Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 59 – Ukraine in Greece: How the globalists will play the coming Greek disorder (+ a P.S. x 4)

I’ve been in “shut up and watch” mode for the past day so I could catch a whiff of how the globalists will play the inevitable Greek switchover to the BRICS. It’s now clear to me what they intend to do. The “evil American Empire” will be seen staging a pro-EU color revolution / military coup in Greece, with the possibility of an assassination or two thrown in. EU-friendly officers in the military will support the revolution, but it will be ultimately defeated by the “patriotic” (and pro-Russian) Defense Minister Panos Kammenos and military officers who are “loyal to the will of the people as it was expressed in the referendum.” Needless to say, it’s all theater. Since the BRICS represent the actual New World Order, there is no possibility that the “evil American Empire” will prevent Greece from joining them.

The first whiff I caught of this strategy was when a reader alerted me to a new Paul Craig Roberts propaganda piece

On the surface level, the article declares that “the ‘Greek debt crisis’ is now contained,” but the actual purpose of the piece is to introduce an idea into the minds of its readers. This is the idea: Washington will do anything, including “overthrow or assassination,” to keep the Greeks as “vassals” and prevent them from cozying up to the Russians. And the unspoken implication of that idea is this: if the EU and Greece fail to come to terms like Washington demands, Washington will follow through on their threats of overthrow/assassination to keep their “empire” from collapsing.

Upon looking around for other examples of this propaganda theme, I came across this Stephen Lendman article: Planned US Coup in Greece? Here is the telling opening section…

>>> Washington’s geopolitical strategy when bullying fails is either assassinating independent leaders, color revolutions, military coups or naked aggression.

If Moscow-based independent investigative journalist John Helmer is right, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a marked man and SYRIZA governance on thin ice showing cracks:

”(a) putsch in Athens to save allied Greece from enemy Russia is in preparation by the US and Germany, with backing from the non-taxpayers of Greece – the Greek oligarchs, Anglo-Greek shipowners, and the Greek Church.”

“At the highest and lowest level of Greek government, and from Thessaloniki to Milvorni, all Greeks understand what is happening. (Sunday) they voted overwhelmingly to resist.”

“According to a high political figure in Athens, a 40-year veteran, ‘what is actually happening is a slow process of regime change.’ “

Wherever neocon Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland shows up (Hillary Clinton’s handpicked choice for the job), trouble usually follows.

Helmer says she’s “in charge of warmaking in Europe.” Her notorious involvement in Ukraine’s February 2014 coup is well documented.

According to Helmer, she gave Tsipras two ultimatums in Athens last March – surrender to Troika demands and remain allied with US-dominated NATO’s anti Russian agenda.” <<<

The article then goes on to talk about Greece’s history of military coups and how a number of former officers have “fired a shot across the bow” in opposition to leaving the Eurozone. This all dovetails with the idea Paul Craig Roberts offers. But let’s look again at an interesting little tidbit in the introductory section…

(a) putsch in Athens to save allied Greece from enemy Russia is in preparation by the US and Germany, with backing from the non-taxpayers of Greece – the Greek oligarchs, Anglo-Greek shipowners, and the Greek Church.”

So the Greek Church is in cahoots with the US and EU against Russia, eh? This is a much more interesting claim than it might appear on the surface. Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is a well-known atheist (which puts him at odds with the Church in the public eye), and Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos (who would be a central figure in any Greek civil war) is a devout Orthodox Christian who has won the Grand Cross of Merit and the Medal of Honor from the Church.

So on the Left Hand, you have a “godless communist/socialist,” and on the Right Hand, you have a reverent choir boy. Watching how the Church replaces the Left Hand with the Right Hand will offer an excellent case study in the dialectic strategy always used by the Occulted Powers (the “royal” families and two Roman churches that operate above the governments and behind the scenes). By having the “evil American Empire” attempt a pro-EU “regime change” in Greece, then having pro-Russian Panos Kammenos defeat it, the OPs get exactly what they want: the “heroic and good” BRICS New World Order turning the tide against the “sneaky and evil American Empire” / decoy New World Order.

To show you the Eastern Orthodox Church’s role in the Greek scenario in more detail, here is an excerpt from Update 19: The Greek “People’s Revolution” and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO


Speaking of the “Good East,” let’s have a look at Kammenos’ ties to the Eastern Orthodox Church. According to his Wikipedia bio

“He has been honored with the Grand Cross of Merit from the Czech Patriarchate, [and] the Medal of Honor from the Patriarchate of Jerusalem…”

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem has been headed by Theophilos III since 11/22/2005 (the Occulted Powers and their minions just love their “master numbers”)…
…And take note of his double-dragon crosier…
…Could such symbols be a nod to the Dragon bloodlines (the real or mythological products of mating between the “Sons of God / Elohim / Anunnaki” and humans)? Are these bloodlines the ones who are the Occulted Powers?

This is the Patriarch’s official title: “His Most Godly Beatitude, the Patriarch of the Holy City of Jerusalem and all Palestine, Syria, Arabia, beyond the Jordan River, Cana of Galilee, and Holy Zion, Theophilos III.” So his territory is basically the Levant, ISIS/ISIL’s stomping grounds, and it includes “Holy Zion.” Don’t you find that interesting in light of current events?

Here is Theophilos III visiting the Valaam Monastery in Russia…

Guess who else hangs out there

And here is Putin meeting with Theophilos III in Jerusalem

It is also worth noting the intimate ties amongst Valaam, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the bloodline families, and the current Russian political structure. As the Wikipedia entry on Valaam Island points out…

“The island was visited repeatedly by emperors Alexander I, Alexander II, and other members of the imperial family…

The president of the Russian Federation has a dacha on one of the islands of Valaam, but its precise location is not publicly known.”

I show you these things to point out that the Eastern Orthodox Church (a component of the Roman Empire that has functioned continuously since the fall of Rome’s civil government) is a network through which the Occulted Powers work behind the scenes to orchestrate what happens on the public stage, and both Putin and Kammenos are tied in with that network. Kissing the rings (and other objects) of Rome’s kingmakers is a practice that continues unabated to this day, which is aptly demonstrated here by Vladimir Putin…
…”That’s a good little Vladdy-boy.”

It’s also worth noting something about the leader of Kammenos’ coalition partner Syriza: Alexis Tsipras, a self-described atheist, became the first Prime Minister to opt for a secular affirmation instead of the traditional religious oath. He was sworn in by President Karolos Papoulias instead of the Archbishop of Athens…”

The Orthodox Kammenos-Putin link demonstrates itself in the following report from Business New Europe / Intellinews: New Greek Government: Russia’s Trojan Horse inside the EU?

>>> Concerns over Greece are not restricted to Syriza, but also to the leftwing party’s choice as coalition partner: nationalist party Independent Greeks (Anel), a party that has also taken a pro-Russian line, according to Ukrainian researcher Anton Shekhovtsov.

Panos Kammenos, founder of Anel and Greece’s new defence minister, was quoted in Greek media as saying in May 2014, in the aftermath of the annexation of Crimea, that “we publicly support President Putin and the Russian government who have protected our Orthodox brothers in Crimea”.

Shekhovtsov revealed that Kammenos visited Moscow on January 15, 2015, at the peak of the fierce election campaign, to meet with Putin’s parliamentary allies in defence and foreign affairs. After the meetings, Kammenos declared his opposition to EU sanctions on Russia: “Anel is ready to create a European-wide group involving political forces from South European countries, the economy of which has been damaged as a result of the EU economic sanctions against Russia,” he said. “The aim of this group will be a reversal of this process that affects more the EU countries and less Russia,” he said, as quoted by Shekhovtsov.

Shekhovtsov posted photos of the meetings. “With Russian tool Panos Kammenos as new Greek Minister of Defence, Nato information security is obviously at risk,” he commented. In addition, Syriza’s 2013 manifesto calls for Greece to exit Nato. <<<


Getting back to the Lendman article, it features a ghost from revolutions past, Victoria Nuland. If you recall, Nuland became famous when the globalist intelligence agencies released one of her phone calls to the press (so everyone could clearly see the “evil West’s” hand in the Ukraine regime change). Seeing her surface in the Greek situation is meant to remind everyone of that. Her participation will help in selling the public on the West’s culpability in the upcoming Greek disorder.

Here is my initial read on how it will go down…

1) We will see one of the following two things:

a) The Greeks’ new proposal to the Eurozone will be found wanting, and the EU leaders will decide to take drastic action on Sunday.

b) The Greeks’ new proposal will be accepted by the Eurozone, but not by the Greek Parliament, and Syriza will fall into disarray.

2) The situation on the ground in Greece will get noticeably worse, and the pro-EU factions will make their move.

3) Panos Kammenos and his loyal generals will come out on top, and information will come out in the mainstream media that ties Washington and the EU to the uprising. Following this “attempt to thwart the democratically expressed will of the people,” Greek public sentiment will grow more favorable towards the East and the man who saved the day, Panos Kammenos. The Greeks will then make the BRICS switchover.

Although Panos Kammenos is the top candidate to be “the man left standing” after the coup, any number of other Greek Ministers could take the role. As I’ve shown in previous updates, there is no shortage of Greek government officials who are spouting the BRICS propaganda line.

(P.S. – 9 July 2015) – It was when I saw the following mainstream media report out of Reuters/Yahoo that I decided to take this scenario seriously: Washington says Greek meltdown would be geopolitical mistake. The article complements the ideas offered by Roberts and Lendman…

>>> The Obama administration warned Europe on Wednesday that allowing a financial and economic meltdown in Greece would be a geopolitical mistake.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said he has been in constant contact with European officials regarding Greece’s debt crisis, which threatens to compromise Europe’s monetary union and create instability in a region critical to U.S. interests.

“There’s a lot of unknowns if this goes to a place that completely melts down in Greece,” Lew said. If that happened, he said, “it’s geopolitically a mistake.” <<<

(P.S. – 10 July 2015) – Greece’s new proposal seems to be acceptable to the Eurozone’s negotiators (but will the Eurozone parliaments approve it?), so now attention turns to the Greek Parliament. Sputnik reports

“Friday evening will see a snap vote in the Greek parliament, earlier announced by the country’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, who wants the MPs to support government talks on a new round of austerity measures worth a total of 13 billion euros, media reports said…

The new reform plan is due to be approved by the Greek parliament during a separate vote.”

Should the Parliament approve talks on the new proposal, there will be a time gap between that vote and the final vote to pass the proposal. This will provide the people of Greece with time to collectively say WTF? and decide whether they will tolerate it. Will they rise up against a government that has gone back on its promises and disregarded their will as expressed in the referendum? Hell if I know. But the developing situation adds a third option to point #1 above…

c) The Greeks’ new proposal will be accepted by the Eurozone and the Greek Parliament, and the betrayed public will rise up in anger.

The current situation also allows for an entirely different outcome: the Eurozone and the Greek Parliament accept the deal, and the Greek people shrug their shoulders and slave on. This outcome would indicate that the globalists have gotten pee shy again and have shelved the Greek/BRICS scenario entirely.

More watching / popcorn eating is indicated.

(P.S. – 10 July 2015) – Wow, Panos Kammenos caved

>>> Defense Minister Panos Kammenos, who heads the government’s junior coalition member Independent Greeks, said he was advocating a vote in favor of the proposal even though it goes against his party’s principles. The party holds 13 seats in the 300-member parliament.

“I want to state clearly, I am not afraid of Grexit,” he said, referring to the possibility of Greece leaving the euro. “I am afraid of one thing: national division and civil war.”

He said he feared failure to get a deal with creditors would eventually lead to civil strife. <<<

That means the fix is in. It looks like the Greek Parliament will pass it.

(P.S. – 10 July 2015) – This Greek drama has more twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Now that the Greek Parliament has approved negotiations based on Tsipras’ new proposal to the Eurogroup, we have more twisty-turny tedium to look forward to…

> The Greeks and the Eurozone must negotiate a final agreement.

> The Greek Parliament and several other Eurozone parliaments must pass the final agreement.

> And the whole thing has to happen without a big, fat Greek people’s rebellion.

Should the new agreement pass these three hurdles, it would mean that the globalists…

a) never intended for the Greeks to defect to the BRICS and I was mistaken, or

b) they backed off at the last minute due to excessive awareness of their plan.

Just a few more days and we’ll know…

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Love always…