Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: The Year Ahead

In 2017, look for Putin to bring peace between the soon-to-be-conflicting US and China, thus making a big move towards his UN throne…

…To understand why the Lubavitcher on the left is in this picture, read this. And to understand why Henry Kissinger is in this picture, read this.

Last year, the globalists made incremental progress towards their New World Order by achieving such milestones as the entry into force of the Paris Agreement (on “climate change”), the addition of the Chinese renminbi to the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies, and the transfer of internet governance from the US to a multilateral international body. Despite this solid, gradual progress towards their goals, their efforts to create a big international crisis by which they could massively advance their agenda appear to have been stymied yet again.

In 2015, they appeared to be moving towards a “people’s revolution” in Europe, in which the “birthplace of democracy” (Greece) was to lead the defection of the peripheral EU nations to the BRICS alliance. This plan was widely exposed and they backed off.

In 2016, they appeared to be moving towards an Armageddon-like conflict in Syria, which would have led to the fall of the “evil Western globalists” and the rise of “a reformed UN that is stronger and more inclusive.” This plan was also widely exposed and they backed off — at least for a while.

As is outlined in the NWO Schedule of Implementation, the Syria endgame will play out when Trump and Putin launch joint operations in Syria “to wipe out ISIS.” It is then when we can expect Turkey’s Erdogan to betray Putin and fight the US/Russian alliance. It is also at that time when we can expect airliners to start dropping out of the sky in the US, UK, France, Russia, and China…

…From Sputnik

So beyond Syria, what is the globalists’ “big crisis” plan for 2017?

It appears to be a fake confrontation between the Trump-led United States and the Xi-led China in which their “mutual friend and peacemaker Vladimir Putin” will play the starring, heroic role. This will be accompanied by a globalist-instigated “populist revolution” in Europe by which Putin-friendly leaders will be installed in France and the UK. Ultimately, the combination of “uncontrollable” international conflict and Putin-friendly leaders in the West will lead to UN “reform” that will transform it into the central control hub of the NWO.

I’ve updated the NWO Schedule of Implementation to show their objectives and strategies in more detail.

Much love to all…