A Hazardous Week Ahead for Vindex (Trump) ~enhanced 6 – The South China Sea / North Korea Setup~

The week from this July 4th weekend through the G20 Summit next weekend offers an opportunity for the globalists to accelerate towards the Vindex Falls scenario I outlined in Updates 5 and 7. What starts this coming week could provide the final pretext for Trump’s removal from the Presidency using the 25th Amendment. I’ll go into more detail when I attempt to return to blogging this Monday. If I make it back, I’ll also finish my thought on what’s in store for the UK political situation.

~ enhancement 1 ~

Since it wouldn’t hurt to practice ABB before Monday, let’s take note of the headline Drudge posted going into this July 4th weekend…

…from the Drudge Report

The headline link leads to an article which talks about a Democrat effort to remove Trump from office due to mental incapacity…

…from DailyMail.com

Take note of the two points underlined in red.

So Pence would have to side with the plotters to fulfill the coup, eh? Well lo and behold…

…from the Drudge Report

And Trump’s cabinet could start the coup, eh? Well wouldn’t you know it…

…from Zero Hedge

Are you beginning to see how all the preparatory propaganda parts fit together?

~ enhancement 2 – 2 July 2017 ~

As we head into this week, expect to see a series of “mistakes” and “embarrassments” by Trump starting with his “mishandling” of the contrived crisis in Qatar and continuing through a “disastrous” G20 Summit in Germany. According to the globalist script, this will get the Democrats and Republicans nodding at each other over “what needs to be done.”

And as we observe all this unfold, let’s remember that there are three narratives running simultaneously: 1) the globalists’ mainstream narrative (intended for the sleepers), 2) the globalists’ controlled-opposition alt-media narrative (intended for the awakening public), and 3) the true narrative (which this blog aims to expose).

According to the mainstream narrative, Trump will be replaced due to incompetence and hatred. The Democrats will do it because they hate Trump and want to stop him from undoing Obama’s legacy. The Republicans will do it because they want to rid themselves of an “embarrassment” and get a President they’d much prefer (Pence). And Pence will go along because he’ll get to be the President.

According to the controlled-opposition alt-media narrative, Trump will be replaced because the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” wants him gone, and the “Progressive Deep State” doesn’t see him as a sufficiently steady partner. “Trump tried to work with the Establishment and strike a ‘fair deal’ for the American people, but the Establishment wasn’t having it,” the alt-media propagandists will say, “so they put in Pence so they could go to war with the ‘last holdout’ from Western-style globalism, Putin.”

And according to the true narrative, Trump will be replaced because that’s what the globalists’ Vindex script calls for: Vindex strives and fails. The Empire takes the world to the brink of total destruction. The last holdout (Putin) saves the day. And Galba (Rand Paul) leads America to “freedom,” singing the praises of the fallen Vindex.

~ enhancement 3 – 2 July 2017 ~

One specific thing to watch for this week is the interaction between Trump and Xi. It’s no coincidence that coming into this weekend we’ve seen the following things in the propaganda press…

> Accounts of Trump “outraging” China on multiple fronts…

…from the globalist mainstream propaganda site Financial Times

> Accounts of China completing more weapons installations in the South China Sea…

…from the globalist controlled-opposition alt-media propaganda site ZeroHedge

Circulating these stories allows the globalists to set the stage for a contentious meeting between Trump and Xi on the sidelines of the G20 meeting at the end of the week. If they publicly portray discord after the meeting, we could see the South China Sea and North Korea situations come to a head quickly. As I outlined in Update 6, a disastrous (for both nations) confrontation in the South China Sea could be used to facilitate the scripted downfall of both Trump and Xi. In fact, future Chinese globalist historians will someday refer to the South China Sea as “Xi’s Graveyard.”

The globalists’ strategy in sacrificing Trump and Xi is to depopularize the “aggressive, unilateral nationalism” for which the two leaders are known in favor of “cooperative nationalism,” which will be exemplified by their (eventual) replacements, Rand Paul and Li Keqiang. These cooperative nationalists will happily participate in the globalists’ multilateral / multipolar NWO. And this “disgrace and replace” strategy is why we just saw Obama laying out this piece of preparatory propaganda…

…from The Hill

~ enhancement 4 – 2 July 2017 ~

Another G20 sidelines meeting to watch is the one between Trump and Putin. The globalist script undoubtedly calls for the “Neocon/Neolib Deep State” to seize upon any sign of cordiality or cooperation between the two leaders as an excuse to hammer home their “Russiagate” claims against Trump. Should they do so, the controlled-opposition alt-media will proclaim, “Now that Trump and Putin are finally meeting face-to-face, the Deep State wants to remove Trump before Putin can sway him back to a policy of rapprochement with Russia.” So if Trump and Putin announce a formal summit date after their G20 get-together, we can expect the coup to be staged before it occurs.

As you can see from the confluence of events and propaganda signals I’m showing you, the globalists have clearly set up this week as a window of opportunity to finally get the coup/countercoup in motion. But should they again opt to not pull the trigger, we probably won’t see a Pence presidency this year. Their next logical fallback would be to keep Trump in place until the Turkish Holy War starts in September, let him carry out Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise, have the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” assassinate/suicide him for it, then have the “Progressive Deep State” counterattack, prevail, and install Rand Paul. And if we can get through September without any of that, we may have blocked them for yet another year. Here’s hoping for continued boredom…

~ enhancement 5 – 2 July 2017 ~

If you’ve looked at any news today, I’m sure you’ve seen this…

…from Google News

Silly behavior such as this is intended to provide some of the rationale for Congressional Republicans voting to remove him…

…from Politico

Trump is knowingly playing right into the hands of the coup; he knows the role he must play.

~ enhancement 6 – 4 July 2017 ~

As expected, the globalist stage managers have begun setting up the confrontation in the South China Sea and North Korea. So as we approach the UN “Crisis Meeting” tomorrow and the G20 Summit on Friday, you might want to review…

The globalist contingency plan for a nuclear/radiological attack on the UN

The globalists’ objectives in the South China Sea

These updates were written back when they tried to pull all this earlier in the year, and the setup for this try is remarkably similar.

~ a personal note ~

The globalists aren’t the only ones who are trying to raise a phoenix from the ashes; I started my own Operation Phoenix back on June 15. When my grandmother started howling every time I moved her, I pretty much collapsed inside. I looked at my current life and the many dreadful decades to come and I hit rock-bottom.

As often happens in such a case, I fell into distracting behaviors such as excessive daily wine consumption, indulgence in “impure thoughts,” and spending every spare moment vegging out in front of a video screen watching something, anything, to check out of my reality. But then, inspiration hit. I got the idea to do something that I’ll start next week. And having a positive goal to move towards has motivated me to discontinue the distracting behaviors and live above my baser instincts. Progress has come in a ‘two steps forward / one and a half steps back’ fashion of course, but solid headway has been made.

One of the differences you’ll notice from all this is that my blog entries will be built in even smaller increments at all hours of the day and night according to my Always Be Blogging (ABB) initiative. I’m hoping ABB will allow me to build a momentum that can’t be stopped by anything that happens in my personal life or beyond. The globalists are moving so fast and on such a broad front that I must be able to stay in constant motion to counter them (for whatever my efforts to counter them are worth).

More to come on Operation Phoenix next week. But while we’re on the subject, grandma is doing better now. The howling has stopped due to better pain medicine and natural healing.

Much love…