ISIS: A globalist scheme to make the West look evil and the BRICS look good (Update 1 – NATO and the Russian Financial Sector)

After seeing this on disinformation source Tom Heneghan’s latest update
…and this on Press TV
…it became clearer to me exactly how ISIS is being utilized in the globalists’ West versus East dialectic.

In my last update, I wrote this about the globalist strategy for the September – November time frame: “Bad Western conduct will also be clearly noted in the press. This combination of economic weakness and bad behavior will be seized upon by the BRICS nations as they press for the dissolution of Western dominance of the IMF and related institutions.” Well, the whole ISIS debacle is a glaring example of this; it is purposely transparent foolishness that sets up the BRICS alliance for an easy propaganda win.

And the BRICS knock it out of the park!…


It’s really a very simple strategy on the globalists’ part: have the Western division (which controls the old financial system) create transparent havoc, then have the Eastern division (which will bring in the new financial system) point out the West’s misconduct and earn trust from the public. The people will then see the BRICS as straight talking guys who are different from the evildoers in NATO. Of course, all one needs to do to see through this propaganda campaign is look at how the 99% are treated in the BRICS countries. Despite the stage plays the G20 politicians put on for public consumption, all the G20 central bankers are working from the same script.

Getting back to the current propaganda campaign, if you look closely at how faux-truthers like Heneghan are outing ISIS, you’ll see that they are following the “blame the Western Nazis / Zionists” template I talked about in this entry. Here is the title of one of Heneghan’s other articles on the subject: ISIS PsyOp Exposed as British Intelligence-NAZI Paperclip U.S. NSA Trickery. The article also contains information that the Mossad (Zionists) trained the ISIS leader. Such information is also parroted by BRICS-leaning PressTV: Documents show al-Baghdadi trained by MOSSAD (for an example of PressTV’s allegiance, see BRICS ‘counterbalance’ to Anglo-American hegemony).

PressTV is state-funded and is a division of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). IRIB is independent of the Iranian government, but is said to be close to the country’s conservative political faction, especially the elite Revolutionary Guards [RG].” And back when I was looking into the IMF’s activities, I briefly fell into the dialectic trap and thought that the Guards might actually be enemies to the globalists. When I found out that PressTV was a Revolutionary Guards media asset, though, I realized that both PressTV and the RG were actually working on the BRICS side of the globalist dialectic.

As we look ahead to the coming week, we find Congressional leaders publicly calling for Obama to “form a strategy” against ISIS before the Thursday-Friday NATO summit, and this presumably means they are urging him to begin airstrikes in Syria. And if you recall the controversy over potential US strikes on Syria last year, it was said

>>>The warnings raise the possibility of a supposedly “limited” strike on Syria turning into a proxy tit-for-tat between Russia and the U.S.

Rep. George Holding, R-N.C., went further during a hearing on Syria on Wednesday, pressing military officials on what the U.S. would do “if Russia decided to strike at us in that theater.”

“We can certainly say that Russia would have options to strike us in that theater in retaliation for us striking their ally,” he warned.

Dempsey declined to engage in that discussion, saying only that “Russia has capabilities that range from the asymmetric, including cyber, all the way up through strategic nuclear weapons. And again, it wouldn’t be helpful in this setting to speculate about that.”<<<

So airstrikes on Syria (on top of Ukraine-related economic sanctions) might very well be the trigger to unleash the globalists’ long planned cyberattack against the old financial system (to be pinned on Russia). They might also be the trigger for biological and conventional terror attacks in the US (to be pinned on ISIS – Lawmakers: Islamic State groups wants to hit US). Should such attacks occur, it doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a total economic collapse or instant Armageddon…


…The attacks can be moderated in such a way to achieve specific globalist outcomes without taking us beyond Thunderdome, so don’t have a cow.

[Update 1 – 1 September 2014]

NATO and the Russian Financial Sector

While looking into the propaganda setup for the NATO meeting this week, I came across an FT article titled “Three critical tests for Nato leaders in Wales” (it’s behind a paywall, so search for the title in Google News to access it). I found this part interesting…

“Allied leaders in Wales must counter by adopting the only measures that might give Mr Putin pause – the strongest sanctions to date, targeted on Russia’s critical financial sector.”

So NATO might be targeting Russia’s financial sector, eh? 🙂 That smells like the perfect pretext for a retaliatory cyberattack….

With love….