Notes and Addenda 2017A – Dates and Triggers, Trump’s Grand Strategy, The Holy War trigger & More details on Gotham Shield

Here are some notes, postscripts and addenda on various subjects…

> Addendum to the UN attack alert:


Once we reach 11:30 AM EDT today, it will be midnight in Pyongyang and we will have gotten through the 25th without any trouble. But even though the 25th was considered the highest probability date for a nuclear test (which would trigger follow-on events), there are other high probability dates to watch from now through May 9. These dates are…

April 26 – The day Washington, D.C. is holding a “full-scale” terror drill while the entire US Senate goes to the White House for a briefing on North Korea.
April 28 – The day that Congress must pass the continuing resolution to keep the government from shutting down on Trump’s 100th day as president.
April 30 – Walpurgis Night, the “Witches’ Sabbath.”
May 1 – May Day/Beltane, reputedly a “Satanic holiday.”
May 7-9 – The timeframe that starts with the second round of the French election and ends with the South Korean presidential election.

Given that a nuclear test, a pre-positioned US or Chinese strike, and a pre-positioned North Korean counterstrike can all occur within hours of each other, here are the reasons the dates mentioned are good candidates…

April 26 – Both the Washington, DC-area “full-scale anti-terror” exercise and the New York-area Gotham Shield exercise will be in simultaneous operation in both potential target cities that day, so the deployed assets can make sure that the attacks will go down according to the script.

April 28 – A North Korean counterstrike on Washington, DC that day could disrupt Congress’ ability to pass the continuing resolution, resulting in a government shutdown on April 29, Trump’s 100th day in office. Depending on how they play the aftermath, it could be a momentary shutdown that serves as an “up yours” from Kim to Trump, or it could result in a shutdown that spans into May, disrupting government services.

April 30/May 1 – Triggering everything on one of these days would attach a “Satanic” signature to the whole thing. This would serve the Satanists versus Christians dialectic the globalists are running in conjunction with the West versus East dialectic.

May 7-9 – If the test / strike / counterstrike sequence were done on one of these days, it could result in a disrupted presidential election and disarray in South Korea.

As for Trump meeting with the UN Security Council and the US Senate, two purposes are being served:

1) It publicly portrays Trump as lining up support for an imminent military intervention “if the need arises,” and

2) It publicly brings the UN into the mix, thus establishing them as a potential target of the North Koreans. “Trump bad! UN bad! We strike now!” Kim would proclaim.

So as we approach these days, watch for 3 triggers…

1) The test-launch of an ICBM by North Korea
2) A nuclear test by North Korea
3) A preemptive strike on North Korea by the US or China

The day you see one or more of these triggers pulled, a sh*tstorm will likely follow, including the possible attacks on Washington, DC and the UN complex in New York.

> Addendum to the UN attack alert:


If you look at everything that’s going on from the perspective of a conventional geopolitical script, you would think that Trump is engaging in a huge bluff. His strategy of…

  • talking of preemptive strikes,
  • having Navy Seals train for “regime decapitation,”
  • (supposedly) sending three aircraft carriers to the Sea of Japan,
  • sending a nuclear missile sub to South Korea, and
  • putting on the big White House show with the UNSC and the Senate

…is all meant to convince Kim Jong-un that Trump will really attack, even though he actually has no intention of doing so. And this real-appearing threat of force together with very real economic strangulation administered by the UN and China is meant to force an end to Kim’s nuclear and missile programs, thus giving Trump a “yuge” first-year accomplishment as president.

The problem is, though, that the whole situation sets up opportunities for the globalists to take a huge, sudden leap forward in their agenda (such as with a UN attack). So does the globalist script call for a Trump bluff and win, or for a huge, sudden leap into the Big Crisis? It could go either way, and since I’ve already covered how it could lead to the Big Crisis, let’s look at why they’d have Trump bluff and win…

A Trump victory in “ridding Asia of the North Korean nuclear threat” would be part of his “secret grand strategy” of using the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State warmongers” to accomplish his own ends. Under the Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise scenario, he is pretending to acquiesce to the “Deep State” in order fool them into helping him defeat their own agenda.

Taking North Korea out of circulation as a World War flashpoint would be Phase 1 of his plan. Taking care of China’s ambitions in the South China Sea might be Phase 2. And his crowing achievement will be using the Pentagon troop buildup in Syria to JOIN with Putin, Assad, and Iran in taking out ISIS and Erdogan (instead of ATTACKING Putin, Assad, and Iran, which is what the Neocons are supposedly expecting him to do).

> Update on the Holy War & Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise


Russia and Syria are now talking about bringing in Russian ground troops…

…from Zero Hedge. Here is an article from the Russians about it.

I wrote about this move in Update 10

The Syria strike, to which Russia was forewarned by Trump, was done to create the impression that the US will confront Russia in Syria, so as the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” enthusiastically helps Trump stack Syria with US troops, Russia and Iran will do so as well.

Instead of using the amassed US forces to confront Syria, Russia and Iran, though, Trump will actually order them to join forces with the three against Erdogan and ISIS. It will give rise to a joint Christian-Muslim victory in a Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan) and his “Satanic Western allies.”

Of course, Erdogan must start the Holy War before Trump and Putin can spring their big surprise (only the sleeping public will be surprised), and the globalists installed their new trigger for the War on the day before the first round of the French election. Take a look at this article from Turkey’s Daily Sabah, which was published on the 22nd (an occultic “master number”)…

So the Holy War will now be triggered by the EU’s refusal to allow Turks visa-free travel, and it has been scheduled in May, the same basic timeframe as the original trigger (Le Pen’s possibly now-cancelled election). The war will begin with a Muslim invasion, but the invaders will be migrants holding beggar’s cups instead of soldiers holding rifles. It’s just plain harder to shoot at the former than the latter. And when the Europeans try to defend their nations from the onslaught, Erdogan will rage against their “Islamophobia” and call for an Islamic Intifada in Europe.

[Special Note – 25 April 2017] – Should the globalists opt for a nuclear warhead in the UN attack, watch for it to potentially fail due to a bad fuse or other defective component. A failed nuclear strike would accomplish the goal of such an attack just a well as a successful one; either way, the UN would be HIGHLY MOTIVATED to “reform” into its new, stronger New World Order form.

Should the warhead fail due to an improperly configured explosive charge that results in a failure to reach critical mass, it could result in a high-level radiation hazard area in the vicinity of the sub-critical explosion. This could make the current UN building unusable without harming the people inside. They would shelter indoors until hazmat teams arrive to screen, decontaminate, and remove them. The abandoned radioactive building would then serve as a monument for why a stronger UN is necessary. And all this would be achieved without the globalists bringing too much “bad karma” upon themselves.

> Update on Operation Gotham Shield (26 April 2017)

This Fox5 article gives some details on how Gotham Shield is unfolding, and it reports that MetLife Stadium is the “primary response center” for the drills. It just so happens that the Stadium is just a 9-mile straight shot from UN Headquarters (the red star)…

…From Google Maps

“The purpose is to practice how to assess, treat and evacuate victims during a potential nuclear attack in the New York City area.”

++++++++++++++++++++New Material++++++++++++++++++++

> Next weekend could be a doozy (28 April 2017)

In Washington, Congress has pressed the one-week delay button by passing a continuing resolution that funds the government till midnight of next Friday. In France, there is talk that Le Pen might actually win the French election the following Sunday. And in Korea, America’s THAAD missile interceptors will be operational “in (the) coming days,” which would shield almost all of Korea south of Seoul from selected North Korean missile attacks and hand Kim Jong-un a “use it or lose it” deadline. Now all we have to do is wait and see if Turkey presents their formal demand for visa-free travel in the EU next week.

If the Turks do, we’ll have a helluva trigger weekend coming up, with the potential for 1) a US government shutdown, 2) an Islamist-enflaming Le Pen victory, 3) a potential eruption of trouble with North Korea in advance of THAAD operability and the May 9 South Korean presidential election, and 4) an Erdogan angered by the implicit rejection of his visa-free proposal becoming enraged due to Le Pen’s victory.

The Big Crisis could go from 0 to 60 over the course of a single long weekend (May 5-9).

I’ll do a full update on all this as soon as I’m able.

(P.S. – Same Day) – A reader has provided a link to US Secretary of State Tillerson’s remarks at the UN Security Council today. He’s calling for additional economic sanctions (among other things), so let’s see if the Security Council schedules a vote for it next week, especially on Friday. If they do, it could be another contributing factor to next week’s potential “Weekend from Hell,” and the hell part might start on Friday. I’ve therefore amended the date range above to reflect that.


North Korea attempted a missile test today, apparently in response to Rex Tillerson’s appearance at the UN Security Council. There are two things to note about this:

1) It sets the precedent of North Korea staging a provocation in conjunction with US/UN activity, which sets the stage for something more serious being done in conjunction with a future US/UN activity, such as the passing of new US/UNSC sanctions on North Korea.

2) It is the second North Korean missile test this month to fail “almost immediately” after launch. This has me wondering if the US hit the two tests with a laser weapon. If the US did, and if the North Koreans monitored the latest launch with infrared cameras, Kim Jong-un would have an attack on North Korea he could use as an excuse for retaliation.

And one random thought to share: What if the North Koreans launch an attack on the THAAD emplacement? The Chinese are supposedly pissed-off about THAAD too, so would they crack down on the North Koreans for doing something they would like to do themselves? Not likely. So there’s that to watch for also.