Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 1 – The globalists will take down China’s Xi this year

President Xi of China will be attending the World Economic Forum in Davos in a few days…

…From a Google News search for xi davos populism

His Illuminati handlers are sending him there to make him look like the very embodiment of “evil Western-style globalism” in preparation for his showdown with Trump. In the coming Xi versus Trump stageplay, Xi will play the “globalist villain” to Trump’s “populist hero” and then be taken down and replaced by China’s Premier, Li Keqiang. Li, in turn, will play the role of China’s Gorbachev as the globalists split China into smaller units in keeping with their NWO plan…

…From The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…

One wonders if Xi knows what his handlers have in store for him.

If he didn’t before, he does now. 

So why am I saying all this, you ask?

First off, I’ve been monitoring a propaganda strain in the media that has been highlighting the conflict between the two…

…From The Wall Street Journal (top) and the Nikkei Asian Review (bottom)

The propaganda has been subtly casting Xi as someone who has “gone too far” while suggesting Li as the figure best able to counter him. Here is an excerpt about Li in the Nikkei article…

“But since Li’s latest pep talk, China’s political winds have been shifting, though slightly. The Communist Party is even hearing calls for someone to counterbalance Xi.

The shift reflects party concerns that:

  • Xi has concentrated too much power via his anti-corruption campaign;
  • there is a personality cult being built around Xi;
  • Xi’s silencing of the media has gone too far;
  • his political campaign has adversely affected the economy.

Fully realizing how the political climate now favors him, Li has decided to take a first step to counter Xi’s unrivaled power.”

By injecting these thoughts into the public consciousness, the globalists are establishing the backstory for the switchover.

Secondly, we’ve all seen the mainstream and alternative media propaganda suggesting a coming conflict between Trump and Xi over the South China Sea, Taiwan, and trade policy. And given that Putin and Trump are the globalists’ NWO golden boys, Trump is scripted to win the confrontation with Xi. This will result in embarrassment for China, loss of face for Xi, and economic calamity for China if the conflict goes military (if the US and China start shooting at each other, they’ll stop paying each other). As a result, the Communist Party will quickly purge the disgraced Xi and elevate Li to lead the post-calamity transition of China.

Thirdly, China’s claims and activities in the South China Sea are in violation of UN standards. So just as the Syria Conflict highlights a situation in which the UN failed to keep peace due to the Security Council veto powers of the P5 nations, the South China Sea Conflict will highlight a situation in which the UN failed to keep peace because it was too weak to rein in a strong unilateral power (China). Thus, the coming conflict will help the globalists make their case for a veto-free UN with stronger enforcement mechanisms. And Xi’s fate will reflect what happens to a leader who defies “the multilateral consensus.”

Love always…

[Addendum 1 – 16 January 2017]

The Wall Street Journal put out a piece this morning that highlights Xi’s role if the globalists opt for the peace path to the NWO…

…It paints Xi as a kindred spirit to Trump and casts him as someone calling for a benevolent reinvention of globalism to make it “more resilient, inclusive and sustainable, so that people will get a fair share of its benefits and will see that they have a stake in it” (which is exactly how the globalists would describe the NWO economic system).

So to be more precise with my estimate, Xi is history if the globalists take the war path, but he’ll remain in power if they take the peace path. To understand what I mean when I say “war path” and “peace path,” read the NWO Schedule of Implementation.