Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 10 – Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise: Will US forces actually be joining Assad, Putin, and Khamenei in a joint Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan)?

Hold the presses! Alex Jones may have accidentally let slip another Trump scenario, and it will fit in perfectly with the globalists’ End Times prophecy objectives…

In his full broadcast yesterday, Alex talks of an ongoing build-up of US ground forces in Syria. And at roughly the 33 minute mark, he suggests that Trump might be allowing the build-up in order to hold a dagger to the throat of Turkey. This gives rise to the “Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise” scenario.

Under it…

> Trump is deliberately creating the impression that he is falling under globalist influence in order to draw them into inadvertently helping him.

> The Syria strike, to which Russia was forewarned by Trump, was done to create the impression that the US will confront Russia in Syria, so as the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” enthusiastically helps Trump stack Syria with US troops, Russia and Iran will do so as well.

> Instead of using the amassed US forces to confront Syria, Russia and Iran, though, Trump will actually order them to join forces with the three against Erdogan and ISIS. It will give rise to a joint Christian-Muslim victory in a Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan) and his “Satanic Western allies.”

Here are some assorted thoughts on how this scenario would unfold and how it serves the globalists’ objectives…

1) Obviously, such a “brilliant geopolitical strategy” would not be attributed to Trump. Given America’s poor relations with Iran and Syria, there is no way America could put together such an alliance. But do we know someone who could?…

Yep, Putin would receive credit for conceiving the plan and drawing together the alliance, thus establishing him as the “world’s preeminent statesman and geopolitical strategist,” just like the controlled opposition alt-media have presented him to be. This is in keeping with the globalist objective of putting him at the head of the UN-centered New World Order.

2) But how could Trump and Putin coordinate such a strategy given the anti-Russian hysteria and “Deep State” electronic surveillance with which Trump is surrounded? That’s where the Jews may get credit for helping their fellow “People of the Book,” the Muslims and Christians, get together…

If you’ve noticed, reports have circulated that Jared Kushner and Ivanka were responsible for Trump’s sudden change of course. So the public may be told that the alliance arrangements were made via word of mouth through “friends who know each other through the Chabad-Lubavitch humanitarian network.” As I’ve pointed out, both Kushner and “Putin’s rabbi,” Berel Lazar, are Lubavitchers, they have some common “friends,” and Kushner recently made a rather inexplicable trip to Iraq. By claiming the Lubavitchers served as a secure person-to-person channel between the leaders, the globalists can turn a PR negative into a PR positive.

3) Chabad-Lubavitch is a Russophilic Jewish End Times cult that the globalists have tasked with running their prophecy fulfillment operations, and the group has assigned prophetic roles to certain globalist leaders…

  • Barack Obama has been cast as the Judeo-Christian “Antichrist” (who will later in the script turn out to be just a decoy),
  • Vladimir Putin has been cast as the Judeo-Christian “Messiah” (who will later in the script turn out to be “the real Antichrist”),
  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been cast as the “Dajjal” (the Islamic version of an “Antichrist” figure),
  • Ali Khamenei has been cast as the “Herald” (the one who will introduce the Islamic version of the Messiah, the “Imam Mahdi,” to the world), and
  • Bashar al-Assad Qasem Soleimani appears to have been cast as the “Mahdi.”

So according to the “Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise” scenario, Trump will join the Messiah, the Herald, and the Mahdi in the battle against the Dajjal and Antichrist’s Satanic forces. The Messiah, Putin, will be victorious of course, and both he and the Mahdi will then be introduced to the world. Putin will thereafter lead the world government (for 7 years) and the Mahdi will work to unite the Muslim people.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s what these religious lunatics are up to.

4) The Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise (PTBS) scenario also serves the globalist objective of joining Christianity and Islam together into “Chrislam” as part of the “Religious UN”…


Using “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” principle, a joint Muslim/Christian Holy War against the “Islam-defaming radical Islamists” and “Western Satanists” is the perfect way to get the people of the two religions to look upon each other favorably. By jointly winning “the prophesied End Times battle” under a Messiah and Mahdi who are friends and allies, a proud bond will be formed. But the “religious UN” will be only a short-lived intermediate step towards the Kabbalah-Christ the Lubavitchers want to foist upon the world.

5) In Update 9, I explain how the Turks will start a “Holy War” in Europe following the first round of the French presidential election on April 23 (less than two weeks from now). But since then, I’ve been wondering how the globalists would arrange for Putin to win the war. The PTBS scenario answers that question. US, Iranian, Syrian and Russian forces will attack Turkey from the south, and Russian forces will hit them from the north.

But now that the PTBS scenario will no longer be a surprise to anyone, will the globalists still go for it? Watch the French election for the answer. If Le Pen suddenly plummets in the polls and Jean-Luc Melenchon surges to the point that he advances to the runoff election with Macron, it means the globalists might be pushing the delay button on the Holy War.

Love always…

(P.S. – 11 April 2017) – Creating Crisis to Sell Multilateral Global Governance

Take careful note of the words used in the propaganda press. Here is a passage from a Daily Mail article on the building North Korea situation…

“Trump has previously threatened unilateral action against the reclusive state, a threat that appeared more palpable after Thursday’s strike on a Syrian airfield following an apparent chemical attack.”

The globalists are staging these crises to program the public with fear of unilateralism. The nuclear scare/attack that’s coming will be blamed on America’s unilateral action, and the UN’s inability to stop it will be blamed on America’s ability to unilaterally veto any Security Council action.

So what’s the obvious solution (according to the globalists)?

– Remove unilateral vetoes from the UN and make the UN strong enough to deter unilateral action.

As I’ve said a thousand times, these war crises are public theater put on to sell a “reformed” multilateral / multipolar UN as the solution, and everything going on around us is about getting the UN reform package passed. So no matter what scenarios they activate to get to their destination, keep your eyes on their prize by asking yourself, “How do these events move us towards these four things?”…

1) Ending unilateral UN vetoes
2) Giving the UN power to enact crushing multilateral economic sanctions
3) Strengthening the UN’s military power
4) Making Putin look like the hero of our age and the obvious choice to guide the new UN

Once these four things are done, no nation will be able to stand against the global government of the New World Order. Read Understanding the NWO Strategy if you haven’t already.

(P.S. – 12 April 2017) – Why the globalists might replace Le Pen with Melenchon

In Point 5 of the main body of this entry, I mentioned Jean-Luc Melenchon as a possible replacement for Le Pen. Let me show you why.

1) Like Le Pen, he has been marketed as anti-EU…

>>> Melenchon is an outspoken critic of the European Union (EU), which he claims has been corrupted through neoliberalism. During his 2012 campaign, Melenchon positioned himself against the trend towards economic globalisation, which he denounced as disproportionately profiting the financial industry and “high income earners” at the expense of the poor. He insisted international organisations such as the EU threatened to “strangle the voice of the people”. – from Wikipedia <<<

So he can fulfill the role of an EU-breaker in the globalist script. (The globalists built the EU so they could wreck the European nations all at once, then dump the broken, needy pieces back into “independence.” This will lead to them reaching out to the multilateral institutions to regain their national footing.)

2) Like Le Pen, he has been marketed as being conciliatory to Russia…

…From Sputnik. So he is properly positioned to facilitate the UN’s “reform” and Putin’s ascension.

3) But UNLIKE Le Pen, he is sympathetic to migrants…

…From a Google translation of a Huffington Post France article. So his election wouldn’t trigger migrant riots.

With these three points in mind, we can see that if the globalists decide to delay or change the trigger for the Holy War, replacing Le Pen with Melenchon would accomplish it without impacting the other elements of their strategy. And it appears that they’re already positioning him and Le Pen to open up that option…

…From Google searches for “Melenchon” and “Le Pen”

(P.S. – 13 April 2017) – Breaking down Trump’s “Capitulation to the Globalists”

If you were watching the news yesterday, you may have noticed that Trump is being portrayed as…

> totally abandoning his campaign promises, his political base, and his alt-right loyalists, and
> completely capitulating to the globalists

…From Zero Hedge

And as he “completely sells out to the globalists,” he is being portrayed as embracing Xi Jinping and squaring off against Vladimir Putin…

…From Yahoo News

So what messages are being conveyed to the public by all this?

1) That “the globalists have overpowered Trump.”
2) That “Xi Jinping is a globalist.”
3) That “Vladimir Putin is not a globalist.”
4) That “Vladimir Putin now heroically stands alone against the globalist hordes of the New World Order”…

…From the Drudge Report

And to what scenario does all this give rise?

  • To the “Judas Falls” scenario mentioned in Update 9, or
  • To the “PTBS” scenario outlined in this entry.

Under the latter scenario, Trump will do another 180 at a critical time in late summer or autumn of this year, and this “strategic masterstroke” will…

1) Make Xi Jinping look like a total fool who’s been played like a fiddle by Trump and Kushner. This will utterly humiliate him in front of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, thus opening the path for Li Keqiang to replace him.

2) Reorient US forces in Syria away from their standoff with Putin, Assad, and Khamenei and towards an attack on Erdogan, who by then will be orchestrating a terrorist Holy War against Europe. This sudden reversal will catch Erdogan with his pants down and defeat him.

So as I said before, watch what happens with the continuing resolution at the end of this month. If it passes, Trump will likely stay in office and they’ll carry out the PTBS scenario. Also, watch for the date that is announced for the 19th National Congress in China. Trump’s reversal will come before that date (or during the Congress at the latest).

(P.S. – 14 April 2017) – More on America’s real president, Jared Kushner

In Update 3, I wrote about…


Behold the REAL President of the United States…

…Trump’s Chabad-Lubavitch handler (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner

And it has certainly turned out that way, hasn’t it…

>>> Kushner has been given a portfolio that would normally be shared by a full team of seasoned diplomats and economic experts. His duties include overseeing relations with Mexico, Canada and China; finding a solution to the decades-old conflict between Israelis and Palestinians; and running the White House Office of American Innovation, which is tasked with reinventing the entire federal government. When he is not saving the world and fixing the bureaucracy, Kushner is also expected to massage the internal politics of the White House and enforce staff changes. – From the LA Times article For good or ill, Jared Kushner is America’s deputy president <<<

Among the many duties listed is Kushner’s role as Trump’s Middle East peace envoy…

>>> “A shadow secretary of state,” The Washington Post called Jared Kushner, and that was well before he traveled to Iraq on Monday, beating the actual secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, to one of the most consequential theaters of American foreign policy.

Kushner’s to-do list, not Tillerson’s, contains the small, pesky item of brokering a durable truce between the Israelis and the Palestinians. “If you can’t produce peace in the Middle East, nobody can,” Trump said to the 36-year-old real estate scion, who has absolutely no background in diplomacy, from the stage of an inaugural party. – From The New York Times article Jared Kushner, Man of Steel <<<


Jared Kushner, a member of the CHABAD-LUBAVITCH END TIMES CULT, is in charge of America’s MIDDLE EAST policy. Chabad is an organization committed to “educating” the world to the imminent arrival of the Mashiach, the Jewish Messiah, and they are also obsessed with MAKING IT HAPPEN


As you ponder this, let me ask you a simple, if somewhat leading, question…

Why do you think the globalists have installed a Chabadnik – a member of the group they’ve tasked with their prophecy fulfillment operations – as the de facto President of the United States and America’s de jure Middle East peace envoy?

– So he can carry out the End Times operation. Isn’t it obvious?

It makes you wonder what Kushner prayed about when he visited the grave of the Lubavitcher Rebbe three days before the election…
…From Breitbart

Was he telling the Rebbe “we’re finally gonna make it happen”?

(P.S. – 15 April 2017) – Jared Kushner’s April 2 – April 7 timeline

Now let’s switch gears a bit and have a look at Jared Kushner’s timeline in the days leading up to Trump’s Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde transformation…

> Sunday, April 2 – Kushner departs Washington for Baghdad on an unannounced trip.

> Monday, April 3 – Kushner is reported as having arrived in Baghdad by 8:45 AM EDT. Since flying from Washington to Baghdad takes about 13 hours, that means he left Washington sometime around 7 or 8 PM on Sunday.

> Tuesday, April 4 – At dawn, just a day after Kushner arrives in the area, the chemical incident happens in Idlib. Was he there to oversee the incident? He also attended various meetings over the 3rd and 4th in both Baghdad and Erbil. It just so happens that there is a Russian embassy in Baghdad and a Russian consulate in Erbil, so he had the opportunity to meet Russians in both places. Did he? Did he meet with any Chabadniks while there?

> Wednesday, April 5 – Kushner returns to Washington. Presumably, this is the day that he and Ivanka supposedly went to her father crying over the poor, twitching children of Idlib, beseeching him to “make it all better, daddy.”

> Thursday, April 6 – This is the day Xi arrived in Florida for the summit with Trump and the day Trump struck the Syrian airbase. Can you guess who was in charge of all the preparations for the summit? Yep, Jared Kushner…

>>> He’s President Trump’s point man with the Chinese, having finalized the details of the big meeting at Mar-a-Loco later this week. He was Trump’s middleman with the Mexicans not long ago. – From The New York Times article Jared Kushner, Man of Steel <<<

> Friday, April 7 – A summit which had previously been billed by Trump as likely to be “very difficult” ends with everyone smiling and with Trump joining the “Globalist China” team and seemingly abandoning the “Anti-Globalist Russia” team. This was the beginning of his 180 on literally everything…

So it would appear that Sunday, April 2 is the day the globalists decided to flip their script, and Kushner’s unexpected trip to Iraq – when he should have been in the US preparing for Xi’s visit – appears to have played a pivotal role in Trump’s 180.

On a side note, I posted my Special Note forecasting the then-current outline of the globalist script on Sunday, April 2 at 11:57 AM Texas time (4:57 PM UTC, which is what my blog runs on). To see that they started flipping the script several hours later is an unrelated, but nonetheless quite amusing, coincidence. Let’s hope for more coincidences in the months ahead.

(P.S. – 17 April 2017) – The Dajjal’s Caliphate is born

As expected, Erdogan won his referendum and Turkey will now transform into an “evil” Muslim caliphate. So according to the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, the Dajjal (Erdogan) will soon begin the Holy War that will lead to the rise of the Mahdi (Assad). There are two entries you need to read to prepare yourself for this:

1) Dear Muslims, the Jews will use the Imam Mahdi to destroy you. Here is a brief excerpt…

Behold two Jews pretending to be Christians who are talking about the Muslim Messiah, the Imam Mahdi…

According to the script the Cabalist Jews have written, the Imam Mahdi will be unveiled at roughly the same time Putin is declared the Judeo-Christian Mashiach/Christ (so around this September). And by joining hands with Putin, this Mahdi will help the globalists unite the Muslims with the Christians and Jews under a hybrid religion. Since it is the Jews and their Muslim agents who will promote and control the Mahdi, Jewish End Times propagandists like Joel Richardson and Sid Roth are telling us exactly what they have planned for him: he will unite the Muslims and lead them to destruction in the Battle of Armageddon. If the Jews are able to pull this off, Islam – and a great many Muslims – will be dead in 7 years and 8 months.

2) Why Erdogan will betray Putin. Here is a postscript from that entry…

To hear the globalist script for Syria offered in the form of (fake) Islamic “prophecy,” watch this video from Sheikh Imran Hosein
…Here is how it starts out [with my comments added in brackets]…

Syria is not just another part of the world of Islam. From an Islamic eschatological perspective, Syria is at the heart – the very heart – of the end of history. There are three main actors at the end of history in Islamic eschatology:

The most important of them all is the return of Jesus, the son of Mary, the true messiah.

And then there is another figure in the end of history who seeks to impersonate the true messiah, and he is the false messiah. The Christians call him the Antichrist, and …Muhammad… called him Al-Masih ad-Dajjal, or Dajjal the false messiah.

And the third important figure in Islamic eschatology at the end of history is the Imam, or the Prince – in Christian theology he’s known as the Prince, or Imam al-Mahdi.

And these three main actors of the end of history are all going to be simultaneously present in Damascus. Imam al-Mahdi [Assad] will already be there. Dajjal [Erdogan] will come to attack him. And at that time when Dajjal is ready for the confrontation with the Imam, the Son of Mary [Putin] returns.

(P.S. – 17 April 2017) – The press are reporting that US nukes are still in Turkey

The press are reporting that 50-90 US nukes are still at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey…

No, the U.S. Is Not Moving Its Nukes From Turkey to Romania, Foreign Policy, 19 August 2016

Turkey’s Frightening Trifecta: ISIS, Erdogan & U.S. Nukes, The Daily Beast, 22 March 2017

Regardless of whether they’re there or not, the fact that the propaganda press are reporting they’re there puts them in play for the autumn nuclear scare. So under the PTBS scenario, this year’s second nuclear scare will come from Turkey seizing the Incirlik nukes during the Holy War, not from a US-Russia confrontation.