Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 58 – The BRICS Summit and Greece: What tomorrow may bring (+ a P.S. x 5)


As we head into the two-day BRICS Summit tomorrow, there are some questions weighing on the minds of many people: Will Greek Prime Minister Tsipras attend? Will he request aid? Will Greece join the BRICS Bank? And if they do, will it happen immediately or will they have to wait a while? Let’s consider these questions in light of an RT article which came out today…

A reader sent me a link to this RT piece in which a Putin aide attempts to throw cold water on the Greece/BRICS Bank scenario. Here are some excerpts worth examining…

>>> “There has been speculation in the media that Greece may apply for accession to the New Development Bank. We know of these assumptions, but so far no one has officially discussed such an option with us,” Yury Ushakov, President Putin’s aide, said.  <<<

Take careful note of the words Ushakov used here. He didn’t say “no one has discussed such an option”; he said “no one has officially discussed such an option.” If you were throwing a surprise party for someone, would you plan it openly and officially, or would you plan it discreetly and unofficially?

Note also that he said “no one has officially discussed such an option with us [the Russians]”; he didn’t say “no one has officially discussed such an option with anyone [in the BRICS].” We already know that Tsipras met with the head of the BRICS Bank in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago, so was their meeting considered “official” or “unofficial”? And if they weren’t talking about aid and membership for Greeece, what were they talking about? Baklava recipes?

>>>  The NDB is just launching its operations, Ushakov noted, and it still has to “set out its priorities and start to function.”

“And it certainly won’t start its operations with Greece,” Ushakov added, pointing out that the NBD has “its own tasks and challenges to deal with.”

The issue of Greece is going to be discussed anyway, but not in the context of its accession to the NDB “even in the long term,” the presidential aid said.

The BRICS’ New Development Bank has an initial capital of $50 billion and is believed to have triggered a major reshape of the Western-dominated financial system. The NDB is expected to be up and running by the end of the year. <<<

So the issue of Greece’s accession to the NDB won’t be discussed, eh? Is that because Greece hasn’t yet “officially” made such a request? If Tsipras attends the BRICS Summit and submits such a request, what will happen then? And RT is being a bit disingenuous when it says “the NDB is expected to be up and running by the end of the year.” According to other reports cited in my previous updates, the NDB launch process begins today, and it will have its $100 billion Contingency Fund in place by the end of this month. I don’t yet know the status of its $50 billion in starting Development Capital, but I would guess it’ll be ready at about the same time as the Contingency Fund. This raises the possibility that Greece might have to wait a few weeks before getting any money (unless the Russians slip them some as a pipeline advance).

All this brings us back to the orderly and disorderly switchover scenarios I outlined in Update 54. The orderly scenario is…

> Tsipras goes to the BRICS Summit, makes an official request for aid and/or membership, and gets immediate help in rebooting the Greek economy with the drachma.

But now I can see that the disorderly scenario actually comes in two variations…

> Tsipras goes to the BRICS Summit, makes an official request for aid and/or membership, but has to wait a few weeks until the NDB’s funds are all in place. This could create a scenario in which the Eurozone might attempt to sabotage the Greeks by pulling all Emergency Liquidity Assistance from their banks. Chaos would ensue and Panos Kammenos (the pro-Russian Defense Minister) would step forward to restore order and complete the BRICS switchover.

> Tsipras fails to close the deal with either the Eurozone or the BRICS. Chaos ensues and Kammenos steps up.

(P.S. – 7 July 2015) – Here they go again. The New York Times and other media outlets are featuring another factual, yet misleading, statement from another Russian Minister…

>>> Russia is pouring cold water on the prospect that the so-called BRICS nations could help Greece financially at their summit this week.

Russian Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukaev told Russian media that the idea of providing any financial help to a non-BRICS member such as Greece is “premature and, it seems to me, not current.” <<<

So what if Greece becomes a BRICS member, Mr. Ulyukaev? Will there be help then? Until they officially request membership and aid, I guess it is “premature,” isn’t it? wink

Once Greece finally makes its official request to join the BRICS and receive development assistance – whether Tsipras does it in the next few days or Kammenos does it in the next few weeks – you’ll see officials in both the West and East feign surprise. And the same press outlets that are currently downplaying the Greek scenario will feature blaring headlines like this: “GREECE SHOCKS EUROPE BY ASKING TO JOIN THE BRICS.” Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids…

(P.S. – 7 July 2015) – A reader sent me the link to this BRICS Post article, which is another account of the Tsipras-Putin phone call on Monday. The most interesting part of the report, though, is Tsipras’ recitation of the New World Order propaganda line at the bottom…

>>> “Earlier last month at a Russian economic forum in Saint Petersburg, the Greek Prime Minister criticized the EU for believing that it “was the center of the world”.

“The economic center of the planet has shifted. There are new emerging forces that are playing a more important role geopolitically and economically. International relations are more and more characterized by multi-polarity,” said Tsipras.

“Enhanced cooperation among the BRICS countries is another manifestation of the new world order at the moment,” he added. <<<

Of course, he isn’t the only Greek government minister reading from the NWO talking points. In this RT article, the head of the Greek Foreign Ministry’s economic relations department, Giorgos Tsipras, offered this…

>>> When asked about highly skeptical reports in Western media, Tsipras jokingly replied that those who expressed doubts that Moscow-Athens relations would go far were “jealous”.

“The new government means that we will have more multidimensional foreign policy and economic foreign policy and Russia is one of the countries that we will have for more relationship.”

He added that Russia “is one of the main forces of the multipolar world that comes up in the new economic environment after the crisis of 2008.” <<<

The “new economic environment” to which he is referring was born here, at the 2009 G20 Summit (from The New York Times)…
…The G20 is the economic steering committee of the NWO, and both the G7 and the BRICS are in on it. For more information on this subject, see George Soros and the China-fronted NWO.

(P.S. – 7 July 2015) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s remarks, as reported by Zero Hedge on July 7, 2015: Merkel Mocks Greece And The Referendum: There Is Money, But The Deal Is Much Harsher Now (And No Debt Haircut).

Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos’ remarks, as reported by Reuters on February 10, 2015: “…if we see that Germany remains rigid and wants to blow apart Europe, then we have the obligation to go to Plan B. Plan B is to get funding from another source. It could the United States at best, it could be Russia, it could be China or other countries,”

(P.S. – 7 July 2015) – It’s almost midnight here in Texas, but I had to add one more P.S. before bedtime. I came across this New York Times article which relates what Tsipras said after today’s emergency Eurozone meeting (to which Greece didn’t even bother bringing a proposal)…

>>> In comments to reporters after the meeting, Mr. Tsipras struck an almost sunny tone by contrast, saying that the talks had been held in “a positive climate” and that his government would continue efforts to secure “a final exit” from the crisis. “The process will be fast,” he said, “beginning in the coming hours with the aim of concluding by the end of the week, at the latest.” <<<

If you look at his comments through the BRICS scenario lens, they are quite striking. I guess we’ll see by the end of Thursday (the last day of the BRICS Summit and the deadline the Troika has given Greece to submit their final proposal).

(P.S. – 8 July 2015) – Um-hum
…but who will buy the shares, Tsipras (tomorrow or early next week) or Kammenos (after Syriza self-destructs)?

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