Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 14 – The Federal Budget, North Korea, and the upcoming potential “Weekend from Hell” (+ Spending bill passes; “Weekend from Hell” averted)

A deal has supposedly been struck to keep the government funded through the end of September…

…From the Christian Science Monitor

So should it pass by Friday night, we won’t see an imminent government shutdown, or will we?

The newly-proposed legislation does nothing about the debt ceiling, which has already been breached and has the Treasury Department burning cash and engaging in “extraordinary measures” to keep the government operating. According to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, “we’re fine” into the summer, BUT THAT’S UNLESS WE GO TO WAR WITH NORTH KOREA. If we start yet another military conflict halfway around the world, extraordinary measures will not be adequate to keep the government funded.

Under such circumstances, Congress might be expected to “rally around the flag” and pass an emergency bill relaxing the debt limit and providing extra military funding, but what if they don’t? If a tussle with North Korea results in a strike in America such as the UN attack I’ve warned about, will Congress rally around Trump or blame him for “the dreadful consequences of his needlessly aggressive foreign policy”? We could see Democrats and RINOs (Republicans who are actually Democrats by ideology) uniting to withhold funding for “Trump’s folly,” and we could even see impeachment.

I mention all this to point out that the “government shutdown,” “food stamp riots,” and “coup/countercoup” cards are still in play. But I’ll get into the real-life “Illuminati card game” a little later in this entry.

In the meantime, watch for Turkey’s “final offer” on visa-free EU travel and the UN Security Council’s scheduling of the North Korea sanctions vote. If both happen this week, the “Weekend from Hell” is in play.

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[Addendum 1 – 4 May 2017]

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have scheduled an Obamacare replacement vote BEFORE the Senate has passed the budget deal to keep the government funded. Given that the Democrats have threatened a government shutdown if the Republicans try to “gut” Obamacare, will this kill the budget deal?

This is why I started this entry with “a deal has supposedly been struck to keep the government funded”; you can never count your chickens before they hatch.

If the Senate Democrats decide to block the health care bill and the budget deal, they’ll do a filibuster, and it will hold…

…From Politico. Here is an excerpt…

“Trump suggested earlier this year that if Democrats blocked his Supreme Court nominee, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) should gut the filibuster to approve his high court pick. That’s exactly what happened.

McConnell, however, has vowed he would not similarly undo the 60-vote threshold for legislation. Sixty-one senators sent him a letter last month vowing their support for it.”

The Senate Republicans will shy away from “going nuclear” to pass the health care bill and the budget, and the Senate Democrats will use Trump’s own words against him: “We agree with President Trump – we DO need a good shutdown to fix this mess,” they’ll say. And the globalists could use such an “impassioned government stalemate” as an opportunity to play the North Korea card.

[Addendum 2 – 4 May 2017]

The Senate has now passed the spending bill, so I can now post what I was about to post this morning before I saw the news…

It looks like we’ll get through the April 20 – May 9 alert period unscathed:

> On the government shutdown front, they’ve passed the budget deal and delayed the budget / debt limit showdown till the August / September / October timeframe. In fact, Trump has already threatened a shutdown for that period. And as I mentioned, the showdown can be triggered at any earlier point by starting the war with North Korea.

> On the Holy War front, it looks like the Turks might present their “final offer” to the West on or after May 25, so that’s the new trigger date. It can be triggered sooner, of course, if Le Pen pulls out a “shock” victory in the May 7 election, but that seems unlikely. It looks like they’ll wait till the Big Crisis to bring her into the French presidency.

> On the UN nuke attack front, it looks like they’re de-escalating for the moment, with Trump signaling that he’s willing to meet with Kim Jong-un and Secretary of State Tillerson calling for “full implementation of existing UN sanctions” instead of new UN sanctions (for now). Except for a planning meeting on Monday, the UN Security Council has not been in session this week, nor have they published their monthly program of work. So once we get past the Korean election on May 9, the UN attack will go from being an active alert to a standing contingency. It will be added to their stack of known “game cards,” which is the next subject I’ll address in this entry.

Love always…