Prophecy Propagandist Tom Horn Gets Caught In His Own Lies

My brilliant partner Onnabugeisha recently stumbled upon a couple of YouTube videos in which globalist disinformation agent and prophecy propagandist Tom Horn (a.k.a. Wrinkles the Windbag) gives two different stories as to how he knew in advance that Pope Benedict would resign.

In the first video, the subject comes up at the 394-second mark, and Horn gives the first version of his lie at the 494-second mark

It was actually kind of funny because we went on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, we went on Jim Bakker’s program — so we’re out there on some of the largest Christian television programs in the world and we’re saying that based on these calculations that Cris had uncovered, that this Belgian Jesuit [Rene Thibaut], 63… now 64 years ago, thought that who would be Gloria Olivae — so Pope Benedict — would step out of the way in 2012. Well that was one thing, and there was some other calculations that we did, so in our book, Petrus Romanus, we actually said we believe that Benedict will step down in April of 2012.

In the second video, he gives the second version of his lie at the 699-second mark

Another Quickening that came to me in the middle of the night — and one that much of the world knows about now — involves how I was able to precisely predict the historic resignation of Pope Benedict the 16th in the bestselling book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, as well as on television and radio, more than a year in advance of that resignation.

In 2010, I was again rattled from sleep instantly convinced that Pope Benedict was going to step down — I even knew when: April of 2012. And I even knew that he would do so citing “health reasons” as a cover for his abdication.

So which is it Tom? Did Cris and you find something in an old Jesuit book and make some calculations, or were you “supernaturally gifted” with the knowledge in your sleep?

Since you are a deceitful person, allow me to answer for you…

The truth is that both explanations are lies. You knew Pope Benedict would resign because the Jesuits gave you the information so you could pass it off as “prophecy” — just like they gave you access to Mount Graham so you could write about the Vatican Observatory, the LUCIFER device, and the Vatican stance on (the fake) “space aliens.” You are their controlled opposition, Tom, and your deceptions support the efforts of those who are artificially fulfilling “End Times” prophecies and are acting out two tribulations in order to bring in a fake Jesus Christ.

While we’re on the subject of the for-profit false prophet Tom Horn, let’s have a look at a few of my previous writings on the subject…

(from 24 July 2021) – One of the globalist propaganda fronts that are publicly narrating the “End Times” stageplay is a group of wolves in sheep’s clothing referred to as the “Christian Watchmen.” This group is composed of disinfo guys like Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, and all of their associates (they all do interviews and conferences together to reinforce each other’s messages). The overarching mission of these for-profit prophets is to weave together the paradigm through which people view the stageplay, and their overarching goal is to convince people to accept the being who shows up at the end of the play as the “real Jesus Christ.”

At the end of the stageplay, all these liars will kneel before the Kabbalah Christ and proclaim him to be the Son of God (in order to convince their followers to do the same). But during the journey to that final goal, they also set up their followers to fall for each of the globalist deceptions along the way…

(from 29 March 2021) – Steve Quayle Praises the Antichrist

To make my mundane activities more productive, I listen to MP3s put out by the globalist prophecy propagandists so I can monitor for any shifts in the narrative. And yesterday, I listened to one that was put out by The Undertaker, The Bearded Whore of Babble-On, and The Trailer Tramp (globalist disinfo agents Doug Hagmann, Steve Quayle, and Lisa Haven). This is what I heard from Quayle starting at the 42:23 mark…

“What you’re gonna watch, ladies and gentlemen, is the globalists that control all the major powers of the world – and I believe Putin… he has placed himself antithetical to the globalists; he doesn’t like the New World Order. Put Putin’s credentials, put his… and he is brilliant, brilliant. Put his former occupation, head of Russian intelligence, KGB, very, very good – I mean, the best … So here you have a President of Russia trying to defuse, trying to defuse the situation – that doesn’t make me a Russian agent; it makes me a realist…”

Such high praise for the “man of peace,” Vladimir Putin.

So here’s the deal with Steve Quayle…

  • Steve Quayle isn’t a Russian agent; he’s a globalist agent, and his job is to sell gullible Christians and heathens on the globalist prophecy fulfillment deception.
  • Steve Quayle IS FULLY AWARE THAT VLADIMIR PUTIN IS SCRIPTED TO PLAY THE ANTICHRIST, but he will not reveal this fact to his listeners because the globalists want everyone to be fooled by Putin’s savior act. It is only after Putin does some antichristy things that Quayle and others of his type will pretend to catch on to the deception.
  • Steve Quayle isn’t a real Christian — he’s most likely a Kabbalist, and he works for the Kabbalist “Jews.” That’s why he praises Israel and points to the Nazis as being the ones running the Global Deep State, despite the fact that everywhere you look, the Deep State is populated by Jews or Catholics (the Roman Catholic Church is controlled by the Kabbalist “Jews”).
  • Steve Quayle will get down on his knees and worship the fake Jesus the globalists send out to defeat Antichrist Putin. It is his job to ensure that his listeners follow suit, and he does this by saying everything he can to terrify people so they will “run to Jesus.”
  • Steve Quayle is “Judas Maximus” to real Christians, so it’s no wonder he’s a coin dealer. His starting capital was probably handed down through his family from the original Judas.

When you get right down to it, it’s pretty easy to spot the globalist propagandists in the alt-media…

  • They point to Obama (the decoy Antichrist) as the bad guy trying to bring in the Orwellian New World Order.
  • They point to Putin (the “real” Antichrist) as the enemy of the New World Order and the only sane statesman on the international stage.
  • They praise Putin’s brilliance, oftentimes saying things that portray him as a “master chess player,” like “Putin is playing 3-dimensional chess while the NATO leaders play checkers”…

The chess analogy is a dead giveaway. It’s a standard talking point, as is the “Biden Presidency as the Obama 2.0 Presidency,” which The Trailer Tramp brings up at the 84-minute mark of the interview. To her credit, she worked her way out of the trailer; all she had to do was sell out to “The Man.”

For more information about Tom Horn’s trip to Mount Graham and how it fits into the overall “End Times” Deception, I encourage you to read How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth. And after you read it, remember that the James Webb Space Telescope is now operational; it will most likely be the instrument scripted to “find” Planet X.