Special Globalist Agenda Watch Note – 2 April 2017: The 2017 Crisis Schedule

Yesterday, I asked myself how the globalists will fit all their planned crises together in a coherent chain of events. The answer came to me today: if the globalists go for it this year, the NWO transition will take place in three phases…

Phase One – Initial US vs China war crisis, global economic crisis, May Day chaos in the streets, and Trump replaced with Pence (late-April thru May)

Phase Two – Wealth confiscation (bank bail-ins), crisis building between US and Russia, and a formal BRICS proposal to implement the NWO’s “gold-backed” financial system and UN “reforms” as the solution (May thru September)

Phase Three – War crisis with Russia, counter-coup in America (Pence replaced with Rand Paul), total system shutdown, and a reboot into the Putin-led NWO (September onward)

I will expand on all this in the next full update (which is now up). If you are a new reader, read Understanding the NWO Strategy and the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017 to bring yourself up to speed.