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ALERT: Sneak Attack and US Fiscal Crisis Watch in Effect Now through October 1

[Addendum – 23 September 2017] – The globalists push the Easy Button in Phoenix…

Well that went easier than expected. With a Trump-hostile mayor, like the one in Charlottesville, I was expecting the Phoenix police to push the pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds together. And if that had happened, we might have seen the pro-Trump Southern Arizona Militia engage the anti-Trump John Brown Gun Club in the first armed skirmish of the “Second Civil War.” As it happened, though, we only got rhetoric about shutting down the government over border wall funding (which has been circulating in the news for months).

That being said, we are now past the two most dangerous days of the second strike window, and I’m not expecting any flareups until next month. The last time the US and South Korea held an Ulchi-Freedom Guardian exercise, North Korea conducted a nuclear test 7 days later. If they repeat that pattern this year, a September 7 nuclear test would lead to trouble heading into the September 12-25 United Nations event. So the next predictable high-danger day is the day Trump shows up to the 72nd UN General Assembly.

By the way, have a look at the symbolism that the John Brown Gun Club would have brought to the first armed skirmish of the Second Civil War…

…from Google/Wikipedia

~ a little more ~

Hehehe… no doubt this “warning” was put into motion before they chickened out last night…

…from Zero Hedge. A little firefight at the rally would have really underscored their point.

[Addendum – 22 August 2017]

Before I found out about the US-North Korea wargames this week, I identified the second strike window as August 21 – 23 (it’s now extended to August 21 – 31). So is it “just a coincidence” that the Navy had its accident right as we entered that timeframe? I don’t think so. Not only does the Navy’s operational pause provide a tantalizing window of vulnerability to tempt the North Koreans, but it also provides a built-in excuse for how North Korean minisubs could penetrate US territorial waters and get into striking position.

Given the operational limitations of North Korea’s diesel-electric subs, they would likely operate from a mother ship – a specially-modified, foreign-flagged freighter that would carry the subs to within underwater cruising range of their targets. And the subs used would most likely be of the small variety preferred by North Korean commandos. They would sneak up to their targets via the East River (NYC) and the Potomac (Washington), then set off their atomic payloads. The “deep state” would ensure that the defenses are down in both locations.

As for the satellite-borne EMP threat, there is only one more Washington flyover before the end of the strike window, and it’s on August 24 at 9:15 PM (the little house is where Washington is)…


So now we proceed with August 22. Let’s see how it goes.

P.S. – It may be that our August 22 event will be of a domestic nature and happen in Phoenix. Drudge has been selling drama there. Will we see riots? The word “phoenix” is very significant to the globalists. Will the city that bears its name go up in flames?

P.P.S. – I can’t believe they almost sailed this one past me. After looking into when the news broke about Trump visiting Phoenix today, I found the first mentions of it on August 11

…from Google

So the August 22 rally in Phoenix was publicly revealed on August 11. This event has globalist symbolic and numerological fingerprints on it. So will it be civil war, nuclear backpack, or another canceled op? In a worst case scenario, who will be President after the rally: Trump, Pence (who will be in Phoenix with him), or the weasel Paul Ryan?

P.P.P.S. – I watched the first 8 minutes of Trump’s speech last night (just to see if he’d get blown up), and I was struck by how quiet and glum both he and his audience were. I think more than a few of them knew their masters might sacrifice them that night. But now we’re in the 22nd, so what will happen if a less-than-worst-case scenario – like a violent riot – unfolds tonight?

Faced with the prospect of a media-instigated-and-hyped civil war if he remains as president, will the script call for him to “do the best thing for the country by resigning” (as was recently suggested by a former colleague)? I wrote about Trump’s role as Vindex back in February, and Vindex’s attempted revolution against Nero ended with Vindex’s suicide. So the “political suicide” of Trump’s resignation would symbolically fulfill the script.

~ continued ~

As for when a resignation might happen, “after a government shutdown and debt default” would be my first guess.

Last night’s addendum has been moved to the bottom of the entry as a postscript.


Yesterday – on a Saturday when people typically do other things than watch the news – the globalists set the stage for a WMD attack on the US to be blamed on or executed by North Korea.

First I saw this…

…from The Hill

And when I later saw this, I knew they were opening the door for a WMD attack by North Korea…

…from ZeroHedge

According to the globalist script, the increasing US/UN attack on the North Korean economy and the “growing threat” of a decapitation strike by the US against North Korea’s leaders will push the “unbalanced” Kim Jong-Un to stage a preemptive decapitation strike of his own. And if Kim wants to decapitate his enemies, whom will he strike? That would be the UN Security Council and President Trump, wouldn’t it?

It is important to note that all this is public theater, and there is no real behind-the-scenes animosity between the Western elite and Kim Jong-Un. After all, Kim was educated in the Western elite’s European stronghold of Switzerland. Do you really think Kim’s father would have sent his heir into the belly of the beast if North Korea was really such an outcast as the media portrays to the public? North Korea performs an important role for the globalists (as a regional irritant), and their leaders are part of the globalist club. They are reading from the same script as Trump.

I outlined the likely form of a “North Korean attack” on the UN in a previous alert, and the most likely form of attack on Washington would be a small nuke fired from a submarine or smuggled up the Potomac River (with “deep state” help). As for when the strike might occur, the most dangerous date is August 22 (the day after the Great American Eclipse) because…

  • the globalists love pulling mischief on the 11th and 22nd of months (they are “master numbers” according to their numerological beliefs),
  • Trump will be back in the White House (he is scheduled to return on the 21st, the day of the Eclipse),
  • the “deep state-owned” Congress will still be out of Washington and safe in their districts (if Trump doesn’t pull the Obamacare scenario), and
  • the UN Security Council will be in session that morning…


It’s also possible that they might strike Trump at his vacation golf resort anytime between now and then, so don’t be surprised if we see Trump and the UN attacked before the 22nd.

In addition to this sneak attack threat, there is also a threat against the US government that is related to the Biblical concept of “40 days of repentance.” If you count forward 40 days and 40 nights from August 21-22, you arrive at September 30-October 1, the beginning of the next fiscal year. I’ll go into the details of this in the coming hours.

[Addendum – Same Day]

Proceeding on to the topic of the Eclipse and “40 days of repentance,” get a load of this sh*t…

…from Teshuvah

Upon looking into this, I found that the Hebrew month of Elul – the “month of repentance” – does indeed begin the day after the Eclipse at sunset of the 22nd…


The start of Elul begins a 40 day count to “the day of atonement for personal and national sins,” Yom Kippur, which ends at nightfall on September 30 (the last day of the US government fiscal year). And what supposedly happens if the US fails to repent and atone? “God’s judgment” starts falling upon it beginning October 1, the first day of the new fiscal year.

This being said, the Kabbalists are quite fortunate that one set of superstitions about solar eclipses comes into play just a day before another set of superstitions about sin and atonement kicks in. It provides them with a window of opportunity to advance their prophecy fulfillment agenda while convincing the religious sheeple that it’s actually “God” who is behind it. And the fact that “the day of God’s judgment” falls on the first day of a fiscal year that has not yet been funded and faces a debt ceiling cutoff tells us exactly how they hope to use it.

So looking at both these threats, the “North Korean sneak attack” and “God’s judgment on a wicked America,” here are a couple of ways it could play out…

1) The mythical “deep state” could use North Korea to take out Trump before the first day of repentance even begins (by launching the attack on the morning of the 22nd – Elul doesn’t begin till sunset that day). The murder of the “Christian” Trump would “bring God’s immediate judgment on America” and plunge us into war in the Pacific. Trump’s replacement, Vice President Pence, has already made clear his stance on North Korea…

…from a Google search of “Pence North Korea”

2) Things could continue as normal until Republican infighting causes a government shutdown that, with aggravating developments, lasts long enough to trigger a debt default


the globalists could time a North Korean attack on Washington at the end of September before Congress is able to pass a budget/debt limit measure.

That’s all for now. Get your popcorn ready.

Love always…

(P.S. – 8 August 2017) – A Juicy Target: Will Trump go to the UN next week?

Here is an interesting little section from an article on

“Trump could pay a visit to another one of his favorite properties during his time off: Trump Tower in New York City.

Walters said that the president plans to visit the Big Apple next week for meetings. She declined to detail the president’s schedule, including whether he will stop by the Fifth Avenue high-rise where he lived before entering the White House.”

Now if Trump goes to NYC next week and stays at Trump Tower, he would be just a little over a mile from the UN (as the crow flies)…

…from Google Maps

And if we look at the working schedule of the UN Security Council next week, we see that they’re in session Tuesday through Thursday…


So on any of those days that Trump is also in New York, both of Kim Jong-Un’s targets would be in close proximity to each other. But what are the odds that Trump will go to New York without stopping by the UN to thank the Security Council for its North Korean sanctions vote? Pretty low, and that’s where August 17 comes in.

It is quite predictable that Trump will attend the Secretary General’s luncheon on the 17th, and that would place him, the UN Secretary-General, and the Security Council all in one place. So all of North Korea’s greatest enemies – with whom they are technically still at war – will be gathered together for a “self-congratulatory celebration of their economic and military aggression against North Korea,” and they will be right beside the East River…

…a perfect target for one of the “missing” North Korean subs.

With all this in mind, watch the news on Monday the 14th. If the globalists intend to proceed with this scenario, they’ll stack the beginning of the week’s news cycle with breathless headlines about North Korea. They’ll want to remind us again that North Korea wants to nuke us before they arrange for it to happen. And should they pull the trigger next week, look for Trump to possibly survive for a few days after the attack. This would put Pence’s ominous swearing-in ceremony close to the Eclipse.

If you don’t understand why the globalists would want to attack their own baby (the UN), read the previous alert on this scenario. The case for it is quite compelling – it is the shortest and surest path to the “reformed” UN (NWO) they seek.

(P.S. – 9 August 2017) – Sun Tzu, Kim Jong-Un and Guam

You may have heard the reports about the supposed threat to Guam…

…from Google News

So let me share with you line 24 from Sun Tzu’s Art of War..

“Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Given all this talk about Guam, Hawaii and such places, where will the US be prepared for an attack?

In the Pacific.

Where will the US be unprepared and a North Korean attack be unexpected?

In the Atlantic.

For what kind of attack will the US be prepared?

For a ballistic missile launched from North Korea or a sub.

For what kind of attacks will the US be unprepared?

For a cruise missile launched from a sub or merchantman and for a sub surfacing in a shipping channel next to its target.

As I said in the previous alert about this scenario…

With all of the nuclear threats currently being made by North Korea, everyone is focused on the security of Seoul, Japan, Hawaii, and the western US. And since everyone in the US is looking west, a North Korean attack in the east would catch the whole country by surprise.

Washington was letting Pyongyang get away with its activities before Trump came along, so getting rid of Trump is the most obvious objective for the character Kim is playing in this drama. “Cutting the head off the Trump/UN snake that is strangling his country” would “demonstrate that he has both nuclear weapons and the will to use them.” And issuing a follow-up threat to destroy Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco with both missiles and pre-positioned subs if the US counterattacks could make South Korea, Japan and the California congressional delegation move to block a US response.

Guam is the decoy; Trump and the UN are the real targets, both for Kim Jong-Un’s character of “the nuclear rogue” and for the globalist agenda.

(P.S. – 10 August 2017) – An EMP attack: Last year they were claiming ISIS would do it; this year, it’s North Korea’s turn

You may have noticed that the propaganda organs are telegraphing a potential EMP threat from North Korea. I’ll go into detail on this as soon as I can. For now, though, suffice it to say that…

> the propaganda complex (news, TV shows, movies, books, etc.) have vastly overstated the effectiveness of such an attack, and most of the effects you’d see after a “North Korean” nuclear airburst would actually be simulated through the use of government malware and computer chip kill codes that are integrated into the “smart grid” and other devices


> since the US is ostensibly trying to ruin the North Korean economy, such a faked EMP attack would be sold as North Korea’s attempt to do the same to us.

We’re planning decapitations strikes, so they’ll do it to us preemptively (as detailed in this article). And we’re strangling their economy, so they’ll do it to us in return (with an EMP attack). If you add in the symbolism of the Great American Eclipse bringing darkness across America, I guess it’s a good time for the globalists to play the EMP card.

Here is an update I wrote on this threat last year…


If you’ve spent any time surveying the alternative media, you’ll know that a great many globalist-controlled outlets and personalities have been claiming that the “Western elite” (or Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, ISIS, etc.) will be using a nuclear EMP attack to kill 90% of the population…
…From Here is an excerpt…

“The problem is, now we are finding that the terrorists are getting smarter, and Americans are growing more complacent. This could be a deadly combination. People who want to destroy America have figured out that they don’t have to wipe out the whole population, they only need to take away our basic needs, and we will kill each other.

An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is a short burst of energy that will completely fry any and all electronics. It can be brought about by exploding a nuclear device at a high altitude, or even just by a solar flare.”

Although the lofty claims of total destruction brought about by one high-altitude nuclear explosion are exceedingly unrealistic (see this EMP effects report prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratory for details), let’s look to other, non-technical reasons why a civilization-ending blackout event won’t be happening…

REASON 1 – Such a long-term power outage doesn’t actually fit the globalist script.

Scary predictions of this sort are part of the general “fear to relief” strategy being used to bring in the multilateral / multipolar NWO:

1) Spread FEAR in the population of all the terrible things the evil Western decoy NWO will do to them.

2) Generate a climax point where all signs suggest they are carrying out their dastardly plans.

3) Have the “benevolent” BRICS NWO ride in to save the day, thus triggering great RELIEF in the population and generating appreciative support for the New World Order.

Since the globalist-assigned role of the BRICS-fronted multilateral / multipolar NWO is to “save us from total destruction at the hands of the Satanic Western elite,” a civilization-ending EMP event, whether real or faked, simply isn’t in the cards.

REASON 2 – No power means no surveillance grid.

The globalists have spent decades of time and trillions of dollars developing the ubiquitous surveillance grid which now surrounds us: the nascent “Internet of Everything”…

In order to function, this surveillance grid needs power, including power to consumer-owned electrical devices and appliances. Without electricity, their vast investment becomes useless. So a long-term power outage that lasts months or years is totally out of the question. The longer any power outage goes on, the longer people will go untracked, the more social order will break down, and the more surveillance infrastructure will be destroyed.

REASON 3 – No power means no mass media, which means they lose control of the narrative of events.

The last thing the globalists want as we transition to the New World Order is to lose control of how people are perceiving events. And the longer the power is out, the more people will talk to each other and form their own ideas about what’s really going on. In order to maintain control of the narrative of what’s transpiring, they’ll want to keep the TVs, radios, and printing presses going. This too means a long-term power outage is out of the question.

So having ruled out a long-term power outage, what about a short-term outage lasting days to weeks? What about rolling blackouts? Do the globalists have any intention of implementing such things? There are reasons to suspect they do…

REASON 1 – “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” The globalists are big into symbolism, so the idea of plunging the population into darkness right before hitting them with “the brilliant dawn of the (false) light” may be irresistible to them.

REASON 2 – It will generate additional misery and fear in the population, making them all the more grateful when the NWO turns the lights back on.

REASON 3 – Their alt-media propaganda agents are suggesting there will be such a short-term outage. For an example of this, let’s look to the writings of New Age disinfo doofus David Wilcock – who, rather than being the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, I suspect is the real-world incarnation of George McFly…

This is what he says about a possible blackout in his latest missive…


At some point we lose power and internet access, at least throughout America and possibly Europe, for up to 2-3 weeks. Most people are in a blackout…

When the lights come back on, everything will have changed. The controlled media will be telling a completely different story.” – From

When he says “the controlled media will be telling a completely different story,” he is referring to the limited-hangout Truth Tsunami the globalists have been preparing for us. To understand how and why they will do it, read the “DON’T GET SWEPT AWAY BY THE COMING TRUTH TSUNAMI” section at the bottom of Understanding the NWO Strategy. Here is a preview…

“Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order.”

Now that we’ve looked at the globalists’ objectives and concerns vis-a-vis a blackout scenario, here is what we can expect if they opt to go through with it…

> During the Summer from Hell, we may see sporadic outages in various areas that last for hours or days. These would be attributed to cyberattacks and physical infrastructure attacks by extremist groups such as ISIS, and they would be done to acclimatize the people to what’s coming.

> During the two-week Gog/Magog War in September, we could see nationwide rolling blackouts culminating in a near-total national blackout. This would likely be done in a progressive manner, with power…

going out for hours, then coming on for an hour;
going out for days, then on for a day;
then going out completely.

The reason they might do it in a progressive manner is so people will retain the hope that the power will come back on at some point. If the power went out and people thought it might never come on again, the resulting disorder could spin out of the globalists’ control, and people might start tearing down key elements of the surveillance infrastructure (tossing their cell phones, smashing the smart meters, pulling down cell towers, shooting CCTV cameras, and so on).

An additional benefit of this approach is that people will eagerly gather around their TVs, radios, and computer screens for news each time the power returns. With a war going on and power going out, people will hang on every word uttered by the newscasters, thus maintaining globalist control of the narrative. Also, people would communicate with each other using electronic means during the up times, thus allowing the surveillance apparatus to monitor how the public is responding to everything.

As for the real cause of the blackouts, it will be selective manipulation of power grid controls and smart meters by the globalist security services, but the outages will be publicly blamed on some combination of the following…

1) Nation-state-level cyberattacks conducted by China and Russia due to the ongoing Gog/Magog War (WWIII).

2) Physical sabotage of the power grids by Chinese and Russian special forces.

3) Nuclear and/or conventional EMP attacks that create damage and instability in the power grids.

So when will the power come back on, you ask? You can bet it will be on the Third Day of the “Fake Battle of Armageddon” which will directly follow the Gog/Magog War

Gog/Magog War (roughly two weeks) + Fake Battle of Armageddon (three days) = 2-3 weeks (like McFly suggested)

Since the globalists will want everyone to see the nuclear missiles rise into the sky on the Third Day, as well as watch the big magic show they will be staging in Jerusalem, that’s when the power will come back on. And how will it be restored so quickly, you ask? Some very capable “people” will see to it. If I told you who they were, you’d think I’m crazy, but I will give you a hint: after they turn the power back on, they might want to “phone home” – or so the globalists would have you believe.


I may enhance this postscript in the next day or two.

(P.S. – 10 August 2017) – China just greenlighted a North Korean first-strike

If this Reuters article is accurately translating what the Chinese government just said, they’ve essentially told North Korea this…

“Feel free to strike the US first; we won’t take any action against you if you do. And if the US and South Korea do anything in response that threatens your regime, we’ll enter the war on your side. Fire away. We’ve got your back.”

Since the Chinese have now signaled their support for a North Korean nuclear strike against the US, the predictable American response will be to consider any strike conducted by North Korea as a strike conducted by China. So China has just placed itself in a direct nuclear confrontation with the US.

(P.S. – 11 August 2017) – The globalists’ 2 WAR / 2 NUCLEAR SCARE strategy appears to be in play again

Given that the media are portraying…

> an ever-strengthening confrontation between Trump and Kim,

> a US that is “provoking” a China that’s ready to jump in to support Kim, and

> a “calm” situation in Syria where a Trump-Putin partial ceasefire is still holding

…it appears that the globalists are trying again to implement the 2 conflict / 2 nuclear scare strategy I warned about earlier this year. This is what the strategy boils down to…

1) A US conflict with North Korea and China that includes a serious nuclear scare. This will start the financial bubble popping and get the UN (or what remains of it) talking about urgent reform.

2) A harvesting of public wealth / purchasing power after the conflict, and the fall of Trump and Xi.

3) A second conflict in Syria between President Pence and Putin. This will lead to an even bigger nuclear scare, and will move the UN to stop talking and start acting on reform.

4) A countercoup by the imaginary “progressive deep state” that takes down Pence, clears out Washington D.C., and leaves Rand Paul to lead the US into the New World Order (the “new, reformed, sovereignty-respecting” UN).

If they had gone with their original timetable and started the US-China conflict in May, we would have had months between the first conflict and the second. But if they do it now, we might only have weeks. They can still do their wealth harvesting, though, through currency revaluations when they transition to the new financial system.

(P.S. – 12 August 2017) – Guam is the mid-month trigger for Trump vs. Kim

When I first saw headlines about the North Koreans targeting Guam, I thought it was just a decoy. But after reading about the North Korean plan and the Chinese greenlight, I see that Guam serves the purpose of the “provocation catalyst” that gets the whole thing going. So let’s take a moment to think about what might happen to trigger the war…

> The North Koreans have stated that their 4-missile warning strike near Guam will be ready to execute “by mid-month.” This is perfect timing to set up for the August 17 and August 22 sneak attack dates I’ve mentioned.

> The Chinese greenlight statement was carefully worded to not only give North Korea the go-ahead, but the US as well. The Chicoms implied that they won’t interfere with a US attack unless it targets the Kim regime (not its missile sites). So both Kim and Trump are emboldened to act. The Chinese effectively rang the bell to start the wrestling match between “the American Bully” and “the Nuclear Rogue”…

> If the US detects the 4 North Korean missiles being prepped for launch against Guam, Trump may give the order to destroy them on the ground. This would hand Kim the provocation he needs to launch the sneak attack.

> If the 4 missiles are allowed to launch, the US could claim that the trajectory of one or more of them indicated a landing on or too near Guam. This would provide Trump with a pretext to retaliate against the launch site, and then Kim would have his pretext also.

> If one or more of the missiles is shot down during boost phase and debris lands on Japan, a positive test for radioactivity could be used to claim it was a real nuclear attack. This too would provide pretext for Trump and then Kim.

> If one or more of the missiles lands either on Guam or within its 12-mile sea limit, we again have pretext for Trump and then Kim.

> If one or more of the missiles reaches its sea target and lights-off a nuclear explosion, we yet again have pretext.

Just remember, the North Koreans are using relatively primitive missile guidance & thruster technology and have little experience with long range ballistic strikes, so the odds of one or more of their missiles going astray and landing in the wrong spot is fairly high.

And here’s one more potentiality to consider…

When the missiles launch, US forces on Guam will have less than 18 minutes to prepare for incoming. That being so, it is likely that they would place all their Guam-based aircraft on ready alert as soon as the missile launch preparations are observed, and scramble them immediately upon a launch detection. This would put a large aircraft armada in the air, and the American commanders have likely prepared an armed Korean peninsula flyover mission for them (as a retaliatory show of force). When North Korean radar detects the incoming armada, Kim might “panic” and kick off a shooting war.

All this being said, what happens if nothing happens? What if all of Trump and Kim’s trash talk leads to an agreement rather than a war?

The globalists have arranged for Putin and China to take the credit in that event. So even if they back away from their plans, it will still be used to their advantage by helping magnify Putin’s cult of personality. The “great man of peace” will have saved the day yet again. But this would be nothing compared to when Putin brings peace to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Mark my words; it’s gonna happen. It’s all part of the script.

(P.S. – 12 August 2017) – A post-EMP race war?

It looks like they might be trying to touch off a race war before they turn out the lights with the semi-fake EMP attack…

…from the Drudge Report

It’s not hard to imagine what might happen if the lights go off in a large area for an extended period of time. All the incitable idiots and opportunistic criminals will hit the streets in packs. At the very least, the government will use this to clamp down on the right to demonstrate at a time we appear to be on the eve of war.

(P.S. – 12 August 2017) – Trump’s New York schedule

The media are reporting that Trump will arrive in New York late Sunday and will leave Wednesday. If that’s true, he’ll miss the Secretary General’s luncheon on the 17th. That narrows down the first sneak attack window to Tuesday and Wednesday (days both Trump and the UN Security Council are present).

(P.S. – 13 August 2017 – North Korea’s supposed “EMP satellites”

If you are a relatively new reader, you’re probably unfamiliar with the warning I issued before Super Bowl 50 last year. in the leadup to the game, I observed that…

1) The globalists were propagandizing the supposed development of a North Korean hydrogen bomb (just like they are now) and hyping an upcoming missile launch…

2) Hollywood had released a brand new X-Files season that told of “alien interventionists” coming to Earth after the development of the first hydrogen bomb…

“No sooner had we defeated Germany than a new threat started appearing in skies over America, drawn to Earth by the latest threat to extinction: the H-bomb. Explosions acting as transducers, drawing alien life forms through wormholes in spaceships using electro-gravitic propulsion. Advanced extraterrestrial species visiting us, concerned for mankind and the threat of our self-destruction, forestalling our annihilation through their own self-sacrifice. The crashes at Roswell. More importantly, places like Aztec.”

3) And the government released the CIA’s files on UFOs in conjunction with the premiere of the show…


At the time, I warned that the globalists might stage a scenario in which North Korea would launch a nuclear missile at the Super Bowl and “unknown parties” would intervene to stop it. It would have gotten people wondering about alien intervention in advance of the prophecy fulfillment show they had planned for last September.

As it turned out, they did indeed launch their missile at the Super Bowl, but they may have altered the trajectory of its flight and the timing of its launch so it would pass over the game site an hour after the game was over…

…from CBS News/AP

So was my warning correct and did it cause them to alter their plans, or were they actually planning to launch a satellite into orbit all along? I simply don’t know the answer to this. What I do know, though, is that the launch supposedly put a satellite in orbit that is now being touted as an EMP weapon…


This “Super Bowl satellite” – in addition to another satellite the North Koreans previously launched – is now orbiting the Earth and passing over the United States every so often. So the globalists don’t need a new North Korean missile launch to stage their semi-fake EMP attack; they can activate the “lights-out scenario” any time one of those satellites passes over the US. Whether the resulting high-altitude explosion is really nuclear or not and the damage it does is partially real or wholly simulated is another question.

In closing, don’t panic if the lights go out. It won’t take them too long to switch them back on. And watch the sky for “unknown parties.” The Rockefellers funded the “Disclosure Movement” and the propagandists are touting the imminent discovery of “Planet 9″ for a reason.

(P.S. – 14 August 2017) – Mr. Trump goes to Washington

The media are reporting that Trump is returning to Washington today. So is he deliberately trying to stay away from New York during the first strike window, or will they have him return there later in the week (perhaps on Thursday for the Secretary-General’s luncheon)?

If he’s smart, he’ll stay in Washington in the bunker beneath the White House (citing the ongoing renovation as an excuse), and he’ll have them stretch out the renovation until after the 23rd.

P.P.S. – Then again, they could suicide him if he stays in the bunker. Afterwards, they’d say that “he felt the world closing in on him” after his comments on Charlottesville were misinterpreted and condemned, and “like Hitler, he retreated to the perceived safety of an underground bunker and chose to end a presidency that had become a living nightmare.” I guess there are no good choices when your masters write you out of the script.

(P.S. – 14 August 2017) – Where did news about North Korea go?

Earlier in this entry, I talked about how they’d start the weekly news cycle before an attack with breathless headlines about North Korea. So look at how the Drudge Report is starting the week (race war news is highlighted in yellow; North Korea news is highlighted in red)…

Do you see how far down the page the North Korea news has fallen? Does this – along with Trump aborting his plans in NYC – mean they’re backing off of their attack plans for now?

Time will tell, but keep your eyes on the news between now and the Eclipse…

> If they keep leading with racial stuff and other assorted nonsense, the attack probably won’t happen right now.

> If the news at some point suddenly starts leading with North Korea stuff again, an attack is imminent. They’ll want to refocus our attention on North Korea before the fireworks (so we’ll remember who’s to blame), but they won’t want us to forget about the race stuff before the lights go out (to ensure the idiots on both sides take to the streets). This means the refocus would be very quick, then “boom.”

(P.S. – 15 August 2017) – One strike window down, two to go

Well, it looks like we’ve won the Battle of the First Strike Window (August 15-17)…

Trump retreated from New York, the media retreated from North Korea scaremongering, and the chubster-in-chief, Kim Jong-Un, retreated from the Guam attack. We got them queers on the run!!! (to borrow a saying from a movie)

We shouldn’t let it go to our heads, though; the second strike window (August 21-23) is less than a week away. Some new provocation could pop up by Sunday and you’d see next week’s news cycle lead with North Korea. And if you see North Korea headlining the news next Monday, the day of the Eclipse, it would be prudent to take a drive out of Washington D.C. and New York City and stay gone through at least the 23rd. Go to the Hamptons and sail your yacht or go to Newark and sail your dinghy, whichever is attainable for you.

Should we get through next week safely, the third strike window will be late September – early October when Congress is grappling with the budget / debt ceiling. If you want to take down the US, helping trigger a debt default would do the trick nicely. And come to think of it, an unexpected nuke strike on Washington while Congress is in town would be a good way for the globalists to “drain the swamp” of federal officialdom. It would save them all the trouble of mass-arresting them for pedophilia / corruption / racketeering / treason, and it would keep their mouths shut (because the bodies to which those mouths are attached would be dead). Look for Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and Elizabeth Warren to survive any such strike; they have roles to play in what happens afterwards.

I’ll go into more detail about the third strike window as we approach it.

P.P.S. – A reader has pointed out that there is a joint US-South Korea military exercise scheduled to begin on the day of the Eclipse, so there is a built-in provocation going into the second strike window. Let’s see if they cancel it.

(P.S. – 16 August 2017) – Why next Monday is a high-risk day for a “North Korean” EMP strike

I’ve been looking through the orbital tracks of the two supposed North Korean “EMP satellites,” and I found that KMS-4, the object that was shot over the Super Bowl site last year, makes a high-risk pass over the Washington, DC to New York corridor at about 9:06 PM, August 21 (the day of the Eclipse)…


It makes no other dangerous passes during the August 21 – August 23 strike window I’ve talked about…


If you look at the number I’ve highlighted in the column labeled “El,” it tells you the elevation of the satellite’s overflight. An elevation of near 0 degrees would mean that the satellite would appear barely above the distant horizon, which means it’s passing a long way away from your location; an elevation of 90 degrees would mean that it’s passing directly overhead, and is therefore close to you. So when you’re talking in terms of an EMP satellite overflight, the closer the elevation gets to 90, the more dangerous it is for your city.

Should the globalists use this overflight to trigger an EMP event, it would mean that “God turned out the light over America Monday morning, and Kim Jong-Un turned out the light that night.” And provocateurs would be sent out to get the social disorder started. We would see martial law in the American Northeast.

During my search, I also found a track that suggests KMS 3-2 – another North Korean “satellite” that was shot into orbit on 12/12/2012 – would make a dangerous pass over Chicago at about 7:05 PM that same day…

…from But there are discrepancies with the data on that satellite, so the projected track may be inaccurate. The data on KMS-4 had no such discrepancy. I’ll just have to watch the live track that day to see where KMS 3-2 goes.

As for why Chicago might be targeted, can you think of any American city that is more likely to erupt in chaos when the lights go out? Of course, if they EMP Chicago and then EMP the Northeast a couple of hours later, everyone would wonder why the military didn’t take out the second satellite before it struck. Such a controversy could be used to the globalist’ advantage, though, by claiming that the “neocon-neolib deep state” blocked any action. It would be used against them in the “American Nuremberg” show trials that would occur after the “progressive deep state’s” counter-coup “restores Constitutional order.”

All this being said, I’m not saying an EMP attack is likely; I’m just saying that if they want to play that card, Monday would be an opportune time to do so.

P.P.S. – Yikes! They’re bringing back Pence early to go to Camp David and meet with Trump about North Korea. I can just hear the public narrative now…

“Trump will risk going to war with North Korea to distract the public’s attention from his comments on Charlottesville and the disbanding of his business councils.”

The globalists are portraying to the public a situation in which Trump gets viciously attacked for anything and everything he does and doesn’t do – with one exception: when he takes aggressive military action like he did in Syria. So to get the press off his back and on his side, the narrative will say, Trump will give them what they want.

(P.S. – 17 August 2017) – Another reason why they might pop off a nuke or two during this North Korea drama

It just occurred to me that the second nuclear scare the globalists have planned – the one that threatens a world-ending mass nuclear exchange between the US and Russia – will be a helluva lot scarier to the public if a nuke or two goes off during this first nuclear scare with North Korea. It will make the threat so much more real to people. And a nuke or two going off due to Trump’s provoking of North Korea will do him in politically (if not physically) and bring in Pence to set up the second scare.

(P.S. – 18 August 2017) – Monday bloody Monday: The low-down on what’ll go down

Reuters is foreshadowing a nuclear test by North Korea, and they’re tying it to the purpose of “perfecting a nuclear device small and light enough to fit on the missile without affecting its range as well as making it capable of surviving re-entry into the earth’s atmosphere”…

In other words, the North Koreans need to do a real-world test of a miniaturized missile warhead. And this hints at the very predictable chain of events that lies ahead…

What are the two things Donald Trump has warned Kim Jong-Un to NOT DO?

Nuclear tests and ballistic missile tests.

So what will the North Koreans DO in response to the US-South Korea military exercise?

A nuclear test and a ballistic missile test, possibly combining them both into one real-world test.

How will the US provoke North Korea into a preemptive decapitation strike and/or EMP strike?

By preemptively striking the North Korean missile at its launch site, which is on North Korean soil. This would give Kim the provocation he needs to preemptively strike American soil.

What would trigger the US strike against the North Korean missile?

The most convincing way to justify the strike would be to claim that US surveillance assets detected a nuclear warhead mounted on the missile.

Another way would be to have North Korea do an underground nuclear test a few hours before a ballistic missile test. Trump’s “neocon-neolib deep state” generals would then convince him to do a “surgical strike” on the fueling missile “to show our resolve and to protect Guam.”

And on top of these possibilities, you have the provocation scenarios I outlined after they announced Guam as a target.

As for the timing of these events, August 21-23 remains the most dangerous period of time (especially Monday). But since the US-South Korean exercise doesn’t end until the 31st, I’ll have to extend the second strike window to that day. If we make it to September 1st without incident, we’ll probably be safe until the third strike window (the end of September into early October).

By the way, here’s yet another reason why they might pop off a couple of nukes in the US: because we popped off a couple of nukes in Japan. The religious propagandists will claim it is “karma” / “god’s judgment.”

P.P.S – Hmmm… so the guy who said there is no military option for North Korea is fired just 3 days before Monday bloody Monday…

…from the Drudge Report

That leaves this guy, the head of the National Security Council, ruling the White House…

…from Google News

And now that Trump’s last “strong voice of reason” is gone, the National Security Council is taking Trump to Camp David today. If the globalists pull the trigger on what I’m warning about, the New World Order historians will later write of this trip to Camp David as the “meeting where the neocon-neolib deep state put Trump firmly on the path to war.”

P.P.P.S. – Why the mythical “deep state” must move quickly on Trump

Have a look at this bit of news from today…

…from Reuters

According to the Reuters report, Assad is nearing victory because TRUMP ordered an end to CIA support of the rebels and struck a ceasefire deal with Putin that freed up Syrian forces to go after ISIS. So to save their Syrian agenda, the “neocon-neolib deep state” must get rid of Trump quickly so Pence can end the ceasefire and restore support to the rebels. Pence will also restart provocative air strikes on Syrian forces and possibly Russian forces too. This will lead to the second nuclear scare.

To achieve these ends, the globalist script currently calls for the deep state to lure Trump into a catastrophic blunder in North Korea. His misstep will be so costly that Congress will run him out of town in a record short time (if he doesn’t die in the sneak attacks to begin with). Then it’s game on for the final showdown between the Satanist West and the Christian Putin.

(P.S. – 20 August 2017) – The trigger for the third strike window: China cutting off North Korea’s oil

I think I’ve stumbled upon how they’ll set the stage for the third strike window. This is from a CNN article from back in April

“There have been some suggestions from Chinese media and experts that Beijing might consider halting the oil supply if North Korea goes ahead with another nuclear test.”

So keep an eye on what China does after the nuclear test. If they move swiftly to cut off North Korea’s oil supply, we might get through the second strike window okay. The globalist script would then play out like this…

1) Trump would be happy that China finally “got serious” about North Korea, so he’d back off of any immediate retaliation or preemption against Kim.

2) Oil rationing would begin in North Korea, and the world press would publish stories about the “natives getting restless,” thus threatening the control of the Kim regime.

3) After a few weeks of this, Kim would say, “Fu*k it! I’m doomed no matter what I do, so I might as well take my enemies (America and the UN) out with me.”

4) Kim would strike during the third strike window, which I’m now expanding to include September 12 thru October 1 on account of this…


The most dangerous day of the third strike window is the day Trump speaks at the UN (I don’t yet know which day that is).

Here are a couple of additional thoughts…

> The number of this year’s general assembly, 72, is the same as the number of demons in the Ars Goetia.

> What if a nuclear warhead has already been positioned at the UN site (supposedly by North Korean frogmen)?

P.P.S. – Let me close my pre-21st remarks by telling new readers that the globalists control both sides in the current political drama – both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging this dialectic conflict in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the New World Order) in its place. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy for more information on what they’re doing.

(P.S. – 20 August 2017) – “DOUBLE SECRET ALERT”: Trump will be exposed for the North Korean EMP flyover tomorrow

Yikes, look at this…

…from Zero Hedge

So the North Koreans now know exactly where Trump will be – away from the safety of the White House and above ground – at 9PM tomorrow. And about 6 minutes into his speech, North Korea’s KMS-4 will pass over his head.

While an EMP strike would not kill him, it would create immediate chaos in the area which could be used to kill him. He’ll be on a dark military base where his Secret Service detail will be outnumbered by military personnel. Did the “deep state” bring in their guys, or supposed “North Korean commandos,” to do the job? Also, he’ll be a short distance away from the Potomac, and within the danger area of a 10-kiloton nuclear blast that originates over the water (such as if a warhead-carrying North Korean minisub surfaced and then blew up).

And all this to give a speech about Afghanistan? This is fishy as hell. Will he be giving the speech at the Memorial Amphitheater?…

…If he does, he’ll be right out in the open.

Look how close it is to the water…

…from Google Maps

If they go for it tomorrow night, I guess it will be appropriate for him to give his final speech in a graveyard. And on a positive note, the globalists will score “extra demon points” for staging the attack while he is livecasting to the whole nation.

P.P.S. – If Trump does indeed speak at the Memorial Amphitheater, he’ll be located in the area outlined in red, while the TV cameras will likely be in the area in yellow. So both the TV cameras and the audience will be looking to the east (towards the Potomac)

…from Google Maps satellite view

You couldn’t get better staging for an EMP or nuke attack. In a wide shot like this one from a previous Trump speech at the Amphitheater

you would see the bright flash of the Potomac nuke or the EMP satellite in the background behind Trump (KMS-4 passes over Washington slightly to the east). Since it’ll be dark out when he gives the speech, the flash will be hard to miss.

So will they pull the trigger this time? It’s hard to say, but I don’t like all the “coincidences” that come together tomorrow (the Eclipse, the US-South Korea military exercise, the satellite overflight, and now the speech). It all depends on how serious things get on the Korean Peninsula tomorrow.

(P.S. – 21 August 2017) – Wow, it looks like everything has been readied for the strike scenario I outlined at the bottom of this entry…

> Another American destroyer has collided with another commercial vessel, and now the US Navy has suspended operations. I suspect the accident and stand-down were purposefully done to invite a North Korean attack – “look guys, our navy is shut down; here’s your chance!”

> And get a load of Kim’s warning today…

The Trump administration should be “keeping its eyes and ears open from now on,” North Korea has warned in an incendiary new video that shows senior security officials being engulfed in flames and President Trump looking over a field of white crosses with the warning: “The fate of the sinful United States ends here.” – from The Washington Post

Senior security officials engulfed in flames is what you’d see if they nuked the speech tonight. And Fort Myer is where Arlington National Cemetery is located: a field of white crosses. And note the use of the word “sinful,” as if to capitalize on the Eclipse being a “sign of god’s judgment.”

The WaPo article has the new North Korean propaganda video at the top. Look at what it says…

…They are referring to their EMP satellite, because all they’d have to do is push the “explode button” at the “right time” (when the satellite passes over Washington, DC at about 9:06 PM EDT).

The video also says this…

…Here they are referring to the power being out this summer, supposedly due to the EMP effect. As I cover in the entry, though, most of the “EMP effect” will be simulated by globalist manipulation of power grid controls and activation of computer chip kill codes.

It took time to set up the naval accident and make the propaganda video, so those things were already in motion when their plan was exposed yesterday evening. Will they still go through with it? We’ll find out in less than two hours.

P.P.S. – (After the speech) – I think we dodged a bullet on that one, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Tomorrow is the 22nd.

Rand Paul and the Phony Holy War

Have a look at this section from a Christian Post article titled 7 Interesting Facts About Rand Paul’s Christian Faith

Here is another such report from the Christian Broadcasting Network…

Propaganda articles such as these serve to implant the Holy War idea into the minds of Christians as well as establish Rand Paul as “one of the Christian good guys who sounded the alarm.” And I’ve shown you in previous entries who are the other “Christian good guys” the globalists have cast for their Holy War production:

> Vladimir Putin is playing the “worldwide Champion of Christianity”…

…From The Washington Times (top) and Sputnik (bottom)

> Donald Trump is playing the “Christian Vindex” who is “under heavy fire” for attacking the “Western Elite’s Satanist Empire” from within…

…from the Huffington Post

According to the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, the Christian Vindex (Trump) will aid the Champion of Christianity (Putin) at a key moment and be struck down because of it. The “Christian Galba” (Rand Paul) will then fill Trump’s shoes after the wars end and the dust settles. You may have noticed that Paul was one of only two senators to vote against the just-passed Russia sanctions law. This was done to make him look principled and to demonstrate goodwill towards his future “Christian” partner in global politics, Putin.

With all this in mind, allow me now to fill you in on the current shape of the globalist prophecy fulfillment script. I’ll do it in a question and answer format…

Q&A 1 – What are the two sides in the globalist-scripted Holy War? Who are the major actors on both sides?

On the “GOOD GUYS” side are the Christians and the “real” Muslims.

The Christian protagonists are…

> Vladimir Putin, the star of the whole show. He will be portrayed as the leader who saves “Christian civilization” and leads the “good guys” to victory. This will catapult him into leadership of the “new, reformed” UN (a.k.a. the New World Order). Either at the climax of the Holy War or 3.5 years later, he will be proclaimed as the returned Christ. (Watch for a very expensive, Hollywood-esque magic show to accompany that proclamation.)

> Donald Trump and Rand Paul playing the roles of Vindex and Galba, respectively. Once Paul ascends to the presidency, he will mend the rift with Putin and lead America into its diminished world role and its place at the new multilateral / multipolar UN round table.

> The “Christian” leaders of the Eastern European EU nations (Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic), who will play a role in disrupting and dismantling the “Satanist-led” EU.

As for the “real” Muslim “good guys,” Ali Khamenei and Qasem Soleimani will play the roles of “the Herald of the Mahdi” and the “Imam Mahdi” (the Muslim savior figure), respectively. Their forces will fight alongside the Christian forces to defeat the “bad guys.”

On the “BAD GUYS” side are the “Western Satanist Elite” and their “Crypto-Satanic radical Islamist” allies.

The Satanic protagonists are…

> Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron, the European equivalents of America’s “Satanist” Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

> Recep Tayyip Erdogan, playing the role of the “Dajjal” (the Islamic version of the Antichrist figure). He will start the hot phase of the Holy War when he cancels the Turkey-EU migrant deal and starts a three million person migrant invasion of Europe. The globalists might also have him seize the US nukes that are supposedly stored at Incirlik Air Base (in order to create a big nuclear scare to help induce urgent UN “reform”).

>The Crypto-Satanic leaders of the Gulf States and the Islamist terrorist armies, who are supposedly trying to destroy both “true Islam” and Christian civilization in concert with their “Western Satanist” allies.

Q & A 2 – When will the Holy War begin?

You won’t have to wait long. The “limited war” phase has been ongoing for years, and the “total war” phase may begin anytime between now and the end of 2018 (unless the globalists back off again). Keep an eye on the supposed rift between Erdogan and EU leaders that the media are portraying to the public…

…from Google

Something will happen soon that “outrages” Erdogan and gets the whole thing going.

Q & A 3 – So the globalist script calls for Vladimir Putin to play the role of the returned Christ?

No. His actual role is to play the Antichrist, so he will be proclaimed the returned Christ as part of his “attempt to usurp Christ’s throne.” Just look at the ritual he did to stealthily signal his Christhood when he visited the “Holy Land” back in 2012…

>>>During the night of June 26, 2012, while on a working visit to Israel, President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Lord’s Sepulchre…

Entering the church, Vladimir Putting kneeled at the Stone of the Anointing. It was at this place that Righteous Joseph and Nicodim laid the lifeless body of Jesus after taking Him down from the Cross and anointed Him with incense and wrapped Him in the Shroud.

After that the president was taken to the Kuviklia, the chapel erected at the place of the three days-long burial of the Saviour.

Then Mr. Putin ascended Golgotha, the place where the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was crucified and after that descended to the cave in which St. Helen Equal-to-the-Apostles found Christ’s Life-Giving Cross…

In the morning of June 26, Mr. Putin came to the Church of the Nativity of Christ in Bethlehem, a Byzantine basilica with the 5th century mosaics built over the cave in which Jesus Christ was born…

Then Mr. Putin was presented with a token, a copy of the Star of Bethlehem executed by Palestinian masters.

The president lighted a candle at the place where Christ was born.” – From

Take a moment to think about this ritual Putin went through. It started at NIGHT at the places associated with Christ’s death at his First Coming, then that NIGHT ended in the MORNING when Vladimir Putin received the Star of Bethlehem and lighted a candle at Christ’s birthspot. That’s a helluva symbolic ritual, was it not? Putin returned Christ’s light to the world after a long night. <<<

– From Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 3 – Is Vladimir Putin the Jewish Messiah?

During the upcoming Holy War, look for the buildings atop the Temple Mount in Jerusalem to be heavily damaged / destroyed by the “bad guys.” Just look at how Erdogan, playing the “Dajjal,” is clashing with Israel over it…

…from a Google search of “Israel Erdogan”

Once the War is won by the Christian / “true” Muslim alliance (with Israel’s help), the Third Temple will be built atop the Temple Mount as a joint “Chrislamijew” holy site. It is at this “unholy” temple that Putin will likely be proclaimed the returned Christ – and recognized as the Antichrist by some.

As Antichrist, Putin’s role is to lead the revived “Global Roman Empire” (a.k.a. the multilateral / multipolar NWO) in “rebellion against God.” So Putin will build his throne atop the Temple Mount (in the form of the Chrislamijew Third Temple) and use the militaries of the world to war against the “true Christ’s forces” when he comes to take back his holy place.

Although the “sovereignty-respecting, democracy-based” NWO will at first look like the solution to all our problems, Putin is scripted to mislead, misuse and crash it so spectacularly that people will become convinced that they’re incapable of governing themselves – that “God must govern us instead.” The globalists’ “true Christ” figure, whom I call “the Kabbalah Christ,” will then take the role of “God-King of the World.” It is from behind this figurehead Christ that the Kabbalist elite plan to rule unopposed over a unified Earth.

NOTE: If you are a new reader and are wondering how I came up with these answers, read “End Times” Programming and the Globalist Prophecy Watch series. It is in these entries that I present the evidence and connect the dots to arrive at this understanding.

More to come.

Love always…

(P.S. – 3 August 2017) – Robert Mueller, China and Trump’s vacation

There were some interesting developments today. Special counsel Robert Mueller has launched an aggressive new phase in his witch hunt while the Senate is moving to block Trump’s ability to fire him…

…from Google News

In the public mind, this establishes motivation for Trump to move quickly to fire Mueller before the House of Representatives return from their August recess.

Also, Trump is expected to fire the first shot in a “trade war” with China on the day (tomorrow) he heads out for a 17-day vacation. While he’s gone, the White House will be torn apart for a partial renovation to ensure he doesn’t return. And when is the renovation scheduled to be complete? On August 21, the day of the Great American Eclipse.

To see why the timing of all these events might be significant, read August 2017: The month the coup likely begins. In addition to the triggers listed in that entry, we can add “Chinese trade retaliation / financial shock / South China Sea confrontation” as potential events to be tied to the “America-dooming” eclipse.

(P.S. – 3 August 2017) – Will Trump kill Obamacare funding, then recall the Senate?

Hmmm… are they setting up a situation in which Trump will kill Obamacare funding this month, then call the Senate back into session to pass the health care bill?…

…from Google News

Publicly forcing the Senate’s hand in this way would create a motive for Congress to strike back against Trump, and the House would likely return to Washington to help. It would be a great way to set up a confrontation for the eclipse on the 21st.

(P.S. – 4 August 2017) – Trump backs down again on China

News has come out that Trump won’t launch the trade war today, so it looks like China-related scenarios won’t play a role in the eclipse. Given that…

> the Senate took action to help block a firing of Mueller,
> Mueller has upped the pressure by empaneling the grand jury, and
> Mueller is going after Trump’s son,

…Trump’s most obvious way to strike back is the Obamacare scenario outlined in the last postscript. So a showdown over healthcare is the odds-on favorite to be the triggering event. And should they back off such a confrontation due to exposure, their most likely fallback scenario would be some sort of attack on Washington. Since both Congress and Trump are out of town, it would be a safe time for them to pop off a WMD there.

On the matter of sanctions and US-Russian relations, hearing the Russians complain of Trump’s weakness goes back to what I talked about in Update 5

Under the new “Vindex Falls” scenario in which Trump is deposed, the white hats will not step up to rescue him because they view him as too weak to stand up to the black hats.

So when the “neolib-neocon deep state” comes for Trump, who will save him? Nobody, that’s who. He is scripted to fall, and the “progressive deep state” counter-coup will not come until we are pushed to the brink of nuclear war.

(P.S. – 5 August 2017) – The likelihood of a globalist-orchestrated “North Korean” sneak attack against the UN and Washington D.C. has substantially increased today. And August 22nd just became a lot more dangerous. I’ll explain why in the morning. Till then, you might want to review my previous alert on the North Korean sneak attack scenario.

(P.P.S.) – My explanation is now posted in this new alert.

August 2017: The month the coup likely begins

During this month, there will be a heightened probability that the long-awaited coup against Trump will begin in earnest. It will start with Congressional Democrats and Republicans uniting to take action against him after a triggering event, and the nature of that event will determine whether the coup is fast-moving or spills over into next year.

Triggers for a fast-moving coup include…

> Trump stopping the funding for Obamacare
> The start of the Erdogan/EU Holy War, which would lead to Trump aligning with Putin

And the most likely trigger for a slow-moving coup would be…

Trump firing special counsel Robert Mueller

Look for Trump to take his fateful action sometime between today and the 17th, and look for Congress to respond between the 18th and 22nd (to take advantage of the Great American Eclipse). (Although Congress is in recess during August, they will return to Washington if the triggering event occurs.) Since the globalist script has cast Trump as the “Christian Good Guy,” they don’t want the Eclipse to be associated with something he does; they want it to be associated with something the “Satanist Bad Guys” do. They want the eclipse to be the “sign in the heavens” that foreshadows doom for America due to “the Satanists’ Last Stand.”

Just look at how the Christian propaganda media are portraying the Trump White House…

…From Christian Broadcasting Network News

Since I’ve been unable to finish the last two Globalist Agenda Watch entries, consider this short-and-sweet entry complete.

With love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 16 – Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren: The NWO leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties (continued – 5)

Behold the controlled-opposition leaders who will take power after the Big Crisis…


In The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first, I wrote about what the REAL NWO will look like once it’s introduced…

The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam.

This means that when we reach the end result of this transition process, the NWO will look like the SOLUTION to all our problems, not another PROBLEM (such as a dark, scary fascist regime) we need to overcome. It will appear as though the corrupt have been defeated, World War 3 has been stopped, all regional conflicts have been resolved, biowarfare against the population has been halted, poverty has been alleviated, debt money has been abolished, secrets have been revealed, and so on and so forth. And the masses, after having been force-fed negativity and conditioned to expect a scary NWO for so long, are expected to be so overcome with joy that they’ll willingly embrace the New Order.

With that in mind, take a moment to think about the current political situation in the US. What is the PROBLEM the globalists are presenting us with? What is the SOLUTION towards which their propaganda is pointing? To help answer these questions, I’ll take you on a guided tour of the Salon article featured at the top of this entry. Its points come straight out of the NWO playbook, and a back-engineering of it will tell you everything you need to know about where American politics is headed in the next few years.

~ continued 1 ~

Let’s begin…

On the surface, the first three paragraphs of the article belittle Rand Paul and his effort to court “disgruntled leftists” during the lead-up to the 2016 election. But beneath the surface, the author stealthily establishes Paul’s bona fides as a supposed true enemy of the Establishment (which he most definitely is NOT)…

“…Paul has staked out some intriguing counter-Republican positions, and has been an important voice in Washington against NSA spy programs, the Bush-Obama regime of endless war and other forms of national-security overreach…”

There may yet be reason to hope that Paul can serve as a disruptive force within the Republican Party… if there’s one thing that establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans agree on, it’s that the Pauline insurgency must be crushed. That’s because establishment Democrats and Republicans actually agree on lots of other things that don’t get debated in public: neoliberal economic policies, the rule of the financial oligarchy, a foreign policy based on permanent war, the entrenched power of the national-security ‘deep state.’ Those are precisely the issues that the Pauls, after their loopy, libertarian fashion, try to drag out into the sunlight.”

“He has long been the potential GOP candidate the Clinton machine most fears, and the one it has spent the most time attacking.”

So there you have it: the bad guys are the “deep state,” and Paul is the opponent they “most fear.” The reader is presented with the scripted bad guys and their dialectic foil.

~ continued 2 ~

Just like the globalists have built up Rand Paul to be their “principled” controlled-opposition figure on the “political right,” they have built up Elizabeth Warren to be his counterpart on the “political left.” And over the next few paragraphs, the author switches his focus to Warren and explains why she is not yet the solution to the problem posed by the Establishment…

“The way to defeat Hillary is not to spend two years pouring hope and money and organizational energy into some other candidate who won’t win and who, if she does win, will be compelled by larger forces to turn into Hillary before our eyes, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ style. Look what became of Mr. Change We Can Believe In; I believe he changed into George W. Bush’s brother from another planet. The way to defeat Hillary is not to invest in another cult of personality, another Great (Wo)Man of History, another outsider maverick savior magician who’s going to ride into Washington on the Hoover of destiny and blast away all the cobwebs of cynicism and corruption. Have we not learned anything from the last eight years?”

So a 2017 Warren presidency would be doomed, says the author, because she’d find herself surrounded by larger forces who would compel her obedience to their policy dictates. Even though this quote was written back in 2014, can you see how it now applies to Trump?

We have arrived at the point in the script where the first efforts of the heroes are stymied by the seemingly invincible strength of the villains. And in the coming weeks/months, we’ll see the villains (the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State”) push the heroes (the “Progressive Deep State”) to the brink of utter defeat. It will be at the most dramatic moment, when their backs are against the wall, that the heroes will finally rise with righteous fury to vanquish the villains.

~ continued 3 ~

Getting back to the article, the author moves on to an overview of the PROBLEM and an imagining of the SOLUTION (which I’ve bolded)…

“But none of that prevents me from perceiving that Hillary Clinton is not the problem, and Elizabeth Warren is not the solution. To be more precise about it, Clinton is certainly an aspect of the problem and a viable representative of the problem. And Warren might turn out, in the fullness of time, to be part of the solution. But you can’t fix what’s wrong with American politics from above, on a quadrennial basis, with a charismatic candidate and brilliant messaging and everybody tweeting the same inspiring photograph…

Defeating Hillary Clinton as a political candidate does little or nothing to defeat the deeply corrupt and only half-visible spectacle of power and politics that produced her and infuses her, and in which she is embedded. Defeating “Hillary Clinton,” on the other hand, is about exposing and dismantling that spectacle and its system, brick by brick and from the ground up, such that it does not produce future Hillary Clintons as our only plausible political leaders…

It’s also a task that could transcend the toxic political labeling of the moment, and therefore one that terrifies the duopoly’s power brokers. That’s where Warren and the Pauls, for example, are not so terribly far apart: Honest discussion of fundamental economic policy, or America’s geopolitical role, or the uses and limitations of state power, serves the interests of progressives, radicals, libertarians and even old-school conservatives (to the extent that species still exists). It does not serve the interests of Wall Street bankers or tax-dodging, outsourcing billionaires or the private-sector parasites who feed on the military-industrial complex or the spymasters and bureaucrats of the permanent deep state. You don’t have to like Rand Paul, or vote for him, to see that his emergence suggests that some flicker of resistance to that caste of tyrants remains alive on the right.

Similarly, Warren’s 2012 Senate victory over a well-massaged, pseudo-moderate Republican incumbent, and her rapid rise to national symbol-hood, suggest a reawakened interest in economic democracy within the Democratic electorate. Those were precisely the issues the party abandoned during the Clinton years, in exchange for massive infusions of Wall Street cash…”

So according to the author, the tag team of Warren & Paul can, “in the fullness of time,” offer a solution that serves everyone (“progressives, radicals, libertarians and even old-school conservatives”). But the “system” must first be “exposed and dismantled” to make such a change plausible.

~ continued 4 ~

After offering this preview of the solution, the article continues by granting our two “heroes” the “get out of jail free” card they’ll need when the globalist script cues their emergence…

Just as Rand Paul has been compelled to embrace or finesse Republican orthodoxy on issues like abortion and immigration, Warren has modulated her message during two years on Capitol Hill. She has fully come around to the hawkish pro-Israel foreign policy required of all elected Democrats, and has made only measured criticisms of the Obama administration on NSA spying, the Edward Snowden case and related national-security questions. Warren’s ascension to a leadership position in the incoming Congress could be read as an attempt to complete the process of assimilation. Within the context of an embattled Democratic Senate minority, she will certainly be expected to function less as a lone wolf and more as a team player.”

So how will the ascended Warren and Paul explain-away their prior complicity with certain elements of the globalist agenda? They’ll claim, “We were compelled by larger forces to compromise some of our principles; we wouldn’t have survived in Washington long enough to do good now if we hadn’t done so.” This is precisely the same argument that will be used to absolve Putin for his longstanding collusion with the globalists.

~ continued 5 ~

Finishing up with the article, the author then restates why the time is not yet right for Warren and Paul, and closes with a foreshadowing of what is to come (with my comments added in brackets)…

“Moving beyond the realpolitik analysis that a non-candidate with no money and no organization is not prepared to storm Fortress Hillary, what would become of Warren’s flaming sword if by some miracle she won the nomination and then the election? We have a pretty good idea, or at least we should: What happened to the last neophyte senator with an idealistic reform agenda who swept into the White House? [And what happened to Trump?]

Attribute the most honorable possible motives to Obama [and Trump], and he still found himself pinioned between a political system driven by corporate donors and lobbyists, a national-security apparatus that operates beyond the control of any office or any individual, and a functionally insane opposition party driven by fear and hatred.

You don’t have to change just one of those factors in order to make President Warren’s first term, beginning in January 2017, a new American dawn. You have to change all of them

Given the current conditions of our ungovernable republic, would Warren even be a better president than Clinton? I’m honestly not sure. If Warren 2016 is a dangerous mirage, that’s not because it might inconvenience or discomfit Hillary Clinton the candidate. That prospect is admittedly almost irresistible. It’s a mirage because it feeds into the reification of the political edifice embodied by Hillary Clinton, and nurtures its aura of inevitability, inescapability and invulnerability. It only forestalls that system’s coming day of reckoning, which cannot come soon enough if we want this country to have a future.”

On that last point, the globalists are the only organized force with the power to bring a “day of reckoning” to their system, so they will be the ones who do it. After having their media minions lay the groundwork with preparatory propaganda like this Salon article, they will lead the revolution against themselves. And in doing so, they’ll tear down their Interim World Order (Bretton Woods) and erect their multilateral / multipolar New World Order in its place.

More to come.

With love…

The Potential Significance of Next Month’s “Great American Eclipse”

Have a look at the path of totality (the narrow band along which the Sun will be 100% blocked) of next month’s solar eclipse…


It cuts through America (and only America), and it appears as though “the gods are putting a slash through America, canceling it out.” August 21, 2017 is “the day America will be eclipsed.” Given the astrological obsession of the “elite,” don’t be surprised if they try to turn such negative expressions into actual reality.

If you think about what could take down America after August the 21st, the end of the fiscal year on September 30 comes to mind. The looming battle over the federal budget and debt ceiling could easily be scripted to go south and lead to a fiscal reckoning for the US.

Currently, the “extraordinary measures” that are keeping the government funded are projected to be expended by early to mid-October, and that’s not accounting for any black swans that might pop up between now and then. If we were to get caught up in a tussle with China / North Korea or Turkey, or if we were to experience a sudden breakdown of Obamacare, we could run out of money weeks sooner.

Although there are a million ways the globalists can script a sudden American fall, my “favorite” scenario looks something like this…

1) a sudden hemorrhage of money caused by a “Trump mistake” triggers the debt ceiling
2) Congress removes Trump when they move to free up emergency funds
3) Pence assumes emergency powers “to deal with the crisis”
4) Pence takes us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia to distract people from the coup

Getting back to the eclipse, though, the Time and Date article provides excellent information on it. They also have a page that goes into the myths and superstitions that surround solar eclipses, such as the one the “elite” might employ…

I’ve already ordered a pack of eclipse glasses and a pair of solar binoculars. You might want to get yours before the last-minute rush.

Much love…

(P.S. – Same Day) – Here’s some good news for me: the next American eclipse in 2024 will pass right over Fort Worth…


P.P.S. – Thinking about the 2024 eclipse passing over me in seven years got me thinking about my life. I started blogging seven years ago and have changed dramatically over that time. What kind of person will I be in seven more years? Now I have a date with destiny to find out.

(P.S. – 11 July 2017) – A few readers have contacted me to point out that if you track the paths of the 2017 and 2024 American eclipses (shown in pink), they form an “X” over America…

…From That’s worth keeping in mind I suppose.

But to show how ridiculous a person could get with all this eclipse stuff, if you add in the 2023 annular eclipse (shown in orange), a sideways “A” is drawn over America. “A” for “Antichrist”???…

Vindex (Trump) walks into an ambush in the belly of the Beast

Today it occurred to me that just like Obama was positioned to be the “decoy/counterfeit Antichrist” within the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, there is a decoy/counterfeit Beast of Revelation as well. It is the G7.

The Beast of Revelation has seven heads, and upon those seven heads are ten horns, each with a crown. Now if we look at the G7, it consists of seven nations (the heads), and it has ten leaders (the horns with crowns). Those leaders are the 7 political heads of the member nations plus the 2 political heads of the EU…

…from Wikipedia

That makes 9 horns. So who is the tenth, you ask? It is the religious head of the G7, the Pope, who hails from the Vatican, a sovereign city-state at the very heart of a G7 member state. This makes Pope Francis the “Hidden Horn,” and when Trump went to Italy to attend the G7 Summit earlier this year, he met first with the Hidden Horn before he went to the Summit to encounter the other eight.

Since Trump is playing the role of the one true Christian amidst a pack of G7 “Satanists” who are using Islam to destroy Christianity, he is the odd man out (they already got rid of the first odd man out, the “true Christian” Putin, when they kicked him out of the G8 to make the G7). So as the odd man out who just enraged the Beast by removing the US from the Paris Agreement, Trump will face an ambush at the G20 Summit on 7/7

…from Google News

At the very least, the G7 component of the G20 will do everything possible to trip Trump up and make him look bad; at worst, he could be “assassinated” right there on Merkel’s home turf (in the belly of the Beast). Whether it happens as early as the G20 or as late as the Turkish Holy War, death is the most likely outcome for the character Trump is playing. And remember too that the prophecy fulfillment script also contains a standing contingency for the “assassination” of Putin that could be activated at any time. Whenever it happens, he will either survive it or be “resurrected” three days afterwards.

If you are unfamiliar with the globalist prophecy script, you can learn about it in “End Times” Programming and the Globalist Prophecy Watch series. And for more information on what’s going on this week of the G20, read the previous update.

Love always…

(P.S. – Same Day) – Upon looking through what’s written about the Beast in Revelation and translating it into what the globalists might do to fake its fulfillment, I can see confirmation that the G7 is “Satanic,” that Trump will indeed be replaced with Pence at some point soon, and that the G7 will meet its end in December of this year. I’ll start filling in the details after I’ve completed my dinner cycle, which takes four hours unfortunately.

[Addendum 1 – Same Day]

Let’s have a look at some of the other things the Book of Revelation says about the Beast…

1) Revelation 13:2 – “…and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

So who is this dragon who gives the Beast its power, seat, and authority? The answer can be found in…

Revelation 12:9 – “And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world…”

So if the G7 is being cast as the decoy Beast, we see why the globalists’ alt-media disinfo guys keep blasting the West as being run by Satanists.

2) Revelation 13:3 – “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed…”

If the seven heads are the seven nations of the G7, the head that was wounded is the US, and it happened when Trump was elected. Instead of leadership passing from the “Satanist” Obama to the “Satanist” Clinton, a “Christian” was elected. And when that happened, talk was rampant that the “Trump Revolution” / populism would sweep through the EU (thus killing the Beast). So if the “deadly wound” is healed, that means a “Satanist” (Pence) will take back the Presidency. And that would have to happen before the Beast meets its end.

3) Revelation 13:5 – “…and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.”

If the current incarnation of the G7 is the Beast, it has only 42 months (3 years and 6 months) to live. So let’s look at when the G7 took its current form…

…from Wikipedia

It was at the 40th G7 Summit, on June 4-5, 2014, that Putin was kicked out of the G8 and the current G7 began. So let’s count forward six months…
1. July 4-5, 2014
2. August 4-5, 2014
3. September 4-5, 2014
4. October 4-5, 2014
5. November 4-5, 2014
6. December 4-5, 2014
And if we add 3 years to December 4-5, 2014, we get December 4-5, 2017.

So if the globalists stick with this part of the script, the Beast’s head wound must be healed between now and December, and the Beast will not continue after the first week of December.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll look at some more passages and explore the Second Beast of Revelation, “The Beast out of the Earth” (which is the EU).

[Addendum 2 – 7 July 2017]

Let’s continue our look at the Beast in Revelation…

4) After the Beast’s head wound is healed, this is what is said to happen…

Revelation 3:3-4 – “…and all the world wondered after the beast. And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Now take a moment to think of what people will say about the G7 / Western Establishment if they assassinate Trump or kick him out of office. Everyone will remark about how invincible is their grip on power in the West and how no one can stand against them.

5) Revelation 3:7 – “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.”

Here is where the G7’s “war against Christianity” comes in. The globalists have had their “Satanic Western Establishment” guys…

> create, train, arm, and fund radical Islamist groups that have slaughtered Christians around the world;

> orchestrate Islamist terror attacks on their own people;

> import Muslim immigrants on a vast scale in order to break down Western civilization and defeat Christianity; and

> use their power over government, education, and media to corrupt Western society and depopularize Christianity.

The globalists are having their Western guys do all these terrible things so their Eastern guys (like the “Champion of Christianity” Putin) can step in and play the saviors.

6) Revelation speaks of a second beast in verses 11-15. This second beast has two horns, assists the first beast, and is mentioned in conjunction with the healing of the first beast’s head wound. So if we look at the two horns as two leaders, the second beast must be the European Union, which has two leaders (Tusk and Juncker).

Although the EU is part of the G7, it has its own identity separate from it. So it is its own beast. And after the G7’s American head was wounded, it was the EU that kept the Western Establishment alive by leading the conspiracy to rig the European polls to stop the populist uprising in its tracks (this conspiracy will be brought to light in the near future).

If you look at Revelation 13 at the Bible site, you’ll see that it calls the first beast “The Beast Out of the Sea”

And it calls the second beast “The Beast Out of the Earth”

Looking at these Wikipedia maps of the G7 and EU, you can see why they would call the G7 “The Beast Out of the Sea” and the EU “The Beast Out of the Earth.” All G7 nations border the sea, and they span across both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. And all EU nations are on the same continent.

All this being said, if the honest bloggers and commenters do our best to expose the contrived nature of all this, perhaps we can cause them to hold off. If we can only get to January with the G7 still in place, it will blow another of their timelines, and I would enjoy that with wicked delight. I might even celebrate by purchasing my first-ever bottle of Dom Perignon. Given my budget, though, it’ll have to be the vintage from the year Chernobyl blew.

(P.S. – 8 July 2017) – Now here’s a picture of reality…

…from the Drudge Report

Do you see how Xi and Merkel are smiling at the Trumps? Hidden behind all the bullsh*t political pronouncements that will come out of the G20 is the reality that all its leaders are one big happy family of globalist minions. Though they are given different and sometimes adversarial roles to play on the public stage, they are all butt-buddies who party together.

Here’s another example from Zero Hedge

…This is the article’s closing paragraph…

“This slice of life – this snapshot from a party – tells a thousand words. Washington, D.C. is a carefully crafted stage play, designed to distract the American people from what goes on behind the scenes. If we fail to recognize that, we will never achieve substantial change.”

Alt-media sites like Zero Hedge tell you truths like this so you’ll believe the lies they also tell you, such as the lie that the “Deep State” is the source of America’s troubles. In reality, this global stage play is being put on by the world’s royal families, their Kabbalist Jew senior partners, and their Freemason / secret society / mafia uberminions.

[Addendum 3 – 9 July 2017]

The G20 Summit contained far fewer petty slights against Trump than I was expecting, but the script moved forward as anticipated. After finally meeting with Putin face-to-face, Trump is “vowing” he’ll “move forward in working constructively with Russia.” And in response to this, the “Satanic” Pope Francis – the Hidden Horn of the Beast Out of the Sea – is warning about a “dangerous alliance” between America and Russia. This provides the motivation for the “Satanic” coup-plotters to proceed.

Meanwhile, Trump’s Presidential replacement has been gathering coup backers, thus preparing for the Caesarian “Et tu, Mike?” moment with Trump…

…from the Drudge Report

And the press have proclaimed Merkel (who is part of both beasts) as Trump’s replacement as “Leader of the Free World”…

…from Google News

Now all they need is a triggering event that can be blamed on Trump’s “insanity” in order to make their move. The outbreak of conflict with either China / North Korea or Turkey remains the most likely approach. Also, Merkel’s ascension to de facto leadership of the G7 can be spun as a healing of the Beast’s head wound in case they need to move in another direction. We can expect them to make rapid on-the-fly script adjustments in an attempt to keep their agenda in motion.

A Hazardous Week Ahead for Vindex (Trump) ~enhanced 6 – The South China Sea / North Korea Setup~

The week from this July 4th weekend through the G20 Summit next weekend offers an opportunity for the globalists to accelerate towards the Vindex Falls scenario I outlined in Updates 5 and 7. What starts this coming week could provide the final pretext for Trump’s removal from the Presidency using the 25th Amendment. I’ll go into more detail when I attempt to return to blogging this Monday. If I make it back, I’ll also finish my thought on what’s in store for the UK political situation.

~ enhancement 1 ~

Since it wouldn’t hurt to practice ABB before Monday, let’s take note of the headline Drudge posted going into this July 4th weekend…

…from the Drudge Report

The headline link leads to an article which talks about a Democrat effort to remove Trump from office due to mental incapacity…


Take note of the two points underlined in red.

So Pence would have to side with the plotters to fulfill the coup, eh? Well lo and behold…

…from the Drudge Report

And Trump’s cabinet could start the coup, eh? Well wouldn’t you know it…

…from Zero Hedge

Are you beginning to see how all the preparatory propaganda parts fit together?

~ enhancement 2 – 2 July 2017 ~

As we head into this week, expect to see a series of “mistakes” and “embarrassments” by Trump starting with his “mishandling” of the contrived crisis in Qatar and continuing through a “disastrous” G20 Summit in Germany. According to the globalist script, this will get the Democrats and Republicans nodding at each other over “what needs to be done.”

And as we observe all this unfold, let’s remember that there are three narratives running simultaneously: 1) the globalists’ mainstream narrative (intended for the sleepers), 2) the globalists’ controlled-opposition alt-media narrative (intended for the awakening public), and 3) the true narrative (which this blog aims to expose).

According to the mainstream narrative, Trump will be replaced due to incompetence and hatred. The Democrats will do it because they hate Trump and want to stop him from undoing Obama’s legacy. The Republicans will do it because they want to rid themselves of an “embarrassment” and get a President they’d much prefer (Pence). And Pence will go along because he’ll get to be the President.

According to the controlled-opposition alt-media narrative, Trump will be replaced because the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” wants him gone, and the “Progressive Deep State” doesn’t see him as a sufficiently steady partner. “Trump tried to work with the Establishment and strike a ‘fair deal’ for the American people, but the Establishment wasn’t having it,” the alt-media propagandists will say, “so they put in Pence so they could go to war with the ‘last holdout’ from Western-style globalism, Putin.”

And according to the true narrative, Trump will be replaced because that’s what the globalists’ Vindex script calls for: Vindex strives and fails. The Empire takes the world to the brink of total destruction. The last holdout (Putin) saves the day. And Galba (Rand Paul) leads America to “freedom,” singing the praises of the fallen Vindex.

~ enhancement 3 – 2 July 2017 ~

One specific thing to watch for this week is the interaction between Trump and Xi. It’s no coincidence that coming into this weekend we’ve seen the following things in the propaganda press…

> Accounts of Trump “outraging” China on multiple fronts…

…from the globalist mainstream propaganda site Financial Times

> Accounts of China completing more weapons installations in the South China Sea…

…from the globalist controlled-opposition alt-media propaganda site ZeroHedge

Circulating these stories allows the globalists to set the stage for a contentious meeting between Trump and Xi on the sidelines of the G20 meeting at the end of the week. If they publicly portray discord after the meeting, we could see the South China Sea and North Korea situations come to a head quickly. As I outlined in Update 6, a disastrous (for both nations) confrontation in the South China Sea could be used to facilitate the scripted downfall of both Trump and Xi. In fact, future Chinese globalist historians will someday refer to the South China Sea as “Xi’s Graveyard.”

The globalists’ strategy in sacrificing Trump and Xi is to depopularize the “aggressive, unilateral nationalism” for which the two leaders are known in favor of “cooperative nationalism,” which will be exemplified by their (eventual) replacements, Rand Paul and Li Keqiang. These cooperative nationalists will happily participate in the globalists’ multilateral / multipolar NWO. And this “disgrace and replace” strategy is why we just saw Obama laying out this piece of preparatory propaganda…

…from The Hill

~ enhancement 4 – 2 July 2017 ~

Another G20 sidelines meeting to watch is the one between Trump and Putin. The globalist script undoubtedly calls for the “Neocon/Neolib Deep State” to seize upon any sign of cordiality or cooperation between the two leaders as an excuse to hammer home their “Russiagate” claims against Trump. Should they do so, the controlled-opposition alt-media will proclaim, “Now that Trump and Putin are finally meeting face-to-face, the Deep State wants to remove Trump before Putin can sway him back to a policy of rapprochement with Russia.” So if Trump and Putin announce a formal summit date after their G20 get-together, we can expect the coup to be staged before it occurs.

As you can see from the confluence of events and propaganda signals I’m showing you, the globalists have clearly set up this week as a window of opportunity to finally get the coup/countercoup in motion. But should they again opt to not pull the trigger, we probably won’t see a Pence presidency this year. Their next logical fallback would be to keep Trump in place until the Turkish Holy War starts in September, let him carry out Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise, have the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” assassinate/suicide him for it, then have the “Progressive Deep State” counterattack, prevail, and install Rand Paul. And if we can get through September without any of that, we may have blocked them for yet another year. Here’s hoping for continued boredom…

~ enhancement 5 – 2 July 2017 ~

If you’ve looked at any news today, I’m sure you’ve seen this…

…from Google News

Silly behavior such as this is intended to provide some of the rationale for Congressional Republicans voting to remove him…

…from Politico

Trump is knowingly playing right into the hands of the coup; he knows the role he must play.

~ enhancement 6 – 4 July 2017 ~

As expected, the globalist stage managers have begun setting up the confrontation in the South China Sea and North Korea. So as we approach the UN “Crisis Meeting” tomorrow and the G20 Summit on Friday, you might want to review…

The globalist contingency plan for a nuclear/radiological attack on the UN

The globalists’ objectives in the South China Sea

These updates were written back when they tried to pull all this earlier in the year, and the setup for this try is remarkably similar.

~ a personal note ~

The globalists aren’t the only ones who are trying to raise a phoenix from the ashes; I started my own Operation Phoenix back on June 15. When my grandmother started howling every time I moved her, I pretty much collapsed inside. I looked at my current life and the many dreadful decades to come and I hit rock-bottom.

As often happens in such a case, I fell into distracting behaviors such as excessive daily wine consumption, indulgence in “impure thoughts,” and spending every spare moment vegging out in front of a video screen watching something, anything, to check out of my reality. But then, inspiration hit. I got the idea to do something that I’ll start next week. And having a positive goal to move towards has motivated me to discontinue the distracting behaviors and live above my baser instincts. Progress has come in a ‘two steps forward / one and a half steps back’ fashion of course, but solid headway has been made.

One of the differences you’ll notice from all this is that my blog entries will be built in even smaller increments at all hours of the day and night according to my Always Be Blogging (ABB) initiative. I’m hoping ABB will allow me to build a momentum that can’t be stopped by anything that happens in my personal life or beyond. The globalists are moving so fast and on such a broad front that I must be able to stay in constant motion to counter them (for whatever my efforts to counter them are worth).

More to come on Operation Phoenix next week. But while we’re on the subject, grandma is doing better now. The howling has stopped due to better pain medicine and natural healing.

Much love…