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“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”: Who actually wrote them and why

(The October 31 addition is below in red)

(30 October 2018) – If you’ve spent any time on (faux) Truther and (controlled) alt-media sites, you’ve undoubtedly seen lots of breathless warnings based on The Protocols. And the obvious questions you’ve asked yourself as you’ve encountered them are…

Who really wrote these “Protocols”?
Are they for real?

Over the course of this entry, we’ll answer those questions in a conclusive way. We’ll do so by looking at the clues we can glean from the cover, title page, preface, introduction, and main body of the copy I purchased from Amazon, a company run by a (secretly) “Jewish”/Kabbalist neo-oligarch. The fact that Jeff Bezos is selling copies of a reputed Anti-Semitic hoax book is an interesting clue in and of itself, but I’ll get to that later.

What will follow in the coming hours and days are postings of the clues I find as I systematically study the book Jeff sold me. Once I’ve gone through the whole thing, we’ll look at all the clues and draw some rather obvious conclusions based on what ideas are being sold to the reader. Check back each day; this will be an interesting and enlightening journey.

Let’s start by looking at the front cover of the book…

Aside from the missing “R” in EXPLANATORY, which may have been done to make it appear that the book was produced by “amateur patriots,” not slick globalist disinfo agents, the first two clues slap us right in the face.

Clue 1, from the text blocked in red, is that the producers of the book want the reader to believe that “the communists don’t want you to have this information.”

Clue 2, from the text at the bottom, is that the producers of the book are targeting “patriotic Americans” with their information and interpretations. So it is meant to (dis) inform those who are rebelling against the current globalist establishment.

There may also be a clue in the specific Star of David symbol shown on the cover. I’ll look into it.

Now let’s flip the book over and look at the back cover…

From the all-caps eyesore of a blurb it offers, we get the next four clues. In the first three, the producers of the book want the reader to believe that…

  • the “Elders” have a great dislike of mankind and a hatred of the common man (Clue 3)
  • the “Elders” have a “rancorous enmity for God and Christ” (Clue 4)
  • the “Elders” are not really Jews, but they pretend to be (Clue 5)

From these three clues, it almost sounds like the “Elders” are Satanists, doesn’t it? After all, Satan supposedly hates the human race and has a rancorous enmity for God and Christ, right?

The last clue on the back cover, Clue 6, is that the producers of the book suggest that the Jewish race is being used to achieve “a far more sinister aim than merely the establishment of a One World Government under Jewry.”

So what could be “far more sinister” than a One World Jewish Government?

To find the answer to this, I decided to look at the final page of the book, page 101. There I found a section titled “King of the Jews,” who is described as the master of humanity. And if you pair that with a word mentioned on the title page of the book, you get Clue 7…

So Clue 7 is that the producers of the book suggest that the ultimate aim of the “Elders” is to install an Antichrist “King of the Jews” as the master of humanity.

With these first 7 clues set before them, longtime readers of this blog should already realize exactly why this book was written and how it fits into the globalist plan. In case you aren’t a longtime reader, though, I’ll spell it out in the next addition.

(31 October 2018) – Since late-2015, this blog has been dedicated to uncovering, documenting and exposing the globalist scheme to artificially fulfill religious prophecies. And over the course of studying their Plan, I’ve learned that it has two phases:

In Phase 1, they have been presenting a decoy Satanic front in the West so they can have Vladimir Putin defeat it and pose as the Jewish and Christian Messiah. As for who will play the decoy Antichrist whom Putin will vanquish, it will most likely be Mike Pence or a “fallen” Donald Trump.

In Phase 2, they will expose Vladimir Putin as the “real Antichrist” who has “usurped Jesus’ throne in Jerusalem,” and they’ll bring in their Kabbalist god-king to defeat Putin and pose as the “real Jesus” who has come to establish his Millennial Kingdom.

That being said, how does the Protocols book support their scripting?

By presenting the Protocols as a Satanic blueprint for installing an Antichrist King of the Jews, the book will be used to support claims that Putin is the Antichrist after he is proclaimed the Jewish Messiah (the “Moschiach ben David”). So this book supports the Phase 2 programming that will lead people to accept the “Kabbalah Christ” as the “real second coming of Jesus Christ.”

Before I began this entry, I did an initial scan of the Protocols to get a first impression of their true nature. And based on that, I was left thinking that they may actually be “genuine,” but were written by Kabbalists, not Satanists. So as I read through them, I’ll be asking myself the following questions:

Do I see any references to Satan or Satanism?

Does this sound like something a Satanist would write, or does it sound Kabbalist?

Were these Protocols written to explain to other members of the “cabal” the real Plan for installing a world god-king, or were they written as a disinformation piece to be leaked to the public in support of Phase 2 of the Plan?

If the Protocols reflect the real Plan and are Kabbalist, is the Satanic angle suggested by the producers of the book an attempt to take a damaging exposure and spin it into an asset in fulfilling a new two-phase version of the Plan?

As I go forward in studying this book, then, I must take care to distinguish between what the Protocols actually say and what the book that surrounds, frames, and interprets the Protocols says about them. What the Protocols say and what the book says about them must be treated as two separate things.

Before we start reading the actual Protocols, though, we have a few more clues to glean from the preface and introduction presented by the book. We’ll examine those in the next addition.


And to the Hidden Hand, I say this: EVERYTHING that is based on lies will fall to dust; only those things revealed in full truth and in the light of day have a chance of standing. And so it is.

Alex Jones, the Kabbalist banksters, and the “Deep State” con

Back in February, I wrote this about the “Deep State”…

>>> As for the “Deep State” concept itself, whenever you see an article talking about it, you are looking at a globalist propaganda piece. The “Deep State” is the collection of minion-level scapegoats the Occulted Powers have tasked with playing the soon-to-be vanquished “bad guys” in the dialectic drama. It is a manufactured propaganda concept meant to obscure our view of the real powers driving the globalist agenda: the world’s royals, the worldwide network of Jewish banking interests (which is much larger than just the Federal Reserve and the Rothschilds, and which encompasses ALL of the G20 nations and beyond), and the Freemasons and other such secret societies and mafia groups. – From Update 5 <<<

I found it quite interesting, then, that on March 15, Alex Jones and (retired) Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer were propping up the Deep State concept beginning at the 2:01:07 mark of this YouTube video

As Alex tells us in his introduction of him, Shaffer works for the “London Center for Policy Research”


But here is something Alex conveniently neglects to mention: the London Center is run by this man…


1) Herbert London is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)…

…From the National Review

…so he is directly involved in the globalist conspiracy. The CFR is such a notorious organization that Alex himself has railed against it in the past…

…From YouTube

2) Herbert London is on the Board of Trustees of BlackRock Fund Advisors, a subsidiary of BlackRock Inc, so he has direct ties and high standing with the Jewish (Kabbalist) banksters. BlackRock is one of the crown jewels of the bankster empire. As Wikipedia puts it…

“BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with $5.1 trillion in assets under management… Due to its power, Blackrock has been called the world’s largest shadow bank.”

3) Herbert London is a fanatically pro-Israel Jew…

“Although London has never been an observant Jew, being Jewish means a lot to him and has become increasingly important. “At 25 I was an agnostic, at 35 I started to believe, and at 45 I thought I should become a rabbi,” he jokes. But even if he wasn’t destined to be a rabbi, that didn’t stop him from doing the rabbi’s job. London often found that when he went to temple the rabbis had insinuated politics into their speeches. It drove him crazy. He soon began writing sermons for the rabbis to tell them what they should be saying.” – From


And wouldn’t you know it, the number 2 man at the London Center is also a pro-Israel Jewish activist…

4) Herbert London is connected to the Jewish National Fund (JNF)…


And the JNF is chaired by Ronald Lauder, a Jewish oligarch with a net worth of about $3.5 billion


Lauder is a key figure in the Kabbalist conspiracy. In addition to being Chairman of the Board of the JNF, he is President of the World Jewish Congress and has connections to the Anti-Defamation League. But it is his connection to the Chabad-Lubavitch cult that is the most interesting.

Chabad is a Kabbalist End-Times cult that is funded by Jewish oligarchs / conspirators like Lauder. So far, I’ve found two Chabad centers he has funded, which are the Rabbinical College of America


…and the Lauder Chabad school in Vienna…


And here is Lauder meeting with the (now deceased) spiritual leader of the group, Menachem Mendel Schneerson (a.k.a. the Lubavitcher Rebbe)…


Can you guess to whom else Lauder is connected?…


In fact, both Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin were brought into power by Lubavitchers, and both have handlers assigned to them by the cult. I outline both this and the Chabad agenda in Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch.

All this being said, it is no surprise to find Herbert London in bed with Ronald Lauder’s organization.

5) Herbert London is associated with the National Security Advisor who was supposedly taken down by the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State,” Michael T. Flynn

…From the Internet Archive

And with this bit of knowledge, you begin to see how the “Deep State” con works. Globalist think tanks like the London Center dream up false narratives for public consumption, then they orchestrate events (like the resignation of their “fellow” Flynn) to make it look like their narrative is real. But as I said at the beginning of this entry, the “Deep State” narrative is a manufactured propaganda play put on to obscure the public’s view of what’s really going on. If you want to know what’s really happening, read Update 5 and Understanding the NWO Strategy.

6) Herbert London has used his think tanks to advance the globalist objective of “reforming” the UN into the multilateral / multipolar New World Order. Here is another excerpt from the puff piece on London

>>> And since London always keeps a discerning eye on the future, he can’t help but question what place the United Nations has in it. Keeping close tabs on the UN’s activities is among the
institute’s many important undertakings. London recently organized a highpowered conference in New York City that included senators, congressmen, and scholars, to evaluate the relevancy of the self-serving international body that has mastered the art of sanctioning resolutions against Israel. “The United Nations has to be reformed dramatically,” London says, “or eliminated.” <<<

This passage sounds critical of the UN on its surface, but that’s just for public consumption. In reality, reforming their UN into the NWO has always been the Kabbalist plan. They pulled the major nations into the UN after World War II with the promise that they could veto any UN military action that wasn’t to their liking. Now, they are manufacturing crises in Syria, Ukraine, and the South China Sea to make it look like those vetoes are getting in the way of the UN stopping a big war. After these crises reach their climax in the months or years ahead, they’re counting on the P5 nations being so shell-shocked that they’ll willingly surrender their unilateral veto powers “so it will never happen again.”

You can read more about the globalists’ UN reform plans in the NWO Schedule of Implementation 2017.

On a related note, can you guess who was a fan of Herbert London’s work at the think tank he formerly led, the Hudson Institute?…

“With London at the helm of the think tank, it continues to forge forward and make major inroads on policy makers’ thinking and decisions. Henry Kissinger regards it as one of America’s foremost policy research centers and a leader in innovative thinking and creative solutions to the challenges of the present and the future.” – From

And as I explain in The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…, Henry Kissinger was the man who led the effort to develop the NWO implementation plan back in the 1950’s.

Now let’s turn our attention from Herbert London to Tony Shaffer, who is a career Pentagon spook…


I’ll start by sharing something I wrote back in 2015 [with new comments added in brackets]…

>>> I’ve noticed that there are lots of “whistleblowers” running around on the interview and conference circuits. Many of them claim to be offering “beyond top secret” information and openly brag that they’re violating secrecy oaths and contracts to tell us their stories, yet they never go to jail and have no problem boarding planes to attend the various paid conferences (so they’re not even on the No-Fly List). Don’t you find that interesting?

If you want to build a false paradigm in people’s minds, here’s how you do it:

1) You have paid disinformation agents pose as whistleblowers and tell the public tall tales. [This is what Shaffer does.]

2) You have other disinformation agents promote the whistleblowers with interviews and conferences. [This is what Alex Jones does with his radio program.]

3) You have yet other disinformation agents put together all of the “whisleblower testimonies” into books and videos that outline and support the false paradigm. [Alex has made many such documentaries.] <<<

So if we go back to the Alex Jones interview of Shaffer, we see the “Deep State” propaganda construct being propped up by two globalist disinformation agents – one who is posing as a truther radio host, and another who is posing as a whistleblower. And if we look to Michael Flynn, a supposed victim of the evil Deep State the two disinformation agents talk about, we see a former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency who is playing his own little part in the play…

…From Wikipedia

If you didn’t believe the Deep State was bullsh*t before today, I hope all this opens your eyes. It is nothing but a Kabbalist fairy tale animated by disinfo spooks.

Love always…

(P.S. – 21 March 2017) – A reader has informed me that Michael Flynn was removed from the list of senior fellows at the London Center’s website…


One wonders what they’ll do next. Will Eli Gold shave his head and have “white power” tattooed on his forehead? Will Herbert London wear a WASP mask? Will they change the Center’s name to “Just Us Gentiles Center for Policy Research”? Anyway, I’ve redirected the link in the article to the Internet Archive, which has a copy of the Center’s Leadership and Fellows page showing Flynn.

Another reader has informed me that his blog feed of my site was deleted. On top of this, I’ve noticed a precipitous drop in Facebook traffic over the last several weeks, and my Twitter traffic plummeted a long while ago. Also, the gatekeepers at nearly all the alt-media news aggregators have long kept my articles from reaching their visitors. So if you want to share my articles with others, I recommend that you build an email list of your contacts and share them that way.

[P.S. – 21 March 2017] – In the Special Notes at the top of Update 6, I showed how the globalists were helping Wilders and Le Pen get elected, and I noted that Wilders’ loss meant they had to do something dramatic to push more of the French public towards Le Pen. With that in mind…

What do you think will happen if Le Pen places in the top two of the first round of voting and qualifies for the runoff election?

You’d expect to see “angry, fearful migrants” rioting in the streets and carrying out terrorist attacks, wouldn’t you? This is especially true if Le Pen places first.

So I think that’s what the globalists will do to push Le Pen over the top: have their paid provocateurs and terrorists stage riots and terror attacks possibly before, and DEFINITELY AFTER, the first round of voting. If voters have to walk by burning cars and rioting Muslims on their way to the runoff polls, whom do you think they’ll choose?

Also, tomorrow is 3/22, so don’t be surprised if they stage a big terror attack in France that day. If they do, remember that they’re doing it to propel the French towards the globalists’ controlled-opposition candidate, Le Pen. And if you are French, please realize that both candidates are Establishment hacks, so go vote for Macron. That’ll really throw a monkey wrench in the globalists’ hopes for reforming the UN this year.

[Special Note 1 – 22 March 2017] – I was expecting a globalist false-flag in France today in support of Le Pen’s candidacy, but they went with London instead…


I find it interesting that they targeted the vicinity of Parliament. Could this be a precursor to a future attack that kills a number of MPs (Members of Parliament)? That would be one way to get their desired snap election, wouldn’t it? In tomorrow’s update, we’ll explore what the globalists may be planning to get Putin-friendly, UN reform-friendly leaders installed in both France and the UK in early May.

[Special Note 2  – 23 March 2017] – A reader has informed me that French high schoolers were among those caught up in the Parliament attack. Upon checking into it, I found this…


So that particular school had connections to both the Parliament attack and the Bataclan massacre, eh? That’s an awfully propaganda-friendly coincidence, isn’t it? But this and the Orly Airport attack are only precursors to what will occur in France (with more precursors likely to come). In order for the globalists to shift enough of the French public to give Le Pen majority support, something over-the-top has to happen. And people will have to see that it was done by “Islamic terrorists” who came in among the migrants. As for timing, it will have to happen sometime between now and the runoff election on May 7. Otherwise, Le Pen will fail and the globalists will face an uphill climb to get their 2017 agenda implemented.

P.S. – As I noted in the last postscript at the bottom of this entry, France’s 9/11 could take the form of the entire country being set ablaze after Le Pen places first in the first round of the election on April 23.

[Special Note 3  – 24 March 2017] – I’ve been waiting and watching to see how an alliance of convenience might develop between House Republican fiscal conservatives and Democrats that would jeopardize the US budget process, and today’s healthcare vote could be the catalyst for it. If Trump’s attempt to force-through RyanCare alienates enough members of the House Freedom Caucus, they could come back later and hold him hostage over the budget. This could take place when the current continuing resolution expires on April 28 or at the end of September.

P.S. – An even better read on the developing situation may be that it is not Trump they’ll hold hostage, but House Speaker Ryan.

[Special Note 4  – 24 March 2017] – Wow, here is Le Pen setting herself up for the “Russian influence” charges that have dogged Trump…


Seeing this obligates me to mention the globalists’ Option 2: maintaining the status quo (no UK snap election, and Macron wins in France) until the Big Crisis breaks out. Since the existing Establishment’s policies will be blamed for what happens, government shakeups will then occur that result in Le Pen and Corbyn taking power. I’ll go into all the details as soon as I can make time to write the next update.

Zero Hedge, SOTT and the Globalist Disinformation Conglomerate

I’ve been taking some time off from writing to clear my head, but I just couldn’t stay silent after seeing this…
…From Zero Hedge

Here is a notable snippet from the Bloomberg article it references…

>>> Lokey, who said he wrote much of the site’s political content, claimed there was pressure to frame issues in a way he felt was disingenuous. “I tried to inject as much truth as I could into my posts, but there’s no room for it. “Russia=good. Obama=idiot. Bashar al-Assad=benevolent leader. John Kerry= dunce. Vladimir Putin=greatest leader in the history of statecraft,” Lokey wrote, describing his take on the website’s politics. <<<

I find this passage interesting considering what I recently experienced with Zero Hedge and another Putin-worshipping alt-media site, Signs of the Times (SOTT). Several weeks back, I ran across one of my readers who was commenting on SOTT and being attacked by one of the site’s administrators, “Niall”…

After wading in to back up the reader under my commenter handle “Veriton,” I revealed to the reader that I was Ken, and this got me promptly banned from commenting on SOTT. Given Niall’s thin skin and weak arguments as well as the very clear disinformation bias of that site, this was no surprise, but something happened later that did surprise me.

A few days after having my Veriton handle disabled by SOTT, I attempted to make a comment on a Zero Hedge article using my Veriton handle there. Even though the comment didn’t even contain a link to my site, the administrators immediately deleted the comment and disabled my account. This is what it looks like when they lock you out…
…And the lockout raised some obvious questions…

Did Zero Hedge receive a memo from SOTT or their agency handlers that Veriton = Ken? What is the connection between these two Putin-worshipping sites?

The answers seem pretty obvious…

Both SOTT and Zero Hedge are part of the globalist disinformation network run by the same intelligence agencies / contractors. Their mission is to sell Putin and the BRICS as the SOLUTION to the PROBLEM posed by Obama and the West. It’s the same old “bash the West / praise the East” template we see throughout the controlled alternative media.

Interestingly, though, SOTT and Zero Hedge differ when it comes to Trump. But if you’ve watched all the infighting amongst the different alt-media disinfo sources over the years — such as Karen Hudes versus Neil Keenan or Tom Heneghan versus Gordon Duff — you’ll know that such conflicts serve the purpose of uniquely branding each site and making them look independent of each other. No matter their differences in flavor, though, these guys are all selling the NWO Kool-Aid.

Much love…

The NWO and the New Age Mind-Screw: Part 1 – Alfred Lambremont Webre (Updates 1-3 – When in trouble, trot out the straw man)

Don’t be ashamed if you’ve ever fallen for some form of New Age BS…
…It is a highly-polished, massively-promoted, multi-billion dollar product that was scientifically formulated over decades by the brightest sellouts the globalists could buy. The only shame is in not listening to inner and outer warnings to move past it.

While the globalists’ political and financial people have been busy erecting the superstructure of the multilateral/multipolar New World Order, their psychologists and sociologists have been busy as well. Through institutions like the Tavistock Institute in the UK and the Stanford Research Institute in the US, globalist minions have been formulating ways of molding the thinking of the masses to make them NWO-compatible.

Information about Tavistock and Stanford Research (now called SRI International) is all over the internet, but I found a particularly concise and informative introduction to them on page 326 of David Livingstone’s Black Terror White Soldiers: Islam, Fascism & the New Age

SRI is based in Menlo Park, California, and you can find hints of their involvement in the development of the 1960’s drug counterculture and CIA mind control techniques in the Wikipedia entry for MKUltra

“Merry Prankster Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, volunteered for MKUltra experiments involving LSD and other psychedelic drugs at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Menlo Park while he was a student at nearby Stanford University. Kesey’s experiences while under the influence of LSD inspired him to promote the drug outside the context of the MKUltra experiments, which influenced the early development of hippie culture.

Robert Hunter is an American lyricist, singer-songwriter, translator, and poet, best known for his association with Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Along with Ken Kesey, Hunter was an early volunteer MKUltra test subject at Stanford University. Stanford test subjects were paid to take LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, then report on their experiences. These experiences were creatively formative for Hunter…”

As it turns out, an alumnus of SRI has been very active in the alternative media, and he has been applying New Age mind control themes to the newly awakening in order to facilitate their acceptance of the nascent BRICS-fronted NWO. His name is Alfred Lambremont Webre

“In 1977, he joined SRI International in Menlo Park, California, as a futurist for the Center for the Study of Social Policy. His responsibilities were the studies in alternative futures, innovation diffusion, and social policy applications for clients including the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communications Study, the National Science Foundation, U.S. Congress (Office of Technology Assessment), the U.S. Department of Energy, and the State of California (Energy Plan).”

So Webre was responsible for dreaming up “alternative futures,” and he has used that experience to good effect in the “alternate timelines” mind-screw he is currently foisting upon the awakening public. Let’s have a look at the sh*t he’s been shoveling by examining a recent interview of him
…Here is an overview offered by an associated news page

“VANCOUVER, BC – In an interview with JF Simard of,’s Alfred Lambremont Webre discusses how a positive holographic timeline that activated around December 21, 2012 will transforms a planned 2015 financial collapse of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank fiat Petrodollar into a new planetary age of individual Sovereignty and a BRICS Golden Age.

This planned and unsuccessful 2015 (or so) $dollar collapse is actually one of the functional components of the Jesuit-Matrix depopulation plan that includes Fukushima radiation, GMOs, Vaccines, GeoEngineering, Wars, planned financial collapse and the Transhumanist Agenda, all orchestrated along a catastrophic timeline that is no longer operative in our time-space hologram.”

In the interview, Webre claims that the evil Anglo-American “elite” (in association with Draco Reptilian aliens who have a penchant for ‘human sushi’) had plans to depopulate the Earth through a Mad Max-style economic collapse (in conjunction with “Fukushima radiation, GMOs, Vaccines, and GeoEngineering”), but this “catastrophic timeline” was altered by the timeline fairies on December 21, 2012. He asserts that humanity is now on a “positive timeline” that will feature a “BRICS Golden Age.” So according to him, the evil Anglosphere is trying to kill everybody, therefore “the whole world is migrating over to the BRICS system” (41:03).

This narrative of his precisely follows the Decoy-NWO vs. Real-NWO problem / reaction / solution format I’ve identified in many previous entries (here is one). The following excerpts speak about the globalist strategy:

“They have widely publicized a heinous New World Order planned by the Western Powers while simultaneously publicizing a benign New World Order planned by China and its allies (thus establishing danger from one side and safety from another)…

Problem – The evil Western power elite are out to steal everything and kill everybody!!!

Reaction – People are both angry and fearful, and are longing to end the old system and start something new.

Solution – The angelic BRICS power elite swoop in on white unicorns to save the day and give us a new financial system and all the money people need.

Now let’s have a look at some specific quotes from the interview…

From the 30:09 mark: “What occurred is that on December 21, 2012, a number of things happened. One is that the holographic timeline on which our collective travels shifted from a catastrophic timeline to a positive timeline, such that plans and projects that were conceived on the catastrophic timeline, in what we call duality consciousness of ‘I win, you lose,’ no longer have the traction now in the positive timeline of unity consciousness, which is ‘we are one.’ Somebody changed the video game. We’re no longer in ‘war, disease, crime and poverty’; we’re now in ‘paradise on earth‘…”

If you consider the implication of this timeline idea, it is the same as the “Ascension” and “Alien Saviors” memes: “Don’t bother doing anything about the NWO, because we’re on a positive timeline that will sweep you where you want to go. Just relax, don’t feed the evil with your attention, and concentrate on ‘raising your vibration.'” The whole idea of “the ‘light’ has already won” only serves to de-motivate awakening people from taking action that could actually make a difference (such as forming their own political and monetary structures). As for the “paradise on earth” part of the passage, I talked about this in The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first.

From the 32:15 mark: “Now, getting around to this… what this means is that the controllers, the matrix, as part of their depopulation plan had included a financial collapse component as sort of the centerpiece, or one of the centerpieces, of their depopulation plan that would click in, say, around 2015. And if they could combine that with World War 3, if they could combine that with famine, if they could combine that with ebola, if they could combine that with GMOs, hey, you know, it’s mass extinction. It’s exterminate all those surface-dwellers…

(34:16) So it remains to be seen that the financial system is going to collapse in the usual, the expected way in February of [2015]. Why? Because none of their false flags has worked in the way that we think.

It is true that the evil depopulation plan and its associated false flags will fail, but it has nothing to do with a new “positive timeline.” I laid out the reasons the globalists are sabotaging their own false flags in Throwing the Game: Why the globalists are exposing their own false-flags. In fact, Webre suffers from a Freudian Slip when he says “none of their false flags has worked in the way that we think.” A normal person would not expect the globalists to sabotage their own attacks, so they certainly haven’t worked in the way that we think, but they have served the purpose for which they were designed. As for the whole “total economic collapse / depopulation” narrative, it is a scary campfire story the propagandists are spreading so that people will rush into the arms of the BRICS “saviors” when they step up to stop it.

From the 37:45 mark, speaking of the financial transition: “Right now, in kind of a 3D perspective, there are a lot of forces that are jockeying, but right now what it appears to be is that it’s not going to be a sudden collapse; it’s going to be a gradual transition. And what’s occurring is that the Rothschild dollar sector is collapsing because of its own lawlessness, which it itself has induced. Whereas the BRICS sector is based on honored contracts, respect for individual and national sovereignty, and they’re coming together by the two major gold producers in the world around a gold-centered currency…”

In an interview full of ridiculous statements, this passage qualifies as one of the worst. The transition to the new financial system will indeed be gradual, because it has been going on since the IMF created the dollar’s reserve currency replacement, the SDR, back in 1969. And the “Rothschild dollar sector” isn’t collapsing because of lawlessness; it’s coming down because the Rothschilds want the SDR to take the dollar’s place. I pointed this out when I covered a 1988 article from the Economist (an economic propaganda magazine partly owned by the Rothschilds) which openly speaks of replacing national currencies with a renamed SDR sometime around 2018
…(according to the globalists’ plan, once the BRICS are seen to “take over” the IMF, both the IMF and SDR will get fresh new names to make a clean break from the past).

As for the BRICS sector being based on respect for individual sovereignty, are you kidding me? Just ask the regular Joes in Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa how their governments treat them. “Like dirt” would be the most prevalent answer.

From the 45:09 mark: “Thankfully, in December 21, 2012 we shifted timelines … we’re back here now… we’re on the positive timeline, and the destiny of the American people is to go back to their original constitutional roots to operate… to become once again their own bankers, and to operate their own currency as all of the other nations do within the basket of currencies that will exist, as a nation inside a worldwide gold system.”

When you think about killing off the Federal Reserve and going back to the Constitution and some form of gold standard, what political figure comes to mind? Ron Paul, right? This is why I’ve been warning that he’s a sellout. And when Webre mentions a “worldwide gold system” and “the basket of currencies that will exist,” he’s talking about the IMF’s SDR, which is a basket of currencies that will soon include a gold component in its valuation.

Finally, at the 53:22 mark, he can’t resist mentioning “Ascension”: “We are ascending up densities of consciousness.”

This is actually sort of true, because if you listen to Webre and his ilk, your mind will become progressively more dense.

Beyond Alfred Lambremont Webre’s involvement with SRI International, which is part of the Rockefeller-funded Tavistock complex, the rest of his resume further betrays his status as a globalist minion…

1) He attended Yale University (one of the “elite’s” Ivy League indoctrination academies), and he was a Fulbright Scholar (one of the scholarship programs used by the globalists to recruit the brightest and most ambitious minds into their system). This scholarship was used to study international economic integration in Uruguay. Needless to say, international economic integration is core to the globalist agenda.

2) He has worked with globalist-run governments, foundations and NGOs, including the Ford Foundation.

3) He’s been involved with the Rockefeller-founded/funded United Nations. As his bio states…

“Between 1982–1987, he was a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) Delegate at the United Nations in New York. He was involved with the Communications Coordination Committee for the United Nations, with the UNISPACE Outer Space Conference (Vienna) and involved with the United Nations Second Special Session on Disarmament.”

4) And he’s been involved in the Rockefeller-founded/funded UFO Disclosure Movement. According to his bio…

“He helped draft the Citizen Hearing in 2000 with Stephen Bassett and serves as a member of the Board of Advisors. Webre is also the congressional coordinator for The Disclosure Project [founded by Steven Greer].”

Information on the Disclosure Movement’s connection with Laurance Rockefeller, who was one of the Special Studies Project architects of the New World Order, can be found in my Extraterrestrials category.

So there you have it: Alfred Lambremont Webre has the resume of a globalist minion, is baffling the awakening community with New Agey BS, and is promoting the Rockefeller-designed BRICS New World Order as a gift from the timeline fairies. What more do you need to see in order to recognize him for what he is?

Webre is just one of a truly overwhelming number of BS artists who are assisting with the NWO rollout, so I’ve got my work cut out for me. The next stop for this train will be “Cobra” and Rob Potter.

[Update 1 – 6 February 2015]

Subtle techniques of mind control

This morning, I received an email from someone trying to do damage control on Alfred Webre’s behalf. Since the points brought up in the email have interesting counterpoints, I thought I might share them with you. For privacy purposes, I’ll paraphrase what the writer said…

> “Alfred’s theories on time travel are based on evidence provided by whistleblowers like Cramer and Basiago.”

I’ve noticed that there are lots of “whistleblowers” running around on the interview and conference circuits. Many of them claim to be offering “beyond top secret” information and openly brag that they’re violating secrecy oaths and contracts to tell us their stories, yet they never go to jail and have no problem boarding planes to attend the various paid conferences (so they’re not even on the No-Fly List). Don’t you find that interesting?

If you want to build a false paradigm in people’s minds, here’s how you do it:

1) You have paid disinformation agents pose as whistleblowers and tell the public tall tales.

2) You have other disinformation agents promote the whistleblowers with interviews and conferences.

3) You have yet other disinformation agents put together all of the “whisleblower testimonies” into books and videos that outline and support the false paradigm.

Do you think any of these three steps is beyond the capacity of the globalist intelligence services? Alfred’s job at SRI was to dream up crap like alternate timelines for Chrissake.

> “Alfred has said many times that he’s suspicious of the BRICS.”

Of that I have no doubt. Have you ever noticed how the information of some alternative media sources is “all over the place”? They offer information that is contradictory and seems to point in every direction, and this creates great confusion in the minds of their followers. In my experience, there are two kinds of people who do this: people who are very confused in their own thinking, and people who are running mind control on their followers. Let me tell you about the latter type…

If you wanted to move people in a certain direction, how would you do it? There are actually many ways, but this is one:

1) You point them in every direction so they become confused and can’t tell which way is north anymore.

2) As you do so, you point them in the direction you want them to go more often than you point them in the other directions.

3) The net result is that people move in the direction you want in a zombie-like state. They are so overwhelmed by conflicting messages that they stop trying to think for themselves and just go with the flow (right into the NWO).

> “Alfred has pointed to one of your articles before on his Facebook page.”

I’ve observed a number of known disinformation sources pointing to my articles before (usually because their followers doggedly pursued them about it), and they typically do one of two things:

1) They feign interest or agreement, but then offer their own subtle commentary to try to tie in what I’m saying to what they’ve been saying, thus moving their followers back onto the narrative they’re selling. Some trolls on the comment boards also use this technique; I call them “sidle-up shills.”

2) They feign interest or agreement, but then go right back to selling their narrative as though nothing had happened.

All this being said, this entry on Albert is not the product of my coming across one bad interview of his. I’ve observed him actively promoting lots of bad information over time, and when I came across the title of this particular interview, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Another reason I chose to bust him with this interview is because it is an interview of him (not an interview in which he is questioning someone else), so it reflects his “personal views” / core talking points. And when you tie his talking points to his background, there can be no confusion about who he is and what he’s doing.

When you finally reach the end of your earthly journey, I want you to remember one thing: Ken loved you so much that he forced himself to listen to an Alfred Lambremont Webre interview for a whole hour. If that’s not commitment to the Truth and to your well being, I don’t know what is. So when you commune with Source and hand out your blessings, remember that I’d like a thousand-year vacation at an exotic island resort, complete with umbrella drinks and a nice woman. 😉

[Update 2 – 6 February 2015]

It’s hard to kick the Kool Aid habit

I visited Jean Haines’ blog this morning to see if she had posted or acknowledged this article. It was due to so often seeing Webre’s information on her site that I chose to do this entry, and I had her and her readers in mind as I wrote it. As it turns out, she did post it, but with this preface…

To address Alfred’s comment, there are a significant number of “whistleblowers” who have “come out” of bankster agencies like the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, the World Bank, SRI, etc. to supposedly tell the truth. Noting this, one has to ask, “Did they really make a break with their employers, or did their employers simply assign them the job of playing the whisleblower?” This is where the concept of the “limited hangout” comes into play…

“A limited hangout, or partial hangout, is a public relations or propaganda technique that involves the release of previously hidden information in order to prevent a greater exposure of more important details.”

So as “whistleblowers” like Webre come forward and reveal previously hidden information about Cabal operations, they are drawing people’s attention away from the big secret: that the Cabal is behind the BRICS Alliance and is using it to implement the multilateral / multipolar NWO they’ve been planning since World War 2. In fact, not only are the whistleblowers’ efforts drawing our attention away from the Cabal/BRICS connection, they are actually serving to build up the West as villains and the BRICS as heroes.

Remember that the BRICS-fronted New World Order will be presented as a happy solution to all the problems that are being deliberately created by the Western institutions. And when the BRICS heroes get their cue to step up and “save the day,” the evil Western institutions will be either shut down or overhauled and renamed. Phony whistleblower information facilitates this switchover. Since it’s “out with the Old (World Order)” and “in with the New (World Order),” the whistleblowers are bashing the old and promoting the new.

As for Jean standing with Alfred, she did the same thing when I busted Neil Keenan back in July of 2013. Here is the final paragraph from the first entry I wrote on him, Neil Keenan Reveals his Illuminati Ties

“So if you are among those who have not yet seen the Keenan information for what it really is, how much more is it going to take? I realize how difficult it is to admit to being scammed and to give up on something you really, really want to be true. But if you cannot admit to yourself when you’re wrong, you cannot grow. And we need every conscious being we can muster if we are going to bypass the trap the Illuminati have prepared for us.” [Since I encountered the Keenan video I wrote about on Jean’s site, I wrote this paragraph with her in mind.]

I went on to write more articles debunking him and his narrative, and I sent Jean the links in a comment I wrote on her site, but I was rebuffed. She sided with Neil just like she is siding with Alfred now. How long must history repeat itself before we learn from it?

[Update 3 – 6 February 2015]

When in trouble, trot out the straw man

I just saw this little tidbit from Webre on Jean Haines’ site…

The only problem with his argument is that he’s refuting a claim I never made. If you read what I wrote, I first introduced the reader to Tavistock and SRI (including evidence of SRI’s involvement with MKUltra), then I introduced Webre’s involvement with SRI as a futurist (with a passage straight out of his Wikipedia bio). I never made the argument that he was a “futurist with MKUltra.” This little trick he’s pulling is called a straw man argument.

He then tries to distract people with details about the Carter White House Extraterrestrial Communication Study. I guess he’s saying he’s a whistleblower because he promoted the existence of UFOs and ETs back then. But if that makes you a whistleblower, then Laurance Rockefeller, the Jesuits, and the Vatican were/are whistleblowers too. They have been deeply involved in the promotion of UFOs/ETs…

The Vatican is preparing to introduce the Anunnaki to us

Why are the Rockefellers and the Jesuits guiding the UFO Disclosure Movement?

What is Jordan Maxwell’s role in the New World Order rollout?

As for the “misleading projection” allegation, he is doing that with his own comment. Physician, heal thyself.

Love always…