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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 93 – The IMF is being prepared for the NWO transition (+ a confirmation from PCR)

Last week saw two significant developments in the IMF transition to the NWO financial system:

1) The globalists revived an old corruption charge against IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde…

The resulting trial appears to be the excuse they will use to remove her from her IMF post, thus making way for a Chinaman to take the top spot. And removing her for corruption will reinforce the propaganda narrative about the “corrupt” West.

2) The US Congress finally passed the IMF’s 2010 quota reforms…

I was a little surprised they did this, since I was expecting Congress to block the reforms all the way till the NWO transition point. But looking at the net results of the ratification, I see that it actually better serves the transition agenda, because…

> It doubles the amount of funds the IMF can lend out during financial crises, and this will come in quite handy as we enter the emerging market meltdown triggered by the Fed rate hike.

> It allows the 15th General Review of Quotas, which had been delayed by Congress’ previous lack of action on the 14th Review, to go forward just as we’re entering the Big Crisis. This will allow the globalists to restructure the IMF during the Crisis.

> It leaves America’s veto power intact, which will set the stage for the coming climactic showdown between the West and the East over “ownership” of the institution.

Looking at the last two points, two things seem fairly certain: 1) the 15th General Review of Quotas will leave the US with too small a voting share to have veto power over future IMF decisions, and 2) this will be used as a pretext for the US Congress to oppose its ratification. So how will the IMF get around Congress the next time?

Potential answers to this problem are offered by a policy brief from the Peterson Institute for International Economics
…The highlighted point is a rather interesting one, isn’t it?

Although this brief was written with the 14th Review in mind, it also speaks of the 15th Review, and it offers two routes the IMF could take in bypassing the US Congress. Here is one…
…From page 7.

Basically, it calls for the IMF to structure the reforms in such a way that US law is not triggered, thus allowing the Obama administration to vote for the reforms without Congressional ratification.

Here is the other proposal…
…From page 8.

Basically, it calls for the creation of a parallel IMF that is connected to the current one. But unlike the current one, the “SupraFund” would omit US veto power and European “overrepresentation.” And with the rest of the IMF moving away from the West in this manner, the West would be compelled to sign on to avoid becoming isolated. The SupraFund would eclipse the IMF in the same way the G20 eclipsed the G8.

As for when this would take place, the most likely time is September of next year. An expedited 15th Review could be conducted in the first half of 2016, then ratification could occur in the various nations in the second part of the year, with a deadline of September 30. This is the same deadline the IMF has already set for the current SDR basket to expire (with the new yuan-inclusive basket taking effect on October 1)…

Take careful note of the underlined passage. Although this sentence was ostensibly added with the Chinese yuan in mind, it could apply to other BRICS currencies as well. Given the upcoming Big Crisis and the IMF’s need for BRICS gold to give the public confidence in the new system, other BRICS currencies could be added to the basket that takes effect on October 1.

At the same time all this is occurring, the US will be gripped by Presidential election politics, and we could see the September prophetic unfolding regarding Obama. So bypassing an America in disarray could be a necessity for the IMF.

All in all, it’s gonna be a helluva year.

Love always….

(P.S. – 21 December 2015)

Before we move on to the next installment of the Globalist Prophecy Watch, let’s take a look at the closing statements of the Peterson Institute policy brief. As you read it, note its supportive tone towards the “evolution of the IMF” and its critical tone towards the US…

>>> If the IMF membership decides it is necessary to put forward this option, I would hope that the United States would join the SupraFund and accept the hastening of the inevitable day when its capacity to block certain decisions in the IMF has been eliminated because its size relative to the global economy has shrunk. This would be a complex way of implementing that reality, but it is one that should be actively considered given that the United States recently has been irresponsible in exercising its capacity to block a needed, important evolution of the IMF in the form of the 2010 reform package.

The impasse over implementation of the 2010 reform package has seriously damaged US leadership and leverage in the IMF with spillovers into other areas of international economic and financial cooperation such as standards governing financial institutions and trade agreements. Partners will increasingly ask: Is it worth doing business with the US executive branch if the US legislative branch will resist or reject resulting international agreements?

The impasse also threatens the central role of the IMF itself because its financing and governance essentially have been frozen. This has in turn accelerated the tendency to replace the IMF (and its Bretton Woods twin, the World Bank Group) with other institutions of international economic and financial cooperation in which the United States has little or no influence—such as the New Development Bank (established by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa with an emergency lending component), the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (led by China), the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization (an Asian self-help financing arrangement), and the European Stability Mechanism (a European self-help financing arrangement). These trends promote the further fragmentation of the international monetary cooperation that underlies everything that the IMF does to promote global economic growth and financial stability.

This Policy Brief has outlined four options to break this impasse. The first two options (doing nothing and waiting for the US Congress to act and restarting the 15th quota review) do not promise to break the impasse, much less move the process of IMF governance reform forward. Consequently, IMF members and the US executive branch should consider the third option (risking loss of the US veto) to bring pressure on the US Congress. If the US executive branch declines to cooperate, the fourth option (bypassing the United States to create a new SupraFund) should be developed as a credible threat. <<<

This passage sounds very New World Orderish, doesn’t it? So who is behind this “Peterson Institute for International Economics?

“The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE; Peterson Institute), until 2006 the Institute for International Economics (IIE), is a private and non-profit think tank focused on international economics, based in Washington, D.C. It was founded by C. Fred Bergsten in 1981, and is led by Adam S. Posen.” – from Wikipedia

And who is C. Fred Bergsten?

“He was a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations from 1967 to 1968. In 1969 he became assistant for international economic affairs to Henry Kissinger at the National Security Council where he coordinated US foreign economic policy until 1971. From 1972 to 1976 he was a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.” – from Wikipedia

So the guy is a CFR drone and one of Henry Kissinger’s former assistants, and Kissinger is the man who led the Rockefeller project that devised the New World Order implementation plan. And if you look into the backgrounds of Adam Posen (Peterson’s current president) and Edwin Truman (the brief’s author), you’ll find they too have long globalist resumes.

All this being said, why does a policy brief from an American economic think tank sound like something written by a BRICS propaganda organ? Because the globalists built the BRICS, and think tanks like this one devise the moves the BRICS will make on the international stage. It’s all a big play put on for public consumption, and guys like these help write the script.

(P.S. – 22 December 2015) – As expected, the globalist propaganda machine has come out to paint Lagarde as a corrupt vassal of Washington who uses the IMF to serve “Western monied interests.” This piece by disinfo agents Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendman confirms the globalist strategy outlined in this entry, and includes the following passage…

“She’s appealing the ruling against her. Things could drag on for many months before concluding.

Yep, things will indeed drag on for months. And as if by magic, she’ll lose her post right as we hit the NWO transition point and it’s time to put a Chinaman in.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 92 – The globalists on the financial system: “pull it” (+ a government shutdown update)

Here we go again…

So EXACTLY 7 years – the “Magic 7” – after the Fed cut their rates to near zero
…they finally raised them again. Who’da thunk it?

In the lead-up to today’s Federal Reserve interest rate hike, we heard all kinds of arguments as to why they would or wouldn’t do it. These arguments were based on economic theories, market data, and analyses of how a “rational” Fed would act to “perform its mission of preventing economic shocks, maximizing employment, enhancing stability in prices, and ensuring moderate long-term interest rates.” Such talk was all childish bullsh*t.

The simple truth is that the Fed is pulling the same trick the banksters always use: hand out easy credit until everyone piles on so much debt that they can barely afford to service it, then trigger an economic crisis or an interest rate hike so they can’t service it. Real assets are then seized and the process starts all over again. Only this time, they aim to get a New World Order out of it too.

From this point on, things will go roughly like this…

1) A growing wave of trouble will wash over the emerging market nations, sending them hat-in-hand to the multilateral institutions, especially those of the BRICS nations. The help they receive will come with multilateral strings attached.

2) Another growing wave, that of disgust, will also sweep through the developing nations (DNs). This disgust will be directed at the West, especially the United States and its military and monetary policies, and the DNs will demand change to how the world is run.

3) The Next Lehman Moment will occur, which will bring down the West and the whole global financial system. It is at this point that the BRICS will pull out their trump card: their gold reserves. They will add gold valuation to their currencies and will also offer to save the financial system, but only if “real reforms” are made.

4) The UN, IMF, and World Bank will receive a facelift, and the New World Order will then be in effect. This should occur around September of 2016.

Don’t worry, though, the NWO is designed to last for only 7 years. So we have from now till late 2023 to wake up and step away from the bullet that’s coming our way.

(P.S. – 16 December 2015) – Now here’s a date that makes me uncomfortable: December 22nd (22 is a Masonic Master Number that can represent “disastrous downfall”). The Congress is expected to pass a stopgap spending bill today to keep the government open through that date. So if something should happen to interrupt the budget process (like an “ISIS” attack in Washington), the government will shut down on midnight of the 22nd, right before Christmas.

Even if the budget does get passed before then, keep an eye out for “ISIS” false-flags in multiple cities during the Christmas to New Year’s timeframe.

Love always…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 91 – Selling dialectic conflict and nuclear Armageddon the Paul Craig Roberts way (+ Addendum 1)

Have a look at what our favorite globalist shill, Paul Craig Roberts, published yesterday…
…From Sputnik

It is a classic piece of Evil West vs. Good East dialectic propaganda, featuring the evil Neocons and the spectre of nuclear war. And it’s just in time for the holidays!

It also mentions something I was too busy to cover this week…

>>> Even the International Monetary Fund (IMF), allegedly a neutral, non-political world organization, has been suborned into the fight against Russia. Under Washington’s pressure, the IMF has abandoned its policy of refusing to lend to debtors who are in arrears in their loan payments to creditors.  In the case of Ukraine’s debt to Russia, this decision removes the enforcement mechanism that prevents countries (such as Greece) from defaulting on their debts. The IMF has announced that it will lend to Ukraine in order to pay the Ukraine’s Western creditors despite the fact that Ukraine has renounced repayment of loans from Russia.

In other words, the IMF is presenting itself, although the financial media will not notice, as a tool of US foreign policy.  

What this shows, and what should concern us, is that the institutions of Western civilization are in fact tools of American dominance. The institutions are not there for the noble reasons stated in their founding documents. <<<

Roberts is, of course, misrepresenting the way things are. In truth, the UN/IMF/World Bank, America, and the Neoconservatives are all tools of the GLOBALISTS. The globalists are the ones driving all this, not the captive American nation-state or the designated “bad guys / scapegoats” in this little drama, the Neocons. And far from being a tool of US national interests, the IMF just added the Chinese renminbi to their SDR basket of currencies because the globalists plan to give the Chinese “ownership” of the institution after the transition. Here is an excerpt from George Soros and the China-fronted NWO >>>


Starting at the 9:26 mark of this video and continuing on into the second part, George Soros tells us why the globalists used China to bring in the NWO…

I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order. They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commeasurate — their voting rights are not commeasurate — to their weight. So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have a coordinated policies.


To put it plainly, the IMF cafeteria will soon be removing foie gras from the menu and adding shark fin…

This being the case, why the row over Ukrainian loans? Because it’s an insignificant issue that can be used to animate the dialectic conflict. It was a move the IMF made to support the globalist propaganda effort. And in Update 24, I wrote about where they’re going with this…


The seeming insanity of recent US government policies is not the result of stupidity or incompetence; it is all very deliberate, and it’s intended to make the West look bad and the East look good. So when the “wise” BRICS leaders sweep in to wrest control of the UN/IMF/World Bank from the “insane” Western leaders, people are expected to accept that the “new management” will finally make these institutions work like the textbooks say they should. Unfortunately, though, the globalists built the BRICS and wrote the textbooks, so the whole setup is an increasingly transparent scam.

Once UN/IMF/World Bank“governance reforms” are enacted by the “heroic” BRICS, watch for controlled opposition agents like Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul to temper their criticism of those institutions. “We supported shutting down the UN/IMF/World Bank because they were instruments of the American Empire used to bully the world,” they will say, “but now that they’ve been reformed to be truly balanced and democratic, perhaps these organizations can finally live up to the high ideals they were supposedly built to uphold.”

As the upcoming East versus West climax approaches, remember that the main purpose behind the whole drama is to rejuvenate the UN brand. In the course of building the New World Order, the UN/IMF/World Bank name has become tarnished, so an “Under New Ownership/Management” sign is needed to lure people back to their brand. The BRICS-induced “governance reforms” will provide the fresh coat of paint the UN will need to gain public acceptance.


With the final paragraph of this excerpt in mind, have a look at what the Pope talked about during his US visit…

“…Pope Francis makes three important proposals for the reform and renewal of the UN system

…the pope lends his support to the hotly debated proposals to reform the UN Security Council and international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund.” – From

Now that the globalists have locked-in both the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, we’ll see the sh*t hitting the fan, and that right soon. Stock up on popcorn; it’s gonna be a helluva show.

[Addendum 1 – 14 December 2015]

Someone did a halfway decent job trolling this article over on Zero Hedge, so I thought I’d address his points…

Comment part 1 >>> It’s interesting – I had to read it twice to understand its stance – but very short on facts and logic. It criticizes PCR for “selling dialectic conflict and nuclear armageddon” without really understanding what dialectic (Hegellian) is, so it doesn’t make sense. <<<

So the commenter begins by using a straw man to try to make me look stupid. You can find the definition of the word “dialectic” here. He is pointing to definition 6 and saying it doesn’t apply, but I was using definition 9.

Comment part 2 >>> It almost seems as though the author has little or no idea of the UN’s security council veto process, of which the USA is a permanent member. There has not been a resolution in its history that got passed with an objection from the USA. Never. Nor will this change. <<<

Just watch it change. Changing the composition and operation of the Security Council is one of the key objectives of the currently unfolding Big Economic/Military Crisis. I wrote about this in Update 16 – The BRICS and the UN governance reform scam, which contains this…

Take careful note of the passage which says, “Measure(s) should also be taken to improve the working method of the Security Council with a view to enhance the efficiency and transparency of the Council’s work.” This means they’ll be taking away the ability of any single permanent member to veto Security Council action.

Comment part 3 >>> There has also never been a policy implemented without the USA’s permission at the IMF and the World Bank. Both institutions were created by the USA and BOTH institutions, even right NOW, are controlled by the huge margin of voting power of the USA. It takes an 85% majority to implement a policy change at the IMF. Even at the current voting power of “only” 16.74%, you can see that nothing can be done without America’s permission. (By contrast, the UK has 4.29% voting power, China has 3.81%) <<<

Correction: both institutions were created by the Rockefellers and their affiliated internationalist families and minions, not by the American nation-state. And they intend to dilute America’s voting power in the IMF in order to remove its effective veto power. They’ll do this by giving new SDR allocations to the BRICS in exchange for excess dollar reserves and gold. I covered this in Update 14 – The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers. Here is an excerpt >>>

I just came across a Zerohedge article titled “Is Russia Planning A Gold-Based Currency?” To give a simple answer to the question posed by the title, “yes,” both Russia and China (and possibly other BRICS allies) are planning to go to a partial gold backing for their currencies. And once they do, the globalist propaganda organs will laud the move as “the masterstroke that peacefully defeated the Western banksters.”

The (globalist orchestrated) BRICS move towards a partial gold standard goes beyond their own national currencies, though. To “save the international financial system from cataclysm,” they will also offer a portion of their gold reserves to back the IMF’s SDR, and they will receive a large allotment of SDRs in return. This “gold for SDRs” strategy was hinted at in a (UK) Royal Institute of International Affairs paper titled Adding Gold into the Valuation of the SDR

According to the globalist script, in return for “saving the IMF and the international financial system” with their gold, the BRICS (particularly China) will demand sweeping governance reforms of the IMF and the rest of the UN Complex, as well as a Chinese IMF head. The Chinese would then “own” the New World Order system in the way that George Soros described back in 2009 (if you haven’t read the linked article, please do so; you’ll find it complements this one quite nicely).


Comment part 4 >>> The author believes it is all a deliberate ploy to make the “West” look bad and “East” (BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) look good. I don’t get it. The ratio of IMF/World Bank funds to the BRICS is massive. The AIIB just got started a few months ago and looks puny in comparison. Paranoia needs some facts about its source of fear to back it up, but this lacks any figures, stats and rationale. The BRICS taking over the IMF is stupid. In other words, it’s pure shit. Sorry mate, but you deserve it for wasting my time and obsfucating the role of the zionists in fomenting a shooting war that is going on RIGHT NOW in Syria and elsewhere. <<<

After the Big Crisis, the BRICS will become the glamorized “leaders” of the UN Complex, but they will not control it. It will be a multilateral/multipolar system in which no nation dominates. The only ones who will dominate the NWO will be the Occulted Powers (the royal families + Jewish financiers) who rule us from behind the Democratic Facade.

Love always…

Globalist Prophecy Watch: Update 2 – Will Pope Francis go down with the West?

If the Western Roman Catholic Church goes down…
…what Roman church will remain?

Up until recently, I expected Pope Francis to welcome-in the coming “fake Christ / real Antichrist” figure [whom I’ll call “Facra” (fake Christ / real Antichrist)]. But as I observe the preparatory propaganda coming out of Infowars, I’m beginning to think the Pope will be swept aside by Facra. Perhaps I should start from the beginning…

In the originating entry of this series, the globalist-engineered 3-Step Second Coming scenario was laid out:

Step 1) the “fake Antichrist” (Obama) is publicly revealed in 2016 before being taken down in September;

Step 2) the “fake Christ / real Antichrist, “ Facra, makes the scene next year and defeats Obama;

Step 3) the “real Christ” makes the scene in 2023 and defeats Facra, thus bringing in a post-NWO theocratic dictatorship.

Also mentioned earlier in this series was a supposed “Illuminati defector” named Carolyn Hamlett. And wouldn’t you know it, Carolyn has recently come out and talked about the 3-Step Second Coming scenario…

On a hunch, I decided to do a search on “Alex Jones Carolyn Hamlett” and found that the two have had a connection. In fact, Alex featured an article by Carolyn on…

And lately, Alex has featured another supposed “Illuminati defector” named Leo Zagami in his videos and on Infowars…

And this brings us to the Pope. Here are a few points worth noting…

Point 1) Zagami is claiming that Bergoglio will resign the papacy in July of 2016…

>>> Two separate reliable sources within the Vatican stated that Pope Francis will resign next year.

This will occur during his pastoral visit to his nation of Argentina, and the two neighboring countries of Chile and Uruguay, in the period of time that coincides with the bicentennial of the 1816 Argentine Declaration of Independence. <<<

Such a resignation would provide a nice buildup to a September “Christ vs. Antichrist” showdown, wouldn’t it?

Point 2) He also mentions conflict between Pope Francis (who can be characterized as a “leftist”) and conservative bishops (“right-wingers”)…

>>> In fact, the last few days of the Synod, Pope Francis was questioned by influential conservative Bishops for his recent visit to the US. In their eyes it was a complete failure that alienated traditional Catholics in favor of a highly questionable liberal communistic approach that of course was crafted to comply with the New Word Order agenda. <<<

This mirrors the same setup that’s taking place in the political realm. “Liberal” politicians in Europe and the US are carrying out outrageous policies (such as on immigration/refugees) to set up a “conservative” backlash that will propel the “right-wing” into power (and Austrian Economics into the economic system).

Point 3) Zagami ties the Ziojews into the “corruption” of the Catholic Church…

>>> Two conferences were arranged in Rome for this purpose by various Jesuits, one took place Friday, October 2nd, at the Angelicum, the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas, the other on October 3rd, at the Centro Pellegrini “Santa Teresa Couderc,” in Via Vincenzo Ambrosio with the title, “Ways of Love.” It became not only the foundation meeting for the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, but also the place chosen for the “Coming out” stunt of Father Charamsa, arranged by the famous homosexual spin doctor, Emilio Sturla Turno, who is said to be sentimentally involved with a Israeli intelligence asset, demonstrating the many hidden interests involved in this operation. <<<

This ties into the whole “synagogue of Satan” (SOS) theme they’ve been spinning. They claim that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by the SOS, and this is why traditional Christianity has been upended.

Point 4) In other writings, Zagami also talks about Pope Francis being “the Last Pope”…

So his writings complement those of other “Final Pope” propagandists like Tom Horn.

Viewing these points, here are some questions I’m pondering…

> Will the East/West New World Order dialectic be accompanied by an East/West Roman Empire church dialectic?

> Will mortally-damning information about the Catholic Church be released during next year’s limited hangout truth tsunami?

> If Pope Francis brings the Catholic Church “to its end,” what Roman Empire church will be left standing? The Eastern Orthodox Church (Putin’s Church), right?

> So will Facra be a “conservative Christian” who comes out of the Eastern Orthodox realm to sweep aside the apostate Pope?

> Will Facra then be affirmed as a “recurrence of the Christ” by the fake ETs who show up?

The good news is we won’t have to wait long to find out the answers. Facra should make his presence known by July of next year.

For the entire prophecy series in its proper order, read through Obama and the 2nd Coming.

With love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 89.3-90.2 – The globalist script for starting WW3 in Syria (Addendum 3 – The Russian warplane incident starts the radical truth-telling)

[Update 89 – 19 October 2015]


On 28 October 2015, FT posted this article…
…and 3 days later, the West did “call Moscow’s bluff” by having their ISIS proxy group blow a Russian airliner out of the sky, thus triggering a building military conflict with Russiaor so history will record if we fail to build enough preemptive awareness to stop the globalists’ Syria script.

On a hunch, I decided to look back at how the Metrojet bombing narrative was released to the public each day after the crash. So I entered “metrojet 9268 assad” in Google News search and set the date range for November 1, then November 2, then November 3, and so on. With each date I searched, a cluster of articles would appear which outlined the “talking point of the day.” I also searched the dates before the bombing to see how they were prepping the public for what was to come. Allow me take you on a tour of what I found, starting first with the propaganda that led up to the Metrojet bombing…

> 28 September 2016 – It all begins in the immediate aftermath of the UN “Sustainable Development” Summit. On the day after the Summit concluded and the Pope departed, world leaders gathered to give their “Hail Caesar” speeches to the Globalist Establishment…
…From the

Putin and Obama met that day, and here is how a later RT article described what happened…

>>> History may eventually decide the ‘New World Order’ started on September 28, when Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama had a 90-minute face off at the UN in New York…

Putin did press Obama for the US to join Russia in a real grand coalition bent on smashing ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. The Obama administration, once again, relented…

One should never forget the Big Picture; the Syria/Ukraine/sanctions saga runs in parallel to Russia-China and closer BRICS integration shifting the balance of geopolitical power. For the ‘Masters of the Universe’, this is beyond anathema. <<<

So on the 28th, the globalist East/West dialectic script called for Putin to turn the tables on Obama by suggesting the US should join Russia’s coalition against ISIS, thereby thumbing his nose at the “Masters of the Universe” (the Western Establishment). The passage also hints at the dialectic clash between a BRICS NWO and the Western Establishment.

> 30 September 2015 – Just two days after the “face off” and in keeping with the globalist script, Putin further pisses-off the West by starting a bombing campaign supposedly aimed at ISIS (but actually aimed at anti-Assad “rebels” / Western regime change forces)…
…From – Note what I underlined, because the script calls for the West to do something to “force Putin to listen” a little later in this timeline.

> 1 October – 30 October 2015 – In the timespan between the beginning of the Russian bombing campaign and the downing of the Russian airliner, the Western press complains that the Russian strikes are prolonging the war, destroying hospitals, killing civilians, and targeting the ‘wrong” militants…
…From The Telegraph

> 31 October 2015 – The globalist script calls for the West to take action to “force Putin to listen,” so the US has their ISIS proxy group blow a Russian airliner out of the sky...
…from The Hill

Even though the globalists told Putin that the airliner would be sacrificed well in advance of October 31, let’s stick to a conventional narrative for the moment: given that ISIS claimed responsibility for the plane’s downing on October 31, the black boxes were found on October 31, and Russian investigators arrived in Egypt on November 1, the Russians had to know that the plane was downed by a bomb no later than November 2. The very first things the investigators would have done was listen to the recorders and swab the plane’s interior for explosive residue. And pairing those results with ISIS’ claim of responsibility, they would have known about the bomb in the very first day of the investigation.

So why did Russia deny a bomb was involved until November 17? For two reasons…

1) To “take time to do a proper investigation and find out exactly who did it.” The “evidence they uncovered” will be revealed at a later date, probably after the Paris Climate Change Summit.

2) Because the globalists wanted to put on a good show of having the West twist Putin’s arm at the G20 before the escalation began (see Addendum 8 of this entry).

[Addendum 1.1 – 20 November 2015]

With this background information in place, we can start delving into the creepy propaganda rollout that began after the Metrojet crash. The first significant narrative point emerged on…

> 4 November 2015 – Despite having no access to the forensic evidence from the crash site, “multiple US officials” proclaim that the airliner was brought down by an ISIS bomb. Here is what CNN said about it

>>> The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash was most likely caused by a bomb planted on the plane by ISIS or an affiliate, according to multiple U.S. officials who spoke with CNN.

The officials stressed that no formal conclusion has been reached by the U.S. intelligence community and that U.S. officials haven’t seen forensic evidence from the crash investigation.

Intelligence also suggests someone at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport helped get a bomb onto the plane, one U.S. official said…

The signs pointing to ISIS, another U.S. official said, are partially based on monitoring of internal messages of the terrorist group. <<<

When the time comes for Russia to officially reveal exactly who was responsible for the attack, they will point to November 4 and say, “US intelligence were so certain and so detailed in their conclusions so early on because it is they who ordered the attack. There was no need to gather intercepts of ISIS internal messages when it is the CIA that runs their operations and their communication and propaganda networks. It is because of the skill of their CIA handlers that ISIS displays such ‘a deft command of varied media.’”

In the days after November 4, the Western propaganda takes on a perverse, taunting tone…

> 5 November 2015 – Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, a US government-run propaganda service telegraphs what’s coming in this article
…Have a look at what it says…

>>> Mounting evidence that an onboard bomb brought down the Russian jet that crashed on Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, killing 224 people, poses a tough new dilemma for President Vladimir Putin: how to respond. If the theory of a terrorist attack is borne out, it will look like exactly what Islamic State militants have said it was: swift and deadly retaliation for Russia’s military operation in Syria.

There are several paths the Kremlin could take, but each has potential pitfalls and none is guaranteed to ward off the problems the crash could create for Putin at home and abroad. Here’s how Russia might react:

Blame The West

The tried-and-true approach for Putin, particularly in his third term. He has blamed the United States for street protests that shook the Kremlin in 2011-12 and accused Washington of giving direct backing to militants in Russia’s North Caucasus. It would be a stretch to lay the blame for the Sinai crash squarely on the West, but it seems likely the Kremlin will point the finger as much as it can. Jabs at the West may fit into the Russian narrative that holds that U.S. and European actions in the Middle East have facilitated the rise of the Islamic State (IS) group.

Since Putin launched the campaign of air strikes in Syria on September 30, officials in Moscow have lashed out angrily at Western political and military leaders who have warned that the intervention could lead to Russian casualties or other painful consequences in short order. <<<

Note the perverse spin in the first paragraph of the “Blame The West” section – implying that Putin is some sort of conspiracy theorist for stating the obvious. Nasty propaganda like this aids in the globalist effort to make the West look duplicitous and Putin look like a truth-teller. Also note the veiled threats in the second paragraph that were issued to Russia by “Western political and military leaders.” They certainly made good on those threats, didn’t they? And that reinforces the public perception that this dialectic conflict is real. We are watching the geopolitical version of a face (Putin) and a heel (the West) hurling accusations and insults at each other in a wrestling ring, while the commentators (the controlled media) sell the fans (the public) on the matchup.  After all the dirty tricks have been played and all the scripted insults and threats have been exchanged, the wrestling match begins.

[Addendum 2 – 22 November 2015]

> 6 November 2015 – The Western Heels begin suggesting that the Russian Face change his policies on account of the airliner bombing. Have a look at this Fox News article
…written by a mind-fu*ker from the RAND Corporation.

Obscured behind a layer of diplomatic spin, the “evil West’s” threats against Putin are laid-out for all who have eyes to see. Here are the key points along with my translations…

>>> If the Islamic State was responsible for the downing of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt last Saturday, this may alter the strategic equation for Moscow. Will it persist on an anti-Western path even as security threats and economic opportunity are becoming more globalized? Or will Russia cooperate with the West to protect against terrorism and improve the living standards of its people? <<<

Translation: “Now that we’ve bombed your plane, Russia, will you continue to oppose our policy or will you fall in line?”

>>> …Moscow dispatched combat aircraft to support Syria’s Shia-linked regime, led by Bashar al-Assad. Russia is also organizing a regional alliance of Shia powers – Iran, Iraq, and Hezbollah -– to buttress Assad’s rule against armed domestic opponents and the Islamic State, both of which are Sunni.

A problem with this picture is that only five percent of Russia’s millions of Muslims are Shia. Moreover, several thousand Muslims from Russia are now fighting with the Islamic State, and some in Russia fear they will return home and carry out terrorist acts. <<<

Translation: “If you don’t fall in line and abandon Assad, we will take the Russians who have been assimilated into our ISIS proxy force and send them back to Russia to create chaos.”

>>> Moscow faces a choice between two paths. One is to continue confronting the West, and seek retribution on its own against the Islamic State. But this holds little prospect of improving Russia’s security or economic condition. <<<

Translation: “If you don’t do as we say, expect more terrorist attacks from our proxy forces and continued economic sanctions.”

>>> The second path is to work with the West. In Syria, Moscow could collaborate to defeat the Islamic State on the battlefield while pursuing a more inclusive rule. Transitional arrangements to share power could make Syria more stable. They should involve Shia, Sunni, and other minorities. In Ukraine, Moscow could begin by withdrawing from the occupied areas in the east. The West would end the sectoral sanctions that have harmed Russia’s economy. The issue of Crimea could be left for the future. <<<

Translation: “Bomb whom we tell you, let the “moderate opposition” (Western regime change forces) take over the Syrian government, and tuck your tail between your legs and pull out of the eastern Ukraine. If you do that, we’ll end the economic sanctions and refrain from bombing you any more… until it’s time to talk about Crimea.”

So to sum up the West’s proposal:

“Russia rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”…

++++++++++Addendum 3 – 24 November 2015++++++++++

…From RT

Now that the first serious incident has occurred, some radical truth-telling is emerging. This is from the RT article…

>>> More, we are starting to uncover those who speak the language of anti-terrorism while in practice working to facilitate and support it.

Turkey is a key culprit in this regard. A murky relationship has long existed between Ankara, ISIS, al Nusra, and other jihadi groups operating in Syria. Indeed, on the most basic level, without their ability to pass back and forth across the Turkish border at will, those groups could not have operated as easily and effectively as they had until Russia intervened.

However, according to a report by David L Phillips of Columbia University, Turkey’s support for extremist groups operating in Syria, including ISIS has been even more extensive than previously thought. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Phillips reveals that the Turkish government, a member of NATO and a key Western ally, has been involved in helping ISIS with recruitment, training, and has provided it with intelligence and safe havens and sanctuary. Most recently it has been exposed as a major customer for stolen Syrian oil, supplied by the terrorist group. <<<

As each additional incident unfolds, this limited hangout truth-telling will increase. First it will come from alternative news sources like RT, then it will be confirmed by government officials. It will all culminate when Vladimir Putin announces to the world that the Russian investigation into the Metrojet bombing has uncovered “smoking gun evidence” that the US ordered the attack. We should reach that “Hollywood moment” at some time between now and the end of September 2016.

In the meantime, look for the West to use the “ISIS threat” as a crowd-control measure. ISIS will be their excuse to stop people from congregating in public (“for their own safety”), and if people do get out in the streets and demonstrate, the local intelligence agency will load some “ISIS guys” into a van to go shoot and bomb the demonstrators.

Also watch for “ISIS” attacks (or precautionary government lockdowns) in multiple cities on Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve — especially New Year’s Eve. The globalists will want to start off 2016 with a bang.

More to come…

[Update 90 – 20 October 2015]


This past week, two bits of Fed-related news came out:

1) On Wednesday, the Fed released the minutes from October’s FOMC meeting, and they were widely reported as signaling the Fed’s readiness to raise rates in December.

2) On Thursday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would change the way the Fed administers interest rate policy.

With these two points in mind, have a look at this…
…From the Federal Reserve website. Note that the “expedited, closed” meeting was suddenly scheduled on Thursday, the day the House passed the new bill.

So will the Fed launch an interest rate sneak attack this Monday? If they do, it could start wreaking havoc in the emerging markets before the Paris Climate Change Summit, and that could put more heat into the BRICS versus West showdown over “differentiated” versus “shared” carbon-cutting responsibilities. Raising rates on Monday would also allow them to avoid the perception that this rate hike was planned all along (since hiking on December 16 would mark exactly 7 years since the rates were cut to their current levels – see Update 85).

[Addendum 1 – 20 November 2015]

Have a quick look at the man who actually runs the Federal Reserve…
…from Wikipedia

This guy is another one of those Israeli/American dual citizens who create so much mischief here in the US, and his bio is quite the devil’s resume, isn’t it? Given the globalists’ common practice of stationing handlers behind their puppet / fall guy leaders, I suspect Fischer is fall girl Yellen’s handler, and that it is he who calls the shots from behind the throne.

With Monday’s expedited meeting in mind, have a look at what Reuters wrote about him before he got the Fed job: Fed nominee Fischer: policy decisions are best made early. Here is an excerpt…

“Stanley Fischer, U.S. President Barack Obama’s pick for the No. 2 job at the Federal Reserve, said on Friday that decades of crisis-fighting have taught him the importance of making policy decisions quickly, even before all relevant data is in hand

At 70, Fischer is anything but an impetuous decision-maker. An economics professor for many years, he taught both former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke and European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi.

He spent seven years as the No. 2 official at the International Monetary Fund during the Asian financial crisis, and headed the Bank of Israel from 2005 until the middle of last year. In that role, he was known for making decisions on interest rates that sometimes took markets by surprise.”

[Addendum 2 – 21 November 2015]

A Monday rate hike and December 11

Should the Fed surprise everyone on Monday and move the interest rates, be on the lookout for the media to connect it to the House’s passage of the FORM Act on Thursday. If the rate move is cast as a response to Congress’ attempt to increase oversight of the Fed, and if it unleashes turmoil in the markets, it will provide a pretext for “outrage” in the House of Representatives. This outrage could lead to House demands that the Senate pass the bill and override Obama’s veto, and they could even hold the budget process hostage to press the issue. This would give us a new path to a US government shutdown on December 11.

Now that the energy surrounding the Planned Parenthood videos has dissipated, a new outrage is necessary to drive a shutdown, and a “Fed Mistake” would do nicely. Don’t forget that Vatican stooge John Boehner was replaced by another Vatican stooge (and Mises Mafia member), Paul Ryan, and this could shape up to be their third attempt to shut down the government this year.

Prior awareness prevents mischief.

More to come on this update also…

For the previous updates from this series, click here.

With love…

(P.S. – 22 November 2015) – China has joined the “War against ISIS,” and I’m observing other things that tell me the big “Event” is now in motion and will noticeably intensify by year’s end. An update is coming…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 88 – Casus belli: A foreign (US?) made explosive brought down the Russian airliner (Addendum 1 – The creepy propaganda buildup to war)

Have a look at this article from Zero Hedge
…It features a photo of the bomb ISIS supposedly used to bring down the Russian airliner, and it includes this foreboding passage…

>>> Russia FSB chief Aleksandr Bortnikov said: “traces of a foreign-made explosive substance” have been found.  “During the flight, a homemade device with the power of 1.5 kilograms of TNT was detonated.” <<<

So let’s take a moment to think this whole situation over…

1) Before ISIS bombed the Russian airliner, Russia had been concentrating its airstrikes against anti-Assad “rebels” / Western regime change forces.

2) After the bombing and during the G20, the West pressured Russia to stop bombing the “rebels” and start bombing the people who brought down the airliner, ISIS.

Given that the “Western” intelligence services run both the “rebels” and ISIS, and looking at these two points, can you see the motive for the “Western” intelligence services ordering ISIS to blow up the Russian airliner? It was to draw Russia away from bombing the “rebels” and towards bombing ISIS.

Now that Russia is saying a “foreign-made” explosive substance brought down the plane, all that’s needed to justify a war is for the Russians to announce that…

1) the explosive was American-made, and

2) their intelligence services have uncovered a direct chain of command from the CIA to ISIS that ordered the attack.

Ergo, the US ordered the destruction of the Russian airliner.

[Addendum 1 – 18 November 2015] – The creepy propaganda buildup to war

I’m currently in the process of tracking the propaganda progression that followed the Metrojet bombing on October 31, and it’s creepy as hell. Here is very telling snippet that appeared on November 8 in the Daily Mail, just 5 days before the Paris attacks…

>>> Putin is criticised for concentrating Russian bombing on anti-Assad groups, not Isis.

If the destruction of Flight 9268 was the work of Isis, isn’t that likely to refocus his mind? A new alliance of the West and Russia, combining with forces in Syria, might halt Islamic state, or drive it underground. There’s an obvious downside: it would increase the terrorist danger from Isis supporters who live among us.

Our current terror threat is ‘severe’ — just one below the top category, ‘critical’. Are we, our so-called partners in Europe and the Americans prepared to fight a full-on war against Isis even if this results in a showdown with its hidden supporters in our cities? <<<

They were telegraphing this whole thing all along. I’m sorry I didn’t catch it.

I’ll put out an update on the full story as soon as I can, either late Thursday or Friday. Tomorrow morning is Starbucks day with my son.

For more background information on the Syrian scenario, see Update 87.

Much love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 87 – The Friday the 13th Attacks in Paris (Addendum 13 – Are the Russians intensifying their attacks on Western regime change forces?)

Paris has been attacked for the second time this year. Cui bono?…
…The globalists’ “anti-establishment” controlled opposition figures, that’s who.

The above-pictured article is from The Guardian, and take note of its date: 20 October 2015. So even though the supposed offense occurred 5 years ago, Le Pen wasn’t tried until just weeks before today’s attack. Convenient timing, is it not? While she is standing trial for “daring to speak the truth about the Muslim invasion,” the “Muslims” are running wild in the streets and shooting up Paris. Can you see how she is being positioned as the “suppressed patriot who spoke out against the insane policies of the political elite”? This is done so the public — who feel like suppressed patriots themselves — will identify with her and back her.

As we ponder this further, let’s take stock of two things we know…

1) The globalists are the ones forcibly holding the door open for immigrant invasions of the US and Europe.

2) The globalist intelligence agencies are the ones recruiting, training, arming, funding and transporting “Muslim terrorists” throughout the world.

So why are they doing these things? To create increasing public tension over the disruptive presence of the immigrants, and then unleash that tension with immigrant-linked false flag attacks. The released tension will then be channeled through the controlled opposition figures to create movement towards New World Order goals. I wrote about this in The Illuminati strategy of tension and release.

And here is something I wrote after the last round of Paris attacks in January (from The Paris Attacks, Marine Le Pen and Ron Paul)…


It didn’t take long for the propaganda exploitation to flow after the false-flag attacks on January 7. On the 8th, Slate posted this article on Marine Le Pen
…Isn’t it interesting how they thought to write about this in the immediate aftermath of the attacks?

Here are some notable excerpts (with my comments added in brackets)…

>>> Marine Le Pen, the leader of the increasingly popular party with the slogan “The French Come First,” appeared in front of three French flags and hammered out her demands—and a selfless offer.*

It is time for “frank and clear responses” against “inaction and denial,” she declared. In other words: The country’s two main political parties have failed to stem the Islamist tide, and you the voters now have all the evidence you need that France requires new leadership. “I intend to assume this vital responsibility so France can defend itself in the war that has been declared upon her,” she continued…

After Wednesday’s tragic attack, the party’s relevance [Le Pen’s FN Party] can no longer be doubted…

Marine Le Pen’s challenge has been to dissociate her party from its founder, her father Jean-Marie Le Pen, a polarizing figure known for frequent racist and anti-Semitic commentary…

[In much the same way, Rand Paul has had to distance himself from the “extreme” stances of his father Ron, and Ron Paul has toned down his language to support his son’s political ambitions.]

Le Pen’s attractive force, however, does not rely on the logic of the political world as it is. It lies in the brand her father built as a political pariah speaking “truth to power” in a system dominated by Gaullists and Socialists who all attended the same elite schools.

[Here again we see the similarities to the Pauls — being “political pariahs” speaking “truth to power” to the “elite.”]

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, there is no obvious limit to how high Marine Le Pen and National Front could rise. <<<

To further cement Le Pen’s reputation as an “outsider” to the French Establishment, she was noticeably snubbed from the recent National Unity March. As France 24 noted…

>>> By Thursday afternoon, most other parties had followed suit, with the notable exception of the National Front (FN). Its leader, Marine Le Pen, said she had not received an invitation. She denounced the FN’s “exclusion” from the rally and proclaimed “the end of national unity”.

The Socialist government has yet to confirm that her party was not invited. <<<

…and as the Irish Times noted…

>>> Mr Hollande is marching alongside his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, whom he defeated in the presidential election in 2012, providing a rare image of unity between the two rivals. All senior figures in Mr Sarkozy’s UMP are attending, as are the leaders of smaller parties on the left and right.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right National Front, is not among them. Speaking after a meeting with Mr Hollande at the Élysée Palace this week, Ms Le Pen said the president didn’t invite her to the march and that she “regretted” this. <<<

It’s also worth noting who was pictured with French President Hollande in the March…
…Benjamin Netanyahu. This picture is going to come back and bite Hollande once the mainstream media is instructed to “tell the truth” about all the false flags and the Nazi/Zionist involvement in them. When the MSM start openly promoting the truth about 9/11, the London 7/7 attacks, and the Paris attacks, you’ll know the globalists are making their move.

On a numerological side note, do you remember Christine Lagarde’s strange remarks on the “magic 7”? I talked about them in The Globalists are accelerating the rollout of their new financial system. The London attacks were on 7/7/2005 (which is 7/7/7), and the French attacks started on January 7. Also, 2015 is the 7th year since the 2008 Lehman Moment. These numbers are worth keeping in mind.

Having looked at all this (along with everything we saw in the last entry), we see how the Paris attacks are serving to “move the herd” in the general direction of Le Pen, France’s savior-to-be.


Since we can expect to hear a lot out of the alternative press as they pick apart the attacks, you might want to read this entry if you haven’t already: Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags (and the real agenda behind the Paris attacks). I also expect some alternative sources to connect the current attacks to what happened to the Knights Templar back in 1307, so I’ll write a postscript about that this weekend.

[Addendum 1 – 14 November 2015] – Bingo…
…From Zero Hedge

[Addendum 2 – 14 November 2015] – Leaders have already begun arriving for the G20 Summit in Turkey, and as one would expect, terrorism has now vaulted to the top of the agenda…
Isn’t it interesting that this attack occurred just 2 days before a Summit that will take place in Turkey, just 500 km or so from ISIS territory in Syria?

So are we looking at the beginning moves toward a UN-centered Patriot Act for the world? Will we see the BRICS chiding the West over their “blowback-generating” interventionist foreign policies? What kind of show will they put on, a cooperative love-in or a breakdown between West and East? The propaganda arising from this meeting could tell us much about how 2016 will play out.

[Addendum 3 – 14 November 2015] – Here is another effect of the attacks that just occurred to me: they could be used as a pretext to block any protests at the Paris Climate Change Summit at the end of the month. From the globalist perspective, this reason alone makes conducting the attacks worthwhile.

[Addendum 4 – 14 November 2015] – Alex Jones shills for Le Pen

Have a listen at what Alex says about the Paris attacks and Marine Le Pen

So he is precisely following the globalist media strategy of bashing the Western decoy NWO in order to mask the fact that the BRICS are bringing in the REAL NWO. This is why he sounds so sympathetic to Le Pen and is always so supportive of Putin, who are allies…
…From Yahoo/AFP

Looking ahead to the Climate Change Summit, I’m increasingly wondering if Putin will be “the hero who stops the deal.” If so, look for Alex Jones to lavish praise on him (and for the globalists to escalate staged attacks against him). It would be the trigger that touches off the final dialectic battle between West and East over the course of 2016.

[Addendum 5 – 15 November 2015] – The Knights Templar

Given that the Paris attack occurred on Friday the 13th, I knew that the fringe faux-truther sites would try to tie it into what happened to the Knights Templar and attribute it to internecine conflict within the secret societies. The notorious disinformation figure “Sorcha Faal” did not disappoint in this regard…

>>> A stunning new report issued today by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to the policy makers of the Security Council (SC) states that yesterdays attacks in Paris can be likened to a “ritual massacre” and was “orchestrated/directed” by a secretive “element/cabal” of Freemasons (Masonic/Masons) holding high positions of power within the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the French General Directorate for External Security (DGSE), the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6), Israel’s Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI) and the Vatican…

The significance of these Freemason-Jesuit plotters exacting yesterday’s Friday the 13th massacre on Paris, this report explains, is due to their secretive organizations banishment, arresting and outlawing of all of their members on Friday the 13 October 1307 against their declaration of innocence, and the subsequent burning at the stake of their Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral seven years later on Friday 13 March 1314…

As the [Russian] Federation, since 30 September, has been bombing the Islamic State and its terrorist allies into oblivion, the greatest fear of these Jesuit-Freemason plotters, this report warns, is that their not so secret support of these barbarians with weapons and resources will become more apparent to the world unmasking these monsters and revealing who they really are—and with that what their global agenda is too. <<< – From

Can you see how this make-believe narrative lends credence to the fake East versus West paradigm (with the “evil” Western Cabalists scheming against the “innocent” Russian Federation)? In reality, the East/West conflict is nothing more than a propaganda exercise featuring the West as the “bad cop” and the East as the “good cop.” The evil-looking bad cop’s NWO will be defeated by the smiley-faced good cop’s NWO because that’s what the globalists have been planning for all along.

As for what happened to the Knights Templar so long ago, have a look at what Wikipedia says about it

>>> In 1305, the new Pope Clement V, based in Avignon, France, sent letters to both the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay and the Hospitaller Grand Master Fulk de Villaret to discuss the possibility of merging the two Orders. Neither was amenable to the idea, but Pope Clement persisted, and in 1306 he invited both Grand Masters to France to discuss the matter. De Molay arrived first in early 1307, but de Villaret was delayed for several months. While waiting, De Molay and Clement discussed criminal charges that had been made two years earlier by an ousted Templar and were being discussed by King Philip IV of France and his ministers. It was generally agreed that the charges were false, but Clement sent the king a written request for assistance in the investigation. According to some historians, King Philip, who was already deeply in debt to the Templars from his war with the English, decided to seize upon the rumors for his own purposes. He began pressuring the Church to take action against the Order, as a way of freeing himself from his debts. The French king’s motivations went beyond merely financial though.

At dawn on Friday, 13 October 1307 (a date sometimes linked with the origin of the Friday the 13th superstition) King Philip IV ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase: “Dieu n’est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume” [“God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom”]. Claims were made that during Templar admissions ceremonies, recruits were forced to spit on the Cross, deny Christ, and engage in indecent kissing; brethren were also accused of worshiping idols, and the order was said to have encouraged homosexual practices. The Templars were charged with numerous other offences such as financial corruption, fraud, and secrecy. Many of the accused confessed to these charges under torture, and these confessions, even though obtained under duress, caused a scandal in Paris. The prisoners were coerced to confess that they had spat on the Cross: “Moi, Raymond de La Fère, 21 ans, reconnais que [j’ai] craché trois fois sur la Croix, mais de bouche et pas de cœur” (free translation: “I, Raymond de La Fère, 21 years old, admit that I have spat three times on the Cross, but only from my mouth and not from my heart”). The Templars were accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshipping either a figure known as Baphomet or a mummified severed head they recovered, amongst other artifacts, at their original headquarters on the Temple Mount that many scholars theorize might have been that of John the Baptist, among other things. <<<

Looking at the things the Templars were accused of, it reads an awful lot like what our current-day bankster “elite” do on the weekend, doesn’t it?

[Addendum 6 – 15 November 2015] – Upon looking over the first MSM propaganda reports coming from the G20 Summit, the first hint of West/East dissension has appeared. This is from a BBC report titled G20 summit: Russia Syria action ‘raising refugee numbers’, and it features comments from European Council President Donald Tusk…
…Note Obama’s expression. It’s quite a nice little theatrical touch.

Tusk’s comments are, of course, idiotic and inflammatory, and that’s exactly what the directors of this drama want: the West looking like duplicitous, insane morons and Putin looking like the mature, truth-telling statesman.

[Addendum 7 – 15 November 2015] – No protests for you!…

Bingo again. the MSM are reporting France’s Hollande wants 3-month state of emergency: political sources. This likely means that no mass protests will be allowed during the Climate Change Summit. If any protests are permitted, they’ll almost certainly be restricted in size and contained in “protected free speech zones” out of sight and out of mind. I don’t think the globalists want the public seeing any opposition to their climate change message. But what will happen to the pro-climate control marches?

[Addendum 8 – 15 November 2015] – The West tells Putin to back down

The Guardian is reporting that…

So this is how the globalist script for Syria is shaping up so far…

1) The Western bad guys will try to get Putin to abandon Assad and stop bombing “moderate Syrian opposition forces” / Western regime change forces.

2) Good guy Putin will stand firm with his ally, insisting on the following: 1) that Assad remains in power until new elections are held, and 2) that Assad remains eligible to run for the Syrian Presidency in those elections.

3) With good guy Putin holding off the evil Western schemes for Syria, and with ever more warplanes in the sky over Syria due to the Paris attacks, an “accident/incident” will occur that leads to a direct military confrontation between Russian and Western forces. Incident by incident, skirmish by skirmish, World War 3 will grow over the following months.

[Addendum 9 – 15 November 2015] – The Pope, ISIS, and the “End Times”

I ran across this rather surprising article today…
…From Breitbart

And that article brought to mind something a reader mentioned a while ago…
…From The Blaze. Here is a rather interesting snippet from the article: “Bergen said that the terror group has an ideology of an ‘apocalyptic cult that believes that we are living in the end times and that ISIS’ actions are hastening the moment when this will happen.'”

ISIS’ strategy has been to take over areas mentioned in the End Times prophecies, then draw the “Satanic forces” into battle in those places. In this, they have been quite successful, haven’t they? They’ve brought both sides of World War 3 into the Syrian battlespace, and all that’s needed now is the right trigger to set things off.

Keeping in mind that the globalist intelligence agencies control ISIS (and that the globalist bosses control both West and East), remember that this is all just a script that’s being played out for public consumption. The public have to be given reasons why they’re going to war, and as usual, those reasons are entirely made up.

Speaking of the “End Times” and “Jesus’ return,” you might want to read Obama and the 2nd Coming to prepare yourself for any religious craziness you might see unfold next year.

[Addendum 10 – 16 November 2015] – East versus West on Climate Change

According to a Bloomberg Business article titled As Terrorism Unites G-20, Climate Change Exposes Divisions

>>> The divide at the G-20 initially emerged over whether countries will back a more “differentiated” approach, where developed nations carry an extra burden, or “shared” emissions responsibilities, which would require developing nations to make bigger cuts, according to officials who asked not to be named…

The BRICS nations called for a greater focus on emissions pledges to be “differentiated” based upon national circumstances, suggesting they favor industrialized nations doing more to limit emissions than developing ones. <<<

This last paragraph is in keeping with Putin’s reported skepticism on manmade climate change: Putin Believes Global Warming ‘Is A Fraud To Restrain Developing Nations’. So this argument over “differentiated” measures versus “shared” measures might end up being the reason cited for Putin’s potential blocking of a climate deal at the upcoming summit.

In addendum 3 of this update I asked, “What kind of show will they put on, a cooperative love-in or a breakdown between West and East?” Looking at the back-and-forth over Syria and Climate Change, it appears that this G20 Summit is being used to demonstrate the (phony) conflict between the West and East. Should the BRICS be seen as frustrating the West on both Syria and Climate Change, it will set the stage for more provocative actions by the “insane West.”

[Addendum 11 – 17 November 2015] – Cue the Russian intensification

The globalist choreography of the whole Syrian conflict is getting ridiculously obvious. The MSM are now reporting Russia Says Bomb Downed Plane in Egypt and Intensifies Attacks on ISIS. So after dragging their heels for weeks over what caused the plane crash, and on the day after the G20 Summit ends, the Russians finally announce it was a bomb. Nothing fishy about that timing, eh?

So now we have both West and East intensifying airstrikes in Syria, putting more and more aircraft in that small piece of airspace. All that’s needed now to get the ball rolling is…

1) one angry pilot,
2) one false-flag downing of a warplane by the Armageddon-desiring religious wingnuts who run Israel,
3) one attempt by the West to impose a no-fly zone over Syria to protect their regime change forces from Russian airstrikes, or
4) one publicly-released smoking gun connecting the Western intelligence services to the airliner bombing.

[Addendum 12 – 17 November 2015] – Another covert US attack against China?

If you want to know why this happened in China on the day after the G20 Summit…
…From Zero Hedge

…then have a look at this section on climate change from the G20 final communique

“We underscore our commitment to reaching an ambitious agreement in Paris that reflects the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities, in light of different national circumstances.”

Looking back to Addendum 10 of this update, we recall that the “bad cop” West wants “shared” emissions responsibilities (with all nations cutting equally) and the “good cop” East wants “differentiated” responsibilities (with the developed world cutting more). The fact that the word “differentiated” appears in the G20 communique tells us that the BRICS didn’t give in to the West on climate change, just like Putin didn’t give in on the matter of abandoning Assad and stopping strikes on Western regime change forces in Syria.

So what does this have to do with a chemical plant explosion, you ask? The recent rash of chemical explosions in China are already being cast by the fringe alternative media as covert attacks by the US against China…
…From Natural News

The basic gist of the propaganda line such sites are conveying is that the US “unipower” is trying to intimidate China with these “attacks” in order to maintain America and the dollar’s “hegemony” over the world. So according to such a narrative, today’s chemical explosion in China was retaliation for not giving in to the West’s demand for “shared” climate change responsibilities. Although this covert attack meme is limited to the fringe media right now, look for it to make its way into the mainstream when the BRICS finally make their big move. It will be used to justify Chinese military action, and It’s all part of the fake East versus West dialectic conflict that will bring in the NWO.

[Addendum 13 – 17 November 2015] – Are the Russians intensifying their attacks on Western regime change forces?

On the same day Russia announced that their jetliner was downed by a bomb, they struck those responsible with a massive 25 bomber air raid. But at whom were they aiming? Have a look at what this Daily Beast article says…

>>> “During a massive airstrike today, 14 important ISIL targets were destroyed by 34 air-launched cruise missiles,” [Russian General] Gerasimov said, using an alternative acronym for the terror army. “The targets destroyed include command posts that were used to coordinate ISIL activities in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, munition and supply depots in the northwestern part of Syria.”

Idlib and Aleppo are not ISIS strongholds. Indeed, U.S.-backed rebels hold much of both provinces. Russia has maintained all along that its roughly six-week-old intervention in Syria is aimed at defeating ISIS, but in fact many Russian air and missile strikes have hit rebel groups that oppose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and ISIS. <<<

So on the day after the G20 Summit, during which the West told Putin to back down due to the airliner bombing and Paris attacks (see Addendum 8), the Russians launch a massive strike on what might actually be the “anti-Assad rebels.” If the Russians are indeed massively increasing their attacks against the “moderate opposition fighters” / regime change forces, what do the globalists have scripted as the Western response? An attempt at imposing a Western-enforced no-fly zone? You can imagine what that would lead to.

For the previous updates from this series, click here.

Love always…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 85-86 – Globalist troublemaking in December & Notes on the upcoming G20 Summit

[Update 85 – 9 November 2015]


Looking ahead, there are two scheduled timeframes for globalist mischief remaining this year…

1) There is the November 15-16 timeframe of the G20 Leaders Summit (which I’ll write about in a later update), and

2) There is the December 11-16 timeframe that features the final day of the Paris Climate Change Summit (on the 11th), the budget deadline for the US government (on the 11th), and the next FOMC statement on interest rates (on the 16th).

Speaking of that last one, a reader pointed out that the December rate announcement will occur EXACTLY 7 YEARS after they set the rates to their current low level…
…From CNN Money

Given the globalists’ affinity for the Magic 7, and noting the tenor of the propaganda surrounding the December FOMC meeting…
…there is a good chance that we’ll finally see the Fed zig (by tightening) while the rest of the world zags (by loosening).

With a tightening at the Magic 7 mark, the Fed will start a cascade of debt defaults by nations, companies, and individuals that cannot afford to roll over their dollar-denominated debt at a higher interest rate. The squeeze this will put on the “emerging market” nations will drive an increasing move away from the dollar and towards the BRICS, and this will provide a great way to herd the world towards the SDR-based multilateral financial system the globalists have been constructing.

Needless to say, the Fed would have difficulty justifying the raising of rates if the US government were shut down. So this suggests that a December 11 shutdown either won’t happen or will be very short (lasting only a few days). If the globalists do go ahead with a short shutdown (to make the US government look dysfunctional to the rest of the world), the press will suggest that it was due to a deal made between House Speaker Paul Ryan and the House Freedom Caucus. They’ll say that Ryan offered them a chance at a December shutdown if they didn’t oppose the debt limit extension. Congress would then swiftly bypass the shutdown before the FOMC meeting.

Looking at the Paris Climate Change Summit, something quite interesting is happening. Note that Putin will be speaking at the meeting (in green), but also note that the press is portraying him as a global warming skeptic (in red)…

This raises an intriguing question…

Is Putin merely holding out for a better deal for Russia, or is he going to “heroically” stop the agreement from happening?

The Paris Climate Change Summit was organized with a specific goal: “the objective of the 2015 conference is to achieve, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, a binding and universal agreement on climate, from all the nations of the world.”  If Putin blocks a unanimous climate change deal, it could mean that the idea of man-made climate change will be sacrificed as part of the BRICS-fronted NWO rollout. And the Western propagandists would seize upon Putin’s obstruction as yet another sign that Russia is acting as a “spoiler” to the “principled international order” (the Western decoy NWO)…

Looking ahead into 2016, the globalists are facing a hard deadline in September if they want to go through with their Obama-related prophetic bullsh*t. This means that 2016 has to be the year they trigger the next big economic and military crisis. By starting the ball rolling on December 16, they can begin the big ramp-up of economic troubles and military confrontations that will culminate next Fall. Our mission, then, must be to find a way of pushing them back past September. If we can do that, their whole timeline will be thrown into disarray.

[Update 86 – 11 November 2015]


(Note 1) – Turkey has been the host nation for the G20 this year, so have a look at what Turkey’s Daily Sabah is saying about the G20 Summit (which starts this Sunday)…

Speaking of the G20 and the quest for a new monetary system, can you guess which nation will host the G20 in 2016? Yep, it’ll be China. So if you take the talk of moving to a new monetary system and put it together with BRICS-leader China’s hosting of the G20 next year, can you see how a December Fed rate hike would facilitate things?

(Note 2 – 13 November 2015) – Since the G20 Summit ends just two weeks before the Paris Climate Change Summit begins, you can imagine what the main focus of the G20 final communique will be. Like all other globalist entities, the G20 is pushing hard for carbon controls. In fact, on the day the Pope stumped for Climate Control at the UN, the G20 was also at the UN lending their support…

Of course, the G20 aren’t the only ones carrying water for Neo-Roman Climate Control. The globalist-controlled multinationals are in on it too…
…From “the world business organization

In case you aren’t familiar with the International Chamber of Commerce, here is their Wikipedia intro

“The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC; French: Chambre de commerce internationale (CCI)) is the largest, most representative business organization in the world. Its hundreds of thousands of member companies in over 180 countries have interests spanning every sector of private enterprise.

ICC has three main activities: rule setting, dispute resolution, and policy advocacy. Because its member companies and associations are themselves engaged in international business, ICC has unrivalled authority in making rules that govern the conduct of business across borders. Although these rules are voluntary, they are observed in countless thousands of transactions every day and have become part of international trade.

A world network of national committees in over 90 countries advocates business priorities at national and regional level. More than 2,000 experts drawn from ICC’s member companies feed their knowledge and experience into crafting the ICC stance on specific business issues.

ICC keeps the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, and many other intergovernmental bodies, both international and regional, in touch with the views of international business. ICC was the first organization granted general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council.”

So they’re hooked into the UN, eh? Well so are the climate change propaganda sites, such as Climate Home

If you look to the right side of Climate Home’s page to see their sponsors, here is one that stands out…

Clicking through to that sponsor’s page, we see who’s footing the bill for the climate change propaganda…
…The multilateral banks and the UN.

So as you can see, all roads lead to the UN, just like all roads led to Rome. Ergo, the UN is New Rome…
…From The Atlantic

It’s all quite a pity actually. Transitioning away from “fossil” fuels is something I’d like to see happen, but not if it’s done by this pack of elitist deceivers, thieves, and tyrants. Guided by their self-serving, obsessively-controlling hands, the whole exercise is bound to be an exorbitant, painful, freedom-destroying debacle.

(Note 3 – 13 November 2015) – On the sidelines of the G20 Summit, we’re likely to see BRICS officials complaining to the press about America’s obstruction of both the IMF’s quota reform and the yuan’s addition to the SDR basket of currencies. This complaining will be publicly seen as escalating to heavy-duty tension if the IMF’s board fails to add the yuan by the end of November.

In a Yahoo/AFP article titled IMF may decide inclusion of China’s yuan in SDR this month, it is suggested that the yuan could get the IMF’s approval before the end of November, but might have to wait until next September for the inclusion to be implemented. And in a separate article from Bloomberg, it’s suggested that the yuan’s acceptance is “basically a done deal, unless something really surprising and unexpected happens.”

Should the US be the source of “something really surprising and unexpected,” it would fit perfectly into the World War 3 buildup. Then again, the globalists might want China to get its foot in the SDR’s door before the hostilities begin. That way, the door will be open for China to bring in gold to save the IMF when the time is right. It’ll be interesting to see how they play it.

Much love…

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 84 – Pearl Harbor in Mayport? (+ a final thought)

Have a look at these two maps. The one on top shows the 1,800 km strike radius of a Chinese HN-2 cruise missile fired from a warship docked at Jacksonville, Florida. The bottom one shows the location of America’s active nuclear power plants…
…This is just one of the strike packages available to the Chinese Navy when it docks two of its warships at Naval Station Mayport on November 3rd.

Does it sound crazy to suggest that the Chinese might launch a preemptive strike against the US during their navy’s “goodwill visit” next week? Sure it does. Normally, I’d pay no attention to such a visit. But there are a discomforting number of coincidences surrounding this particular one, and it would be foolhardy to pay them no mind. So here goes…

Let’s begin by having a look at the headline of this USNI News article

…Note the key words I’ve underlined.

The article tells of an upcoming Jacksonville, Florida port visit by two Chinese warships and a replenishment vessel, the Type 052C Luyang II-class guided-missile destroyer Jinan (152), the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate Yiyang (548) and the Type 903 Fuchi-class fleet oiler Qiandao Hu (886).” The 2 missile ships mentioned are among the Chinese Navy’s most modern and capable surface combatants, and they’re able to carry a lot of cruise missiles. According to Wikipedia, the two ships carry a combined 24 cruise missiles of various types, and these missiles have speeds of up to Mach 0.9 and ranges of up to 1,800 kilometers. They also have a combined total of 80 vertical launch system (VLS) cells.

Current-day VLS systems are capable of carrying a variety of missile types and can hold one or more missiles in each cell. The French Navy’s Sylver VLS, for instance, is able to pack up to 4 rocket-propelled white flags per cell. Assuming that a longer-range cruise missile would take up a whole cell by itself, though, the Chinese ships could pack an additional 80 cruise missiles in their VLS, for a grand total of 104. And who knows what exotic varieties could be hidden in those cells.

So on the one hand, you have two guided missile warships that will dock inside America’s defensive umbrella on November 3rd. And on the other hand, you have propaganda floating around concerning America’s freedom of navigation operations and China’s threat of military reprisal…
…from Zero Hedge

You also have China openly proclaiming that war with the US is inevitable…

…and you have globalist windbag Paul Craig Roberts and others telling the world that Washington is preparing a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia and China…

And what does all this set the stage for? For a preemptive strike by China in order to “protect itself” and respond to America’s “provocations.” All they’d have to do is sit there at Naval Station Mayport and salvo-off their cruise missiles.

A cruise missile attack is the ideal way for China to make a first strike since it would be very hard for America to stop. Cruise missiles fly very low, and they would be hard to distinguish from the vast number of military, commercial, and personal airplanes, helicopters, and drones that operate in the airspace of the Eastern US. Not only that, they’d be hard to pick out from the ground clutter along the I-95 Corridor that runs from Jacksonville to Washington, New York City, and beyond. The driving distance from Jacksonville to New York City is 936 miles, which puts it within range of the ships’ cruise missiles. In fact, most of the Eastern US would be within range.

BUT WHY? Why would anyone think that such a crazy thing would be attempted? Normally I wouldn’t, but I can’t ignore something the Economist magazine put on one of its covers in January of this year….

This group of images forms a symbolic statement, so let’s look at the images from left to right in order to decipher what they might mean…

> The Turtle – The turtle on the cover is shown moving away from what’s behind it – it’s fleeing. There are also lines drawn above it, as if to emphasize its shell and/or convey alarm. Seeing the concepts of “shell” and “alarm” being shown, the first word that came to my mind is “shelter.” So the turtle can be interpreted as meaning “flee and take shelter.”

> The Supersonic Car (SSC) – This is an image of the UK’s Bloodhound SSC…

If you look at its Wikipedia entry, you’ll see that the project started back in 2008, and it won’t make its attempt to break the land speed record until 2016 at the earliest. So if it isn’t something new and it won’t make its record attempt till at least next year, why is it featured on a cover devoted to events in 2015? Could it be there to represent not itself, but something it looks like
…such as a cruise missile?

So the SSC can be interpreted as representing a cruise missile.

> The “Alice timeline” – I first wrote about this in a previous update, and it can be interpreted in two ways: it can represent a financial message related to the debt limit, and it can represent a warning message related to the Chinese naval visit. These are the fundamental aspects of it (excerpted from Update 83)…

>>> It was at this point that I realized I was looking at a timeline reference…
..As Alice looks forward with the Cricket World Cup behind her (during which the debt limit suspension ended on March 15), the first thing in her line of sight is the 11/3 arrow (the “debt limit is hit” date), and the second thing is the 11/5 arrow (the “we’re out of cash and in default” date). So Alice is there to show us how to look at the dates. <<<

Looking at this timeline from the Chinese naval visit perspective, it shows Alice seeing the date the warships arrive (11/3), and then seeing the date they launch their cruise missiles (11/5).

> The painting on the pile of dirt – If you look closely at the cover, you’ll see that Alice’s shadow and the shadows of the arrows fall upon the pile of dirt. This suggests that the timeline and the dirt pile are connected. And if you look upon the image of the painting sitting atop the dirt pile, one gets the impression that the gallery which held the painting has been destroyed and reduced to dirt.

Seeing this, I did a Google image search for “famous paintings of a lady,” and I found the featured painting among the results. It is a painting of an unknown lady from the Court of Milan done by Leonardo da Vinci. And once I discovered this, I decided to do a Google maps search to see if Milan had any geographic similarities to Jacksonville. Although that train of thought was a dead end, the search itself wasn’t. Off to the left side of the map, Google offered this…

Can you think of any American city that fits the description given Milan? New York City precisely fits it, doesn’t it? So this image of a painting sitting in a pile of dirt can be interpreted as showing one of the targets destroyed by the cruise missiles, NYC.

Now that we’ve explored the individual elements of the symbolic statement…

> the turtle means “flee and take shelter,”
> the supersonic car represents “a cruise missile (attack),”
> the Alice timeline gives us “the timeframe of the attack,” and
> the painting in the dirt gives us “a target of the attack, New York City.”

…let’s read it from left to right in English…

Had the Economist cover not featured this specific set of symbols, and had the port visit been arranged for any other day except November 3, I would not be writing about this scenario. But lest you think that subjective interpretations of a shady magazine cover are the only coincidences causing me discomfort, have a look at what happened on Wednesday…
…From Gizmodo

Two “aerostats” (tethered blimps) of the JLENS system had been keeping watch for cruise missiles over the East Coast airspace between North Carolina and the Canadian border since last December. From Defense Industry Daily

Due to power line damage caused by the one that broke free on Wednesday, though, the “second balloon was hauled down Wednesday and grounded indefinitely.” So in a rather unnerving real-world “coincidence,” the system that was guarding Washington, DC and New York City from cruise missile attack is now disabled. Radar-equipped AWACS aircraft can fill the gap, of course, but what if someone in the globalist-controlled National Security Establishment (NSE) arranges for a gap in AWACS coverage at the appointed time?

Let us not forget that during 9/11, the NSE fired one of its own cruise missiles at a lightly-occupied section of the Pentagon (and then covered it up by hiding surveillance footage from the thousands of security cameras monitoring the building’s interior and exterior). Given this fact, is it so hard to believe that they might be in cahoots with the Chinese in arranging this November attack? Considering that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Joseph Dunford, is a “fervent Catholic” / Jesuit asset, it’s rather easy to imagine that his network of cronies in the officer ranks could arrange for an AWACS crew mixup, mechanical problem, or network failure at the critical moment.

As I’m in the process of writing this entry module-by-module, an eagle-eyed reader has contacted me with more references he’s deciphered from the Economist cover…

> The turtle was drawn with 9 toes and 11 emphasis marks above its shell…
…(there is a tenth toe on the back foot — which I have dubbed the “plausible deniability toe” — but it is obstructed by another toe, so only 9 were drawn to be clearly visible)

So is it merely a coincidence that the turtle was drawn with a 9/11 encoding? Most unlikely. And if we add this additional information to what we’ve already covered, the turtle can be interpreted as meaning “flee and take shelter from (the next) 9/11.”

> Spider-Man is seen as he is about to swing between Alice and the painting on the pile of dirt, and his body is oriented towards the painting…
…And in the fairy tale land of comic books, where does Spider-Man live? New York City. So this is another possible reference to New York City being a target.

> Alice is looking at the Cheshire Cat’s grin, and the cat is drawn in front of Chinese President Xi, who is also grinning…

I had previously puzzled over the Cheshire Cat’s meaning, and I’d done searches on the cat’s relationship to Alice in order to figure it out. But I think the reader has found the true answer in something called the “Cheshire Cat Effect”…

“The Cheshire Cat effect, as described by Sally Duensing and Bob Miller, is a binocular rivalry which causes stationary objects seen in one eye to disappear from view when an object in motion crosses in front of the other eye. Each eye sees two different views of the world, sends those images to the visual cortex where they are combined, and creates a three-dimensional image. The Cheshire Cat effect occurs when one eye is fixated on a stationary object, while the other notices something moving. Since one eye is seeing a moving object, the brain will focus on it, causing parts of the stationary object to fade away from vision entirely.

So how does this relate to the potential attack next week? Think about it… what will be in motion next week? What will be stationary? Next week, we may see another US Navy ship doing a freedom of navigation cruise in the South China Sea, and on the 5th, Xi (who represents the Cheshire Cat) will be on the move to Vietnam (one of the nations in contention with China over its island building). So there will be lots of movement in the South China Sea on the 5th, while the Chinese warships will be sitting stationary at Naval Station Mayport. While everyone is focused on what’s happening over there, they’ll be overlooking what’s about to happen right here.

The Cheshire Cat Effect is drawn right into the symbolic statement. While Alice’s gaze is fixed on the Cheshire Cat’s grin, she is overlooking the arrows with the warning dates on them.

Another thing the reader pointed out is that the mushroom cloud at the top of the cover is aligned with Spider-Man’s head, but that connection is a bit too tenuous for my taste. Besides, I’m not expecting the potential attack to include any nuclear weapons at all. If the Chinese were to nuke New York City, they might damage or destroy the UN, and they don’t want to alienate or obliterate the institution they’re about to overhaul. My current expectation is that they would use conventional warheads to attack the big New York financial houses (Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, etc.) and the New York Fed. I’ll now explain why…

I began this entry by bringing up the most damaging conventional attack I could imagine: a strike on the containment vessels of our nuclear plants with penetrator-tipped cruise missiles. I call this particular target package the “ugly package.” To arrive at the most likely target package, though, let’s consider what we know about both the attack and the globalist agenda…

1) If my interpretation is correct, New York is clearly indicated as a target.

2) The globalist agenda calls for the Western powers to lose “control” of the UN and for the BRICS powers to reform the institution to be “fairer and more effective in enforcing peace.”

3) The globalist agenda also calls for the collapse of the Western-controlled and dollar-dominated financial system. This will clear the way for the new multilateral financial system based on the “reformed” IMF’s SDR.

Given points 1 and 2, it seems very unlikely that any attack would be nuclear. The Chinese wouldn’t want to harm the UN in any way. They are too busy slavishly implementing the UN’s “sustainable development” agenda…
…From Sputnik

And given point 3, it’s not hard to imagine what targets they would hit in New York. They would aim for the key institutions that keep the current financial system running: the headquarters of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citigroup, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and other such institutions. Again, the UN would be left untouched.

In addition to these strikes in New York, we can expect concurrent hits in Washington. They would target the Federal Reserve headquarters and IRS headquarters. But since the IMF and World Bank are part of the United Nations Complex, their headquarters would be left untouched. Why would they hit the IRS, you ask? Ostensibly to “starve the Pentagon war machine of the money it needs to operate,” but actually to make the strikes more palatable to the American public. Everybody hates the IRS.

Should the attacks occur, Americans would be shocked and outraged at first, but then they’d look at the fact that the Chinese…

> didn’t use nukes,

> didn’t attack our beloved military men,

> didn’t attack any national monuments such as the White House or Capitol building, and

> didn’t attack anyone but the vile banksters who hijacked America.

After the dust settles, a lot of Americans would want to buy the Chinese sailors some drinks. It’s for this reason that I call this particular target package the “pretty package.” Can you see why?

For their part, the Chinese would explain the attack like this…

“This was not an attack against the American people or military; it was a precision strike on the Wall Street – Washington Financial Axis. It is this Axis that has been firing thousands of cruise missiles and dropping thousands of bombs on people all over the world for decades. They have been funding terrorism and war everywhere on the planet, and they recently attacked China by sabotaging four of our chemical facilities in an attempt to intimidate us.

It is known to us that they have been escalating conflict to launch a new world war. and they have been planning a preemptive nuclear attack against us and our Russian allies. We had to act to protect ourselves and the world from their wicked schemes. We deeply regret any harm that came to innocents during the strikes, and we stand ready to offer vast aid and compensation to the cities and individuals effected. We hope you can understand that if we had not done this, many millions of innocents would have died from Wall Street and Washington’s plans.”

So this represents my best guess on the probable targets and likely excuses for any attack that might take place this week.

As for the timing of the potential attack, the dates on the warning arrows can be interpreted at least 3 ways: 1) 11.3 could be the date the ships arrive, and 11.5 could be the date they fire their missiles; 2) 11.3 could be the date the ships arrive, and 11.5 could be the “bug out by” date (meaning the attack could occur on the 5th, 6th, or 7th); or 3) 11.3 and 11.5 could be bookend dates (meaning the attack could occur on the 3rd, 4th, or 5th). Suffice it to say that the attacks could occur on any day during the port visit, which runs from November 3 to November 7.

All this being said, could this whole entry be much ado about nothing? Quite possibly. But given the unnerving coincidences I’ve pointed out, how could I justify not writing about it? Imagine if I had played it safe and stayed quiet, only to see the attack unfold on television in a few days – I would feel pretty terrible. And although this scenario sounds pretty crazy, think of how crazy it would’ve sounded if someone had warned you about the details of the 9/11 attacks just days before they happened:

“The gubernment is gonna crash two big airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings, then they’re gonna implode ‘em with demolition charges and thermite they already put inside ‘em. They’re also gonna bring down another building and blame it on a fire that melts steel. Then they’re gonna blow up a field in Pennsylvania with some kind of bomb or missile, and fire a cruise missile at the Pentagon. And after that, they’re gonna mail a buncha letters with anthraxes in ‘em. And when it’s all done with, they’re gonna start gropin’ folks at the airport.”

That warning would have seemed even more implausible than this one, right? But if someone had given such a detailed warning to enough people in advance, would the plotters have gone through with their plan? In answering this question, you see my motivation for giving this warning.

Now that the whistle is blown, the most likely outcome of the Mayport visit will be that the Chinese sailors play baseball and soccer, eat hot dogs and hamburgers, then sail home to make the second baby their government now allows them. All the doormen, maintenance men, mail room guys, and food service gals that work in the headquarters buildings will go home safe this week too. All in all, it’s not a bad return for an investment of a little bit of my credibility.

On a final note, I would be remiss if I didn’t draw your attention once more to the map at the very top of this entry. As you can see, the combat radius of the HN-2 missile extends far into Texas, and includes my own residence. So I think this would be an opportune time to express my great admiration for China’s proud military tradition and its great military leaders, such as Sun Tzu and General Tso. I once thumbed-through Sun Tzu’s book while I was on the can, and General Tso’s chicken soundly defeats my hunger each and every Sunday. It is for this reason I know that if World War 3 ends up being settled with a cook-off, you will rout our pot pie-baking asses quite handily. Ni hao, comrades! Don’t choke on the air, and have a great day! wink

Love always…

(P.S. – 1 November 2015) – Another reader has told me that the tortoise is one of the symbols of the Fabian Society (the founders of the infamous London School of Economics)…
…Take note that the tortoise has four toes, just like the one on the Economist cover.

Although I have used the catchall term “turtle” in talking about the shelled creature on the cover, it is technically a tortoise. Turtles spend most of their lives in water and have webbed feet, whereas tortoises are land dwellers that have stumpy feet.

Looking at the Fabian symbol, the associated motto is quite interesting considering the scenario we’re exploring…

So why would the Fabians sign their name to this warning, and why would they give it to us at all? Some say their twisted code of ethics requires them to tell us, and some say they do it to taunt us. Frankly, I don’t care why; I care only about what it says.

(P.S. – 2 November 2015) – So on the day before the port visit, the US announces this: U.S. Navy plans two or more patrols in South China Sea per quarter; the Chinese are doing this: China Sends Armed Jets Over Disputed Waters In Response to U.S. Naval Presence; and the Russians are narrating: ‘Stakes Are High’: Chance of War Between US, China Moves Up a Notch. Even though I doubt they’ll go through with any attack now, the buildup for one continues to be delivered on schedule.


Speaking of the Fabians, I wouldn’t get too caught up in the idea of this strike (or whatever black swan they end up trotting out) being about “socialism dealing a deathblow to capitalism.” Socialism/communism versus capitalism is just another artificial ideological dialectic, and “isms” themselves are contrived sets of ideas designed to entrap the minds of chumps. They are the mental boxes that discourage “outside the box” thinking.

From my current knowledge of what the globalists have planned, they seem to be aiming for an “Enhanced China Model” for the global economy. In China, the central government dictates the direction of the economy, but that direction is pursued with a capitalistic approach. And if the central planners don’t like something that’s going on in the capitalistic level, they step in and crush it. This is how I suspect the new globalist economy will operate.

At the UN level, the neo-Roman authorities will steer the direction of the economy (such as with the “Sustainable Development Agenda”), but they will allow the corporations to pursue that direction under an Austrian Economic Framework. That way, they’re in control (such as in a communist/socialist system), but things actually get done (such as in a capitalist system).

On another note, should this week’s strike occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean that World War 3 will be averted. I’m still expecting a stepwise series of escalations that will lead to a nuclear launch attempt next September. See Obama and the 2nd Coming to understand why.

(P.S. – 3 November 2015) – Speaking of the moving Cheshire Cat drawing attention away from the stationary warships, this historic event might do the trick…
…From Yahoo/AFP

(P.S. – 5 November 2015) – Here is more distracting motion in the South China Sea…

So it appears that Defense Secretary Carter’s visit to the aircraft carrier was the “provocation” arranged in lieu of a freedom of navigation patrol. Given that both Xi’s surprise summit on Saturday and Carter’s visit to the carrier today were arranged well in advance, it makes sense that they’re following through with their schedules even if any planned attack has been called off.

(P.S. – 7 November 2015) – The Chinese ships have now left Mayport with all their missiles aboard. Tomorrow, I’ll offer some final thoughts.

(P.S. – 8 November 2015)

And now for Kenny’s…

In case you’re still wondering about the other interpretation of the symbolic statement – the one relating to the debt limit and default — here is how it reads…

> the turtle means “flee (the markets) and shelter (your assets),”
> the supersonic car represents “a very fast-moving thing,”
> the Alice timeline gives us “a downward motion in the markets (symbolized by the slant of the arrows) occurring on the day of the debt limit hit (11/3) and the day of the debt default (11/5),” and
> the painting in the dirt gives us “stock markets and financial hubs (like Milan) left in ruins.”

Putting it together into a literal statement, we get this…

“Flee the markets and shelter your assets from a very fast-moving downward motion on November 3-5 which will leave the markets in ruins.”

But that didn’t happen, did it? And neither did the next 9/11. So was I just tilting at windmills or was there a real threat that one or both of these things were on the agenda? In order to think the former is true, you have to overlook a whole lot of “coincidences”…

1) You had a symbolic statement on the cover of an “elite”-owned magazine that lends itself to a description of both events.

2) You had the Treasury Department setting the date of the debt limit hit for 11/3, the first date in the symbolic statement. Of all the dates they could have chosen for D-Day, why did they opt for that specific one? They kept the whole debt limit charade going since March 15, and one gets the impression that they could’ve twisted their math to point to any D-Day they wished, either sooner or later, so why 11/3?

3) You had the Treasury Department specifically stating that there would be about $30 billion in cash on hand on 11/3, which could have kept the government’s bills paid until 11/5, the second date in the symbolic statement.

4) You had the Chinese Navy making their first-ever visit to an East Coast port on 11/3.

5) You had the Chinese announcement of a distracting surprise summit in the South China Sea just like the symbolic statement suggested.

6) You had the JLENS cruise missile detection system go down just a week before the naval visit, ensuring that any attacking missiles would have been more difficult to track and shoot down.

That’s an awful lot of coincidences to overlook, isn’t it? So even though I’ll never really know what might’ve been, I’ll accept our uneventful passage through the 11/3 – 11/5 timeframe as a victory.

On to the next risky timeframe!…
…(12/11 – 12/16, the time of the Climate Change Summit, the US Federal Budget deadline, and the FOMC meeting)

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 78-84.1 – The Vatican is trying again to shut down the US government & Pearl Harbor in Mayport? — An alternative interpretation of the Economist’s “Alice timeline” (+ a P.P.S.)

(Update 78 – 20 October 2015)


This has to change, and fast…
…From the IMF: The Dollar Reigns Supreme, by Default

…in order for the globalists to achieve this…
…Covered in Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce

Despite all the stories you’ve read about Russian and Chinese currency and trade deals that bypass the dollar, the dollar has barely budged from its dominant position. As The Heritage Foundation puts it…

“The U.S. dollar has dominated the international monetary system for approximately 70 years. While the U.S. economy has generated weak growth over the past six years and accumulated a large sovereign debt, the dollar’s status as an international medium of exchange and reserve currency (currency held by foreign central banks) has defied the odds and has not diminished.”

Given the dollar’s resilience and the globalists’ self-imposed goal of having a de facto world currency in use around 2018, how can they go from 2015’s dollar-dominated financial system to a SDR-based financial system in just 3 short years? Clearly a big, jolting change would be necessary, and it would have to include two key components:

1) Something would have to happen to cause a dramatic loss of confidence in the dollar, and

2) Something would have to happen to cause a dramatic increase of confidence in other currencies and the SDR.

Looking at the first component… nuking confidence in the dollar, we must remember that the dollar lost its gold backing back in 1971, so the only pillar on which its perceived value is based is the “full faith and credit of the US government.” In other words, the only thing that gives the dollar value is the US government’s willingness and ability to pay their bills.

So what happens to the perceived value of the dollar if confidence is lost in the US government’s willingness and ability to pay its bills?

The perceived value would plummet, of course, and that is why the globalists have arranged opportunities for both a US government shutdown and a US debt default in the current timeframe. We could be facing the debt default in as little as 14 days, although I suspect they might delay it until the Spring.

Looking at the second component… building confidence in other currencies and the SDR, we see why the BRICS nations, particularly China and Russia, have been beefing up their gold reserves in recent years. When they announce a partial gold backing/valuation of their currencies, the BRICS will create “safe” currency havens to which freaked-out dollar holders can run. Since the IMF also has substantial gold holdings, we can expect them to join the BRICS by backing the SDR with gold as well. I wrote about this in The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers.

We could see the BRICS’ first hint of the gold-backing scheme in about a week, when China debuts its next Five-Year Plan
…A mere mention in that Plan of moving towards a gold-backed yuan would start the confidence ball rolling, but I suspect the actual backing won’t be implemented until the Spring at the earliest, around the time of the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings.

(Update 79 – 21 October 2015)


As we look forward from today, a potential sh*tstorm lies directly off our bow. Here is the sequence of events we face…

1) October 26-29: China will be holding their Central Committee Plenary Session where they will announce their new five-year plan. Should this plan speak of their intention to move to a gold backed/valued yuan, people all over the world will begin mentally weighing a coming golden yuan against a fiat dollar, and a major shift in monetary paradigms will ensue.

2) October 27-28: The FOMC will meet, and there are arguments to be made that a surprise rate hike might be in store. None of the arguments have to do with economic data or the altruistic-sounding supposed mission of the Fed; they have to do solely with the globalist agenda.

The globalists would be well-served by the US central bank raising rates and pissing off the entire world by making their dollar-denominated debts harder to service and roll over. Such a move would cause a stampede towards the BRICS and a bitter determination to get out from under dollar domination. On top of this, an October hike would be the banksters’ only opportunity to fulfill what they hinted at in the infamous Economist cover earlier this year…
which suggests the Fed will set a panic in motion under the shadow of the Rugby World Cup (bottom left)…
…The Cup ends with its final match on October 31. Also note that a strong-looking China casts a shadow over the panic board. And what could make China look strong at the same time the Fed sets a panic in motion? The Central Committee announcing a move towards a golden yuan during its meeting that overlaps the FOMC meeting. Could the hints be any more clear?

3) November 3: The US government is scheduled to hit its debt limit on that day, and this would set something very impactful in motion…

A debt ceiling hit could not only lead to a US government debt default (thereby undermining the “full faith and credit of the US government”), but it could also lead to an immediate and near-total shutdown of the US government.

Let’s have a look at what Jack Lew said in this CNBC article
…from two days ago…

>>> Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Monday he worries that waiting until the last minute to raise the nation’s borrowing authority could result in an accident “that would be terrible.”

Last week, Lew said the U.S. debt ceiling will be exhausted Nov. 3, two days before previously estimated. In a letter to congressional leaders, he added that a remaining cash balance of less than $30 billion would swiftly deplete…

Lew dismissed the idea that the government could prioritize what bills to pay. “Once you no longer consider all of your obligations rock solid, you’re no longer the full faith and credit of the United States.”

It’s also not possible to pick and choose. We have about 80 million transactions a month. Our system wasn’t set up not to pay,” he added. <<<

What he’s hinting at here is that he’d have to shut down the whole US government payment system, which means no bills at all will be paid. The whole government would grind to a halt (except for those who would go to work with no pay). Such an outcome would make America look like a dysfunctional banana republic, and who would trust in the “full faith and credit” of such a nation?

That being said, John Boehner is still the Speaker of the House, so I would expect him to join with Democrats to pass some sort of debt limit measure. And it could be the same sort of thing we saw the last time all this happened in 2013. From Wikipedia’s entry on the United States debt-ceiling crisis of 2013

>>> In mid-January, Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, floated the idea of a short-term debt ceiling increase. He argued that giving Treasury enough borrowing power to postpone default until mid-March would allow Republicans to gain an advantage over Obama and Democrats in debt ceiling negotiations. This advantage would be due to the fact that postponing default until mid-March would allow for a triple deadline to be in March: the sequester on March 1, the default in the middle of the month, and the expiration of the current continuing resolution and the resulting federal government shutdown on March 27. This was supposed to provide extra pressure on the Senate and the President to work out a deal with the Republican-led House. <<<

So Paul Ryan, who is currently being mentioned as Boehner’s replacement, favored pushing back the debt ceiling till March back then. Given that fact, we could very well see something along those lines passing the Congress in the next two weeks. Boehner could suspend the debt ceiling until March under the pretext of…

> Appeasing the House conservatives by not pushing through a long term increase of the ceiling, and

> Giving his replacement time to get settled and work towards a consensus before a long term decision is made.

Should they move towards such a bill, I’d expect them to throw in another continuing resolution to keep the government funded till then. That way, they could “settle all of it at once without the pressure of an imminent deadline.”

Once March comes, I’d expect things to break down “due to political posturing in advance of the Presidential and Congressional elections,” which would result in a shutdown and default. And this would help set the stage for contentious IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings with a world already enraged by the effects of a Fed rate hike. America would hold its ground and block reform at the meeting, and this would provide pretext for increasing military conflict.

A lovely scenario, no? Let’s see if they’ll follow through.

(P.S. – 21 October 2015) – Whilst pondering the Economist cover, I realized something I’d previously overlooked. Have a second look at that section to see what it is.

(Update 80 – 23 October 2015)


I was wondering if some sort of mischief would happen on the 22nd (yesterday), and upon scanning the news this morning, I found this on Politico

Here is the source of the video release…
…and the “babymeat” videos can be found on YouTube here.

So all of the Planned Parenthood footage has been publicly dumped to roil conservatives just one week before the election for House Speaker and less than two weeks from the debt ceiling deadline. Nice timing, isn’t it?

(Update 81 – 23 October 2015)


The conventional wisdom proffered by the mainstream media suggests that Boehner will join with Democrats to raise the debt limit till March of 2017, which puts the next deadline past the Presidential election and past Obama’s term as President. I, however, view the situation from a less conventional perspective. With the globalists’ clear aim to depose the dollar in mind, I ask myself the following question: When the globalist handlers whisper into the ears of the sleeper Congressmen, what are they telling them?

If I were a globalist, I’d be telling the Democrats this…

“The Republicans are in disarray right now, and the cause of that disarray is the conflict between moderates and conservatives, especially due to Planned Parenthood and fiscal issues related to the budget and debt limit. With a Presidential election just a year away, why would you want to join with Boehner to end the Republican infighting? We need to keep it going and to time it to cause maximum damage to their election prospects. Withhold support for any debt limit extension that doesn’t end before the election. Let the Republicans fight amongst themselves and crash the government. It’ll set us up to take the White House AND Capitol Hill.”

And I’d be telling the Republicans this…

“All the Planned Parenthood videos have been released, so we need to strike while the outrage is hot. And we can’t let Boehner give a blank check to Obama through the end of his Presidency. If we are ever going to nail Planned Parenthood and Obama, it has to be NOW. Just look at how well Trump is doing, and he’s succeeding because he takes strong stands on principle. We have to take a stand too; it can only help us come election time. We need to stop any clean resolutions from passing. We have to force Obama to veto OUR bill, then people will see that it is he who is wrecking the government.”

And with that, I’d set the Congress (and by extension, the dollar) on a collision course with disaster. With all that’s at stake, the outcome of this situation will tell us exactly how tight is the globalist grip on the Congress. A debt ceiling pushback until 2017 would cause a delay and/or loss of effectiveness for the globalist plan, and that might indicate there is some degree of resistance in the Congress, just as there has been in the EU nations that haven’t passed the bail-in rules.

(Update 82A – 24 October 2015)


After reading about the release of the new Planned Parenthood videos, I decided to have a quick look at the person leaking them, Charles C. Johnson. I found more than I expected.

Let’s start by taking note of something Johnson said in this article from his “gotnews” website. In it, he is relating a conversation he had with another “journalist”…

“We briefly discussed being co-religionists. We are both Catholics and he had just come back from seeing a piece of the cross on his vacation. I discussed why I became a Catholic convert and that my work is animated by the line from Scripture that you shall know the truth and it shall set you free. He says Italy is quite pretty. I’m inclined to go sometime.”

So like David Daleiden, the man supposedly behind the Planned Parenthood videos, Johnson is a Catholic. Not only that, he is a convert, which raises the obvious question: Why would anyone (who isn’t being tortured) convert to Catholicism? Converting to Rome’s mythical religion is like upgrading your computer to Windows 3.1 – it’s a big step backwards. Perhaps it was a necessary career move.

After digging a bit further, I came across this article on The Daily Beast. Here is an interesting excerpt…

>>> Daleiden also made another friend in his college years: then-classmate, Charles C. Johnson

In several posts on The Claremont Conservative, Johnson gushes about Daleiden’s work on campus, referring to him once as a “friend” and a “great example.” In 2008, the two apparently took a weekend trip together to attend a pro-life conference “up in Northern California.” Nearer graduation, Johnson described how he first met Daleiden:

“David, dear readers, was one of the first people I met when I came to campus. We both lived in Stark, we were both night owls, and we both were very broadly speaking conservatives. Over time, he won me over on many—though not all—of his pro-life arguments. And as I celebrate [David’s] victory, I can feel a small part of it.” <<<

So both Daleiden and Johnson attended Claremont McKenna College and were friends there. Given this longstanding connection, what are the odds that Johnson got the new Planned Parenthood tapes from a Congressional staffer and not Daleiden as claimed?

Now that we’ve established that both Daleiden and Johnson are Catholic and have a personal connection, how do we make the leap of seeing them as sock puppets serving the Vatican agenda?

(Update 82B – 25 October 2015)

First, we must recognize how the Occulted Powers’ minion class recruits new members. On college campuses all over the world, they run student activist organizations of all stripes in order to lure in people of a variety of mindsets. And when they identify members who show promise, they begin to mentor and groom them for roles in the system. After graduation, they arrange opportunities for their young charges, such as jobs, ideas, open doors, and financial backing to do things that are useful to the Establishment agenda. Sometimes these kids might understand what they’re doing, but I suspect in most cases they are blinded by their spoonfed ideology and believe they’re doing good in the world.

With this in mind, have a look at the deleted David Daleiden bio referred to in the Daily Beast article…

>>> David Daleiden has a passion for promoting the culture of life in communities and campuses across the country. He is proud to be a part of the Live Action team.

A native of the Sacramento area, David first became involved with the pro-life movement at age 15, working with local college pro-life groups and learning from veteran activists in his community. He founded a pro-life club at his high school, helped bring pro-life debater Scott Klusendorf to his hometown, and has participated in the “Genocide Awareness Project” to show abortion images to the public. David points to such images as the original impetus for his work in the pro-life movement.

During high school, David was also heavily involved in speech and debate. He first met Lila Rose in the Junior State of America (JSA) organization, and over the years became more and more involved in Live Action.

In 2007, David began his studies at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in Claremont, California. David currently runs a Live Action chapter in Claremont, which routinely conducts sidewalk counseling efforts, community education, and campus activism. <<<

So David was guided down the anti-abortion path by a college activist group. Now let’s have a look at the Wikipedia bio of Charles C. Johnson, who took the journalism path…

“Johnson attended Claremont McKenna College, graduating in 2011. During his college years he was awarded the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award and the Publius Fellowship at the Claremont Institute.”

And what is the Publius Fellowship?…

“The Publius program is the institute’s oldest fellowship program. Since 1979, the institute has hosted a number of young conservatives for seminars and symposia on American politics and political thought. Publius fellows, usually college seniors, recent college graduates, and graduate students, meet with the institute’s fellows and other distinguished scholars for several weeks during the summer.”

So young gullible minds get warped by old twisted minds. And what of the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award?…

“The Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism [a.k.a. Mindfu*king the Public], also known as the Eric Breindel Journalism Award, is an annual award commemorating Eric Breindel, a former editorial page editor of the New York Post…

The award was instituted in 1999 with an endowment from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

As second award, the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award, has been given annually since 2006. As of 2009, it offers $10,000 plus a paid internship at Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, or the New York Post.”

So Johnson got a hand from the globalist News Corporation early on, eh? Who’d a thunk it?

Now that these “promising young men” have graduated into the real world, they find themselves tossing very timely grenades into a situation that could lead to the shutdown and default of the US government. How aware are they of their role in the Vatican / Jewish / Royal / Freemasonic conspiracy to topple the West and bring in a New World Order from the East? Are they fully-aware front men, like Edward Snowden, through whom information is being publicly released by the forces operating behind the scenes? Or are they just idealistic young sock puppets who have been manipulated into performing a specific role at a specific time? I don’t know, but I do know this…

Since the videos were released on the 22nd, conservative and anti-abortion activist groups have been poring over them and preparing articles, videos, and mass mailing campaigns for launch on Monday. They’ll all reach out to the people on their contact lists to urge them to pressure their Congressmen this week, and this will make it harder for a “clean” resolution to make it to Obama’s desk.

For more background information on David Daleiden and the Vatican agenda, have a look at my coverage from their last attempt to shut down the government: Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 74-75 – The Vatican Conspiracy to Shut Down the US Government.

(Update 83 – 26 October 2015)


Upon focusing on the debt limit hints on the Economist magazine cover (which are discussed in the P.S. below this update), there were three things I was wondering about…

1) Why are the dates seemingly in reverse order, with the 11.5 arrow appearing before the 11.3 arrow (when reading from left to right)?

2) What does the Alice figure (from Alice in Wonderland) represent?

3) What kind of ball is that behind Alice?

In a lovely little piece of synchronicity, a reader sent me an unsolicited email explaining that the ball is a cricket ball…
…which is an unfamiliar sight to Texan eyes such as mine.

So after getting this clue, I decided to see if there was a big cricket tournament this year, and I found this…
which started on February 14 and ended on March 29.

It was at this point that I realized I was looking at a timeline reference…
..As Alice looks forward with the Cricket World Cup behind her (during which the debt limit suspension ended on March 15), the first thing in her line of sight is the 11/3 arrow (the “debt limit is hit” date), and the second thing is the 11/5 arrow (the “we’re out of cash and in default” date). So Alice is there to show us how to look at the dates.

On another note, news is out today that the current Congressional leaders are working with Obama to reach a budget/debt limit deal tonight. The deal would give both Obama’s agenda and Planned Parenthood full funding and a smooth ride all the way through the end of his Presidency, so keep a careful watch on how the House Freedom Caucus responds to it. If they roll over, the deal will go through, but if they threaten a no-confidence vote on Boehner — a motion to vacate the chair — the odds for a debt limit doomsday increase substantially.

(P.S. – 24 October 2015) – A reader put me on to this article from the Investment Watch Blog: 2015 Economist Magazine Cover Features Nov 3 and Nov 5. It notes how the arrows at the bottom right of the cover correspond to dates related to the debt ceiling…

Pondering this, I recall reading somewhere that once we hit the 11/3 deadline and the Treasury’s “extraordinary measures” are exhausted, they would have only about $30 billion cash on hand with which to pay bills. So if the government spends $15 billion per day, we’d run out of cash to pay bills on 11/5. For reference purposes, the US government was spending about $11 billion per day in 2012, and that figure is bound to be higher now.

P.P.S. – I found the article I remember reading. It’s this one on USA Today

“The Treasury Department has already been operating under “extraordinary measures” to keep under the limit since March, by delaying payments to pension funds and borrowing from currency reserve accounts. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has told Congress he expects those measures to run out by Nov. 3, when the government will have just $30 billion in cash on hand. The government typically spends $60 billion a day.”

So the “We’re Dead Broke Day” will come as early as the 3rd or as late as the 5th, depending on what the correct figure for daily government spending is during those particular days of the month.

(Update 84.1 – 27 October 2015)


Given the upcoming visit of a Chinese missile destroyer and missile frigate to Florida’s Naval Station Mayport on November 3rd through November 7th, does the Alice timeline refer to the debt limit or to the days the Chinese warships arrive and then fire their cruise missiles?

Have a look at this section of the cover…
…and look at the two objects sitting to the left of Alice. What does the larger one look like? What does the smaller one suggest?

There’s an awful lot of unnecessary fear predictions made in the alternative media concerning military activities, and I’ve learned over time to keep clear of them. That being said, I’ve come across one military scenario that causes me some real discomfort: a potential Chinese preemptive strike from within America’s air defense umbrella. Let’s look at the headline of the USNI News article linked at the beginning of this update…
…Note the key words I’ve underlined.

The article tells of an upcoming Jacksonville, Florida port visit by two Chinese warships and a replenishment vessel, the Type 052C Luyang II-class guided-missile destroyer Jinan (152), the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate Yiyang (548) and the Type 903 Fuchi-class fleet oiler Qiandao Hu (886).” The 2 missile ships mentioned are among the Chinese Navy’s most modern and capable surface combatants, and they’re able to carry a lot of cruise missiles. According to Wikipedia, the two ships carry a combined 24 cruise missiles of various types, and these missiles have speeds of up to Mach 0.9 and ranges of up to 1,800 kilometers. They also have a combined total of 80 vertical launch system (VLS) cells.

Current-day VLS systems are capable of carrying a variety of missile types and can hold one or more missiles in each cell. The French Navy’s Sylver VLS system, for instance, is able to pack up to 4 rocket-propelled white flags per cell. Assuming that a longer-range cruise missile would take up a whole cell by itself, though, the Chinese ships could pack an additional 80 cruise missiles in their VLS, for a grand total of 104. And who knows what exotic varieties could be hidden in those cells.

So on the one hand, you have two guided missile warships that will dock inside America’s defensive umbrella on November 3rd. And on the other hand, you have propaganda floating around concerning America’s freedom of navigation operations and China’s threat of military reprisal…
…from Zero Hedge

You also have China openly proclaiming that war with the US is inevitable…

…and you have globalist windbag Paul Craig Roberts and others telling the world that Washington is preparing a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia and China…

And what does all this set the stage for? For a preemptive strike by China in order to “protect itself” and respond to America’s “provocations.” All they’d have to do is sit there at Naval Station Mayport and salvo-off their cruise missiles.

A cruise missile attack is the ideal way for China to make a first strike since it would be very hard for America to stop. Cruise missiles fly very low, and they would be hard to distinguish from the vast number of military, commercial, and personal airplanes, helicopters, and drones that operate in the airspace of the Eastern US. Not only that, they’d be hard to pick out from the ground clutter along the I-95 Corridor that runs from Jacksonville to Washington DC, New York City, and beyond. The driving distance from Jacksonville to New York City is 936 miles, which puts it within range of the ships’ HN-2 cruise missiles. In fact, most of the Eastern US would be within range.

To be continued in Update 84.2 (and don’t fret too much; I don’t expect this to happen, but I would be remiss if I didn’t help build preemptive awareness against it)…

++++++++++P.S. – 28 October 2015++++++++++


There was no rate hike today, so barring a Congressional failure to pass the budget deal, there will be no financial panic set in motion today. Since I can see no other way for the “panic board” part of the Economist cover to be fulfilled in 2015, it looks like it won’t be. And this makes it more unlikely that the Alice timeline part will be fulfilled as well. I’ll nonetheless finish Update 84 out of an abundance of caution.

I’m happy that this opportunity for mischief passed by without incident; that’s my whole purpose in blogging. But I’m also a little sad because I spent all my free time this morning sharpening my “guillotine entry.” Had the globalists stuck their neck out with a rate hike at 2 PM EDT, all I had to do was push the publish button. Many more people would have been exposed to the information I offer, and my blog would have gotten much bigger overnight. Oh well, it’s better to stay small and sail harmlessly past these dangers than to get bigger and watch them be fulfilled.

P.P.S. – Perhaps I spoke too soon. As I look through the press reports from today, they are noting that the mere shift in Fed language from “dovish” to “hawkish” has sent the dollar soaring, essentially having the same effect as an actual rate hike. We’ll have to see if this dollar-strengthening (and emerging market-strangling) trend continues.

Correction – Concerning the part of this entry in which Johnson spoke of David Daleiden using a fake name, I realized that he could have been referring to the fake persona David created to infiltrate Planned Parenthood, so I removed that part. My bad. I still find it interesting that his last name is an anagram of “deadline,” because we’re certainly facing one now, aren’t we?

For the previous updates from this series, click here.

Love always…