Dear Zero Hedge readers: The Zionists are not your ultimate enemy; they are mere foils, decoys and scapegoats (+ The 3 sandboxes of World War 3)

Behold the Zionist golem (in black) battling the “heroic” Putin (in white)…
Marionettes dressed in armor enact sword fight.
…As you can see, they’re both puppets, so who’s pulling the strings?

If reaction to my last article on Paul Craig Roberts is any indication, most readers over on Zero Hedge are still entranced by the dialectic propaganda coming out of controlled opposition media figures. And when you look at the comment boards, many fingers are pointing at the Neocons, Zionists, and Nazis – all of whom are mere mid-level functionaries – as the source of all our troubles. But these small ideological groups are not the architects of the chaos we see around us; they are simply the minions who are carrying it out. And they are also the scapegoats who will be sacrificed when the UN-centered multilateral/multipolar New World Order is unveiled.

In pursuing their aims, the globalists’ standard approach is to use dialectic conflict. If you are unfamiliar with the word “dialectic,” it refers to “the interaction of conflicting forces.” And in the context of globalist operations, a dialectic conflict is when they pit two seemingly opposing sides – both of which are created and influenced by them – against each other in order to push and pull the public where they want them to go.

Right now, the globalists are in the process of running two major dialectic conflicts — one geopolitical and one religious — to move the global herd into the new pen they’re constructing:

1) In the geopolitical “West versus BRICS” dialectic, the globalists have had their Western minions put on black hats and create chaos so their Eastern minions could put on white hats and restore order. The script of this dialectic calls for the BRICS white hats to ultimately defeat the Western black hats and bring “reform and renewal” to the United Nations/IMF/World Bank. This will land us exactly where the globalists want us: in a UN-centered New World Order that the public will welcome rather than resist. As the Rockefellers put it back in 1961…
…From The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words…

2) In the religious “Synagogue of Satan versus Jesus Christ” dialectic, the globalists have unleashed their Left-Hand Path minions to run wild and do evil under the banners of “Luciferianism” and “Zionism” so their Right-Hand Path minions can step forward under the banner of “Jesus Christ” to stop them.

This is why the Western leaders are portrayed as “Satanists”…
…From Infowars

…and Vladimir Putin is portrayed as the “Champion of Christianity”…
…From The Christian Post

…who is holding the evil Satanists in check…
…From Veterans Today

This religious dialectic is being run so that the billions of religious folk on our planet will see the triumph of the BRICS New World Order over the Western New World Order as the triumph of good over evil.

That being said, the idea that the Neocons and Zionists are the ones driving the New World Order agenda comes from propaganda produced for the religious dialectic. Here is a prime example from veteran faux-truther Texe Marrs…

All this being said, the Zionists are not running the show. They are mid-level minions playing the bad guys so other minions can pose as the good guys and beat them. And as the title of this entry suggests, the Zionists are…

> foils – their “evil” serves to highlight the “good” of the minions who are actually bringing in the NWO, Putin and the BRICS.

> decoys – their flashy presence distracts attention away from the people who are really running the show, the Occulted Powers.

> scapegoats – all the damage that was done in constructing the NWO will be pinned on them so that when they’re defeated, it all goes away (in the public mind).

Remember this: If you are fixated on only the Left Hand, the Right Hand will catch you unawares…

For those who wish to understand what the New World Order really is, how it’s being brought in, and who is behind it, read Understanding the NWO Strategy.

And for those who wish to better understand the religious dialectic, as well as discover why the NWO will last for only 7 years, read “End Times” Programming.

With love…

++++++++++Addendum 1 – 18 December 2015++++++++++

The 3 sandboxes of World War 3

If you’re confused by the back and forth motions between war and peace in the globalist war zones, don’t be. World War 3 is being carefully stage-managed so it won’t climax until next September (when the nuclear button gets pushed). Till then, you’ll see increasingly serious confrontations interspersed with peace initiatives to keep the conflict moderated.

In the months ahead, the confrontations will be limited to the 3 sandboxes the globalists have built to play war in: 1) Ukraine, 2) Syria and the Levant, and 3) the South China Sea. With conflict zones in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, it will qualify as a world war. And it will break out of the sandboxes only when we approach the climax.

If you’re a new reader, don’t fret about the nuclear button getting pushed. When you see the missiles rise into the sky, you’ll see something else in the sky with them. Follow the “End Times” Programming link to discover what that is.