant of COVID”

…from the August 2 Hal Turner Radio Show (arch)

The article suggests that Biden’s address will occur sometime between the end of this week and the end of next week, and Wednesday the 11th falls right in the middle of that timespan. So the speech is most likely scheduled for next Wednesday, but they could push it back to Friday the 13th by ditching the tie-in to Charlottesville.

The announcement of lockdowns next Wednesday (or Friday) night would lead to the “right-wingers” hitting the streets for demonstrations the following day. The government can then send out their false-flaggers amidst the protesters to carry out the attacks. The scale of the attacks may be monumental and could include the staged assassination of Biden, and the mayhem would trigger an equally monumental government “response” the next day.

On another note — and amidst all the false-flag nautical hijinks being staged by Israel, the US, and the UK in the Gulf of Oman — reader Onnabugeisha has noted that 15 August is the anniversary of the start of the 1953 Iranian coup d’etat…

The 1953 Iranian coup d’etat, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’etat, was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953. It was orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project or “Operation Ajax”) and the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot”). The clergy also played a considerable role. – from Wikipedia

So here we are 68 years later and the US and UK are at it again, with “Operation Tampax” and “Operation reBoot,” blaming the Iranians for their amateurish false flags and calling for “collective action” to destroy Iran.

(3 August 2021) – It appears that the Mossad are continuing their effort to turn the Gulf of Oman into the Gulf of Tonkin, this time with a false-flag hijacking of a ship that is now headed to Iranian waters. The setup for this one isn’t that complicated: you have some Mossad guys pose as Quds Force guys and recruit a band of jihadis to hijack a ship and bring it to Iran. Now Iran faces the awkward situation of potentially having to either board or damage the ship to stop it, all while the US Navy looks on to potentially intervene.

~ MORE – 4 August 2021 ~

And just like that, the plot dissipates like a fart in the wind…

…from the BBC. Here is an excerpt…

Men who boarded and seized a ship in the Gulf of Oman have left the vessel and all those remaining on board are safe, officials say.

A UK maritime security agency said the potential hijacking of the Panama-flagged MV Asphalt Princess had ended but gave no further details.

The bitumen tanker was seized on Tuesday heading into the congested approach to the Strait of Hormuz.

It is not clear who seized the ship, but analysts suspected Iranian forces.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards dismissed reports of possible involvement as a pretext for “hostile action” against Tehran.

The men who boarded the MV Asphalt Princess were reportedly armed and are said to have ordered it to sail to Iran.

The globalists’ magic is weak.

(2 August 2021) – It looks like the globalists’ first concrete attempt to start the war this month is arising from an Israeli false-flag attack on an Israeli-managed tanker last week…

…from CNN. Here is an excerpt…

Maritime tensions are escalating in the Middle East following the deadly attack on a tanker connected to an Israeli billionaire in the Arabian Sea.

Two crewmembers, a Briton and a Romanian, died on Thursday when the Mercer Street tanker was attacked by an armed drone believed to be operated by Iran off the coast of Oman.

The US, Israel and the UK are blaming Iran for the attack, which Tehran denies. Speaking Sunday at a cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Iran was denying the attack “in a very cowardly manner” and that Israel has intelligence evidence that it was behind the incident…

The ship is Japanese-owned and managed by Zodiac Maritime, an international management company headquartered in London and led by Israeli shipping magnate Eyal Ofer.

As it turns out, Eyal Ofer is a regular at the World Economic Forum (Davos) and a member of Advisory Board of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum. And in the latter role, he appears to have directly participated in planning the fake COVID pandemic and its aftermath…

Over 400 of the world’s influential business and government leaders are set to attend Bloomberg’s New Economy Forum in Singapore on November 6-7, 2018. The forum will convene a first-ever gathering of preeminent leaders to begin seeking private sector-led solutions to challenges created by a world economy in transition, increasingly led by China and India as well as rising powers in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. The goal of the forum is to identify emerging issues that governments have been unable or unwilling to address and commit to steps that will ensure global stability and growth.

“Following the Global Business Forum, we will be hosting the inaugural New Economy Forum in Singapore in November to continue the constructive dialogue we had last week on trade, globalization and innovation,” said Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies, mayor of New York City from 2002-2013, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and WHO Global Ambassador for Non-communicable Diseases. “The new emerging world order is creating emerging challenges – issues that the private sector can take steps to ensure global stability and growth, an urgent mission in the face of chronic inaction by governments”…

Advisory Board members of the New Economy Forum include Dr. Henry A. Kissinger, along with Henry M. Paulson, Jr. and Zeng Peiyan as co-Chairs. Reliance Industries Limited Chairman Mukesh Ambani, Alibaba Executive Chairman Jack Ma, Tomoh Advisory CEO Dr. Bassem I. Awadallah and Chairman of Ofer Global, Zodiac Group and Global Holdings Eyal Ofer have joined the forum’s Advisory Board, made up of a group of world leaders across the highest ranks of business, government, education and philanthropy. Additional members include Bill Gates, Gary Cohn, Jorge Paulo Lemann, Jean Liu, Lou Jiwei, Penny Pritzker, Raghuram Rajan, Condoleezza Rice, David Rubenstein, Kevin Rudd, Tu Guangshao, Tung Chee-hwa, Xie Zhenhua, Janet Yellen, Fu Ying, Zhao Qizheng, Zhou Xiaochuan and more…

“One of the key aspects that truly sets the Bloomberg New Economy Forum apart from other conferences is its singular focus on developing a set of concrete solutions to address some of the world’s greatest challenges,” said Kevin Sneader, Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company. “We will be working closely with Bloomberg and participants at the forum to produce actionable solutions to be led by the private sector, practical enough to see results starting to appear within 12-24 months.”

The two day forum will cover key topics including “Remaking Global Trade,” “Managing the Supply Chain Threat,” “The Future of Global Manufacturing,” “Energy Challenges in the New Economies,” “Managing the Next Financial Shock,” “Financing the New Economy,” “Supercities in the 21st Century” and “The Geopolitics of Markets.” The forum will consist of plenary meetings, in-depth conversations, breakout sessions, and closed-door solutions workshops. – from

So the first annual Bloomberg New Economy Forum was focused on “actionable solutions” (to manufactured problems) “practical enough to see results starting to appear within 12-24 months.” The Forum took place on 6-7 November 2018, and the COVID lockdowns swept the world 16 months later in March of 2020.

What doubt is there, then, that the tanker explosion is a part of their plan to bring the current situation to its climax so the “solutions” can be implemented afterwards?

By the way, this is not the first time a ship connected to Eyal Ofer has been “attacked by Iran.” Is Iran what the attacks have in common, or is Ofer?