Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 78-84.1 – The Vatican is trying again to shut down the US government & Pearl Harbor in Mayport? — An alternative interpretation of the Economist’s “Alice timeline” (+ a P.P.S.)

(Update 78 – 20 October 2015)


This has to change, and fast…
…From the IMF: The Dollar Reigns Supreme, by Default

…in order for the globalists to achieve this…
…Covered in Mainstream globalist propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce

Despite all the stories you’ve read about Russian and Chinese currency and trade deals that bypass the dollar, the dollar has barely budged from its dominant position. As The Heritage Foundation puts it…

“The U.S. dollar has dominated the international monetary system for approximately 70 years. While the U.S. economy has generated weak growth over the past six years and accumulated a large sovereign debt, the dollar’s status as an international medium of exchange and reserve currency (currency held by foreign central banks) has defied the odds and has not diminished.”

Given the dollar’s resilience and the globalists’ self-imposed goal of having a de facto world currency in use around 2018, how can they go from 2015’s dollar-dominated financial system to a SDR-based financial system in just 3 short years? Clearly a big, jolting change would be necessary, and it would have to include two key components:

1) Something would have to happen to cause a dramatic loss of confidence in the dollar, and

2) Something would have to happen to cause a dramatic increase of confidence in other currencies and the SDR.

Looking at the first component… nuking confidence in the dollar, we must remember that the dollar lost its gold backing back in 1971, so the only pillar on which its perceived value is based is the “full faith and credit of the US government.” In other words, the only thing that gives the dollar value is the US government’s willingness and ability to pay their bills.

So what happens to the perceived value of the dollar if confidence is lost in the US government’s willingness and ability to pay its bills?

The perceived value would plummet, of course, and that is why the globalists have arranged opportunities for both a US government shutdown and a US debt default in the current timeframe. We could be facing the debt default in as little as 14 days, although I suspect they might delay it until the Spring.

Looking at the second component… building confidence in other currencies and the SDR, we see why the BRICS nations, particularly China and Russia, have been beefing up their gold reserves in recent years. When they announce a partial gold backing/valuation of their currencies, the BRICS will create “safe” currency havens to which freaked-out dollar holders can run. Since the IMF also has substantial gold holdings, we can expect them to join the BRICS by backing the SDR with gold as well. I wrote about this in The coming BRICS gold standard, Ron Paul, and the Rockefellers.

We could see the BRICS’ first hint of the gold-backing scheme in about a week, when China debuts its next Five-Year Plan
…A mere mention in that Plan of moving towards a gold-backed yuan would start the confidence ball rolling, but I suspect the actual backing won’t be implemented until the Spring at the earliest, around the time of the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings.

(Update 79 – 21 October 2015)


As we look forward from today, a potential sh*tstorm lies directly off our bow. Here is the sequence of events we face…

1) October 26-29: China will be holding their Central Committee Plenary Session where they will announce their new five-year plan. Should this plan speak of their intention to move to a gold backed/valued yuan, people all over the world will begin mentally weighing a coming golden yuan against a fiat dollar, and a major shift in monetary paradigms will ensue.

2) October 27-28: The FOMC will meet, and there are arguments to be made that a surprise rate hike might be in store. None of the arguments have to do with economic data or the altruistic-sounding supposed mission of the Fed; they have to do solely with the globalist agenda.

The globalists would be well-served by the US central bank raising rates and pissing off the entire world by making their dollar-denominated debts harder to service and roll over. Such a move would cause a stampede towards the BRICS and a bitter determination to get out from under dollar domination. On top of this, an October hike would be the banksters’ only opportunity to fulfill what they hinted at in the infamous Economist cover earlier this year…
which suggests the Fed will set a panic in motion under the shadow of the Rugby World Cup (bottom left)…
…The Cup ends with its final match on October 31. Also note that a strong-looking China casts a shadow over the panic board. And what could make China look strong at the same time the Fed sets a panic in motion? The Central Committee announcing a move towards a golden yuan during its meeting that overlaps the FOMC meeting. Could the hints be any more clear?

3) November 3: The US government is scheduled to hit its debt limit on that day, and this would set something very impactful in motion…

A debt ceiling hit could not only lead to a US government debt default (thereby undermining the “full faith and credit of the US government”), but it could also lead to an immediate and near-total shutdown of the US government.

Let’s have a look at what Jack Lew said in this CNBC article
…from two days ago…

>>> Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Monday he worries that waiting until the last minute to raise the nation’s borrowing authority could result in an accident “that would be terrible.”

Last week, Lew said the U.S. debt ceiling will be exhausted Nov. 3, two days before previously estimated. In a letter to congressional leaders, he added that a remaining cash balance of less than $30 billion would swiftly deplete…

Lew dismissed the idea that the government could prioritize what bills to pay. “Once you no longer consider all of your obligations rock solid, you’re no longer the full faith and credit of the United States.”

It’s also not possible to pick and choose. We have about 80 million transactions a month. Our system wasn’t set up not to pay,” he added. <<<

What he’s hinting at here is that he’d have to shut down the whole US government payment system, which means no bills at all will be paid. The whole government would grind to a halt (except for those who would go to work with no pay). Such an outcome would make America look like a dysfunctional banana republic, and who would trust in the “full faith and credit” of such a nation?

That being said, John Boehner is still the Speaker of the House, so I would expect him to join with Democrats to pass some sort of debt limit measure. And it could be the same sort of thing we saw the last time all this happened in 2013. From Wikipedia’s entry on the United States debt-ceiling crisis of 2013

>>> In mid-January, Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, floated the idea of a short-term debt ceiling increase. He argued that giving Treasury enough borrowing power to postpone default until mid-March would allow Republicans to gain an advantage over Obama and Democrats in debt ceiling negotiations. This advantage would be due to the fact that postponing default until mid-March would allow for a triple deadline to be in March: the sequester on March 1, the default in the middle of the month, and the expiration of the current continuing resolution and the resulting federal government shutdown on March 27. This was supposed to provide extra pressure on the Senate and the President to work out a deal with the Republican-led House. <<<

So Paul Ryan, who is currently being mentioned as Boehner’s replacement, favored pushing back the debt ceiling till March back then. Given that fact, we could very well see something along those lines passing the Congress in the next two weeks. Boehner could suspend the debt ceiling until March under the pretext of…

> Appeasing the House conservatives by not pushing through a long term increase of the ceiling, and

> Giving his replacement time to get settled and work towards a consensus before a long term decision is made.

Should they move towards such a bill, I’d expect them to throw in another continuing resolution to keep the government funded till then. That way, they could “settle all of it at once without the pressure of an imminent deadline.”

Once March comes, I’d expect things to break down “due to political posturing in advance of the Presidential and Congressional elections,” which would result in a shutdown and default. And this would help set the stage for contentious IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings with a world already enraged by the effects of a Fed rate hike. America would hold its ground and block reform at the meeting, and this would provide pretext for increasing military conflict.

A lovely scenario, no? Let’s see if they’ll follow through.

(P.S. – 21 October 2015) – Whilst pondering the Economist cover, I realized something I’d previously overlooked. Have a second look at that section to see what it is.

(Update 80 – 23 October 2015)


I was wondering if some sort of mischief would happen on the 22nd (yesterday), and upon scanning the news this morning, I found this on Politico

Here is the source of the video release…
…and the “babymeat” videos can be found on YouTube here.

So all of the Planned Parenthood footage has been publicly dumped to roil conservatives just one week before the election for House Speaker and less than two weeks from the debt ceiling deadline. Nice timing, isn’t it?

(Update 81 – 23 October 2015)


The conventional wisdom proffered by the mainstream media suggests that Boehner will join with Democrats to raise the debt limit till March of 2017, which puts the next deadline past the Presidential election and past Obama’s term as President. I, however, view the situation from a less conventional perspective. With the globalists’ clear aim to depose the dollar in mind, I ask myself the following question: When the globalist handlers whisper into the ears of the sleeper Congressmen, what are they telling them?

If I were a globalist, I’d be telling the Democrats this…

“The Republicans are in disarray right now, and the cause of that disarray is the conflict between moderates and conservatives, especially due to Planned Parenthood and fiscal issues related to the budget and debt limit. With a Presidential election just a year away, why would you want to join with Boehner to end the Republican infighting? We need to keep it going and to time it to cause maximum damage to their election prospects. Withhold support for any debt limit extension that doesn’t end before the election. Let the Republicans fight amongst themselves and crash the government. It’ll set us up to take the White House AND Capitol Hill.”

And I’d be telling the Republicans this…

“All the Planned Parenthood videos have been released, so we need to strike while the outrage is hot. And we can’t let Boehner give a blank check to Obama through the end of his Presidency. If we are ever going to nail Planned Parenthood and Obama, it has to be NOW. Just look at how well Trump is doing, and he’s succeeding because he takes strong stands on principle. We have to take a stand too; it can only help us come election time. We need to stop any clean resolutions from passing. We have to force Obama to veto OUR bill, then people will see that it is he who is wrecking the government.”

And with that, I’d set the Congress (and by extension, the dollar) on a collision course with disaster. With all that’s at stake, the outcome of this situation will tell us exactly how tight is the globalist grip on the Congress. A debt ceiling pushback until 2017 would cause a delay and/or loss of effectiveness for the globalist plan, and that might indicate there is some degree of resistance in the Congress, just as there has been in the EU nations that haven’t passed the bail-in rules.

(Update 82A – 24 October 2015)


After reading about the release of the new Planned Parenthood videos, I decided to have a quick look at the person leaking them, Charles C. Johnson. I found more than I expected.

Let’s start by taking note of something Johnson said in this article from his “gotnews” website. In it, he is relating a conversation he had with another “journalist”…

“We briefly discussed being co-religionists. We are both Catholics and he had just come back from seeing a piece of the cross on his vacation. I discussed why I became a Catholic convert and that my work is animated by the line from Scripture that you shall know the truth and it shall set you free. He says Italy is quite pretty. I’m inclined to go sometime.”

So like David Daleiden, the man supposedly behind the Planned Parenthood videos, Johnson is a Catholic. Not only that, he is a convert, which raises the obvious question: Why would anyone (who isn’t being tortured) convert to Catholicism? Converting to Rome’s mythical religion is like upgrading your computer to Windows 3.1 – it’s a big step backwards. Perhaps it was a necessary career move.

After digging a bit further, I came across this article on The Daily Beast. Here is an interesting excerpt…

>>> Daleiden also made another friend in his college years: then-classmate, Charles C. Johnson

In several posts on The Claremont Conservative, Johnson gushes about Daleiden’s work on campus, referring to him once as a “friend” and a “great example.” In 2008, the two apparently took a weekend trip together to attend a pro-life conference “up in Northern California.” Nearer graduation, Johnson described how he first met Daleiden:

“David, dear readers, was one of the first people I met when I came to campus. We both lived in Stark, we were both night owls, and we both were very broadly speaking conservatives. Over time, he won me over on many—though not all—of his pro-life arguments. And as I celebrate [David’s] victory, I can feel a small part of it.” <<<

So both Daleiden and Johnson attended Claremont McKenna College and were friends there. Given this longstanding connection, what are the odds that Johnson got the new Planned Parenthood tapes from a Congressional staffer and not Daleiden as claimed?

Now that we’ve established that both Daleiden and Johnson are Catholic and have a personal connection, how do we make the leap of seeing them as sock puppets serving the Vatican agenda?

(Update 82B – 25 October 2015)

First, we must recognize how the Occulted Powers’ minion class recruits new members. On college campuses all over the world, they run student activist organizations of all stripes in order to lure in people of a variety of mindsets. And when they identify members who show promise, they begin to mentor and groom them for roles in the system. After graduation, they arrange opportunities for their young charges, such as jobs, ideas, open doors, and financial backing to do things that are useful to the Establishment agenda. Sometimes these kids might understand what they’re doing, but I suspect in most cases they are blinded by their spoonfed ideology and believe they’re doing good in the world.

With this in mind, have a look at the deleted David Daleiden bio referred to in the Daily Beast article…

>>> David Daleiden has a passion for promoting the culture of life in communities and campuses across the country. He is proud to be a part of the Live Action team.

A native of the Sacramento area, David first became involved with the pro-life movement at age 15, working with local college pro-life groups and learning from veteran activists in his community. He founded a pro-life club at his high school, helped bring pro-life debater Scott Klusendorf to his hometown, and has participated in the “Genocide Awareness Project” to show abortion images to the public. David points to such images as the original impetus for his work in the pro-life movement.

During high school, David was also heavily involved in speech and debate. He first met Lila Rose in the Junior State of America (JSA) organization, and over the years became more and more involved in Live Action.

In 2007, David began his studies at Claremont McKenna College (CMC) in Claremont, California. David currently runs a Live Action chapter in Claremont, which routinely conducts sidewalk counseling efforts, community education, and campus activism. <<<

So David was guided down the anti-abortion path by a college activist group. Now let’s have a look at the Wikipedia bio of Charles C. Johnson, who took the journalism path…

“Johnson attended Claremont McKenna College, graduating in 2011. During his college years he was awarded the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award and the Publius Fellowship at the Claremont Institute.”

And what is the Publius Fellowship?…

“The Publius program is the institute’s oldest fellowship program. Since 1979, the institute has hosted a number of young conservatives for seminars and symposia on American politics and political thought. Publius fellows, usually college seniors, recent college graduates, and graduate students, meet with the institute’s fellows and other distinguished scholars for several weeks during the summer.”

So young gullible minds get warped by old twisted minds. And what of the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award?…

“The Eric Breindel Award for Excellence in Opinion Journalism [a.k.a. Mindfu*king the Public], also known as the Eric Breindel Journalism Award, is an annual award commemorating Eric Breindel, a former editorial page editor of the New York Post…

The award was instituted in 1999 with an endowment from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation

As second award, the Eric Breindel Collegiate Journalism Award, has been given annually since 2006. As of 2009, it offers $10,000 plus a paid internship at Fox News Channel, The Wall Street Journal, or the New York Post.”

So Johnson got a hand from the globalist News Corporation early on, eh? Who’d a thunk it?

Now that these “promising young men” have graduated into the real world, they find themselves tossing very timely grenades into a situation that could lead to the shutdown and default of the US government. How aware are they of their role in the Vatican / Jewish / Royal / Freemasonic conspiracy to topple the West and bring in a New World Order from the East? Are they fully-aware front men, like Edward Snowden, through whom information is being publicly released by the forces operating behind the scenes? Or are they just idealistic young sock puppets who have been manipulated into performing a specific role at a specific time? I don’t know, but I do know this…

Since the videos were released on the 22nd, conservative and anti-abortion activist groups have been poring over them and preparing articles, videos, and mass mailing campaigns for launch on Monday. They’ll all reach out to the people on their contact lists to urge them to pressure their Congressmen this week, and this will make it harder for a “clean” resolution to make it to Obama’s desk.

For more background information on David Daleiden and the Vatican agenda, have a look at my coverage from their last attempt to shut down the government: Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 74-75 – The Vatican Conspiracy to Shut Down the US Government.

(Update 83 – 26 October 2015)


Upon focusing on the debt limit hints on the Economist magazine cover (which are discussed in the P.S. below this update), there were three things I was wondering about…

1) Why are the dates seemingly in reverse order, with the 11.5 arrow appearing before the 11.3 arrow (when reading from left to right)?

2) What does the Alice figure (from Alice in Wonderland) represent?

3) What kind of ball is that behind Alice?

In a lovely little piece of synchronicity, a reader sent me an unsolicited email explaining that the ball is a cricket ball…
…which is an unfamiliar sight to Texan eyes such as mine.

So after getting this clue, I decided to see if there was a big cricket tournament this year, and I found this…
which started on February 14 and ended on March 29.

It was at this point that I realized I was looking at a timeline reference…
..As Alice looks forward with the Cricket World Cup behind her (during which the debt limit suspension ended on March 15), the first thing in her line of sight is the 11/3 arrow (the “debt limit is hit” date), and the second thing is the 11/5 arrow (the “we’re out of cash and in default” date). So Alice is there to show us how to look at the dates.

On another note, news is out today that the current Congressional leaders are working with Obama to reach a budget/debt limit deal tonight. The deal would give both Obama’s agenda and Planned Parenthood full funding and a smooth ride all the way through the end of his Presidency, so keep a careful watch on how the House Freedom Caucus responds to it. If they roll over, the deal will go through, but if they threaten a no-confidence vote on Boehner — a motion to vacate the chair — the odds for a debt limit doomsday increase substantially.

(P.S. – 24 October 2015) – A reader put me on to this article from the Investment Watch Blog: 2015 Economist Magazine Cover Features Nov 3 and Nov 5. It notes how the arrows at the bottom right of the cover correspond to dates related to the debt ceiling…

Pondering this, I recall reading somewhere that once we hit the 11/3 deadline and the Treasury’s “extraordinary measures” are exhausted, they would have only about $30 billion cash on hand with which to pay bills. So if the government spends $15 billion per day, we’d run out of cash to pay bills on 11/5. For reference purposes, the US government was spending about $11 billion per day in 2012, and that figure is bound to be higher now.

P.P.S. – I found the article I remember reading. It’s this one on USA Today

“The Treasury Department has already been operating under “extraordinary measures” to keep under the limit since March, by delaying payments to pension funds and borrowing from currency reserve accounts. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has told Congress he expects those measures to run out by Nov. 3, when the government will have just $30 billion in cash on hand. The government typically spends $60 billion a day.”

So the “We’re Dead Broke Day” will come as early as the 3rd or as late as the 5th, depending on what the correct figure for daily government spending is during those particular days of the month.

(Update 84.1 – 27 October 2015)


Given the upcoming visit of a Chinese missile destroyer and missile frigate to Florida’s Naval Station Mayport on November 3rd through November 7th, does the Alice timeline refer to the debt limit or to the days the Chinese warships arrive and then fire their cruise missiles?

Have a look at this section of the cover…
…and look at the two objects sitting to the left of Alice. What does the larger one look like? What does the smaller one suggest?

There’s an awful lot of unnecessary fear predictions made in the alternative media concerning military activities, and I’ve learned over time to keep clear of them. That being said, I’ve come across one military scenario that causes me some real discomfort: a potential Chinese preemptive strike from within America’s air defense umbrella. Let’s look at the headline of the USNI News article linked at the beginning of this update…
…Note the key words I’ve underlined.

The article tells of an upcoming Jacksonville, Florida port visit by two Chinese warships and a replenishment vessel, the Type 052C Luyang II-class guided-missile destroyer Jinan (152), the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class guided-missile frigate Yiyang (548) and the Type 903 Fuchi-class fleet oiler Qiandao Hu (886).” The 2 missile ships mentioned are among the Chinese Navy’s most modern and capable surface combatants, and they’re able to carry a lot of cruise missiles. According to Wikipedia, the two ships carry a combined 24 cruise missiles of various types, and these missiles have speeds of up to Mach 0.9 and ranges of up to 1,800 kilometers. They also have a combined total of 80 vertical launch system (VLS) cells.

Current-day VLS systems are capable of carrying a variety of missile types and can hold one or more missiles in each cell. The French Navy’s Sylver VLS system, for instance, is able to pack up to 4 rocket-propelled white flags per cell. Assuming that a longer-range cruise missile would take up a whole cell by itself, though, the Chinese ships could pack an additional 80 cruise missiles in their VLS, for a grand total of 104. And who knows what exotic varieties could be hidden in those cells.

So on the one hand, you have two guided missile warships that will dock inside America’s defensive umbrella on November 3rd. And on the other hand, you have propaganda floating around concerning America’s freedom of navigation operations and China’s threat of military reprisal…
…from Zero Hedge

You also have China openly proclaiming that war with the US is inevitable…

…and you have globalist windbag Paul Craig Roberts and others telling the world that Washington is preparing a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia and China…

And what does all this set the stage for? For a preemptive strike by China in order to “protect itself” and respond to America’s “provocations.” All they’d have to do is sit there at Naval Station Mayport and salvo-off their cruise missiles.

A cruise missile attack is the ideal way for China to make a first strike since it would be very hard for America to stop. Cruise missiles fly very low, and they would be hard to distinguish from the vast number of military, commercial, and personal airplanes, helicopters, and drones that operate in the airspace of the Eastern US. Not only that, they’d be hard to pick out from the ground clutter along the I-95 Corridor that runs from Jacksonville to Washington DC, New York City, and beyond. The driving distance from Jacksonville to New York City is 936 miles, which puts it within range of the ships’ HN-2 cruise missiles. In fact, most of the Eastern US would be within range.

To be continued in Update 84.2 (and don’t fret too much; I don’t expect this to happen, but I would be remiss if I didn’t help build preemptive awareness against it)…

++++++++++P.S. – 28 October 2015++++++++++


There was no rate hike today, so barring a Congressional failure to pass the budget deal, there will be no financial panic set in motion today. Since I can see no other way for the “panic board” part of the Economist cover to be fulfilled in 2015, it looks like it won’t be. And this makes it more unlikely that the Alice timeline part will be fulfilled as well. I’ll nonetheless finish Update 84 out of an abundance of caution.

I’m happy that this opportunity for mischief passed by without incident; that’s my whole purpose in blogging. But I’m also a little sad because I spent all my free time this morning sharpening my “guillotine entry.” Had the globalists stuck their neck out with a rate hike at 2 PM EDT, all I had to do was push the publish button. Many more people would have been exposed to the information I offer, and my blog would have gotten much bigger overnight. Oh well, it’s better to stay small and sail harmlessly past these dangers than to get bigger and watch them be fulfilled.

P.P.S. – Perhaps I spoke too soon. As I look through the press reports from today, they are noting that the mere shift in Fed language from “dovish” to “hawkish” has sent the dollar soaring, essentially having the same effect as an actual rate hike. We’ll have to see if this dollar-strengthening (and emerging market-strangling) trend continues.

Correction – Concerning the part of this entry in which Johnson spoke of David Daleiden using a fake name, I realized that he could have been referring to the fake persona David created to infiltrate Planned Parenthood, so I removed that part. My bad. I still find it interesting that his last name is an anagram of “deadline,” because we’re certainly facing one now, aren’t we?

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Love always…