Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 9 – The globalists’ 2017 crisis schedule in detail

[Special Note – After reading this, you might want to read Update 10…

Putin and Trump’s Big Trick: Will US forces actually be joining Assad, Putin, and Khamenei in a joint Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan)?

…It offers a rather interesting scenario to add to the ones you’ll read about in this entry.]

Here it comes again…

One of the two purposes of this blog is to utilize the heckler effect to stop any fast-moving globalist plots, thereby forcing them to advance their New World Order (NWO) agenda in a piecemeal effort over the course of years rather than months. So in service to this purpose, this entry will take a more in-depth look at the three-phase globalist plan for 2017 that I outlined in the previous note

Phase 1: Darkness Falls – In this phase, the globalists will trigger the Big Crisis that will precede the launch of the NWO, and it could involve some or all of the following elements…

  • a shooting encounter between the Americans and Chinese in the South China Sea,
  • nationwide riots by migrants in France following the first round of the French presidential presidential election on April 23,
  • a partial shutdown of the US government after April 28 that will prevent the distribution of food stamps on May 1,
  • nationwide May Day riots in the US led by paid “leftist” agents provocateur, who could be joined by restive elements of the population whose food stamps were cut off,
  • a sharp downturn in the markets blamed on the US/China conflict and the widespread social disorder, and
  • a coup against Trump that will lead to his quick replacement with Vice President Mike Pence.

This phase will unfold in the late-April thru May timeframe.

Phase 2: The Long Night of the Vampires – In this phase, the globalists will use the global financial crisis triggered by Phase 1 to confiscate much of the public’s wealth through a series of bank failures and bail-ins. They will also use President Pence to intensify the confrontation between the US and Russia.

Since the world will be rattled by the shooting encounter between nuclear powers and the unfolding economic crisis, Putin and the BRICS will introduce proposals in the UN “to overhaul and restore confidence in the global financial system” and “to reform the UN so it’s more able to prevent conflicts like the one between the US and China.”

This phase will unfold between May and September, and it is during these months that the alt-media will sell Putin’s UN-to-NWO overhaul to the public.

Phase 3: The Dawn of a New Day – In this phase, the long-building conflict between the US and Russia will reach its climax, and it will trigger a full economic shutdown and take us to the very edge of a nuclear war. It is at this point that the globalist minions playing the “white hats” role in the US government will stage a counter-coup along with the US military to replace Pence with Rand Paul (who will be the most senior elected official left standing after the counter-coup has made all of its arrests). Paul will then cooperate with Putin and China’s new leader, Li Keqiang, in pushing through the UN / financial system overhauls to get the world moving again.

In the hours / days ahead, I’ll fill in more details about the elements in each stage. Then we can just wait and see what they do at the Trump/Xi summit this Thursday and Friday. Before we continue on, though, let me give my standard heads-up to new readers…

The globalists control both sides in the current political drama – both the “Establishment” side (Obama, Clinton, Soros, the Bilderbergers, the mainstream media, etc.) and the “Anti-Establishment” side (Trump, Le Pen, Putin, the BRICS, the alternative media, etc.). They are deliberately staging a dialectic conflict between the two sides in order to implode their existing “Establishment” and erect a new one (the multilateral / multipolar New World Order) in its place. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy for more information on what they’re doing.

With the heads-up now complete, here are the “more details” I promised…

[Addendum 1 – Same Day] – The Year of the Four (or Five) Presidents

In Update 5, I talked about how Trump’s planned fate might be modeled after the Roman figure Vindex. And if you look at what happened in Rome after Vindex fell, you’ll see that it led to the Year of the Four Emperors. We could be looking at the same thing here in the US this year…

President #1 – Barack Obama (January 1 – January 20)
President #2 – Donald Trump (January 20 – May)
President #3 – Mike Pence (May – September)
President #4 – Rand Paul (September onward)…

…From the Drudge Report. “Ace” = “Ace in the hole”

In a second variation of the presidential plan I covered in Update 7, we could see the Year of the Five Presidents…

President #1 – Barack Obama (January 1 – January 20)
President #2 – Donald Trump (January 20 – May)
President #3 – Mike Pence (May – September)
President #4 – Jeff Sessions (September – November)…

…From a Google News search for “jeff sessions rand paul”
President #5 – Rand Paul (November onward)

History repeats itself because our world is ruled by the same old families running the same old schemes.

[Addendum 2 – 4 April 2017] – How the US-China war crisis will likely unfold

If you look at the pre-crisis narration in the propaganda press, it’s not hard to see how the South China Sea war crisis could develop…

In May, the Japanese will be sending one of their helicopter carriers to the South China Sea to train alongside the US aircraft carrier that is already in the region…

…From The Japan Times / Reuters

In response, the Chinese may declare an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the South China Sea, which is something they’ve already done in the East China Sea…

…From the South China Morning Post

And the Chinese are already shadowing ships and aircraft in the area, so US, Japanese, and Chinese forces will be in very close proximity to each other, with the Chinese verbally harassing aircraft operating from the carriers…

…From The Diplomat. Here is a notable passage…

“Wang’s comments on aerial interception could presage the declaration of an air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea by China. Beijing made a similar declaration in November 2013 for the East China Sea, where it disputes territory with Japan.”

Since Xi and Trump portray themselves as nationalistic peacocks, the rules of engagement given to both sides will likely be “don’t back down” and “you may fire if fired upon.” In such a swirl of forces that have such dangerous rules of engagement, all it would take is one globalist agent opening fire to turn the South China Sea into a war zone. And once the shooting starts, neither Xi nor Trump will want to be the one who backs down.

I would expect the fighting to last only a few days at most, and while it’s going on, all trade and financial exchanges between the two nations will be frozen. This is what will start the global economic crisis. And given the economic oblivion that would result if the conflict were to continue and expand, powerful forces in both the US and China will compel both Xi and Trump to knock it off.

Once the “needless, economically ruinous conflict” has stopped, all of Trump and Xi’s political enemies will smell blood in the water, and they’ll pull out their long knives and move to unseat both leaders. This is what will lead to the coup against Trump and the replacement of Xi by Li Keqiang.

As for the physical outcome of the engagement, Chinese forces in the South China Sea will be routed and their bases will be left temporarily unusable. And America will be badly stung by the loss of their aircraft carrier and/or an attempted nuclear missile attack by North Korea. A nuclear war scare is important for the globalist agenda because it will stimulate the UN to start seriously considering reforms. So…

The nuclear war scare in the May US-China Conflict will put institutional reform front and center on the UN agenda, and the much more serious nuclear war scare in the September US-Russia Conflict will compel them to enact the reforms without further delay.

The reformed UN will then be the multilateral / multipolar NWO the globalists have been planning all along.

[Addendum 3, Part 1 – 4 April 2017] – How they’ll trigger chaos in the streets

The Big Crisis will start in France – in fact, its precursor events are already happening with sporadic demonstrations and riots there over recent incidents of “police brutality.” But the current unrest will be nothing compared to what will happen after the first round of the French presidential election on April 23. I wrote about it in a postscript of a previous entry…

>>> What do you think will happen if Le Pen places in the top two of the first round of voting and qualifies for the runoff election?

You’d expect to see “angry, fearful migrants” rioting in the streets and carrying out terrorist attacks, wouldn’t you? This is especially true if Le Pen places first.

So I think that’s what the globalists will do to push Le Pen over the top: have their paid provocateurs and terrorists stage riots and terror attacks possibly before, and DEFINITELY AFTER, the first round of voting. If voters have to walk by burning cars and rioting Muslims on their way to the runoff polls, whom do you think they’ll choose? <<<

With this in mind, we can see that the coming rioting in France will serve two purposes:

1) It will lead to a public backlash that will propel Le Pen into the French presidency at some point this year. The second round of the election on May 7 could be postponed due to rioting or Le Pen could lose, but she (or another pro-Putin candidate) WILL be installed by the end of the year.

2) It will serve as the starting point of the Big Crisis that leads to the UN’s “reform” into the New World Order. Having Le Pen (or an alternative pro-Putin candidate) installed as the President of France is a necessary step in the UN “reform” process. See Update 8 – The globalist strategy for the French and UK elections for more details.

[Addendum 3, Part 2 – 4 April 2017] – Turkey and the Holy War

Now let’s pause for a moment to shift our gaze to Turkey. On April 16, just a week before the first round of the French election, the Turks will hold a referendum that will essentially turn Turkey into a Muslim Caliphate with Erdogan as the Caliph. This development is so important to the globalist plan that the Hidden Hand has actually shown itself in order to support it…

…From The Times

Just like Trump appears to have been given the role of “Vindex” in the globalist script, Erdogan has been given a role as well: that of the “Dajjal,” the Muslim Antichrist. And according to the globalist prophecy script, Erdogan’s Dajjal character has been conspiring with “Satanist” Western leaders like Merkel to destroy Christendom with an Islamist invasion. Can you guess who is scripted to stop the Dajjal? Yep, it’s none other than Vladimir Putin, who has been given the role of the “Messiah” who will defeat the Satanist/Islamist alliance.

In keeping with his role as Dajjal, Erdogan has been threatening Europe as of late…

…From YouTube

Just take a look at this “last warning” issued via Turkey’s Daily Sabah on March 19…

…From the Daily Sabah

Take careful note of the word “populist,” then ask yourself some questions…

Who is the next populist leader up for election in Europe?

– That would be Marine Le Pen.

How will the Caliphate feel if she is the top vote-getter in the April 23 election and is just one step away from the Presidency of France?

– They won’t like it.

How will Erdogan respond if Muslim riots break out all over France and incidents of “police brutality” are alleged by the rioters?

– He will call for all Turks and Muslims to rise up “in defense of their rights,” and riots and “lone wolf terror attacks” will spread throughout Europe. This will give us the “Summer of Terror” that was originally scheduled for last year. And like any fireworks show, you can expect it to end with a big barrage right as we reach the US vs. Russia climax point in September.

So mark your calendars and maps: the Christian-Muslim holy war goes hot on April 23 in France.

[Addendum 3, Part 3 – 5 April 2017] – How they’ll trigger riots in America on May 1

Looking now to the setup for riots in America, let’s take things by the numbers…

1) Funding for the federal government runs out after April 28, so a continuing resolution must be passed by then to keep the government running.

2) The Republicans are about to piss-off the Democrats by amending Senate rules to force-through their Supreme Court nominee…

…From Fox News

And House Speaker Paul Ryan and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus are continuing to piss-off the Republican House Freedom Caucus by trying to force-through a “bad” health care bill. Have a look at this little preparatory propaganda piece from Townhall to see the rationale for the Freedom Caucus’ coming action…

…Here are some notable passages…

>>> Gohmert didn’t blame Trump completely for the newfound tension between the White House and the Freedom Caucus. That deteriorating relationship, he argued, is thanks to pressure from Ryan and White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who Gohmert called “establishment to the core.”

Trump, Gohmert said, “was ready to make a deal” with the caucus after meeting with them on health care. Trump agreed with them “twice” after meeting, yet each time Ryan and Priebus pushed back

If the GOP leadership keeps pushing the AHCA through as is, the president’s administration will be defined as a “fraud,” he said.

“It is going to destroy his administration.” <<<

As you can see from these hints, the globalist script calls for Establishment Republicans like Ryan, Priebus, and Pence to push through a disastrous health care bill in order to sabotage Trump’s presidency. But the script also calls for an adequate number of diehard Freedom Caucus members to stand their ground and stop the Establishment effort. These diehard “heroes” will join with Democrats to stop the continuing resolution in order to get Trump’s attention and compel him to wait on health care and purge Priebus from the White House. In other words, they will help trigger a government shutdown “to save Trump from Establishment sabotage.”

3) The House of Representatives will leave Washington on Friday for their Spring recess. When they come back, they will have only four days to pass the continuing resolution…

…From The dates highlighted in blue are the days the House is in session.

4) If Congress is unable pass the continuing resolution, the government will partially shut down. And wouldn’t you know it, the shutdown will fall on the 100th day of Trump’s presidency…

…From CNN. In America, it is a tradition to reflect on the accomplishments of a president in his first 100 days in office. And when the media and historians write about Trump’s first 100 days, they will talk about the US government grinding to a halt. None of this is happening by accident.

But how does a government shutdown figure in to demonstrations and rioting, you ask?

– Here is an article from a previous shutdown drama that tells you how…

…From The Huffington Post. Here is an excerpt…

“The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides monthly food benefits to 45 million Americans, will go dark if Congress fails to pass a law funding government operations after Oct. 1, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the program.”

SO WHAT WILL HAPPEN when over 40 million Americans go to the sto’ on May 1 to buy baby milk powder and Corn Nuts and their EBT cards are declined for lack of funds?

– Nothing pretty, I assure you. And if the globalists green-light their plan, you’ll find out in just a few short weeks.

5) On May 1, May Day, paid anti-Trump agents provocateur will stage demonstrations and riots that could then be joined by people whose food stamps were not delivered. Here is a preparatory propaganda piece setting expectations for what is to come…

…From Alex Jones has been talking about this on his show too.

And here is another propaganda piece from the Strategic Culture Foundation that talks about the “Purple Revolution”…

…I guess a Purple Revolution is what you get when a generation of Prince fans are running globalist psyops.

So if you put paid provocateurs onto the streets just in time to attract the attention of tens of millions of desperate people with no money for food, you have the recipe for a nationwide explosion of unrest. And this unrest will continue up to the time the Japanese arrive in the South China Sea to get the war crisis started.

6) The combination of chaos in America’s streets caused by “Trump’s inability to govern” and a “needless, economy crippling” clash with China caused by “Trump’s diplomatic incompetence” will give the “Establishment” the excuse they need to move on Trump and replace him with Pence. That’s when Phase 2 of the globalists’ 2017 plan will kick in.

[Addendum 4 – 6 April 2017] – How they’ll slow-crash the markets and do bank bail-ins

The Global Financial Crisis of 2017 will be bookended by two war crises. The US-China War Crisis in May will be used as the excuse to trigger a precipitous initial plunge of the markets, but the global economy and financial system will not go into full and final cardiac arrest until the US-Russia War Crisis in September. The time between the two war crises will be used for two purposes:

1) To confiscate as much of the public’s wealth as possible through carefully managed market declines and a controlled series of bank failures and bail-ins, and

2) To educate the public on the solution to all the problems that besiege them (that solution being the New World Order).

From the ground-level view of the economic crisis, we’ll see the markets locked down for a couple of days during the first war crisis, but they’ll be reopened in full-on control mode. And in the months that follow, we’ll see sporadic market closings, cancelled trades, and other such interventions done to ostensibly keep the markets from abruptly crashing, but the real purpose of such meddling is to maximize the yield of the globalists’ wealth harvesting operations.

Wealth confiscation will also take the form of bank failures and bail-ins. As economic activity decreases and they take the markets further and further down, more and more banks will fail, and Cyprus-style measures will be implemented to deal with the failures. And when it comes to the bailing-in of depositor funds, the “bank deposit levy” they first proposed in Cyprus was…

  • 6.7% on deposits up to 100,000 euros, and
  • 9.9% on deposits over 100,000 euros.

So we can expect the coming bail-ins to look something like that: a lower rate of losses for those whose deposits are within bank insurance limits, and a higher rate of losses for those whose deposits exceed the insured level. And if you factor in derivatives losses and the fact that the globalists want to convince us that we’re ruled by “Satanists” and need rescue by the “Christian Champion,” Putin, they’ll make the deposit levies hurt.

While all this is going on, Russia and their BRICS allies will present appealing proposals to overhaul the UN and the global financial system, but these proposals will be blocked by President Pence. It is only when Pence brings us to the brink of nuclear and economic oblivion and is replaced by the counter-coup that the proposals will be acted upon. The global economic system will then be rebooted into a “gold-backed” configuration in order to restore public confidence in it, and it just so happens that the Chinese will be the ones stepping forward to provide the gold for the reboot.

To see how the gold card will be played around the time of the US-Russia war crisis, read The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers. As for the other points I bring up in the top section of this entry, they’re all sufficiently covered in my earlier writings, so see these entries for more information…

NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017

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Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 7 – Why the globalists might replace Trump with Rand Paul

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In this entry you’ve seen my best estimate of the globalists’ most direct and aggressive approach to what they want this year. I can only hope that it’s sufficiently accurate to make them think twice about trying it. Performing a trick in front of an audience that knows how it works is a dicey proposition – there is no way they’ll respond like you want them to.

Any further additions to this entry will be added as postscripts.

Love always…

(P.S. – 6 April 2017) – Alex Jones, the US-China war propagandist

Check out the first three minutes of this Alex Jones video

…Seeing it will take you back to the “good ol’ days” of World War II propaganda newsreels.

Listen to what he says at the 2:36 mark, taking note of the manner in which he speaks and the glee in his voice (he’s hamming it up because he knows what a contrived drama this all is)…

“That’s why Trump and the military have been trying to make a deal – as this heated up even during the election – with Russia to back us if China has to be preemptively struck! It’s the only way to stop a full-scale nuclear war is to use all the space-based weapons and everything else – when their subs pop up, destroy it all in 10 minutes! Or the entire planet will be destroyed! I’m not calling for nuclear war! But we’ve got to get ready to hit them with everything we’ve got.”

As I explained in the main body of this entry, a nuclear scare during the US-China Conflict is essential in getting the UN “reform” ball rolling.

(P.S. – 7 April 2017) – Trump’s scripted isolation from his loyalists and political base & The effects of the Syria strike

Let’s look at what has happened over the last two days…

First, Trump supposedly gets manipulated “by the globalists in his administration” into purging one of his loyalists, Steve Bannon, from the National Security Council (NSC)…

…From The New Yorker

Second, the Bannon-free NSC then unanimously agrees that Syria must be struck over a laughably absurd false-flag chemical weapons attack…

…From the weekly Standard

Third, Trump supposedly gets manipulated into pulling the trigger.

What’s happening here is that the globalists are portraying Trump as being manipulated into isolating himself from his loyalists and his political base, which, according to the script, will leave him easy pickings for the coming coup.

With these new developments in mind, what sort of response can we expect from the political actors in the House Freedom Caucus?

If we look to the motivations of the characters they’re playing, we see that they’ve been trying to warn Trump against being misled into policy blunders by the “Establishment.” And since an Obama-like Syria strike goes against the wishes of Trump’s political base and could lead him down a blundering path to a wider war, they will be alarmed at the development.

So when they come back to Washington with just four days to make a deal on the continuing resolution to keep the government funded, the Caucus will perceive the need to “do an intervention” on Trump, and holding up the continuing resolution will be their only chance to do so. If they went along with the continuing resolution, their only leverage would be gone, and they would find themselves weaponless and surrounded by enemies who are trying to force Obamacare II down their throats. They will therefore see a government shutdown as their final chance to save Trump’s presidency (and America itself) before it’s too late. And with this scripted interaction among all the globalist actors, we’d get the government shutdown, the Food Stamp shutdown, and the May Day riots.

Now if we shift our attention to how the Syria strike will impact Trump’s ongoing summit with Xi, we see how it could be viewed as a warning to China over their support for North Korea – the implied threat being “we will do the same thing to North Korea if you don’t rein them in.” And with the diplomatically rude move of staging such a brute force warning while Xi was preparing for bed last night, it’s hard to see how Xi could reach the end of this summit with a smile on his face. So, in accordance with the script, there will be tension between Trump and Xi going forward.

As for how that tension will be turned into direct conflict, let’s look at two more scenarios for getting the fight started…

1) In the Alex Jones war propaganda video we saw in yesterday’s postscript, he brings up this scenario: US satellites detect nuclear warheads atop North Korean missiles, the US is compelled to strike them before they have any chance to fire them at Seoul or Tokyo, and the Chinese forcefully step in to protect their vassal state.

2) China engages in aggressive action towards the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)…

…From The Philippine Star

And since the US and the Philippines have a mutual defense treaty, the US forcefully steps in to protect their (former/current?) vassal state.

Now if you take time to think about it, there are literally a thousand ways the globalists can script the genesis of the conflict, but it doesn’t really matter how it starts. The end results will be the same regardless, and those results are explained in the main body of this entry.

++++++++++Continued – 1++++++++++

The narration of Trump’s alienation is already well underway in both the mainstream and alternative media. Take a look at these headlines…

Trump’s Syria Whiplash, from Politico

I am a conservative peacenick: Do you want war with Russia?, from Michael Savage

Nigel Farage and other right-wing populists turn on Donald Trump after missile strikes, from The Telegraph

But the most important constituency he disappointed and alienated are the people of the supposed “Progressive Deep State / White Hats.” According to the script, they are the ones who could protect him from the coup, “but they won’t stick their necks out for a weakling who can be so easily manipulated into violating his promises and turning on his friends.” Instead, they’ll bide their time until they can put in their “chosen one”…

…From the Drudge Report (top) and Twitter (bottom).

You can read more about the propaganda construct known as the “Deep State” in Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con. And if you want to know why Jared Kushner, a member of the Chabad-Lubavitch end times cult, seems to be taking over the presidency, read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch.

++++++++++Continued – 2++++++++++

Predictably, the press is reporting that Rand Paul and the House Freedom Caucus are less than enthusiastic about the Syria strike…

“The same divide could be found in the GOP, with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham applauding the president’s decision, but with Rand Paul and members of the House Freedom Caucus questioning the constitutionality of the strike.” – From the SFGate

Note how they take care to mention Rand Paul by name. This is to establish him in the public mind as the antithesis of Donald Trump. When the time comes for Trump to fall from grace, his antithesis will be propelled upwards.

Also note how Paul has immediately come out to pose as the principled, statesmanlike opponent to the reckless action of the unsteady Trump…

…From Fox News

Finally, notice how the first article mentions the strike-approving notorious war ghouls John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Can you guess who used to hang with them back when they were cheerleading the Iraq War?…

…Yep, Mike Pence, the next war ghoul president. Pence is highlighted in grim reaper black, McCain in piss yellow, and Graham in tinkerbell pink. The picture was from their trip to Baghdad in 2007, when they were opposing a deadline for US troop withdrawal from Iraq.

(P.S. – 8 April 2017) – Was the Syria strike a script adjustment?

The strike on Syria was a sudden and unexpected move, and when things of that sort happen, it can represent an abrupt change in course for the globalist crisis script. As I’ve continued to think about what has transpired, both the false-flag chemical attack and the Syria strike happened after I posted my forecast, so did exposure cause them to rewrite Trump and Xi’s roles on the fly?

This question will be answered by what Congress does with the continuing resolution near the end of this month. If the Freedom Caucus moves out of the way and it’s passed, you’ll also see the May Day riots fizzle. And that would mean Trump will stay in office up until the US-Russia war crisis. After all, if they’ve completely reoriented Trump to go after Russia, they don’t need to put Pence in office. And this means that they can delay the China showdown, retain Xi, and use the EU riots to start the economic downturn.

I’ll go ahead and prepare a revised forecast in case the Freedom Caucus lies down, but I won’t post it until the end of the month. Till then, the current forecast remains in effect.

P.P.S. – If it turns out that exposure DID cause them to adjust their plan, that’s great news for us. It means we can box them in and push them right out of 2017. I’ll configure the revised forecast accordingly.

P.P.P.S. – Read this hilarious limited hangout essay from the “ShadowBrokers”: Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal. I can guarantee you that the intel guys responsible for the “brokeded english” message were laughing their a*ses off as they wrote it. Also note the other limited hangout fronts (Wikileaks and Snowden) chiming in.

(P.S. – 9 April 2017) – The House Freedom Caucus’ new mission: stop a Hitlerian two-front war

The Donald is now moving a carrier battle group towards Korea…

…From the Drudge Report

So now we’re looking at the possibility of Trump starting a two-front war by…

1) attacking a Russian proxy state (Syria) thousands of miles across the Atlantic, and
2) attacking a Chinese proxy state (North Korea) thousands of miles across the Pacific.

What could possibly go wrong?

This gives the House Freedom Caucus an urgent reason to help the Democrats shut down the government this month: to starve the war machine of the funding it needs to continue war provocations…

…From the Military Times. Here is a key excerpt…

“…while Republicans control both houses of Congress, Democratic party leaders have threatened to allow a shutdown unless some compromises are made. Should that happen, it could disrupt military operations both at home and overseas…”

With the House Freedom Caucus motivated by the need to do an intervention on Trump and stop him from a Hitlerian blunder, and with the Democrats motivated by anger over the Gorsuch confirmation and 115 specific objections to a deal, it’s easy to see how a shutdown could occur.

(P.S. – 10 April 2017) – Alex Jones follows the script

Alex Jones came out yesterday with a diatribe that precisely follows the script I’ve outlined. This is from the 4:49 mark onwards…

“I don’t want what the left’s celebrating, and the big foundations are celebrating, breaking all of Trump’s middle-class, blue-collar, hard-working, pro-jobs ‘Americana folks’ – that aren’t left or right that supported him – breaking them away from him with this, so that then he falls completely to the globalists and then goes with their agenda completely…

So we have to be MORE active lobbying Trump, MORE active with our Congressmen and the Freedom Caucus that’s so key…”

He then goes on to explain that Trump should be getting tough with North Korean and China instead of Syria.

So what we have here is the globalists’ number one alt-media disinformation guy calling for the predicted intervention for Trump so he’ll come back to his political base and reorient towards starting the China Conflict. And if Trump does this, according to the script, he’ll supposedly piss off the “(Western) globalists who are in bed with China” and they’ll go for the coup. Alex’s video, then, confirms that we are still on track with what I’m expecting…

> A successful intervention on Trump will result in the playing out of the current forecast laid out in this entry.

> An unsuccessful intervention on Trump will result in the revised forecast, with Trump staying in office to start the US-Russia Conflict himself. And once the US engages with Russia, China will opportunistically move to make gains against the US in Asia under the excuse that they’re helping their Russian allies by opening a second front.

So it’s either Vindex Falls or Hitler Falls, and it’s the globalists who will choose.

P.P.S. – By the way, Alex is saying that they’ll depose him even if he sells out to “have their cake and eat it too.” So that’s another scenario: Judas Falls (after an unsuccessful intervention).