A Note on the Singapore Summit

“Welcome to Singapore, Supreme Leader Kim”…

It looks like the Trump-Kim summit is back on for the 12th, and this will provide the globalist scriptwriters with TWO assassination dates to play with: 1) June 12, the day of the Singapore Summit, and 2) June 25, the anniversary of the start of the Korean War and the likely date of a Panmunjom peace treaty signing.

In Singapore, the globalists might use either a pop-up MANPADS threat or a pop-up nuclear threat to take out Kim, Trump, and/or Xi (if he shows up). Kim Jong-Un will be flying in on an old airliner that probably lacks state-of-the-art missile defenses, so if they take him out with a MANPADS, it could lead to a scenario in which his sister supposedly seeks revenge with a Nuclear 9/11 attack (“killing” Trump in the process).

In Panmunjom, the globalists might employ “North Korean hardliners” to kill all the leaders who show up to sign the peace treaty (Kim, Trump, Xi, and Moon). The killing could come in the form of a nuke that has been planted under Panmunjom via a North Korean tunnel, or in a sudden, massive artillery or rocket barrage. North Korea has lots of artillery dug into the mountains in that area.

I’ll prepare an in-depth article on all the hows and whys of what might happen as we approach the 12th.

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