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Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 24-27 – Globalist shill Paul Craig Roberts and globalist octopus Goldman Sachs confirm bankster strategy for Greece & The globalists activate the Russian pipeline contingency

[Update 24 – 30 May 2015]

Whilst poking about the internet yesterday, I visited the King World News propaganda mill and came across this Eric King interview of Paul Craig Roberts: Former U.S. Treasury Official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Warns Black Swans Will Engulf The World: “It’s A Perfect Storm”

In past entries, I’ve pointed out Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) as a prototypical Team BRICS propagandist, and many have taken note of the Hidden Hand gang sign he flashes on his website
…If you pair this symbolism with the flavor of propaganda he puts out, any observant person can see exactly where his true loyalties lie: with the Hidden Hand Occulted Powers (the “royals,” Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) and the dialectic scam they’re running to sell their New World Order. Given that he has been positioned as a high-level “respectable journalist,” he is a very good source to watch when you want to back-engineer your way to the truth.

That being said, let’s have a look at what he’s trying to sell us in the interview…

1) Austrian Economics: the interviewer and PCR go out of their way to put in a plug for Austrian Economics…

>>> Eric King:  “Because you were called in along with others to save the United States from collapse when President Reagan came into office, as you watch us push closer and closer to the wall that Austrian economics warns us not to approach, if you had to speculate, what is going to begin to cause this whole (Ponzi scheme) to collapse?”

Dr. Roberts:  “Well actually, Eric, we’ve climbed over that wall that the Austrians warned us against. (LAUGHTER).  We’re not just getting close to it, we’ve already climbed over it. <<<

Austrian Economics is the economic ideology the Occulted Powers intend to implement as part of the Solution phase of the Problem / Reaction / Solution scenario we’re currently undergoing.  If you are a new reader, you might want to have a look at Update 14 and Update 15 to see who is behind the development and adoption of Austrian Economics (the “royals” and the Rockefellers).

2) The “American Empire” myth: PCR implies that the US government is trying to maintain and expand an American Empire…

>>> I think we’ve miscalculated in thinking, Eric, that we could have Russia and China as vassal states.  They’re not going to be vassal states.  Therefore, this realization on the part of Europe could affect Europe’s toleration of their own vassalage to the United States. <<<

The truth, of course, is that America never built an empire; the globalist central bankster families did (the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, et al. built the NWO using America as their expendable tool). And the United States, Europe, Russia and China are ALL under their vassalage. This is evidenced by the fact that all these nations are tied into the G20 and are implementing the Basel III banking regulations (which are tied in to the Bank for International Settlements). Even China’s own propaganda organs admit to their central bank’s subservience to the Basel globalists: Mainstream propaganda reveals East/West conflict is a farce.

3) The “Washington is doing all this because they’re stupid” lie: PCR attributes the US government’s recent self-defeating and outrageous behavior to simple stupidity/incompetence…

>>> So then you have to ask yourself, ‘Why didn’t Washington, which is so empire-crazed, tell the EU, ‘Leave Greece alone’?  Or why didn’t the Fed just print the money to bail out Greece?  If they will print the money to bail out JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and the British banks, why can’t they print the money to bail out Greece and get rid of the problem?  That just shows how stupid they are.  They get more pleasure out of oppressing people, in this case the Greeks, than they do in saving their own empire.  So this thing can blow up at any time…

The scariest thing about the United States is the complete absence of any competent leadership.  There’s not a single competent leader in the political system.  And if you look at the people who are announced as contenders for the presidential nomination in the next election, you are looking at a gaggle of maniacs.  These are people who haven’t got enough sense to be let out of the house on their own.  And this is a superpower — ruled by idiots!  This is the danger.  And this is why I don’t think the United States has a future. <<<

“They’re doing it because they’re stupid/incompetent” is a very common propaganda ploy of the Establishment media. Whenever the government, the Federal Reserve, or any other Establishment institution acts in ways that seem contrary to its respectable, publicly-pronounced raison d’etre, the Establishment media always blame it on stupidity or incompetence. In reality, however, these institutions know exactly what they’re doing and it’s all on purpose. They are pursuing their real agendas, not the textbook agendas they program the public to believe they pursue. Nothing — not the US government, the FBI, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, the UN, etc. — exists for the reason the public is given.

The seeming insanity of recent US government policies is not the result of stupidity or incompetence; it is all very deliberate, and it’s intended to make the West look bad and the East look good. So when the “wise” BRICS leaders sweep in to wrest control of the UN/IMF/World Bank from the “insane” Western leaders, people are expected to accept that the “new management” will finally make these institutions work like the textbooks say they should. Unfortunately, though, the globalists built the BRICS and wrote the textbooks, so the whole setup is an increasingly transparent scam.

Once UN/IMF/World Bank“governance reforms” are enacted by the “heroic” BRICS, watch for controlled opposition agents like Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul to temper their criticism of those institutions. “We supported shutting down the UN/IMF/World Bank because they were instruments of the American Empire used to bully the world,” they will say, “but now that they’ve been reformed to be truly balanced and democratic, perhaps these organizations can finally live up to the high ideals they were supposedly built to uphold.”

As the upcoming East versus West climax approaches, remember that the main purpose behind the whole drama is to rejuvenate the UN brand. In the course of building the New World Order, the UN/IMF/World Bank name has become tarnished, so an “Under New Ownership/Management” sign is needed to lure people back to their brand. The BRICS-induced “governance reforms” will provide the fresh coat of paint the UN will need to gain public acceptance.

Getting back to the interview, PCR also confirms that Greece is the tipping point for the takedown of the Eurozone and the US…

>>> The End Of The American Empire

You could see the empire disintegrate.  All it takes is one European country to leave the EU and NATO and the American empire ends.  That’s all it takes.  Now we see who that could be — it could be Greece.

We’ve talked about this before.  If the Greeks say, ‘Look, our European partners don’t give a damn about us; they’re going to press us into the ground.  So we’re defaulting,’ and then they turned to Russia, that’s the end of the American empire. <<<

The unfolding of the globalists’ Greece strategy is outlined in Updates 13, 18, and 19. And as we enter the June 4-18 time window next week, we must watch the Greek situation very carefully. If the globalists allow the Greek default to happen, we know it’s “game on” for the takedown this year. On the other hand, if a miraculous deal is reached with Greece’s creditors or the Russians suddenly prepay for Greek pipeline rights, the globalists are pushing the pause button. Given some indicators I’ve been seeing, it’s hard to imagine them not going for it this year.

There have been rumors that the Greeks might scrape together the first payment in the June 4-18 series of payments, but all that means is that the globalists are squeezing the last little bit of cash out of the Greeks before they crash them. Syriza will strip-mine every possible dime from the Greek populace before they trigger a default. Why leave money on the table?

While we’re on the subject of globalist disinformation sources, if you want to see the best examples of the lies being sold to awakening public, I recommend watching these three sites:

1) Paul Craig Roberts, for the “mainstream alternative” lie.
2) One World of Nations, for the “rabbit hole alternative” lie.
3) Golden Age of Gaia, for the “rabbit hole spiritual” lie.

When/if you go to these sites, ask yourself, “What are they trying to sell me and why?” To find the truth, start by flipping their lies upside down.

[Update 25 – 31 May 2015]

Beware the “Former” Insider

Paul Craig Roberts selling the phony East vs. West conflict…

One of the great things about regular folks like you and me is that we are generally trusting and ready to take a person at his/her word. Unfortunately, this great quality is also a great weakness when dealing with people with forked tongues and impure aims, like the globalists. To help us get past this self-destructive habit of extending unearned trust, allow me to offer…

Ken’s First Rule for Not Being a Sucker: When a “former” insider comes forth to offer you information and interpretation, don’t discount the likelihood that the former insider is a current insider tasked with misleading you.

This would seem to be a rather commonsense rule, but for some reason it is ignored when “insiders” bend our ears to tell us supposed secrets and give us a heads-up on what’s really going on and what it means. The alternative media is chock full of talking heads who are purported “former” insiders at the FBI, CIA, NSA, World Bank, Treasury, Wall Street, and so on. There are even some purported current insiders who go through the rube-impressing pretense of disguising their voices and using code names. And what are virtually all of these guys telling us? They tell us how bad are the US and the West while either ignoring or promoting China and the East. In other words, they are establishing the Bad Cop and the Good Cop so the globalists can run their governance reform scam.

Take Paul Craig Roberts for example:

> He is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy.

> He is a former editor at the Wall Street Journal.

> He was the “first occupant of the William E. Simon Chair for Economic Policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS], then part of Georgetown University.” It’s worth noting that Georgetown is a Jesuit institution, and the Board of Trustees of CSIS includes Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and representatives of Exxon Mobil, Boeing, Coca Cola, AIG, GlaxoSmithKline, and Morgan Stanley (to name a few).

Looking at the high positions this guy has held in the Washington/Wall Street Establishment, ask yourself this: “Is PCR really going against all of his lifelong associates or is he simply carrying water for them like he always has?” If you put together his background, his gang sign, and the nature of his information, what does common sense tell you?

[Update 26 – 1 June 2015]

Goldman Sachs issues preparatory propaganda for the Greek pivot

During this morning’s infoscan, I came across this article on Zero Hedge
…which contained a telling passage…

>>> …On the other hand, the Greek government was elected on a platform that promised continued membership of the Euro area but without the austerity, adjustment and oversight that came with the troika programme. Departing from this position requires a change in the political mandate on which the Greek government operates

Euro exit is a political decision. For sure, the Greek authorities could decide to exit in a unilateral manner. But the current Greek government has no mandate to do so: if it announced an intention to leave the Euro area pre-emptively, in our view the government would likely fall. Moreover, there is no process for Euro exit defined in the governing European treaties: the practical and legal challenges could not be resolved overnight…

Viewed first through a political lens, this situation serves to clarify the choice facing the Greek economy. Under the maintained assumption that the European authorities do not give way on their three key principles listed above, the intensification of the liquidity shortage will demonstrate that the platform on which the current Greek government was elected is simply infeasible: the Greeks cannot “have their cake and eat it”, retaining the Euro but not implementing adjustment. A hard choice has to be made between (a) Euro exit and (b) adjustment to remain part of the single currency. Making that choice entails finding a new mandate to govern. This will have to be sought from the electorate, implying a new government, new elections or a referendum (or various combinations of the three). <<<

Back in February/March, I wrote about this scenario in Update 19, The Greek “People’s Revolution” and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO. I covered how a government shakeup was being engineered to produce a shift to the political right (and more specifically to Panos Kammenos, “the Greek Nigel Farage”). Here is an excerpt…

>>>>>> Have a look at this Reuters article: Greek defence minister says Greece has Plan B if EU rigid on deal

>>> Greek Defence Minister Panos Kammenos said that if Greece failed to get a new debt agreement with the euro zone, it could always look elsewhere for help.

“What we want is a deal. But if there is no deal – hopefully (there will be) – and if we see that Germany remains rigid and wants to blow apart Europe, then we have the obligation to go to Plan B. Plan B is to get funding from another source,” he told a Greek television show that ran into early Tuesday. “It could the United States at best, it could be Russia, it could be China or other countries,” he said. <<<

So as the Greek crisis reaches its crescendo, Syriza will disintegrate and the Greek government will fail. And when a civilian government fails, who typically steps in to maintain social order? The military, right? And who is the leader of the Greek military? Defense Minister Panos Kammenos.

Kammenos will step up to maintain some semblance of order in the wake of Syriza’s disintegration and will go to his friends in Russia to secure aid from the freshly-launched New Development Bank (NDB, the BRICS Bank — the BRICS will be holding their 7th summit meeting in Russia on July 8–9, and will likely announce the NDB’s launch at that time). An emergency election will then be held to install a new Greek parliament that will restore the drachma and approve the NDB loan. Since this will occur at about the same time as the next financial crisis begins, it will be the first domino in the fall of the EU. From the ashes of the EU, a new multilateral European order will rise — one that “restores sovereignty, freedom and direct democracy” (New World Order style). <<<<<<

Speaking of the political right and Nigel Farage’s buddy Panos Kammenos…
….let’s recall something Paul Craig Roberts wrote in the aftermath of the Paris “terror” attacks…
…(This excerpt came from this King World News article which was covered in Update 7).

So here is PCR promoting the political right / Mises Mafia as the ones who will end European “vassalage.” They are the globalists’ Right Hand which will sweep in to bring order after the Left Hand brings chaos.

So as I look upon June, this is what I currently anticipate…

1) Greece will likely default by June 18.

2) Greek bank runs, which are already forming, will intensify.

3) The European Central Bank will block Greece from gaining any increase in their Emergency Liquidity Assistance (the lifeline that is keeping Greek banks solvent). They will do this under the pretense of pressuring the Greeks to come to terms with the Troika by the end of the month, but their real purpose is to intentionally topple the Greek banking system.

4) There will be a Greek “bank holiday” and a general economic convulsion.

5) The searingly painful economic convulsion will prompt the Greeks to recoil from the source of the burn (the Troika and Syriza). This will trigger the reflexive jump towards Kammenos and the BRICS.

[Update 27 – 2 June 2015]

The globalists activate the Russian pipeline contingency

I took my son out to the movies this morning, and I came back to this
…This news puts the rumored Russian advance pipeline payment to Greece back in play, which opens this contingency:

Given that all of the Greek external payments before July 19 go to the IMF (not any European institutions), the Greeks could bundle those IMF payments and pay them using a Russian advance. This would mean there’d be no default before the BRICS Summit / New Development Bank launch on July 8-9, where the Greeks could secure further financing. An economic development package from the NDB could afford Greece the freedom to partially or wholly stiff the Europeans on July 19.

That being said, this does nothing about Greek dependence on the ECB’s Emergency Liquidity Assistance. By capping, reducing or eliminating those funds, the globalists can topple Greece’s banks at any time. Just think of how good the Russians would look if they “saved Greece from default,” then think of how bad the EU would look if they toppled Greece’s banking system anyway “out of spite.” It would fit right into the Bad West / Good East dialectic circus.

I will write in more detail about this scenario in the next update. For the previous updates from this series, click here.

Till later, much love…

The NWO Schedule of Implementation [Mod 1.4]

[This was a major update of my NWO Schedule of Implementation page. Important new updates have since been added, so click here for the newest version.]

Here is the current Schedule of Implementation for the multilateral/multipolar New World Order as best as I can discern it at this time. As we go forward, I will add more details and supporting material to this page and will modify the timeline as I detect changes in globalist preparatory propaganda.

[Mod 1.4 – 24 May 2015]

First Half of 2015:

> June 4-18: There will be a notable economic downturn which could be set in motion by either a Greek default or a Federal Reserve interest rate hike (the Greek default seems the more likely candidate). The economic situation will grow worse as we approach September and may be accompanied by increasing war rumors and false-flag terror attacks (of both the real and the “crisis actor” varieties). Bank bail-ins and other measures to harvest the public’s wealth may be implemented in the following months. [This section has been updated and modified in Mod 1.5]

> June 16-17: The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet. If they choose to raise interest rates at this time, it would be a double-whammy (along with the likely Greek default) on the financial system. Given the globalist meetings occurring in the September – November time frame, though, it is more likely we’ll see the rate increase in September.

A core component of the globalists’ strategy to centralize power over the world’s currencies lies in making the Fed and their other national central banks look bad. For this reason, they’ve been deliberately staging “currency wars” and having their supranational institutions (the IMF and the BIS) and media propagandists point out the destructive nature of the policies being pursued at the national level. “Only at the international level,” they argue, “can currency stability be achieved.”

In keeping with this strategy, they are using their national central banks to blow up the global economy so their supranational institutions can step forward and restore order. And as they transition power from the national to the supranational level, they will close down the Fed and other central banks in order to transfer control of national currencies to their respective treasury departments. Since the central banksters have consolidated power over the national governments, they can safely move their “flag” from the central banks to the treasuries. The treasuries are run by their people anyhow.

So when you hear alternative media propaganda about “ending the Fed” and “bringing back a US Treasury dollar,” know that this is the solution the banksters want you to embrace. It is a solution designed to make it appear that the problem posed by the “evil Western central bankers” has been licked, but it’s just a scam. And in the US, Ron and Rand Paul are the primary controlled-opposition agents the globalists have designated to con you.

Second Half of 2015:

> July 8-9: During this, the 7th month of the year, the BRICS will hold their 7th Summit meeting in Russia. They will likely announce the launch of the New Development Bank (the BRICS Bank) at that time, and Greece will seek membership and aid for the restarting of their economy. This will be a key scene in the “Good East versus Bad West” stageplay the globalists are putting on for the public.

The script of the play calls for Greece, the “birthplace of democracy,” to flee the “anti-democratic” West and join the “BRICS rebellion against the evil Western central bankers.” This will be the point in the drama where the “heroes” finally turn the tide and march on to victory. What the play’s program fails to mention, though, is that the BRICS central bankers have all along been working with their Western siblings in implementing the multilateral / multipolar New World Order. They all cooperate very closely in the IMF, the BIS, and the G20, and it’s all documented in the NWO and Globalist Agenda Watch 2015 sections of this blog.

To get the full skinny on what the globalists are doing with Greece, have a look at this entry: The Greek “People’s Revolution” and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO.

> September 4-5: The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors will meet. Given the economic turmoil taking place, they will stress the critical urgency of moving past the US’ obstruction of IMF quota reform as soon as possible. Later actions and inactions by the Federal Reserve and Congress will be seen as cementing the G20’s arguments.

If you wish to understand how the economic side of the NWO has developed, it is imperative that you learn how the G20 was formed and what they’ve been up to. A concise and very eye-opening summary can be found in this entry: George Soros and the elite’s China-fronted New World Order.

> September 16-17: The FOMC will meet again. Should they raise interest rates at this meeting, it could create a New Lehman Moment by triggering defaults in financial institutions already weakened (according to the public version of their books) by the likely Greek default in June. Such a sharp crisis would provide the perfect segue for the Pope and UN to step forward to “save the day.”

> September 22: The Pope will arrive in Washington, D.C. to covertly and symbolically remove the crown of world leadership from the US for its transfer to the UN. He will arrive in the evening to signify the end of “America’s Day,” and the Fall Equinox will occur during that night. So when the Pope visits Obama on the 23rd, this can be said: “The Fall (of the ‘American Empire’) begins the day the Pope visits the White House.” He will also speak before a joint session of Congress that day.

Why is it significant that he arrives on the 22nd? “22″ is a Masonic “Master Number” and “because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall,” according to the numerologically-inclined. Here is the Pope’s itinerary.

> September 25: On the third day after his arrival in Washington, the Pope will speak before the United Nations to covertly and symbolically crown it with world leadership…
…This is a painting of the coronation of Charlemagne by Pope Leo III. Charlemagne was the first “Holy Roman Emperor” crowned after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Despite the collapse of Rome’s public political edifice, the kingmakers of the Roman Catholic Church in the West…
…and the Orthodox Church in the East…
…have kept the “spirit” of the Roman Empire in force to this day. With the Pope’s visit, Rome will invest its new global political edifice (the UN) with full dominion.

The Pope’s speech will take place on the first day of the September 25-27 United Nations Summit to Adopt the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Following the meeting, we’re likely to see the globalists quickly implementing all the policies they’ve been telegraphing in recent times. Just as we’re observing with the Trans-Pacific Partnership here in the US, they will simply ram everything down our throats in rapid succession.

> October 1: The US government will almost certainly shut down due to contrived drama over the budget and debt ceiling. This will be done to make the US look dysfunctional and incompetent. The last time the globalists did this, back in 2013, they used the spectacle to launch a worldwide “it’s time for a de-Americanized world” propaganda campaign. They will use the next shutdown to justify the actual implementation of “de-Americanization.”

For more information on the “de-Americanized world” propaganda campaign, as well as China’s real relationship with the “evil Western central bankers,” see this entry: China’s complicity in building the Rockefeller New World Order, in their own words…

> October 9-11: The UN’s IMF/World Bank Group will hold their annual meeting, and they will move to implement both de-Americanization and the post-2015 policies adopted at the UN Summit. They will do so by bypassing America’s veto power in the IMF to adopt BRICS-friendly governance changes and by adding China’s renminbi to the IMF’s SDR basket of currencies.

At either this meeting or a later point, they will also add a theoretical gold backing to the SDR in order to “restore confidence” in the financial system. China, their BRICS allies, and eventually all nations will also add a theoretical gold backing to their currencies, and China might offer gold to the IMF in exchange for more SDRs (and their accompanying voting power).

> November 15-16: The G20 will hold its leaders summit. They will likely announce a worldwide New Deal-type program of massive infrastructure development. This will be cast as an attempt to get the world economy moving again, but its primary purpose will be in moving the world into the UN’s Agenda 21 development model.

> Late in the year: The media will blame the Federal Reserve for setting up the conditions which led to the new financial crisis (with their “too loose for too long” monetary policy) and for triggering the crisis (with an “ill-timed” rate increase).

In the course of harping on the “Fed Mistake,” the mainstream and alternative media will make Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and other Mises Mafia members look like visionary statesmen who “saw it all coming” and “could have prevented it if only they’d been in power.” In the wake of all this propaganda, Congress will pass Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed bill and strategic leaks from the audit may find their way into the news in the months that follow. This process will make the Fed and other national central banks look very bad, while making the Mises Mafia and supranational institutions such as the IMF and BIS look prescient and wise.

First Half of 2016:

> The New Lehman damage paired with the results of the Fed audit will result in the Fed’s downfall. This could occur at any time from the first half of 2016 to the first half of 2017 (after the new President is inaugurated).

Second half of 2016:

> In the aftermath of all the economic turmoil caused by the Fed Mistake, Rand Paul will be elected President. He will lead America’s retreat from its leading role in the world so the BRICS-overhauled UN Complex can take the lead. And with that, the Rockefeller/”elite”-planned New World Order will be in place.

[Addendum 1 – 21 May 2015]

Confirmed: The BRICS Bank launches in July

I’ve been pretty much out of commission for the past several weeks, so I missed a lot of news. Upon doing some catch-up reading, though, I’ve found confirmation that the New Development Bank is indeed slated for launch in July. Here is an excerpt from the Google translation of this RIA Novosti article
…An English copy of the article was posted at the Russia & India Report.

Also, back on May 11, globalist stooge K.V. Kamath was appointed President of the Bank
…Interestingly, the press reports about his selection used dated information on when the New Development Bank would start, leaving the impression that it wouldn’t happen till 2016. Perhaps they don’t wish to spoil the surprise for the general public.

For more details, see the Globalist Agenda Watch 2015 series.

Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Updates 21-23 – More aspects of America’s September/October sh*tstorm

[Update 21 – 12 May 2015]

I stumbled upon this article at The Economic Collapse blog today, and then I came across this
…Essentially, it is a meeting to publicly launch the New World Order.

Looking to the left side of the page, the steps of the “Post 2015 process” are given, and the next step is the “Follow up and review” meeting which concludes on May 22. This is followed by a three-stage “Intergovernmental negotiations on the outcome document” process which begins on June 22

Speaking of 22s, recall from Update 9 that the Pope is scheduled to arrive in Washington D.C. on September 22, specifically in the evening. I wouldn’t be surprised if his plane landed at twilight, thus symbolizing the twilight of American global leadership. If that’s not enough symbolism for you, he will address the UN General Assembly in the morning (the “dawn of a new day”) of September 25, just 3 days later…

This symbolically mimics Jesus’ death and resurrection. The (American-led Interim) World Order will die on the cross on September 22, and the (UN-led New) World Order will be resurrected on the third day. My, how the “elite” love their silly little bullsh*t.

[Update 22 – 13 May 2015]

The next financial crisis may publicly begin on June 4

As you may have noticed in the news, Greece had to raid their IMF piggy bank in order to make their May 11 payment to the IMF. Here is a little snippet from Reuters

>>> With Athens trying to scrape together all public cash reserves to pay pensions and wages this month, the method used to make the IMF payment underlined the government’s predicament.

Greece drew on reserves from the IMF that are denominated in Special Drawing Rights (SDR), a basket of international currencies, which a Greek central bank official said was done with the Fund’s approval. The account must be replenished within weeks. <<<

So not only must the Greeks replenish the piggy bank “within weeks,” they must also make dramatically higher payments to the IMF and the European institutions over the next two months. I found this schedule of Greek payments on Zero Hedge
…So here are the amounts of Greek external payments in millions of Euros:

May – 768
June – 1,573
July – 3,943

Greece had to scrape the bottom of their financial barrel to make this month’s 768 million euro payment, so how are they going to come up with twice as much between June 4 and June 18 and replenish their IMF account to boot? How will they manage to pay their crushing July payments? Barring the rumored advance payment on the Russian pipeline, they won’t. So the financial train wreck that will kick off the next phase of the economic crisis will likely occur in the June 4 – 18 timeframe.

With this in mind, let’s have a look at the Federal Reserve’s FOMC meeting schedule

It’s notable that the June and September meetings are “associated with a Summary of Economic Projections and a press conference by the Chair.” Since the public has been told that the Fed’s decision to raise interest rates will be “data dependent,” and since Yellen will want to give a speech when the increase occurs, these two meetings are the most likely times for the Fed to push the button. So how will this play in to what is happening in Europe right now?

Based on what I see now, my best guess is that Greece will default in June and thus kick off a wave of fallout events over the following months. The Greeks will then go to the BRICS Summit in early July to join the BRICS Bank and restart their economy with the drachma and BRICS loans. We’ve already seen the globalists plant the seed for this in the public mind. With all this in motion, the Fed will then trigger the New Lehman Moment with a September rate hike. This means the world will be in serious crisis right before the Pope and the UN meet on September 25. The “heroes” will be in place to “save the day.”

I would encourage you to have your emergency preparations in place by the end of May and to maintain a full readiness posture through September. Don’t be afraid, though. Remember, it’s all a show.

[Update 23 – 16 May 2015]

More aspects of America’s September/October sh*tstorm

In light of the NWO launch meeting at the UN on September 25 – 27, it is illuminating to consider two dates that closely follow it:

1) Four days after the meeting, on October 1, the US government begins its new fiscal year, and the Establishment have set up the conditions for another 2013-style government shutdown…

> They have staged another debt limit crisis, just like 2013. Here is an excerpt from an April 10 article from The Blaze

>>> Kabuki theater has returned to Washington, D.C.

The statutory ceiling on borrowing was reached more than three weeks ago. The Treasury Department just stopped the clock on March 15. The total debt of the U.S. government remains at $18,112,975,000,000, which is $25 million below the statutory limit.

In due course Congress will take up the issue of raising the debt ceiling. That will open the gates for front-page stories about a divided Republican Party risking a default and crashing credit markets across the globe.

Some will try to use this vote to force policy changes such as ending Obamacare or unfunding President Barack Obama’s amnesty changes. The president will promise to veto any bill that does more than raise the ceiling. <<<

> They have positioned the political parties for another non-election year budget showdown over Obamacare and other divisive issues, just like 2013. Here is an excerpt from a May 5 article from Yahoo News

>>> The Senate passed a budget plan on Tuesday, making this the first time Congress has approved a budget outline in six years. The House passed the plan last week.

So Congress is doing its job, right?

Not exactly. What Congress produced was a GOP budget road map, passed by Republicans – a statement of GOP values. Once it hits the legislative road as spending bills, Senate Democrats will probably throw up barricades (and conservatives in both chambers might, too). Another budget crisis could ensue, even a government shutdown. <<<

Given this setup, there is a very high probability that a shutdown will occur. It would set the stage for the next big event…

2) Just 8 days after the likely shutdown, the IMF/World Bank Group hold their annual meeting
…(take note of the date).

At this meeting, we are likely to see the globalists add China’s currency to the SDR and bypass the US veto to enact long-delayed “governance reforms.” The combination of an economic crisis publicly attributed to the Federal Reserve’s policies and a US government shutdown caused by partisan bickering will provide the perfect pretext to finally end “American leadership” of the IMF/World Bank/UN (needless to say, these organizations have never really been American-led; they’ve always been bankster/globalist-led with America serving as their temporary vehicle for consolidating power). The globalists launched the whole “it’s time for a de-Americanized world” propaganda theme in the wake of the last US government shutdown. Will they now finish the job with the next shutdown?

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