Globalist Agenda Watch 2024 – April Updates

(30 April 2024) – The Kabbalist Scheme for Nuclear Armageddon in 72 hours from Monday

From 12:18 PM Monday to 12:19 PM today (Washington DC time), Israel was in Day 8 of Passover — the day the Kabbalists hold the Moshiach’s Meal and mark the anniversary of the Encirclement of Jericho. And on that day, hopes of a ceasefire in Rafah were raised and the number 72 was featured (in relation to nuclear Armageddon)…

…from Monday’s Drudge Report (the number 72 was added sometime between 16:06 and 16:25 GMT, as Jerusalem entered Passover Day 8). Note how the picture of Netanyahu shows him with “scheming, evil eyes” and “thumbing his nose at being pressured into a truce.”

The number 72 also showed up in this article from The Sun, which was published before Jerusalem left Passover Day 8 (whether the published time of 11:12 AM is UK time or mine)…

Note the reference to MARCHING ORDERS.

According to Jewish history/myth, Jericho was the first city in the “Promised Land” that the Israelites came against, but they didn’t attack it straight away. Instead, they MARCHED around the city and blew their horns once a day for 6 days, then they did the same thing 7 times on the 7th day. This supposedly caused the Walls of Jericho to supernaturally fall. So we need to watch for the scripted Fall of Jericho — possibly Rafah or Israel and the West or the Western “commie” governments — on the 7th day, 28 Nissan (sunset of May 5 to sunset of May 6 Jerusalem time). But something big is planned to happen before then.

On Wednesday and Thursday, watch for the trouble to begin with the assassination of Joe Biden. It may be scripted for May Day (“Commie Christmas” on May 1) or Essene Second Passover (May 2). And it will give rise to an Operation Blackjack or Three Days of Darkness scenario that runs from Orthodox Good Friday (May 3) to Orthodox Easter (May 5). This scripted drama will feature Donald Trump, who has claimed that he is the only one who can save us from nuclear annihilation

…from the Hal Turner disinfo site (top, arch) and the Asia Times (bottom)

WARNING (28 April 2024): Watch for an overnight (in Israel) strike against Rafah or Iran, with the alternate possibility of Netanyahu calling off the Rafah operation and his government falling.

Today is a double-edged sword. Sometime after sunset in Jerusalem — 7:17 PM local time / 12:17 PM Washington DC time — the Kabbalists are/were planning to have Benjamin Netanyahu reenact the Jewish historical moment of “Moses’s Mistake” (of 21 Nissan 1274 BC)…

Moses Strikes (1274 BCE)

After Miriam’s passing (see entry for 10 Nissan), the miraculous well that supplied the Jews with water disappeared. The Jews complained to Moses, and G‑d instructed Moses to speak to a rock in the desert, causing it to give forth water. Instead, Moses struck the rock. It was exclusively due to this error that Moses did not merit to enter the Holy Land. – from

Netanyahu, who is playing the modern-day role of Moses (“the leader shepherding Israel through the Gog-Magog conflict), can be scripted to repeat the mistake by “striking instead of talking” or avoid the mistake by “talking instead of striking.” If he does the former, all hell will break loose; if he does the latter, his governing coalition will collapse (a necessary event in the Kabbalists’ “End Times” script)…

…from Google

~ MORE ~

As was noted in the 25 April warning below, we are currently in the anniversary time window of Pharaoh’s pursuit of the escaping Hebrews during the Exodus. And if we look to the Kabbalist account of how that pursuit ended, we can gain insight into what they are/were planning for us on 21 Nissan…

20 Nissan (the Jewish day that ended in Jerusalem at 12:17 PM EDT today)

Pharaoh Corners Jews (1313 BCE)

Pharaoh’s pursuit of the Jews (see Jewish History for the 18th of Nissan) ended on this day, on the shores of the Red Sea.

A terrified Jewish nation divides into several factions. Some advocated mass suicide, others wanted to surrender and return to Egypt, the bolder ones prepared to battle the Egyptians, while others advised the nation to pray.

G-d thought otherwise. He instructed the Jews to simply proceed onwards — despite the sea which stood in their path.

The Jews complied, and the entire following night they went through the parted waters of the Red Sea (see Jewish History for the 21st of Nissan). – from

So according to this story, the Hebrews found themselves trapped between their enemies and an impassable obstacle, and they faced a choice: “to trust God for their deliverance” or “to follow their own ideas and face ruin.” And through the globalist stage-managing of international events, the Israelites of today are portrayed as being equally trapped (in an engineered false choice): they’re “damned if they don’t strike Iran and invade Rafah to defeat Hamas,” and they’re damned if they do (by the world’s reaction to such a move).

21 Nissan (the Jewish day that runs in Jerusalem from 12:17 PM EDT today to 12:18 PM EDT of Monday)

Red Sea Splits (1313 BCE)

On the eve of the seventh day after the Exodus, the Children of Israel found themselves trapped between the Egyptian army and cavalry pursuing them from behind and the waters of the Red Sea before them. G-d commanded Moses: “Speak to the Children of Israel, that they should move forward!”

Nachshon ben Aminadav of the tribe of Judah was the first to jump into the sea; the water split, and “the children of Israel walked across on the dry land in the midst of the sea.” All that night, a pillar of fire intervened between the Egyptians and the Israelites. When the Egyptians followed, the waters returned to their natural state and place and drowned them. The Children of Israel sang the “Song at the Sea” in praise and gratitude to G-d. – from

So “the Hebrews chose to allow God to supernaturally deliver them,” which is what would happen if we see an offshore “asteroid” impact and resulting tsunami this 21 Nissan. And in Netanyahu’s choice to strike or talk,” we would see Israel’s almost immediate ruin or more time (“for God to arrange Israel’s redemption”).

~ MORE ~

The Jewish history of 21 Nissan, the Jewish day Israel just entered, features God’s destruction of Pharaoh’s army by seawater crashing down upon them“. And given that Rafah is near the sea and the US is building an aid port by the sea near Gaza City, could an offshore “asteroid” (Artemis) strike or “tsunami nuke” come into play Sunday/Monday?

WARNING (27 April 2024): The White House Correspondents’ Barbecue

Biden and Harris will be together tonight at the Washington Hilton (the “Hinckley Hilton” — the site of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan) for the televised, prime-time White House Correspondents’ Dinner. So there is a definite possibility of a staged “MAGA”/”Islamist” assassination (possibly by “suitcase nuke” / Artemis), and it may be scheduled for 8:08 PM EDT to tie it to “Nazi MAGA.” This dual assassination would result in House Speaker Johnson becoming president, which would trigger a crisis-acted civil war and give rise to an “Israeli mistake”: a 21 Nissan strike or invasion of Rafah or strike on Iran. Details on the Israeli part to come.

WARNING (25 April 2024): Once we get past 12:15 PM Washington DC time today, the Kabbalists will transition away from using the story of Esther as the basis for scripting the Big Event and toward using the story of the ancient Hebrews’ flight from Egypt. And if we look at Chabad’s historical account of Pharaoh’s pursuit of the escaping Israelites, it forms the basis for Operation Blackjack or the running a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that begins on Friday morning in New York City — when Biden will be in NYC and the UN Security Council will be meeting on “peace and security” three times — and ends on Monday the 29th. So the “Great City Babylon” is once again targeted for destruction tomorrow. Details to come…

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 25th (and some of Friday the 26th) are now up. Among them is one that points to the “evil Pharaoh” who is/was scripted to act tomorrow…

• President Obama chaired the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Summit on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Nuclear Disarmament (YouTube-United NationsUN Press). The Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1887 (Wikipedia) Subject: Maintenance of international peace and security, Nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament. Date: Thursday/Thor’s day, 24 September 2009, 5328 days ago -> Strong’s Greek 5328. Pharaó: Pharaoh, an Eg. king Usage: Pharaoh, the title of ancient Egyptian kings. [Obama Akhenaten –  Google Search]

In light of this note, have a look at the UN Security Council’s schedule for Friday…


Of course, this triple-dose of “peace and security” brings us back to 1 Thessalonians 5:3

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

Now let’s have a look at tomorrow…

18 Nissan
(sundown of April 25 to sundown of April 26, Jerusalem time)
(12:15 PM of Thursday to 12:16 PM of Friday New York time)

Keeping Pharaoh Obamakhenaten of modern-day “Egypt” in mind, here is the occult underpinning of what is/was planned for tomorrow…

Pharaoh Becomes Aware of Escape (1313 BCE)

Following the Jewish nation’s grand exodus from Egypt (see Jewish history for the 15th of Nissan), Pharaoh, who only gave official permission for the Jews to to leave for three days, was informed by secret agents whom he sent together with the Jews that they had no intention of returning.

Pharaoh decided to mobilize his army and pursue the Jews, with the intention of bringing them back to Egypt. This led to the drowning of the Egyptians in the Red Sea (see Jewish history for the 21st of Nissan). – from

So tomorrow would be the day Obamakhenaten would “unleash his forces against the true Moshiachs (Moshiach ben Cyrus Donald Trump, Moshiach ben Yosef Benjamin Netanyahu, and Moshiach ben David Vladimir Putin)” and violently move to complete the communist takeover of the West.”

As for what constitutes Obamakhenaten’s army, that was revealed during the two times he sat as President of the UN Security Council. The first meeting was about nuclear proliferation, and the second was about foreign terrorist fighters. So the army unleashed tomorrow would be “foreign terrorist fighters armed with proliferated nukes.” And it would be narrated that MAGA Christians worked in league with the Islamic terrorists

…from Operation Blackjack

So tomorrow could be the start of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness (3DOD) scenario that ends on the 21st of Nissan. Alternatively, it could be the day of Operation Blackjack, with 3DOD beginning on 21 Nissan and ending on 24 Nissan (Essene Second Passover).

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Joe Biden is flying into Manhattan this evening and will be spending the night there. So if the globalists go for Operation Blackjack or the Three Days of Darkness on 18 Nissan, it’s possible that it could come during the night. It is merely my expectation that they would wait until after the UN begins its morning meetings.

Should the globalists abort the Big Event tomorrow, which is Friday the 13th on the Julian calendar, there are other precursor events that are scriptable (based on the occult cues), including…

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 26th/13th are up.

WARNING (23-24 April 2024): The Senate has passed the Ukraine and Israel aid package, and Biden has said this…

I will sign this bill into law and address the American people as soon as it reaches my desk tomorrow so we can begin sending weapons and equipment to Ukraine this week. The need is urgent: for Ukraine, facing unrelenting bombardment from Russia; for Israel, which just faced unprecedented attacks from Iran

This creates a scripted motivation for “Russia, Iran and their allies/proxies” to do one of the following…

  • attack tonight before Biden can sign the bill, or
  • attack shortly after he signs it (but before the weapons can be sent this week).

In the latter case, Biden will leave the White House tomorrow to give a lunchtime speech at the Washington Hilton. At the same time, the UN Security Council and the UN General Assembly in New York will be meeting on the things you’d expect them to meet about on the day they get blown up.

Links and details to come. Onna’s notes on Wednesday the 24th are now up.

~ MORE – 24 April 2024 ~

After 12:15 PM Washington DC time today, Jerusalem will enter 17 Nissan and Joe Biden will be arriving at the Washington Hilton to give a speech to a union group. There are two highly notable things about this…

1) According the Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist Cult, 17 Nissan is the Jewish anniversary of the execution of Haman, the Persian official who attempted to annihilate the Jews.

2) Kabbalists are superstitious numerology freaks who are obsessed with gematria (gypsy number tricks), so I had my beloved partner Onnabugeisha check into Joe Biden’s speech at the Washington Hilton today. She found this…

Washington Hilton (Wikipedia) – The hotel was the site of the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan (Wikipedia)  by John Hinckley Jr. on March 30, 1981. The attempt occurred at the hotel’s T Street NW exit. As a result, the hotel is sometimes colloquially referred to by locals as the “Hinckley Hilton“.

Washington Hilton (208, 82, 224, 80) = Turn off the lights 4x, Operation Neptune (Normandy landings – Wikipedia) 4x, Islamic terrorist  3x, Trump arraignment 3x, Russia Ukraine war 2x, Prince of Persia (GotQuestions) 3x, Queen Elizabeth Two 3x, William Harrison (Wikipedia) 2x, Revelation twelve (The Woman and the Dragon Wikipedia) 2x, Dragon twenty four (Exercise Dragon 24 – The United States Army2x, the Permanent Five (Permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – Wikipedia) 2x

Hinckley Hilton (165, 75, 213, 69) = Wood dragon year (is 2024 – Google Search)  4x, King Coronation 3x, Vincent Kennedy 3x (JFK Jr. is Vincent Fusca – The Independent), Nuclear fission (Wikipedia)  2x, Chester A. Arthur (the 21st president of the United States, assumed the presidency after James A. Garfield’s death – Wikipedia) 2x, fourteenth of May (Israeli Declaration of Independence – Wikipedia) 3x , Pope Franciscus (Pope Francis – Latin: Franciscus – Wikipedia) 2x

The Washington Hilton (241, 97, 272, 92) = Capitol insurrection (Google Search)  3x, RIP President Biden 2x, god of the underworld (Google Search) 2x, Christophorus Columbus (Christopher Columbus is the anglicisation of the Latin Christophorus Columbus – Wikipedia) 2x, nuclear accident 2x, Schumann resonance (Wikipedia) 2x, American Eclipse 2x, nuclear apocalypse 2x, God bless America (Wikipedia) 2x, Supreme leader of Iran (Wikipedia) 1x

The Washington Hilton hotel (301, 121, 347, 113) = American Revolutionary War (Wikipedia) 3x, Providence Rhode Island 2x, The Brotherhood of Death (Skull and Bones – Wikipedia)
1x, Pledge of Allegiance (Wikipedia) 1x

NABTU legislative conference (267, 114, 435, 147) = The Secret Teachings Of All Ages (Google Search) 3x, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (Wikipedia) 2x, Catherine Princess of Wales 2x, Kobe Bryant sacrifice ritual (Wikipedia) 2x, Assassination of John F Kennedy (Wikipedia) 2x, Sayyid Ebrahim Raisolsadati [is Ebrahim Raisi, the President of Iran – The Muslim 500] 2x, (267 – Miami Florida United States, United States President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Unidentified flying objects, gunshot wound to the head 1x)

North America’s Building Trades Unions (Wikipedia) (381, 156, 510, 204) = Tree of the knowledge of good and evil (Wikipedia) 2x, The Coronation of His Majesty The King 2x, Charles Philip Arthur George Windsor (Charles III – Wikipedia) 1x, forty-seventh president of the United States 1x, Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea – Wikipedia) 1x

~ MORE ~

Of course, the “execution of Haman” scripting cue is about more than just Joe Biden — it provides a basis for the Kabbalists to engineer “God’s Judgment” against all those who supposedly seek to annihilate, divide or corrupt Israel. So it’s about taking down the US and the West (“Egypt”), the United Nations, and the current “wicked” government and “apostate” people of Israel. And should they choose to script that judgment today — which is now 17 Nissan in Israel, the Jewish day corresponding to April 25 — they can run an 8-day window that reaches its final day on May 2, Essene Second Passover. That would be a good day to script the intervention of the Fake Jewish Messiah. Alternatively, they can bring him in on Shavuot.

So today, they scripted the assassination of Joe Biden “by the CIA” at the same place the CIA attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan (to put George H.W. Bush, the former CIA director, into the presidency). And look at what they’ve arranged for the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council to be meeting about today…

…from the UNGA schedule (top) and the UNSC schedule (bottom)

(23 April 2024) – Our Passover vigil continues after sunset in Jerusalem today (12:14 PM Washington DC time) with the beginning of 16 Nissan, which is Passover Day 2 and Day 1 of the 49-day Omer count to Shavuot. 16 Nissan is also the Jewish anniversary of Sodom’s destruction and Esther’s confrontation with the Persian official who attempted to exterminate the Jews. So if they go for it on 16 Nissan, modern-day Sodom (the current Israeli state and the West) would be destroyed and the follow-on events would unfold during the counting of the Omer (including the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah at “Mount Sinai” or in Jerusalem on Shavuot). The events that would unfold over the Omer count are covered in the updates below.

Speaking of Sodom, one of the other cities destroyed on the same day, Gomorrah, has shown up in my partner Onnabugeisha’s notes for today (in green)…

Numbers4/23 (inclusive) – 4/24

• The cornerstone of the UN Permanent Headquarters was laid on UN Day (Wikipedia). Harry S. Truman – Address in New York City at the Cornerstone Laying of the United Nations Building (Truman Library). Date: 24 October 1949, 894 months ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 894. Babel: an E. Mediterranean empire and its capital city / Greek: 894. apsinthos: wormwood  -> Chernobyl is Artemisia – Wormwood (WikipediaChernobyl)

• Barack Obama sat as the President of the UN Security Council for the second time (UNthe White House) – the U.N. Security Council Meeting on Foreign Terrorist Fighters. Date: Wednesday, 24 September 2014, 500 weeks ago -> Strong’s Greek: 500. antichristos: antichrist, (one who opposes Christ) Usage: antichrist, either one who puts himself in the place of, or the enemy (opponent) of the Messiah / Hebrew 500. Elale: “God ascends,” four Israelites 

• Xi proposes a ‘new Silk Road’(China DailyDate: 7 September 2013, 3882 days ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 3882. Livyathan: “serpent,” a sea monster or dragon Leviathan (Wikipedia)

• Xi Jinping (Wikipedia) – General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission. Assumed office: Thursday, 15 November 2012, 11 years, 160 days  ago (If the smaller units (days) are added first) -> Greek: 1116. Gomorra: Gomorrah, one of the cities near the Dead Sea / Strong’s Hebrew: 1116. bamah: a high place

• Donald Trump becomes the Republican Party nominee for president (CNN). Date: 19 July 2016, 777 % of a common year (365 days) ago -> [Trump and the number 7 – The Ceres CourierCharisma News]

After sunset 🌅 – 4/24

Jewish calendar16 Nissan (1/16), 16 Nisan (Psalm11918), 1st day of the OmerPesach II 

Sodom Overturned (1714 BCE),…

• Black Death is created, allegedly (HISTORY) – According to scholars at the University of Paris, the Black Death is created on March 20, 1345 (Julian) = 16 Nisan from what they call “a triple conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Mars in the 40th degree of Aquarius, occurring on that day.” Despite what these 14th-century scholars claimed the most common ailment known as the Black Death is caused by the yersinia pestis bacterium.

• Earth Day (Wikipedia) – The first Earth Day (HISTORY) , an event to increase public awareness of the world’s environmental problems, is celebrated in the United States for the first time on Wed, 22 April 1970 = 16 Nisan

Islamic calendarShawwal 15

• Reformation Day (Wikipedia) –  31 October 1517 (Julian) = 15 Shawwal, 923 AH was the day German Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Electorate of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire (HISTORY).

• Greg Abbott (Wikipedia), 48th Governor of Texas. On Sat, 14 July 1984 = Shawwal 15, at age 26, Abbott was paralyzed below the waist when an oak tree fell on him while he was jogging after a storm (Wikipedia).

It should also be noted that Joe Biden will be arriving in Trump territory, Florida, in the afternoon (after 16 Nissan begins in Jerusalem). And at Donald Trump’s criminal trial in New York, they’re doing this today…

Judge in Trump trial holds hearing on gag order before witness testimony resumes: Judge Juan Merchan is hearing arguments on whether Trump violated a gag order with social media posts about two expected witnesses in the hush money trial

So if Biden gets hit by a false-flagged “MAGA” attack in Florida, Trump will be in court where he can be arrested for his “incendiary social media posts that have triggered his far-right followers, incited insurrection, and caused a presidential assassination.”

We also need to maintain watch today and throughout Passover for the globalists to play the “New Chernobyl” / Zaporizhzhia / Wormwood card (see Onna’s note in red above).

WARNING (22 April 2024): Passover starts in Jerusalem after 7:13 PM local time (12:13 PM EDT, Washington DC time), and midnight (nuclear/radiological strike time) comes to Jerusalem at 5:00 PM EDT. Here in the States, Joe Biden leaves for his “ill-fated” trip to Virginia at 12:40 PM EDT.

WE SHOULD ALSO WATCH FOR THE KABBALISTS TO PLAY THE ZAPORIZHZHIA NUCLEAR BREACH CARD TODAY [1,2]. Today is intended to be a day of “nuclear catastrophes.”

NOTE (21-22 April 2024): Judas Johnson and Jesus Trump

Is today Trump’s Last Supper? According to the Bible, two days before Jesus was crucified and died, Judas struck a bargain (on “Spy Wednesday“) to betray him. And according to the Gospel of Matthew, Judas then hanged himself (on “Good Friday“) upon finding out that Jesus was going to be killed.

Is this the reason House Speaker Johnson struck a bargain with the Democrats to pass the war money bills on (Spy) Saturday, April 20? Is Johnson currently scripted to resign — politically hang himself — on (Good) Monday, April 22, the day Trump is crucified (and Biden dies in a helicopter crash)? (More on Trump and the helicopter crash after I post Onnabugeisha’s notes.)

On another note, I’ve found another candidate window for the 4-day Three Days of Darkness (3DOD) scenario. Thursday, May 2 is Essene Second Passover, and May 5 is Orthodox Easter Sunday (which falls on April 22 on the Julian calendar). By making Essene Second Passover Day 1 of 3DOD, they would be mirroring “Maundy Thursday” (when Jesus held his Last Supper to celebrate Passover), and by making Orthodox Easter Sunday Day 4, they could bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah and his fake ETs on the day Jesus was resurrected.

So the war could start tomorrow on 4/22 (Gregorian) and end with a (fake) “intervention from God” on 4/22 (Julian). — a pleasing symmetry for Kabbalist numerology freaks.

Circling back around to the war money bills for Ukraine and Israel passed by the US House of Representatives, an AP News report says this about it…

The whole package will go to the Senate, which could pass it as soon as Tuesday. President Joe Biden has promised to sign it immediately.

So they’ve arranged the voting schedule in a way that would allow a Passover black swan event to stop the bills from becoming law. This provides a scripted motivation for Russia and Iran to strike now rather than later.

~ MORE – 22 April 2024 ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on today are up, and looking at the gematria surrounding Joe Biden’s trip to Virginia today, one wonders what would happen to Donald Trump if Marine One gets “shot down by MAGA” using an “advanced Russian MANPADS

…from Gematria Effect News

The gematria also include references to a nuclear power plant accident and Zaporizhzhia.

NOTE (21-22 April 2024): On the 100th day of the Hamas-Israel War, the military spokesman of Hamas stated that one of the reasons for the October 7 attack on Israel was the importation of the red heifers, which was a necessary step towards restarting Temple service on the Temple Mount (where Al-Aqsa Mosque is currently located). And as I pointed out in the 18 April note (below), Passover Day 1, when a red heifer sacrifice is rumored to take place on the Mount of Olives, marks the 200th day of the War. More info to come on this.

~ MORE – 22 April 2024 ~

It’s all about the red heifers and the Fake Jewish Messiah (with my addition in brackets)…

When Abu Obeida, a military spokesman for Hamas, began his televised speech marking 100 days since the October 7 attack, most of what he said followed the familiar mantra of praising Hamas’ military resistance and calling for all Muslims to rise against Israel. But as he began listing the motives for the October 7 massacre, he said that the aggression against “our path and Al-Aqsa” reached its peak with the “bringing of red cows.” To much of the world, such a statement sounds strange, but to a Messianic believer, the charge is loaded with Messianic implications. The “bringing of red cows” Obeida referred to was the 2022 arrival of five red heifers to the Temple Institute, a Jewish organization focused on establishing the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The site, currently occupied by the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is an Islamic holy site and is continually the center of tension in the region…

The current effort to rebuild the Temple is not supported by Israel’s government [LOL] or universally supported within Judaism, but the step toward performing the arcane red heifer ceremony doesn’t just imply a return to the Holy Temple service; it points to the nearness of Messiah and the ultimate redemption of Israel. From the belief that Messiah himself will prepare the tenth red heifer to the ceremony’s hinting at the resurrection of the dead, it’s no surprise that the current turmoil in the Holy Land can be traced to the preparation of the red heifer. – from

So the red heifer sacrifice on the Mount of Olives today would start the arrival countdown for the “Messiah,” and upon his arrival he will perform a red heifer sacrifice before people enter the Tabernacle he’ll place atop the Temple Mount. It has been said in past prophecy propaganda that the Messiah would arrive in Jerusalem at the Mount of Olives.

unfinished note (21 April 2024) – Looking forward to April 22, when 15 Nissan and Passover will begin after sunset, the scenarios we’re watching for remain fundamentally the same. It’s only the scripted triggers that change.

One possible trigger is “the Iranians deciding — on April 21, the anniversary of Haman’s Decree — to begin their annihilation of Israel on the day death passed over the ancient Jews, with the intention that death would not pass over the Jews this time.” This would be the scripted cover for the Kabbalists false-flagging an “Iranian/Hezbollah” attack on Israel’s nuclear sites before or after Passover begins on April 22 (Jerusalem time).

Another possible trigger is the staging of a red heifer sacrifice on Passover in Jerusalem. The Kabbalist/Mossad-controlled leadership of Hezbollah have already threatened to start a war if such a sacrifice is attempted. And the resulting scattering and “Final Chastisement” of Israel that would follow fits perfectly with the Jewish history of the day…

“Covenant Between the Parts” (1743 BCE)

On the 15th of Nissan of the year 2018 from creation (1743 BCE) G-d forged a special covenant with Abraham in which the destiny of the Jewish people was foretold: the Holy Land was bequeathed to them as their eternal heritage, but first they would have to experience galut — exile and persecution. “And He said to Abram: ‘Know surely that your descendants shall be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and they will be enslaved to them, and they will afflict them four hundred years… and afterwards they shall come out with great wealth.’ And when the sun went down and it was dark, behold, a smoking furnace and a burning torch which passed between those pieces… On that day G-d made a covenant with Abram, saying: ‘To your seed I have given these land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the River Euphrates'” (Genesis 15:13-18). – from

This covenant with Abraham connects the scripted Passover Event and what follows to Mike Pence, who did his prophetically-required “antichrist desecration of the holy place” in Hebron, Israel at the Cave of the Patriarchs / the Sanctuary of Abraham. And if the red heifer is sacrificed, it would “pave the way for the salvation of the Jews through the imminent arrival of Moshiach (the Fake Jewish Messiah).” This in turn would bring in the Nazionist New Order / Messianic Era, which will bring in Austrian economics and great material prosperity like the Covenant describes.

WARNING (20 April 2024): April 21 could bring the STORM that necessitates the “Rainbow Rescue,” and it could start today…

…from the London 2012 YouTube channel

April 21 (April’s Blackjack Day) is the Gregorian anniversary of the births of Rome and “NaziQueen Elizabeth II, so it would make a good day for the Nazionists to hit the “mother-murdering commie” King Charles and all his associated commies in a fiery birthday bash for the new Global Rome (the Nazionist BRICS UN/NWO).

April 21 is also the day of the ancient Roman festival of Parilia, devoted to a pair of gods known as Pales. Pales were a version of the Divine Twins, like Castor and Pollux, so this is an occult cue for scripting the arrival of the two Nazionist “heroes” who will save us from the “evil commies”. On Parilia, a purification ritual was performed in which cattle were driven through bonfires — we are meant to be the cattle, and the burning cities hit by the “suitcase nukes” or “nuclear missiles” (Artemis) will be the bonfires through which we are purified and driven into the NWO.

Additionally, April 21 is the Jewish Day of 13 Nissan, which is the anniversary of the day Haman’s Decree to annihilate the Jews was approved by the Persian king. So it will be an ideal day for the Israelis to false-flag the “Iranian (Persian)” attack on Israel’s nuclear sites. And since the approval of Haman’s Decree led to three days of fasting and repentance, the attack could be scripted as the start of the Three Days of Darkness / Rain of Fire.

So the (pushed back by a day) scenarios in yesterday’s warning (below) will be active again as soon as sunset in Jerusalem today, 12:12 PM Washington DC time (EDT) (though the initial attack would likely come at midnight Tehran or Jerusalem time, 4:30/5:00 PM EDT).

Remember that in the Bible, the rainbow was created after the Flood Judgment as a sign of God’s covenant with the survivors that he’ll never again destroy all life on Earth with a flood. So the symbolism of the “Rainbow Rescue” is that the two saviors come down to Earth amidst the Rain of Fire Judgment, bringing the rainbow with them to establish a new covenant.

WARNING (19 April 2024): Sunset in Iran and Israel happens at 11:12 AM and 12:11 PM Washington DC time respectively. That’s when Shabbat HaGadol — the “Great Shabbat” that precedes Passover — begins in those places. And midnight in Iran and Israel happens at 4:30 PM and 5:00 PM Washington DC time respectively. That’s the ideal time to strike in a Passover-related scenario.

To enable a strike scenario tonight, two things have happened…

  1. Israel has struck Iran, which means it’s Iran’s turn to strike Israel in a tit-for-tat escalation scenario, and
  2. the press have circulated a story that Iran has threatened to strike Israel’s nuclear facilities.

This provides a basis by which the Kabbalists can script the “Israeli Deep State” launching a false-flag attack against their own nuclear sites, then pointing the finger of blame at Iran and “retaliating in kind.” And since such strikes would presumably release high-level radioactive contamination over a wide area (real or simulated), there are two directions in which the story can be steered…

  1. The Fake Jewish Messiah and his forces intervene TONIGHT to stop the nuclear catastrophe and “Chabad’s evil plot,” or
  2. Chabad’s plot is carried out, with the Fake Jewish Messiah arriving at the end of it.

I wrote about the first scenario after midnight this morning, and I wrote about the second in yesterday’s notes. If they go with the second one and launch the attack between sunset and midnight today (perhaps at midnight Iran time), on April 19 in Israel, they can still land Day 38 of the Second Exodus on Lag B’Omer (by switching to an inclusive count). And they can still bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah on Shavuot.

~ from earlier this morning (after midnight) ~

Watch for a possible Passover curveball…

After hearing about Israel’s attack on Iran on 11 Nissan (local time), I started thinking about the possibility that the globalists will run a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario from 12-15 Nissan (from Shabbat HaGadol to Passover Day 1 — after an Israeli-Iranian attempt to escalate to nuclear attacks tonight, Middle East time). This would lead to the Fake Jewish Messiah’s appearance after sunset of April 22, when Passover begins.

Upon looking for a Tribulation timeline that would support this scenario, I found one…

If the Kabbalists choose this scripting option, the Truth Tsunami Psyop will co-opt my information and tell you how “hero” Pence saved us from what Chabad had planned. It’s all part of the NWO fairy tale they’ll try to sell. Don’t be fooled.

NOTE (18 April 2024): On a hunch, I decided to look ahead and check when the Hamas-Israel War would reach its 200th day. The answer was exactly what I was expecting: April 23, Day 1 of Passover (this is no mere coincidence, I assure you). And since the Kabbalists are such numerology freaks, the number 200 tells us what we can expect them to script for that day (if they can’t do it any sooner)…

Strong’s 200 Hebrew: folly – as in “the folly of the West in allowing millions of military-age migrants to invade their counties.”

Strong’s 200 Greek: locusts – as in “millions of migrants whose benefits are suddenly cut off, leaving them to roam the West like locusts consuming everything in their path.”

The number 200 in the Bible: The biggest number delineated in the Bible is 200 million. This huge group, likely a mix of deceived humans and demonic spirits, will be allowed to kill one third of humanity (Revelation 9:14 – 18). God allows this as part of his second “woe” to punish those who steadfastly refuse to repent (verses 20 – 21).” – from

Of course, the days between now and Passover are dangerous too, so we’ll have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death one day at a time until all of Passover (+ May Day) has passed over us. We’ll get there on May 2.

NOTE (18 April 2024): “According to Joshua 6:1–27, the walls of Jericho fell after the Israelites marched around the city walls once a day for six days, 7 times on the 7th day, with the priests blowing their horns daily and the people shouting on the last day.” – from Wikipedia

And according to the Kabbalists, today (the Jewish day of 10 Nissan) is the Jewish anniversary of this…

Israelites Cross Jordan (1273 BCE)

Three days after the two spies dispatched by Joshua scouted the city of Jericho, the children of Israel were ready to enter the land promised by G-d to their ancestors as their eternal heritage. As they approached the Jordan with the Holy Ark carried by the Kohanim (priests) in their lead, the river parted for them, as the waters of the Red Sea had split when their fathers and mothers marched out of Egypt 40 years earlier. – from

So today is the day the Israelis are/were scripted to “cross the Rubicon” with their attack on Iran. And it would have led to either Iran or Israel’s fall on the 7th day, April 24 / Passover Day 2 / Day 1 of the Omer count / the Jewish anniversary of Sodom’s destruction.

Today is also Yom HaAliyah, which celebrates Jewish immigration to Israel, and it would be marked by Jews fleeing Israel in the aftermath of the Iranian counterattack.

~ MORE ~

Today is/was the perfect setup for the Kabbalist-planned God’s final chastisement of a wicked, sodomite Israel scenario. By starting the “Jericho War” today and scripting Israel’s fall on the 7th day, Day 2 of Passover, they could have utilized the 50-day Omer count as the count-up to the Fake Jewish Messiah’s (Moshiach’s) triumphant arrival in Jerusalem on Shavuot.

By scattering the Israelis today, they could’ve had them wander and die in the wilderness for 38 days until the Moshiach’s arrival at “Mount Sinai” on Lag B’Omer (the 33rd day of the Omer count and a “Jews fight back” day). They could have then utilized the remainder of the Omer count for the Moshiach’s (utterly ridiculous) Triumphal Procession to Jerusalem.

They still have until midnight in Israel, 5 PM Washington DC time, to go for it. And they can still hit many of their marks if they go tomorrow, but the Friday setup isn’t anywhere near as perfect as today’s. Being pushed out of today is a real di*k punch for them.


The latest reports indicate that the UN Security Council will vote TODAY on whether to admit Palestine as a member of the UN. If the US unexpectedly allows it to pass, it could be the trigger for everything I’ve been writing about. (LATER – The US vetoed the measure, which saved our bacon for today. But it will come back to bite us when they unleash the angry jihadis on us later.)

WARNING (17-18 April 2024): Tomorrow and the Arch of Judgment and Fire…

…from The Guardian

My partner Onnabugeisha has found some troubling indicators that suggest a strike on Iran on 10 or 11 Nissan followed by Hezbollah’s “War in the North” and Operation Blackjack on 11 Nissan (all in Jerusalem time). Nissan 11 is 7/11 on the Hebrew civil calendar — but technically 8/11 on this Jewish leap year — and begins in Jerusalem on Thursday after 7:10/7:11 PM local time. That is 12:11 PM tomorrow in New York, where the UN Security Council will be holding an open debate on “the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question”.

It is important to note that tomorrow is the 7 year, 7 month mark [77] of the unveiling of the Palmyra Arch in New York City on 19 September 2016 (all cities visited by the Arch are slated for destruction, including London). So tomorrow (or Friday) is the perfect day to script the phoenix of the current UN burning to ashes so the reformed BRICS New World Order phoenix can rise.

There are lots more details to this setup, which is based on the Battle of Jericho, so more later.

~ MORE – 18 April 2024 ~

Hmmm… in the past I would have to have sex to get some bi*ches to abort…

…from ABC News

But now I just have to write about them. I guess it goes to show how a man’s repulsive power grows with his age.

(17 April 2024) – The threat for today (and tomorrow) is the same as yesterday, but with some occult cues supporting nuclear mischief. Here are some notes from Onna that are active on April 17 and 18…

Wednesday, 17 April (after sunset) – Thursday, 18 April = 10 Nisan

Esther 3:12 (NLT) – So on April 17 the king’s secretaries were summoned, and a decree was written exactly as Haman dictated. It was sent to the king’s highest officers, the governors of the respective provinces, and the nobles of each province in their own scripts and languages. The decree was written in the name of King Xerxes and sealed with the king’s signet ring.

Iran nuclear deal (Wikipedia, The Obama White House: The President Announces a Historic Nuclear Deal with Iran), an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program between Iran and the P5+1Created: 14 July 2015, 8 years, 9 months, 4 days ago -> Strong’s Greek: 894apsinthos: wormwood – a bitter plant known as “wormwood”(figuratively) what is intensely bitter (grievous), bringing on very sad results(used only in Rev 8:11) -> Chernobyl is Artemisia – Wormwood (WikipediaChernobyl)

• National Nuclear Technology Day in Iran was established in 2006. On the day [8 or 9 April] in 2006, Iranian scientists succeeded in producing a complete cycle of nuclear fuel on a laboratory scale. (Iran marks “National Nuclear Technology Day” – Iran PressAnydayGuide) April 8, 2006 = 10 Nisan,  Shabbat HaGadol

As for the Western targets, the EU leaders are gathered together for a summit in Brussels today and tomorrow where they’ll be discussing Ukraine and Israel-Iran, and Joe Biden is traveling to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is the city where Barack Obama’s G-20 New World Order was announced on 25 September 2009, which makes it a good symbolic target for the “Nazionists who want to destroy the commie NWO”. And today will mark that NWO’s 5319th day. In Strong’s Bible Concordance — a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups — number 5319 is “to make wrestlings visible (the scripted wrestlings between the commies and Nazionists).

Here is a previous writing about the birth of Obama’s NWO…

On the same day Barack Obama sat as the President of the United Nations Security Council in New York, the G20 convened a summit in Pittsburgh to formally agree to enter his New World Order. And on the very next day, Friday, 25 September 2009, the newly-minted Antichrist traveled to Pittsburgh to announce it to the world…

…from The Guardian. It was at this Summit that the G20 officially replaced the G7 as the leading economic body of the world…

…from CNN

Of course, the groundwork for Obama’s NWO had already been laid at an earlier 2009 G20 Summit in Rothschildland (a.k.a. “England”). Note the terms Gordon Brown used to describe the result of the meeting…

…from The Telegraph

This section came from the 30 April 2022 update on THE FIRST TRIBULATION: “Satan’s counterfeit Tribulation”.

Tomorrow, April 18, Biden will travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the spiritual heart of the American Revolution and the place where Barack Obama declared the American Communist Revolution. This makes tomorrow another good day to script the Nazionists snuffing out the communist revolution in the West with Operation Blackjack / Day X.

WARNING (16 April 2024): Today/overnight carries a high risk of an Israeli strike on Iran followed by Operation Blackjack in the West, with a fallback option for Thursday

Look at the move the globalists were telegraphing yesterday…

…from The Telegraph, the paper that brought us the Operation Blackjack predictive programming slideshow

Now look at the flag of the city Joe Biden will be visiting today, Scranton, Pennsylvania

…from Wikipedia

Also look at what the Iranians are saying…

…from the Tehran Times. Here is an excerpt…

The dirty Zionist regime knows that another Middle East has been formed. After this operation, Israel will be humiliated immediately and more severely. Any group or government that cooperates with the barbaric and insolent Zionist regime or becomes the source of Israel’s mistake against Iran is complicit in its crimes and will regret like the evil regime. The success of this operation was while the enemy was in comprehensive and joint preparation, and America, England, and France supported Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran opened the gates of hell to Israel.

Looking at all this and the war schedule in the updates below, today/tonight is when we could see Israel’s strike on Iran’s nuclear sites, followed by “Iran’s” nuclear response against Israel and the West. Alternatively, we could see an Israeli hit on Iranian military and government targets followed by a much stronger Iranian strike on Israel — with an escalation to the “nuclear” (Artemis)  strikes on Thursday.

So here is today’s schedule…

More information to come, including why Thursday is a good fallback day for nuclear mischief.

~ MORE ~

Reader Sohei has pointed out that a fire broke out yesterday at an ammunition plant that manufactures munitions for the Army and Ukraine. THE PLANT IS IN SCRANTON. This will allow the post-attack propaganda to narrate the presence of “Russian” or “Russia-allied” terrorists / saboteurs / Spetsnaz in Scranton “before Biden was killed.”

NOTE: I’ve found out that Biden will be arriving in Scranton after 9 Nissan has begun in Israel, so I’ve adjusted the war schedule to reflect that. Remember that the war could begin on the 16th, 17th or 18th (from the US time perspective), with the 16th and 18th being particularly dangerous. Details to come.

WARNING (14-15 April 2024): Now that the Israelis have goaded the Iranians into attacking, it’s hard to imagine them not using the opportunity to “retaliate” by striking Iran’s nuclear sites. And they will likely wait until after today’s UN Security Council emergency meeting at 4 PM EDT to launch their attack. This means the strikes could happen at or after midnight in Iran or Israel (4:30 PM or 5:00 PM EDT respectively).

So the Iran nuclear sites could be hit early on Monday morning — releasing clouds of radiation (real or simulated) — in keeping with Trump’s cryptic warning on Friday about all hell breaking loose on Monday. This attack would in turn lead to an all-out Muslim attack on Israel and the West: the Rain of Fire / Three Days of Darkness, scattering the Israeli civilian population “into the wilderness”.

Since the press are reporting that Biden is standing against an Israel counterattack, the strike could be delayed a day or two to sync up with the April 16-18 window I wrote about in the 12 April warning below. In that case, watch for Dimona to get hit by Thursday.

~ later ~

Controlled alt-media site Zero Hedge is reporting that Israel decided to delay an immediate counterattack after Biden and Netanyahu spoke on the phone. Also, the White House published Biden’s schedule for the week this morning — after the Iran Attack — and it still shows him spending Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in Pennsylvania. He’ll be hit there right before or right after Israel attacks Iran. So everything is lining up with the Esther timeline I wrote about on Friday. I’ll start covering the details soon.

~ The Esther War Schedule (Short Version) ~

This short-version timeline represents the Kabbalists’ quickest path to rolling out the Fake Jewish Messiah, and it combines the Ram-Goat War and the hot phase of the Gog-Magog War into one short, sharp conflict.

In the Bible, Esther was the savior of the Jews — she is credited with stopping their total extermination by a Persian official while Israel was under of the First Persian Empire. And “just as it was in the days of Esther,” the Fake Jewish Messiah is scripted to save the Jews from another attempt at total extermination. This is why they’re utilizing her Nissan timeline

Nissan 8 (*sunset of April 15 to *sunset of April 16, Jerusalem time)
The Day the Party Ends” – The final day before World War III

Nissan 9 (*16-*17)
The 7-Day War Begins
Biden in Scranton, Pennsylvania (Scranton’s flag features an atomic symbol);
EU leaders arriving in New Rome (Brussels) for April 17-18 summit (the Kabbalist prophecy);
Operation Blackjack

Nissan 10 (*17-*18)
“The 2nd Day” – The Israelis invade Syria/Lebanon and/or flee into Jordan

Nissan 11 (*18-*19)
“The 3rd Day”

Nissan 12 (*19-*20)
“The 4th Day”

Nissan 13 (*20-*21)
“The 5th Day” – The whole world turns against Israel to destroy it

Nissan 14 (*21-*22)
“The 6th Day” – A Jewish leader calls for three days of repentance and fasting
The 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario begins

Nissan 15 (*22-*23) – Passover Day 1
“The 7th Day” – The way is paved for the salvation of the Jews
By the red heifer ceremony? (The red heifer and the Moshiach)

Nissan 16 (*23-*24) – Passover Day 2
“The 8th Day” – The Fake Jewish Messiah appears
Sodom is Overturned

Nissan 17 (*24-*25) – Passover Day 3
The Extermination is Ended
The “Mass Arrest of the Deep State” and “Truth Tsunami” psyops begin

Next, I’ll start looking into the 40-day and 150-day variants. Thanks to the reader who sent the link on the red heifer.

~ MORE – 15 April 2024 ~

There are many ways the globalists could script upon the Esther template. So instead of trying to list out all the different ways, I think it’s better to look at the template in its most basic form…

With this raw template in hand, you can compare it to whatever they end up scripting and know that the whole thing is a Kabbalist-engineered fraud. Everything about it is fake, from the “Moshiach” that shows up “to save the Jews (and the world)” to the “ETs” that show up to impress the rubes. See The “End Times” Deception page for in-depth information.

NOTE (13 April 2024): The missiles are en-route to Israel, what’s next?

They’ve gone ahead and done it. The Kabbalists who run Iran (Khamenei and his clowns) have performed their part in the choreographed war by launching a slow-moving drone and cruise missile attack on Israel from Iranian territory. This frees the Kabbalists who run Israel (Netanyahu and his clowns) to do two things: 1) launch their own false-flag drones and cruise missiles on Israel (to ensure the scripted targets get hit) and 2) launch their attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. So…

While the press have not yet reported the important details of exactly when and where the Iran Attack commenced, it’s clear that it happened sometime after sunset on Saturday Middle East time — after the Jewish day of 6 Nissan began. And 6 Nissan is the day before 7 Nissan, when the ancient Hebrews mobilized to invade the “Promised Land” (see yesterday’s warning below).

~ from earlier today ~

As I continue pondering the timeline below, I’m coming to see that it’s not just about Iran. In this case, “Haman” represents all “Edomites / Amalekites” (the entire non-Jewish world). And the planned events through Passover are designed to bring about the final Jewish conquest of all goyim and the imposition of the (Jew-designed) New World Order — leading 7 years later to the (Kabbalist-designed) “Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ.” We’ll start looking at the events of the timeline tomorrow, but here’s a preview: Operation Blackjack may be timed for the 16th/17th, and the attempted full-on nuclear exchange / 3 Days of Darkness may begin on 13 Nissan (Jerusalem time).

WARNING (12 April 2024): I think I’ve cracked the Kabbalist schedule for the Ram-Goat War with Iran

I’ve been racking my brain all day to find the key to what the Kabbalists are planning vis-a-vis Iran, and I finally came to a realization…

It appears that the Kabbalists are setting the stage to follow the Nissan timeline of Esther in scripting what happens with Iran (Persia). I’m still assembling the data and putting the picture together, but big events are planned for…

Right now, we’re in the part of the story when “Haman casts lots to choose the date for the Jews’ annihilation” (“the Iranians are deciding when to strike Israel with nuclear / radiological weapons). And by Day 3 of Passover comes “Haman’s downfall and hanging” (not a good day for Iran).

Also keep in mind Trump’s message this morning: “72 HOURS UNTIL ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!” Ostensibly, the message was about his criminal trial that starts on Monday, but it may be occult signalling of Israel’s response to an “Iranian” attack and their planned invasion of Syria and Lebanon to expand their territory into “all the land God promised them.” Monday the 15th marks the Jewish anniversary of the day the Hebrews began their preparations to cross the Jordan into the “Promised Land”, and Thursday the 18th marks the day they crossed the Jordan and began their invasion.

(12 April 2024) – Here are a few things to note for today, Friday the 12th / 4 Nissan…

(11 April 2024) – It would appear that today’s foray into Kabbalist heifer-tipping fulfilled its purpose…

…from controlled alt-media site Zero Hedge

But the numbers undergirding today’s attempted folly will still work if they go for it on Friday, so please pardon us while Onna and I take another satisfying piss in the globalists’ Armageddon punchbowl

> If the globalists go for it on Friday, April 12, they can still land Day 150 of the Torment of Humanity on September 8 — they just have to switch to an inclusive day count. See today’s earlier notes below for details.

> The ancient Roman festival of Cerealia (associated with the timespan of April 12-19) will provide the Kabbalists with a mythological basis for scripting the opening of the Gate to Hellthe mundus of Ceres — on any day from tomorrow through next Friday. This will be useful because they’ve scheduled a fallback scenario next week on April 17-18, when they’ll gather the European Council for a scriptable slaughter in New Rome (Brussels).

> The Jewish day corresponding to September 8, 5 Elul, begins after sunset of September 7. And our beloved Onnabugeisha has found more Prince Harry indicators for that day…

9/6 (inclusive) – 9/7

• Prince Harry Makes Surprise Visit to Pearl Harbor (PeopleGeo News)666 days ago

• United States Space Force (Wikipedia)
Founded: 20 December 2019, 4 years, 8 months, 18 days ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 4818. 
merkabah: a chariot [of fire]

So the “commie” leaders who torment the Roman Earth during the 150 days would experience a UFO-led Nazionist Pearl Harbor Attack after sunset Jerusalem time on September 7 (7/7 on the original Roman calendar). They’ll likely script “commie” King Charles’s death at the onset of the 150 days so “commie” Prince William can take the throne. “Antichrist” William would then meet his doom at the hands of “Nazi” Prince Harry around September 7.

> Onna’s new notes are up and can be found here.

Ahhh… what a relief. Now that’s what I call “spiking the punch.”

(11 April 2024) The reason the press have rolled out the “gates of hell” language today is this: if the globalists script the opening of the Gate to Hell and the beginning of the 150-day Torment of Humanity today, the Fake Jewish Messiah’s arrival on Mount Sinai or in Jerusalem would fall on September 8. That’s the day of Essene First Fruits of Oil this year (“messiah” means “anointed one” — anointed with oil). That day this year is also a date of significance regarding Jerusalem and immigration to the “Holy Land” by the Chassids (which would happen when the Fake Jewish Messiah shows up).

Additionally, my partner Onnabugeisha has found that in Strong’s Bible Concordance — a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups — number 3323 is “fresh (new) oil” and “messiah“. And upon doing a 33 month, 23 day lookback from September 8, I found that Fake Jewish Messiah candidate Prince Harry launched a crusade against “misinformation and disinformation” on 15 November 2021[1,2,3]. The document that was released that day is called the Commission on Information Disorder Final Report — and “Disorder” is something that necessitates a leader to come forward and restore “Order” (a New Order). Remember that the “Truth Tsunami” Psyop will be rolled out upon the “messiah’s” arrival, “correcting” all the “misinformation and disinformation” to which the public has been subjected.

WARNING (10-11 April 2024): Thursday is Eid al-Fitr Day 2 in Iran, and the “Iran Attack” could be scheduled for after it ends…

… from The Sun. Also see this article.

Tomorrow is April 11 (4/11 — a number and date that has been heavily featured in certain prophecy propaganda circles) and the Jewish day of 3 Nissan. And besides the “Iran Attack,” there are two scriptable events to watch for: 1) a hit on the 4:15 PM EDT meeting of Biden, Harris, Kishida and Marcos (Strong’s 415 is “unmerciful God of Israel” involving a sacrificial altar), and 2) the death of Pope Francis on the 3 Nissan Jewish anniversaries of the Alhambra Decree (part of the Vatican’s Inquisition), his election as pope, and his meeting with Queen Elizabeth (whom he helped kill, according to the not-yet-revealed NWO storyline).

~ MORE – 11 April 2024 ~

It should be noted that Iran declared Eid al-Fitr yesterday, but it is a two-day holiday there, so today is Eid al-Fitr Day 2. This creates an opportunity to schedule the “Iran Attack” for sometime after sunset today when the observance ends. They can say that “the Iranians waited until the end of the holiday to open the gates of hell on Israel and the West.” Sunset in Tehran happens at 6:35 PM local time / 11:05 AM Washington DC time today. And the trilateral summit at the White House starts at 4:15 PM EDT, just 15 minutes before midnight in Tehran (a prime time for launching a strike that’s scheduled by a bunch of Kabbalists).

A 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario started today would land the 4th day “Arrival” on Sunday, Essene First Fruits of Barley.

(10 April 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on today are up, and today & tomorrow we’re watching for a hit on Biden, Harris and the Japanese prime minister in Washington DC and a missile attack on Israel. The big question is this: when Israel withdrew the bulk of their forces from southern Gaza, where did they go? They are massing for an attack somewhere; will it be Rafah, Syria/Lebanon, or both? Wherever they want to attack, Mossad will be sure to arrange missile fire from that location. And Benjamin Netanyahu will be a target. His scripted death would provide for the fall of the current Israeli government and eliminate internal resistance to full-on war (according to the script, it is Netanyahu who has held back the “Israeli Deep State” from plunging Israel into war and destruction).

~ later ~

Like I said this morning…

…from Bloomberg

The missiles/drones that hit key targets in Israel (including Netanyahu’s location) will be “high precision” because they’ll be Israeli equipment using IDF/Mossad targeting data. And they’ll penetrate the missile shield because they’ll be squawking the right IFF codes.

It should be remembered that Israel…

So the Israelis can conduct the “Iran Attack” themselves or mix their missiles/drones in with Iran’s/Hezbollah’s to ensure key targets like Netanyahu and Dimona are hit. Also watch for Israel to expend some of these false-flag missiles/drones on American targets (to draw the US into savaging Iran with airstrikes).

WARNING (9 April 2024): The Assassination Setup for Joe Biden

In past updates, I’ve written about the globalist-scripted geopolitical dynamics in the Middle East, specifically…

Well an “Iranian” assassination of Joe Biden using a “Russian suitcase nuke” today / this week would further all of these objectives. Once Kamala Harris and her “friend of Chabad” handler/husband take over the presidency, they’ll be scripted to let the Israelis have their way.

~ from earlier today, after midnight ~

The busy little beavers of the Kabbalah Cult have arranged a pop-up assassination opportunity for Biden today at Union Station in DC — a perfect place to get a suitcase / backpack nuke within striking distance of a president. He’ll be giving a speech there AFTER Ramadan has ended in Tehran. Details, including the Kabbalists’ gematria cues, later this morning (after some sleep).

~ later ~

Yesterday, the globalists had a clear setup in place to kill Joe Biden so they could start the Second Civil War and bring an Obama or Clinton into the vice presidency. But they were unable to execute, so they’re aiming to try again today.

Joe Biden’s speech at Union Station was not on the weekly schedule put out by the White House on early Sunday morning, so it’s something that was added on Sunday or Monday — possibly after word got out about Monday’s assassination setup. And if you were a Hollywood writer producing a script about an American president being taken out by a suitcase/backpack nuke, you couldn’t choose a better location than Union Station in Washington DC.

Washington Union Station, known locally as Union Station, is a major train station, transportation hub, and leisure destination in Washington, D.C. Designed by Daniel Burnham and opened in 1907, it is Amtrak’s headquarters, the railroad’s second-busiest station, and North America’s 10th-busiest railroad station. The station is the southern terminus of the Northeast Corridor, an electrified rail line extending north through major cities including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, and the busiest passenger rail line in the nation. In 2015, it served just under five million passengers. – from Wikipedia

Union Station gets fed by 4 different rail companies, 10 different bus companies, and 6 different rental car companies. It also features shopping, dining, and meeting facilities. So just image all of the suitcases, backpacks, luggage, parcels, commercial deliveries and vehicles flowing into it — any one of which could contain a “Russian/Iranian mini-nuke.”

Biden is going to Union Station in the wake of news that Israel has chosen a date to start the Rafah invasion and is preparing to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities. And his speech is scheduled for 12:30 PM, which occurs after Tehran exits the Islamic holy month of Ramadan and enters Eid al-Fitr at 11:03 AM Washington DC time. So the globalists can narrate that “Iran waited until the holy month was over to strike Israel before Israel struck them, and they attacked on Eid al-Fitr because of its connection to Muhammad’s victory in the Battle of Badr.” MAGA and Christians will be named as accomplices to the Islamists who get patsied for the (Artemis) attack.

Of course, the Kabbalists’ gematria obsession played into choosing both the subject and venue of Biden’s speech…

12:30 PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on the care economy
Union Station

This is what Onna and I found on that…

the care economy = assassination = Joe Biden dies = 48 (in Septenary gematria)
the care economy = dies suddenly = fire judgment = 66 (in Reverse Pythagorean gematria)
the care economy (150, 69, 228, 66) = Queen Elizabeth 4x [this ties into “Nazionist revenge for the murder of their Queen by the communists”], Day of Judgement 3x, VP Kamala Harris 2x, Eclipse of the Sun 2x, Beer Hall Putsch (Wikipedia) 2x, the next Hitler 2x, John F. Kennedy Jr. 2x, European Union 2x, Joe Biden assassinated 1x, Pearl Harbor 1x, bishop of Rome 1x, Gunpowder Plot 1x, Chairman Mao 1x, World War III 1x, Janet Louise Yellen 1x, Benjamin Netanyahu 1x

Union Station = Baltimore Plot = 44 (in Septenary gematria)
Union Station (171, 54, 153, 72) = Paul the Apostle 3x, Michelle Obama 2x, Esmail Ghaani [or Qaani – Iran International] 2x, The Ku Klux Klan 2x, Bank of America 1x, Transnistria 1x

the care economy Union Station (321, 123, 381, 138) = Messianic destruction ritual 2x, President Of The United States 2x, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov 2x

NOTE (8 April 2024): The eclipse passed uneventfully and was quite a sight, but the current danger period will not be over until April 14 (the Tribulation end date) is behind us. By adjusting the start time to tomorrow, 21 Farvardin (Persian “Blackjack Day”), they can still run the scenario that was planned for today through the 14th. And on the 10th-11th, they can run the hit on the US-Japan summit I wrote about yesterday.

All this being said, today likely broke the back of their plans for this week, and we’ll face their next serious attempt during Passover. I will continue to treat the remainder of this week seriously, though, and I’ve posted Onna’s notes on Tuesday the 9th. They contain cues that could be used to script the Tuesday deaths of Pope Francis, Joe Biden and King Charles (from health issues).

WARNING (8 April 2024 / Day X): What is/was planned for today and beyond

Here are some things you must know about Joe Biden’s speech in Madison, Wisconsin today…

  • It is scheduled for 1:15 PM CDT. And the eclipse totality will enter the US at Eagle Pass, Texas at 1:27:33 PM CDT. So if the totality entering America is the timing cue, the attack will happen during the speech.
  • Biden’s speech is taking place at “Madison College Truax campus“. And given the fact that the Kabbalists are a bunch of gematria freaks, my partner Onnabugeisha checked and found out exactly why this venue was chosen (an 8X match with “John F. Kennedy Assassination”, which is the strongest match I’ve seen)…

    …from Gematria Effect News (remember that JFK was America’s first Catholic president, and Joe Biden is the second)
  • The subject of Biden’s speech is “lowering costs for Americans“. Onna checked and found out precisely why they chose these exact words (a 4X match with “American Revolutionary War”, which is a strong match)…

    …from Gematria Effect News
  • On the symbolism side, the city seal of Madison features the (X-shaped) Capitol building with a large glowing cloud behind it

    …from Wikipedia. Two things that can create a large glowing cloud are a nuclear explosion and the impact of a kinetic weapon / “meteor” (which produces a brilliant impact flash).

Next Sunday the 14th will bring the Day 1335 end point of a strong Great Tribulation timeline based on the “American/Western Communist Revolution.” And if the globalists decide to go for it, there are only two ways to script the outcome: either the Revolution ends with the arrival of the Nazionist Antichrist, or the Revolution reaches its fruition with the return of a Communist Antichrist (an Obama or Clinton, likely Michelle or Hillary).

One way they could approach this is to kill off Biden today and stage the beginning of the kinetic (and phony) communists versus Zionists-Nazis war. By staging a Biden assassination in a single-city or Operation Blackjack hit from “Russian suitcase nukes” today, they could install an Obama or Clinton as the US vice president tomorrow, while simultaneously escalating towards a full-on nuclear war with Russia. They could then stage the attempted nuclear exchange on the 10th/11th, starting a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that ends on Sunday…

~ MORE ~

I’ve posted my partner Onnabugeisha’s notes on today, and they include cues for the activation of Disease X and for (Nazionist) Prince Harry or (communist) Prince William receiving his crown (corona, as in coronavirus/COVID-19 and the Sun’s corona visible in the eclipse totality today). If the globalists’ plans do go forward, I urge you to preserve and spread the information on this page (and these: 1,2). And Don’t Be Fooled. I’ll see you on the other side (of an uneventful day or of this life).

WARNING (7 April 2024): On Day X tomorrow, the globalists will be sending Biden to the place where “X” marks the spot…

…pictured: the X-shaped Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.

Joe Biden’s Jewish chief of staff has arranged for him to visit Madison, Wisconsin on the day the “Second Great American Eclipse” finishes drawing an X across the United States…

And my partner Onnabugeisha has found that on this same day, Joe Biden reaches the 3 year, 2 month, and 20 day mark of his presidency [the number 322, because numerologists allow themselves to ignore zeros when it helps them make their numbers work]. And 322 brings us to another “X” – that of the skull and crossbones of The Brotherhood of Death

To mark the occasion, the Kabbalists may have scripted…

  • a local (in Madison) “MAGA” conventional or “suitcase nuke” attack that “kills” Joe Biden,
  • widespread (including Madison) “MAGA” attacks of the same nature with the same result, or
  • Biden’s “sudden death” from a health issue.
  • Any conventional attacks could include mass shootings, bombings and drones/missiles, and any “suitcase nuke” attacks would likely involve the use of Artemis rods. Of course, any such attack would be scripted to unleash the “Commie Reign of Terror” as they go after the “right-wingers” (on the day the Gate to Hell opens and the 150-day Torment of Humanity begins).

~ MORE ~

If you’ve heard the news about Israel withdrawing from southern Gaza and the war possibly ending, don’t celebrate just yet. Because “the US-EU-UN forcing Israel to end the war before their enemies are vanquished” could be scripted as the very thing that “brings Yahweh’s Wrath against the West” this week. And Biden’s 45-minute ultimatum call to Netanyahu last week could be the thing that brings his death tomorrow.

It should also be noted that the withdrawal of IDF soldiers from southern Gaza could be a prelude to a massive bombing of the area — a bombing that would unleash the Iran Attack. Thanks to reader Sohei for his information.

NOTE (7 April 2024): Should the Iran attack happen today, watch for Netanyahu to be amongst its first victims. This would lead to the collapse of his governing coalition and leave Israel without a government when the Fake Jewish Messiah shows up.

In a good sign (for Monday), the globalists are preparing a backup scenario that involves a hit on Biden, Harris, and the Japanese Prime Minister at the White House on April 10-11, after Ramadan has ended. A 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario started then would land the fourth day “Arrival” on Sunday, April 14, Essene First Fruits of Barley.

First Fruits of Barley is connected to the “resurrection of Jesus” (and therefore to the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah or Apollyon) and the “harvest of the overcomers” (the Fake Christian Rapture / Apollyon’s Harvest). There is a Tribulation timeline that reaches its Day 1335 that day: the Great Tribulation timeline I wrote about in the 24 February Cosmic Alert. It reached its Day 1290 on February 29, the day Trump and Biden made competing visits to the Texas-Mexico border and Trump gave his “Jonah Warning”. More details to come if we get through today and tomorrow OK.

WARNING (6 April 2024): Watch for the next attempt to stage the “Iran Attack” during the night of Sunday-Monday (Jerusalem time)

Well, well, well… the Kabbalist-planned “Iran Attack” has gone from “within 48 hours” to “as soon as next week”

…from CNN

In light of this new language, it should be noted that most Muslim countries and Israel begin their work week on Sunday. And this particular Sunday is “Divine Mercy Sunday” in the West, a day that “divine mercy” can be scripted to turn to “divine judgment.”

It should also be noted that the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr) is a movable observance…

When is Laylatul Qadr?

This night occurs during the last 10 days of Ramadan. The exact day is unknown. It is often assumed to be on the 27th night (which this year begins in the evening of Friday 5 April); however, as Prophet Muhammad said:

“Search for the Night of Qadr in the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan.” – from East London Mosque

So when is the next odd night of Ramadan this year? – The night that begins 29 Ramadan after sunset on Divine Mercy Sunday — the night that precedes the day of the eclipse. That night is the final odd night of this year’s Ramadan, with the final day of Ramadan beginning after sunset of eclipse day, when Jewish 1 Nissan begins.

Sunset of Divine Mercy Sunday begins in Jerusalem at 7:03 PM local time / 12:03 PM Washington DC time tomorrow, so the fireworks could begin at any time after that.

Starting in the afternoon/evening, we’ll look into how the event could be scripted to play out — as the beginning of either an extended cataclysm or a fake messianic intervention.

~ MORE ~

If the Kabbalists opt to begin the 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario on Sunday-Monday night (Jerusalem time), here is how it would likely play out…

DAY ONE OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 7-8, would start at or after midnight, April 8, in Tehran (4:30 PM of April 7 in Washington DC) or Jerusalem (5:00 PM of April 7 in Washington DC), with the “STORM” proceeding through the whole day.

DAY TWO OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 8-9, would see 24 hours of the “STORM.” They may wait until the eclipse begins on this day to spread the Rain of Fire into US and the West. And the window of time between its start in the Middle East and its start in the West would provide an opportunity to stage the Fake Christian Rapture.

DAY THREE OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 9-10, would see the “STORM” end sometime after sunset in Jerusalem on Tuesday (7:04 PM local time / 12:04 PM Washington DC time). This is when Jerusalem would enter 2 Nissan, the Jewish anniversary of the day the first red heifer was prepareda cue for the Fake Jewish Messiah’s arrival. At the same time, Jerusalem would enter 1 Shawwal / Eid al-Fitr, which marks Muhammad’s victory in the Battle of Badr — a cue for the Fake Muslim Mahdi’s arrival. Are they the Gemini Twins?

DAY FOUR (THE “ANGELIC ARRIVAL”), 2 Nissan and Eid al-Fitr, could go one of two ways. They could script either…

  1. the Fake Messianic Moment (FMM) or
  2. the continuation of the 150-day Torment of Humanity that began on April 8 (and would end with the FMM on a later date).

If they go with the April 10 FMM, we would see the two or three-week “Mass Arrest of the Deep State” Psyop, which would end on mainstream Passover Day 1 or Day 8.

WARNING (5 April 2024): Watch for a pop-up assassination or “sudden death” scenario for Biden in Baltimore this afternoon. It involves the occult cues of today’s Whitehouse Station earthquake, the Baltimore Plot to assassinate President Lincoln (on a train), and the collapse of the bridge in Baltimore, which is a gematria match with Biden’s name. More details later, if necessary.

(5 April 2024) – After the war starts today, will “Batman” Trump or “Robin” Pence save the day on Monday?

Today is 4/5 (45, Donald Trump’s president number and the number on his superhero NFT cards). And if the globalists pull the trigger today, it will be Day 1 of the 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario.

The 4th day of the scenario would fall on 4/8, eclipse day, and it would mark Day 45 of Trump standing before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and saying this…

…from the Kansas Reflector. Here is an excerpted quote from Trump…

“They’ll soon have us losing World War III. We won’t even be in World War III, we’ll be losing World War III with weapons the likes of which nobody has ever seen before,” Trump told attendees at the conference, an annual gathering of conservatives. “These are the stakes of this election. Our country is being destroyed. And the only thing standing between you and its obliteration is me. It’s true.”

What people at CPAC didn’t know when Trump gave this speech is that it’s connected (as Day 1290) to a Tribulation timeline my partner Onnabugeisha detected. I wrote about it in the 22 February update further down this page, and it reaches Day 1335 since its midpoint — the day of a “positive” development — on April 8 / Day X. The Tribulation’s midpoint was marked on the day the first Abraham Accord was announced (“peace between Israel and Muslims”), and its end would be marked by the restoration of that peace after “Obama and Biden stole Trump’s second presidency and brought war between Israel and Muslims.”

Getting back to superhero Trump, when the Drudge Report headlines about the Iran attack first appeared (see the 4 April warning below), they featured these words in quotation marks: “within 48 hours“. Upon checking the gematria of them, Onna found a notable match in Reverse Pythagorean gematria: “The Dark Knight Rises“…

…from (which counts embedded numbers differently than Gematria Effect News). Also note that in Reverse Ordinal gematria, “within 48 hours” = 181. Today marks 181 days since the Hamas attack on Israel.

Remember that Trump is playing the role of both Batman and the Moshiach ben Cyrus. And I’ve previously written about how Trump could meet his end within that role…

Watch for the possibility of “Savior Trump” doing what Batman did in The Dark Knight Rises: get [his presidency] captured, come back and save the day, then disappear.

So watch for the rise of the “Grey Champion,” Mike Pence, on Monday. Here’s what I wrote about it back in the 13 October 2023 update…

Putting this all together, the globalists are setting up a situation in which Trump and Space Force will save the world from a full-scale nuclear war set in motion by what has started in Israel. With his forces, he will conquer “Mystery Babylon” (King Charles’s G7/NATO Empire) just like Cyrus defeated the Neo-Babylonian Empire. And he will open the way for all Jews to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. But will he, like Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, disappear at the moment of his victory? Will his legal successor be the one who issues the New Edict?…

…from Breitbart (top) and The Atlantic (bottom). In the bottom image, note the weather, the color of Pence’s robe, and his Right Hand Path VVV/vav-vav-vav/666 hand sign. He is the “Satanic Grey Champion” who emerges during “The Storm.”

~ MORE ~

The UN Security Council started meeting on “the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question” at 10 AM New York time. So they will be in session when the Night of Power begins in Jerusalem at 12:02 PM New York time. Today may see them “die by fire” in front of the Security Council Chamber mural that depicts that very thing.

NOTE (4 April 2024): The Kabbalist (Chabadnik) setup for Iran’s attack on the Night of Power continues to reveal itself

In yesterday’s update, I wrote about the possibility of Ayatollah Khamenei’s death on Thursday and funeral on Friday, which would have preceded the Night of Power strike. But reader Sohei has pointed out that there WILL be a funeral on Friday — that of the people who died in the consulate strike in Damascus…

…from the Tehran Times

This is a perfect lead-in to the strike. Remember that Khamenei is an agent of the former-KGB, and it is through such intelligence agencies and secret police that the Kabbalist Jews exercise their shadow governance of the world’s nations.

~ from earlier today ~

After sunset tomorrow (Friday) in Israel, Jerusalem will enter the Night of Power, the Muslim day of 27 Ramadan, and the Hebrew day of 27 Adar II. 2024 is a Jewish leap year that features two Adars, Adar I and Adar II, and the Jews disagree over which of these two Adars is the “REAL Adar.” For this reason, any event that happened on a regular 27 Adar, a 27 Adar I, or a 27 Adar II can be used by the Kabbalists as a scripting cue for the Night of Power. With that in mind, I’ve added Onnabugeisha’s notes (old and new) that apply to 27 Adar and 27 Ramadan here. They show that the ends of Pope Francis, King Charles, and “Caliph” Erdogan are scriptable, as are many other things (which I’ll list here on the homepage tonight, time permitting).

unfinished WARNING (4 April 2024): The Global Armageddon Schedule for Friday-Saturday (April 5-6, 2024)

It looks like the show is running right on time…

…from today’s Drudge Report

As I’ve pointed out over the last few days, there are two good opportunities for the globalists to start the Big Event — the Three Days of Darkness — in the days ahead…

  1. during the Islamic Night of Power (the night of April 5-6) and
  2. during Day X (April 8-9).

Since the Night of Power will begin in Jerusalem tomorrow after 7:02 PM local time / 12:02 PM Washington DC time, let’s focus on this opportunity for now — by looking at how the publicized template of the Three Days of Darkness / Fire Judgment scenario would play out (in Middle East time)…

DAY ONE OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 6, would start at or after midnight, April 6, in Tehran (4:30 PM of April 5 in Washington DC) or Jerusalem (5:00 PM of April 5 in Washington DC), with the “STORM” proceeding through the whole day.

DAY TWO OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 7, would see 24 hours of the “STORM.”

DAY THREE OF THE RAIN OF FIRE, April 8, would see the “STORM” end sometime after sunset in Jerusalem (7:04 PM local time / 6:04 PM CERN time / 11:04 AM Texas time — 143 minutes before the eclipse totality enters the US). It is around that time that the scriptwriters would schedule the “opening of the Gate to Hell.” And it is after that opening — when “Apollyon, his fallen angels and their Nephilim demon children” will supposedly be released upon the world — that the globalists may script Apollyon’s Harvest (the Fake Christian Rapture).

DAY FOUR (THE “ANGELIC ARRIVAL”), 1 Nissan (Jerusalem time), could go one of two ways: they could script either…

  1. the Fake Messianic Moment (FMM) or
  2. the beginning of the 150-day Torment of Humanity (which would end with the FMM on a later date).

If they go with the April 9 FMM, we would see the two or three-week “Mass Arrest of the Deep State” Psyop, which would end on mainstream Passover Day 1 or Day 8.

If you are a new reader or are unfamiliar with the Three Days of Darkness “prophecy,” here is some background information…

As longtime readers will attest, I write about the “4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario” quite often. This is because a notable Greek Orthodox prophecy propagandist has connected the concept of “Three Days of Fear” to the long-planned Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites — a key event in what’s planned for the next few days. Here’s what I wrote about it in a previous update…

The Kabbalist/Globalist Plan for the Three Days of Darkness

It is common practice for the Kabbalists to leak the bullet points of their prophecy fulfillment plans to their propagandist moles in the various religions, who then pass them on to the public in the form of “prophecies from God.” That way, when they carry out their plans and the “prophecies” are fulfilled, it will appear that it was brought about by God, not a bunch of cultist central bankers. And reader Ronin has previously introduced us to one such propagandist mole in the Greek Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Neophytos of Morfou (a.k.a. Neo the Fraud).

In this YouTube video, Neo the Fraud lays out the bullet points for what the globalists have planned for the Three Days of Darkness, which he calls the “Three Days of Fear”

Here are the bullet points and their approximate times within the video…

4:31 One day people will be drinking their coffee and hear that the Israelis have struck Iran’s nuclear sites. [So it will likely be a nighttime attack.]

4:48 During this time period, or a little before it, Turkey’s Erdogan will fall. [Neo later suggests the fall could be political or physical (thus keeping the scripting options open): 8:51.]

6:34 The Eastern Mediterranean region will pass through Three Days of Fear.

9:13 The Turkish administration that takes Erdogan’s place will attempt to fix his mistakes. [According to the prophecy propaganda out of Christian mole Joel Richardson, this new leader will be the Islamic Antichrist, known as the “Dajjal” to the Muslims. So he will arrive on the scene as a “reformer,” just like the Fake Jewish Messiah.]

9:37 The Turkish Antichrist will later close the Turkish Straits and trigger war with Russia, leading to the annihilation of Turkey. [This will likely happen about 42 months after the Three Days of Darkness / Three Days of Fear. That is when the wars that the Three Days appear to save us from will explode upon the world, leading to a last-minute savior event by Vladimir Putin, the “real Jewish Messiah / returned Jesus” who will turn out to be the “Final Antichrist.”]

Having spent the last several years documenting the Kabbalists setting all this up, I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty: none of what you’re about to see has anything to do with God, except that it will be carried out by a bunch of God’s most spiritually blind, misguided, and self-serving children.

The Three Days of Darkness/Fear prophecy stems from a Catholic schizophrenic… er, “seer”… who lived in the 1700-1800s…

The Three Days of Darkness is an eschatological concept regarding future events, held by some Catholic circles to be true. The prophecy foretells three days and nights of “an intense darkness” over the whole earth, against which the only light will come from blessed beeswax candles, and during which “all the enemies of the Church … will perish.”

The prophecy parallels the Ten Plagues against Egypt in the Book of Exodus (Ex. 10:21–29). The Apocalypse of John also mentions a plague of unnatural darkness as an effect of the sixth seal (Rev. 6:12) and fifth vial (Rev. 16:10)…

Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837) is the most known seer associated with the Three Days of Darkness prophecy and reportedly described the event as follows:

“There shall come over the whole earth an intense darkness lasting three days and three nights. Nothing can be seen, and the air will be laden with pestilence which will claim mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. It will be impossible to use any man-made lighting during this darkness, except blessed candles. He, who out of curiosity, opens his window to look out, or leaves his home, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should remain in their homes, pray the Rosary and beg God for mercy. All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish over the whole earth during that universal darkness, with the exception of a few whom God will soon convert. The air shall be infected by demons who will appear under all sorts of hideous forms.” – from Wikipedia

Some time ago, I ran across a notable propaganda piece pushing the Three Days of Darkness. It lays out the template for the event. Here is a key excerpt…

The duration of the darkness will be as follows: one day and one night, followed by another day and a night, and another day. But on the third night, the earthquake and the fire will cease, the stars will shine, and the next morning, the Sun will rise again; and it will be spring. Angels will descend from Heaven and spread the spirit of peace over the Earth. A feeling of immeasurable gratitude will grip those who survive this horrific ordeal.

The Great Chastisement, although largely supernatural, and described above as A CONTINUOUS RAIN OF FIRE, may get EXPLAINED AWAY as something “natural” or synthetic such as some manmade form of WW3. – from

The “continuous rain of fire” part sounds like the Artemis Rods from God + artificial meteors attack I’ve been warning about (note the propagandist’s attempt to dispel my narrative).

unfinished note (3 April 2024) – The Precursor Event(s) of 4/4

My partner Onnabugeisha is off this week taking care of some family business, but she still had time to send us a few occult scripting cues she wants us to see. They relate to April 4 (4/4 >>> 44, Obama’s number)…

4/3 (inclusive) – 4/4

• Ali Khamenei is the 2nd and current Supreme Leader of Iran. Khamenei officially succeeded Ruhollah Khomeini after Khomeini’s death, being elected as the new Supreme Leader by the Assembly of Experts on 4 June 1989 (Wikipedia), 34 years, 30days ago (If the smaller units (days) are added first) -> Strong’s Greek: 3434. Moloch: Moloch, the god of the Ammonites to which human victims, particularly young children, were offered in sacrifice.; Usage: Moloch, a god worshipped by several Semitic peoples.

• William, Prince of Wales (Wikipedia) was christened in the Music Room of Buckingham Palace by the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Robert Runcie, on 4 August [1982], coinciding with the 82nd birthday of his paternal great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (here), 500 months ago -> Strong’s Greek: 500. antichristos: antichrist, (one who opposes Christ) Usage: antichrist, either one who puts himself in the place of, or the enemy (opponent) of the Messiah. / Hebrew 500. Elale: “God ascends,” four Israelites 

• Pope Francis was elected the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic on the second day of the 2013 papal conclave (WikipediaAmerica Magazine). Date: 13 March 2013, 4040 days ago. -> Barack Obama President number 44

• Pope Francis’ Pilgrimage To The Holy Land 24-26 May 2014 (Vatican) Sunday, 25 May – 15:00 (3 PM) Private visit to the Grotto of the Nativity in Bethlehem 9 years, 10 months, 10 days ago -> 911

• Russian invasion of Ukraine (Wikipedia and Address by the President of the Russian Federation – Kremlin). Russia invaded and occupied parts of Ukraine in a major escalation of the Russo-Ukrainian War. Date: Thursday (Thor’s day), 24 February 2022,  770 days ago – Ukraine’s ‘Remember the Alamo!’ (The Week) -> 770 Eastern Parkway (Wikipedia)

So April 4 (local time to the event) carries a strong possibility of hosting a big precursor event. It’s also possible, but not particularly likely, that the Kabbalists could stage the Big Event that day. A 4-day Three Day of Darkness scenario started on Thursday would land Day 4 on Divine Mercy Sunday.

As for what the precursor event(s) could be, here are four possibilities…

  1. They can stage Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei’s death on Thursday — possibly by an (apparent) Israeli or MEK (Israeli proxy) attack — and hold his funeral on Friday (right before the Night of Power). After Ayatollah Khomeini died on 3 June 1989, his funeral took place on 5-6 June. But given the current wartime situation, the Iranian government may want to avoid gathering Iran’s leaders and the public for a big state funeral and instead bury Khamenei the next day, in keeping with the Islamic custom of burying the dead ASAP. This would free them to strike back against Israel during the Night of Power.
  2. They can stage the death of Pope Francis on Thursday and hold his funeral 4-6 days later in accordance with Vatican custom. This would allow them to gather the Western leaders for a funeral slaughter on Day X.
  3. They can stage the “sudden death” of the cancerous King Charles the Turd, thus allowing Prince William to become king before the Big Event. There’s a lot of longstanding controlled alt-media prophecy propaganda that points to William as the antichrist. So having “Antichrist William ascend” before the Event would allow “the heroic” Prince Harry to take him down and “save the world from the Final Antichrist” (of the First Tribulation).
  4. They can stage a major escalation event in the NATO-Russia War in Ukraine. This event could happen in Ukraine (like the breaching of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear reactors or the entry of regular NATO army formations) or in nearby territories (like a land and sea blockade of Kaliningrad, an invasion of Transnistria, or the Cobasna Disaster).

Edits, enhancements, and more links to come.

(2 April 2024) – The Israeli Mistake and the Night of Power

Do you remember what I said about always checking the gematria on words in quotation marks and odd word combinations you encounter in the media. Well here’s one from the Drudge Report today: “preparing strikes”

The controlled alt-media have long prattled-on about the “Israeli mistake”, an attack on Iran that would bring unfortunate results for Israel and the world. Is the strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus currently scripted to be that mistake?…

…from Gematria Effect News

If it is, the first good opportunity for scripting Iran/Hezbollah to strike (or for Israeli false-flaggers to strike Israel and blame it on them) is during the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr, which falls during the night of Friday-Saturday this week, 27 Ramadan). According to Islamic tradition, it is on this night that Muhammad received the first verses of the Koran, so this may be the night that the Fake Mahdi (Qasem Soleimani) emerges from occultation to lead the war against “the Great Satan and “the Little Satan“.

According the Kabbalists’ “End Times” script, the world will first receive the Fake Jewish Messiah (Moshiach) atop Mount Sinai, which is where the Torah was received. So it would be quite natural for them to script the receiving of the Fake Muslim Messiah on the night that the Koran was received. And since that night is both the Night of Power to the Muslims and Shabbat Hachodesh to the Jews, it would be a good time to schedule the fake messiahs’ joint intervention against the Satanic Powers.

The second good opportunity — the best opportunity — for this scripted event will come on Day X.

NOTE (2 April 2024): Will the globalists be projecting Planet X / Nibiru in the sky on Day X?

I’ve noticed that both the mainstream media and controlled alt-media are preparing people in the path of the eclipse totality to see something other than just darkness when the Moon blots out the Sun. Putting together what I’ve seen from various sources, I suspect the globalists may attempt to use their laser & chemtrail particle-based volumetric projection technology to project Planet X / Nibiru in the sky.

By adjusting the brightness of the projection, they can cause it to be visible in only the relatively small area that is being totally eclipsed. And by adjusting the angular position of the projection as the totality moves to the northeast, they can make Planet X appear to be in a fixed position in the sky (once people in different states compare their notes of where it was in the sky when they saw it).

I’ll enhance and expand this note over the course of Tuesday. In the meantime, I suggest you read the following sections from The UFO/ET Con page…

The section on volumetric projection

How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth

Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru continues to go mainstream

The Truth about “Planet 9 / Planet X / Nibiru” and its Supposed “Aliens”

As you look through these entries, compare the supposed horned shape of Planet X to the horned shape of the “devil comet” the mainstream media are talking about. And later, we’ll look at other projectable possibilities, including “ET motherships” and the Pale Horse (a green comet).

(1 April 2024) – I have an overwhelming amount of information to share about what the Occulted Powers have in mind for the April 8 eclipse and 1 Nissan, so the following sections will be enhanced and expanded over the coming days (on the Day X page).

In other words, this is only the beginning. And by the time I’ve completed my coverage, I expect roughly half of you to sh*t an actual brick. So here’s to building our understanding of the globalist agenda, one brick at a time…

The Kabbalist Script for Day X (April 8-9, 2024)
(Mod 0, posted 1 April 2024)

I spent all of 31 March 2024 pulling Mod 0 of this update together — then, in a remarkable bit of serendipity, reader Sohei sent me a link to something that confirms that what I’m writing about is the official Kabbalist script…

…from (a Kabbalist prophecy propaganda site). But we’ll get back to what they wrote after we look at what I wrote…

Trump in Eagle Pass was Jonah in Nineveh

During the April 8 total solar eclipse, the eclipse’s totality — the area on the ground where the Sun appears completely blocked by the Moon — will cross the Mexican border into Texas at approximately 1:27:33 PM CDT. And several time zones away in Israel, Jerusalem will have already entered the Jewish day of 1 Nissan (after 7:04 PM local time / 11:04 AM Texas time), the start of the Jewish month that features Passover. So the totality will enter America 143 minutes into Jerusalem’s 1 Nissan. And as luck would have it, Psalm 143, a Psalm of David, is a song of repentance by which one cries out to God for deliverance from judgment — a judgment carried out by one’s deadly enemies.

With all this in mind, let me show you two things I’ve learned thanks to a comment left by an alert reader…

1) As soon as the eclipse’s totality crosses the Mexican border, it will pass over the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, which is ground zero for all the border drama that has been staged over the last few months, including the “Take Our Border Back” Convoy…

…from (top) and (bottom)

2) As the eclipse’s totality continues to slice across America in a northeasterly direction, it will pass over the town of Nineveh, Indiana…

…from (the blue line is the centerline of the totality)

Nineveh is noteworthy because of its name and because it is a town that has received the destructive touch of the Hollywood Kabbalists…

Nineveh took its name from Nineveh Creek, which in turn is named after Nineveh Berry [whose name can be traced back to the biblical city of Nineveh], a hunter who fell into the creek while hunting for deer [Artemis, the Greek goddess of the Moon, is also the goddess of the hunt. And Artemis is the name of the orbital weapons system that would be used to generate nuke-looking explosions in a “Fire Judgment” scenario]

Scenes from the film Hoosiers were shot in the old Nineveh Elementary School, which was renamed “Hickory High School” for the film. Nineveh’s last class of students attended here during the filming of the film in 1985, after which they relocated to Trafalgar to consolidate at Indian Creek Elementary School. The old school was lost to a fire just a few years after it was closed for consolidation. – from Wikipedia [with my additions in brackets]

Seeing this information on “a total eclipse over Nineveh” brought to mind Jonah’s interaction with Nineveh in the Bible…

The Ninevites Repent

1 Then the word of the LORD came to Jonah a second time: 2 “Get up! Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message that I give you.”

3 This time Jonah got up and went to Nineveh, in accordance with the word of the LORD.

Now Nineveh was an exceedingly great city, requiring a three-day journey. 4 On the first day of his journey, Jonah set out into the city and proclaimed, “Forty more days and Nineveh will be overturned!”

5 And the Ninevites believed God. They proclaimed a fast and dressed in sackcloth, from the greatest of them to the least. – from Jonah 3

So Jonah went to Nineveh and warned them of God’s coming judgment 40 days in advance. Upon seeing this, I decided to do a 40-day lookback from April 8, and I found that such a warning had indeed been given to modern-day Nineveh (the USA), and it was given by fake messiah Donald Trump in Eagle Pass, Texas

…from Fox News. Here is an excerpt…

Former President Trump declared the Mexican border a “war zone” under President Biden, lamenting the lack of cooperation from Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and ripping Democratic governors of border states as the migrant deluge pivots to their lands.

During an exclusive “Hannity” interview at the border in Eagle Pass, Texas — where the former president toured earlier in the day while President Biden met with officials in the much quieter border confines of Brownsville — host Sean Hannity warned any of the unaccounted-for migrants could be plotting “the next 9/11 or worse.”

Trump entertained the notion, citing thousands of migrants who have arrived from U.S. rival nations like Iran, China, Russia and Afghanistan.

“We have a lot coming in from Iran,” he said. “We have a lot coming in from places we’re fighting right now.”

If you count forward from Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass on 29 February 2024, you’ll find that the 40th day lands on Day X (April 89, depending on how you count the days, and the Hebrew day of 1 Nissan runs from sundown of the 8th to sundown of the 9th). THIS TIMING IS NO MERE COINCIDENCE. Neither is it a coincidence that the February 3rd Eagle Pass visit of the Take Back Our Border Convoyan event that can be narrated as having led to the transfer of “suitcase nukes” from the Mexican side of the border to distribution vehicles in the Convoy — happened 66 days before April 89. 66 is a number of great significance to the Jews; it was in 66 AD that they began their first uprising against the Roman Empire.

So according to the Kabbalist script for Day X, America faces the prospect of being overturned or spared. Do you imagine that Americans will emulate the Ninevites by dressing in sackcloth and calling out to God in repentance by next Monday/Tuesday? Granted, many Americans now dress in clothes purchased at Walmart, but does that really qualify as sackcloth?

Opening the Gate to Hell at CERN

In the event America is to be overturned on Day X, a bit of news some other readers sent me will come into play…

…from MSN. Here is a notable sentence from the article…

Now, the team has restarted the LHC with hopes of unraveling more mysteries of the universe — specifically dark matter.

The Kabbalist bullsh*t artists who are putting on the “End Times” stageplay can easily twist this deliberately-timed experiment into a narrative that claims CERN is using the circular Large Hadron Collider “to open a portal to the dark dimension, through which the beings held in the abyss will be unleashed upon the Earth.”

The Hollywoodesque prophecy propaganda storyline the Kabbalists have built around CERN is well-summarized in the following article…

…from Here is an excerpt…

The European Organization for Nuclear Research, commonly known as CERN, is a research organization made up of 23 member states that was established in 1954 at Geneva, on the Franco-Swiss border for the purpose of pursuing research into atomic nuclei and high-energy physics, mainly the interactions between subatomic particles and their effects. The name CERN also applies to its sprawling laboratory, which employs nearly 3,000 scientific, technical, and administrative staff members, and is the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. CERN is perhaps most well-known for its massive Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and highest-energy particle collider

CERN and its particle accelerator would go on to generate all manner of conspiracy theories on secret research and interdimensional portals, somehow punching through the curtain that separates realities and even letting things from the other side bleed through

One of the more popular conspiracy theories is that the facility is actively engaged in opening rifts between dimensions in order to enable teleportation, form doorways to alternate realities, and by some of the more far-out accounts to even open a gate between Earth and Heaven and Hell, with one rumor in 2012 claiming that scientists at CERN had let in Biblical giants called the Nephilim through the gateway, which supposedly prompted them to shut the LHC down in order to make it more powerful

So according to the script of the “End Times” stageplay, the “Satanic Global Deep State” built the LHC — essentially an underground “stargate” — to open a gateway to the parallel dimension in which the spirits of the Nephilim and their Anunnaki parents are confined. And once this portal is opened, they can come in, possess living humans, and raise hell on Earth. Furthermore, the globalists’ leading prophecy disinformation mill, SkyWatchTV, have created an expectation that these Nephilim will be allowed to torment humanity for exactly 150 days

The supernatural entities known to the world thousands of years ago as Titans, Watchers, Anunnaki, and apkallu are the things that swarm out of the abyss in Revelation 9. That’s where they are now, confined until the Judgment. They get a short time to torment humanity, taking revenge on God’s prized creation for the punishment of watching their own children, the Nephilim/Rephaim, destroyed in the Flood of Noah.

How do we know? The Watchers from the abyss be allowed to torment those without the seal of God on their foreheads for five months. Now, note the length of time the ark of Noah was on the water before it came to rest:

>>> The fountains of the deep and the windows of the heavens were closed, the rain from the heavens was restrained, and the waters receded from the earth continually. At the end of 150 days the waters had abated, and in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. (Genesis 8:2–4, emphasis added) <<<

Measured in the thirty-day months of a lunar calendar, the standard in ancient Mesopotamia, 150 days is exactly five months. That’s how long Shemihazah, Asael, and their colleagues watched helplessly while their children were destroyed with the rest of all flesh on the earth. In the end, they’ll get 150 days to torment unrepentant humanity before Saturn’s reign is ended. The parallel is not coincidental, and it identifies the creatures from the abyss as the sinful angels mentioned in the epistles of Peter and Jude—the “sons of God” from Genesis 6, who were led by the entity who’s at the heart of this study, Shemihazah/Saturn. – from SkywatchTV

If we count out 150 days from April 8, we land on September 4 / 1 Elul, the first day of the Hebrew month of “Divine Mercy and Forgiveness” and a perfect day to bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah at Mount Sinai. And it just so happens that the first Sunday after Easter — the Sunday of April 7, the day before the eclipse — is known as “Divine Mercy Sunday“, a perfect day to stage the Fake Christian Rapture / Apollyon’s Harvest “to remove Christ’s bride, the church, before the rough stuff begins.” I wouldn’t recommend boarding the “chariots of fire” that show up to keep you safe and secure from the coming Tribulation.”

WARNING (1-2 April 2024): A pop-up scenario has been activated (right as Israel approaches Essene Passover Day 1), and the globalists could start the “Fire Judgment” today at 4:30 or 5:00 PM New York time…

…from today’s Drudge Report

The Israelis (or Turks) have bombed an Iranian consulate in Syria, setting Israel up for a big backlash from Iran. So at midnight Iran time or Israel time, a real or false-flagged “Iranian” attack on Israel (and their Western “enablers”) could be staged, thus allowing Israel to strike Iran “in retaliation.”

Since the final day (the “8th day”) of Essene Passover falls on April 9, 1 Nissan on the mainstream Jewish calendar, today’s “Passover attack” could lead to the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah that day (as early as sundown in Israel on the 8th).

Also be advised that the UN Security Council is meeting about the Middle East at 4:00 PM New York time today. So New York could be on the target list. Today could bring Operation Blackjack.

~ MORE – 2 April 2024 ~

Today is another day of caution for a “Passover attack”

The globalists have arranged for the UN Security Council to be talking about international “peace and security” today from 3 PM New York time onward…


At the same time (3 PM to 6 PM New York time), the UN General Assembly will be having an “informal meeting of the plenary on Human Security”


What is “Human Security“? It involves maintaining peace.

So as these talks of “peace and security” take place at UN Headquarters in New York, Israel will remain in Essene Passover Day 1 until at least midnight (the Dead Sea Scroll calendar is supposedly a pre-Moses solar calendar), which is 5 PM in New York (now that Israel has entered daylight savings time).

So from 3:00 to 5:00 PM New York time today is another window for the globalists to get an early start on the Fire Judgment. See the 1 April warning below for additional details.

But keep in mind that the highest-probability days for something big to happen are the 5th/6th (Laylat al-QadrShabbat Hachodesh) and the 8th/9th (Day X).