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(3 May 2023) – Are the globalists maneuvering to hit Kyiv and the Pope instead of London and King Charles?

The globalists are laying down the preparatory events and propaganda that will allow the “commie-run” Western governments to blame Putin for the attack on London (and possibly other key cities)…

…from today’s Drudge Report

As I’ve noted in previous updates, in the aftermath of the globalists’ scripted assault on one or more cities using the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array

  • the communist side will blame it on “Russian hypersonic weapons and their decoy warheads that blended in with the Eta Aquariids meteor shower to confuse missile defenses,” and later
  • the Nazionist side will blame it on “CCP hypersonic weapons and their decoy warheads” that did the same, but
  • neither side will mention Artemis, and the prophecy propagandists will blame it on “God’s Judgment of Mystery Babylon.”

It should also be noted that Jesuit-run America Magazine published an article last year titled The Second Coming of Christ in the Age of Nuclear Armageddon. It posed the question, “Would a possibly imminent nuclear Armageddon be the second coming of Christ?” It began by talking about a nuke going off in Ukraine

Given that the news recently featured Pope Francis’s secret Ukraine peace mission,” might they be arranging to have the Pope be in Kyiv when a “nuke” goes off, leading to an immediate ceasefire (and possibly the scripted takedown of Putin from within the Kremlin)? There is a gap in the papal schedule between today and May 7…

…from Vatican.va

So Francis could be in Kyiv as soon as tomorrow. And his death on the 4th or 5th would allow them to gather the world’s leaders in Rome for his funeral at the April 8-9 end of the Pachamama Tribulation, either for their destruction or the beginning of “world peace” under the newly crowned (and “True Cross of Jesus“-bearing) King Charles III.

If they abort this Kyiv option, watch for the Pope to show up in London on May 5 (in time for the fireworks), unless they press the delay button again.

(Expanded Note – 2-3 May 2023) – Pope Francis and King Charles’ Coronation Tribulation

Today we’ll start taking a closer look at the Coronation Tribulation timeline. It all began back on 17 November 2019 in the “Communist Vatican of the Jesuit Pope” and in the Communist China of the CCP. It was a Sunday, the Catholic “33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time,” and this was the Pope’s schedule for the day…

…from the National Catholic Register (top) and the Vatican.va (bottom)

The contents of Pope Francis’s Angelus message that day can be found here: “The Gospel of this penultimate Sunday of the liturgical year (cf. Lk 21:5-19) presents to us Jesus’ discourse on the end of time.” And this is how his Mass message began…

In today’s Gospel, Jesus astounds both his contemporaries and us. While everyone else was praising the magnificent temple in Jerusalem, Jesus tells them that “one stone” will not be left “upon another” (Lk 21:6). Why does he speak these words about so sacred an institution, which was not merely a building but a unique religious symbol, a house for God and for the believing people? Why does he prophesy that the firm certitude of the people of God would collapse? Why, ultimately, does the Lord let our certitudes collapse, when our world has fewer and fewer of them?

Let us look for answers in the words of Jesus. He tells us that almost everything will pass away. Almost everything, but not everything. On this next to last Sunday in Ordinary Time, he explains that what will collapse and pass away are the penultimate things, not the ultimate ones: the temple, not God; kingdoms and human events, not humanity itself. The penultimate things, which often appear definitive but are not, pass away. They are majestic realities like our temples, and terrifying ones like earthquakes; they are signs in heaven and wars on the earth (cf. vv. 10-11)…

And as the globalists had Francis stand in the Vatican Basilica delivering this “End Times” message on 17 November, they also had “his communist partners in China” deliver something else to the world: the first case of COVID-19, the scourge that accompanied the start of the Coronation Tribulation

…from The Guardian

The globalists themselves confirm that Francis’s “End Times” message and the outbreak of the “pandemic” are connected by means of a numerological cue they implanted in the news article: “Chinese authorities had identified at least 266 people who contracted the virus last year…” And my beloved partner Onnabugeisha has on numerous occasions pointed out some very significant things about the number 266, including its meaning in Strong’s Bible Concordance, a tool the Kabbalists regularly use to assign meanings to numbers. This is from her notes for April 9 of this year

[Strong’s] Greek 266. hamartia: a sin, failure Usage: prop: missing the mark; hence: (a) guilt, sin, (b) a fault, failure (in an ethical sense), sinful deed

Hamartia (Wikipedia)… the protagonist’s error that leads to a chain of actions which culminate in a reversal of events from felicity to disaster. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church

But the events of 17 November 2019 are not the ones that started the clock for the Coronation Tribulation. It would start on the next Sunday, the 34th Sunday of Ordinary Time — the “Final Sunday of Ordinary Time” — which was Reign of Christ Sunday, 24 November 2019. On that day, Pope Francis stood in the darkness in Hiroshima, Japan — the first city devastated by a nuclear weapon — and held a “meeting of peace“…

…from NPR

And with this act, he started a 1260-day Tribulation count that ends — depending on how you count the days — on 6 May 2023 (Coronation Day) or 7 May 2023 (the day of the big Sunday Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle). And since the Tribulation clock started in Hiroshima’s time zone, which is currently 8 hours ahead of London time, the 1260 day mark can be reached as early as 4 PM London time on May 5 (the evening before the Coronation Ceremony when guests will continue arriving).

More on this in the next installment.

~ MORE – 3 May 2023 ~

As I’ve noted in past updates, globalist prophecy doctrine holds that the 7-year Tribulation period that’s supposed to precede the “Second Coming of Jesus Christ” consists of two halves. The first half goes for 1260 days. At that point, a “desecration event” occurs, after which the second half goes for 1290 days until another major event happens. And 45 days later, after a second-half total of 1335 days, something “good” happens.

These numbers (1260, 1290 and 1335) come from verses in the Bible that are associated with prophecy, and the globalists have fashioned them into “End Times” doctrine that they’ve sold to the public through the Kabbalist-captured “Christian” religious media and the many captured Christian ministries (including the Roman Catholic Church). NOW THEY ARE TRYING TO ACT OUT THE PROPHECIES THEY HAVE MANUFACTURED AND PROMOTED.

That being the case, the “desecration event” of the Coronation Tribulation is scheduled to occur on May 6 (the 1260th day) when “Antichrist” King Charles III will enter Westminster Abbey with the “Abomination that Brings Desolation” (the “Satanic” Cross of Wales). So if the globalists follow the standard Tribulation template, “Antichrist Charles” will desecrate Westminster Abbey, be crowned “King of the World” (by means of the occulted global power of the Rothschilds), and unleash “hell on Earth” for up to 1290 days. I say “up to 1290 days” because there is a Bible verse, Matthew 24:22, that allows for those days to be cut short.

If one looks to the “signs in heaven” Pope Francis mentioned in his 17 November 2019 message, “Antichrist Charles” may have his days cut very short indeed. The globalists may script “God’s Judgment” falling upon him, his communist allies, and his Rothschild masters as soon as this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. And failing that, they have another Tribulation timeline, the Pachamama Tribulation, that can cut his reign short on Monday or Tuesday. So let’s see if “Communist” King Charles III, better understood by his official occult title, “The Rothschilds’ Little Bi*ch, Charles the Turd”…

…survives to see the completion of the first week of his crowned reign.

Otherwise we’ll see the “Nazionist” False Messiah step forth to rod him and the “Satanic Global Communist Deep State” with Artemis and take us into a false paradise for up to 1290 days.

NOTE (1 May 2023): The two crosses mentioned in this update might also be two sides of the same cross or a new face installed on the old cross. The Metro reports, “The Cross Of Wales was given by the King to the Church of Wales in 2021, as they marked their centenary.” And in the article, they show the two sides of the cross, sans the “rose element” in the middle of the “business side” (but with a hole that was made to incorporate it). Exactly when did Charles find out the Pope was going to provide the shards of the “True Cross”?…

(Enhanced Note – 1 May 2023) – The “Reptilian Rosy Cross” of “Antichrist” King Charles III’s Coronation

King Charles’s coronation procession on Saturn’s Day is set to be led by a processional cross, the Cross of Wales. But there’s a very big problem with this cross — let me show you why by first noting how the public is being misled by a decoy cross…

…from the Independent (top) and Vanity Fair (bottom)

Look carefully at the cross that’s featured in the news articles. Note the designs on its top and bottom limbs and the writing in the middle. THIS IS NOT THE CROSS OF WALES THAT IS TO BE USED IN THE CEREMONY. It is the FIRST Cross of Wales that was commissioned by Charles a few years ago.


…from The Jewellery Editor

Note that the New Cross of Wales has a “rose element” at its center and was designed with a snake skin / dragon skin texture on its four limbs — somewhat like this…

We’ll look more closely at the middle part in a moment. First, let’s look at what the Vanity Fair article correctly notes about the new cross’s construction (which is echoed in The Jewellery Editor’s article)…

One coronation tradition is getting an extra special addition thanks to a personal gift from Pope Francis to King Charles III. On Wednesday, the Church of Wales announced that two shards from the collection of fragments believed to date back to the crucifixion have been incorporated into the cross that will be carried down the aisle of Westminster Abbey on May 6.

“In a significant ecumenical gesture, the Cross of Wales will incorporate a relic of the True Cross, the personal gift of Pope Francis to His Majesty The King to mark the Coronation,” the Church of Wales said in a statement. According to Reuters, the shards were shaped into a cross and mounted behind a rose crystal gemstone.

Though the coronation will be a moment for the citizens of the UK to mark their unity and optimism about a new reign, it’s also the ceremony that solidifies Charles’s role as the head of the Church of England. Though he will take an oath to be “the defender of the faith” during the ceremony, he has said previously that he hopes to promote interfaith communication as king. Throughout his years as the Prince of Wales he took an interest in promoting cooperation between Catholics and Protestants. In 2017, Charles and Queen Consort Camilla first met Pope Francis when they visited the Vatican, and Charles met him again in 2019. The couple previously met with Pope Benedict in 2009, and actually postponed their 2005 wedding so that Charles could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II as a representative of the royal family.

The Cross of Wales consists of a hammered silver sheet, made from recycled bullion from the Royal Mint, mounted on wood from a tree that was knocked over by the wind in Wales

After the coronation, the cross will tour Anglican and Catholic churches in Wales [desecrating them – Ken].

To show you what absurd lengths to which the globalists went in making this cross “the Abomination that Causes Desolation” from the Bible, let’s note a few things…

  • The cross is made of silver, “Satan’s metal”; Judas was paid in silver for betraying Jesus to his crucifixion.
  • The cross is made of wood from “a tree that was knocked over by the wind.” In the Bible, Satan is known as “the Prince of the Power of the Air.” So by using wood from a tree that was knocked over by the Power of the Air, they used “wood provided by Satan.”
  • The fragments of “Jesus’s True Cross” were fashioned into a new cross that is encased (imprisoned) in a “rose crystal gemstone” at the center of the cross.

This rose element at the center of the cross makes it a Rosicrucian (“Christian” Kabbalist) Rosy Cross…

…from Wikipedia (note the three flares at each of the four ends of the Rosy Cross; you’ll be seeing them again)

The fact that the New Cross of Wales is a “Satanic Kabbalist Rosy Cross” is further verified if we look closely at the features in the center of it…

In the very middle is the new cross made from the shards of “Jesus’s cross.” Note the white, cross-shaped element it rests upon: it features the three flares at its ends, identifying it as a Rosy Cross. And that white element rests upon a rose-colored element (in the shape of a rose perhaps?). I suspect that the globalist narrative will say that this rose element was colored by…

Also note…

  • the 6 golden “squiggles” on each side of Jesus’s cross — placing them there is less obvious than placing the numerals 6 and 6 on each side of it [making 666 if you count the cross as the middle 6 (2 shards + 4 ends = 6)], and
  • Jesus’s cross is locked inside a “rose crystal gemstone” that is surrounded by intertwined scaly serpents — there is probably some kind of “black magic” / “voodoo” significance to this, such as “imprisoning the Spirit of Christ” or “negating Christ’s sacrifice for mankind.”

So now you understand why I call this the “Reptilian Rosy Cross” — it will no doubt provide rich fodder for globalist disinfo agent David Icke when he is tasked with revealing this (if he hasn’t been already). He and the UFO disinfo community are always spouting narrative propaganda about “reptilians from outer space.”

(Expanded Note – 30 April 2023) – Be advised that the Artemis strike on London may be scheduled for as early as Friday evening (6:36 PM BST onwards). At that time, it will already be May 6 in Hiroshima (where the 1260-day “Coronation Tribulation” count began).

The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and the “Fall of Mystery Babylon”

Did the globalists just stage the appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse over Las Vegas (“Sin City”) this week? That’s the question that came to mind when I saw this image on the Drudge Report

…Here is an excerpt from local news coverage of the “UFO” incident…

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — What were those mysterious lights Thursday over Las Vegas’ night sky?

Every so often, residents of the Las Vegas valley report such sightings and catch the sparkling illuminations on video. UFOs, perhaps? Military training? The airport? The speculation spreads.

Often, the bright glow can be traced to parachute flares and perhaps aviation training of some sort. Maybe Nellis Air Force Base, Creech Air Force Base or even Harry Reid International Airport is involved in some way.

A Nellis spokesperson Friday said no training was conducted over the valley the previous night. A Harry Reid airport spokesperson also was unaware of any activity that would produce strange illumination in the night sky. So how to explain the video, shared by viewer Bill — he asked not to use his last name — who lives in the southeast valley, near West Horizon Parkway and Stephanie Street.

Bill said he was in his backyard at about 9 p.m. when he noticed the lights in the sky northwest of his neighborhood and started to record. He thinks the lights were over the Strip and the old downtown area.

“I’ve seen tourist helicopters flying around the Strip before, but this was so much bigger and brighter,” he said. “At the end there, it looks like a plane might be coming in to land at the (Harry Reid International) airport.

“It was weird. The lights hung out for about five minutes or so, and then they were gone.” – from 8NewsNow.com

It is important to note that the lights appeared after nightfall of Thursday, April 27 — after the Jewish day of 7 Iyar (the 22nd day of the Omer) began at sunset. It is on the night of 7 Iyar that the Kabbalists performed Kiddush Levanah, the sanctification of the Moon (the Moon represents Artemis — both the goddess of the hunt who shoots arrows and the “Nazionist-controlled” orbital weapon system that shoots rods — in the current globalist “End Times” script).

So the Four Horsemen appeared while the Nevadan Kabbalists were outside barking at the Moon. And when does the “Flower Moon” they sanctified that night reach its peak illumination as a Full Moon? – On May 5 at 1:36 PM Washington, DC time / 6:36 PM London time / May 6, 2:36 AM Hiroshima time. This is one reason why I suspect the Artemis attack on London — masquerading as a nuclear attack — could happen on Friday evening.

In the next section, we’ll look at more reasons that are rooted in Kabbalist prophecy and doctrine.

~ MORE – unfinished ~

Each time in the past that the globalists have attempted to end an artificial Tribulation period and launch the New World Order, they have tried to fulfill the Kabbalist prophecy of Rome’s destruction. Here is what was written about it by their prophecy propaganda point man, Tom Horn, back in 2012…

This ancient rabbinical dissertation claims that Rome will be destroyed in the Jewish calendar year 5773, which, in our calendar begins with the new moon of September 2012 and concludes a year later:

“In the year seventy-three [2012/2013] the kings of the world will assemble in the great city of Rome, and the Holy One will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed, with the exception of those who will not yet have arrived there.”

Is he hinting at the destruction of Mystery Babylon? He notes that not all kings will be destroyed. Of those remaining, he says: “These will commence anew to make other wars. From that time the Messiah will begin to declare himself, and round him there will be gathered many nations and many hosts from the uttermost ends of the earth.”

Thus the false messiah (antichrist) is predicted in a seven-hundred-year-old Jewish prophecy to appear in 2012. – from NewsWithViews.com

Note the following…

  • The prophecy speaks of a gathering of world leaders to which not all have arrived, implying that destruction may come before the start of the meeting (the Coronation this time).
  • The prophecy says that God will shower on them fire and hail and meteoric stones until they are all destroyed” – remember that the Eta Aquarids meteor shower will peak on May 5-6 and that an attack by the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array could be made to look like a meteor storm.
  • Horn connects the destruction of “Rome” with the destruction of “Mystery Babylon” (London, the capital of the Rothschild Money Power and the center of occultist activity).
  • The prophecy speaks of the surviving kings making war after the destruction (the 150-Day War or a shorter war that ends on a date of Jewish significance, like Jewish Shavuot / Christian Pentecost weekend, May 26-28).
  • The prophecy speaks of the Messiah (the Jewish Messiah = Moshiach) beginning to assert force after the destruction, and Horn suggests that he is the False Messiah = Antichrist (because Horn’s job is to sell the next globalist messiah who shows up to defeat him as the “Real Jesus”).

And here is something I wrote last year about the prophecy and its planned artificial fulfillment using Artemis…

The Kabbalist prophecy about the “kings of the world gathering in Rome” to be destroyed by meteoric stones can be interpreted in two ways…

In one interpretation, the “kings of the world” can be the College of Cardinals gathering at the Vatican, which lies within the city of Rome. They are known as “the Princes of the Church,” and they rule over their territories around the world on behalf of the Pope, thus making them the “kings of the world.”

In another interpretation, the “kings of the world” can be actual presidents, prime ministers and royals gathering in the actual city of Rome OR a city that represents the capital of the momentarily-dominant world empire, such as New York City (capital of the current, pre-NWO form of the UN) or Washington, DC (capital of the “American/G7/NATO Empire”).

That being said, any gathering of Catholic cardinals or world leaders in those cities this year is a potential target.

Besides New York City and Washington, DC, two cities I could have included in the list are Brussels (like Rome, the capital of Europe and a “city of seven hills”) and London (Rothschild Global Headquarters). Here are the things that make London an especially strong candidate for current-day Rome and Mystery Babylon…

  • London started out as a Roman capital city, Londinium. And the area that comprised Londinium is now known as the City of London, the financial district at the very heart of Greater London.
  • The City of London, formerly Londinium, is where the New Court global headquarters of Rothschild & Co. is located. The Rothschilds are the visible part of the “Hidden Hand” that controls current-day Rome (the UK-US/EU/G7/UN/NATO “Empire”). They control the BRICS too, but we’re supposed to overlook that and just accept the narrative of their “End Times” drama.
  • London is a center of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism (Christian Kabbalism), and other dimwitted occult nonsense (think Aleister Crowley).

(By the way, the “Abomination that Brings Desolation” that is to precede Charles III on Coronation Day, the “Cross of Wales,” is a thinly disguised “Satanic” Rosicrucian Rosy Cross. I’ll show you why later.)

NOTE (29 April 2023) – All is well — just needed a break.

NOTE (28 April 2023) – Be advised that the 17 November 2019 “7-day warning” events I mentioned yesterday could be used as another Tribulation start point that would bring terrible events on April 29-30, possibly involving a new, worse pandemic and a bioweapon release in a church.

(27 April 2023) – EUREKA (AGAIN)!!! Given the overwhelming number of setups my partner Onnabugeisha and I are detecting, I’ve been wondering if the globalists might have multiple Tribulation timelines intersecting during the current timeframe. THEY DO, AND I’VE JUST FOUND THE KEY TIMELINE THAT DIRECTLY CONNECTS TO CORONATION DAY. On 24 November 2019, Pope Francis stood at the atomic bomb sites of both Nagasaki and Hiroshima; that was Day 1 of the “Francis as Antichrist” Tribulation. Day 1260 falls on 6 May 2023, King Charles III’s Coronation Day — a day when “the Abomination Cross” supposedly bearing two slivers of “Jesus’s real cross” provided by Francis will precede “Commie Satanist” Charles III into Westminster Abbey, thus “desecrating the Holy Place” and triggering “God’s judgment.” And given that this 1260-day timeline started with Francis giving a message of “nuclear peace,” it is/was scripted to end with apparent “nuclear war” (actually an Artemis attack). But there is more to it than this: a 7-day warning period that started with the first case of COVID (November 17), London as New Jerusalem, and more. Come back later for the full update.

unfinished note (27 April 2023) – There are two ways the globalists could script the end of the Obama/Pachamama half-Tribulation…

  1. by treating it as the end of Obama’s second attempt to complete the second half of his 2009-2016 Tribulation (his first attempt failed during 2013-2016) — this would bring the False Messiah’s arrival on the end date, or
  2. by treating it as the beginning of the second half of the Pachamama Tribulation — this would bring war or catastrophe on the end date.

Over the past two days, they’ve missed their chance for Option 1, so April 27-28 brings them the opportunity to do Option 2. Keep an eye on the South Korean president’s speech before Congress today. It starts at 11:00 AM EDT and is scheduled to go for 75 minutes, so it ends just as the sun sets in Israel. That is today’s dangerous point in time (for Operation Blackjack and a follow-on attack on Iran), especially if you hear news of Erdogan’s incapacitation or death.

unfinished note (26 April 2023) – Tonight at 8:30 PM EDT, Biden and Harris will host the South Korean president at a White House state dinner. Lots of Democratic senators and representatives will likely attend, but the House Republicans will be pulling an all-nighter at the Capitol so they can pass the debt limit bill on Thursday. This means a hit on Washington, DC tonight could lead to one of two outcomes (depending on the size of the hit)…

  1. a Republican president (Kevin McCarthy) and a Republican-majority House and Senate (due to all the Congressional Dems who would die at the White House), or
  2. a fully wiped-out government with no Congress, no debt limit expansion, no money, and a president who comes from the cabinet-level survivors, possibly Janet Yellen (our first openly Jewish president). Commie Senator Patty Murray is also a possibility (if she is kept away from the strike zone).

unfinished note (25 April 2023) – EUREKA!!! It just dawned on me that Pope Francis’s Pachamama half-Tribulation (which you can read about in the past week’s updates on the home page) precisely overlaps Obama’s half-Tribulation (which you can read about in the 9 April update of the home page)!!! They are both part of the same half-Tribulation that began on 28 October 2019 with Pope Francis making his “covenant with many” and Obama & Trump making their competing visits to Chicago “to reveal their purpose.” And the first opportunity to end the half-Tribulation came on Easter weekend (42 “prophetic months” = 1260 days later). The second opportunity comes on April 27-28 (42 solar/Gregorian months later). And the third opportunity to end it will come 1290 days after the 27 October 2019 Pachamama Desecration on May 8-9 (the third day of Charles III’s coronation weekend or the day the Vatican is destroyed). Links and more to come on this.

Expanded and Enhanced WARNING (25 April 2023): A hit on Biden and the South Korean president is/was planned at the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC at 7:20 PM EDT today. It likely involves an Artemis strike blamed on a North Korean nuke.

~ MORE ~

At the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC there is a 19-man stainless steel “terracotta army” that is silver in color…

…Look for the words in red (burning, silver, terracotta army) amongst Onnabugeisha’s notes for today. Here is the “terracotta army” (of swamp creatures: DC politicians, staffers, lobbyists, “journalists,” bureaucrats, etc.) in the I, Pet Goat 2 video she mentions…

Note that the False Messiah character (denoted by the upright pyramid on his forehead) launches from the ground like Artemis 1, appears to float among the stars (snow) like the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array, and unleashes an explosion beneath him that takes out the swamp creatures. If you keep watching, you’ll see his foe (the Antichrist character denoted by the upside down pyramid on his chin) slink away afterwards. The Right Hand defeats the Left Hand, and we’re still left with the “man behind the curtain.”

(24 April 2023) – In the 18 April update, I wrote this: Reader Ronin states that there are Greek Orthodox prophecies about war with Turkey “when Greece has no government.”

Well, the Greeks dissolved their parliament on April 22. And on April 24, a major military exercise aimed at Turkey kicked off [1,2]. Ronin now reports that the Turks are moving to create a conflict with this exercise, which could lead to a war-starting incident. On top of this, my partner Onnabugeisha’s research points to potential mischief in Israel over the next two days. Here are her raw notes with my additions in blue

4/25 (Tuesday)

Jewish calendar: 4 Iyar 

Yom HaZikaron (Wikipedia), Israeli Memorial Day

‘Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism’

but I found this in news:

Israeli Ministers Back Out of Memorial Day Ceremonies After Outcry From Bereaved Families

[Do the ministers know something the families don’t?]

After sunset (5 Iyar) Yom HaAtzma’ut

Independence Day (Israel) is the national day of Israel, commemorating the Israeli Declaration of Independence in 1948.

[There has been a lot of talk about Israel moving “independently” (without the US) against Iran. This would be the perfect day/night for that, wouldn’t it?]

• Sinai Liberation Day (Wikipedia)  is a public holiday in Egypt. It is the anniversary of the liberation of the peninsula of Sinai corresponding to April 25 of each year, celebrating the day in 1982 when Egypt recovered the land of Sinai and the withdrawal of the last Israeli soldier from the city of Taba in 1988. 

• Chosun People’s Army Foundation Day

Korean People’s Army (Wikipedia) is the military force of North Korea and the armed wing of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK).

Founded: 25 April 1932, 91 years ago

Strong’s Greek 91. adikeó: to do wrong, act wickedly

Usage: I act unjustly towards, injure, harm.

Strong’s Hebrew 91. Agagi Strong’s Concordance Agagi: a descriptive term for Haman

4/26 (Wednesday) 

Jewish calendar: 5 Iyar

Conjunction of the Moon and Mars

WED, 26 APR 2023 AT 02:19 UTC

Yom HaAtzma’ut – Independence Day (Israel)

International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day (un org)

[Will radioactivity be released by a strike in Israel or Iran?]

• Israeli Declaration of Independence (Wikipedia)

Created: May 14, 1948 = 5 Iyar, the 75th Jewish anniversary 

• Chernobyl disaster (Wikipedia), the world’s worst-ever civil nuclear incident

Date: 26 April 1986, 37 years or 444 months ago

• Gestapo (Wikipedia), was the official secret police of Nazi Germany and in German-occupied Europe. Gestapo was declared a criminal organisation by the International Military Tribunal (IMT) at the Nuremberg trials.

Formed: 26 April 1933, the 90th anniversary 

• 2022–2023 mpox outbreak (Wikipedia), commonly known as “monkeypox”

The first case was detected in London 6 May

2022 = 5 Iyar

Monkeypox – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

On 7 May 2022, WHO was informed of a confirmed case of monkeypox.

(24 April 2023) – There is “a sign in the heavens” in Gemini tomorrow that signals war…

…from stellarium-web

Mars represents “war,” the Moon represents “Artemis,” and the “Divine Twins” Castor and Pollux represent the other “Divine Twins” Romulus and Remus. So the globalists will treat it as an omen of the war that brings down current Rome (the US/EU/G7/UN/NATO) to allow for the rise of global Rome (the BRICS NWO / “Reformed” UN). But is it an omen of what’s to come 11 days later (on Coronation Day)? Or does it signal something that happens on April 25?

Watch for the death or resignation of Pope Francis between now and May 6 (in case they want to gather the “kings of the world” for destruction in Rome instead of London).

NOTE: This is the cluster of home page title notes from recent days. I’m saving them here so I can reintegrate them once the current technical glitches are fixed…

(4/22) – Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve posted my partner Onnabugeisha’s notes on 4/23 (https://redefininggod.com/2023/04/onnabugeishas-notes-on-the-occult-scripting-cues-for-april-23-2023/). To a Kabbalist, the numerology is favorable for scripting a Chinese naval action on Sunday (and a possible Artemis retaliation against them), but this may have been planned to follow the now-abandoned plans for April 21-22. | See the addition to today’s (4/22) update below for more on “commie” Earth Day and for what’s planned for Benjamin Netanyahu, the Knesset, and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on May Day. Today’s planned updates will be moved to tomorrow or Monday. | As the world “celebrates” (shrugs its shoulders at) the UN’s International Mother Earth Day today, it should be noted that the United Nations refers to Mother Earth in terms of Pachamama. So the underlying theme of UN “environmentalism” is “A Better Environment through Human Sacrifice.” See today’s (4/22) note below. | In the next installment (4/22), I’ll walk you through the globalists’ artificial fulfillment of Daniel 9:27 and cover the details of the Pachamama Desecration [moved to 4/23-24].