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A false-flag coup in Turkey? (+ the role of Fethullah Gulen, Turkey’s NWO President)

Watching the bizarre goings-on in Turkey, this passage from a CNN article caught my eye…

“A total of 2,839 military officers were detained, a source in the President’s office said. And the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office took nearly 200 top Turkish court officials into custody, Anatolian News Agency reported Saturday.

The officials include 140 members of the Supreme Court and 48 members of the Council of State, one of Turkey’s three high courts.”

So why are court officials being arrested in a supposed military coup? Did Erdogan himself stage this coup so he could rid the government and military of his opponents? It sure smells like it.

Given that there has been absolutely no time whatsoever to investigate who was behind it, how else would he have known which 2,839 specific military officers and which 188 specific court officials to arrest? It looks like he already had his enemy list prepared, and he used this staged event to round them up.

That being said, meet Erdogan’s dialectic opponent, Fethullah Gulen…
…From The Washington Post

It looks like the globalists might positioning their boy Erdogan to be the Turkish Obama/Hillary to be taken down in this year’s crisis, and it might be Gulen who will be the Turkish Trump. This passage from his Wikipedia bio really caught my eye…

“Gulen has stated that he believes in science, interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book, and multi-party democracy. He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations.”

Take a moment to think about that passage…

> “he believes in science” – Wouldn’t you know it, both the Jews and the Jesuits (the Crypto-Jewish order that has captured the Roman Catholic Church) are big into science, and along with the “Royals,” they are the ones driving us into the multilateral / multipolar New World Order.

> “he believes in… interfaith dialogue among the People of the Book” – As I laid out in “End Times” Programming, one of the objectives of the NWO-builders is to unite the “People of the Book” – along with the other religions – into a “Spiritual UN” based in Jerusalem (as an intermediate step to something truly diabolical).

> “he believes in… multi-party democracy” – While this sounds good on the surface, the reality is that all our democracies are improperly-structured shams. Hierarchical “democracy” was put in place as a buffer layer between us and the Occulted Powers (the royals, bankster Jews, priests, and their subordinate secret societies) that rule us from behind the scenes. Our secret rulers have found that multi-party “democracies” work the best, since they offer a variety of political brands to lure more people into the system.

> “He has initiated such dialogue with the Vatican and some Jewish organizations” – Of course he has – they are running the show.

Just like Trump is for America, Gulen is a tailor-made candidate for leading Turkey when the multilateral New World Order kicks off later this year. So when the Transition Point comes, watch for the media to out Erdogan’s planning of yesterday’s coup (as well as his covert support of ISIS and other wrongdoings). This will make his supposed foe, Gulen, look very good and lead to his triumphant return to Turkey.

While we’re on the subject of Erdogan’s fake coup, covert support of ISIS, and personal corruption, let’s take a look at another passage from Gulen’s bio…

Gulen was an ally of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan before 2013. The alliance was destroyed after alleged 2013 corruption investigations in Turkey. Erdogan accused Gulen for being behind the corruption investigations.

Given how the globalists operate, it’s no surprise that they took two political allies, staged a public split between the two, and set them in supposed opposition to each other. It’s standard procedure. And it’s also no surprise that the future NWO King, Vladimir Putin, has previously hit Erdogan on his personal corruption and complicity with ISIS…
…From RT

So when Gulen finally ousts his ol’ globalist pal Erdogan, it will appear as though a principled “good guy” has defeated a corrupt “bad guy.” And this too is no surprise if you’ve been reading this blog for a while…

“The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on us, not a problem / reaction / PROBLEM scam.

This means that when we reach the end result of this transition process, the NWO will look like the SOLUTION to all our problems, not another PROBLEM (such as a dark, scary fascist regime) we need to overcome. It will appear as though the corrupt have been defeated, World War 3 has been stopped, all regional conflicts have been resolved, biowarfare against the population has been halted, poverty has been alleviated, debt money has been abolished, secrets have been revealed, and so on and so forth. And the masses, after having been force-fed negativity and conditioned to expect a scary NWO for so long, are expected to be so overcome with joy that they’ll willingly embrace the New Order.” – From The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first

In the scam, Erdogan’s government is the “dark, scary fascist regime” and “the corrupt,” and Gulen is the NWO savior who will rescue Turkey from the darkness… for a time.

Much love…

The Magician and the Heckler

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a magician putting on a show. As you do the setup for your first trick, a heckler in the audience sees what you’re doing and starts to loudly tell everyone around him exactly how your trick works. What would you do? Would you go ahead and do the trick knowing that you’d look like a phony? Or would you do an impromptu segue to the next trick hoping the heckler won’t see how that one works too?

In recent weeks, some of the things I was expecting did materialize, and a few others did not. Among those that didn’t were the June 22 Phoenix scenario and the Greece/BRICS Bank scenario. In both those cases, I noted the setup in great detail, and in both those cases, there was an abrupt, last-minute change in the direction of the narrative and they didn’t materialize. This raises a question: did my work and the work of others like me cause the globalist magicians to abandon those tricks, or were those tricks never on the program to begin with? To be frank, I just don’t know. But I do know that if there is even a small chance that my work plays some small role in disrupting their agenda, I should continue on. And so I shall.

The goal of my blog isn’t to be the narrator of our collective enslavement; it is to be the heckler to the globalist magicians. So my highest hope in writing about the globalist agenda is that none of what I write comes true. If I and others like me can cause them disruption and delay, that buys time for people to wake up, and awake people will not fall into the New World Order’s hypnotic trance.

When it comes to waking up, almost everyone must do so twice. First, one must wake up from the 9-to-5, mass media slave matrix and become “small-a” awake. Second, most must wake up from the controlled opposition, faux-truther, New Age matrix and become “big-a” Awake. This process takes time, so the tasks before those who have already completed it is to…

> share the lessons we’ve learned in order to accelerate the waking process for others, and to…

> play “prevent defense” so the globalists can’t throw the long ball until enough people are Awake to turn the tide.

So if you are one of those who have expressed concern that I might “ruin my reputation” by writing about specific dates and scenarios, don’t fret. When I do so, it is to play prevent defense and block a long pass I see coming, and that is the role I’ve chosen for myself. Besides, this blog isn’t about me establishing a good reputation for myself. I leave out my last name in everything I write precisely so I won’t feel the temptation to “make a name for myself.”

If I became concerned about my reputation and started playing it safe to preserve my good name, I wouldn’t take the risks that are necessary to really make a difference in what’s going on. So if this blog ends with my “reputation” utterly expended — but also with the globalist agenda effectively blocked (even if only for a time) — I would consider that a most happy outcome. When I finally get to leave this world, I want to do so completely spent in service to those I love. And that includes you.

Till next time…

Choosing Optimism in Spite of Current Appearances

Turning this ship is gonna take a while…

A reader commented, “[in the last entry] you wrote with so much certainty:

‘Sorry, fellas, but this sh*t ain’t gonna fly.’

That I had to ask: what makes you so sure? I see a lot of people buying Fulford’s BS… and those that aren’t, are so asleep that they haven’t even noticed what’s going on, let alone realize it is a script. Are you beeing too optimistic (if so, why? – what information do you have?) or am I pessimistic?”

I thought I’d share my response to this for the benefit of others who have similar questions:

It’s easy to look at the world around us and fall into pessimism, but is that the most admirable choice? You can look around at all the negatives and feel down, or you can seek out the positives and feel up. Only one of these choices will allow you to be the most effective warrior for Truth, and the choice is yours.

When it comes to direction, our world is much like a petroleum supertanker. After you turn the helm, it takes a long time before the ship begins to shift in a new direction…

In our world, ideas lead to decisions, decisions lead to words and actions, and words and actions lead to outcomes (both expected and unanticipated). This chain of causality takes a while to unfold, and what we see unfolding around us right now is the result of things that were set in motion long before the Occulted Powers faced any meaningful opposition. But things are different now, and what you and I are setting in motion today will be reflected in the times ahead. Although the OPs may look invincible at the moment, that is only the materialized reflection of their past power; it is not reflective of the state of things today.

As you look upon the comments and counters in the alternative blogs, don’t be dismayed by the seeming prevalence of Kool Aid drinking. The OPs have vast armies of internet trolls who fill the comment boards in praise of false-light propaganda and in scorn of truthful reports. They also inflate the page views and reaction counters of their preferred messages while suppressing those of dissidents. There are far more people who see through their ruses than you might think.

When you get down to the bare bones of the matter, what the OPs are doing goes against Source’s purpose in Creation. Source incarnates as us to experience all the possibilities offered by the human form and the other forms with which it interacts. The OPs are trying to lock all those Source extensions into a set of limited choices and repetitive cycles, and that’s as boring and frustrating as hell.

No group of differentiated beings can stand against the natural flow of Source for long, and the time they do stand is only so Source can experience the unique possibilities offered by their construct. My sense is that this construct is pretty well played out and we’re ready for something new, and if that is so, it will be so. Nothing they do can prevent it. They can only let go and flow with us, or hold on and be rolled over by us. The choice is theirs, and they’d best pull their heads out of their asses tout suite.

So am I confident? Sure! But it won’t happen nearly as quickly as I’d like, so Source is in for lots of continued griping from me. If “he” had ears, they would’ve melted from my prayerful tirades long ago. 🙂