Globalist Agenda Watch 2024 – May Updates

NOTE (31 May 2024): Today and tomorrow I’ll be fleshing out the details of the Revelation 12 Tribulation timeline I found yesterday. The Kabbalists have many timelines in play, but this is a MAJOR one that ties into the big plans they have for the next Apophis asteroid flyby in 2029. They even went to the trouble of sending Ol’ Scratch (Pope Francis) to Iraq for the desecration event, which occurred when he entered the Syro-Catholic Cathedral of “Our Lady of Salvation” in Baghdad on 5 March 2021. That Cathedral was where Christian martyrs were massacred in a 2010 terror attack by ISIS. So the plan for June 2 is to have “ISIS” (“an Israeli-Turkish proxy group”) take down the West and destroy the Vatican on Corpus Christi (“The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ”).


CRITICAL INFORMATION (30-31 May 2024): In the 29 May update, I pointed out that if the globalists start the 150-day Torment of Humanity on June 2, Day 150 would fall on 29 October.

Well after wrestling with Tribulation timelines for the past few hours, I discovered something…

  1. If you start a 7-year Tribulation count on the day of the “Revelation 12 Star Sign” (23 September 2017), it reaches Day 1260 (the end of the first half of the Tribulation) on 5 March 2021the day Pope Francis arrived in Iraq and the Apophis asteroid flew by!
  2. And if you count forward from 5 March 2021, you reach Day 1335 (the end day of the second half of the Tribulation when something good is supposed to happen), on 29 October 2024!

If you put that together with what the prophecy propagandists have presented: that June 2 marks the 1260th day of the Great Conjunction of 21 December 2020, it all fits together! Revelation 12 specifically mentions 1260 days.

And since September 23, the day of the Star Sign, is also the BIRTHDAY of Emperor Augustus (who is being played by Vladimir Putin), it points to Putin showing up on October 29. The Great Conjunction has been tied to the Second Coming of Saturn, so Putin is Augustus / Saturn.

~ MORE – 31 May 2024 ~

Another element of Pope Francis’s mid-Tribulation trip to Iraq was his “symbolic visit” to Mosul, which is something that could give rise to ISIS showing up in Rome this Sunday…

…from the Express. Here is an excerpt…

Pope Francis gave a veiled ‘two-finger salute’ to ISIS during a symbolic trip to Mosul in Iraq. The Pope spoke and prayed among the ruins of Mosul’s churches, several of which were obliterated during the battle against ISIS. Christians were among those most brutally persecuted by ISIS when they seized Mosul in 2014…

Sky News’ Mark Stone spoke from Mosul: “In a trip full of historic firsts, this was the most symbolic moment.”

He continued: “The Pope, in the rubble of a city that came to define Islamic extremism, religious intolerance at its worst.

“It was declared just seven years ago the capital of the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate.

“It was a place where Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, clad in black in a mosque not far from here, said the caliphate would stretch one day to Rome.

“Well, locals are pointing out that Rome has come to them.

This kind of taunting begs for the obvious response from ISIS on Sunday: The Caliphate has come to Rome“…

Onnabugeisha’s notes on June 2 are now up.

NOTE (30 May 2024): Trump has been found guilty, as expected, so now we wait to see if the UN Security Council schedules a vote on the Gaza ceasefire resolution before Sunday. If they do, Trump could be tossed in jail early (for post-conviction “incendiary remarks”) and we might be in for a bumpy ride.

It’s also important to note that Trump’s sentencing has been scheduled for July 11, the 40th day from Sunday, June 2. This means that the Kabbalists now have the option of…

(29 May 2024) – Let me show you something interesting…

Chabad’s Torah reading for 29 October 2024 is Genesis 7:178:14.

It begins with this verse…

7:17 – For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth, and the waters rose and lifted the ark high above the earth.

It continues with this verse…

7:24 – And the waters prevailed upon the earth for 150 days.

And it ends with this verse…

8:14 – By the twenty-seventh day of the second month, the earth was fully dry.

Looking at it at a cursory level, it outlines a 150-day period of catastrophe that starts with a 40-day onslaught and continues until 150 days have elapsed and the end is reached — it is an outline of the planned 40-dayFire Judgment” & 150-day “Torment of Humanity” concurrent timeline. And the Kabbalists read about it on October 29 (Day 150 of a count that starts on June 2, this Sunday). So they would be reading about what they just made happen — a godlike feeling for them, I would imagine.

As I’ve previously mentioned, June 2 is loaded with occult indicators. And one of them is the closest approach to Earth of the green “Devil Comet” (at 144,000,000 miles), which can be scripted as the arrival of the Pale Horse that brings destruction to the Roman Earth.” And the scripted real-world events that set it off can be…

  • the US allowing the new UN Security Council Gaza ceasefire resolution to pass (“infuriating Yahweh”) or vetoing it (“infuriating the Muslims”), and
  • a guilty verdict in the Trump criminal trial (“infuriating MAGA”).

Another Security Council veto and a Trump guilty verdict on Thursday or Friday can be scripted as “the final straws that drive the Muslims + MAGA to destroy the current order in the West.” Thursday and Friday also have the potential of being the start of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that will reach its climax on June 2 [after the “Rain of Fire” stops, the “Pale Horse” and the “locusts” (migrants) commence their assault].

As for the 40-day mark, it would come on July 11 (7/11), a day we can expect UFO activity [1,2 — possibly the Fake Christian Rapture].

More info tomorrow.

(29 May 2024) – Today is the Kabbalists’ final opportunity to start a 150-day Torment of Humanity and land it during the Sukkot holidays in October. If they make today Day 1 by “opening the Gate to the Pit of Hell,” Day 150 will fall on October 25 [Simchat Torah, the day Jews dance with the Torah and the day after Shemini Atzeret (Kabbalist Judgment Day)]. Simchat Torah would be the day the Fake Jewish Messiah stands victorious in Jerusalem.

There is an occult cue in Onnabugeisha’s notes for today that supports the scripting of the opening of the Pit (the mundus of Ceres) with a sacrifice.

As for the 40-day Fire Judgment timeline, a start today would land Day 40 on 7/7, a date I’ve written about before…

…the staged intervention of the Moshiach [could come] on 7 July (7/7) / 1 Tammuz. That is the day the Chabadniks’ Torah study turns to Numbers 19:1-17, which is where the Book of Numbers turns to the subject of the Red Heifer. To the Kabbalists, the Red Heifer has great significance in regards to the “Messiah’s Intervention”.

~ MORE ~

As expected…

Algeria is circulating a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution that would demand an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and order Israel to halt its military offensive in the southern city of Rafah immediately.

The draft resolution, obtained Tuesday evening by The Associated Press, also demands that the cease-fire be respected by all parties. It also calls for the immediate release of all hostages taken during Hamas’ attack in southern Israel on Oct. 7.

Some diplomats said they hoped for a quick vote, even as early as Wednesday. – from AP

“Yahweh’s Judgment cometh, and that right soon”

WARNING (28 May 2024): Watch for the Biden administration to “betray Israel” in today’s UN Security Council Emergency Meeting by abstaining from a vote that passes a binding resolution to impose an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and/or grant full UN membership to the “State of Palestine.” This is scripted to set “Yahweh’s Judgment” in motion against the West the next day, after Trump is convicted in his criminal trial. At that point, “Yahweh will divide America in a civil war and race war” when Biden, Harris, the nation’s black “leaders,” and many black children are killed “by MAGA” in Philadelphia.

~ MORE ~

The UN Security Council Emergency Meeting on Gaza today is a closed-door affair that was scheduled to start at 3:30 PM [33, the Freemasons’ favorite number] in their Consultations Room…


This gives them two options:

  1. They can reach an agreement today, convene an official session, and pass the planned resolution, or
  2. they can reach a near-agreement today, complete it tomorrow (when they were already scheduled to meet on the Middle East), then convene a session and pass it.

Since the second option would allow them to pass the resolution at roughly the same time the Trump guilty verdict is announced — before Biden’s outdoor appearance at the black K-12 boarding school in Philly in the afternoon — they may opt for that. The Philly attack would be scripted as “Yahweh’s immediate judgment.”

Trump’s criminal trial in New York is expected to go to the jury tomorrow morning, and we can expect a quick guilty verdict if the globalists opt to go forward. And the judge in the trial has the option of immediately sending Trump to jail if they want to “add fuel to the fire of MAGA’s rage.” That rage would then be poured out in a “MAGA white supremacist” (DHS) attack on Biden at Girard College

…from The Philadelphia Inquirer

The attack could be a Purge-style conventional assault featuring drones, fertilizer bombs and feds-in-MAGA-drag firing assault rifles or a “suitcase nuke” explosion, and it would leave House Speaker Mike Johnson as the inheritor of the presidency. You may have seen the news about Johnson visiting the Trump trial recently; note how the AP report was worded…

U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson assailed the hush money case against Donald Trump Tuesday as an illegitimate “sham,” becoming the highest-ranking Republican to show up at court, embrace the former president’s claims of political persecution and attack the U.S. system of justice.

It was a remarkable moment in modern American politics: The House speaker amplifying Trump’s defense and turning the Republican Party against the federal and state legal systems that are foundational to the U.S. government and a cornerstone of democracy.

Johnson, who is second in line for the presidency, called the court system “corrupt.”

Can you see how this wording paints Johnson as an insurrectionist? It sets the stage for the civil war dynamic I wrote about in a previous update

…the Kabbalists could leave Speaker Johnson in place. And when they hit Biden and Harris, one of two things could happen…

  1. The Democrats could block him from taking office, claiming that he helped instigate the assassinations as part of a “far-right coup.” This would enrage the “political right,” sparking civil war.
  2. Johnson could take office, with the mainstream media screaming that he helped instigate the assassinations as part of a “far-right coup.” This would enrage the “political left,” sparking civil war.

Either way, Operation Blackjack would be triggered, with the Democrats blaming it on “MAGA / Christian domestic violent extremists and ISIS armed with Russian suitcase nukes” and the Republicans blaming it on “the Communist Deep State armed with Chinese / North Korean nukes.” Artemis would be the actual source of the explosions.

Be aware that there are no “good guys” on either the Democrat or Republican side; just Kabbalist Jews, Jesuit Catholics, and Freemasons carrying out their insane plan to remake the world in the most dimwitted and destructive way possible. Stupid. Fu*king. Monkeys.

~ MORE ~

It can be narrated that the Great Tribulation I wrote about in the 26 May Warning (below) began with the Sunday night (19 Iyar) Israeli strike on Rafah. 19 Iyar this year corresponds to the Gregorian day of May 27, the date that needed to be hit. So what we’re seeing now is the escalation spiral that resulted from the marker event. It is therefore quite important that we nip this in the bud.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 29th are now up.

NOTE (27 May 2024): There was “Fire in the Holy Land” today (19 Iyar).

Out of an abundance of caution, it should be noted that Jerusalem entered the Jewish day of 20 Iyar after 7:37 PM local time today, and it will continue until 7:38 PM local time on May 28 (12:38 PM Washington DC time tomorrow). 20 Iyar is the day the ancient Israelites departed Sinai to begin their remaining 38 years of wandering in the desert. And should the Kabbalists trigger the scattering of the Israelis on 20 Iyar this year, they could have them spend 38 days wandering in the desert until the Fourth of July. So Tuesday the 28th is the last Gregorian day they can stage the Big Event and hit July 4. After that, the next currently foreseeable danger day is June 2.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 28th are now up.

WARNING (26 May 2024): Will the Whole World Pivot into the Great Tribulation Tomorrow?

Tomorrow, 27 May 2024, is Memorial Day here in the US, and it will mark 1260 days (the first half of a Tribulation period) since the events of 14 December 2020 (see the red section in yesterday’s update below). With that in mind, look at what was “trumpeted” that day…

…from The Trumpet

So will tomorrow bring the event that starts the Great Tribulation (the scarier second half of a 7-year Tribulation period under the Vatican’s “commie” NWO), or will it bring the event that leads to the end of the global “commie” insurrection — will it get Trumped?

It is important to note that The Trumpet is published by the Philadelphia Church of God, which is an offshoot of the Worldwide Church of God. Longtime readers may remember this group from my 9 December 2014 post titled Meet Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Illuminati handler of China’s leaders. Here is an excerpt…

By the way, here is the End Time Scenario promoted by the WCG and Kuhn (as found in the Wikipedia entry of an offshoot of the WCG)…

>>> PCG [Philadelphia Church of God] also has strong apocalyptic teachings inherited from WCG. It teaches a Great Tribulation will soon occur in which a united European power will emerge, composed of ten nations or groups of nations, which will conquer the modern descendants of Israel (the USA, Britain and Israel) and take them into slavery. An alliance of eastern powers (including Russia and China) will gather up its forces and wage war upon the European power. Then Jesus Christ will return and liberate the Israelites and usher in a thousand years of worldwide peace, which is called the world tomorrow. <<<

In that post, I show how the Worldwide Church of God was infiltrated by Kabbalists — including one that went on to become Xi Jinping’s personal handler — so they could control its “End Times” doctrine. It was part of the Kabbalists’ global effort to consolidate control of Christian eschatological doctrine in order to push their version, thus leading Christians to believe that the fulfillment of the Kabbalists’ worldly plans — which were deliberately formulated to follow their prophecy template — is the fulfillment of “God’s will as expressed in biblical prophecy.” That said, here is an excerpt from The Trumpet article…

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, the China concordat and the pope’s meddling in American politics all have a common theme: They are bids to restore the Holy Roman Empire!

Bible prophecy describes a great church in the end time that holds significant political influence with “the kings of the earth.” It has special power over a union of nations described in symbolic terms as a “beast” (Revelation 17). This description can only apply to one church in modern history—a church that meddles in the affairs of nations and considers itself mother to all—a church aligned with the Holy Roman Empire.

Many prophecies reveal what this church will do in the time just ahead of us.

In Isaiah 47, for example, God calls this church the “daughter of Babylon” and the “lady of kingdoms.” Verse 6 of this chapter prophesies that God will deliver His people—speaking of the modern-day nations descended from ancient Israel, more specifically the United States and Britain—over to this “lady of kingdoms” because of their many sins.

Catholic leaders are making economic and political deals around the world to blot out free-market capitalism and its primary defender—the United States of America. If the pope can bring America’s enemies—foreign and domestic—into an economic alliance against the U.S., people will learn what it means to be victims of the Holy Roman Empire!

Given the nature of The Trumpet, it is highly likely that the release of this article on 14 December 2020 was a deliberate attempt to set a Tribulation marker. Consider the events of that day…

This sounds an awful lot like the Philadelphia Church of God’s prophecy narrative, doesn’t it?

With “Israel and Netanyahu being the last holdouts against the Neo-Communist Roman Empire,” let’s have a look at some select occult scripting cues from my partner Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 27th [with my comments in blue brackets]

5/27 (Monday) – Julian calendar: 5/14 [Convert a date]

Roman festivals: Maius 14 (Wikipedia) anniversary of the Temple of Mars Invictus (Mars the Unconquered) [The dies natalis of Mars Invictus, the unconquered Roman god of war, is a good day to script Francis’s Holy Roman Empire going to war against the last holdouts.]

Memorial Day (Wikipedia), originally known as Decoration Day, is a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the U.S. military personnel who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Memorial Day is also considered the unofficial beginning of summer. [There has been a strong emphasis on associating Prince Harry with observances honoring veterans, so keep an eye out for his emergence as the new “Nazi” King of England.]

• World War II: U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaims an “unlimited national emergency“ (Wikipedia). Date: 27 May 1941 [What might cause an “unlimited national emergency” tomorrow, Operation Blackjack?]

• Pope Francis’ Pilgrimage To The Holy Land (Vatican) – A fire broke out in Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity on Tuesday, just hours after Pope Francis wrapped up a three-day Middle East pilgrimage during which he visited the shrine (The Guardian). Date: 27 May 2014 [This is a scripting cue for “a Fire in the Holy Land.”]

• President Barack Obama becomes the first sitting US President to visit Hiroshima and pay his respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, PBS NewsHour – YouTube). Date: Fri, 27 May (5/27) 2016, 8 years ago [Atomic bombing of Hiroshima occurred on 6 August 1945 (Google Search) = 27 Av (5/27)]. [This is a scripting cue for an “Atomic Fire.”]

• Inauguration of Joe Biden (Wikipedia) as the 46th president of the United States. Date: 20 January 2021, 39 months, 39 days, if the smaller units (days) are added first -> Strong’s Hebrew: 3939. laanah: wormwood ->  Chernobyl is Artemisia – Wormwood (Wikipedia) [This is a scripting cue for “nuclear contamination,” and since Artemis would likely supply the explosions, the “nuclear fallout” would likely be simulated/faked, not real.]

• Xi Jinping (Wikipedia) took the reins of both the Communist party and the military in China (The Guardian) on Thursday morning. Date: 15 November 2012 (the year of the Dragon, specifically Water Dragon) Chinese 10/2 = 1 Kislev, 6,066,000 minutes or 601 weeks days ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 615. asir: a bondman, prisoner / Strong’s Greek: 615. apokteinó or apoktennó: to kill [Will Xi have someone killed (Biden?), or will he be killed?]

Erdogan may also fall tomorrow, in accordance with “prophecy”

• 1960 Turkish coup d’état (Wikipedia) – In Turkey, a military coup removes President Celâl Bayar and the rest of the democratic government from office (Wikipedia). Date: 27 May 1960

If the globalists opt to launch the Great Tribulation tomorrow, Day 1290 of it will come on 7 or 8 December 2027, exactly 7 years after Pope Francis’s Council for Inclusive Capitalism was formed. So they can stage a Pearl Harbor Day attack on Francis’s NWO on December 7.

Both Biden and Harris will be out in the open at Arlington National Cemetery tomorrow, so a twofer assassination is scriptable.

“Marked for destruction”

Expanded NOTE (25 May 2024): Here is one of Onna’s notes on Sunday, May 26

Islamic calendarDhuʻl-Qiʻdah 18

• Attack on Pearl Harbor (Wikipedia) was a surprise military strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service upon the United States against the naval base at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu, on Sunday, December 7, 1941 = Dhu’l-Qi-dah 18, 1360 AH, 85 Islamic years ago

So if the globalists go for it tomorrow, the “nuclear” explosions would be narrated as an “ISIS sneak attack carried out on the Islamic anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack” (and on the Christian Sabbath) — the start of an Islamist “crusade” in the West and Israel. May 26 is Lag B’Omer, the 33rd day of the Omer count and the Jewish day that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were created in 1948 — a fitting day for “the Muslims to seek revenge on the IDF, Israel, and their Western enablers for their genocide against the Palestinians.”

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s full notes on Sunday the 26th are now up. And she has detected a STRONG 1260-day Tribulation count that lands on Sunday or Monday

Numbers5/26 (inclusive) – 5/27 

• USA: 3 events on 14 December 2020

  1. The Electoral College decisively confirmed Joe Biden as the nation’s president (AP news
  2. The COVID-19 vaccination in the US (Wikipediabegan -> ‘The weapon that will end the war’: First coronavirus vaccine shots given outside trials in U.S. (Washington Post)
  3. The midpoint of the ‘Great American Eclipses’ (Forbes) -> 1260 days ago 

and South America – Solar eclipse of December 14, 2020 (Wikipedia)

This means a “desecration of the holy place” event could be staged on Sunday or Monday. And based on another of her notes, it would likely entail a “nuke” placed atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and detonated, destroying Al Aqsa Mosque (Artemis would provide the explosion, and the “Muslim Antichrist” stirring the Muslims to war would provide the scripted motive)…

• Pope Francis prayed at Jerusalem’s Western Wall, visited the Dome of the Rock. (CBS NEWS, Vatican: here and  here). Date: 26 May 2014

If they intend for this to become a full 7-year Tribulation, Day 1290 of the second half would fall on Pearl Harbor Day of 2027.

As for the impact to the Fire Judgment timeline by shifting to a Sunday start, there are no major changes: the May 28 “opening of the Gate to Hell” would happen after sunset of Day 3 of the Three Days of Darkness instead of on Day 4, and the July 4 arrival would be pushed back to after sunset. But all the Gregorian days would remain the same.

(25 May 2024) – In the 22 May warning, I wrote this about the Fire Judgment timeline that starts today: “There is a fallback timeline that starts and ends one day later that I’ll also cover.” So it should be noted that the children who have been gathered in Rome for a burnt sacrifice will be attending Mass in Saint Peter’s Square tomorrow…


The May 26 Mass will mark the Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, and Trinity was the codename of the first atomic bomb explosion — a test in New Mexico. So as a fallback, the children could be burnt in Saint Peter’s Square tomorrow as is depicted on the cover of this prophecy propaganda book from a prominent Kabbalist asset (both authors are now fittingly dead) (note the mushroom cloud next to the Basilica’s dome)…

Later, we’ll look at how the timeline would play out and what my partner Onna has uncovered.

NOTE (24 May 2024): Here’s a good sign: Iran’s Military Concludes No Foul Play In Raisi Helicopter Crash. This means the Fire Judgment has likely been cancelled… for now.

WARNING (22 & 24 May 2024): The Fire Judgment is/was scheduled to start this Saturday

With one final piece of the puzzle provided by my partner Onna today, I’ve put together the Kabbalists’ current plan for the Fire Judgment. It is scheduled to run for 40 days and 40 nights from this Saturday through July 3, when the decoy “Islamic Antichrist” will be defeated near Jerusalem. And it will be capped off on July 4 with the victorious arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah in Jerusalem (he may be accompanied by the Fake Mahdi). The plan entails…

There are lots of details underpinning all this, which I’ll begin covering a little later — starting this evening with the Vatican’s planned sacrifice of tens of thousands of children on Saturday. There is a fallback timeline that starts and ends one day later that I’ll also cover.

~ MORE ~

“Watch your cornholes, kids. The pope has invited you over for the weekend”

You may recall that the 2012 London Olympic ceremonies contained “a wee bit” of occult symbolism, including lots of fire and a multitude of children in hospital beds

…from USA Today

Well 12 years later, we find ourselves in another Olympic year. And on the Jewish anniversary of the Flood Judgment this Saturday, Pope Francis the Kabbalist will gather a multitude of children in Rome’s Olympic Stadium for a “Fire Judgment” burnt sacrifice…

…from the Catholic Review

The Jewish day of 17 Iyar — the “anniversary of the Flood Judgment” — starts after sundown of Friday the 24th and ends at sundown of Saturn’s Day the 25th, so the occult elements of both May 24 and May 25 can be drawn upon in scripting an event for that day. And May 24 adds a lot of occult context to the Vatican’s weekend barbecue.

May 24 is May 11 on the Julian calendar, which is the second day of the ancient Roman festival of Lemuria, a festival involving the appeasement of angry ghosts…

The Lemuralia or Lemuria was an annual event in the religion of ancient Rome, during which the Romans performed rites to exorcise any malevolent and fearful ghosts of the restless dead from their homes. These unwholesome spectres, the lemures or larvae were propitiated with chants and offerings of black beans.

In the Julian calendar the three days of the festival were 9, 11, and 13 May. Lemuria’s name and origin myth, according to Ovid, derives from a supposed Remuria instituted by Romulus to appease the angry spirit of his murdered twin, Remus. The philosopher Porphyry points out that Remus’ death was violent, premature, and a matter of regret for Romulus. Toynbee defines lemures as ordinary di Manes, made harmful and spiteful to the living because “kinless and neglected” in death and after it, having no rites or memorial, free to leave their dead body but unable to enter the underworld or afterlife. A less common but more “mischievous and dangerous” type of ghost, known as larvae was thought to wander about the house with the lemures … Lemuralia was meant to help those family members who had died in circumstances that prevented or delayed their admission to the afterlife; those who had died “before their time,” in their childhood or youth, through disease, war, assault or misadventure, or in circumstances that prevented their being given proper burial or funeral rites

Ovid uses both lemur and Manes for what are presumably the same ghosts, at the same festival, under different names but with little or no individuation other than differing levels of malice or benevolence. Presumably there was some overlap in identity. Larvae, on the other hand, were thought to have been entirely unforgiving, even demonic. Some of the literature presents them as persecuting the living, and torturing bad souls in Hades

According to some cultural historians, Lemuria was Christianized as a feast day commemorating all Christian martyrs. – from Wikipedia

So the Christian martyr children to be gathered in Rome’s Olympic Stadium on Saturn’s Day will be a burnt offering to malevolent spirits and demons, and previous prophecy propaganda tells us exactly which ones…

The supernatural entities known to the world thousands of years ago as Titans, Watchers, Anunnaki, and apkallu are the things that swarm out of the abyss in Revelation 9. That’s where they are now, confined until the Judgment. They get a short time to torment humanity, taking revenge on God’s prized creation for the punishment of watching their own children, the Nephilim/Rephaim, destroyed in the Flood of Noah.

How do we know? The Watchers from the abyss be allowed to torment those without the seal of God on their foreheads for five months. Now, note the length of time the ark of Noah was on the water before it came to rest:

>>> The fountains of the deep and the windows of the heavens were closed, the rain from the heavens was restrained, and the waters receded from the earth continually. At the end of 150 days the waters had abated, and in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat. (Genesis 8:2–4, emphasis added) <<<

Measured in the thirty-day months of a lunar calendar, the standard in ancient Mesopotamia, 150 days is exactly five months. That’s how long Shemihazah, Asael, and their colleagues watched helplessly while their children were destroyed with the rest of all flesh on the earth. In the end, they’ll get 150 days to torment unrepentant humanity before Saturn’s reign is ended. The parallel is not coincidental, and it identifies the creatures from the abyss as the sinful angels mentioned in the epistles of Peter and Jude—the “sons of God” from Genesis 6, who were led by the entity who’s at the heart of this study, Shemihazah/Saturn. – from SkywatchTV

As this section points out, the Fire Judgment scenario can be drawn out to 150 days. Those days would start with the opening of the Gate to Hell on May 28 and end with an event on Shemini Atzeret (Kabbalist Judgment Day). But I’ll get to that later.

~ MORE – 24 May 2024 ~

Today is May 24, and the Fire Judgment Day of 17 Iyar will begin in Jerusalem at 7:35 PM local time / 12:35 PM Washington DC time. As the 22 May update pointed out, today is also May 11 on the Julian calendar, which is the second day of Lemuria (the ancient Roman “Festival of the Dead”). But Julian May 11 brings another occult element to Fire Judgment Day: the ancient Roman sacrifice to Mania

In ancient Etruscan and Roman mythology, Mania, also spelled Manea, was a goddess of the dead, spirits and chaos: she was said to be the mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night, as well as the Lares and the Manes. She, along with Mantus, ruled the underworld. [1]

Manth, latinized as Mantus, is an epithet of the Etruscan chthonic fire god Śuri as god of the underworld

When paired with the epithet Mantus, his consort Catha was also called Mania; she was a goddess of the dead, spirits and chaos: she was said to be the mother of ghosts, the undead, and other spirits of the night, as well as the Lares and the Manes. She, along with Mantus, ruled the underworld. [2]

So the mass fire sacrifice of children in Rome that is/was planned for Fire Judgment Day is scripted as not just an offering to the malevolent spirits and demons in the underworld / abyss; it’s also an offering to the rulers of the abyss who will release the spirits and demons upon humanity. And if they pair the release to the planned 4-day Three Days of Darkness (3DOD) scenario, it will come on the fourth day, May 28, which is May 15 on the Julian calendarthe day of the Festival of Mercury

Mercury is a major god in Roman religion and mythology, being one of the 12 Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence, messages, communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and thieves; he also serves as the guide of souls to the underworld and the “messenger of the gods”

The name “Mercury” is possibly related to the Latin words merx (“merchandise”; cf. merchant, commerce, etc.), mercari (to trade), and merces (wages); another possible connection is the Proto-Indo-European root merĝ- for “boundary, border” (cf. Old English “mearc”, Old Norse “mark” and Latin “margō”) and Greek οὖρος (by analogy of Arctūrus/Ἀρκτοῦρος), as the “keeper of boundaries,” referring to his role as bridge between the upper and lower worlds. – from Wikipedia

According to the occult scripting, Mercury — “the messenger” and “the keeper of the boundary between our world and the underworld” — will be the angel who brings the key to unlock the abyss…

The Fifth Trumpet

1 Then the fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to earth, and it was given the key to the pit of the Abyss. 2 The star opened the pit of the Abyss, and smoke rose out of it like the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by the smoke from the pit.

3 And out of the smoke, locusts descended on the earth, and they were given power like that of the scorpions of the earth. 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 The locusts were not given power to kill them, but only to torment them for five months, and their torment was like the stinging of a scorpion. 6 In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them. – Revelation 9 from Bible Hub

So this would begin the 5-prophetic month (150-day) Torment of Humanity, which would conveniently end on October 24 (Shemini Atzeret – the 8th day of Sukkot and Kabbalist “Judgment Day”).

Putting this together with the information in the 22 May update, we can see that the Kabbalists could script…

  • a 40-day Fire Judgment that starts on 17 Iyar and ends on July 4,
  • a 4-day Three Days of Darkness that starts on 17 Iyar and ends with the start of the 150-day Torment of Humanity, or
  • a combined timeline that incorporates 3DOD, the 40 days to the Fourth of July, and the 150 days to Kabbalist Judgment Day.
  • An example combined timeline: the Fake Jewish Messiah arrives at Mount Sinai on June 2, completes his Triumphal Procession to Jerusalem on July 4, then spends the rest of the 150 days rounding up the “Satanic Global Deep State” and trying them for crimes against humanity.
  • Another example timeline: Mike Pence arrives on July 4, then Vladimir Putin arrives on Shemini Atzeret.

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There are 1260-day and 1335-day timelines that lead into June 2 (or 3), the possible arrival date of the Fake Jewish Messiah (Pence? Putin? The Rebbe?) atop Judaism’s original “holy place,” Mount Sinai. There is also a “planetary parade” that will mark his arrival.

Here is the 1260-day timeline, from Onna’s notes…

• 6/2 – The ‘Great’ Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (NASA); (BBC) “…the closest giant planetary ‘kiss’ since 1623.” [Strong’s Greek: 623. Apolluón: “a destroyer,” Apollyon, the angel of the abyss]; The Second Coming of Saturn: The Great Conjunction, America’s Temple, and the Return of the Watchers by Derek P. Gilbert: “A new age began December 21, 2020,” 1260 days ago on 2 June 2024

from the SkyWatchTV prophecy propaganda mill

In a standard Kabbalist Tribulation timeline, 1260 days from a Tribulation-starting event is when a “desecration of the Holy Place” event occurs. It has happened twice before with Barack Obama’s visit to the Church of the Nativity and Mike Pence’s visit to the Tomb of the Patriarchs. So whether or not this 1260-day period is part of a Tribulation timeline, it is an indicator for a Holy Place desecration. And given the scenario we’re currently facing, the likely location of the desecration is the top of Mount Sinai, where the new antichrist character will arrive…

Moses at the Burning Bush

1 Meanwhile, Moses was shepherding the flock of his father-in-law Jethro, the priest of Midian. He led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. 2 There the angel of the LORD appeared to him in a blazing fire from within a bush. Moses saw the bush ablaze with fire, but it was not consumed. 3 So Moses thought, “I must go over and see this marvelous sight. Why is the bush not burning up?”

4 When the LORD saw that he had gone over to look, God called out to him from within the bush, “Moses, Moses!”

“Here I am,” he answered.

5 “Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.” 6 Then He said, “I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob.” – Exodus 3 from Bible Hub

And here is the 1335-day timeline: June 2 has multiple occult indicators pointing to it. Among them is that it’s Essene Pentecost. And this Essene Pentecost marks Day 1335 of a count that started on 7 October 2020 (Essene Shemini Atzeret – the “Great Day“, Vladimir Putin’s birthday, the day he and his Chabad handler published a message to Russia’s Jews, the day a fly famously landed on Mike Pence’s head, and the day Putin signalled his willingness to work with Biden on nuclear weapon treaties), Biblically, Day 1335 is the day something good is supposed to happen (like the arrival of a savior). The Kabbalists had to abandon their plans for Day 1290 of this timeline, but they did arrange a marker event involving Pence and Putin. How often do we hear news about Pence that we heard some on this specific day?

NOTE (21 May 2024): Second Passover will continue in Jerusalem until 7:34 PM local time / 12:34 PM Washington, DC time on Wednesday. Once we get safely past that point, I’ll cover the next opportunity for Kabbalist mischief: Fire Judgment Weekend.

~ from earlier ~

Here are some occult scripting cues Onnabugeisha found for today…

May 21 is the International Tea Day (United NationsWikipedia) -> Boston Tea Party (Wikipedia) and Tea Act (Wikipedia).  [The TEA Party was the forerunner of MAGA.]

• Prince William Meets President Joe Biden in Boston (PeopleDate: 2 December 2022, 536 days ago -> Strong’s Greek: 536. aparché: the beginning of a sacrifice, i.e. the first fruit

• Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, dies at age 96 at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The crown passes to her eldest son, now King Charles III (HISTORY). Date: 8 September 2022, 20 months, 14 days ago [Pesach Sheni is 2/14] or 622 days ago (inclusive) -> Strong’s Greek: 622. apollumi: to destroy, destroy utterly / Hebrew: 622. asaph: to gather, remove

• Barack and Michelle Obama make first joint return to the White House for unveiling of official portraits (CNN). Date: 7 September 2022, 623 days ago (inclusive) -> Strong’s Greek: 623. Apolluón: “a destroyer,” Apollyon, the angel of the abyss /Hebrew: 623. Asaph: “gatherer,” the name of several Israelites

WARNING (20 May 2024): Tuesday is a candidate day for the start of the Big Event

Looking ahead from tomorrow onward…

~ from earlier today ~

The supposed crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter can easily be explained-away as a fog-related accident UNLESS THE KABBALISTS AIM TO MAKE TROUBLE. And if they do intend to make trouble, don’t forget the reports that at least two Israeli F-35s have been permanently stationed in Azerbaijan for a few years.

Are they holding back real photos of the helicopter so they can later reveal that it was hit by an air-to-air missile? Will “radar logs” also show the presence of a stealth aircraft in East Azerbaijan Province airspace? (Their presence is detectable, but their targeting is difficult.)

Thanks to reader Sohei for the photo link.

WARNING (19 May 2024): Reader Sohei has been pointing out some things: on the 40th Jewish day (in Jerusalem) since the X Eclipse, we’re waiting to see if the Iranian president was assassinated by the Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan (ITA) Alliance. There were 40 rescue teams searching for his crashed helicopter, and this is happening on the heels of the Dow reaching 40,000.

Sohei also reports that Trump paused his NRA speech last night for 33 seconds — I counted 35 seconds, but I suspect they were trying for 33 — and spoke about Biden and the electric chair. So watch for a potential Biden assassination in Detroit tonight. Will they have a MAGA black man do it “to drive Trump-leaning blacks back into the Democratic camp” or will they go for a “white supremacist” suitcase nuke or “purge” attack? Also watch for moves against Trump and Netanyahu over the next few days.

Today could be the day they “open the Gate to Hell.” And if not today, watch the Jewish days of 14 Iyar and 17-18 Iyar. 14 Iyar (sundown of the 21st to sundown of the 22nd) is Second Passover“a day when death may not pass over us this time” — and 17 Iyar (sundown of the 24th to sundown of the 25th) is the Jewish anniversary of the Flood Judgment. What happens today could bring trouble on one of those days — or a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario between them. 18 Iyar is Lag B’Omer, the 33rd day of the Omer count.

It should be noted that Biden’s campaign event in Detroit tonight is the NAACP’s Fight for Freedom Fund Dinner. And when the Dow reached 40,000 on Thursday, the Drudge Report displayed a graphic showing New Year’s Eve-style fireworks around the Statue of Liberty, a “symbol of freedom

…Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Say no more…

(18 May 2024) – Onnabugeisha’s full notes on Sunday the 19th are now up. Should the globalists go for it tomorrow and mark the beginning of the 150-day Torment of Humanity, the mythological basis for “opening the Gate to Hell” would be Pentecost itself…

Holiday: Pentecost

AKA: “Birthday of the Church”

Religion Represented: Christianity

Date: Fifty days after Easter. (Pentecost literally means “50”)

Celebrates: The day the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, causing them to speak in tongues.

Back Story: At his Last Supper, Jesus legendarily instructed his 12 disciples to go out into the world to minister and heal the sick on their own. It was at that point that they became “apostles.” Fifty days after Jesus’ death, as the story goes, the Holy Spirit (part of the Holy Trinity — God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) descended onto the apostles, making them speak in foreign tongues. This “Pentecostal” experience allowed the apostles direct communication with God, which signaled a major shift in the religious landscape and laid the foundation for what would become Christianity. – from

So Pentecost commemorates the day the “Holy Spirit” descended upon men and caused them to speak in tongues. In a “Judgment” scenario, it would mark the day “God allows the release of unholy spirits to descend upon men and cause madness and chaos.” “Demonic possession,” speaking in gibberish, and aberrant behavior can be technologically induced by remote activation of the vaxxed.

A 150-day Torment scenario launched tomorrow would end on October 16, which is Erev Sukkot (the day Sukkot begins at sundown).

NOTE (17 May 2024): On a hunch, I did some checking into Biden’s visit to Morehouse College on Sunday. Get a load of this occult sh*t…

So will Biden be assassinated at MLK’s alma mater on the 20,500th day of MLK’s assassination? Who will make a spoil of the White House on Sunday? Who is imagining mischief to bring desolation and sorrow?

Putting this together with the information from the updates below, we see that the “overturning of Nineveh” can be scripted on Saturday or Sunday. And Onnabugeisha has sent some remarkable notes on the occult scripting cues for this weekend, including the fact that Sunday is Jewish 9/11 this year. Have a look at the Wormwood cues too.

(17 May 2024) – Watch for a Trump Assassination Tonight

In the unlikely event that the globalists attempt to carry out their exposed civil war op this weekend, they will want to stage an event today to outrage Trump’s followers and “incur the wrath of MAGA.” One way to do this is to stage an assassination attempt tonight when Trump is in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Lincoln Reagan Dinnera dinner named after two US presidents who were shot. Trump’s shooting would come on the heels of the shooting of “Slovakia’s Trump” on Wednesday. So will Trump be Lincoln and die, or will he be Reagan and live?

Onnabugeisha’s research has uncovered occult cues that support the assassination scripting…

Friday the 17th in Italy (Wikipedia) – In Italian popular culture, Friday the 17th (and not the 13th) is considered a bad luck day. The origin of this belief could be traced in the writing of the number 17, in Roman numerals: XVII. By shuffling the digits of the number one can get the Latin vīxī (“I have lived”, implying death at present), an omen of bad luck.

Numbers5/17 (inclusive) – 5/18 

• Donald Trump (Wikipedia), 45th President of the United States. Born: Friday, 14 June 1946, 77 years, 7 months, 7 weeks, 77 days old, if the smaller units (days) are added first. [Trump and the number 7 – The Ceres CourierCharisma News]

• Inauguration of Donald Trump (Wikipedia) as the 45th president and Mike Pence as the 48th vice president of the United States. Date: 20 January 2017, 6 years, 69 weeks ago, if the smaller units (days) are added first. [666, the Number of the Beast]

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All of Onna’s notes on today are now up, and they include some cues that are also active on Saturday (or after sunset in Jerusalem today). Here’s a notable one…

• The New York Times article: A Nuclear Bomb Inside the Vatican (The New York Times) was published on 19 September 2018, 66 months, 60 days ago.

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An Alternative Scripting and Timeline

This evening, the globalists have the option of staging the Trump assassination attempt that leads to the Big Event over the weekend. But one of Onna’s notes points out a second option: staging a precursor event on the Jewish day of 10 Iyar that leads to the Big Event on 17 Iyar (Jerusalem has already entered 10 Iyar, and St. Paul will enter it at sunset today)…

After sunset 🌅 – 5/18

Jewish calendar: 10 Iyar

Genesis 7:4 For seven days from now I will send rain on the earth for forty days and forty nights, and I will wipe from the face of the earth every living thing I have made. […according to Rabbi Joshua’s interpretation, the Flood began on Iyar 17… (17 Cheshvan – Chabad).]

According to the Kabbalists, 17 Iyar may have been the Jewish day on which the Flood Judgment began, so it would be a good day to begin the Fake Fire Judgment (using Artemis). And here’s the kicker: if they start a 40-day Rain of Fire on 17 Iyar (May 25), it will end on the Fourth of July — a perfect time for “hero” Trump (or Pence) and the Space Force to “save us.”

The 10 Iyar precursor event could happen anywhere, especially in Israel or America. And it could be the Trump assassination attempt. Alternatively, they could have Trump say something at the dinner tonight that will violate his gag order and lead to his attempted arrest and imprisonment tomorrow.

Keep your Jiffy Pop close at hand.

NOTE (16 May 2024): Looking ahead to the next minefield, the Kabbalists have arranged for Joe Biden to spend this weekend in Atlantaa city famously burned during the First Civil War. And with the 40th day since the “X” Eclipse coming on Saturday and Pentecost coming on Sunday, Biden’s visit presents a golden opportunity to script the beginning of the Second Civil War.

I’ve always wondered how they’ll arrange to finger “Christian doomsday cultists” as being parties to Operation Blackjack, and now I see: by doing it on the “40th day of the Jonah Warning” (or on another day of “prophetic significance”), the mainstream media can point to all the prophecy chatter about “the destruction/division of America” in Christian alt-media circles. If you are unfamiliar with “Jonah’s warning to Nineveh” and its connection to the Eclipse, read the 1 April update (the Kabbalists set up a 40-day Jonah Warning from Trump leading into the Eclipse, and we’re about to encounter the one they set up to run after it).

WARNING (15 May 2024): Fresh off of their supposed attack in Moscow, will “ISIS-K” be scripted to go nuclear in Beijing (and other cities) during Putin’s visit tomorrow?…

…from the South China Morning Post (top), The Guardian (middle), and Operation Blackjack (bottom).

As I pointed out yesterday, Thursday will mark the 222nd day since the Israel-Hamas War began. And Strong’s 222 is the Hebrew word “Uriel – flame of God” (God’s fire). So tomorrow is a good day for Israel to set the world aflame so they can proceed with their war plans in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria without interference.

If Putin and Xi were to be vaporized in a “nuclear” flame tomorrow, whom would the Chinese and Russians suspect? The West, right? And with the major powers focused on fighting each other, Israel and Turkey would be free to fight their war of territorial expansion.

So here are the elements of the Kabbalist script for Thursday…

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In light of some additional information sent to me by others, there can be little doubt about what is/was planned for tomorrow.

1) Reader Sohei passed this along…

…from the Gulf Times. Here is an excerpt…

The 33rd session of the Arab League Summit of Heads of State will commence on Thursday in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

The Summit will discuss various issues related to joint Arab action in political, economic, social, cultural, and security fields.

The Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict and its developments are expected to top the Summit’s agenda. Their Majesties, Highnesses, and Excellencies, the leaders of the participating Arab countries and the heads of delegations, will discuss several topics in this regard…

…in addition to issues of international peace and security related to the security of Arab states…

The Summit agenda also includes … the joint Arab strategy to combat terrorism, maintenance of Arab national security and counter-terrorism efforts, and the development of the Arab counter-terrorism system…

So all of the Arab leaders will be gathered together tomorrow at the 33rd Summit. And they will be “plotting against Israel” and saying “peace and security”

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

This sounds like a job for ISIS, who will “slaughter them to clear the way for their Caliphate.”

2) My partner Onnabugeisha has pointed out the snow cranes featured in The Guardian’s photo of Putin and Xi

Kabbalist-controlled organizations give their public warnings in the Cult’s symbolic shorthand; they can come in conspicuously-featured numbers, odd word combinations or words in quotation marks, and in the visual elements of staged events, photos and graphics. And the two cranes featured in this Putin-Xi photo have a well-established meaning…

(from the 9-10 October 2023 Update): …the crane(s) relate to the origami cranes that were presented to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum by Obama and the ones that were placed on the table in front of the G7+EU leaders when they visited Hiroshima earlier this year

…The cranes likely represent the “nukes” (Artemis rods) with which each country will be hit, just like the two cranes Obama gave the Japanese represented the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nukes. From the looks of it, America will get hit with six (probably targeting the “sin cities” of Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas)….



…from CNN


~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 16th are now up, and they start with these…

5/16 (Thursday / Thor’s day)

Julian calendar5/3 [Convert a date] [the number 53]

Amos 5:16 Therefore this is what the LORD, the God of Hosts, the Lord, says: “There will be wailing in all the public squares and cries of ‘Alas! Alas!’ in all the streets. The farmer will be summoned to mourn, and the mourners to wail.

International Day of Living Together in Peace (United Nations)

International Day of Light (unesco) the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960.

They also point to what happens after Operation Blackjack: made-for-TV revolution and civil war.

(14 May 2024) – The minefields ahead of us

Looking ahead to the next opportunities for Kabbalist mischief, we have…

  • Thursday, May 16, which presents an opportunity to script Pope Francis’s death.
  • Wednesday, May 22, which presents an opportunity to start a 4-day Three Days of Darkness (3DOD) scenario on Pesach Sheni (Second Passover). And as “coincidence” would have it, that is the day the UN Security Council will have its next meeting on the Middle East…

  • Sunday, June 2, which presents another opportunity to start a 3DOD scenario on Essene Pentecost. There are many occult indicators for this date.

So let’s look at the opportunity closest at hand, Thursday the 16th…

Wednesday the 15th will mark Day 222 of the Israel-Hamas War, and Thursday the 16th will mark the 222nd day since the war began — the difference is whether you count October 7 as Day 1 or Day 0.

If we look to Strong’s Bible Concordance — a tool frequently used by the Kabbalists to link meanings to numbers in their prophecy fulfillment setups — number 222 is the Greek word “Alexandrian.” And you may remember from the 7 May update that Pope Francis took a recent trip to Venice where he identified himself with Saint Mark the Evangelist, who was killed by Alexandrians. On top of this, the evil trolls of Chabad mark this Thursday as the anniversary of the First Crusade’s beginning. So putting these elements together points to the possibility of scripting Francis’s death on that day.

After a pope dies, it is Vatican custom to hold his funeral 4-6 days later. So a death on May 16 could result in a funeral on May 22 (6 days later), which would allow the Kabbalists to hit the Western leaders gathered for his funeral on Second Passover.

NOTE (13 May 2024): When the Kabbalists write a script for an event, it is based upon an underlying story drawn from history, mythology and other occult elements. And the underlying story of the scripted, fake battle between the Nazionists (the “patriot / constitutionalist good guys”) and communists involves Prince Harry’s (Hercules’s) battle against the Red Dragon — the communist forces that pushed him out of Albion (Great Britain) to New Albion (California), murdered Queen Elizabeth II to seize the throne under the New Babington Plot, and will now face defeat at his hands under ‘a rain of stones’ from the ‘Nazionist-controlled’ Space Force and Artemis Orbital Weapons Array.”

To see the deep occult underpinning of this story, scroll down to today’s (5/13) update at the bottom of yesterday’s alert. It is in commie red.

NOTE (12 May 2024): My partner Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 13th are now up. They contain scripting cues that the Kabbalists can use to hit Pope Francis and the Vatican tomorrow (as part of Operation Blackjack and/or the Three Days of Darkness scenario)…

• Our Lady of Fatima (Wikipedia) – Feast day: 13 May 

On 13 May 1917, three shepherd children reported seeing a woman “brighter than the sun, shedding rays of light clearer and stronger than a crystal goblet filled with the most sparkling water and pierced by the burning rays of the sun, 107 years ago (like 10/7; 28th prime, the Number 107 – Bible Study). [See the Third Secret of Fatima (about the death of a pope)]

• Attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II (Wikipedia) – On 13 May 1981, in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City, Pope John Paul II was shot and wounded by Mehmet Ali Ağca while he was entering the square. The Pope was struck twice and suffered severe blood loss. (“Down with the Pope, down with the Second Vatican Council” – Wikipedia)

There is also a fallback setup for hitting the Vatican on Thursday which I’ll cover later. It could involve having Pope Francis “die suddenly” tomorrow and then hitting the Western leaders on Thursday night who have gathered in Rome for his Friday funeral. But let’s get back to the matter at hand…

By having both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council meet on Israel-Palestine tomorrow morning, the globalists have set up the possibility of having the Security Council vote again on recommending Palestine for full UN membership. But this time, the US would abstain and the measure would pass, allowing them to send it immediately to the General Assembly — already in session on the subject — for their immediate passage too. It would have struck like a bolt of lightning [Barack], leading to the activation of the NWO Transition Event over the next four days.

Let’s see if they go through with it now. See the 11-12 May updates below for more info on what is/was planned.

Thrice-Expanded ALERT (12-13 May 2024): Dividing Israel on Day 1335

Today is Day 1335 of the Obama-Trump “Man of Peace” Tribulation timeline, so if the globalists want to salvage it, they’ll have to stage an event that marks “the beginning of the end” of the Tribulation — an event that we’ll be blessed to see because it was the day the Satanic Global Deep State began to fall.” The first event can be staged during the Gregorian day of May 12 or during the Jewish day of 5 Iyar (which begins on May 12 and ends in Jerusalem at 12:28 PM of Monday Washington DC / New York time).

The globalists have arranged for the UN General Assembly to resume their meeting on Palestinian membership Monday morning, and the UN Security Council will be meeting on “the situation in the Middle East” that morning as well — possibly to hold another vote on recommending Palestine for full membership…

…from (top, bottom)

So the UN will have another chance to “divide Israel” on 5 Iyar, and all it will take to make it happen is a betrayal by the Biden administration (by abstaining rather than vetoing the resolution). By having “Obama’s Egypt betray and divide Israel,” the Kabbalists can script “Yahweh’s wrath” with Operation Blackjack and/or the Three Days of Darkness. And this would happen on a day of much significance to Israel…

Jewish calendar5 Iyar, 5 Iyar (Psalm11918)

• Yom HaZikaron  (Wikipedia) lit. ’Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism’

• Israeli Declaration of Independence (Wikipedia) was proclaimed on 14 May 1948 =  5 Iyar 5708 by David Ben-Grunion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, and soon to be first Prime Minister of Israel.

These are from my partner Onna’s notes, which also contain a scripting cue for something that could happen on Sunday or Monday and possibly be the first event: Erdogan’s fall / a change of government in Turkey…

• The Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM) is founded in Ankara. The assembly denounces the government of Sultan Mehmed VI and announces the preparation of a temporary constitution (Wikipedia). Date: 23 April 1920 = 5 Iyar

Past Kabbalist prophecy propaganda has said that Erdogan’s fall will coincide with “Three Days of Fear”.

~ MORE ~

Watch for an Explosion in Ankara (and New York) Tomorrow

The Tribulation that may reach “the beginning of the end” today/tomorrow is an ISIS timeline, and ISIS is a joint venture of the Israel-Turkey-Azerbaijan (ITA) Alliance: the Israelis supported it in Syria from the south and the Turks did the same in the north. And after Putin stepped in to play the messiah in Syria, trouble started between Azerbaijan and Armenia…

Shouts of pain pierced the gray skies over Artsakh. “For the sake of Allah, I beg you.” Pinned to the ground and surrounded by men in Azerbaijani military garb, there was nothing Yuri, an 82-year-old Christian man, could do to escape. His captors ignored his pleas, handing another a knife, saying, “Take this one.” He was then slowly and deliberately beheaded…

…who are they? Think to yourself for just a minute where else you’ve seen Islamic warriors decapitating their opponents.

Those doing the beheading were drawn from the ranks of ISIS and other Islamist fighters known as the “Grey Wolves.”

The Grey Wolves are a shadowy movement that seeks Turkey’s restoration of the glory days of the former Islamic Ottoman Empire. They are driven by hyper-nationalism and Islam and wish to increase Turkey’s regional influence to guarantee the preservation of Turkishness by whatever means necessary.

They are closely tied to Turkey’s nationalist MHP party, a political ally of Turkish President Erdogan’s ruling AKP.

They were the go-between that was responsible for recruiting Syrian ISIS fighters to fight in Azerbaijan’s war.

Many were promised $2,000 a month (with the opportunity for bonuses) depending on the atrocities committed against Armenian Christians. One captured Syrian mercenary shared, “They told us that for every beheaded Armenian, we would get $100. We were issued knives for that purpose.” – from

The leading candidate to play the role of “the Turkish Antichrist that rises after Erdogan’s fall” is a cofounder of the Grey Wolves. So I found it quite interesting when reader Sohei alerted me to the following…

Turkey’s Erdogan will meet with Greece’s Mitsotakis in Ankara on Monday (5 Iyar)

Turkey’s navy is in the midst of a large-scale military exercise in the area of the islands they dispute with Greece — which brings to mind two more of Onna’s notes on today/tomorrow…

Numbers5/12 (inclusive) – 5/13

• Blackjack – A slide show story (The Telegraph) Operation Blackjack – the story of a series of terrorist nuclear attacks on major western cities and the aftermath. Published: 12 January 2009, 8:59am, 800 weeks ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 800. eshshah: a fireGreek800. asumphónos: dissonant, discordant

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia Astro databank), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Born: 26 February 1954 [at 04:25 AM – unverified], 70 years, 77 days old, if the larger units (months/years) are added before the smaller units (days).

So tomorrow presents an opportunity for the Kabbalists to script the Turkish Antichrist character using ISIS to blow up Erdogan and Mitsotakis (perhaps with drones or a “small nuke”) to trigger a standoff with Greece — a standoff that he could escalate into a war or use as an opportunity to play the peacemaker. And don’t forget that there is a Hollywood-promoted Nostradamus “prophecy” that suggests the Turkish Antichrist will destroy New York (perhaps with the help of the Israelis on Monday).

~ MORE ~

Here’s another piece of news reader Sohei passed along…

…from The Times of Israel

The number and identity of the nations participating in this “exercise” / mobilization are a sign. When “all the world turns against Israel,” will this be the force that invades from the east? Is this the “Obama-directed” force that will seize Jerusalem?

Day 222 of the Israel-Hamas War arrives on Wednesday the 15th, which would be Day 3 of a Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts tomorrow. Wednesday also brings the Jewish day of 7 Iyar, the day this supposedly happened…

Jerusalem Walls Dedicated (335 BCE)

The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem was celebrated with great jubilation nearly 88 years after they were destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia. – from

Will the modern-day walls of Jerusalem fall to “Mystery Babylon” that day, or will they be saved by the Fake Jewish Messiah after sunset of the Third Day of Darkness?

~ MORE – 13 May 2024 ~

Here’s something from the deep occult: my partner Onna has been tracking an underlying subnarrative in the Kabbalists’ plans involving Albion / New Albion, Drake (a male duck, a DRAGON, and the English explorer who “discovered” New Albion) and Prince Harry (Hercules). Look at what showed up when she looked at the gematria of the Jordanian military exercise, “Eager Lion”…

GematriaEager Lion (86, 50, 157, 49) = Red Dragon 4xWang Qishan [WikipediaThe Jerusalem Post] 3x, the archer [Artemis] 4x, Big Whales 3x (*), the Albion (**) 3x, Kavanaugh (Wikipedia) 3x, Big Dipper (Wikipedia) 3x, Republic 2x, Black swan (Wikipedia) 2x, Death hoax 2x,

*Trump boasts of meeting ‘Prince of Whales’ (The Guardian).

**Albion (Cambridge Dictionary) (WikipediaAlbion Versus Hercules –  Ancient Origins)…

Albion Versus Hercules

After a long reign, Albion went to the south of France (Called Gaul at the time) to help his army defeat Hercules. To ensure winning, Hercules summoned his father Zeus and a shower of stones fell from the sky. These were used as weapons against Albion and he was defeated. However, the giant race of Britain continued for hundreds more years, although their numbers decreased and ended up at southwestern tip of Cornwall, until the arrival of Brutus after the Trojan wars. However, Britain’s original name could also be from a Greek giantess called ‘Albina’…

And look at what else showed up in her notes…

5/13 (Monday)

Uranus at solar conjunction (In The Sky) at 09:04 UTC.

Uranus (mythology) (Wikipedia) is the personification of the sky; Etymology – Ouranos the “rain-maker“, or the “lord of rain”. Uranus is associated with the Roman god Caelus (Wikipedia) – Some Roman writers used Caelus or Caelum as a way to express the monotheistic god of Judaism (Yahweh). Juvenal identifies the Jewish God with Caelus as the highest heaven (summum caelum), saying that Jews worship the numen of Caelus; Florus has a passage describing the Holy of Holies in the Temple of Jerusalem as housing a “sky” (caelum) under a golden vine.

Planets in astrology (Wikipedia) -> Major planets discovered in the modern era: Uranus (Wikipedia) – In society, it rules radical ideas and people, as well as revolutionary events that upset established structures. …When it comes to medicine, Uranus is believed to be particularly associated with the sympathetic nervous system, mental disorders, breakdowns and hysteria, spasms, and cramps.

Here’s the gematria she mentions…

…from Gematria Effect News

(11 May 2024) – We enter the next danger period Sunday afternoon (US time)

The next window for Kabbalist mischief opens on Sunday, May 12 after 12:27 PM Washington, DC time, which is when Yom HaZikaron begins in Israel. The full translated name of Yom HaZikaron is Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of the Wars of Israel and Victims of Actions of Terrorism,” so we can expect the Israelis to be instructed to do something stupid vis-a-vis Rafah or Iran on that day “to avenge the victims of October 7 and prevent the next.” This could in turn trigger Operation Blackjack and the 4-day Three Days of Darkness over Monday-Thursday (Jerusalem time).

According to Chabad, Thursday (8 Iyar) is the Jewish anniversary of the beginning of the First Crusade…

1st Crusade Begins (1096)

In the early 1070s, the Muslim Turks commenced an offensive against the Christian pilgrims in Jerusalem. Pope Gregory VII offered his help to defend the Greek Christians, but the army he promised never materialized.

In 1095, his successor, Urban II, began to call for a holy war to liberate the Christians in Jerusalem. By the next year, more than 100,000 men had rallied to his call, forming the First Crusade. Urban and the local clergymen in Europe felt that the Crusade had another purpose as well — to annihilate all non-Christians in Europe who refused to convert to Christianity.

On their way to the Holy Land, the mobs of crusaders attacked many Jewish communities. On Shabbat, the 8th of Iyar, the Jews of Speyer (Rhineland-Palatinate), Germany were massacred. Many of the Jews of Worms, Germany were also massacred on this day; some of them took refuge in a local castle for a week before being slaughtered as they recited their morning prayers (see “Today in Jewish History” for Sivan 1).

So watch for the Kabbalists to begin the 150-day Torment of Humanity (particularly of “the Roman Earth”) by starting an “Inverse Crusade” (of the Muslim migrant armies slaughtering Christians in Christian Lands) on Thursday, May 16. The 150th day would fall on Yom Kippur.

Given that Russia launched an offensive in Ukraine on Friday, watch for the Ukrainians to do something stupid too.

More links and lots more information to come.

NOTE (10 May 2024): The revised draft resolution that the UN General Assembly will pass today appears to be a nothingburger. It grants the “State of Palestine” almost all the rights of a UN member state except an actual vote. And its wording on enforcement of a peace between Israel and Palestine appears vague and ineffectual…

7. Calls for renewed and coordinated efforts by the international community
aimed at achieving without delay an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967
and a just, lasting and peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in accordance with international law, the relevant United Nations
resolutions, including Security Council resolution 2334 (2016), the Madrid terms of
reference, including the principle of land for peace, and the Arab Peace Initiative, and
reaffirming in this regard its unwavering support for the two-State solution of Israel
and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security within recognized borders,
based on the pre-1967 borders;

Since it lacks any calls to real action (like an economic boycott of Israel), it doesn’t provide a solid basis for “extraordinary Israeli action” (unless the Kabbalists are desperate to initiate the NWO Transition and will use any excuse to begin). I’ll have a look at what the Israel press are saying about it to see if they’re overhyping it.

Expanded WARNING (9 May 2024): The UN General Assembly will meet tomorrow (Friday the 10th) on the subject of adding Palestine as a member state


The meeting will be the 49th (7x7) Plenary of the Tenth Emergency Special Session and is being held in accordance with Resolution 377A (V), Uniting for Peace, which will allow UN member states to bypass the Security Council and take political, economic, and even military action in the Israeli-Palestinian situation…

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) resolution 377 A, the “Uniting for Peace” resolution, states that in any cases where the Security Council, because of a lack of unanimity among its five permanent members (P5), fails to act as required to maintain international security and peace, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately and may issue appropriate recommendations to UN members for collective measures, including the use of armed force when necessary, in order to maintain or restore international security and peace. It was adopted 3 November 1950, after fourteen days of Assembly discussions, by a vote of 52 to 5, with 2 abstentions. The resolution was designed to provide the UN with an alternative avenue for action when at least one P5 member uses its veto to obstruct the Security Council from carrying out its functions mandated by the UN Charter.

To facilitate prompt action by the General Assembly in the case of a deadlocked Security Council, the resolution created the mechanism of the emergency special session (ESS). Emergency special sessions have been convened under this procedure on eleven occasions, with the most recent convened in February 2022, to address Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, unlike the preceding ESSs, the tenth ESS has been ‘adjourned’ and ‘resumed’ on numerous occasions over the past several years, and remains adjourned. Indeed, more than ten separate ‘meetings’ have been held by the Assembly, whilst sitting in the tenth ESS, since 2000. – from Wikipedia

1 Thessalonians 5:3

While people are saying, “Peace and security,” destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

The UN is (as of this writing) blocking access to the draft resolution on which they’ll be voting, but its passage could lead to the de facto establishment of a Palestinian state, THUS DIVIDING ISRAEL. It could also lead to an ENERGY/ECONOMIC BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL to compel their compliance with UN demands. This provides Israel with a motive for blowing up the UN tomorrow and saying “it was Yahweh’s Judgment for dividing Israel.”

A 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts tomorrow would reach sunset of the 3rd day — when the “Rain of Fire” is supposed to stop — on Sunday evening (New York or Jerusalem time). And a 150-day Torment of Humanity scenario would end on Sunday, October 6 (Tzom Gedaliah and the Conception of John the Baptist, “the forerunner of Christ”). This would allow them to bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah on a Jewish day of mourning (“to turn those Jewish frowns upside down”).

~ MORE ~

Not long after I posted the unfinished warning this morning about the UN meeting tomorrow, they changed the draft resolution to Revision 1. And at some point later, they unblocked public access to it. Did they change their plans? I’ll be reading through it in the morning to see what’s what.

But for now, I’ve posted my partner Onnabugeisha’s notes on the occult scripting cues for Friday the 10th. They contain references to…

NOTE (8 May 2024): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 9th are now up. And they point out that besides Thursday being Ascension Day and Russia’s Victory Day, it’s also Europe Day (celebrating “peace and unity in Europe”). So it’s the perfect day for the Ukrainians to stir up some sh*t (by trying to hand Russia a momentary defeat on Victory Day, perhaps by means of “Western long-range missiles”). Also watch for moves against Trump, Netanyahu and Putin — Thursday is “666 Day” for the Israel-Hamas War. These moves could set in motion what’s in today’s update below…

(8 May 2024) – On Day 1290, this happened — what will happen on Day 1335 (this Sunday)?…

…from NBC News

According to Kabbalist prophecy fulfillment doctrine, a “standard” 7-year Tribulation period…

In the Obama-Trump “Man of Peace” Tribulation timeline the Kabbalists are currently running (see the 6 May updates below), Day 1290 was 28 March 2024. That was the day the Democratic Party elite gathered in New York City at Radio City Music Hall. It was scripted to be a much more “explosive” event than it turned out to be, but it still served the purpose of marking the 1290th day: “the victorious villains gathered to party in Gomorrah and mock the persecuted hero Trump.” And 45 (Trump’s number) days after that, Day 1335 will come this Sunday, May 12…

So if they decide to follow through with the Tribulation scripting, Sunday should bring either the end or the beginning of the end

(7 May 2024) – The Setup for Wednesday, May 8

The potentially fateful day of Nissan 30 (1/30) in Jerusalem will continue through 11:24 AM Central Daylight Time of May 8, which will provide the necessary backdrop to trigger Operation Blackjack during Pope Francis’s General Audience or Joe Biden’s appearance in Racine, Wisconsin tomorrow.

Let’s begin by looking at Pope Francis, who laid the symbolic foundation of his May 8 death during an April 28 trip to Venice, Italy…

…from the Daily Mail. Here is an excerpt…

Pope Francis has visited Venice and took part in a canal tour weeks after asking worshippers to ‘pray for him’ following a health battle…

Francis’s Sunday morning visit represented an increasingly rare outing for the 87-year-old, who has been endured health and mobility problems that have ruled out any foreign trips so far this year…

In March he had unexpectedly withdrawn from a Good Friday procession to ‘preserve his health’, after battling respiratory problem all winter which have made it difficult for him to speak.

That last-minute decision had raised questions about how long Francis can continue to lead the Catholic Church, although he appeared to be in much better form in Venice on Sunday.

With Pope Francis’s health being a major point of focus on the trip, his itinerary took him to two notable places in Venice…

1) Santa Maria della Salute (the Basilica of “Saint Mary of Health”), a church built “as a votive offering for the city’s deliverance from the [plague].” It was dedicated to “Our Lady of Good Health,” a Marian apparition that occurred in India. Keep in mind that the “Third Secret of Fatima” about the death of a pope also came from a Marian apparition.

2) Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica, which “is dedicated to and holds the relics of Saint Mark the Evangelist, the patron saint of the city.” It was there in Saint Mark’s Square that the Pope held Mass. And afterwards he entered the Basilica privately to venerate the relics of the Saint


He also reenacted Saint Mark’s travel through Venice by wooden boat

…also from

The first notable thing about Saint Mark is that he was supposedly a martyr killed in Alexandria by a pagan mob who placed a rope around his neck and dragged him through the streets until he was dead. And get this part: “St. Mark’s death did not satisfy the rage of the pagans and their hatred. They gathered much firewood and prepared an inferno to burn him. A severe storm blew and heavy rains fell. The pagans became frightened, and they fled away in fear.” (I’ll come back to this later.)

The second notable thing about Saint Mark is that his Orthodox feast day is observed on May 8. And based on the symbolism of the Pope’s visit to Venice, his scripted death tomorrow can come by illness or “ISIS pagans.” The choice of method will determine the scenario that follows.

Looking now to Biden’s trip to Racine tomorrow, it is a perfect choice for a false-flagged “MAGA” attack on Joe Biden: “In the two years since the 2020 election, the city of Racine and the surrounding area have become a hotbed of right-wing election-related activism”

…from the Wisconsin Examiner

This will be especially true if they arrange for Donald Trump to be arrested and jailed for violating a gag order tomorrow…

…from X

We should also watch overnight for the other trigger event the controlled alt-media have been telegraphing: a Ukrainian strategic strike deep into Russia using long-range Western missiles — an attack that will supposedly elicit a “tactical nuke” response from Russia. If you check the dates on both propaganda pieces, you’ll see that the Trump arrest and the Ukraine attack were active for today, so tomorrow is an opportunity for another try.

So what we’re watching for on Wednesday is Operation Blackjack overnight or in the morning (US time), followed by an escalation to a full-on nuclear exchange and “divine intervention” (“the Storm”) later in the day. Alternatively we could see the death of Pope Francis by illness, followed by a hit on Rome on the night before his Monday funeral.

ALERT (7 May 2024): The beginning of “THE STORM” is scriptable today…

Should the globalists go for it today, Don’t Be Fooled.

CRITICAL ALERT (5-6 May 2024): Washington DC is/was marked for destruction on Monday, May 6 or Tuesday, May 7

It should be noted that almost all of the occult cues that apply to today also apply to Tuesday the 7th. And on Tuesday the 7th, the Kabbalists have arranged this at “the scene of the crime of the election theft”

Tuesday, May 7, 2024: The President will deliver the keynote address at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Annual Days of Remembrance ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C.

Additionally, the day counts that would lead to the arrival of the Fake Jewish Messiah still work if they start on Tuesday, so this alert is now extended to include both Monday and Tuesday.

~ from yesterday – 5 May 2024 ~

I’ve already written about the plans the Kabbalists have/had for Monday (see the 3 May update below), but some new information has come to light that confirms those plans with an exclamation point…


  1. Donald Trump sat as President of the UN Security Council to conduct a meeting about NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION
  2. The reconstructed Arch of Palmyra — the original Arch was DESTROYED BY ISIS — was put on display in WASHINGTON DC…
  3. And Donald Trump met with Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN and endorsed a TWO-STATE SOLUTION for settling the Israel-Palestine conflict…

This information (and its numerological connection to Monday) was included in the notes my partner Onnabugeisha just sent me. Here they are…

Numbers5/5 (inclusive) – 5/6

• The Artemis Accords (Wikipedia) is a series of non-binding multilateral agreements between the United States government and other world governments that elaborates on the norms expected to be followed in outer space. The accords are related to the Artemis program, an American-led effort to return humans to the Moon by 2026, with the ultimate goal of expanding space exploration to Mars and beyond. Signed: 13 October 2020,  1301 days ago  -> Strong’s Hebrew  1301. Baraq: “flash of lightning,” an Israelite leader

Numbers5/6 (inclusive) – 5/7

• US President Donald Trump presides over a meeting of the Security Council on the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (UN NewsYouTube: United Nations) and simultaneously a reconstruction of the Arch of Triumph in Palmyra, Syria was unveiled in the National Mall, Washington D.C. (The Institute for Digital Archaeology). In addition to that, Full text of Trump-Netanyahu: ‘I like 2-state solution. You heard me, right?’ (The Times of Israel) -> the Division Of the Land [Joel 3:2]. Date: 26 September 2018, 66 months, 6 weeks [Number of the beast: 666] or 2050 days ago Strong’s Greek 2050. erémósis: a making desolate  -> as in Matthew 24:15 So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination of desolation,’ described by the prophet Daniel (let the reader understand) 

• The International Holocaust Remembrance Day (Wikipedia) was designated by United Nations General Assembly resolution 60/7 on 1 November 2005, 966 weeks days ago

• Mossad (Wikipedia), the national intelligence agency of the State of Israel. Formed: 13 December 1949, 3882 weeks ago. Strong’s Hebrew: 3882. Livyathan: “serpent,” a sea monster or dragon; Leviathan (Wikipedia)

• 1st BRIC summit (WikipediaBRICS portal) – The inaugural BRIC summit took place in Yekaterinburg, Russia. The four heads of government from the BRIC countries attended: Lula da Silva (Brazil), Dmitry Medvedev, (Russia), Manmohan Singh (India), Hu Jintao (China). Amongst the important issues discussed were United Nations reform. Date: Tuesday, 16 June 2009, 777 weeks ago

• Steve Jobs (WikipediaAstrodatabank) – Born: Thursday (Thor’s day), 24 February 1955 at 7:15 PM (after sunset Google Search), 606,600 hours ago [Number of the beast: 666Gematria: Steven Paul Jobs = The Beast System 4x]…

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Assumed office: Thursday, 28 August 2014, 505 weeks, 5 days ago. On the same day: Obama tan suit controversy (Wikipedia) -> Strong’s Greek 5055. teleó: to bring to an end, complete, fulfill or Hitler received the number 555 (Wikipedia

• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Wikipedia Astro databank), the 12th and current president of Turkey. Born: 26 February 1954 [at 04:25 AM – unverified], 70 years, 70 days old. (If the smaller units (days) are added first). 

• 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit (Wikipedia), was a summit meeting between North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump. Date: 12 June 2018, 308 weeks ago -> the 38th parallel (Wikipedia) [A line of national division].

Later, I’ll be adding some context to all this. But for now, know this…

Operation Blackjack “conducted by ISIS+MAGA” using “proliferated nukes” is/was the plan for Monday, and it’s scripted as “God’s judgment to divide America for trying to divide Israel.”

~ MORE – 6 May 2024 ~

After some more thinking about how the globalists will narrate “the division of America,” I consider it likely that it will be something like this…

“After Trump erred in endorsing the division of Israel, God withdrew his protective hand from him and America and allowed their enemies to overcome them. This led to the Communist COVID Revolution, the fall and persecution of Trump, and the paralyzing political division of America. But now that Trump has repented from his mistake and Israel and America are very near destruction at the hands of Satan’s minions, God will once again anoint Trump to fulfill his destiny. Like Moses after his error, though, Trump will not live to see the victory he has worked toward.”

Here is Trump’s repentance…

…from the Chabad site

And here is what will happen after he “dies” / disappears and victory is achieved…

…from Breitbart and a previous (must read) update


My partner Onnabugeisha may have identified the reason the globalists are continuing to build towards a war climax this week: they are aiming for a big Tribulation-ending event on May 11-12…

5/10 (inclusive) – 5/11

• The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize (Wikipedia,  The Nobel Peace Prize 2009) was awarded to United States President Barack Obama. The Norwegian Nobel Committee announced the award on October 9, 2009, citing Obama’s promotion of nuclear nonproliferation and a “new climate” in international relations fostered by Obama, especially in reaching out to the Muslim world, 5328 days ago  -> Strong’s Greek: 5328. Pharaó: Pharaoh, an Eg. king 

5/11 (inclusive) – 5/12

• The Abraham Accords (Wikipedia) are bilateral agreements on Arab–Israeli normalization signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel and Bahrain on September 15, 2020, 1335 days ago

May 11 provides a numerological point of connection between Obama’s original “Man of Peace” Tribulation and Trump’s “Man of Peace” Tribulation, so it could serve as the day “commie antichrist” Obama reaches his peak moment, then succumbs to “Nazionist antichrist” Trump. In that case, May 11-12 may be the endpoint of a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario that starts on May 8-9.

We’ll look at the details a little later. But for now, here are some previous writings on these timelines (both of which feature ISIS)…

(from 28 August 2023) – The Obama “Man of Peace” Tribulation Timeline

Obama is declared the “Man of Peace” when his Nobel Peace Prize is announced on 9 October 2009
…and 1260 days later
Obama desecrates the “holy place,” the Church of Nativity, on 22 March 2013
…and 1290 days later
Obama’s Tribulation fails to end on 2 October 2016 (Erev Rosh Hashanah)

(from 28 March 2024) – The Trump “Man of Peace” Tribulation Timeline

It began on 5 April 2017 when President Donald Trump and King Abdullah II of Jordan held a joint press conference discussing ISIS: Trump – We will destroy ISIS and we will protect civilization. We have no choice — we will protect civilization. King Abdullah and I also discussed measures to combat the evil ideology that inspires ISIS and plagues our planet.”

This timeline reached its 1260-day midpoint on the date referenced in this note from Onna about the Abraham Accords…

• The Abraham Accords (Wikipedia) are bilateral agreements on Arab–Israeli normalization signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Israel and Bahrain on September 15, 20201290 days ago

The 1290-day climax point will be reached today, and the 1335-day positive event mark will be reached on Sunday, May 12, the day Israeli Memorial Day begins at sundown. Israeli Memorial Day is followed by Israeli Independence Day after sundown of May 13.

So this Tribulation timeline began in the first few months of “Messiah Trump’s” presidency with Trump pledging to defeat ISIS and save global civilization. It reached its midpoint as Trump made peace between Abraham’s Jewish and Muslim people. And it reaches its climax after “the Democrats stole the 2020 election and helped ISIS to rebuild their global strength under the leadership of Obamakhenaten.”

Remember that there is no need for a “desecration of the holy place” event at the midpoint of this timeline because Obama already did that during the first Tribulation attempt.

NOTE (4 May 2024): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 5th are now up. And after looking at some of them and doing some checking, I found that there is a setup in place for killing off Pope Francis tomorrow or on May 8. They laid the symbolic groundwork for it during his trip to Venice last Sunday, and it reads like something out of a Dan Brown novel.

His staged death tomorrow could be used to schedule a papal funeral for May 9 or 10 and a hit on Rome the night before. And his death on May 8 can be part of Operation Blackjack or be used to schedule the funeral and the Rome hit on May 12-14, the days of Israel’s Memorial Day and Independence Day.

We’ll look at the symbolism of his trip to Venice a little later.

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha has found occult cues that could be used as the basis to script a tsunami attack tomorrow — possibly on Gaza, possibly on Greece, and possibly involving the “Turkish Antichrist” (but blamed on the Russians).

(4 May 2024) – All day yesterday, the Drudge Report displayed occult signalling that verified what is/was planned for 28 Nissan…

Reader Sohei noted that in the graphic of the Statue of Liberty, the number of rays on her halo had been changed. The actual statue has 7 rays, but the Drudge graphic showed 9. This was a timing signal for May 9. And the rest of the graphic showed what New York would look like on the 4th day, May 9, after the Three Days of Darkness run on the 6th, 7th and 8th.

They’ll probably fall back to another time window now. But if they do go for it on Sunday-Monday, the only way New York and Israel would be saved is if they run a 4-day scenario that ends with Trump or Pence’s arrival with the Space Force on the 4th day.

(3 May 2024) – The Next Opportunity for Kabbalist Mischief, 28 Nissan

In order to forestall any deadly and unnecessary lead-in actions over the weekend, today I’ll jump ahead to the climax date of the “New Battle of Jericho,” 28 Nissan (sunset of Sunday the 5th to sunset of Monday the 6th).

You may remember that on 22 Nissan (Passover Day 8), the IDF got their “marching orders” to symbolically begin their “Encirclement of Jericho. And the climactic Day 7 of that encirclement falls on 28 Nissan. Well, upon looking at the day counts coming out of Monday the 6th (Jerusalem time), I’ve found that it’s a good day for the Kabbalists to script a historic reversal for the Israelites: the collapse of Israel’s walls (specifically its missile shields by means of an overwhelming attack)…

So as you can see, Monday is a perfect fit for their plans. Big trouble definitely is/was planned for 28 Nissan, but now they can draw an “X” over that date (“X” for “Xorro”)…

(2 May 2024) – Joe Biden’s trip to Wilmington, North Carolina today was not listed on the weekly schedule put out by the White House on April 28; it was added the next day. And it is a remarkably short visit, with Air Force One being scheduled to arrive at 3:55 PM EDT and depart at 6:05 PM — just 2 hours and 10 minutes of ground time. So the trip seems less about getting any actual work done and more about putting Joe Biden in this specific city on this specific day, and my partner Onnabugeisha’s research has uncovered the specific reasons why…

President Joe Biden to visit Wilmington (WECT News) On Thursday, May 2, the President will travel to Wilmington, North Carolina, to discuss how his Investing in America agenda. 

Wilmington, North Carolina (Wikipedia) -> Wilmington massacre (Wikipedia) was a coup d’état and a massacre which was carried out by white supremacists on Thursday / Thor’s day, November 10, 1898, exactly 6547 weeks ago -> Strong’s Hebrew: 6547. Paroh: a title of Egypt kings, Pharaoh; Gematria: Wilmington, North Carolina (Wikipedia) = Kamala Harris becomes president 2x, president Thomas Jefferson 2x…

…from Gematria Effect News

THIS SPECIFIC CITY: They chose Wilmington because it was the site of “a coup d’état and a massacre” by “insurrectionist white supremacists like MAGA.” And what is/was planned for today is a staged “MAGA+Islamist+Russian suitcase nuke” attack by water. It would involve an Artemis rod striking the Cape Fear River next to the Wilmington Convention Center where Biden will speak, triggering blast effects and a tsunami wave to massacre all the people gathered there. The explosion would be attributed to a small waterborne nuke carried by a boat / water taxi or a surface / subsurface drone (like the ones used by Ukraine to attack Russian ships – 1,2 — keep in mind that Ukraine’s war effort would benefit from this hit)…

…from Google Maps and Nukemap

There is also a fallback possibility of an Artemis strike on the ocean next to the city, which would generate a tsunami and be blamed on a Russian nuclear torpedo. Wilmington sits only 43 feet above sea level.

THIS SPECIFIC DAY: On the occult side, the timing of the attack connects to Pharaoh Obama of Modern-Day Egypt,” which is significant given that today is Essene Second Passover and Orthodox Maundy Thursday (the day that commemorates Jesus’s Last Supper — A PASSOVER SUPPER). So today is another Passover that is scripted to bring “Messiah Trump’s Last Supper” before the feds try to arrest him after Orthodox Good Friday begins in Jerusalem (after 5:00 PM EDT this evening).

Here are a few additional factors that contributed to the Kabbalists’ script for today…

  1. When the forces of the Washington government came to seize Wilmington during the Civil War, the attack came by sea and up the Cape Fear River. If you pair this with the fact that the Kabbalists are sending Biden to speak right beside the River, you can see why I’m expecting a waterborne attack.
  2. Today is April 19 on the Julian calendar, and it should be remembered that April 19 on the Gregorian calendar was the date of another supposed “far-right white supremacist” bombing: the Oklahoma City Bombing

    …from Wikipedia. If they go through with today’s attack, the Wilmington Convention Center will likely resemble the bombed Murrah Building.
  3. For the reasons stated in the previous days’ updates below, today is a good day to script the opening of the Gate to Hell, the beginning of the 4-day Three Days of Darkness (after Jerusalem enters May 3 at 5 PM EDT), the beginning of the 40-day Fire Judgment, and/or the beginning of the 150-day Torment of Humanity.

I have much more information about today, but not enough time and energy to get to it all. But this coverage should suffice.

~ later ~

Although the lead-in event in Wilmington today failed to materialize, it doesn’t necessarily mean the main event has been abandoned. Remember that an occult 72-hour (3-day) nuclear warning was issued on 22 Nissan (Monday-Tuesday), and we are now in that 72nd-hour window. 25 Nissan began in Jerusalem at 12:20 PM EDT today, and it won’t end until 12:21 PM EDT on Friday. This means at least one “nuclear” explosion could still take place in that timeframe somewhere and kick off the sequence of events outlined in yesterday’s update below.

(1 May 2024) – Today on “Commie Christmas,” Joe Biden will be at the Mayflower Hotel in DC and Kamala Harris will be in Jacksonville, Florida (speaking about abortion). A staged “MAGA” hit is scriptable on either one, which would allow an Obama or Clinton to slide into the VP slot (unconfirmed by Congress) before the 72 hours come to “nuclear” fruition on Thursday. Details to come.

~ MORE ~

Here are some quick notes on what could come out of the assassination scenarios of today and tomorrow…