Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 16 – The BRICS and the UN governance reform scam

Let’s revisit a quote from a 2009 FT interview of George Soros

“…you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution… I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the current order.”

It is important to realize that this concept of drawing a nation into the New World Order by letting them help build it and giving them “ownership” of it is not limited to just China and the International Monetary Fund; it applies to all of the BRICS nations and the entire United Nations complex. How do you get the traditionally oppressed nations of the world to enter a global government built by their oppressors? You bring them into the planning and construction of it and you hand them a set of keys.

As I’ve documented in previous entries, the propaganda coming out of the Chinese government unequivocally supports an overhauled UN as the core of a new world order (just like the Rockefellers planned)…
…and this “governance reform” overhaul extends beyond just the IMF and the World Bank Group to include the UN political body as well, especially the UN Security Council (UNSC).

Once we reach the Transition Point in which another Lehman-type crisis is staged and the dollar is taken down as the main global reserve currency, many (if not all) of the BRICS currencies will be added to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights currency basket, and many (if not all) of the BRICS nations will take seats as permanent members of the UNSC.

These are the current permanent members of the Security Council (click on the image to enlarge)…
…and there are two things about this that should be noted…

1) Notice how China’s seat in the UN was taken away from the Taiwanese government and given to the mainland communist government in 1971. This occurred when the globalists began to integrate China into the developing New World Order structure:

> July 9-11, 1971 – Henry Kissinger, who led the late-1950’s Rockefeller project (the Special Studies Project) that planned the implementation of the New World Order, made a secret visit to China to tell the Chinese government “it’s time.”

> July 15, 1971 – Richard Nixon announced that he would be visiting mainland China.

> July 15, 1971“17 UN members requested that a question of the ‘Restoration of the lawful rights of the People’s Republic of China in the United Nations’ be placed on the provisional agenda of the twenty-sixth session of the UN General Assembly.”from Wikipedia.

> October 25, 1971 – United Nations General Assembly Resolution 2758 is adopted, and the People’s Republic of China replaced the Republic of China as China’s UN representative.

So Kissinger’s first visit was the moment the “dragon phoenix” began to rise from the ashes of the Illuminati-sponsored Cultural Revolution in China (see the middle of this entry for more details on this), and 1971 was the year that China began its long journey into the NWO.

2) Notice that the UNSC has 3 permanent members from the West and 2 permanent members from the East. This creates the impression that the Security Council is dominated by the Western allies. Once additional BRICS representatives are added as permanent members, there will likely be more from the BRICS alliance than from the Western alliance, thus creating the impression that the UNSC is dominated by the BRICS allies. The BRICS will then be seen to “own” the UN in the public eye.

Over the past few years, the globalists have been laying the propaganda groundwork for exactly this sort of Security Council “reform.” Here is what the Chinese have to say on the subject…
…which is supported by similar language being circulated about the three BRICS members which currently lack permanent seats on the UNSC:

1-2) Brazil and India are widely mentioned as candidates for permanent seats for the reasons mentioned by this United Nations Foundation webpage

>>> Membership Reform
There have been frequent calls to reform the membership of the UN Security Council, most of which include accepting Japan, Germany, India, and Brazil (known as the G4) as permanent members. Japan and Germany are the second and third largest contributors to the UN budget respectively. India is a nuclear power, the world’s largest democracy, and the second most populous nation. Brazil is the largest, most populous, and most prosperous nation in Latin America. The United Kingdom, France, and Russia are said to support permanent G4 membership on the Security Council. The Bush Administration has said that it supports Japan’s bid.

In addition to the proposal to make the G4 permanent members of the Security Council, there have been several other proposals floated by various groups and individual countries, none of which have met with positive response from the Security Council. <<<

The response mentioned by the last sentence will change once the BRICS step forward to “save the international system,” which will likely open the way for South Africa. And China is already openly supporting India’s bid

3) South Africa – In this UN press release, we see the unfolding of the Rockefeller-sponsored “regional institutions under UN guidance” NWO model, as well as the call for reform of the UNSC to give Africa a voice…

>>> “We feel that the voice of Africa was, to a large extent, heard,” said Baso Sangqu, briefing on his country’s two years on the 15-member organ.  South Africa had been able to build upon the experience gained during its 2007-2008 term on the Council, and had contributed to resolving the many prevailing international peace and security challenges.  Among its main aims, it had worked to confront lingering, new and emerging conflicts around the world, and had worked to forge a stronger relationship between the Peace and Security Council of the African Union and the United Nations Security Council

Indeed, the role of the African Union Peace and Security Council must always be considered when tackling conflicts on the African continent, he reiterated.  To that end, Security Council resolution 2033 (2012) laid the framework for further cooperation between the regional body and the United Nations Security Council, and would remain an effective bridge between the two organs going forward…

Asked about the number of African countries seeking a seat on the Security Council and his country’s position on the need to reform it, he stressed that the organ “desperately needs to be reformed”, adding that South Africa subscribed fully to the proposal that African States hold both permanent and non-permanent membership.  Once that change was made, the African Union would decide which countries would represent it, he said, noting that South Africa was an aspiring permanent member. <<<

In pondering the BRICS push for “governance reform” of the UN complex, it is important to remember that the BRICS alliance is a controlled opposition front erected by the Western globalists. To understand this is so, all that’s needed is a little common sense and a knowledge of three basic facts…

1) The G7 created the G20 back in 1999 and specifically included Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa in order to formally bring them into the process of building the NWO (in the manner described by George Soros). – see Update 2 of this entry.

2) Goldman Sachs coined the term BRIC in 2001 with a paper that introduced the public to the concept of Brazil, Russia, India and China being an emerging economic bloc. – see this entry.

3) The BRIC nations never actually met as a group until 2006, when they met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly. – see Update 2 of this entry.

Observing these three facts, it is abundantly clear that the BRICS alliance was fashioned by the Western globalists. The West brought the BRICS into the global economic governance system back in 1999, the West gave them a name and introduced the idea of them becoming a bloc back in 2001, and the BRIC nations accommodated the West by forming the bloc in 2006, just before the 2007-2009 economic crisis hit. They then held their first BRIC Summit right after the effects of the Lehman Shock eased in 2009, which was the same year that the BRIC-inclusive G20 formally supplanted the G7 as the world’s “permanent council for international economic cooperation.”

Since the G20 nations are all run by politicians owned by the same International Banking Cabal, getting them to form the NWO is something that could be done at any time. It takes more than simply getting the “leaders” to vote for it, though; the general population of these nations must follow their leaders into the new system, and this is what the BRICS alliance is all about. It is an exercise in public relations.

As I mentioned in a previous entry, the BRICS alliance “gives form to the dialectic clash between Anglo-American bankers and BRICS bankers which will birth the NWO.” The BRICS concept gives the people of the traditionally oppressed nations the illusion that they have formed a mighty alliance which will take over the global governance system from the imperialist West, and the perception that they have triumphed and taken over is supposed to lead to their enthusiastic embrace of the NWO system. But alas, it is all a scam.

The first step of our emergence from bankster control is to see the BRICS and the UN for what they are, then we can focus on building Our World Order. We must reject the false savior in order to accept responsibility for being our own saviors.

Much love…