The Globalist Agenda in the Hong Kong Protests (Update 1)

While we’re on the subject of the Veterans Today / RT / PressTV disinformation conglomerate, I thought I’d show you this RT article that showed up yesterday…
…It follows another such article that appeared on ZeroHedge on the 1st, and the two articles reveal the reason the globalists are egging on the student protesters in Hong Kong:

The globalist banksters are staging a Ukraine-style geopolitical provocation “by the US” against China.

And this provocation will provide further “evidence” to support the propaganda effort to make the West look like evil, meddlesome lunatics whom the “benevolent” BRICS must defeat.

In the days/weeks ahead, you can expect to see more articles revealing the US’ involvement in inciting the students, and the globalist intelligence agencies may even provide more “intercepted” phone calls and other smoking gun evidence to help the propaganda outlets prove their case (just like they did for the Ukraine takedown). You will also see “Hidden Hand” propagandists like Paul Craig Roberts…
…screaming about the US’ “insane” foreign policy in provoking China in the same way they provoked Russia in the Ukraine.

Of course, US foreign policy isn’t insane at all if you understand the globalist dialectic agenda that drives it. The US and its allies must act like the bad guys who scare everybody in the world, even their own citizens. That way, the BRICS can look like the good guys when they take down the West and institute the multipolar New World Order. It is the role of propaganda outlets like RT, PressTV, and China Daily to make sure that the general public understands the BRICS side of the dialectic. You can’t work a dialectic if the people don’t know about both sides.

I will be delving deeper into this when I have more time.

[Update 1 – 7 October 2014]

Paul Craig Toes the Globalist Line

Wow, Paul Craig Roberts actually beat me to the punch by a couple of hours. I just ran across this article of his, and he is following the propaganda format to a T…

Have a look at this passage (with my comments added in brackets)…

“China has now added to its nuclear arsenal a new variant of one of its mobile ICBMs. Washington does not know much about this new missile, because the CIA is too busy arranging protests in Hong Kong. [Bingo!]

Both Russia and China were content to be part of the world economy and to improve the economic situation of their citizens by developing their economies. [GMAFB, those governments have very little concern for their 99%, and this is reflected in the average person’s standard of living.] But along comes the neocon Unipower [neocons = Zionists, the globalist scapegoats. And note how he says “Unipower,” creating the hanging implication that power should be distributed in a “multipolar” way], a collection of arrogant psychopaths who declare that Washington will not permit any other country, not even Russia and China, to rise to a capability of exercising a foreign policy independent of Washington’s purposes.

Nuclear war is back into the picture. First Washington threatens those it perceives as rivals. When the perceived rivals don’t submit, Washington demonizes them. [Now he’s stoking the nuclear war fears, but rest assured that our BRICS benefactors will “save us” from this. And because the BRICS will save the world from insane Washington and total destruction, the globalists expect the masses to welcome their multipolar NWO with open arms.]

The piece closes with this…

“If ebola and global warming don’t destroy humanity, the ignorance of the American people and Washington’s war for world hegemony surely will. [Here he is trumpeting the globalists’ ebola fear campaign as well as their effort to control all life by controlling the carbon cycle through the global warming fraud.]”

I’m sure your UN masters are well pleased, Paul Craig.

Till later, much love…