Vladimir Putin and 9/11

Before we get to the article on Putin, here are some breaking notes and addenda…

(Note 10 – 12 December 2015)

Now that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change has been passed, it must be ratified by the nations that signed on. Given that the next big economic crisis will likely be triggered by the Fed rate hike next week, there is an obvious question that must be asked…

Will ratifying the Climate Change Agreement be required before a nation can receive multilateral economic aid during the Economic Crisis of 2016?

So on the eve of the big downturn, the globalists get the nation-states to sign on to an agreement that will give the global government a stranglehold on their economies. Then, they deliberately trigger a giant economic downturn that will bring the nations hat-in-hand to the globalist lenders. But to get aid, you have to ratify the stranglehold agreement. Check and mate.

An elegant setup, is it not?

[Note 9 – 11 December 2015]

The Latest from Paris and Washington

Well, it looks like the dialectic is flaring up again at the Paris Climate Summit. Although I’d expected Putin to lead the charge on “differentiation,” China and India are taking point instead…

>>> The U.S. and European countries want to move away from so-called “differentiation” among economies and want big emerging countries like China and India to pitch in more in a final climate deal.

But Liu Zhenmin, deputy chief of the Chinese delegation, told reporters Friday that issue is “at the core of our concern for the Paris agreement.” He said he wants different rules for different countries “clearly stipulated” in the global warming pact, and insisted the demand is “quite legitimate.” <<< – From AP.org.

So it’s developed world (the West + Japan) vs. developing world (the BRICS). We’ll see who wins tomorrow. Then we’ll see who gets punished if the evil West doesn’t get what they want…

Meanwhile, back in Washington…

The House passed the stopgap funding bill to keep the government running until midnight next Wednesday, and bickering over funding for Syrian refugees is still being reported. So all we need to shut down the government next week is either of these to happen between now and Wednesday night: 1) a “terrorist attack” in the US that is attributed to Syrian refugees, or 2) a “terrorist attack” in Washington that forces the Congress to close.

[Note 8 – 10 December 2015]

In Paris, Putin shows he’s a globalist bootlicker

It’s looking like the climate deal is too important to the globalists to allow any dialectic hijinks to take place…
…From theguardian

The article does contain one passage that gave me a chuckle, though…

“Christiana Figueres, the UN climate change chief, said she was kept up at night by the vision of the next seven generations, asking her what she had done to solve the problem of climate change.”

They’re really laying it on thick, aren’t they? wink And this is coming from another globalist apparatchik with ties to the London School of Economics…
…From Wikipedia

It looks like next year’s New Leader will have the climate ratchet at his disposal.

[Note 7 – 10 December 2015]

Double jeopardy next week: A Fed rate hike, THEN a government shutdown over refugees?

Press reports indicate that the Congress plans to pass a stopgap spending measure that could keep the government running until the 17th or 18th, which would time the final budget vote after the Fed rate decision on the 16th. As I noted in a previous update, a government shutdown that started on the 12th and ran through the FOMC meeting would make a rate hike unlikely. But if the rate hike happens before the shutdown, the globalists could have both.

Is it just a coincidence that the “Muslim” mass shooting and Trump’s remarks have raised the issue of federal funding for refugees right as we’re approaching the deadline? What if there’s another “Muslim” attack between now and the 18th? I’m smelling another setup.

*This just in* – “With a Friday midnight deadline clearly impossible to meet, the Senate approved a stopgap measure extending the deadline for when the money runs out through next Wednesday [the 16th].” – From Reuters. Since the FOMC typically releases its decision in the early afternoon and Congress typically votes at the last minute, the rate decision WILL come before the budget vote.

[Note 6 – 9 December 2015]

I’ve added this to the Understanding the NWO Strategy page as Mod 1.5…


Let’s begin this section by reminding ourselves what a “limited hangout” is…

“spy jargon for a favorite and frequently used gimmick of the clandestine professionals. When their veil of secrecy is shredded and they can no longer rely on a phony cover story to misinform the public, they resort to admitting—sometimes even volunteering—some of the truth while still managing to withhold the key and damaging facts in the case. The public, however, is usually so intrigued by the new information that it never thinks to pursue the matter further.”

When you think about it, the whole engineered truth movement has been a limited hangout operation. There have been “insiders” and “whistleblowers” (disinfo agents) coming out from under every rock to tell us a mixture of truth and falsehood, and the gist of their message is…

“The evil West is out to get us, and Putin and the BRICS are the only ones who can stop them.”

So the objective of the limited hangout operation known as the “Truth Movement” is to publicize facts that make the West look bad and the East look good. And in doing this, they are distracting people from “the key and damaging” fact that the BRICS are the ones actually bringing in the NWO.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The rising floodwaters of limited hangout truth will give way to a full-on tsunami next year. You will see all sorts of radical truth-telling, including stunning information about Obama’s background and what really happened on 9/11. When you see the mainstream media parroting all the explanations the globalists have been beta testing in the alternative media rabbit hole, you’ll know we’ve reached the climax point.

Here is something I wrote about their plans back in 2013…

>>> Let’s begin with the Cliff’s Notes version of the basic three-step process I see them trying to implement:

Create a PROBLEM – Through social engineering and the power of mass media, they have created dissatisfaction and dissociation with our old social forms and norms, including the traditional religions, in order to make us amenable to a new order of things. They’ve also sicced their dark dogs on us, who’ve been enthusiastically preparing a vast global police state grid, an economic and military conflagration, and a mass culling of the population.

Generate a REACTION – Through the engineered truth movement, they have advertised the actions of their dark minions in order to create fear in the population as well as a strong desire for some escape from what they have planned [here is a prime example]. They’ve also been disseminating vastly more accurate spiritual information through false-light channelings and New Age gurus for those weary of the old religions, but have blended in some misleading ideas that will be useful to them later.

Offer a SOLUTION – They’ll allow their minions to go to the brink (or a bit past the brink) of unleashing their planned horrors upon the world so people will desperately grasp for any solution. The solution will then be offered by the BRICS nations in the form of a new precious metals-backed financial system and by a BRICS-allied “alien” power who will come onto the scene to stop the wars and address urgent needs. With a timely arrival to save the day, they are expecting the relieved public to warmly embrace their version of a “love and light” New World Order of (apparent) freedom, as well as the “aliens” and their “god,” who will pose as Prime Creator/Source (but he/she/it IS NOT).

With the overview in place, let’s now delve into some of the juicy details of offering the solution

The dark minions and Homeland Security types who have been preparing the Great Culling and the global police state genuinely believe they’ll get to slaughter lots of people, and they are orgasmically licking their chops in anticipation. They kinda remind me of the character “Psycho” from the movie Stripes…

…“All I know is I finally get to kill somebody”…

Naturally, it is essential to the overall plan that actors on the lower levels of the power/awareness pyramid sincerely believe their roles and make concrete preparations for the Culling. The threat they pose would be unconvincing otherwise. Unfortunately for the planners, though, the general population is so distracted and drugged-out from other Cabal activities that they’re having a hard time generating the desired awareness and fear. Unintended consequences are a bi*ch, aren’t they? Nonetheless, when the economy suddenly grinds to a halt, war actions have begun, and thugs in armored cars can be seen on the streets, that should provide enough of a wake-up slap to get the attention of the public.

Once a crescendo of awareness and fear has been reached, that’s when the surprise will come. As if out of nowhere, military and economic forces will jump into action to bring a dead stop to the unfolding nightmare. Posing as a benevolent alliance, they will commandeer all media to broadcast in-depth exposes of all that has been going on behind the scenes in our world. The public will be both shocked and jubilant to finally hear the truth, and it will wash over them like a tsunami. Unfortunately, this limited hangout truth tsunami is intended to carry them away towards an acceptance of the real New World Order. <<<

Speaking of the “love and light” NWO, here is a preview of what to expect: The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first.

So enjoy the big show, but don’t forget that’s what it is.

[Note 5 – 9 December 2015]

So why is the Pope saying it’s “now or never” for a climate change deal?…
…From Breitbart

I can tell you why: because this is the last opportunity to get one before the “Big Crisis” hits that will bring in the stronger, “reformed” UN/IMF/World Bank and the new global financial system. If the New World Order is going to have a carbon cutting/taxing tool in its toolbox, it needs the agreement now, before the sh*t hits the fan.

You may have noticed in the news that both the leading Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, and his most likely running mate, Ted Cruz, are speaking out against the climate change agenda…

Donald Trump: Climate change is not going to kill us

White House contender Cruz dismisses climate change as ‘pseudo-scientific’

And although Putin’s official remarks have been very much in favor of a legally binding climate deal, the globalists have also leaked reports that he views it as a fraud as well.

So why are the globalists tentatively positioning their controlled opposition figures on the “no” side of a climate agreement?

Their strategy seems to be to go all out for a binding climate deal now. But if they can’t get it, they’ll pin the issue to the scapegoat Western NWO, publicize what a fraud it all was, and be done with it. With the Sustainable Development Agenda and the new financial system in place, they’ll still retain adequate leverage to move the world economy in the direction they want. It just won’t go as quickly because they’ll have less leverage.

Another thing to consider is the Pope’s involvement in all this, which brings religion and prophecy into play. According to the prophetic script the globalists are implementing, a new leader is set to emerge next year and take a leadership role from September onward. And halfway through his 7 years of prominence, things are supposed to get rough again.

If you count forward 3.5 years from September 2016, you get March 2020, the year the new climate agreement is supposed to take effect. So a legally binding climate change agreement paired with a stronger UN that has global police and military powers could provide the new leader a mechanism through which he can squeeze the nations into submission.

[Note 4 – 9 December 2015]

Looking at the first page of the Operation Northwoods document, one is struck by the fact that the false-flag operations it outlines were not only reviewed and approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, but that they also expected other agencies to submit similar plans. Additionally, they wanted the Pentagon to be put in charge of the military aspects of the operations…

Even more interesting than this, though, is the bio of the man who signed the document, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Lyman Lemnitzer
…From Wikipedia…

>>> Lemnitzer approved the plans known as Operation Northwoods in 1962, a proposed plan to discredit the Castro regime and create support for military action against Cuba by staging false flag acts of terrorism and developing “a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington”. Lemnitzer presented the plans to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962. It is unclear how McNamara reacted, but three days later President Kennedy told the general that there was no chance that the US would take military action against Cuba. Within a few months, after the refusal to endorse Operation Northwoods, Lemnitzer was denied another term as JCS chairman.

In November 1962, Lemnitzer was appointed as commander of U.S. European Command, and as Supreme Allied Commander Europe of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). His time in command saw the Cyprus crisis of 1963–1964 and the withdrawal of NATO forces from France in 1966.

As of 2015, Lemnitzer is the only Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to hold another U.S military command after his term as Chairman ended, rather than retiring. <<<

So after having his false-flag plans turned down by Kennedy, he moved on to a more accommodating position as the military head of NATO. One wonders what sort of false-flags he cooked up while over there. Was the Cyprus Crisis (“Bloody Christmas” of 1963) a false-flag designed to stir tension between Greek and Turkish Cypriots?

Also worth noting is his participation in the Rockefeller Commission. Here is an introduction to it from Wikipedia…

>>> The United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities within the United States was set up under President Gerald Ford in 1975 to investigate the activities of the Central Intelligence Agency and other intelligence agencies within the United States. The commission was led by the Vice President, Nelson Rockefeller, and is sometimes referred to as the Rockefeller Commission.

The commission was created in response to a December 1974 report in The New York Times that the CIA had conducted illegal domestic activities, including experiments on U.S. citizens, during the 1960s. The commission issued a single report in 1975, touching upon certain CIA abuses including mail opening and surveillance of domestic dissident groups. It publicized Project MKULTRA, a CIA mind control study. <<<

So when the public found out about CIA domestic abuses, whom did President Ford appoint to investigate the allegations? None other than Nelson Rockefeller, the man who commissioned the Special Studies Project that designed the implementation strategy of the New World Order. Here he is with his favorite minion, Henry Kissinger…
…who was the Director of the Special Studies Project.

Who else sat on the Commission with Rockefeller, you ask? The man who approved the Operation Northwoods false-flag plan, Lyman Lemnitzer, and the future President of the United States, Ronald Reagan…
…just to name a few. I’m sure you can imagine what kind of limited hangout whitewash the Commission was.

These are the kind of people who ran our government and military in the 60s and 70s. Do you think it’s any different today?

[Note 3 – 8 December 2015]

Meanwhile, in Paris…

> “Differentiation” continues to be a stumbling block in getting a climate deal.

> The globalists are pushing for a “ratchet mechanism” which would allow the UN to squeeze countries every five years for more and more carbon cuts.

> The globalists continue their push for a “legally binding” agreement. This doesn’t seem like a big threat now, but once the post-crisis STRONGER UN is unveiled…
…they’ll start breaking the kneecaps of any nation that doesn’t toe the line.

Signing the climate agreement is the pathway to national slavery under the globalist UN.

[Note 2 – 8 December 2015]

According to news reports, Congress will not complete their budget negotiations by the Friday deadline, so a stopgap spending measure may be passed to keep the government going for a few more days. And House Speaker Ryan has suggested that he’ll convene the House on Friday and over the weekend to reach a deal.

Now if you add into this scenario the fact that Congress is Republican-controlled and the leading Republican presidential candidate just offended every Muslim in the world, you get the perfect recipe for “ISIS” terror in Washington on the Freemasons’ favorite day of any month, the 11th. If the stopgap vote is scheduled for that day, an attack would disrupt it and result in a government shutdown.

The second most risky day is December 14, which is a multiple of the “elite”-loved “Magic 7″ and is the final day of Hanukkah. If the final budget vote is scheduled for that day, an attack would again result in a government shutdown.

A shutdown itself would cause no great harm, but it would give “ISIS” bragging rights and contribute to more fear amongst the sleepers. The nature of the potential attack was described in this entry. Should it occur, remember it’s just a show.

Here is an article that does a good job of explaining what’s going on with the budget. It is presented in a question and answer format.

[Note 1 – 8 December 2015] – I have update the Understanding the NWO Strategy page with an enhanced definition of the Occulted Powers…

>>> Lurking behind the “Democratic Facade” (the so-called “democratic” governments that the public sees as the guiding hands in our world), are the Occulted Powers (OPs). The OPs are a criminal conglomerate of the local royal families throughout the world who are intermarried and/or interoperating with the global network of Jewish bankster families. Under this worldwide royal/Jew “elite,” there are a variety of secret societies (such as the Freemasons) and criminal gangs (such as the Triads) who recruit useful “commoners” into their conspiracy and run societies at the street level.

As with any large gang of criminals, there is some degree of competition amongst the families as they compete for power, position and wealth within the syndicate, but they are all united in furthering their collective control and exploitation of the human race. They are the ones who have been pushing for ever more centralized control of humanity; they are the “globalists.” <<<

Speaking of royals and Jews, have a look at this: Vladimir (Ras)Putin’s Jewish, Communist, and Bloodline Connections (Update 2: Is Putin related to the European royals?)

[Temporary Addendum – 7 December 2015]

Since today, the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, is a high-risk day for false-flag “ISIS” terror in Washington, I thought I’d rush out a part of today’s entry. This comes from pages 8-9 of the Operation Northwoods document

…Now let’s substitute a few words (in CAPS) to bring this scheme up to date…

“We could develop a JIHADIST MUSLIM terror campaign in VARIOUS AMERICAN CITIES and even in Washington. The terror campaign could be ATTRIBUTED TO MUSLIM refugees seeking haven in the United States.”

This is how the US government really thinks. Never forget it. As for the specific threat to Washington, have a look at this entry: Preventative alert for an “ISIS” attack in Washington next week


> What’s happening today…

Syria Blames U.S. in Base Bombing, but Americans Blame Russia (from The New York Times)

>>> Syria on Monday said a United States-led coalition had bombed a Syrian military base in the east of the country, killing three soldiers, wounding at least 13 and destroying vehicles and equipment. The United States denied the Syrian accusation and said a Russian warplane appeared to have been responsible…

A senior United States official later attributed any deaths and any damage to the Syrian base to what he called “a screw-up” by the Russians, who joined the Syria war in September as allies of Mr. Assad and have conducted airstrikes with Backfire bombers and other aerial armaments.

“We’ve got a radar track showing a Backfire bomber flying directly over the town that the Syrians named a few minutes before the first claims that we killed some Syrian troops,” the American official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss operational details. <<<

> What the Pentagon planned back in 1962 for Cuba…

You can be certain that the Pentagon owns a small fleet of Soviet and Russian aircraft purchased from various cash-strapped countries such as the former Soviet republics. So was this attack really a Russian screw-up, or was it Ukraine’s old Tu-22M Backfire bomber flown by an American pilot? The illusion of conflict continues.


> What’s happening today…

Take a moment to think of the sleight of hand that may have taken place with the four civilian airliners from 9/11 and the two Malaysian airliners from 2014, especially the one that was shot down over Ukraine.

> What the Pentagon planned back in 1962 for Cuba…
…From pages 10-11

Even back then, the US was talking about the use of drones and phantom passengers to “sell” an airliner false-flag.


> What’s happening today…

Was a Russian warplane really shot down over Syria, or was it an illusion staged with a corpse in a drone? What about the debris from the missing Malaysian airliner?…
…(From CNN) How exactly did it get to the shores of Reunion Island?

> What the Pentagon planned back in 1962 for Cuba…

Let’s reword the beginning paragraph for today…

“It is possible to create an incident which will make it appear that TURKISH F-16s have destroyed a RUSSIAN AIR FORCE aircraft over SYRIA in an unprovoked attack.”

As for the Malaysian airliners and the final paragraph, replace “F-101″ with “Boeing 777″ and “Cuban” with “Reunion Island.” Since both MH370 (the missing one) and MH17 (the one that was shot down) were Boeing 777-200ERs, was Flight 370 stolen, converted to a drone, then shot down over Ukraine as Flight 17?

Now let’s move on to the article…

In my last entry on Vladimir Putin, Let’s cut the crap: Vladimir Putin is helping usher in the globalist New World Order, I pointed out his cooperation with the globalists’ 9/11 operation and his promotion of the globalists’ United Nations as the solution to all the problems the globalists are purposefully creating for us. But there was one piece of evidence I almost forgot, and I rediscovered it in a Non-Aligned Media write-up on Putin by Brandon Martinez. It was this article from RT (which has been scrubbed from their site, but remains in the Internet Archive)…

There are four important things to be noted about this article (an excerpt of which can be found in the next graphic down)…

1) It shows Putin once again giving his unequivocal support to the 9/11 Official Story, and doing so nearly 10 years after the attacks. By the time this article was published in 2011, just about every regular jagoff with an internet connection (like me) had figured out the attacks were an inside job, and this makes Putin’s remarks all the more ridiculous and damning.

Also damning is the fact that RT removed the article from its site and redirected traffic to an article about a blonde female aerial acrobat. Why would they remove the piece, you ask? To protect Putin’s rep as a truth-teller and to clear the way for him to bring forward 9/11 truth at the appropriate time (according to the globalists’ schedule).

2) The article is from RT, which is a propaganda outlet owned by the Russian government. And this means no excuse can be made that Putin’s remarks were misinterpreted, taken out of context, spun, or meant in jest.

3) Alex Jones’ Infowars reported on the article too, and they haven’t scrubbed it from their site…

This means that Alex Jones knows about Putin’s support of the Official Story. Given that Alex is “Mr. 9/11-was-an-inside-job”…
…why is he still promoting Putin as a truth-teller and opponent of the globalists?…

I can tell you why: Alex Jones’ job is to sell the dialectic conflict. That’s why…

> He is promoting 9/11 truth to make the “evil, Western” globalists look bad
> He is promoting Putin as the solution to “evil, Western” globalists.

4) “Putin added that he could not imagine how ‘any of the current or former US leaders could have such an idea.’” – This has to be Putin’s most absurd statement ever.

So the former intelligence professional Vladimir Putin cannot imagine how George W. Bush, the son of the 11th Director of Central Intelligence…
…could have an idea for a false-flag operation?

Are you fu*king kidding me???

Putin’s absurd statement is made infinitely more ludicrous by the fact that both the PNAC and Operation Northwoods documents were available in the public domain prior to 9/11. Since these documents provide some VERY interesting insights into what’s going on today, this is where I’ll pick up tomorrow.

Much love…