Trump-Kim Summit Assassination Watch (completed)

(Enhanced Closing Note – 12 June 2018) – Whatever scenario the globalists had planned for the Singapore Summit obviously got cancelled…

…from the Washington Post

The Singapore government had announced a security zone at Trump’s hotel from June 10-14, and he arrived on the evening of the 10th, but he certainly didn’t depart on the 14th or 15th. They just held a few hours of meetings, signed a meaningless letter, then got out of Dodge on the 12th. Now we watch to make sure neither leader becomes ill, and we wait for them to schedule the fallback scenario.

One thing of note was the groin-level hand sign Trump displayed during the summit…

…It is the Illuminati hand sign for “I have a mangina.” Maybe that’s why he ran off early.

Now we turn our attention to what’s happening in Yemen, Northern Israel, and Austria.

Here are the previous Notes in chronological order…

(Notes – 1-3 June 2018) – The US-North Korea summit is being held at a location that leaves Trump and Kim wide open to the type of nuclear assassination I’ve been predicting. According to the Washington Post, preparations for the summit meetings are already underway at the Capella Hotel on Singapore’s Sentosa resort island…

…from Google Maps

If we look a little closer, we see the hotel is only 900 feet from the beach, which makes it a sitting duck for an attack by a nuke-carrying minisub or swimmer delivery vehicle…

…from Google Maps

Given that the estimated yield of North Korea’s most recent nuclear test was 100 kilotons – 300 kilotons, such an underwater nuclear threat need only surface and detonate within 1-1.5 km of the hotel to obliterate it with its air blast. And if it surfaces within 500-780 meters, it can consume the hotel in its fireball.

Here is a map of the destruction radius of a 100 kiloton explosion. If the explosion occurs within the smaller circle, the fireball will take the hotel; if it occurs within the larger circle, the air blast will take the hotel…


As you can see, a sub or swimmer delivery vehicle has plenty of room to sneak in near the coast to do its business.

Besides making Trump and Kim sitting ducks, the choice of summit location reduces the amount of collateral damage that would be inflicted on Singapore’s main island…


There would be mostly burns and broken windows there. It may be that the globalists don’t want to heavily damage or destroy the city itself; it is one of their showcase “global cities.” As for Sentosa, here is the damage estimate from a 100 kiloton blast located near the offshore shipping lane (click on the image to enlarge it — the hotel is the red star)…


Beside the nuke-bearing submarine / swimmer delivery vehicle option, I’ve identified another scenario that already has some preparatory propaganda behind it. It would involve ISIS loading a nuke provided to them by North Korean hardliners onto the Singapore-bound ferry from Sebana Cove, Malaysia. Looking again at the third map (the one with the two circles), we see the route of the ferry as it passes by Sentosa (it is the dashed line labeled “Sebana, MY – Harbourfront, SG”). And as you can see by the circle, a 100 kiloton or larger nuke would destroy the summit site from that distance…

As for the other two ferry lanes next to Sebana’s lane, they are from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal and Batam Centre Ferry Terminal, both in Indonesia. So the nuke could be loaded at those two places as well. And the fourth ferry lane that lies outside of the 100 kiloton effective radius is from Harbour Bay, Indonesia. A nuke could be loaded there, but it would have to have a yield of near 200 kilotons or higher.

And now for the news…

With the Trump-Kim summit just a week and a half away, the propaganda corps have released a sudden flurry of articles on a coming Trump-Putin summit…

…from Google News

This is being done to provide yet another scripted motivation for an assassination during the Korean summit or peace treaty signing: to prevent Trump and Putin from ganging up against the “evil Deep State” and taking control of the US-Russia conversation. So according to the script, the “Deep State” is now faced with this situation: “If we don’t act now, peace could start breaking out everywhere!”

Since Trump has been cast as the precursor messiah in this phase of the globalist prophecy fulfillment show, they want to portray him as a man of peace. So to drive that point home, the fake assassination will most likely take place at the moment a Korean peace agreement is either announced or signed.

(Note – 5 June 2018) – In the past few days, there have been additional confirmations that the Capella Hotel on the island of Sentosa will be the actual meeting site for the summit. Here is a blurb from a New York Times article

“Officials have not yet announced exactly where the landmark meeting will take place in Singapore. The Shangri-La Hotel has been favored by previous American presidents as a place to stay, while a former Singaporean official suggested that the meeting was likely to take place on the resort island of Sentosa, just off the southern tip of Singapore.

And here is another excerpt from a Japan Times article

Of all of Singapore’s big hotels, only one shows all its rooms and restaurants are blocked out for the week surrounding June 12, when U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are due to meet in the city.

The booking crunch at the Capella, which sits in the middle of 30 acres of lawns and rain forest on the resort island of Sentosa, just south of the city, is among a handful of overt signs that Singapore is preparing for one of the most controversial summits since the end of the Cold War.”

If the summit planners were serious about security, they’d hold the meeting at the hotel where Trump will be staying, the Shangri-La. It is far enough from the shore to make a sail-up nuclear attack impractical. But their choice of venue isn’t really about security; it’s about enabling a false-flag attack to advance the globalist Event script.

In the June 1-3 notes, I said that “the fake assassination will most likely take place at the moment a Korean peace agreement is either announced or signed.” Well, get a load of this…

…from The Straits Times, a Singaporean newspaper. Here are some key excerpts…

>>> A Seoul-based security expert told The Korea Herald the deal to declare an end to the Korea War could be reached as soon as the day after their meeting on June 12…

Mr Cho said [South Korean] President Moon could travel to Singapore in time for the Trump-Kim summit and join the two leaders in reaching a trilateral agreement to end the Korean War…

“If Beijing want to be involved in the process, we don’t have to prevent them from doing so. But I don’t think [South Korean] President Moon and Trump should wait on declaring an end to the Korean War until President Xi Jinping flies to Singapore,” Mr Cho said. <<<

This summit extension to declare peace seems to be in the cards given what The Straits Times says in another article on the summit…

>>> The Government has declared the area surrounding the Shangri-La Hotel a ‘special event area’ for the period of June 10 to 14, for the upcoming summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. <<<

And although the first article seems to imply that it’s OK if Xi doesn’t fly in for the big announcement, what are the odds that Trump, Moon, and Kim will offend the Chinese by not inviting him?

So we could see a nuclear assassination on the day of the peace declaration that would kill four supposed enemies of the “Deep State” all at once…

  1. Trump, who is supposedly a danger to their whole agenda,
  2. Moon, who is soft towards North Korea and has attempted to block US strategic moves,
  3. Kim, who is developing nuclear weapons that could strike the US, and
  4. Xi, who is supposedly rebelling against the Western New World Order along with Putin

Also in the June 1-3 notes, I brought up a scenario in which ISIS loads a nuke provided to them by North Korean hardliners onto a ferry that passes close to the summit site, then detonates it to assassinate the gathered leaders with the nuclear air blast. After taking some time to think about it further, I’ve gotten the feeling that this is the exact scenario the globalists have planned, except the ferry part is optional. They could also use a ship, boat or submersible.

Should “ISIS” destroy the summit using a “North Korean” nuke, news will soon circulate that the North Korean hardliners provided them with more than one, and this will be used as a pretext for security crackdowns in every nation that supposedly has ISIS terror cells in it (which is pretty much every country in the world). Newly installed President Pence will then have the power to completely lock down any American city he wants at any time he wants, citing “intelligence reports” or ISIS threats to set off a nuke in that city. He will also vow that “we will not live in fear” as he continues to stoke the fear and leads us to war.

So if the globalists proceed with this scenario, we’ll get exactly what I’ve predicted in past entries: an initial nuclear scare that will lead to months of fear and make the big nuclear scare in September all the more real and all the more terrifying (for the sleepers).


Before I start talking about the globalists’ motivations in conducting a nuclear assassination next week, it’s important to remember that there are three concurrently-running narratives that surround this event…

1) The globalists’ mainstream media narrative, which is aimed at the sleepers. It will have them seeing what happens as being the result of North Korean hardliners teaming up with ISIS/Al Qaeda terrorists to take down ‘Merica.

2) The globalists’ controlled alt-media narrative, which is aimed at people who are awakening. It will have them seeing what happens as being the result of the “evil Deep State” / “evil Western globalists” making a last-gasp attempt at saving their agenda from defeat at the hands of the “good guys” (Trump, Putin, Xi, etc).

3) The real narrative available on this blog, which reveals that might happen in Singapore is part of a globalist “good guys vs. bad guys” stage play that is aimed at getting the public to accept the real New World Order (and what lies beyond it).

So as I go through each motivation, I’ll identify which narrative it belongs to: main narrative, alt narrative or real narrative.

That being said, we’ve covered these three motivations for the nuclear assassination in the Notes so far…

Motivation 1 – It will rid the “evil Deep State” of 4 supposed opponents (Trump, Xi, Moon, and Kim). This is part of the alt narrative. In reality, those four are globalist minions, just like the “evil Deep State” guys they’re supposedly fighting. The conflict between them is artificial and staged for public consumption.

Motivation 2 – It will prevent the Trump-Putin summit from ever occurring. This is part of the alt narrative. In reality, Trump, Putin, and the “evil Deep State” guys are all globalist actors reading from the same script. But according to the alt narrative (which supports the script), Trump and Putin are “good guys” who may join forces at their summit, so the “bad guys” must stop at nothing to keep them apart.

Motivation 3 – It will enable months of nuclear terror-mongering and a police state lockdown. This is part of the alt and real narratives. The controlled alt-media guys will tell you that the “evil Deep State” controls ISIS/Al Qaeda, so they’re the ones who really conducted the nuclear assassination, and they did it so they could take dictatorial control over the West and force their “unilateral New World Order” into being. In reality, though, the assassination is scripted by the globalists to be the transition point into the “Darkness before the Dawn” phase of their NWO transition plan. You can read more about the transition plan further down this page.

The summer of nuclear terror the assassination would unleash is not a new element of the NWO transition script; it’s just a slight modification to what the globalists had planned for 2016. This is what I wrote about it back then

Clearly, the globalists are using ISIS as the catalyst to get World War 3 going, so it makes a lot of sense that ISIS activity will peak as we head into the outbreak of full-scale hostilities this September. If you want a war in September, a “Summer of Terror” will do quite nicely to get it started.

The Summer of Terror will serve the globalist agenda in a number of ways…

1) It will create an atmosphere of tension and fear throughout the nations that experience it. They want to generate maximum dread as they go forward into the war; this will make the solution they offer after the war look enormously appealing to the populace.

2) It will create an angry backlash against ISIS among the sleeping populations of the affected nations and make them eager for payback and war. “Onward Christian soldiers!”

3) It will allow the Western governments to selectively lock down the public whenever they wish. Although they’ll allow many demonstrations to go forward (to create the public appearance of popular unrest), they will disperse demonstrations they don’t like by dispatching a terror squad to bomb or shoot up the demonstrators. As the banksters begin their final looting of the world’s economies through bank bail-ins and asset seizures, ISIS terror will be the knife they hold to the public’s throat to prevent us from uncontrollably rising up.

4) It will allow the Western governments to institute draconian domestic controls that will make the population see their governments as evil and Satanic. This will make the populace all the more welcoming towards the Christ figure who ends the war and defeats the “Satanists.”

So in this year’s script, the Singapore Summit could be used to kick off the Summer of Terror, and it will be intensified once Erdogan “unleashes the hounds” on the West.

Getting back to the motivations for the assassination, here are six more that this blog identified back in Update 14 (April 1)…

Motivation 4 – It will stop a US withdrawal from Syria and allow a direct war to depose Assad.

Motivation 5 – It will allow the “Satanists” to conspire with Turkey to stage a confrontation that will set off a massive Muslim migrant invasion of Christendom.

Motivation 6 – It will stop a peaceful nuclear resolution and reunification in Korea, thus retaining US influence there and allowing US forces to remain on the same landmass as China.

Motivation 7 – It will prevent the “Western globalists’ free trade system” from collapsing due to tariff wars.

Motivation 8 – It will crash the markets and allow the final bank bail-ins and wealth confiscations to take place.

Motivation 9 – It will allow the final confrontation with Russia to go forward.

And here is a new motivation I learned about today…

Motivation 10 – It will enable US involvement in cutting off the most important port available to the rebels (and civilians) in Yemen.

Time permitting, I’ll add more details to Motivations 4-10 before the big day.

And now for the news…

Well, not only have they officially confirmed that the Capella Hotel on Sentosa will be the summit site, but they’ve also subtly attached a 9/11 coding to the event…

…from CNN

By discreetly working in a 9/11 reference to the opening of the summit, they’re connecting it to the idea of a terrorist sneak attack and of an event that leads to a security crackdown. The first 9/11 resulted in the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security department; this next 9/11 is meant to bring in the full police state (for a few months).

(Note – 7 June 2018) – BE READY FOR THE “G6+1” HISSY FIT TOMORROW

As I mentioned in the June 6 Note, motivation 7 for next week’s assassination is to supposedly prevent the “Western globalists’ free trade system” from collapsing due to tariff wars. And you’ve probably seen in the news that Trump has enacted tariffs on Mexico, Canada, and Europe. So as a final measure to drive motivation 7 into the minds of the public before Trump heads to Singapore, the globalists have arranged for a grand confrontation over trade at the 44th G7 Summit of June 8-9. Some have even started to petulantly call the G7 the “G6+1″…

…from the Financial Post

And get a load of the headline atop Zero Hedge this morning

It hints at the “Satanic Western globalists” threatening Trump for standing in the way of their “evil, unipolar New World Order.” And “no leader is eternal” is exactly what you’d expect the “evil globalists” to say before they assassinate someone.

Here’s more from today’s news…

Back in the June 1-3 Note, I brought up prevention of a Trump-Putin summit as one of the “Deep State’s” motivations to kill Trump next week. And now the controlled alt-media is hinting at it too…

…from Zero Hedge (an NWO propaganda site). Here is the closing paragraph of their article…

>>> Incidentally, both presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, each held summits with Putin within six months of taking office. So far, the “deep state” has managed to withhold Trump from doing the same 16 months into his tenure. <<<

All these little hints have me wondering if they’ll proceed with their plan this time despite being exposed, or if I’m missing something. North Korean bioweapons perhaps? I’ll have to add them into the mix before Tuesday.

With everything that’s going on, I almost forgot that the 2018 Bilderberg Conference started today and continues through Sunday. So what will they be talking about, you ask?…

…from the Express

In a related article titled Trump-EU trade war will stoke the POPULIST FIRES in Europe, warns France, the Express offers this notable passage…

>>> He [French finance chief Bruno Le Maire] added trade wars “fuel populism and isolationism” at a time when Europe has been shaken to its core by anti-establishment parties who “feed” on these disputes.

Mr Le Maire said: “By trying to weaken the bloc, the United States [Trump] is encouraging the populist wave that is threatening Europe.” <<<

So both the G7 and the Bilderbergers are portraying Trump as an existential threat to the “evil Western-version” New World Order right before he travels to Singapore. And this is meant to establish the “evil Western globalists” as an existential threat to Trump right before the assassination occurs.

(Note – 8 June 2018) – THE 11th & 12th ASSASSINATION MOTIVATIONS

When I put together the 10 “Deep State” motives for the assassination back in the June 6 Note, I forgot to add one of the most important ones: Motivation 11 – to prevent Trump from announcing or implementing his Middle East “peace plan.” This motivation is particularly important because a few months after the “Deep State” blames North Korean hardliners for providing the nuke, it will turn out that the Israeli Zionists provided it. This revelation is what will trigger the whole world to gang up on Israel for the “Battle of Armageddon.”

As for the scripted reason for Netanyahu providing the nuke to assassinate Trump, it is to prevent Trump from forcing Israel to make painful concessions to the Palestinians. Now that Israel have gotten what they wanted out of him, the recognition of Jerusalem as their capital, he has become expendable – he has nothing to offer them now except the losses imposed by his “peace plan.” I wrote about this motive in depth in [Special Note – 4 May 2018] – Lubavitchers meet in Washington to establish the motive for Trump’s assassination. After clicking the link, you’ll need to scroll down almost halfway to see it.

Keep in mind that the whole scenario is part of the phony controlled alt-media narrative. In reality, all this is taking place so the globalists can artificially fulfill religious prophecies. All the players in this drama are reading from a script.

Oh, and there’s a Motivation 12 also, and it too is part of the alt narrative: to prevent Trump from prosecuting the Clintons and the rest of the Democratic Party Establishment

…from Fox News. Take note of the timing of the release…

>>> The long-awaited watchdog report on the FBI and DOJ’s Hillary Clinton investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign will be released next Thursday, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz said.

In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Horowitz said “we anticipate releasing the report on June 14, 2018.” That day is also President Trump’s birthday. <<<

Since Singapore time runs 12 hours ahead of Washington time, the Inspector General’s report is scheduled for release after any potential Trump assassination on the 11th-14th. And if Trump gets clipped, you can be sure that the report will be shelved.

It should be noted that Trump’s hotel in Singapore is being secured from June 10 thru 14, so if the Summit is extended for two days and he’s killed on the 14th, he’ll be 72 years old. 72 is a significant number to the occultists; here are a few of its associations according to Wikipedia

  • 72 is the number of names of God, according to Kabbalah.
  • 72 is the number of demons sealed away by King Solomon with The Lesser Key of Solomon.
  • 72 is the number of evil disciples and accomplices of Set who enclosed Osiris in a coffin.
  • 72 is the number of steps on Jacob’s Ladder.
  • 72 is the number of chapters in the oldest known division of the Book of Revelation.

By killing him on his 72nd birthday, the globalists would attach a nice occultic flair to the event.


President Trump is already en route to Singapore, so let me give a brief preview of the first assassination threat both he and Kim Jong Un will face: a gauntlet of ISIS/Al Qaeda surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) on Indonesian and Malaysian soil and on ships and boats in the waters around Singapore.

Singapore is surrounded by Muslim-majority Malaysia to the north and east and by Muslim-majority Indonesia to the south and west, and the press have narrated an ISIS/Al Qaeda presence in both countries. So as the aircraft carrying Trump and Kim descend for a landing on Singapore island, they will be at low altitude over Muslim-majority territory. This will make them vulnerable to both MANPADS and air-to-air missiles modified for ground launch (which the Houthis have used against Saudi aircraft over Yemen). The press have narrated that ISIS/Al Qaeda are in possession of both types of missiles.

Although Air Force One is presumably outfitted with the latest-and-greatest missile defense technology, its systems could conceivably be overwhelmed by a large number of missiles fired at the same time. And Kim Jong-Un’s aircraft will have little or no protection. So Kim would be the most likely target of an “assassination by SAM.” Kim also faces the threat of having his airliner sabotaged by hardliners.


You may have seen in the news that tensions are on the upswing in the South China Sea…

…from Fox News (top) and The National Interest (bottom)

You may have also seen that China is supposedly trying to bug the summit site since they’ve been locked out of this phase of the negotiations…

…from NBC News

This pre-summit adversarial propaganda about China sets the stage for an interesting scenario…

IF Xi doesn’t show up for the peace deal announcement,
AND Moon, Kim, and Trump get blown up,
THEN China will be blamed for conspiring with the North Korean hardliners to conduct the assassination.

The mainstream media will say the Chinese government did it to forestall a trade war that could threaten their grip on power over the Chinese people and to maintain the status quo on the Korean Peninsula and keep North Korea as a buffer between their border and US forces.

And according to the controlled alt-media narrative, this would allow the “Deep State” to start a war against China and North Korea that would result in three things:

  1. the destruction of China’s South China Sea bases,
  2. the fall of North Korea and its takeover by the South, and
  3. the death or removal of Xi Jinping (who is supposedly a traitor to the Western NWO) and his replacement by “globalist-friendly” Li Keqiang.

(Note – 10 June 2018) – Kim Jong-Un has safely arrived in Singapore aboard an Air China airliner, and he brought North Korean hardliner Kim Yong-Chol with him…

…from the Daily Mail

Since Kim Yong-Chol is the hardliner I expected to lead the coup, his presence reduces the likelihood of a nuclear assassination occurring in Singapore, but it doesn’t eliminate it. Notably absent is Kim Jong-Un’s sister, Kim Yo-Jong, who now becomes the leading candidate to stage a coup attempt. Is she really loyal to her brother, or has she been sucking up to him to get close enough to power to make a move at the right time?

~ MORE ~

Trump has now arrived safely in Singapore, over an hour after sunset. So to avoid the ISIS/Al Qaeda surface-to-air missile threat I talked about in the June 9 Note, Kim Jong-Un used two decoy planes and arrived in a Chinese airliner, and Air Force One arrived under cover of darkness, thus making it harder for ground spotters to pick it out from among the airliners circling the city.

Circling back to the G7 meeting that ended yesterday, they staged the “Western globalist” hissy fit I was expecting…

…from Drudge Report

And in its aftermath, this popped up on Zero Hedge…

Note the gist of the article and the timing of its posting, which was no accident. It has the same hint of 9/11 that the time and date of Trump and Kim’s first meeting has. As you may recall from the June 6 Note, their first meeting is scheduled for 9AM on June 12 (Singapore time), which is 9PM on June 11 (Washington time). So they are subtly attaching the concept of the empire striking back to the summit.

Both leaders should be safe until the first meeting. That’s when the weapons of mass destruction watch begins.


In previous writings, I’ve already laid out the timing of a potential assassination:

June 12-14 Singapore time (assuming the summit is extended by one or two days), with the most likely moments for the hit being when the leaders first shake hands and when they stand together to announce a peace deal. Since doing it at the moment they announce the peace deal would be the most dramatic, it’s probably the globalists’ favored timing.

Also in previous writings, I laid out two of the three assassination methods they’ll likely employ:

1) The shoot-down of either Air Force One or “North Korea One,” supposedly by ISIS/Al Qaeda using MANPADS or air-to-air missiles fired from the ground. This scenario was covered in the June 9 Note.

2) The obliteration of the summit venue by a nuke aboard a boat, ship, or submarine from up to a kilometer and a half away, supposedly by ISIS/Al Qaeda using a nuke provided to them by North Korean hardliners. This scenario was covered June 1-3 Notes.

Now here’s the third method…

3) The deployment of an air or surface-borne chemical or biological agent inside one or more of the three hotels hosting the two leaders and the summit, supposedly by ISIS/Al Qaeda using a chem/bio agent provided to them by North Korean hardliners.

In this scenario, it will be said that the chem/bio agent was smuggled into the hotel(s) and hidden in some nook or cranny before the pre-summit security operation even began. And they’ll say that the security sweep didn’t find it because the summit preparations were so rushed. As for who brought in the materials and deployed them, it will likely be blamed on one or more Muslim hotel employees who are agents or sympathizers of ISIS/Al Qaeda or who were desperate for money to help their families.

And let’s not forget what happened to Kim Jong-Un’s brother…

…from CNN

It’s possible that this summit, which was arranged by “Deep State” spooks, was set up to draw Trump into close proximity with the North Koreans so he could be infected with a living biological agent. Since the symptoms of such an agent would take days to appear, Trump could drop dead after the summit is over and everyone has gone home. The assassination would be blamed on the North Koreans — perhaps even on Kim Jong-Un himself —  at first. But it might later come out that “Deep Staters” in Trump’s own entourage infected him at the summit so they could blame the North Koreans and start the war.

In pretty much every assassination scenario, the same people will get the blame…

The mainstream media will blame North Korean hardliners, ISIS/Al Qaeda, and possibly China.

The controlled alternative media and North Korea will blame the “Deep State” / “Western globalists.”

And in every assassination scenario, we get the same outcome: war…

If Trump is the only leader killed, the US will strike North Korea and North Korea will counterstrike with Nuclear 9/11. You can read about Nuclear 9/11 by scrolling down this page to the Compendium article and reading the section titled “North Korean Submarines and Nuclear 9/11.”

If Kim is the only leader killed, his sister will launch Nuclear 9/11 in retaliation, killing Trump in the process.

If Kim, Trump and Moon are killed, we’ll see a Pacific war with the US and South Korea on one side and China and North Korea on the other.

If Kim, Trump, Moon and Xi are killed, we’ll see a standoff until the investigation eventually leads to the Israeli Zionists and war in the Middle East (everybody vs. Israel).

As for the globalists’ backup assassination plan, I wrote about it in my post of May 27

In Panmunjom, the globalists might employ “North Korean hardliners” to kill all the leaders who show up to sign the peace treaty (Kim, Trump, Xi, and Moon). The killing could come in the form of a nuke that has been planted under Panmunjom via a North Korean tunnel, or in a sudden, massive artillery or rocket barrage. North Korea has lots of artillery dug into the mountains in that area.

To read the previous entry, click here: June 11 – 30 is shaping up to be a sh*tstorm (+ other notes).

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