A Short Guide to the French Election

The French go to the polls…

Since I’ve already written a lot on the French election, let me offer this short guide to the possible outcomes, starting with a chart of the candidates’ positions on three critical issues (Putin, migration and the EU)…

Looking at the table above, here are some things to note…

> If Le Pen is one of the top two vote-getters in the April 23rd vote (thus qualifying for the runoff), we could see immediate migrant riots and “Muslim” lone-wolf terrorist acts. The “brutal, fascist” police response to these could lead to Erdogan calling for a Muslim uprising, which he’ll definitely do if Le Pen wins the runoff election. So Le Pen’s election will quickly trigger the globalist Holy War, and an economic downturn will follow too.

> If Melenchon wins the Presidency, the combination of his communist economic policies and his anti-EU stance could trigger a quick economic downturn, but due to his sympathetic stance towards immigrants, he won’t be a Holy War trigger.

> If Fillon wins the Presidency, his stance against “Islamic totalitarianism” could also trigger a Muslim uprising instigated by the poster boy of Islamic totalitarianism, Erdogan. Fillon is a full-on Holy Warrior, so don’t be surprised if he gets assassinated by Islamists if he’s elected. This would lead to a second election and Le Pen’s ascension.

> So if either Le Pen, Melenchon or Fillon end up winning the Presidency, it could indicate that the globalists are “going for it” this year with a Big Crisis / Big Solution approach.

> If Macron ends up winning the Presidency, it could indicate that the globalists might string things out over the next couple of years with a Many Small Crises / Many Small Solutions approach. Or, due to his Rothschild connection, he could be the “off with his head” fall guy when the Big Crisis hits.

> Three of the four candidates are already pro-Putin, and the fourth, Macron, could be made so with a Trump-like reversal (or he could simply be replaced by Le Pen later on). So the globalists’ UN “reform” agenda will be served with any result.

Out of all the candidates, Le Pen is the globalists’ preferred choice, and I’ll get into that later in this entry.

[Addendum 1 – 23 April 2017]

On Friday, a reader contacted me and said this: “Why no comment on the Paris attack. You predicted it!”

He was referring to this prediction I made way back on March 21 in Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con

So I think that’s what the globalists will do to push Le Pen over the top: have their paid provocateurs and terrorists stage riots and terror attacks possibly before, and DEFINITELY AFTER, the first round of voting. If voters have to walk by burning cars and rioting Muslims on their way to the runoff polls, whom do you think they’ll choose?

As it turned out, a terrorist attack was staged just a few days before the election, and the alt-media played it exactly like I expected…

…From the Drudge Report

I didn’t take the time to point it out, though, because predicting an April terror attack in Paris is like predicting April rain in Paris. C’est la vie parisienne. Also, I was expecting more than one attack, and I was expecting them to be of a larger scale. The fact that the globalists played the terror card so weakly gives me pause.

I’ve been writing about Le Pen’s victory in this election for a very long time, but given developments over the past month, I’m concerned that the globalists will (s)elect someone else before installing her, much like they (s)elected Trump before their coming installation of Rand Paul. Here are the scenarios in that regard…

> If they (s)elect Macron, they can have him tossed out of office during or after the Big Crisis due to his Establishment (Rothschild) connections. Then Le Pen can be elected.

> If they (s)elect Melenchon, they can have him tossed out of office during or after the Big Crisis due to his “disastrous economic and migrant policies.” Then Le Pen can be elected.

> If they (s)elect Fillon, they can have him “assassinated” by “Islamists.” Then Le Pen can be elected. They’ve already been preparing the public for this…

“The news on Tuesday that French security services have prevented another attack by Islamic extremists should come as no surprise given the proximity of the election. Nor should the fact that according to police sources the intended target was Francois Fillon

The Islamists loathe the conservative candidate, more than they do Marine Le Pen…” – From Francois Fillon is the anti-Islamist candidate – and an Islamist target, on The Spectator

For more information on this election (and the UK’s as well), read Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 8 – The globalist strategy for the French and UK elections.

To see how Marine Le Pen has been marketed to the public, read Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags (and the real agenda behind the Paris attacks) and The Paris Attacks, Marine Le Pen and Ron Paul.

And here is a notable section from The Illuminati strategy of tension and release

As the increasingly discredited mainstream media marginalize and demonize them, and as the Establishment parties on both the political “left” and “right” implore voters to turn away from them, controlled opposition “outsiders” like France’s Le Pen, England’s Farage, and America’s Paul will continue to gain ground in the minds of the frustrated electorate. And their popularity will skyrocket once we begin the next round of the financial crisis. To see a perfect example of this, just watch what happens to Mr. Audit the Fed, Rand Paul, once the markets crash and the media start harping on the “Fed Mistake.”

That’s all for now. If anything else comes to mind, I’ll add it as a postscript.

With love…

(P.S. – 23 April 2017) – File this one under “no sh*t, Sherlock”…

…From The Telegraph. Here’s the first Telegraph paragraph…

“Riots could break out in cities across France after results are announced of the first round of the presidential election, intelligence services have warned, as the most unpredictable vote in decades goes ahead amid a heightened terror alert.”

Given that it is the intelligence agencies’ Islamist provocateurs who will kick off the violence, they are warning about what they themselves are about to do… as usual.

The degree of the rioting and the volume of the terror attacks that occur after the first round of the election will be a good indicator as to which way the globalists want the second round to go. If the unrest is underwhelming, they’re throwing the election to Macron or Melenchon; if it’s extensive, they’re trying to get Le Pen or Fillon in. Here’s what I wrote in Update 8 and the Alex Jones / “Deep State” entry…

Under Option 1, then, a 9/11-scale event will be orchestrated for France before either the first or second phase of the election, and it will galvanize the electorate in support of the candidate who is most seen as a strident defender of France against the Muslim migrant invasion, Marine Le Pen…

France’s 9/11 could take the form of the entire country being set ablaze after Le Pen places first in the first round of the election on April 23.

I guess all this makes me a poor man’s intelligence agency. I’m the pauper James Bond. And my drink? Sangria, stirred not shaken.

P.P.S. – When I look at the front page of this blog, I’ve noticed that Facebook has been blocking the counter on the Facebook share button of the UN terror alert entry. It was on “52″ the last time I saw it show, but it shows zero most of the time. Let’s hope this suppression doesn’t mean the attack is still going to happen. If it does happen, the highest probability date is the 25th, two days from now. But we’ll have to keep a lookout for a UN building attack all year long. The longer that building stands, the more delayed the NWO becomes.

P.P.P.S. – Yikes!…

…From CBS News

This Trump-UN Security Council meeting is clearly part of the preparation for the UN attack in New York. But are they holding it because it couldn’t be cancelled even though the attack was cancelled, or because the attack ISN’T cancelled?

In case it isn’t cancelled, here is the scenario for an April 24/25 attack…

North Korea’s two greatest enemies, the sanction-threatening UN Security Council and the military strike-threatening President of the United States will pose together for a photo in Washington, D.C. on April 24 at around noon. In Pyongyang time, that is 12:30 AM of April 25, and April 25 has been rumored as the highest probability date for a nuclear test…

…From Zero Hedge

So North Korea could potentially do the nuke test as soon as the very moment Trump and the UNSC take the picture. And should the US or China strike the nuclear test site either preemptively or after the fact, it would set in motion North Korea’s counterstrike against the US and UN, which could come as early as tomorrow afternoon in New York. It’s also possible that one of the “missing subs” could fire a missile at Washington.

If they go forward with the attack, watch for the controlled alt-media to identify it as a false-flag and ultimately blame it on “warmongering Neocon/Neolib Deep State elements in the Pentagon and three-letter agencies.”

Let’s just hope they’re going through with tomorrow’s meeting because it would have looked suspicious to cancel it.

++++++++++New Material++++++++++

(P.S. – 24 April 2017) – Now that we’ve gotten to an Establishment (Macron) versus Anti-Establishment (Le Pen) showdown, we wait and see how much, if any, migrant unrest occurs. If we see lots of it, Le Pen will win. But if the migrants take it easy due to Macron’s supposed 2 to 1 voter advantage over Le Pen, Macron will win.

If you look at the election results in the Netherlands and Germany, you’ll see that “populism” is on a losing streak, and that gives rise to a coming globalist narrative if Le Pen loses too…

At some point in the future, information will make its way to the public (probably through “a Russian intelligence front like Wikileaks”) which shows that the European “Deep State” made a decision after the Brexit vote and Trump’s election to “stop at nothing to prevent any more populist election victories.”

“The EU engaged in massive tampering of the opinion polls and massive manipulation of the ballot boxes to steal election victories away from the people,” the alt-media will say. The scandal will lead to new elections, and to whom will the governments be forced to turn to prove the elections are fair? To the UN and its election monitors, of course. Thus, the UN will “help restore democracy to the people of Europe,” and this will bring in the new wave of populist leaders.