Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – February Updates

These are the February updates in chronological order, with the newest on the bottom (updates prior to February can be found here)…

(1 February 2021) – Sorry, but you won’t get him this year either…

My how time flies. We’ve already entered February, and March is right around the corner. And as my longtime readers can attest, I’ve focused very closely on March for the past few years, and this year will be no exception. So here’s how the setup looks for the March Event Window of 2021…

Offering a variety of excuses, Congress had delayed Trump’s impeachment trial till next week, and it’s scheduled to begin on February 9. His 2020 impeachment trial lasted twenty days (January 16 – February 5), and although Congress has made noise about wanting a quicker trial this time, that seems improbable. The Democrats will be using the proceeding to put the whole of Trumpism on trial, and Trump will be using it to make his final case that the election was stolen. So I would expect it to be no shorter than the last trial, which would take us to late February. This means that Trump should be concluding his defense argument right about the time we hit the Jewish holiday of Purim on February 26.

Purim is the first of two Jewish holidays that frame the March 2021 Event Window, which extends through the Pesach (Passover) holidays to April 4. So something big could happen during the February 26 – April 4 timeframe, and it would likely follow the template the Kabbalists set for last year…

Purim is where we see the glory of God brought into the world and overcoming an earthly king and the political forces that acted against the Jews. Pesach (Passover) was when Hashem brought the Jews out of Egypt. The only reason he did so was to have the world see that He was our one true king. Rosh Hashanna is when the Jews declare that Hashem is king.”

“We know from the Talmud that the Redemption will come in the months of Adar and Nissan, that is to say, the months of Purim and Pesach.” – a quote from Rabbi Yosef Berger on Israel365News last year

So Purim represents an opportunity for the globalists to script one of the Jewish messiah characters making a move to crush the political forces acting against the Jews. This could be either the forces of Obama or the “Global Deep State” depending on which timetable they’re acting out…

  • If Biden/Harris and the communist forces of Obama get mass arrested (and Jared Kushner and the “Zionist Deep State” don’t), we’ll be on the 2018-2025 First Tribulation timetable, and you’ll see Jared Kushner return to Washington.
  • If the entire “Global Deep State” including Kushner get arrested, we’ll be finishing out the delayed ending of the 2009-2016 First Tribulation timetable, and you’ll see the rise of Vladimir Putin to a behind-the-scenes world leadership role in September.

The job of this blog is to push these idiots out of the March Event Window with a bucket full of nada.

~ MORE – 2 February 2021 ~

Reader Onnabugeisha has pointed out that this week will bring the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Islamic calendar. If you look up September 11, 2001 on the Umm-Al-Qura calendar, it shows this…

…from Google (top, bottom)

But the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar with days that begin at sunset, and the 9/11 attacks happened in the morning. So I don’t yet know if the attacks actually fell on Jumada II 22 or 23. Either way, the anniversary falls this week on Thursday or Friday, which makes those days potential target dates for an encore attack (which would likely involve Erdogan in some way).

If the globalists want to script one of the Jewish messiahs saving the day during the March Event Window, they’re going to instigate a war incident between now and Purim — be it in the Middle East, the Black Sea, the South China Sea, the US, or some combination of these.

And if one of my Muslim readers knows if a date shown on the Hijri calendar begins at sunset of that day or began at sunset on the previous day, drop me a line.

[The February 3rd post, COVID and the 3 Globalist Narratives, can be found here.]

(5 February 2021) – The Setup for the Zionist Trump Card

Do you remember back in January when an Israeli minister said that Israel will attack Iran if the US returns to Obama’s Iran nuclear deal?

Do you remember back on Monday when the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said that Iran is “weeks away from having material to build nuclear bomb” if the US can’t reestablish the nuclear deal?

Did you notice last night’s news that Biden is convening an “urgent” National Security Council meeting today on how best to reenter the nuclear deal, with one of the major topics of discussion being whether to resurrect the deal before or after Iran’s presidential election in June?

These developments represent the globalists scripting a motivation for Israel to launch an imminent attack on Iran under the rationale that…

“Iran is just weeks away from a nuke and the US is doing nothing but talking about whether to reenter Obama’s deal months from now. If we don’t strike Iran now, they will become a nuclear power.”

Did you also notice yesterday’s news that 11 Iranians were arrested while crossing the border from Mexico? Zero Hedge’s coverage of the incident includes a map that shows a Hezbollah presence in DC…

This is the globalists reminding the public that “Iran-linked terrorists have been infiltrating the US, even Washington DC itself, with the help of Venezuela, Cuba, and their drug cartel allies.”

So if you put these developments together, what do you get?

You get a scenario in which Israel strikes Iran’s nuclear sites and then sets off a false-flag nuke in DC that will be blamed on “Iran’s retaliation for the strike and for the death of Qasem Soleimani.”

Israel would time the attack to occur during the impeachment trial, when all of Congress is gathered in Washington (the Senate will be gathered for the trial, and the House will be working in their committees). And who won’t be in Washington during most of the trial? Trump and Kushner, who will be in Florida. And Tulsi Gabbard, who did not run for reelection. So if Biden’s entire presidential line of succession is killed in the blast or is arrested by the military afterwards, Trump, Kushner and Gabbard (in some combination) will be available to fill the role of civilian leadership. This would put the Zionists back on top and move Kushner closer to the presidency.

Now for a little occulty weirdness…

As you may have noticed, the globalists have, in the past, injected elements of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie trilogy into their made-for-TV public theatrical events (like Sandy Hook). And can you guess who will be presiding over Trump’s impeachment trial? Senator Patrick Leahy, who played “Board Member #2” in The Dark Knight Rises

…from YouTube

The plot of that movie involved Gotham City going into an armed lockdown (like Washington DC currently is) while a nuclear weapon hidden in a military truck ticked down a five-month countdown to detonation (click on the link to the Leahy scene to see them prep the bomb). Now if you recall early last month, I wrote about the possibility that a nuclear weapon was hidden in the Capitol Building during the January 6 invasion of Congress, and we’ll reach the five week mark from that incident on February 10th, the day after the impeachment trial begins.

On a related note, you may have seen the controlled alt-media reports about the federal buildings (including the White House) behind the DC military blockade being abandoned. Whether this is accurate or not at this moment remains to be seen. But we do know this: up to 75% of the federal workforce is now teleworking away from their DC offices (“on account of COVID”), and the Biden Administration has issued orders that the “agencies must make every effort to maximize telework and limit the number of employees in federal buildings to no more than 25% of normal capacity.” So most of the buildings are already down to skeleton crews. And on the day of any planned nuclear blast, we can expect the members of Congress and the President to walk in the front doors of the Capitol and White House and then slip down into the extensive DC tunnel network to their nuclear bunkers before being pronounced dead by the media after the explosion.

This being said, the real reason the core section of Washington, DC has been fenced in and locked down so tightly may be to “clear the set” before the special effect guys blow their nuclear demolition charge. To their “credit,” the globalists are trying to minimize the actual bodycount from the nuking of Washington, but the DC Police and the National Guard guarding the empty set won’t fare so well.

(6 February 2021) – An Overview of the Globalist Prophecy Fulfillment Plans

Reader Onnabugeisha has identified a number of numerological cues pointing to February 11 as a danger day. So today, 2/6, we’ll have a look at those cues and how they fit into the overall puzzle. And over this weekend, we’ll take a look at the four paths the globalists can take from the fork in the road presented by the March Event Window…

  1. The Victory of the Avatars (Putin, Xi, Trump, Modi, et al.), which will allow them to build towards the launch of their “good” NWO at the UN World Summit in September 2023.
  2. The Victory of Obama’s Commies, which will allow them to build towards the launch of their “bad” NWO at the UN World Summit in September 2023.
  3. The Victory of Xi’s Commies (a scenario in which Xi is rescripted as the First Tribulation Commie Antichrist), which will allow them to build towards the launch of their “bad” NWO at the UN World Summit in September 2023.
  4. The Victory of Kushner’s Zionists, which will allow them to build towards the launch of their “bad” NWO at the UN World Summit in September 2023.

~ MORE ~

Before I start covering the globalists’ artificial Tribulation timelines, I think it wise to explain Christian prophecy for those who don’t have a Christian background. So here goes…

Christians expect their savior figure, Jesus H. Christ, to return some day to conquer evil and benevolently rule the world for a thousand years. They call this 1,000-year period of his rule on Earth the “Millennial Kingdom” (or, more simply, the “Millennium”). Before Jesus returns, though, they are expecting Satan’s spirit to indwell an earthly leader so he can attempt to pose as Jesus and usurp his throne. This Satanic leader is known as the Final Antichrist, and the globalists have cast Vladimir Putin to play the role.

According to Christian thinking, Satan has worked through many earthly leaders — many antichrists — but this Final Antichrist will be the worst (and the last). He will be the one who builds a world government to unite humanity against the return of Jesus Christ — a world government that will stand for only 7 years. These seven years of the Antichrist’s rule are known as the Tribulation, which will turn out to be a time of great trouble and suffering for the human race.

Within the Christian prophecy interpretations pushed by the globalists, the 7-year Tribulation consists of two 42-month (3.5 year) prophecy periods, and the second of those periods is called the “Great Tribulation,” because it’s the period of the Antichrist’s rule when human suffering and death will be greatly amplified. And this suffering and death will climax in the “Gog-Magog War” and its culminating “Battle of Armageddon,” which will occur at the end of the 7 years.

So to recap, Christians have been indoctrinated to expect the Antichrist to come and attempt to deceive us into accepting him as our savior. They are expecting him to thereafter rule the Earth for seven years, with great turmoil occurring in the second half of that period. And then they expect the “real Jesus Christ” to come and save us at the end of the seven years during the Battle of Armageddon.

In order to artificially fulfill these expectations and install a fake Jesus Christ and a fake Millennial Kingdom, the globalists are taking us through TWO Tribulation periods. The First Tribulation will feature a scary “decoy Antichrist” that Putin will defeat so he can pose as our savior. The Second Tribulation will feature Putin being revealed as the Final Antichrist so he can be defeated at the end by the globalists’ fake Jesus.

With this hopefully clear explanation of the prophecy fulfillment setup, I’m going to take you on a journey through the four fulfillment pathways currently ahead of us. We’ll begin by looking at the key month of September 2016…

~ MORE – 7 February 2021 ~

As I’ve noted over the past six years, the globalists have already attempted to stage the First Tribulation during the presidency of Barack H. Obama (despite the shared middle initial, he is not related to Jesus). Obama’s 7-year Tribulation time period…

The end the globalists had planned for Obama’s Tribulation was to have the Israelis false-flag an ISIS attack on the 2016 Rio Olympics. The Israeli company that headed the Olympic security effort was to assist the attackers in setting off a WMD during the Games, which would have toppled the city’s famous Christ statue and led to the deaths of athletes and spectators from all the nations of the world.

This WMD attack would have caused armed forces contingents from every nation to be sent to the Middle East to wipe out ISIS in Syria. And once there, the timely revelation that Israel was behind the attack was to reorient those forces towards an invasion of Israel that would have led to the Battle of Armageddon. This is where Putin was to step in to save Israel and the world (with a little help from friends in the sky).

For whatever reason, the globalists backed off from their plan, and there was no Battle of Armageddon in September of 2016 to end the Obama Tribulation. What they did instead that month was stage the following events…

Looking at these events, there are two ways they can be narrated…

  1. In September of 2016, Avatar Xi intervened to seize control of the G20 NWO from Antichrist Obama, Avatar Trump intervened to stop the continuation of the antichrist presidency by Hillary Clinton and to restore security guarantees to Israel, and Avatar Putin sidestepped both the Gog-Magog War and his own assassination. This Divine Intervention paused the end of the [First] Tribulation until the communist forces of antichrist regained their strength and launched the COVID Lockdown Offensive of March 2020.”
  2. In September of 2016, precursor communist antichrist Obama handed the baton of control over the G20 NWO to the main communist Antichrist, Xi Jinping, thus beginning the [First] Tribulation. Forty-two months later in March of 2020, Antichrist Xi’s worldwide network of communist agents foisted the COVID lockdowns upon the world, beginning the Great Tribulation period.”

So was Antichrist Obama’s [First] Tribulation paused by “Divine Intervention” in September of 2016, or was September of 2016 the beginning of Antichrist Xi’s [First] Tribulation? We’ll look closer at these two options in the next section.

~ MORE – 8 February 2021 ~

Now let’s take a closer look at how Barack Obama’s G20 NWO became Xi Jinping’s G20 Belt and Road NWO in September of 2016. The following writings come from my 13 January, 24-25 January, and 16 February updates from last year (which can be found in The 2020 Archive 2) — I’ve merely woven them together with updated and new material…


To see the globalists’ prophecy fulfillment template at work, one need only look at how they positioned Obama to play the Western Antichrist from September of 2009 to September of 2016. What they did with him literally defined the template.

If you recall, Obama was elected amidst the 2008 global financial crisis, less than two months after the collapse of Lehman Brothers…

…from The Wall Street Journal

Being an incoming savior figure, he was presented as the candidate who offered “hope” and “change we could believe in”

But his election and inauguration as President of the United States was not the beginning of his tenure as “the Antichrist.” That came several months later…


Obama’s global reign as the decoy Antichrist symbolically began on September 24, 2009, when he became the first US President to sit as President of the UN Security Council (thus becoming the most powerful man in the most powerful body of the global government). Note how the UN presented the event as “historic”…

…from YouTube

And on the very next day, 25 September 2009, the newly-minted Antichrist was in Pittsburgh to officially launch his New World Order…

…from The Guardian. It was at this Summit that the G20 officially replaced the G7 as the leading economic body of the world…

…from CNN

Of course, the groundwork for Obama’s NWO had already been laid at an earlier 2009 G20 Summit in Rothschildland (a.k.a. “England”). Note the terms Gordon Brown used to describe the result of the meeting…

…from The Telegraph

And just a few months after “accomplishing” all this, Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize…


This helped cement him as the Antichrist by fulfilling the widespread Christian prophecy expectation that “the Antichrist will arrive appearing to be a man of peace, but he’ll bring war.”

So after a global economic crisis created space for a new savior figure to arrive on the global stage, establish a new world order, and pose as “a great man of peace,” 7 years passed until his world leadership met an ignominious end in September of 2016

…from the Guardian


A day after Air Force One pinched its loaf (Barack Obama) onto Chinese soil, Xi Jinping began his emergence as the global leader. It happened on the 4th and 5th at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China…


And just like Barack Obama, whose Antichrist tenure began on the first day of the 2009 Pittsburgh G20 Summit (24 September 2009, the same day he sat as President of the UNSC) and featured him turning the already-existing G20 into a “new financial order” / “new world order,” Xi’s Divine Intervention (or Antichrist tenure) began on the first day of the 2016 Summit and featured him turning the already-existing “G20 world order” into the new “Belt and Road G20 world order”…

…from Al Wihda. Here is an excerpt…

China’s “Belt and Road” initiative has become a major buzzword at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. Experts have stated that as a proposal aimed at boosting economic development, the initiative and the G20, as a mechanism specializing in economic governance, should be able to complement each other given their broad coverage

Hangzhou, the host city of this year’s G20 summit, is located at the intersection of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. In ancient times, it was thanks to these two routes’ counterparts that the city stayed connected to the outside world.

So it was at the Hangzhou Summit that Xi’s economic leadership was offered to the world…

…from the BBC

…and it was in Davos a few months later that Xi continued to press his ambition…

…from Reuters

Did all this, then, constitute the launch of a “new world order”? Evidently so…

…from Quartz. Here is an excerpt…

Chinese president Xi Jinping has vowed for the first time that China should take the lead in shaping the “new world order” and safeguarding international security, one of the latest moves putting him in stark contrast to Donald Trump and the US president’s “America First” policy.

Xi had on numerous occasions called for China to play an important part in building the new world order. But during a Feb. 17 national security seminar in Beijing, he indicated China should “guide” the international community in the effort. A Feb. 20 commentary by the Chinese Communist Party’s central party school, which trains officials, noted the distinction. It has since been widely shared by state-controlled media…

“The overall trend of world multi-polarization, economic globalization, and democratization of international relations remains unchanged. We should guide the international community to jointly build a more just and reasonable new world order,” Xi was paraphrased by Xinhua (link in Chinese) as saying during last week’s seminar…

Xi’s new proposal has “profound meaning,” as his speech coincided with the annual Munich Security Conference and the G20 finance ministerial meeting, noted the commentary. It added that the Western-dominated world order is near its end as Western countries are showing less willingness and ability to interfere in global affairs — as evidenced by Trump’s isolationist foreign policy

Since Trump’s election China has emerged as the world’s strongest proponent of globalization. In the past few months, Xi has been busy sending the world messages that are the exact opposite of Trump’s.

So if Xi ends up being cast as the First Tribulation’s Antichrist and his “Belt and Road G-20 World Order” is the First Tribulation’s evil-version NWO, the narrative will reflect that he is actually in cahoots with the “evil Western Satanic globalists.” And that would have some interesting implications for the script…

It would mean that Xi’s supposed “betrayal of the New World Order” was actually a strategic deception that allowed him to cozy up to Putin, who is supposedly a “real” betrayer of the NWO. “By having Xi pose as an opponent of the West,” the narrative will say, “the Satanists were able to draw Putin into Xi’s NWO, which was actually the West’s planned NWO with different window dressing. Putin believed that Xi was building a multipolar NWO, but it actually turned out to be a unipolar Chinese NWO built with the guidance and assistance of the Western Satanists/globalists.”

Under such scripting, then, we can expect Xi to betray Putin between now and the UN World Summit of September 2023. Putin may also be betrayed by Erdogan, since they could also script that Turkey’s sudden U-turn towards Russia was another deception aimed at coming at Putin sideways — and at getting a Turkish foothold in Syria from which they can later attack Israel. And with Trump having fallen and Netanyahu possibly falling in the March election, the script would have Putin being isolated and surrounded by enemies, possibly forcing him to resign “to save both Russia and himself.” This would leave him with no earthly allies with whom to launch a counterattack, thus compelling him to resort to non-earthly allies when the time comes.

But if, on the other hand, Xi is kept on as a First Tribulation Avatar, he might soon make his final move against the “Chicom Deep State,” just as Trump, Putin, Netanyahu, and Modi make their moves against their respective “Deep States.” And this coordinated move could come as early as this week, which brings us to one of the numerology factoids reader Onnabugeisha has brought to my attention…

Xi Jinping became the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party — which is the “top commie” and “paramount leader” of China — on November 15, 2012. And if you count forward from then to February 11, 2021, you’ll find it is a timespan of 8 years and 88 days [November 15, 2012 to November 15, 2020 = 8 years + 15 days (Nov) + 31 days (Dec) + 31 days (Jan) + 11 days (Feb) = 8 years + 88 days].

This is significant because 8 is considered a lucky number in China, and they go to great lengths to “draw upon its power”…

The number eight is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese and other Asian cultures. Eight is considered a lucky number in Chinese culture because it sounds like the word meaning “to generate wealth.” Property with the number 8 may be valued greatly by Chinese. For example, a Hong Kong number plate with the number 8 was sold for $640,000. The opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing started at 8 seconds and 8 minutes past 8 pm (local time) on 8 August 2008. – from Wikipedia

So it would come as no surprise if the globalists scheduled “Xi’s Big Move” for February 11 (Thursday) in order to take advantage of the power of 888

Avatar Xi might use it to launch mass arrests of the “Chinese Deep State” with the aim of ending communism in China once and for all. This would be done in coordination with his Avatar allies Trump, Putin, Xi, Modi, et al.

Antichrist Xi might use it to nuke Washington DC — dealing a coup de grace to the “American Empire” and capitalist power — with the help of his communist allies in Pyongyang, Tehran, Caracas, Havana, and Washington.

~ MORE – 9 February 2021 ~

Even though I consider it more likely that they’ll keep Xi Jinping in the role of an Avatar in the First Tribulation (he’d then be revealed as one of Putin’s associate antichrists in the Second Tribulation), it would be foolish to overlook the very clearly defined First Tribulation Antichrist timeline the globalists have prepared for him.

As we saw in yesterday’s update, Xi’s Antichrist timeline began in September of 2016 when he seemingly wrested control of the G20 NWO from the West, thus becoming the de facto world leader. And its 7 years will end in September of 2023 when the UN will hold their World Summit…

…from the Stimson Center

Xi’s 7 years met their midpoint — the 3.5 year mark when the Tribulation becomes the Great Tribulation and human suffering is amplified — in March of 2020 when the COVID lockdowns began. So…

September 2016 – Xi takes over the NWO
(+ 3 years = September 2019 + 6 months = March 2020)
March 2020 – “China Virus” lockdowns begin worldwide
(+ 3 years = March 2023 + 6 months = September 2023)
September 2023 – Xi’s Antichrist tenure would end on the month of the UN World Summit

It all fits very well, doesn’t it?

But to qualify as the Antichrist, Xi would have to fulfill two other key expectations: 1) he would have to “stand in the holy place” at the 3.5 year mark to be revealed as the Antichrist as the Great Tribulation begins, and 2) he would have to make a 7-year peace covenant with “Israel and the many.” As it turns out, the globalists arranged passable fulfillments for both of these expectations (which I’ll cover in a later update).

All this brings us back to the four paths the globalists can take if they make a move between now and early April…

  1. The Victory of the Avatars
  2. The Victory of Obama’s Commies
  3. The Victory of Xi’s Commies
  4. The Victory of Kushner’s Zionists

The Xi Antichrist timeline fits with the third path. So this afternoon, we’ll take a look at how “The Victory of Xi’s Commies” would play out from now through September of 2023.

~ MORE ~

Early last year, I was brainstorming different prophecy timeline scenarios and wrote this about the Antichrist Xi scenario on 25 January

Xi’s elevation to a more public role in global leadership would likely be preceded by a precipitous fall of American global power — the fall of the so-called “American Empire.” This fall would likely take the form of a financial system collapse which hobbles the US and allows China and its gold to step up and save the day for everyone who signs on to their NWO…

Less than two months after I wrote this, the “China Virus” lockdowns started, which weakened the economies of the United States and the rest of the world just as Xi was taking China out of its lockdown. So with America’s economy greatly weakened and its capital city cordoned-off and emptied-out “on account of the MAGA terror threat and COVID,” a nuclear explosion in Washington DC (and possibly a number of other US cities) would be the final blow that topples the “American Empire.” It would also trigger a vigorous crackdown on “the domestic MAGA terrorists responsible for the blast(s).” And since Trumpers view the UN as evil, an Operation Blackjoke target list would likely include the UN Headquarters in New York, opening the way for a new UN to be built somewhere else.

In the aftermath of such an America-toppling attack, the global financial system would go into cardiac arrest, creating an opportunity for Xi, China’s vast gold reserves, and their new “digital yuan” to step in and offer relief to every nation that signs on to and ratifies their proposal for UN reform. This would put the world on course to the formal launch of the “evil” NWO in September of 2023.

Unlike the Zionist-version Operation Blackjoke I wrote about in the January updates, the communist-version would likely blame Putin for providing the nukes to the “MAGA terrorists.” This would allow the Biden Administration and the Military-Industrial Complex to target Russia for retaliation, which could be the development that leads to Putin resigning and handing power to the supposed “Atlantic Integrationists” in order to “save Russia from destruction.” As I noted in the 29 December 2020 update, Putin has already made the preparations for such a resignation.

(9 February 2021) – I didn’t realize it, but February 11th is Chinese New Year’s Eve, and Beijing time is 13 hours ahead of Washington DC time. This means that midnight on Chinese New Year’s Eve is 11 AM in Washington. So can we expect fireworks in Washington at 11 on the 11th? Or will the 16 days of Chinese New Year celebrations bring “the Chinese people’s emancipation from the communist party”? Methinks they’ll be feasting on a goose egg again.

~ MORE – 10 February 2021 ~

Now let’s take a closer look at the other three scenarios, in which Xi would remain a First Tribulation Avatar (“good guy”)…

  1. The Victory of the Avatars
  2. The Victory of Obama’s Commies
  3. The Victory of Kushner’s Zionists

In the Victory of the Avatars scenario, the narrative would go something like this…

“God intervened through the Avatars to stop Obama’s communists [which include “the West-allied Chicom Deep State / Jiang Faction” who are Xi’s supposed enemies] from staging the Gog-Magog War and Battle of Armageddon in 2016. And since that time, the Avatars have been exposing the evil that has ruled the world so the people will understand why their wicked leaders must be replaced. It is these wicked leaders who foisted the COVID lockdowns upon the world and stole the US presidential election. And once they regained political power in the US and made their evil intentions clear, the Avatars made their final move to take them down forever.”

So under this scenario, there will be mass arrests of the “Global Deep State” all around the world, particularly in the US, China and Russia. And the event that would unleash this roundup during the March Event Window would be either stunning revelations made during Trump’s defense argument or the “good guys” catching the “bad guys” in the act of carrying out the nuking of Washington DC (and possibly other cities).

The Avatars would then lead the world towards the formal launch of the “good” NWO in September of 2023.

In the Victory of Obama’s Commies scenario, the narrative would go something like this…

“God intervened through the Avatars to stop Obama’s communists from staging the Gog-Magog War and Battle of Armageddon in 2016. But after the intervention, the Satanic Global Deep State plotted a return to power using election fraud and a fake pandemic, with Obama returning to the political scene in September of 2018 to lead the Democrats to a stolen victory in the mid-term Congressional races.

About a year later, the Global Deep State started their COVID pandemic psyop with the intention of using it as an excuse to stage coups against Xi, Putin and Trump. Xi and Putin prevailed over their coups, with Putin purging Medvedev and the Atlantic Integrationists from the Russian government and Xi emerging from his disappearance to lead China out of the lockdowns and to begin larger purges of CCP. But Trump fell to a shadow coup in March, which allowed the American Deep State to push him out of office and restore a communist presidency.

Once back in full control of the US, Obama’s communists wasted no time in going after the people who pushed them out of office in 2016. They oriented the entire Homeland Security apparatus towards Trump’s base and then set off nukes in American cities to provide an excuse to arrest them all. They also used the nuclear attack event to go after Putin and Xi for supposedly providing the nukes.”

So under this scenario, they will “wave the bloody shirt” of the people killed by Operation Blackjoke to come down like a (mega)ton of bricks on MAGA and to remove Putin and Xi under threat of imminent nuclear war against Russia and China.

Obama’s commies would then lead the world towards the formal launch of the “evil” NWO in September of 2023 (or in September of 2025 if they count Obama’s political reemergence in September of 2018 as the start of the First Tribulation).

In the Victory of Kushner’s Zionists scenario, Jared Kushner is the First Tribulation Antichrist, and Donald Trump was never anything more than a front man and sock puppet Kushner used gain de facto presidential power. According to this narrative, Kushner was the one who…

  • convinced Trump (his father-in-law) to run for president,
  • ran Trump’s presidential campaign, and
  • determined presidential policy after Trump was elected.

Donald Trump was the flashy attention magnet that kept the press and public transfixed while Kushner ran things behind the scenes.

Under this scenario, the First Tribulation began in September of 2018, the month when Kushner’s sock puppet sat as President of the UN Security Council and Barack Obama returned to politics. Kushner orchestrated Obama’s return so he could have an evil foil to defeat when the time came to pose as the savior, which he will do at some point between now and March of 2022. Here is the Antichrist Kushner timeline…

September 2018 – Kushner’s sock puppet, Donald Trump, sits at the head of the existing world government
(+ 3 years = September 2021 + 6 months = March 2022)
March 2022 – “Savior” Kushner “stands in the holy place” of the Jewish tabernacle on the Temple Mount after having defeated “the communist threat to Israel and the world”
(+ 3 years = March 2025 + 6 months = September 2025)
September 2025 – Kushner’s Antichrist tenure would end when Putin defeats him with the help of some “friends from the sky”

Now that “the evil communist Obama has illegally returned to power through the Biden administration and is threatening to mass arrest the American public, purge patriots from the American military, and allow Israel to fall under the threat of a nuclear Iran,” Kushner’s Zionists will conduct a nuclear false flag to be blamed on the communists (including Biden/Harris, Xi and Putin), providing a solid reason for the US military to mass arrest the commies and push Xi and Putin from power under blackmail of a nuclear counterattack. And when the military restores Trump’s presidency “in some form,” Kushner will return to Washington to become president at some point before March of 2022.

With the basics of the four scenarios now laid before us, it’s time to review the occulty bullsh*t that might motivate the Kabbalists to stage the Big Event tomorrow, on 2/11…

We’ve already seen that Chinese numerology (888) points to 2/11 as an opportune time for Xi to make his big move against either the CCP or the USA. And moving tomorrow would allow China to celebrate either their emancipation from communism or their rise to “most powerful nation in the world” during their Chinese New Year festivities. So…

  • in the event “Antichrist Xi” blows up Washington DC tomorrow, these will be contributing factors to his decision, and
  • in the event “Antichrist Kushner” blows up Washington DC tomorrow, these factors will be among those cited in pointing the finger of blame at Xi (and all his allies, including Iran and Putin).

Another thing of note is the buzz among some of the Christian prophecy propaganda guys about a sign appearing in the heavens on 2/11…

…from Steve Fletcher 222 on YouTube

As you can see, there is a celestial alignment tomorrow that forms the shape of Christ’s cross. But what does this supposedly mean?…

  • Is it a sign that we’ll be saved from what’s planned tomorrow by the Avatars or “Savior” Kushner?
  • Is it a sign that Christians are about to be crucified under Antichrist Xi or Antichrist Obama?
  • Is it a sign that “the endgame before Jesus’s return has begun”?

I’m sure they’ll make up some meaning to fit whatever might occur — that’s how con artists operate. But given how exposed the 2/11 Op has now become, I wouldn’t bet on anything happening tomorrow.

(11 February 2021) – There are two obvious ways the globalists can use the Trump impeachment trial to segue into the Big Event: 1) blow up Congress during the trial, and 2) have big revelations come out as part of Trump’s defense. So far, the press have portrayed Trump’s defense as being a mess, which creates the impression that his lawyers are actually hostile to his cause and are deliberately sabotaging their client. And this raises the possibility that Trump will fire them mid-trial and go to Washington to defend himself and/or bring in a lawyer he absolutely knows he can trust…

…On a sidenote, Vincent Fusca JFK Jr. will be 22,000 days old on February 18 (a week from today).

(12 February 2021) – The Seven-Year Peace Covenant of “Antichrist Xi”

I’m taking some time to research “the 7-year peace covenant with Israel and the many” under an “Antichrist Xi” scenario, and I’m finding that Chabad is working to sell out Israel to China, with Israel Katz (Israel’s Minister of Finance) being an important figure in making it happen. The free trade agreement he’s about to make with China will complete the covenant and contribute to Israel’s fall in the 2022-2025 timeframe. China will figure in Israel’s near-total destruction whether Xi, Kushner or an Obama is put forth as the First Tribulation Antichrist. More details after the research is done.

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To see how Xi Jinping fulfills the “7-year peace covenant” expectation, let’s have a look at the Bible verse from which the expectation is derived, Daniel 9:27 — a verse that supposedly refers to the Antichrist…

Daniel 9:27 He will confirm a covenant with many for one ‘seven.’ In the middle of the ‘seven’ he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him.

In globalist prophecy propaganda…

  • “He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven” means that the Antichrist will make a peace deal between Israel and its neighbors that will last for 7 years. And in the Second Tribulation, that’s exactly what will happen. After saving Israel and the world from total annihilation, Vladimir Putin and his fake-ET entourage will forge the “good” NWO, which will ensure Israel’s survival until the NWO is defeated seven years after its founding by the globalists’ fake Jesus.
  • “In the middle of the seven he will put an end to sacrifice and offering, and at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him” means that the Antichrist will stop the Jewish priests from doing their animal sacrifices in the Third Temple and will erect an altar to himself there. And that’s exactly what will happen in the Second Tribulation when Vladimir Putin “stands in the holy place.”

But since the rebuilt Jewish Temple will not exist until the Second Tribulation, the globalists have to find another way of acting out Daniel 9:27 for the First Tribulation. Unable to stage a “perfect fulfillment,” they must stage a “passable fulfillment.” And in the case of Xi’s Belt and Road Peace Covenant, they have.

“He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven”…

When Xi Jinping took over the G20 NWO in September of 2016, he promised the world peace and prosperity through economic cooperation. And in the 4 years and five months since he made that “covenant with the many,” he’s been signing deals to confirm the covenant with many nations, soon to include Israel.

“In the middle of the seven he will put an end to sacrifice and offering. And at the temple he will set up an abomination that causes desolation, until the end that is decreed is poured out on him”…

In the middle of Xi Jinping’s seven (March of 2020), his “China Virus” and his communist agents in the UN and governments around the world shut down Christian churches across the planet, putting an end to sacrifice and offering. And in the holy place of every Christian church in China, he placed an altar to himself…

…from Mission Network News

So if Xi Jinping is tapped to play the First Tribulation Antichrist, his ‘seven’ has 2 years and 7 months to go. That’s the same amount of time the majority of the Israeli population have left to live.

~ MORE – 14 February 2021 ~

In the 12 February update, I mentioned the coming Israel-China free trade agreement and Israel Katz. Here is more on that from a September 2020 Globes article

A free-trade agreement between Israel and China is just around the corner, after being in the works for a long time. So far, seven rounds of official meeting have been held between representatives of the two countries (the eighth was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic), and there is readiness, even enthusiasm, on the part of both sides to complete the deal…

China sees Israel as part of its New Silk Road project, designed to expand its influence in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The project is openly supported by strong figures in the Israeli government, chiefly Minister of Finance Israel Katz.

If you look into Israel Katz, you quickly find out that he hangs with all the wrong people (the Chabadniks)…

…from kanal24 (top) and The Jerusalem Post (bottom)

And Chabad agents in the Israeli government are aiding the Chinese communists in their infiltration and subversion of the Israeli tech sector and infrastructure, shielding such activities from oversight…

…from Axios (top) and Breaking Defense (bottom)

Chabad is an oligarch-funded Kabbalist “Jewish” cult that is helping orchestrate the End Times Show for the globalists. Their rank-and-file members are helping set up Israel for invasion and destruction “in order to hasten the arrival of the Moshiach” — the Jewish messiah they believe will appear when Israel is near annihilation. Meanwhile, Chabad’s leaders are busy putting the actors in place to fulfill those expectations. They orchestrated the political rise of Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin (who is cast to play the Moshiach).

The red heifers aren’t the only things the religious nuts in Israel are preparing for slaughter.

(16 February 2021) – Scenarios to Watch in Venezuela

Zionist Antichrist candidate Jared Kushner meets Obama clone Juan Guaido at Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address…

…from Breitbart

Reader Onnabugeisha is detecting numerological churn in the days ahead surrounding the Jesuits, Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and Juan Guaido. While I’m currently tracking no particular scenarios vis-a-vis Venezuela, there are some general plays we need to watch for in the days, weeks, and months ahead…

THE COMMUNIST PLAY – The Maduro government is socialist/communist, so it is allied with the Cuban and Chinese communists and Biden’s Democrats. Maduro is also currently allied with Putin, and Putin is supposedly a target of the NWO communists, as are the United States and Trump supporters. So the globalist scriptwriters may have the communists scheme a sacrifice play for Maduro — having him take the blame for supposedly passing Russian backpack nukes to American patriots for an Operation Blackjoke scenario. This would enable the commies to collapse America, arrest Trump’s political base, and use the threat of a nuclear “counterattack” as blackmail to force Putin’s resignation.

THE ZIONIST PLAY – The globalists may script a military coup that takes down the Maduro regime and installs Juan Guaido as acting president. The controlled alt-media would narrate this as the next domino to fall after the Burmese military coup, which was supposedly triggered by Biden-style election fraud committed by the deposed civilian leadership. The narrative would state that Maduro owed his position to the same sort of election fraud, and his arrest by the Venezuelan military would foreshadow a coming US military coup against the Biden regime for the same reason.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this.

(17 February 2021) – The Globalists are Setting the Stage for an Imminent Messianic Act

Iran has announced that they’ll start limiting international nuclear inspections next Tuesday (the 23rd) if the Biden administration doesn’t start ending economic sanctions [1, 2]. And they’re doing this at a time the Zionists (and America’s Jewish [3, 4] Secretary of State, Antony Blinken) are circulating rumors that Iran is about to build a nuke…

…from The Jerusalem Post

So Iran is about to make a move that “will allow it to assemble a nuke without being seen by the international inspectors.” This looks like a job for the Jewish messiah!…

In a remarkable “coincidence,” Iran’s move comes just three days before the Jewish holiday of Purim, which has a historical connection to modern-day Iran (Persia)…

…from Hebcal

On top of this, some of the Christian prophecy propagandists are making noise about ongoing celestial alignments that “herald the return of the messiah.”

So the questions we face are these…

Which of the Jewish Messiahs will be making a move between now and the 26th: the “Moshiach ben Yosef” (Netanyahu), the “Moshiach ben David” (Putin), the “Moshiach ben Cyrus” (Trump), or the “Moshiach ben Satan” (Kushner)?

And what move will that be — a move towards preemptive war with Iran or a move towards a peace covenant?

A strike on Iran (either executed or “about to be executed”) would be a nice lead-in to either the Operation Blackjoke Scenario or the Mass Arrests Scenario. And a diplomatic save by Putin would be a nice early indicator of his messianic status.

~ MORE ~

While I was preparing lunch, I started wondering how long it will take for the controlled alt-media to start narrating the Texas power outages as “a foreign cyberattack that’s being covered up.” They were doing preparatory propaganda for such an attack last year…

…from Google

(21 February 2021) – A Clarification on First and Second Tribulation Timetables

Based on globalist scripting requirements, event timing and preparatory propaganda, I’m currently tracking three possible timing configurations for the First and Second Tribulation periods.

Configuration One has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2016 to September 2023 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September 2023 to September 2030
…for a total of 14 years with no gap between the two Tribulations.

Configuration Two has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2018 to September 2025 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September of 2025 to September of 2032
…for a total of 14 years with no gap between the two Tribulations.

Configuration Three has…
the First Tribulation spanning September 2016 to September 2023 and
the Second Tribulation spanning September of 2025 to September of 2032
…for a total of 16 years with a two-year gap between the two Tribulations.

More on these in future updates…