Globalist Agenda Watch 2018: War / “Mass Arrests” Watch, Part 2

(Note – 24 May 2018) – You may have seen the news…

…from the Drudge Report

So they’ve decided to push the delay button on the summit. They’ll probably resurrect it at a later date and narrate that Trump was just playing hardball with Kim to stop his pre-summit hijinks.

It’s too bad. I had something special planned for June 11.

[Special Note – 23 May 2018] – The Singapore Summit, Xi Jinping, and a false-flag nuke (+ more 2)

In my May 6th warning about a false-flag attack at the Singapore Summit, I said this…

If they did the attack on the day of the peace treaty signing, they could “kill” the presidents of North Korea, South Korea, China, and the US all in one day. This would supposedly benefit the “deep states” of all four nations, and it would take Xi and Trump temporarily off the stage in accordance with the prophecy fulfillment script.

Well, it’s looking like that’s exactly what the globalists are going for…

…from The National Interest

And a more recent article from Nikkei suggests that North Korea’s threat to withdraw from the Summit was done to pressure Trump into including China…

“But China could be sidelined. The joint declaration issued on April 27, after Moon and Kim held their summit, refers to a three-party framework that includes the U.S. and the two Koreas, before mentioning an additional four-party framework that also involves China.

The best way to ensure China’s voice to be heard is for Xi himself to travel to Singapore to join the Trump-Kim summit. There has been speculation that he may look to do that.”

Should Xi attend the Summit, the odds of a false-flag nuclear strike during the proceedings increase dramatically. Blame for the attack might initially be pinned on the North Korean hardliners, but I suspect the script will later identify Israel as the perpetrator. This would help bring the Chinese into the planned “Battle of Armageddon” with full force.

As for Netanyahu’s supposed motive in ordering the attack, it would be to turn China’s military attention towards North Korea and away from Syria, where Chinese forces are fighting alongside Assad’s forces. And his real motive: to do his assigned part in the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, just like the Chinese will be doing.

I’ll write in detail on this subject as we approach June 12.

~ MORE ~

While we’re on the subject of globalist “Avatars” being assassinated according to the prophecy fulfillment plan (Trump and Xi being the first of those), look at this preparatory propaganda from last month on Narendra Modi, who may be slated to play the Hindu “Lord Kalki”…

…from Sputnik

The man arrested for plotting the assassination is Muslim. Now just imagine what would happen if Modi were assassinated in the coming weeks/months by a Muslim with ties to Pakistan. India and Pakistan would go to the precipice of nuclear war immediately, wouldn’t they? And that would fit right in with the whole “End Times” motif. So that is the globalist play in India: Narendra Modi will be assassinated by a Muslim with ties to Pakistan.

~ MORE 2 ~

As for the chief Avatar, Vladimir Putin, the globalist play continues to be an assassination at the hands of Medvedev and the “Atlantic Integrationists.”

Within the controlled alt-media, there is a globalist disinformation front known as “the Saker” that has been tasked with presenting a political narrative for Putin’s coming assassination. This narrative, which pits “Medvedev’s Atlantic Integrationists” against “Putin’s Eurasian Sovereignists,” is a fiction that is meant to obscure the real driving force behind the fake assassination: the globalist prophecy fulfillment script.

So when those duped by the phony narrative were up in arms after Putin renominated Medvedev as Russia’s Prime Minister, the Saker had to do some real tap dancing…

…from The Saker

Of course, the real reason Medvedev was renominated is because the Saker’s narrative is utter bullsh*t and Medvedev is scripted to play the Judas character to Putin’s Christ character. The globalists need to keep Judas close to Jesus so he can betray him at the proper time, so Putin was instructed to keep him in place. Both Medvedev and Putin are actors in a play, and they both know their roles.

Now if we look at all four known globalist Avatars, we see a Judas character attached to each…

  • “Avatar” Trump has “Judas” Pence
  • “Avatar” Xi has “Judas” Li (Keqiang)
  • “Avatar” Putin has “Judas” Medvedev
  • But “Avatar” Modi’s “Judas” is less clear due to my sketchy knowledge of Indian politics. The first person I’d examine for this role is Indian President Ram Nath Kovind. Once the Prime Minister is dead and his council of ministers is automatically dissolved, Kovind has the power to declare a national emergency and go to war. He also has the power to appoint a caretaker prime minister.

[Special Note – 20 May 2018] – Trump’s delayed assassination results in a canceled trade war with China and a delayed Middle East peace plan

Have a look at this…

…from Yahoo/AFP

And have a look at this too…

“The Trump administration is aiming to roll out its much-hyped but long-delayed Middle East peace plan next month…

Five U.S. officials and a congressional aide say the administration intends to release the peace plan in mid- to late-June…” – from AP

As I mentioned in previous updates, the globalist script called for the “Deep State” to assassinate Trump in Jerusalem before the heavy China tariffs could kick in and before he could announce his “peace plan,” which calls for major sacrifices from the Israelis (the plan was supposed to be unveiled right after the embassy opening).

But on May 7 (a little further down this entry), I noted that the globalists changed their plans…

News has come out today that Trump will be announcing his decision on the Iran deal tomorrow (look at the numbers of the date and time of the tweet). The decision is coming 4 days sooner than expected. It’s also been announced that he WON’T be attending the Jerusalem embassy opening. So now we watch for false-flag activity on May 11 and assassination activity at the US-North Korea Summit.

So as a consequence of the delayed assassination show, the globalists have been forced to cancel the trade war and delay the unveiling of the peace plan till mid-to-late June. Why is this significant? Because the Trump-Kim Summit is scheduled for June 12, before the peace plan is unveiled. And this provides a scripted motivation for the “Deep State” to assassinate Trump and/or Kim in Singapore.

I’ll write more on this as we approach June 12. And you can read more about the Singapore assassination setup by scrolling down to the 6 May update.

[Update 17 – 17 May 2018] – The Dajjal, Turkey’s Erdogan, prepares his invasions of Israel and Europe

(MORE+ has been added to the section on the OIC Summit, which can be read by scrolling down to the “New Material” marker)

In the wake of the Israeli “massacre” of Palestinian protesters in Gaza, Erdogan will be convening an “extraordinary summit” of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Istanbul tomorrow. This is coming after a Turkish newspaper called for the formation of an OIC army before the previous extraordinary summit that was held following Trump’s announcement of the Jerusalem embassy move…

…from Breitbart

Since Erdogan has been cast to play the Dajjal (the Muslim Anti-Christ figure) in the first phase of the globalist prophecy fulfillment script, he will be the one to lead the coming invasion of Israel. Tomorrow’s extraordinary summit is another step in that direction. And it is Erdogan’s move against Israel that will put him at odds with Putin, who is scripted to play the Jewish Messiah. This is what will start the war between Turkey and Russia that was “prophesied” by the Greeks.

On the European front, the globalists have installed another trigger for Erdogan’s “migrant invasion of Christendom.” The Turkish presidential election that will give him new powers is scheduled for June 24. And the next EU summit to deal with the migrant problem is scheduled for June 28-29. This close timing is no mere coincidence.

The globalist script will have Erdogan either win the election with clear signs of improprieties or be forced into a second round election with his power in jeopardy. So less than a week after the first round of the election, they’ll have him pick a fight with Europe to either distract the Turkish people from the voting improprieties or create an emergency that will forestall the second round of the election. And it is the resulting surge in migration across the Turkey-Greece border that will start the Turkish war with Greece. According to the Greek prophecy this is meant to fulfill, Greece and Russia will defeat Turkey and Erdogan, thus thrusting the humbled Turks into the orbit of Iran and Soleimani.

The Greek prophecy to which I’m referring is outlined in this Greek Reporter article

The recent conflict between Turkey and Greece you may have seen in the news is part of the foreshadowing and foreplay for what’s coming…

…from Google

Here is what the Greek Reporter article says about the prophecy…

>>> Specifically, Paisios wrote: “Events will start that will culminate with us taking back Constantinople. Constantinople will be given to us. There will be war between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning the Turks will believe they are winning, but this will lead to their destruction. The Russians, eventually, will win and take over Constantinople. After that it will be ours. They will be forced to give it to us.”

The text reads further, “(The Turks) will be destroyed. They will be eradicated because they are a nation that was built without God’s blessing. One third of the Turks will go back to where they came from, the depths of Turkey. One third will be saved because they will become Christians, and the other third will be killed in this war.” <<<

Now if you look at the part of the prophecy that says the Turks will think they’re winning in the beginning, it’s hard to believe they’d feel that way if they’re facing off against the US, NATO, Russia and Israel in a Hitlerian multi-front war. But here are some reasons they might see themselves on top of the situation…

  • Trump might be assassinated by the “Deep State” and Incirlik Air Base & its American nukes might be seized by Erdogan right at the beginning of the war. The captive US servicemen and nukes would give the “Crypto-Satanist” Pence an excuse to negotiate instead of attack, thus putting the US on the sidelines.
  • Erdogan might release 3 million refugees on Europe. That would leave NATO occupied with internal security and on the sidelines.
  • Russia’s Medvedev and his “Atlantic Integrationists” might assassinate Putin. This would be done in the early days of the war in an attempt to stop Russia from achieving victory.
  • Israel may be weakened by the onslaught of Iranian missiles unleashed after they assassinate Qasem Soleimani.

As for how the war turns out, the prophecy says this…

>>> “Turkey will be dissected. This will be to our benefit as a nation. This way our villages will be liberated, our enslaved homelands. Constantinople [Istanbul] will be liberated, will become Greek again. Hagia Sophia will open again,” the text reads.

“Turkey will be dissected in 3 or 4 parts. The countdown has begun. We will take the lands that belong to us, the Armenians will take theirs and the Kurds their own.” <<<

Speaking of Erdogan seizing US military personnel and nukes at Incirlik, here is something hot off the presses…

…from the Daily Sabah

If Erdogan’s opposition is willing to go this far, how much farther is Erdogan willing to go? Also note that the article narrates that the American nukes are still at Incirlik Air Base: “It continues to house a stockpile of dozens of American tactical nuclear weapons.”


In the May 8 Special Note, I talked about the globalist attempt to artificially fulfill the “prophecies” of Nostradamus, and I said this…

>>> So don’t be surprised if you see Erdogan sporting a blue turban after the upcoming Turkish presidential election. The election will effectively make him the Caliph of Turkey, and the greatest caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, wore a turban…

look for him to wear it (either actually or symbolically) during a post-election summit with the EU, right before he “releases the hounds.” <<<

As we’ve seen today, the post-election EU summit occurs just four days after the election. And get a load of this…

…from Breitbart

The Justice and Development Party is Erdogan’s party, and their party colors are orange and BLUE. So it will be no surprise if Erdogan invites himself to the June 28-29 EU summit and shows up in Ottoman garb – or at least the blue turban – to indicate that he has “restored the power of the Ottoman Empire” and become its sultan and caliph.

++++++++++NEW MATERIAL++++++++++

[Addendum – 19 May 2018] – The Outcome of the OIC Summit

In the wake of the OIC Summit yesterday, you may have seen headlines such as this: Istanbul summit urges international force to protect Palestinians. But let’s go beyond such news accounts and look at the wording of the summit communique itself. Here are the four key sections that foreshadow how the “international force” initiative will lead to the invasion of Israel…

1) “[We, the OIC] Declare that these acts constitute savage crimes committed by the Israeli forces with the backing of the U.S. Administration, including through shielding the Israeli occupation in the UN Security Council from accountability;”

2)[We] Call on the international community, in particular the UN Security Council, to uphold its legal obligations to defend the international law and order as they relate to Palestine; to act in line with its legal and moral obligation to ensure accountability for these unchecked crimes that Israel, the occupying power, is carrying out with impunity; and to put an end to these atrocities, and to provide international protection for the Palestinian people.”

3)[We] Call for the international protection of the Palestinian population including through dispatching of international protection force.”

4)[We] Affirm support for the historical Hashemite Custodianship assumed by His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussain [of Jordan] on Muslim and Christian holy sites in Al-Quds [Jerusalem], which was reaffirmed by the agreement signed between His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Excellency Mahmud Abbas, President of the State of Palestine on 31 March 2013; and for the role of the Jordanian Department of Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa Mosque Islamic Waqf in preserving and defending Al-Haram Al-Quds Al-Sharif.”

~ MORE ~

As sections 1 and 2 suggest, the OIC will first ask the UN Security Council to provide the “international protection force,” but the US will unilaterally veto the initiative. This will provide the NWO propagandists with yet another example of how “the unilateral veto powers of the P5 nations lead to war by preventing the UN from effectively addressing conflicts.” The NWO planners want these unilateral vetoes eliminated to ensure that no nation can protect itself from the UN mob.

Having struck out at the UN, Erdogan will take a page out of America’s playbook by creating a “coalition of the willing” to send an international OIC “protection force” to Palestine. Since the West Bank and Jerusalem are cordoned-off by the Israeli military and the Gaza Strip is where the “massacre” took place, the force will first be deployed to Gaza via the entry point controlled by Egypt…

…from Wikipedia

Here is Egypt setting the stage for that…

…from France 24

Once the OIC force is inside Gaza, Hamas will be emboldened to resume mass-scale demonstrations along the Israeli border fence, and Israel will respond as they did on May 14th. This will lead to a confrontation between the OIC force and the IDF, and the IDF will invade Gaza and crush Erdogan’s force, sealing off Egypt’s crossing point to Gaza in the process. According to the script, Erdogan is counting on this.

With the slaughter of the first OIC force in Gaza, great rage and humiliation will be felt across the Muslim world. Erdogan will harness these feelings to form a much larger coalition, assemble a large and heavily armed invasion force, and enter the Palestinian territories via Egypt (who will be pissed at Israel for killing the protection force and seizing their Gaza border crossing) and Jordan…

Since the Jordanian border is the only way for the OIC force to enter the West Bank, they made a point of promising the King of Jordan custodianship of Jerusalem in point 4 of the communique. This will give him motivation to allow the invasion.

ALERT: The American/Israeli/Saudi “cruise missiles out of Yemen” false-flag may be in play in the coming days

(EXPANDED NOTE – 14 May 2018) – File this one under “it comes as no surprise”…


The buildup to Middle East war is NOT about the Zionist scapegoats; it’s about the Kabbalists and the Lubavitchers. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli Defense Minister Lieberman, US Ambassador to Israel Friedman, US President Trump, Russian President Putin – ALL OF THEM are connected to the Kabbalist Chabad-Lubavitch End-Times cult, and this is the basic outline of the cult’s plan from its own website. As you read it, realize that Trump has been cast as the Moshiach ben Yosef, Putin as the Moshiach ben David, and the Lubavitcher Rebbe as Elijah.

As for the Middle East situation, the press are reporting 52 dead and 1,200+ injured in the Gaza protest so far. With this “massacre” in hand, let’s see what the Lubavitchers do with it.

(NOTE – 13 May 2018) – In today’s addendum, I’ll show you how Trump’s delegation to the Jerusalem embassy opening is full of Lubavitchers and other Kabbalist agents. This is significant because the Kabbalists are the ones pushing for an “End Times” war in the Middle East. They’re doing it so they can bring in the Jewish Messiah (the Moshiach). They’ve selected Vladimir Putin to play that role.

To show you how all this connects to what’s going on tomorrow, here is young Netanyahu meeting the godfather of the Lubavitchers, the Lubvitcher Rebbe, who was obsessed with bringing in the Moshiach through the efforts of the cult…

…from YouTube. Be sure to watch the video.

In it, the two talk about the progress of the agenda…

…and the Rebbe instructs Netanyahu to do something to hasten the Moshiach’s arrival…

Netanyahu then agrees, and it may be tomorrow that he finally comes through on his promise.

You’ll find the information about the Jerusalem delegation a little further down, under the 10 May section.

(Update – 11 May 2018: It looks like we got through the 11th okay, so the next dates to watch are the 14th and 15th. Big Palestinian protests and border crashings have been threatened for those days, and if they occur, there will be a lot of bloodshed. This bloodshed can be used as an excuse to kick off the false-flag, with the mainstream narrative being that the Iranians are retaliating for both the Syria strikes and the Palestinian deaths. As an added bonus, the presence of Trump’s daughter in Jerusalem when all this happens can be used to script a “vengeful father” angle into the narrative, thus “unleashing Trump’s fury on Hamas and the Iranians.”)

Original Article, written 10 May: Scroll down to the 17 April Special Note to see details on what’s planned for the false-flag. Of course, this attack is the prelude to an Israeli assassination of Qasem Soleimani, which will start a full-on war between Iran and Israel…

…from Google News

But since Trump and Putin are still alive at this point in the globalist script, expect them to force a ceasefire between the two sides after a few days to a week of fighting. Trump will supposedly convince Israel to stand down, and Putin will do the same for Iran. “Diplomacy” will then delay the resumption of the war till September.

Getting back to the false-flag and the propaganda setup for it, look what Sputnik reported TODAY

The Kuwaiti report to which it refers came out months ago, so why is a Russian propaganda site covering it just now?

And here is news that came out yesterday to remind people that the “Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen” have been firing missiles at their enemies: Iran-aligned Houthis in Yemen fire missiles at Saudi capital.

Here is some more news that started showing up in the past week: US special forces secretly deployed to assist Saudi Arabia in Yemen conflict. This US special forces presence near the Houthis serves two purposes…

  1. It establishes a reason for the Houthis to fire missiles at American bases. Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, and/or the Eskan Village Compound in Saudi Arabia may be targeted in the false-flag.
  2. It provides expert American personnel on the ground to assist the Saudis in firing off the cruise missiles that will be used in the attack. Since the Iranian Soumar cruise missile is a copy of the Soviet KH-55, the false-flag will likely utilize KH-55s that the Israelis have modified for ground launch and decorated with Iranian markings.


Now have a look at this…


According to the article, Iran’s ability to strike Israel from Syria was largely destroyed in last night’s big air raid. So if Iran can’t launch a revenge strike from Syria, they’ll have to strike from another place. Yemen, perhaps?

And note how the Israelis baited their enemy into striking first so they could “retaliate” by doing what they’ve been wanting to do. The Muslims had better remember this lesson when the Second Battle of Armageddon is fought in 2025. It is the globalists’ plan to have the “Imam Mahdi,” Qasem Soleimani, bait the Muslims into trying to exterminate Israel. This will set in motion the planned and comprehensive annihilation of Islam by the globalists.


Since Iran’s leaders are also in league with the globalists, their propaganda apparatus has participated in the setup for the false-flag. Here they are establishing that the Yemenis have lots of cruise missiles…

…from YouTube

So expect the Americans and Saudis to launch a large salvo of missiles aimed at multiple targets in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Qatar. The attack will likely be conducted under cover of darkness.

According to the globalist script, this false-flag will be Phase 2 of Israel’s pre-planned “retaliation for the Iranian rocket attack.” Phase 1 was the big air strike last night, and Phase 3 will be the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.


In thoroughly predictable fashion, Iran has vowed revenge for the big Israeli airstrike last night, and this vow will be used by the mainstream media to help pin the blame on the Iranians for the coming cruise missile attack…

…from The Times of Israel

But here is how New World Order historians will describe what happened…

“Knowing that the Iranians would vow revenge after Israel’s massive air strike in Syria, the Israeli plan was to beat them to the punch. So they quickly took revenge on Iran’s behalf with a showy, deadly, but militarily ineffective false-flag attack against themselves and the US. By doing so, they provided themselves with the justification to strike Iran’s leadership as well as bring the US into the war on their side. The Israelis plotted this with the full cooperation of the American and Saudi Arabian Deep States. Both US President Trump and Saudi King Salman were unaware of the treacherous plot.”


What the globalists have planned for this weekend is now coming into focus. The plan is to have Israel do the big Syria strike, the false flag, and the Soleimani assassination by the end of the weekend, then have the Hamas leader respond by sending “hundreds of thousands” of outraged Palestinians across the Israeli border for the US embassy opening on Monday. It would be a stunning outbreak of chaos and war. Let’s hope this exposure is causing them to rethink.

There is also something peculiar about the delegation the US is sending for the opening: it’s composed of one Catholic, one Skull and Bones Jew, and four other Jews with some degree of connection to Chabad-Lubavitch. I’ll go into detail on this over the weekend.

Since all the big Chabad agents will be out of Washington for the embassy opening, we need to keep an eye on the locations of Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and Elizabeth Warren. If they’re out of Washington too, something might be planned for Trump.

[Addendum – 13 May 2018] – Trump’s Lubavitcher-Dominated Delegation to the Jerusalem Embassy Opening

Here are the people Trump is sending as his delegation to the Jerusalem embassy opening…

“Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan will lead the delegation to Jerusalem for the May 14 events.

Joining Sullivan will be Ambassador David Friedman, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, and Assistant to the President and Special Representative for International Negotiations Jason Greenblatt.” – from The Washington Free Beacon

Now let’s look at them one-by-one:

1) John Sullivan is a Catholic, as he indicates in this speech…

“I would like to share a bit of my own personal history on these topics, as they are central to who I am. I am the grandson of Irish-Catholic immigrants who arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1880s. At the time they arrived – and for many decades that followed – Catholics in the United States faced widespread prejudice based on their religion. When John F. Kennedy – another Catholic from my home state – ran for President of the United States in 1960, he even had to give a prominent speech to reassure the nation that his faith was compatible with the duties of the office of President.” – from the State Department website

This is significant because the Catholic Church has been dominated by the Kabbalist “Jews” of the Jesuit Order since the Second Vatican Council of the early 1960s. Since then, the people the Vatican helps promote to high political positions are those who are loyal to the Kabbalist agenda. You can therefore be certain that Sullivan is a Kabbalist lackey.

If you look at the high political positions in the Trump administration, you’ll see that they’re dominated by either Jews or Catholics, both of which groups are pursuing the same agenda. Jews typically get the positions related to money; Catholics typically get the positions related to the military. One exception to this division of labor is the new Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, who is a Jesuit-trained Catholic given a money position.

2) Steven Mnuchin is openly Jewish, and it is a safe bet that he’s a Kabbalist. Here is a section from Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election to show you his connections…

Of course, there’s more to see in Trump’s Jewish connections than just Jared Kushner. If you are familiar with the unsavory nature of Jew-controlled Hollywood, Goldman Sachs, and Yale’s Skull and Bones society, you should have a closer look at the Trump campaign’s finance chair, Steven Mnuchin…
…From Bloomberg. Check out the first paragraph…

>>> Until one Tuesday in April, Steven Mnuchin’s life had been ordered meticulously. The son of a Goldman Sachs partner, he was publisher of the Yale Daily News, was tapped into Skull and Bones, made partner at Goldman, ran a hedge fund, and invested in Hollywood blockbusters. One thing followed another. Then, on April 19, the day of the New York primary, Mnuchin’s life veered. <<<

And if we look at Mnuchin’s Wikipedia bio, we also see connections to George Soros and Eddie Lampert (the Skull and Bones member and Chabad operative who has strip-mined Sears and Kmart to oblivion).

3 & 4) Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are the connecting point of the Kushner and Trump families, and both families are intimately connected to Chabad-Lubavitch…

…from Google

To show you Jared and Ivanka’s specific connection to Chabad, here is another excerpt from Why the globalists will announce Trump as the winner of the election

Ivanka Trump, on the other hand, kissed all the right asses in all the right ways by converting to Judaism before her Orthodox wedding to an Orthodox Jew who has intimate ties to the Chabad-Lubavitch cult. Here is a little something about the wedding…

>>> Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner were married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony by the prominent New York Rabbi Haskal Lowenstein. According to The Jewish Journal, Ivanka commented on her decision to convert to Judaism by saying “it’s been an amazing and fulfilling experience for me …One of the jokes I first started making when Jared and I first started dating is, I’m a New Yorker, I’m in real estate. I’m as close to Jewish, with an ‘i-s-h’ naturally as anyone can start off.” – From <<<

…and here is a little something about Jared’s relationship with Chabad…

>>> Have we mentioned that Ivanka Trump is converting to Judaism, presumably so she will be a better marriage match for Jared Kushner, the equally young owner of the New York Observer? We have. Ivanka is only 27, but she recently auctioned off an internship with her for Chabad, the Hasidic organization her boyfriend supports. This donation and the visibility that comes with sounds like a good way to get in with Kushner’s family, because we hear that they don’t like the idea of Jared marrying outside the tribe…

The Kushners have long been good friends with Chabad groups. Jared was the head of the Chabad House at Harvard. And dad Charles got a rabbi from Chabad’s Living Legacy organization to write a letter on his behalf when he got into all that prostitute-blackmail trouble. Donating to a Chabad effort, a favored charity of the Kushner family, was the kind of smart move she might want to mention in her upcoming “motivational” book. – From <<<

It’s no surprise, then, that Ivanka and Jared prayed at the grave of the Lubavitcher rebbe just a few days before the big election…
…From Breitbart

5) David Friedman is an Orthodox Jew who is closely connected to the Lubavitch cult, as is evidenced by this article from one of the Lubavitchers’ own websites…

…from COLLIVE (the Chabad Lubavitch Community News Service)

And since becoming Ambassador to Israel, he continues hanging out with his Lubavitch brothers…

…from the US Embassy website

6) Jason Greenblatt is another Orthodox Jew with Lubavitch connections. Have a look at this article from the Lubavitch website…


And like David Friedman, Greenblatt hangs out with the Lubavitchers during holidays…


He is also on the record as meeting with Vladimir Putin’s Lubavitch handler, Berel Lazar…

…from Google News / The New York Times

Since Trump has been tapped to play the role of the precursor Jewish messiah, the Moshiach ben Yosef, it’s only natural that one of his Chabad guys met with Putin’s Chabad rabbi. Putin’s role is that of the main messiah, the Moshiach ben David.

[Special Note – 8 May 2018] – The Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Plan, Nostradamus, and the Iran Nuclear Deal

Given that we’re 20 minutes away from Trump “breaking an agreement” (the Iran nuclear deal), you may find the last part of this Infowars video quite interesting…

…from Infowars

It mentions a section from a Nostradamus quatrain that is supposedly related to Trump and World War 3…

“The TRUMPet shakes with great discord,
an agreement broken…”

As I’ve explained previously, the globalists are aiming to fulfill pretty much every prophecy known to man in an effort to sell as many people as possible on the idea that we’re in the “End Times.” And Nostradamus’ “prophecies” are among those they’re trying to manifest. You’ll therefore find this other video of particular interest. It is part of an old movie on Nostradamus that tells of an Antichrist Muslim leader who will enter Europe wearing a blue turban…

…from YouTube

Iran’s Qasem Soleimani has been scripted to play this leader, but why would he enter Europe wearing a blue turban?

Because of the coming 3 million migrant invasion of Europe. This invasion, which will be triggered by the Dajjal character played by Turkey’s Erdogan, will unleash great civil conflict in Europe. And Soleimani, who will be going into Europe under the banner of the “reformed” UN (NWO) to “reestablish order and bring peace,” will thus enter wearing a blue turban…

According to the globalist plan for TWO prophecy fulfillments, the first fulfillment has Turkey’s Erdogan playing the evil “Dajjal” character. The Dajjal will pose as an Antichrist so Soleimani’s Imam Mahdi character can pose as the savior. And in the second fulfillment, Soleimani’s Mahdi character will be revealed as another Antichrist so the globalists’ Kabbalah-Christ character can pose as the real “Jesus Christ.”

Since there will be two fulfillments, we may see two blue turbans in the near future: one worn by Erdogan and one worn by Soleimani. So don’t be surprised if you see Erdogan sporting a blue turban after the upcoming Turkish presidential election. The election will effectively make him the Caliph of Turkey, and the greatest caliph of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent, wore a turban…

…from Wikipedia

As for why the turban would be blue, it’s quite simple: Erdogan frequently wears blue suits…

…and blue is a presidential color. So look for him to wear it (either actually or symbolically) during a post-election summit with the EU, right before he “releases the hounds.”

(Note – 7 May 2018) – It looks like the globalists have changed their plans again. News has come out today that Trump will be announcing his decision on the Iran deal tomorrow (look at the numbers of the date and time of the tweet). The decision is coming 4 days sooner than expected. It’s also been announced that he WON’T be attending the Jerusalem embassy opening. So now we watch for false-flag activity on May 11 and assassination activity at the US-North Korea Summit.

(Expanded Note – 6 May 2018) – The South China Morning Post is reporting that Trump and Kim may have chosen to meet in Singapore in the third week of June. If this is accurate, they may be planning to sign the Korean War peace deal on June 25, which is the date the Korean War began. Knowing the globalists and their numerology, the summit might begin on June 22.

The Potential Peril of a Singapore Summit

The choice of Singapore as the summit site would provide the globalist scriptwriters with all sorts of possibilities for mischief. Singapore’s close proximity to Malaysia and Indonesia gives them the option of scripting an ISIS WMD attack. And due to Singapore’s small size and it’s being surrounded by the ocean, it also gives them the option of popping off a nuke in a “North Korean” midget submarine by the shore.

Don’t forget the two North Korean characters the globalists introduced to the world during the recent Olympic Games: Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, and the “combative North Korean spy chief and hardliner,” Kim Yong-Chul. If Kim Jong-Un travels to Singapore for the summit, he’ll likely leave his sister in charge in North Korea. So the globalists could script a hardliner coup led by Kim Yong-Chul that either includes or murders Kim’s sister, and the coup could begin with the hardliners exploding a nuke off of Singapore to “kill off the traitor and preserve the independence of the North Korean state.”

If they did the attack on the day of the peace treaty signing, they could “kill” the presidents of North Korea, South Korea, China, and the US all in one day. This would supposedly benefit the “deep states” of all four nations, and it would take Xi and Trump temporarily off the stage in accordance with the prophecy fulfillment script.

Remember that this summit was arranged by the intelligence agencies, not the departments of state. And spies don’t do peace.

I’ll write about this scenario in more detail if Singapore is officially announced as the summit site.

[Special Note – 4 May 2018] – Lubavitchers meet in Washington to establish the motive for Trump’s assassination

Look who showed up in Washington last week…

…from Google News

This “Trump Peace Plan,” which will be unveiled AFTER the Jerusalem embassy opening, is designed to piss off both the Palestinians and the hardline Israelis. Should Trump “die” before implementing it, both sides would be quite happy.

~ continued – 5 May 2018 ~

To show you why I say this, let me take you on a guided tour of a Jerusalem Post article on the subject…

The Trump administration will ask Israel to withdraw from four Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem, which will likely become the capital of a future Palestinian state, US officials told Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman during his visit to Washington last week.”

The scripted reaction of Netanyahu and the Israeli Establishment to these measures isn’t hard to imagine. Hardline Israelis believe that all of Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, so giving up areas to which they’ve regained control is unthinkable. And there is no way they’ll accept a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. Here are just a few Netanyahu headlines on the subject…

…from The Times of Israel (top), The Jerusalem Post (middle), and The Times of Israel (bottom)

And on the prophecy side of this, there is a ton of talk out of globalist prophecy propagandists that “tragedy will befall those who try to divide Israel / Jerusalem.” So according to the prophecy fulfillment script, Trump’s Peace Plan “will cause God to remove his protective hand from Trump and America.”

Now here’s more from the Jerusalem Post article about the peace plan

“…Israel, the officials indicated, would be expected to accept the plan once it is presented despite the potentially painful concessions

The full plan is expected to be unveiled shortly after the embassy moves.

This passage implies that the US will compel Israel to accept the concessions, and it says the full plan will be announced AFTER the Jerusalem embassy opening. So up until the embassy opens, the Israelis are gaining a big benefit from Trump: US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. But AFTER it’s opened, Trump becomes a liability. That being the case, if they can remove Trump either before the Peace Plan is formally announced or before it’s implemented, they can keep the big benefit and stop any losses. It’s a great motivation for either a Jerusalem or Panmunjom assassination this month.

Getting back to the Jerusalem Post article

“During his visit to Washington, Liberman met with Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, National Security Adviser John Bolton, Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and the president’s Middle East envoy, Jason Greenblatt.”

That’s a helluva roster for a meeting. Here’s why…

1) Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, is strongly connected to Chabad-Lubavitch “End Times” cult. You can read about it in Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch.

2) Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s defense minister, is also strongly connected to Chabad-Lubavitch. You can read about it by scrolling down a little to the section of this entry titled “Avigdor Lieberman and the End Times Cult.”

3) Jason Greenblatt, a long-time Trump lackey and Orthodox Jew, has had some associations with Chabad-Lubavitch as well…

…from COLlive (top) and Google News / The New York Times (bottom). Note that Berel Lazar is a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi who was assigned to prepare Putin for the role of Moshiach ben David, the Jewish Messiah.

In addition to the three meeting attendees with Lubavitch connections, there was also John Bolton, a notorious Neoconservative war hawk with Jewish connections, and James Mattis, a Catholic. Why is it significant that Mattis is a Catholic, you ask? Let me show you…

…from the National Catholic Register

So as the article mentions, both the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are Catholics. This is significant because the Catholic Church has been under the dominion of the Jesuit Order’s Crypto-Jews since the Second Vatican Council and the JFK assassination. So Catholicism, just like Freemasonry, is just another hidden hand of the Kabbalist “Jews.”

Read How the Kabbalist Jews took over the Roman Catholic Church through the Jesuit Order to see how they took over the Church (the article uses the Jesuits’ own information to make its case), and read Why the Jewish bankster elite assassinated John F. Kennedy to see the overriding reason for JFK’s removal.

With the backgrounds of the meeting attendees set before us, we see that this Washington meeting was a war council. Chabad-Lubavitch has written the prophecy script for the war, and John Bolton and James Mattis will be key in orchestrating it from the American side. Trump is just a front man who is along for the ride.

Finally, here’s one more thing of note from the Jerusalem Post article on the peace plan

“Alongside the concessions expected of Israel, the administration has promised its full support in the event of a widespread conflict with Iran or Syria. The administration has told Israel it would supply the IDF with significant support, including advanced weaponry, if a war broke out with Iran, even one instigated by Israeli action against Iran’s presence in Syria.

Last month, PA President Mahmoud Abbas said the Palestinians will not accept any US plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

So this peace deal would give Israel a carte blanche to do anything they want in Syria, and it promises them unequivocal support if they trigger a war with Iran. Such an open license for war is something the Palestinians will never accept, so they too will want to see Trump go down.

As for Israel, they don’t really need Trump’s guarantee. They’re already doing anything they want in Syria, and if they start a widespread conflict with a false-flag against the US military that gets blamed on Iran, they’ll have America’s full support anyway. So why not kill Trump and blame it on the Iranians and their anger over the cancelled nuclear deal? It would kill two birds with one stone, wouldn’t it?

[Update 16 – 30 April 2018] – The Globalist Plan for May

I’m sure you’ve heard about the big news that came out on Friday…

…from the Drudge Report

According to what’s been announced, a deal for both permanent peace and the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is ready to go. All Trump has to do is show up to the US-North Korea summit and “close the deal.” And THAT’S what sets up the coming drama in Jerusalem.

According to the globalist script, the “Zionist-Neocon-Neolib Deep State” has one last opportunity to stop Trump before he goes to the Korea summit and ruins their dastardly plans for Asia. That opportunity comes in mid-May when Trump goes to Jerusalem to open the new American embassy there. While he’s in Israel, he’ll be on the Zionists’ home turf and therefore vulnerable. So if they can assassinate him there and blame it on Iran, they can start the first phase of the Mideast war AND stop the Korean peace process in its tracks. And if they follow the false-flag plan I expose in the Special Note below this update, they can bring war to Korea too.

(Special Note – 29 April 2018) – An Israeli naval false-flag warning for May & How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

Will the start of World War III be attributed to an Iranian copy of a Russian rocket torpedo with a North Korean nuclear warhead…

Have a look at this Newsweek article from 3 days ago: IRAN THREATENS TO SINK U.S. WARSHIPS AS TRUMP CONSIDERS LEAVING NUCLEAR DEAL

Then have a look at this Newsweek article from last year: IRAN’S MILITARY FIRES ADVANCED TORPEDO BASED ON RUSSIA’S FASTEST IN THE WORLD

Given the Iranian naval chief’s threat to sink US ships, the door is now open for an Israeli false-flag attack on a US Navy ship, with the most likely method of attack being a Russian-made Shkval-E rocket torpedo fired from an Israeli Dolphin-class submarine. The blame can then be laid on the Iranian navy and their Hoot rocket torpedo, which is a copy of the Shkval. The attack would most likely be staged after May 12, when Trump may decide to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Since the Shkval is known to be a very noisy weapon that gives away the position of the sub that fires it, the Israeli sub would likely fire it from a shadowing position behind an Iranian sub. They would then fire a conventional torpedo to sink the sub they’re shadowing. That way, Israel can claim they “sank the Iranian sub that sank the American ship.”

What heroes! 

By the way, this is the likely target of the Shkval…

…from Google News (the Truman left port on April 11, which is another indicator of mischief)

The sinking of one or more American aircraft carriers during the war is a key part of the globalist script. The event is meant to mark the end of the era of American force projection around the world.

As to why their sub was in the Persian Gulf, the Israelis will have a built-in excuse…

…from Israel National News. Since Israel’s submarines are diesel-powered, the words “nuclear submarine” in the title imply a submarine with nuclear warheads aboard.

How the “evil Deep State” is scripted to save war from the jaws of peace

The more I look into the crystal ball on this one, the bigger it gets. Have a look at this testimony from a Congressional Joint Hearing on the Iran-North Korea Strategic Alliance (page 35)…

“I think, make it clear that North Korea has made this singular achievement in its nuclear weapons program. The danger immediately from this—and reports are that production of these warheads is increasing. That is what the Chinese nuclear experts told our people in February in Beijing. The danger simply is this: Iran’s Shahab-3 intermediate-range missile is a twin of the Nodong, developed with considerable North Korean assistance. Nodong nuclear warheads will be, and I believe are, compatible with the Shahab-3. A North Korean-Iranian agreement to share Nodong nuclear warheads, it seems to me, is a realistic possibility at this stage. North Korea and Iran have had successful sea and air clandestine transportation networks. There have been few interdictions of these networks. The transfer of Nodong warheads from North Korea to Iran would have a good chance of success. And given the forecast for production increases in North Korea, you could see a real danger of this developing, it seems to me, as early as 2016. Thus, if this happens, Iran would have a secret stockpile of nuclear warheads, in Iran, that it could unveil at any time of its own choosing and thus present the United States, Israel, and the rest of the world with a fait accompli, regardless of what happens with the Iran agreement or anything else that goes on with the Iranian nuclear program.”

In light of this testimony and the fact that the Shkval torpedo is designed to be nuclear-capable, we see how the Deep State may be scripted to “kill” Trump and start a war with both Iran and North Korea at the same time (then pivot into the “Battle of Armageddon” with Israel).

1) Bring Trump to Jerusalem and “assassinate” him during an outbreak of chaos.
2) Sink the U.S.S. Harry Truman with a nuclear Shkval.
3) Have Pence point the finger at Iran for the torpedo and North Korea for its nuclear warhead, then start a war with both.
4) After the war is raging, have forensic tests from the sunken Truman show an Israeli radiation signature. At that point, EVERYONE will turn on Israel for starting the whole thing.

[Addendum – 30 April 2018] – Avigdor Lieberman and the End Times Cult

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know that Israel’s defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman, has been busy trying to stir up the globalists’ apocalyptic battle.

Here he is doing the preparatory propaganda work for an Israeli attack on Tehran…

…from Google News

According to the globalists’ script, the “Deep States” of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia will stage a false-flag cruise missile strike out of Yemen that will target an American military base and Tel Aviv. This will provide Israel with the justification to strike Tehran. You can read about the details of the scenario in the 17 April Special Note (which is below).

And here is Lieberman threatening to strike Russian missiles in Syria, which would kill Russian missile technicians…

Although Putin’s response to such a strike would not attack the Israeli people (he is scripted to play the Jewish messiah after all), he may start engaging any Israeli military targets that offend against Syria. And he will support the takedown of the “evil Zionist leadership (Netanyahu & pals) that kills Russians, attacks Syria, and holds Israel hostage to war.”

As my longtime readers know, both sides in this conflict are being scripted by the globalists, and Avigdor Lieberman belongs to the Kabbalist “Jewish” cult that is orchestrating the apocalyptic battle that will bring the revelation of the Jewish messiah, Vladimir Putin. Both Putin and Trump are intimately connected to this cult, which is known as “Chabad-Lubavitch.”

Here are some sections from the first entry of the year that will show you some key connections regarding Avigdor Lieberman and Chabad…

Israel’s Defense Minister is in bed with Chabad-Lubavitch

As war looms in the Middle East, it’s important to note that the Israel Defense Forces are being controlled by a Lubavitch agent, Avigdor Lieberman (Israel’s current Defense Minister and former Foreign Minister)…

…from Lieberman is circled in red; his Chabad handler, Rabbi Levi Edri in yellow. Here is another article about the two…


Chabad-Lubavitch is the oligarch-funded, Russian-founded Kabbalist cult that has been planning and orchestrating the coming “apocalypse” and the arrival of the “Jewish Messiah.” So having an agent at the helm of the Israeli military is quite useful if you’re coordinating the Middle East war that will cue the “Messiah’s” revelation. If you are a new reader and want to know who will be proclaimed the Jewish Messiah, read Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch (+ Trump and Putin’s Lubavitch-assigned roles).

As for what brought me to this realization about Lieberman, it was the following passage from a Zero Hedge article titled Watch: Colonel Says Israel Is Dragging The United States Into World War III

The second I saw that Lieberman was Russian-born, my thoughts immediately went to Chabad, which was founded in Russia and headquartered there until the early 20th Century…

>>> Founded in 1775 by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, the name “Chabad” is a Hebrew acronym for Chochmah, Binah, Da’at: “Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge”, which represent the intellectual underpinnings of the movement. The name “Lubavitch” is the Yiddish name for the originally Belorussian village Lyubavichi, now in Russia, where the movement’s leaders lived for over 100 years.

In the 1930s, the sixth Rebbe of Chabad, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, moved the center of the Chabad movement from Russia to Poland. After the outbreak of World War Two, the sixth Rebbe moved the center of the movement to the United States.

In 1951, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson became the seventh Chabad Rebbe. The seventh Rebbe transformed the movement into one of the largest and most widespread Jewish movements in the world today. – from Wikipedia <<<

It should also be noted that the seventh Chabad Rebbe, the messianically-obsessed “Lubavitcher Rebbe,” was born in the Russian Empire too. Chabad has deep ties to Russia and Russian mysticism, which is no doubt why they chose a Russian to be the “Jewish Messiah.”

So after seeing the Zero Hedge article, I did a simple Google search for “Avigdor Lieberman” Chabad, and their connection became crystal clear. If you do some searches on your own, you’ll find that when Lieberman went to foreign countries as Israel’s Foreign Minister, he had a habit of visiting the local Chabad centers and schools. As a comparison, just imagine US Secretary of State Tillerson going out of his way to visit Jehovah’s Witnesses compounds in the countries he visits. That would be rather troubling, wouldn’t it? But Israel has more than its fair share of whacked-out religious weirdos, so I guess they have a high tolerance for strangeness.

But among all the search results there are two that deserve special attention. Here is the first…

…from The Jerusalem Post

The ultimate goal of the Kabbalists is to rule over humanity through a figurehead god-king named “Jesus Christ.” And the plan calls for this “true Christ” figure to be the head of the world’s only major religion, Kabbalized Christianity. Since traditionalist Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. could be a source of dogged resistance to the new religion, the Kabbalists will be setting up a “convert or die” scenario over the coming years.

In the specific case of the Jews, the Kabbalists intend to gather them all in Israel for conversion or slaughter. To achieve compliance, they’ll be releasing all kinds of damning information about Jewish political, financial, and criminal activities around the world as part of the “Truth Tsunami” (which you can read about here). This will stir massive global “anti-Semitism.” So on one hand, Jews will feel very unsafe wherever they are currently living, and on the other hand, the Jewish Messiah will be urging their return to the “safety and security” of Israel. All who go will effectively be walking into an oven.

Once they’re gathered in Israel, all but a “Jesus-believing remnant” will be slaughtered in the Second Battle of Armageddon around the year 2025. This slaughter will serve two purposes:

  1. It will prevent any resistance to Kabbalized Christianity from stubborn traditionalist Jews.
  2. It will lead the world to believe that the Jews, and Jewish power, have been destroyed forever.

But “Jewish power” is really “Kabbalist power,” and the elite Kabbalists will still be in control.

Now here is the second search result that deserves special attention…

…from Forward

Birds of a feather flock together, don’t they? Especially if they are Chabad vultures.

On a final note, there are rumors on the Net that Chabad is actually a front for the Mossad. It makes a lot of sense that this is so, and Lieberman’s rise to Defense Minister pretty much confirms it. Do you think the Mossad would allow someone who has ties to a dangerous cult to control the Israeli military if the cult wasn’t part of the Establishment? Not a chance in Isra-hell.

P.S. – It’s worth noting that Lieberman was made Defense Minister four months prior to September of 2016, which was the original planned month for the prophecy fulfillment show (and three months prior to the aborted ISIS attack on the Rio Olympics that was supposed to trigger the war)…

…from the BBC

Confirmed: Chabad-Lubavitch is a religious front of the Mossad

During one of my research sessions earlier this year, I came across a confirmation of Chabad’s connection to the Mossad right on a Chabad community website…

…from Here’s an excerpt…

>>> The [Lubavitcher] Rebbe‘s unknown ties to the head of the Mossad and their assistance to Chabad’s educational and outreach activities in the Former Soviet Union were mapped out in the Hebrew book “The Rebbe and the Mossad,” published in 1998.

The inside story of the Rebbe’s involvement in Israel’s security, as told by its defense and government leaders, is told in JEM’s documentary film Faithful and Fortified – Volume 1. <<<

I’d encountered internet rumors of Chabad’s connection to the Mossad before, but to see it spelled out by the Chabadniks themselves pretty much closes the case for anyone who can put two and two together. If you are new to this site, you might consider reading Trump and Putin: Agents of Chabad-Lubavitch (+ Trump and Putin’s Lubavitch-assigned roles) to see why this is significant.

[Special Note – 17 April 2018] – Israel is preparing to launch a false-flag attack against the US

Israel is putting in place the preparatory events and propaganda for the long-planned false-flag attack on Al-Udeid Air Base and/or Prince Sultan Air Base. More to come…

[Addendum 1 – 19 April 2018] – I first wrote about the coming Israeli-Saudi-“US Deep State” false-flag attack back in October of last year. Here is a key section from that entry…

Saudi Arabia would move one or more black market ground-launched cruise missiles across the Yemeni border and sneak it into a sparsely populated part of Houthi-controlled territory (the Houthis are Iranian allies). At the appointed time, the Saudis would launch the missile(s) at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar. The attack would cause heavy casualties. And in its immediate aftermath, the US military would claim that the missile wreckage was that of the Iranian-made Soumar ground-launched cruise missile, and that “intelligence suggests the Iranians smuggled them into Yemen in order to conduct a sneak attack on the base.”

To understand why this false-flag scenario fits the situation so perfectly, imagine (just like a false-flag plotter would) that you are an Iranian general preparing a strike against US forces in your region. Then ask yourself two questions…

Question 1: What is the most valuable target to strike?

The answer is a no-brainer: Al Udeid Air Base…

…from CNN. Here is an excerpt…

The base houses the forward headquarters of the US Air Force Central Command, Combined Air and Space Operations Center and the 379th Air Expedition Wing.

The Combined Air and Space Operations Center (CAOC) oversees US military air power in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and 18 other nations, according to the Air Force.

Manned by personnel from the US Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines as well as coalition partner countries, the CAOC is “the nerve center” of air campaigns across the region, according to the Air Force.”

Question 2: If your enemy is expecting a high-flying ballistic missile threat from his front, what do you actually hit him with?

With a low-flying cruise missile from behind him of course. And from the perspective of Qatar, what lies 180 degrees opposite of Iran? Houthi-controlled western Yemen…

…from Google Maps

By answering these two simple questions, you are given the target of the attack, the weapon to be used, and the launching point.

Here are some other reasons this scenario fits the situation so well…

> There was a well-publicized dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar in recent months, and it centered around Qatar being too friendly with Iran. Before the situation calmed, Donald Trump supposedly stopped a Saudi attack on Qatar…

…from the Express (UK)

So this false-flag scenario would allow the Saudis to finally hit the Qataris (Qatari forces are also stationed at Al Udeid), and it would drive a wedge between Qatar and Iran (since Iran will be blamed for the strike). According to the bullsh*t geopolitical script (which exists to cover the actual globalist script), this attack would be a big, satisfying win for the Saudis.

> Saudi Arabian forces are currently in Yemen as combatants in their civil war. This means they can move things across the Saudi-Yemeni border at will, and they have a deep understanding of the situation on the ground there. It would therefore be quite easy for them to smuggle cruise missiles into the country and then sneak them into a poorly defended part of Houthi territory (shown in green)…

…from Wikipedia

> There is a well-developed propaganda narrative which states that Iran is smuggling weapons into Yemen (which they probably are, since they have to support their allies). Recently, the propaganda has stated that they are smuggling “increasingly potent weapons”…

…from Google News

So it will be easy to sell the public on the idea that Iran smuggled some cruise missiles in (which they probably haven’t). Cruise missiles are considerably smaller than ballistic missiles, and they require no big, specialized equipment to transport or launch them (a 40-foot cargo container and an improvised railing system will do). This makes them ideal for the purposes of this false-flag.

And sure enough, just two months after I wrote this, the press took the next step in the preparatory propaganda rollout for the attack…

…from Google News (top, bottom)

These news stories served to establish that the Houthis supposedly have a large number of Soumar cruise missiles, thus giving them the MEANS to sneak-attack Al Udeid AB. And since there are now rumors that America has moved / is moving their Combined Air Operations Center from Al Udeid AB to Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, it too has become a target.

As for the MOTIVE for “Iran” firing missiles at those places “through their Houthi proxy forces,” this is good for starters…

…from Jerusalem Online. This adds Israel to the list of cruise missile targets as well.

Now all that’s left for the globalists to do is create the OPPORTUNITY for the false-flag. More Iranian-killing air strikes in Syria by either the US or Israel would do…


Trump’s trip to Jerusalem next month would also do nicely…

…from Newsweek

Speaking of Jerusalem, it is within range of the Soumar cruise missiles supposedly held by the Houthis

…from (top) and Google (bottom)

If the Israelis start gunning down Gazans during Trump’s Jerusalem visit, it won’t be surprising if cruise missiles make an appearance too.

[Addendum 2 – 22 April 2018] – One more thing worth noting about the Jerusalem Online article is that its headline specifically mentions Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian general who will be playing the role of the “Imam Mahdi” in the globalist prophecy fulfillment show…

There are four things to remember about Soleimani’s involvement in the coming cruise missile false-flag…

1) The Israeli media have already established that he is intimately tied to the Gazans who will be warring with Israel over Jerusalem during Trump’s visit…

…from The Times of Israel

2) And the Western media have already established that he’s the mastermind behind Iran’s arming of the Houthis in Yemen…

>>> A senior Iranian official said Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Qods Force – the external arm of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps – met top IRGC officials in Tehran last month to look at ways to “empower” the Houthis.

“At this meeting, they agreed to increase the amount of help, through training, arms and financial support,” the official said.

“Yemen is where the real proxy war is going on and winning the battle in Yemen will help define the balance of power in the Middle East.” – from Reuters, 21 March 2017 <<<

So when Israel gets hit by its own false-flag cruise missile attack, they have a plausible story with which to blame Soleimani and justify his assassination: “Angry over the deaths of his Hamas allies in Gaza, Soleimani struck a blow at Israel through his Houthi allies in Yemen. Now it’s time to pay him back.”

3) The Muslim media have already established the rumor that the US has given clearance for Israel to assassinate Soleimani…

…from the Daily Sabah

4) And the Israeli media have already established that the IDF can penetrate any airspace over Soleimani to strike at him…

…from The Jerusalem Post

So the Israeli strike on the T-4 base in which 7 Iranians were killed was just the latest step towards their inevitable strike on Soleimani, which is scripted to outrage the Iranians into launching a direct war on Israel. But since the attack will be simulated, not real, Soleimani will remain alive to “miraculously recover from his wounds” or be “resurrected by God,” thus establishing his bona fides as the “real Imam Mahdi.” Although Iran and Israel are portrayed as enemies in the globalists’ geopolitical play, both Netanyahu and Khamenei get their scripts from the same masters.

[Special Note – 14 April 2018] – The NWO Historical Account of This Week’s Attack on Syria

Allow me to show you how the New World Order historians will explain what happened this week with the Syria strike. Their future words are italicized and in quotes…

“Under overwhelming pressure from the Deep State and their media over the Stormy Daniels affair, and in a weakened position due to the Monday morning (April 9) FBI raid on his lawyer’s office, President Donald Trump had no choice but to give the neocons the Syria strike they wanted. So late in the morning of April 9th, he agreed to make a decision on a strike within 24-48 hours.”

…from CBS News

“But in an effort to delay the strike and negotiate for the weakest one possible, he dragged his feet on a decision for the full 48 hours. And in a further effort to protect humanity from the neocon onslaught, Trump took the extraordinary step of warning Russia that a strike was indeed coming, and that it would be done with missiles.”

…from Al Jazeera

“Captive in a White House full of Deep State agents, Trump gave the warning via his only means of direct, unfiltered communication to the outside world: his Twitter account. He tweeted the warning in the early morning of April 11, and it was interspersed with blustery rhetoric to conceal his true intentions in sending it.”

“Not understanding Trump’s true reason for sending the tweet, the White House staff were at a loss in explaining it.”

…from The Guardian

“But upon receiving Trump’s warning to ‘get ready,’ Putin and Assad did exactly that.”

…from Haaretz

“To give the Syrians and Russians adequate time to prepare for the strikes, Trump delayed giving the final ‘go’ order for two and a half days after the warning.”

…from NBC News

Note (night of April 13/14): There are two things worth noting about the Syria strike tonight: 1) “Trump delayed it, minimized it, and warned Russia about it before it happened,” and 2) it could set off economic sanctions against the US, including the possible cut-off of Russian titanium and Chinese rare-earth minerals.

In light of that last part, I find the timing of this announcement very interesting.

[Update 15 – 9-13 April 2018] – So will it be War or “Mass Arrests”?

We may be 24-48 hours away from finding out if the globalists have opted for the War Path or Peace Path. If it is to be the latter, watch for reports of military convoys in the Washington, D.C. area in the coming hours/days. This would be a preparatory step for the “Mass Arrests of the Evil Deep State” Psyop.

To see why I say this, have a look at this CNBC article

I found the wording of Trump’s statements quite curious – as if they were designed to have two possible meanings.

Note that Trump didn’t say “Russia, Syria and Iran will pay a price,” he said “everyone [involved in the chemical attack] is going to pay a price.” So if the script calls for him to decide that the Neocon-Neolib-Zionist Deep State is involved, they will be the ones paying the price.

Also note that he says, “If it’s Russia, if it’s Syria, if it’s Iran, if it’s all of them together, we’ll figure it out.” The “we’ll figure it out” part leaves the door open for him to figure out “it’s the Deep State, stupid.”

~ continued ~

They’ll be sending Pence out of the country this week, so the following script options will be in play:

  1. A fake assassination of Trump
  2. A fake “suiciding” of Trump, in keeping with his role as Vindex
  3. A Nuclear 9/11 attack on Washington, DC and New York, to be initially blamed on Russia and their nuclear torpedoes and later blamed on the “evil Deep State”

Tomorrow, April 11, is a day to watch for war, Trump’s “death,” and/or “nuclear torpedoes.” Friday the 13th is a day to watch for those things and/or “Mass Arrests.”

~ continued 2 ~

Speaking of nuclear torpedoes, I’ve done some checking and found that they’ve been laying down preparatory propaganda for such an attack.

Here they are in February stoking fear about Russia’s “city-killing nuclear torpedoes”…

…from Newsweek

Here they are in March establishing that Russian subs can approach the US coast undetected…

…from Google News

Note how they connect the idea of “undetectable Russian subs” to the idea of “Russia’s nuclear capabilities.”

And here they are today telegraphing Russia’s threat to respond in force to an attack on Syria using “all military measures”…

…from The Hill

Of course, a “Russian” nuclear strike against Washington and New York would be a massive overreaction to a US strike on Syria, even if the US strike kills Assad. But according to the script, it won’t be the Russians who do it; it will be the “evil Deep State.” And the well-publicized Russian threats of retaliation will provide the perfect cover for such a false-flag attack. The move, which would catch the US by total surprise and catch the US government above ground, is scripted to allow the “Deep State” to put their man Pence into the presidency and lock down the US under dictatorial “emergency measures,” thus completing the police state they started building after the first 9/11 false-flag.

With this in mind, watch for a possible US cruise missile strike on Syria launched from an Ohio-class guided missile submarine (each one carries 154 cruise missiles). Such a move would get the whole “death from below” ball rolling.

Don’t Forget “Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise”

While we’re on the subject of the different ways the globalists might play the current Syria situation, don’t forget the “Putin and Trump’s Big Surprise” scenario I covered last year

Under it…

> Trump is deliberately creating the impression that he is falling under globalist influence in order to draw them into inadvertently helping him.

> The Syria strike, to which Russia was forewarned by Trump, was done to create the impression that the US will confront Russia in Syria, so as the “Neocon-Neolib Deep State” enthusiastically helps Trump stack Syria with US troops, Russia and Iran will do so as well.

> Instead of using the amassed US forces to confront Syria, Russia and Iran, though, Trump will actually order them to join forces with the three against Erdogan and ISIS. It will give rise to a joint Christian-Muslim victory in a Holy War against the Dajjal (Erdogan) and his “Satanic Western allies.”

Now if you think about the nations the press say are lining up to attack Syria this week, the US, UK, and France, those are the same three nations that are squaring off against Erdogan in Manbij. The Saudis have also been mentioned as possibly joining in, and the new Saudi leader has been at odds with Erdogan.


More About the “Mass Arrests” Scenario

It is important to remember that events we’re watching unfold right now aren’t what they seem to be. There is no real conflict between the Eastern and Western members of the nascent New World Order, the G20; there is only the illusion of conflict being staged for public consumption as the G20 moves the human herd into their next pen: the multilateral / multipolar “reformed” UN / NWO.

To transition us happily into the NWO, the globalists are having their Western minions wear “dark hats” and play the role of the “bad guys,” and they’re having their Eastern minions wear “white hats” and play the role of the “good guys.” After having the “Western bad guys” push humanity to the seeming brink of nuclear destruction, they’ll have the “Eastern good guys,” led by Vladimir Putin, step up to save the day.

That being said, the globalists need to create a believable chain of events that will lead to the removal of the current “evil Western Establishment” and to their replacement by white hat globalist minions like Rand Paul, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, etc. And there are two ways of getting rid of the old to make way for the new; I wrote about them last year

And come to think of it, an unexpected nuke strike on Washington while Congress is in town would be a good way for the globalists to “drain the swamp” of federal officialdom. It would save them all the trouble of mass-arresting them for pedophilia / corruption / racketeering / treason, and it would keep their mouths shut (because the bodies to which those mouths are attached would be dead). Look for Mike Pence, Rand Paul, and Elizabeth Warren to survive any such strike; they have roles to play in what happens afterwards.

So the globalists have two options for “changing the guard” in the West: 1) blow them up, or 2) “Mass Arrest” them and put them through Nuremberg-type show trials.

~ Section 2 ~

Now if we look at Option 1 (“blowing them up”) in terms of what is happening this week on Friday the 13th, we see that…

1) Congress is in session Friday, and all the bureaucrats will be at their offices too, so Washington will be a “target-rich environment”…

…from K&L Gates

2) Mike Pence will be in Peru on Friday, so he’d survive to become the president…

…from Google News

3) Ivanka Trump and her Lubavitcher husband will be in Peru on Friday, so she’d survive to carry on the Trump media presence until her father’s “miraculous” return…

…from Politico

4) Elizabeth Warren will be in Ohio Friday, so she’d survive to become the leader of the new, post-Crisis “Democratic” party…

…from U.S. News / AP. Watch Tulsi Gabbard too.

5) All we have to do now is watch Rand Paul, the designated leader of the new, post-Crisis “Republican” party. If he makes an excuse to be out of downtown Washington for some or all of Friday, we’ll know that the nuclear strike is just a “go” order away. If you live or work in downtown DC and you see Rand Paul slipping out, you’d better beat feet out of town too. The same goes if you’re in Manhattan.

Since the nuclear attack would be attributed to a stealthy Russian nuclear torpedo deployed from an undetected Russian submarine, it would catch Congress, the federal bureaucracy, and (supposedly) Trump unaware and above ground. The entire government would be wiped out. But rest assured that Trump will be in a safe place when the explosion occurs; he has a role to play later on in the drama.

As for the other target, New York City, the “Deep State-owned” mainstream media would narrate that Russia destroyed it to hobble the American economy. “By hitting America’s twin towers, Washington and New York, the Russians crippled both the US government and the US economy in a single day,” they’ll say. But after Putin steps up later to save the world, we’ll hear another story entirely: that the “evil Deep State” hit the two cities to put the country into a severe emergency situation that would permit them to take absolute control.

Of course, the real reasons for the globalists staging Nuclear 9/11 would be…

  1. to get rid of the old government and make way for the new,
  2. to get rid of the old financial system and make way for the new, and
  3. to get rid of the old UN and make way for the “new” UN / NWO.

~ Section 3 ~

While we’re on the subject of the old UN being blown up by a nuke, it’s important to note that the destruction of the existing UN by fire is depicted by the mural in the Security Council Chamber. Here’s what I wrote about it in a previous alert on the Nuclear 9/11 scenario

The globalist “elite” are obsessed with the symbolism of the phoenix, the bird which explodes into flames and is then reborn from its own ashes. Now look again at the mural located in the UN’s Security Council Chamber…

The mural actually depicts the Security Council Chamber itself. Look at the color of the wall depicted in the mural, then look at the color of the Security Council Chamber wall surrounding the mural. (It’s the same.) Also look at the shape and color of the object on which the phoenix is standing in the mural, then look at the semi-circular desk at which the Security Council members sit. You’ll see that the phoenix is actually standing on its ashes which lie on the desk of the Security Council. But in the mural, the desk has a disfigured appearance, as if it’s been melted, and the ashes of the old phoenix lie on the burnt table.

So the mural depicts the New World Order phoenix standing in the ashes of the old UN on the burnt Security Council desk. It portrays the destruction of the Security Council Chamber by fire. Blowing up the UN complex thus becomes the fulfillment of the mural.

(Note – 11 April 2018) – If the “Mass Arrests” option is in play, we may see military units heading for DC once Trump makes a decision on a strike plan for Syria. According to the script, the “Deep State” will believe the forces are being positioned to protect the capital from foreign commando / saboteur / terrorist cells that may be activated after the US conducts its strike. But the units will be commanded by “military officers loyal to the Constitution,” and their actual mission will be to help arrest the “Deep State coup conspirators.”

~ Section 4 ~

Now if we look at Option 2 (“mass arresting them”) in terms of what has been happening this week, we see that…

1) Pro-Trump alt-media propaganda agents Alex Jones and Roger Stone were in Washington this week ostensibly to do speeches and a Q&A session at the National Press Club…

…from Infowars

But in one of his videos yesterday, Jones let slip something notable at the 4:56 mark

“I was in DC today with former CIA contractors and a bunch of folks – patriots

I was in a room of former Navy Seals and Marine Force Recon and Army Special Operations…”

So Jones wasn’t in Washington just to give a speech. He attended a globalist minion meeting as well, where he was likely briefed on what’s coming and given the propaganda package he is supposed to release during his “Stop the Collapse of America” broadcast marathon, which started today and lasts through the 13th

…from Infowars

As for the “former CIA contractors” he met with, I strongly suspect they are connected to Blackwater’s Erik Prince…

…from The Economist

If you’ll recall, Prince made the news about an offer to set up a private spy network for Trump – one that would supposedly bypass the “Trump-hostile, Deep State-compromised” government intelligence agencies…

…from The Intercept

And he also made the news with this…

…from The Washington Post

Are you beginning to see how all this is fitting together – and how it would impact both Washington and Syria? If not, don’t fret; I have more to add after lunch. By the time I’m done, it will be crystal-clear.

~ more ~

Getting back to the “former Navy Seals and Marine Force Recon and Army Special Operations” folks Jones met with in Washington, those are precisely the type of people Erik Prince hires, aren’t they? And wouldn’t you know it, such people have been on Alex Jones’ media outlets as part of the “elite pedophilia” propaganda campaign…

…from YouTube

Here is another Infowars video featuring the same former Navy Seal, Craig “Sawman” Sawyer. Take note that he is being interviewed by Quentin Carter

…from YouTube

And besides Infowars, can you guess for whom Quentin Carter has worked / is working? ERIK PRINCE…

…from YouTube. Note the date of the post: it was on a 322.

So one of Erik Prince’s operatives is now working as “Alex Jones’ personal bodyguard”…

…from YouTube

In that last video, LISTEN TO THE INTRODUCTION. He is introduced as “Quentin Carter, A.K.A. Q.” Q as in “Q-Anon”? It may be one of Alex Jones and Erik Prince’s own men who has been jerking around all those suckers on the message boards.

~ more 2~

Now if we start looking at some articles on Infowars, we see where all this is headed.

This is one of note…

…from Infowars. Here is an excerpt…

>>> When Donald Trump gets hit, he always hits back even harder.

So when the deep state decided to conduct a legal witch hunt against President Trump and his family, they should have expected that Trump would return the favor. In recent days, there have been all sorts of rumblings about sealed indictments, pending arrests and a “deep state takedown”. Many believe that we are on the verge of seeing some of the most prominent Democrats in the entire nation being arrested and thrown in prison. <<<

And here is another Infowars article of note…

If you take the time to listen to the interview, they talk about going after the Clinton machine – and possibly Obama too – by summer, just in time to influence the midterm Congressional elections. So if they go ahead and start arresting / indicting the Clinton/Obama network on Friday the 13th, they will say they’re doing it “to save the world from the Deep State’s effort to start nuclear war with Russia.”

On another note, there is historical / mythological reason the globalists are/were aiming to start the arrests tomorrow. You can find it in the Wikipedia article on Friday the 13th

“A suggested origin of the superstition—Friday, 13 October 1307, the date Philip IV of France arrested hundreds of the Knights Templar—may not have been formulated until the 20th century. It is mentioned in the 1955 Maurice Druon historical novel The Iron King (Le Roi de fer), John J. Robinson’s 1989 work Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry, Dan Brown’s 2003 novel The Da Vinci Code and Steve Berry’s The Templar Legacy (2006).”

And if we look at King Philip IV of France’s Wikipedia entry, we see this…

“In 1306, Philip the Fair expelled the Jews from France and, in 1307, he annihilated the order of the Knights Templar. Philip was in debt to both groups and saw them as a ‘state within the state’.”

So just as King Philip IV arrested the “Deep State” of his day on Friday the 13th, President Trump will do so with the “Deep State” of his day, or so the Freemasons would like to play it.

With their plans now openly exposed, we’ll see if the globalists have the huevos to follow through. If they don’t, they’ll make an excuse about delaying the Syria strike for an international investigation of the chemical attack or for the arrival of the Truman strike group off Syria, and they’ll reschedule for the 22nd. But by the 22nd, their plans will be ripped to shreds.

~ more 3~

It is at this point that we should take a common sense break and do a reality check. So let me ask you…

Do your really believe Erik Prince – a man who ran a mercenary company that helped the globalists subdue Iraq and Afghanistan – has turned against his former masters (without being killed for his betrayal)?

Or has he simply been contracted to play a new role for them?

Before you answer, let me remind you of something I wrote in one of my entries on globalist minion Paul Craig Roberts…

One of the great things about regular folks like you and me is that we are generally trusting and ready to take a person at his/her word. Unfortunately, this great quality is also a great weakness when dealing with people with forked tongues and impure aims, like the globalists. To help us get past this self-destructive habit of extending unearned trust, allow me to offer…

Ken’s First Rule for Not Being a Sucker: When a “former” insider comes forth to offer you information and interpretation, don’t discount the likelihood that the former insider is a current insider tasked with misleading you.

This would seem to be a rather commonsense rule, but for some reason it is ignored when “insiders” bend our ears to tell us supposed secrets and give us a heads-up on “what’s really going on” and what it means. The alternative media is chock full of talking heads who are purported “former” insiders at the FBI, CIA, NSA, World Bank, Treasury, Wall Street, and so on. There are even some purported current insiders who go through the rube-impressing pretense of disguising their voices and using code names. And what are virtually all of these guys telling us? They tell us how bad are the US and the West while either ignoring or promoting China and the East. In other words, they are establishing the Bad Cop and the Good Cop so the globalists can run their governance reform scam.

Take Paul Craig Roberts for example:

> He is a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy.

> He is a former editor at the Wall Street Journal.

> He was the “first occupant of the William E. Simon Chair for Economic Policy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS], then part of Georgetown University.” It’s worth noting that Georgetown is a Jesuit institution, and the Board of Trustees of CSIS includes Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and representatives of Exxon Mobil, Boeing, Coca Cola, AIG, GlaxoSmithKline, and Morgan Stanley (to name a few).

Looking at the high positions this guy has held in the Washington/Wall Street Establishment, ask yourself this: “Is PCR really going against all of his lifelong associates or is he simply carrying water for them like he always has?”

So take a moment to set aside WHAT YOU REALLY, REALLY WANT TO BE TRUE and see the situation for what it is…

The whole “white hat” rebellion against the “Deep State” is a load of bullsh*t being sold to the awakening public BY A BUNCH OF SPOOKS, MERCENARIES, GLOBALIST MINIONS, AND PROPAGANDISTS. And TRUMP IS NOTHING MORE THAN A FLAMBOYANT REALITY TV STAR WHO HAS BEEN CAST TO PLAY A ROLE ON THE PUBLIC STAGE.

If you want to see positive change in this world, stop looking to the saviors the globalists are selling you and start looking to yourself.

[Note – 8 April 2018] – Watch for an Israeli false-flag in Syria

You may have seen this in the news tonight…

…from Politico

With Russia promising to attack any US platform conducting a strike against Syria, the script may call for an Israeli false-flag to get the ball rolling. An Israeli submarine firing submarine-launched cruise missiles from a position near a US warship or submarine could be used to get the war started. The Russians would supposedly think that the US vessel fired the missiles and retaliate against it, and the payoff for Israel would supposedly be a US intervention that would topple Assad and push the Iranians out of the country.

[Special Note – 8 April 2018] – The globalists stir the pot in Syria (+ a showdown in the South China Sea)

Well so much for an April vacation…

…from Google News

Now that the “evil Deep State” has played the chemical attack card, will America strike soon (perhaps today on Orthodox Easter, on the 11th, on Friday the 13th, or on the 22nd)? Or will they do a UN “investigation” before they strike, thus pushing it into May? Out of an abundance of caution, I’m reactivating this entry.

As I’ve explained earlier in this post, this false-flag chemical attack is scripted to justify a US Coalition attack on Syria’s Bashar Assad and Iran’s Qasem Soleimani. According to the conflict script, this attack will push the Iranians over the edge and get direct warfare going between the major powers.

P.S. – Here’s something interesting: the disinfo guys are narrating that the Neocon Deep State is twisting Trump’s arm on Syria…

…from the Hal Turner Radio Show

Such drama – and all to maintain Trump’s reputation as one of the “good guys” and a “messiah.”

A Showdown in the South China Sea

Let’s not forget the naval exercises that are going on in the South China Sea right now…

…from Google News / Global Times

According to another Global Times article, there are two massive fleets doing exercises in the same area: a 40-ship Chinese armada which includes one aircraft carrier and a 58-ship US armada which includes three aircraft carriers.


P.S. – Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, Turkey will be sending an oil exploration vessel into Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone as early as Monday. So will the Cyprus navy confront it, or will they go crying to the UN?