Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – May Updates

(31 May – 1 June 2021) – The Assassinations That Weren’t?

This is a continuation of the 24-28 May updates, which are just a little further down the page. They covered a potential assassination plot against Putin for May 27-28.

How It Went Down

On May 27 (Shoigu’s 666 Day), Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu had a maskless face-to-face meeting with Vladimir Putin in Sochi…


So was this meeting a symbolic “Judas kiss” of betrayal before the “Russian Deep State” were to kill Putin and replace him with Shoigu? And if so, how would they get rid of Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin, the man who is supposed to inherit presidential power in the event of Putin’s death?

The next day, May 28, turned out to be quite interesting. Here is Putin’s official schedule for that day (with notable elements underlined in red)…


As you can see at the top, Putin had a virtual meeting with the permanent members of his security council right before he met with Lukashenko…

…from Also note that it was Border Guards Day, and the Border Guards are run by Alexander Bortnikov’s FSB.

Symbolically, this meeting served as “Putin’s last supper with his 12 disciples” before he was to die. And the fact that it took place virtually — even Shoigu was remote — meant that the council members were safely away from whatever was slated to occur. But if you carefully count the number of attendees, you’ll see that there were only ten. Two were missing: FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

It could be said that Bortnikov — supposedly “Medvedev’s man” and a closeted “Atlantic Integrationist” friend of the West — was absent due to the Border Guards Day festivities. But it could also be narrated that he used Border Guards Day as an excuse to skip the meeting so he could focus on orchestrating the assassination.

As for Mishustin, he was away in Belarus attending a maskless face-to-face meeting of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) prime ministers — a meeting that was scheduled by the CIS Executive Secretary (and former head of the SVR, Russia’s foreign intelligence service) Sergey Lebedev.

Lebedev is another figure whose background lends itself to his being narrated as an “Atlantic Integrationist.” So according to the script, he, Bortnikov, and the Belarusian opposition may have arranged a hit on Mishustin that would coincide with the Putin hit. And since Russia has no clear line of presidential succession beyond the prime minister, a crisis in Russian leadership would have arisen — a crisis best solved by an accomplished crisis manager…

…from The Economist

In the next section, I’ll cover other details of the plot. In the meantime, take note of this: the narrative can also say that Putin and Mishustin were poisoned or infected with something on May 28 — something that would take a few days to show symptoms. So if you see Putin “call in sick” to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which runs June 2-5, you’ll know what’s up.

~ MORE – 1 June 2021 ~

In the 27 May update, I mentioned this…

…today it was announced that Russia is sending more guards to the Ukrainian border. This move could lead to a post-assassination claim that Ukrainian and Western agents were sneaking across the border (to kill Putin).

I wrote this before I knew that May 28 was Border Guards Day. And the assassination occurring on Border Guards Day would have drawn attention to “the failure of Bortnikov’s FSB border guards to stop the infiltration of the Ukrainian terror team that assassinated Putin and Lukashenko.” This narrative would have been further reinforced by this fact: May 28 was the anniversary of 18 year-old Mathias Rust’s 1987 penetration of Soviet airspace and landing of a Cessna on Red Square in Moscow

Soviet air defense forces caught hell for failing to stop Rust, just like the Border Guards would have caught hell for allowing the assassination team’s infiltration. And Rust landed on Red Square at 6:43 PM; Putin and Lukashenko’s meeting started at 6:10 PM. The news articles would have practically written themselves.

After the hit on Putin and Lukashenko…

  • the Russian Mainstream Narrative would have blamed it on a Ukrainian hit team and Border Guard incompetence,
  • the Western Mainstream Narrative would have blamed it on an “inside job” by the Russians, and
  • the NWO Narrative would blame it on a conspiracy by the West and the “Atlantic Integrationists” and “Neo-Communists” within Russia.

As for why the former spymaster of Russia’s version of the CIA, Sergey Lebedev, would “turn to the dark side,” I ran across a scriptable motivation in a Wikileaks file on “Russian Intelligence” (cached on Google)

The fact that Vladimir Putin decided to «extract» Sergey Lebedev from the SVR (the external intelligence service) is probably the sign that he wanted to avoid a «spillover» of the internal struggles into territories outside Russia by placing a man (former Prime minister Mikhail Fradkov) whom he thinks will scrupulously inform him of what goes on in the «service».

Putin placed Lebedev into the SVR post shortly after he became president, reportedly because he wanted “an intelligence chief whom he knows well and has confidence in.” But the Wikileaks passage suggests that Lebedev may have been a little too independent for Putin’s taste, so Putin removed him from the intelligence post and made him the nursemaid to a bunch of CIS politicians — something that didn’t sit well with Lebedev (the narrative would say).

This scripted motivation is enhanced by this bit of preparatory propaganda from RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty [with my comments added in brackets]…


by Victor Yasmann

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent decision to name 52-year-old Sergei Lebedev as the chief of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), replacing Vyacheslav Trubnikov, is about more than just personalities and personal loyalties. It also offers some important clues to the future direction of Russian intelligence operations, both at home and abroad.

Moscow media have suggested that Lebedev’s appointment is only the latest step in Putin’s effort to consolidate power. According to this view, Putin wants an intelligence chief whom he knows well and has confidence in. Putin met Lebedev while serving in East Germany; he belongs to the same generation as Lebedev; and in contrast to most senior Russian intelligence officers, neither Putin nor Lebedev ever worked undercover in the field.

But if Lebedev is close to Putin, he is also very different both from the Russian president and his predecessor, Trubnikov. Lebedev joined the KGB in 1973 after graduating from the Chernigov branch of the Kyiv State University [so he has a connection to Ukraine]. Unlike Putin and most of the former KGB colleagues the Russian president has promoted, Lebedev did not join the KGB either voluntarily or through recruitment. Rather, he was sent to work there by the Komsomol [the Young Communist League; his communist youth can be used to portray a sympathy with the aims of the “Neo-Communists”].

Most KGB officers traditionally have disliked such colleagues because of the privileges they often enjoy. This may help to explain why Lebedev did not go on to the Andropov Institute, the usual path to becoming a foreign intelligence operative. Instead, he studied at the Diplomatic Academy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and, after graduating from there in 1978, was transferred to the central apparatus of the KGB’s First Chief Directorate.

After his posting in East Germany, Lebedev rose through the ranks, eventually becoming chief of an SVR directorate. There his ascent appears to have stopped. In 1998, according to “Segodnya,” Lebedev was sent into “honorable exile” in Washington as the official SVR representative to the US intelligence community [who no doubt courted him to switch to the Western side].

Media speculation on Lebedev has also focused on his “western” experience. Lebedev has worked only in Europe and the U.S., and thus his appointment may represent the end of the dominance of the “orientalists” in Russian intelligence [this hints at a possible predisposition to side with the “Atlantic Integrationists” against the “Eurasian Sovereigntists”]. The last three SVR chiefs — Leonid Shabarshin, Yevgenii Primakov, and Trubnikov — all worked in the Middle East and South Asia, and there is a tendency among both them and those they have promoted to view the “westerners” as having failed in their conduct of the Cold War. But this rise of the “westerners” does not necessarily mean that Russian intelligence will adopt a friendlier approach to the West.

Several other reasons, less widely publicized, suggest, however, that Lebedev’s promotion is likely to lead to a change: the lack of compatibility between the SVR and the emerging Russian national security community, the SVR’s split from the new political elite, and its growing irrelevance to Putin’s foreign-policy goals.

First, unlike the KGB’s domestic offspring, the SVR survived the tumultuous Yeltsin decade relatively unscathed. While in power, Yeltsin appointed almost as many chiefs of Russian domestic security agencies as did the Communists over 74 years. This high turnover, combined with constant reorganization, left those agencies in a state of confusion. The SVR, on the other hand, continued to function much as it had in the past, with few leadership changes and fewer reorganizations. Primakov served from 1991 to 1996, and when he was promoted to foreign minister four years ago, he secured the appointment of his close associate Trubnikov.

Moreover, the SVR’s political role increased dramatically after 1998 as an initiator as well as a tool of foreign policy, bringing it into conflict with the interests of the new political and economic elites. Last September, for example, Yeltsin publicly stated that the SVR plays a greater role in the formulation of Russian foreign policy than the Foreign Ministry or any other institution. The SVR played a key role in defining Russian positions on issues such as the transfer of nuclear technologies to Iran, NATO expansion, any modification of the Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty.

The SVR also pushed the favorite notion of its “orientalists” — the doctrine of a multipolar world — into the forefront of Russian national security and military doctrines. And because it maintained its integrity, by the end of the Yeltsin presidency the SVR was one of the few reliable levers Yeltsin had for conducting foreign policy.

At the same time, the SVR was less sensitive to Yeltsin’s personal problems than to the country’s, which may prove to be the real reason for the change at the top now. It devoted a great deal of time toward neutralizing Western reaction to corruption and money-laundering reports, but it did much less to protect the Yeltsin family. That approach won the SVR support in the West but not in the Kremlin. Indeed, some in Yeltsin’s entourage began to suspect that Primakov proteges in the SVR were using their contacts with Western intelligence services to undermine Yeltsin by leaking information to those foreign agencies.

In February 1999, “Novye izvestiya” and “Moskovskaya pravda” published the so-called “Primakov list” of 162 people involved in international corruption. That list included virtually the entire political and economic elite of the country-except for Primakov, Putin, and former Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin. While the Chechen war has detracted Western attention from corruption, the latter remains a major issue of concern for many people in Moscow who might be charged with it. By naming a loyalist to head the SVR, Putin is thus sending a signal that the Russian intelligence services will do what he wants both to protect his friends and to go after his enemies.

So Lebedev’s overall history paints him as a man whose professional career faced difficulty at the hands of the “Orientalists”/”Eurasian Sovereigntists.” This includes “Eurasian Sovereigntist” Putin, who sent him out to pasture back in 2007 as the Executive Secretary to the CIS heads of state. How hard would it be, then, for the “Atlantic Integrationists” and “Neo-Communists” to recruit him to their side? And how hard would it be for him and his “Western” cohorts to schedule the CIS Prime Ministers’ meeting on the same day as Putin’s meeting with Lukashenko — a meeting that was scheduled on Border Guards Day before the airliner incident even happened?

There are a few other things of note about Lebedev that I found in an interview posted on the FAS website

In 1978 he graduated with distinction from the USSR Foreign Ministry
Diplomatic Academy. He speaks German and English.

He has had many foreign tours of duty — to the GDR, the FRG, West
Berlin, and the united Germany

[Rossiyskaya Gazeta] Does the fact that you spent a long time working
in Germany affect your contacts with your German partners?

[Lebedev] I have good contacts with my colleagues in the German
special services. Needless to say, my knowledge of the language and the
fact that I spent a long time working there do help.

[Rossiyskaya Gazeta] You have said, but no one believes it, that you
were not acquainted with Putin prior to your appointment.

[Lebedev] Let me assert once again that I only made his acquaintance
in 2000. I flew in from Washington 20 May and was introduced to the
president. He signed the edict on my appointment in my presence.

Lebedev’s strong connection to Germany is notable because it appears that the globalists are going to take us into a Nazi-Zionist NWO before we enter Putin’s NWO. And there is a good chance that Angela Merkel will be the leader of it. This assassination setup may have been part of the plot to clear the way for its rise.

It’s also notable that he tries to create the impression that he and Putin weren’t close before Putin made him the Director of the SVR. This would help explain why he ends up betraying Putin to Merkel’s Western Nazionist NWO.

NOTE: Reader Onnabugeisha suggests that the motive for the May 28 assassination setup may have been “to stop Putin from suggesting an alternative to the Western ‘Great Reset’ at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this week.”

(29 May 2021) – Is the Moshiach ben Yosef about to fall?

A report is circulating through the Israeli press that a governing coalition has been formed to oust Netanyahu. Under the terms of the deal, Chabad-aligned Naftali Bennett will be prime minister for the next two years starting on June 8 (just 3 days before Biden’s war-starting summits in Europe begin).

Under Bennett, the IDF will not hesitate to invade Gaza and strike Iran so Chabad can trigger the invasion of Israel that will bring in their fake moshiach (messiah). The only question is whether they’ll bring in a fake “bad guy” moschiach before they bring in their fake “good guy” moshiach (Putin). I’ll cover this in more depth if the coalition gets formally announced.

Since this deal will hasten the deaths of a significant portion of the Israeli population, I would be doing all I can to stop it if I lived in Israel.

~ MORE ~

The Chabad-Lubavitch Kabbalist End Times Cult is one of the hands through which the Kabbalist banksters exercise their deep control over the world’s governments (other hands include the “intelligence/national security” agencies, the Freemasons and other mafia groups, and the globalist institutions like the CFR and UN). And today, I stumbled upon an example of the depth of their control over the United States: Jimmy Carter’s “Jared Kushner”

…from Good Reads. Here is a portion of the blurb about the book…

Stuart Eizenstat was at Jimmy Carter’s side from his political rise in Georgia through four years in the White House, where he served as Chief Domestic Policy Adviser. He was directly involved in all domestic and economic decisions as well as in many foreign policy ones. Famous for the legal pads he took to every meeting, he draws on more than 7500 pages of notes and 350 interviews of all the major figures of the time, to write the comprehensive history of an underappreciated president — and to give an intimate view on how the presidency works.

Eizenstat reveals the grueling negotiations behind Carter’s peace between Israel and Egypt, what led to the return of the Panama Canal, and how Carter made human rights a presidential imperative. He follows Carter’s passing of America’s first comprehensive energy policy, and his deregulation of the oil, gas, transportation, and communications industries. And he details the creation of the modern vice-presidency.

Stuart Eizenstat wasn’t just at Jimmy Carter’s side, though. He was also at the side of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the now-deceased leader of Chabad…

…from YouTube. The red arrows point at Eizenstat and the Rebbe.

Now look at a photo of Eizenstat with President Carter and ask yourself, “Who is the boss calling the shots, and who is the errand boy doing what he’s told?”

…from The New York Times

Speaking of real Chabad bosses and their presidential errand boys…

(27-28 May 2020) – Putin will be meeting with Belarusian president Lukashenko in Sochi tomorrow (May 28). Sochi is on the Russian Black Sea coast and offers far less security than Moscow, so it presents assassination plotters with both a softer target and a chance at getting a twofer: Putin AND Lukashenko. Also, today it was announced that Russia is sending more guards to the Ukrainian border. This move could lead to a post-assassination claim that Ukrainian and Western agents were sneaking across the border (to kill Putin).

~ MORE – 28 May 2021 ~

As I waited and watched for the meeting of Putin and Lukashenko today, more elements of the assassination setup came into view, including the likelihood that Russian prime minister Mikhail Mishustin was to be simultaneously hit in Belarus today. Tomorrow I’ll take you on a fascinating journey through The Assassinations That Weren’t.

(26 May 2021) – Here are the occult indicators reader Onnabugeisha has uncovered for tomorrow…

May 27 is Henry Kissinger’s birthday. Kissinger led the Rockefeller-funded study group that plotted the NWO Transition back in the late-50s. He has also had numerous interactions with Putin over the years, and their relationship is described as that of “old friends.” So as a birthday gift to the old goat, the globalists may wish to make a significant move towards the implementation of the NWO on Thursday.

May 27 is the day Sergei Shoigu, born 21 May 1955, turns 66 years and 6 days old (666), so it will be his “Satanic activation day.” Shoigu has played a big role in Russia’s operations in Ukraine. Also, he is the member of the Russian national security council who has the most in-person, intimate access to Vladimir Putin.

May 27 marks exactly 7 years and 70 days since Ukraine’s former territories of Crimea and Sevastopol were incorporated into the Russian Federation on 18 March 2014.

May 27 is the 66th day since Vladimir Putin’s 3/22, 3:30 PM phone call with European Council president Charles Michel. The two discussed Russia-EU relations. And in recent days, Charles Michel has been the one who pushed for EU retaliation against Belarus for the airliner incident (which Zero Hedge is claiming was staged by the West). Is he also pushing for retaliation against Putin for Ukraine?

May 27 marks exactly 40 weeks since the supposed poisoning of Putin opponent Alexei Navalny on 20 August 2020.


May 28 marks exactly 90 months and 11 days (9/11) since Navalny became the leader of his political party on 17 November 2013. His party is now called Russia of the Future.

So will the globalists narrate an attack on Putin on the 27th and his death on the 28th, opening the way for the West-oriented Russia of the future? Will Shoigu squeeze Ukraine on the 27th like the West is now squeezing Belarus, triggering an incident on the 28th? Or were the plans for May 27 contingent on what they failed to accomplish last week?

~ MORE ~

There are two other notes from Onnabugeisha that should be mentioned (just in case something is active tomorrow)…

May 27 is the anniversary of the World War II assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, the senior Nazi governor of occupied Bohemia and Moravia. The assassination op was run out of London and called Operation Anthropoid.

So another way to start the war in eastern Ukraine would be for the West to false flag the assassination of the Ukrainian president or the Ukrainian governor of either Donetsk Oblast or Luhansk Oblast. Governor of Donetsk Pavlo Kyrylenko looks like a good target.

After staging the assassination, the West could say that “killer” Putin ordered it in retaliation for the EU’s push against Belarus, and they could use it as an excuse to go for Putin’s assassination the next day.

The possibility that Putin could fall on Friday brings up the second thing of note: Sunday, May 30 is Pentecost on the Essene calendar [1, 2]. So if Putin is killed or disappeared on Friday, they could script his return as soon as Pentecost Sunday (“on the third day”), when he would “descend from heaven on a white horse leading the armies of heaven.” Alternatively, they could bring him back on or about 17 Tammuz (in June) or on Tisha B’Av (in July) — unless Shoigu turns out to be the savior.

(25 May 2021) – Tonight’s Super Blood Moon will be totally eclipsed starting at 11:11 UTC time (that’s 6:11 AM Texas time / 7:11 PM Beijing time) while it is over the South Pacific roughly equidistant between the US and China (see the eclipse map and animation on this page). So if the globalists have/had anything planned for the occasion, it would likely be a provocative act by China.

In the event a plan is active and goes forward, a military dustup between China and the US would almost certainly ignite Ukraine soon after. Xi and Putin likely have a pact to open a second front if either of them enters a conflict with the US.

(24-25 May 2021) – This week, especially on or about May 27, we need to keep our eyes on this guy…

…from The Spectator

Occult indicators point to his involvement in something big in the coming days. It could be related to the planned war in Ukraine, a resignation by Putin, or a coup against Putin. Of course, what’s planned for Putin this week may have been contingent on the things the globalists failed to execute last week (i.e., since they did not initiate the New England attack which was to be blamed on Putin, they may have no reason to depose him or have him resign this week).

Out of an abundance of caution, though, I’ll share some of the indicators in the next section.

~ MORE – 25 May 2021 ~

After spending yesterday looking through information on Sergei Shoigu, I’ve identified three ways the globalists can play him…

1) Have him play the role of Brutus (who betrayed his friend and benefactor Julius Caesar to death) / Judas (a member of Jesus’s 12 disciples who betrayed his master to death). As I’ve pointed out in a previous update, Russia’s national security council has 12 permanent members, and Dmitry Medvedev (a supposed “Atlantic Integrationist” friend of the West), Alexander Bortnikov (“Medvedev’s man”), and Sergei Shoigu are 3 of them. It can be narrated that Shoigu was a sleeper mole for the “Atlantic Integrationists” or “Neo-Communists” whose job was to get close to Putin and wait for the signal to strike.

2) Have him play the role of the leader who shepherds Russia through the aftermath of a decapitation strike on Moscow. Had the globalists gone through with the New England attack last week, it would have been cast as a decapitation strike on Biden orchestrated by Putin, which would have given an excuse for the US to use its secret nuclear strike system to even the score. And since Shoigu is an experienced disaster relief leader, he would rise to the occasion to…

  • (as a “bad guy”) lead Russia into the Western NWO,
  • (as a “good guy”) maintain Russia’s resistance to the West until Putin’s resurrection, or
  • play the role of the Moshiach ben David himself (I’m penciling him in as a dark horse candidate for the role).

3) Have him be the man a resigning Putin taps as Acting President (just like Yeltsin tapped Putin). Had the globalists gone through with the New England attack and the US threatened Russia with nuclear retaliation, Putin may have resigned to save Russia AND the US from destruction. And he would have tapped his trusted ally Shoigu as Acting President to watch his back for him — a duty “good guy” Shoigu would have performed or “bad guy” Shoigu would have betrayed.

I’ll add new material, starting with the occult cues, as we approach the big day.

(22 May 2021) – May 22nd has ended in Israel, so it’s time for some sangria. Let’s drink to the Kabbalists tonight; they almost pulled it off this time.

(21 May 2021) – The Israelis provoked the Palestinians on the Temple Mount again today on the eve of Sivan 11 (which just began in Israel). Sivan is the 9th month of the Jewish civil calendar, so Israel has now entered Jewish 9/11. Sivan 11 also corresponds this year to the Gregorian day of May 22, which is the anniversary of Trump’s visit to the Western Wall in 2017. And, of course, the globalists love to do flashy events on the 22nd day of the month.

Watch for a potential big event in Jerusalem during Sivan 11 / May 22.

(21 May 2021) – A funny thing happened on the way to Armageddon…

…I felt a great disturbance in the Force. It was as if a million Kabbalists squealed out like stuck pigs and then fell silent.

I’m sure you’ve heard that the Gaza ceasefire has taken effect and has held so far (though Israeli police on the Temple Mount today seem determined to reignite the war). This leaves us with a fleeting moment of calm to look back at the globalist campaign plan we just dodged this past week. It was a doozy.

On Friday, May 14, Homeland Security issued a “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin”…


This was done to pre-blame “Domestic Violent Extremists” (Trumpers/Christians) and Russia, China and Iran (all specifically mentioned in the Bulletin) for the false-flag terror attacks to be conducted by Homeland Security this week.

On Saturday and Sunday, May 15-16, the press offered wall-to-wall coverage of a dangerously escalating exchange of fire between Israel and Hamas. These were the headlines atop Drudge and Zero Hedge on Sunday morning…

This was done to establish the reason for Israel’s planned invasion of Gaza during Shavuot (Monday or Tuesday).

On Wednesday, May 19 — the anniversary of New England’s Dark Day — Homeland Security and the CIA were to false flag “Iran’s retaliation for the Gaza invasion (and the death of Qasem Soleimani).” This would have involved a “domestic terror attack using a foreign government-provided WMD” on the US Coast Guard Academy commencement in Connecticut (killing Joe Biden) and a “Houthi” cruise and ballistic missile attack on Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US and Turkish military bases in Qatar.

These attacks would have led to “commie” Kamala Harris rising to the presidency and launching on Thursday, May 20 (the 1335th day since the “Revelation 12 star sign”) a Homeland Security roundup of Trumpers/Christians (the “Rapture”) and airstrikes on Iran. And a Thursday “assassination” of Ukraine’s president Zelensky would have provided the excuse to go to war in eastern Ukraine against Russia.

After Americans lived through three days of sudden war and Homeland Security round-ups, the “patriot-constitutionalist” elements of the military (including the US Space Force) were to intervene on Sunday the 23rd (Orthodox Pentecost and the day Saturn goes into retrograde).

All this being said, we dodged a bullet this week. Now we look forward to the next bullet.

(20 May 2020) – I’ve been informed that Brazilian president Jair Messias Bolsonaro, born 21 March 1955, turns 66 years and 60 days old today (666) [1+2]. So watch for him to fall like Trump or mass arrest the Brazilian Left soon. Will the Brazilian military be the first to move against the commies?

Donald Trump’s Antichrist Signature

In researching the coming days’ historical and numerological cues, reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out an anniversary that occurs on Saturday, May 22

…from NBC News

In past updates, we’ve observed how the Kabbalist prophecy propagandists referred to Trump as the reincarnation of Cyrus the Great, the only non-Jewish king who has ever been called a “messiah” by the Jews (though Trump may actually be a Crypto-Jew). And on 22 May 2017, HE STOOD IN THE HOLY PLACE, which is an action ascribed to the biblical antichrist. Since the antichrist is supposed to openly reign for 3.5 years, I decided to count ahead 3.5 years from that date to see what came up, and the results were quite interesting…

If you count forward 42 months on the 30-day-per-month prophetic calendar (which comes out to a total of 1260 days), you arrive at 2 November 2020. This was Donald Trump’s final day as president before the 3 November election, which he supposedly lost. So you can say that his reign lasted for 1260 days after he stood in the “holy place.” On December 3, he became a lame duck.

If you count forward 42 months on the Gregorian calendar, you arrive at 22 November 2020. This was attorney Sidney Powell’s final day on Trump’s post-election legal team. Rudy Giuliani kicked her off the team late that day…

…and Rudy’s action led to this bit of news the next day…

…from CNBC

So 22 November can also be viewed as the final day of Trump’s reign, because — as the globalist narrative would explain it — “he would have won his legal challenge of the election results and remained president if Rudy Giuliani hadn’t sabotaged him by kicking the one honest lawyer off the team. On 22 November Trump’s presidency was still alive, but as of 23 November it was dead.”

If you count forward 6 months from the day Trump became the “walking dead,” you arrive at 23 May 2020 (Sunday). And something very astrologically important (to people like the globalists who believe in such twaddle) happens on 23 May: the planet Saturn begins moving backwards in its orbit of the Sun (from the perspective of Earth)

Saturn retrograde 2021 begins on May 23 at 13° Aquarius and ends on October 10 at 6° Aquarius.

Saturn retrograde is generally a time of karmic rebalancing. Previous bad behavior could be punished. But hard work and responsibility could also be rewarded…

Saturn retrograde in transit is a regular cycle occurring just over every twelve months, lasting about 4½ months, and spanning 6 or 7 degrees of the zodiac. Saturn is the Lord of Karma. Retrograde motion is a time when karma is sorted out. Therefore, Saturn retrograde is a double dose of karma. Karma is a form of energy that is very real. Like Saturn, it is very closely bound to time. – from Astrology King

So will Sunday be the day “Putin’s good guys” or “Nazionists pretending to be good guys” start reversing the momentum of events and dishing out “karma” to the commies?

As for Donald Trump’s “antichrist signature,” they put that in because he IS an antichrist (according to the script). But the public probably won’t be told this until Act 2 of the End Times Show.

Thanks to the reader who gave me a heads-up on the astrology stuff, including the “Saturn-Uranus Square” that will coincide with Biden’s scheduled European summits next month. I’ll cover that later.

~ MORE ~

If the military takes down the Biden administration and returns Trump to office, the rank-and-file Democrats will flip out. So to keep them calm and start turning them away from their Trump Hate, the globalists will likely trot out a living JFK Jr. to spin some BS. Candidate times for Jr.’s reappearance include this 3-day weekend (Fri-Sun), May 31/June 1, and July 16. I’ll explain why later.

(19 May 2021) – As it turns out, the nuclear attack I mentioned in yesterday’s update may have been an active possibility for today. Elements of the Prophecy Propaganda Corps have been talking about the “Rapture of the Church” tomorrow, which would manifest as Homeland Security arresting Christians in the aftermath of today’s “terror attacks” blamed on Russia, its allies, and Trumpers/Christians.

~ later ~

Get this: Biden is scheduled to be in the upper portion of the Eastern Seaboard today (in the region where New England’s Dark Day occurred)…

President Joe Biden will touch down briefly in Rhode Island on Wednesday morning en route to giving the keynote speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy’s 140th Commencement ceremony in New London, Connecticut

He’s slated to leave New London after the commencement around 2 p.m. and take off from Quonset for Joint Base Andrews at 2:55 p.m. – from The Providence Journal

See yesterday’s update for why that is/was significant.

~ MORE ~

Looking at the historical and numerological cues reader Onnabugeisha has compiled for tomorrow, May 20, there are possibilities that the globalists could script…

  • a very negative development for Xi Jinping and/or the Chinese Communist Party, and it could be related to Taiwan and/or Taiwan’s president,
  • a major negative event related to the US and Cuba,
  • the fall of Biden and the rise of Kamala Harris, and
  • the “assassination” of Ukraine’s Zelensky, to be blamed on Putin and proclaimed as an “act of war.”

I’ll cover the details if I see any indicators of movement towards these events.

The Kabbalists are currently maneuvering to sacrifice a large portion of Israel’s Jews to bring in their fake Messiah (Putin)…

…just like they sacrificed a large portion of Europe’s Jews to create Global Auschwitz (the state of Israel). Screenshot from YouTube

(18 May 2021) – 7 Sivan is now over in Israel, so today we’ll look at occult indicators for tomorrow, May 19. On that day, we’ll need to watch for a possible action from Egypt’s Sisi and/or Jordan’s Abdullah that will change the trajectory of the war. We also need to watch for a possible nuclear “terror” attack on the upper portion of the Eastern Seaboard tomorrow and for the death of Biden in the coming days. I’ll get into the details in the afternoon.

~ MORE ~

Now that we’ve pushed the Kabbalists out of Shavuot, we need to push them out of each day between now and Tisha B’Av. And we’ll start that process by looking at the occult indicators reader Onnabugeisha has uncovered for May 19. Given what’s going on in Gaza right now, two of them really stand out…

1) May 19 is the anniversary of the start of the Turkish War of Independence…

The Turkish War of Independence (19 May 1919 – 24 July 1923) was a series of military campaigns waged by the Turkish National Movement after parts of the Ottoman Empire were occupied and partitioned following its defeat in World War I. The campaigns were directed against Greece in the west, Armenia in the east, France in the south, royalists and separatists in various cities, and Britain and Italy in Constantinople (now Istanbul). Simultaneously, the Turkish nationalist movement carried out massacres and deportations in order to eliminate native Christian populations — a continuation of the Armenian Genocide and other ethnic cleansing operations during World War I. These campaigns resulted in the creation of the Republic of Turkey. – from Wikipedia

So tomorrow is a day when military action by Erdogan (either overt or covert) can be scripted.

2) May 19 is the day Egyptian president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will turn exactly 66 years and 6 months old (666). We’ve seen these 666s popping up with a number of world leaders this year, and within the globalist narrative, it represents their “Satanic activation.”

So tomorrow is a day when “evil action” by Sisi (either overt or covert) can be scripted. This possibility is particularly notable given where he’s been the last two days…

…from the Egypt Independent

Within the globalist “End Times” script, Macron is a Rothschild lackey and a member of the evil “Satanic Global Deep State” (“which wants to destroy Israel”), so it’s quite interesting that Sisi has been in Paris plotting with him on the Israel situation…

…from France24 (top) and Roya News (bottom)

Included in the plotting were Jordan’s King Abdullah II and another member of the “Satanic Global Deep State,” Angela Merkel.

So tomorrow there is the potential for some form of action against Israel that could include Egypt (to Israel’s south), Jordan (to Israel’s east), and Turkey (to Israel’s north). These three nations are key to the Kabbalist-planned invasion of Israel (from all directions).

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Continuing on with Onnabugeisha’s findings for tomorrow…

> May 19 is the day Buddha’s birthday is celebrated this year…

…from Google

In the “classic version” of the globalists’ “End Times” script, Xi Jinping is playing the character of “Maitreya Buddha,” the future Buddha featured in Buddhist eschatology. According to the Act 1 storyline, he incarnated on Earth (as Xi) before the End of the Age to stop the forces of evil from destroying the world with nuclear weapons (and bioweapons, apparently). In Act 2, he will be revealed as one of the antichrists who helped the main Antichrist, Putin, take control of the world.

So tomorrow is a day when significant news concerning Xi can be scripted.

> May 19 is the anniversary of New England’s Dark Day…

1780: In the midst of the Revolutionary War, darkness descends on New England at midday. Many people think Judgment Day is at hand. It will be remembered as New England’s Dark Day – from Wired

New England’s Dark Day occurred on May 19, 1780, when an unusual darkening of the daytime sky was observed over the New England states and parts of Canada. The primary cause of the event is believed to have been a combination of smoke from forest fires, a thick fog, and cloud cover. The darkness was so complete that candles were required from noon on. It did not disperse until the middle of the next night. – from Wikipedia

In May of that year, during a crucial time in the American Revolution, the skies over New England darkened, and no one knew why… notice of the darkness was taken as far south as northern New Jersey and New York City coastal waters, as far north as Portland, Maine and west into the Hudson Valley… – from Highway for the Remnant


> May 19 is the 11 year, 1 month, 11 day mark since the signing of the New START  (a nuclear weapons treaty) by Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev (both are “bad guys” within the script).

So tomorrow is a day when a nuclear attack on the upper Eastern Seaboard can be scripted. Whether or not the current version of the script calls for such a strike at this particular time, I can’t say. But it merits mentioning out of an abundance of caution.

As for the potential death of Biden I mentioned, I have observed prophecy propagandists bringing it up in relation to the brewing military insurrection against the “commie” Western governments. Biden’s fall would lead to “commie” Harris’s rise to the presidency, which could be scripted as the event that finally spurs the “patriots and constitutionalists” to take down the government. The takedown of the Western governments by the Western militaries can lead into either the “Putin as Savior” outcome or the “Nazionists Pose as Saviors” outcome. It all depends on what year the globalists want to start Putin’s seven-year clock.

(17 May 2021) – Night has now fallen in Israel, and the Hebrew day of 7 Sivan has begun. 7 Sivan will provide the Kabbalists with a second opportunity to launch the ground invasion of Gaza.

In Israel, Shavuot is celebrated for one day on 6 Sivan (sunset of May 16 to sunset of May 17 this year). But outside of Israel among the diaspora, it is celebrated for two days on 6 and 7 Sivan (sunset of May 16 to sunset of May 18). So if the Kabbalists trigger the invasion on 7 Sivan, it will still occur during the worldwide celebration of Shavuot, and they can still measure out 40 days till Erdogan’s arrival in Jerusalem on 17 Tammuz (sunset of June 26 to sunset of June 27). It would be said that “they waited until Shavuot was over [in Israel] to launch the invasion.”

Also, someone has pointed out another reason why the numerology-obsessed Kabbalists want to do something big this Shavuot…


If you are in Israel, I advise you to contact whomever you can contact, pull whatever strings you can pull, and make whatever threats you need to make to get the government (and the Kabbalist as*holes running it) to back off and declare a ceasefire. If Israel invades Gaza, Israel will be crushed and the Israeli people will go into captivity. It is part of the script (as revealed by Kabbalist propagandist Joel Richardson).

(Twice-Expanded Note – 16 May 2021) – It may turn out that the Counting of the Omer was a countdown to the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Today at sunset (in Israel), Shavuot begins at the start of the Hebrew day of 6 Sivan…

On the 6th Sivan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), seven weeks after the Exodus, G-d revealed Himself on Mount Sinai. The entire people of Israel (600,000 heads of households and their families), as well as the souls of all future generations of Jews, heard G-d declare the first two of the Ten Commandments and witnessed G-d’s communication of the other eight through Moses. Following the revelation, Moses ascended the mountain for 40 days, to receive the remainder of the Torah from G-d. – from

According to Jewish history, 6 Sivan is the day “G-d” gave the Ten Commandments to the Israelites, so it is likely to be the day that the state of Israel breaks a number of those commandments by invading Gaza.

If the globalists were running an Old Testament Hebrew script, slaughtering the Palestinians and taking their land would be perfectly acceptable. But the globalists are running a New Testament Christian script, so “God” will punish Israel for their sins 40 days after the invasion on 17 Tammuz, which is the day…

  • Moses came down from Mount Sinai (after 40 days) and broke the tablets of the Ten Commandments upon seeing Israel’s sin, and
  • the walls of Jerusalem were breached by Vespasian’s (Roman) forces.

17 Tammuz — sunset of June 26 to sunset of June 27 — will be the day Erdogan’s forces reach Jerusalem (according to the script as it exists at this moment). And to mark out exactly 40 days between the Israeli invasion of Gaza and the Turkish invasion of Jerusalem, the Kabbalists will likely schedule the Gaza invasion for o dark thirty May 17 and the Jerusalem invasion between sunset and midnight on June 26.

Another indication of Erdogan’s taking of Jerusalem in June is the 42-month (prophetic) time span between the OIC Summit in December of 2017 (at which Jerusalem was declared the capital of Palestine) and June of 2021. You can read about that in the 12 May update further down the page.

By the way, if you are a Muslim and consider Israel your enemy, do not delight in the prospect of their imminent destruction. If the Kabbalists succeed in triggering the (momentary) fall of Israel, the clock starts ticking towards the Kabbalist slaughter of all Muslims (which comes later in the script). Israel’s fall is the doorway to the fall of Islam.

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If the globalists intend to stage Putin’s savior act this year, they may have him make his move as soon as Erdogan reaches Jerusalem or as late as Tisha B’Av (sunset of July 17 to sunset of July 18). And if they follow the Triumphal Procession script presented by Joel Richardson, here’s how things may play out…

Putin and his “UFOs” will arrive when the Israel Defense Forces have fallen back to their last line of defense and are near annihilation. He’ll then do his silly procession from Saudi Arabia to Jordan to Jerusalem — possibly recovering the lost Tabernacle of Moses and the Ark of the Covenant along the way. Upon his arrival in Jerusalem on Tisha B’Av — a day known for great tragedies in Jewish history — he’ll defeat Erdogan and erect the Tabernacle on the Temple Mount, thereby turning “the saddest day in the Jewish calendar” to “the most joyous day in the Jewish calendar.”

It’s a very Spielbergian, “Raiders of the Lost Ark”-like script. And acting it out isn’t worth a single human life, much less millions. You can listen to Richardson present it here: Part 1, Part 2.

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If anyone other than Putin shows up with “UFO” support to stop the coming war, it will be the “Nazi-Zionist Faction of the Global Deep State” (the “Nazionists”). Within their make-believe narrative, the globalists have had the “Deep State” (which is a propaganda construct) divide into competing factions: the communists versus the Nazionists. And the Nazionists supposedly have UFO technology given to them by aliens (“evil ones”).

So the globalists may script the Nazionists to step in, end the war, and present a false messiah. Likely candidates for the False Nazionist Messiah include Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, and Angela Merkel, but even Donald Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu (who are currently “good guys” in the script) could be cast for the role. Since this scenario would involve the Nazionists arresting the “Communist Deep State,” their arrival would at first appear as “a victory of the good guys,” but they will take us into the evil, Western-version NWO (until Putin and the “good aliens” intervene in a few years to save us).

Just today, preparatory propaganda for this Nazionist scenario hit the news…

…from CNN

The US Secret Space Program / Space Force is supposedly run by the “Fourth Reich Nazis,” so having one of their commanders publicly speak out against the communists foreshadows the coming Nazionist move against them. You may have also heard other stories in the news about the “security threat” posed by “rogue, far-right” elements of the German, French, and US militaries. This is also preparatory propaganda for the Nazionist move against the Leftists.

The Current Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is a Setup for
Attacking Iran

(Thrice-Expanded Note – 13-15 May 2021) – In my next update, we’ll look at a strong indicator that Erdogan is about to do to Iran what he did to Syria. And what’s going on in Israel right now could be part of the setup for that: 1) Israel instigates a conflict with the Palestinians and invades Gaza; 2) Israel & Saudi Arabia false-flag a “Houthi” cruise missile attack on Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US and Turkish military bases in Qatar, which gets blamed on “Iranian retaliation for Gaza”; 3) Biden “is forced to respond” to the false flag by attacking Iran in conjunction with Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and their allies.

~ MORE – 14 May 2021 ~

If you’re a longtime reader, you may recall my coverage of the Nagorno-Karabakh War late last year. Israel and Turkey were jointly assisting Azerbaijan in attacking Armenian lands, and they were “accidentally” lobbing artillery shells into Iranian territory in order to goad the Iranians into attacking Azerbaijani troops. Their strategy in doing this was to incite rebellion among the ethnic Azeris in northwest Iran, then militarily “intervene” to protect their “Azeri brothers” from the Iranian government’s response.

They failed in that setup, which is why we’re seeing the second setup take place in Israel right now. The Turks and Israelis intentionally started the current Palestinian conflict in order to create a plausible reason “for Iran to attack Israel in defense of their Hamas allies.” And now the Turks, Israelis, and Saudis will false flag such an Iranian attack so they can retaliate and destroy Iran.

This is all about attacking Iran. And once they do so, the “Deep State” will false flag attacks against Europe and America too.

I have many more details to add, and I’ll push them out as soon as I can.

~ MORE – 15 May 2021 ~

Here’s another indicator that Iran is the target: they’re heating up the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict again by having the Azerbaijanis seize Sev Lake in Armenia…

…from Bloomberg (top) and eurasianet (bottom)

Of course, Iran isn’t the only target; all Russian allies in the region will be hit after the false-flag. This includes Christian Armenia, Assad and Hezbollah in Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon. We’ll see Turkish forces push south into Syria and Lebanon while Israeli forces push north. And once the Turkish and Israeli forces meet, the globalists can script both armies stopping at a predetermined line or fighting each other, depending on how soon they want Putin to do his savior act.

If they intend to bring in Putin’s NWO a few years from now, the forces will link-up and establish a border between Turkey-controlled North Syria / North Lebanon and Israel-controlled South Syria / South Lebanon. This will set them both in position for a later war against each other. But if Putin’s NWO is intended to start this year, the Turks will attack the Israelis, push them back into Israel, and seize Jerusalem.

Whichever way the war goes, watch for New York to get nuked as part of the false-flag operations. As I mentioned in a previous update, the G20 are having their meetings in Rome this year, and the UN will join them there after New York is hit. Regardless of whether the G7 NWO or BRICS NWO is launched this year, the globalist scriptwriters want it to be viewed as the “Global Roman Empire,” so the founding meeting of world leaders will be held in Rome. And should this gathering in Rome be oriented towards establishing the G7 NWO, it’s possible that it will come under attack from a returning Putin and his “secret allies.” Again, it all depends on when the globalists want Putin’s NWO to start.

Beware of Turks Bearing Trade Agreements

Beside the 42-month prophecy period we looked at in the 12 May update, 7-year prophecy periods are also prominently featured in biblical eschatology, particularly in relation to a 7-year Tribulation period and a 7-year covenant made by the Antichrist “with many.” And since there are a number of “antichrists” (including Erdogan) working with the main “Antichrist” (Putin) within the globalist stageplay, multiple 3.5 and 7 year time periods may be featured in the storyline.

That being said, let’s go on a journey back to the year 2004 — a time when life was easier and I was still getting some. On December 22 of that year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan entered into a trade-based peace covenant with Syria’s Bashar Assad

…from Arab News. Here is an excerpt…

Turkey and Syria yesterday signed a free trade agreement to bolster bilateral economic ties and exchanged views on the situation in their common neighbor, Iraq.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan flew to Damascus on a two-day visit aimed at cementing improved ties between the two countries.

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad made a landmark visit to Turkey in January to bury the hatchet after years of tension and disputes over land and water resources.

As “fate” would have it, that peace covenant ended 7 years later in December of 2011 when Turkey intervened in the “Syrian Civil War” on the side of the “rebels”…

…from Wikipedia (top) and (middle/bottom)

Now let’s move forward in time to the year 2014. On June 9 of that year, Recep Tayyip Erdogan entered into a trade-based peace covenant with Iran’s Hassan Rouhani

…Here is an excerpt from the article (along with excerpts from other articles on the meeting)…

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is meeting with Turkish officials, including Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in the first official Iranian presidential visit to Turkey since 1996

Rouhani is expected to sign agreements with Turkey aimed at improving ties that have been strained over the war in Syria, where Iran backs the government and Turkey the rebels… – from Taiwan News

Iran’s president begins a landmark trip to Turkey on Monday as the two countries try to build trade ties despite an often fraught competition for regional influence and deep differences over the Syrian war…

The two sides have had a complex and often dysfunctional relationship, which has taken an especially bitter turn in recent years as a result of increasing competition between Sunni and Shiite Muslim powers across the region.

This has become more pronounced following the onset of the Syrian war, in which the two have found themselves on opposite sides.

Iran, a Shiite theocracy, is the chief backer of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, while Sunni-majority Turkey has moved from trying to encourage reform in Syria to overtly supporting the armed opposition.

The two also compete for influence in Iraq, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Even on areas where they might be thought to cooperate – such as Kurdish separatism – they have often sought to undermine each other.

Both Turkey and Iran face a threat from Kurdish rebels who wish to break away and form their own country.

But instead of cooperating, the two governments have sponsored rebels in the others’ backyard over the years

On a visit to Tehran in January, Erdogan said the two countries were aiming to more than double trade to $30 billion (22 billion euro) by 2015. – from the Middle East Eye

“We have decided to improve relations in gas, oil and electricity, even though there are some snags,” Rouhani said at a joint press conference in the Turkish capital late yesterday, describing the talks as a “turning point” in relations. – from Bloomberg (cached)

So Erdogan’s covenant with the Iranians will reach its 7th Anniversary this year on June 9. And given that he betrayed Assad 17 days prior to their 7th anniversary, his betrayal of Iran may be scheduled for May 22-23. This affords the globalists a week to trigger Israel’s invasion of Gaza and carry out the follow-on false flags in the Middle East (the “Houthi” missile attack) and the US-Europe (Operation Blackjoke).

Before I cover more details surrounding Erdogan’s 7-year peace covenants with Assad and Rouhani, let me jump ahead to another 7-year antichrist peace covenant that will expire just a day before Erdogan’s: Pope Francis’s prayer-based peace covenant between the Israelis and Palestinians

…from Al Arabiya (top) and the BBC (bottom)

As you can see, Pope Francis hosted a Peace Prayer Summit at the Vatican with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday, 8 June 2014. So this covenant will reach its 7th anniversary this year on June 8. And something I ran across in the middle of the Drudge Report today hints at the event the globalists have planned for the occasion…

Upon looking into Emperor Nero, his death date caught my attention…

…from Wikipedia. And here is another notable element of his bio…

In 66, there was a Jewish revolt in Judea stemming from Greek and Jewish religious tension. In 67, Nero dispatched Vespasian to restore order. This revolt was eventually put down in 70, after Nero’s death. This revolt is famous for Romans breaching the walls of Jerusalem and destroying the Second Temple of Jerusalem.

So for the sake of symmetry, will the Kabbalists script the fall of another evil Roman emperor before the Jewish Temple is rebuilt? And if so, which one?…

  • the “False Prophet” Pope Francis who has set Religious Rome (the Catholic Church) on fire, or
  • the decoy Antichrist Obama who has set Political Rome (the US) on fire?

And will the designated victim fall at the hands of the very Islamists he embraced?

(10-12 May 2021) – Let’s explore the agenda behind the fireworks…

…from Tuesday’s Drudge Report

(10 May 2021) – Upon looking through the historical and numerological cues and press reports surrounding the unfolding situation in Jerusalem, it appears that the globalists are about to launch the “Palestinian Independence Intifada” — an uprising that will lead to violence not only in Israel, but also in Europe and the US, eventually leading to an invasion of Israel. We’ll look at the setup tomorrow.

~ MORE – 11 May 2021 ~

At the moment, events are moving faster than I am, so let me cut to the chase and show you the occult Israel war schedule reader Onnabugeisha and I have uncovered…

The New Moon began on May 11, so Israel have entered the Hebrew month of Sivan. As of this writing they are in 1 Sivan, which started at sunset on Tuesday…

On the 1st of Sivan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), six weeks after their exodus from Egypt, the Children of Israel arrived at Mount Sinai in the Sinai Desert and camped at the foot of the mountain “as one man, with one heart” in preparation for the receiving of the Torah from G-d. On this day, however “Moses did not say anything to them, because of their exhaustion from the journey.” – from

The Israelis received the Torah five days later…

On the 6th Sivan of the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE), seven weeks after the Exodus, G-d revealed Himself on Mount Sinai. The entire people of Israel (600,000 heads of households and their families), as well as the souls of all future generations of Jews, heard G-d declare the first two of the Ten Commandments and witnessed G-d’s communication of the other eight through Moses. Following the revelation, Moses ascended the mountain for 40 days, to receive the remainder of the Torah from G-d. – from

So if the globalists intend to have Putin come down from heaven to Mount Sinai on Shavuot this year, they have five days to take the world to the brink of nuclear war. And this brings us back to Wednesday, May 12 (the Gregorian equivalent to 1 Sivan)…

All this makes May 12 a perfect day for the “Russian Deep State” (the “Atlantic Integrationists” and “Neo-Communists”) to make a move on Putin on behalf of the West (who would be “taking revenge for Putin’s theft of Donetsk and Luhansk”). And if you combine this with the May 13 and May 14 Christian ascension days we looked at in the 6 May update, we have three candidate days for Putin’s death or disappearance. Putin’s fall on any of those three days would allow him to return at Mount Sinai on 6 Sivan to play Moshiach.

In the next section, we’ll look past the Putin-Sinai Scenario at some other dates of note for other scenarios, starting with the Palestinian Independence Intifada…

~ MORE – 12 May 2021 ~

What clued me in to the planned Palestinian Independence Intifada was the eruption of Temple Mount violence so close to Israel’s Independence Day, which is May 14. Realizing that a Palestinian war of independence would drag on for a long time and drag other nations into the fight — which is perfect for the Kabbalists’ purposes — I decided to see if they were pushing the word “intifada” in the press. They were…

…from Al Arabiya

The confirmation that it would be an Independence Intifada comes from historical and numerological cues and a curious thing I ran across in an RT report: ‘Israel is not a country, but a terrorist camp,’ Iran’s leader Khamenei says. Here is the curious part…

Khamenei made his comments on the so-called Quds Day, an annual day designated by Iran to mark support for the Palestinian independence movement.

If you look through the Wikipedia page on Quds Day, it says…

Quds Day (Jerusalem Day; Quds is the Arabic name for Jerusalem), officially called International Quds Day, is an annual event held on the last Friday of Ramadan that was initiated by the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979 to express support for the Palestinians and oppose Zionism and Israel.

Nowhere in the Wikipedia entry is Palestinian independence mentioned, yet the RT article specifically mentioned it. Curious. Also of note is the fact that the violence erupted after nightfall on Quds Day (last Friday), which makes the following article all the more interesting…

…from the Tehran Times

So it appears that the violence was orchestrated: the “Palestinian youths” were told to make trouble, and the Israeli police were told to “go rough” (as if either group needed much encouragement). And the first candidate day for the launch of the Independence Intifada is Friday, May 14, the 73rd (Gregorian) anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day.

Should the globalists opt for that day, watch for a potential massacre of Palestinians on May 13. An Arab massacre of a Jewish kibbutz occurred on the day before Israel declared independence. Although the killings had no bearing on Israel’s declaration, a Thursday massacre of Palestinians definitely would contribute to a Friday start of the Independence Intifada.

In the afternoon, we’ll look at some other candidate dates, two of which involve the Dajjal (Erdogan) and one of which involves the PLO’s Declaration of Independence in 1988.

~ MORE ~

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan is playing the role of the evil Dajjal character in the globalist prophecy script, and he has been funding and organizing the Palestinian “resistance”…

…from (archived)here is another article on the subject

Back on December 13, 2017, the Dajjal brought the Organization of Islamic Cooperation together in Istanbul to declare Jerusalem the capital of the Palestinian state…

…from the Daily Sabah

And if you count forward three years and six months from that meeting — which is a standard 42-month Bible prophecy period — you arrive at two dates, depending on what calendar you use…

  1. If you use the 30-day per month prophetic calendar, 42 months comes out to 1260 days, and we arrive at the 1260th day since the Summit on May 26. May 26 is also the day a “Super Blood Moon” occurs, which makes it a day quite favorable for globalist mischief.
  2. If you use the Gregorian calendar, we arrive at 3.5 years since the Summit on June 13, which falls during the Biden summits in Europe next month (June 11-15?). The three summits (G7, NATO, and US-EU) constitute a meeting of the G7 leadership of the “Satanic Global Deep State” and are the gateway to World War 3.

So we could see significant actions vis-a-vis Jerusalem, the Palestinians, and Israel scripted for May 26 and June 13.

It should also be noted that the Palestinians have already declared independence…

In the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)’s Palestinian Declaration of Independence of 1988, Jerusalem is stated to be the capital of the State of Palestine. In 2000, the Palestinian Authority passed a law proclaiming Jerusalem as its capital, and in October 2002, this law was approved by chairman Yasser Arafat. Since that time Israel has shut down all offices and NGO organisations connected to the PLO in East Jerusalem, saying that the Oslo Accords do not permit the Palestinian National Authority to operate in Jerusalem. The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) recognised East Jerusalem as capital of the State of Palestine on 13 December 2017. – from Wikipedia

The Palestinian Declaration of Independence is a statement written by the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish and proclaimed by Yasser Arafat on 15 November 1988 (5 Rabi’ al-Thani 1409) in Algiers. – from Wikipedia

So 15 November 1988 was the day the Palestinians declared independence, and we reach the 11,900th day (9/11) since that declaration on June 15, which is the likely day of the Biden-EU Summit. This makes June 15 another scriptable mischief day.

WARNING (9 May 2021) – We need to keep our eyes on the Temple Mount violence in Jerusalem. As reader Onnabugeisha pointed out to me — before it happened — the Hebrew day of Iyar 26, which began Friday after sunset, was the Hebrew anniversary of the Six-Day War (the war that resulted in Israel gaining control of the Gaza Strip and West Bank). Since the violence started on Friday night, it was likely scheduled to coincide with that anniversary.

The Six-Day War started with preemptive Israeli attacks, so who attacked preemptively this time, Israel (through the police) or Turkey (through the Palestinian youths)? Erdogan is now calling for Islamic countries to “take effective action” against Israel.

Keep an eye out for a potential war-starting false flag (the 11th is always a risky day) if it hasn’t happened already.

~ MORE ~

When I’ve monitored the “Palestinian uprising on the Temple Mount” scenario in recent years, it always seemed to be aimed at having Palestinian militants occupy Al Aqsa Mosque to either…

  • start a firefight so Israel will destroy the Mosque with return fire, or
  • blow up the Mosque themselves so Israel can be blamed.

This destruction of the Mosque would then trigger the war.

But it’s also possible that the current violence isn’t meant to trigger immediate war, but to get the ball rolling towards an invasion of Israel to be scheduled later. Eventually, Erdogan (or his successor) WILL invade Israel — it is a major feature of the Act One script. The only question is if it will happen this year or a few years from now after a NATO/Turkish defeat of Iran.

(8 May 2021) – With the triumph of the G7 Beast from the Sea fast approaching, it’s important to note that the Chinese Communist Party is being set up to fall along with Xi…

…from the Daily Mail (top) and (bottom) [Remember that Stephen Bannon is a Catholic]

So the coming victory of the “Satanic” G7 will not only be a triumph of the “Global Deep State” over “good guys” Putin and Xi, but it will also be “a victory of the fascist (Nazionist) faction of the Deep State over the communist faction of the Deep State.” Since the controlled alt-media have narrated that the US Secret Space Program / Space Force is controlled by the “Fourth Reich” Military-Industrial Complex, it makes sense that they’ll be scripted to win the war. And this means the first fake ETs we may see are the ones who supposedly backed the Nazis in World War II.

This raises an obvious question: If the Nazis take control of the world after the coming war, who will take the helm of the “evil, fascist” New World Order?

Right now, I’m thinking it might be “Hitler’s daughter,” Angela Merkel…

…from USA Today (bottom)

Angela Dorothea Merkel (née Kasner; born 17 July 1954) is a German politician serving as the chancellor of Germany since 2005. She served as leader of the Opposition from 2002 to 2005 and as leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) from 2000 to 2018. A member of the Christian Democratic Union, Merkel is the first female chancellor of Germany. Merkel has been widely described as the de facto leader of the European Union, the most powerful woman in the world and by many commentators since 2016 as the “leader of the free world”. – from Wikipedia

(7 May 2021) – Will the Beast from the Sea Defeat Putin and Xi, or will “god” intervene?

With the Beast’s head wound now healed, it’s ready for war…

…”I’m feeling much better now.”

The G7 foreign ministers met in person in London on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and their focus was on Putin and Xi…

…from Reuters

This is because we’ve reached the part of the script where the “bad guys,” having just completed their first victory over a member of the “Trump-Putin-Xi Triumvirate for Good,” are setting their attention on defeating the remaining members. And with the G-7’s in-person leaders’ summit on June 11-13, they’re aiming to “renew the transatlantic alliance” and promptly go to war to take down Putin and Xi (which is why you’re seeing NATO and their allies positioning forces near Russia and China).

The Bible prophecies from which the globalists derive their script suggest that the G7 will succeed. Here are some things I wrote about the G7 in previous years…

It is important to note that since there are two phases to the “End Times” show, the Antichrist Phase (Phase 1, in which “Satan attempts to steal Christ’s throne”) and the Christ Phase (Phase 2, in which “the real Jesus shows up to stop Satan”), the globalists will artificially fulfill Biblical prophecy TWICE. And this means there are two actors cast for every role…

The role of the seven-headed, ten-horned “Beast out of the Sea” (the Revived Roman Empire) from Revelation is played by…
the G7 in Phase 1, and by the “reformed” UN/NWO in Phase 2. – from The “End Times” Deception

The Beast of Revelation has seven heads, and upon those seven heads are ten horns, each with a crown. Now if we look at the G7, it consists of seven nations (the heads), and it has ten leaders (the horns with crowns). Those leaders are the 7 political heads of the member nations plus the 2 political heads of the EU…

…from Wikipedia

That makes 9 horns. So who is the tenth, you ask? It is the religious head of the G7, the Pope, who hails from the Vatican, a sovereign city-state at the very heart of a G7 member state. This makes Pope Francis the “Hidden Horn”… – from the 6 July 2017 update

With this in mind, let’s have a look at what Revelation 13 says about the “Beast out of the Sea”…

1 Then I saw a beast with ten horns and seven heads rising out of the sea. There were ten royal crowns on its horns and blasphemous names on its heads. 2 The beast I saw was like a leopard, with the feet of a bear and the mouth of a lion. And the dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority.

3 One of the heads of the beast appeared to be mortally wounded. But the mortal wound was healed, and the whole world marveled and followed the beast. 4 They worshiped the dragon who had given authority to the beast, and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast, and who can wage war against it?”

5 The beast was given a mouth to speak arrogant and blasphemous words, and authority to act for 42 months. 6 And the beast opened its mouth to speak blasphemies against God and to slander His name and His tabernacle — those who dwell in heaven.

7 Then the beast was permitted to wage war against the saints and to conquer them, and it was given authority over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. 8 And all who dwell on the earth will worship the beast — all whose names have not been written from the foundation of the world in the Book of Life belonging to the Lamb who was slain.

9 He who has an ear, let him hear:

10 “If anyone is destined for captivity,
into captivity he will go;
if anyone is to die by the sword,
by the sword he must be killed.”

Here is a call for the perseverance and faith of the saints.

According to the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, one of the heads of the Beast (the US presidency) was mortally wounded when Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, but the wound was healed with the stealing of the 2020 election. And now the Beast is ready to make war against Putin and Xi, and will defeat them both this year (unless the globalists script-in “divine intervention”).

Since the Beast will have “authority to act for 42 months [3.5 years],” its defeat will come sometime between December of 2024 (counting from June) and April of 2025 (counting from October). This would bring Putin back with his Revelation 19 army just in time for Passover 2025 and to fit Tom Horn’s latest prophecy propaganda

NOTE: The start of Biden’s European summits on June 11 not only coincides with Orthodox Ascension Day, but they could also mark the end of two “7-year antichrist peace covenants”: the June 2014 Erdogan-Rouhani (Turkey-Iran) peace covenant and Pope Francis’s June 2014 prayer covenant between the Israelis and Palestinians.

(5-6 May 2021) – Will our lord Putin Christ ascend this week?…

Reader Onnabugeisha informs me that the Messianic Jewish holiday of Mem B’Omer — the day they celebrate Jesus’s ascension into heaven — is on 25 Iyar, which spans from sunset of May 6 to sunset of May 7. This day presents a golden opportunity for the globalists to script the fall or disappearance of Vladimir Putin.

What’s particular notable about this possibility is that US Secretary of State Blinken is in Kiev scheming with the Ukrainian government tonight after having schemed with the other foreign ministers of the G7 during their just-concluded meeting in England.

So watch for a potential move on Putin during May 6-7 (Moscow time). Details to follow…

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In Christian belief…

  • Jesus was resurrected from the dead on Easter, and
  • he ascended into heaven 40 days after Easter (Ascension Day), and
  • the Holy Spirit descended on his followers 50 days after Easter (Pentecost).

In Messianic Jewish belief…

  • Easter occurred on Passover, so
  • Jesus ascended into heaven on the 40th day of the Omer count (Mem B’Omer), and
  • the Holy Spirit descended from heaven on Shavuot

Here is a write-up from a Messianic website…

…from Hebrew for Christians

If you are unfamiliar with Messianic Judaism — not to be confused with Jewish Messianism — it is a sect of “Jesus-believing Jews” that emerged in recent decades likely due to Kabbalist religious engineering. They merge Jewish and Christian concepts, which makes their belief system ideal for use by the Kabbalists in presenting Vladimir Putin as both the Jewish and Christian messiah.

As Onnabugeisha pointed out, following the Messianic Jewish version of the Easter-through-Pentecost timeframe would allow the Kabbalists to sync both the Jewish and Christian events to end on Shavuot. This means they could script Putin ascending into heaven on Mem B’Omer, then descending from heaven with his Revelation 19 army on Pentecost/Shavuot. They could then stage his Triumphal Procession from Mount Sinai to Mount Zion in accordance with the prophecy propaganda put out by globalist Joel Richardson

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Adding Messianic Jewish Easter to the mix, we now have three Easters, three Ascension days, and three Pentecosts to watch…

Messianic Jewish Easter = March 28
Messianic Jewish Ascension (March 28 + 40 days) = May 7 (Mem B’Omer)
Messianic Jewish Pentecost (March 28 + 50 days) = May 17 (Shavuot)
Watch Days: May 6-7 (Putin’s Ascension), May 16-18 (Putin’s Return)

Western Christian Easter = April 4
Western Christian Ascension (April 4 + 40 days) = May 14 (celebrated on May 13)
Western Christian Pentecost (April 4 + 50 days) = May 24 (celebrated on May 23)
Watch Days: May 13-14 (Putin’s Ascension), May 23-24 (Putin’s Return)

Eastern Orthodox Christian Easter = May 2
Eastern Orthodox Christian Ascension (May 2 + 40 days) = June 11 (celebrated on June 10)
Eastern Orthodox Christian Pentecost (May 2 + 50 days) = June 21 (celebrated on June 20)
Watch Days: June 10-11 (Putin’s Ascension), June 20-21 (Putin’s Return)

Given that Putin is both secretly Jewish and publicly Orthodox Christian, the Kabbalists are more likely to choose the Messianic or Orthodox dates for their script. It is therefore quite interesting that the globalists chose to…

(4 May 2021) – I’ve cancelled the war alert for now. After trying to track down the location of the HMS Queen Elizabeth strike group, it appears that they’re headed for a pre-deployment exercise off Scotland for the next two weeks.

Before I ran across the military exercises, I was tracking a scenario in which June summits would lead to July conflicts. The QE strike group might be in position by then.

(2-3 May 2021) – Here we go again…

…from Al Jazeera. Here is an excerpt (with an added map)…

The exercise, running from May 11 to 17, will be the first large-scale exercise in Japan involving ground troops from all three countries, the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) said in a statement on Friday…

The joint drills will be held at the JGSDF’s Kirishima training ground and Camp Ainoura in the Kyushu region and include amphibious operation exercises

…from Google Maps

Today I took a look at the positioning of military forces and observed that the US had stationed a large aircraft carrier presence off both coasts, including near Alaska, last week — likely in anticipation of the planned May Day attacks…

…from Stratfor (Note the mad dash CVN 71 made towards the Aleutians.)

And now military forces from many nations are moving into position for a war against China in the East and South China Seas beginning on or about May 11

…from Al Jazeera. Here is an excerpt…

The United Kingdom’s HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier will lead a flotilla of Royal Navy ships through Asian waters on port visits to Japan and South Korea on its maiden deployment, the British embassy in Tokyo has announced, as Australia warned of threats of conflict in the region…

The British carrier strike group which includes the Queen Elizabeth and 18 F-35B stealth fighters, two destroyers, two frigates and two support ships will have to sail through the South China Sea on its way to East Asia

It will be joined by vessels from the United States and a frigate from the Netherlands and will carry out exercises with forces from Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, the UAE, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Israel, India, Oman and South Korea, the British government said in a statement.

Other foreign ships currently in Asian waters include a French amphibious carrier and two US navy aircraft carriers, one of which, the USS Ronald Reagan, is based in Japan.

On Friday, Japan announced that it would also host a military drill with the US and France from May 11 to 17…

Royal Marines from 42 Commando will also deploy with the carrier, as well as the Dutch frigate HNLMS Evertsen and the American Arleigh Burke destroyer USS The Sullivans.

The deployment comes as Australia’s Home Affairs Department Secretary Mike Pezzullo, a top security official, said the possibility of war was increasing.

Given the vast array of forces involved in these deployments, it is most doubtful this is just an exercise. And the war action may feature a Chinese attack on an aircraft carrier (May 11 is the anniversary of a kamikaze attack on the USS Bunker Hill — an Essex-class carrier that was providing protection for amphibious operations — during WWII).

Having failed to get the “Gog-Magog War” (“World War III”) started in Ukraine, the Kabbalists seem to be switching the flashpoint to China, which is why everyone’s favorite globalist plotter (and Putin booster) is in the news saying this…

…from France 24. Here is an excerpt…

Acclaimed diplomat Henry Kissinger said Friday that US-China tensions threaten to engulf the entire world and could lead to an Armageddon-like clash between the two military and technology giants.

Not this month it won’t, Henry. You will perish from this Earth with your vision unrealized, and it will fall to ruin soon after you’re gone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

Breslov Kabbalist Propaganda Confirms Putin is the
Moshiach ben David
(and this is the year they want to roll him out)

(1 May 2021) – Lookie, lookie what I found this morning — it comes from the Kabbalist Breslov sect of Hasidic Judaism…


So this bigwig Kabbalist rabbi (and convicted, confessed rapist), Berland, said in August of 2015 that the Moshiach (the “Moshiach ben David,” the supposed “Jewish Messiah”) would begin to be revealed 5 days after Yom Kippur that year.

Well, Yom Kippur of 2015 was September 23

…from Google

And 5 days after that was September 28, the day Putin gave a landmark speech before the United Nations


So on the day Rapey McGee (Rabbi Berland) said the Moshiach would be revealed, September 28, Vladimir Putin stood up before the entire world and called for a United Nations that will stop the international mayhem caused by the United States and NATO. And two days later, on September 30, 2015, he put his money where his mouth is by intervening militarily in Syria, thus “blocking the plans of the Satanic Global Deep State led by [decoy] Antichrist Obama”…

…from Reuters

So to know who the (globalist-selected) Moshiach is, you need only put two and two together…


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As for the year McGee said would bring the redemption of Israel, 5781, that’s this year. And 5781 will end at nightfall on September 6…

…from Google (top) and HebCal (bottom)

So to fulfill the “prediction,” Putin would have to make his move by then.

That being said, the next opportunity for the globalists to stage Putin’s Triumphal Procession as Moshiach comes on Shavuot, May 16-18. Shavuot is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the anniversary of the giving of the Torah by God to the Children of Israel at Mount Sinai in 1312 BCE.” So it may be the time of the giving of the Moshiach by God to the Children of Israel at Mount Sinai in 2021 CE.”

To add a Christian element to it, they may have Putin fall on Sunday May 16 and resurrect on May 18. Alternatively, they may have him disappear from public view on Ascension Day, May 13, then reappear with his “heavenly army” at Mount Sinai (the one in Saudi Arabia) during Shavuot.

On a related note, you might want to read this if you haven’t already: Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew.